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July 1st, 2011
New to the book excerpts at
BooksbySunnyside is: Funny Water, on how I figured out that the City of Tacoma, Washington bribed my friends into putting drugs into my water
   Also new is
One of those Games. The story about how I proved that a co-worker got bought.
   Oh yeah, I don't think I ever mentioned who I'd like to see play me in a movie; because that could aggravate another possible candidate. However, I've been hearing the name of the very same one I'd like to see play me the most. Which is very cool because I realize now that my book isn't going to bring in any money like a movie deal would bring.
      Therefore, the thought of doing the opposite of what most writers do: putting the best parts out there as there free samples. I wanted to save the best parts for the people who bought the book. But if I can't sell the book through any other source than myself on the street. I think those good parts should be available for all those Hollywood folks to see.
    I want them to get a taste of more than just what we have going down here on the Central Coast.
Bottom line is that my readers at are in for a treat.

Just added one of the best,
Malibu goes to the funny farm, one of the most interesting chapters where you will find out - just how UCLA treats our inventors here in the U S of A.

July 3rd, 2011
I've kinna set Morrobay News to the side and have been working on new web-pages for book excerpts at BooksbySunnyside. Hey, the web-site has actually sprung a rating from one of the web-site ranking places. I'm sure it's going to take off, because do you see how many chapters there are. This agent/writer/self published guy in London told me that there was too many.

    And by the way; I've been actually reading some of the new posting, I happen to think that it's some good writing.

July 12th, 2011
My probation officer brought something to my attention. The no contact order between Martin and me. It works both ways. Therefore Martin is not suppose to contact me.

Then what was on Judge Trice's mind when it was clear that Martin came into the restaurant where I was before him? He drove within inches of my truck parked outside the front door.
Just as I've said before, that there is safety in numbers. Now everyone is taking about how the true witness of the incident has just seemed to have disappeared....
      We're trying to figure out if Martin or Smith had something to do with it.
       Regardless, we're faced with the question, who is responsible for the disappearance of our little friend?

In my opinion, if it wasn't for Trice's little oversight, the whole restaurant thing would not have been an issue. I didn't even need a witness if it wasn't for Trice.

Then the next question, was it the auto manufactures or Morro Bay's finest criminals with a badge, Martin and/or Smith?

July 13th, 2011
My, my, my. blew away both and my truck's website yesterday; and that's with inclued.
I got a kick out of a few of the search key phrase-
morro bay hannibal complaints
morro bay hannibal jerk
bay news morro bay police blotter
bill black morro bay
morro bay police volunteers
   Another thing I noticed was how many people have been reading the Archives of the Present Day Journal at over the last week. 

July 14th, 2011

There has been one hell of a scary word hitting the streets for Morro Bay,
 it's police force,
as well as the whole San Luis Obispo Country?


July 15th, 2011
There is something to be said, just by looking at the key phrases used for searches.
morro bay police corruption
morro bay police department cullum
morro bay police false testimony
     You just have to laugh at the fact that a community can support such corruption driving around their little town everyday. Hotel taxes as well as their property taxes support it, and to think that they support the criminals who maybe knocking on their door tonight.

One thing for sure, everyone is talking about it and it's cast a strange atmosphere over the town. It's just creepy around here folks.

July 16th, 2011
I'm probably looking at it wrong, but to me: there is something wrong when a web-site about the corruption in Morro Bay gets more hits than one featuring my Synchro-link. Yesterday it even out performed Hooklifttruck. It would be real pathetic if it gets more hits than MyStupidRules.

July 19th, 2011
Hey how about that; Synchro-link beat MorroBayNews. RollOffCamper has been doing quit well.
   One thing I'd like to mention is that for those of you who frequent this journal, should think of checking in with the Journal entry at MorroBayNews, because search engines frown upon mirroring web-sites so if my daily happenings are influenced by this community I'm stuck in, the stinky crap can be found where it belongs.

July 31st, 2011>
What was it, about two weeks ago, when I spent the night in Ralf's parking lot because my starter was toast? Well that was when I first heard a conversation about how a store in Morro Bay had made a million selling my art work to the government. I took it as if I was putting the wrong two and two together. But since then, it's been all over the place. Now it was about six months ago when I was lead to believe that there was a possibility of this kind of thing going down.
   I'm realizing that the politicians who have written such a bill would have created ways of hiding the money so that only people who knew about how to get it would be able to. Same goes for the companies like Albertson's and Miners.

      Anyhow, just think what I could have done with a million dollars. Most of us know I could build a truck for 40 and sell it for 80. Therefore I could have doubled that money. Or you cold say I could have made a million.
     Now aren't anti-trust laws triple damages?
And there are some other developments: of in two different directions. In two different ways. Basically four very interesting things that I'm not about to mention just yet.
   However, one is influenced by the thought of Hollywood wanting to make a movie about me. The knowing are beginning to open up with less fear of retaliation from the Morro Bay Police. So most of us know that Martin didn't know when to stop.

Also I'd like to mention that many of the locals here feel quite privileged. They've seen some strange handwork and realize just how extraordinary it is. I think many of us here realize sometimes its nice to have something to yourself .

(They already have a name for my next thingy dingy.)

August 1st, 2011
The bitch at the bank was kinda jittery. I decided to ask her if she had signed a confidentiality statement when she got the job.
     Before I knew it I had another one in my face telling me, "Well if you don't like doing business here."
  Wonder how long she's going to have to pay for the tomato.

Anyhow, more on that later.
As for around here, they are well aware I bought some green paint.
But they are still wondering if it will get Synchro-graffics.
      Of course, but it isn't going to be EZ.

August 3rd, 2011:
One thing Meathead Martin didn't find under my seat

Yes folks, I kept thowing it back into my truck over the years because I figured that his name my just come in handy someday.

August 3rd, 2011
What if I told you that I could get my inventions into production for only $1,000.oo?
I bet you would ask me, why I just don't do that?
Well, you see, next week, on Monday I find out how much more the Morro Bay Police are going to make me pay for terrorism instead. Hell, I've already spent $1,000,oo this year on there corruption and yesterday I had to make my first formal payment towards the $700.oo rooky David Smith just cost me.
    Officer Stuart waved to me this morning. I wonder if he has a thousand he could loan me? He said he'd try to get me and investor. Oh yeah, cops lie.
      And on this thing with the stores making a bunch of money off me; it's like being raped.

August 8th, 2011
           They're ahead of you anticipating your arrival.
It's like through calculations upon where I might show up next. Then you've got these stores hoping you stay more than ten minutes.
       Hell, you are watched from the minute you pull in to a parking lot.
       Then to think that you just made them a grand as you leave counting the pennies in your hand.

Now I have to figure out how to afford a vacation away from my truck. That is prepare myself to go to jail for ten days because playing my bass was a violation of the parole I'm on; for the crime I didn't commit.
    I told the judge, I'm not aware of having any rights. And I'm left wondering if they can make surfing illegal. because that is the only thing they haven't been able to take away.

August 9th, 2011, Moron of the day
There is a reason this place is known as Moron Bay to many of us. It's like can you believe there are still people around here who actually think I have nothing better to do than molest kids. Like this guy who drives a silver tin can. He's obviously never read anything I've written. But he's quick to discredit anything I say.
    I could not help but notice the same comments that Braiden had to say, (that is before I set him straight.)
   But this moron actually said to me that I call myself a child molester.
(If that isn't a some kind of sign.)
       Regardless, I worked on him a bit to make sure he hates me, because I'm sure he is as stupid as the firemen who turned around and told people that I was a child molester just moments after I had mentioned to them as well as others that I had filed a claim against them for doing such a thing; and they thought they could get away with it anyway.
    Now this guy if he hasn't already done it, I'm pretty sure he told his co-workers the lie tonight and hopefully he'll be fired up for days just pumping himself up.
    But he must ask himself, who will his co-workers be loyal to? Him or me? Nah neither of us, but Hollywood? Now that would be a different story.
    Hell it doesn't matter, his job will be gone someday sooner than he thinks.
         He's just full of himself right now.

