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March 3, 2012:
Atascadero got a sample of what ever it is.
They must have arrived before I got there.

This is actually being posted on march 4 th, but who ever, "they" are, sure turned Miners into a library on the 3 rd. And of course as I walked out the door, I heard a lady ask, "Is that him?"
     You'd have to be there. It was strange. like someone had a spell on them. Anyway, they know what I'm talking about for sure.
      Then to top it all off, I had someone tell me today that my truck wasn't marketable. Wouldn't it be great if more like him would call these guys tracking my ass and tell them that.

Anyhow, I've got another chapter of my book already to fire up. The last one was an eight pager, I think this one is a two and a half.
     Also I've had people complaining that the journal file was getting too big so we're calling it at a two month block, which means I'd done more writing than I would like to admit.
     I'm drawing a blank here, but I guess I could mention that Rush Limbaugh sure burned a pile of money. (I guess he lost 36 advertisers.) You have to laugh because it appeared to me that he was trying to imitate Howard Steirn and got a little carried away with it. What an ass, and people pay him $57-400 million per year to run his mouth off.

And oh, I called my father the other day. It had been a little over a week since I told him that he has been brain washed by his bowling buddies. Of course he never mentioned a thing about it but he did mention the conversation we had the week before.

March 5, 2012:
Got nothing.

I'm drawing a blank again. I really don't have anything for you.
     We do have the typical rumors floating around but we've been there before.

March 6th, 2012:
Got it bad.

I read in the paper today that GM is shutting down the plant that builds the Volt from March 24 to April 15th, I think?. Guess people don't want to pay $40,000.oo for the electric version of a $20,000.oo car.
     The amazing part of it all is the the Tax payers has spent about $300,000.oo for each of those cars built. The federal government's Energy Department handed GM a $105.9 million dollar grant, just for a plant to assemble the batteries in Brownstown Michigan. The State handed over another $106 million to keep the Detroit -Hamtrack assembly plant going. And the Compact Power company that supplied the batteries got another subsidies of another $100 million. Then there is the federal subsidy that hands over anther $7,500.oo per car when someone actually wants to buy one. They got 1,626 people willing to buy one. (I read 6,000 somewhere else)

I've got a few things to post, but I have serious doubt that people would even believe it. I wonder if images would help?

March 7th, 2012:
Burning that money.

More than once have I heard someone say that I could have kickstarted Synchro-link for what taxpayers paid for one Volt from General Motors. It makes yah kinna wonder if the while thing was a scam. Well there are many of you out there who have read what I posted in Car Gays a long time ago about 2008. (After looking for the post, I can't find the bit I wrote about the fact that GM had bought into a Chinese company called BYD. The reason being, is BYD owns the patents on the best electric car technology. And why would someone want to buy inferior technology for $40 grand when BYD was planning to export an electric car to the US for $15,000.oo) Also the Chinese have most of the rare earth which provides magnets for the most efficient electric motors. I'm beginning to believe my site has be watered down. (But it might have went the way of my blog.) Anyhow I did post another bit on the Volt on January 5th)
      Car Guys the Volt

     That's what you get when you mix up a public traded company with the government. You get the $75.oo toilet seat. Update: there is the federal subsidy that hands over another $7,500.oo per car when someone actually wants to buy a Volt and the White House wants to turn that number into $10,000.oo to encourage people to buy them.

I see that the media is recycling the news. I guess it took a while to settle on the amount of money a storie about a guy who shoots his daughters lap top up. (Mention back on -

Another thing I thought I would mention. That I read that now Twitter is looking to get an IPO. Gee, don't you folks realize that these folks can make any of their user's wall or web-page to resemble anything the advertisers want it to be. I myself, am taking another look at the profiles I have up and running on their sites. I' m willing to bet that they have Google adds somewhere on them. If so, don't be surprised if they disappear.

March 8th, 2012:
Occupy Wallstreet!
Where are you, wake up!

As I was reading about the dispersement of bonuses the top level Ford exec's received. The bonuses are claimed to be worth 4.7 million shares. Cheif Executive Alan Mulally took home about 2.86 of those.
     Never the less the reason I'm even mention this is that I found a similar situation going on, so I want to at least mention a line stated that some of the shares slated for bonuses, were sold off to pay for their taxes. (I can't help but get the impression that it must be like being able to print money.)
     Anyhow, the other similar situation is that Facebook has already snatched on to the game plan. On the same page of the WSJ, B-2, it states that Facebook may sell some of the employee's 93 million shares to pay for taxes. (I want to admit that out of context, and without the credit rating detail, the phrase has nothing more than amusement value.)
     But the line from the article that I would like a better definition on is the terns used as: "the company hopes to raise as much as $10 billion at a valuation of up to $100 billion."
     All I know is that they got a shit load of underwriters lined up to sell the stock. I'd say at least half of them are banks that we bailed out with TARP. I'm left wondering if the banks are trying to bring in 8 times the money actually put in Facebook's hands. Does this mean they will be paying interest on $100 billion and expected to provide it with $10 billion worth of actually working capital? Something just don't sound right here when Facebook made a billion dollars last year. Like do they actually need the money?

Oh well, they slipped the 2011 Patent Reform in, eliminating small business start-ups next year, while you where still camping out.
     I suppose they are too busy playing around with their Facebook account.

I'm sure I didn't need to announce it but I guess for those of you who are less frequent here, we have a new featured web-page at Girls of the Day.

      Close Ups

Synchro-link has been getting some of my attention this week. Basicly work just cleaning code. I need to get another Chapter up and running too.

I figured out how I'm going to insure something like a little bit of integrity. I'm sure many of you will ponder that statement in to utter insignificance, but there will be a day when I will reveal just what I'm talking about.

March 8th, 2012:
A little short and a day late

Can't imagine that so many people can claim to have a foundation upon what they say is their common ground. Their foundation of unity. Something they all can agree that they are fighting for and they will even suffer the cold weather to do so.
     The Amazing thing is how they can lets such atrocities go down right before their eyes and not see it coming or even happening right in front of them.
     I guess they are too busy looking down at their phone to check on the next message they got on Facebook.
     Update: I saw in the WSJ that the investors owning the Fender company is looking to bring in $200 million with an IPO. Leo Fender sold the company to CBS (which was owned by Columbia Records) in 1965. In 1985 CBS sold the company to a group of investors. Now the investors say it's to pay down debit, but when you take a look at the kind of numbers they play with, you have to wonder why they need any more money in the first place. I think it would only amount to bad news for so many other guitar manufactures because $200 million looking for profit, equals to companies that will pay stores for rent, (which means their wont be room for other brands of guitars.)
     I guess other guitar manufactures could fallow suit. Maybe it's already being done.

