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January 1st, 2012:
If it Looks like a turkey....

Did an update over at The Media
Well, it's time to make another file for the next six months or so. The last two files cover a lot of shit. I know, - I find it hard to believe myself.
     Can you believe, I've been running this web-site for 6 years now and I can only guess as to how many people have actually seen it.
     Can you believe that my own father has never seen my web-site? He has a computer and a telephone line connection. It takes him five to ten minutes almost every day just log onto his bank account.
     Someone must have told him that I have subliminal messages encoded in it or something.
The Smith web-page deal got side tracked last night by a new Girl of the Day, Laura Prepon. I'm looking forward to checking out her new show. How many of us has had a thing for her?

I've posted some of the material for the Smith thing at Car Guys. I gave it its on page but the question I still have is whether we've even missed the boat here. Whether the ship has sailed so to speak.
      One thing for sure, this better be the year I get my hand on a big fat check book or else, you may be logging on to find out just how you are all getting screwed over. That is if I'm even still alive to inform you why you won't be seeing any of my trucks for the next 15-18 years. It doesn’t matter really how the elections turn out; the ball is in motion, Obama doesn't care if he wins or looses, he's just handed over the commercial truck industry to his buddies down at GM.

Basically, if I don't get my hand on that check book. 2013 just may not be just a number. We'll all be filling sorry for each other whether I'm still here, or not.

January 5th, 2012:
What a bunch of Morons....

I guess it's time to start using a web-page many of us almost forgot existed. Morons
I'm posting a video of a bunch of stupid longboards who thought they would take back Lower Trussles. To say the least, all they did was mess up a lot of boards and ran over a bunch of people.
     And around here in Moron Bay, we have everyone going around telling everyone that they are going to pay me. So far I have not heard one person say that they shouldn't. But the stupid part of it all is that even if they really intend to pay me, they certainly would go around telling people that.
     Never the less, there are a few of us who realize the reality of the situation. Yes, private inventors are history. They are systematicly becoming extinct. It's all a part of the game plan for the demise of the human race. .
     Another thing I think I should mention. The fact that they had on the news a story about a woman who had never heard anything in her lifetime. The story was about how they implanted a hearing device in her head.
Well the point I intend to make is the fact that if they got an implant working as they say, they just as well have a bluetooth set-up working too.(Next step.)
But, the step that gives my stupid Movie story some weight. That's because being hooked up to the internet is the next step to creating a cyborg. Then all they will need is a person who is great at playing video war games.
      And of course, the next step is replacing an eye with an electronic one. Then you brain wash the sucker and you've got your own cyborg. Yes folks, it's right around the corner.

And another thought: Don't you wonder what Barak Obama's daughter thinks about all this? Well I've wondered too, but one person said something the other day that actually just may make sense. What if they replaced his wife and kids with androids. What if Obama is just an alien in dark skin?

And me? What if I don't get that big fat check book? Where do I see myself in two years from now? Well, if they don't kill me first, (of which I'm pretty sure they will,) I'll do what my dad keeps telling me to do. Get on Social Security.

Oh yeah, I'm going to post a bit on how much we all paid for the Chevy Volt in

January 8th, 2012:
Google sucks.

It's amazing what it can do for a site: As to getting rid of google adds. Looking over my rankings at Alexa, from the 29th of November to the 6th of January. The ranking when from 9.3 to 7.0 and the ranking at Compete went from 5.2 to 2.1. Plus an added note is to the fact that the girls of the day search query went up 5.48 .
I can tell that I don't even have to mention the new web-page, because everyone has been talking about it.

January 11th, 2012:
Google really sucks.

I don't know? I'm just not feeling it.
I'm not really into thowing fuel on the fire so much, because I have to live with the consequences of it.
     Anyone who live here in Morro Bay will tell you that rumors tend to go for ever. Like the rumors they spread for four years.
     I'm just tired if it and can't bring myself to being part of it.

January 12th, 2012:
Probation sucks.

Probation sucks when you have to pawn your bass guitar just so you can pay the criminals who made sure you'd be broke.
And now the television net works are making stupidity normal. Like these commercials telling us just how common autism is. There is also that recurrence of the statistic that says that its up 600%. (Since when I'd like to know because then we'd be able to tell when 20% of the new borns will have it.)They are saying one in ten are born with it now.
    Then of course, will be able to figure out when most of us will be clamouring for those drugs they are already crying that there isn't enough of.
     That's breeding stupid people.
     I'm also going to want a new national holiday. One of which we well count down to the day of the Obama Massacrer.
     We'll have to celebrate the issue that Hunstman brought up, that if we subsidize the big corporations well end up with one brand. Small businesses will become closer to extinction; so will the private inventors.

January Friday the 13th, 2012:
A lucky day for me I got to surf my Quad today and caught a few memorable waves.

I posted something in

January 14th, 2012:
Maybe not so luckly....

I'm putting the next featured Girl of the Day on the back burner. I've run into situations where we have beautiful young ladies have dozens of quality head shots, but none in bikinis.
     Now the I look at it, I happen favour hard bodies no matter what age they are and if I'm going to take the time to put together a web-page, she's going to have to be able to met the requirements enforced down here at MyStupidRules, because around here, I make all the rules whether you like it or not. I'm pretty sure I've stretched the boundary two or three times maybe, but even if there are pictures of them in bathing suits out there, it doesn't mean there of the quality I like to showcase. (I tend to shy way from ones taken by paparazzi where it looks as if its an invasion of privacy.)
     But any how, there is always the dirty looks page I may just sneak them in on.
    However, the work doesn't stop completely around here because I will be down sizing some of the photos on the Index Page. The result will be that it will make the home page load faster, and at the same time allow me to add more Girls while keeping it loading at a reasonable rate.

And oh: the reason for the back burner bit, is that I've been hearing that people want to see more book excerpts. That just goes to show me that I was right when I figure out that the true readers, will want more. It also shows me how corrupt Amazon is.

So today and the next few, I'm going to start posting more chapters to I figure I've got a little more then a year to make sure that everything is out there.

And for those who ran out of book excerpts to read; this new book excerpt will keep you occupied a while.

New to today:

  Yeah, I do have a past   
including--  As far as my Family Tree goes   

January 15th, 2012:
Just when yah think....

Just when yah think that things are going pretty good....
     Your computer takes a shit.

Yes folks, I had to reinstall all my software today. Just retrieving last nights work among other files took most of the day.

Today was the day I was going to take some photos of the refurbished Caddy Trunk, but I'm running late so I think they will get posted tomorrow.
     I feel I owe an apology to those of you who were looking forward to seeing the Caddy Trunk with Synchro-graphics. Never the less, I'm not going to feel sorry about it because I happen to think the racing strips fit better. The colors this time around are better and the back wheels got painted too.

