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October 10th, 2012 :
Rule Number 36.

I'll think twice about giving any hint upon where I'm going any more. Shit, at the crack of dawn, there was a crowd.
     It started out as only waist high stuff, but AS it built up to head high or better, so did the crowd. One spot braking and thirty guys waiting a long time for a two or three wave set. I wasn't about to go out. I'd have to take the Stoneman for some padding.

I can tell you right now, Morro Bay is just not good for my heath. I guess I'm not designed to handle resentment, disappointment, and anger all wrapped up into one. It all hit me within a few hours; the what ever it is that messes with my whole attitude. I shouldn't be in a place where I feel like I need to be medicated.

Morro Bay is a place where they harbor criminals. I know it. Everybody knows it. And the law enforcement agencies are not likely to do anything about it. Ben Lobin should have hid here, he would have never been found.

Oh yeah, this Big Bird thing with Obama. Well the fact of the mater is that $500,000.oo makes for a whole shit load of unemployment checks, and that's what we need more than another channel on the TV set. Tell me, just how many sponsored television stations is Big Bird on? (Obama sure is scratching for something.)

Ok Obama, lets get them where their hearts are. Lets see you do a commercial with a puppy dog. Get a little kissy kissy face even. Then tell us another lie; that your opponent will torture and then kill the poor thing.

And the words I mostly herd yesterday and to day, in both locations Oceanside and Morro Bay, is: "He hit it right on the nail."
     Yeah, I happen to think Romney wouldn't be very sharp if he doesn't pick up on those numbers. We should be looking at the real trends and then we may also understand another reason why so many men who get out of the military end up killing themselves. My guess is they come home to resentment, disappointment, and anger all wrapped up into one.
     I think we need to lead by example, not just run a pep rally to hope people will get motivated to do something about the problems.

I know, the file is getting long again. And Oh, there is no doubt that SLO County has the worst roads from here to San Diego. I'm also going to work on a bit later tonight about looking back five years. Got to see if it's going to glass off. Later.

October 11th, 2012 :
Vic Pisser debate night

I ran across a bit in the WSJ on page A 18 today. There is a bit on the Obama lie during the debate. The so called, $5 trillion tax cut was way out of line.
     The fact of the matter is that even Obama's campaign people say that what Obama said was - get this - 80% wrong. And Obama's reply? None. He ain't talking about it.
     Anyhow, from what I gather, I happen to think Romeny's tax cut plan is a good one. Our corporate taxes are too high because as soon as you want to do business in another state, there is usually another state tax to pay on top of it, and that is another tax that I happen to think should be eliminated.
     Our corporate tax rates are way out of line when you compare the corporate tax rates of other counties. If you really want to see economic growth, you cut the corporate tax to 20 or even 15%. But the fall back of such a tactic is that the government would have to trim the fat because the lack of revenue in the first few years. TV channels should not be exempt of course.
      Along with the Romney plan is the so called elimination of tax loop holes. That's a pretty good idea, but you also have to figure out how to eliminate future ones that are snuck into all these bills that nobody reads, but still signs them because that's where their money comes from.

And on this Vice Press debate tonight:
     I wouldn't put any weight on them. As far as I'm concerned: they are both crooks. They may have been chosen by some Scientology experts or something like that and should not be considered seriously. They are both a joke and you should not think of them as anything more.
     They have both profited from the signing of a patent reform. That reform bill is part of the plan to massacre small business as well as the private inventors who would have been able to create those small business.

Romney is the only one who would not have to say that his participation in the patent reform bill was wrong. Therefore Romney does not have to admit to any mistake.
     (Of course, we all know Obama isn't about to face up to any mistakes.)
     Romney is the only one who can say, it was a bad for business bill and it must go.

Another thing, Romeny should take a brake away from the red tie. It's too bright and a distraction. A burgundy or wine color would be better. Let's see a little verity.

PM Update: I always thought that in the US of A we were suppose to have the right to protect our property. That ment if a criminal was trying to brake down your door or even your neighbours door, you were able to protect your property. Some one try to brake in your house, you shoot them. But what do you do when the criminals at your door are insane criminals with a badge? Yeah which you had a bigger gun?
     Well, tonight at 8:30, I had the welcome wagon of bullies pounding on my door. Boy, if that isn't creepy, I don't know what it is.

And I almost watched an hour's worth of the debate tonight, that is if that's what you want to call it.
     For Biden, it was more of an argument match. Gee, what an ass. He's got the same thing going on as Obama. When they have to answer a question they really can't answer truthfully, they start off with responding with a big smile showing their pearly whites as a stall, before they try to change the question.
     This Ryan guy needs to learn to hold his head up straight and not look at us under his eyebrows. That kind of look looks too angry for the pansy asses we've turned out to be.
      I had to laugh when I changed the station and the PBS station already had a show reviewing the debate. I'm not sure what the mainstream media will make out of it, but I happen to think Biden got roasted.

Oh yeah, the Rule 36 headline yesterday had all to do with Morro Bay. Basicly, this can go either way for them. It's all up to them. It's whether they like the shitty roads or not.
      I do wonder about one thing. I wonder how much land they gave to Cal Poly. Boy what good did that do? You see the price of groceries around there? The rent? Shit, you better like those grapes because you are lacking one very important thing. The very thing that you need to convince any worth while industry to come to your county. That is a deep draft port.

Oh funny thought....I get my royalties. I sue the shit out of SLO. I take the money and build a factory on land given to me tax free by some other county. Or even another state for that mater. Sure it would take a long time. But there are plenty of waves to surf.

October 12th, 2012 :
tricky dick

That is tricky Obama. Get a load of this: An article on A-15 of the IBD there is bit on how Obama managed to overrule the Warn Act. For those of you who don't have access to the paper, I'll clue you in.
     Because of the cuts in defence spending, the Warn Act states that the defence contractors need to provide a 60 day notice before laying off any of it's employees.
     Get this, this law was sponsored and passed by Democrats. It means that do to the cut back, the defence contractors were suppose to give out notices on Nov. 2nd for the layoff scheduled for Jan 3rd, when the cutback become active. If the noticed are not given out 60 days prior to the lay offs, the companies are suppose to pay the fines.
     But get this: Obama has made it so the the US taxpayers (or as the artical called it "the government,") has to pay the penalties, because Obama want's to preserve any votes he might loss because of such layoffs. Pretty durty, don't you think?.
      And Get this also. is actually owned by a Obama fund raiser who actually lives in China. The tricky part of that deal is that when they take credit card information, they don't ask for the security code because that way they can put any name on the card.