I found this bit in Rant and Raves on Craigs list. I'll be the first to admit the guy could be telling me anything but interesting goof if it is.
      (About Obama's Birth Certificate.)

For those of you who love to try your luck at guessing the file name of the next chapter of my Lousy Book;
      of course the file starts with X13_

March 9th, 2012:
Occupy Wallstreet!
Where are you, wake up!

As I was reading about the disbursement of bonuses the top level Ford exec's received. The bonuses are claimed to be worth 4.7 million shares. Cheif Executive Alan Mulally took home about 2.86 of those.
     Never the less the reason I'm even mention this is that I found a similar situation going on, so I want to at least mention a line stated that some of the shares slated for bonuses, were sold off to pay for their taxes. (I can't help but get the impression that it must be like being able to print money.)
     Anyhow, the other similar situation is that Facebook has already snatched on to the game plan. On the same page of the WSJ, B-2, it states that Facebook may sell some of the employee's 93 million shares to pay for taxes. (I want to admit that out of context, and without the credit rating detail, the phrase has nothing more than amusement value.)
     But the line from the article that I would like a better definition on is the terns used as: "the company hopes to raise as much as $10 billion at a valuation of up to $100 billion."
     All I know is that they got a shit load of underwriters lined up to sell the stock. I'd say at least half of them are banks that we bailed out with TARP. I'm left wondering if the banks are trying to bring in 8 times the money actually put in Facebook's hands. Does this mean they will be paying interest on $100 billion and expected to provide it with $10 billion worth of actually working capital? Something just don't sound right here when Facebook made a billion dollars last year. Like do they actually need the money?

Oh well, they slipped the 2011 Patent Reform in, eliminating small business start-ups next year, while you where still camping out.
     I suppose they are too busy playing around with their Facebook account.

I'm sure I didn't need to announce it but I guess for those of you who are less frequent here, we have a new featured web-page at Girls of the Day.

      Close Ups

Synchro-link has been getting some of my attention this week. Basically work just cleaning code. I need to get another Chapter up and running too.

I figured out how I'm going to insure something like a little bit of integrity. I'm sure many of you will ponder that statement in to utter insignificance, but there will be a day when I will reveal just what I'm talking about.

March 10th, 2012:
Gee and the guy would brag about it

We've got government employees around here who are above the law.
     The Amazing thing is how the people here just let them get away with crimes left and right.
     Man -O- Man, there is something wrong here.

March 11th, 2012:
Is it the Rock?

Officer Stuart mentioned to me his theory about the crazy people in the area. He expressed to me that the people are a little crazy around here because of the Rock.
     It's got to be something because the people around here seem to except that the local government is run by a bunch of criminals.
     Detective Dale Cullum of the MBPD asked me if I had ever tried to solve a murder before? And that was a day he was chasing spilled milk that happen six weeks earlier. But the question many of us might have is: has Detective Cullum ever thought about the idea of preventing murders? Or even thought about arresting the criminals who should be tried for attempted Murder.
     We've all seen it in the movies, they usually taper with the brakes, but everyone knows steering is just as important. Tapering with such things, not only puts the driver in danger, but passengers as well as innocent bystanders could be killed in the process and that is what they call collateral damage. Kinna like putting a bomb on a plane, just to get one guy..

March 19th, 2012:
Got trolly wheels?

warehouse wall and tooler
There are a couple of things I've never mentioned about my Tooler. The fact that it flat out saves fuel. Being able to leave your work trucks weight sitting back at the job site is like driving empty and getting maxmum mileage which just make things that much better.
     Another thing is that even if I'm able to leave the tools out over night. The is a piece of mind, is locking up the hundreds of other tools you can't keep track of as easy as the tools you know tools you have left out. Or another way to say it is that the piece of mind is know that even if you can't find the tool at the moment, it's just lost in the mess and you'll end up finding it sooner or later. I'll be the first to admit, I'm a slob when it comes to the three main bends on the back wall. I move things from one box to the other while digging out what I'm looking for. The drawers and the two sundries bends are the only places you'll find anything resembling organization.

Can you believe that the bushing in the track bar is gone in less than 8 months? I've just had to replace everything I didn't replace last summer and now I'm already replacing what I replaced last summer. Yeah, nice guys around here.

I figure it's about time to kick out the next chapter - Back to School. And I'm going to fallow that up with an upgrade to a later version of So I wanna be. The next three chapters are connected together in one web-page and have been available for some time. However, if I get the time, I'll upgrade them to a more recent version.

March 16th, 2012:
365 Days
until the Obama Massacre

People all over town were saying today's headline before it was even written.
     This is the day we start counting down to the day the US government takes my kids away and make the will I wrote, not worth much more than the paper it's written on.
     From there out, you can pretty much figure that I'll end up dead shortly after and being just one more human casualty among the corporate take over of power. One less smart guy who has gone through hell over these kids for fifteen years.

Also among the latest of news, something that beat me home from Grover Beach in a big way. I'm not going to say what happened yet, because just like the word on the street and the handy work of a fireman, I let the rumors run there course for a fair amount of time before I say anything pacific at all. And just like what happen the other day, people have their own opinion about whether it was just by coincidence or not.
     Well, my only opinion is that if the news made it back to Morro Bay before I did, then they certainly knew who I was before I showed up. They knew about me and Morro Bay and the County Court System already. Therefore they could have very well avoided the whole scene very easily. From where I come from, I got roped in. And now I could very well be going to jail for some serious time over a misdemeanor.
     The question is, will they leave me out on the street, on a OR, so I can get a chance to go to the trial I would like to get out of it. From the little knowledge I have, I happen to think that it is up to a probation officer, but you can't rule out the judge being able to do anything he wants. In my case the probation officer is what some might call a minority, and I can assure you that he doesn’t like me too much. The court date I have to be afraid of is April 30th, but who know anything can happen before. Hell I'm on probation for a crime I didn't commit.

March 23rd, 2012:
358 Days
until Dooms Day for start ups

:Less than a year away from hard times for start up companies. Without patents, they won't get financing and of course the jobs they would have created are just figments of your imagination.
     Gee, they got everyone around here wishing that the local government would just pay me, but at the same time, the government has set it up to thow me back in jail and take even more money from me.
     Yeah, I'd say that they just don't get it. They don't realize that they are the ones who should be in jail. Or may be they do get it and they are just doing what they know how to do best. That is being criminals.

