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Yeah can you believe it.
I thought I gave enough.

Yes only in the USA

May 6th, 2012:
8 miles per gallon.?
Morro Bay says: Burn it.
Out all the things I've said about Morro Bay, the one thing that got them more than anything else, was when I said that they must be some kind of social experiment. That topped them all. All of a sudden they got more people saying that they were going to run me out of town.
     Of course they were going to run me out of town along time ago, and I think that is a little silly thing to say when my goal has been to get my ass out of this shit hole for a long time. But the problem is the shit hole part of this town will just fallow me to the next town. I either have to stay on the run (say every 3 to six months,) or I have to just stay there and fight it and hope I get names and faces as I marvelously did right here in Morro Bay. I don't want to wait for that kind of luck again and I'm not willing to give this wonderful thing up so easy either.

The fact of the matter is: if the Community of Morro Bay thinks they are better off if the run me off, well they got that all wrong too.
      I'm sure they would rather not have their visitors learn about their criminals. And you and I know that my web-site about them is just old news to the locals. But if visitors are what they are worried about. What would I happen if I became the visitor. The visitor of the communities of where the visitors of Morro Bay come from?

When the folks at Red Bull promotes their energy drink, they don't send their little car with the Red Bull can sitting on top to a community and just leave it there. They keep it moving. Don't they?
     Well, I'm not as stupid as most and I can understand things a little better than most too.
     The Question is, just how much of a fool are you?

Now in regards to the Social experiment bit. Gee, just look at these ball players, who are blowing their chest out so we can have a look at their brains.
     I myself don't think looking at their brains is going to teach us a damb thing. And there are others out there who can believe this social experiment crap is going on in some other community because unfortunately it worked so well right here in Morro Bay.

     Yeah, 14 years ago, when I told people about the satellite tracking device in my truck, people thought I was crazy. And when I told them about the transmitter in my computer, they though that was crazy too.

May 8th, 2012:
Hello Pismo
Oh, you already know.
5:00 am -

That the thing with the roaming soft drink can; wouldn't really apply here, (at least to these locals,) because they are well aware of what has been going on with the neighbouring Morro Bay. I'm sure that the numbers come in better around here; compared to you know where.
      I'm sure the demographics of where Morro Bay's visitors come from will be changing a bit too.
      Of course, I'm not going to be visiting Fresno or Bakersfield any time soon, therefore I would suggest that Morro Bay spend their advertising dollars there.

5:10 pm: There are basically three words that I've had drilled into my head in the last couple days. The word I heard the most, and I mean something like a gazillion times; is Not. I swear, it could drive a person crazy if they were not already geared for it. But these folks have been taught to make sure that the word NOT is used within the phrase about the rumors. (I have a feeling they've been worked on a bit.) If it wasn't such a good effort to fight for the good of their own community, I'd be bitching and moaning about it. But these folks here in 5 Cities making an effort not to become a criminal in any kind of experiment. I want to thank them for it.
     The other two words I've heard the most are Pretty Good. The Pretty in there makes it all worth the craziness. ‏

It was so amazing, I turned my ass around today choosing to burn another $10 worth a fuel just to experience another day of it, away from Morro Bay.

May 9th, 2012:
Rule 50
Oh, that's what I don't know.
Sorry folks, we screwed up around here at MyStupidRules. The deal is: before the .info got dropped, I thought what I did for the links was working, but apparently the images did all load. I forgot to check and most of Girls of the Day was down for I don't know how long. Certainly a major screw up on this end. Just when I was thinking of throwing out a new featured page for GotD as a reward for those people down in the Pismo area, I discovered I've got my hands full again and the work down here a MSR never ends.
      I haven't even looked at H&E yet. But you can beat I probably won't be too happy about that either.

May 11th, 2012:
Today in the paper
The F.B.I. is out campaigning an effort to
"Protect America's Trade Secrets."
And to Stop a $13 Billion Loss.

Sorry folks, but don't yah think it's kinna hard to do that when you change the patent laws to first to file. The corporate espionage that runs rapid in all those foreign countries that have had it for decades, come to the US when it favours them to do so.
      Gee, haven't we learned anything yet?

May 13th, 2012:
It's only Junk
And Helpful Hints.
Two web-pages got posted at just in time to inform you about what you get from publicly traded companies. Just the kind of posts that some of you brand loyal folks need to have a look at?
      And this is the week Facebook goes public. Gee, they are putting a value of $150 billion on it. Gee, isn't it like another PHP program with adds? Gee, most of us could upload something like that over night. But, you better start off with a list of emails to a bunch of collage students first. (Yes folks, that was all it took.) Think about it: it's all about the adds.

May 14th, 2012:
Got nothing.
I know, I've got to work on that list. But I've been busy with working out the bugs lately and lost that list the second time.
      Anyhow, I did some repairs to IWYL and got the links working at MorroBayNews, and I've got more Book excerpts ready to go, but I've just got to get out of this cage some today.

May 15th, 2012:
They got you running behind
Funny how this JP Morgan thing came to light in the mainstream media (TV) about a day or two late from the get go. James Dimon was put in the picture but like many of us realized that a soon as the main-street media showed it; that heads were going to roll. But hay, the risk bit is what she was hired for in the first place. And in layman’s terms, we would probably say that there was just too many failures in that bundle and the results just happened to pan out to be a loss this time around.
      Anyhow, I did mention back on March 25,'12 that Obama was about to roll back on some of the regulations imposed on the banking industry around Emron collapse.
      Yeah, if you are thinking like me, we'd probably say that it sure didn't take long before the bankers were right back to doing what we all paid them to do before.
      I think the funny part of it is, that Obama has come out with a response of more regulations when he had just stricken some down not two months earlier.

Oh yeah, the Moron of the day is the dumb ass who says that he has spen $60,000.oo to get his dog back. But the real Morons of the Day are the folks who are dumb enough to send him money.
     And another thing. Apparently the publishers think stupidity is profitable. Like this morning, NBC helped pitch a book on raising a kid who can tell you what day of the week it was for any date you give him. But the idiot only has an I.Q. if 75. But hay, if it is so enjoyable, why not everyone be happy with having a stupid kid.

And on the ex-Co-founder of Facebook jumping ship to Singapore: Well, Capital gains taxes went from 60% down to 35%; and now about to rise to 55%. Hell, the guy is smart enough to realize that he can get out now for 35% of what his shit is worth now before Facebook goes public. So why would the guy want to loose 55% of what it will be worth later?
      To be an American?
     Rule Number 7

May 16th, 2012:
Remembering a friend.

While I was sitting in the Australian Detention centre, trying to get political asylum, I became friends with a gal in section two. She had told me her name, but I was something quite uncommon for me and I found it difficult to pronounce because of it. Anyhow, I opted for the easy way out and called her by the name of Syria because that was where she had been born.
     She had managed to create a new life in Australia, working as a professional cook.
     She had left Syria because of the danger she was in from her ex-husband's family. (As I can remember.) She also was trying to get a protection visa. She was (I think 41,) the quite the genital type and I'd usually visit her while I was suppose to be using the computer printer in the library over at section two.
     I can't remember how long she had been there (I think about a year,) but she had her own refrigerator and worked in the kitchen there at Villawood, so she always had a few good snacks that would other wise be difficult to come by.

