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Inside a Synchro-woody dumpster

August 7th, 2012:
Taking a Dump?

Today we launch this new web-page for our beloved Woody
Synchro-Woody at

The Brit's:
Taking home the medals

The media over here sure hasn't featured many of those Britain's who have been cleaning up on the medals. Their numbers are way up there when you go comparing populations of the tops countries who are taking home the most
     Got to get out there and do something.

August 8th, 2012:
Lolo, we hear you.

I don't know who it is, BUT they should get the Moron of the Day Award. It appears that someone wanted to be like Prez Hilton and tear down someone. They went and did this to Lolo a week before she is about to take on the challenge she's been working up to for years.
      As if the gal didn't have enough to over come in the last year having spinal surgery and all. BUT this Moron had to go throwing in a wrench on this gal who very well could have come home with a medal. A medal not only for Lolo Jones herself, BUT the very country this Moron is a part of, and apparently wants to be some kind of representative of it.

The sad thing about it is that I'm afraid the media might latch on to this Moron like they did with Prez Hilton.
     Boy that day we can't find better human being to be some kind of repetitive for the US of A.

New to is a special web-page dedicated to my Woody.

Synchro-Woody at

Pantry holes in the side of a camper at synchro-link

High Tech Chillin when Wheelin

For circular air flow, because I've got my air holes intelligently arranged. (I have added a couple more hole since this picture.) I got four going in and four going out.
      While driving down the road, the air should flow around the ice box counter clock wise when looking down at it.
I posted an Update on advancements:

The Mini Kitchen at

August 15th, 2012:
Time to pick it up.

price tag
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August 21st, 2012:
Dear Oscar.

Hi Oscar, I think I left my phone in my too box up in Templeton and I tried to contact you today, but your card's number which sure resembled the number I have been dialling for you went to some Lance guy down at your work.
      Any how, If you would like, e-mail me back or I'll figure something out on my phone end.

Get this, the one word I've been hearing the most around hear in this shit hole place they call Morro Bay; is "Motel Six."
      Is this where the guy who just asked the clerk at the counter, (who I must say I must have waisted ten fifteen minutes on her and her co-workers on a pitch, a month or two earlier.) "are the rumours about that guy being a child molester is true?"
      The dumb bitch answered back to him, "I don't know."
      Then the bitch asked, "can I help you find something?"
      "Yeah, where are your seat belts?"
      Kinna sucks when all you can do is just take a damb good look at him so that you will remember him next time.
      Oh, yeah, would the Motel Six be the place where he and his crew operate out of?

I guess, they caught hell for $200 per night rooms along with the $16.oo parking at the Merriot in Ventura.
      Oh, this guy was in a goldish brown Lexus and the other morning I saw three of them crawl out of white chevy.

It's my guess that those guys being put up in the Merriot and Motel Six and them being good at what they do, is probably costing you between $50-100.oo per month as I see it, but f course I could be wrong.
     So Oscar, next month, when you sit down with your check book to pay your bills, you might plan for the future by pretending to pull out a hundred dollars out of your pocket book and pretend to burn it before you. Pretending is easy of course, but if you remember to pretend to do this every month, you will eventually think about the amount of money, you wish you had not pretended to burn over the years.

But what are we pretending here any way. Crime pays?

Or are we paying for crime?

I know what I'm doing.

Later, Dennis.

August 28th, 2012:
The start looks a little rocky.

Gee can yo believe the Pentagon has been handing over $147,000.oo per HumVee? And get this: The government has just awarded funding to three defence contractors to come up with the next proto-type to replace the Humvee. (BUT just try to find out how much is being handed over at this point.)
      Now the really GET THIS: The Pentagon has already planed to pay out $250,000.oo per vehicle.
sunnyside's surf board
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August 30th, 2012:
Tell Me.
Who wrote the new mileage standards?

And the folks at WSJ makes it sound like the auto manufactures are having to convince you to pay for it because it was something the government did to them and you have to pay for it as a result of regulations. BUT hey, you have to understand how the whole package works

See here, this is the deal: What way would be better than making a few extra high mileage cars at a loss, just to be able to sell a few high price tag fuel guzzelers. (Which the auto manufactures have been known to do to meet fleet averages.)
     BUT those day are gone now. Now the got difference classes and the cherry with cream on top is that they can get credits for exceeding an imposed standard. Double credits for electric cars and they can cash them in on the penalties for the big money ones that flunk the new standards. Like build a electric car and cheat on a money maker that couldn't pass the standards.
     BUT hey, what about they small business guys, the start up companies that only want and desire to only build one class of transportation. Has no desire to get into the electric car business, just to build a work truck. The small time guy like me wouldn't be building electric cars just so I could bend the rules like General Morots and Forfs do.
      I, or whom ever would have to compete against a company that wouldn't exactly have to meet the same standards. Just another prim example of how Obama has snuffed out the small guys.

