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El Loco
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Current events and Local news covering where I live

Please, if you are one of the locals on the central coast where I live,
please refer to me as Sunnyside.
Because I'm a little burnt out on the Stupid Rules Guy.

I changed the format as to the way the journal entries are posted. The change will allow the readers with a the ability to read the entries as the unfold in chronological order.


Moo Lah
(Column on Money)


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El Loco
(the central coast)

Current events and Local news covering where I live

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September 8th, 2009:
Until today, I was reluctant to even mention about the rumors that have been going around this town for about a month or more. I wasn't going to say anything because anyone who lived elsewhere would find it hard to believe and more likely to just think I was crazy. I had the notion to post something under the El Local Column just so the locals might get a grip on the situation and realize that I've known all alone. I'm sure that the locals know of the game I played just to calm things down.

However, after I hit Cambria today, where the rumors have never caught on other than the stuff that is mention on my own web-sites, I've changed my mind  because I realized I wasn't just hearing thing wrong all this time. It certainly appears that some Hollywood film producer walked into town, (and really worked over the place because he even worked over Cambria even though I had not there for about a month or so. The guy who claimed to be a film producer came into town telling everyone that they were studying me because they were going to make a movie about me.

Now to put things straight, that wasn't the film producer's intention at all. All they cared about was that the auto manufactures would find out about their so called plan. And just like the so called investors we've been hearing about over the past 6 months, their goal was to get bought off. Yes folks the game is money for nothing - and you paid for it. That's because the auto manufactures can do anything with the bail out money just as long as it is under $25 million spent. And being less than $25 million, the government isn't even supposed to watch how your money is being spent.

I thought it was pathetic when I heard someone on Sunday say. "they are going to tell him tomorrow." (Labor Day.)

Well, I  had heard over a week before that they got bought off.

But to put things in perspective, you've got to realize that for the first few weeks of August, I got tired of hearing about all the girls who wanted to go out with me but they don't like my teeth. It got so bad I realized I needed to throw a bullet into the fire. I needed to do something like I did with the stalker rumors a couple years back. Back then all it took was a love letter sent to a myspace account and the ding bat ran all the way down to the police station claiming I was stalking her. This is after I even heard a police officer tell a gal behind the counter at the gas station - a couple days before hand - that I wasn't a stalker, so the polices realized the girl had to be a little dingy because they had been watching me for weeks and they had known better.

But, it amounted to a few hundred more web-pages that week and it was over with and I weeded out a few so called friends.

This time, needed something like a love letter again because most of the girls would give up and shut up because they would think I had a thing for one special girl and since they didn't get the letter, it wasn't them.

However, a love letter was out. Rule #4. But what if I bought some roses at the street fair and tried not to get noticed doing it? (Look back on my blog and you will figure out the day I did it.)

Every one in town knew within hours. But who was going to get the flowers? NO ONE! Zip, end of problem. Been quite ever since, (well for the most part.) But damn, you would not believe how desperate women can be. That whole thing about money, how it doesn't mean anything. Money can't make you happy. It's a bunch of hog wash. Well, money can certainly make it easier to be happy because we all know money can supply a better life.

Get this: It's it all about the money? Well to tell you the truth, it usually is and that is the very reason I can't have any friends because the auto manufactures would most likely just pay them to poison me.

Now lets get on with the reason I even wrote this out because I'm thinking I should have saved it for my book. But let me tell you something. If you are that Hollywood producer or just another one like him. And I find out that you've went around telling people about the movie you are going to make about me before you even talk to me about it. Well here is the deal: Before you can even show it on a screen in front of anyone other than your editor. I want $50.000.000.oo up front and 25% of the gross on top of that.

So if you think you can blab all over town like that and really make the movie, it will cost you. There isn't anyone without a major studio behind them that can afford to do such a thing and a major studio would know to talk to me first.