      Syria was a sweet gal and when Michaela Wesson informed me of her sudden deportment, she spoke as if she was surprised because she felt that Syria had a good case (or should I say, good entitlement,) for a protection visa.

      Michaela thought it was kinda strange how after all the time that Syria had been there at Villawood, that they did not give her any kind of answer before just showing up at her door, taking her off to the airport for deportation back to Syria.

Now every time I see what is going on in Syria, I think of her. And I'm left wondering if the Australian government would send her back there today. (Kinda of like my case.)
      Anyhow, back them, there wasn't even the problems they have now. (At Least on TV.)What is sad about it is that the tourist industry there has depended mostly on westerners, but they also know where their problems came from; the Westerners. Kinna hard to attract visitors when you are just blowing up the place.

Another thing
Recently, I've looked into how I can register my cage as a RV trailer, which would be actually paying a tax on my cage. But then I also realize just why a can't afford to pay such a tax. It's because I'm having to pay money out for crimes the law enforcement agencies have imposted upon me.
     But then the ironic part of it is that I have to turn on the TV, only to see Governor Jerry Brown with his chart indicating the shortfalls in revenue and the needed cuts to programs because of it.

Brown is now telling us that we either have to volunteer to pay for the short falls, or the cuts to jobs and wages will just happen on their own in good time.
     The laughable part of it all, (that is if you are a moron,) that none of these cuts or shortfalls would ever need to happen if they were not getting their Swiss bank accounts filled with money for making sure I live in a cage.
     And then if you are indeed a moron, you will disagree that the state of California is losing more than I am because you all have me shitting in a bucket.

May 17th, 2012:
Flip - Flop

Depending where you get your rumors from, you've either heard "the settlement," or "they are going to run him out of town."
     The laughable part about it is that there is only one of them that have any truth to it.
     The Settlement bit has most likely generated it'self because there are so many people saying that they should just pay me the money.
     The running him out of town bit does have some truth to it though. Sure it's not out there in the open, but I can tell you that there has been people working to under-mind everything around me in an effort to get me to move away.
The laughable part about all that is that moving away is what I've been wanting to do for some time now. I would have been gone already it wasn't for a court date they have set me up with for next Monday of which they are going to want me to pay them even more money after they have made serious efforts to make it impossible to earn it.

      It's like they have made it into a financial debit just to stay out of their jail. (Even worse: I have to pay for the corruption that has been making sure I have no income.) It's like you are going to jail because we won't let you make the money we want you to pay us, so by default, you go to jail.
       The fact of the matter, there is an Exodus going on already and I feel like one who is being left behind in this social experiment.
     Further more, the guy who rents U-hauls knows this better than everyone else, and all a person has to do is look at all the storage units that have become vacant lately, when vacant units were difficult to find just over a year ago.

I'm not sure if everyone went out and got advertising stickers for their work trucks in an effort to find work, or as I'm betting, a bunch of new contractors have moved into the area in the last year or two.
      Anyhow, there was a spurt of new construction the kicked of less than a year ago, but from what I see, that new stuff seems to have dried up.
     See, a prison, a college, and a bunch of grapes isn't enough to keep people here.
     And the tourist: gee, did you see the beach the other day? There was only a hand full.
     It's quite evident to many of us, nothing is going to happen around here any time soon. It's like how broke do you want to be. Yeah, there isn't much to keep a person around here.

Oh another thing: When the US treasury bought into General Motors and Chrysler in the bail out, they not only got the US taxpayers to honor the warranties, but they also took away the ability of suing over punitive damages from the US taxpayer. Now days Chysler and GM and sell you dangerous vehicles and have immunity in any liability for doing so. (There was a bit about it at B1 of the WSJ today.)

I posted something about Joss Whedon in Going to the Movies

May 18th, 2012:
It's one or the other
For today, I've been wondering what I should post next. The list of Crimes committed against me, or my little theory upon what may happen to the human race in the future. And since everyone seems to be living behind rose colored glasses, they obviously don't give a damb about the crimes committed against me. So - it's obvious to me, that people will be more upset and my movie idea, that is if they thought there was any truth in it.
      But in my best interest, I think I should write it out as a movie story line, or as they in Hollywood call a treatment.
     So they can say what they will, it all comes down to whether you, yourself happens to think there is any possibility that my little theory about the future of the human race has any weight to it.
     Since it's just a movie idea, that means I can name it anything I want to, now doesn't it?

Well, we'll have to call it
A letter to Malia.
     Boy you can bet, that those of you who didn't like me before, certainly won't like me now. But then, I'm not the one who is wearing rose colored glasses
     PS: After today's posts, things got a little quite around here. I did however hear the word Kook a few times; and that's just what I expected. Regardless, of what you might think. I happen to know that there are many of you out there who are paying attention. Just how you handle it, really doesn't matter much to me. I'm not the one who is trying to raise kids. If you think I should be worried about your kids, I have to say I certainly do, but should I worry any more about them as you do about me? In that case, the last thing I'd be trying to do is to hand out rose colored glasses to the next generation because they may just be the last.

May 21th, 2012:
Kooks all over the place.
I have to admit, the reposting to the postings the other day was a little different than I thought they would be. Apparently my parents and their friends aren't the only ones who have seen a Biological space ship.
      Sure I heard a couple kooks but they were out weighed by the "I think he's right." The way I see it, it kinna makes a person rethink a few things. Never the less, breeding stupid people is about the last thing we should be doing, but hay, the snowy plover my just out live us.
     I truly do think that we do care about animals more than the human race.

Oh yeah and another funny thing: The old rumor about my ex-girlfriend wanting to go out with me has been hammered upon me again. I guess there are some who would rather I stay in Morro Bay. Well deah, I agree, it would probably better for Morro Bay if I did, because the last place Morro Bay needs me is in a more populous city and the last place they need me in is LA.

Oh yeah, one of Slo county largest employers (The California Men's Colony) is cutting 200 more jobs. I wouldn't doubt some of them become another one of those painting contractors with sticker labels on their door.

May 22nd, 2012:
298 day until Dooms Day
Yes folks, only 298 days until the end of the end of private inventors and small business start ups.
      Sure there will be a few left, but at a minuet amount. And there will be a lot of us who wish to be working at the post office. Washington DC preferred.
     Wouldn't you like to be the one who does the hiring there? I bet some law firm would pay millions just to get one of their guys inside.

May 23rd, 2012:
Morons of the Day
Yes if yo put money in the wash machine and turn it on, the door locks. You see that couple who put their kids in the washing machine? Wouldn't believe it if I hadn't seen it myself. Then if it wasn't for the laundrymat employee.....

And did you see the America's got Talent the other night? I guees the judges are too stupid to think what a bit of Novocain can do to one's crotch. But those idiots happen to think getting kicked in the crotch is a million dollar act. And then there was the old man who ripped off the Ghostbusters song.

So we are Breeding stupid people and too stupid to do anything about it. So whatcha going to do? Whatcha going to do.

p.m. Hah hah hah. Sure I may not know what I'm talking about, but from what I've read and what I gather about the whole Facebook I.P.O. thing; it was one hell of a way for the venture capitalist who own Facebook prior to the I.P.O. offering, to take the profits in a big way. And the underwriters like Morgan Stanely knew it all too well. I bet from the point of $40 to $45 they were unloading. Someone had to loose and you can bet it was the Mom and Pops.

May 25, 2012:
I heard that some one confessed
But of course I'm not one to create rumors.