       And oh, I've got a couple other developments, but I'm doing a few Rockford File type verifications and check for a few facts before I say anything. But it's pretty good if you ask me.
    You'll laugh.
Update: Ok, get this, my stats are rigged.
Though my calculations, I'm seeing less than 1/12 of the page loads I'm actually serving up.

  If I'm right, I'm getting around 5,000 visitors per day.
Like get this: a year ago it said I was getting 4-5,000 per week, and now it want's to say I'm getting about 3,100 per week.
   I just don't buy it when I'm getting compliments on my site every day and that is something that has picked up considerably since last year. And last year, most of my visits from Morro Bay were listed as coming through AG. But now AG doesn't even show up.
 Never the less, those PHP hackers over looked something and I caught it and that is how I got the ratio to play with. And actually the ratio could very well be 20 to 1. But the word on the street has been saying 5,000 for quite a while now.
   So I guess it's pretty safe to say that I'm doing 2 to 3 million visitors this year.
    It kinda humbles me, and I suppose it means I should take this job with this web-site a little more seriously. Its a bit much to update everything when I've got other things that need my attention,
  Never the less, I'll make a point to put it back into (more of) a  daily routine again -soon. 
  Thanks for dropping by.

August 10th, 2011, Yep, we got him
All I had to do was go to the beach this morning and I heard all about it. Just as I thought, it wasn't the first time the moron has told people the lie.
   I'm willing to bet that the Crock of Crumbs goes broke this winter with out me going in there and there will be another moron out of a job. Hah, hah, squared.

August 12th, 2011
There is some wrong with people.
It's like even in London, where the citizens seemed so mellow. I found the blog entry written by a bobby in London. A place where I felt the police were truly goodwill ambassadors and some of the nicest cops I'd ever met.
   Check out

August 16th, 2011
There is a point where a person can just get so disgusted. Like how stupid are we going to get?
     Now that I realize that there are millions of people out there who know about my web-sites and witness just what has been going on, I have to consider  that the human race is hopeless. I don't think there is anything that can save us.
  I've decided in not to participate in it any longer. I will not be adding any new girls of the day and there will be no more images of my truck or inventions being posted.
  The only things I will post any longer will be the shit I have to go through in this shit hole they call San Luis Obispo County.

However, I realize that Hollywood is only interested in movies with shitty endings so I'm posting a bit on a movie idea I have.
   It's a story about just what the human race is doing to itself.   I guess I will call it- __________
(Can't remember the word right now)
     Since the governments honor the GATT Treaty, I probably won't be alive for very long because it kills off us private inventors and have us selective breading the human race so that we are getting dumber by the day.         I guess I don't have to worry much about it all unless the assholes that run this county figure out that they can speed up the dumbing of America by killing all the black bass players.
     You see, if they kill all the black bass players off, music will change and that's one thing I truly worried about; in my life time.
    The deal is, if they kill off the black bass players, music will change, just as it has already. It will become computer generated and people with their 1500 watt car stereos and I-pods blaring in their ears, they will loose their hearing.
    Then of course, over time we will be implanting hearing aids into our ears and since we love our smart phones so much, it won't be long before we can get our I-phones implanted into our heads at the same time as the hearing aids.
  And since we are getting dumber by the day and texting so much, we are going backwards towards the Morris code that the phone had made obsolete. The side affect of digressing will be that our thumbs will be shot before we hit forty so the next step would be to get connected to the Internet so we can text with out our stupid brains.
   But the scary part of it all is that soon after that we will be integrated into our phones. Basically creating cyborgs. And since we'd been breeding stupid people for so long, our grand kids will be destined to be babbling idiots and the government will find a way to tell us that before the kids are even born. (
They are already predicting that with autism running in family genes.) 
  Then the government will approach crack addicts and such and offer the pregnant women $10,000 to let them turn their child into a cyborg the very day they are born just so they have someone to fight their silly wars because all the governments by then will have become nothing but a bunch of war machines.
      Regardless of whether you think the governments will do this or not, you must think about where we got the computer chip in the first place. See, the deal is: I was born in the days of black and white televisions that operated on vacuum tubes. The radio waves transmissions had been invented by a smart guy named Tesla.
    Then we came up with transistors which made everything smaller and portable which was really cool.
    But then there was the area 51 thing. About the so called crashed space ship. There must have been some kind of computer chips inside that ship and I happen to think the government gave them to industry  and we copied them. The result was that we could pack enough transistors into had sized calculator.
 And now those chips from another world is out smarting us.
   You must think about where that space ship came from. Did they actually crash that ship on purpose? Were the aliens inside actually from the same origin as the space ship. From what I gather, they didn't have ears. Was it because they lacked the cyborg head gear we should be afraid of?
   Well if the creatures from outer space did do such a thing, I'm sure they will always be smarter than us and I'm sure they will be able to control our cyborgs, as well as our own war machines. Just as one guy brought to my attention they other day about the theory that we are only here dig the gold up for them.
    I happen to think those creatures from other planets must think we are a bunch of babbling idiots already, so why in hell would they want to talk to us when they know they are going to be able control us anyway?

August 17th, 2011
I've decided I should have not let my Tooler influence the paint job on my cage, because I found myself arguing with my probation officer last night about the fact that it's just the cage they have kept me in.
  Therefore, I'm going to go with my original idea for it and I'm going to get some paint and paint jail bars all around it; with the dinner tray slot and everything.

August 18th, 2011
I was in Atascadero yesterday. I never heard the child molester word even once. However there was people anticipating my arrival most everywhere I went. You can bet the auto manufactures aren't about to try to spread their rumors about me with my name written in large print on my back.
     And I have no doubt who was showing up before I did most everywhere I went. One gal even said they knew my address. But the question I have is whether the address they are giving out is the right one or not. Then there is the question as to whether affirmative action is still stealing my mail and whether I'll ever see my mail.
   Regardless, if you are not clear on anything I'm saying, you better learn how to read because odds are, there is quite a bit of this web-site that is about to be watered down. In that case, you are lucky I've got to go cut dead trees and shoot metal spikes today so.....

August 19th, 2011
Around here, there is a lot of talk about the kids who took the video of Martin in the school.
  Yeah, I agree, they should have kept their mouths shut.

       All they've done is put me through hell.

August 22nd, 2011 - Uploaded Aug.27 12:18am
Gee, can you imagine a local contractor showed up while I was working and talked my customer into getting rid of me? Yeah, he's got the Durty Carpentry label on his truck and little enclosed trailer.
    I have to laugh because this customer squeaks.
And you can't bet Durty Carpentry won't ever be driving my truck as long as I'm alive, cause I'll got a shit list for guys like him.
    And we've got another creep around here. Some asshole took a wreaking bar to my steering linkage. The damper I just bought is bent all to hell.

Aug. 27 12:18am
Lets suppose there was some welding going on today that I didn't do. Boy, like a holiday picnic going on.
    Then I heard it plain as day and I couldn't believe I could have been so stupid.
  But then I had to think about the experience trying to read some of my web-site to Nate today. I didn't even see the words I wrote for Camron and Kelly.
  Makes since. Lately my browsers been telling me my web-page is being redirected. Hell they know when I looking at my own web page. Kinna like Turner had the power to delete pages right in front of me.
  Tell me Google didn't know about this.

