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Please, if you are one of the locals on the central coast where I live,
please refer to me as Sunnyside.
Because I'm a little burnt out on the Stupid Rules Guy.

I changed the format as to the way the journal entries are posted. The change will allow the readers with a the ability to read the entries as the unfold in chronological order.


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(Column on Money)


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El Loco
(the central coast)

Current events and Local news covering where I live



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January 1, 2008:
    Ah, a new year. I wonder if it will be any better than the one we had last year. For many of us, our expectations aren't very high with the economy as it is and all.
   For me, the later part of last year was about the most depressing one I've can remember, but that isn't saying much because so many of the holiday seasons in the last decade and a half, I would rather forget. With the exception of the one I had in Australia.

I wish I could come up with an up lifting opening journal entry as I seem to have mustered up last year, but from what I've witnessed lately, it's kinna got me down. I'm just wondering if it is all just hopeless. Like they say the bible says: its only going to get worse.    However, I like to be more optimistic than to retire to what has been written centuries ago.

Then there is that thing that people are known to say. Just be positive and only see what's positive, and things will go your way. Well wouldn't that be nice.
      The fact is I am one to knows and understand what is going on around me and denying that it is happening isn't going to do a damn bit of good. The fact is when you can only count on yourself for putting food on the table and fuel in the gas tank, reality will hit you and you better figure out a way to get it. If there is something getting between you and it, you better figure out what it is because no one is going to do it for you.
    I don't have to figure out who and why, I already know all that and for someone to try to tell me otherwise is a damn fool for trying.

I've also heard people warn me to be careful of what I say. But then again I proved to myself today that one can actually get more response by pissing someone off than to be cushy tushy with them. Sure one can always do better if they win a popularity contest, but you will never win a popularity contest by spreading bad news. So if you happen to be stuck in the bad news department, about the only thing you can try to do is be honest. Because now days a little honesty is something we all want to see.

AsAs for these web-sites of mine, I guess it's safe to say it has been a good year. Not as good as I would have liked but the traffic has more than quadrupled in less than a year. I'm sure there are many of you who have tried to launch a web-site would say that it is a pretty good accomplishment. Surprisingly my blog served up over 5000 pages its first month and this time around we've actually had some people sign up. Now if I could only figure out how to piss some people off better, I'll get more comments telling me that I am wrong. Regardless whether I'm right or wrong, I can always handle a little debate from time to time.

I happen to like the blog because its fast and easy to use and I can up load my comments covering current news events from any computer without even the need for my html software program. So the result is that there are times when the blog will get more updates than my web-site.

Well I didn't set out to write a novel today, and I have some movie reviews to do and some things to cover on my media page; so I'll cut this one about here.
    Before I go, I want to thank you for stopping by this year. I hope you found something useful, something entertaining and something you won't forget.
 Thanks and God bless,

January 17, 2008:
    Sorry for not posting much in this journal lately.
Can you believe I had to get rid of over 1.3 gigs of spy ware off my hard drive. Over 12% of my hard drive was spy ware. I only had 1% free space left and nothing for it to operate on.

I've been busy trying to make index in the side bar of a few of my web pages because the pages have gotten a bit too long over time. Poop has been one hell of a page to brake up. By time I do this to a few of my pages, well see this web-site pass the 200 web-page mark by a long run.
  The stats have been showing some changes lately. Germany and Mexico sure have pulled up in to being contenders. As far as the US, Illinois and Ohio have jumped up there in front of New York and San Diego about half the time. Canadian Cities have been hanging out quite a bit too. I happen to think the folks in the rust belt are wondering why they aren't selling more hydraulics.
   I'll be doing a cover story in car guys about what UPS is about to try out. An all hydraulic truck, which I'm very interested in too.
    Gotta go, this library is closing. 

Comments @ Blog.MyStupidRules 

March 4, 2009:
I've been too busy working to do much with my web-sites lately. However I have managed to fix up a few web-pages along the way.
           Lately I've even been remodeling my cage. I kinna made a kitchen area for my stove just by rearranging the modular shelving I built a long time ago. I'd like to get a small sink too. I trimmed my table off for more room too and it appears to be more spacious. But the pain in the ass thing about it is that I've got my electrical going in one rear corner and gas in the other when I need them switched around for what I want to do next.

France and Italy has been giving everyone a run for the money. Paris beat out New York a few times this week and doing about the same to Germany and Mexico.