Today the waves were running about three foot, I was going to pass, but I took the Stoneman out and caught a few for those people standing around hoping to see me catch a few. Funny thing: people know to look for my yellow bottom booties. I think I'm becoming a tourist attraction and that is not exactly what I'm trying to do here.
New to today:

  Yeah, I do have a past   
including--  As far as my Family Tree goes   

January 16th, 2012:

Looks as this some back yard scientist are experimenting on some young girls.
     Everyone wants answers from the school and such, but the truth is, government agencies are not likely to tell them anything even if they know anything about it. The government could very well be behind it but the you have to realize that the government agencies are controlled by industry. .

I happen to think is was a private individual and that's what's really scary about. Our educators are teaching kids with no common sense, how to play biology on human beings.

Of course we'd I say look a connection besides the school that connect to girls.
     I just wonder what it has done with their genetics. It's sad really.

If it does have something to do with government and industry, what the hell can you do about it? Look around this town of 10,000. The people here have been used and controlled. They've used these people against themselves. So many people in these county has been caught up in the criminal activity and all the can do is support the criminals and many of the citizens have been mad criminals themselves. Yeah, Like the criminals are going to report their own crimes. Yes folks, it that bad. It's a reality and I'm actually enjoying being an asshole about it at times.

Oh yeah, the cruise ship thing.... What a travesty. I'm sure it's just sickening to most of us. It just goes to show you how stupid we are already. You just have to wonder who in hell put that moron at the wheel of the largest cruise ship in the world?.

January 17-18th, 2012:
Fake is reality....

Did you see the Parenting show?
     The parents that have one kid with learning disabilities as they call it, and the other just got excepted into an IVY league University. But the parents have to tell the smart girl that they have been spending all their money on doctors for the stupid kid.
     The sad thing about it is that the smart kid will probably end up working as a waiter instead of finding the cure for something and or making something out of her life that would not only benefit others around her but herself as well. (Also think about whether she would be able to send her own future smart kids to a good school or not- the steam roller effect.) The one doctors have made a fortune off might know every planet in the universe, but of doesn't quite make it socially so he just sits in his bedroom playing video games the rest of his life. And the real sad part of it is that the parents will probably have to provide shelter for both of them the rest of their lives.

I wonder if we are learning anything at all?
     Yes folks, we're spending our money on stupidity because there are profits made on Wallstreet.

PM Update:I have to say, I find myself a little surprised at what is being said on the streets today as if there wasn't anything else that was front page news. No doubt the people around here are quite aware that the Girls of the Day was blacked out.
     It goes to show us that it has turned out to be an adored part of this web-site. I think it has to do with the formate of the whole thing and maybe my taste in women. Maybe.

Anyhow, I see that the general media has picked up on all the black out craz. The thing that annoys me is folks like Google. They say they want to protest by posting a black patch over their name for the day. But isn't defamation of character a nasty form of censorship? Taking control over someone else's copyrighted material and forging it into something that the creator had not intended? It's like Google is just blowing crap out of their ass. On their home page they just gave the public the butt wipe after it had been used.

January 19th, 2012:
We go the extra....

I figure that we around here like to really make a point. When we do it, we don't go around doing half ass. So we don't leave an Esc button open so that you can get to the goods. There is nothing phoney about getting cut off from the Girls of the Day around here.
     As a result of the popularity of a favoured part of this web-site. I know now just how to deprive you folks when I get upset at the on going stupidity.

In the News is the fact that a couple of engineers left Tesla and the stock fell last Friday because of it. But then all they had to do is get someone in a suit and tie to say things are going just fine; - so the stack bounced back.
     But the question I have is: Why did they quit and where are they going. Regardless, I figured that there would be some kind of mutiny going on after they hooked up with Toyota. Hell Toyota could have pushed them aside and I know how we engineers get sentimental about our kids.

Also, the post I made the other day about the stupid kid taking the money away from the smart one when it comes down to where the family spend it's money. I suppose there are many of us who feel that their own family history portrays an analogy to the situation if you look at it a certain way.
     I had an realization yesterday of just how I fall into a similar situation in a way.

In respect with my family, the fact that my sister got pregnant was the opening of the valve the has pretty much drained my family of any emotional of financial support that might have made it my way.
     The preoccupation of the family didn't exactly start when my sister got pregnant, but it did when her daughter got pregnant when still a minor. So the lack of intelligence of my own niece is what drained my family of any emotional or financial support of my family. Through out the years, one can not denie that the emotional and financial support my sister got to help raise her kids is quite normal and expected. But the financial drain actually begun with raising my niece's kids, because my niece is too busy partying and spending any money she has on tattoos.

My sister is know stuck raising the daughter's kids while my niece is sleeping on the couch of her ex-boyfriend, while the father of her second child sleeps with his new girlfriend in the bedroom.
      My sister has been living vicariously through her grand daughter by supporting her with skating couch at $60 per hour, which I think is cool because she's out there knocking them dead.
     But the most upsetting thing about it all is that whenever I talk to my father, he thinks I'm asking for money. Apparently he doesn't even know how much my niece owes him. (He says my sister is keeping track of that.) Anyhow, my dad realizes he'll never see any of the money she has borrowed from him and I'm sure you can figure out the rest. Especially if I tell you that my Dad has paid for her car insurance and a few car payments for her and I would doubt he's paid her rent too. My brother in-law ended up having to pay off her car because it was about to get repossessed. A guess what, over the holidays, she spoke about going to Las Vegas.
      And get this: She got into a fender bender and instead of fixing it. She used the money to get her and her friends tattoos.
     Rule 51

Oh yeah, just punch "private inventor" into you search engine. Not for pages deep will you come across another private inventor. I myself gave up about three pages deep because all that it is invention submission corporations and Patent Lawyers who are most likely out there to steal you invention if they can.
     Some of may consider it a milestone just getting MyStupidRules to out rank all those web-sites that you can bet spent a lot of money on Google adds and such just to get to the front page. The said thing about it is what I represent. The only known private inventor out there that we can see and learn about. Sad that it's an American inventor who has tried to get political asylum in another country. Let alone, that same inventor who represents so many others, has to pawn his belongings, just to pay the court system in order to stay out of jail for a crime he didn't commit. And- there is a whole community that has been use to persecute him and slander him as a child molester. The law enforcement agency has been used to incriminate him, put him danger in which he was poisoned, they incarcerated him, slandered and harassed him over and over. And all this can be found 3rd on Google's page and 5th at Bing.
      Boy that is something to be proud about. 3rd at Google and 5th at Bing.
     I'd be a little embarrassed.

