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Oceanside pier California coast sunset

November 30th, 2012 :
Rule Number 80

Man-0h-Man. What is this? Just like the Martin thing, it took me six months and a trick to get the dump bitch to blab her mouth off to get information that everyone and their brother was talking about but at the same time trying not to let me know about.
     I'm lefty wondering about how long everyone around here knew about the house the City of Morro Bay has been providing the defence contractor that has been trying to hire people to run over me amongst other things.
     I don't know what you get out of it but from what I gather from what's been going on here, is that this kind if practice has been going on around here long before I even showed up. Without a doubt, San Luis Obispo County has been in the business of selling criminal prosecution. They got the Jail and they got the prison and they have the criminals on the payroll to put any innocent person in prison. Which left me wondering about how many innocent people they have trapped in their justice system.
     I don't know about you but, I only wish they delivered ice, because I'm reluctant to walk into any place of business around here in Morro Bay, because if you own property or pay any taxes here, you are supporting criminal activity. You will be paying to put crews of criminals to work making criminals out of it's own citizens or anyone who might be persuaded to come here.
     I don't know about you, but when I look around here in Morro Bay, all I see is criminals. These people will actually protect their criminal activity. Everyone in this town is an assessory to the crimes committed against me but there selves. How stupid is that?
     Yeah, you can call it an illness, but I 'll still call it pure stupidity.

This bit with the cop and boots you see on TV; that's professional PR folks. Or was there an alternative motive. Like hoping doing some good might help his bullet proof work better. I wouldn't doubt the same cop could have rolled him for $150 for sleeping in a park the week before. Shit that game has been around for years; even Hannable burned $10,oo on a homeless man in front of me, hoping I'd post something about him doing so. (a couple years ago.)
     As much as the media has pushed it, and how many people have fallen for it, just shows me just how stupid people are.

December 3rd, 2012 :
Rule Number 88

I sware to God that just moments after shutting down my computer, I knew I had to update the my last post with the line, "Of course the cost was no issue," though he'd made sure to tell the salesman the kind thing he was about to do. Got the price down to $75 instead of a hundred. (I wonder how he picked the size? I guess that- didn't matter, because it was all about the jester anyway.)
     Anyhow, I was also planning to update you folks with a question as to how much did the couple take in for the photo? And also how much did NBC alone pay for the airing rights to the photo?
     If I was the homeless man, I'd be trying to get punitive damages (ending up half the profits,) because now he has to worry about people with strange foot fetishism.
     I know you guys are all laughing too.
     I noticed on the morning news this morning, they had some celebrity of some sort , walking along the line of people behind the barrier, with a large bag in hand, collecting toys and stuff from the what was suppose to look like ordinary people on the street. But as the man walked forward and came to the last toy; a pretty little rocking horse, just the right size to fit in the bag, you can tell just how phoney the media is. I'm willing to bet NBC gave those people in the crowd the toys.
     But once I notice the last gift, the pretty little rocking horse, I realized that that was just staged too. I'm willing to bet that NBC gave those people on the street, the toys to put in the guy's bag. It was phoney as hell.

And there is one major difference in SBC ten years ago. Nobody knew who I was back then.
     I'm wondering how many days did I miss. You wouldn't believe the reason I spend a date walking around kicking things because of stupidity of others a couple of weeks earlier. Boy that story I don't even want to write out.
     Any how, everyone is fussing over me surfing with a sprained toe. Well, any surfer will tell you that it would more likely be a problem if it were the back foot. The funny thing about it all is that nobody fussed about me surfing with a sprained neck. Never the less, getting in and out of the water in rocky areas is something I would strongly advise avoid with a sprained toes. If you do, you may question your sanity while doing so.
     And those new high tech fins; sharp little buggers aren't they?

Oh yeah, from the word on the street, I'm starting to believe that the District Attorney my not be so Holly Grailish as I thought he was.
     Never the less; I have mixed feeling about it. It all gets too deep with too much going on all over the place and I would have rather imagine it to be a simple bad cop and a community that found itself in the position to hand over everything the inverter needed to get his invention into production, and making a bad thing into a good thing.
     But as this thing unravels before us. I could end up being the casualty, because there has been too much corruption going down from too many organizations to go down, as I see it.

December 4th, 2012 :
Rule Number 21

Sometimes I wonder if I'm imagining things. Like if I told you about the things I've been hearing about, I'm sure most of you would just think I was making it up.
     Too be honest with you, I tend to be a little modest when it comes to repeating the compliments my fellow surfers say to others about me.
     After last week end, I do say I missed surfing with some of the crew up in Morro Bay. I've got a few of the guys trained to tell me to "paddle," when they relinquish the wave. We just look out for each other and rather not mess with someone else's wave.
     If I had more time, I'd write out this bit I've had in mind for a while. It's a bit about how I compare surfing to working at a fish hatchery.
     The whole objective of raising fish at a hatchery is the hope that it will someday end up on the floor of a fisherman's boat.
     sp;   When it gets crowded, I want to see every wave ridden and every wave ridden well. If the guys cooperate, and not think of every wave as the last wave. Less waves would end up getting lost because of people interfere with other guys wave.
     For instance: last weekend, over half the waves I caught, I had some one drop in on me. Even if they guy dropped out, they made me put on the brakes instead of smacking the lip where (where I was to get my speed from,) they were dropping in right in my sweet spot. By not making the lip and pulling away, I'd just get caught at the bottom of the wave fighting the white water and it would leave me behind.

And I want to say that my thoughts and what ever good prayers have been going out to two fine ladies I admire and care about. As for Kate, I sure hope she experiences some relief.
     And I wouldn't want to think what I would be like without knowing that Sade here in this world to put such a smooth voice to jazz. She was diagnosed with thyroid cancer, but the strange thing about it is that I heard she says see feels fine.

December 6th, 2012 :
Rule Number

I can't help but wonder what has happened to Syria since they sent her back. It's difficult to imagine anyone leading a normal life. She had reason to leave in the first place and they sent her back there just in time to see hell brake loose.
      Give me a load of those missiles. I'm a fast learner, I'll deliver them alright.

Apparently there were a few others who heard what the City Manager of Santa Maria in the hallway as he searched for his key to his door. (I don't think he knew the camera had been on him even thought he had had an formal interview separately from the hallway footage.)
     Funny how the first time I heard it, I second guessed myself as if I might have imagined it because I hear it so often. But the second time, I listened for it, but I could tell the editor had dropped the audio considerably, but I could still hear what he was saying and it matched the mouth movements I was seeing. However, by the third time I saw it on the proverbial loop tape of what they feed us for the news, the audio was completely gone.

And this Gundman Style guy: The guy had no sense of rythum, so he made up something anyone could tap too, and machine music even made that easier and he didn't even need to have any music talent to write it and didn't have to pay anyone for their hit. The Koreans hope it makes them look hip, because this guy was able to make it appear as a large production over time.
     But what I get from it is that it shows us just how foolish people are and they have made the rythum-less, tallent-less, dumb ass, a millionaire eight times over.

Can you believe, both of my ankles have cuts in them. I even stabbed the palm of my hand with the rear one; slinging the board back to me.

cuts from surfboard fins

The new fins seem to help generate speed, but sometimes I miss the looser feel I get from the plastic ones, never the less, the more consistent grip feels like a good compromise.
      Never the less, I'm getting more consistent at catching a wave with a toothpick.

The thing that I've been hearing most about for the past few days is the wave I caught a Rincon last Saturday. Apparently someone must have got a shot of it because It's the thing everyone seems to be talking about. Actually folks, it's no big deal. It's being done all the time and on that one, all I knew was that my head got a little sprinkle of water on it after I cut back into the pocket. All I was trying to do was to keep ahead of it.
     I think it was my first wave that was one of the best to. It was one of the larger waves of the day and I felt like I was on a discovery tour wave, -just getting the feel for the reef. It was big and round and I carved big wide turns like a single fin board would do.
     Somehow I got two or three wave to connect all the way through to the inside. (The Townsen proved to be a vital tool at connecting one of them.)
     I only wish I could have been there a day or two earlier.

wave at rincon Dec. 2nd 2012

Sunday the wave size dropped considerably and Monday I was back at C st surfing waist high waves with the longboarders. Since I didn't take the Stoneman, the M-4 proved to be a challenge, but I think I did pretty good on it. It was fun since the whole crowd factor had diminished.
 (Above-Sunday, below Tuesday smaller yet.)

Wave C street Vintura Dec.4,2012

Oh well: here I thought it was about time for me to launch another book excerpt, but then I figured out I had not uploaded the last one yet. I apologize for the links going no-where.
     Well maybe not, because I've got other things to do.

December 8th, 2012 :
Stupid Rule Number 8

Boy have I got one for you.
     Just the kind of thing that can go down right in front of the media and and Louis Caps (Congress).
     Sure you are not going to see it on the news, but you can hear it all right here at Mystupidrules. Got a recording and pictures to prove it all went down.

Yeah, a good day. However, there are a few parts I've been wanting to get into primer, but sometime soon I'll resize the pictures and get it all together.
     It was funny. Just like Axil Fowly would do. Can you believe I wasn't even going to walk over there because of all the criminals.

December 10th, 2012 :
Kill, kill, kill.

Funny how an American inventor can have the United States Government put his life in danger, use his invention to kill people when the intention for his inventions was to help people everyday at work, rescue, as well as military defence. But instead, we've got the inventor only hoping for a war so he himself can get a little freedom..
     But at the same time, the American public can make a millionaire out of a guy who would get on a stage and chant out to kill Americans..
     It has always been obvious to me the the whole Gunmans style dance was created to mawk the American Cowboy culture and the Koran's themselves fell for it as entertainment, (and I can understand that, but when the Americans fall for it that just shows how stupid Americans are.)
     But not me. I may not see things very well at times, but when I do see something, I know what it is.

By the way: Tell me who this guy is. My Crim-a-dar went off big time when I saw this guy..

bad guy in San Luis Obispo, Morro Bay

When you get a coo, coo train going, you can often find something interesting tagging along. One moment I had a little girl and the next thing, I've got some piglets anlong with this guy. (It all looked Affirmative Action too me.) He seems to be of interest to these others as well don't you think?

Criminal firemen and police in morro bay

Of course I'm going to milk it. I'll probably throw a new book excerpt at you all before I get to posting my ribbon cutting ceremony with Louis Caps. Boy she was good. Much more experienced at it than say,- Bill Black, who probably didn't think he would need a diaper so early in the day. Louis seemed to be a little slow and just this side of being coharent; I'm guessing she is smoothed over with some pain medications.

Louis Caps well medicated

And on these two Australian Radio hosts: I'm not one to be able to tell you what kind of law they have for being right or wrong. But I feel above all, the right thing for the radio station to do is pay for the funeral cost and then take it out of the pay of the disk jockies.
     But then you have to realize that the station approved to publish the recordings and I hope there is some kind of stiff law to teach the station a lesson.

December 11th, 2012 :

Well I've got the recording up on the server, and I've got the next post written up. But I'm just not into this stuff today and I'll let it ride until I feel like even reading it myself.
     All I can say is that I'm sure tired of hearing everyone saying the same crap over and over. It must be something the firemen put in their hot dogs.

Rule 20, 60 & 75

On A-12 of the IBD there is an article about Suddam's weapons of mass destruction. Or as I would say a perfect example of sitting on your hands. Running you mouth off when you shouldn't be.
     When you should have been doing instead of talking about it.
     Apparently, while the Americans were debating the whole issue of going after Saddam's WMD, he was shipping it all to the cousin of no other than President Assad of Syria. Who Just happens to be the president of the country, my friend who was sent back to the environment she was trying to avoid.
     Get this, Saddam started shipping his WMD to Syria in passenger plans (56 flights,) about three months before American soldiers even stepped on the ground there.
     Boy to think that the Australian government sent us both to extreme different places.
     I had to go back to the country that has everything to do with her country getting WMDs to use on her people.
     She has to worry about poisons and I'm over here in America hoping that they sell the cheep missiles to the bad guys and sell the expensive one's to whom ever they want to call the good guys.
     Gee, isn't it sad. It's all about killing people for profit.

And on this Sy guy and his little dance. Hay you son of a bitch, my dad got malaria fighting for your freedom - you ass.