      Oh, I've got an idea for a new stupid rule. I haven't made up my mind for on the number yet, but it pretty much goes like this:
If you want to do a crime,
you better be a cop or a fireman,

(because you'll be above the law.)

March 25th, 2012:
Wake Up OW

I guess they are hanging out at the beach now, and Obama is about to undo some of the regulation put in place because of the bail outs.
      It's about to get easier for companies to get IPOs. Sure it may create a few jobs in the process, but a lot more people will be losing money in the stock market. More scams.
     Yeah, like this BATS company that went public the other day. (bat is a company which provides software for trading stocks.) However, their software went haywire on opening day and they had to shut it down and it even brought Apple down a notch. It just goes to show you just how scary all of this stuff is.

Yeah just have to laugh at how bent over the American people are now days. Hell, posture has gone to the waste side and very few people any more can even hold their head up strait. Heads are being stretched out looking down at their cell phones so much. Even SMG has fallen victim to it.

March 25th, 2012:
Own a piece of the rock

Over the last few days, I grown to feel sorry for some of the people I happen to know in this town. They are established here with home, businesses and families. The sad thing about it is that they have learned just how corrupt the government is and they are supporting it financially.
      It's no problem to most, but when trouble comes knocking on the door, they know that the legal system here is far from legal.
     Now that the kids are aware of the criminals on the government payroll I would think that the next generation is going to want to flee. Even though, living by the beach is the main reason many of them live here, I can see how they would want to leave this place behind.

I know I would.

Some of you may have noticed I have kinna fallen out of the scene lately. You may think it's writers block or having nothing to say, but I'll be the first to tell you that I find it difficult to even want to be a part of all this. I will be posting an image fairly soon that may get you to realize the severity of it. However, I realize that so many of you are numb to all of this as if it was just something that doesn't happen. But it is real and I feel sorry for those of you who live in denial.

March 27th, 2012:
Kinna Creepy

It's a little creepy when people can perform crimes, and then brag about them and people only wonder what kind of crime will happen next. It's like their government is doing criminal activity and rubbing it in their own citizens faces.
      The people here just except that their criminals will always prevail so there is no use fighting it.
     The scary part of it is how the whole community has become a social experiment. It's like they are figuring out how to manipulate people by the thousands. Like just how many people can the rope into it all. Like making a bunch of sinners.
     The funny part of it is that there are a few eccentric people around here who feel the rock has some kind of mystical power. May be so. And yeah blew the side of it off to make the harbor. And may be it has cursed the town as a result of it. Now the town is stuck with negativity along with criminal corruption.

Think about it. I left Oceanside when the economy tanked. But even though the economy has tanked, the City of Morro Bay has been spending money left and right.
     They got a new fire station a new fire truck, new living quarters for the fire station and they got a shit load of solar panels for their high school. Boy, you could say those government grants have been landing in their lap ever since I got here. Businesses here have been going broke, but the City of Morro Bay doesn’t show it.

Oh yeah, I'm sure last month (February 26th, 2012: Just wait, you'll see. -journal entry) I mentioned something about how even if Romney and Obama were looking to be the same to many. I spoke about the real main difference between the two. The deal is Romney would have to worry about the public's opinion about him in order to win a second election, but Obama wouldn't have to.
      Sure he would be more flexible.....Hah, hah, hah.
     Tell me I'm wrong.

March 28th, 2012:
Got a call from Martin

I'm willing to bet it was Meathead Martin calling on that restricted call. I guess his plan was to pretend he was a marsion looking for a UFO, but I could be wrong because he was probably just calling to make fun of the fact that he started the rumor everyone is pointing towards him as the originator.
      It all makes sense why I'm able to go into a bank and hear the lady behind the counter tell someone about the idea of being a hybid .
     Kinna makes since why I had someone knocking me out with gas or something so that they could reach through my window and pull some blood out of me back on Feb. 21.'12, a day I noticed that a blood clot must have broken on my way to the water, because blood just drained out of me, even though I had not cut myself.
     Then of course they would tell others how they did it and I had a copycat the next day who actually caught a better vain. But the pain left in my hand was enough for me to get out my camera and take a picture of the punctures from two different nights.
     That's what you've got to come back tomorrow for. It will be front page news at MystupidRules.

Oh yeah, I'm going to be changing a few things. Like I think that using sub domains will be the better choice over using .info.
     I'm thinking combining the traffic of Morro Bay News and Girls of the Day under sub-domains of MyStupidRules will be a better way of achieving better rankings with search engines. Once the drop of the infos is achieved, I'm probably going to start forwarding to, making it the base web-site, creating one website instead of the two some search engines are seeing now.

Oh the House passed that bill I mentioned on March 25th about. It passed 380-41 and an artical on A-4 of the WSJ even said today that it won't really create more jobs. But it will create more fraud. Undoing all the stuff that was to prevent something like Enron happening again. However it is suppose to relax rules to make it easier for private companies to raise capital without going public.(I'm always wondering why they always seem to pack a bunch of bad things in to a bill with so few good things.)
One step forward, two step back. Rule 50.

March 30th, 2012:
Put down three

The Dow had it's best first quarter since 1998.

On Saturday, Girls of the Day is going down,
to give those officers of the law in Florida - Dirty Looks.
     The reason being is now that I have a better grip on the Trayvon Martin situation, I'm sure I'm not the only one who feels like the cops in the video were way more trustworthy of George Zimmerman, a guy who just shot someone an hour ago than a little ol surfer guy like me. No cop I've ever known would even walk by me with their back turned to me when I was arrested, (or anyone else, I've ever seen either.) It's like they let the guy walk around like he was just one of the gang. (I guess it was because he had "only" shot a little black boy.)
     I thought from the get go, that this wanna be cop with a gun would have realised his mistake just seconds after the kid hit the ground. I figured he'd do a hell of a job beating his head against anything big and hard around him, just to be able to concoct such a story.The thing is, he whimped out and didn't get mercerless with himself. But something tells me that he realises that now.

Anyway, we've snuck in a new themed web-page in for Girls of the Day. Apparently, my hackers have already discovered it, but I did post one link to it within the site for those who feel like you lack the imagination or motivation to figure it out the hard way.
     The featured page is kinna goofy, but also cute in away. Oh, here is a hit: I'm not sure if Emma Stone even knows how to play bass.