And oh another thing.From what I gather, Obama has been in those back room talks with the auto manufactures again about the idea of automatic accident avoidance technology. Basically it's having the cars talk to each other. Man oh man, you want to spend some money honey. Hey, save yourself the high price tag on a car. Give it a few years, it will be an app you can down load to your phone.

BUT any how; anyone wanting to build a truck better do it by 2021, because after that date, the mileage improvement each year run at 5% instead of the 2.5 and 2.7% from 2017 to 2021 model

August 31st, 2012:
My Ass

Yeah, (in response to the reactions from yesterday's posts,) it doesn't take much to see what is hidden in the details. Heck, it took a few days before the media even handed over any details and it was a side effect of their impression that it was pushed upon the auto manufactures as if they didn't want it. But the truth of the mater is that it gives a few of them an advantage over any possible start up companies and I can even see where it could create unfair regulations for some of the existing auto and truck manufactures.

It appears that the Not word got around this time around.
     Got to try out Spaghetti this morning. On of coarse less than stellar waves. One thing I can say is that I sure couldn't tell I had 460's on it. Its quite loose for such a narrow board. I'm not used to a board you can surf with your front foot either. One disappointment is that it doesn't seem to have any more foam than my MBM, but it does paddle pretty well. It just lacks the lift when a wave come up behind you.
sunnyside's M4 surfboard
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September 4th, 2012:
What a weekend huh?

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September 6th, 2012:
Fools by the truck load-

Last night I ran across a moron they had speaking at the democratic convention. The funny thing about it was that the idiot was raving about what Obama has done for small business. The real funny part about it was that the fool didn't even have to mention any good thing Obama did for small business. Now that's an art form. To lead people on with out any facts about it what so ever. Gee, somebody should tell the idiot that Obama has sabotaged small business already and the shit doesn't even hit the fan until next spring.

The word has gotten around about what the kind of qualifications you need to be able to milk the auto manufactures out of the money you pay them. It all has something to do with putting a price on a wave. Yes folks, a wave now has a price tag of $50.oo on it. But the question I have is what do they pay them as a show up fee?
     More about this later at .
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September 8th, 2012:
Rule 21

I don't know what it is, but both my writing and my surfing has been lacking a bit. On the surfing part of it, I've figured I've had a pretty good reason for a couple reasons. But for the writing, it comes and goes and it's been years since I've actually taken myself seriously as a writer. However this time around I'm a little upset with myself for jumping the gun and posting something before I've thought about the who plot for a while. I've obviously come across something that has stimulated the creative side of my warped mind and I feel I should run with it. However I screwed up by starting it before I combed over the whole plot for a few days.
      Never the less, you can be sure I'll be pulling a rewrite before I get on with the script.

As a result of the mess I've had to deal with today I've taken the afternoon to organize my sports page into different web-pages according to the area of a few of my surfboard. Sort of like having a featured web-page for each of my surfboards in a away, and it also goes along with the chronological order of the entries. I've even switch one or two around so that the archive has the entries in chronological order. And, never the less you may discover some time soon that I will be switching the main Adrenalin page to chronological order also. Because I have to, to make this work.
     And oh you book excerpt people, I'll get to a new one of those too. Funny thing. People were complaining I was forgetting about them. Do you have any idea what implications there is to that?
     Oh yeah, up until yesterday when it went to two foot, I surfed every day of the week. On Wed and Thur, I did three seasons each. Got down to my Two mil short sleeve.

Guess which Girl of the Day is getting the axe?

September 11th, 2012:
Rule Number One

All those loved ones who were lost on 911. Our hearts go out to them.
      But 12 Million a year for security is quite the overhead if you ask me.

     I posted a bit about Joss Whedon at the Movie page.
     Three Girls got the Axe yesterday.
     You wouldn't believe the stats they are feeding me. I think they had to adjust the ratio after visiting Ventura about 6 weeks ago when they doubled. Now we've been steady at half that ever since. Gee, too me, it just doesn't make sense.

And from my investigations on these guys actions, I've run across the fact that that no good Leahy guy is still at it with the patent laws.
      Apparently just this last month he has introduced two or three bills that would alter the patent laws even more. And what he hell is a patent box. Because one of his bills sound like a tax loop hole for big corporations. From the brief description I read, it allows them tax exemption from patent boxes.

