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I changed the format as to the way the journal entries are posted. The change will allow the readers with a the ability to read the entries as the unfold in chronological order.

For those of you who may feel I don't have better things to do with my time than molesting children or stalking women, I'd say do a background check on me yourself, because you can not believe anything any cop or fireman will tell you.
      I've actually tried doing a criminal background check on myself because I would love to find one that wasn't true. I've learned that even when they say it's free, that it is not. However, I did find one that will refund your money if you cancel a monthly subscription with 7 days. Its at

I'm the Dennis Sattler, 50 in Van Nuys CA, Lakewood Washington, Castic CA

But in reality now days, you only have to fire up a search engine.

And no I'm not the Dennis Sattler in Texas who hid in a closet and then killed his wife. But that goes to show you that if I have done any criminal act such as stalking a woman or molesting a child, just Googling my name would tell you.




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January 1st, 2011
     It's a new year. A better one I hope. I don't know about you, but I'm wondering where society is going.
     But me, it's the Martin thing. Boy I sure hope he's doing alright. I'd watch his back door for him if it wasn't for the judge making the rules up as we went.
    There hasn't been a day that has gone by that I don't worry about the poor guy. I bet you he's got theses guys who you can't see coming and you usually don't know where they came from fallowing him around. This is the first time in Martin's life he has to fear something you cannot see. It can drive some of those out there a little crazy at times.
      I'd just be a little couscous about where he pulls someone over. I don't even know how a guy like him could go to work and still be safe. I'm betting they just have Martin as a ride along these days, because putting him out there in a squad car alone could be a little suicidal if you ask me.
       I don't know about you, but I'd be a little chicken shit to even be a cop if I were in his shoes. I bet he doesn't want to pull anyone over for warring no seat belt now a days. I'd go fishing or something. 
     Oh yeah, happy new year, and lets all hope Martin makes it to the 11th. Ten More days and counting.
     Bless you all for stopping by the last year.
         On with a better one.

January 10th, 2011
  The question is:
Can a community make a fuss over a cop committing slander. Then fuss over whether the victim will file a claim within the 6 month period. Whether they will continue to complain about the bad cop they have to deal with. Whether they will take away the chance at the same bad cop doing them any wrong in the future.
Whether they will provide the evidence needed to take away the badge from the bully in town.
   Tomorrow is the day we find out.
   One way or another, history is about to go down.
    I happen to think that they will do the right thing.
  Oh yeah, my court appointed never did give me the call to listen to the recording that I already know what is on it, but then I realize just what can be done to recordings.
I also have to wonder if the Justice system will let the bad cop put his victim in jail for some more time.

January 11th, 2011
  Officer Martin cut and ran. Well, not exactly, but it was sort of what I expected. He only made it to the hallway outside of the court room. I saw him out of the corner of my eye, but just like all evil things, I ignore them whenever I can because if you don't acknowledge evil, it tends to have less power.
    Never the less, just as I thought, they would either throw out the case or try to plead me out with a lesser misdemeanour charge.
More on this at - In the SLO Courtroom

Bad Cop Criminal: Mark Martin of the Morro Bay Police california

January 12th, 2011
I had to put a face on the name for most of you out there. You may get the feeling that this guy thinks he is a bad ass or something or something even worse. It's like maybe we should have him working as a Marine and killing people on the front lines of Afghanistan or somewhere we need one evil dude to kill people. If not somewhere like that, maybe we would all be safer if we kept him in prison. He has all the tattoos and would probably fit right in like peas in a pod. I happen to think this guy is a little too scary to be a public servant.

January 13th, 2011
I had some things I had to post today, but I discovered a few coding problems with my web-pages that have been throwing off the search engine crawlers, so that became my priority today.
    However, I can tell already that the traffic has bounced pretty strong today.
  Check back tomorrow, because I've got some interesting things to post. Later.

January 17th, 2011
When I heard it a few days ago, I thought it was quit silly. But after hearing it more than I could count over the last few days, I realized it is just propaganda.
     The first line I heard was, "they won't stand behind him because he thinks we are breeding stupid people, but he's right."
   Then there is the "he thinks we're stupid."
   And the "nobody likes him."

Well nobody would like you either if they had been spreading phony child molester rumors about you, because there is the stigma involved. It tends to make you an outsider.
    But face it, they just want you to support a bully cop.
    One you may have to deal with some day.
    I'd say he's one to take his badge away so you don't have to be his next victim.
     You don't have to like me, nor do you have to like Martin, but who is the real threat here?

Oh yeah, I get to drag him back into the court room tomorrow at 1:30.

January 21st, 2011
Well the court date back on the 18th was a long wait. Martin had to sit there all dressed up in his suit parked on a bench outside the court room. I arrived in one of my own hand made tee shirts.

My attorney got to ask Martin. I can't remember if my attorney actually asked if he knew of anything about the pacific event that went down on February 8th of last year, but he did get martin to deny any knowing of child molester rumour. I figure, you gotta break in the guy, even if it's only a preliminary hearing.
      Funny thing, Martin must have thought he would use information I had posted on my web-site - against me. But he got it all wrong, he said two stores in the area had kicked me out of their stores because I was trying to cover up security cameras.
     Gee, anybody that has read this shit know that covering up cameras was the last thing I was trying to do. In fact, the Ralfs store covered up the whole back row of cameras with Cellophane tape within two or three hours of  my first trip through. I guess they wanted to at least get the ones that were low to the ground anyway.
  Another time they could only get half of them covered in the time I drove from Morro Bay.
   Believe me, he must be scratching for an angle.

And oh hey, I painted a Model A over the past few days. You should have seen it. It's been sitting for god who knows. But the guy happens to be 88 years old and said he knows he would never see it painted. He just wanted it in primer, something close to the colour of asphalt.
        I put two days sanding on that thing. Then masked it off and shot it with some epoxy.
         Things pozzen, but I hope the primer doesn't ;shrink back to much. We'll see Monday.
        That guy got a deal thought. I was surprised to see finish I got out of just a primer job. You wouldn't expect a primer job to look as good as this one.
       With the seats recovered, and some vinyl on roof. Its like a time piece, as if its one the typical Model A that guy would have seen still hanging around in thirty or forties. They probably were not worth much in those day and a enamel paint job may not be considered worthy investment.
      The Buch has been Bonney and Clyding me the past few days.

January 23rd, 2011:
I gave my truck a new front bumper today. It cost me less than five bucks for the metric bolts. The guys at the shop told me what kind of bumper it was, but I tuned out because I don't even want to know what it was off of.
        It's just makes my truck look like one happy mutt.

truck bumper

It has a built in smile.
For more images of it
Check out the Journal entry at


January 26th, 2011:
I Check out the Model A I painted this week at
Car Guys @

Model A Ford

January 28th, 2011:
I guess it's worth mentioning, that my next court date is ironically the anniversary of when Martin stood in a public school and told the students that I was a child molester, while someone thier video recorder going.
  I can't help but wonder if they gave me that court date on purpose or not. But if it was, I guess that would be like a slap in the face.

February 7th, 2011:
Folks, I think it's getting really good here. Because I just don't buy the recording the Morro Bay police department expects a jury to listen too.
I'm telling to that I'm about 80% sure that it's a phony.
I didn't even want to waist my time listening to what I heard two times over the tiny computer monitor speakers. I was however impressed with how they could use some kind of exciter to amplify my sound of rage to where you could fell the fire in my breath. I was hot. But they got it all in the wrong places.

They reorganized the whole conversation, and edited in two recorded tracks, one from the cope car and the other from the little box they stuff into their shirt.
   There weapon was to take the "I want to," from the I want to see you burn in hell." and splice it in front of the: "I would love to kill you." By cutting the - I would love- and pasting the - I want- in front of -to kill you. They made up an: I want to kill you.