12 12 12 :
Rule Number 43

I'm not sure which organization is involved the the nominating or even deciding on the person or thing that is suppose to define the year 2012. But I heard that the Gunman Syle dance is up for consideration. (Yeah it's true, I heard it on the News this morning.)
     Well all I can say is that whom ever is nominating or voting on such nominees are complete idiots and are the last people who should be making such decisions.
     I happen to think the thing that defines the year 2012, is that it was the year when everyone showed us all, just how stupid we've become.

Any how, the words I've must have heard a million times over the last few days have been: Martin, ah year, really good.
     To address the desire of the science project to produce these words upon us all. I went to the very place rumors often begin there long agonizing lives. The checkout counter at the local grocery store.
     Needless to say, one can actually begin to wonder if they are just hearing these things in there own head when such people deny even hearing a word about it. It's the the answer you will get out of the City of Morro Bay's Risk Management office. (The legal secretary.) I can understand the City's legal secretary lying and I can expect that.
     But when a grocery clerk denies even know about it after hearing about it day in and day out. (I even heard the words said at least two or three times at the check out lines while I was inside the story shopping for only a few minutes.)
     I just don't get it. For what reason does the clerk have for denying knowing such a thing. I can only think he wants to protect the knowledge of corruption in this town.
     I don't know; it's like I said before, there must be something in the water because they sure brain washed this community somehow.

And on the Real Good part: well I have about as much understanding about branding as a farmer, but I do know a bit about the business side of things. I don't have to wonder why a surfer will buy into one of the businesses that has sponsored him all along.
     Folks it's all about market share. See the last thing they want is another brand competing another piece of the pie. And just like a topless joint, there is only so much money coming in the door, so the less dancers in the house, the more the money the dancers take home.
     Never the less, I'm pretty tired of hearing about it and have actually put some thought into what I could do if I came out with my own brand of surf gear. I could subsidize it with the money I make of my missile launchers and sell the same quality products as the competition does, but sell it all for a loss.
     Eventually the competing surf gear companies would begin to fold and the funding for surf contest would disappear and so would the pro surfers that they sponsor with the over priced gear that they sell. (Gee take a 3 dollar straw cap and put a label on it and the stores sell it for 15.)
     Wouldn't that be nice. No surf contest means that there would be no pro surfers what I would like the most about the whole deal is that there wouldn't be any wanna be pro surfers out there either. Just soul surfers and maybe surfing might get back to being civilized again.

I've already wrote most of the bit that will be posted with the link to the recording of the ribbon cutting ceremony with Louis Caps, but for now I'll leave most of you hanging. However, for those hackers who would like to be one up on the rest of us. The file name is Lcaps_2.WAV

December 13th, 2012 :

As far as the recording goes, there is only a short period at the beginning that is worth listening to. Within a few minute into it there was a photo op at the ribbon cutting ceremony at the fire department. I planted myself right behind the media's photographer and took the same pictures as them with Louis Caps and all.
     I quietly said a few words as I looked around for some kind of intervention, but instead, everything went quite and my words at conversation volume projected quite clearly as I made fun of the fact that everyone can be fooled sometime and I did put that getting dumber by the day and too stupid to do anything about it at the end of my pitch.
     Sorry I'd forgot to take the rubber cover off my MP3 player; hence it kinda screws up the fidelity of it and being inside my pocket didn't help it much, but you can still hear things pretty well.
     After the ribbon ceremony, I took the opportunity to get right in front of Louis Caps to take a few and see how well she could hold here crap.I realized that there would be a steady flow of stand in people working together with her security, to make sure she would always being the middle of a conversation, or called away from one if she found herself in one with a person like me.
     So I split because I had better thing to do than hang out with a bunch of crooks.
     And one thing I would like to mention.One of the things that actually drew me to the even was to see if there was anyone I knew or had been associated with actually hanging out with and supporting the criminals. Thank God there wasn't any.
      As I walked away from the event, you can hear me walk away with a limp from my sprained toe.
      But then I couldn't understand why I could let such a landmark making opportunity go astray. So I turned my ass around and went back to see how much of a disturbance I could get way.
      It was kinna neat the way the marching band stopped playing as I approached Louis as she was waiting in line for a hot dog or something.
      I began to ask Louis Caps about my missile launcher. But right off the bat, Louis caps body guard handed me his card and told me to give him a call. That's when I went into Axil Fowley mode and stated that it was and answering machine.
     From that point I just got into a pitch about wanting my cut for the missile launchers they are using to kill people with. You could tell they we expecting something to go down as the sea of blue uniforms moved it. To say the least, it appear as though Affirmative Action was alive and well. I spoke about them tapering with the steering on my truck and as I backed away, I had a line of what I called a bunch of criminals, I was parading along in front of all the bystanders. At one point a little girl thought to jion in with the little train I had going on. I turned around and she was under my feet and you should have seen the look at those bitches who want to be heroes. They acted as if I was trying to assault the little girl. That even got me laughing.
      Then at the end, as I had a train behind me, I patted myself on the ass so they would know that they should be fallowing me and the band began to play again.
     As I pulled the train of criminals along, I heard one someone try to imply that I was crazy, just as one could have expected, but I laughed because, I thought I was just having a blast. Making fools out of them.
      As I was making my exit and right before the band began to play again. there was a lady who said, "he's right."
      Then after I had thought I'd made the exit all clear and I'd thought I'd lost my tail of criminal firemen, I picked up a tail of Morro Bay's Affirmative Action Police Department out front of the building.
     At first, that stupid Detective Cullum dude got in my face and told me that I had disappointed all of them. I don't think I need to repeat what I said about what I think of that issue. Anyway as I turned away from the creep I realized that I was also facing the new captain with all her gold strips on her uniform. She was in my face too. I was being stalked by the police department as I made my way to the side walk. That's when I decide that it was a good time to snap off a few pictures to show people what police harassment looks like. But there in the mix, I saw what surprised me. Lousis Cap's thug had found himself out front with out Louis and he was tailing me also. There has to be something to that made up title of District representative. (And no, I haven't called him yet. I think I know what the drill is there.)
     Anyway, the recording is about twenty minutes, so except for the little photo op thing at the beginning, you might as well jump to the second half. I don't know how to edit yet, and I don't have time for that right now so, you'll just have to have some patents and just live with it.

Oh yeah, many people noticed that Louis Caps could not even look at me.
      I only wish I would have been drunk or something.

This morning it was nice to hear, "no cameras," as I walked to the water. It was one of those bigger days with narly looking waves to begin with. Big, bumpy and junky. However I have this thing with me being able to paddle right out there and my first wave is usually caught right away, that is if there isn't a paddle boarder like yesterday, who snaked me and wasn't able to do anything with it.
     Anyhow, this morning I took the MBM out there to getter done. Out of that mess, I managed to pull off a few good ones before the clowns started to show up.
     Sometime I amaze my self of what I pull off. I'm not actually into aerials or 360s and such. Because in these kinds of waves, it's all about the execution and how manage to work it just keep it going or just to stay in from of it. These waves are far from perfect, but if you work it right and do a good job, they are just as fun than the easy cream puffs you see pro surfers ride in the magazines and videos.

December 15th, 2012 :
Get over it!

Gee, what a bunch of belly achers. Heck we kill that many smart guys every day of the week because of the patent laws. What makes a fresh batch of dumber kids than the generation before any more valuable than the gene pool of the smartest human beings we kill every day?
     I'm willing to bet that we are getting closer to the point where we can probably say, one of those dead kids would have been just part of the new norm. The new normal, the mentally ill and one who sits at home everyday playing video games where they go around shooting and killing people every day in their fantasy world.
     These shoot-um-up video games are a very big part of these kids lives. I see what the do from the time they get home from school to the time they go to bed. (And the scary part about it is that they say the average age of these gamers is actually 35.)
     I can imagine many of these gamers get so caught up into it, that at times they find it hard to differentiate the real word from the fantasy world inside the big screen sitting before them.

And this is what you get, a bunch of morons on TV marching down to the Capital with their desire to get rid of the guns when the actual problem is the fact that we are breeding stupid people and they spend their time playing video games that are all about shooting and killing people.
     What do you expect to happen? I imagine it's similar to programming a droid if you have one.
     You can't get rid of the guns because the politicians will still have them made illegally with out serial numbers and even trade them for drugs. (For real, that Oliver North, the Contras, Nicaragua bit is just one example.)
     Any how, just think. We've probably spent a million dollars on law enforcement, in one little town, in one day. The Media showing up there filled every hotel room for a hundred miles around.
     And any School principle, who doesn’t keep a gun taped to the underside of their desk, is a stupid one in my book. And I feel that any school principle who runs toward gun fire with out a gun is a complete moron and deserves to get shot.

And of course, today's post will change the tides one might say. But just as in rule number 75, sitting on your hands isn't getting anything done. However, while you are doing so, the thing to remember is that time is not your friend.

December 16th, 2012 :
Rule Numbers 10 & 43

I had to start my day of with this Major Bloomberg guy in my TV set. He was being interviewed by another pansy ass on Meet the Press. Boy what a couple nut jobs.
     Come on folks, it's not about the guns at all. It's all about stupidity and a lack of common sense.
     And that Comman Sense is something even the smartest teachers don't know how to teach. Common sense is something that you have if you figure out that this whole shooting we've been hammered with for the past couple days is all about a stupid kindergarten teacher who bought her autistic son an assault rifle and hand guns.
     I don't understand why the media or anyone else has the common sense to say so. Are they all that stupid and all the journalist know how to do is put use adjectives to describe everything?
      For instance, I've heard every kind of small town, close knit community so many time it could make my head spin, but do you think out of all those journalist making a paycheck rehashing what someone else has already said in a different way, (by swapping out one adjective for another.)
     Well, I'm no highly pay journalist but it only took my a couple seconds to find out what none of the news networks has thought about telling you about. I guess they like to keep the facts as blurry ass possible and tell to as much as they can condor up with out telling you anything. But we here at will tell you that the population in Newtown CT is 1,941 and covers 60.38 square miles and is the fifth largest town area-wise in the state and it's about sixty miles from New York City

And another thing I would like to mention, out of all the shooting at all the school they media wants to hunt you with. There has been less than 100 children kill. But because of the patent laws, 10,000 - 20,000 of the most creative people in this country alone gets kill. So the reality of it is that we kill more of the smartest people in the country in one month as we have children in our schools in over a century. Yeah, they got you all crying over spilled milk.
     And they sad thing about it is that it will only get worse. At least here in America we can worry about how perfect our wall texture is as the missiles we make tear down the walls of other peoples homes in other countries. Morons want gun controls, while realisticly the whole world needs more bomb control. Kinna like that spilled milk thing don't you think?. But I'll be profiting from bomb so I'd rather see that people are distracted to the less evil and just like rule number 7, I don't care where my money comes from either. I figure the more common folk we kill the smarter we remain because we will counter act against the number of smart people we kill.

But to me, it's all about money.

Oh, I would like to mention one thing that may leave you all on a better note. At least if I am right, it helps me justify the unintentional use of my inventions, is that if I am right and my system is used for the Golden Shield missiles, then I can feel good that it is a missile designed as a defensive one used for shooting down on coming missiles from the opponents side.
     But the sad part about that is that I have to hope for destruction in order for me to make anything off my inventions.
     So now, it is in my best interest to be heartless and want wars. I don't care what kind of war and I don't care where it is. Hopefully not the killing kind but that comes with the territory and I must think of it as compensating for killing the smart guys.
     Oh yeah, maybe I should consider war as a way of God compensating for the massacrer of his smartest guys.
     Makes me feel better already.

So they fight for your freedom
     by making me pay the price for my toys.
     I represent the modern day private inventor who is kept in a cage for your freedom.
     I'm what you get when the US government uses your kids for their war machine.
     I wouldn't doubt the defence contractors donated more money than they owe me to Obama for his re-election campaign.

I've got to go pawn my bass just to get way from this shit hole of a social experiment they got going down here in Morro Bay.

sunnyside's cage

December 20th, 2012 :
Rule Numbers 50 & 51

I'm just amazed at how stupid people can be. Like they keep looking at either gun control or mental health issues as if it is to blame for what went down last week.
     The ironic part about it is that many of the people putting their two cents worth in, while reporting about the tragedy, they themselves try to keep their children from finding out about for fear their own children will be afraid to go to school.
     They want something done like they did at airports as soon as they figured out that a bomb can be placed inside a shoe.

