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For those of you who may feel I don't have better things to do with my time than moleseting children or stalking women, I'd say do a background check on me yourself, because you can not believe anything any cop will tell you.
      I've actually tried doing a criminal background check on myself because I would love to find one that wasn't true. I've learned that even when they say it's free, that it is not. However, I did find one that will refund your money if you cancel a monthly subscription with 7 days. Its at

I'm the Dennis Sattler, 50 in Van Nuys CA, Lakewood Washington, Castic CA

But in reality now days, you only have to fire up a search engine.


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Rule Number 4
   Folks, for some reason writing is fun again. With all this going down, they say the side bars have been on fire. I have to agree. I had some outstanding things pop in my head lately. Like this girl, it isn't something I didn't write about earlier. It appears the a girl would read everything about a guy that she could before she would even say that she wanted to go out with the guy. It's not like she didn't have the chance, (I would have said, It ain’t ever going to happen.) It was as if she expected for me to ask her out.

Update Sept. 14th:
Funny - as I got out of my truck tonight, a couple were talking and I heard: Boy that sure shut her up.

Yeah, after she tells every one in town that I have ugly teeth. I get tired of having to look at them in the mirror myself. At least I don't have to look at them all day. But to me it's better to have a couple patents than have nice teeth and nothing.

Now this is somewhere I think we've been before, but ask I read in one of those how to write a book books; you have to say something seven times before it soaks in and the readers will remember it.

I though, gee I sure hope my readers are smarter than that, because I sure as hell don't want to have to repeat myself.

Oh another thing, many of you may wonder what the hell my father would think the things going on right now.

Well, I tell yah, if I called him and ask him if he remembers this girl I told him about, he wouldn't remember. But he can tell me everything as to what my sisters have been doing, down to ever last boring detail. The fuckers brain washed the poor guy.

He doesn't even remember that his son has been in a metal hospital, even though I'd been in two. I doubt if he even remembers I sat in a detention centre for five months.

And when I do talk to him it like, I know you believe it really happen. He thinks if he learns how to do anything more than check his bank account on line, he end up being a hermit sitting in from of a computer screen. Never wants to try to punch in mystupidrules.

Haven't talked to him since he returned my call on August 3rd, right before I walked in and filed a claim in Morro Bay's City Hall. He won't remember that.

And boy, you've just got to read my book.

It's like, I'm tired or repeating myself.

One thing I like to mention,

Think about it.

Wouldn't a man like me be most attracted to somebody who would know more about him than anyone else. To have her know fresh questions and not have to repeat myself.

Now all the women out there, in my age of maturity. I'm sitting here wondering who that could be.

Yeah, I'm hoping that there is at least one.

However, I happen to think there just may be one who may have got her hands my book from her friend.

Yeah, and if she did, I bet she hasn't been able to get me off her mind off my just like the way Cudy fell for House. And I wouldn't even want to see her with my ugly teeth. But I would give her a shot.

I know who I am, know what I have been through, I know what I've done. I know what people think. I know what they say. Sometimes I don't even have to hear it actually, I just know it.

I'm one who is unlikely to have something pulled over on him. I've had it happen so many times, I eventually began to figure out how to tell if it's being done, and that's why I got good at it over the years.

As I said before: If you suspect that you are in a game, figure out how to play it without the other guy knowing that you are actually playing into the game without him knowing it. If you let them know that you know, the game is over and you discover yourself being a sitting duck sitting duck until you find yourself smack dab in another game. Then you hope you didn't catch on to it too late because that means that they have won. I
    See, the deal is, you gotta know what kind of game you are playing. Other wise you loose.

They want you to think I'm crazy. Well, I like the crazy that I am, because I just see stupidity everywhere I look, and I just hope that it isn't me - all the time.

What bugs me is the idiots who think they know everything. I've had enough of them and I just wish they would stay away because they are nothing but a bad memory.

I feel I'm not smart enough and odds are, you will never met another guy like me.

Sept. 10,'10 Bye

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September 12th, 2010:
I took and resized the image, I'm going to call on my collection agency to collect some money that is owed to me. That collection agency is you. You're going to call these guys at Taylor Rentals in Atascadero and tell them to give Sunnyside his money back.

My customer called them, I called them and even told them that I was leaving a bad review on Google mapes. But hey, like I said, I said, I'm not as smart as I wished I was because I didn't listen to the warning some one gave me about the junk these people rent out. I went there anyway.
So here is the slip and the review I saved on my note pad.

If you like to rent junk,
Taylor Rentals is the Place

I've been using pressure washers for 35 Years and owned 3 General Pump Pressure washers, (which I happen to think are the best,) and therefore I know them inside and out. But when I picked up one that has a crash guard that is rusted through and never repaired, I know that it has been neglected. I also know that the pumps should have a inline inlet strainer so that dirt don't plug the valves, because if dirt plugs a valve,the cylinder will go dead and let the pressure from the other two cylinders will blow back though. Therefore, even if the pump is suppose to be a 3,000 PSI pump, you are lucky to receive 1,000 PSI.

