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Oceanside Sunset August 22nd 20013

Oceanside Sunset August 22nd 20013

July 21, 2013 :
Sleep Deprivation?
Or is it true.

I'm not sure because lack of sleep in jail.

Anyway, I'd have something to say, but I'm going to have to sleep on it and see what I think in a day or two to make sure I'm not imagining things. So bare with me.
     At least I'll be better equipped to write tomorrow. I'm fried tonight.
Later . . . .

What the hell is this Zimmerman deal?
I can't believe so many got it all wrong.
At least in my opinion.....

The issue is NOT a race issue,
nor is it a stand your ground issue.

The evil bastard was profiling and he didn't stay in his car like he was told to do.
     The incident didn't happen next to Zimmerman's car so there.
      Trayvon didn't approach him.
     Zimmerman was the one looking for trouble, chasing down an innocent kid..
     Now whatcha need is:
     Two bungy cords.
     Two ski masks.
      And one Meat Cleaver.
     You can leave his thumbs, because it's not likely he would be very good at pulling a trigger unless it was on himself.
     Problem solved.


Congrats to the Royal Family.

July 22, 2013


July 23, 2013 :
Hey Dad.
Guess what?
I'm going to pick the next-
President of the United States
     Oh yeah?

                    Oh yeah.

July 24, 2013 : Lousy Job
Better things to be doing.
There are many of you who seemed to be surprised that I wouldn't want to run for the presidency.
     Well I can think of a hand full of reasons, but the two main reasons that come to mind is for one, I don't feel I'm old enough. And the second reason is that the things I like to do are a bit too dangerous for any president to be doing.
     I'm sure there may some out there who happen to think that I disrupt the water as is. I can't imagine how screwed up I could make it if I happened to be the president. Really folks, it would be ridiculous. It just wouldn't work.

The way I look at it, is that I wish there was a hand full of Billionaires who happen to want to run for presidency.
         The way I see it is that I should create an agenda that my running mate must fallow in order for me to be come his or her running mate.
         If it is found that the running mate doing other than my pre-set agenda, that billionaire running mate would have to dump a bunch of their own money into my bank account-
         as a penalty for being dis-honest to me.
          I'm wondering if we have any takers?

July 26, 2013 : Counting down the days.
Man -o- man I can't wait to get out of here..

And I have to say it's quite strange they don't let prisoners watch much of the news. They say it's because some of the guys can't handle it., But what good is the reforming that is going on.
     I'm also glade to see that the Fed eased off on the supplementing home purchases. It's actually a good thing the interest rates went up and those of you who are belly-achers are just going to have to settle for a little less. All in all, higher interest rates will keep the price of homes at more of a moderate level.
      I remember the days when a person could get 5-8% interest in a savings account.

And I saw this bit about the amount of money the Pentagon is spending on living quarters. Gee, wouldn't living on a military base be more secure, for less money, than over a million per year?
          I've got to get off this thing.
         I've been checking out as many pages that I can and making sure everything is functioning.
          I've been cramming and my eyes are about dripping.

July 27, 2013 : Spielberg is popping up.
Jim Ward, president and CEO of the Phoenix Symphony says, "On this very special night, these legends will share their talents and collaboration."

Anyhow, award-winning composer, John Williams, is to stand on the same stage as Steven Spielberg.
     For a special benefit concert, no less and tickets for the performance range from $250 to $500 range.
      During the second half of the performance, Spielberg will join John William on stage to present selections from their work together, including film clips projected on a large screen.

Boy, if I had $500 bucks to burn.....
Phoenix Symphony/steven-spielberg-john-williams

July 28, 2013 : Here I sit.
It's like stuck in surfer hell. Everyday I sit on the web cams and watch nice glassing warm waves roll in. And the sad thing is that in the next few days, I'll be missing out on the real action, while were looking at 5 second waves, that is if they make it through the kelp.

I've been fine tuning the older web-pages I've seemed to over looked. But anyhow, I think everything is doing okey for the enormous amounts of files I've transferred this month. All in all, I do think things run faster.
     I'm suppose to get back to writing again, but I kinna feel foolish when I try to come up with how I'm suppose to say that everyone on the street seems to think it is common knowledge that Obama was out to help GM steal my inventions.