And that isn't all that BID had for us today. On A-14 is a bit on how Obam has got us facing another cold war, (in a way,) with Russia again.
     Here is the deal: the Nunn-Lugar Coopertive Threat Reductionn Program had been renewed twice, but not this time around because Russia says there are New realities.
     For one, as soon as Obama got into the office , he changed his mind on a promise of placing missile interceptors and radar on the soil in eastern Europe, Poland and the Czech Republic.
     Now we are reducing are nuclear arsenal more than Russia is.

And yet Another thing. (Boy, I've never seen so many writers writing so many bad things about a president, It must mean the mainline media want's him out even though they will take his money for commercials.)
     Anyhow, on the front page, front and center is about how Obama Care is making things difficult for the 10% of the American work force that works in the restaurant business. As a result of Obama Care, restaurants are cutting back on full time help and hiring more part time employees, which mean that those employees will have to look for a second or third job to make ends meet.

Last but not least is another article on the front page. About how Obama has upped the amount of Pill Grants to collage students form $16 billion in 2008 to $40 billion this year. The sad thing about it is that there is a serious problem when half the the students never graduate with any degree at all. So instead of burning $8 billion a year on a bunch of idiots, we are spending $20 billion. And of course the tuitions have gone up because the president managed to keep low interest rates for collage loans.

And here in Moronic Bay. Everyone is saying that they should just pay me. But I don't think these people actually know what they have here.
     What you have here is a number of criminals who have taken on the roll of turning their little town into a place that only exist to support the criminal activity.
     Yes, folks, this is a pace where not much crime exists unless to include the law enforcement agency. Where else can you get people to pay $60,000.oo for a dog and then pay $50,000.oo per year for a gal to walk the dog around the park and pick up its shit .

I've been looking into such things like Inventors Alliance and such groups like that for help in getting the royalties that are do to me.
      The sad thing about it is that there isn't any. They are just law firms and invention submission companies that are out to steal your inventions.Every time I think I've found one by real inventors, their web-sites or blogs are hacked.
      Boy you guys; you better learn to stay away from those PHP programs. Stick with the plain old HTML files with nothing special.

October 14th, 2012 :
It's a loop

It's unbelievable, how they can get these people to say what they say.
     I've mentioned it before, about how they get the people to spread the same romors, over and over. The most amazing part about it is that its such an ongoing process and they are able to get the community to start all over again; somewhere in the loop. Just amazing.
     It must be something in the water.
     Tonight, I thought I'd wait a while before going into the store, thinking things would erupt and then cool down some before I went in. That was a bad idea. I think next time I'll park a block away and sneak in before anyone knows I'm there.

This is one creepy place folks. I just werds me out.

October 16th, 2012 :
ONE Eighty

They must be brainwashed.
      Can you believe they got everyone saying the opposite of just a few days ago.
     I don't know what you all think, but I smell trouble.
     These creeps must be up to something.
     Oh the reason, I'm in this shit hole? I had to be here to refinance my bass at the pawn shop. I thought the waves would be better. This place has no place to go and nothing to do. I'm going stir crazy sitting in my cage. I don't want to go near anyone. don't want anyone near me. Boy I certainly hope you can't catch what these people have by breathings the same air.
     Yeah and now I'm suck here until the beginning of the month. The days are long. It's like solitary confinement.

They got a article on A-13 of the IBD about Obama Car.
     It is pretty pathetic. About 15% of the Hospitals are predicted to go bankrupt because of OBama .

I know I've mentioned before about the fact that there are many people who feel that the the Republicans are for the rich and the democrats are for the poor and working class.
     BUT as I've mention before, both parties happen to know who actually goes down and votes in November. Both parties know that it is not the poor and the youth. It's the elderly and the wealthy that vote and contribute to the campaign money chest; both parties have known that for years.

However lets assume there are number of those who vote with one party or another just as many of you happen to think the same way with the religion they choose. Some are born into a religion and some decide one their own.
     Regardless, what ever the method they chose to decide is up to them, but I'm afraid that there isn't much thought put into it. (Like Clinton said him self, that it is usually one little thing, like how he was on abortion.)
      Basically it's usually one simple reason in one area of expertise if I might say in such a way.

Never the less, I'd like to mention the stupid voters that are bound to be on the rise in all the states.
     Well the way I see it, the Democrats would rather have us all stupid. Stupider the better because stupid people tend to vote Democrat by default.
     Why, Must you ask?
      Well, there just happens to be more poor stupid people than rich stupid people.

October 17th, 2012 :
Stupid Questions

The topic agenda of the questions asked were stupid ones.
     Like the time when Marta Kauffman was at the writers convention in Santa Barbara. The people there were asking her questions that are answered in hundreds if not thousands of "how to write screenplays" books on the shelves any day of the week. (The question I wanted to ask, but didn't want to ruin the tone of the thing: was the reason you created such stupid characters, was so that they would be funny?)
     Any way, last night's debate was something like rule No. 4 because they've been over the same old topics before. The stupid community provided questions were hand pick and the real agendas that both parties would rather not have come up was never going to come up.
     It's like someone should have asked Mitt what kind of puppy dog he has. Hell it could have been last week's Big bird.
     Neither party was letting any ghost out of the closets and you can be sure Obama would never had been asked a question about his missile launcher and why I haven't been paid yet.

Obama took on his college professor role, the one he knows best. Most of the night was favourable for him because most of the questions were quit similar to the questions he delt with four years ago. However, not all collage professors are telling the truth and this one talks one way while he's stabbing you in the back. Like he said, "level the playing field." BUT his mileage standards he just placed on trucks with his executive order abilities makes it so that if you are not building electric cars for the double credits for mileage standards, you are not going to be on level ground and you are not going to be able to compete with the auto manufactures that do build electric cars. (That means big business, not small business folks.)

As far as I'm concerned, I feel that both candidates came into the thing like a couple guys who just came back from the restroom with white powder still stuck under their noses. They were both "Bu, bu, but," alot.
     Hell, Romney even derailed himself and found himself on another spiel of a different topic.
      And the part of the four dead in Syria: Right from the get go Romney should have kept his mouth shut with a no comment. You don't go telling the troops to think one way or another, especially when you are not the commander in chief. That kind of shit can creates predigest and divide the troops.
     Of course Obama had the right to stomp on him for even trying to make something out of it.
     And the way Romney whined about the whole issue was the saddest part about the whole debate and he should just get over it. We all know that Hillary stepped in and took the blame for it last month.
     The shit that bugs me the most is when they repeat themselves. Romney was doing three and four times, and that was enough to get me to change the channel a few times.
     I feel Romney needs to relax and be more like a game show host. I see that Mitt is a man who element has been standing in front of a bunch of board members, talking intelligently with people knowing and understanding what he's talking about. Talking to a crownd and wondering if he needs to clarify something is bugging the shit out of him. (It's like when I see Warren Buffit and he has a difficult time keeping it simple enough for the general public, without going too deep into something.
      It would be like me trying to talk to people about hydraulic or mechanic engineering when talking surfboards is about as far as some of my visitors want to go.