Also, you will have to rap the hose around something because the shaking will drag the hose and gun back to the pump's location, not to mention that you hands will get sore from the shaking.

Well after about an hour of this, you will have had enough of it and realize the four hour day will end up being two days and the cost will be more than double.

So I took it back and was told that he was not authorized to refund the money and if he goes through the procedure, it will take about a week unless I just want store credit.

Yeah, just look at the yard with the neglected equipment will tell you that I wouldn't want to take my chances a second time. And you can bet they know that they have lost a customer and therefore they know I won't be back so why not screw the guy out of his money anyway.

For more information about this, just check out the journal entries at, and/or to find out just how stupid I am for ever dealing with this company.


September 23th, 2010:
    You've gotta laugh at this folks. After Alberson's whores me out and makes what people are saying,: Over a million dollars. They send their kid out this morning to ask for my name so he could fill it in on the Trespass Warning. Funny how it was dated two days ago. Sounds like they really didn't want me out of the store, that is until today. Yes folks, they were scamming the system and it is your money they were taking.








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September 5, 2010:
    It kind of sucks not knowing exactly who did it, but I'm sure others know. I can only say that it took me a couple days to figure out that is just wasn't just a deck coating guy dumping his waste inside my garbage can. I saw the box with the words "Martha Stewart, insecticide soap," (If that is what he actually used,) but it wasn't clear to me then that it wasn't just in my garbage can, because there was quite a bit of wind blowing so I didn't realize that someone had sprayed the insecticide into the vents and other openings if the garage I rent.

However, it's down to most likely my own landlord or the guy who rents the garage right next to me. To explain all this, it takes quite a bit of back story and I'm just not into writing now days. But the story has to be told and believe me when I say that there has been much more on my plate that just the events of this week. And if you knew about the claims I filed against the city of Morro Bay this month, one can not rule out the possibility of the City having something to do with it instead of my own assumptions.

But the bottom line here is that I'm sure I've been watched from a distance the last couple months and I'm pretty damn sure that someone was watching as the dirty deed was done. (Since I've been working on the Tooler, I've seen more exotic cars drive down my dead end ally than you can imagine. I've even seen a Maserati and a Lamborghini.)

I only know that all my tools and equipment are contaminated and I've subjected myself to enough of the poison to where the last thing I should be doing is even going there to do anything.

It's pretty sad to think that I can invent something that is so revolutionary for the construction trades and after working on it for two or there months; it's off limits to everyone including myself. To me, it's a brand new custom truck one like nobody has ever had before and I can't even drive it around the block. How would you like to by a new car and not even get to drive it?. (And after working on it for hundreds of hours.) Even worse is, I can't even go to work without my tools.

However there are two most likely sinerios I need to write out but the headache and nausea makes is quite hard to sit myself down to write it out.

Oh the coffle shop is closed, I gotta go. Stop on back by.

Update: at 10:00 PM, Not to get off the subject, but for those of you who know I filed a claims against the City of Morro Bay in August for the February 8th when apparently Officer Martin told the kids in the school; that I was a child molester and also it appears that a firefighter did the same thing on the 15th: it might blow your mind that they didn't learn a damn thing and they did it again today out in front of the Albertson's store. Gee, I just they thought that they were in the clear since the city rejected the claim and thought they could get away with it. Get this, I even had a few words with them today and to my disappointment, they certainly didn't even feel bad about it. Hell I could hear the laughter from the middle of the parking lot. Man oh man there is definitely something wrong with these guys. They must think they are God's gift to human kind.

I happen to think that they are quite the liability considering that today definitely makes it punitive damages and what tops it all off is that anti-trust laws (triple damages,) should be playing a roll in it too because it is all about character assassination and that is why I have not been able to pursue my dreams of getting my inventions on the market.

I had people drive by the laundromat and mention that they did it again while I was sitting in my cage tonight and of course I had to stop by Albertsons after words just to make sure I wasn't just mistaken and just hearing things. But of course I couldn't even make it into the store without hearing about it. Gee, when will these meatheads learn. They are even dumber that I thought. Oh well, We'll mark it on the calendar and I'll be sure to keep this one on the back burner.

The surprising thing is, no one has supplied me with a recording of Martin yet, and until some folks come forward, we are all just fussing over nothing. But you see, they are taking the public for a bunch of fools because they got people worried that their taxes are going to go up if I clean out their little citie's pockets.

Brown isn't going to be one who could make hiring construction workers more affordable to hire like my truck would. He can't make the cost of insurance for a broken backs anymore affordable either. Who wants to invest in broken backs anyway.

Oh, yeah, construction workers seldom have a retirement plan so we will just have to put them on Social Security.

All I saw out Obama's healthcare plan is an increase on my truck insurance go from $32 to $50.

Hell, I don't see them helping the working class communities.

The fact is: If I had the money I rightfully deserve, I could create more jobs than any politician can could ever create, without starting a war for the defense contractors, at your expense. And having my truck on the market would save people more money on the cost of housing than any increase in taxes my law suites could ever possibly create. So go a head and listen to any of those lies if you want to. And just sit back and let them screw me if you want to. I'm not even going to say I told you so, I'd just say just look how stupid we are. So have it your way if you like, keep your little secrets from me and just see what it gets you.