But then there is the order too. The I want to kill you can before two consecutive I would love to kill yous.' Then -later- after that did he say "Are you threatening me. 

I can believe they may wanted to fool a jury, but did they care less if it didn't fool me?

I don't know, but I'm going to sit down with a pair of head phones on and try real hard to convince myself that the video is authentic.

Asked James if there was any filling for document pictures and things I want to provide the jury with. He is trying to tell me that I can only supply them with things that are directly related to the incident of me being pulled over. He seems to think nothing I can provide would be relevant.

James told me that all he needs is one witness, to the February 8th incident at the school.
I asked him how I could do such a thing and he certainly didn't have any answers.

I say he's wrong. I need two or more witnesses. The more the better, because with one, they just wouldn't make it. They would get bought off threatened or painfully to say just killed. But there is safety in numbers.

The recording would be nice, or at least a few witnesses because with multiple witnesses and character witnesses for those witness, no one individual would be targeting.

This isn't cowboy and Indians stuff we are playing with here and I think that is the reason nobody has stepped forward. Just a though I've known all along since the day I filed the claim on August 3rd, there could be retaliation and then again when I heard it was Martin, I knew of the likelihood of Martin retaliating against me; and that is why I think people have been so reluctant to get involved. Shit just get rid of the guy.

Back then in August, I felt that the possibility of Martin coming after me was about as good as him not. So then I thought, what if he did, what would it be for? Well, since I walk a pretty straight line, he only had the capability of getting for assault, or threatening him.
    Assault was out; because I have control over that so threatening him was all he had left. It was one way to make me out to be the bad guy so I felt if I ever had the opportunity, I would let him run with it but at the same time, know where the line was that couldn't be crossed. I felt a bully who thinks he's got the upper hand because he's the one who is carrying the badge, just may not realize a gun with not bullets is worthless.
    So when he returned with the recorder and asked if I was threatening him, I just let er rip and did my best Mel Gibson,  figuring I'd get him so aroused, he might not noticed the bullets I was giving him were blanks.
    I thought there was a better than fair chance he would show his creative side into the realm of covering one's back.
     He wanted a felony and a misdemeanour just wasn't good enough, so he took it personal and that is where his judgement got the best of him. He or they should have just let well enough alone but stupidity is running rapid.

But then again, how stupid can people be?
What kind of history do you want to be a part of?

The question is: Will these citizens, here in Morro Bay; let this kind of thing go down and be known for not do anything about it?

Asked yourself. What is in it for them - either way.
      To tell you the truth I'm quite optimistic.
From what I've been hearing on the street. The people here are talking as if they are going to back me.

I hear we can tie up the little meathead for five years.

Beats collecting stamps.
Oh yeah I did an Update on the
Jan 11th, 11 piece

February 8th, 2011:
I thought this morning was going to be a little stale, in Judge Trice's crib compared to the last two times. But I also realized that they had a hot potato in their hands now. I end up with bailiff shoving the paper work with my next court dates in my face and then pushing me out of the court room doors.

Shortly after my arrival, I heard what I though could have been Maguire saying, "I hope he had his B-12 this morning." If he did, I would say he knows a little bit more than he was leading on. (Funny thing, I doubled back this morning, and made sure that I did.)      Shortly after my arrival, Maguire approached me and that's when I informed him that I had no intentions of going home without a copy of the video.
(I'd brought my own computer along any excuses wasn't going to work.)

It was a not guilty plea and I was surprised, the Judge may have been a little antsy, to see more of this case unfold before him because he set a date as early as two weeks away.
     However, he didn't have much to say when I suggested that it was the time I ask my public defender to request copies of all the video and documents provided to the court relating to my case.
    I also mentioned the desire for the video supplied to the prosecuting attorney because it would may help determine if they had planed to show the jury the same video as me. It would answer the question as to was it just to be used to convince me to cop a pea and the video would have never meant to be seen by a jury. At least that would be what they would have hoped for by the most. But did they actually think I was stupid enough to be convinced that I had said what I didn't. Pretty stupid if you ask me.
       But we still have the question as to whether Martin and his side kick Hufstetler actually perform the duties of tampering, or could it have been someone else in the department or even better yet, was it the city attorney? Who knows? But my money is on Martin and Hufstetler doing it. Hufstetler is the one who reviewed the video of the assault by the fireman in Abertion's parking lot. I didn't trust him then and I don't trust him now. I guess he's from the LA police force and I've heard about how corrupt they can be. Never the less, take it from me, the guy isn't half as smart as he thinks he is.
      Never the less, the good lawyer Maguire is known to be; began telling me I couldn't talk like that in a court of law, and hand off me his copy of the video as the bailiff pushed me away.
     I know, where is the news media at when something goes down. Guess they are busy covering spilled milk.

February 9th, 2011:
I have to say, the propaganda that has hit the area the last few weeks has taken a new life of it's own. For more that I would want to say, the lines I've heard lately has been: "They say he thinks we are all stupid, but that is just the way he is."
    Hell, I don't know if that is good or bad, but it's kinna true. The list of stupid things I've done seems to be endless.

I Sorry I don't have Martin's video's up and running yet, but if you want a DVD with it and the program to run it on, I'm willing to provide you with one, just ask.

The video files are in IDX and QBX format, so I don't know what kind of bullshit I have to go through to allow people to view it through You Tube or Windows media player yet. But I'll figure out a way and I'm already in the process of uploading the files. For those who are good at these kind of things, I'll get you at least the file numbers and locations to you as soon as I can..
By the way, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out it was tampered with. Just the two spots where the background noise drops out is a tall tail sign that it was tampered with.

Now the next step would logically be the District Attorney's office. But then how interesting would that be? I'm curious if they will actually let this trial go on.
It would be a good way to find out if Judge Trice is the good judge he is known to be. I heard he's a fair judge from what I've seen he's not afraid of putting a bad guy away. Wouldn't it be cool if he was in the position of putting Martin away.
          Regardless, I think it would be a little more interesting to let it ride, and not run to the district attorney like most people seem to think I should do. But I happen to think we can do something like we did with Braiden and the Local Loop, the sting operation we had going on a couple months back.
        One thing I'm willing to tell you is that since the Arrest by Martin, we've picked up more than another 10,000 visitors per month that's not too shabby.
     Yeah, I've go some more things to post soon, later.

February 10th, 2011:
I was thinking of where to send a disk of Martin's handy work. The Department of Immigration of Australia may be a good start. Maybe we can get some from there to come to the trial after they've seen the video. I bet you they would just for the amusement.
     Boy, what a life it would be. In the town of Yamba, they know how to run the bad guys out of town.

I figure I've already done all I need about the tampered evidence. If Judge Trice lets this kind of thing go down in his court room, it will show us all that my buddy at work was right when he said this was bigger than all of them. But isn't that is kinna scary?
     I told him today that I plan to put my political power to test. See if being famous through publicity has the power to bring it all down in the long run.
     And oh yeah, Only in the US of A can you have some meathead try to tamper with evidence against a guy who is a matter of national security. Or even say he is threatened by him.

February 12th, 2011:
As It doesn't take long to realize that places go quite when I walk in. It started out with the folks in the surf shop trying to act like they weren't talking about me.
        I take it the prosecutor got the same disk.
   Rule number 8, folks. This kinda shit sprouts movie deals and I'm good for two or three.