I'm not one who usually participates in lotteries, but just like many of you, for the sake of the best interest of my kids. I just had to.
     It was not only for the best interest of my kids, but it was something was in the best interest of all of you and your kids as well. I could kick start Synchro-link with a quarter of a million dollars, but there is no doubt in my mind that starting off with a quarter of a Billion would be the way to go, and my truck deserves that.
     So anyway, for all of us. Let's do that Mind over Matter thing. Let's all focus on these three rows, or sets, or anyway you want to see these numbers. Let us get these numbers out there. where ever there out there is. Let's win this thing!

Winning lottery numbers

March 31st, 2012:
Put down three

Flew my F-20 Tigershark yesterday. Now that I've got the spring set up on the throttle of my controller - to indent in the middle - for flaperons, I'm going to turn off the Flaperon mix program and program the two programmable mix channels to set the trim on the flaps through the joy sticks. Way cool, should have done it last year. It will be nice having pre-set flaps instead of having an easy to bump lever thingy on the side.

Today I'm going to get an earlier start on the swing of the wind. It's blowing like hell out of the south east all morning and I figure it's about to swing south west about now.
     Update: got rained on after about ten minutes of too much south in it. Should have been on it yesterday instead of doing this shit.

I found this bit on B-4 of the WSJ today about the US seeks the WTO for help. Hell, what is this: the British spent a bunch of money in a phony foreign court back in March, complaining that the US government was subsidising Boeing which is suppose to be unfair according to the treaty, and now the US is spending a bunch of time and money in this screwed up court, complaining that the British government is subsidising Airbus, which is against the trade agreement.
     Gee, Haven't I told you before that all the WTO is the GATT Treaty without Clintion's signature on it. It's a bad deal and they should give it up.

Hey, all you WallStreet Occupiers should wake up and go cause a ruckus on the 13th of April, where ever they are having their little meeting.

April 2nd, 2012:
a little crazy

Yeah, many of you have figured it out. That is just how hopeless I can assume you all are. It doesn't take a genius to figure out just what the future holds for all of us and I've pretty much given up fighting it.
     However I still have hope in the dream of escaping it. You all can just live with all this corruption going on, but I've grown a little tired of it.

Many of you are right about the fact that I'm about to water down this web-site.
     For those of you who have fallowed me for awhile, I'm sure you will be able to figure out what I've done with the missing web-pages. And for you hard core readers, who have read everything available, to date, will be delighted that I'm jumping the whole book excerpt think up to Getting on with Life. I figured that holding up my most dedicated readers wasn't the thing to do, so.

Oh, ain't this Orcineal Hall guy a nut job? (Or maybe he's just has a few too many of those little white lines.)
     And these ladies that collect dolls and treat them as if they are real. And they call it soothing? I call it crazy.
     I don't know about you folks, but I think this whole world is going crazy.

April 3rd, 2012:
One lucky dude

I don't know what Sarah Jones was doing even teaching school, because I can recall the story about how she won a $11 Million Defamation Judgement against Gossip Blog ''
     All I can say is that the kid was one lucky dude. Any one would feel lucky to land a piece like that. Then the idea of getting paid for it would be like a cherry on top.
      Damn, if there were teachers like her in my school, I would have stayed in school and studied real hard.

From my impression, the kids actually liked her and thought she was a good teacher. She sure wasn't doing it for the money. Of course Sarah will make it to one ups and the best of.
sarah Jonessarah jones hot
I think she's real cute an should have her own page.

PM- Update: Today my software got funky, so I had to stuff my junk through the back door and installed a minty fresh program. I've got it down pretty wel now. Beats the hell out of the nightmare I had with windows. I'm getting proficient with Bluefish now days. I only use Namo once in a while, for certain things like running html checks on my codes.

Anyhow, I'm going to give you a picture of the bolts Chrysler used for shock bolts. You'l laugh. I got some hardend ones with about 2 inches of shank now. You would believe the difference.
     Anyhow, I'm spent.

April 4th, 2012:
A little slow

For those of you Holle Berry fans, you got your request. There are a few new surprises to be found at Girls of the Day.

Of course nothing is easy around here.

April 5th, 2012:
A little slow

Any of you remember Enron? You know all those protection things they did so that the public wouldn't get scammed because of fraudulent company practices. Well, Obama rolled those regulations back today. He signed what he calls a job bill. He said it will help start ups and small businesses. Yeah right, help them rip off investors. And without patents, who's going to guarantee that they will see any return, because someone else just a little more savy will steal the market share anyway.

But what do you care anyway?

Oh yeah, that thing about us being nothing more than test tube. Today I read about how they have discovered a gene sequence that leave people more likely to being born autistic. So you could say that environmental cause they have been trying to blame it on has a little less weight. Basically, we are breeding stupid people and they have discovered that that is exactly what we are doing. It's all about the gene pool that we are creating. Kinna mike saying buying smart phones is only making up dumber. You buy a new car, you only make us dumber. So you don't get it? Well, I guess there is a reason for that. THEY WANT YOU STUPID! Because there is more profit involved when we are stupid. The dumber we get, the richer they get. And it doesn't mater how smart they are when they have all the money, cause they can afford to buy the next best and greatest cell phone.
     I guess maybe tomorrow I'll show you why I can relate to the movie Phenomenon. You may want to check out I can Relate at BookbySunnyside.

I can Relate

April 8th, 2012:
Oh, it's not in my head.

Although I pretty much gave up writing books while I was in Australia, I've known all along, just what I've gone though right here in Morro Bay has been enough to write a book about in itself; or at least make a pretty good movie. However, I'm not big on writing any more and my goal in life is to just get out of this evil ridden place. Never the less, even my father expressed worry about my safety, in my efforts to leave these bad memories behind. I express to him, just think what will happen to Morro Bay if I do end up dead.

Then the thing that actually got me to sit down and tap this stuff out on the keyboard. This idea of the title I would give such a book about Morro Bay. Now I'm even wondering if I'm crazy or not, but I'm starting to believe the shit wasn't just in my head. I'm actually starting to believe that I've been hearing fragments of rumors. Rumors that someone else has been planing or working on a book about it. Maybe it's a movie and not a book? Who knows? I haven't even said one word to anyone person in the last two or three days. It's not like I'm one who goes around asking about it either. However, what I get a kick out of is the title I thought I thought of, may not be my own idea at all. But you folks out there will have to laugh when I tell you, that the title I think people have been talking about is: 10,000 Criminals

April 9th, 2012:
Oh yeah, Details.

I'm sure there were some of those who read yesterday's entry, who said, "So what if he ends up dead". And sure there will always be those idiots who can't even grasp the real message behind all of this, because they happen to think that their brain works as good as anyone elses.
      However I can assure you that they don't have a clue about what they are talking about. Needless to say, I figure that most of the people who read yesterdays post will argue that it's all meaningless.