Well, folks, I've got the solution and it's quit simple. No one, (even the IRA needs to give anything up as a concession to the effort to avoid something like that happening again)
     We don't need any new gun laws, because the simple solution is the opposite of coming up with an Ocar Awarder for best full drama on reporting a tragedy.

See, it's the media that is to blame. After pulling Savanah and Matt out of the city, all those personal interviews, the president making it personal by mentioning every name.

Even the camera crews heightened the drama by lowering their lights so that even Banord would have glassy eyes while claiming that the tragedy has brought them together on the fiscal cliff. (And I might add that there was never going to be a fiscal cliff because the defence contractors stock prices have not reflected it. However, I wouldn't doubt the morons will rob the poor people on social security just as the ones who need Medicare.)

And lets not forget the Bios, that anyone not living in that small town community would know if you got the wrong bio on a child or if they had made them up all together.

The media should keep that personal tragedy to the local network of stations near by the community it happen in.
     For all us in the rest of the world should only see the picture of the killer so that any internet community who is familiar with the villain can identify him for more background information.
     And for all the background information as well as the person information of the victims should only be written in the written media and not on the network television. That way if we want to know more, their is plenty of news papers and the internet doesn't actually force you to put it out there in front of your little kids.
     With the way they dramatize the information now, the media only sensationalize it and you can bet there will be another copy cat.
     Just as I heard, that there was another movie theater shooting a few days ago. But at least an off duty cop thought it was worth packing a gun along for the night. That villain only got two people thanks to someone taking a gun to the movies.
     Now if the media made a special about how foolish the villain was to try to pull such a thing....
     And how come we didn't put the off duty cop one TV, pat him on the back and say good shot?
     Update: Also, I wish the media would use the word "gunman." The word "villain" should be used instead because using the word gunman only villainous the typical gun owner who actually wants to see our world a safer place. Using the word gunman when representing such a tragedy should be considered slander to those of us who actually like guns knowing that there are guns around.

The gun is only a tool, just as there are many other idioms out there such and knifes and bats. Now if it wasn't for all those gun owners, the same kind of mass killings can happen with any knife or bat, and what would the media call that kind of villain? A batman? No. They would call him a villain, now wouldn't they. Just as I've said before, I may not see things very clear at times, but when I do see them, I usually know what I see.

Also, I'll be the first to say that too many people think too much of their cell phones. Just as their are people who may think too much of their guns. I'm sure there are many people who love their I-Phone and don't have any desire to have a gun. And I'm sure there are many gun owners who love their AR-15 and think their $25 Samsung is the only phone they need. And you can count on both the I-Phone owner as well as the AR-15 owner love to by the latest little do hicky or app for the thing they are so fond of. To the I-phone owner, the I-phone 5 is the top of the line and much preferred over the I-phone 4; just as the AK-47 is known as the best of it's class and desired over the AR-15.

However the comparison between phones and gun become quite distance when you think of the money involved. I'm not sure what the cell phone industry is worth, but you've gotta admit, there are bountiful amounts of after market product that have generated revenue and jobs. Now sure, the gun industry is only about $4 billion or more a year, but that's a lot of jobs, that are above the table. You take that table away, a good portion of the $4 Billion goes underground and that equals a booming black market and a loss of revenue going to legitimate places creating legitimate jobs.. Any decent sheet metal shop an produce a 50 round clip to fit just about any hand gun.(Rule 38) And any hand gun with a few clips can be snuck into may places easier than a combat rifle.

Creating more gun laws is like telling the I-phone users that they would have to settle for an LG.
     It's like telling the would be proud owner of a fine piece of workmanship of a AR-15, to have to settle for Davidson thow away from the pawn shop.
     It's like telling the would be proud Synchro-link owner that he would have to settle for a Dodge.
      He might want to kill himself along with everyone around him.
     And the next time there is a shooting in an elementary school, lets just blame it on Matt Laur and Savannahh Guthry.

Savannah Guthie

Update: Some of you know that there were about three different posts since around midnight last night. And I keep forgetting other little things I ment to post. Like, everyone noticed that we don't see that smear the hand in the mud hand shake commercial any more. Boy, didn't that stop on the spot. LOL.
     I got plans to pull the plug on another one pretty soon, but I figure I'll wait a little longer, just to make sure it makes it to other marketed areas around the country. I just want everyone to know what I'm talking about.
     And this Major Blumfeld guy in New York. Wanting more gun control. Gee, that's easy to say when you've got a couple guys on the payroll to carry guns for you.
     Let's ask the cry baby something. If we pass more gun laws, would major Blumfeld go out in public with out his armd body guards?
     Of course not.

And I'll tell you what. If I was James Debney of Smith & Wesson holdings. I'd be sending a few boxes of roses to Savannah Guthree, because that gal sure has made his company some money this week. Last year the stock was only $3.oo after three years of losses. Wednesday it came close to hitting $11.oo and it's still above $8.

I don't know about you folks, but if I had the spare cash, I'd be stockpiling as many combat guns as possible I could afford, because if they go ahead with banning them, yah know they'll pan out to be a much better investment than a cell phone when there is a black market for them.
     Oh, James. I can pass on any flowers, but a nice compact 40 would feel just about right tucked into my backside.

December 22nd, 2012 :

I'm sure that those who know me, may have noticed that I usually don't interesting material in the papers over the weekend, and further more, the odds of me pointing out anything on C-3 of the WSJ is definitely out of the norm, but I have to say even though I'm not into writer's pieces very much, this one on Why Innovation Won't Save Us.
      It may feel like a bunch of fluff in a way, but I thought the writer Robert J.Gordon did a good job of getting me though the half page bit.
     The bottom line is he knows what the numbers are showing and he has a good understanding why the 99%ers are only going to see there income grow at 0.5% annually. (of the 2.0% expected and currently see, if we are lucky, but the 1% ers get 1.5%.) It doesn't take much to figure out that it took guys like Thomus Eduson to double the standard of living every thirty five years. They can up with a way of killing the very guys who have every thing to do with raising your standard of living and then you wonder why you are nothing but a bunch of nut jobs walking around with a computer in your hands telling you how to do everything. Computer may perform function. The numbers support his pitch and in my opinion, you put his pitch and my pitch together and the result is a clearer understanding of what the hell is going on here. However, it's raining and I'm stuck here in the shit hole of a library with a dumb ass librarian who don't know how to talk without every one in the shit hole hearing her.Of course my mind is focused on how nice she is trying to be.

December 23rd, 2012 :

I turned on the TV this morning to see, Maria Babrino has two co-authors on, and she was helping them push their book. Golly gee wess, these guys flapped their mouths with a bunch of fluff and after about five minute of it, I didn't learn a damb thing. I don't even recall anything that resemble fact or significance at all. It's a brick folks, something you prop your desk up with.

On the face the nation, and the ass working for Face the Nation is trying to tell us about the fact that in countries like Australia with more gun laws have lower homicide rates. But the thing he isn't telling you is that Rapes and Robberies way out of hand when you compare to America per capita. (I, know, I checked the numbers and compared them when I was over there.) Same goes for any country without guns.
      Hell, it only took 8 months of me being there before I got a pipe smacked up the side of my head. (And I myself thought this French guy I met was a little paranoid when he said that he and his backpacker friends usually stayed in hostels because they didn't feel safe sleeping in a van even with his big knife right next to him.)
      There was a moron on the show who was crying about the fact that we shouldn't let the CT killing die and remember it or else there will be another. Well you just stay there on my TV crying about it, you can be sure there will be another killing rampage.
     I feel a few armed guards would be good at sporting events but during regular school days, I don't think they are worth the expense because a would be killer would know who to look for and not the other way around. If a few teachers and staff had concealed weapons, a killer wouldn't know where the threat of defence would be coming from.
      Gun free zones are good for applying penalties, but they do nothing for prevention of massacre’s because they only look like sitting ducks to a mad man.

Another thing I want to say to those who feel threatened by assault type weaponry. They can't understand why anyone would need a military type weapon to defend one self. Like they feel that a hunting rifle is as much as we need to defend yourself. Yeah tell that military officer that the next time he goes to battle for your freedom. Try to telling your military officer to try defending himself with a hunting rifle next time he goes to fight your war.
     To keep things short, you've all heard the saying that you don't take a knife to a gunfight; well the people who buy the assault type rife are not so dumb as you may think because they know the difference of bow and arrow and a mussel loader too.
      Do you think the Natives cried unfair?
     Hell no, they figured right off the bat that it was the guns they needed from the get go.

Any of you authors out there ever feel as I did when people began to ask me to sign my book. Well, today was the next step in that new fronter for me. Today I was asked for my first interview by a fellow surfer. I asked him if he was a writer, he said no and that he just wanted it for himself. Yeah, right.
      Anyhow, he wanted to know about how I felt about what had just gone down here at the Rock when a bunch of animal rescue people can and picked up a sea otter that was hiding out in the rocks.
      I thought right away the guy was here to make me look bad in some weird way. Never the less, it hasn't been the first time I've done a spiel and as I told him, "sure, there's been quite a few who have recorded my spiels in hamburger joints and such."
     Unfortunately I'd have to say probably from the result of that, this interview was more like a spiel since the only question he really ever asked was how I felt about what had gone down there with the animal rescue and how I thought about the pros and cons of it. (He had probably noticed that I'd been flipping the rescue people a bunch of shit out my window.)
     Never the less, he got probably more than the guy bargained for and if his thing was about cut and past, he could really do a guy some damage, however, I'm pretty sure my fellow surfers wouldn't only realize the backlash on his own creditability if he did something like that on me. (Something you couldn't trust about national television companies.)

Now that I'm sitting here editing what I wrote, I feel like the interview was the easier route. I'd rather have my own photographer and the ability to do retakes and edit it so things could turn out as I mean for them to be. Just the right word or phrase in there at times is all it would take. For those of you who know my writing will certainly agree.

And for the words I've heard most the last few days are FCC.
     Yeah, as with any new laws, the law makers in Washington only make new laws on would be laws with obstetrician. Even if it where to be a good law, the law makers you have in Washington know that they can always drag it out so that they can pull in as much money from the fools on both side of the fence, before they do anything about it, if they do anything at all. And the whole scary part of it all is that we folks on the street have to wonder if the stupid laws make anything better, because the bad ones are the one we all wish they would have created at all.
     Anyhow, I guess there are folks out there who feel that the folks down at the FCC could pass a few guidelines and called them new rules for the media to abide by and do it at a so called board meeting between rounds of golf.

Oh yeah, there has been those of you who have been paying attention along time, because I can't remember when, but I think I might have mentioned. Nah.

Ahnt, my battery is spent for today.

December 24th, 2012 :

Just as I thought, I'm not about to find it. I kinna knew that. However, I'm pretty sure I picked up a few new fans in New York. I'm willing to bet a whole shitload of parents are being able to dodge the puppy for Christmas bit because of me. I'm sure the term - the only good sea lion is a dead sea lion - has been said number of times today.

There was something else I've been meaning to say.
     That is didn't take long before the media pulled off something really stupid.
     Like the fact that there was a bank robbery in LA the other day and the cops had shut down the freeway to get to the robbers instead of having a car chase through town.
      Then the media told the public how they did it.
     Well isn't that about the dumbest thing? The law enforcement came up with a brilliant idea and now thanks to the national network media, bank robbers will now render the brilliant idea worthless. Now we have to look forward to more car chases and more gun fights. No doubt we need a gun even more now because the media paved the way for more bank robberies, car chases and shoot-outs.

Merry Christmas

I'm sure one thing we all can agree on is that the two words "Merry Christmas," have something magic about them.
      Everyone will agree that those two words, "Merry Christmas" make us all feel good when we say them.
      I'm pretty sure that those who don't even believe in Christmas will tell you that when they say Merry Christmas to a co-worker or friend, no matter who they are. Doing so will make them feel better, every time.
     I feel we are all happy to know that we can count on Christmas being there at what would otherwise be a difficult time of the year.
     For those of us who are not getting along so well and those of you who didn't exactly get what you wished for: There is this one saying I've come up with over the years.
      It's a line got from one of my customers. I had asked her as to what advise she could give me, on how to be a better and more successful painting contractor.
     Her answer surprised me when she said, "we only got what we needed, because we knew we could get what we wanted later."