February 22nd, 2011
I spent the weekend typesetting and running the printer to put together a few books. I have to admit the newer spell check sure made the editing that much better. By making the book 9.5 inch by 6.25 I saved about 100 pages a few trees and instead of 2 inch binding, I'll be using 1.5 binding. Being thinner also means it's a little lighter than before. Anyhow it's at 520 pages now and it can possibly grow to 560 and still fit in the 1.5 in. binding. It's at 284,000 words.

I have to say, it's an interesting read because it felt different this time around. There were times my own immaturity was letting them get the best of me. Boy I sure learned hard and fast as I could. I myself like many of you ,just couldn't imagine that people would go out of their way to apply such tactics.

They say that history can repeat itself, one thing I've always felt reluctant to agree with, but it sort of seems like history is repeating right here in Morro Bay. Like gee, why didn't any of these fools read and get their hand on my stuff before they even went up against me.
Shit, I've been here and done this before. I'm going to hop on that elevator this time. I ain’t going to chicken out.

I'm having to change the odds of whether Martin tampered with the video, or was it within the local government? I'm beginning to think 50/50 now days because I think I've just had the switch ah rue happen again with my court dates.

I happen to think the Judge and his buddies were clueless of these guys scheming to put me away for three years. Now that things backfired, they delayed the court date so they would have time to dig up some dirt on me. But you can bet they will run into a  road block of the federal kind, if you know what I mean?

I also heard some other things and I don't exactly know how to do such editing myself, so why would I think a meathead would even know how to do such handy work.

.Now that this has all happened, I'm considering on changing the name of my book, to it's original name.

I can assume, Amazon has to worry about where they get their books from.
Probably from the folks who think it is their will to publish my book or not, if you know what I mean?
Everyone must have a price.

February 26th, 2011
Though I spent a lot of time lately, working on things with my web sites, I haven't really had much to say.
   But there was a story a local told me the other day, about Martin. The thing I don't believe about the whole story he told me was that he said about a dozen people showed up in the court room to back one of their buddies whom Martin arrested for drunk driving - when he wasn't even driving. He said the Judge was bitching Martin out about him lying to him about defendants.
The part I find hard to believe is this guy was trying to tell me that people will actually show up in support like that.

He also mentioned is that Martin got the job with Morro Bay Police eight years ago after he got fired from the Fresno Police Department. I can imagine that to be true.

Well, folks, we've got an inventor here who has finally got himself in a position to sue a local government enough to have money to build his little ol trucks. But the question here, is this same guy who told me this little story actually speaking true to his saying that I would never see any of the money, just six months ago? (I'll have to check the journal entry.)
     But what the heck, it's the same community that he said would show up to court to support a guy who has already had three DWIs and just doesn't drive any more?

Regardless, you gotta figure, it's pretty stupid, just looking at me, driving the little ol truck around in this small town and yet no one else is.

Heck, if I didn't have all these court dates stacked in front of me. And I had the $1,500.oo Martin has already cost me, I have doubts as to whether I would even be living here right now.
I've had enough of it. I want out, but I'm stuck here.
And it sucks not having my bass.
According to the people on the street, I'm living a Holiday Picnic Romance Story.

February 27th, 2011:
I figured that this would be a good time to be adding-
Did they do a switch ah-rue? to the book excerpts at @

March 4th, 2011:
I actually sat down with some headphones and watched the DVD the Morro Bay police provided the courts with.
         It has one video from Martin, and three from
Hufstetler. Another question is why wouldn't Martin have at least two? Would it be that they would have to make both match? Well then they would have to make Hufstetler match his, now wouldn't they. But what if he didn't realize that Hufstetler was even going to provide one)
   Now that listened to
Hufstetler's video, I'm claiming that the odds are on Martin as to performed the handy work on the video provide to the courts.
     The funny part all of it is that the Morro Bay Police provided us, we the people, the proof that their own cop played around and tampered with evidence.
     I haven't listened to it twice or anything but I've got a pretty good guess that Martin's and
Hufstetler's don't match up.
     Hufstetler's video happens to match what I wrote out on this web-site before I ever saw Martin's recording the first time.
(I bet the fed's were way ahead of me on this one.).
      Martin must have studied how to edit the video but the code must go on for miles because the three Hufstetler's videos ranged between 250,000 to 400,00 KB

But Martin's video is over a Gigabit. Holly shit Martin, those edits laid code for miles. So far I haven't been able to get the whole file to my server before the Internet connection gets broken. So sorry folks, I'm trying
    Gee, Martin is one hell of a bumbling idiot and I'm going to tell my court appointed that I would like to take a restraining order out on Martin. That guy scares me and he should not be out on the same streets I drive.
    See, kids, this is what you do, you want it blabbed all over town, yeah approach a paramedic with the Morro Bay Fire Department and say, "I heard that you guys don't like cops too much? Well here is some of Marin's work," as I handed him the DVD, "Check out my web-sit and it will tell you all about it."
    "Oh Thanks."

March 8th, 2011:
I have to admit, that some of things I do may seem a little crazy at times. It may be because some of the unconventional tactics I'm known use.
      I happen to call it: testing the waters.
Say for instance, if you happen to hear that you are a national security matter, how do you verify something like that?
       After the last attempt on my life just recently, I have to wonder if it was because of flunky security crew assigned to me and whether the government assigned them to me just to make it appear to the public that they actually care. The screw ups while being in jail recently and the call from whomever it was can only make you wonder what the legit purpose of it all is..
       However, recent developments have just put my life in more danger than it already is. Or as I may say, there has been a breach of security and it is all because of a Police Officer within the Morro Bay Police Department.
       Now don't start jumping to concussions because it isn't Martin this time. Regardless, the guy is a crook and I'm not even going to tell you who he is just yet.
      Never the less, I'm going to get into just how the Morro Bay Police have made my carbon foot print even bigger than it should be as well as the fact that I'm not as safe as I should be.
     Just as I said before: that I could be killed at any time but since I'm being watched so much, the people who would like to see me dead realize that the odds of killing me and getting away with it would be pretty slim.

  However, the Morro Bay Police have provide a clean cut way for someone could have me killed and there wouldn't be any trace of where the killers came from.
   So drop back by and I'll tell you a little story about just how it is so. And you the people out there can decide for yourself if another Morro Bay Police Officer has put me in even more of a dangerous position than before.

March 9th, 2011:
I finally got Martin's video file up on my server. Now all you have to do is compare Hufstetler's third video, (I think?) with Martin's.
But there is some kind of problem, maybe you can figure it out.
  The web address to it is-
    Also for all those fans of my Girls of the Day,
    I managed to post a new page for
Nickole Kidman
March 10th, 2011:
I realize that there are guys out there that have been way ahead of me on this, but the files can be found at :

I think is Martin's is the first one below

March 16th, 2011:
I have to be in court tomorrow at 8:30. I guess it would have been a good idea to through it out the day I made Martin show up again to go through with his lying.
     I just hope they are stuck with it now and they can't though it out.