Martins video should be posted on YOUTUBE because hiding it is just what they want you to do.

I can just move on to another town and the cops and fireman will do it again, (we proved that today) and I'll have everyone feeling sorry for me. While you are wondering why the economy is so lame.

Hell I should have foundry workers going like a bat out of hell right now if we had any sense at all six months ago.

September 6, 2010:   

I posted something in POOP today.

September 6th, 2011 - Rule 75
I've must have heard the word tomorrow a hundred time in the past to days. (Hey, this is tomorrow.) I just don't get it. Oh people are gullible.
    Anyhow, hope you like the menu moved over.
  I've got a new idea. Now my new entries will be on the front index page and then journalized to the proper column when a new post is posted. (You'll get it.)

September 7th, 2010:
    I came up with a new idea for the home page of .

Funny thing is I had that domain for quite a while and never did anything with it until shortly after I arrived in Morro Bay.

And as I wrote earlier, I thought it was kinna cool having Iwishyouluck written on my truck because I could often see and hear people reading it, and as I said, "It can't be all that bad having people say I wish you luck whenever they saw my truck.

The recently we had a lucky guy in town. And I though: I wonder how many times that guy fallowed my truck and read Iwishyouluck. Sure, it's just a coincidence, because I'm sitting here wondering if luck or even God even exists.

September 10th, 2010:
    Sure I'm not planning to burn any books here. I didn't loose any dog. And I didn't win any lottery, but I have a feeling this little story is going to go off like gang busters.

Now only if I could find a lawyer who doesn't have ghosts in their closet, or one that doesn't get bought off.

And oh, I did a little test overnight to see just how much attention this web-site is getting. I imagine we will all hear about it. And most of you will say, it's about time.

Had to get rid of an add from this page today. The last thing I want is to hawk someone else's junk. I'm going to start pulling all the Google adds from my sights because Google isn't showing the site address, therefore I can't filter them out. So hasta la vista GM.

Had to reset my passwords today and believe me when I say they didn't make that easy.

September 11th, 2010:
    Since today, is 911, I think it is appropriate that I may express my views on the whole thing. Just as we've experienced this week with an idiot pastor who put many American militay lives in danger over some stupid anticipatory action' I happen there is a good chance it was all staged to create propaganda. Something the media, US government and it's defense contractors have always participated in.

I agree, with Michael Moore on the thought that there isn't a country out there that wants to start a war with the super power known as the United States. They just can't afford it. Other countries tend to think of the US as the bully cop who is always looking for trouble and if they can't find it they create it. (The whole Cuba thing is a perfect example.).

First off, I feel the whole 911 thing happened because the Bush family was in bed with the wrong people and 911 happened in retaliation of a Unocal oil pipe line project that had fell through.

While I was in the detention centre in Australia, some of my best friends were Muslims. Heck I ended up rooming with them. Not once did they ever try to push their religious beliefs on me as the Mormons or Jehovah Witnesses are known to do. I was rooming with them and they were not rooming with me. It was my choice to stay with them and they proved to be a loving and caring bunch of guys, some who I knew I would miss. I did however respected their beliefs and was sure to leave the soles of my shoes down when I took them off as I entered the room.

I remember one of them had the worst nightmares. He had his girl friend assassinated right in from of him. His nightmares were of the walking kind and it freaked me out at first when I saw him wrestling profusely in his bed. One night he went flying off the top bunk and I couldn't believe it when the guys told me he was asleep, unaware of who we were. (A bit scary be cause this guy had his eyes wide open and he was ready to kill someone.) It took all three of us to hold him down so he would hurt anyone including himself. The others were scared for him as we struggled to keep things quite so that the guards would not discover what was going on. See, the poor guy just wanted a protection visa just like the rest of us and they knew some crazy off the handle guy just wouldn't make the cut.

He had medication to help him sleep but he didn't like taking it because he missed his lost love and the only way he could see her was in his dreams. But often in those dreams the bad guys came along and he was willing to fight them every night if he had to.

 When he did awake, he didn't have a clue as to how he got his bumps and bruises. We feared he would seriously hurt himself on the concrete floor and talking him into to sleeping in one of preferred bottom bunks wasn't easy either. We told him he needed to take his medication but he refused. It wasn't until we showed him our own bumps and bruises that he realized just how serious we were.  

    Oh I could go on with this, and I could probably write a book on my experiences from just being in the detention centre, but bottom line: The Muslims are not our enemy. We are. We are our own worst enemy. As long as the defence contractors line the pockets of the politicians, we will always be looking for trouble. Until we learn that, we will always be building some kind of a war machine.

This has got to come to an end folks. Just with all religions and faiths, we all want to live in peace. And the Muslims, they are only looking for peace too.

And who do we put on our TV this morning, an idiot who would tell me I'm wrong.

So lets get off the subject know and have some fun.

Like did you see Hugh Laury (House,) on TV last night?