March 12, 2009:
On March 10th France alone produced 2/3 the amount of visitors I got from the US. The UK was behind them and then Germany. The ironic part of it that when I was over in England, I figured that the French and German publishers would be the ones interested in publishing my book. That's because it is quite the common knowledge that the French and Germans like to indulge in the dirty laundry that comes out of the US.
Funny how I figure things out.
   As for comparison, of the .com (US) and the .info (overseas); .info has been getting about 4 to 5 times the hits as the .com web-site.
 Yeah, I don't know what is up with the Americans either. I just don't get it.
Too much TV or something.

And oh yeah, got another bully cop trying to cause me trouble. Check back and I'll clue you in.

March 13, 2009:
For weeks now, I've been hearing "they want to run him out of town." And lately it's like I'm being stalk by the Police in Morro Bay. Like this morning. While I did my morning wave check from the hill, I notice my buddies Martin and Kelly drive by. Then I had Hannable arrive from the other direction. He stopped and asked me why I wasn't doing much with my web-site. Well the deal is, I'm always doing something but a person has to cover a lot of pages to know so.

March 29, 2009:
It looks as though the Region around Paris France is give Chicago Illinois a run for the money. (The two regions have been competing for the top spot for most visitors my sites get.)
     Another development is that BooksbySunnyside has been out performing Iwishyouluck and I'm not sure at this time but I think there is a good chance that BookbySunnyside is getting more attention than Synchro-link. Now that I can't complain about because those are visitors who actually read my material.

April 2, 2009:
The Region around Paris France is kicking butt on everyone else. Brazil has come up through the ranks too.
     As far as around here locally, I've got a new game. It's really turning out to be pretty funny. Makes me think of how the character House plays people. It's like I don't play music anymore, I play people. I'm just sitting here, watching my bobber. They are so gullible here in Morro Bay. Guys from out of town have another word for them.

April 4, 2009:
Ile-De-France is still in the lead, but I also have to metion Poland has just arrived big time. And to my surprize, Seattle has been hitting us pretty hard lately too.

April 4, 2009:
Ile-De-France is still in the lead, but I also have to mention Poland has just arrived big time. And to my surprise, Seattle has been hitting us pretty hard lately too.
    It looks as though this year, the web traffic isn't tapering off as it has in the past at this time in the years prior. I'm happy to say that My web-sites are getting more than half the amount that the Montel Williams web-site gets and I don't have a network television show to support it.
    Another thing I would like to mention is that BooksbySunnyside has been keeping people reading longer per page than all the rest. Which I consider a good thing.
       And oh yeah, a new high peformance computer is in the works. Some day soon, my job of operation these sites of my will get EZ'er allowing me to do more updates in much less time. Which I could really appreciate, because it seems like I must spend 20 hours per month just playing doctor to this old clunker. But I have to say this old Toshiba has been a good one.
    Thanks for dropping by.

April 25, 2009:
I Managed to get a new computer, but it didn't go down with out a hitch.

Get this: a few days before I picked up the new computer, I spent a good 4 to 6 hours per day for about three or four days gathering the email address to about 75 publishers that might be interested in my kind of book, (along with the contact names. Not only that: I got 90 literary agents emails along with the names too. You could say a wealth of information.

Sure I realized that they would just isolate me for any contacts from such publisher or agents, but I thought that if I was going to spam anyone, it should be the ones who know about me anyway, and if they didn't I was sure to get them all talking about me.

However, just as I plugged the compact disk in with the file containing that long list, THE DAMN BRAND NEW COMPUTER CURRUPTED THE COMPACT FLASH CARD. AND GUESS WHAT - IT ONLY TOOK THE ONE FILE AND NON OF THE REST.

And I wake up hearing people walking their dogs by my cage every morning, talking about how they feel sorry for me. But them I have to go out threw the rest of the day hearing about how everyone want to help me. for the past few weeks, I've had to hear about how many millions they have put together for me.

Yeah, it will be a cold day in hell before I see any of the money because I know that it's just a scam for people to get money out of the auto manufactures.
    See the deal is, the oversight board the government has in place has no jurisdiction upon anything under $25 million. So they can pretty much do what every they want and the government will just look the other way.

And oh, one of Obama's crew just happens to be Gary Lock, an ex-governor of Washington state. He was in office when the corruption of using police agencies through out the state, just to chase me down and throw me in jail before I could get incorporated. That guy should be in prison if you ask me. But hell, he's what they call a minority. He can get away with anything.

One thing you can be sure of, I've got nothing better to do than to spend a few days putting that list together again. At least I know its worth something to someone.

May 3, 2009:
Top 11 visiting countries for the week:
Thru may 2,09

UNITED STATES     55.64%
GERMANY                  6.47
FRANCE                   4.40
CANADA                   4.08
ITALY                        3.60
BRAZIL                      2.91
MEXICO                     2.60
AUSTRALIA                2.12
SPAIN                         2.07
SWEDEN                    1.54




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