July 29, 2013 : Rather be sitting in the water.
Anyhow, yesterday a couple of my boards got nose jobs. Got couple ideas on how to finish them.

sunnysides surfboard noses in blue

July 30, 2013 :Big fat check book.
On the Military aid the US is buying for Afghanistan
      On page A-4 of the WSJ today was a bit on how we are paying millions more than we should for those dummied down Mi-17 helicopters the Pentagon is buying from Russia to replace the ones Kabul had failed to maintain.
     The cost to the USA has been 1.1 billion already and they are about to spend another $345 million for 15 more.
     Get this: back in 2008, these Russians were making these helicopters for $4.4 million. In 2010, Russia was exporting them for $12.7 to $13.8 million. But they got the folks down at the Pentagon paying over $18 million per copy.

August 6th, 2013 :Rule Number 4.
And the timing couldn't have been any better. That is at least they say Obama will appear in the Tonight Show on Tuesday night, however, I wouldn't doubt it if had been recorded last week.
      Never the less, I realize that if it were to be the true date of Obama's appearance, I'd only be looking forward to trouble if I added the stop over into to my trip down the coast to show up on Tuesday morning to get the tickets.

I did get a session in at county line though.

August 8th, 2013: Watered down.
Boy if that interview wasn't watered down, I don't know what else to call it.
     It was as if Leno was handed the questions to the answers that never really said anything.
     I felt the whole bit though Jay Leno's interview with Obama. It was as if Leno was helping out on the seraid. It's like Speilberg has everyone working for him.

Never the less, I need to clarify something I heard only once. That Vladimir Putin made homo-sexuality illegal. Wow, that's like out-lawing people with attention deficit disorder in my book.
     Boy that should get all those humanitarians a thrill. But I happen to think it's just another dirty little secrete the media is hiding from the general public.

August 10th, 2013: austa lah veista.
Boy, what did I do, miss the summer? .
     I don't know but we've been handed some pretty lousy swells ever since I got back.
     Boy it sure made me think about what I've just gone through.

And these alder wood bar-b-que things the put on wheels and set-up at local feastibles: they sure ruin it for others down wind. I'm willing to bet that eventually, those street affairs are going to make people use either propane or natural gas.

On B-2 of the WSJ there is a bit on the rise in the amount of US tax payers renouncing citizenship or permanent resident status.
     From what it sounds like, with new tax codes and all; it cost too much to hire an accountant to do the filings- even if they are retired.

Oh you have to laugh at the fact that spielberg is using the same suite and tie shots for other things; he just switches out the back ground. The link below goes to a web-page with the same outfit as the one on the home page here at mystupidrules.

August 12pm-13th, 2013: Rule No.4
I've been wondering if I was giving ideas away, because it may end up being one of those things....

Anyhow, it all boils down to three people in question in my mind, but when you do a process of eliminations, one can appreciate the advantaged.
     What I'm getting down to is style. Like the thought of Obama using character assassination, because that's just his tool of choice in my opinion.

Then you've got the Louis Capps tool of choice should be considered one using the law enforcement and justice system, but that has limitations when district boundaries come into play.
     Never the less, something about that situation can make a person wonder what could happen in the next few months ahead.

One can never forget the person who has enjoyed a full court advantage has been Speilberg all along.
     Heck, how can something go down like he did and nothing has surfaced in front of me as to a way of proving he did such a thing. I'm suppose to be looking for a lawyer with no evidence. And the strangest thing about it is that I'd have to wonder if every law firm out there already knows more about what's gone down than I will ever find out on my own.
     Out of all these years, I have nothing to tie Speilberg to me. But I do understand Speilberg's main tool for inspiration. It manipulation, and for this day in age, I often wonder what kind of hoops will he make me jump though next.

Well folks, I'm thinking that one of those hoops started a few months ago. I'm figuring I must have been giving him a few ideas. In this case, my idea gave Speilberg an idea switching things around between me and someone else.
     I'm guessing Speilberg played me as well as someone else so that it would appear as if I did something in the mind of one person, while I had though the other person had done something else also.
     It's not a communicaton thing, its manipulation. Something Speilberg must have done a hundred times to me by now.
     I'm sitting here wondering if I'm ever going to know for sure, or even able to prove just what I think I've just figured out.
     All I know folks, is that I think I've been caught up in a game and the thing I'm wanting to know most of all is will his actions surface. Will they materialize as to where I can prove them.
     I figure, that if there is anyone who is watching me, it's Speilberg.