See the deal is, Obama is used to talking to people who don't know what he's talking about. Mitt Romney on the other hand is used to it the other way. How one is suppose to present oneself is something I am no specialist at but I happen to think Romney just needs to relax and pretend that he is a game show host and just presenting the facts and leave out the small talk.
     And I do not think putting his preacher stuff in there does any good. There are voters out there that have to want to have sex with the Presidential candidate before they will vote for them.
     If you were on a listing on a dating web-site and you announce that to have any religion, you will only be able to attract about 40 % of the possible match.(A 60% chance of a turn off.) So religion isn't necessary going to help you win, but being sexy will.

    Oh ho, burning even more

Lets look at what Obam has done with your kid's money. On B-1 of the New York Times has a bit on a few of his investments.
    To start off, one of the battery makers Ener1 that received about $60 million in grant money from the Department of Energy file for bankruptcy in January.
    And we all know about the $528 million loan to Solyndra, a maker of solar panels went bankrupt last year
    Never the less, another company A123 that has done bankrupt not only received $6 million from the Bush administration in 2007 and $132 million from Obama's bail out but another $9 million in grants were given to A123 by the state of Michigan, along with a bunch of tax brakes.
    And get this, the company tried to sell itself to a Chinese Auto manufacturer call Wanxiang Group. Now Wanaiang has changed their minds and A123 has now stuck a so called $125 million deal with Johnson Controls which also received a $299 million grant from Obama.
    Gee, what I get from it. You give away $75 million to a company then we use more of our own money to buy up what is left of it with $125 million of the money $300 million we gave to Johnson controls. (We are funding Johnson Controls to buy the Bankrupt A123 company we gave $75 million to.
    But the truth of the matter is that Obama cut loose $2 Billion to 26 battery companies and they don't know exactly how much of it has been used and they don't know how much of it will ever get back since it was grants and they don't have to pay it back.

And there is another thing to check out in the NYTimes on B-11. It's about the Dodd-Frank restrictions on banks. Yeah the problem is that some it states which banks are too big to fail. I myself don't know enough about it but I'm sure I can find something bad about it because other sure have.
    Oh yeah on the front page of the IBD, they have a bit about the lack of security in Libia. Basically Hillary Clinton took the blame for the Obama administration.

October 18th, 2012 :
Tourist Attraction

Not only do I rent rooms for Morro Bay, to criminals who solicit harm to others, for profit.
     But I'm also renting rooms for Morro Bay because tourist are showing up to see me get ran over.
     A lot of morals we have now days..
     Folks, this is not the Hunger Games, this is not any movie you are watching.
     I like to be able to look over my shoulder when I'm paddling into a wave and for the last two weeks, that kind of thing is none existent.
     I already have a bad shoulder and a bad foot. How much of a crippled up old surfer do you want to watch?

Reverse engineering: Rule No.88

It was only a few months ago when I got popped for no contractor’s license.
     I've know sting operations existed but for small time guys like me, they had been none existent all my life. But the strangest part about what happened back on March 13th in Shell Beach was that by the time I got back to Morro Bay the rumors of me being busted made it to Morro Bay before I did.
     That whole experience lead me believe they knew who I was before I even arrived.
     Never the less, the second time around you can be sure they would.

Well last night I got a call at 7:10 from this Bob guy about and interior paint job; two bedrooms and a front room. He set a time for a 9:00 am meeting. But then at 7:14 he called back and changed it to 1:00 in the afternoon.
      I knew something was fishy when I wasn't invited into the house and he asked if I had a business card. (People don't normally ask for a business card, but may he was wondering which painter had showed up.) Things were real fishy when I discovered that instead have me look room on the inside of the house, he wanted a price to paint only the fasha board on a horrable looking exterior. (I thought, maybe it's the child molester rumors and he just wanted to get rid of me)
     At first he only wanted the facha board painted. (That would have never amounted to $500.oo., but I don't think he new it. But then if he did, he was trying to keep me under $500.oo)
      Never the less, it wasn't very long before he decided to have the sofits done too. But not the walls?
     After I walked it, I told him I didn't see why he wasn't going to paint the whole thing because it was so dirty you would have to pressure washer it anyway. About the time he asked for it broken down into different bids the idea of him being part of a sting creped into my mind. He was very unconcerned about the workmanship that was to be involved and that's un-normal.
     I didn't even talk any broken down bid, I just told him I'd, rent a pressure washer, patch some stucco, chalk most of the cracks, prime and paint the whole side of the duplex. (Nobody would even want to do only the facha and sofeit because it was such a piece of junk.
     As I looked at the piece of junk, one I would find very difficult to being my mind to want to paint; I said, "You wouldn't want to pay a thousand for it, there just isn't that much there."
     Any how I thought about the five hundred dollar limit; thinking whether I should even mention it to him, but if it wasn't a sting, I didn't want to bring it up.
      So the I gave him a price wasn't really a price at all, but what I could do it for and I actually don't think I even told him I do the job. Anyhow at eight hundred, after the with pressure washer rental, paint and masking materials, there was no way in hell a guy would make $500.oo on it. I gave in something he could write me up for but not win in a courtroom. (He was standing in for the gal who knew how to execute more information out of me.)
     Bob was standing in for the gal who knew how to execute more information out of me. Then when BoB decided to go inside to get a copy of the add to get me to put a price on it, I was sure it was a sting.
      I'm sure they were still wondering if they had enough to get me on because he wasn't very fast about it. I was already walking across the street before the guy even came out. With the lady from the last time and her two pigs of course.
     Now after I was already on the road this BoB guy tried to tell me that I said between 800 and 1,000.
     I laughed at him and said that, "oh no, you guys were too obvious." Never the less, they weren't about to let me walk away from the whole seraid .
     Boy what a price you have to pay for wanting to know something.
      Rule 88 - Gee wasn't it just -- two days ago - when I wrote I could smell the trouble heading my way. No doubt I've been doing this crape for a long time.
     And Oh the Sad part about it is that I have to be in the shit hole of a San Luis Obipo Court room on 12-18?. Yeah, so if you want to try run me out of this shit hole town, take it up with the morons within your government that has me here in the first place. Morons, to think I'd just walk away after burning $20 worth of fuel on them a second time.
     Oh yeah, I should mention that this sting operation must have flexible hours, because I know for a fact that they start at 9 a.m..For such county workers doing such a thing, (having the calling a guy me at 7:10 p.m.) must be after hours and pay overtime. Smells a little fishy doesn't it?