However, there has been an other development. That thing I mentioned earlier. About the undisclosed cop that just put my life in danger than it already is. The think I mentioned about the loop-hole in security he created.
       Figuring on the so called fact that I'm some kind of national security figure, that I've proved in more than one way before. I figure, that the modern day technical would involved video surveillance systems planted around every place I frequent.
       For the first Year and a half here in Morro Bay, I stayed most of my nights at the Albertson's or the back Cookie Crock parking lot where I now leave my cage while I'm at work. I use to keep it out in front of Albertson's by Mc Donald's during the day, but apparently one of Moro Bay's finest, called the property owners and told them I was camping there, but by then, Martin and Kelly had already come alone and wrote me up two times in two nights and ran my ass out of town, just like I had informed Kelly that she would eventually would be doing the first time I met her.
       However, for the past two years, I'd been parked just outside the city limits. Therefore my carbon foot print has been made sizably larger because I've been stuck every morning with about a mile long hill to climb with a cold engine, instead of just idling down hill to the beach.
     Being one who holds up traffic now, wasting more of your precious fuel. Polluting the air you breath, and not to mention the unnecessary ware and tare on my engine and all the hazards performed to your environment because I'll have to get someone to build me another engine, transmission or even truck.
     But now, let us talk about the first ten minutes I was in Morro Bay. I was traveling down the Embarcadero on my way to the rock. Just in front of the power plant I noticed some blue flashing lights.
      It was Richard Hannable, an older cop, of which I prefer, but this one resembles the ones you see in the old movies where they sit behind a billboard and wait for out off towners to speed by.
       This Hannable guy produced those kinna vibes when he informed me that he had just pulled me over to see if I was a good guy our not. As I pitched my pitch, I mentioned the fact that I'm an open book and all he would have had to do is check out the web-site that was written all down the side of my truck.
       The creepy side of it all was that the guy has this white patchy skin disorder, that may lead you to think, he has had many lonely nights and being a bully just may be the thing that makes his day. Even though he listened to my pitch and didn't jump to any conclusions and let me on my way, something told me what the guy was after.
      What the guy is after, I thought, was someone with a warrant. Yes indeed, I hit it on the mark folks.
       This guy is all about getting cars impounded. That way, no matter what, the Morro Bay police department will get $150.oo for the little piece of paper that tells the towing company that you can have your car back.
     Yes indeed, folks, we are talking about a guy who happens to be one of Morro Bay's most favourite cops.
     He's like having a good will ambassador driving around playing mister good guy to many of the locals. He's been fired from Pismo before and now he works for free. I heard he used to be a private eye, but I'm betting that he's more like a bounty hunter. Regardless, he's trouble on wheels if you get my drift.
(Get this: Even though he only works weekends, I heard he makes Chucks Towing, more money than any other cop.)
       After the harassment with Martin and Kelly first went down, I didn't want to sound like I was at any war with the local law enforcement agency, so I wrote a bit mentioning that not all Morro Bay cops are bad. I just happened to mention how many seem to think Hannable is a great guy.
     Even though I wasn't convince of it, I wrote it anyway.
The next thing I knew, I had Hannable knocking on my door thanking me for such a flowery review. The next thing I knew was that this guy was talking about how he read some things I'd wrote and thought that we happen to think the same on a lot of things. That we should go a bar have a beer together sometime.
(Believe me when I say that he never read anything on my site that didn't relate to him.)
     The next visits were even worse. He would say that all my problems could be fixed with just a good piece of ass.
      For the most part, he would always suggest that I move on to some other town as though all my problems would go away if I did.
      The last time I spoke to him, it was apparent I was being stalked. He just happen to run into me at the place I check the south jetty first thing in the morning.
    He said that Martin and Kelly where in the right for citing me. He suggested that if I would just move to a smaller town somewhere else, I would be able to fly under the radar and not get noticed. "So, your are telling me that not flying under it here, I said.
     Then I asked him, "what is the duty of a police officer?"
       He said something like: To enforce the laws that govern us. (I thought it sounded more like to give us orders or to dictate what we can do. Like put you hands behind your back.)
Gee, I thought it was more like to serve and protect.
        Sorry folks, I'll be back with some more about Hannable making it real easy to Kill me.
     And oh, officer Silva, you should be talking to Hannable as to where he should not be sending homeless to camp. 

Crinimal: Richard hannable of the Morro Bay Police California

See Martin, most of the cops realize that the photos posted in the lobby
should look like nice and friendly ones.
I wouldn't want this guy anywhere near my daughter because I know of the filth that is on this guys mind.

March 18th, 2011:
All day yesterday, all I heard was, "Hannable, that's going to be a hard sell." Apparently he guy a awful lot of people snowed. I was even told that he just received a citizen of the year award from the community. Gee folks, this guy is as phony as a three dollar bill. And I'm not joking.

And on the other hand, can you believe, that it could cost $400.00 to get a restraining order on Martin. That is: unless the judge waves the $395.oo fee for the thing. But of course I laid out the $5.oo for the paper work.
       Of course I should mention that there are rumors going around that he is already in jail, but you know me, I've got to do things my way. And I'll see if his outfit is orange when he appears in court.
      One thing that is really cool about such a restraining order. Martin would have to turn in all his guns.
  Yeah, I'm laughing too.

Oh yeah:
I think is Martin's is the first one below

March 18th, 2011:
I spruced up the

@ page a bit.
Even broke it down into two web-pages; the main featured page is put together much better than before and now linking to a second page covering just building and designing it.

March 24th, 2011:
Last night I confirmed that the rumors that Martin was fired where that just rumors.
Can you believe the creep decided to park the car and go into Burger King to get a couple burgers to go.
He had to have known I was in there because my truck was parked right out in front. But he had a new rooky to bring in to have a look at me. As I was trying to get a good picture of Martin, I laughed and asked the rooky if Martin was training him well.

I advised him not to take any lessons from Martin on editing the video, because he did such a poor job on the one I suggested he watch. Martin thought he would call for back up, so I called my dad and said, "you remember the other day when I felt I needed to pay you back as soon as possible, because we couldn't predict when I would need some cushion.
    Never the less, we lucked out and it was Silva who showed up.
     I said, "Check out Martin's handy work. Kinna pissed me off when Martin's video kinna crashed and blacked out but the sound was still there. (Way to many of Martin'scut and pastes going on.)
   Anyway, who's going to keep Martin away from me? The guy is obviously a nut case. And a criminal who everyone around here seems to think should be in jail.
   But what is this Justus system we have around here? The whole legal profession has lost its honor when this shit goes down and all they do is watch.

And oh yeah, I figured out something. I'm going to save the chat, so just stop back by later for an earful.

April 3rd, 2011:
Oh yeah, I couldn't leave out the Harbour Patrol. They wave to me all the time. I had to make sure they know what kind of law enforcement the City of Morro Bay is willing to put out on the streets.
    I'm pretty sure they had heard all about Martin and his handy work already, because they were quite thankful to get their hand on one of the DVDs.
  Gee, what do you think is wrong here folks? We've got a community that will support a bully who will go into schools commit slander which in turn will put a guy who is a national security matter in danger. Then the whole Justice system will support the very same criminal while he puts the victim through the court system in an effort to put the victim away for three years.

April 5th, 2011:
Funny how the rumours a few weeks ago don't jive with what is being said on the streets now. Gee, a few weeks ago it was 10 big ones and now they say one. Goes to show you just how they like to bluff the gullible people around here.
     One thing you can be on is that this judge would rather not see this in his court.
      Just google Morro Bay Police and harassment at the same time. It appears that the Morro bay police like to perform sodomy with toilet plungers
     Oh yeah, some local was trying to tell me about how the city of Morro Bay conspired against someone because the city felt what the victim was doing was going to hurt the tourism.
    Boy, what do you think people will think about this?
It is putting Morro Bay on the map for sure. Yeah the map of where not to go. For many people I know, who depend on the visitors, it kind of stinks.
    Never the less, I'm sorry to say, I kind of like the idea that the college students already prefer to take the chances elsewhere. But that's just fine and dandy to me, because as long as I'm here, the less guys in the water, the better.
     So be it.