It's been nice this week not being around a bunch of criminals.

Can't wait to get out of this country. All I've been doing lately is looking at videos of other countries, with warm water and better, well.... I'm just burned out on trying to save the human race from it's own stupidity. I've pretty much given up on the Idea that it may even be possible.

I walked into a business this morning, and walked in on a conversation that came to a stop as soon as they saw that I was inside. However I did hear, "he wants to build it himself" and "it's about time." But haven't we all heard that before? It's about the ten thousandth time I've heard it.
      Yet they have me scrubbing toilets and handing what ever cash I get over to the criminals.

Can't wait to get out of this country. All I've been doing lately is looking at videos of other counties, with warm water and better, well.... I'm just burned out on trying to save the human race from it's own stupidity. I've pretty much given up on the Idea that it may even be possible.

Oh yeah, I saw a portable food service box the engineering students at Cal Poly put together. It was made inside a 20 ft. sea-train box and even featured on the local news. Gee, even a a stupid farmer like myself knows that it's not worth a damn. Just because you make a portable kitchen, doesn't mean you can use it for anything. The piece of junk isn't to code. Hell, didn't anyone there even try to get it inspected to be certified. All I saw was paint on the walls and even a farmer like me knows that you'd be lucky if you could get away with that white plastic stuff, but anyone in the food service business could tell you that it would require stainless steel walls. And they call them engineers? I call it idiots teaching idiots. Cow Poly shit alright. Hah, hah, hah squared. Pretty damn stupid if you ask me, hah, hah, hah.
      I'd flunk them and fire their so called professors.

May 30, 2012:
I need some of those rose coloured glasses
I'm so fed up with all this crap, I need to get away from it all. I'm tired of pitching the pitch. Clearly it doesn't do any good, so why even bother. Dooms day is coming and I don't really want to remind myself of it either.

It's that rule number 20 and 1 I had to live with every day. It's clear to me just how much the Tooler means to me when I have to live with out it and it's like something has been taken away from me again.

It's like living in hell where you can only expect more trouble. This week it came from someone who claimed to be a neighbor, but wasn't really a neighbor. Then the people who committed slander had to be set straight by someone who actually knew the truth, but by then it was too late, the damage was done and all they could say to one another was how they felt sorry for me.
      Sure just a reminder of how it has been and how it will be. Just more criminals made around me and no doubt there will be some more no matter where I go.

I just need a way to escape from it. However, there was a time I did escape from it though. It was the five months I sat in the detention centre in Australia, while I was trying to get political asylum. Only there, I didn't have to deal with the prosecution.
      But then again it didn't work out for Syria either.

Oh yeah, I finally posted the link to Butt Shoots. There isn't many, but I need a brake from all this shit.
      I will however try to keep the new chapters a going and if anything, I'm going to try to get back to writing my Lousy Book, which I have not touched on in years, because I need to fill in those empty pages at Morrobaynews eventually. As for this site and my journal entries.....

May 31, 2012:
Went fishing on the south side of the Pismo Pier today.
I didn't score on any rose colored glasses, but I did catch a few small ones. I guess I can say I sure needed to catch a few, because they sure haven't been biting much lately.

And this thing Obama has been pushing for keeping the lower interest on student loans: It's kinna like the Clinton/Greenspan deal with lowering the interest. People went out and ended up paying more for their homes. Now I could be wrong, but I feel the same thing goes for what colleges will charge for tuition. You can be they will go up instead of down.
      And it's my opinion that the college grants end up making the tuitions more expensive too. Like I saw on TV, the amount covered by the grants: at a $50,000 school the grants pay for what $37.000.oo, so they students only have to pay $12,000.oo for it. I happen to think the colleges take advantage of the situation and gouge the tax payers.

And that whole confession thing I mentioned about the other day has been going around Pismo pretty good the last few days. I guess they got'em twice and from what I hear, they got him on video too.
      The thing I'm wondering is whether they knew to make copies and whether they also uploaded it to YouTube. And sure I have more questions about it but the most important on is whether they want good jobs or do the want to protect their criminals?

I hear things but that's just a bunch of words floating around, but one thing for sure; I know what Pismo has over Morro Bay. That's better TV reception and cute girls in bikinis one the beach.
      It's safe to say, I'm sure glad I'm not in Morro Bay any more.

Oh yeah, Get this: it's funny as shit.
      The guy who couldn't get rid of me fast enough because his renters must have told him that (well you know.)
     (Apparently the land lord didn't listen to a word I said about checking out my web-site From what I gather: he relied on a search engine to find a dumpster for demoing his rotted out deck and discovered this morning he had me on the phone. Hah hah hah.

Also, I'd been hearing about San Luis Obispo buying a Hooklift. And I saw it today. Sure the guys were working out of it but they were working out of it as if it was just another flat bed. Yeah, I heard the guys don't like it that much because it tips too much to unload it on to the ground with tools in it. I guess they know a Synchro-link is just that much better. Boy, I wonder if they are going to gear up with that obsolete technology. Kinna like the full size cable roll-offs everyone is stuck with around hear and on the east coast. At least the folks in Washington don't have to put knee pads on to mess around in the mud with the lousy cable, they stay in their warm and dry cab and push a couple buttons or levers. Hah,hah hah.

And another oh yeah: Check out the post in

It's Only Junk at to find out how Chrysler nickel and dimes their trucks. (I found a good example inside my door.)

June 3-4th, 2012:
God, please spare me of this shit.
I turned on the television this morning to discover a show I'm not used to seeing on my Sunday mornings. It was Face the Nation on CBS. They had the lead campaign strategist for Obama on, front and center.
      The guy must have not been reading any of the leading news papers lately. The guy was lying through his teeth and the network guy wasn't even calling him on it.

Hell, Obama has already set things up so that they will fail as it is and it ready isn't going to start until next year. But all the true indicators show that it's already happening now and this moron is front and center telling us that we have got to do more.
     Sure we do. We've got to do more to undo what Obama has done to us before it really kicks us in the ass.

Well I guess I should be happy to announce that we here at MyStupidRules is about to embark upon the California Coast Book Promotion Tour. We're going to call it - the sinking the rock tour. We've got the unemployment check that doesn't stop coming and we are about to drag these suckers who work for your auto manufacturers, up and down the coast.
     We're going to let them do their experiment with the rumors and all. We'll see how much of your money we can make them spend trying to turn you all into criminals yourselves.
      I've got a budget of $75.oo for fuel and guilty pleasures ever week. Sure that isn't much but I think we can do it because the waves are free.

The sad thing about it is that I'm actually trapped here and rather be spending my time in Central America, promoting peace, love and understanding.
     But I'm stuck here being just political prisoner with doubt to whether I can even vote against the evil one who is behind all this. I'm not even allowed to escape this imprisoned public experiment of which we are in because it is another form of corporate terrorism created by our own US Government.

June 4th, 2012:
Dito, repeat what I said yesterday.
Gee, what it gets down to is wanting a motorcycle, a surfboard and the hope that the roads are so bad that longboards and cops won't go there.
      Yes folks I'm bound here in this shit hole. I even discovered that James Maguire has set me up to find myself in more trouble because of his misrepresentation.