August 28th, 2011:    See this is how it is:

They get a master key.
Then they go into my shop and put a camera inside the front of the old stereo or VCR.
  Of course they are going to watch me build my proto-type.
They see I'm coming along with it and the fact that the whole project gets put on hold because I couldn't afford a $10 box of fender washers.
   But the bastards are trying to be one step in front of me and
see that my big tube had run out. Of course there was no need to panic because I crawled into the back of my Tooler and found a small one; which should have been just enough.
  But you see, "they," think if they hold me up by taking the small tube, that they would naturally have more time for their lawyers draw up phony paper and file a provisional patent application.
  But the sad thing about it is it only enlarges my carbon foot print because now I have to burn up $6 worth of fuel to by a $4 tube of glue.
 Then after I return, I'll discover the missing tube sitting right in front of me.
  Anyway - would someone please ask these idiot; what good would a thingy dingy do you if you couldn't put it on my truck anyway?
    Hell, I might as well make that a $1,010.oo tube of glue.
         Sorry, I'm pissed too.

Drop by later today for the stock pick buy and sell xstraviganza.

Aug. 28 3:16 am
This next entry is pretty much a waste of time.
It's been said enough times.
             But I'll put my two cents worth into to and go ahead and say what people seem to think I would say.

"I'd re-think that one, "

"Where do you think they will get their butt wipe from?"

Aug. 30th, 2011
Well I knew I would be corrected. Yeah I tried to and some meat to it, but it sounds like the real lines were created by the Teamsters.
"Yeah, I'd rethink that one," and "where do you think they will get their toilet paper from."

I've got some other things, but I've got to take a brake from this keyboard, because these files are many.
I guess you know by now to turn your Google adds off.

Update: they just stole my GoDaddy and E-mail accounts.

Aug. 31st, 2011
As (what ever his name is) was telling the court, by which was empty except for me, about how he put the end to my music, I was reading the WSJ about this Google CEO Larry Page. He's under investigation right now and already paid out $500 million to see some of it go away.
 I'll get more on him later.
Anyway, there have been request that I put the menu on the right side of the page so that it will be easier to read with phone browsers.
  I'm not sure how to do that but I'll be giving it a try.
Also many of you are hoping I can fire up Poop Too.
I've been thinking about that too, but I happen to lack that kind of creativity unless my mind is right.
    While driving down the road, I think of a lot of things to write, but by time I'm sitting here, I'm too tired to think about it. I do my best work in the mornings, but this morning I had to pass up the best waves in two weeks to go sit in an empty court room with one of Morro Bay's finest. corrected.
(Yeah how is it, I find myself with the only case in a court room? Yeah, I wouldn't want the public to witness crimes being done either if I was a crooked judge.)

September 1st, 2011
Sorry, but I'm working on a few things, and pulling the last remaining adds. I've got more files than I'd like to admit. Going to do that menu thing some how, However, I think the index pages are going to be left alone. That way, when you go off to read something, it will be right there.
(I'm sure this will make many people happy; when I figure out how to do it.)
   For right now, I think I'm going to go work on my thingy dingy. It's looking good, but I need a $16 piece of angle iron to take it to the next step.

September 2nd, 2011
It appears that the underground has their own little match makers. I took a look into her and what I've found looks as though they must have covered a lot of bases.

September 3rd, 2011
I got to thinking about what has happened to the music industry. Like the fact that back in the late 80's and early 90's, that electric drum machines began to infiltrate the market. Many bands started to dump their drummer for one who works for free. They called themselves duo's. In fact knew a coupe guys who were happy that they could actually afford a house of their own because they made more money without a drummer. But on the other hand, I knew of complete bands that lost gigs to these duo's. Basically the drum machine was putting drummers out of work.
     However; music gear in Australia goes at a premium which is roughly four times the amount in the USA.
      But, one thing I did notice in Australia is that most working bands there had phenomenal drummers. And I'm not kidding around when I say that they have great drummers all over the place. Too bad I can't say the same thing for Bassplayers in over there, because within the eight months as a free man in Australia, I only saw three or four real good bassplayers and one of them happen to be an Aborigine. And we all know just what they did to the Aborigines. And if they didn't just kill them, they kept them in disparity. Of course they were not about to pro-create.
   Now lets get back to the US. We put our drummers out of business and they were less likely to create off-spring. And the results of that is that even the working bands very often have shaky drummers, or as I call them blind because they don't groove with the bassplayer like they should. It seems like many of them are in their little world and they don't even participate in spontaneous improvisation.
    But now, we've got these disk jockeys who steal the music that real musicians have recorded and then remix them to make an original sound. Never the less, they are putting even more musicians out of work and those real musicians are even less likely to pro-create.
    Hell, we are already getting rid of the black bass players and the drummers at the same time. We got a shit load of guitar players but not many of them could carry a groove if they wanted to. It's kinna like living in the times of the 2112 album, recorded by the band Rush a couple of decades ago.   
    Let us all say a prayer for the rhythm sections we once had.

Also, with all the people who are making money of keeping me in a cage, the folks on the street realize that the money Morro Bay owes me is just peanuts. Their opinion is that I would get more bang out of the buck if I just make SLO a dry county. (It would be real easy with satellite tracking devices. I could charge $100 per day to enter San Luis Obispo county.)
       It would only lead to another movie deal and that would be worth more than what this shit hole is willing to hand out.
  It's like everyone here is out for the take. Oh yeah that's everywhere all the way to the white house.
  Regardless, it's been a good lesson for those who are way too proud of America.
     When the worlds largest search engine takes money from terrorist to cause character defamation to an innocent inventor, it goes to show you that everything revolve around money. And the crazy part of it all is that we can have president who will want someone like me to even negotiate with the terrorist while this is all going on; boy we're in a world of hurt.
       I feel sorry for you because we're getting dumber by the day and we're too damn stupid to do anything about it. All this has shed light on it for all of us including your children to see just how truly screwed up we are.
  We're sick, we need more medication. More prisons, more doctors, more police and more firemen to save us from our own stupidity..
     Heck they already have you killing each other for no reason.
  Let's say a little prayer to our gods so we may wake up tomorrow and it will be all over.
  But you see, tomorrow is just another day.
   Oh next week, we are going to start building some roads that we can't afford. But we have to have somewhere to drive our little cars now don't we? Oh yeah, high speed trains, that we should have had a long time ago, but the auto manufactures gave away board seats to our city counsel members so that we would buy buses that we would not like, therefore we'd buy more shitty little cars.
  Yeah, we are pretty stupid.

September 5th, 2011 Rule 16
I figured I'd mention a few of my heroes. I found them in a book titled WHO 
I don't understand why the author Erin Hugh titled it Black Patents instead of Patents granted to Black Inventors, but just think what it would have been like if they had not come up with their inventions.
I took a picture of the two pages out of it:
Black Inventors and their patents.

Elijah McCoy who was my kind of guy because of his mechanical abilities, Fredrick McKinley Jones came up with refrigeration of which many have to be thankful for, a Lewis Howard Latimer my have got his name on the patent as the inventor but something tells me that Thomas Edison actually ended up owning the patents.
 Woods and Morgan came up with some important stuff too.
Regardless, many of these inventors would probably end up dead today because they would be stepping on some corporation's market share.

