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El Loco
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Current events and Local news covering where I live

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January 1, 2010:
    Ah, another year.

I had to go back and read another entry from two years ago and I'll tell you right now, you are not going to get such art work out of me this year. I just don't seem to have it in me anymore. I'd just rather play with my bass tonight.
    Before I go, I want to thank you for stopping by this year. I hope you found something useful, something entertaining and something you won't forget.
 Thanks and God bless,

January 12, 2010:
As I've always said, there is usually something effected when you do something. That old cause and effect saying comes to mind. Its when you try something new.    In this case it's kinna a God sent blessing one may wonder how after all this time no one bothered to pick -up on the domain name,
    But it's not so much for the use on the internet, it is for the use of plastering the name down the side of my truck. Its like have THIS IS WHAT THIS TRUCK IS written on the side of it. What I'm trying to say here is that ever since I painted the new domain name on the side of my truck's two beds; I have not had one person approach me, trying to get me to amuse them with my truck. (Well, except for one girl who doesn't want anything to do with computers and she asked what was all about. She actually said that she liked my truck because she thinks my truck looks cool.)
         Any how, it's so nice to get past the donut shop and gas station without some smart ass wanting me to entertain them for their own amusement. Needless to say, I don't see so many laughing at my truck either.
       And another thing worth mentioning: As far as website. performances; is actually serving up more pages per day than does after all this time.

February 4, 2010:
    Well I should be happy to say that Quantcast has upgraded the ranking of this site to the point where it land in the top 99,000 sites. I'm sure it's because they are the only ones who actually get close to the statistics of the traffic received, at least to the traffic in the United States. But then again I should mention the United States only counts for around 45% of the traffic that comes in.

Anyhow it should make me want to do more up dating, but forsome reason I just don't have it in me anymore. The only thing I want to do these days is surf.

    However I did get my hand on a new camera and I have many images to add to the web-site but I just have to find the motivation to do so. I'm just tired of the daily grind and the people in this area just gets me so not in the mood to do anything. Living here in the hell hole is just depressing. Every day I just wish I could go back home to Australia where I belong. This place just sucks. I feel like a prisoner in hell.

February 21, 2010:
    Well today I finally broke a chunk of MyStupidRules off from the dot com site and posted it under the dot info domain. It was something I had to do since MSR grew larger than what search engines like. So about 1/3 of the site - Girls of the day and Heath & Environment - is now at However the directories to each columns are still on the dot com site but once you click on the subject you are interested in you well be redirected to the dot info site. And the topics of interest in the menu side bars as well as many of the links featured on the web-pages at dot info will redirect you to the dot com site.
     I'm not sure if it was a smart move or not since everything has a cause and effect thing happening, but I think it will have some benefits involed. We'll see.

I'd like to mention that I actually gave in and put some java script in for the Quantcast site to monitor my traffic, but it turned out to be a big joke. They decided I was only getting 5 visitors a day and ranked Synchro-link right there with it. Yeah, I pulled the Scripts.

However, we have made it past the slowest part of the year and making headway to setting records again. Also I've got a lot of new content I will be adding to the site very shortly. So stay tuned in and thanks for dropping by.

April 21, 2010:
    Well today I was informed that I'm offically entirely wiped of the face of the planet. That it to the United States Postal Service. I was told that they will no longer except my mail under Gerneral Delivery.
       I said, Gee know you want me to pay for service I don't get anyway? But you have proof of residency to even get a post office box. Gee, I never had problems like that before in all the ten years.
       Get this: over in Summerland, they have to give people the General Delivery service because they don't even have delivery routes to serve them.
  Locals around here in Morro Bay, have been talking about how they realize that the local police department has been spreading phoney child molester rumors about me. That's something I've known about for quite some time, but the question I have, is what motivated them to do so? There just has to be something that would make them perform a criminal act and the question I have is what was it? And by whom? I'm willing to bet there was a few ghost in the closets, but then again, with so much stupidity going around, I'm sure they could have been played too. Was it bribery or just plain stupidity? That is the question to be answered and I sure would like to know.

April 28, 2010: Rule Number 8: 
    Well, last night on the drive home after work, I experienced something that inspired me to write down so that I may rewrite it some day because the whole played out quite funny and it would take a while to write out the proper dialog.
     I got pulled over by the local sheriff about half way between Cyucus and Cambria. (I'd been driving in the rain without my headlights on but he wouldn't have known it because I kept my marker lights off and turned them on before I pulled over.) He'd been fallowing me and must have seen me ride the white line while I checked out the ways or what not.
  However,  I asked him what the matter was and he asked for my registration, insurance and licence. I couldn't see his name or his badge and only a emblem embroidered on his jacket and  noticed he was suppose to be a sheriff.

He said he had been fallowing me and clocked me a 75 mph. I couldn't help but laugh and said, "I can tell you don't know who I am."
         Right off the bat he was telling  me lies, because if I would have been doing 75, I would known it. There wasn't anything new or important enough for me to put up with the extra noise it would take to go that fast. My truck hasn't see those kinna speeds for over a decade..

Then he jumps me for having ear buds in was illegal and he could write me up for it. I laughed again and showed him it wasn't even on or even plugged in. Hell I ware ear plugs all the time and don't even realize it. He even said he had sirens on and I still didn't pull over. Yeah but if he was truly on my ass, I would have herd it.
    The the next thing he complain about my aditude and the fact that I'd called him dude two or three times. I laughed at that and asked "What, is there a law against using the word dude? If there is, what the hell happen to the freedom of speech. Is there anything that isn't against the law?

That pretty much sent him packing back to the patrol car to run the check on my driver's licence and shit.

I don't know what he heard from the radio, but he came back and let me go. .

May 5, 2010:
    Well, surprize surprize, you got a few up dates out of me the last few weeks. More than I thought you would get. Fixed some rote in the side board of my cage. The original side board must have been 15 years old. But it's kinna neat the way my box is built'; if you are going to have to replace something the bottom would be the part to go. The top is five or six years old.

May 23, 2010:
    Well, shit just falls into my hands. Or should I say Stupid Rule Number 8.

Funny catching the local news crew parked right out side my window today. I wish I would have taken the time to use the zoom, but it didn't take long before they knew I was taking pictures of them. Good example of how observant a television reporting crew at KSBY can be.   More at Current Events

Aug. 7, 2010:
    Very interesting.

Aug. 11, 2010:
    There is more, but you just have to be in the loop and know whats going on.

Sept 2, 2010:
    Today I learned just what it would feel like to be a real James Rockford. When you are looking for something and you trip over something you wish you never found. It's like, what the hell, I've got enough to worry about and this is something I sure don't need. Like a real hot potato, you want nothing to do with it and you don't even want it around. When you want to do the right thing but you can't. You just want to get away from it. Why me? I truly feel that anti-hero inside. It's someone elses job, but obviously nobody is doing it and I sure as hell don't want anything to do it. What the hell is a person suppose to do when things are so curupt that you can't even go to or even trust the very people who get paid to serve and protect. It's like the Mexican police, right here in our own country.
      Folks, we are in a bad place, please God, if there is one, get me out of here. My life is complicated enough and I really don't want to even deal with these criminals. Beam me up Scotty.



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