December 26th, 2012 :

I'm like many of you who are worried that the sea otters by the rock end up getting shot for something I have said or wrote.
     Strangely enough, for as many times I've driven by those little rats, and wondered why nobody has yet, I'm not exactly one to want to see them gone.
     Never the less, I've got this freaky imagine going on in my head that say I'm actually hearing the term, "building a cage."
     Kinna strange thinking that others are thinking about ways of taking back their harbour and not getting rid of the few that are here.

I think one of the best thing I've ever done for fishermen, is compare the fisherman and sea lion to the farmer and the crow. Everyone has grown up knowing about farmers trying to get rid of the pest, but even after putting a bounty on them commonly, they still can't kill the last crow and the fisherman should have the right to protect their crops as well.

Fifteen years ago I worked in a state run fish hatchery. (Now there is a lot I could write, but maybe someday I'll post something in H & E about it.) But back then, it was costing the state tax payers about $ 4.50 per baby fish they released. It's sad to know that most of them probably ended up in the belly of a sea-lion instead of the floor of a fisherman's boat. Just to put you into perspective as to how many would actually get caught. Just the over flow, the ones that get away from the hatchery while still being raised. End up coming up stream to the gates of the hatcher the next year banging on the gates because they were not caught. The same guys who raised them, have to gaff them and toss them into plastic fork lift bens for the dog and cat food manufactures who pay $1.00 for the full grown salmon. (Yeah, we are loosing $3.50 per fish make cat food. Sea lions get the rest. While most of us can only afford to buy wormy bottom fish.) Oh, yeah, they can get more eggs than they can hatch out of a few fish. Sad to see those creeks full of rotting salmon.

Well, if you want my two cents worth of advice of what I thing should be done around here, I'll give you a few ground rules for the way I happen to think it should work.
     First off I guess would to make a pin off area over buy where they live. But then the restaurants and fish processors would have to help furnish fish scraps or bait food and such to feed them because if you don't add to their food supply, the natural food supply inside the pin will dry up and they would eventually starve.
     I think it would even be possible for the tourist to help pay for the bait feed to them, but there would have to be fencing to assure that the public only feeds them a safe and balance diet provided by a responsible source.
     (It would probably have to be two pins or two pins in one or dividable because somewhere down the line, you would have to move them for maintenance purposes or natural sea-life movement or growth. (Star fish, seaweed and crabs.)

Then those harbour seals or sea lions, or what ever you call them. You kill them and chop them up and either use them as crab bait or just dump them overboard in areas where the crab are know to be.
     However, I think the most important part of of getting rid of the remains of these varments, whether you dump or use the remains as crab bait, -it must be done at least 20 miles out from shore - which is a very important detail I explain below....
     See, the reason I say this is, that I know in Washington, fisherman have told me that sharks start coming up in their nets at about thirteen miles out. So if we're going to attract sharks anywhere, we would like to be attracting them farther away. With my plan, we get rid of the very things that have been robbing our table and feeding what we put on our table. By eliminating the sea lions from our populous areas dominated by human beings, the sharks that are know to feed on seal lions and habour seals will stop looking for their food around human beings. The sharks will naturally retreat to to those far of rocks and islands that have nothing but sea-lions and seagulls on them. Those places where it would be too much work for us to cage a dead one up and give it a taxi ride out twenty miles to feed crabs. The sharks will go back to their proper place along with the habour seals as it would be in a more realistic natural environment.
     By over protection of all these animals that have been held in check in the past, we've invited the black bare into town and we all know, the black bear and humans, should not plan on using the same swimming pool.(And if I can find my camera, I'll post the latest shark warning I saw at the "Pit" a few days ago.)
     See, the deal is-we need to dump shark food, but make sure it actually makes it to the crabs on the bottom. (You could call it fertilizing the crops.)
     The remains might want to float but if they wire the meat into cages having openings only big enough to let the crabs get to the meat but still small enough to keep sharks from getting to it.
     I feel that fisherman should have the right to fatten up their crab with the very varment that eat their salmon.
     Taking the remains to to a land fill would be a waste of crab meat as far as I'm concerned and if you start dumping shark food anywhere near shore, well you get the picture.
     Another reason my crab feeder cages are such an important idea. If you take a look at those old movies taken on whaling boats, you may be as amazed as I was when I saw that the whalers had to battle wildly thrashing sharks, just to get the whales into the boat. The sharks were able to take a good portion of the meat before they could get the dead whale into their boat. You can bet back in those days, sharks identified whaling boats as humans supplying them with food and the sharks probably fallowed the boats everywhere they went. Well, here is what we've got going on. We've got a fishermen who piss on the deck of their boat because they know not to fall overboard doing so. The boat's deck and everything on it ends up getting the sent of humans on it. A sea line comes up in the net, they give it a baseball bat up side the head and roll it over board. And if their are any sharks in the area, smelling fish blood and a little human yearn mixed in with it, they get the picture that some humans in a boat are feeding them. Makes for a lazy shark doesn't it?
     Well, I like any other surfer, when the old wet suit is getting old with all the leaks and all, a good ol piss will give us the warmth to catch a few more. However, we're also making us smell like a fishing boat at the same time and I think you can sum up the rest.
     You can ask any of those communities that have problems with the black bear in their back yards, and I'm sure they will tell you that the problem started when the bears started showing up at their local dump.
     Having said that, I hope you can understand why we should let fishermen have proper feeder cages in the crab fields.
     As for the so called rare sea otters out there. I think the fishermen should have the right to determine when and where they poise a threat to their livelihood. They should give animal lovers the opportunity to move them to either sanctuaries that poise less of a threat, (if even possible,)to the fishing industry - chosen by fisherman - if even possible, or caged up and hauled of to some zoo somewhere.
     I'm sure sea lions and harbour seals are like pigeons; all you have to do is shoot down a few every once in awhile and they figure out real quick that hanging around over you work isn't going to happen.

And there are a few of us who feel the media deserves a few brownie points for toning down the coverage on these firemen we lost in New York. I'm sure there are many out there who want to say we feel you. We don't need the media to show how disturbing it is to all of us. We just can't be giving the disturbed what they want when all we want is the facts.

And golly gee; I actually think I coined a term. People seem to like the term-
   Realistic Natural Environment.
     I'm sure that many of us will agree that so many of these animals lovers have simply forgot that the human beings as a species of its own, play an important part of the eco-system. We need to be factored into the whole food chain bit. Not only to be factored in but to manage our role in it as it always has over the century in the past. You just can't take us out of the picture, just because you may feel that if an animal goes extinct, (which they have always doe,) that the end of the world will come.
     We'll we are humans, the dominate species and we are the ones who are suppose to dominate. We are the ones at the top of the food chain and we are the ones who are responsible (and smart enough) to chart the course to survival.
     Our Gods have given everything we need to survive and prosper, all we need to do is make it possible.

Update: Funny how everyone seems to be amazed at how well I've thought this whole Realistic Natural Environment thing though. Well I'm sure there may be a few holes to fill in, but the overall aspect of it all seems like common sense to me.
     Also I would like to announce that this topic of Realistic Natural Environment has its own web-page as of today. We here are MyStupidRules would like to invite you to the web-page for further updates on the topic.
     I'm sure there will be both Fishermen and Animal Activist voicing their opinions, thoughts and ideas. I'm willing to bet that there are folks on both sides of the dock who feel I'm right about this thing. I think both sides understand that we humans should be factored into the equation of what a true Natural Environment is.
     We here at MyStupidRules believe that those ideas expressed by you, should be more accessible when it's not lost in the miles of web-pages, this journal has provided.

December 27th, 2012 :

If you feel we need to burn about 12 Billion per year....
     According to the article on A-13 of yesterday's WSJ, on Dec 31 Subsidies to Wind power generation companies come to an end. However, if they re-new the subsidies, well....
     Let me give you some number upon how much money the different types of energy providers receive from our government for every million watt hours of electricity.
      Hydro-power gets $.84
     Coal gets $.63
     Nuclear power gets $3.10
      Wind power tops them all at a whopping $52.48
     Now if that shows you a little bit of range gap, well I'll agree with you there.
     But the Ironic part of it is that as the writer mentioned, the wind generation companies are actually paying the power companies to take the electricity, and they still make money because of the money tax payers are handing over to them.
     See here folks: what I think is really wrong with the set-up is that we not only subsidize the building and manufacturer of the wind generators, we keep giving them money even after they are up and running. So the more they got standing, the more we pay to give the power away. (And then the company we pay to take it, sells it back to us for more profit.)

Kinna strange about what has been happening.
     Firemen getting shot at and a tank of sharks all of a suddenly brakes open in Asia.
     The has been a lot of these things happening that seems strange. However, I think the coolest thing about all these ideas I've handed over the past few weeks, is that there hasn't been the need to make any new laws to make them work.
     It's all about co-operation.

Moved part of this post to H&E.

December 28th, 2012 :

Funny how such a revolutionary thing can be going down and the main stream media is doing nothing but sell you spilled milk.
     Anyway, if you are one of those people in the mid-west, wishing you could have been around and been a part of something that is so important, well I've got something for you.
     Let me guess that nobody would shed a tear if we wiped out a few of the species of mosquitos we are having problems with. Well, I don't have a simple solution on something like that just yet, but if I were one of you guys or girls wanting to make a difference, please volunteer to wipe down bats with anti-fungicide.
     We've got a serious problem with bats getting white nose fungus while hibernating.
     Yah go into the cave when they are still asleep and whipe them down.
     Nothing to is and it's really important to save the pregnant ones right now.

Of course many of you know I dumped about a thousand words at- >

December 29th, 2012 :
Quite and Peaceful

Yeah, just like I said, "just like pigeons."
     I've decided to rename The Realistic Natural Environment web-page to Rules of Nature.
     And since my little hands can only go fast at typing and pasting cods. I want you animal lovers to realize that you can be sure I'm way ahead of most of you. It's like you are only catching up to me half the time.
     The deal is: When you think about my theory about how to take ourselves out of the Sharks food chain, it also applies to other animals in nature as well. Like crocodiles, alligators, lion tigers and bears. Any animal that has the possibility to attack us is one in which we need to understand what were are doing when we feed them. The ones in captivity are the only ones we can feed. If you take those dangerous wild animals we have fed in captivity and release them into the wild we are only asking for trouble. (That is unless it's a bird something or something that can't harm us.)
     However, keep in mind that I'm not saying we can tame any of these wild animals. Any one who lives in the woods know about clicking two rocks together so that you don't surprise a bear.
     Believe it or not, these realistic rules of nature would apply to sea turtles as well. Say for instance, the other day they showed a video on TV about a sea turtle that wouldn't leave a diver alone at his work. At first it looking like it wanted to hump the diver, but once I saw that the turtle had a piece of the divers cloth like gear in it's beak, I knew it was because the divers body parts except for say his hands and toes. Now it's clear to me that the sea turtle was accustomed to being feed by divers and it was looking for food. It doesn't take a degree in biology to realize that if it had been a shark, you'd wouldn't be viewing it for entertainment on national TV.

Here is something you should think about:
     You've heard that saying we've all heard before as to how doctors are playing God.
     Well what I'm am provide you all with these simple rules of nature is that every one of us can be exercising the power of God in all of us.
      For those of you who feed the need to clean a bird or actual nurse a wild animal back to health. Your human sent on the animal will now be like a natural shark repellent and not the other way around.
     If you roll a whale back into the water, your body sent will actually help protect it from the sharks until the human sent wares off.

Rule Number 77 & 100

I wouldn't advise anyone who thinks they should try what I heard those crazy Aussies did.
     I don't think testing out my theory is such a good idea right now.
     I for one don't think I could count the sharks hanging around, and with how those Aussies like to party, I wouldn't trust their ability to count past five at times.

But if you think about it. I'm betting on the fact that I say we could keep a few sea Otters as pets, is actually saying that even if the sharks are attracted to some smell in the area, it won't be us.

I don't know who the hell they are, but some shark specialist are trying to say that it would take about one year from the time proper feeders are commonly used and proper measures are in place to keep the shark food chain in check, to make the sharks safer for all of us.
     Get this: apparently these guys who for what ever I think, know jack shit about a sharks brain, they say it will probably take about a year for a shark to forget that human sent is a part of its food chain.
     So there, if you want to play games with sharks, you better be better than I am at remembering which shark is which.

