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Sunset Oceanside, California, the pier May 26th 2013

Sunset Oceanside, May 26th 2013

April 24th, 2013 :
New file
older one got too long

Man-0h-Man did we cover a lot of ground in the last journal page. For those of you who are new to this site, I would suggest going to the archives.

Today the WSJ showed us that they will print just about anything from any one how has any credentials. (If that's what you call them.) Like on page A13 they bought a bit from this guy Brenner who claims to be a lecturer a McGill University. Boy I tell yah that this guy is really out there in left field. He came up with some dates of when a few countries came up with patent laws for some facts and mixed it in with a bunch of shit that is only his opinion which anyone with half a brain would tell you makes no sense what so ever. I feel sorry for any person who listens to the moron. Clearly the guy doesn't realize he's running on less that 8% brain capacity. And for anyone to pay him for his gobbly goop has to be about as dumb as he is.

And in the May issue of Popular Science mag, you'll find an invention I came up with when I was in Australia and I'd bought one of those Propane powered ice chess that don't work so well and wasn't worth the money except that it did make my ice last longer. (Very few places sold block Ice and good thick walled Ice chests went for a premium.)
     However, in this article, page 42 in PS they don't actually tell you that the simple ammonia type refrigeration was actually the first kind invented. Instead of using a compressor, they would actually heat the ammonia gas to compress it and force it through a nozzle or orifice of some kind to come up with a cooling effect. The cooling effect in a heat exchanger which is usually the cooling apparatus or as they called it a nozzle in the PS mag actually condenses the Ammonia gas created by the compression and back to a fluid again, ready for another cycle. (Still commonly used in three way refrigerators on most RV's today.)
     Anyhow, refrigeration and air conditioning both work more or less in the same way and I thought back then, that a more efficient way to air condition a vehicle (as well as give it its on refrigerator would be without running a compressor off the engine. So why couldn't some one plumb an ammonia based refrigeration unit to a heat exchanger on the exhaust manifold or around the exhaust pipe or even incorporate it into the muffler. Even a catalytic converter would be a good source of heat for it. But actually folks, just because the PS mag may have labled it as some kind of new invention, it doesn't mean that it hasn't been done before. Never the less, we are more energy conserving than we've ever been so I figure that in the past it might have never been as practical as it is now.

April 25th, 2013 :
Robbing the poor

Today I watched an Oceanside Police Officer write up a homeless man for smoking in public without an ashtray. I'm sure some wealthy non-smoker spent some money making sure the law was made up because they had concern for the dangers of second hand smoke their health and possibly the little involved with it.
     The law was probably made up by the same people who walk their dog in public and is able to let it piss on every light post without getting a ticket for it. probably the same people who drive a $50,000.oo SUV that dumps a couple tons of carbon and what else in to the air the rest of us have to breath; including the homeless who can't even afford a car. No less even afford a ticket.
     I wouldn't doubt that the homeless guy will wonder into the back yard of some wealthy person's back yard and take the Bar-B-Q and throw it in back his buddies pick-up on th way to the swap meet, so he can afford to pay the ticket, because that's better than getting thrown in jail.
      I asked the cop if the guy was braking the law. The cop told me that if you smoke in a public place, you have to have and ash try.
      I replied with, "wow, if I told you about an attempted murder, could you do anything about it?
     (Like a homeless man is going to pack around an ash tray.)

Boy I tell you one thing, the last thing I would ever want to do is fly one of those F-35B's that Lockeed Martin and the pentagon want's the tax payers to pay for. In the April 2013 Popular Mechanics mag, page 14 is just a few examples of the problems the plan has. Boy-O-Boy that think is a $160,000,000.oo piece of junk. No wonder why they are not getting any other countries interested in it. (for more I wrote about it, check the journal archives April 17th, 2013: Fake-E
     If you happen to find yourself with that PM mag, take a look at page 15. Gee, if only these 8%ers at GE had any brains, they would incorporate a "T" in the plumbing of the pieso-electric bellows and at each side of the "T" put a check valve and you'll actually have air that circulates instead of air moving back and forth which would only build up heat. My way would cool things much better, but now days they'll just rip my idea off because of the lousy patent laws and because they are a bunch of idiots hoping they got someone with half a brain.

Gee out of all the people watching, no one even thought of saving my board from the rocks

April 28th, 2013 :
Ditch Matt Loure

Matt loure

Apparently I'm not the only one who can't stand Matt Loure.
     The guy is just too much of a fem and I hate it when he tries to put words into peoples mouth. And what really bugs the hell out of me is when he tries to make them look bad by trying to trick the guest into agreeing to his incriminatory words. I'm sure if I were ever interviewed by him I'd have my fist rapped up because I would be afraid of messing my hand up on the idiot. (No, of course the interview would never happen.)
     It would make my days much better if I didn't have to wake up in the morning and never see that dick head on my television again.

Apparently NBC was considering that one guy but he's just another stail stuffed suit and tie. However, my preference would be Carson Daily. I've seen him handle awkward situations very well, (Like the time Maria Cary got weird,) and I've never seen him go after anyone in order to make them look bad. He's a gentleman and I thought it was refreshing to see him work the morning show a few weeks ago.
      So maybe, I can transform this get rid of Matt thing going on into a placing Carson into the seat campaign.

Carson Daily

Another thing that seems to be going viral now days is the fact that Steven Speilberg is in jail. I don't know how the networks think they can hide the fact, because it's definitely all over this place. The cover up is not going to work because Rule 10 they sure can't fool everyone all the time.

And I thought I'd post a link to the video of the presidential inaugural address. The good stuff starts at 33 minutes into it.
     Sure he couldn't say the United States while being sworn in, but the real cool part was during hi acceptance speech where the never thanked his wife and daughters. You might want to check out my journal entry for that day.
     But anyhow its at:

Another thing I wanted to mention is that they just made it legal for members of Congress to make profits in the stock market from insider information. Something they had made illegal back in 2004. So much for stopping the corruption they say.
     I've got a bit of information about the defence contractors profits I'll try to post tomorrow. And get this, just by cutting defense budget by 11%, it is saving the tax payers 4% of there annual debit. Gee, that means if they would cut it by 55%, that would equal a savings of 20% of what we are suppose to hand over to the government. Now you have to ask yourself: do you need a killing machine that bad?

April 29th, 2013 :
In cah-hoots

Apparently I'm not the only one who saw the clips of the Presidential Correspondence Dinner.
     No doubt Obama is willing to put together a production with Speilberg using a green screen to make it look as though Spielberg was sitting in an empty theatre. And Obama did a comity skit for him from some remote spot other than the dinner it's self.
     Boy, does that tell you something? The whole bit isn't even funny when you look at it like that. Obama worth $14 million and the criminal worth $3.2 billion pulling one over on the public. What I get from it is that you can expect Speilberg to set Obama up with a Swiss bank account loaded with money for a pardon.

I found the skit at-

That was a red seat that wiggiled and not a stool so either they were real crafty, (the seat back was not the same hight as the rest,) or Speilberg wasn't in jail.
     Then we also have to figure that it's very likely that Spielberg and Louis Capps is in cah-hoots too.
      I have more to say about this but this is the first day we've had some sun and I've got to patch up my round tail because I got caught in an impact zone the other day and it broke the leash and my best board ended up in the rocks. It's pretty messed up.
     Kinna like our government. But messed up is too mild of a word for it.