Kinna cleans up pretty well. The funny thing is it looks to me as if he's trying to copy a few of my own mannerisms, like the one of scratching my head trying to make my brain think faster. Although we may look a lot alike, his body language is pure Brit. And OMG, a Gallixy? He must be a Brit. I'm more left coast and a 69 Camaro guy.

Ah he's got a band. Wonder if he's got a bass player? He said he wants to get that New Orleans feel to his music. I hope he knows he'll probably be better off with a black bass player and the dumber the drummer, the better the beat. (Just joking, but there is some truth to it depending on who you ask.)

As I have said before, I sure wish I was smarter, because today I just proved just how stupid I am. I didn't learn the first time about the thing to be said for genuine Cummins replacement parts.

I did a pretty good update on just how I want my truck to be, read it and weep at My Next Truck at Synchro-Link

September 12th, 2010:
    Surprized anyone around here even knows about PooP II.
Hell, after yeasterday, the same thought came into my mind.

But first hing is first folks and I gotta do a few things over at our little secrite spot. Boy, if you know just what you do, it's a long path to get there isn't it?

5pm: I've been wondering myself which came first Boys and Girls and More Girls, or Poop II. Oh yeah the SMG thing got me going on PooP Too Much as I called it; I think.
      Well to be honest with you, I've got to do a little home work so that I may get the names right. But I think it will be fun because it allows me to use a little ego and not be criticized for being wrong if I may. It's all fantasy, but depending on how you look at it, it's like creating events that mostly likely has already happened and some that may take place in the future. It's more fun than just repeating bad history for sure. Who knows it may be an eye opening experience. Gee, the political power of Poop Too. Who woodah thought?

But that's just more bad hstory folk and I'm suppose to be  entertaining you. And boy, Poop II isn't going to be so easy this time around. Orignally, it was just anouther way to get Hollywood in on it. It was simple and based on a few politicians and a few Hollywood celebrities. More or less just to see if I could get Hollywood in on the loop.
      But now it's a global thing with governments and industries in on it. Though Poop Too was more or less my first efforts in script writing, the script I have in mind goes off in so many directions that only the folks in Hollywood can realize that it would take a whole writing crew to just have an ark or storyline laid out. That is who should I have on the line first and what order should things be next. Now just like always - for me - the dialogue is the easiest part. But where to began is probably the hardest part. I'm probably just going to through some generic shit out first just to light the fire under the pot, but man oh man, this is a mighty big pot to cook.
  < boy what a mess....>   I'm sure I've got a pretty good picture of what is in the scripts because I've been hearing about it for years. And if it didn't happen, I'm pretty sure I know a few things that just may happen as well. You put all that together and any script writer will tell you that I have my hands full. I call it mind overload and the biggest problem is power. Not not that political shit, it's power as in Thomas Edison. See, I can't use the public library because that is going through the governments hands. And I stink so bad I can't expect the coffee shop to even want me in there and the fog and clouds have got my batteries struggling to keep toped off.  < boy what a mess../..>
      Nevertheless I think it might just be good for me to do some research and learn a few names of the people of importance though out the world because just maybe there will come a day when I will have the luxury of meeting them in person and some of you know just how bad I am with names.

     However, globally, and economically, I realize this country would tank without me, but now lets just say that its my ego getting to the best of me. Still, (I got my dictionary out, can you tell?). Still, you better wait until PooP II gets rolling along before you pass judgment. The way I look at it is that the US Government is in a lot of hot water over misleading others in the international community. I don't want to give anything away now. So hold your britches.

Oh yeah, I like Jimmie Fallon's thank you notes too.

And I am going to ditch the stat and the wordpress blog programs. Just get that shit out of here.
Good night and God bless.

September 13th, 2010:
    I guess I've made it to the point where I can say I'm famous now. I heard that I've been talked about on Cable TV. Yes folks there are a few who are not worried about getting blacklisted and it's not like they are hurting for advertising dollars.
    Kinna makes it easy to get Poop II up and running. But first I've got to come up with a disclaimer. And as I said, I've got to make my sites more secure.

Thanks folks, stay in touch. Be back in a few hours.
Oh, did you know that I was already in a movie?

2:30 pm. Well I managed to save all the content from my blogs to text files so that I can build html files for them at a later time. The sights are going down for awhile but some you will notice that will be redirected to MyStupidRules. And is now going to be the same site will now be When I get motivated, they will have there own Home page and then the links will go to the parent sites. But for now, I've just got to get out of this cage for awhile, stretch my legs and let my batteries get topped off. Thanks for dropping by.

6:00 pm. I'm a little reluctant to do this Poop Too thing for fear I might step on someones toes that I shouldn't be just for the sake of having a little fun. I've actually thought of living blank lines in place of names and leave it up to you to figure out who I'm referring to.

However, after taking a strole about today, I realized that evey one is asking about what I would do in the future, business wise and such. To be honest with you most people have already got the answers figured out.

But, what I think this calls for is a little bit I'm going to call Answers, at My Profile Page at Synchro-link.