Rule No. 8, 44 & 88

Folks, now this could be good. Like I'm left wondering what kind of recording these guys come up with. Because here is the deal. I gave him, "you wouldn't want to pay a thousand."
     A question I have is whether they will edit the recordings like Meathead Martin did. If they do.... Folks, you got it real bad.
     And folks, the recordings they got, while they were writing me up. They were the recording, I'd like to hear in the court room. (The shit I was saying, turns my own skin. It was about an 8.2 on the creepy scale.)
     I wish I could have had a camera just to save the looks on there faces.
     I said, "Damb it! I wish I would have thought to brought my own recorder, what the hell was I thinking?"
     Never the less folks, this whole experience, trying to find out if there was anything to find out about, was and still is a big gamble on my part. I had to play with what I felt were safe boundaries to see if there were any answers to get. If I get found guilty of this charge, I'm pretty sure the judge had mentioned something like a mandatory 6 months time in jail is what I could get a second time around.

Another thing I get a kick out of. These guys in Morro Bay. They are laughing all the way to the bank.
     Yeah, these guys running though town putting down the oil matt. Shit they know they are only making more tonnage for the next time (which should be too long,) that some other guys will be coming along and doing the resurfacing they should have been done in the first place. Yea, the money is in the bank.
     The roads the city had done a couple years ago were only ground down along the curbs and those roads are so crowned now, you can't get out of your car without grinding your car door into the side walk.

October 18th, 2012 :
Fatal Attraction

Guess someone didn't like the book load I lead down yesterday. Last night at about 9:10, just as I was finishing the last rewrites, a cop came pounding on the door. Apparently some nieghbor called in and reported that I was camping in front of the library in Shell Beach.
     I told the cop right off the bat that if he didn't know who I was, that they sure have the wool over his eyes.
     He denied knowing anything about me but that didn't stop me from getting into a spiel.
     He wasn't very interested any more when I mentioned how insignificant a cop is at doing anything about the real criminals. Told him that the criminals hire the cops around here.
     I asked him, "how can a whole floor of the Merriot, 37 rooms can be filled with a bunch of criminals, and be there just to solicit harm to someone and everyone one knows about it but the criminals can just get away with it?"
     Yeah, he had to go.

Boy we've got a long file already and I'm still trying to get myself to go back on some of these entries lately and disperse them to other appropriate web-pages just as Poop and current events. I think I've got some mighty fine material and I should keep some of it easy to access. The problem I have is that, I have a hard time sitting myself down to do any of it and when I do, I never know which project I can get myself to do. I bet there are a few of you who can relate. Rule No. 4?

Get this, the stats they are feeding me now saws I'm doing about three times the volume of traffic as I was getting a month ago. The third quarter bump must have come late this year. Anyhow, the interesting part about it all is how my site's rankings have begun to tank when my own stat counter say otherwise.
     Something tells me that there is some kind of manipulation going on somewhere. I noticed that a company call web-cat, which filters the internet for Best Buy and such, lists as a porn site. But from what I making of my stats, Girls of the Day isn't the percentage of my web traffic as it used to be.

Oh that bit that's been going around lately. About how people who are dyslexic are able to read my ruff drafts better than the rest of us. I think I wrote in my book about a guy in Santa Cruise. I sold a couple guys a $15 edition of my book, the earlier edition that I'm sure a few thought it needed an editor.
     Anyhow about a week later I ran into one of the two young men. He was floored about my book. He said that he was dyslexic, but he and his girlfriend had read it.
      Anyhow, I think the whole idea of them being able to read it is quite strange and I still want to see it before I'm sold on it. I'm going to post some things about the lack of ability I have with my typing, when I get the time of course. I keep hearing about people monitoring my web site, just to get the first up load of anything is what intrigs me. And if it is true though scientist offician-ah-does will want to know my writing mechanics. (The mechanics that suck this afternoon.)
      I apologize for the over the use of the word shit. The truth of the mater is that it's a crauch I find myself putting in place to keep things moving. I tend to use it as temporary word so I can keep the flow going and I usually replace it later when I think of the right word or do a rewrite.
      Well of course some of you know. < 7:09am upload

Are you one of those people in San Luis Obispo county with a mortgage underwater?
     Get used to it.

October 20th, 2012 :
Get in line.

Yesterday as I was going through SLO I thought about the sign out on the street corner across the road from the police station. Yeah, the Sam Blakslee, state congressman sign.
     I wondered if a person could walk in and schedule an appointment with such a guy.
     I already know that they are never in their offices even if they are peeking around the corner. Anyhow, I wasn't even paying attention weather he was a state or federal congressman. I just wanted to see if any one would have the or even the will power to give a damb about this place and what they've got going on here.
     Any how would you believe the little bureaucracy they have in front on this state level criminal. You fill out a form and then it goes to some person who creates the agendas. If you think your form will make it to the next person making the decisions, well you may be in luck, but I'm pretty sure if you don't have enough pocket filler, you won't even make it to the person with the questioner.
     Anyhow, what it boils down is the only thing Sam Blakslee has going down in his expensive office space is a guy who has his wife and kids bring him lunch every afternoon. I wasn't about to let his wife and son go home with a little snack. Just a taste of what kind of criminal activity is harbored in their community and Blakslee really couldn't do anything about it because if the real criminals can hire cops, they can certainly hire Sam Blakslee as well.

After last night, and dealing with such pain from my neck, the headache involved had me taking some real pain medicine. Something I can usually do with out. (So I've save some Codine for times like this.) Never the less, I broke down and bought a neck brace this morning because the jarring from just walking around just isn’t letting it heal.
     Anyhow, as I walked out of the Rid Aid in Atascadero, I heard a marching band. I walked out to the edge of the landscaping and planted my as on a curb with the rest of the folks. There was a cute little parade going on and I thought it was kind of neat. The local lumber supply loaned a flat bed truck to park on the side of the road for a stage where an announcer had a table and a public address system to work with.
     Whether it was and elementary school, or a high school, the announcer had the name and information about them and he announced then to the crowd as they went by..... battery, need power.....
     Oh gotta see what's on TV. Any how, make a long story short, when I arrived at Food 4 Less, I was hearing that everyone thought it was rated a 7 on the creepy scale.

Boy the stock market sure took a dump this week. Good work. In fact you should get a load of the numbers Obama has to deal with. The number on the front page of the Wall Street journal today states that even Mcdonald's Corp had a 5.4? % drop in sales compared to last year's 3rd quarter. The most significant part of that information is that the three years prior showed gains.
     Too me the numbers show that it was the will and determination of the American people that put us on and upward path. Kinna like the pep talk Obama gave us worked in away, but is just wasn't sustainable.
     Well the best pep assemblies in the world won't make it with the administrations policies are systematically choking off the economic recovery.
     Obama has already set things to fail and we are only experiencing a little of the pressure around our necks up to this point. However in less than a year from now the grip around our neck will experience a dose of steroids.