I have to say, I shed a happy tear this morning. It was for the parents who drop off their kids at the beach for their surf session. The idea that a few of those parents have just avoided a travesty before it happend and they should no longer have to worry about it.

And oh, I may be verifiability insane if there has not been anyone showing up to help out the Bats. Whether I'm just crazy and just hearing things or not. I want to thank those imaginary friends of mine who have shown up to help out. Thank you, Sunnyside.

Rule Number 60

Ironic to open the Weekend addition of the WSJ on page A-3 there is a bit on the Dungeness Crab session along the pacific coast. Over the years I've learned that the question on Dec. 1st was whether they were soft shell or not.
     Then the fishermen would be set back a couple weeks and end up spending Christmas at sea.
     Never the less, this year has been delayed twice for what I think was the second year year in a row.
     Anyhow the ironic part about the hole ordeal that it's not the soft shell that's the problem; its the size.
     I have to say I've read things that were written a little more clear before, but what I gather is the tonnage this this guys are bringing in has gone up in the past year. I'm guessing, it's probably because the regulations that have been enforced have allowed the crab to reproduce more rapidly, but having larger numbers of crab effect the amount of food supply each crab has available. The result is more crabs but smaller crabs because of the lack of food supply for the larger population.
     Boy that was hard to write.
     But you get my drift.

December 30th, 2012 :
Rule Numbers
11, 14, 19, 20, 29-44, & 56

Sounds like the wives didn't want to hear anything about Twenty miles out.
     Since the fishermen convinced there wives that my cages work as I said. And everyone seems to think I'm right. Their wives told them to put them where the sharks are which happens to be about ten miles out I guess. (Kinna late to fatten up the crabs anyway since it starts at midnight tomorrow night.) But what the heck, I think the got about 2,800 lbs. of food two nights ago. No telling what those guys down south of us did last night. (I'm guessing at least another 2,800 can be expected.) Can't hurt.
     I wouldn't doubt that its all a lie about the wives and it's just the fishermen wanting some action.(The wives may not be to thrilled about the men going out to fool around with shark food and sharks.)

I think the amazing part of all this is that I can think of dozens of towns I've visited in Australia that are going to go through the same transformation, and all over the world.

And of course, I've told you that I'm not actually trying to make this place a tourist attraction, but anyone will tell you that the ambience at the restaurants along the docks just went up a notch or two. It's just that much more peaceful as well as more romantic when all you can hear is the sound of the seagulls on smooth quite waters. (No longer noisy like a zoo.)

Sounds like the harbour just down south got some visitors looking for a new home yesterday. And I think the sea otters know something is going down, because even though there was quite the crowd showing up over at their spot to see them, (I guess,) the Otters seemed to be scattered all over the place.


It's usually a good weekend for tourist between Christmas and New Year. But it sounds like the waiters along the waterfront made about twice as mush as expected. The bar tabs ran about double too.
     And I know how fishermen are. They can bicker about the same thing for at least two or there beers.
     I can imagine the deck hands wanting to go were the sharks are, but the caption is pretty sharp with a calculator.
     Well I played around with the numbers to and someone else has decided just about the same as me figuring that they have probably produce $5,000.oo worth of crab.

And oh. All you animal activist down under in Australia. You may score some brownie points with the sharks if you fill up the tanks and start removing all those obsolete shark nets you all have been crying about.
     But maybe you may want to let the fishermen train them first.

And there are those who realize that I own patent rights to my crab feeders. At least for sure in this country of the USA, I can't say one way or another in other countries around the world. The minute I posted the cage inside a cage bit I knew of the possibility of loosing rights to in many.
      Regardless, I felt what good is it if I ended up dead before March 16th?
     Would you folks ever figure it out?
     And how long before such none-sense would come to and end. Would sharks begin to hunt humans as much as their natural pray?
     I could not do that to all those mothers who fear that their son may want to take up surfing someday. I could not do that to the ones who would have shown up into the parking lot full of flashing red lights and wishing there was a bag to hold their stomach in.

As far as what I plan to do with with such patent rights.
     I'd like to see it framed and hung up inside my office like a trophy for the pride of one of my great accomplishments.
     I don't really expect it to be a financially valuable as my other inventions. It's a difficult one to enforce when it comes to something most farmers and fishermen often make for their own personal use.
     However, if the demand hits the point, (and I'm sure that there will be in sperts,) where mass production goes under way. That's where I'd step in and do what's right for the invention, just as I would want to do for the beds on my truck. Is that I'd make sure there proof of owner ship with a registration of a title. This alone would help the theft of these handy little devices.
     Being a head of such registry, I'd give those do it yourself the ability to buy and ID tag for proof of owners ship. I'm sure that if it's cheep enough, the fishermen will think is will be worth the discouragement of theft.

Yah know what I think would be cool for the sake of history. For making your mark as being part of it. While were at the early stages of the development of the perfect crab feeder. You guys figure out who built the first prototype, and stamp in the first serial number with two or three letters for the local Harbor. Then go to the next guy in line give him number two and you know the rest. (We should be able to do this proof of ownership bit with or without a patent or a bloody patent law.)
     Oh no, like someone said, "we better think about the fact that we'll end up needing to give both the inner and outter cages their own number and keeping track if it was an inner or outer or a one piecer, might come in handy.(It would help guard against fraud, latter on down the road. The numbers would flip flop naturally and help scramble the possibility of counterfeits.)
     I'm sure we're going to run into guys building them at the same time, but we can sort that out later if we put the list together, something I'm sure they could do over the internet chat rooms. (I wonder if I could actually find one of them if I looked for one on this computer?) I think it would be kinna neat if we had photos showing each other tweeks and customizations. I haven't even been given the opportunity to actually see a physical prototype of my own invention and I'd get a kick out of seeing some of your handy work.

Who knows, your little do-hicky could be sitting in a museum. Because I don't know about you, But I think this thing is BIG.

You've got to admit, I probably drew it all out for you guys, didn't I? I bet I knew how the fish and crabs would react with each other hand how to make sure that it functions right.
     I'm sure how good they all turned out, was whether it was made from scratch or a couple of crab pots. I'd bet good ones are easy made using crab pots from two different regions.
     The brotherhood up and down the coast will probably be trading them one big one for two small ones and then make the brackets to hold the two in place.
     When it comes to building them from scratch, and for the inner cage: I feel the Scoop-um-up Mobile model is going to be the one they will cherish the most. A whole lot more fun than chucking a line for a crab pot.

December 31st, 2012 :
Rule Number 41

I updated the building Crab Feeders 101 bit (at Rules of Nature.) with some very important information for fishermen. They have put their two cents worth into the progressive engineering of the Crab Pots of the future and I have a listed few more of my suggestions for the refinement of my little contraption.
     Believe it, I've been worried about this thing because I'd rather that you not screw around.
     I want you to get it right. I don't want to hear anyone say that my invention doesn’t work or that its a piece of junk.

January 1st, 2013 :
Happy New Year

What I'm about to do today is what I'd naturally avoid because I know it would drive me crazy.
     Regardless, I'm going to fire up that old MP3 player and crank it up load so that I don't have to hear yourselves driving yourselves crazy. You are going to hear two or three words more than you could ever count in the next few days.

Oh boy; I don't even have to ask the question. And the second runner up as the most said word I hear is a word I forgot to mention in the bit I wrote last night. Now the word Hook is haunting me too.
     However the deal is that I'd thought about that too but I also was thinking about a short three foot stainless steal cable comprising of a loop at on end and a stainless steel hook on the other end of it because I've moved around a lot of things over the years to know that the hook isn't the thing push around.
     I happen to think that this whip as I'll call it. Just happens to be one of the important tools one must use with my cages. It makes it easier to keep things separate.
     I think that there are many places through out the world where stainless steel isn't the easiest think to come by. But if they are going to own any stainless, I'm pretty sure it will be the Whip. It needs to be as one of the requirement of even having using my crab feeders without with out outriggers being uses. (Human food on Board or not.) Anyhow, I guess I will create a new web-page that will list MyStupidRules for my crab feeders in a little more formal formate. Maybe we could call it my Limited Use Contract for the Synchro-feeder.
     I have this scenario in mine. I was going to write it out with the big question at the end of it. But really folks; I'm having a hard time not telling myself I'd be making myself look like a fool to a guy like me.
     However, I've thought about it and to a guy like me, I think it would be a fun read. So I'm going to take a brake, and get something to eat, and then maybe I'll commit myself to throwing it down. See how it turns out and hope I don't spend half the day editing the damb thing.

January 2nd, 2013 :
Silly Little List.

Well, I think that you know by now, that if I had the Coast Guard on the line. My suggestions would to e-mail me the photos of the violation in progress, along with the photos of the ID tages on the cages. And I don't think I wouldn't bribe the captain with a bottle of scotch for the names of the crew.
     Of course I'd be happy that I'd picked up on $10,000.oo and be willing to be buying rounds for the hole crew involved.

But that silly little list. That list I've got broken up in to pieces and floating around in just about every safe deposit box that can come in handy to me; (I wouldn't doubt I'd have to try a couple banks before I landed the right one.) That silly little list might just make my day, because their could be a sale going on for idioms that no body like me had to pay for if the owner of those cages involved had been on that boat.
     It would be like free money and for those of you who have know me since the good ol hand written journal days; you know I always said, that the money was just going to fall in to my hands. No lie.

January 3nd, 2013 :
Show me your silly little gun laws.

If there is anything I would like the media to tell me is the day Mr. Obama and Mr. Obiden is going to revel what they plan to give us as new gun laws.
     Please let me know the date and I'll make sure I mark it on the calender so that have all my ducks in order, and then I'll let-er rip the week before they announce there idea of the kind of laws that "they" think will make you safer. However, I will not announce my idea of a law that is no a gun law at all that will prevent more gun violence than any silly little laws those two idiots can come up with.
     Here, you are sitting there with a 35 round clip, but I'll tell you folks, you could very well be wishing you had a fifty.

And yes, you can count in that clip to be authentic. The bit the other day, when thought I saw a black tie over the back of my shoulder on the outside of me. I only saw it for a split second and I wasn't sure if it wasn't just a bird diving into the water. Never the less, I know the gray of a dolphin's tail and this tie that slipped away was definitely black.
     I looked down towards my feet to be comforted to the fact that it was one of the clearer days and I was wearing my wet suit, and one that I haven't even pissed in yet. I figured that I must have smelt like a big bag a neoprene to it.
      Yeah, I looked around a bit, but I wrote if off as if I was just seeing things. Never the less, I didn't see any bird come back up to the surface any time soon.
      I would normally say that it was luck, but I don't think that luck had anything to do with it. However I feel lucky to say that I can say that I hung out with a friendly shark. I just wish I would have gotten a better look. I tried but....

And tell those nut heads down at Lockheed Martin that the Check cleared and that the UK patent is mine for another year and maybe they should let me get two good injectors because only two out of the last four were any good and they stole the two from Ed at the music store, so that amounts to me only getting two good ones out of six.
     Now I don't know what colour die they put in my tank, but I wouldn't doubt that there isn't a colour at all. But one thing for sure, that ain't just diesel burning in my engine and I'm warning you all not to fallow me because I'm sure this shit they got in there bombs will give you funny babies

May God Bless Ralf

One not wanting to alarm you or cause any panic. And you can even write of what I'm about to post as none-scense. However, I want you all to be conservative and think about the next guy for once.
     There is no need to buy out the store or anything and they have not come close to catching the last fish. Never the less Ralf whom happens to be a buddy of mine. just happens to be a Shark, and he told me that we need to take a bit of salmon every week to help us keep our sanity and it will prevent us all from being brain washed.

And yes, I could be wrong and it may just be a shot in the dark, lost through translation, but from what I gather, you should all go out and buy a piece of salmon and cut it up into little pieces. Think of it as a weekly vitamin.
     Don't go crazy, just be conservative and share it with as many close friends as possible.
      I'm sure were going to run into shortages if we don't make sure enough goes around.
     Please do this for me and don't take food from strangers. Please be smart about this.