January 22nd, 2012:
So gullable....

Last week was about the only time in years, I didn't hear any phoney rumors. It was actually pretty nice when the only two things I had to listen to was that the Girls of the Day was shut down and that was fallowed by two or three days of "he's right."
      I'm not exactly sure of what pacific thing I was right about since I happen to think I'm right about a lot of things, but it was nice to know I had a handle on what was being said around town. But regardless of all the agreements, yesterday and today, we find ourselves hearing the same old crap.

Dumber by the day and too dam stupid to do anything about it.
     I would like to add mention about the fact that I have had a customer who happens to be a teacher. After the budgets got cut, she found here self out of a job. Since stupidity is on the rise, teachers having a little more training towards teaching the so called, "children with learning disabilities," will have the upper hand at getting the teaching jobs.
     So she took a course on that and now she is in Redwood City teaching only 7 stupid kids for $80.000.oo per year.
     Oh yeah, I managed to post something in

January 23rd, 2012:
Back to the right....

So were back to "he's right." I wonder how long that will last.
      I had some things to post, but I find it difficult to even put myself in the right frame of mind to do it. However, I suppose many of you actually tried to find another private inventor with their own web-site. Yeah, and not just some inventor blog put together by some law firm. You got to realize that so may blogs have phoney conversations. In fact their are writers out there who write phoney conversations. I'd been priced 5 posts for $25.00. The thing that is funny is that the shit works, because I've done it myself with a PHP program like Wordpress. Nobody would post anything until I got it going and the best thing I could do is have a phoney character cut-me down and there was sure to be others who were gullible enough to join along. It was funny picking on myself in such a way.

Anyhow, I suppose many of you did some searching for private inventors and found what I found. Yeah, the blogs and web-sites that appeared to be of ones owned by a private inventors but there was no content on them. I saw a couple websites with the title headers backgrounds colors, columns and everything, but there was no content.
     Gee, why don't some of you look up the owners and see if you can even find them.
     Yeah, like the 200 patent applicants I heard about while I was in Australia. Folks down there started a data base covering private inventors who had abandoned their patents and no one could locate the inventors any more because they flat out disappeared. That is what happens when you've got lousy patent laws.

January 24th, 2012:
Moved post to

January 25th, 2012:

Oh, you are going to laugh. I'm not going to post it right now because I don't have the time and I think I might be better off if I let it fester a little while longer. Anyhow someone is getting real desperate. Maybe some of the folks around here have pieced part of it together, (but I doubt it because they tend to be not too smart around here.)
     Anyhow, don't let the next post pass you by. Tune in later tonight or tomorrow because this shit is going to be fu-u-n-n-n-y.
     There is actually two parts to it and you are going to be lucky if you hear about both. (At least right away.) And no, I would never withhold this information from you

January 26th, 2012:
Sorry but....

Well, some things just add up. Meaning the two things I mentioned yesterday. The thing is, I need some time to write it all out because there is quite a bit of dialogue to go into it and I don't have the time today.
     Anyhow, I would like to shoot down a rumor that has been going around town for a week or two. For some reason there has been a rumor that an old girl friend wants to go out with me. To tell you the truth, this area has no redeeming qualities that would attract any of my old girl friends. I can honestly tell you that none of them would like it here and there would be no reason for them to come here. What? To come here and get caught up in the shit I have to go through? Not at all. They would know better. I don't have any friends and don't really want one either; there are several reasons for that.
     I'm willing to bet that they just have someone who claims to be, only to spread more lies about me. So do I need to say anything more?

Oh yeah, if you have a creative mind, and know my web-site well, and you can putt 2 and 2 together, you just might have a clue to what I've just experienced. Never the less, it will blow your mind you learn what kind of crap these Morro Bay Cops have been up too.

January 28th, 2012:
Call me Crazy

Call me delusional. Call me anything you want; it will only work to my advantage.
     At least I'm not insane or just plain stupid like Martin and Ashlee.
     I guess the police academy doesn’t teach these idiots that just because you block caller ID on your phone doesn't mean the phone call isn't traceable. And I guess six months worth of training doesn't teach them that web-sites like Craigslist can identify the IP address of the people who flag someone's postings. Also, someone should tell these to idiots that even the City of Morro Bay has its own IP adress.
     Maybe they thought they would be smart and buy a though away phone, but them paid for it with their credit card.
     And I bet Ashlee and Martin would call me crazy if I was to say that it's real easy to but a bug in a cell phone or even hack into it from on line.
     Creative minds, with a little knowledge of web-site may be able to put 2 and 2 together and have a clue to what I've just experienced with out me even writing it out. Never the less, it will blow your mind you learn what kind of crap these Morro Bay Cops have been up too.
     Someone should tell these idiots who work for the City of Morro Bay that they will have a difficult time trying to make me out to be something I'm not when hundreds and possibly thousands of their own citizens are logging onto my web-site every week. Also, what difference would it make if they could? This is only Morro bay and it's not like they can fool the folks in Hollywood and that is who they should be afraid of. Oh yeah, and the law; of which they seem to think they are makers of.

Never the less, all it took was a little hint, here or there, and I got the wheels turning in many heads around town. Yeah, that 2 and 2 thing.

Anyhow, I'm going to wait another day or two post the next chapter of my book because I screwed up and forgot to change the link on my home page last week and I want to make sure everyone catches up. So I apologize.

Now that many of you have been hitting my book excerpts, the jig is pretty much up. Some of you have figured out that I'm in the process of changing the full length edition of my book back to its original name. It was apparent to me the day I saw just how many other books that are out the with the name that deservers only to be a chapter in mine anymore. Also it makes me happy to say that no book publisher has been able to make a red cent off Sunnyside's Lousy Book. I will however keep chapters from the condensed version available and just be labled as so.

January 30th, 2012:
Puppet on a string

Boy between my Book Excerpts and Girls of the Day.
     Need I say anything more?.
     A sure fire way of getting some attention.
     Posted something over at Adrenalin
     It's a.m. and I.m still working on a post for POOP before I run off to scrub a few toilets. I'd usually tell you that it might be a little rough, but we'll just say that if it does stink; I don't want to hear about it.

Oh yeah; a local cop shot his best friend and partner. Therefore I'll naturally be posting something over at (probably tomorrow morning.)

Update: p.m. If I were to call up my dad, and tell him about what I've heard about all day; he wouldn't believe me. I find it hard to believe myself, but it is possible that I could make things sway.