September 6th, 2011 - Rule 75
I've must have heard the word tomorrow a hundred time in the past to days. (Hey, this is tomorrow.) I just don't get it. Oh people are gullible.
    Anyhow, hope you like the menu moved over.
  I've got a new idea. Now my new entries will be on the front index page and then journalized to the proper column when a new post is posted. (You'll get it.)

September 7th, 2011 -
I discovered in on Page B-1 of the WallStreet Journal. It's a bill that will could change the patent laws to first to file instead of first to invent.

If passed, a private inventor would not be able to share any information with others because if you can't walk into the patent office in Washington DC with a complete patent application. Consider it gone.
(Kinna strange that just last week I wrote about how the tube of glue turned up missing so that "they" would have more time to file on my thingy dingy before I even have my proto-type finished. To steal my invention, all it would take them is having a master key to my storage unit.)

Anyhow, just as it said in the WSJ, the MRI would not have been invented.

If they take the ability away from the private inventor to even work on a proto-type, we inventors could not invent nor would we ever see any return from there inventions.
     Corporations could steal inventions and could very well use the patents to keep some inventions (such as mine,) off the market.
   If Obama signs the bill, I will most likely end up dead.
The library was about to close, but here is some stuff I jotted down.
This bill was originally passed by the Senate back in March by 93 to 5 and then Congress added a bit to it making it possible for the government to take money from the patent office back in June by 304 to 117. Then yesterday the Senate voted 93 to 5 for the newly changed plan.
     There goal is to hand the patent industry over to big corporations, but even David Simon, associate general counsel for Intel said it is a bad deal.

September 9th, 2011
On September 7 in on Page B-1 of the WallStreet Journal. It mentions that since Canada adopted the first to file, applications from private inventors and small companies have dropped off and never regained. That's pretty bad considering that the population there was about 26 million and now it's over 30.
And while I was reading the news paper at the public library yesterday, I thought I'd down load and install a few Windows updates. Boy was that ever a mistake. Now all I get is a black screen to look at. You have no idea how much hassle it is for me to update my web-sites now.
Never the less, I understand just how corrupt things truly are. How about you?

September 12th, 2011
You would not believe how crafty these crooks are. Saturday I had set myself up with Linux Mint and was very impressed. There is this program called Wine which is suppose to be able to run Window applications and I thought it would be great to be able to run my Namo Web-editing software.
Never the less, to make a long story short, I should stuck with what I has set-up Saturday, because I had both Bluefish and Kompozer web-editing software working just fine on my machine. However, I thought I had problems with Wine and decided to erase everything because Wine it would not uninstall, so I had to reload everything along with the newer version Wine yesterday. But boy I was naive.
Hell, they took over my machine (or maybe even shut down the outside sources where the software comes from,)and just about every possible way you run my web-sites.
I happen think there is a good possibility that they are hooked up with the Internet provider because they way they shutdown the downloads.
You'd have to see this shit because you probably would believe it your self unless you did. So don't expect anything fancy from now on because I won't even have spell check.
Folks, we've got problems. Never the less, I get a kick out of it because little ol me is getting hammered by the big guys and I can only laugh at the thought that they actually think that I'm some kind of threat to them. So they try to shut me up and they try to shut me down. What ever they are trying to do, people all over the place are well aware of it and it only makes it all that much more exciting. I think of it as just another challenge to see if little ol me can out smart the bad guys. Kinna fun hah? Well, I've got to go cut dead trees and pound metal spikes. Later.

September 15th, 2011
Well, I'm still around, but my Namo sure isn't, and without it, it's quite the bitch. I didn't like doing this hit anyway, so don't think you'll get much out of me without it, because this code writing bit just sucks.
Never the less, I managed to reinstall everything but this Bluefish just stinks. And the Kompozer is really lame too.
However, there is a lot of talk on the street, but bottom line is that we've all been lied to before.
Yesterday I did a little looking around on the web to see what has been said about my web-sites. When looking hard enough, one can find some information that is quite interesting. Like the value even put on my sites. I have to say, it's pretty impressive even though Google has been dogging me all these years. One thing that is evident, even though they they fooled me, they sure didn't fool my underground following. Not telling what is going to happen now that the adds are gone. One thing I realized yesterday is that there is a lot more links pointing to to my web-sites than I was lead to believe.
Now that it is cleaned up, I'm sure my rankings will go up quite a bit.
Funny how even my dogged web-site has higher rankings than some of the presidential hopefuls.
Well, I bet there is a lot of you out there who are wondering whether Obama is going to sign the lousy bill. I myself happen to think that if he has any common sense at all, he won't and that's why I haven't been as worried about it as I was a few days ago.
When you look at the cause and effect of everything, you can realize he's be screwing over the American work force, along with every farmer who needs to come up with a better contraption, needs to take it out to the fields for a test run and maybe even get a suggestion for a fellow tinker or two. No matter what happens,
I know who I am and the importance of my inventions. Even if Sunnyside gets screwed over, Hollywood will still want to make a movie about it and the president has to worry about his own legacy. His Detroit can't compete with China and the folks with money who want the good folks in the Americas will naturally be wanting to buy the good ones made in Canada.
So I maybe wrong, but what would I care, you'd never have as good of a truck as I could provide I'll have to laugh when I'm driving one I build myself and for myself and are driving a piece of junk built in China

Today Sept. 17'11: I wasted my time rewriting this Home page. Fishy software ended up turning it into the home page of Morro Bay News. And I was was going to put together two new web-pages last week, but hell, I'm tired of screwing around with this shit.>
     One will cover the dirt involve in the reform and the other will be in my opinion what is wrong with the existing and what kind of changes should be done.

I have to say I have something I found here that appears to indicate a time frame of that I happen to think the latest attack on the character of my web-sites.
From, Homepage Links Analysis: the dates between Oct. 24, 2001 and March 28. 2011.  The links switched over to more external than being internal durying this time period.
Take a look for yourself at:
(About the time Layhe with his Patent Reform bill hit the floor.)
Also you see the same kinds of things going on at between April and June of 2011 at Take a look for yourself at:
I get a kick out of the fact that Marko's Web said that my web-site was worth $11,000.oo. Well that's worth more than a kick in the butt.
Oh yeah:

September 18th, 2011
Well, I'm quit happy with the rewrite I pulled off on my Home page to day.
        I'm getting used to using two software programs do do what I used to do with one.

September 19th, 2011
Well, it sounds like today is a very good day.

But, I've got to get up off may ass and get some vitamin D for a while. But I think there is a good one coming on;
if you know what I mean.

September 20th, 2011
Well, I'm slowly getting my learning curve down with this software, Boy Rule Number One. I had it down, with my older software. Now I know just how easy it was.

I've been brainstorming some Poop Too. Maybe later tonight, but I've also been wanting to work on The Game Plan for Synchro-link. Don't know until later. I'm going to go drum up some collars and take a peek at what my stock market is doing.

Anyhow, any of you out there care to take a look at my up and coming:
Yabah Dabah Nine Point Twos.

Yaba_Daba_9.2_wooden wheels

There's another shot over

September 21st, 2011
Well, I did a little bit on The Game Plan at Synchro-link and
I posted something in Poop

I managed to find more Google adds that I've got to get rid of @ BooksbySunnyside.
There is also some codes to clean up.
Boy it all went a lot faster with Namo.

I put the Funboard away today and brought out the MBM.
The waves picked up, but there was a lot of bump on them.
Although September is usually pretty flat as far as the stock market goes.
Last week things did pretty good but this week the industrials sure took a dump.