And oh, it appears that I got mixed up on two or three names back in my journal. I'll have to fix later. And I could have been wrong all together about a couple things.(Could have been miss lead also though.)

And about this war thing. Remember when they were haggling whether Iraqi had weapons of mass destruction? Well, while our government was haggling, Saddam Hussain was loading his chemical weapons on multiple plans and flying it all to his buddies place in Syria. If you are like me, you may be wondering if that was sort of a plan of our own government to let it happen so that we would have a backup war to fight so that our politicians can keep getting kick backs from the dense contractors.
     I wouldn't doubt it because when you take the numbers I listed above, on the savings from the defense cuts. somewhere between 35 & 40% of the money we hand over to the government goes to our killing machine.

April 30th, 2013 :
Mind Overload

Yeah, I say it's a little hard to believe all this stuff can go down on one person. It's like I have to figure that most 8%ers are just not going to comprehend it. And I'm just tired of thinking about it all myself and sitting here writing about it doesn't help much.
     I've got much more information to post, but I had a guy disrupt my afternoon yesterday and that means my round tail is still out of commission. Therefore, that's where I'm heading and that's what I need to do for then ext few hours. maybe I'll post something tonight, who knows?

May 1st, 2013 :
Too Cheap

During the Obama campaign, the only tools Obama had was to say that Romney was a rich billion air, so it would only be likely the guy would be out of touch with the poor people? In fact the only option Obama had was to use Character assassination against Romney. I was shocked myself when I saw that it worked and it only reinforced the fact to me that we must have had enough Hispanic women to be gullible enough to throw the vote for the rest of those fool hearty die-hard Democrats dumb enough to vote for Democrat by default.
      Although the facts lead to it being true, most of us realize it was a communication problem and there was no disrespect intended. Rule #-4

Never the less I've always said that it was better the president was filthy rich because he would be that much less likely to take kick-backs or pay-offs.

Oh, it ended up in a bank in the Cayman Islands? Come on, tell me how much it was?

May 3rd, 2013 :
May day. May Day

The ship has been sinking for awhile.
     The fact that the cost of Blue Shield went up instead of down only proves that the Obama health care plan didn't work.
      Then he took way the right for a farmer to even take his contraption out of the barn without it getting stolen.
     Obama arranged the largest theft of intellectual property in history and death of thousands of inventors for all we now.
     I do have a few ounces of sorrow and it is in the place where I have thoughts about how this sort of thing would be to his two daughters, Malia and Sasha.
     I feel an apology is in order for ever having anything to do with making anything worse than they are. I'm sorry.

May 5th, 2013 :
Like living the life of a psychotic

Something is strange when you paddle out and the word you hear most for the next two or three hours, is "Sunnyside."
     It's the fact that if you want to get the low down on the rumors by consensus filtering, yah go down to the Walmart and you will certainly get an earful.
     There isn't any pill that will take it away. It doesn't matter how much booze I can put away, it will still be there. One can try a number of drugs to numb it, but it will still be there.
     You're still living in a cage and shitting in a bucket. That's a hard one to believe.

What is not hard to believe, is that they would brain-wash my only so called friend. It only makes sense because I can't recall him ever commenting on my site, our than there was some "interesting" things on it, but then you have to consider that he builds web sites for a living so I'd naturally expect a little more interest in it.
     I'm sure they've got a cookie inside his computer that will make it end up on one of their copy sites and together with what I tell him, he's the one who thinks I'm out there in left field somewhere.

I'm trying to figure out how I want to arrange a new web-page that has come to mind. I'm going to call it the-

May I Have Page.

Today I posted something new in Bus & Finance and Sports,

May 10th, 2013 :
Got about ten hours

Boy what a messy job and a whole lotta good that did.
     Kinna like being tide up to my cage isn't it?

Got a call from a guy who claimed to be with nationwide Insurance. He was calling to find out if my experience with the claims service was satisfactory or not. (And that the phone call would be recorded.)
     I said that it would be satisfactory to me if I would look on my TV and see that Louis Capps just got busted for insurance fraud.

May 13th, 2013 :
Dear Oscar

Hi, Oscar
      That whole idea of me even affording to go back to Morro Bay wasn't about to work.
      I finally got enough transmission fluid together (1 1/2 gallons) with a new pan gasket and filter to replace the one that Louis Capps had someone do a number on.
      It lasted about 10 hours before I woke to a puddle of oil.

And can you believe this: even though I figure one out of the four phone calls I received from Nationwide Insurance company was just an impostor. It was the fourth one that gets me the most. Get this, they just wanted to inform me that the phone call would be recorded and that the purpose of the call was just to find out of the whole claim process was a satisfactory experience.
      I said that it would be satisfactory to me if I would see on the evening news that Louis Capps just got busted for insurance fraud.
     . I'm going to be a little upset when I discover my insurance rates are going to go up. But then again, don't you think that is just what Louis Capps had in mind?
      If they would only arrest her and keep her in prison where she belongs then the possibility of keeping six tires on my truck becomes a possibility.
      All Nationwide Insurance had to do was subpoena the phone records that will prove it all, but now it looks as though they left all that work and expense on me. Never the less, it's good to know that it is there and I'm left wondering just how cooperative the system is. One thing I'm willing to bet on is that the justice system you have there isn't about to let that happen.
      Something like dae jaw voo.

Get this, would have had a car thieve last knight. Had him red handed with his finger on the starter button. With out a gun for myself, I had to let him go. After at least a decade of not actually locking my truck, or even having to use a key to start it; I now have to lock the steering wheel with a cable and lock because some guys like him are not afraid of getting busted.
      I end up finding my life in danger with no ability to do anything about it because the law enforcement took away the ability of defending my property as well as myself.

Any how, it's probably best it you get in contact with someone at North San Diego County Probation Office 325 S. Melrose Dr., Suite 2600 Vista, CA 92083 (760) 806-2333 Give them my phone Number or even better yet my Email address,
      I can go see them in Vista and or just as well as
      I can send them a map of where I can be found each day.
      I have to go back to Morro Bay to get my things if I don't just loose them al together. I'm certainly not about to subject myself to listening to the word tomorrow every day, day in and day out over and over.
      Besides, with guys like Mark martin on the Police force, that would only be putting my like in more danger.

Something so Ironic, it was laughable. The fact the president Obama can summons a bunch of cops from all over the states, to show up at the White House and receive some kind of metals or award of some kind.
     Goes to show you how little power they have at stopping the criminals when they will fly across the country to receive awards from a criminal who has gotten away with more than enough to be impeached. (And most people would be thrown in prison for doing the same.)