And oh, that thing about the cops shooting at each other. My condolences to the family,because it was someone's son, but good reddens any way because we can't afford to have crazy guys playing the enforcer of the law. Just goes to show you that some of these guys they put behind a gun and a badge, should never been put in the position to begin with.

Well, I'm beat, the paint job is going to have to wait, later.

January 31, 2012:
I was intrigued....

It actually put a smile on my face for the first day. I was intrigued for almost two. All it took was a few trips into Carl's Jr and Albertson's and thank God I was only getting the tail end of it from the crew at the beach.
     It appears they've got a chicken shit on Cal Ploy's payroll and I'm willing to bet that I'm not the only one who is getting a little annoyed.
     Like it's difficult to find me. We don't need to analysis that to death. We've heard enough about it.

February 2nd, 2012:
Ashlee called again....

I guess we know where Ashlee came from. I'm going to fire up the MP3 recorder for the voice message I got from Ashlee while I was in the shower (I think yesterday. ) I haven't listened to it yet, but I can be sure it isn't who I thought it was.
      I'm putting together a Helpful Hints web-page together for those want to know how I paint my surf boards. I've got a bunch of images taken throughout the different stages. You'll get it.

When it come to judgement calls, the locals have pretty much voice there opinions.
     Yeah, I hear yeah.
     I sure do miss my bass.

February 3rd, 2012:
Rule 51 ....

Yes I should have posted Rule 51 the other day.
      And for myself too. Like I didn't learn from the other times of trying to paint the second color in less than two day curing time on the first. The paint wrinkled or as we painters call checked. But what the heck, the last three sessions I desperately needed the Stoneman. And now its out of commission for probably three more days.
     And if you want to know something really stupid of me: all those images of painting my surfboard? The memory card was not in the camera.

I moved part of this entry to the Journal at

I moved the Occupy Wallstreet Oakland to Moron of the day. And yes, if I would have known about it a few days earlier, it would have resulted in the shutting down of Girls of the Day. (I know many of you were expecting it.)

And I don't know where it has been coming from, but yesterday and to day, I've heard people talk about Miss M. But the question I have is: where is she? The deal is, there is probably someone who gets paid to get her name out there and I'm not about to fall into that game. But I sure do like her dimples.

February 4th, 2012:
Rule 51 ....

No doubt, there is quite a bit of anticipation going on as to the release the next chapter in my book, On the Road at Sixteen. Well, it hit the server today, so do enjoy.

There has been some controversy over Girls of the Day. It was brought to my attention several months ago, that agents in Hollywood have thrown in a mention about their client being featured at Girls of the Day as a way of adding to the bargaining power when negotiating contracts.
     The first thing that came to my mind when I heard that was that it substantiates the consideration of the Quality of my Web-site as a whole. But then again you've got to realize that the reason I get away with using the images owned by others, (which happens to be the studios in most cases and the reason they do exist is for the promotional value.)
     However the reason I'm bringing this up at this time is that many of my followers see things quite clear that I should be getting something in return when all we hear is holiday picnic rumors out of Hollywood and none of then step forward with anything to offer, (Not even a mention through the media that is at their beckoning call.
     As result, many of my readers think that SMG should get the axe. Reason being is that although she claims to send out thank you letters to people she comes in contact with, I can't seem to get anything from her or her publicists that states that I have never stalked her. Whether it was her agent or publicist who sent her name my way, it doesn't matter because we are all pretty damn sure she knows about me and what kind of shit I've been accused of.
     Now many of you out there feel that history is repeating this kind of crap all over, and this time it is with Miss M. And a few months back it was with CA, just before the Voice hit the TV screen.
     Well, let me tell you something. CA gets about $320,000.oo per episode when her counter parts get around $60,000.oo (as I can remember.) Anyhow, you get the picture. Why should I do something for them when they do zip for me. Sure I should not expect anything from the Girls of the Day, but there are some who feel differently and I can see their point. Therefore, if I don't receive that thank you letter from SMG in a week or two. She's going to be pulled from my Girls of the Day.

On another topic: I found myself in a conversation about the economy with a young man who happens to work in the medical field. He started talking the Corporate this and the corporate that bit. Just like many of the 99%ers. And he agreed that most of these protesters don't even know what the problem is.
      So I informed him about Clinton and Greenspan and the lowering of the interest rates. On how it created a false economy and only created inflation. He acted as that it couldn't have anything to do with it because it was so long ago. But sure the kid knows more than I do so I let him in on the way the patent laws were changed twice and how he should think about it two years from now.
     He brushed it off as if there was something wrong with me because I'm not so optimistic as he is. But the reality is, it doesn't matter how optimistic you can be when it is systematic. Another thing is, how can one be optimistic when his inventions are going to be systemically be stolen from him and certain death will be the result. Oh well, it's not on his head now is it?
     Oh yeah, about 407 days until the Obama massacre starts. Start-ups won't have a chance and those big corporations the stupid kid talked about will be in control of the destiny of the human race.
     But that's ok as long as we are positive about it. Please, someone get me some of those rose colored glasses so that I can see what the other idiots can see.
      Oh yeah, why should I worry, Romney says that there is a safety net somewhere.

February 5th, 2012:
A bit bouncy ....

Today was a day when you needed a heavy board with shock obsorbers. I went out on my quad and found myself bounced around so much it was all I could do to stay on it. I went in and fetched my MBM but the waves were so slow, a late take off was the way it had to be done. If you made the drop, you needed to make it through the bumpy bottom turn. I landed a good long right, but the bumps kept me from backing up into the pocket, but at least there was plenty of shoulder on the near closer.

And on the SMG thing, most of you already realize that she will be getting the axe. Simply because many of you know where her money comes from and no doubt she signed gag orders. And we can all agree that the rumors most likely came from her publicist. Backing that idea is that the owner himself came out to meet me instead of Nancy, because Nancy would have to lie and the owner was better prepared to lie to me in that case.

It's a good time for the Cambodians. They finally put an end to decades of genocide. Their government has been killing anyone who had half a brain. If you had any education you were considered an enemy of the state and sent to prison where the killing took place.
      Not so much a funny thing, but aren't we here in the US going in that direction? Hell there is some kind of safety net for us presents. The only difference is that the big corporations control the government and the government is used to snuff out anyone who has a brain that isn't under the corporation’s contract. Instead of running us out of the cities to work in the fields as slaves, they just incriminate you so that you end up living on the side of the road eating worms.