After a few sessions here with all the clowns you can't get away from, I ask myself; what makes you want to even be here?
     Apparently more and more of the surfers are of total understanding of the situation. Many of them around here have been asking one another as to whether they would have smashed the truck up. I don't even have to mention the unanimous opinions.
     I think I'd rather be somewhere that I don't even know the language.

I 'm tired of looking over my shoulder.

June 5th, 2012:
Rule Number 50.
I was getting complaints that I was doing the wrong thing with forwarding Synchro-link to; I guess they don't want to be typing out anything more than Synchro-link. It's like they are saying enough already and get to the point and be specific about the one everyone is taking about. Guess they see it before I do and I've never put too much thought to it other than Synchro-link already had some kind of ranking.
     Now that I've made the move to ratify the situation, it appears that we've got problems. however sometimes these thing take a few hours. I just hope forwarding MROT to Syncho-link may be the wrong thing to do as far as images go.
     I think I have a mess going on here and I think the best route would to be going basic and giving index page all links to synchro-link .

Gotta drive a different rout next time I suppose. See this place everyone is talking about. With out a doubt, people here have weighed the pros and cons about the difference in having my truck built by a private company compared to a public traded company. Strangely enough: from what I've heard a few times lately, even some hook-lift manufactures even prefer Synchro-link to be owned by a private company. I can assume that a private company wouldn't be able to gear up for high production numbers as fast as a publicly traded company could. The result of that would and more likely put more invoices in their out going mail, than they would if a public traded company just came along and put them out of business.
     I've also heard the stories about how so called engineers have over engineered the hell out of my truck, so much so that they don't realized just how costly it can be to make it look one way or another. The funny thing about it is that: A few different pulley blocks and bronze bushings, meaning the ability of smaller shafts. Half inch plumbing this time and the most important thing of all to the success of the system as far as I'm concerned is my own size of Chain. The common size of chains and sprockets are distributed as 60, 80,100 and 120.(I used 80, and I feel 100 is too small.) I need the size in between, but you've got to come across the uncommon sprockets sizes as well.

But then again, some may feel that maybe over engineering when I can honestly say, I'd be happy with the way the first prototype turned out if I had a few 1/2 in. solenoid valves in one hand and a plasma cutter in the other.

Right now I wish I had just four sheets of 3/4" plywood. A few redwood 2 x 6's. 2-10's and 0ne 8 would help too.

June 6th, 2012:
Fred Rubble.
Two words I've heard more than a dozen times today.
     They are saying 6'4", but I've been thinking 6'3" with an extra 3/16th of foam and in a round tail. But even that may be better in a 6'4" for me (as I've been thinking.)
      I just don't want to wait three months to get it though. I know of a used 6'4" MX round tail I might get my hands on .

Get to finish my Woody. Something I wasn't so sure about.
      The next question I have is buy dirt or by air?
    I've heard that all I need once I get there is a bike. I'm thinking of just doing a three month discovery tour by air.

June 7th, 2012:
Yeah educate the kids.
They had a guy on TV saying shit like the Obama machine has done so much for the education of your kids. Then you've got the Feds talking some kind of stimulus scheme.
      Gee, then you've got them talking about the fact that they don't even know how to count the borrowed money out there already.

They're going to teach your kids alright.

Check it out. No phone.

June 8th, 2012:
I must be dreaming.
By the time I get the county its $250.oo, I'll be lucky to be able to afford to renew my passport.

I must be dreaming when I'm working in a library and I have kids proof reading ahead of me as I go.

I must be dreaming when I hear about the kids who lifted my glasses at Burger king.

You'd think you were dreaming if you have to listen to what I have to hear. Thank god for who ever invented the modern day music player.

And I must be dreaming When I turn on the TV and see this Greek guy whaling on this lady.
     Hell, he was swinging away on her so girlly like, anyone would tell you he'd be an easy one to block his shots. But the the what amazes me is the others standing in the room just stood there as if it was something of the norm. Gee, is this what we call normal now days? I don't know how to tell you this but something is wrong here folks.
What ever happened to the Gent in Gentlemen.

A blessing,
in disguise?

6-9-12: Please spare me.
I don't know if I can handle another day of hearing that phrase.
     I kinna felt that way about a so called recording of Martin in a school. (What ever happened to that?) People drove me nuts with "I wonder if he's going to file."
     Whole lotta good that did me and I'm still paying for it and now I can't even leave the country for that.
     I'm just trapped here and the only option I have is to fight it. To live doing the totally opposite thing that I'd rather do at all.

Doing just,

Dennis Sattler, his Tooler invention and Surfboards with matching Graphics

Someone should tell Obama the truth.
Obama mixes up the government with buying into public traded companies by handing over your kid's money in his bail out scheme.
     He sets things up so that the private sector gets its throat slashed next year with his change in the patent laws.
     And he actually thinks that the private sector would do better if there was more artificial government at the local and state level to support the private sector. (Look around 5-cities; they have only one new commercial building going up and they are already putting on the roof.)
     I don't know about you, but I happen to think he has set things up so that the folks on Wallstreet are going to roll you.

June 11, 2012:
Isn't that kinna like Dictatorship?

Kinna gives Rule Number 36 a whole new meaning.
     You've got the baseball. You have the glove in one hand and a belt in the other. A sure fire way of getting your kid to like baseball.
      (Rule #26) If we aren't breeding stupid people, please tell me what we are doing.

Rule 50: my Woody ended up being about an inch too long. When it came to doing the floor joist layout, I didn't think about the fact that the daidoed corners would add about an inch to the overall length when it comes to the sheeting. The back cross member is notched out, into the rails, so it has to be the front wall that moves.
     As a result of that mishap; the game plan changed to designing the back first. The front may just ended up with some firing strip for all I care because as it is now, my from cross member is suppose to become one with the front joist brackets. Guess I could add a one inch strip, either places. (I'm not so trilled about redrilling holes in the rails.)
     Oh well, what a mess. But it will look cool. I did the graphics before the sheeting goes inside the hayrack. This time graphics on opposing corners should have the same height. (Reason being is I didn't have much height to deal with.) Lets just cross our fingers and hope I didn't screw up with that.

June 12, 2012:
Word of the week

The folks in Five Cities might have something to do with it by using it so much.
      But now days everyone is using it.

Obama: "The private sector is NOT doing fine."
     GM CEO Dan Akerson: "We're making money, but NOT as much as money as a company our size should make."
     Well, it's NOT going to be the farmer who has a really cool contraption sitting in his barn and too afraid to take it outside to see if it even works. If he does have the money to file for a patent, he has to wonder if the application will even make it there, be fore someone runs it though a copy machine.

What if that farmer was the one who had a better battery. One with a new electrolyte chemistry. One that doesn’t get hot and lasts a long time. Do you think he has a chance when the department of Energy has just given A123 batteries a grant of $14 million for R and D. And let's not forget about the $2 billion Obama kicked out for electric car batteries. Of which A123 managed to get their hands on over $100 million from that so far.
     But the question we ask is: Was it fare for the small time farmer who was afraid to take it outside of the barn?.

Oh yeah, I took a look at the automotive industrial's numbers this morning. Pretty much everyone is down 30-40% from the past 52 weeks high. Yeah, that's change alright. Forward is down the road on the Sinking of the Rock Book promotion tour.

PS as much as I like prototyping, I can't help but feel the need to chase waves. If it wasn't for my probation. I'd be on the roads today. I just hope I don't miss anything. Got a appointment Thursday at 11:30 and I think after that, I'm going to hit the road. This time, I'm going to travel light with very few tools. I want to are a three two.