Usually the Saturday WSJ doesn't give me much, but I have to mention two good articles to take a look at. The one on page A-4 covers Romney's track record from how he handled negotiating the tax reform in the state of Massachusetts. It's kind of neat how he had to bring around the business industry to a different approach at the taxation process.
     Although I have to admit, I had to read though both of these more complicated pages to understand with a spitting headache. From what I've read and understand, from what he has done with the dreaded taxation and what he wants to do with it on Page A-12 isn't all that bad. If fact I feel like I should say his approach for a tax reform at the federal level appears to be a pretty good plan. I'll be the first to admit, I don't know much about taxation, but his idea of being able to write off State Taxes, like California and a few other states have, is a good idea. (I don't know if you can to it now.) From what I gather, (with my messed up head,) is that he's got it set up so a result of what he want to do will get those states to lower their tax rates.

Hey, although Builtwith graded the sec performance of at only 65%, BUT is in the top 1% of sites profiled, meaning 99% of all websites they profiled score lower for their SEO effectiveness. I realize that it is probably only looking at the index page, I guess it's something to be proud of. Makes me feel good.

Moved something to the Journal about this day.

October 21th, 2012 :
You know the rules.

Sorry about leaving a big hole on yesterday's post about the fun we had at the parade. Never the less you know me and my reluctance to contaminate the rumor mill.
     Basically I have to wait until things get filtered out by consensus. Just as with one question I have; if I can get the numbers from several 10 & 12 year olds; I'll be a little more confident that the figure is the correct one.
     Anyhow, there isn't a day I wonder how many visitors are truly visiting my site. Because when you experience what I experience on the street, things just don't ad up and anyone would question there own sanity as to whether or not they're just imagining it.
     The only thing I can think of is that it must be the social media that just magnifies every thing I post.
     I think it has taken me too long to realize that and now I also realize that at time when I sloughed off and not done much but a post or two every week was the wrong way to handle it. But then, you are not in my thongs either.
     Moved something to the Journal about this day.

October 22th, 2012 :
Toe for an eye.

Well the Question is, will Obama stay with a tougher college professor, or will he pull the cheer leader out fit out of the closet and give it a try.
     Oh, he's too smart for that one? Well what the hell you think you are going to get when this debate is theme based and stuck on foreign policy?
     Everyone already knows that they will both strive for some kind of vibe. It could end up going to whoever acts tougher.
     I'd just assume see it as a game show.
     Say, why don't we get the judges from the the X-Factor to comment on what is said after each opponent gives us their answer. You know with Britney being really sweet and all. And with Simon being a Brit and all we can all expect to get a few non-bias comments out of him. You know they would give us the comments we can I identify with; not the over drawn out bullshit the network news commentators get too much money to give such crap to us afterwards.
     Sorry I thought I thought I would have this stuff up earlier. .

And yes, I've heard if the Blue Boxes. Yeah, they have a few web-pages to make it look like they only sell them to a few obscure countries. Well, we all know China is one of their costumers, but I don't think you'd be off your rocker if you were one of those people who feel that they have them hooked up and working in the United States.
     Yeah, I think I get it. In most of the United States, you are just not going to find my web-site. It will come up as "Cann't find server."
     That's why my traffic doesn't add up to much and most of the links from other web-sites are from other countries.
     Goes to show you what a president like Obama means when he is working for your freedom of speech. Freedom of anything.

Oh yeah, I did breakdown and by some black paint. And I'm kicking out a new book excerpt. Got to find a job, pretty much marks the spot where I knew for sure that "they" were definitely chasing my jobs out from underneath me.

Way to go Romney.
     I like the no comment on the hypothetical call.

Obama still talks like he's using a Teleprompter; with pauses between each line. But what really bothers me is the way Obama holds both hands up and bounces them both with each line he says.
     Barak Obama is like a puppet on strings.
     I would love the two debating on an X-factor format. And with me as one of the judge/commentators.
     Yeah, good day
     Moved something to the Journal about this day.

October 23th, 2012 :
Lab experiment

lance Armstrong lying

About this deal with Lance Armstrong? The question that tops my mind is, how much money is he ahead, even once he gives a lot of the money back.
     The other is, what age will he live to be? (That's one I may never know.)
     The guy had to be pretty desperate enough to turn himself into some kind of lab experiment and I wonder if his cancer a result of loading the body with un-nature chemical and such? (Then using filters to take it back out.)
     I'm not one to know if Armstrong was sterile or not. But as a amateur scientist, many of us may wonder if he had got some gal pregnant. I would think there could be mutations, and I'd be betting those mutations, if they were to happen, would more likely be bad ones.
     I'm pretty sure there may be even in a few sick minded scientist out there who are wondering of the possibility of bringing a comic book character into life.

Lab rat Lance Armstrong
Lab Rat lance

Anyhow, he made himself a science experiment for the rest of us to see. But what shame, the joy those races could have created and what great things all that money that could have done for riders and their families who truly deserved it.
     Just as with me and the loss of the years they and their families could have enjoyed a better standard of living.
      Like me, I'm stuck in a cage for the public sceptical that I am. I am a shame. A shame on this country and for the guys who are using my inventions to kill people. To provide freedom to all of you but not the person who provided you with the missile launcher to do it with.
     I wonder if the solders using my inventions consider my life as just another casually of war?

And there is no problem with finding dirt on Obama of course.
     Today there is a bit on the front page of IBD that informs us of an unelected panel that is put in place.
     Well with Obama Care, they are saying that only way Congress can get rid of Obama Care is by a special procedure that can only be done in 2017 when there is a window of opportunity to dump this un-elected panel of money grabbers.
      I'd get more in detail, but the shit just bores the hell out of me.
     Kinna like you get the machine going, but you forgot to hook up a kill switch.
     You just sent your ol lady down the street on it so you tell her to go around the block until it runs out of gas.

I wonder what my dad would say if I told him that word on the street says that I'm good for about a Million votes. No, I don't want to know. First he would have to figure out just what the heck I'm talking about. According to him, I'm sure it would be all nonsense.
     Anyhow, for the next few days, I'm going to try to hold back on the Newspaper comments and devote more of my time,on revamping my Poop page.
     As I've wrote sometime last week about going back over the past few weeks and grabbing up some of the better material for Poop. I know I shouldn't let them get lost in all those long journal file at a time like this. files.
     However, we do have a pretty good start on a page for Britney.

October 24th, 2012 :
Like a ground plane.
Like a boat tied up at the dock.
Like a contraption that can't be taken outside of the shop.