But then again, I'm willing to bet that those clue less people had never read my book. Therefore they don't have any knowledge about my aunt Rose Bud. See the thing is: Rosebud loves money. I'm sure she has plenty of it since she has actually financed simi-trucks for one of here renters.
     And those of you who have actually read my book, knows how much Rosebud likes money and she will do just about anything to get more of it.

April 11th, 2012:
Teach um right.

I'm not about to add to the rumors going around. But many of you would be amazed at what I've been hearing about. It's like I'm the last person these people here in Morro Bay even want to know about what they are all talking about.
     One thing for sure: is that they sure like to protect their criminals. As I've said before about how I feel sorry for those who own property and have families here. It clear that what they are teaching their kids is obviously unorthodox. The once good community has gone bad and they feel that there isn't anything else they can do but support it.

Never the less, even though I've never heard anyone do anything but complain about Meathead Martin, I'm sure he will have to receive the citizen of the year award, just as they gave it to another fellow criminal named Hannable last year.
     Yes, I know it sounds insane, but I'm left wondering if anyone in this town has any conscience any more. No doubt this town is all about supporting their criminals.

Oh yeah, I posted something in Poop today and the Home page of Moron Bay News is about to get a makeover.

April 12th, 2012:
This Trayvon Martin thing.

I'm willing to bet that if the media never reported the story, there wouldn't have been protests and Zimmerman would still be on the street. .
     And Trayvon's mother is wrong by calling it an accident. At the least one might be able to call it a mistake but I call it stupidity and the murder rap should stick because Zimmerman was instructed to not fallow him. When Zimmerman went after Trayvon, the whole defence thing went out the window.

Both Zimmerman and this ONE guy who went on a rapage and killed a bunch of people, were caught red handed. There isn't any chance of someone else committing the crime and these guys should not even cost the American tax payer to put them away for life. They should be executed.

April 14th, 2012:
Shit load of criminals.

When I arrived at the library today, the smell of the bar-b-q smelt so good I couldn't help myself from wondering what was going on at the Community Center across the way. If there was free food being given out, I was sure to find out. But then as I approached, I realised a high concentration of shaved heads. Then I realised that the local criminals were having a pig out. (Needless to say, I couldn't even stand being in the same neighbourhood as them because the ora of them just feels like pollution in the water so I packed up and headed for the wireless at the shopping center.)
     Funny how whenever one of them gets toasted, they all turn out in groves. However, they hold a double standard of course because if they kill anyone else, they feel like they've done something good.
     It kinna reminds me of what officer Lobou of Half Moon Bay once said, "They are only inventors." (You'll sooner or later will get to read that chapter on my lousy book.)

And what is it with the high percentage of cops shaving their heads? Do they do it so they look more intimidating, or do they do it so they might look more intelligent than they actually are? I tend to think it's just something they do like street gangs do but instead of blue or red bandannas, they have badges that are either shields or stars.

April 14th, 2012:
Gag me.

Gee, Bill Cosby must be on medication. He appeared on Meet the Press this morning to talk about his take on the Trayvon Martin thing. He said that it wasn't about color. He said, "it's about the gun." Cosby happens to think that if a person has a gun on them, that they are going to use it. I'm sure I'm not the first to say that he's full of shit.
     Tell me if I'm wrong. I'm willing to bet that if Trayvon had been walking along with an AK-47 instead of a cell phone; Zimmerman would have never gotten out of his car. Trayvon would still be alive. (and of course, no 17 year old should have the need of a gun, but them again, parents should not be buying a two hundred dollar cell phone for their kid either.)
     Like a idiot Zimmerman was profiling the kid. Just like Meathead Martin and Hannable does. Then you put a gun into the hands those fools, you've got trouble.

If more people had guns, guys like Zimmerman, Hannable and Meathead would not think of their guns as anything more than a pocket knife. He wouldn't think he was so mighty and powerful. Like my dad just side, you don't bring a pocket knife to a gun fight.

And if people like Bill Cosby had things their way, we'd have to be just as afraid of the crazy people with a pocket knife. And how are you going to get rid of those?

Oh yeah, when I was down in Australia, in the town of where the build Fords, I read the news paper a few times. Boy, the odds of getting robbed by a villain with a knife is so-o-o-o many times more likely than you will ever be robbed at gun point in the USA.

And by the way, while I was in Australia, I got robbed by a guy with a pipe. He smacked up the side of my head and split my ear in two. I'm sure that would not have happened if I had a gun.
     And get this, not even two minutes before hand, I'd stopped a fire truck because it had red and blue lights on it thinking it was a riot truck with police in it. Once I discovered that they were firemen, I asked them to call the cops because of the vandals across the street from me.(Who had been throwing rotten cantaloupe at my van.) They said they would, but they drove off and left me there standing in the street to defend myself against a group of guys with pipes in their hands.

April 18th, 2012:
Dinning and dashing.

Like these two secret service agents, wanting to double up on a whore and only wanting to pay for one. Gee, how much you these guys get paid? I would think they could afford to pay her. Can then they say there as confidence on the bosses part for bringing it to light. Hell, if the hooker hadn't called the cops, the shit would have gone on like it always had. Let's mark it up for stupidity.
     Those of you who have been fallowing me know how I feel about our nations secrete service agents. I'm well aware just how worthless they can be. Now we all know just how stupid they can be.

And on the local front: I had a little chat with Corporal Mullard (?)and Officer Sylvia today. About the big pussy who called the cops on me Monday morning. When I was telling Mullard about me being asked into a back room to have a word with me. I said, "like I've been hearing people all over the place saying that "they are going to talk to him." I was wondering if he had anything to do with it. Apparently Mullard must have heard the same rumours a few times too because the grin on his face showed signs of him trying to hold the chuckle back.
     I'll get back with more about the event in question at a later time, but for now, I just wanted to time date it. Like I told Mullard, I was glad he came to talk to me about it because it only makes the story that much more interesting. And of course, it must of been on top of Mullard's lists of urgent matters since he received the complaint two days ago.

I've got something else you may get a laugh out of, but for now, I want to hit the shower.

April 20th, 2012:
Boy, they are really on it.