April 6th, 2011:
For those of you who work in any of the stores around here; you know that I have never threatened anyone in your stores. And if you have read my journal (like the
September 23th, 2010 entry at : (Sept. 5th, 2010 thru Dec. 15th 2010)web-page. You know that the last thing I ever wanted to do was cover up the security cameras because I was using flash cards with my web-site addresses on them in an effort to do what politicians do. (The stores pay for the use of trademarks in their security videos, when they sell them to the secrete service. Like Chelse Clinton and the Bush daughters.)
      However, Martin is either delusional or his reading comprehension flat out sucks. Well this is what he told the courts.
Slo Court & Martin speaks Page 12.
   I've got more of his lies coming up soon so stop on back by. (This place is about to close on me. Good night folks.)

April 7th, 2011:
Well there just may be some bad news that may be just as well as some good news to many around here. I happen to think it's bad, but it sure has put a smile on many faces today. I'm not going to say anything yet, until I confirm
    Never the less, I uploaded a couple more images of what Martin had to say in the courtroom. (Most of which is just a bunch of bull. Anyhow, this
Slo Court Page No. for those kids who apparently recorded Martin saying differently.
    And this short clipped page is something I just think is funny. Like the Judge thought I had a puzzled look on my face, but hey, don't bully cops search you any time they want?
Slo Court Page 20-short.
  I'm posting Slo Court Page Number 8just for the fun of it, because it just shows just how much Martin is full of shit and I happen to think it is just a little entertaining.
 Eventually I'll post more, but I just want you to think there may be something I'm reluctant to provide, so you'll keep coming back.
     Another thing I would like to mention. Thanks to Hannable, the Internet is full of information about the Morro Bay Police. Like the fact that Bill Black is a volunteer police officer. Bill Black just happens to be a contractor who kicked me off his job site and told my ex-coworkers that I'm a child molester. I'd say we sure have something here folks.
  I've got a photo of master salesman/volinteer Bill Black for you too.

April 8th, 2011:
I got a kick out of this quote from Meathead Martins I found on one of MBPD's web-pages: "I like the mental and physical demands of enforcing the law and out-tricking the criminals at their own game."
     The web-page featuring the meathead is at:

It says that he was influenced in his early years by local police officers, Mark knew that someday he would join the ranks of the men and women of law enforcement.
    Heck, all I've heard from folks who say they knew him back then was he sure liked his cocaine. It's my guess he didn't want to pay for it anymore.

The April 9th, 2011: (phony Martin rumor)
It's all over the place. Quite strange how something can go down and you don't see this town crawling with the media. Synchro-link flat out blew the doors of Hooklifttruck yesterday.
    As for our dear old friend, hope he finds a better place. We sure didn't needs him around here as the way he was. He was just a terrorist and not smart enough to know what is right. I hope he finds the compassion that he was missing. As for anything I might has said, I sure hope that hell in no place for anybody good or bad.
       But good reddens.
       I think most of us should look at it as a lesson in karma. He only did it to himself and he should be the only one to blame. I was trying to have a little fun with it and didn't have any expectation to see him go so far, but after I saw the video, I mentioned to Maguire just what he might end up doing. Maguire even knew the name of it because it had happened many times before.
   Martin as well as others around this town have been played. Some figured it out earlier on, but unfortunately just too many never figured it out.

It's taken fifteen years of my life already. Even dear friends I've met over the years, even ones who have stuck up for me have had in the back of their mind, wondering if the rumours have had any truth to it or not.
      Like yesterday, I had four or five guys asking me about my truck at the same time. I mentioned that we are breeding stupid people and most of them acted as if it was funny. When I mentioned that the human race was at its highest intellectual peak at about 1950, one young man acted as if I insulted him and then I had to add that we had already selective breeding the human race ten years before I was born.
    The a school teacher stepped in and agreed with me as to how we are loosing our common sense.
    To keep it short, only the school (geometry and electric freak,) was actually interested in my invention, the others where only interested in the smashed up sheet metal that the stamp out 200,000 of each day.

Never the less, I guess it is my job now to write out a summery of just what has want down. The lawyers' want to have everything explained in a Hollywood minute.
    For me, doing all this. It doesn't sit right.
    However, just as a lady said the other day: as to how she hoped I'd see Justus Prevail.
    I told her I don't give a damn about Justice, I just want compensation.
    See folks, If there was as much Justice in the world as they say their is, I would have lost the last fifteen years of my life. Justice was gone along time ago. Justice was gone when the whole Justice system wasn't working for the mighty dollar.
   We've got crooks running this country and they got crooks enforcing the laws that govern us. The crooks that make these law that govern us have made it their ability to not play by they same rules as the rest of us.
    We they must think that we are a bunch of fools who will listen to anything the want us to hear. I guess it is quite easy for them because they know we can't do anything more the stand on a soup box and yell about the problems that nobody wants to hear about. (And if you do draw any attention they will come and take you away and throw you in jail.
    That is for many of us, and I can only hope I'm not the only one who can see if for what it is.
    So, know the realization, of just way I named my book Sunnyside's Lousy Book. I have to sit down right here and right about the kind of hell I've had to go through the last few years.
    There was a reason I quit writing the lousy book when I was in Australia. I only wish the past was only the past. I wish I could walk out the door into a different world and leave all this behind.

e April 11th, 2011:
It's amazing what the City of Morro Bay is not saying, but at the same time it has turned into a propaganda machine.
     The funny thing about it is that the City doesn't realize just how stupid we are. The rumours they got going have people so confused that they got people pointing their fingers in two different ways, so none of us know what is really going on.
     There is on question I really want to know the answer to.
     I'm sure the conspiracy has used the government agencies to spread their rumours every where I've gone.
     But the question is: Who is responsible for the rumour feed to Martin, Black and others through the Auto Manufactures, or was it Affirmative Action, Clinton, or the Federal Government?
     I've already had my next entry in mind since yesterday, but I'm withholding it for at least after my court date tomorrow. The reason for me doing so is because I don't want to get in the way of the propaganda machine. However, there is that saying: Some heads are going to roll.

April 12th, 2011: Was never posted until May 2nd, 2001
Posted under false scenario of which I confirmed wasn't true on April 12th  

I rented the movie Switched, the other night. The timing of me seeing such a movie featuring the growing relationship between a man and his son, could have proved feudal if it was experienced with someone who doesn't have his shit together as much as I do.

       The reason I mention this is that many of you out there may be the kind of person who isn't strong enough to handle the thought of someone losing their son because of you or your invention.

       But what I gather, the local government as well as the community it governs have proven to have no concern for the feelings of being cast into the position of realization someone's son has taken his life because his life was influenced by one's own. Or as I would say, the baggage the can fallow a person such as myself.

       What I'm getting at is about what Judge Trice had to say about this case, the last time I appeared in court, which changing the next court date to the date of today. He mentioned the possibility of this case resolving itself by then.

        Is the death of one of us something he thought might happen. Well, just as I told my own father, I figure that it is about a 50% possibility that Martin didn't actually kill himself because there is a long list of people associated with the Clintons who they say committed suicide.

       Therefore, I put myself in the thoughts of the Martin family. I'd be looking for someone who is responsible for the death of my son. I would naturally want someone to blame.

       Over the last few days, I've put a lot of thought to this and I've come to my own conclusion.

      I put the community of Morro Bay at blame, because if they would have come forward with witnesses or the video of Martin's statement in the local school, odds are Martin would not have even been employed by the City of Morro Bay at the time he pulled me over.

       But then we have to look at just who would be responsible. Well, I'll have to post the claims I filed with the City of Morro Bay's Attorny's office. One was filed on August 3rd and the other on August 6th. And if you have read the entry I posted El Local - Morro Bay on the 4th of August 2010, you will realized that the City attorney's office was well aware of what had gone down on February 8th 2010.

        If the City wasn't protecting Mark Martin from his criminal activity, Martin would most likely be alive.