September 12th, 2012:

Fools is the word I've heard a gazillion times this week. Of course we all know who they are referring to. And like I've asked before, just how stupid can they be?

I've noticed that a few external links are missing from my Current Events and Poop page. Obviously my files have been altered again and I should just trash most of that is there and put something new. I know what's missing. Like the link going to how much money these politicians take in from lobbiest for voting one way or another . Like I had wrote a bit about how Barbra Boxer took in $1.6 million in favour of voting yes, but she ended up voting no anyway and I sort of congratulated her on her part.     Now I know this Ryan guy voted in favour of it, and now I can't refer to my own web-site to find out how much he took in on it, but somehow the external link disappeared..

And from my investigations on these guys actions, I've run across the fact that that no good Leahy guy is still at it with the patent laws.
      Apparently just this last month he has introduced two or three bills that would alter the patent laws even more. And what the hell is a patent box? Because one of his bills sound like a tax loop hole for big corporations. From the brief description I read, it allows them some kind of tax exemption from patent boxes.
     Get this, I found this bit at Huffing post. Down a few it says: .Today, the patent bill looks like a scorecard tallying points for powerful corporations: a win for pharmaceutical companies whose monopolies are driving up Medicare costs; a win for Wall Street's battle against check-processing patents; a loss for tech giants who had hoped to curb costly lawsuits.

      (I don't understand the part about the loss for Tech giants, sometimes these writers don't know what they are writing about. As I've written before, software is the only thing I happen to think should be first to file, but then again, I always though since software is code, it should be protected under copyright laws and not to be patented. Drugs or medical whould be first to file with the FDA. All others should be first to invent.)
     In the late 1990s, a Federal Circuit ruling, State Street Bank v. Signature Financial Group, permitted the rise of new "business method" patents, rights applying to the way a business operates. This has led to a host of patents being granted on very broad abstractions: A company called Phoenix Licensing is currently seeking millions from banks for allegedly infringing its patent on printing marketing materials on billing statements.

"They're giving out patents as property rights that have fuzzy boundaries," says James Bessen, a lecturer at Boston University's law school and a fellow at Harvard's Berkman Center on Internet and Society. "Particularly for a software patent and a business method patent, it's very unclear what it covers and what it doesn't. We have this terrible situation where there are thousands and thousands of patents filed each year where we don't know what they cover until somebody's been through a lawsuit."
     If interested you may want to check out this six page report on the 2012 passage of America Invents Act at:

I found the money trail to the 2012 passage of America Invents Act at:
but the link to show the opposition is missing and only goes to the supporting

I'm not really into this today, but I did come across another web-page you may want to check out this blog post called State of Innovation at.

September 13th, 2012:
What else can I do?

I came across something I would normally pay little attention to on B3 of the WSJ today. Regarding the last two and a half paragraphs provide something you may call insight.The Bottom line would mean if Obama wanted to provide a few words of success to his last four years as the president. Many of us realize he would want to be able to say that his bail out plan with GM that left us owning a 26.5% stake in the company.
     Never the less about half way through Obama's term as president back in January of 2011,the stock peaked at $38.98. In order for the tax payers to break even on the deal, the taxpayer need to get over $50 per share, and the problem is that the shares are trading NOW around $23.17.
     The interested point brought up in the end of the article by Jeff Bennett was the impression that GM may be working to inflate the price of the stock before the November election, so that Obama may have some kind of an exit plan. Yeah like lose half our money?
     I sure don't have much grip in how they think they are doing the right things, but they sure are doing them any way. It's like trying to shoot a gun blind folded. The stupid one leading the dumb ones who have no common sense.

I'm reposting an excerpt from the linked web-page at I posted yesterday. The feel of it suck to me like one of those songs you just can't get out of your head sometimes. It's like my first impression was like, way to go guy, I couldn't have said it better. It's the ultimate Reader's Digest version of a pitch. Now if it was only turned into one of those sound bites that hook those protesters, we would have something.
      Well, if anything maybe you can believe: that America Invents Act (H.R. 1249)is the greatest weakening of property rights in the history of the United States. This Act will ensure that America will suffer declining levels of innovation, chronic high employment, falling wages, and anemic economic growth. Increasing our level of technology is the only way to increase real per capita incomes.
      I happen to believe that people of the United States had the advantage over others in other countries in the past because we did have the better patent laws that encouraged innovation from the private individuals. Innovation cultivates prosperity and taking that advantage away is just insane.
     But what the heck, they could come up with a super-drug that will make us all smarter overnight don't you think?. But then again, they may just be making a super-drug to make us all stupid as well and that idea sometimes makes me wonder if there is something being dumped into those water towers above Morro Bay.