I can definitely tell you that the City of Morro Bay has not done much in the Defence Department. It appears to me that Mullard in friends are not connected to their own citizens as well as some might think they would be.
     No doubt I feel like putting my foot in my mouth, but I kinna thought it was out there anyway. I wrote something about her running her mouth off way back when. I've been wondering if any cut and pasting will help me out at giving you the news I touched upon two days ago. I thought everyone in town already was knew about the Fat Bitch in the Red Tomato, and how she ran her mouth off. I bet she waited until the line was full for the maxim effect. It was all over the place the next day.I'm sure I wrote something how she looked when I finally confronted her on the issue.
     I know, it happened on Monday and I've got waiting until Saturday or Sunday, but something tells me I'll have enough time to do it this weekend. But think of all the hits I just created for nothing. Isn't that what the Media does to you all the time?

I have just one big question that has been on my mind, lately. It's a question I'd like to ask all the citizens of Morro Bay.
     How does it feel to be part of a large scale social experiment.
     I figure, they have been fine tuning every trick in the book around here. I'm sure this kind of practice must have been developed through some kind of corporate espionage techniques.
     I bet they've devised methods to bring factories to a stand still. I wouldn't doubt that they've got ways to bewilder corporate management. A simpler way to say it would be: that their practice is to devise ways to make social societies fall apart from the inside out.

However after reading stuff like I read in the Wallstreet Journal the other day, I just have to wonder just how stupid a community can be?
     The other day I read about about Chattanooga and how they fixed their economy. Some happen call it Corporate Welfare and it takes place almost every day. Get this: Chattanooga not only gave away over 1,300 acres to a German company, but they gave it away, tax free for thirty years. Amazon got over 50 acres and no taxes on it for a decade.
     Now I don't know about you, but I think Slo County must like growing grapes a little more than they should.

April 21st, 2012:
I stand Corrected.

Boy, everybody was quick to notice that little detail.
     The fact that I've never said anything about what the Fat Bitch in the Red Tomato said. I only described how she reacted when I asked her if she signed a confidential agreement when she was offered the job.
     Now it's pretty clear to me, that even the Morro Bay Police Department have some kind of confidentiality agreement when they higher a police officer; don't they?
     I guessing the City of Morro Bay has got the foot in the mouth this time.

I keep hearing about this style I have. I'm beginning to feel that I'll be the last to get to see what they are talking about.
Oh yeah, is going to be shut down for two or three days. I'm going to see if I can get it for a buck this year. Can't be worth much more, and I've got another domain name in mind, but I'm a little bit lazy when it comes to redoing some letters on my Cage.
Oh get this, I had just one more payment to the SLO Probation Department. And now they are wanting to hand me another debit for trying to survive and pay my debit to them just to stay out of jail for something I didn't do. Worst then a car payment.

April 22nd, 2012:
Dirty laundry.
Boy, wouldn't you believe I would sprain my ankle doing laundry of all things. I can't even remember doing it, but the trip up the hill to the dollar store was one I couldn't have done without.
      Man o man. Bummer, just when I was beginning to have some fun.
     I guess it's a little too late to mention that we have a new Special featured Girls of the Day page up and running. What the heck , check it out, just in time for the spring time.

     Bikini Bodies
     Kinna Cheating a bit, I know it.

One result of sitting it out all morning at the beach is that yah hear about things. Yah hear about where I stashed the goods.
     Oh yeah. is still going to be available on my server. All you have to do is go to-

And two other things to help some people out. The deal with the Fat Bitch in the Red Tomato originated back in Nov-Dec of 2010 after I got out of jail and I was trying to find a faster way to pay back my father for the towing fees and the City of Morro Bay's $150.oo impound release fee.(I can't find the entry myself.)
     Forgot the second.....Oh well, and anouther thing you may have noticed, we hear are using sub domains this year. We've managed to get- up and running. While still pending on the server, Health and Environment will be showing up as-
     I've been a busy little bee here this afternoon. Of course I expect I might screw up and black out something, but so far, it seems to have been a smooth transition for the girls.

April 23rd, 2012:
Double Duty.
I've got it set up where will appear to have a lot more traffic.
      I've even figured out how I can siphon off traffic from MorroBayNews.
      Kinna funny how certain book experts kinna up and left out of H & E.
     I'll have to put a couple more web-pages for the missing ones.

Gotta take a brake and let the batteries charge. We have fog today.

April 24th, 2012:
The Dot info is on it's way out.
I haven't got much for you today other than a few refinements are under way.
      We're wondering how much money we can get the City of Morro Bay to spend here. Remember, this isn't just about the City any more. And don't forget about the Lack of confidentiality of the lawyer they've been handing me.
      The shit is all over the place.
     I've come across a few Book Excerpts I almost forgot about. Now that the Lousy Book is going to get a little heavy in places, I'll be dishing out some Good things to know, from my other book called Sunnyside.

Got some more Helpful Hints uploaded in Pets and Roadrage. I've got to make up my mind if they will either only be feature at Books, or StupidRules. I know having them on both is suppose to be a no no.

I've been wanting to put together a bit to inform you folks out there that if you think the president has had anything to do with the recovery of our economy. Well, you'd be wrong if you thought so.
     The fact is, there are 10 Million more people out of work since he took office. And if there is any detectable surge upon the economy you can count it down for the sake of natural gas. An industry that has added 75,000 jobs since Obama has been in office.
      I came across something that can help me out here a bit.
It was a post in the IBD on A-16 April 23,'12.
-Where Are all the Green-Collar Jobs?
     What I'm getting at is I told you way before Obama came up with his dream of you driving one of his $250,000.00 Volts every day. I published the fact that the engineers over at another web-site had played with the numbers and Natural Gas was even cleaner than the Hydrogen fuel cell.
     When have of the county is making it's electricity with coal, yah gotta go figure.
     Anyway; my first ever suggestion in what to invest in, (back in my hand written journal days,) wasn't gold, but magnets, which is rare earth on the stock market. (Of which China has the most in their possession.) Also now that electric cars have come into the picture, we've learned that China has most of lithium in their possession also. Therefore, China is the place where you can be sure electric cars will succeed.
      Here, Obama's electric cars batteries and magnetic batteries cost as much as the $20,000.oo car they just finally put the good injection systems in.
      Just think, just a couple of months into the next presidency , small business are less likely to get patents and less likely to get funding for their projects.

April 25th, 2012:
I'd rethink that one.
Someone voted her the most beautiful woman.(I don't know who, I just saw it on TV, and it made me laugh.
     However I did fish out a couple photos of her for Girls of the Day. My pick in Swimsuit Bodies isn't as she's been keeping herself now. However I've noticed funky things going on with the photos I did grab. Going to resized that only one for sure.