How would you know if it was any good?
     Posted something in Moo Lah and did something with Poop today. I need to get some Vitamin D.

October 26th, 2012 :
Wives of the military week.

I keep hearing tid-bits about the wives of the military, but I'm sure I'll be the last to know what it all means.
     And Britney got her own page today. I've got to do some tweeking.

On page A-10 of the WSJ there is a deal about Putin sitting on the fence about letting a merger got through. Man-o-man, you should see what a cat fight looks like when you've got a government mix up with private companies. Basicly the way I see it is that four wealthy tycoons would end up owning 50% in the proposed TNK-BP.
     While revenues are down for governments and private sectors. I think the governments should not be investing into any businesses. If the do, they tend to make it hard for the private sector to compete, (especially when there are subsidies.)
     Anyhow, the governments job should be to clear the way for the private sector so that the private sector is able to produce to flourish and produce revenue for the governments in the form of taxes.

Busy pulling maintenance on my cage.

October 27th, 2012 :
See what I mean?

Yhis morning I turn on the TV only to learn that some guy who happened to make it closer to being a one percenter than most of us, with the help of a government sponsored television network.
     What pisses me off is every time the governments (no matter where they are,) get into commercial markets. They get into them with a bunch of holes. Along with those holes are people who reach in and rip-off the system which is a government system connected to what is suppose to be commercial competitive company.
     Well you can bet even though such a government, or a hydred company is going to make efforts to shore up its losses. Now the way they end up doing so is just about like going over to the nieghbor's house with a garden hose in hand, so you can fill up the well to the level it suppose to be.

It's like this deal with US and General Motors.
     Romney says he would sell the stock and get out of it. But that would be leaving US with a big loss and the folks at GM know it and that's why they are trying to get it back at pennies on the dollar.
     Romney's approuch is save because there isn't a problem if GM ends up going bankrupt anyway.
     BUT the question I have is why didn't any of these fancy lawyers who wrote up the deal, didn't figure out a better way out in the first place?
     I think the government should have made the buy back of share as a balloon payment. The government should have had an option to sell the share at market value as a balloon payment and the balance due should have been transposed into a tax lean. As soon as GM makes more than 3-5%, annually, the tax lean steps in and keeps it their until balance is paid in full.
     Now I'm not any expert on this kind of stuff, but that way, the government (US) gets a balloon, GM is free to fail as well as pay the money back some day

October 29th, 2012 :
Rule Numbers 20 & 50

I guess I should have looked into whether someone makes some none enameling latex exterior simi gloss glaze.
     Maybe I shoulda done a lot of things, but bottom line, is you attah see the bars I've managed to come up with.
     They look real. No shit.
     Anyhow, I'll let you hang on this and bring you back to my failure at the Mid-evil look. With the right shade of translucent gray, it would have look real nice; -and quick and EZ 2 do.
     Never the less and that didn't work and I ended up painting, sixty two 1 1/4" dots by hand.
     Also the fact that I took it uppon the last time I could leave a light roller stipple to help fill in the natural wood grain a bit. The masking leaked a bit, but after even using the green tape, the spots I was trying to smooth out with stipple still leaked.
     Never the less I put on more than a half gallon of paint on just the white paint on top. (And I've ran out; that is as long as I don't need more than an a few artist brush loads.)

Roll off camper Mid evil

The original 1 5/8" dots were done with the use of a stencil. Then I out lined the edges and then smudged them.

Mid-evil Cage Billboard

Oh I guess I was wrong. Wrong that I had made the wrong decision to take the 405 instead of the what seemed like empty I-5 on the way up from Oceanside. .
     Just after hoping on to the 405, I was set back about three hours worth of backups. Never the less, there is that saying that has always stuck in my mind.

If the script is any good, you can throw it out the window along the 405 and someone in Hollywood find it.

November 1st, 2012 :
Rule Number 20

I found some interesting numbers today on page A-3 of the WSJ. The fact that in the peak for US workers to be Union Workers was back in 1950 at 28.3% of the work force. In 2002 it was at 13.3% and today it's at 11.8% is all.
     The article, "Unions Slip in the Strongholds, is actually based on story about JWF Industries in Johnston, PA.
     Anyhow, the Unions are finding it difficult to get anyone to sign up with them because from what many people see is that union jobs have been drying up because they Union companies are finding it more difficult to be competitive and go under because of it. Workers in Johnstown have learned that the none union shops are the only ones that have any long term job security.
     Never the less, the folks in Johnstown didn't provide me with anything I didn't know already, but I did like the numbers that were packaged into the story.
      On page B-4 there is a bit about how Cummins is experiencing a drop in demand for its engines. Its Chief Exec and c Tom Linebarger wants to blame it on "the high degree of uncertainty about the direction of the global economy."

This whole thing with the storm was just what the media needed because they are able to create spectral coverage shows (Just piece a bunch of things together inn the editing room, and make a few special vice-overs) and hike up the advertising rates the presidential candidates are paying. (Makes it less commercials to us.)

I want to mention something about this lousy place they call the Morro Bay Library. It's like it is also a police state. Guess that's that you get when you are dealing with stupid people every day, day in and day out, you make up a hole shit load of rules.

November 2nd, 2012 :
Rule Numbers 00

Since Morro Bay is about to get a new chief of police, I thought I'd jump ahead a bit with the book excerpts. At the Nov. 13 City Council meeting, Amy Christey will be officially sworn in as the Morro Bay’s new police chief and will earn $134,839 annually. For those of you who have already read Malibu goes to the Funny Farm will be happy to know the the fallowing chapter Santa Cruz is now posted. I will post the second half which is actually a sub-chapter called The Notice from Great Britain in two or three days.

Amy Christey cheif of morro bay police

       Let me guess. Amy Christey just happens to be experienced in in the corruption game of spreading phoney child molester rumors.
Check out October 22nd, 2012: Toe for an eye.

Did I ever mention that I truly like the feeling of Obama getting the boot. They got a new commercial of a lady running along with her baby carriage, talking about her experience of an Obama economy. That Hope and Change just didn't pan out you could say.
     Anyhow, you couldn't get a better narration out of a gal who truly said it as so many of us feel it.
     Just gotta get rid of the guy.
     Do I have to say the the front page of the Wallstreet Journal has another bit on the comparison of the two.
      Investors know that with Obama, they will face more regulation and pay more in taxes.
     With Romney on the other hand, they know they will pay less taxes and that Romney will be more reluctant to regulate.
     It's a pretty clear decision if you ask me.

November 3rd, 2012 :
Rule Number 4

They got these morons around here doing the 180 again. I don't know about what you think, but it is actually a little scary because you can always expect something to happen. Anyway, I wonder what they will come up with for a reason to do another 180?