June 13, 2012:
Gonna rob someone for ten bucks,
with a Baby in the back seat.

Just like Bonnie and Clyde
     Maybe NOT.

Yesterday I touched on how well the auto manufactures are doing. Well Ford and VW have been cleaning house at Neting $20 Billion each. I guess that comes from not borrowing money like the other guys. (I think Ford went to the selling bonds route, but VW, you have to remember is somehow subsidized by the German government.)
     With that in mind: Don't you think VW would have had enough money to afford to buy land like everyone else? NOT so: When Local governments can give away 1,340 acres of land tax free for 30 years. A deal that lost the US taxpayers an estimated $630 million, but they have one of the best unemployment rates.
(I've been hearing about 1,500 acres.)

The thing with the Morgan Case banker, testifying in Congress for a couple days sort of reminds me of the days they haggled over whether a ball player used performance enhancement drugs or NOT.
     Then you've got to wonder why people, (for over a year and a half,) have NOT been able to get politicians to do something about the shortage of cancer drugs for their children.
     I can only guess it's because it gives the politicians more time to skim money off the drug companies.

I forgot to read more on page C-1 of the WSJ today about the deal with ING is all about. But the teaser was saying that there was a record penalty set for illegally hiding Cuban and Iranian clients money.
     Get this: it was said that they had threatened to punish employees if they didn't conceal the origins of their clients.
     The thing I wonder about is how many millions went into the hidden bank accounts of the officials who set the record penalty at $619 million.
     I don't know about you, but with those big numbers, there just has to be some profit involved for someone, somewhere along down the line.
     Because as I see it; in the world of us small time guys, the government would just put us out of business and we'd be lucky if our asses were NOT in jail.
     But the government just brought in over the table $619 million from ING, just like that. It's kinna like the crime pays story I wrote about my buddy the ex-marine.
     He did some really bad stuff that was NOT quite on the level. He realized back then that he could end up in a whole lotta trouble because of his craziness.
     Well, it surprised the hell out of him, that the military only wanted him to do more NOT so on the level stuff.

Well it looks as though a few web-pages with the American flag hooked up to a PayPal account had the Zimmermans thinking they had hit the mother of payloads.

For some reason Anna Trov has become the most requested girl of the Day. And of course it's Bikinis over Legs.

Damn, by time I get there, I hope they are NOT saying, -you should have been here yesterday.

June 14th, 2012:
Looks like wind swell.
A touch of South on Saturday with a possibility of offshore winds.

From what I gather, there isn't much for about a week away.
      The Synchro-Woody Project, cut into the retirement fund more than we expected, so we're NOT able to take a running chance at something that does NOT show any signs of being a good gamble of funds.

Besides: the Woody is looking pretty good. I figure that I need to stay on it until I run into another hold up. Got too much time and money into it, NOT to have it done.

Kinna strange being in a town that wishes I could just sue them.
     Yeah, but someone should tell them that it cost money to prove the things everyone knows about.
     Who's to say that it would NOT work? The County the land and Hollywood for the start up money.
     Gee, that's an idea I had along time ago, but I'm just sitting here wondering when I'm going to have to buy another set of tires for my truck.
(And have you seen the price of paint lately?)

June 15th, 2012:
Your kids got nothing for.

The Solar company Obama had you all buy into for $500 million. Filed for bankruptcy.
     Wonder how much money slipped through the fingers on that one.
     (Maybe not so funny when you think of the potential harm such a thing may have done to the rest of the solar industry.)

Many of the local business owners in Morro Bay are struggling to make ends meet and would rather NOT have me or my truck around.
      I for one of many of us can see the reason why, but the local government has it set up to where I'm NOT allowed leave.
      The very government that many of you would like to see me sue, has got it set up to where I can't even go looking for a law firm in another town for at least 6 months from now. (That is if I'm lucky because they can actually keep me prisoner here for two years if they wanted to.)
      Basically I'm NOT allowed to move away from the area unless I have a residence. And who in hell wants me for there neighbour knowing that there will be child molester rumours fallowing me everywhere. Besides, with only $849 I'm not actually going to find a residence to live in unless I'm sitting my ass down in a place in Central America. Can't do that either. Can't even move away until December, and that isn't even a for sure thing.
      It's like having there cops and fire department do everything possible to make my life miserable, They have turned half their own town into criminals of which I don't even want to be around and have been wanting to be able to escape from. And now that I've got the financial ability to leave, I can't. If it wasn't for me trying to stop the crimes being committed against me, my social security would have been like receiving my own political asylum.
      But instead it's like sitting in a jail cell with a jail mate who just happened to have killed your child. Gee, do
     It's like taking away my life for the past fifteen years was NOT bad enough. They had to take away my American dream. And that was Not bad enough because they had to fallow me around with child molester rumours;
      bad enough for me to ruff it out in a detention centre, trying to get political asylum.
     Then to send me back for seven years more of it. And now they want to take away my retirement.
     Tell me, what is left?
      Because I sure as hell want to figure out a way to hide it?

June 18th, 2012:
Stupid Rule Numbers 20, 40 & 53

I'm usually pretty good a figuring things out in advance as far as I can when prototyping. Like how I was going to use 2 by 6's for the caps and overlap the plywood edge and I was planing to block between with 2 by 2's.
      My mistake was pre-cutting most of them. I beat myself up discovering one was a fraction of an inch short. So instead of trimming off about an inch and a quarter of the sheeting. Stupid me went and trimmed them all down to the short one and changing the way I was going to do the cap. But now my cap is going to stick out about two inches instead of one. (Which makes the door hinges stick out too far.)

The Rule 20 comes in when I say I would have just been a whole lot happier if I'd just replaced the short stud for a new longer one. (Or at least just glued a spacer in place because with the brackets I made, it really wouldn't have mattered.)
     I guess it's not right to beat myself up about whether I screwed up or NOT. Because I realize just how possible it would have been for someone to go in my shop and cut one short. Regardless, it takes the whole fun part out of the project.

June 22nd, 2012:
Stupid Rule Number 50, 51

Boy, yah sneak guns illegal guns into Mexico and you wonder why your own boarder guard is dead.
      Then you use your Attorney General to hide it.

Locally, things just aren't any better. That is the government San Luis Obispo county and Morro Bay are head strong for protecting their criminal activity.
     I don't know about your position, but I sure as hell wish I wasn't stuck in this social experiment. It just keeps getting creeper and I just would have never imagined a community could be so gullible. After a trip to both 5-cities and Atas, I couldn't help but notice how much the rumors evolve like a loop tape. The part that must have been the hardest is to come up with is how they get it back to the same beginning somewhere in the loop.

June 25th, 2012:
Is it Money for Nothing,
or No Money for Something

Isn't that something, a Bus attendant gets bullied, and she gets $640,000.oo. But an inventor can get: (let's not bother with the list,) and he has to loose his money to them for it.