Oh well, just as one surfer said to me this morning, about the price of a wave being $50.oo; he said, "that's hard to believe." He had figured out that my truck was a roll off and felt the need to tell me that he liked my truck.

September 14th, 2012 Friday :
What else can they do?

I forget right now; what people were saying on the street this morning, but I'm sure I'll hear more of it later on. I also rewrote part of yesterday's entry.

I do want to mention, that I'm certainly a believer now about the whole crew and all. It's flat out creepy out there. They must not have much going on elsewhere, because they must have brought all the rotation in on this push, either that or they recruited even more people. Shit, I'm afraid to go anywhere because it only gives them more chances to spread the rumors. Never the lees, I have admit that I'd probably be going crazy if I wasn't hearing the people are firing right back with "no he's not!" (Thanks.)
     These guys must be getting paid so much for each recording they get from the conversations. I'm wondering if they have to get those conversations on video or just audio? Because if they don't need video, I could give these guys a little help and teach them how to make even more money with phoney conversations. Hint: Rent a cheep office and post adds for job interviews. Each job seeker comes with its own voice. If you work the questions right and you'll get the right kind of lines you need. (Just don't let Martin around the recordings.)
     Yeah, I figured this out folks. If the big wigs actually read my stuff, they will end up needing to get video. It's more work to falsify for money, AND the result of video requirement would be that we would be able to look for the camera. Find the camera, we've got a link to the bad guys.
     Can you believe, a dog show won America has Tallet? I was going to post something yesterday, saying that I thought the young kids with their dancing were the only finalist that had any talent. Lady Osborn and the idiot sitting next to her lead the way to make me feel even more ashamed of this place called America.
     But what else are you to expect when we worry more about a bunch of animal than we do or inventors.
     As for me, the day I want a pet is the day they can sell me one that cleans up its own shit. I sure don't want to be the one who picks it up for them.
     And on the other channel, Simon is patting himself on the back for hiring Britney. Got a wood be stalker and I did miss what ever that guy was crying about Brittany was all about but I'm sure Simon will broker few deals for reruns of the first show as while as others, and I'm sure his advertising fees just hit the motherload.

Oh yeah, and that thirteen year old, I'm sure she's one that will be difficult for anyone to fallow. I just hope they don't push her to extend her range more than she did there at the end of the song. And I hope her parents are smart enough to take another look at Simon's contract. If it's anything like Simon's American Inventor show, -if she goes to the finals, he owns her for five years. I'd be finding out if she could go one more round and then pull the plug on her because if she's the real deal, there will be better deals than Simon's for the taking.

And this crap with the burning of embassies, because of a stupid movie? Peer stupidity. Tell them that it was only fiction. Heck isn't that what religions are anyway? Morons burning up the place all because of stupidity from the get go. Burning up the place and killing people over a movie that no one was even forcing them to see.
      If you don't think you will like the movie, just don't buy the ticket.
      Dumber by the day and too dam stupid to do anything about it.

I found some more interesting stuff about the patent industry. If you were wondering whether we are better off having a patent system or not having a patent system? Realize this: In the early 1800s the strongest patent systems in the world were in the US and England, which were the leaders of the Industrial Revolution.
     Some more interesting things to read about the patent industry:

Oh yeah, what they are saying on the street; I heard it again, since I sat down here:
"They should be taking control of things with their own hands."

September 15th, 2012 Saturday:
This is too much like a job.

Today I ran across something kinna funny. On B1 of the WSJ, it has this bit saying that sporting goods stores are trying to speculate the demands for guns as well as other camping gear. Kinna rule 20 in a way. They figure that if Obama wins the election, there will be a surge in gun sales. If Romney wins, there will be a surge in rubber boots and camouflage gear.
     Never the less, I would like to mention something else about the article. It appears that the folks down at the NRA are a little nervous about this election, because if it ends up being a second term Obama,....

I do want to mention, an article in the NYTimes on B1 today also. Its about a town called Wentzville Mo. where they can say they have benefited from GM and the Obama Bailout. But the surprised thing is that they expect to see Romney win by a landslide there.
     Apparently they realize how little help the rest of the country has seen from the bailouts.

Boy, this bridge thing they built, shit, it's just about like I thought it would be when I saw the picture of it and the golden shove thingy. I asked the guy: who got the big kick backs from the contractor getting to build it? Sure screwed up the place.

September 16th, 2012 Sunday:
This is too much like a job.