January 4th, 2013:
Repeat after me

     Bath the Bats, feed the Crabs
     and be nice to Sharks
     Bath the Bats, feed the Crabs
      and be nice to Sharks
     Bath the Bats, feed the Crabs
     and be nice to Sharks
     Bath the Bats, feed the Crabs
     and be nice to Sharks
     Bath the Bats, feed the Crabs
     and be nice to Sharks
     Bath the Bats, feed the Crabs
      and be nice to Sharks
     Bath the Bats, feed the Crabs
     and be nice to Sharks

Now some of you already know where I'm going with this and then there are those who understand why I just repeated something 7 times.
     I sure that you've been told that it takes repeating something 7 times before people will remember anything of significance.
     But what if "they" told you that you only had to repeat something three times before people would remember anything.
     And if they said it would only take repeating it twice before people would remember anything. Don't you feel people would except it just as much as them telling you that it would take 6 times?
     Well, I'm here to tell you that it only takes once as long as you don't let anyone other tell you that it isn't so. (That's why we are only filling up our brain to a minuet capacity.
      We are not letting the information in, and that is just one of the many ways "they" have been brain washing the human race. (Remember in school you learned about negative response? Do yah? Oh you only took the course 6 times? Well too bad because you just cost your parents a shit load of high class vacations for nothing.)
     It's the reason the have you start of the 7 th year of elements school with the 1 and 1 equals two.
     See, "they," want you stupid and it's best to figure things out on your own.
     "They" are selling you a bunch of false hope and you are already dumb enough to believe it.

And think about all these college educated biologist, the government have on the payroll.
     The ones who have been laying down the laws for fishermen to fallow. They have set regulations in place that goes totally against what is thought as Natural Selection.
     Now there are a lot of fishermen out there that have never got past the tenth grade, will tell you what I saw quit clearly today.
     That is when I had a look at the live crab tank today was this big body and punny little claws not much bigger than the skinny little legs.
     I'm thinking, how can they sell these things, there is no meat on them bones. They are not worth $0.50 a pound.
     They got us farming the runts.
      Well the only way we are going to possibly fix the disastrous problem is with a whole lot better set of rules than what those morons with all their diplomas on the walls -gave you.
      Boy oh boy you better hope we can fix this.
     Good start would be to stop crabbing right now.
     We need to wait until at least 9 out of ten crabs that come up are regulation size and only toss back the females. The runts just need to be taken along on board with the rest of them. I'm sure there is even a market to make something out of them. (I'd be hoping that my rules along with my feeders could actually increase the minimum size required, because bud, from what I gather, that would most likely a very a smart move.
     Oh, it might have to be 8 out of 10 because seriously, if their are more runts than expected, it would be a long wait for harvest.
     Therefore some of you might realized that the harvest is actually some what a control of the natural selection process and we must use that grip we've got on it to help convert the crab spices to it best potential.
     They are suppose to be viscous little creatures, not a bunch if wimps.

Rules of Nature
@ Heath & Environment

January 5th, 2013:
Another thing:

A special note I wanted to give to those fishermen who bring the crab into the boat.
     Please look for the holly grail.
     Or should I say those few crab you pull up every day that seem a little bigger and fistyer than the rest. No body is going to haul you off to fisherman jail if you toss it back over with the females.
     I'm sure it will be no loss for you.
      We should be using the selective breeding process to develop a natural hybrid crab.
     If we did this, maybe the crabs that go to human consumption will be more based upon eating the runts which would insure the evolutionary direction of the crab will go towards getting bigger and stonger over time.

Rules of Nature
@ Heath & Environment

January 15th, 2013:
Seat belt on coming at 1:00 pm
Pacific Time

Also I disclosed my idea of the Gun Boxes mounted under teachers desks, and we've all known about my idea of putting gun lockers in night clubs (and of which there has been a shooting out in front of one since then in LA after closing.) Any how, I'm putting this out there before O'biden and Company announces the screwed up ideas they have for more gun control.
     Kinna silly when people have been buying guns in pairs and then switching guns once they are outside the store.
     And for those of you who Live in San Luis Obispo, who depend on the local television providers, cable providers which so happens to be Comcast. I would advise you to find a law firm and start a class action suite for the isolation and false news presentation and I'm pretty sure subliminal audio messages are illegal.

There is more but most of us already know about the fact that if it wasn't for the students at Cal poly bouncing a web-site around the world, most of you would not even have a clue to what is truly going on.
      Bottom line, they have there own internet broad casting station and I'm on live 24/ 7 if need be.
     No need to tap these keys because they are pretty much obsolete now days.
     I want to thank those students as well as others who have managed to bounce me around. You've probably made me the most powerful man in the world and the funny part about it all is that being powerful is not what I'm all about.
     However, I feel it is you out there who have chosen to give me this position and it's all your fault if there is anyone to blame.

I'm not even one who can tell you where to find this mysterious web-site they set up for me. I'm sure cookies planted in my computer will make sure I will never see it from this computer.
     Never the less, I'm pretty sure you can log on and occasionally be able to get a conference call from this organization in order to hear me speak in real time, which has proven to be quite entertaining when I make comments about the things I see on TV.
     Lately we've been examining all the blue screen tricks and even throwing subliminal messages at me, or should I say us.
     My fans must figured out how to make it difficult for the media to perform live broad cast and now days, we are able to laugh at their efforts. In most cases, they are using analogue VCR tape recording machines and jump back in forth to live high definition for the close ups. It's a nightmare for the photo directors because they are now having to use three or for live camera feeds and I bet they have hired those guys who pick the cameras at sports games to keep it all in line.
      Digital recording equipment must have been sabotaged by some mysterious virus, or God may just be playing a game on them, and now some weekly drama shows are arranged like plays with few costume changes as possible. The live shows are now closed sets and the audience is patched in from old recordings that they've had before the problem with the digital recording came along. (That's way SLO gets so many repeat of Elen and Jay Leno shows.)

However, we all have come to a conclusion that our existence here on Earth is a little bit different than how we were taught in our history books, because we now understand our role in saving this planet and it's based entirely up on us. (With a little help from God of course.)
     Anyhow. we've been busy creating a number of new inventions of which I have an army of engineers working on my specifications for not only my Crab freeder, but the additional equipment needed to use them wisely.
      We've worked tirelessly to save our plant from destruction.
     We've traced down the Devil and put him out to a place where he belongs on planet 666.
     We've still got a mess though; cleaning up all the evil he has left behind. Never the less, we think we found the needle in the hay stack and his name was Kelly Slater. He killed Derick and Andy Irons and he tried to kill me. (Because I wasn't wearing his brand of wet-suite and that didn't go along with his grave robbing scheme.)

Today I pitched my idea of a detachable shoulder strap seatbelt to my private engineers and I feel it should pave the way for shipments of parts for my truck.
     Since Christmas, their has been one blessing after another. Most of it revolved around coming up with ideas for new laws, or should I say better laws which have everything to do from Gun Safety, the business tax structure, the only two child tax deduction, immigration reform and many other things, I just can't pull out of my head right now.
     Lately, I think many of us have been excited over my method of erosion control which just happens to double up as wave machines for surfers. We know we've got the better solution to land erosion than just backfilling, building jetties and making berms like they did previously in Ventura that will eventually loose to the sea.
     Believe it or not, we've been working out the bugs on my flying saucer, which will some day become a transport ship to a mother ship better geared for outer space travel. And as crazy as it my sound, we've been working on a new way of building skyscrapers with the use of my flying saucer which would put an end to a lot of traffic jams in the cities of which they are going to be built.
      Now you may just think I'm crazy, but you just wait, because soon you will discover just how much the media has been used to pull the wool over your eyes.
      Thanks for dropping by,
       I love you all.

February 16th, 2013:
Better starting from scratch?

Gee, what where we thinking? Trying to save 10% brain capacity going on 8.
     Maybe their is a reason it's been a little quite at night.
     Anyhow, the key work they use when brain washing you all is "tomorrow."
     They've got it down well enough to know they can always get your today turned around into tomorrow and tomorrow you will believe the same thing all over again. It's like the movie grown hog day for so many of you.

Well Steven Spielberg was all green screen at the Golden Globes, but I happen to think he made bail. I bet they convince the judge that the stock price of Dream works was worth protecting, but now that he is out, no body wants to talk to the crazy bastard anyway and he probably has to pay someone to hang out with him. Regardless, the judge did the wrong thing when it comes to common sense, because it only makes it easier for Spielberg to have me knocked off; if that wasn't desired of the judge anyway.
      Everywhere else I hear about the president taking a contract out on me because I called him a dog.
      Gee, what do you expect out of 8 percenters anyway?
     I'm wondering if God is thinking the same way as I am? That we might have been better off starting from scratch.

February 18th, 2013:
Dumber by the day

It looks as thought the late night comics came across something they find quit hilarious. I'm talking about the report that has come out claiming the the human race is slowing loosing intellectual intelligence.
     But really folks; it's a little difficult to find anyone who cares.
     Funny how when ever I go to the library, the newspapers seemed to have disappeared.

And the whole bit the president has been belly aching about: the budget cuts. Well it isn't about to happen because the FDA meat inspectors would be gone and so would the meat at the supermarket. So really folks, they are just pulling on over on you.

And this morning I saw a teaser on the news about a Deputy in LA was served a search warrant, and the News media showed a clip of a bunch of combat rifles being taken out of the house. But that was about all we got to see about that story.

And I got some numbers on what was once called referred to as the Golden shield missile program or system. But now its referred to as the Iron Dome.
     Well the deal is, the missiles that have been given to Hamous (Gassa strip) where only $500.oo each missile. But the Missiles we are providing Isial alone are costing $75,000.oo each, and at that price, the defence contractors will give the $500.oo ones away, just to sell the $75,000,oo missiles; don't you think?. Not to mention that we already give Isrial $3 billions a year to play war.
     And if that isn't bad enough, we just gave Isrial 20 F-15 fighter jets and 200 Abraham tanks.
     Boy wouldn't you agree that we are just creating wars for the profit of the defence contractors. And yet we are stupid enough to wonder why we are going broke and our dollar is not worth as much.

And another question I have: is how much did we spend on chasing down one lousy cop over the last week? It was like taking an Abraham tank to a knife fight don't you think? Morons with a badge, with your check book is what I call it.
     And oh, I woke up with some new information. Basicly, I haven't saved anyone yet. Summer is still on the way and the question I have is how much do you like Deet? Heck, that shit is poison if you ask me. Just like taking a bath in paint thinner. Oh yeah.

February 26th, 2013:
3 in jail?

I called my dad to remind him to watch the Oscers to see if Speilberg would actually be there.
     He bitched at me and said that he wouldn't even think about watching the Oscers.
     Called my sister and kept it short of course.

Funny how that one shot made Spielberg look cold and whitish blue compared to everyone else; even an idiot would notice that one. But the best part is where Speilberg is sitting next to his wife which was suppose to be the front row but the front row was actually where Chistain Stewart was sitting.

Anyhow, they had him make a slap on the face jester for a response from a joke and then they also had him do a hoping gesture right before the Lincon bit.

The funny part about all of it is how my sister rewrote my dad's will over night. Maybe I'm not the one they should leave the $1,600.oo per year membership fees at Thousand trails too.

Another thing that was brought to my attention was that Matt Damon wasn't there either and from what I gather Cortney Cox was in on it and folks are calling her the Black Widow.

February 27th, 2013:
Rule No. 4

Hey sis, what the hell would I do with a motor home. I heard about the fights you guys had over it. Shit, you can't store it for any less than what the membership fees are, so why in hell would I want the thing?

Then what else do we have hear? A Hollywood actress who is in the process of making millions on the whole idea of a fantacy love affair? I call it robbing the grave of someone else. It's just the SMG thing all over and what is appalling about it is just how many of Hollywood's insiders, (common to the A-Listers while I was sitting in a detention centre trying to stay away from the crap that had set-up for me.)
     I call it aiding and abetting.

To think that this Hollywood starlet could say she is in love with a guy that she herself while everyone around her are hiding all the dirty little secrets from me is just another form of obstructing justice, aiding and abetting and robbing a persecuted inventor and Jennifer Lawrance as well as the rest of them should be arrested and thrown in jail also. (I sure don't know what kind of writing skills were used here but bottom line is she'll get more money because of them mixing our names up together and I haven't seen any of it.)

February 28th, 2013:
Still looking

I still can't prove that Kelly Slater is still alive. Those tweeter postings don't mean shit. However, the Quick silver pro on the Gold coast is about to begin in a few days and I'm wondering how they will get around that one.(But if they do tricks in Hollywood, I'm sure Quicksilver will do just about anything to protect their brand, and it's their contest.