May 14th, 2013 :
Freedom in the USA

Dennis I cant transfer your case to San Diego as you are living in your truck and are considered transient. You are not a resident there and do not have a permanent address. I think I have been more than fare with you and given you many opportunities to return, You have until Thursday 5/16/13 @ 3:00PM to report to Probation. Should you fail to report and return I will be requesting a warrant for your arrest. Hope to see you on Thursday.
      Deputy Probation Officer
      SLO Probation Department

May 15th, 2013 :

Found this bit on A-6 of yesterday's WSJ about the X-47 that is in the national news today. The X-47 can travel twice as far as the F-35C. The X-47 will cost $38-$75. It cost the tax payers $1.8 billion over eight years to get to the X-47B which is designed to be difficult to be spotted by radar and uses jet propulsion. This time around they are going with automated control system flies itself rather than being controlled directly by a remote pilot. For any of you who flies RC slop gliders like me, they know just how much a little drift of wind here or there can set the plan off course. So the fact that it can fly by itself is major; especially if you think you are going to fly the plane on a LED screen.
     I guess the next big deal is to see if they can get it to land on an aircraft-carrier.

I don't know if many of you realize the similarities involve when people on TV say that they would have never believed anything like the entrapment of three women could have happened with out anyone noticing.
     I'm left wondering what it takes before they realize just the kind of entrapment and isolation I have to experience,; and it's right before your eyes.
     Are people going to go around someday, saying to themselves that they couldn't believe something like this could ever happen?.
     Well wake up, it is happening right now.

bad guy in San Luis Obispo, Morro Bay

Anyhow, I came across the BS card this Greg Haas guy gave to me. I just had to ask what a District representative was, because I just happen to think that he was Louis Capps' thug.
     I figured it was about time to mention that the phone records I'm interested in probably have this Greg Haas guy's number in there.
     He's probably the middle man Louis Capps has as a buffer between the street goons and herself.

      I seriously doubt these numbers are used for anything other than an answering service.

Greg Haas business card

back of greg haas business card

I figured some of you might make something out of this photo.

tampering with trans

May 16th, 2013 :
Rule 77

Surfboard fin cut dennis sattler

They're a mix of carbon fibre and that honycomb stuff.
     They say they are not only the lightest, but the stiffest as well. I was impress at how thin they are and sill a foil on both sides.
      After you surf with them for awhile, I notice that they are not only fast, but sharp little buggers as well.

I would have to say that the lifeguard at Oceanside did a bang up job with the butterfly clamps. It was like one stop shopping, you come to the beach, get yourself beat up by your board and the Lifeguards have proven to be pretty good at patching you up for the walk back home. (It freaked out enough people as it was.)

May 18th, 2013 :

Today on the from page of the WSJ, is a bit on how the Obama Administration Officials were informed about the IRS targeting the Republicans who wanted to go tax fee.
     Almost a year later someone finally gets fired. Sounds like it was part of the plan, doesn't it?.

And I did do some rework on the bottom of my Quad. I would like to get my hands on a permanent marker in either a darker blue ink of even better Purple I think I would prefer.

Bottom of MyStupidRules quad surfboard

May 20th, 2013 :
More crap

Gee Oscar, what is sounds like is that I'll have to be going to jail and I'll probably get another towing bill to have to pay.
     Of course that would be the plan because once I'm in court, and want to take it to trial, they will say trial yes, but that is if I leave my truck at the towing place so that I loose the cage that I'm living in. (Because they know that in a trial, I can subpoena the insurance company for the phone records I need.)
     Of course we all know by now that you are not about to tell the DA or any investigators about the crimes committed against me because you still haven't done so yet and I'm sure you may as well justify it by stating that it isn't your job. Your job title probably doesn't say anything about protecting your own clients from further crimes.
     (But isn't that withholding information about criminal activity, and isn't there some kind of law about that?)
      Oh I imagine you are one with a gun and a badge and you are above that like police and firemen. They can get away with anything.
     Never the less, the criminals got you working for them and I wouldn't doubt if you are buddies with Mark Martin and the rest of the goons in Morro Bay. Kinna the reason you never got me the name of the person complaining about my web-site. (Yeah, I want the name because that is what I would call unethical and another form of harassment.)
      And I would have to be the first to say that if you were to put out a warrant on me, I would have to say that it should have been all about non-payment since you are actually just another bill collector for the screwed up county you live in. (But hey look where my money went - in tires.)
      Needless to say, I have more than enough reason for not living in the shit hole county where all this corruption is coming from anyway. Come on, the reason why Louis Capps had my tires knifed is just so that I would go back for more harassment. And that's not about to happen. You may have grounds for keeping my ass in this state, but not your county. Boy, after more than two years of this kind of stuff happening to me by the criminals in your county, I would have thought you would have known better.
      But, hey, if they told you that you are using 25% of your brain's capacity, don't put it past them for lying to you.
      Oh you see where those cops blew a bunch of holes in they guy with a college girl as a hostage. Thirty bullets, what were they thinking?
      Kinna like all the bullet holes in the back of the news paper delivery truck.
      And did you see how many holes they put in the boat where the bomber was hiding out? Those guys with guns and badges are insane and there are plenty of them out there. The last thing we need to do is put combat rifles in their hands.
      And you want me to go to Morro Bay with insane guys like Martin and Smith on the beat. You've got to be just as insane to suggest that to anyone.
      Not your friend ever,

May 23rd, 2013 :
Twenty years of crap

Get this: we've got a hypocrite on our payroll. I found on page A-18 of the New York Times National a bit covering how a Tennessee Congressman Stephen Fincher who is a republican and farmer from Frog Jump has bought in $3.5 million in farm subsidies form 1999 to 2012. (In 2012 alone he took in $70,000.oo)
      The ironic part: that farmers have brought in $265 billion in direct payments plus other farm insurance subsidies since 1995 and Fincher has been proposing increases to farm subsidies. BUT the real ironic part about his activities is that he has been supporting billions in cuts to Food Stamp programs and at times has quoted passages from the Bible in defending the cuts.
     Gee, where you you folks get these guys.

Another interesting information I found in the WSJ yesterday was about this Marissa Mayer who is running Yahoo now days. Gee, don't you think someone would have told her that they had paid $3.57 Billion in stock for a similar site called Geo-cities if which they shut down in 2009.
      Now she just struck a deal to buy Tumblr for $1.1 billion. A company that only had $13 million in revinue last year, which doesn't mean it made any money because some say that it's about $127 million short of making a profit. Boy-o-boy.
      But then again, what if she and the young kid David Karp are in bed together one way or another.

And on this bit with Apple using flaky corps in Ireland to avoid paying billions in taxes:
     Funnyer than hell when the CEO Tim Cook is pulled into a Congressional meeting and says, it's your fault, you have the screwed up tax code that lets us do it completely legal, so what?
     Get this: Apple has filed no Tax returns in five years. I guess the offshore corporations have saved Apple from paying $30 billion in taxes from 2009-2012

Oh a little note: In 2011, individual taxpayers paid $1.1 Trillion in taxes to federal coffers while Corporation only paid $181 million.

And on this Gov. Christy from NJ wanting to run for president: Hell the guy is a cardiac arrest waiting to happen. Even if he does loose some of his weight, his knees and back has been hauling around all that fat for so long, you can be sure he will (or is on,) plenty of pain pills. You can bet he would be like many of these politicians who are all doped up on Pharmaceuticals and need something as easy as an Apple to use, not to mention, he'll have little common sense at all because drugs are drugs and drug addicts are drug addicts. Just look at Louis Capps. Tell me she is not well medicated, just as I would bet Orrin Hatch and Patrick Leahy are.
     I would say that there is a need to get rid of all the old guys who have been around too long because of the lack of term limits. The electoral college vote needs to go too because just as with Obama, he spent money on buying jobs in the states that will determinate who wins. (The so called swing states.)