Boy yesterday we saw a little offshore winds in the morning, but if you weren't a little kid,you'd feel the waves were just too small. This morning however, strong south winds sure messed things up.
     Never the less, I would like to mention some other mess we got brewing. The fact that I ran is about six months away from having nuclear bomb capabilities. Now that's about the same time as when the patent laws change and small business are going to discover loans are hard to come by if you are unable to get a patent on your invention or someone else does and you spend all your money trying to fight for the right to sell your on invention. Never the less, you can bet the economy well tank and after listening to the prime minister of Isial this morning, I can see were president Obama might see reason to start another war (which I'm afraid might be a nuclear one if such a war doesn't break out prior to I ran having a nuclear war.) Any how, if it comes to that, I hope to God I'm sitting in Nicaragua by then.

Gee folks, why do I have to sit here in the middle of all this muck. It's like everything is going to shit and I'm suppose to sit here and remind you of it.
     Shit, I really don't want to care about all the crap. I would rather be sitting in a little shack in a country where English isn't even the spoken language. I don't need much, just a bike with a rack for my surfboard.

And on allocations of money. Something I mentioned yesterday about all the money spent on a bridge that even some air brushed images of sea life won't make any better. They spent all that money on something they really didn't need and yet they let something like this hangs around. (Wouldn't cost much to fix but.)
     Now you engineers out there, get a load of this.
Foot bridge in dis-repair
foot bridge in bad shape
foot bridge bad

September 25th, 2012 :
No doubt a parking ticket.

Yeah it was a day or two later I ended up with a parking ticket. I think I saw it coming. It was one thing or another, but I'm guessing that the coffee shop got hit with rumors, and one of the slit renters driving the SUV w/black fenders, decided to make my day.
     Never the less, it's all about making waves cost me money. And I've got a name of a bully with a badge. That's gotta have some value to it.
     After having him watch me walk away from my truck, and then going after it, I asked him how come he just didn't ask me to move it, and just warn me not to park here any more?
      He said, "It wouldn't work."
      In return I said, "So you think I'm stupid?"

And on this recording of Romney rubbed in our face a hundred times. Don't you think all politicians play into to their audience. They're just saying what they think the people want to hear.
     Like remember that one with Obama and was it Puttin? Yeah like he'd be in a better position to make some deals in his second term.

Willie Jones: you're the man.

Oh yeah, better get that new education system in place, cause according to Page A4 of the WSJ, SAT scores fell in two of three section in 2012. Get this: the reading scores dropped to the lowest level in four decades. Sure they will change the testing methods so we won't know if they are actually getting any smarter. But I don't think so. Trends are trends and if you don't do something other than change the way you test something, the trends will only continue. Breeding stupid people. (I have to point out part of the drop should be blamed upon the increased amount of the participants are people who speak English as a second language. But as I've said before, it doesn't matter who you are, where you come from, or where you are, it's a global world out there now and everyone should be speaking English.)

And it sounds as if something has gone down on the other side. And there is something else that sounds quit interesting, but I think the Marines might know if their is any truth to that. However, you know me, I'm not about to spoil my rumor mill with my own words. I want some details and so far I haven't heard enough to announce anything about it yet. (Sometimes, they plant lies, hoping I'll mention them.)

September 26th, 2012 :
They sure didn't think that one though very well.

The two words I've heard the most in the last few days is, "Twenty Percent."
     It's like, what were they thinking?

Wanna know the two most stupidest questions I've heard all week? Well maybe more than a month or two?
     I was asked weather I thought Judge Trice was lenient or too harsh in my sentencing. And the other question was asking if I felt ready for a bunk and three meals a day. I said in return, that Trice should be disbarred and sitting in prison. And I told him I'd rather do the detention centre in Australia, where at least they give you a real bed.
     These questions came from my probation officer after I got him to admit I'd probably be safer in Nicaragua. The ridiculous part about the conversation was that I had thought he understood the situation better. Yeah, I know, he probably got that way from hassling people every month to pay their fine.

So you just have to check out the front page of the Investors Business Daily if you think that the Obama administration has done you any good. I like the article because it just went straight to the point with prime indicators that are clear indicators of tends over time.
     The fact is, the household income has fallen 8.2% during Obama's term. The article looks at the changes from 2009 to 2011 and gives you numbers like the fact that Medical cost have increased 4.6% and a million more people are without health insurance.
     The middle 20% made less than they did in 1995. The only people that made any more money was the wealthy 20%.
      People being issued food stamps has increased by 34%.
     And in just the first 9 months of this year 736,000 of us signed up for social security disability. 83,000 in September alone.
     In the last two months, the labor force has lost a half a million jobs.
     The Bureau of Labor Statistics says that the participation rate is down to 63% and that's a rate not seen in thirty years.