And gag me with a spoon. Did you see what kind of shit NBC did with all their people under contract. They had them sing a song about brotherhood of man. Boy ain't that a crock of shit. They don't give one damn heart felt feeling to all you 99%ers, because they are being paid millions by the corporations that want you to be nothing but a bunch of presents.
      As long as you keep buying those smart phones and new cars, they can afford to show up on TV wearing $500 pairs of shoes. The funny thing about it is that they also push the products that make them money during the news cast; of which they say that they are working for you. But are they? Yeah they are just self serving at your lack of intelligence. I don't know exactly how you feel, but I happen to think they talk to us as if we are a bunch of idiots.

February 7th, 2012:
Hope they don't....

It appears that I should build another web-site. It would more or less be the same kind of reason I put together Iwishyouluck. The reason behind building such a site would be to slam the very phrase I'm responded with when I inform people that they can expect me to be killed next year. They don't want to know and they really don't care if we kill the private inventors because they just figure that it's the same thing as being a casualty of war. In their minds, they can't do anything about it, therefore they truly don't want to know. It's like too much information for them, and they would rather not know, so they say: "I hope they don't," and that is the last of our conversation. The great escape phrase just like I wish you luck.
      Just think of such domain name like " posted all over my truck.
      And oh, I was caught up in a conversation the other night, A guy was wondering how he could get rid of his daughter's boyfriend. Gee, hasn't that been a part of one of my over spoken lines? And people actually laugh at it. But there are people out there who would actually pay someone to get ride of an idiot. Ah the trend is growing.

And Super What? Yeah bowl. Yah have to laugh at the stupid commercials. Gee who would think someone would spend $3.5 million to promote a $14.95 pair of underwear. Hell, us 99%ers get 3 pairs for $9.95 at Walmart and I myself can't tell the difference whether they are Fruit of the Loom or Hanes. And you would think for $3.5 million, they would show the whole trunk.
      Then when it comes to picking the best commercial, people are stupid enough to pick the one where a dog covers up the fact that it killed the pet cat.

And here in America, you would think we could find an appropriate entertainer for a half time show. But when it comes to entertaining ourselves, we have to hire a British performer to do it. And the real salt to the wound would be the very end when it said World Peace. Gee, someone like Madonna who goes around stealing kids from their families in third world countries is going the represent that.

And back to here on the local level, about the Cops shooting the Cop in Santa Maria. I for one don't believe a word of what they are saying about it. I think he was caught up in something else, or uncovered something corrupt in the police force and maybe framed because of it. Because the allegation of alleged sexual conduct just doesn't fit when the guy just got married two weeks ago. Another thing I noticed is that the chief of police only could say that the detectives listened into the conversations over the phone, but wouldn't you think that they would have a recording of it? But then again, we are breeding stupid people and I understand just why.

And of course, we've got some fresh rumors going around but I'll let them ride, because I'm not about to spread them even more. The truth of the matter is that these folks in Morro Bay are very gullible.
     And on the work situation, hell I don't know if they got to them the first day when I was hired on the spot to show up the next day or the next day when they went to lunch. Anyhow, after lunch I overheard conversations about me that lead to the realization that they knew things about me that I never told them. Never the less, I'm already aware that a week's work of work is all she wrote. I'm wondering whether they found a ghost in the closet or they just simply bought him off.

February 8th, 2012:
Yeah, no doubt....

It appears that I was right about someone getting to them. I'm sure they thought they had a child molester raking their leafs. Today once I arrived, the home owner had me jump into his truck and ride with him to the Hardware store and back. I offered him a map to find it but he wanted to hear the story. So I started out with the fire and how the rumor started and then jumped to how I found out about Martin. I'm not sure he was totally convince I was telling him the truth or not but I think when I told him, "Hell, you don't even need to do a background check any more, Just Google my name and you will find another Dennis Sattler in Texas who hid in a closet and then murdered his wife. That alone proves that if I was a criminal, it would certainly show up."
     Kinna neat that people can get to the internet from their phones now. Then later on, I told the guys to Google private inventor, see if you can find any. Yeah, I represent the private inventor, the rest of the pages are just patent lawyers who want to still your inventions and I mentioned about the only ones I could find by inventors 4 or 5 pages into the listing were blogs with no content. Then I told them about how pathetic it is that I represent the private inventor and I'm one who sat in a detention centre in Australia for five months trying to get political asylum. They sent me back for five more years of it and now I have the DVD I needed.
     They agreed, that's pretty sad.

February 10th, 2012:
Kick me in the ass....

Last night, as I was walking around the grocery store, I was wondering if all the rumors could be some kind of game people were playing on me. Just like the phone calls soliciting special favours. But that was something I know was real, because it was a conversation I know I had over my own phone. But I'm beginning to worry if I'm indeed, sycophantic.
      I've had enough of what ever it is. Lets be done with it. I want it out of my mind. I don't want to hear about it any more. I'm beginning to think that it's a game they have conspired against me to get me to leave town. From my point of view, I see myself betting that she is just an imposter informed of some of the common knowledge between us.

Last night I finished the Billboard, the first Synchro-link Ocean Cruzer featuring - of course - bloated Synchro-Grafics. I had to put the company signature on it hoping for tax right off purposes. The only sad thing about it is that it dose fill like a Billboard when it's attached to your leg and there is a ton of water behind it.

Oh I guess I wasn't so stupid, I actually had the memory card in the camera, so I do have some pictures for Helpful Hints painting surfboards coming Up.

On the other side of things, today I wonder myself as to how stupid I have been. How would you feel if you thought you just left about $10,000.oo sitting on the table.
     Come on somebody, I'll turn around for you.

I'm dead serious folks. If you looks at it with the calculations like the last two minutes of the super bowl, with a little forward looking hindsight, you may realize just how it could be the life or death situation of the best direction for my inventions. And ultimately myself for that matter too.

February 11th, 2012:
A 911 Moron of the Day

Three days ago, my question was whether they had a recording of this "get myself shoot-up cop," in Santa Maria. Well it's must have been a least a week now that the kid in in the ground already. I wonder if it is real. I'd like to listen to it myself..

It's a little troubling to me, when I hear that we have a complete moron at work on the 911 phone system. Hell, I wouldn't give a damn about what height or waiting the guy was, I'd be stopping the conversation to make sure I had the cops on the line, or verifying the location. Can you believe this Moron had previous knowledge of the volatility of the situation already, but didn't recall it at the time of the call.

I'M SO PISSED OFF!!!! I've always said a gun is much faster than a 911 call. And given that they were even taking the kids to a suspected killer's house, why in hell didn't the Case worker have a gun in the first place? HOW STUPID CAN WE BE!!! I'm Wondering of the possibility that wonder of the possibility that the 911 Operator may have been distracted while looking over at the babes a my Girls of the Day pages.

