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Please, if you are one of the locals on the central coast where I live,
please refer to me as Sunnyside.
Because I'm a little burnt out on the Stupid Rules Guy.

I changed the format as to the way the journal entries are posted. The change will allow the readers with a the ability to read the entries as the unfold in chronological order.


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El Loco
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Current events and Local news covering where I live


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May 22, 2009:
It must be part of Obama's stimulus package.
The part where he spends billions on more fuel efficient vehicles for government agencies.
Well, I don't know how efficient it is hauling two garbage cans and a couple shovels in a decked out duel cab black F-450 is.
But this one had two suit cases in the back and custom after market wheels on it. Not a scratch on it either.
The US tax payers must have paid about $3,000.00 for the custom after market aluminum 19.5 wheels that can't be rotated to reduce ware.
Hell I bet the truck with the fancy tail gate costed about $50,000.00 alone - before the extras.

Basically, a couple weeks ago I thought it belonged to someone who had more money than they knew what to do with it, but then I saw the license plate. GSA -G701456
I thought: no wonder why the folks are no longer saying, "don't talk about him while he's in the store," anymore.
Last week as I walked through the door of the hardware store,
I heard: "Here they come."
I guess after almost two years, the locals realize I've got a tail.

If anyone can find out who was driving the truck, please email me with the info, or log onto and let everyone know.

May 24, 2009: updated-
These web-sites of mine are getting are to be a bit much for one person to keep up with. I've been thinking about consolidating the web-sites in a different way. I think I'm going to start redirecting visitors to and from the different sites as a way of dispersing the page files to an individual site which should make updating each page sets much easier for me to maintain.

Since MyStupidRules is almost twice the size that search engines like to index, so braking down MSR .com & .info to less than 100 pages each may be a better way to publish things.

Both sites will have index pages for the Girls of the Day, Heath & Environment, but the individual pages of content will be located at

Other more current news related columns (which also have indexs (such as Poop, Moo Lah, El Loco as well as others) are going to be disperced between the & sites,just how, I don't know just how yet.

I'm still up in the air where the TV, Movie Review, sports page and Hobbie page is going to be assigned to at this time.

The book excerpts which are now featured on all the web-sites now will end up at and will still be there but from within the index pages will be redirecting to the .com site

Synchro-link dot com and info will continue to be mirrored for some time until I figure out what I'm going to do with it. I still don't know hwere the Pesky Car Guys & It's only Junk are going to be featured yet and Creating and Building a will still at S-Link but I they will be the watered down versions however there will be notices saying the the true full length versions will be found at BooksbySunnyside.

Also, you may notice the within the menus under other places at both Books & S-link, Mystupidrules will found as it wasn't in the past. Basically MSR is not going to be such a hidden little dirty secrete anymore.

AlJune 3rd, 2009:
I got this jerk in a motorhome who moved in on my turf. It's got a blue strip and a bicycle hanging off the back. Guess he clueless to homeless ethics. I bet he's just a social security bum, who hangs out in parking lots all day, drinking up his monthly check he gets because he hurt his fingy and he got a doctor to say that he's disabled. I bet the doctor gets a monthly check up out of him too. Or maybe they are just a couple junkies.

 Regardless, I'm sure cops have been having to run him off where ever he parks at night because he starts up his engine about every half hour. Yah know he's hiding from them because he starts it up about 6:00am and drives the old beater to some parking lot somewhere.

I guess the looser needs someplace to live, but I'd rather not breath his fumes. It would sure be nice if some cop would get the guy out of here. l

June 6th, 2009:
I got a bit burned out on this web-site thing. I know what I've got to do, but where I should start is the question. After scrubbing toilets all say, I just don't find the motivation to work on this stuff anymore. These sights have just grown too big for one guy to handle anymore and the streamlining process is going to take a great deal in itself.

I've got the ideas in my head but sitting down and doing it is something I have a problem with. Basically I want to be doing other things with my life and you can be sure that this is not one of them. This life I live pretty much sucks. There isn't a day that goes by that I don't reminisce about my times in Australia. I miss having the friends I had there.

Here, I get tired of running into to jerk after jerk. On my day off, I just try to stay way from everyone. I get tired of all the rumors. The: His patent was stolen and he's going to get it back." And the "Obama wants to help him." and the: "He's going to get to build his own tuck," shit. Day in and day out. Over and over just like the same old broken record that I've had to listen to year after year.

The fact is: life for a private inventor in the US sucks and then you die.

June 20th, 2009:
I've got the good and the bad going on here. Just as I would like to thank one cop for helping me get rid of some guys in a motorhome who wanted to take over my spot, I got some bad news today about, Officer Martin.
    Martin sure doesn't know how to stay out of trouble. Just as I just told officer Moonahand the other day: about Martin being a loaded pistol and looking for trouble. You could say Martin is a liability to the City of Morro Bay.
    I heard today that back in February he went into a coffee shop I visit almost every day and told them they should 86 me. I asked: "Don't you think that is slander?" She said, "yes."
     Boy, the City of Morro Bay better hope I never get a lawyer on my side, because the instances of police harassment is piling up.

July 3rd, 2009:
As I've mentioned earlier, I'm in the beginning of a major transformation of my web-sites. And a result of that issue, the updating of the various posts have slowed down a bit because there is a learning curve involved in the new software.
   It's kind of a step back to the times when I first began learning html & css sheets, but this time it seems more overwhelming because the knowledge required just for the initial set-up of things. There are more options and widgets to chose from and I'm trying to get a firm grasp on what I want to do with it all before I go screwing things up.
    That alone has been taking a lot of time and to integrate my web-sites in a different manor is just another task that makes things much more complicated. However, the site I've been dinking around with the most is MyStupidBlog, because it's the first site to incorporate the new style sheet type software.
   Although there are more options since being a php program, the flexibility leads to more complex programming. Then add the fact that I've got hundreds of web pages to rebuild if I even want to go there. Mind overload is to say the least.
   But all in good time I guess. As for the rest, the things that have been in the news just haven't sparked much desire to be creative with covering such issues. Funny how the last good cover story was the Palin and Letterman bit that I happened to loose when I lost my old blog.
   I have to say, I'm tired of loosing so much of the material I create and I plan to take steps in a new direction so that it doesn't happen anymore. But what can I say, am I dreaming or what? I'm in the US of A and the bastards are running rapid here. And I have to say this: I'm not the only one who is having doubts about where this government is going to, because if things keep going as they are, you may arrive at home some day and find a parking meter in your driveway.   

August 31st, 2009:
As you may have noticed; over the last month I've been playing around with different Blog software that uses PHP coding. Well to put it bluntly, it becomes a problem formatting the pages the way I want to. And once I did get it up and running at a level where I was mixing it in - the new and the old web-site - I noticed that the bounce rate was going up. As a result I began to also hear people on the street say that they like the older sight better. So the answer to it was to just use the new WordPress software to create a blog that is linked to the site instead of my older site linked to the blog. I guess it's safe to say there are people out there who like the fact that my site doesn't look like thousands of other sites out there. Its a little funky, but it works and I've always received complements on how I have it set up. So - its back - for better or worse. However from now on, my journal entries will probably be posted on the bog, But I don't know really, I'm an old dog and I kinna missed this html program. it works and it gets the job done.
    Any how, thanks for sticking with use here and thanks for dropping by.



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