September 25th, 2011
  Boy this software is some scary shit. You have to stick to text editing otherwise you end up with a bunch of crap in your code. I can't figure out where it's getting the bold print on my home page.
      I figured I'll give you a shot of what I'm using and unfinished Woody for.

Woody Dumpster doing laundery
Stupid Rule Number 20: I probably should have kept my mouth shut and left the Google Adds in my web-sites. Because at least then they seemed contempt with the character assassination using an out side source like Google. The hind sight is now realization that my computer software has gone to hell and people on the street say that my phone is rigged. Took the MBM for a ride late in the morning when the wind decided to go off shore for a bit. The window was only an hour or two and I should have went out an hour earlier. It when from glass to bumpy in a matter of minutes.

September 28th, 2011
  Last night I was chased down by officer Hufstetler of the Morro Bay PD. Soon to be fallowed by another officer, whom I'm not aware of his name but he is one who claims to have been trained by Meathead Martin. (Tall with dark short wavy hair.)
      Anyhow, Hufstetler said that they had received a call stating that I had appeared to be driving drunk. Of course I wanted to know who the accuser was, but just as I told his back up, that ‎Hufstetler wasn't about to find out who or even tell me if he did. Well of course not, all; he could say was that the call was made form the Rite Aid parking lot.
Never the less, anyone who knows me, knows that I very seldom drink and when you are broke as I am, alcohol is the last thing you will find me drinking.
     Of course ‎Hufstetler didn't like me calling them a bunch of criminals and threatened to throw me in jail, which was prompted by frisking me. And no, he didn't feel the need to turn my cage upside-down to find any booze because he would have smelled it on me.
     Basically he said he wanted to talk to me from the get go and it resulted in him trying to get me to say whether I had any enemies.
     Never the less, I would suspect it was Braiden Bodine or his buddy trying to get me into trouble. Or it could be the guy with the silver tin can who worked at the Cracked Crock, (he's the one who messed up my steering stabilizer and tore of a wheel weight.
     I actually feel this posting isn't really worth posting except for the fact that it just show you just how often I find myself having to deal with cops. It's not like I have to do a thing. I don't hang out with anyone, I don't party with anyone, my life is fairly routine, even the cops know where they can find me most of the time. So why am I in so much trouble with them all the time. There have been a couple time I didn't even post the dealing with them this year, but if we counted all the times, just this year, I'm sure it would take at least two hands to do so, just this year alone and I didn't even do anything wrong.

September 29th, 2011 (but posted on Oct. 2nd, 2011)
  A guy at worked ask me if I knew a surfer he knew by name. He said this guy was the best surfer around. I said there's the best surfers all around everywhere.
      Anyhow, one more disk to clamp and I've got some Yah ba Dab uh .

Oct. 2nd, 2011: Rule Number One
  The realization when the less I touch my files, the better. We're down to only doing this Journal Page folks. I tell you what, the last thing I want to do is let Kompozer take the helm here. My files would be nothing but a bunch of junk, that browsers would get a handle on. I'm not about to undo so much of what I'd cleaned up over the past few months.
      Anyhow, I got tired of looking at the sidegate of my Tooler hang so weird. So this weekend I'm taking the time to hide the hinges under the sheeting. I also welded the hoops closed on the hinges and added a third one for the middle.
     This time: to hell with the nuts and bolts crape, I'm welding them on because it will be a lot easier getting the warped SideGate to line up .
      My Yabah Dabahs are looking nice folks.(I've also taken another look at the wood now that I've been working on them. Maybe it looks like Walnut, I'm not a wood specialist.) I happen to think they're lighter than steel. I plan on: Today gluing the axles and collars into place.
     I see about weighing them.
     I have to pull one side of the Tooler apart just to true them up though; Oh well.

October 7th, 2011: DOOMS Day
  Well, dooms day hit the private inventors yesterday when Obama's pin hit the bill. It's sad to say that the guy must have one great big bank account in the Caman Islands. It's the only way I can see it, be cause I don't see how he can actually think he will be re-elected. Just think, he's going to be going around spending billions of other peoples money, trying to campaign for an election he knows he can't win.
      I wonder what his daughters have been told. That's ok Malia, it's not like you will ever have to go out with a guy who don't at least have a degree from Harvard.(doesn't mean he would have a drop of common sense.)
      Anyhow just remember those anti-trust laws are triple damages, because I sense there are going to be a few law suits.
     This is something to be considered as a hardship that was created for small companies and you will all see that it dose not one thing good for job growth.
     No doubt we are getting dumber by the day.
     From what I gather, I have until March 16th, 2013 to file patent applications on my inventions. But hell, I'll still be on probation and paying the government for a crime I didn't commit. And if I don't come up with around $100,000.oo by then, Obama as well a stolen my kids.

I found this at

October 9th, 2011
I'll tell you what is strange; there was a day (Sept. 18,11) when all I heard about was that Obama wasn't going to sign the stupid bill. And then the same kind of thing happened the day Obama did sign it.
     I could tell it was the day, just from the vibe of the people, even in Santa Maria. Just like any other day, I was piecing it together.
      And here, many of us were left with the impression that I was some kind of trump card Obama may have had in his back pocket to use if he felt it would help him get re-elected.
     But as time wore on, I felt that the time needed to show an improvement in the economy (before the election,) was dwindling away.
     And there was a conversion I overheard of a couple ladies, who were watching their grand kids play at the beach, that lead me to believe they knew what was going on.
     To them: how is a economy suppose to flourish when such a disgrace as this is going on?
     What the ladies were talking about was that it the government would step in and do what was right with me, the nation would gain some of the consumer confidence that it would take to turn this economy around. But with a dark cloud hovering over our heads. Confidence, just ain't going to happen.
     Oh and get this: Just days before Obama signed the lousy bill, he popped up in LA to say a few words about education.Then he turns around and performs a lobotomy on the human race.
     In my book: Smart people can teach themselves, but idiots cost a fortune to teach the basics and there is no way to teach them common sense.

October 10th, 2011
The Tooler is getting some 12 volt lighting and my Yabah Dabahs are looking sweet and I'll probably mount them today.
      I've got the metal skids for my Thingy Dingy drilled and bolted. The sucky part is that I'll probably end up taking them off twice before the ramped ends are done and I'm sure putting them back on will be the real bitch. However, it's near that time when I get to see my truck with something that looks like a hay rack on the back.

     Boy do they have the propaganda machine running this week.
      What people are saying is off in two totally separate directions.
     The nasty one, that I rather not mention, sure can help one figure out just who his friends are.
     And oh the factory and all: they had that over ten years ago and they are still waiting for me to die.
     The scariest part about it is how the people I work for tend to dry up.
     Just a couple weeks ago, I did a must have right away paint job for a guy who does a lot of work for the oil companies. Right away he realized I was a highly talented individual. He told me that he had only known one other person as gifted as I am and I reminded him a lot about the guy. The thing that bothered him was that the friend he spoke about was shot in the back when he was 84.
      As I pulled out of his driveway that night, we spoke about the blessing my truck could provide workers, (like the longer working longevity of a worker who would not have injured their back with a truck such as mine.)
      He said good by and I knew that the luck he wished me was from his heart, because there were tears forming in his eyes.

October 11th, 2011
Nothing like tossing something out there and getting a responses back from the people on the street. I take it we all know what the car dealers are telling people. Dirty little creeps aren't they?