So anyone who feels they want to scam the taxpayers out of more of their money for a movie that wasn't going to be made in the first place. Just step up and let us know who the hell you are. And I guess, if you want to come around here with you child molester rumors. go ahead and do so, because I don't think they will work anymore. It looks like we got something good out of all that money anyway.

September 30th, 2009:
Uh, "they" brought back the dying of Aids rumors. Gee I have not heard that one for over a decade. But it figures that it would be the logical thing to do since the women (and people in general,) are so gullible around here. But let me tell you about something I've already posted under H&E. About the fact that the drug cocktails they use know days have proven to add thirteen years to an infected person's life. However, those drugs cost about $1,100.00 per month the last I heard. And anyone around this town can tell you that I live on less than $1,000.00 per month so I couldn't even afford such drugs. And then you put in the factor that I wrote in my book about the dying of Aids rumors which originated about 1995-96. So I should be dead by now.

October 5th, 2009:
Lately I've been reminiscing about my days in the detention centre in Australia and how much better off I was just rotting my days way while being there. Anyone would say that it is a waste of ones lifetime but then you would have to take in the consideration of being a dog. Because the truth of the matter is that living here in the USA is just living as a dog. The fact is: a dog has it better than I do in the USA. That's because people care about the stupid dogs more than their neighbor. A dog in the USA has and a place to call home and an owner who will feed it everyday. As for me a private inventor, I don't have a home and there will always be a stupid cop who will come along to say that it is against the law for me to even sleep somewhere.

At least in the detention centre, I didn't waste my days away all alone. I actually had friends there, something you can't have in the USA if you are a dog like me.

A dog has it easy, but this dog has to work hard at getting what an American dog gets for doing nothing. At least in the Australian detention centre, everything was provide for me and I had to do nothing to get it. So if you had to waste your life away, where would you want to be.

October 25th, 2009:
I've been coming up with a lot of things to post lately, but when I sit down to write it, I just can't bring myself to do this anymore.

I have come up with some real interesting material, but I find myself just too tired to deal with it. Maybe next week I'll have the time off to post some of it.

I have been fixing up links and such on my sites and making things better for search engines to index. The Blog posting are bringing in quite a few visitors  and the stats continue to climb. The thing I should be doing is working on my book because the developments that have accrued are quite interesting and I should be adding it to the new chapters because the book is where the money is. Too many things to do and too little time and all I want to do is surf.

Boy, I can't tell you how much I hate this place.

October 26th, 2009:
It looks as though I've finally pick up a steady following of visitors from the rust belt states. The funny part about it is that most of the visits are to MyStupidRules and not so much Synchro-link.  Even more funny is that BooksbySunnyside gets about the same number of visits as Synchro-link. Also my home state of Washington has proped up it's number of visitors as well.

November 11th, 2009:
Today marks the 15th year since they burned down my house. It's sad to say that the closest to living in a house I've been since is while I had a room and a bathroom to myself at the detention centre in Australia. Who would have guessed that it would be fifteen years later with a couple patents in hand and I'm still living in a box that is smaller than most prison cells.

Then there is this web-site. I just don't know if I can do it anymore. I already except the fact that odds are I will meet another jerk in the morning somewhere. People are getting to be pretty damn stupid and I don't even want to remind myself of it any longer. I just wish stupid people would just stay away from me. Don't want to speak to them and don't want to see them either. And the last thing I want to do is sit down and write about it.

Oh the other day, someone did a Google search. They asked: Who writes
Boy, they must be pretty stupid.

Sorry folks, I'm just not into this anymore.

December 10th, 2009:
I think I understand it now. There must be more profitability in a stupid society. The dumber people are the more money Oprah makes. The dumber people are the more money the TV networks make. The dumber people are the more pocket filler the politicians can get. I get it. But if they all say we need to create more jobs; who wants to hire the stupid people?

This morning, I couldn't even make it out of the coffee shop without meeting some stupid jerk. He butted into a conversation I was having with the gal who works there; about the fact that I already know of the next brake through in wet-suit design. This moron asked what it was after I already said I wouldn't say. Then he said, "why don't you put it on the market?"


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