For those of you who have a WSJ, you may want to take a look at the graphs they have on A-6. The indicators show either a flat line for the past to years. Or the better trends stopped about 2010 and only getting worse since. As far as the jobs go, it has taken us three years to get back to what they say we had in 2009.

Annd of course, the front page of the IBD has another bit about the Obama economey. Get this: Dispite 40 months of economic recovery, the number of payroll job today is just 0.1 % above where it stood when Obama took office.
     Out of the 44 months Obama has been in office, the unemployment rate only got below 8% for just two months, and it was at or or above 9% for 29 months.
     Another fact: since January of this year, there are 209,000 more people out of work today. Believe me when I say that numbers don't lie and it's not very difficult to discover nothing but bad numbers.

Another thing I'd like to mention. That there are a few people like the manager of Mc dee's, who said that she would miss my rants when she moved away. However there are many who also feel that their place of business is not the place for it.
     Well, one thing no one has told me is where is the place for it? Because if it would make a difference, I'd go there in a heart beat. But the truth of the mater is I feel that there is no place for it, but it's just what has to be done when a town can harbor a few dozen criminals to fallow me around just to fill their heads with criminal thoughts.
     The simple solution of course is that the people of this shit hole of a town just gives them up. The criminals of course. Let us all know where they are hiding them.

November 4th, 2012 :
It's a holiday picnic

Boy they got these people all getty.

Almost got the top half of my cage almost done. (I've got some ideas what to put inside it, but I just need a brake from it anyway. Never the less, I happen to think it looked much better without the bars. But its just worth more to me this way. Same kinna thing with smashing up my truck.
     All this week I kept telling myself that I can't possible put too much work into it because if I had to pay an advertising company to get the same weight in publicity would cost a fortune and I have to tell myself I'm paying myself damn good money to do this.
     However, there is one good side effect: it sure does cut down on the smart remarks.
     Yesterday I got a jerk from Cambria and he thought he'd just stop and asked, "what's this mini roll off thing about," as he steps over and opens my door to take a look inside of it.(without even asking.)
     I said, "well that ain't too cool."
     He said, "well, I was going to order a thousand of them," as he turned his nose up and waked away before I'd clobber him.
     I said, "right the hell you were."
     I figure he'd heard the child molester rumors and thought he'd be clever and catch me with a kid inside. But what an ass.

November 5th, 2012 :
Just how stupid are Americans?

This morning I thought I had few things to write. However they must not have been too important, because I sure can't remember any of it tonight..

November 6th, 2012 :
I'm drawing a blank

Tomorrow is the day we can gauge just how stupid Americans are.
     The kinna thing that scares me is like these two ladies NBC had on TV as representatives of the majority voters which just happens to be voters.
     One was even a business woman and talked as if neither parties have mentioned anything about what they would do with taxes.
     Gee, if this gal would just get her head out of her ass, then maybe she would realize the tremendous differential between the two candidates.
     I had to turn the dumb bitches off because it was as if I had to look very hard at all about the difference between the two. All anyone had to do was just read what has been on the front page of any business section of the newspaper. The business section you stupid bitch, not the home and garden section.

To think we have such idiots voting, just burns me up. Then the network puts them on TV to rub it in my face. Sure I'm not about to be influenced by such stupidity.
     What really gets me is I'm one of the smart ones who really understands what is going on and the government has even taken that freedom, or should I say the right to vote away from me.
     I can't even vote against the very criminal who has put my life in danger needlessly.
     I want to be able to vote against the very president that has let $15 million be spent turning the community of Morro Bay into a social experiment of creating criminals over the last five years.
     I want to vote against a president that let criminal scary innocent children.
     I want to vote against a president who let teams of criminals make criminals of innocent people
     I want to be able to vote against the very president that has stolen inventions from so many inventors, I could never count.
     But that doesn’t matter because I can't vote because I had crimes committed against me by the government that may just have you fighting for what they call is freedom.

Oh yeah, I better not forget to send in the monthly report and of course I must not forget to cut the $35.oo check for trying to stop the crimes committed against me.

Update: Gee did anyone see yesterday's IBD front page about Obama's employment record failing miserably? A what do we have here on A-15 of the IBD today but a graph curtsey of the U.S. Treasury, IRS
     It's an article by Alan Reynolds about how Romney's tax cuts would do what other tax cuts other presidents have made. The tax cuts actually increased tax revenue.
     Gee someone; go real quick and take the paper to the dumb bitch they put on TV this morning. And of course, she could get it all simplified by just checking out the cartoon on page A-14.

voters guide

Update :
Wow, the electoral college vote system they got going.

This thing they call the electoral college vote is more or less making an election into some kind of board game for the political strategist. A vote isn't actually counted as a vote in this country and they have their ways of using fewer people to decide a race.
     You can be sure that all the battle ground states received more federal bailout money, (Jobs bought with tax payers money, or should I say the money they think they will be able to get out of your kids.)
     Man-0-man do I feel sorry for you kids.
      You're hurting in a bad way. You've been cast into someone's political game. You are the pawn, or should I say, you are the peasant? I don't really know what you are, but what I see is that people either don't have the common sense to get rid of a bad thing or they are not capable of taking control of their own destination.
     I don't know, maybe it's that we are just not smart enough to vote? Or should I say that we are not smart enough to make are votes count. (Well you, not me.)

I wouldn't doubt that the US becomes another Greece or Spain and we'll be in hawk to the Chinese.(We kinna aree already.)
     What's it really mater to me? Gee what am I complaining about, I've just upgraded from Nicaragua on Social Security, to better roads in Costa Rica on royalties from your war machine.

November 7th, 2012 :
Stock market taking a dump

Of course, all these companies have to figure in more overhead, which will come in the form of higher taxes.
     They have to figure a better way to improve their profit margins so that they can hand over 43% to the government.
     It doesn't take long to figure out that it's a lot cheaper to set up shop in another country.
     Gee, don't tell me what these idiots voted for.

November 8th, 2012 :
Stupid Rules 4,10,11,23,43,56,75 & 84

Please try saying: Three hundred and sixty five days instead of the other word.
     They were saying four months ago and I've had enough of it.
     I already know that these guys have become a big giant ginnie pig for the social experiment used upon them. But I don't feel it's right for me to have to be stuck here where they can drive anyone insane just hearing them say the same words over and over.
     Gee, don't they ever learn?
     Face it they have spent millions on played with your heads.
     Do you actually think they give a damn of what you think. You are the one cast under their spell and they didn't do it because they wanted to do the right thing, so why do you think they want to do the right thing now?
     Hay you! Morro Bay! Wake up! Snap out of it! You are under a spell. Come on, they have just spent millions on brain washing your community. Get a hold of yourself.