      Anyhow I'm left with the debate whether or not put some threaded rod through my Yahbah Dabahs. I've got one rod that is good for three insertions, but no cash to get any more. (And then there is a need for the right drill bit too.)
     Regardless, I can always do it later; but I'd hate to screw them up. But then again: I really don't think they need them; but then again: they need to be able to handle banging around with 1,000 on top of them.
     Oh well.
     Today my Synchro-Woody is going to get its first ride. I think; either that or the Tooler is going to get a new set of wheels. I haven't made my mind up yet, but either way, it will be cool.
     Another thing I have on my to do list is make a bushing for my steering column. Therefore I've got three things on my To Do List and sitting here doing this not one of them.
     Oh yeah, I've discovered something very interesting, but I'm still investigating it further. So for now, I'm going to keep it for myself.

October 13th, 2011: Stupid Rules 20 and 40
do to rules 20 and 40I had to do a all night-er .

      Check out my little modification I managed to pull off at Helpful Hints at


October 14, 2011
After watching all the clips on the news, even protests in Chile over education, has just as much to do with the protest on Wallstreet if you think like I do.
      However I'm still wondering if any of these protesters even know about me or what is going on with the natural selection of the human race.
     And no, I should not even be considered anything like Hitler, for wanting to create a superior race.
     I happen to think a superior race is not the challenge, it's just saving the intellect of one we have is the goal here.
     As it goes right now, we are not as intelligent as we were fifty years ago and we will never be as intelligent as we could have been.
     Face the facts, we are not as intelligent as we should be right now.
     Oh yeah, there are a lot of people going around talking about the word on the street that someone has taken a contract out on me. Well, I can tell you that it isn't the first time something like that has happened. My foot reminds me of that every day.

October 18,2011
Tell me that I'm imagining this:
      He I am, doing a little handy work on my Woody and everyone is talking about the next thing I need to get.
     The problem that these people don't see is that: I've got about a half tank of fuel, and $140.oo in the bank. And today I must write a check for $35.oo to go to the probation department for a crime I did not commit.
     Then we've got a president who says if I don't come up with the ransom money, he is going to take my kids away from me.
     Now if I had the money the County of San Luis Obispo wowed me, I wouldn't have to worry about the kids we are all fussing about.
     Also another thing I must mention. These business owners around here are worried about this dark cloud they have over them. It's the bad karma that is making them mad.
     To put it another way, a year ago, I would have never had a State Patrol stop by to have a word with me about where I dropped my cage. Like yesterday,‎‎ the officer stopped by to say that someone complained about my Camper being by the highway.
     I said, "of course they did, and if there was something illegal going on here, you can bet the local police would have done something about it along time ago.
     The officer was polite and took more interest in my pitch than he need, but he got a call and said "make that 278 downloads."

October 19th, 2011
After more work than I'd like to admit, I finally got the Yahbah Dabah 9.2s on the Tooler.
     There's photo of them over at-
     I .

October 23rd, 2011
They sure have the propaganda machine working.
     Morro Bay is feeling it.
     I'd say more but I'm not one to gloat.
     But I can get a laugh out of some of the crap they have got going around.
      Put it this way: When you hear people say, "oh there is that truck everyone is talking about."
      I guess you can say that the knowledge of my truck proceeds it.
      I bet the businesses owners in Pismo like the situation.‎‏

October 25th, 2011
I posted a bit in Moo Lah today.
     Moo Lah

October 28th, 2011
More times than I could ever count, people have said to forget about the past and just enjoy today.
     Yeah well, days like yesterday make it kind of hard to forget about the past when you receive a phone call that is a probation officer telling you that he has to see you. That means that the government that has put you in jail twice already this year for something a criminal with a badge did; is going to send a couple bullet proof vest knocking on your door. With all the people who still think you are a child molester because of the criminals within that very government.
     And you are suppose to forget that you've been poisoned because of the antics of the very government.
     Yeah, it tends to ruin your day.
     However, you can bet I'll try to ruin the day of any probation officer who comes my way putting my life in danger.
     On those days, one might think about treating others as they treat you, like hell.
     Oh yeah: I posted an interesting link inPoop

November 1st, 2011
I swaped my Funboard for a Stoneman today. Details, (but no picture yet,) over on the Adrenalin page.

18 years of Corruption

November 13, 2011

It's been 18 years since I lost everything to a fire department.
     In that amount of time, I've seen people raise an infant to an adult. I would have never imagined that the government and industries would be still at it after all this time.
     Think about all the money they have spent on making sure I got nowhere with my inventions.
     Think about all the people around me who have found themselves caught up in the corruption, bought off, threatened or bribed.
     After all this time, they have set it up to where the patent rights to the very inventions that kept me alive all these years will be taken away from me just short of the twenty year mark.
     The patent reform bill has set things up so that it is in Morro Bay's best interest to have me killed and with a will that has no weight, the auto manufactures are likely to show the county of San Luis Obispo just how easy it can be arranged.
     You can bet the auto manufactures have had a few of patent applications to my inventions drawn up and just sitting there to file. They probably filed them, just before Obama signed the patent reform bill of 2011. (Because they knew it would take about two years to see the first office action.)
     There are those idiots who think it's great that the inventions will be stolen with anticipation that the auto manufactures will be selling it to them, but most of us know that it is the opposite, (to shelve my inventions,) because that is what is in the auto manufactures best interest.
     The word on the street is that they -who ever gets the patent granted to them, will be selling it to the military for $250,000 per issue, and the smart ones know that selling them to the public is not even an issue to be discuss at that kind of price.
     Most of us think about that kind of deal is like the $75.oo toilet seat since they know I would be selling them at half that price with a collection of beds to boot.

Also: I'd like to mention just how my day went on November 11th, the 18th year anniversary from the fire.
     Well: apparently the Target store made $18,000.oo by selling the video feeds of me. But get this: I had this Doormatt security guy spot me upon my arrival. I couldn't get rid of the guy, he fallowed me everywhere and finally he just ran into me face to face and said, "Can I help you with something?"
     I said, "Yeah, tell me, am I an object of your attention? Ever since I arrived you haven't been farther than two isles away from me."
     He said that I wasn't.

Never the less, I had to ask the clerk if she would pinch me, because I had to be dreaming or schizophrenic or something. I couldn't make it through the checkout line before I had one of three bully cops invading my space.
     I said get way from me, I didn't do nothing more than identify myself to the camera, and I want my cut.
     Oh yeah, I'll be counting the cameras next time, just to get a figure on this. And I should mention, that from my understanding from things I've read about the Patent Reform Bill of 2011: If a patent holder got the idea for the invention from the original inventor. The patent holder has no (legal) ability to stop the original inventor from using the invention, but the question I have not exactly answered yet -is if the stolen patents can keep the original inventor from producing and selling the patented invention.
     In that case scenario, it could mean that the auto manufactures, or who ever tries steal patents on an invention could use stolen patents to eliminate competition for an invention.
     I don't know exactly how to say it, but there maybe an upside in there, I don't know, I'd rather not have to worry about it.

November 22nd, 2011
This week has been kind of an emotional one for me. It turns out that the month of November has more than one anniversary. .
     Last week a year ago, I was sitting in jail; jailed by the very guy who went into a school and told kids I was a child molester. A week that cost me $800.oo of which I still owe $500.oo to my dad for. And I just sent off a check for a payment for another $600.oo worth of Martin's handy work.
     Hey, folks, it's not like this shit hasn't happened before. history (of which I sometimes think is worthless,) is repeating its self.
     Just like the fire, if the City would have just paid me the money, we would have had my truck on the market fifteen years ago.
     For fifteen of those years, many of you have listened to you car dealers about how they were going to put it on the market.
     Now, we're protesting on Wallstreet, for them doing you wrong, but you are willing to hand my truck over to them. The very people who have been keeping it from you.
     Got my Fender out of jail yesterday, it has been four months since I had a bass to play. Thanks to Ed at Central Coast music for putting up with me stopping by to play to my MP3 player.
     Oh, yeah, my new board has too much foam for overhead waves. It's bottom turn was like air bag suspension, bouncing along. Anything more than chest high, its too much board to paddle out with because it's hard to gain on the waves with so much board dragging you back in.
     Oh yeah again. The Tooler not only got some shrubbery, but it got a few flowers too. When I get time....