And that TARP thing? That $414 billion investment. Which is hard to get any solid numbers on,) is covered by a bit in the WSJ today. They say that the tax payers are getting stuck with paying $118 billion of it.
      Also there is a bit on how China managed to export almost a Million cars last year and where they plan on being the largest exporter in the year 2015. Yeah, they got them arriving in Canada already

I've been actually tuning up Morro Bay News code wise. Now that I'm pretty much done with getting the code cleaned up, all I have to do is do a global word search and replace the original domain name if I like.

April 26th, 2012:
One Million
Electric cars by 2015
That's what Obama said
Just wait until they snatch up the ones that run on Natural Gas.
     They did a page worth of shit on what the auto manufactures are doing.

And that TARP thing? Its back with car dealers on b1 suing the government claiming it was un-constitutional for the government to force the receiver of the TARP fund to terminate their relationship. A Dealer in Chattanooga wants $3 Million.
      Also there is a bit on how China managed to export almost a Million cars last year and where they plan on being the largest exporter in the year 2015. Yeah, they got them arriving in Canada already.
     I guess everyone wants a new file after only two months.

April 27th, 2012:
People fuss over silly things.
Man -o- man, maybe I should try some of that American flag background image. I should have grabbed it while he still had it up.
      Heck if I would had that much money coming, I wouldn't have to ended up with this Maguire guy. I would have had to plead guilty, because I would have just bailed myself out.

Sad to think a criminal can round up $250,000.oo with only 5 web-pages.

April 27th, 2012:
People fuss over silly things.
Man -o- man, maybe I should try some of that American flag background image. I should have grabbed it while he still had it up.
      Heck if I would had that much money coming, I wouldn't have to end up with this Maguire guy. I would have to plead guilty because I would have just bailed myself out.

Sad to think a criminal can round up $250,000.oo with only 5 web-pages. But a guy who is persecuted, even tried to get political asylum, A guy who could even get the work truck of the future off the ground with $250,000.oo. And that after about 500,000 web-pages and five years of maintaining them . Can't do any better than sell two books for ten dollars each.
     Now I have to face jail time by the very criminals that have taken any ability to lead a normal life.
     The last conversation I had with my probation officer. I was asked the question, "how can you even get any work." I said, "you tell me?" I call it luck of the draw, and I'm left wondering if my prepaid cell phone is rigged and there is someone controlling when I do get a call.
     Anyhow, one of the conditions one faces is the payments of fines the court imposes on the captivated individuals.
     Now I face jail time because I have been forced to pay for a crime I didn't commit. And if you look at it from my perspective, I've been paying for a crime someone else did against me, and then again a couple times after that. Then you have the whole court system that overlooks the crimes committed against me and intern make the criminal out of me. At which at this time in my life I have concern as to whether I have the right to vote. Is it like the times be fore with the City of Tacoma?
     Unlike the resent elections before. It was unclear to me which way I could vote and not want to have to fear I'd be wanting to kick myself in the ass later.
     This election, I know who just took my kids away from me and I want to vote against that man.
     Now if I waist $15.oo in fuel to go down to the court house where we know they would take up my morning putting me through a serve your country video.
     If they can do this to me, I think I deserve the right to vote.
     The Ironic part of all this is that by instink, I never register to vote, just because of the hardship imposed upon me with juror Duty. However, this time around I know who I personally want to post a vote against and I probable flicked a switch without remembering it.

Anyhow, Many of you are wondering whether I'll be going to jail or not.
     My guess it's unlikely, only because of you out there. I imagine they will just give me a new car payment and call it good. (But wasn't that kinda fishy? hat is just how the word that they popped me for it beat me back to Morro Bay?)

But than again, if I'm sat down in front of Trice again, it could spell trouble and would lead me to believe the Feds are still in on this one and I'd be afraid of all that.
     Like the one thing I've never mentioned about my first stay the San Luis Obispo County jail. Is that I was kept in solitary confinement and I missed a day. I thought it was Sunday the morning they woke me up to go to arraignment.
     I don't know about you but I can count the days and nights from Thursday morning until Monday morning. Anyhow, if they throw me in jail for any lean-thy time, you can bet it is the way they; the people who are telling the criminals what to do, could use jail time as a way of killing me. "They" know they can poison me and take away any thing that resembles good health while I'm trapped inside their cage. It's kind of sad to think I have to write about this, but it's been something I've know I had to put out there before I end up in court defending myself against a misogynist charge that could have felony penalties attached to it because I'm on probation for a crime someone else committed.
      Oh, I'll be posting and image of the ticket right hear.

ticket for no contractors license

April 28th, 2012:
Got it Both Ways
Holiday Picnic and Going to jail
The only thing that has a strong majority on is that everyone thinks that they should just pay me.
      Many of the people who have lived here for so many years are very sceptical of just how corrupt the law enforcement agencies have gotten to be. And when it comes to having a court system that will overlook the corruption in an effort to protect the county from the liability of actions. Things can be both ways, there are those who are excepting it and those who are very disappointed in how their town has turned out to be.

Then on the other hand, you've got the Holiday picnic rumors, were as the propaganda machine is telling everyone of some kind of settlement. Tell me, how long has that been going around. There are people split both ways on that one two. Those who will actually believe it because they take creditability in the person who told them so.
     And the others would say Rule Number 4 because the signs if the women putting there best cloths on around here is a sign that we've been here before.

April 29th, 2012:
A little strange.
Strange is how Go Daddy has come up with some new rules. And even stranger is the fact (I coulda swore,) that they email I received the other day said that after the 4th, they want to slap a $80.oo late fee on the renewal of Morro Bay News. But today it's saying the 3rd. .
     Makes yah kinna wonder how much money we got Morro Bay spending on trying to tie up any domains I might come up with. (Sort of the point.)

Any how the reason I let it go as I did is because I switched banks and I'm still waiting for my new Bank cards in the mail. (Yeah, right, I figured they might get held up.) With all that information you may be able to figure out that if this county only know how to do crimes and bad deeds, they would probably throw me in jail just so I wouldn't be able to pay the lousy $8.oo.
     Therefore since this is all about covering bases, I think it's in my best interest to give my father the information so he can pay the lousy $8.oo if I find myself sitting in jail tomorrow.
     Or you can call it making sure that there is no advantage for the criminals if they throw me in jail. Yes folks, go to jail because of the crimes committed by the local government officials.
     And get this. If I would have told the lady. I need $200 for materials. $500.00 to paint your trim. and them I'll paint your walls for another $500.oo after you pay me for the trim, of vice versa. You get the picture. I'm willing to bet, that when they made the $500.oo limit, you could actually get someone to work a week for it. But now days, You wouldn't be able to get the same amount of work done for $1,000.oo. The money just doesn't buy as much and the customers are not into creative financing. They don't want someone by the hour because they are not interested in wondering how much someone else's science project is going to cost them. They just want to know how much it will cost and when it can be done. In this case, the whole situation was strange and I didn't think I'd get it for any price and so I just high rolled it for twice the amount of money that I could have done it for. So because of the strange situation in a staged house. I didn't bid the house for as little as $500 plus paint.