September 28th, 2012 Friday:
Tell me I'm Wrong.

The three words I've heard the most in the last few days is, "he found out."
     It's like, instead of my inventions saving construction workers backs and making their work safer? And instead of keeping the cost of the roof over your head down. They take my kids and turn them into killing machines. And to make things even worse, the Marines are told that it they tell me what they are using my inventions for, they would have to kill me.
     Yeah, it's pretty bad when they will kill an inventor for knowing that his invention makes a good automatic reloading missile launcher. (Something I thought of back in 1994.)

Kinna reminds me of that stupid movie idea I wrote out about how the government doesn't want people to have any brains. They just want to build a war machine.
     Now I understand more of what has been going on. Boy if you think Obama knows which way this country should go, you are a bigger fool than the rest of us.

I just had a probation officer ask me if I'm ready for a bunk and 3 meals a day. That,s pretty sad when there are guys who think they are killing people with the use of my invention and they say it's for freedom and humanity.
      Oh, I get it. Defence contracts and kickbacks to the politicians.

September 29th, 2012 :
Tell me I'm Wrong.

Oh you Marines, the stuff they've been telling you about me. They are just holiday picnic rumors, we've heard them all before.
     The question I have is which defence contractor got the contract to build them.
     Next on my list of questions, is which pentagon officials or politicians brokered the deals and how much money was handed over for just the development of it because I understand how profits are often diverted away from the selling price of the property being sold.
     The next question I have is how many of them were built?
      Apparently a few Marines had been lied to about me, and that didn't go over so well.

I'm betting it works with helicopters real well.
     One thing I'm sure the Marines will agree to is that the general public doesn't not understand how revolutionary my inventions are.
     They know what you are not informed about and they know about what I'm not about to tell you about.
     They know I'm sitting pretty good, because for a short amount of time, the patent laws are in my favour.

Oh yeah, one more question, isn't airspace over a county, considered as being in that country?
     Just let me know if you're fling it over Canada Great Britain or Northern Ireland. It would be funny as hell if they were all built in Canada wouldn't it?

October 1st, 2012 :
Let's just say I'm schizophrenic.

If I would have been in the right mood, I would have been better off using Kurt to mention what I've been hearing on the street. Never the less with out doing so, I did expect to hear a few "schizophrenics," and I did right off the bat.
     It reassured me of just how many of them are working on me.
     To top it all off, I had this guy approach me and tell me how much he liked my truck. Without even realizing it, he was trying to act like he was wishing me luck but telling me at the same time that I'm being screwed over, there was nothing I could do about it. (And his like self religious belief shit that he only believes what he sees, Some Native American crap.) I must have wasted 45 minutes on the moron!

I might mention the one thing I probably hear the most from the Marines is that they like my system, but the truck they put it on is a piece of junk.
      Apparently there are a few out there who think I can come up with a better truck.

And the reason I even mentioned that moron the other day is the the thing they say about being positive. I'd rather listen to those folks who think and say to others that I'm going to build the truck myself.
     That's the kind of positive things I like to hear, so don't come around me telling me other wise.
     I know first hand what dealing with a piece of junk is like and I would NOT wish it on anyone.
      Instead of enjoying the waves this morning, the waves I've been waiting for all week, today I'm dealing with a Track Bar, for the I can't remember how many times I've had to deal with the piece of junk any more. We all know that it's just the tip of an over all bad design from the get go.

October 2nd, 2012 :
What a basket case.

I saw David Gregory (Meet the Press whore.)this morning on the Today Show (NBC). I got a feel of what the guy is really like once he was outside if his natural pre recorded environment. I'm guessing he's got a few prescription bottles laying around. Probably doesn't have it together enough to operate a can opener any more without falling apart from it. What a pussy.

I'm going to try to post live update during the debates tomorrow night. It's a corny idea, but with it being fresh on peoples heads, my comments won't have to explain so much of the bull shit they will be handing out. We'll give it a try. If you are like me, you just have to consider Romney as a game show host, and Obama who's dictator who feels he know what's best for his stupid peasant. He runs a pep rally to brain wash his peasants to do what would normally unthinkable.
      BUT don't get your hopes up so much, because there is no telling if they will go all out efforts to cut me off from the internet, or give me TV interference. It's called sabotage! And we're just here to prove that it is done all the time.
      Update later, Got some photos I've got to work on.

October 3rd, 2012 :

Romney obama debate

Funny how every time Romney was talking about the Obama failures, Obama just looks down and smiles.
     Obama sure likes the eand word.