Then you have a Justice System that let those grand parent down so profusely. Those kids didn't want to got there, The guy was still a suspect and as I would have had it, he should have been sitting in jail instead of blowing up a house.

Sorry but MyStupidRules is going to have to stand on it's own because we're gonna let Girls of the Day have rest.

And oh, the Question of the day: Will that guy go back to being a 911 Operator? Or should I say did he want to go back? Please let me know one way or another. Shit I was so upset, I couldn't even listen the the moron.

This was actually writing last night and this morning, I'm still working on a rewrite/update, so check back.

February 12th, 2012:
Whitney bought the farm

I take it I don't even have to mention that I posted something on Whitney over at Tunes.
      I'm working on the Helpful Hints web-page on how I paint my surf boards. Maybe it's time to give the Tooler a bath and take a few pictures now that the Stoneman is done.

Yeah I did the plate work on the roof, and used a scissor lift up the middle of the tower to frame it to about the window.
      That was packing I think 12 or 16 ft. 2x6's two at a time and at the end of the day I was beat.
     I also did all the exterior wainscot. (the darker brown belly band, and there was a lot of it.)
     Aram our foreman made it easy for the Supers there because Aruam was the one co-ordinating all the crews, and Aram got them to change the design of the way rafters hung. Instead of putting them on hangers, they raised them up on top to leave more of the wonderful laminated arched beams to hang down below the ceiling inside the room. The picture actually make the place look small because you can't even see all of it in the picture.
     But it is one well build building. If you can get a crew to do as fine as a job as this one, you are lucky.

Rule 50 applied today, details over at
> Adrenalin

Sunnyside's surfboards

February 14th, 2012:
Happy Valentines Day

It's a non issue....I don't really have to say anything about it because I think my readers know me too well. So well, I can only remember one time in one conversation that I actually used that word. (Which means my phone must be either a bug or the other party did, and that's even creepier.)
     However, I might have written it down somewhere and can't even remember so.
      But the reason I wrote this bit on the phrase is that I've heard enough of it. Let it go and let's move on to something else.

Like the word on the street is saying that we here MyStupidRules had a million visitors last month. But something I took in consideration before even mentioning a thing. Is at least the locals around me must have been wondering if the hist aria/ excitement or what ever the proper word is; maybe popularity is it. We,re sitting here wondering if the same participation is actually happening elsewhere across the country..
      Apparently everyone liked my bit I did on Whitney Huoston. I sure wasn't going to post it before the Grameys, because I wasn't able to watch it. But I knew all the words they have come accustom to Icon and such.
     I guess it may be the Larance Welk in me that has a taste for talent.

Like this Year on the Voice, the Ex-Meth guy from the Broncs, the girl (who I think C-low said had a dirty voice.) And there was a black girl with hair similar to the hair style used in the picture of Whitney Huston I used, (I think). The reason I feel these three are the pick of the crop, isn't so much the pitch thing the coaches talk about so much but I'm looking for the groove factor. The rhythm they put into the words.
     I laugh when one of these coaches jump on their buttin just because of the sound of their voice. Hell before they even get a chance to get the groove on. And few they did pick, had no groove at all. Hah, hah, hah.
      All in all, they do a pretty good job of avoiding the bad ones.
     I happen to think about it like surfing in a way, you wish the wanna bees would just stay away from the guys who know what they are doing.

Today is going to be a strange day, I can tell already. A person can think about several ways to approach it. But there isn't a right or wrong way to go about it, because they are not on the morning talks show telling me how to navigate these kinds of things in my life.
     The sad thing about it is that the media probably already knows more about the situation I am in than I do and they certainly are not going to tell you or me about who's behind it and how to go about handling the situation.
     Yes it is folks, it is cruel and the media hides such stories to be they are all getting rich off the sponsorship if commercialization, whether the money comes from hiding criminal or not, money is. Rule number 7.

It's like being in a test tube. Sorry have to say this but I'm afraid that we are already living in a world where so many of use are used as lab rats. When they have a big outbreak on those cruise ships, that is one of the first things on my mind. Thousands of passengers could be living experiments without even knowing it.

Now I've got to wonder if I can undo someone else's experiment. But just think about all the money that was put into it and how long it's been going on. The shear number of people it took to do such a thing. But I can see how it is possible and I have no idea as to how far it has gone.
     Rule 77: this is not what you want to be doing folks.

February 15th, 2012:
The day after

Well it wasn't as I could fire up the TV set and discover that Ann Cury or Matt Louwer would have a guess on who happens to be a writer who is now a specialist on telling your father that his Bowing Team's whole objective in life is to Brain Wash him. (I heard a couple of them didn't show yesterday.)
     Of course he thought I was crazy, and I'm willing to bet my sisters would say the same thing, because from what I hear, they got the whole family and the only reason they couldn't brain wash me is because I have no friends.
      I guess they had my aunt Rosebud, hook line and sinker, way before I ever went to see her. .

I get it now. They got Rosebud first, so she could easily work over my mother. My mother worked over my dad along with the help of his Bowling friends.
      You can bet that my sisters have never read anything I ever wrote, because if Google and the auto manufacture did it to you over the web; it certainly would be hard to duplicate of falsify 500 web-pages from within a couple cell phones and or computers. (Yeah, any more than a dozen would be a waste of time for them.)

However, this whole thing deserves a Helpful Hint Page for the purpose of 101 ways, to tell your family that they have been brain washed. Got a 12 minute recording of it coming up to help you out.
     Yeah, you may think that it's just a bunch of nonsense, but who knows, it could happen to you. All that would have to happen to you is a simple number of things. One, you could loose you house to a fire department, or you could invent something, or you could find out what happens when you step on someone’s market share. Simple as that, it's all about money and the faster they can get you into a test tube, the better off the criminals will be.
      However, my plate is full and we'll have to get back on that at a later time.

As far as the Girl of the Day goes, if it was up to the Sunnyside in me, I would have left it down longer, but the Sattler, the business man side thought it was best to put it back up because it's no longer just ours.
     The fact is, that we now are getting requests for more Girls of the day. (Which I think is good, because when I come across one I like exceptionally, I find it hard to be looking for another in some cocko me me way.)
     Therefore it's good to have the suggestions, but the crazy part of it is that the couple most requested, are a couple I've had in mind all along.
     One, I already now of has bathing suit photo that I'm sure everyone would agree is about the hottest. And the other I feel a little corny because she is obviously someone else’s wife. But even though she is hitched up, I admire her for who she is

February 16th, 2012:
Yeah, yeah, yeah.....