April 30th, 2012:
James Mcguire again?
Not this time.
Wouldn't you know, I'd get the same public defender. Yeah, that lasted just long enough to have James tell me that the charges were bullshit.
      Reguardless, I wasn't interested in a public defender who hasn't defended me yet. And I was sure he'd just roll over again. So I got a different one who seems to me that he likes to give them a fight. But then just as Mcquire said, that even if I'm able to go to trial, it doesn't mean that they will let me bring in past experiences that have forced me to make money as I do. It's like they can commit crimes against you but you can't use their crimes to defend yourself.

Any how, I think my probation officer took the probation violation bit off the table, so that is one thing in the right direction. And the deal offered was just to pay a fine and walk, BUT nobody had a number for that and that is what my new public defender is going to research. However the law was constituted back in 1963 and revised a bit since then. But then my argument would be: how much is that $500.oo worth today?
     Anyhow, I've actually put together a list of the crimes that have been committed against me since I've been in Morro Bay. All but three of them have happened within the last three years and counts ad up to 17.

Boy, you would think that they would have learned to stop it after the first two or three times, but since they got on a roll, they just don't know how to stop. Yeah, it's my guess and most likely yours that they don't know how to make anything right, they just figure to perform another crime in an effort to incriminate me. But I never did anything wrong and they actually think they can make me out to be the bad guy, but all I was doing was trying to stop the crimes committed against me. And now I'm paying for the crimes that the law enforcement committed against me.
     What's ridiculous about the whole deal is how most people just light up as if I'd come up with an excellence idea. The same Idea as many other communities around the country are doing. That corporate welfare game. To put it in to perspective, the county doesn't even consider me as a possible industry. One that is worthy of handing over tax free land to, just as many communities do every day just for the job's it would create. They don't even think about the ways of getting out from under a law suit without creating more corruption and breaking more laws. The funny thing about it is that the idea of the county forfeiting land to me just brightens that light bulb on peoples faces because they realize how many jobs it would create. And that's what they want and need, not more criminal activity. But then on the other had, just as the old fudydudies in Mac D's this morning said, that they don't care about me. Then moments later, the lady at the gas station stated that she also is amazed at how well these people just accept that the local law enforcement as nothing more than a bunch of criminals.

Well the part we can all laugh about is just how well the higher education works around here. Like this Cal Poly. I've met a engineering student who asked if I had a can of spray paint. He needed a can a spray paint to paint a wood sculpture he had to make for his engineering class. Like what does a few pieces of crap wood painted black have to do with engineering?
     And just the other day I've met a couple guys who drove out to the coast just to bring back a rock to class. I don't know about you but I'd be pissed of if I had a son coming home with a bullshit assignments like that. But the students say it's quit normal. (Gee, do they start with 1+1=2 at the beginning of each year?) I call it a waist of time and money.

Then you have to wonder about Cal Poly. Its suppose to be big on engineering and high tech, but locally, there is no market for them anywhere around here, unless they want to pick grapes. A college like Cal Poly is supposed to be supported in part by local industries, but they only look for support in the amount they charge for admission. Pretty pathetic I say.
     And if you think you might want to send your daughter to Cal Poly, I'd think twice about that. Because for some reason, this area attracts not so much as a lot of homeless but a for some reason a lot of excons. The fact is: they say only 6% of the rapes at the college ever get reported (and that happens almost every week.) So, it's pretty safe to say that there isn't more than another day or two before someone else's daughter will get raped. To say the least, this is one scary place.

Another thing I'd like to mention. Just how many of the local businesses are used to the set-up men with their phoney rumours fallowing me around. There are several, that just let me go off on a spill and tell their patrons about the corruption that I have to endure. (The people who work there are actually liking it. You can tell by the smile on their faces.) I guess they realize that if I speak up, the set-up men have a difficult time convincing others of their propaganda and it tends to keep the bad rumours down, And to the business management, that's better than having their customers think that they welcome child molesters into their establishment. To clarify: Rabobank would rather have you think that I'm a criminal, while other business, would rather you not. Basically, many of business managers have learned to like a little rant and rave from time to time, than to have their customers think they have criminals in the house.
     Oh yeah. for those of you who are interested, I'll be putting a list of the crimes committed against me and posting them at MorroBayNews.

Featured book excerpt of the week
Building the World’s Greatest Work Truck

Dooms Day for Private Inventors
-happened yesterday,
when Obama took his mighty pin to the bill.

My Stupid Movie Idea

If you wonder how things are
in San Luis Obispo County
Check out:


In Court with Martin
January 11, 2011

Arrested by Martin
November 17-24, 2010

Me and my truck spent the week in jail last week.
Yes folks, I'm accused of being a criminal once again.

Jailed by Martin
November 17-24, 2010

The most revolutionary tool box in the world,
sitting in a room of poisonous insecticide

September 2009

The Rumor

And if you want to know more about the local Sheriff who spread phony rumors about me and his drug dealing brother, and even a recording of a drug deal going down you'll have to go to the
The Loop

New: the full version of the story about the fire
the actual book excerpt
Burning Down the House

A few years ago, I wrote about a couple of these law makers at:Poop Bad Law.

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I changed the format as to the way the journal entries are posted. The change will allow the readers with a the ability to read the entries as the unfold in chronological order.

For those of you who may feel I don't have better things to do with my time than molesting children or stalking women, I'd say do a background check on me yourself, because you can not believe anything any cop or fireman will tell you.
      I've actually tried doing a criminal background check on myself because I would love to find one that wasn't true. I've learned that even when they say it's free, that it is not. However, I did find one that will refund your money if you cancel a monthly subscription with 7 days. Its at

I'm the Dennis Sattler, 50 in Van Nuys CA, Lakewood Washington, Castic CA

But in reality now days, you only have to fire up a search engine.

And no I'm not the Dennis Sattler in Texas who hid in a closet and then killed his wife. But that goes to show you that if I have done any criminal act such as stalking a woman or molesting a child, just Googling my name would tell you.

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