Of course I was hit with TV interference and had to change location. But gee wiz, what a bunch of shit, they didn't say anything we haven't heard before.
      Oh, get this, second location was hit about 10 minutes into it. Funny as hell. Like big deal. Ah we at least gave the crooks something to do tonight.
     F__king morons. I just wanted to see if they would do it.

Eand the word most heard on the street has been "Navy."
     I've got two sets of numbers popping up. However there was the phrase, "he's got enough for five."
     The question I have is how many do we have to lose to lawyers, trying to get money.
     The whole thing is a bit ridiculous when you take in consideration for just how many people are watching this go down.

Last week, after I almost got my neck broke. There were many people out there who thought of it as an attempt on my life. Or as what I'd heard several times. "I think they were trying to kill him."
     Well, I'm even more likely to agree with those people today. After the realization that I'd just drove my truck around for two or three day with nothing but a piece of mechanic’s wire holding the front of my truck together.
      Now I know I should not have substituted mechanic's wire for a cotter key, but I'll tell you now, I don't even want a cotter key in it now.
     The problem is when someone takes the nut off the end of your track bar and files out the threads on the inside of the nut and then put;s it back on. Of course, if it's not for the cotter key or wire, the nut would pop right off after a few bumps. But with something like a cotter key holding the hollowed out nut on; that sucker can take you down the free way with three other lanes of traffic, at 60 mph for fifty miles.
     All I can say is that I'm sure glade that Mc D's parking lot had no holes or bad seams to catch my track bar as I drove through their parking lot.

sabotaged front suspension.

October 4th, 2012 :
Voo doo.

Maybe that's what happen. Someone must have shrunken Obama's head.
     Yeah, many of you know what I'm talking about. The split screen, kinna sums it all up; the contrast of the two we have to choose from.
      Romney wearing a nice suit with shoulders all square and all.
     Obama on the other hand had sagging shoulders with his arm sticking out too low. But the funny thing about Obama is that his head looks too small for his big ears and ape like body.

Romney obama debate

Eand Obama wasn't about to blab about saving general motors, and I wouldn't doubt it has something to do with what an analyst was writing the other day about the fact that GM could very well be heading towards another bankruptcy.
     And what is it with the folks in Ohio? What did Obama do for you that was so great? Your farmers sure can't take their new contraption out of the barn any more. Obama screwed yah bad and you don't even realize it.

I'm still hearing about that wave I caught last week at the jetty. It was a right that wasn't much of a wave, but about the second or third turn up the wave, the wave had a huge bump that formed a large bowl. I aimed for the pit and carved up under the lip as it pitched. Folks say I was "surfing upside down," or as I call inverted.
     Well, I'd like to see an image of that one. (I can't remember which board I was on.)

October 5th, 2012 :
Or are they brain washed?

I don't understand this. These are major public trade companies people are talking about. They've profited from the military and NASA.
     BUT the government decided that it didn't have the money to fund such conquests as space travel, and left it up to the remaining infrastructure to create its own commercial market. (You know, Brandson and the other dot com guys.)
     You would think that their would be other publicity traded military defence companies out there with board members and all, who would try to find a nitch some more commercially marketed products, instead of trying to expect the US tax payers to keep paying for more $75.oo toilet seats. (Nobody should depend on having a war going on, because at this point, nobody wants to pay for one.)
     I just don't get it, and I suppose I never will, because hiding royalties from me is just like shooting themselves in the foot. I just don't understand where they get their common sense from. Because man-o-man, that's some bad ass shit. You don't want to mess with what ever they got.

Then, you have to take the other situation I have brewing, where a county should be hiring an attorney to sue themselves so they can give themselves jobs by just giving me land that is sitting there for such a purpose. I'm sure many of you would agree that it looks as though they would rather look like a bunch of idiots to the rest of us.
     Something is wrong here and I don't quit know what it is. Never the less, my take real on the two companies I've been hearing about is that I'm sure it is all about who would eventually be claimed to have filed for patents on my inventions first.

And Romney can NOT take Big Bird away. Big Bird is part of Sesame Street and Mitt Romney can NOT take Sesame Street away either. That's is just one of Obama's lies.

October 6th, 2012 :
Or are they just that stupid?

I'm going to make a note to myself to fine my book excerpt that explains how these book publishers have got the whole idea of translation dictionaries all back words.
      It's like I already know how to pro-nonce the English word for it; so why do they have you look up what you are trying to say - twice. I say get your act together and give me the pronunciation of the word in the foreign word along with the English side of the stupid dictionary.
      Damb-it, forgot where I was going with the similarities that make them similar. (What I was going to say. Oh Well, later.)