Lately I've been hearing the name Jerry Brown mentioned quite a bit. I'm not sure if it's not just propaganda created to make people believe that he had something to do with a pardon for Speilberg. Never the less, I would think that it would be a strong possibility and Obama was just playing games with him as a favour; or maybe Speilberg has offered Obama a big fat movie deal?
     One thing I'd like to mention is that out of all the clips on TV from the Cans Film Feastable, I never saw Speilberg. But just as I said before, even if he was given a title as being head of the feastable, doesn't mean he will actually attend. I just wonder if his boat is still in Florida?
     Oh I found a pic of Spielberg at Canns I'll post later (library closing) but no doubt it's fake.

May 25-26th, 2013 :
Photoshop by Speilberg
I would think he could have done better

See Home Page.

May 28th, 2013 :
Speilberg has the court system in his pocket

It doesn't take much to realize that the whole hush thing about it all was so that he could run out the statute of limitations. What gets me is that the court will try the guy without even a statement from the victim. I'm sure they were saying it was to protect the privacy of the victim. However, the question have is I'm left wondering if it's common knowledge to the rest of the general public that he was sent to prison and I was just kept isolated from it to protect his fortune. Never the less, that would be termed as a conspiracy and that equals triple damages.
     And get this, my probation officer has requested a warrant to be issued on me at any time now. Basically they are trying to keep me in a town where everyone has spread child molester rumors on my and there is only two network TV stations.
     They want to take me away from my home to live amongst criminals in their corrupt county. burning logo

May 30th, 2013 :
One buck at the dollar store

I figured out a way to lay out things on a surfboard with ink. The answer was a roll of clear sheilf liner I found down at the Dollar Store.
     Anyhow; it allowed me to lay out some lines and set my scale. never the less, it is real tedious cutting out the letters.
     Helpful Hint: Once you start cutting around a letter with a razor blade. Go full circle around each letters while doing so, so that you don't go forgetting where you are at. burning logo on Stoneman

The bottom of my Quad got some new color, but the next time I'm in the light blue paint, I'm going to fix up something on the nose.
     Anyhow; What I really really want is to find a gray colored marker before I need the Stoneman again. (Should have used it yesterday, would have doubled the wave count.)
     For now the folks at O'side are kinna privileged. That is that they have been the only ones to witness my new invention. Or at least they got to see the real blueprints, even though they where still in black. burning logo on Quad surfboard

I know; it's too gay.
     I wish I would have gone with green. Blue was too dark for the lettering and now I can only hope for the sun to lighten up this purple thing. It looked cool on the nose, but the whole thing is just too much. I'll just wait until I get a ding repair in it and maybe then try to change over to green. The toughest part would be re-doing the area around the letters.
     I should have just left it just out lined because I liked it better that way anyway. Oh well.
     Never the less, with a little scotch bright pad, I might be able to put highlights in it like I did for the bars on my cage. Maybe it will make it look more three dimensional and more realistic. Like an old worn down Harley or something. This day glow shit looks like it's pimped out and has to go. It.
     When I think about this purple; green would work much better with it and been thinking about something else for my MBM. However, I want to use the scrap shelf liner from the Stoneman for that idea.
     I know if I don't wait for the gray, I'll be just screwing up a lot of work there too. I'd like to get my hands on some brown too.

June 4th, 2013 :
Working on my Woody

I tried out my Quad at Ricon which proved to be the wrong board for it, but getting to see my new colors in the water actually changed my mind. In the water the purple is more translucent and had kinna a neat glow to it, which makes it stand out. But a cool stand out, unlike a florescent board some tend to ride.
     I tried a second session with my Percolator, but couldn't get away from the clowns that were stalking my spot. However, later in the morning I stopped by a place known to be a little Sharky. The swell was only about chess to head high, but I sure got pitched by a lip and I had a little too much on the booster button because I heard the slap of the board when I hit the water and I found myself heading back from where had came from.
      I guess the pros would have swung it around a little bit more and would have done a reverse landing and them swung it around. But the reality of it as I see it is that I didn't want to fall and I didn't but the wave went on with out me.
     Can you believe I packed my tools together in my Tooler and made room for what I had in seven Rubbermade totes and still had oom too spare

June 5th, 2013 :
Salt in the wound.

But in the real world, it suppose to be called Punitive Damages.
     Now, hear I sit. Cool water and blown out shit to look at. Don't see no bikinis, nor anything else interesting enough to make me get out my bike to go check things out for awhile. Hear there is nothing to check out because this town was made into criminals just for me. And now they got me roped into it and the only other way out of the shit hole is to go to jail.
     In Oceanside, I probably surf five days a week on average. Here in Morro Bay, you're lucky to average two. That means I've got noting else to do but to sit here and rot in this cage. I don't really want to go anywhere, because everywhere I go there are people who spread child molester rumors. Believe me when I say that they are still doing it too. A city of ten thousand has been housing, aiding and profiting from the very people who showed up here only to use them all as a social experiment to see if they would produce criminal acts.
     I wonder how many Steven Speilberg tickets they have bought in a life time? I wonder if they actually understand or realize the significance of how much of every dollar they give to the government is used up as defense funding. (You'd think- gee I don't think anyone wants to kill us that bad.)
     Anyhow, it's just shocking to me that these folks can just live with the fact that they were used as criminals on such a grand scale and it goes all the way to the White House and there is just nothing you can do from it except move away. (Yeah, that is exactly what their criminal justice system won't let me do.) I'm in a trap with folks who were all roped into such a shameful thing as being a guinypig for criminals at work.

morro bay nasty weather

In strange way, I had to admire myself last night. See the deal is, it's been so long since I last worked on the Woody, I forgotten a couple of crafty engineering feats.
     It gives you a fresh perspective as to just how much thinking things though is quite a gift. If one is faced with a problem with a new ground zero needing a solution. It can make you proud of yourself for realize just how clever your earlier solution you'd forgotten about actually was.
      Anyhow, the real view isn't even in the camera. It's when you look at it from an angle that really makes it pozzin. But this shot isn't bad either.

Back door latcheds for the Synchro- Woody dumpster

June 9th, 2013 :
Shelving for my Woody.

The 32 ft. of shelving boards along with closet brackets once mounted on walls converted right into 16 ft. of shelving in my Woody. (when I laid out me screw holes for the sheeting, I made sure the holes were laid out to fit the shelving brackets.)
     It works out real nice because you can reach over the sides of the Woody to get access to tools and other things.
      And of course, the thing will still haul 3 pick-up loads of junk.

Shelving in dumpster

Sunnysides junk in the woody dumpster

Boy, it was only one week in Morro Bay and I didn't spend much time at all around other people; but I must have heard the word tomorrow two dozen times.
      I'd say they got something going down there.

June 12th, 2013 :
I'm willing to bet..