         Therefore, if Mark Martin was my son, I'd be finding a lawyer to file a civil wrongful death suit.

       Now the sad part of it. for over three years now, this community had persecuted me as a child molester. I figure it is the very reason the community hasn't stepped up to help me get compensation for what the local agencies have done. That is the local agencies have baited the community that they are suppose to protect. The result was the community only repeated what the agencies told them.

    It has been persecution on a large scale and they don't want to admit it.

       But the real sad part of it, the community has never supported me as anything like a hero as I would think society should think of an inventor who has invented something that could better their lives and prosperity.

       Nor have I received any support as someone who is committed to saving the human race from its own stupidity.

       Instead, they want to think there is something wrong with me. But the thing I think is wrong is how a death of someone's son has put a smile on their face and now many of them consider me some kind of hero now because  a terrorizing cop took own life.  
    And the Justus system here wanted to place me in a mental hospital for an evaluation only to make me out to be the sick one.
                 (Of course, it was just another rumor.)

April 15th, 2011:
I got a surprise when I appeared in court on the 12th. I found myself thrown back into jail. Not so much a surprise considering that the trial was only a week away. The trial in which they would have been using tampered evidence against me. The solution they came up with was to though me in jail and plan to hold me on a new misdemeanor charge until May 10th.     Of course I could not have afforded that so the knew I would take a plea. Yeah a plea dropping the new misdemeanor charge, but upgrading the original charge to a felony with probation and the psych evaluation I turned down in the first pea.
    Now they got it where they can pick me up for any frivolous probation charge and put me back into jail any time they want.
     Now it gets even better. They have forced me to pea to a felony charge that I was going to beat anyway.
     I would say what they did was incriminate me just as Martin was out to do in the first place back in November.
  Oh yeah, how could the do that you may ask. It was that visit by Martin in the hamburger joint back on March 23rd.
    Funny thing is even my public defender said that I didn't say anything to Martin. But of course, I would have had to sit in jail until May 10th to beat it.
   Boy, this goes from police harassment to false imprisonment and false incrimination, to falsifying evidence, to forced incrimination.
  Shit the list is getting longer and I bet the whole bit will have to be handled at the state level now.
 Yeah, I sure need to find a good law firm from outside this county. The last time I'd been to court back in March, I heard the judge say something to the likeness that maybe this case might resolve itself before the new court dates I asked for.
 Yeah it sure resolved itself alright.
 Kinna the same thing they did in the San Diego courts with my billy club. .

    More on this later, I just want to relax and watch some TV by myself for once. Good night.

April 20th, 2011:
I have to laugh at the fact that there are some people in this town who are upset that their property values are going to go down because of all this corruption.

    But I happen to think that it's a good thing for those people who only can afford rent receipts.
    Those belly achers only have themselves to blame. They should have come forward with the video of Martin and he wouldn't have even been prowling the streets in November. But then again, we all know that I proved that the folks down at the city hall all knew about what Martin did back on February 8th, 2010 and they didn't do anything about it. And now you've got your court system in bed with him.
    Yep, they only have themselves to blame.
I just hope the tourist learn to stay away from this place and the surfers go to five cities instead.
       I've got some pretty good material coming up real soon so stop back by.
     And oh yeah, one more browdy thought dirt and rocks at my truck in the middle of the night, I'll be posting the license plate of the guy who bought drugs from Braiden. Yeah the guy who Braiden confessed to about his brother telling him the child molester rumour. Sure it's the license plate number of his old White Ford SUV he was driving on August 23,'10. But what the heck, I'm sure I can come across his new pickup truck's number before too long.

April 21st, 2011:
Boy do they have the propaganda going on around.
And of course there is the new tool they are trying to use to incriminate me. Sure it's their goal to make me out to be some kind of bad guy, but they just happen to forget to mention the thing about the Feds having a tail on me for more than a decade. Anyone who knows what I'm taking about will know the argument and it is surely something to be considered spilled milk.
    I'm getting a little tired of hearing, "They are going to talk to him." As if they have some kind of settlement in mind. But that is just something they say because many people just think they should pay me off so they can gag me and I could just move on and build my little trucks. It is the most logical solution, because not of only the jobs I could create, but the revenue is something the state of California really could use right now. Being such a valuable truck, I don't really have to put myself in the Midwest somewhere just to be able to make a profit. 

I'm to the point where I have to revamp all these web-pages that cover all this mess going on around here.
    There is one thing I was going to mention earlier. About the new officer Morro Bay hired back in Jan or Feb.  Apparently he was sworn in a hospital room beside his wife's bed because David wanted to stay close to his wife during a complicated pregnancy.
    The news letter stated that David Smith was hire fresh out of the academy as well as he was considered to be at the top of his class. And after reading what his wife had to say, about their faith and all, I thought I would mention that maybe MBPD was a little bit better at selecting a new officer this time around.
    However, I remember Rule No.23 well and I just let things ride. But then with the days of my little visit from Martin back on the 23rd, I thought the word Smith had been mentioned a few times and I was betting it was him who turned his back to me while I took the picture. (I was right.)
     Well when it is all said and done. Guess who filed a report a week later. Yeah see, Smith, If you are going to file a report, do it right away while the comments are fresh in your mind, because when you put someone away, you better do it honestly because if you don't, God just may frown on you. You need to be coached by the Lord and not by a bunch a criminals a week after the fact, because folks like me as well as others my just think you are delusional.
   See folks, I knew what I was doing. Once again I knew where to draw the line. Anyone can realized that I certainly would not be asking Martin to watch his own handy work, because he was the one who spent all the time editing it. All I was doing is making fun of it and it wasn't for my TV show about to come on, I'd write out the dialogue for you right now. But I'll do it tomorrow and then I'll post Smith's report.
    And there was a witness, and if we have him chose which one is the most accurate one; well.....

Anyhow, Smith, you sinned in the eyes of God you lousy lyer. David Smith is just another bad cop hire by the Morro Bay Police. 

April 22st, 2011:
I want to apologize to those of you who have been steady visitors to my web-sites over the years; the ones who came here for entertainment and just interesting stuff. I realize you my drop by to learn about how I feel about things for life in general and I'm sorry if you have been bummed out about all the crap I've been posting about the corruption I've had to endure over the past few months. I feel I have more interesting stuff to write about and I happen to wonder it this crap either helps attract visitors or not.
    It's a give and take situation I'm sure and I plan on doing something about it. Basically, I'm giving the crap from this place (Morro Bay and San Luis Obispo,) a place of it's own so I can put back to the format it originally was. Something for everyone, and if you want to know about what is going down in this little town that I'm trapped in, you'll have a better place to visit it. Read on.....

Just had my email account hacked and there was no surprise when I discovered that my GoDaddy account had been hacked also. No telling what they did to my web-sites.
   After checking my files, I noticed that the index page to Martin's video had been changed since the 18th. Therefore I replaced it. I figure that the city of Morro Bay was more concerned about my sites rankings as well as my stats. Depending on where you check, the comparison flip flops. However, I threw a new ball into the game today. I picked up a new domain name today. Yeah;
    Cost me a whole two bucks and it will give law firms a better place to go for information about this case. And it gives me another web-site to paint on the back of my truck. You wouldn't believe just how much painting on the back of my cab did for visits there. Lawdy daw.
   Oh yeah, I heard someone talking about my book while in the library the other day. Apparently they know someone who had read it. They said it was good, but just as I've heard a few time before, everyone has been waiting for me to drop the price. The reason I priced it as I did is because Sarah Paylin is getting $12.99 for hers and I figured that it has to be worth more than hers. But then I read this article in the WSJ the other day, where this guy is making good money by not competing with the guys who get $10.00 for their books. Therefore I figured that I'd drop it some and see how it goes.