No doubt; someone sure did NOT want me to clean up things in a rewrite. Got something from somewhere (I think a fake e-mail.)and a bunch of my files are destroyed because it will NOT let me copy the files through the back door (now that I'm running off a demo disk.) The problem is that with out keyboard driver that is NOT working; I can't log in. I you can bet I'm NOT into having to reload the operating system all over. I just do NOT want to do that today

I'm guessing the week of NOT is NOT over yet.
      Some of you also noticed that the Java Script that was added for the roll overs in the Menu have been taken out. Well, I'm not sure how that stuff works but I used software to generate it and I'm left what the back-up part has to do with it. Therefore If I don't understand something, I guess it's best that I NOT mess with it and you will see that they disappear from my web-pages.(In the process, you may notice that menus will look more as they do with Firefox on other browsers.)

June 27th, 2012:
Lost a talented one today.
Nora Ephron at 71

nora ephron

We here at MyStupidRules are bummed out this morning.
     We kinna figured they could squeeze a few more years out of her. Regardless, she did leave one heck of a good mark here.

We here at MSR did manage to find some room for her at One Ups of Girls of the day.

June 30th, 2012:

There's that Boeing and Airbus belly-aching to the WTO about subsidies again. It seems like I read something about that YEARS AGO.
     But this time Mobile, Alabama is in there somewhere, somehow. Looks like Airbus is sitting back wondering what kind of corporate welfare package Mobile will put together for them. Some are pretty sure it will be well over the $100 million mark.

And now, what three and a half years later; Obama thinks cutting a check for $120 billion for transportation will create jobs.
     But transportation is a big word and I'm left wondering just how much of that is actually roads? And how much of it will go for rail? Wonder how much will get lost in the shuffle?
     Anyhow, I thought building roads and infrastructure was the thing to do instead of bailing out auto manufactures, and that was 3 1/2 YEARS AGO.

Can you believe that the US government handed over $517 million to Lockhead Martin Grundman for a spy blimp. For Afghanistan of course. But the thing needs to stay up at about 20,000 feet so it won't get shot down. And then there is a problem with the weather that is very seldom good enough for 21 days in a row.
      And never the less, there is the problem with having no place to bring it down over there.
     Something tells me that they didn't think that one through.

It Looks as though the Collage Institutions will be stepping up the fees, because the interest rates of collage loans were kept down. Which is expected to cost US Taxpayers $6 billion. (And more if you have to pay for collage tuition.)

Oh that Tom-Kat thing? I could have told you that 5 YEARS AGO.

Hey, I got it. This weeks words of the week is YEARS AGO

July 6th, 2012:Years ago
people had more common sence.

Like today. I saw a wave coming in. The first part was going to close out so I paddled to my right futher down the line. While paddling, I noticed a guy right behind me doing the same thing. But the funny part about it was that the guys further down the line were actually in a much better position to grab the wave than I was because I was on the late side as it was. But I took it late and as I was making my turn off the top I felt a thunk on my board .
     The guy paddling behind me had snaking me out of the wave in mind. I'd looked for him when I took the drop, but all I saw was white water and never did see him even when we collided.
     Then the guy want's to yell at me for dropping in on him and dinging his board.
     Of course the wave closed, but the ding in my board is one I could done with out.
     I'm thinking maybe the guy was one of those sponsored pros they got around here. Must feel like they own every wave or something. Probably don't care if they get their board dinged because they get their boards for free.
     But then again, if he was such a pro, I would think he would be better at reading a wave than I.

Went to paddle for one wave. Right there in the impact zone in front of me was a young girl, swimming in the water around her surfboard. I wasn't about to try to doge her because there was a guy going on both my left and right.
      After the wave had past and the mess was over. the girl was still there in the impact zone panicking,crying and not even trying to get back on her board. Apparently some longboarder decided to teach his daughter how to surf..
     He brought her out to the line up at the point, just the place for a beginner.

Boy the lack of common sense and stupidity is all over the place.

Oh yeah, that thing with Morro Bay and the county. Yeah pretty stupid.
      They must have someone checking Craigslist constantly, because I've seen so many posts about Martin and the Corruption within the police department get posted and soon to be flagged. I posted a couple of times myself for the fun of it. But if you want to be smart about it Morro Bay; you start posting the stuff in other cities were it can actually have weight. You guys sound like a bunch of belly archers. Shit everyone around here wishes they would just hire a lawyer to file the papers for me so that they could get sued.
      Pretty hilarious when you truly think about it. Come one. Tell me how they can be any more stupider. Come on. I want to know. Is there anyway possible? I truly feel the need to be able to laugh at it.

Oh yeah, that bit about thinking I'd made the last payment towards Martins criminal act. Turns out the paper work was wrong. Now I have another $250 0n to of that. At $35 per month, (That makes my $25 per day less than $24 as it is.) $470 means it's a long way off (that is freedom from being political prisoner to San Luis Obispo.
      Yes folks, it's my truck and they got me living in a box and shitting in a bucket. Pretty stupid hah?

July 8th, 2012:
Years ago.

Years ago, everyone had to earn the money to pay for their surf boards. But now days, there are a few lucky ones who get them for free. The problem is that they have no value for other peoples property. Apparently damaging other people's property out on the line up makes for less crowds.
     Yeah I get it. He'll probably take it back to the shop so that they will repair it for him too. Probably just give him a new one cause they know the more he damage he does to others, the more likely the victims will come walking through the door looking for new ones.
     I wouldn't doubt the shop repairs his dings for him and them give him the repaired one back too; Then I bet when he goes out of town, he sells the repaired one to a shop for some extra cash.
     Bottom line here is: People wanted me to know he kicked his board out at me. No wonder I never saw him coming.

Also sounds like someone got some video of one of my rides. I'm wondering if they got the one where I overshot the lip and had to tee dee tooter my way to a re-entry. I was all over that one.

Another thing that has also been brought to my attention, is that I've got a whole crew working my ass over.
     Then people wonder why I stay in my cage all day.
     But the deal is: if I do go outside and meet anyone, I already know where it will go, I've been there thousands of times and I'm just not into it anymore. But I got a whole crew waiting for me to do something. Well, I'd rather give them nothing to do.
     I feel like one of those old homeless men, sitting on the park bench with nothing to do but look forward to the next monthly check to arrive. Unlike the rest of my life, YEARS AGO there was a need to see an end result. Now days, nothing matters. It's just a waiting game until the day we die.

July 11th, 2012:
Years ago,
when warning bell went off....

Years ago, when a warning bell went off, (like a crack in a pipe, or an oil light came on in a car,) we knew to shut the thing down because something was wrong and we needed to fix it.
     But these morons they had running a pipeline in Michigan in July of 2010, didn't quite think they way we did YEARS AGO.
     Got no common sense now. The morons ignored the alarms and still tried to get the oil to flow even though it told them that it had problems.
     Get this: the five member safety board of the Canadian energy company Enbridge Inc. ignored cracks and ignored the alarms of possible cracked pipes and tried to get the oil flowing; -twice.

There is a movement in Massachusetts that is fighting the auto manufactures. (WSJ A-5) It's pretty bad when we have to make a law to force them to give us the information we need, (or I should say you need) to maintain and repair the automobiles they sell you. I agree with Massachusetts Right to Repair Coalition in wanting private shops to have the same equipment and information as the licensed dealerships do.
     In my opinion, I feel it's unfair to the mechanic that do actually work on the cars. All mechanics should be able to have the same access to technology as the next guy.
     But the auto manufactures seem to like the idea of keeping as many people as stupid as they can.
     Like for instance, this place. If the people around here don't learn to us the word NOT. There is a crew of guys planted here by the auto manufactures, just to turn you into another social experiment.
      I went to a jam session last night and got the feeling that there had been someone planted there several weeks ago, just in case I might show up some day. I don't think I need to tell anyone around here that there must be plenty of criminals in the group to go around.