There are those times when something that appears to be nothing, is actually something after all.
     Like something that got me thinking. Like the second time I ever met Oscar, my probation officer.
     I noticed that one of Morro Bay's finest had been tailing Oscar before he pulled into the parking lot where I'd just picked up my cage.
     I figured, the Morro bay cop who ever he or she was, had just told Oscar where he might find me. And of course, the one question you may have is why the mistory cop never pulled in to act as a back up. Well of course a good reason would be because it just may as well been Martin in the cop car.
     Now wouldn't it be a question of many of you if Martin and Oscar are good buddies who hang out on and off the job? Boy, I know one thing, that is the general area as to where Oscar lives. And something tells me that someone at one time told me that Martin lives in the same area.
     Boy, wouldn't that be a conflict of interest if I have a probation offer who is buddies with the cop that falsified evidence against me, and let's not forget about the slander that began the whole blunder.
     I guess, the question I should have is, do I have a comrade of the villain who victimized me twice, as the person in control of whether I go to jail or not and dictating how and where I should live my life?
     Boy wouldn't I like to get the phone records of those two. Bet we could determine a few things now wouldn't we?

June 13th, 2013 :
Scary Place.

The lack of waves here is one thing, but it's just the place.
     It's not the kinna place I'd wish on any of you.
     Not exactly the kind of place you will actually get in the mood for surfing.
     Just think, Martin and friends are out there.
     Boy wouldn't I like to get my ass out of here.
     Oh yeah, that thing about Oscar not telling me who at morro bay police, and who was complaining about something I had posted on my web-site has got many of you convinced that Oscar my probation officer and Mark Martin are close buddies.
     Well I've been in contact with the both of them enough to be able to say that they would be a good match up. I'd say that the two are very compatible with each other.
     I have that old classic song in my head, "there must be some way out of this place." This sucks, just sitting here in this cage..

June 14th, 2013 :
It's a wash.

Speilberg just released a news clip including George Lucus.
     I don't know about you, but I think the whole thing is pretty creepy.
     Not exactly the kind thing that can make people respect the people who run Hollywood. But then again we are breeding stupid people.

Video at CNBC

And of course, I have another question about this probation thing. I'm wondering who was involved in the change of probation officer, because Oscar wasn't the first one appointed to me. How did Oscar get in? Did Martin or the Morro Bay police department have anything to do with it? Who was involved?

Boy it only took less than two weeks and they got the people in Pismo walking around saying, "they are going to tell him," and of course the word, "tomorrow," even more .
     During the first week I thought they were going to drive me crazy with the words, "no he's not," but that faded away.

And another thing I should add: is that this is surfer hell. I've only surfer once in the last two weeks and that wasn't even worth the paddle out. What a shit hole.

Another thing I thought I'd mention is that I sent a tip to the folks a TMZ. Of course they aren't saying anything about Speilberg. I'm left wondering how much money Speileberg gave them.

Today I sent off an E-mail to the district Attorney of Los Angeles

I'm left here wondering how Steven Speilberg can get the courts agree to a plea deal without the testimony from any of the victims involved?
      My name is Dennis Sattler and I'd like to say that just by incarcerating Speilberg, it doesn't protect me from his harmful activity.
      The only way I can attempt to protect myself from him is with restitution from him for his crimes committed against me.
      I request the information use to prosecute Speilberg and the details of prosecution and sentencing involved. I can be reached at 805-423-7934
      Dennis James Sattler
      June 14th 2013

Sir, please be advised that I was unable to locate any criminal cases filed against Mr. Steven Speilberg. If this was a civil law suit than this office has no jurisdiction over civil matters and any questions or concerns should be addressed to the LA County Superior Court Clerk's Office, Civil Division. Thank you for your email.
      Los Angeles County District Attorney's Office

June 15th, 2013 :
Of Course it's rigged.

Gee, don't you think Speilberg has enough money to hack a yahoo account?
     I haven't even bothered to go back to compare the e-mail address returning the message yet, but I've realized all along that just being able manipulate the addresses exposed to me is about the best way to isolate me. By being able produce e-mails with any return address they want. All they have to do is go to the web-site affiliated with whomever I'm interested in and take images as well as web-site pages layouts to create emails that look authentic.
     I seriously doubt that the District Attorney ever received the e-mail I sent.
     Also the whole idea of me even posting the e-mail I sent to the DA before I received the letter in return was just asking for interference, (if you know what I mean?) Never the less, I realize it is probably one of the main reasons they have been out to isolate me in Morro Bay.
     I suppose the next way to approach it is with a phone call, but you know that pre-recorded machine talk bit will allow for enough time to pull up the appropriate script for the voice over guy. (Actually two or three guys; you know the run-a-round.)

In yesterday’s IBD pg A-4 there is a bit on some funding Obama wants to put into the budget for 2014. It's all about $2.9 billion that would be handed over to only 15 national manufacturing innovation institutions.
     The question you have to ask yourself is what do you have to do to put your institution on that short list of only 15, because I get the feeling that those institutions are going to be able to steal a shit load of patents.

Gee, get this folks: this week I could be going to jail because a cop went into a school and slandered me on February 8th 2010. Now a buddy of that same cop is in place to have me thrown into jail. This probation officer wants me to go to jail because I'm not into living around him and the cop who spread the child molester rumors.
     And get this: back only two or three months ago, me, my lawyer and the judge, worked things out a plea with the use of a fax machine so that I wouldn't have to come back to SLO.

And on that fender-bender. I did get a price tag for it. Believe me when I say that any owner of a body shop can have it fixed for $500.00, but this body shop was out to get $3,200.oo for it. However, I'm not sure if it's the owner of the truck involved, or the little brother who turned off his headlights, but I did get a name out of the whole ordeal.
     Never the less; I sure would like to take a look at the phone records of Mr. David Wayne.

June 17th, 2013 :
Just think.

Just think, tomorrow I could be going to jail because I no longer have any desire to live amongst people who spread child molester rumors on me.
     To make it worse, the guy who is forcing me to stay in Morro Bay just happens to be drinking buddies with the guy who went into the school and spread the rumors in the first place.
     And what makes matters worse is that if I don't live amongst these people who slandered me, I'm suppose to sit in there jail. Shit, All I did was do what any other person would do is try to stop of those who are spreading the rumors.
     But instead they want to punish me even more for not wanting to live amongst them.
     It's like they were dodging a law suit with more even illegal activity wasn't good enough. Now they want to making me live amongst the people they made criminals in the first place. the very people I don't want to live around. That should be good for punitive damages.

Even worse yet is that Pismo Beach has been surfers hell ever since I got back. I've only surfed once and that wasn't worth the paddle out. Down south I was surfing at least five days out of the week.
      It's like what in hell do I want to do, go out in the same kind of social experiment as they did in Morro Bay. I'm sick and tired of hearing people say the same things ever day, day in and day out. I don't want to be reminded that such a place can even exist. I'm right now effected by the crap in Morro Bay and I'm not even there. Tell, me how that can be?

And I'm up in the air on my older sister. Tell, me folks. What is it? Is she brainwashed, bribed, blackmailed, or threatened. Because, she just belittled Steven Speilberg as if he had little significance. All she would admit to was that she knew he was some producer is all. As she told me is that she didn't have much time for TV. But hey, she's not some teenager either.