Sorry, I think I wrote about all I'm going to do tonight. I'm going to take it easy and watch TV or something.
Oh, word on the street says we are doing 20,000 visitors a day and the expect 30 by the end of the week. Wow
Thanks for stopping by.

September 14th, 2010:

Now let's get along with this. First I think I found a good spot to repost my little Miss Marry thing. I'm reposting it because people say that it's a lot of girls out there and since this web-site is suppose have Lessons in Common Sense. It will be featured in the sidebar of the Introduction @ Health & Environment.

Here we go folks, I'll give you the crapy story at Poop Too.

Guess what. My Phone rang today. It was a guy wanting to rent a dumpster. I'm willing to bet he was a contractor and I wouldn't doubt he was looking for just a 10 yard dumpster. I said, boy you should have went to the web-site and found out what kind of crap that is going down.
    Gee, does anyone get it? What the hell are we doing here?


There is some good news: Today was the first day my arm pits were able to sweat in drips like normal. And after a shower I didn't feel so greasy. Even my stool had returned to the darker color yeasterday. Still stinks profusely, but at least I was able to sit in a coffee shop with out driving people way. I guess drinking green tea and panagranit juice has done it's job over the last couple weeks.

I didn't realize that the people here at the Nutical Bean were aware of the phoney child molester rumors so much, but today they were telling everyone that it wasn't true. And boy did they get an ear full when I had to explain every that has gone on the last couple months to a friend on the phone. I was sure to talk real loud and the folks behind the counter knew why I was doing so.

I just had to cut to the chase and post the lowdown at

Moo Lah
(Column on Money)

Bottom line,: what the deal is that every patent that was granted in foreign countries having a parent application filed in the USA since Clinton became president (or maybe even before should technically be deemed invalid. It's totally up to those foreign governments to decide which ones they want to enforce or not. The whole US patent system is tainted. But I'm not too worried, because I have the thing that is called Reduction to Practice.
You may ask why Clinton would hide such a thing? If I remember right, after a year or two of a patent being granted, it can't be challenged very easily. It would take money and that is one thing they knew I wouldn't have. If I or the patent offices in the foreign countries would have found the hidden pending application or the granted patent, I would have challenged it.
   Really folks, I wrote about all this in my book almost fifteen years ago. I wrote out the whole story about what went on but there was no way to prove it. Without publicity, you have no voice and what the hell and you do about it if you can't even find the patent or pending application. I know I looked.

September 15th, 2010:
    Good Morning s!
I told you the shit was going to hit the fan.
Man, last night I slept like a rock. Didn't even get up to take an old man piss. It's been awhile since I slept so good. Like something has been lifted of my shoulders.

Ah, there is one of those noisy Fords outside. I can tell by the shitty sound. Oh this guy has a trailer, trying to do a youee. Hah hah hah. Wonder if that backup sensor is any good anymore. It's a good day, I can tell already.
     I've always wondered why they even bother chroming the cheesy rear bumpers if they are not going to be straight.

I wonder how many corporations are lining up to pay Bill Clinton to drop by and say a few words now?

It's 9:00 am and I've got to do some technical work on my blog links and such; Work on Poop a bit, so don't expect much of anything for at least a couple hours.
Thanks for tuning in.

11:00 Well, answered some more questions for a few construction workers this morning. Later today I'll resize a few images so that you folks can see what we are all missing. but for now, I'm going make something to eat and get my smelly arm pits out of this cage and go take a stoll down at the beach and enjoy the rays for awhile. Later

You may be wondering:

What is so damn revolutionary about the Tooler

The Tooler at

September 16th, 2010:

11:00 I took a nap that felt as if it was all night, Quite uneventfully I must say. No headache and at least I didn't have to take an aspirin.

I do sincerely believe those things I said about the way the political system must change. It's like we well be building a war machine if we don't. I'm sure the last thing that any God would want is his people going to war over my truck. We've killed enough of our own people and it's just got to stop.

Just as I said yesterday, as long as the politicians are taking money from corporations. Nothing is going to change. It will only get worse. The guildlines are quit simple really. Only personal donations on personal checks to the politicians and law makers. Patents must be granted to the true inventor and not first to file. And a patent term that starts after the patent is granted.

If you can establish those guidelines around the globe we have a good chance of making things work. If we don't, we will just be too damn stupid to do anything about it someday.

If you sat down with your check book with only $10 in the account and kept writing checks. the law would have you thrown in jail. But we have (what you may call a super power.) sitting down writing bad checks. Something has got to give somewhere. It would all get down to market share in the end folks. Nobody is policing the police.

By the way, I had a couple liars knock on my door yesterday. (Funny how it was the Sheriff and not the MBPD.) I'm sure I could have been hauled off to a mental hospital if I didn't act the way they wanted me to or say the things they wanted me to say.

Funny, thing, out of all the people who I've told about my garage getting sprayed down, Only one guy, Frog actually came right out and said. "That's evil." To everyone else, there was no reaction or it was even played down.

Where is the sole? Is your sole in good heath? Dose anyone have a conscience?