Oh yeah, I think the unemployment numbers are gathered and reported all wrong.
     Here is the way to true indicators of whether or not people are working or not. I want to see the numbers of not only the people who signed up for unemployment benefits each month, but that meeker number of how many get a new job before the benefits run out. And of course how many have run out of unemployment benefits and still don't have a job. I want to see those numbers. The numbers that truly mean something.

Anyhow, after about getting zip, nothing but close outs, I managed to pull off a couple. I guess I got covered again. Twice the other day.
     For the past few weeks, I've been hearing people say they want me to shave my head. Guess it's because they seem to think I have a head like Kelly Slatter. Well, that's much better than hearing what the folks in Morro Bay think; that I look like House. Gee, I sure don't like the jurk and I'm sure not anything like the real guy in person either.
     So hay folks here on the other side, thanks, I think I owe you one for the complement.

So hay folks, about these two companies, with several board members and all. Just think about what kind of plan they had in mind. From my point of view; the only way I can even see an advantage to their way of doing business, would be that I drop dead before March 16.
     They know I would easily challenge the worthiness such stolen patents, considering that they have owed me royalties all along for more than a year before any new patent laws became active

      I'm also wondering how much money these two corporations handed over to the politicians to change the patent laws on me.
      There are many of you who have an understanding as to why the resent changes to the patent laws have put my life in danger.
      (As if it wasn't in danger before.)
Think about it, you have your military fighting for what they want to say is for our own freedom and safety. They are doing it with stolen property, and by using my property, they have put my life in danger.
      It may not be the way you want to look at it, BUT I can't see it anyway other way than that.
     Just remember I'm the one who's been driving the truck since 1995.

Another thing, I'd like to mention. Many of you should take a better look at the new book excerpt over at BooksbySunnyside, because I want you folks to realize that this corruption that has fallowed me for over a decade and a half, has touched so many more people than myself. It's an invasion of privacy and I want to apologize to so many people who didn't deserve it. We need to so the bribery, threats and sabotage.

Another reason I mentioned the Book Excerpt, because it also involves the loss of that family connection that so many of you cherish.
     Like for instance: Say it was my own son that invented something and filed for and received patents on something.
     Let's say he calls me up one day and says: Hay dad, I think there is a real good chance that the military is using my invention.
     I'd say: Congratulations!
     BUT NOT me. I got the, "I find that hard to believe, Dennis."
     I wanna know, who can I call to get a congratulations?

October 8th, 2012 :
Something is wrong here?

I've been run over five times this week. I'm still filling the pain of last week, yet I got nailed yeasterday too.
      Today it was a longboard that screwed up everyone's favorit board. And I wonder what it's going to take to get a new pair of fins. If it's money, you can be sure I don't have any because I'm having to head to the pawn shop again.

dig in sunnyside's surfboard

And I don't even have to say who's getting the AXE at Girls of the Day. I always knew she had to be some sort of dingbat.

October 9th, 2012 :
I may be a little crazy, but I'm not stupid.

Like I'm sure as hell not about to take my M4 out into that shit. Not worth the trouble. All I do around here is get into peoples way. It's like everyone is all about the wave count. Everyone is into snaking the wave. Two or three at a time and in most cases, they ruin the wave for the guy who should have had it in the first place. (I end up sitting on the inside, where my buggered up board will catch them late.)
     I will miss surfing with the kid in the gray suit. He has what I call a rare talent now days. When everyone is whipping their noses at the top of the wave and turning back down, this kid cruises. He carves from one rail to another. Smooth as silk,(kinna like the path painted on M4.) a little old school you might say, but a style all his own.

Yeah have to laugh though. While everyone in San Diego is scrambling for that 3 ft swell, I'm going to find out what my M4 does in 5-10 ft.

Oceanside pier October 1, 2012

And Just like Newcastle Australia, when the city decided they had a shortage of funds to operate on, they put in more parking meters.
      Well in Oceanside, the parking tickets went from $35.oo to $58.oo. It was nice to see all the big commercial buildings finish and they look nice, BUT what is it with all the vacancy signs were businesses are suppose to be?
      If it wasn't for the Navy base and Camp Pendleton, San Diego County sure wouldn't have so many nice new shiny cars with boomy speakers on the road.

And oh yeah, about those unemployment numbers. One number I'd like to see is how many of those guys who's unemployment benefits have run out and they joined the militarily hoping the the economy will be better when they get out in a few years.

      Heck, a line of credit for a new car. Roof over the head, and a few bucks for a few new shiny tatoos.

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