Well I had my Fender back for two weeks. I've never been so far out of practice. It's also frustrating when most of the music I play is five string stuff. I can also say I'm hooked on the superior electronics of my five and I found myself missing it while playing the four string the past couple weeks. That just made the whole practice thing just frustrating.

And on that bit with sending the District Attorney an e-mail: The e-mail I got back was of course from the same address, it lacked any signature logos I would expect to receive from a government agency. However it did send me an image of what I gathered was the plant earth with a red sport on it. I never opened the photo, but the thumbnail was there and unfortunately I was stupid with curiosity and moved my mouse over it to see if it was a link. It flinched, but didn't open because I didn't click on it. Never the less, when I went to my e-mail today. Yahoo made me change my password as I logged in today because of suspicious activity. Hell that thing went through the contact list and sent out emails with strange random links to other places on other web-site. No, I didn't go to any of them but I did notice that they were predominately PHP files. Nah, I'm not alarmed, most of them were literary agents and publishers I'd compiled 7 or 8 years ago. Anyhow, you can be sure that wasn't an e-mail coming from the DA's office.

June 20th, 2013 :
Meathead Martin is MUD.

I can't say for sure, but I think there is a good possibility that I was snitched off just before I was going to upload the June 17th entry and ten hours before I was about to turn myself into the court.
     I've just spent the last few days in jail, got stuck with a $430 towing bill and has to pay Atascadero Police $60 for the release, (which happens to be $100 less than what Morro Bay charges.
     Not only that, but I have to go back and serve another 11 days in jail.

However there is some good news in there for many of us. I myself confirmed what someone else just told me last week. Or at least I should say, I heard a conversation between a prosecutor attorney and a public defender say what someone else heard a judge and an attorney say about Martin. The other guy heard that Martin is going to get the axe this year and I think I heard he is going to get lock up for at least a year.
     Well if that isn't good news.

June 24th, 2013 :
Rename it Fresno Beach.

All you have to do is look at where Pismo gets it money. It's all about the money made on the week end and where it comes from.
     I just don't think the San Luis Obispo is worth the cost of inflated prices you see.
     Since I've been here over the past three weeks, I've only paddled out twice and couldn't do that without the Stoneman getting damaged by a longboard stuck in the impact zone.
     Yesterday, I waited until the tide let the swell come up. When it finally did, I got suited up and grabbed my Quad hoping I could stay away from the goof balls they got in the water here.
      By the time I made it to the beach just minutes later, the winds came up and blew it into a bunch of crap. I turned around and went back and took my suit off with out even getting wet. This place is surfer hell.

Check out the beginning of this Obama Spielberg bit. Obama is saying Speilberg is there, but the lighting isn't right, just like when Speilberg was standing at the Oscars

I found this 2012 Hollywood Reporter bit on how Speilberg and his partner at Dreamworks gave Obama's superpack a million dollars each for his re-election.

I never thought I'd be eager to go to jail, but having to hang out in this county another two weeks isn't exactly the most enjoyable thing to do. I don't know how they did it, but they programmed these people here in 5 cities just like they did in Morro Bay. Just today alone (and it's not even 3 pm yet,) I must have heard the word "tomorrow" and "they are going to tell him," at least a half a dozen times.

And another Blue screen trick performed by Steven Speilberg was made for the inauguration which was posted at

And I will be making an announcement after I get out of jail on July 20th about a change that will be taking place at Girls of the Day. Also I am holding off until then about stating something that may be a little obvious to some of you.

June 25th, 2013 :
Missing the crew.

As I've said may times before, I tend to refrain from posting some of the things I hear on the street so that I don't contaminate the rumors on the street. But one thing I will say is good riddens.
     Another thing that many of us happen to figure is that Steven Speilberg must have planted a tracking device in my truck, because I doubt if someone would have been fallowing me around in order to know where I was the night before I was about to turn myself in. The reason I say this is that I could tell the copes were informed about me because I realized that they were going to arrest me before they even ask my name. Sure I wasn't aware that there was no parking at night along side of the lake, but being warned and being arrested are two different things. Besides, I got the feeling they were not into arresting me and just someone parking at the wrong place at night doesn’t require two patrol cars to run the violators off.
     And just as most cops, those two cops, really didn't have anything against me personally and they treated me accordantly.

Another thing I would like to mention is that I figure Speilberg must have sent some phoney rumors to the parking enforcement in Oceanside , because I received two parking tickets pretty much back to back and one was because the black dude went out of his way to chalk my back tire so that I wouldn't see it if I checked for it.

One nice thing I've been hearing about is how some of my fellow surfers in Oceanside miss me being in the water with them. I have to say I miss those high performance surfers too and if the are not high performance surfers, they know with me around they tend to get a fair shot at the waves as everyone else because I'm known to keep things in check and the result is a well behaved crew that get to surf none interrupted waves more often.
     Yeah it sucks when a screwed up justice system can take me away from my home and two months of warm water and south swells.
     Whether you want to call it two weeks in jail or two months in hell, it all the same in San Luis Obispo.
     One thing for sure, is that I never want to show my face in Morro Bay or San Luis Obispo County ever again. It's no place to be folks. Really folks; I'm not lying. Just don't go there.

Check out the posting at the Newtimes web-site and find out what another victim had to day about Meathead Martin and company.

June 28th, 2013 :
scummy little place.

It's been going around now for quit awhile. The word on the street is saying the Steven Speilberg was the one who had me thrown in Olive View medical center in LA.
     Not only that; he was behind the ordeal where I ended up in a mental hospital in Australia too. And you can bet he was the reason behind me not getting political asylum also.
     That cost me 5 months in a detention centre for nothing and the return to the crap I received in Morro Bay

Since I've been back in SLO county, I've noticed several businesses that have gone out of business. However, Morro Bay did get a new pawn shop which should come in handy for may of them.
     Never the less, it doesn't take much to realize that some creative business owner must have come up with a few rumors for damage control efforts. Like the fact that we've been hearing the word "settlement" being passed around more than we'd like to admit. However, that doesn't jive with the fact that I've just been bribed into going back to jail for the freedom of leaving these assholes behind..

Want to leave San Luis Obispo
But I am forced to go back to jail first.

Just like having my kids and home held hostage for ransom, or should I say bribe.

Yes folks, just as before, when the judge asks me if I was forced or bribed into the plea, just before the sentence is to be announced, I will have to lie.
     So I will have to agree to going to jail even though I'm the victim because I feel that it is better than being held hostage in a community that is guilty of character assassination and police harassment.
      Then of course they are taking me away from my medications 11 more days after I've been pumped full of blood tainted with Leukemia and Aids.
     As if I'm not dying fast enough. I call it accessory to murder by the San Luis Obispo court system.
     Check out the June 30th journal entry for more information about it.

June 29th, 2013
Want to leave San Luis Obispo
But I am forced to go back to jail first.

Just like having my kids and home held hostage for ransom, or should I say bribe.