How many of you have your kid come home from school only to play war video games all day. Every day, day in and day out. All I can say is you folks better wake up before it's too late. Because if we are stupid enough. I'm sure there is a strong chance that we could go to war over my truck. And believe me when I say that it's not just my ego telling you that.

Good Luck. Tomorrow is another day.

September 17th, 2010:

If there is bug in my truck, We know who doesn't like me and that he told he knew what I was. If I would have dug into it to further, I'd probably discover the phony child molester rumor which was evil all along. But I just stay away from negative people anyway

I had to laugh when I looked at the front page of the Wall Street Journal today. Looks like our friends the Chinese, are flexing their mussels and putting on the squeeze to the auto manufactures. The people up at the grocery store are laughing because they think the auto manufactures might need me to get them them out of a problem.

The deal I got out of it was they want to make foreign auto manufactures to share 49% of the revenue on there electric car patents to even do business in the country that has the largest electric car market.

Boy the guys at the G-store are getting a kick out of the fact that the heals on the women who shop there just grew a couple inches.t

I had forgot the movie changes over on Fridays. I was planning to go see George Clouny in the American and I almost left when I saw that it was Ben Affeck in the Town.
Folks when they spend millions of dollars to produce movie like this, and think it will be entertainment.
There is just something wrong with them.
I posted something new over at

September 18th, 2010
I heard something about the possibility of my site happen to be shut down for awhile. I heard about the tool that slips over a combination lock. Sure does a number on the lock. Then there was a few phoney routers to get way from. I ended up having to redo all my passwords today.
I posted something new over at

September 19th, 2010
    Any surfer would know that there would be some kind of dents in the board if it was some kind of trick, and the last thing a surfer would do is break his newest stick.

I heard that its a warning sign. And I've got the impression that it's not just for me, but for all of us. I feel I'm not the only who thinks God just may be a little upset.

I want to apologize for the possibility of ever indicating that anyone other than myself was ever giving him nightmares other than myself. It was one of those things I may sometimes misinterpret as I've indicated before.
Sorry, and I'll do my best at not letting something like that, ever happen again.

Reasons why I would not want to be president.
at Poop.

September 23th, 2010
    Well well well. Looks as though the Edward Jones people think they can use shafty lawyers to brush off the blow. Funny thing: Me, actually trying to ware one of Scotty's shirts. ( 
Both Alberson's and Miners got their 24 hour notices today.

Funny how it is. Once they realized I was on to their game they decided to kick me out of their stores. But yesterday, I was a welcomed customer when I made  Miners alone about $50,000.oo. in just one day.
             Tell me, what's up with that?

I've been running around spreading Christmas Cheer.

I just hope the ones who manage to get some, will stock up for the Holiday season, and remember to give it back their employees as Christmas bonuses.

I'm going to take my share and spread it around to those people who have no electronics. I'm hoping everyone will enjoy the Holiday season a bit better this year.

Best Wishes..

Reasons why I would not want to be president.
at Poop.

September 29th, 2010
    Well, you would not believe the rumors. The Hollywood Starlet, they killed my dad, and how someone wants to help me.
       Yesterday, I went to the Morro Bay police to file charges against my landlord. I got the buck passed a couple times, but in the end I had to lesson to the Commander tell me he thought there wasn't even a case. The acted as if I got some damaged tools out of the deal.
I'm thinking, to hell with the tools, I was poisoned. But of course, we are dealing with the MBPD.
        Got an update @
Poop and @ Adrenalin .

Got a surprise link for you if you are in the loop. Just want to make sure that you don't think I'm making all this up.
Folks, I'm pretty much down and out. It's the way this corruption wants me to be so that I can't afford to hire an attorney. By the way, if you are a local in the area, you may have noticed the new commercial on TV for Ernst and Madison law firm. Gee all I had to do was talk to Mr. Whitehead about suing Moro Bay and the next think I know they got a new commercial running on TV.

But back to the down and out thing. It's too bad that a couple local stores can make a fortune off me by just having me walk through their doors, and then kick me out when I want to get in on the action.

October 10th, 2010
    I really haven't been in the mood to write much lately.
Maybe it's because I'm still not out of the water as I though earlier as to the toxic substance that has been in my system. As I've eased up on the antioxidants, a nasty rash has become evident across my chest.

Also the question as to whether I'm actually a national security mater or not. Whether it's something I should be thankful for or maybe even not. Regardless; if there are security officials who are suppose to be watching out for me, I don't see how they can do such a thing with out working along with me. I think trying to keep it secret has only put my life in more danger than it needs to be.
    I'm saying this because during the last week of Sept. as I was standing at the magazine stand at Borders, I felt an itching in my lungs. A cough would not clear it and after the 3rd or 4th, I realized I was being gased and I had to head outside for some fresh air.

I did do some writing within the last few days, It happened to be another Letter to Gary.