August 13th, 2013:
I don't have to say
I just don't get it. My stats don't show near as much traffic as one would think it would have to have so much of an influence as to what is being said on the street.
     It's apparent that I don't even have to say what Spielberg was having switched around. Basically he was orchestrating a crime and trying to set me up for it without me realizing it.
     Never the less, I'm willing to bet that his little deeds doers probably use a credit card set-up for an expense account. And I bet they didn't have to go too far to get two or three of those little round things.
     I'm sitting here wondering just how I should try to explain something to my dad. Like how can you tell your father that you could be going to jail and that it could be a good thing.

Anyhow, I just wish the waves would pick up.

August 14th, 2013:
Wonder if its a wash?
Yah just have to take a look at another piece of work Spielberg did with Photo Shop.
     They even copy protected that one I suppose. But the funny part of it is how his head just kind of floats there well focused, and yet the people in the background are focused pretty well, which is the unusual part.

August 15th, 2013:
Rule Number 15
Would you believe that on top of all this shit with Spielberg, there are others trying to work a scam in there also.
     I would think I would be at least questioned by the cops, but then the end results would actually be a result of who would have actually done the dirty deeds. If Louis Capps had something to do with it, I would think I'd be hauled off to jail, but if it was Speilberg, you would have to feel lucky just to have a cop stop by to ask a few questions. But then with Speilberg involved, I'm sure any cop involved could be persuaded to loose interest in the case.

August 17th, 2013:
Got nothing
Well, I've been hearing that Louis Capps was involved.
     So does that mean Louis Capps and Speilberg had something to do with it?
     All I can say is that with this kind of shit going on. It's truly a sign of how bad things are. Evil sprints are running the place that's for sure.
     I wonder how many millions Speilberg has spend on buying off the media? When you really think about it, I bet it has cost less than $50 million, but to maintain the silence of longer periods of time with more hands reaching out, I wouldn't doubt it will cost $50 million per year and possibly more over time.

August 18th, 2013:
Got nothing
I guess my guessing can't be right all the time. Either Speilberg has been going overboard with rumors blaming Capps, or people are trying to inform me that I was wrong.
      I guess I can assume there was some credit card records that lead to Capps.
     Then in that case; something must have went haywire, or not as planed, because the end result isn't panning out the way one would assume they would.
     I suppose we can write it off as another one of those things that never materialize.

August 18th, 2013:
Yes it's amazing such crimes can go on with our government officials and noting is ever done about it.
      You look at what has gone on with me over what is near 20 years now. More and more stuff, and more and more criminals involved. The amazing thing about these people is that they are able to get away with crimes and nothing can be done to stop them.
      It's my guess Speilberg must have gotten into the game back in about 1998, because I'm convinced he did the whole SMG thing, just to get me to go to LA, closer to his medical center.

I know I'm suppose to go after lawyers and things, but all I can think about is getting my hands on a passport. It would also be nice to get one of those ZF-8HP transmissions.
     I just don't think this country is anywhere anyone would want to live anymore and I just can't wait to get out of here.
      This is one creepy place

Boycott Stupidity

Here is where they got it all wrong again, just as with another issue about bout a week ago.
     It's not a gun issue, it's a stupidity issue..
     Your breeding stupid people, and stupid people can make anything dangerous.
     I was in Australia and their first responders left me standing there in the middle of the street with some hoodlums with pipes up there sleeves coming around the next corner.
     How stupid is that?

I'm sure these three idiots we have here in the US are going to get a taste of just how boring lock down is.
     I have to say, that these three punks disguised me to no end and it's a shame the US tax payers are going to pay for their bunk and three meals a day.

Then I have to proudly say I have some super duper brownie points for that gal who talked down the copy-cat psycho killer who chickened out.
     I don't see enough praise for her.
     As for the copy-cat psycho killer with the arsenal in his backpack: He's another end result of the media dramatizing it every time something like that goes down.
      I think the kid realized that within the amount of time he could have emptied a clip, the cops would have had a couple hundred rounds back at him.

August 22nd, 2013:
I think the US has to be considered a better place to be when you compare it to Syria. What had just gone down in Damascus is just disgusting to see. I'm pretty sure that's where the Australian government sent my friend back to. Several towns were sprayed and about 2000 people dead..
      Sad because it's the US government can't tell for sure if it was done at the command of the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and his regime, -or if it was done by the rebel forces in order to convince the United States to back them with more funding and weapons.
      Tuff one to call, but if we didn't have a president out doing comity skits with criminals, maybe we would have one who would confirm it one way or another.