Yes folks, just as before, when the judge asks me if I was forced or bribed into the plea, just before the sentence is to be announced, I will have to lie.
     So I will have to agree to going to jail even though I'm the victim because I feel that it is better than being held hostage in a community that is guilty of character assassination and police harassment.
      Then of course they are taking me away from my medications 11 more days after I've been pumped full of blood tainted with Leukemia and Aids.
     As if I'm not dying fast enough. I call it accessory to murder by the San Luis Obispo court system.
     Check out the June 30th journal entry for more information about it.

June 30th, 2013 :
Killing the smart guys

I gave my dad a call today. I figured I should at least inform him of the information that appears to be common knowledge to may around hear. The reason I say common knowledge is that I must have heard about it more than a dozen times over the weekend from people walking by my cage down by the water front.
     I said to he that everybody and there brother seems to know that they have been pumping blood tainted with Leukemia into my blood stream.
     My father didn't have anything other than "oh" to say. And that he needed to find out what my sister was trying to contact him about and that he needed to get back to the hamburger patties he had just made.

It's pretty amazing really. To think that Speilberg and friends had made such a fuss over the fact that I use more that three times the normal brain capacity than most people and yet they try to kill me. What's even more amazing is that they would even think about doing that after 8 failed attempts to clone me.
     Amazing that people would even think of doing such a thing to one of the smartest guys that can be found. All I can think about is what a waist of talent. This is how humans operate and think of themselves. Not exactly the kind of thing that relate to the Boston strong kind of shit people say about each other.
     Of course when I discovered the needle marks, I realized that they had to have been pumping something into me because it wasn't holes in the vains in my arm, they were in my wrist and had where the put IV's.
     Kinna puts the whole new perspective to as to why they would want to put me in jail again.
     They obviously don't want me to live a healthy life style surfing every day and taking my vitamin supplements, minerals and antioxidants as I do. I figured that they were poisoning me one way or another and apparently he hasn't been working fast enough. So therefore with the help of some bribe from a corrupt court system they are hoping to speed up the process.

Boy to think I went to Hollywood for help, but the reality is that the last thing a person like me should have done is even let them even know about me. It also pretty much clears up the whole idea about the Sarah Mechell Gellar bit that started in Washington. It must not have been any publicity working for her publicity, it must have been a product of Speilberg trying to get me to go to Hollywood.

I'm guessing now the Speilberg must have learned about me from Ted Turner and the transmitter Turner must have planted in my computer. (Who knows?)

Never the less, I certainly don't have any respect for anyone in Hollywood any more. I happen to think of them as evil rich people who go to great measures to project a false image of what they are all about, when the reality is is that they want the common folk to pay them lots of money so that they can be some kind of royalty who are above all the rest of us. So much so that they will get not only the industry, but the media and politicians to grant the immunity to the laws and ethics the rest of of have to live by.

July 6th, 2013 :
Oh well

By they way, I'll most likely be sitting in jail from the 9th thru the 20th for the crimes Martin and the court system has done against me. It's just what I have to do in order to get away from the God forsaken county.
     This place is just one big bad memory and I can't believe myself I've have to do more time for something I didn't do but be a victim of these criminals. Basically I'm going to jail because Mark Martin of the Morro Bay Police violated the condition of my OR and used a rooky to right a phoney statement the day after the fact. The judge didn't see it for what it was and held me and my truck hostage in order to get me to go for the plea of pleading guilty to the accusation that I threatened Martin when the real goal was to keep Martin's tampered evidence out of a trial.

When I heard about the 19 hot shots that went down, I had to somehow find a way to pull my heart out of my stomach. I've been wanting to post my thoughts and prayers about those hard working courageous men, but the media coverage kinna made it a bit cleeshay in a way.
     However, I couldn't help but be overwhelmed by the way those men must have felt as they realized it was time to pull out their fire tents.
      I had a friend in college was a hot shot who found himself and his crew in similar predicament where the winds changed and they were almost trapped in a gully. He said that in most cases the shelters are only good making the retrieval of the dead bodies a little easier. (Just as the cable and winch is for guys who work in confined spaces who are at the end of a cable connected to a winch on an A-frame.) Just as with working at the end of the cable, the guys up on top are just unlikely going to be able to turn the crank fast enough and the odds of coming out alive isn't very likely.
      Never the less, I'm willing to bet the shelters they have now days are a little better because I know they have saved a few guys. Fortunately not so many have gone down at one time very often, but the odds of loosing whole crews is likely since they do work in teams.
     Now many of you know that I'm not the biggest fan of firemen. Regardless, I do have a lot of respect for hot shots, because they are not the kind who usually hang out at the fire station polishing their fire trucks, wanting to be thought of as some kind of hero. Hot shots are the real heros and they earn every penny.
     May our thoughts and prayers go out to them and their families. Amen.

July 7th, 2013 :
Oh well

By they way, I'll most likely be sitting in jail from the 9th thru the 20th for the crimes Martin and the court system has done against me. It's just what I have to do in order to get away from the God forsaken county.
     This place is just one big bad memory and I can't believe myself I've have to do more time for something I didn't do but be a victim of these criminals. Basically I'm going to jail because Mark Martin of the Morro Bay Police violated the condition of my OR and used a rooky to right a phoney statement the day after the fact. The judge didn't see it for what it was and held me and my truck hostage in order to get me to go for the plea of pleading guilty to the accusation that I threatened Martin when the real goal was to keep Martin's tampered evidence out of a trial.

When I heard about the 19 hot shots that went down, I had to somehow find a way to pull my heart out of my stomach. I've been wanting to post my thoughts and prayers about those hard working courageous men, but the media coverage kinna made it a bit cleeshay in a way.
     However, I couldn't help but be overwhelmed by the way those men must have felt as they realized it was time to pull out their fire tents.
      I had a friend in college was a hot shot who found himself and his crew in similar predicament where the winds changed and they were almost trapped in a gully. He said that in most cases the shelters are only good making the retrieval of the dead bodies a little easier. (Just as the cable and winch is for guys who work in confined spaces who are at the end of a cable connected to a winch on an A-frame.) Just as with working at the end of the cable, the guys up on top are just unlikely going to be able to turn the crank fast enough and the odds of coming out alive isn't very likely.
      Never the less, I'm willing to bet the shelters they have now days are a little better because I know they have saved a few guys. Fortunately not so many have gone down at one time very often, but the odds of loosing whole crews is likely since they do work in teams.
     Now many of you know that I'm not the biggest fan of firemen. Regardless, I do have a lot of respect for hot shots, because they are not the kind who usually hang out at the fire station polishing their fire trucks, wanting to be thought of as some kind of hero. Hot shots are the real heros and they earn every penny.
     May our thoughts and prayers go out to them and their families. Amen.

July 7th, 2013 :
It's going around.

Like a lot of things. Like the people who were sticking needles in me. Like one group liked sticking it in my wrist and the other liked sticking it in the top of my hand.
     On one hand you got Speilberg and company and the other you got Obama, Capps and thug.
     Sounds like one group went with Leukemia and the other went with Aids.

Then you've got the local government here in San Luis Obispo using the Settlement rumors for damage control, but then they are thinking I'll never live long enough to see any of the money.
     But then you've got people thinking about how there is a few law firms out there that don't want to pass up the opportunity to grab a third. And get this: they are thinking- more power to them because it would only amount to a wrongful death lawsuit and they figure they could get better than a third since a greedy family won't really haggle over money for nothing. And even better than that is that these next few days in jail will cost the tax payers more than just two grand because lawyers are adding it up to punitive damages..