November 25th, 2011
Got a photo of the Tooler's shrubbery.
bushes painted on toolbox
shrubbery painted on tool box
I suppose I should have supplied a photo with the flowers, but for now I'll keep them to myself for now.
     I've got some more helpful hint stuff coming up soon, (at least the images are ready.)
     Last night I had to weld some (maybe 26 gauge) pressed on tin to a solid 7/8" fitting. (These fittings that Chrysler came up with for its transmission lines are ridiculous.) Amazing is how I did it without burning a hole through the sheet metal part of it where the O-rings have to go. Boy, I would thinks something that is so important to cooling such a major portion of a vehicle would warrant a part that is better than press on sheet metal, but you know just how cheesy those guys at Chrysler can get.

November 26th, 2011
For those of you whom work within the building trades, I put a little something together that may give you a sense of my ability to check something out and figure out the pros and the cons real quick. Or as I say, I can usually make something better than the way someone else did it before.
     Or as I call it,
"testing it in a real world scenario."
     Never the less, I put something together about one of those things that you may have either liked or disliked before. However, with my improvement, you may just like the Bucket Buddy a bit more. Hints

November 29th, 2011
From what I hear, Morro Bay's numbers are down when everywhere else has been on the better than last year. The word ghost town has been used a bit, but golly gee, wouldn't that mean less surfers in the water? I just don't see it, but there are a few of us who can't wait. We would like to see a ghost town right now. We wanted it yesterday.

December 1st, 2011
There has been a lot of talk about the cops we have here. As I've heard before, the word on the street is saying that Meathead Martin wasn't the only cop that went into a school and slandered me.
     And - if you know my rule about not creating rumors myself- which would pollute what is being said on the street; you know why I'm not saying anything right now about the latest news going around town about these cops.
     Never the less, it's getting very interesting. Its something I've even mentioned that could have been possible and now there are people around here that understand that this is bigger than just a few crooked cops in Morro Bay.

December 10th, 2011:
     Christmas came early this year. Got a 32 gb chip for my MB3. And after another lousy session with chillin genitals, I when to my shop and pulled the Baltierra down from rack and then drove down to Wavelengths and traded it in on a new 4-3 Mutant. I just had to put an end to the suffering.
      Oh yeah: my MBM is getting a makeover too.

December 15th, 2011
Get this: I'm using a getto blaster to run the stereo speakers by using it as a pre-amp. And my MP3 player sounds great through it all.
     Check it out at - Hints

$29 Radio from Walmart

December 17th, 2011
Something happens after you pull Google adds sponsored by no other than the auto manufactures; the links coming to MyStupidRules, more than quadrupled since then.
     People around here have learned first hand, just how you can be supporting terrorism, just by buying a new car.
     Tell me I haven't said that yet.
     Tell me, do you think they are bluffing? Yeah, they got many of you wondering if you want to wait fifteen years. And then get this: will it have a powder room by then? What kind of rolling piece of junk do you think they would have you driving by then?

December 18th, 2011
There are times, there are things said around me, that makes me wonder if it was only said so that I would claim so. As a result, I have to beat around the bush a bit here. But wondering who found all these things out.
     Here it is, years after the fact and I'm still lead to believe there are people out there who know who rigged the toe-board bracket. So after all these years, nothing ever happen about that. So why are we to assume anything will come from what we are having to listen to on the streets around here.
     Sorry, but I have to pinch myself, because I'm having problems with the idea that I may be delusional here.
     Shit, even the judge and the fire department? And we are ok with that. At least the media is.
     Hell, I wrote a long time ago that the bail out money to the auto manufactures could be broken down to $25 million dollar checks with out the government over seeing what it is being spent one. Do I have to repeat it four more times before this shit soaks into that head of yours.
Anyhow, check out the new contents page I put together for Synchro-link. I'll be putting one together for Adrenalin next, I think. Then maybe Growing UP and Health and Environment will get one too.(Well, I plan to as soon as I can, but I'm still working on making sure all the google adds are pulled; found some last night in current events, sorry.)
     Now that many of you have discovered my true writing skills, you my just realize that what Google was allowing the auto manufactures to do was nothing other than character assassination.
The locals know something many of you out there don't. The fact that I've been holding back on many of you that my old mutt is getting a make over. I mentioned something about it yesterday over at
     Never the less; just like many of my projects, it will have a little surprise in there. I want to give it something to give it something of its own special identity.


December 21, 2011

Sunnysides truck freashly painted
     My Mutt got spiffy.

December 21st, 2011: put together the evening of the 20th and actually posted on Dec.23
Gee, this so called doctor in Florida sure has made the News. Now how she ever got the PHD after her name is something else. It's clearly a sign that we are loosing are marbles.
     And around here, we've bee listening to every one say that they think they should just pay me. But hey, hasn't that been going around here for about a year now.
     Oh well, just consider it as another year that you are not driving my truck.
     And oh yeah. The government has had to step in and tell these scientist in the US and the Netherlands not to go publishing what they have done. (Using another animal that is a mammal, to create a carrier for the bird flue virus.) They say that it would kill 60% of the humans who would come in contact with it.
     Sorry, but I think if the folks in the Netherlands got the information, I guess the realisation is that we live in a world that resembles a bunch of pot heads growing various strains in their garages. They get on their I-phones and blog to the world to which they have just done.
     But what gets me is, this virus shit isn't just a few plants growing. It's just as powerful as an atomic bomb and we could have a pycho in a garage brewing it up because of a few scientist with no common sense left.
      Oh yeah, we're breeding stupid people.
     That must be what it is.

December 27th, 2011: In the news
Yeah, you can bet I'm not the only one who saw what they had on the news last night.
     Boy, it sounds too good to be true. Just what we needed.
     But hey, the whole deal ends up in the hands of Amazon.
     The very same company who has sold three books of mine in the last year. Two of them went for $10.oo each and the third was actually refunded at $2.99.
     Yeah, with the refund on the third one, you can bet that Amazon isn't selling the book that I wrote. No doubt they are able to do what Goolge and the auto manufactures are able to do and still get away with it; with so many people watching.
     There is no real level playing field when it comes to this.
      It's like, why should I look for money when I'm not about to get any and all I do by looking for it is make other people money for being dis-honest and crooked. people.
     This is America, if you got an idea for wrist band to turn an I-pod into a bulky watch, we'll throw $9 million at you. But if you've got the work truck of the future, we are going to call you a child molester and we'll throw you in jail and even make you cover the expenses.

December 28th, 2011: In the news
Ok, I did it and I was surprised that they weren't flooded with applicants. However, I bet they added a few new staff members to screen the potential applicants.
     So in my case, let's just except that a woman wouldn't understand the value of their husband’s back until its gone; like Stupid Rule #1.
     Anyhow, I figured that there were car commercials during that News cast Monday night. Therefore, before NBC even showed the featured story, you can bet there were gag orders in place.
     Never the less, I'll be posting my application to Letters when I get the time to. But for now, I'll just past in the text of the e-mail I received today from Nicole at KickStarter today.