And with yesterday’s post, I'm sure my web-site is blocked at will.
     And I guess tonight is the deadline for the budget cuts. Well I for one think of we quit giving our money away to other countries (often called military aid) we wouldn't need to worry about cutting anything else but defence. (We just gave Isial 20 F-15 fighter jets and 200 Abraham tanks and let's not forget we give them $3 billion per year to build a war machine.

Evil is on the take
and from what I gather, it's winning.
Evil is on the take and from what I gather, it's winning. Evil still has a hold on the human race because it tends to have its way with humans who are running on 8% brain capacity.

It's amazing how Steven Spielberg can have me thown into UCLA Olive mental hospital so that he could steal my DNA and raise 8 clones to take the place of me in his efforts to make his ultimate movie and at the same time sabotage my ability to get political asylum in Australia. (And folks in Hollywood happen to think that it is acceptable.)
      He had me sent back to be slandered by Morro Bay Police and have the judge persecute me and thow me in jail so that they could steal my body again, which of course many of you would think of it as being raped.

Then of course lets not forget the folks who run the Pentagon which is nothing more than a contractor to build war machines so that the US can create wars so that the defence contractors can sell $70,000,oo missiles to destroy homes and kill people and deliver the missiles with my inventions. (And all you US citizens support it.)

And now there is this Hollywood producer of the Hunger Games who is making millions more because they used the social media to spread rumors placing my name with his bitch so that they both can take in millions because of the exploitation of me.

It even gets down to someone on the take at making profits from selling videos of my surf session, so therefore I have to refrain from surfing.

And I'm still trying to pin down the fact weather the whole Kelly Slater devil thing was a holks played on me but I'm still not convinced that he isn't dead no matter what is posted on the internet. All I know is that I'm pretty damb sure it was him who tried to kill me while people looked on.

Rule Number 8
Guess who is calling?
Now you can bet that I don't like to spoil anything that would not only make your day, but mine as well.
      Well to put it lightly, I have to let this new found information ride a bit. However, I've been adding things up and I think I already have things figured out. Never the less, I've got to leave you hanging just like the deal where we are waiting for the name of the State Official who called me up for the appointment for the sting operation.
      Macquire still hasn't got me that name yet and I'm still waiting for the recording. And further more I want to mention that I've probably burned up $200.00 worth a fuel on this little scheme they've got going on down in San Luis Obispo.
     But of course, that is one thing, but the threat of further harassment is one thing that we must not over look. However, I just have to leave you hanging while the criminals find a way to stall everything around me. Never the less, the criminals never learn.

What we have here folks is a public a official who has been on the take and making it possible for the defence contractors steal intellectual property and persecute the rightful owners while the public official gets kickbacks from the military defence contractors that are performing illegal and inhuman acts to the very inventor they are stealing the intellectual property from..

And I'm still trying to pin down the fact whether Kelly Slater is actually dead or not. And if not, why isn't he in jail? 3-5-13

And oh, the last time I checked, Steven Speilberg was worth $3.2 Billion.

March 6th, 2013:
Worth over a Billion
and still shitting in a bucket

Yes folks, I find it hard to believe but here in America, they tend to take care of the wrong kind.

From what I gather, it must have been Dane Reynolds I was surfing with at Ricon.
     He passed on the evening session; but I gave it a go and now I understand why he didn't, because all cameras at Ricon pretty much screw things up.
     Anyhow, Dane must have been getting 3 waves for every 2 I got, never the less, I figured he knew the bottom better than I just paddled over to the spot he would launch himself after he would catch one. My guess he had twice the opportunity to see me ride a few then I got to see his because I was more or less tailing him.

Dane reynolds

I'm guessing he enjoyed surfing with me as I did with him. At the time I wasn't sure it was him, but later that evening _______...... Eventually the word on the street came around that verified it was him. So cool and it makes me kinna proud. Hope it won't be our last time.
     This bit was a put on. Something I wanted to be corrected by. Never the less, I did surf Rincon with a guy who looked like Renolds but with a beard. After the great session together, they guy walked up to my cage and offered me up some fresh Roman lettuce from his garden.
     However, I do think I surfed with Dan at Ventura point. A guy who looked just like him cut across the peak and ran his forearm into the rail of my board. I wrote about that say somewhere.

March 11th, 2013:
5 days until
the great manicure of the smart guys.

Gee, this Justin Bieber dude sure let that shit go to his head. Hey little girls, the guy is an ass. What pisses me off is the media only knows how to find him. It just disgust me to see how stupid people can be to make the guy out to be something special when he's not. He's nothing but a two bit punk who says he loves you.

Yesterday I ran across a few of your marines. Boy oh by, just like the kids in Junior high school. Boy to think that we teach these morons to kill and them hire them as cops later. No wonder why we end up with so many bullies waring a badge. Punks with the power of the law at their hand. Just a bad formula if you as me.I'm still waiting on the amount of money tax payers are going to haft to pay for the Last man-hunt of that same pacific kind. pretty over kill if you as me. They knew who he was right ah way. Shit; it was like taking a all out war on the county for something that could have been done with a simple posting on the evening news and a stakeout. The was no reson to use more than a dozen men to bring the fool down.

So far the media hasn't said a word about the change in patent laws about to go under way. Quite shocking considering that many of those in the business world know about it. And you can't say that the media is unaware about it because you can bet they are well aware of me and what is posted on this web-sit.

The word on the street says that Obama had hired a simi truck driver to squash Jennifer Lawence and her friends on the way to the Oscars. They caught Obama in a panic trying to call the hit off because of the nasty comment I had said earlier on that same morning.
      My guess is that they will either impeach Obama or use it to blackmale him into to doing what they want, and I'm afraid that might be even worse than impeach the evil guy. No reason for evil dictating evil what to do. I say start from scratch.

It appears that they let kelly Slater out on bail. I checked out the Quicksilver pro. Gee the put Slater in the same first heat as what many would consider his competition. The funny part of it is that just past the middle of the heat is when Slater received his highest score on a nice wave that lifted with a bump and he fell trying to do that stupid 180 slide bit everyone is doing now days. Shit if that contest wasn't rigged, I've got no hole in my ass and I'm full of shit.

I got a kick out of watching Dane though. He wasn't doing the same shit as everyone else and I really like seeing him working it in a similar manner as I do at times. (Like the little hop/jumping to build speed around a sections.) Good one Dane.

Apparently, my fans noticed that I reworked the Pet Townsen into something they are calling the Goatropper, so I guess I've got a new one.

I'm wondering how many people have been putting in applications at the post office lately. The those patent applications will be like gold running through those lines.

March 12th, 2013:
Sad thought.
It's been brought to my attention.

It's been brought to my attention that their has been a measurable estimation as the the deaths of private inventors since Obama took his mighty pin to the patent reform .
      I figure that there has already been damage to the gene pool and that's why I figure that it's the reason nobody is even panicking about it. It's a flat out disaster and its already been working on us at even a higher rate for over 65 years and eventually the USA, the very country that had the leading edge because of the protection the United States provided for their intellect,for over 40 years kicked the reversing trend in human intellect into a higher gear twice in the last two decades.
      I don't know about you, but I don't even want to have to write about last night. I'm so dumbed I can't even think strait any more.

Never the less, I sure hope that guy need those tarps more than I do. But if he was looking to keep warm with them, it might not be such a good idea being that there isn't only dry wall dust on them, but fibreglass from working on my surfboards. Not too good for sleeping in if you ask me.

Any how; the cops kept asking what they could do for me. I said "nothing, I was just hallucinating and I'm just wasting your time, but I find it hard to believe that a guy as important as I am, can have a guy rummaging around in the cab of his truck."

Never the less; I may be a little head strong here, but for as much as I know I'm being watched; something inside makes me feel like I'm being watched at the wrong time.

March 13th, 2013:
If I had.

If I had any thank you notes:
      I'd write one out to Justin Timberlake;
      for NOT turning out to be another
       Justin Bieber.

If I had a bowing league: of a size of 115 members. Wouldn't it be cool if we got together and chose our own guy to talk to God.
      We could do it the smart way and put the smoke pipe out a window so that we won't have to mess with the delicate roofing.
      May be we could get way with multi-colored of smoke too, but then again black and white maybe the safer bet.
      Any how; if I had: a bowling league, maybe we could get 80 members of our bowling club to vote on one of us to listen to God for us.
      What would make our guy from our bowling team any more likely to talk to God than the other league that only gets 70 to pick the lucky guy?
      If we all have our guy telling us what God has to say to us; do you think we should live by what our guy says any more than the other guy who may just have 1.2 billion members in his league sending ten dollars every year making them $10.2 billion every year?
      If our guy is any less likely to talk to God, why is that so? Because from what those other guys say about what is in their book, that isn't suppose to be so?

Gee, lets get our own team together and maybe if someone gets 100%, they will be able to talk to God for us so that maybe he or she can ask God a few questions for us.
       I have a few myself....
Like what the heck are we doing God?

March 14th, 2013:
If I had.

If I had any thank you notes:
      I'd write one out to those people down in Florida.
      For helping out the Manatees that are getting sick from the Red Tide.
      There is only about 5,000 of these rare animals only found in Florid left, and we've probably lost about 200 of them by now. It has to be hard work standing around lifting them up for air when they need to breath. I don't know how many of you Biology freaks out there, who have a pocket to get into during spring break, but it sure is an excellent excuse to con the parents out of the money some way.
       I figure the more people that show up to help, the shorter the shifts, and it would amount to easier work for the all of you.
      Again, we all should thank those people who have helped out the Manatees.

And it sounds like I'm not the only one who feels that Dane Rynolds actually won the round 5 of the first heat. After going over the videos provided. I just took if from the overall feel of them and thought of them as sessions.
      When it came to Danes session, you couldn't ask more from a guy..
      Dane came out of waves, he came through waves, he connected the sky with the wave and rode through them both. I don't know how I could ever put myself in position on so many places on a wave. If there was another surf-able spot on a wave, Dane surfed it.

I have heard this retro-active word more than I want to say.
      To me it sound like: Oups, we just killed and nabbed for to future economy.
      I'm still wondering how many new products out there already that has nibbled from the gene pool for their greed?

March 15th, 2013:
Rules Number 16.

Tomorrow is suppose to be the sadist day of my life.
      I don't know how to tell you that I'm not really wanting to take part in the witnessing of the whole thing.
      How could it go down with so many witnessing it and watching it go down?
      It's a planed massacre for your little gadgets,
       and the price you'll have to pay for them is a piece of your mind.

March 21st, 2013:

Boy-O-Boy. You all did it. One thousand or more over the week-end, about another thousand smart guys this week.
      I bet we've been killing about a thousand per month since Obama signed the massacre into law..
      One thing I made my mind up about is the part about ever having kids.
      It's apparent to me that I'm not being very successful at saving you all from your own stupidity.
      I don't know how in my right mind that something like this could ever happen and I'd rather not have to raise any of my own kids amongst a population that gets dumber every decade.
      It's not that I didn't have the attention, or all the right people knowing about it. All the right people were well aware that it was about to happen before hand. If they knew about me, they knew about my protest against the lousy patent laws and how they have use selective breeding the human race.
      I'm sure there are many of you who realize my new interest. That is besides surfing, that is if I ever see any off all this money I'm suppose to be worth.
       Well, my new ambition is to create machinery designed to be operated by cyborgs. Yes indeed folks, but if it sounds a little crazy; I can understand where you are coming from.
      The fact of the matter, by illuminating the middle class, the human race is bound to rebound towards slavery on one end and the wealthy on the other.

It is my understanding that all I can count on from the future state of human intelligence is that it's somewhere between a dog and a cell phone. The dog has great coordination and it can be taught to do just about anything. But what's even faster than a human that has been programmed to learn after the seventh time around; is a cell phone; you only have to tell it once.
      The problems with the cell phone, is that you'll get more loyalty out of a dog, because it knows where it's food come from.
      But then again, many of you are thinking about monkeys. Well, the problem is that monkeys are just wild animals and that's why no one should ever think of using clones, because clones would just be another wild animal.
      If you put the dog or monkey in a machine that makes it bigger and more powerful than you. Well you better worry a little once it gets hungry; you'll be hoping that it doesn't associate you with it's food I might say.
      And the one most important thing one can't expect from any one of them human being include, is common sense.