Then you have others just like me who are wondering if the federal government will just use Louis Capps and tug for the fall in order to shield Obama. (Kinna like Oliver North if you know what I mean. Never the less, just guess where all my money would be going to? Yeah, my sisters kids and grand daughter. Boy what a lot of good that will be for all the rest of you. In stead of my truck, you'd probably have a few going into rehab and wondering why they got scammed.

But think about poor ol me. I'm willing to bet I'll be in a better place and have the upper hand at evening things out; if you know what I mean?
     Now we all know the bible swings both ways, because it's all about interpretation, but isn't there the line eye for and eye?
     Maybe just maybe, I'll be in a better position at stomping out evil once I'm dead than when I'm alive, because just as I saw on TV last week, a specialist on mosquitos, said that they are winning.
     Thinks about that, it puts things in a perspective that maybe I only understand.
     That is the perspective why I'm even here, why I'm smarter than most and why evil has come at me from so many directions. So many directions it doesn't take a genius to figure out just why I just may fall. Just look at what is happing here. Ask yourself who is winning and why?.
     I'd be a little scared if I were you. And just don't get yourself to full of yourselves because pride can only get you too far.

Lets see if you can put Zimmerman where he belongs. What he did is called profiling and getting out of his car and chasing the kid down was just pre-meditation murder. Let's see if you proud Americans have the will to bring that evil man down. Something we'll know by the end of the week.
     Oh yeah, the simple way to weed him out is ask him to scream for help to see if he can even get close to match the recording. I'd bet a million dollars he couldn't even get close to the pitch a 17 year old black boy can. Simple as that.

July 8th, 2013 :
Yes of course, it isn't the first time.

It's flat out amazing folks, as to how many people were going around talking about some kind of settlment. To tell you the truth, I just couldn't get which camp they were actually talking about. But from what I gather, or should I say that I'm guessing is that it was probably spread by Spielberg because of the desire of damage control. Because something like Speilberg in jail tends to travel quit fast and the media's reputation is also on the line.
     However just as many times before, the rumors running around today is that I pissed someone off and they put a stop to the whole thing.
     But when you think logically, you would think it would be in SLO counties's best interest to settle first. But then you have to look at the other had on the federal level, where there is nothing to be gain in any settlement when it comes to certain individuals at hand.

Never the less, it all comes down to you. The US citizens. What do you get out of it if you get anything at all other than a stolen missile launcher for the Navy.
     Well, you know I can get kicked around by the the county of San luis Obispo for a long time.But then you've got to realize the people who will have to pay for that is it's own citizen, by the lousy reputation it has been receiving.

Now they can kick the stone around with nothing gained and surely, day by day it will get easier for me to land that law suite, which in turn is only peanuts compared to Speilberg's pockets.

The money I can get from SLO is enough for me to buy a plane ticket out of here in search of a better life and perfect waves.
     But on the other hand, you got Speilberg and that means for a mighty big shop. Not only that but a whole shit load of jobs and a more efficient way to build and maintain your housing?

Never the less, it's all a game of strategy for some who should figure out a way to get out of it. They don't like my web-site and they don't like what I say. I'm not sure of where they get their reasoning from, but I'm sure it's not common sense.
     Wouldn't you think that if they wanted it all to go away, that they would just learn to eradicate it? Like turn a bad into good? Cause what ever it is, pride or ego, it really is senseless when you look at it as something to just snuff out, when you know it isn't going to go away. Playing the pride and ego game just never gets anywhere other than kicking the inevitable down the road where it only gets ruff with bigger pot holes and things only get worse for everyone.

Now if things go as they say, and I'm out on the 7-20, my big delema I have to figure out is how bad do I want my bass back. I'm fueled up and ready to go back to SD, but I would have to hang out until the 1st of the month to get my bass back.
     10 more days in Pismo is another ten days in hell, but it would give me a chance to unload some more of my tools and maybe get the cash to get my bass out of jail before the first. I just hope the wave gods are in our favour.
     I have to say I enjoyed surfing with some of the guys in Pismo the last couple weeks. I didn't realize why everyone was talking about how good I am last month when there wasn't any good wave worth making good out of. But after a few good season in the past couple weeks, I realize that they were saying so because they know what kind of crazy shit I've pulled off in Morro Bay over the years.
     Oh, I understand now, thanks for the complements you guys.

July 8th, 2013 :
San Luis Obispo is about to spend
Spend $2,000.oo in the next 11 days to put their victim in jail.

Yeah, make the citizens of SLO county criminals and make the rest of the tax payers to punish there victim even more.

Another way to look at is that their justice system is actually going to pay to incarcerate the victim of the communities own criminal activity.
     Two of San Lius Obispo's major industries are the prison and jail and the tax payers have to pay for it whether it's right or wrong.
      Yes folks, it's where the police as well as citizens of community are the criminals, and they incarcerate the innocent victims they persecute.
     And oh, another thing I should mention is there is a stipulation in the plea for my ability to get out of being trapped in SLO by probation. Is that we have to wonder if they will fake a drug test on me. Although I predict it's unlikely, but then again, Martin did tamper with recorded evidence and then he did get the rooky to write phoney paper to keep his falsified evidence out of court, even though I personally handed the tamped evidence to the prosecutor personally at a 7-11 one morning.
     Regardless of the facts I was bribed into taking a plea just so I could get out of jail in order to save my home and the truck that carries it.
     Never the less, I happen to think this new plea deal over probation violation and the offer to get out from under the restrictions set by probation of not being able to leave the county was a result or Oscar the probation officer in charge.
     The reason I'm saying this is because the Judge and my attorney worked a deal through faxing and mailing the paperwork on another deal a few months ago so that I wouldn't have to come back to SLO.
      I'm guessing it was Speilberg or Martin coearsed Oscar to do it. It could have been Martin because from what I gather Oscar and Martin are drinking buddies, however I'm willing to bet Steven Speilberg found a ghost in Oscar's closet and bribed him to pull the stunt of demanding I return to SLO in less than 48hr, that is after someone conveniently put a drill through one of my $200.00 tires. From what I heard on the street, it was Speilberg who snitched off the location as to where I was at the night before I was going to appear for a court date I arranged on my own. (At the cost of $490 in towing fees.)
     Now in order to get out of probation, they want me to sit in jail from July 9th until the 20th. (Yeah, what for? I'm the victim here. All I did was try to stop the Morro Bay police from committing slander. Something everyone in Morro Bay is well aware of what Mark Martin of Morro Bay Ploice Department did. Kinna scary in a since, because if they do fake a drug test, I could be sitting in jail for six months.

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Dooms Day for Private Inventors
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My Stupid Movie Idea

If you wonder how things are
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Check out:


In Court with Martin
January 11, 2011

Arrested by Martin
November 17-24, 2010

Me and my truck spent the week in jail last week.
Yes folks, I'm accused of being a criminal once again.

Jailed by Martin
November 17-24, 2010

The most revolutionary tool box in the world,
sitting in a room of poisonous insecticide

September 2009

The Rumor

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Burning Down the House

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