April 24, 2011:
I put together a web-site I'm fairly proud of. In the past couple days I put together 25 web-pages for my new site. This one is far better for SEO optimization than any of the others I built before. it should perform well for the search engines.

April 29, 2011:

I've been working on cleaning up the code on many of my web-pages all week. As far as new enties go, has been getting them. At the journal pages there, you discover that 26 web-pages just isn't enough when they hire cops like David Smith.

May 2nd, 2011:
It's not like I'm one to speek for the community around here in Morro Bay, but there is a consencous.

Most people say they should just pay me to shut up.
Many of these guys have read my BS plan and seem to think I might stay right here were the rent is cheaper I can do it just about anywhere I want. They happen to think we can have my truck on the market in less than a year and that's something they know I could do and frankly, I don't think they would believe anyone else would do it even if they said so.
   I think the City should do what it has always done best and look for grants, that free money they spend on this place. Now that the county is involved, they should also look toward the state for other provisions.
   The way I look at it is that the Feds just left that DVD sit overnight just to be handed off. That's the first clear sign to me that the Feds are not stopping this.

I bet none of those guys down at city hall a wondering why my truck is all smashed up. They should ask the Harbor Patrol Life Guards how many time people took pictures of it Saturday during the kit festival.

May 4th, 2011:   
I don't think it's anything I've done lately, but I do believe I know what is causing it. (And I'm not about to say what it is.) But today, while the weather was exceptional, I cruised down the Embarcadero. It was as if this place was a ghost town compared to the years before. I only saw two groups of people walking the sidewalks.
   I happen to think the word about the cops and local government is convicting people that it is safer to go have fun elsewhere.

I happen to think the City is counting on me not being able to attract a high profile law firm within the next 6 months, so they just sit on their hands hoping things will just blow over.

The ridiculous part about that is, just who do they think I am. Just another common folk?

Well the truth is Hollywood knows I'm a man who is part of significant history.

Look at it this way. I grabbed because that is what people were convinced they needed for their short wheel based trucks. So when they looked for it, they found my site which easily need the top of the search engine list.
     It did and still dose sever up more hits than Synchro-link after all these years. But then help that a bit, but internally is actually serving up the non-bouncers. Never the less, Synchro-link is beginning to over take Hooklifttruck because the two sites have educated the people interested in a multi use vehicle.

Now that Synchro-link has pulled away from Booksbysunnyside, has stepped ahead of Bookbysunnyside. (Probably stealing readers from Booksbysunnyside.)

Now after only two weeks, MorroBayNews is doing better than synchro-link did after 3 or 4 years.

Now back to the city. What are they going to do? Dodge a bullet they can't see? I guess they think me or my truck won't amount to anything.

I guess they can try to hide their trouble reputation and of course there is that saying that you can't fight city hall. Regardless, everyone knows that once a law firm is attached to something like this, it could take years before I ever see a dime of it. BUT, the City would have to come up with ways of getting the money for the Law firm and all and don't forget about little ol me.

Sure the law firms can get more out of them but I happen to think it is not a very productive way of putting a City in the red for several years to come.

While all this goes on, I'd be living like I do, surfing a few waves and shitting in a bucket.

However the way I look at is that if I only had a fraction of the money that lawyers could get me, I could invest it in my trucks and within a two or three years, I'd have made more money that the lawyers could have brought in while I sat on a bucket.

Do you understand where I'm getting at. The city could be handing over pennies on the dollar for what this case is worth, and I would turn it into more money than the lawyers could get me in the same amount of time and my truck would have been on the market for a couple years. Someone's ass could be sitting on the seat, instead of us sitting in a court room.

The sad thing about it, is I'd rather be making money instead of waiting for it.

But what are we doing here? Are we going to watch this place board up its doors when it become main stream news about what has went down here?.

May 6th, 2011:
I was in Los Oso, tonight. You wouldn't believe what they think Morro Bay is doing to itself.
    I'd rather not say, but you have tee shirt and souvenir shops, but then you have a bunch of contractors driving motorized buggies.
   Tell me if you think the contractors worried about a few tee shirt shops. Hah.

The real funny part of it all is the public utility workers who work for the city.
Who do you think that are going to listen to?
  Then when I got back to Morro Bay, there is a new rumour going around about Martin.
  And oh, the car show, great timing. Lets tell the whole world about whats going on here.
Don't forget to the them to check out:

May 7th, 2011:
OMG, this is funny, you would believe what people are saying around here.
      And this car show, it's suppose to be one of the best things going for it? Could be about the worse thing that could ever happen to it.
     Oh well.
Oh yeah, the stats they feed me were so out of line, it just could have never happened.
     And there is this other thing I'd like to mention.
I had a Paypal account to set up - what six years ago - when I first set up this web-site. I figure the first couple years I had about 70-100,000 visitors per year, and over the years I'd done about a half a million visitors. But up until, last year when I just pulled the links to Paypal all together, Paypal only took in credit for one $25.oo book, meaning it was suppose to be an order from an individual overseas. The thing that throws me is the fact that Paypal didn't state where the money came from, nor where to send the book.
Never saw any of the money in my bank account either.
      Now we have this Amazon account I had set up on the 4th of January 2011. For $9,99 per digital book.
  Three days later, it stated I'd sold one book.
   Then a couple months later, Amazon sold one more book.
   Well a couple weeks ago, I drop the price to 4.99 and after a week later, not even one had sold so I went ahead and drop it to the bottom of where the royalty rate is still there, to $2.99.
   Folks, this is a book I can peddle one the streets at the rate of about a half a dozen books per month if I'm living anywhere but here.
   I haven't added up the stats yet for the past year, however six months ago, I predicted at the current rate, I was a year of about 250,00 to 300,000 annual visitor range. So it's pretty safe to say that I've have over a million visitors and I haven't seen any of the money from the three books I've sold.
    I wonder if I can write the loss of the three books off my taxes.

May 12th, 2011: Stupid Rule Number 77:
The other day on the 10th, I had the opportunity to meet my probation officer. The Rule 77 part of it is that if you don't want a long probation, you probably wouldn't want to rant and rave like I did. But this gal handled it better than most guys do these days. She said, "I can tell you are a little upset." The funny thing about the whole bit is that my utility knife must have slid out of my side pocket and I must have been playing with the button for I don't know how long.
     Of course she kept it short as possible and then asked me to put away my knife.
     Boy, it was like a hot potato, and I didn't know what else to do but get rid of it inside my computer bag.
    I don't know what else to say, but I thought she handled pretty well. I'd hire her. But I'm still a little bit worried that she my just stab me in the back anyway.
   At least that is what I'm afraid of with this shrink I had to deal with today. Yeah, the friends of the judge's. I expected to get frisked down before going in, but just as I told them, "Don't believe anything you may have been told about me. 
   I have very little doubt that the gal had not been pre-conditioned. I didn't even get a chance to start at ground zero. The meeting consisted of her telling me how they work with people making sure they take their medications and such. Yeah, Right.

When it got down to asking a few questions about me, the first to come was the. "have you ever been in a mental hospital before."
    "Sure twice," I said and I've brought the medical reports with me, and asked her if she would like to see them. 
      Then she went for the question that would only incriminate me. She expected me to tell here that I was mentaly ill, and she got upset when she learned that I was going to leave her guessing.
   It would have set a bias for her to jump to the conclusion that any of the doctors I met before had any common sense at all.
     The medical reports list a whole bunch of symptoms, but never did they state clearly what the diagnostic and therefore, why would anyone want to randomly pick anyone of them when that are not mentally ill in the first place.
   Now this gal says I'm not cooperating and that is the message she is giving to the judge.
    But I said, "Hey, I'm here right now, I'm in, sign me up for three years."