I didn't even want to turn this thing on today. Take a break from it. Maybe even for days, like I used to.
     But it appears that I'm married to it like a second job. Yeah, you and me both. We're tired of hearing about C-low pickin all three. We've had enough of it and I can't handle a third day of it. Let's move on.

However, let me inform you of a little scam I've just recently been clued in about. The sad thing about it is that I'll be doing more channel searching more than ever as a result of it, and I have no channels to search.
      Think about it. For ever hour of TV programming you watch, 20 minutes of it is commercials. And I'm willing to bet, that almost ten minutes of those commercial are already made up of car and drug commercials.
     But that's about to change. Because it sounds like the networks have had private investigators fallowing around the criminal activity of the auto manufacturers and politicians.
     And no; don't get me wrong, the networks have never planned to air any of the dirty laundry because they know who their highest paying customers are.
     The networks only want the dirt so that they can bribe the public traded companies into paying for more expensive commercial time.

This means, we're probably looking at 15 minute of car commercials per hour pretty soon to be frank about it. Even the Voice looses me at the commercial breaks.

So that's it, my message for the day. the very thing you all should be talking about. Because I don't understand why you would even want to go out and buy a new car when you know that you will be sponsoring more criminal activity and paying the media to hide it from you. And then they are going to rub their commercials in your face even more.

And oh, if some guy gets pissed off at what his daughter wrote about him on her Facebook account. And if he wants to blow holes through the very laptop he bought for her. So be it. No need to call child protective services.
      The girl is just lucky her father gives a damn.
      I think Obama and Company has padded Brian Williams pocket quite well, don't you?

February 17th, 2012:
Had to do something.....

So I managed to get
 Lundsy Fonseca uploaded.

Lundsy is pretty hot
I've also come up with an idea of a special feature web-page for Girls of the Day, but you will just have to wait to find out what it is.

 It appears that I'm getting mixed figures as to how many visitors we've been getting here. I'm beginning to believe I made the million mark last month. Never the less, you can be sure they have been real thourgh at making sure the folks that rank web-site don't list what is really going on. Reason being is that I've slipped in  some java codes in here and there for some short periods of time...... and they would not list shit.

However, I'm pretty sure it's getting out there. I can't help but notice by the topics of discussion going around locally.
        I guess someone used my "missed the boat," phrase. I saw that it eating on one gal on the morning news.
        I'd think I was just imagining all this but  when your imagination responds - well - it's not a dream.

Funny thing how the Today show will have Star and the other two studges on the show to give us advice one moral issues. Like yesterday they said call child protective services, but this morning survey showed over 70% said to let him shoot up the computer

And oh, did Obama manage to get the Giants to show up at the White House for a few hand shakes?
        Nah, I doubt it too. But let me know one way or the other.
        Maybe the soccer player doesn't feel so bad now.

February 18th, 2012:
Something New.....

I'm sure I don't have to say much about a new featured web-page with it's own theme, just as Dirty looks has its own. Today we launched
Best Of

        Anyhow, I can think of a few new themes right off the top of my head and now that I have the coding for one, I've pretty much have it easy to do it for others so you can expect a few more.

Oh yeah, I finally made it down to the post office. Didn't find any exciting surprises. So we know the consistences.

February 19th, 2012:
Enough BS.....

I'm sure I don't have to say how many times I've had to endure the suggestions of two words. Please.
        I'm actually looking forward to having BS up as soon as possible, but I'm going to hunker down with it a little longer as I approach it at a larger scale project and create a number of themes at the same time. Which one will actually be launched first is still up in the air right now.

, I'm also getting a little tired about hearing about my dog leg. But the deal I'm looking for is a hinge I've seen used for roll up garage doors. They are made with thicker stamped steel and the pin is twice the size as the hasp I've got sitting here.
(I know I'm cheap and should just go out and buy a bigger hasp or hinge. Or make one of my own from scratch.) I realize that even if I beef up the loops on this hasp, the pin isn't going to be much to handle my rigorous use in the long run. However, the dog has withstood more punishment than I thought it would already and I'll be exstreamly surprised if I don't ever have make a new one from scratch.
        I've also have something I think will work better than a spring, but I've got one somewhere, and I've made my mind up that today I'm going to make an effort to find it. To be quite frank about it, when it comes to having to fix it again, with another bolt again, it's Stupid Rule Number One. You just want to be done with it.

I'm not sure whether you will be lost about now or not, but it's kinna the thing I've got going around here. If you are not clued in, you are obviously going to think what I've written makes no sense. (It's just my writing style I came up with in my hand written journals over a decade ago. Like Feb. 14th and a day later the 15th.)Anyhow, the result of this little game is that it gets people thinking things through on their own without me and for some reason I happen to think that that is a good thing. (Oh yeah, I did a rewrite on the We Mean Business, bit.)
I realize that if I only released one chapter per week, I would take over two years before people would actually read the whole thing. Therefore I'm got to start posting the chapters as according to the size they are. There will be weeks when as many as three of the shorter chapters will be posted, but at the same time, the next chapter Give Me Lights will receive the most of a week before the next will be posted.

February 20th, 2012:
Stupid Rewards.....

Hey, we here at MyStupidRules think that we should come up with a reward program that you don't even have to have a card in your wallet to participate in it.
        See, here is how it works. If Sunnyside doesn't have to go through the day hearing the same words over and over all day; that's a good day. You match it up with another day and all you have to talk about is a little dance. Well, we can live with that. (It started out as a little pozz and all I did was put a fish tail into it. After awhile I did feel a little ridiculous.)
         Never the less, what the real surfers are talking about is how I put a stop to a closing left that I had dropped in on; by burying the nose of the Stoneman. It kept me in better position for the next wave.

Anyway, by being good for a couple days, deserves rewards, and there is nothing like a free stuff. Something free that you don't have to pay for is always a good. Even if it is only a Course in something, but just maybe it is a Course you might have some use for.

Painting Synchro-Grapicis 101
(Its a bit premature, meaning I've got a lot of what I call holes to fill in, but it should get the nod.)

Now I'm having second thoughts on all of this. Maybe it's just because it's presidents day and people have the day off, but sometimes I feel as if I'm some kind of tourist attraction, and that isn't what we're trying to do here.
        Or maybe it's because of rumors that folks from Hollywood are in town.
(Who Knows?)

Anyhow, I've got a start on the Girl of the Day things. To do it right, I think it calls for a modified menu board as well. Which means more planning ahead. (Oh yeah, I do have more images coming up for Helpful Hints painting surfboards.)
Anyhow, I'm running out of day.

February 21st, 2012:
It that him?