     Hi Dennis,
Thank you for taking the time to share your idea. Unfortunately, this isn't the right fit for Kickstarter. We receive many project proposals daily and review them all with great care and appreciation. We see a wide variety of inspiring ideas, and while we value each one's uniqueness and creativity, Kickstarter is not the right platform for all of them. We wish you the best of luck as you continue to pursue your endeavor. Best, Nicole

And I sent a message back of course:
     Gosh, your form letter is just like the script the news media uses. I'm wondering if you might help me fund the manufacture of a golden jock strap?
     Oh, I like the way she left the U out of the last word endeavour. Makes me think that she actually wrote it and meant it, doesn't it?

December 29th, 2011: Kick in the Head
Come on, don't be so disappointed. What the hell did you expect? It's link crying over spilled milk.
     But let me tell you something. If I could have got enough too build my next truck: they at KickStarter would have only made about $2,500.oo. And if it would have been over funded ten times over, enough to build the first ten trucks: they at KickStarter would have only picked up about $25,000.oo
     The reality of the matter is that the auto manufactures probably wouldn't even offer anything less than $100,000.oo to dump me.
     But seriously, I'm pretty sure the auto manufactures didn't spend a dime on dogging me on this one.
     The reason being is that all they had to do was fire up a search engine to find a ghost. That as we speak, KickStarter is in the middle of a patent battle. Kickstarter is trying to have someone else’s patent nullified AND at the same time Kickstarter has a patent pending on the so called finance gathering business method.
      For one thing, I don't think such a method should be patent able because I've thought of the same approach a long time ago, but for me I'd wonder who I could trust (or even get,) to handle the funds even if I was in the position to do so. I'm sure many lawyers can drum up a half a dozen ways to write the same kind of contract. Therefore it's too obvious to be noval. All Kickstart did is a simple social network merged together with credit card deduction plan that can either delay the debt transaction until later, or refund the pledges later. (I happen to think - refund later because even holding so much money can be profitable.)
     Any way, anyone with a credit card kiosk with their business should be able to do the same thing. But isn't it all about market share? Having the social network that gullible people will flock too? And having the national media network give you a plug? Those plugs also can have conditions set by the advertisers. You know, those big long contracts lawyers know how to make up.

Update later in the day: I'm going to give you a heads up of a new post I will be making in Car Guys in the next day or two. I have the information but need a little bit of time to put the page together as I would like. Anyhow: Check out this company called Smith Electric Vehicles if you would like. Never the less, depending on where and what you read; things look a little different when you take it all in. Sad actually; now that it might go to Wallstreet greed with an IPO anytime now. The deal is: A British carriage company has had a degree of success in the UK and Europe and did so with a little help with getting money out of the British government over the years.
     However the got bought up by a company named Tanfied which had been dabbling into anything that would make it money. Smith electric own the patent rights to a gear box one could use in regenerative braking and stuff, but uses other peoples electronic packs you could say. They tried to get things together with Ford, but that fell through. But they did get something going with the arm of GM that makes the Hum-V. (I guess.)
     Anyhow, after a few golf games I would image. And maybe a few young escorts; in the process of obtaining money from the US Government - all they had to do was put together a company called Smith US. (Which is 49% Tanfied and 51% Smith US which is in the hands of private investors, but Tanfield gets 5% royalties.)
     You would not believe how many million of dollars in grants they have received. (later.) And the figures I'm not able to come close to are the ones like where the City of Fresno received grants to help pay for the addition cost over convention diesel engine buses. Now less pollution is always good, but the bottom line here is that the Smith Electric Vehicles Company has been subsidized by tax payer's dollars, which in turn created a monopoly for the company - and - it's going public so that it will become another one of Wallstreets power houses. Yes folks, with all the monopoly involve, the market of the commercial electric delivery vehicles and buses are going to be under the control of Wallstreet investors if they have their way and the government has used your money to do it. Oh yeah, the camps on Wallstreet are just history like I thought they would. Did nothing but give the homeless permission to camp in the park a few days. Until next time- Party on.

December 29th, 2011: Citizen of the Year
I know, I had to laugh too. I'm not the only one who read that Hannable was named Citizen of the Year, in Morro Bay. It only goes to show you that these folks here didn't learn a damn thing. The guy shows up every week to profile people. Which is a crime, that means the guy id a criminal. Yes folks, we reward people for being criminals here. Totality supported and the fact that they can find enough fools to pay them the $60,000.oo for a dog so they can harass people even further.

And on the other front: the problem with Wallstreet, the federal government and the industries that control everything that you depend on. Well don't depend on it because you are not even two years down the road.
     Yes folks, your looking at a real recession. Not like this one where optimism can make some kind of rebound.
     The next one will be of a more socialistic background. The small businesses (as well as private inventors) will be push aside. It will be more like the movie with Sandra Bullic and Silvester Stalon live in the world where there is only Taco Time restaurants. Silvester was able to fix things, but that was only a movie.

‎From what I see, you got the government all mixed up in the industries that are publicity traded on Wallstreet.
     Sure, you all know that it's a problem, but I'm making you watch the undertaking of the monopolization of the commercial electric transportation vehicles in your future. It's about to go down right before you and what the hell are you going to do about it. Go camping? Where? They made that illegal too. They got the bullies with badges and there ain't a whole lot you can do about it. Kinna sucks doesn't it.

December 31st, 2011: Bang
Exciting times at the Synchro-link Journal.Also check out the bottom of the Caddy Trunk's web-page for a look at the reconditioning job going on.
     And I think I've made my mind up on how I'm going to paint the Stoneman, but it will have to wait because it's the Caddy Trunk's turn to get Synchro-graphics. (Going to be a bitch to make fit.)
And another thing, I posted something about what I happen to think is scamming a lot of people. Particularly the ones who love their I-phone. Since the network television news helped them out, I decided to post it under:      
The Media
     Oh yeah, the Smith thing; there is quit a few of you that have seen some of the numbers I've got sitting in a .tex file. I'm going to try to put the thing together tonight. Quite alarming to see what is about to happen. Tell me; do you think the folks down at the SEC go about their day with secrete service agents keeping them alive? The crazy part about it all is the the tax payers money is invested in the whole scheme. It's like a mix of Wallstreet, GM, and the US government officials brewing it up together. What the 2%?

January 1st, 2011: If it Looks like a turkey....
Did an update over at  The Media
Well, it's time to make another file for the next six months or so. The last two files cover a lot of shit. I know, - I find it hard to believe myself.
     Can you believe, I've been running this web-site for 6 years now and I can only guess as to how many people have actually seen it.
     Can you believe that my own father has never seen my web-site? He has a computer and a telephone line connection. It takes him five to ten minutes almost every day just log onto his bank account.
     Someone must have told him that I have subliminal messages encoded in it or something.
The Smith web-page deal got side trucked last night by a new Girl of the Day, Laura Prepon. I'm looking forward to checking out her new show. How many of us has had a thing for her?

I've posted some of the material for the Smith thing at Car Guys. I gave it its on page but the question I still have is whether we've even missed the boat here. Whether the ship has sailed so to speak.
      One thing for sure, this better be the year I get my hand on a big fat check book or else, you may be logging on to find out just how you are all getting screwed over. That is if I'm even still alive to inform you why you won't be seeing any of my trucks for the next 15-18 years. It doesn’t matter really how the elections turn out; the ball is in motion, Obama doesn't care if he wins or looses, he's just handed over the commercial truck industry to his buddies down at GM.

Basiclly, if I don't get my hand on that check book. 2013 just may not be just a number. If I'm even here, we'll be filling sorry for each other....

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