Well it looks as though Mobile Alabama put together a corporate welfare package that Airbus liked enough to roll with. Looks as though the people in Mobile will be building A320s, because Airbus has just announced that they are about to spend $600 million on a manufacturing plant there.
     Gee, Boeing has 40 near completed Dreamliners, waiting for fixes. Apparently they got out of hand with outsourcing. Yeah, not only manufacturing parts but designing them as well. Funny how one of their top guys was saying that they need to know their planes better than their suppliers do.

And on the unemployment numbers: front page of IBD says that if you figure in millions of people who have given up on looking for work. the unemployment rate is more like 11%

And GOOD NEWS for the 2,000-3,000 people who die needing a bone marrow transplants every year.
     In the Supreme Courts, US Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit ruled that the newer apheresis process should be treated like donating blood for the plasma.
     The new process doesn't require that big scary needle in the spine anymore. With the apheresis process, the blood drawn from the arm is filtered for bone marrow stem cells. (I guess it takes several hours.) But places like are trying to put incentives in place like scholarships and such.

July 13th, 2012:
Yes, lucky indeed,
to be refered to as Sunnyside.

And I've went from pretty good to really good around here.
     There are some who actually think I make it crowed, but let me assure you that it's the Stoneman. Things change when I get to my quad. But then just wait. I'll get them to say really really good.
     Surfed it with the 450's on from this morning, and it did help out eliminating some of the drag from seaweed and it put one hell of a snap in my bottom turn, but it just didn't have any grip when I wanted to pump it. I think I'll try the 460's on front and 450 on the back, which wasn't very stable in bigger sloppy junk, but.

At least the people around here actually checked out my web-sites and understand what is going on. You can be sure that they just wish they would pay me. They happen to think it would help out the economy around here also.

What amazes me is that I can look at the front page of Investor's Business Daily and read that GM has recently (Feb.2012) bought up a 7% of Peugeot, (as a part of a cost-cutting pact - what ever the hell that means.) But shouldn't the tax payers have a say in something like that if they supposedly own part of the company? The main line media sure didn't say a word about it.

July 14th, 2012:
But then again.

(Actually posted on July 16th) I would like to announce and or remind people that there is such a thing as Sunnyside's Book Club. The deal is: I've been releasing single chapters and sub chapters of my book to the public one chapter at a time from start to finish.
     What we are trying to do is get everyone reading along at the same time. However the next to chapters of the week have actually been available if you knew where to find the links. Anyhow, it would be nice if you all catch up and join along

This morning I cruised the Stoneman with the 460's back on the front and a 450 on back. No doubt the 460's make the board. Even though the 450 on back make for a less stable take-off, it sure makes it fell more like a shortboard.

And oh, that Airbus and Alabama corporate welfare deal....
     So far I've uncovered:Alabama will contribute $158 million in cash, tax breaks and other incentives toward the project, according to the state Department of Commerce. That includes $125 million in state incentives plus $33 million from city and county governments, according to Commerce Secretary Greg Canfield. That money will pay for site preparation, new roads, worker training and other costs, Canfield said.

July 19th, 2012:
Some tallent.

All last week, I spoke to nobody, because the only two guys who approached me or even tried to strike up a conversation with me was all about making fun of my truck, and of course I wasn't going to got there.
     Yesterday was the first time any of the locals wanted to talk to me. And that pretty much went nowhere.
     However yesterday it was evident that this place called Ventura has been worked over. I'd heard about the whole floor that was rented out at the Merriot a while back just in case I showed up. I heard about it last week, but it's too late for these folks because they've been listening to the wrong people and now they are the next social experiment on a much larger scale. I wouldn't have cared because I was already planing to move on, but apparently someone has decided I should stay longer because they put their knife in the side of my new tire.

What gets me is that even though people tell me that they like my truck, they don't even realize just how lucky they are to actually have it on their road.
     If it was up to me, it would be sitting in storage and I'd be in another country just as when I was in Australia. Now hear I am, retired and now a political prisoner suck in this place with crooked cops a silly human beings who don't have any common sense.

July 21st, 2012:
What good was it sitting at home?

I can understand why we have never seen any of those cars that can get 200 miles per gallon. It's because if it was on the road for us to see, there would be some moron who wouldn't realize just how lucky they are to see it and they would put sugar in the tank.

And on the shooting in the Theater: How come we are so afraid of guns, that nobody thought of packing one into a theater along with their family on a a midnight showing. Years ago I packed a gun just about everywhere and a movie theater would have been one of them. And if I had it my way, I still would be packing. And if more people did so. Shit like that would be minimal and much less likely to happen.
     So what do we do. Now we have to pay cops to go to the movies. (Wonder how much that is costing us now.) Kinna silly to pay to have a few guns in a crowd instead of just having them there for free.
     Instead, out of all those people, their guns were safe locked up at home. (It's like having a lock on a door and not using it; then wondering why you just got riped off.)
     Like what good was that? Dumber by the day and too dam stupid to do anything about it.

July 23rd, 2012:
The media loves it.
Updated- rewrite.

Yeah even the president loves it. Everybody gets to put their two cents in. And the dictator of this country will even have a chance to impose more anti-gun laws so that the criminals can get their way.
     With that kind of attitude we'll have to be afraid of anyone with a knife.

As for the media's take one it: you can be sure that they will cover the story about the nut job and what brought him to do it and what it has done to the victims. But one thing I'm sure they won't cover is the guys who feel like fools for leaving their guns at home.
     Of course there will be the idiots who will say, why should you need to have a gun at the movies. Well, my answer would be, if I had a family, I would be more concerned about the walk from the car to the doors of the theater. (If I had young kids, even if I wasn't going to see the movie myself, I'd probably delivering them and pick them up at the front door packing a gun.) I've guess I was wrong when I thought more people carried guns. Like the time I lived on the dead end street in Parkland; the parents took turns standing out at the corner bus top in the mornings. (When I saw more then one or two, I knew something had gone down. The rumor had started.)

And in my case: what is probation suppose to be about? Keeping the innocent safe? Protecting citizens from the criminals?
     Hell, probation to me is a way of keeping the criminals at my door. Like I wasn't even back in Morro Bay for 24 hours and I had one of Morro Bay's finest criminals knocking on my door.
     Sure I wasn't the guy they were looking for, but why were they even thinking it was me? All I'm able to do here is sit in my cage and watch tv. (And I think it's pathetic that they can think anything other than that because they have been cruising the two parking lots I've been in all day.) I call it stalking. And then again, isn't that being profiled? And isn't the illegal. And if its illegal; isn't that a crime?
     Oh yeah, they are Morro Bay Police, they are above the law.
     Yes folks, they don't do anything about eliminating trouble, they create it. That's what the criminals of Morro Bay do. They don't know how to do anything else.

And then again, what the hell do the police in Ventura do?
     Tell me how a corporation can rent out the whole floor of the Merriot for a crew to preform criminal acts of slander, and putting others in danger, and get away with it?
     If it was common knowledge on the street, then wouldn't you think the cops should have been doing something about it?
     Yes folks, we've got the guns on the wrong side of the door. Or should I say, you got your guns locked away in a safe and you actually think the criminals with badges are going to keep you safe.
     If that isn't foolish, I don't know what it is. Oh yeah, its stupidity and it running rapid.