October 15th, 2010
   Well, I wondered myself if I  was jumping the gun on sending the letter to Gary. But things get a little boring for me and I figured that there would be a cause and effect situation unfolding. Sure enough, Gary snitched off Braiden, because I got a call from Braiden while I was at work the other day. When he asked where I was working at, I knew he wasn't taking his problems so easily. Coming after me would only create more problems for him but he just doesn't think very rationally these days.
      There was a statement I heard once: About the fact that when you are abusing substances such as booze and drugs, you don't mature. I'm a firm believer in that and I seen it time and time again. Like Braiden was still trying to tell me that I was living in the  garage, as if I was guilty of something.
     I happen to think Gary had the same thing going on with booze. The next question we have to ask ourselves: Is Gary stupid enough to put himself in a court room and commit perjury over a something as little as $60.oo?
     We'll see. And oh by the way. About a week ago I heard that someone saw him do it. So either way, Gary is going to find himself in some hot water sooner than later I thinkith. And the funny thing about it is how damn powerful he thinks he is. I wonder if he has even consulted with an attorney, and just like Dr. House would say. Everybody lies. So, do you actually think the moron would actually tell his attorney just what he had done. Rent me a toxic waste dump?

Oh yeah, The Loop is not so secrete any more, thanks to Gary.

October 16th, 2010
   Today the word on the street is about how someone wants to sue me. I say get in line, because if you have read much of the journal entries, you know it is not the first time. The fact is there isn't a judge who wants me in their court room. If it's the recording, well there isn't anything illegal about that.
     The person Braiden should be mad at is his own brother the cop. And if the cop is upset, he should be bringing forward the source as to where he got his information from. If that would have never happened, James would not have told the landlord the phoney rumor and odds are I would have been renting the larger garage. Therefore I would have been parking my truck farther north and I doubt if Braiden would have had anything to complain about. Then you could say the landlord would have never had anything to complain about, me or Braiden.
    But as the story goes, there are folks around here who consider me a hero for shutting down a meth lab, but I'll be the first to say that it's something that would rather not be a hero about. All I've wanted to be a hero for is saving us all from our own stupidity, and providing people with the worlds greatest work truck.
       So my life is a bit tarnished.

Update 7:00 pm: Today the word on the street is saying that the source of the phoney child molester rumors came from the FBI. But the question is: was it really the FBI or was it an imposture. The next question is: what's the badge number and how did they make their rounds.
Was there any documentation left behind? I'm sure it would have been easy for anyone in a suit and tie with a phoney badge to pull off.
     If these cops work for anything, I would think that they would want to pass the blame, but were they taken for a bunch of fools or what?

It's like the recordings of Officer Martin spreading phoney rumors in the school. I'm pretty sure how it would have went down. I happen to think someone questioned Martin about harassing me and Martin probably forgot all about the "suspected" and made me out to be some kind of bad guy.
    Now after all this time I still haven't been given a recording of Martin. It's like we are suppose to protect the most hated cop on Morro Bay.

October 17th, 2010
   I've been wondering when someone would throw another wrench into it. Since yesterday, I've figured out just what kind of thing it just happens to be. But I never said my life wasn't challenging. The sad part of the whole deal is that some people just don't get it.

And oh, as I think I've wrote before; I think it's about time I posted another book excerpt. It's the one where I gave the culprits the idea for the rumors they have fallowed me around with for over a decade.
    I'll have to dig it up to day and put together a web-page for it. I'm still left wondering who are they?
The Rumor

October 24th, 2010
   A couple nights ago, I came home to discovering that someone had put their foot through the plumbing on the side of my cage. This morning I discovered that some one wants me to be a man, because they wrote it on the side of may cage. Gee, whatta deal. Nice folks you gottaround here..
     Since search engines have been looking for my Helpful Hints at Synchro-link and;  my priority right now is getting the page files put back together in html format. The links should work faster than before.
      I appoligize to any of you who have left empty handed for what I had already offered eairlyer.

October 25th, 2010:
After working out of it for about a week, it had to look used before I was even going to post some pictures of my baby. Anyhow, check out the

November 29th, 2010
   A Over the last month or so, I can say that every thing has lead to the realization that I'm some kind of national security mater. Or has it been a game to make me say such a thing. However more and more I'm starting to get the picture as to way. At least there are a few reasons why I could be and I really don't want to some full of myself by saying so. But this thing going on in the north and south Koreas only show me what kind of things that can lead to wars.It's called market shares. In the Koreas it appears to be all about fishing rights. So from a political point of view, and taking in consideration upon market shares with the work truck of the future, I think the government realizes that the only way to disperse the markets share globally is through the use of patent rights and through a person such as myself who could make such an invention a global effort of sharing parts made in several different countries.
     Another way to look at it is: Without patent rights issued to me, the only way to protect the industry of even building it in the US would be by slapping tarriffs on it and then you would have to realize just how nickle and dimed they would get. The only way they would make it to market would be by having China build them as cheep as possible.
       Then you would have to think about what companies like UPS and Fed EX would need. Yeah, not a piece of junk. 
       The idea is to make several countries depend on parts manufactured in countries other than just there own. If just one country tried to be the sole provider of such a product, other countries could very well find a reason to go to war against that country and , just like all wars, they tend to go after destroying the factories. It's to my understanding that we don't want blood shed over my truck, we just want the jobs and the stimulation it could create for the global economy. I happen to think that must be what all the fuss is about. It could be a good wild card for Obama as a way of creating a lot of secure jobs too.
         I think the best thing he good to is pass a stimulus bill with a grant in it for me so I could take my best shot at it and see what I could do. Right now the manufacturing facilities are going for dirt cheep and they are in areas that need the revitalization. But who knows, we could just throw my ass in jail and watch the pounds fall off my ass.