I really didn't have much for you today, than one of those realizations.
        Yah see, when you are out there in the water, out beyond the breakers, it's pretty quite. Not like it is on the other side of the wave. From the beach you hear the thunder of the waves pounding from all its momentum and weight. All those tons of water do an amazing job cancelling out the noise from the front of the wave when you are out behind it.
         Anyhow, another one of the amazing attributes of the natural God given wave, is that it's also a large dish bowl when you are riding in it. (Kinna like those sound wave dishes the media uses to listen in on the call of the game during football games.)

Anyhow the result of this is that: I suspect that many of the locals are hearing are repercussions of what I am hearing.
        I'm willing to bet that the reason so many of them are chuckling when they see me, is that they must be hearing, "Is that him?"
        Because I get a lot of "That's him!"
        It's what a little fame can do I suppose, so you'll have to get used to it.
        Now, if you get tired of that, you might try painting your boards to look like mine, and at least they may start saying "that's him," to you. (Might make you feel special, but then on the other hand it might make you a little bit nervous knowing that their are people watching you.
             ( O ) ( O )
        Oh, me? I need to get them to say "that's Sunnyside," so we'll all know who they are talking about.

Painting Synchro-Grapicis 101

February 22nd, 2012:
That's Sunnyside

Yeah, it was one of the first waves I caught when I heard it: "That's Sunnyside."
        I thought, great it worked.
         However, someone else must be painting their board with Synchro-graphics, because on one of my waves, I heard, "that's Pete Townsend."
        Apparently some was mistaking me for someone else.

Painting Synchro-Grapicis 101

February 23rd, 2012:
Playing with you

Posted something in-
        Morons of the Day

February 24th, 2012:
Money on the table

Many of you can see it. It's there for the taking. Everyone has the same idea how that money can be had, but....
         You see, corruption has nothing else to do than to think way ahead of the rest of you. It doesn't take much to subsidize the guys, whom would normally have the ability to reach out and grab for that pile of money.
        But instead, corruption offers free money and it takes away the desire to put in the effort to reach out and grab that money. As a result of this subsistence, it makes for lazy business men who would rather be on the take.

Anyhow we here at MyStupidRules has been working diligently to provide with with something new each day. There is a lot on the back burner and today we will provide you for the first time; the long version of Give Me Lights....
        The version I used in the earlier Tunes was cut up a bit.
        I think it's safe to say that if I hadn't fallen in love at such a young age. I would have invested money from my painting business into more sound and lighting gear and that's probably what I'd be doing for a living. But then you'd have to wonder how surfing and doing light shows would mix.
        Well read on my friends. You are going to learn why they got you are still driving a motorized horse and buggy

February 25th, 2012:
2 + 2 = 4

Some of you have noticed the upgrade over at Girls of the Day..
         I'm pretty sure it's been old news for a couple days now and I realize that there must be people figurings out the file name to the next themed web-page already. As a result of that happening while I'm fine tuning it, a left a hint for the rest of you over at

      About Girls of the Day
        Anyhow, the picture of me catching my Quad is on the Home page today.

February 26th, 2012:
Just wait, you'll see.

This morning I heard a political commentator talking about the difference from Barak Obama and Mit Romney.
         He said, "if you look at Mit Romney and Barak Obama from a distance, there isn't really much difference."
         Well, I'll tell you the major difference. Because it all revolves about who would be the most conservative. See, Barack Obama has had to survive by being more of a push over during this first term, or as some may view as being a little conservative in order to retain enough votes to win a second election. And that is what you would have to expect out of Romney because so many of his policies are so similar.
         However, with Obama, you'd be getting him in his second term and the need for him to worry about his popularity will have flown out the window. He already has it set-up so that small business start ups are on the way out by snuffing out the private inventors only two months into his next presidency . No doubt Wallstreet will be just out side the back door of the White House.

        Also I want to remind people of a bit I found at, on Obama's 2011 Patent Reform Bill
(of which becomes active in just over a year from now.)
         The link can be found at
Current Events on how the new patent laws will kill jobs.

I found this video of Ron Paul trying to put so many words into so little time.
(Kinna like me when I have to do a pitch.)
I'd like to point out something quite similar way back at-

Clinton's and Greenspan's false economy.

Any how, you can zoom to 4.05 minutes into it and listen to Ron Paul pitching the same thing as I had written about.

February 29th, 2012:
Leep Day.

Yah don't get many of these in a life time.
         I figured I'd leave a clue for those of you scouting for the next featured Girl of the Day web-page. So here's the Helpful Hint you can combine with the one from before. It begins with a capital letter.

Around here thinks went pretty chill. But we did hear about the fireman's handy work. Kinna counter acts the Holiday Picnic rumors the City has been kicking out.
         I'd say it's safe to say that many of you are beginning to understand the importance of me in all of this. Its something that should not be overlooked.

Featured book excerpt of the week
Give Me Lights....

Dooms Day for Private Inventors
-happened yesterday,
when Obama took his mighty pin to the bill.

My Stupid Movie Idea

If you wonder how things are
in San Luis Obispo County
Check out:


In Court with Martin
January 11, 2011

Arrested by Martin
November 17-24, 2010

Me and my truck spent the week in jail last week.
Yes folks, I'm accused of being a criminal once again.

Jailed by Martin
November 17-24, 2010

The most revolutionary tool box in the world,
sitting in a room of poisonous insecticide

September 2009

The Rumor

And if you want to know more about the local Sheriff who spread phony rumors about me and his drug dealing brother, and even a recording of a drug deal going down you'll have to go to the
The Loop

New: the full version of the story about the fire
the actual book excerpt
Burning Down the House

A few years ago, I wrote about a couple of these law makers at:Poop Bad Law.

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July 1st, 2011 thru Dec. 31, 2011

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Sept. 5, '10 thru Dec. 15, '10

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I changed the format as to the way the journal entries are posted. The change will allow the readers with a the ability to read the entries as the unfold in chronological order.

For those of you who may feel I don't have better things to do with my time than molesting children or stalking women, I'd say do a background check on me yourself, because you can not believe anything any cop or fireman will tell you.
      I've actually tried doing a criminal background check on myself because I would love to find one that wasn't true. I've learned that even when they say it's free, that it is not. However, I did find one that will refund your money if you cancel a monthly subscription with 7 days. Its at

I'm the Dennis Sattler, 50 in Van Nuys CA, Lakewood Washington, Castic CA

But in reality now days, you only have to fire up a search engine.

And no I'm not the Dennis Sattler in Texas who hid in a closet and then killed his wife. But that goes to show you that if I have done any criminal act such as stalking a woman or molesting a child, just Googling my name would tell you.

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