November 10th, 2012 :
Stupid Rule 38

I'd repeat some of what I've heard lately, but I'm afraid you would think I was full of shit.

And of course I'm posting the book excerpt about the experience of violation of privacy one can get once you learn that you are about to receive your first patent.
     It's also a lesson upon just how cops can be bullies.

On Demographics: I have a question to an answer that is probably already known. However, that answer will also provide me with the answer to a second question. (Pretty clever hah? Anyhow, I'm about to ask Bing if the average I.Q. of married women is higher than single women.
(the average I.Q. of married woman compared to single woman)
      Two-thirds of single women voted for Obama, according to the exit polls taken on the day of the election. On the other hand, the majority—53 percent—of married women went for Romney.
     Ah, maybe you know where I was going with it. Never the less, by the time I learned that it is quite similar as the way they report the demographics of the unemployment numbers. (And I never really found the numbers.) Anyhow, I got bored with it.

Let me guess, (after noticing all the recently opened realistate offices around town.) you figure that in on the fact that numbers have been down and so is the ability of selling any property.
These realtors are either getting rich from renting the vacation homes to the criminals, or creating holiday picnic rumors to get someone to buy something here.
     My guess, that is about half of it.
     But hey, have you even looking into the price of a building permit here. I've heard Atascadero has a pretty price to pay. Man, I'll be the first to tell you, that kind of crap is how this country has dogged itself all along.

And I'll bee the first to admit that we spend too much time and efforts to protecting animals, but I'm also aware of what whent down in Ohio? Where the owner of a private zoo of about 50 exotic animals killed himself after letting all of his animals loose.
     Yeah, I'd shoot one myself if I saw it about to attack someone, but hey, I know animals enough to realize that most of those animals were scared to death and not about to go about attack anything.
     Those cops were just a bunch of bullies thinking they were on some kind of African safari with license to kill anything that didn't have cloths on.
     Yeah, I feel like I would insult your intelligence if I were to suggest that tranquillizer guns have been around for as long as I can remember, and I'm more or less an old man.
     Sorry, I would also hope that the men and women we make our officers of the law, as well as enforcers of the law, to be able to make a judgement call better than that. Never the less, the scary part about it all is that those safari hunter they got back there, also have a badge. Insane if you ask me.
     Just the kind of place where you may be a whole lot better off in you keep a gun behind your own door.

And for a guy who would rather be Rescue Man on the side, I'll give the media almost a 2 on covering the earthquake in Honduras. It's been days and I have not seen any coverage of any Releif AID even showing up down there.
     Yeah, I know the New York thing over shadowed it a bit, but I'm sure just some of our high-tech stuff would have helped out the less prepared country on a grandiose scale.
     To say the least, I'm annoyed about it.

November 11th, 2012 :
Yah folks, they put a price on a wave.

Yes folks the very people who sell you freedom, has put a price on a wave. When they put a price on a wave, they tend to be quit deadly, something that has to be taken seriously.
     I'm free to sit in my cage and watch everyone else do it because they think the wave are free in a free country. That's because they are able to enjoy the freedom my stolen kids provide them with.

Oh yeah, I was going to mention that I've been thinking a lot lately about producing my own movies. After seeing so many botched up block busters, that I feel even if I half ass through one together, I could at least make some realistic story line and I've got a few stories to tell.
     I realize I could do a real low budget segment and throw it out there for free and then on the second time around using more money I'm sure the distributors would pick it up.
     I could put on out on Morro bay as a comity. Use real people and real names. Funny hah?
     Come one think about it. Just at the begining of it all, I got little Jimmy down at the coffee shop. Scaring the hell out of some young ding bat. Then I got the coffee shop owner sure didn't handle that very well, and.... The guy at the laundry mat is another. I've got the guy at the croked crawk, and his firemen buddies. I've got Meathead Martin and his buddies. Lets know forget about are friends down at city hall. Damn the list could go on all night, (I'm actually writing this at 11.30 pm Nov. 11) but I'm sure there is no shortage of charactors.

November 12th, 2012 :
Stupid Rule Number 8, 34, 41, 85 & 88

I've been hearing about some confessing going on. The sad part about it is that I don't know what I want to know, because I'm not sure about what I'm hearing about.
     I think the problem is that there are more than one person doing the confessing. (I also think that tends to happen when it's in the best interest of things.)
     Anyhow, I actually think I have a handle on who told mister Black about the child molester detail. Kinnna figures.
     See what I mean about how it can take years to figure how the game has went along in the past. But in this case, it was a little of the Rule 88 and I just knew I'd get something on him eventually.
     I've been debating upon putting together some kind of flow chart. For who told who and who did what on so many different things. I happen to think it would make it easier for any screen writers I might want to hire in the future.

Featured book excerpt of the week

Notice from Great Britain


sunset morro bay
Sunset - November ?, 2012
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August 7th, 2012 through October 9th, 2012

      Small blue Arial code.
      Black Bookman Code

Green synchro-graphics

Dooms Day for Private Inventors
-happened yesterday,
when Obama took his mighty pin to the bill.

My Stupid Movie Idea

If you wonder how things are
in San Luis Obispo County
Check out:


In Court with Martin
January 11, 2011

Arrested by Martin
November 17-24, 2010

Me and my truck spent the week in jail last week.
Yes folks, I'm accused of being a criminal once again.

Jailed by Martin
November 17-24, 2010

The most revolutionary tool box in the world,
sitting in a room of poisonous insecticide

September 2009

The Rumor

And if you want to know more about the local Sheriff who spread phony rumors about me and his drug dealing brother, and even a recording of a drug deal going down you'll have to go to the

The Loop

New: the full version of the story about the fire
the actual book excerpt
Burning Down the House

A few years ago, I wrote about a couple of these law makers at:Poop Bad Law.

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I changed the format as to the way the journal entries are posted. The change will allow the readers with a the ability to read the entries as the unfold in chronological order.

For those of you who may feel I don't have better things to do with my time than molesting children or stalking women, I'd say do a background check on me yourself, because you can not believe anything any cop or fireman will tell you.
      I've actually tried doing a criminal background check on myself because I would love to find one that wasn't true. I've learned that even when they say it's free, that it is not. However, I did find one that will refund your money if you cancel a monthly subscription with 7 days. Its at

I'm the Dennis Sattler, 50 in Van Nuys CA, Lakewood Washington, Castic CA

But in reality now days, you only have to fire up a search engine.

And no I'm not the Dennis Sattler in Texas who hid in a closet and then killed his wife. But that goes to show you that if I have done any criminal act such as stalking a woman or molesting a child, just Googling my name would tell you.

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New: the full version of the story about the fire

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