Oh, oh, oh. Wanna hear something really stupid. They have come up with an anti viral drug, that is suppose to work like a vaccine for HIV. They actually think that it will help the people who are at risk. Yeah, at $14-16,000.oo per year. (Or was it $1,400-1,600.oo per year.) Tell me if you can find anyone who is at risk whom can afford it.

July 25th, 2012:
Rule Numbers 20, 33, 35, 38, 39, 40 & 86

I've been waiting.
     Waiting to hear the phrase that says I'm crazy. Go ahead, tell me I'm wrong. Let's see if they will out weight the "trues" I've been hearing.
     Now I'm pinching myself to see if I'm actually awake. Anyhow, you can bet I will at least learn about how many rooms to a floor they got down there.

If the rumors are true, I'm sure they would have seen me coming if I was to take the time to look into it myself. The question that has been on my mind the last few days is: It took less than a week in Ventura to find out where they were at. Then why after five years in Morro Bay, I never heard where they were staying?
     They must have been hiding them somewhere and that is the big question I think has something really going on behind it.
     That's what I want to know.

Lately Obama formally announced that Romey was lying; when he said Obama doesn't care about small business. (Check out Journal June 12)
     Well I for one don't give a damn who thinks who is lying. I know the solution to that debate.
     Lets hook them up to lie detectors and have one of those fuddy duddy presidential debates. It would be one I'd pay attention to for sure. We'd get to the truth of the mater real quick. Save us a whole shit load of those annoying television commercials.

Wanna see how much money a city manager can spend? Or should I say, try looking at the amount the citizens of Santa Maria is about to spend.
     There going to hire an outsider to look into their police department.
     Shit, that's like Morro Bay's way of hiring an independent, outside investigator to looking into something. ?
     Gee don't you think, if the investigators do find something, you can bet that it will be the last time they will ever be hired to look into anything again.
     See folks, its a public relation ploy and you are paying your hard earned money for it and you wonder why your cities are so broke.

And I've decided to go back to 460's all the way around on my Stoneman. The extra grip gives me more juice then the looseness. And I did do a rewrite on the prior journal entry.
Man -O- Man,....
     the stupid rules sure lined up this week.

July 26th, 2012:
Out back at Synchro-link

Anyways; the word on the street is that the criminals have been staying in vacation homes around Morro Bay. (Well, that is what I expected.) But were? Which ones? That's what I want to know.
      I'd also like to know who delivers their pizzas?

I posted a bit on the advancements of my Woody's back door at:

The Journal at

July 29th, 2012:
Chill out

Yesterday, my kitchen went through another remodel. It was a used up packing crate that sparked the AAD in what I've been occupying my time with.

I posted an Update on the advancements of my cage at :

The Mini Kitchen at

I posted an Update on the advancements of Woody's back door at:
The Journal at

The First of August, 2012:
Decked out

Rule 50....
Get this. A company UBS, who's owns its own program, kept re-ordering the buy up of 800,000 share of the IPO of Facebook on May 18th,'12, without a confirmation of the purchase going through the first time.
     UBS now wants to sue Nasdaqe for the goof up.
      The deal is: UBS ended up owning 40,000,000 shares of facebook and had to sell them at $8-9.oo loss per share. Claiming a 356 or as I read 357 also, million dollars.
     The Rule 50 comes in at they idea that even though UBS admits there are other loosing elements within their company that contribute to their 58% profit dip, they still managed to make $433 million.
     Something tells me that the only people who are going to make any money out of the law suit; is the lawyers involved.
     You people without any money are the ones who are still standing in line, waiting to see a judge will just have to wonder why now won't you.

Oh, I found an old picture. It has some dried shit or something stuck to it. Being afraid that I might destroy it trying to clean it off, I decided to photo shot the spots out just in case I do destroy the picture while trying to clean it later. Anyhow, I've always liked it because it has the feel of an old record album cover. It is actually picture of me, Bob and my roommate Gene and Billy? and his girlfriend who hung out with us during a trip to Sun Lakes in Eastern Washington in 1978. (I think that was Billy's uni-body Ford behind us. It was Cherry and he knew he had something that was going to be problem prone if he didn't take it easy on the half ton that it was suppose to be.)
I figure the book excerpt Party On is a good place for it.

Sun lakes 1978 Bob Rollins, Dennis sattler

Not only my kitchen got a make over, but the rest as well.
Even got the designer holes going on for the sake of art, what ever that is. Anyhow it looks cool just trimming some weight off things. Little paint and we'll call it good.
Kinna like the way some of my storage is mounted along the sides, and partially under the bed. BUT don't have much room for anything other than wet suites now days. BUT I know I'll be missing the small slide out counter I used for waxing my boards.

The Mini Kitchen at

I posted an Update on the advancements of Woody's back door at:
The Journal at

August 2nd, 2012:
Even new carpeting

There sure isn't any swell going on anywhere.
Got some new photos of the inside of my cage put together. Going to spruce up thee old web-site.

The Mini Kitchen at

August 4th, 2012:
Something is up my BUT

You would not believe how much I wish I wasn't sitting around here, dealing with assholes who think my life should be just trying to keep this truck on the road. Would have been a better bet to have renewed my passport and bought the $500 ticket to Nicaragua. I'd been shredding 4 and 5 footers in off shore winds for the last two months. BUT instead I'm stuck on probation because I tried to stop cops from spreading phony child molester rumors. What a deal. And they make it to where I have to stay in the same county the insane cops works and lives. Clearly the case where we have the gun on the wrong side of the door.

It appears the word BUT wants to BUT right in as the word of the week.

Looks as though- three months of Journal entries have reached the length of files we all dread, so I'll be braking things up and starting a new file here soon.
     And my Synchro-Cooler ice box in a pantry idea works outrageously great. I did an update over at:

The Mini Kitchen at

Green synchro-graphics

Featured book excerpt of the week
The Bust

Dooms Day for Private Inventors
-happened yesterday,
when Obama took his mighty pin to the bill.

My Stupid Movie Idea

If you wonder how things are
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Check out:


In Court with Martin
January 11, 2011

Arrested by Martin
November 17-24, 2010

Me and my truck spent the week in jail last week.
Yes folks, I'm accused of being a criminal once again.

Jailed by Martin
November 17-24, 2010

The most revolutionary tool box in the world,
sitting in a room of poisonous insecticide

September 2009

The Rumor

And if you want to know more about the local Sheriff who spread phony rumors about me and his drug dealing brother, and even a recording of a drug deal going down you'll have to go to the

The Loop

New: the full version of the story about the fire
the actual book excerpt
Burning Down the House

A few years ago, I wrote about a couple of these law makers at:Poop Bad Law.

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      I've actually tried doing a criminal background check on myself because I would love to find one that wasn't true. I've learned that even when they say it's free, that it is not. However, I did find one that will refund your money if you cancel a monthly subscription with 7 days. Its at

I'm the Dennis Sattler, 50 in Van Nuys CA, Lakewood Washington, Castic CA

But in reality now days, you only have to fire up a search engine.

And no I'm not the Dennis Sattler in Texas who hid in a closet and then killed his wife. But that goes to show you that if I have done any criminal act such as stalking a woman or molesting a child, just Googling my name would tell you.

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