    Another thing I wanted to mention. I figured the fireman and police would have done their best at spreading the word about my arrest last week. But it wasn't anything like I expected. I can't even get people too believe Martin would even think of me as a threat. I've been telling people that Martin said he fears for his life, but it seems like they find it hard to believe. All I've heard about since I've been out is about how folks in Hollywood wants to make a movie about me and how some feel I one who has put Morro Bay on the map.
       No doubt, people were happy to see my truck back on the street. Oh well, it beats collecting stamps.

Update: Afternoon - It appears I have a lawyer who is a little more interested in my case than he was last week. I happen to think he was left out of the loop until after the second court date. Anyhow, we got a continuance for the purpose of a discovery so that we can get a chance to review what is on the two recording that Martin has turned in.
     So here it is kids, if you don't want to get to know  Officer Martin like the local kid who drives the white Chevy pickup in town, who got pulled over three time on his 18th birthday my Martin, you may think about what we have here.
      Think about it. Martin has cost me a thousand dollars so far. And for you. How would you feel if you became one of Martins next victims. Having to defend you driver's license. Watching the cost of your insurance go up. You could also end up with a criminal record that would only make you look bad if you ever do truly get into trouble someday.
        Think about the reputation that the town of Morro Bay has for their police department. I bet some of Morro Bay's finest wouldn't even mind us getting rid of the bad seed. It would only help the reputation of the rest of the officers who I feel aren't all as bad as they may seem.
       You the citizens of Morro Bay have the power to compile a list of names who witnessed the false testimony (or slander as they call it.) Come forward with the video. Soon I will be posting the name and address of my lawyer and you can provide the statements or list of contacts directly to him if you would prefer. You have the power to get Martin's badge because he has no choice but to lie in the court of law.

December 8th, 2010
   Some of the folks around here seem to think, I had myself thrown in jail on purpose. Gee, now why would I do something like that, there is probably some law against it.
     However, most people do feel that Martin is a bad seed.
     Also, I think the whole national security bit is just a form of propaganda created so that the government doesn't look so bad when I end up dead. It's just another game being played out.

December 10th, 2010
   Yesterday, was a record braking day. That was the record for the shortest job I've ever had. It lasted 2 1/2 hours. Get this: it was only for $10 per hour and it was only suppose to be for the duration of about 8 to 10 hr max. The job was for Maico auto body shop; wet blocking a car. Apparently he didn't have anyone who knew how to do it so a person like me who has done it to maybe 50 cars in the past, surely would know how to do it.
   But the mistake I made was not bringing up the corruption that fallows me. After the first hour, I was sure the shop foreman realized I knew what I was doing and everything seemed fine. But at 3:00 pm during the break, I ran to Subway to get something to eat since I had not eaten lunch yet.
    That's when "they" must have contacted the owner with their phony rumors because shortly after lunch the owner walked by and said he didn't think I was going to make it. (That's when I should have told him to not listen to anything anyone said and to just Google my name.) Because shortly before 4:00 he was looking for something I would have done wrong and began to back seat drive me. It didn't matter if I was doing every little thing his way or not. I was down the road.

December 12th, 2010
     I realized this morning that I'd been using the condensed version of the story about the fire from the condensed Sunnyside's Lousy Book .
     I had never posted the actual long version book excerpt about the fire from the full edition Burning Down the House. I couldn't believe myself that I had miss something as important.
     I would like to mention this for those of you who do spend a lot of time at, so enjoy.  ,

New: the full version of the story about the fire
the actual book excerpt
Burning Down the House

December 13th, 2010
     I'm glade I checked my court date tonight because I thought it was the 16th and I was waiting for my court appointed lawyer to call me so we could listen to the two recordings. Shit - I would have ended up with a warrant. It appears that the court date is tomorrow morning

December 14th, 2010
     I found out the date in which officer Mark Martin of the Morro Bay Police Department will be lying in Court Room D-6 of the San Luis Obispo County Court House.
    It will be at 10:00 on the morning of January 11, 2011.

December 14th, at 8:30. Good thing I really don't need to listen to the recording because I'm pretty sure I know what is on it. I had actually decided to write out the dialogue just to show people how honest I am and prove it by posting a recording of it later. But then again I just heard from one guy the other night about how MBPD erased his recording. So....

December 15th, 2010
     Ironic: Martin says he is afraid of me because he thinks I want to kill him. Boy he's got that all wrong. He's worth more alive to me than dead. I'm worried about him and I sure hope he wares his over grown bullet proof vest even on the days he is off duty, because I'm not the one he should be afraid of.
    I wonder if he's Catholic? Because if he is; I'd suggest he go to confession; warring the vest of course. I'd be confessing to everyone who would listen.  


Burning Down the House


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