Never the less, I recorded both of these meeting. I think this one with the psycho freak lady is the first to hit the server. Sorry about the long beginnings.
I'll try to figure out how to cut out the beginning and ends at later time; so.....

So folks, I'm going to work on  uploading the conversation that will probably put me back into jail the third time for just trying to get rid of child molester rumours. that have been following me for 12 years.
       And lets not forget going to jail for reporting a crime committed by a police officer to another police officer.
   Now it's boils down to going to jail over an incriminating conflict of interest with the Judge.

May 13th, 2011: I'm thinking it was a set up.
Today was an interesting one. As to who you can run into at a 7/11 in SLO. I'm not going to spoil the surprise or anything, but timing of things makes me have second thoughts about the whole scenario. As spinless as people are to day, and if I was in this guys position, I would not getting into conversations with someone who happens to be making light of whether I'd be going back to jail.
Any how, just as with any other potential game I just ran with it because the opportunity was there and I'm just curious as to where it may lead.

Even about mid day I ran into one of those friends whom you are destined to meet in this lifetime happens to think it was just a coincidence. (Kinna like a running bet to me and I'd get a kick out of it if I prove him wrong.) Never the less, I think something interesting is about to develop.

And the thing that rounded out the day on a good note for me. It is what was said about me by a guy at the skateboard park, on my why home. What he said to the others about me after he pointed me out that blows my mind.
     If this is what the kids are saying about me, apparently they aren't insulted by me at all, they're just hoping I succeed at saving us from our own stupidity.
     I couldn't be more proud.

May 23rd, 2011:
They got them thinking Holiday Picnic..

It seems like the guys around here know I'll build a better truck.
     And for those who like to read stuff that seems a little paranoid, I added a new weekly feature at The featured chapter of the week actually links to the next consecutive chapter, because I wouldn't want you to think I was paranoid for nothing.

May 27th, 2011:
I can't get over the looks of this guy.
He looks like a wired felon to me.
And they even gave him a gun and a badge.
He could be your worst nightmare.

Morro Bay Police Officer David Smith

David Smith

I seriously doubt the had a clue that Martin was using him. He's the one with his back to the camera. Man, only two months into it, he's writing phony paper,  helping Martin and the City of Morro Bay keep falsified evidence out of the court room; which was only a week away. And made a felon out of me.

June 4th, 2011:
It sure puts smiles on faces.
It was something I always wanted to do to it.
For more on the new look of my Cage, just check out
There is a lot more to be done, but the rain wins.

May 27th, 2011:
It just doesn't stop.
Last week when I was up in Santa Margarita, there were two of three people, planted at the two stores in town, just to spread rumors/
Then the day before yesterday, I got a visit from detective Cullums of the MBPD.
    This guy says he hopes I like him. Hell, he's a criminal. He just walked away with proof of his own thug tampered a video. And on top of that, he actually dropped by to see if he could put words into my mouth. What a creep. I've got a .WAV file to upload, but I don't have time today, because I have to wait around until this couple who hord things can get on with their day of moving things from one place to another.
     I only want to get away from stupidity, but by some how it finds me. Everywhere I go.

June 21st, 2011:
Wow, blows away by almost double.
It's obvious my paint job has done something for the numbers.
       I have not heard one person say that they should not pay me.  
        And there still is the propaganda going round about waiting to see if I end up dead or not. Hell, what they have to worry about is if there is ever a movie made about me whether I'm dead or alive. As it stands now, the town will be know under a very uncool persona. Pretty much mud you could say.       Another reason people would rather them just pay me the money is because they want the jobs. Without the jobs I could create, this area would have a very hard time sustaining a vibrant local economy.
   In my opinion, this area's population will only grow no matter what the out come with me, but many of us know that it will take more than a few more wineries and a college to support such a population.

June 24th, 2011:
Someone Googled: 
what should i major in if i want to be an inventor.
Boy, I'd say: Common Sense, but they don't know how to teach that.
       And with the way the patent laws are set-up, I'd be thinking of doing something else if I were you, because you may feel that you'd be better off working at McDonalds, that is if you could even get a job there and whether it would last more than a week if you did.
And if you can't figure out on which major would suit you best, you've got a real problem.

June 30th, 2011:
Someone Binged:
sunnyside california buffy vampire
I don't know about what you think, but it just made my day.
,    And this morning I was able to somewhat back my crazy little theory that Officer Bargantzel was used the other night.

Or just say that James Rockford would had been trying to put two and two together, but needed something to back one of his suspicions.
    Bottom line is: since the night of June 28th, I've had to wonder if the auto manufactures have put someone in the RV park, across the road from where I've been staying at night. It's not like something they haven't done before in other places. Any how, their job is only to create rumours and to try to get me into some kind of trouble with the police.
    I already know they play with peoples heads and after a neighbour stopped by this morning to let me know that my music does travel and I asked if he was the one who called.... But just as I would expect, I think he would have done it a long time ago and it didn't appear that the guy was complaining. He just said wanted to let me know that my music travels.
    He also agreed that the cops around here are criminals. 
    The feeling I got out of it is that he maybe aware of someone in the RV Park trying to get people in the trailer park all riled up against me.
      Boy wouldn't I like to get my hand on the register and look at who's paying the rent for them if that's the case. The next best thing would be to have their plate numbers.
(And oh: I'm betting the call came from a pre-paid cell phone, but if cops actually did their jobs, they would know that.)
   Anyhow, I'll write out more about this later when I have time, but for now, I can tell you I've got another recording for you.
  But, just as with most of these recording, it takes some patients to get to the good parts. So sometime soon I'm going to learn how to edit .WAV files so I can offer two different versions of the same recording. One in the original length in it's original state and one in a shorted, but still in chronological order.
     I happen to think people would rather just listen to a more entertaining sound bite type track. I know I would. So....

July 1st, 2011
New to the book excerpts at
BooksbySunnyside is: Funny Water, on how I figured out that the City of Tacoma, Washington bribed my friends into putting drugs into my water
   Also new is
One of those Games. The story about how I proved that a co-worker got bought.
   Oh yeah, I don't think I ever mentioned who I'd like to see play me in a movie; because that could aggravate another possible candidate. However, I've been hearing the name of the very same one I'd like to see play me the most. Which is very cool because I realize now that my book isn't going to bring in any money like a movie deal would bring.
      Therefore, the thought of doing the opposite of what most writers do: putting the best parts out there as there free samples. I wanted to save the best parts for the people who bought the book. But if I can't sell the book through any other source than myself on the street. I think those good parts should be available for all those Hollywood folks to see.
    I want them to get a taste of more than just what we have going down here on the Central Coast.
Bottom line is that my readers at are in for a treat.

Just added one of the best,
Malibu goes to the funny farm, one of the most interesting chapters where you will find out - just how UCLA treats our inventors here in the U S of A.

Featured book excerpt of the week
Available for a short time only at
>It's hard to out run a radio

If you wonder how things are
in San Luis Obispo County
Check out:

In court with Martin
January 11, 2011

Arrested by Martin
November 17-24, 2010

Me and my truck spent the week in jail last week.
Yes folks, I'm accused of being a criminal once again.

Jailed by Martin
November 17-24, 2010

The most revolutionary tool box in the world,
sitting in a room of poisonous insecticide

September 2009

The Rumor

And if you want to know more about the local Sheriff who spread phony rumours about me and his drug dealing brother, and even a recording of a drug deal going down you'll have to go to the
The Loop

New: the full version of the story about the fire
the actual book excerpt
Burning Down the House

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