I realize in the future, their will not only be a need to fight wars and dig for gold, but I foresee the need for industrial manufacturing to be more versatile as well.
      The less I have to pay the idiot to run the contraption the better. I figure on putting together work camps. Give my cyborgs, a box to live in. A flat screen TV and all the video games they want.

March 22nd, 2013:
What about the west bank

Gee, obam is going around to Israel and the middle East and all; but hey what about the West Bank, or I should say Guza Stip? .
      I bet Obama doesn’t want to hear about them getting short changed with the cheep-o $500.00 missiles they get to lob over to Israel. They'd be bitching that they can't make any thing like $74,000.oo per round like the other guys and it's just not fair. I'm sure they would like a few Billion dollars to help out in their own war machine making fund, courtesy of the US tax payers.

And did I hear Fallon apologizing for Matt Damon not showing up? Boy wasn't that a goof? Are you telling me that the crew at Jimmy Fallon show wasn't up on what has been going down in Hollywood. Geeze, get with it folks, how much of a bunch of fools are you?. Everyone knows Matt Damon is in Jail and last night I learned that Steven Spielberg is the one who was behind brain washing my father.

Gee can you get a load of the criminal activity that the media and motion picture industry is protecting. Like they can slander me, but they sure- what is the word for it? Protecting their own from Character Assassination? They can do on to others, but others can't do on to them even if they are the criminals?
      Boy, if there isn't something wrong with this scenario, there must be something wrong with me. But then I'm not the one running on less than 10% brain capacity.

And get this- Not one US soldgier was killed in Afghanistan last month, but at home in the US of A, they are blowing themselves apart. More power to them. better them than killing other people with my inventions.

And get this headline I found on Spielberg: Director Steven Spielberg is taking some time off following the success of his latest film “Lincoln” by sailing around the world with his family this summer.
      Yeah gotta laugh at that one. I'm left wondering if the was fooled to think it was true, or are they just posting it because it was bought as add space and the web-site's ranking to make it to a search engine?

April 9th, 2013:
Well blow that whole fantasy.

The word that's been hitting the street pretty hard the last couple days: It appears that someone got possession of some Lawence Welk's DNA.
      Apparently they want us to believe that I'm a descendent of his family genes.

I suppose that's why everyone and their brother all of a sudden wants to play with me.
      But then they won't even let my have my bass out of the pawnshop.

In another way it is a big disappointment for me because I was wanting to believe the whole scenario about my mother being abducted by an alien being. I figured that it was a good explanation for how stupid I think humans are.
      There just has to be a reason why so many people are so much dumber than I am.

April 11th, 2013:
Is Louis above the Law?

On second thought: What if the insurance company doesn't go after Louis Caps instead of just going with what her goons tell them. Yah have to realize that insurance companies often donate money to congress through law firms all the time. A little $1,000.oo fender bender is just chump change when you think about it like that.
     Sounds like her boys phone records alien with the two times I lost my tires in Ventura. (I was pretty much willing to bet on that.) But like I was hoping I could get the information I need for a law suit from the insurance company law suit. Do you have any idea as to how much I would have to spend to get the information?
     The question we are all asking here is whether or not Louis Caps is above the laws against insurance fraud and stalking?

April 15th, 2013:
Boom, Boom!

Great day for the Defence contractors.
Just when they were worried about loosing profits, a race in Boston helps them out tremendously.

No doubt, just as one politician already defaulted to putting the blame on Al Quita.
     But really folks, the reality of it all is that it most likely boils down to defence contractors. It could have been financed by anyone like Halliburton, Raytheon, Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman Hughes, RCA, Redstone Arsenal in Alabama or even Rafael an Isrial that is getting $75,000.oo per missile from the US tax payers at well over $3 billion per year.

The absolute last thing those contractors who sell war machinery wants us to do is spend our money on Social Security, or our own homeless.
     I know should have some sorrow deep down inside, but I can honestly say I feel none. Like what the heck, only two dead when thousands of inventors have been killed this month alone. Of course the media is going to let the massacrer of thousands of inventors go un-noticed because their sponsors pay for advertisements are just some of the corporations that are are doing the killing.

Bottom line here is as long as you all let them get away with the killings, you will continually selective breed stupid people. Just as long as you all are breeding stupid people these tragities are going to happen and paying for more police isn't going to do a bit of good, except for the fact that it will make the police departments happy with the money they bring in because of it.
     The police department are just fine with spending $175,000.oo a remote control helicopter with a camera, even if any hobbyist can build one for under $1,500.oo, they just like having new toys, and fast cars. (And believe me, they have done it.) All it takes is a Congresswoman like Louis Capps writing a grant into a bill to get it and you can bet that at $175,000.oo she'll see some kick backs from the people who are selling the $175,000.oo RC helicopter for her Swiss bank account.
     And in this case in Boston, the police department failed miserably. Come on; everyone knows that the garbage cans are where they drop the bombs and ever since 911, they were the things that police were suppose to watch. (Especially on New Years Eve in New York.)
     But I'll say putting a cop on every garbage can would be a complete waste of tax payers money but the local governments would be willing to pay for it even though wireless cameras running on batteries would only cost a fraction of the money and make it easier to notice suspicious incidences.

But really folks: What the hell do you expect? You've got the devil out there competing in contest as if he's some kind of hero. He's a murder and you don't even have the guts to kill the bastard. So what do you expect? You'll just go on thinking that these silly little politicians will come up a way of protecting your ass. When the fact is that what your government is doing to you is only getting you dumber by the day and you will only end up killing yourselves even more.

April 16th, 2013:
Sure dramatize the hell out of it.

Yes, make a movie about it while you are at it and you'll have copy cats, just as any other tragedy.
     Tell me why we should make a big deal out of a couple hundred people getting blasted when we systematicly just killed off thousands of smart inventors in the last few weeks?
     Is it you give more cops overtime in the days to fallow, or is it so that we can add to the defence budget of the war machine we are creating all around the world?

One thing for sure, I must have heard the words, "he's right," at least two dozen times since I revamped my home page yesterday. (Or should I say: since I just mentioned it in a spiel into my cell phone?)
     Never the less, most of us realize just how screwed up things are when all we seem to do is build a war machine with our tax dollars. With billions of dollars at stake, those defence contractors know just how frivolous we are and they realize how terrorist groups help their agenda as far as their bottom line in profits. The defence contractors as well as the politicians who get kick backs from the defence contractors know putting a little scare in the nation will only feed the machine even more no matter how broke the country is because they have us all believing it is about national security when the truth is that the defence dollar only put more lives in jeopardy.

It's my opinion that all the added security, (extra cops making overtime in the weeks to fallow,) have nothing to do with security, other than spending more money on it needlessly. You can be sure nothing like it will happen for a few months from now when the media comes across something else to dramatize than the need for more national security.

Just take a look at where these kinds of things happen. They happen in places where there is a large budget in national defence no matter what country it is. You don't see this kind of things going on in the countries in Central America like Guatamala where there is no oil or big budgets for national defence.

When you have countries that are willing to pay a million dollars for just one Patriot Missile, (made by an American defence contractor,) you will has acts of terrorism, just to keep the war machine in the game of making profits. (Makes you think that the $75,000.oo Iron Dome Missiles made by an Israeli firm is actually a good deal, but then you have to wonder who's giving the $500.oo missiles to Hamas in the Gaza strip to fire them at Israel.)

We here in the US are fooled to think that giving bombs away to other countries is the better choice than giving them farm equipment so their poor can eat.

Now I'm one person who thinks war is just evil, but it's in my best interest to see Great Britain and Canada fallow in the United States way of thinking. Of course I'm willing to profit from stupidity because I'd rather take the money and live like a king in Costa Rica.
     Come on folks, tell me I'm wrong. I bet I won't hear that word more then once or twice.

And oh, do you want to know how the Pentagon has screwed over inventors? Check out this web-page at:

And if you've heard any of those rumors stating that there are people in the Republic Party want me to run for president; I happen to think it's either the Republicans or some other organization such as a defence contractor trying to get the Democratic Party to kill me. (Or it could be defence contractors trying to coax the Democrats to do it for them.)
     And the funny thing about it is that if there was any truth to it: it would go to show you just how desperate the Republican Party is when it comes to defeating Hilary Clinton.

And if you happened to have notice the coverage in the media about Matt Damon renewing his vows: It didn't look like a church to me. (It could have been images taken in a back room at the jail.) And the photos of Ben and Jennifer on a beach somewhere doesn't add up to anything but an image provided to the media. Even less creditable then the shots provided from a movie set a couple weeks ago.

And another thing: I never did hear back from Louis Caps. You may want to schedule a visit with her at
Contact Louis
     Best of luck getting somewhere with it.

April 17th, 2013: Fake-E

Well I did, (twice) actually hear people asking others if they thought I was wrong. And out of those conversations, no one was disagreeing with me.
     It only makes sense that when you are paying over a billion dollars for a plan and over a million for a missile; there has to be a shit load of profit involved.
     What gets me is: if you've got million dollar missiles up to ying yang, what the hell do you need a billion dollar planes for?
     Stelf is only stelf if it's cloudy or pitch black out.
      Get this: The U.S. to buy 2,443 F-35s which go for $107-$238 million each from Lockheed Martin. In February 2011, the Pentagon put a price of $207.6 million on each of the 32 aircraft to be acquired in FY2012, rising to $304.15 million ($9,732.8/32) if its share of RDT&E spending is included. The current schedule has the delivery of basic combat capability aircraft in late 2015, followed by full capability block three software in late 2016. The $56.4 billion development project for the aircraft should be completed in 2018 when the block five configuration is expected to be delivered, several years late and considerably over budget.

Found on the net tonight: April 17, 2013: The increasing costs of the new U.S. F-35 fighter are scaring off foreign buyers. The latest country to express doubts about the cost and effectiveness of the F-35 versus their current jet fighters (often F-16s) is the Netherlands. Although the Dutch are buying two F-35s for evaluation, it’s already been noted that the F-35 costs 60 percent more (than the F-16, per flight hour) to operate. For European nations, with static or shrinking defense budgets and growing demands to help with peacekeeping operations, more expensive (to buy and operate) jet fighters just don’t fit in. ($130,000.oo per hour to fly the piece of junk.)I found some take off video on it and I'll be one to tell you it's fake. What do they call it in Hollywood, CGI? But in reality, it could have been done with a green screen as well. I just wonder how many people at the Pentagon actually bought it. Well obviously they either did or didn't care. Kinna like the moon landing if you ask me.
      I happen to think it's a piece of junk. Check out the stupid door that opens up for the front fan. I say they got it opening the wrong way. But really folks, anyone with common scense would tell you that shutters would be the better route. At least they wouldn't get either blown off of sucked in. The whole damb plane depends on computer code to run and it's taking almost a decade to write the millions of line of code and they are suppose to have another six years to go, so how can it fly? Reminds me of Microsoft crap. (I use Linux now and no problems since.)

And the US also plans to spend $66 billion on the F-22

April 19th, 2013: Golly Gee

On this thing in Boston: of course there is a third party that this law enforcement isn't aware of..
     I as well as many other PC'ers understand that their bombs would be too dangerous to handle without the channels active and there must have been someone on the roof tops, upper window or elevation where they could see that they were clear of the bomb before igniting.

And on the gun laws that didn't fly: I saw only one clip that said something about an bit they threw into it about taking away the ability to have personal gun sales. (Also I happen to think that the politicians are just milking it and eating up as much time as possible at doing nothing.

And the names of these billionaires who were suppose to be trying to help me have been mentioned a lot lately. And most people are wondering why it's been months they had come to light and still nothing have come my way as being help. I happen to think people are realizing that they must have not been on the up and up and it certainly looks to most of us as if they were just out to steal my intellectual property rights all along.

April 22nd, 2013:
When is enough enough?

I don't think I'm the only one who is tired of hearing that they are going to tell me tomorrow.
     We've heard a few too many tonights also. And more than enough todays also.
     It's like everyone and their brother is well aware about Spielberg and Capps.


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But in reality now days, you only have to fire up a search engine.

And no I'm not the Dennis Sattler in Texas who hid in a closet and then killed his wife. But that goes to show you that if I have done any criminal act such as stalking a woman or molesting a child, just Googling my name would tell you.

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