And on this bit with handing money over to Egypt sure is a crawk a shit. Already Sadie Arabia has said that they would replace any money the US or any one else pulls out. So gee wiss, pretty stupid to waste our money and even waste time haggling about it.

The waves here have been miserably small ever since I got back three weeks ago.

August 30th, 2013:
Referring to the MLK "I have a dream" day they had this week. It's quite appalling that we can have two presidents who cut the throats of private inventors, (or should I say at least ones who are not rich already.)
      Then after both Clinton and Obama do so, they say that everyone should have equal opportunity for success.

And this bit San Diego mayor Felner:
     I don't understand why a special election has to cost $6.2 Million, but what does that matter when the city is going to be liable for about $3/4 billion in law suits because the people of San Diego were stupid enough to hire a pervert in the first place. And don't try to tell me that nobody knew about it.

Then you have to laugh at the fact that the San Diego Police Department has a bunch of flunkies who never even though of testing these two used rubbers they found for DNA in the first place.
     Shit, I'm willing to bet that Hanna Anderson had an affair with Deminggo.
     I figure the affair started before she even turned 16, and once she turned 16 she began to get interested in young boys who had their own cars. Deminggo probably didn't want to brake it off and didn't want to leave Hanna alone. Either Hanna threatened to tell her mother about the affair or her mother figured it out on her own. (I wouldn't doubt the little brother caught the two together and then told the mother.)
     Deminggo didn't want to go to jail for having sex with a 15 year old and decided to ice the situation.

And on this bit with Syria: The Million Dollar Patriot Missiles are a sign that US tax payer have plenty of money to burn, but I'm afraid Obama mist the boat on that one. Just like the time Bush had the UN running around in Iraq looking for the weapon of mass destruction, while Saddum was flying the poisons gas out of the country in 747s and stashed his stock pile in Syria.
     You can bet that every site Obama is going to hit with those Million dollar bombs was cleared out yesterday and probably sitting in a school somewhere or even sitting in another country where the US defence contractors want the next war.
     Face it, the US military isn't about to do anything right, because the to brass wouldn't get as many kick backs from defence contractor if there wasn't any conflict and the defence contractors who are about to make a shit load of money are Boeing, Northrupt Grunman and Lockheed Martin because they are all in on the same missiles.
     And really folks: In reality, the US government is letting it's own industries as well as its own defence contractors kill inventors in this country every day. Tens of thousands every year. So why should we care if the Syrian government kills off its own tax payer base. The Syrian government is only doing what everyone else is doing, so why should the US tax payers pay to get involved with someone else's blood shed?

September 3rd, 2013:
Yep, you've got five ships with fifty missiles each. That means Obama is out to burn $250,000.oo on demolition in Syria.
      You can bet Bashar al-Assad and his regime has striped everything down to every last door hinge on the targets we are about to level.
      I wouldn't doubt everything we hit is out of date and they probably have plans already drawn up for the new building to replace them.

The funny part about all this is how they are trying to tell us that McCain was against it but I think most of us know better because when it comes to building a war machine Mcain has always been for it. The reason being, is that he's been around so long, that kick backs from defence contractors is what he's into.
     Just a 6.5% kick back is more money to these law makers than what they were paid to change the patent laws to first to file.

Kinna reminiscent of the Kosavo War Bill Clinton got US into. We went over there and blew up a bunch of bridges and then Clinton cut them a $500 million dollar check to rebuild them.

But this time you can bet those poisonous gases involved are being relocated and don't be surprised if some ends up in the USA. Then of course you've got US in another war.

Just looking at the US of A from the outside, one can only come to a conclusion the the US with all their government and Media, and Hollywood of course are just a bunch of frauds. I bet people all around the world are going to laugh if they aren't already.

September 5th, 2013:
Spielberg bought Oprah
Not only that, but he also hired Clint Eastwood to direct a movie he was suppose to direct..
      After pulling a search in him, on the libraries computer of course, I learned that Speilberg and Oprah are co-producing a film together.
      I heard the other day the Speilberg has spent over $40,000.oo just buying off the media this year.

And just as I thought, McCain wasn't about just launching a few missiles. He's into the war game for the long haul. Really folks, what's the difference does it make when you are killing people? Whether it's killing with bombs, or poisonous gases, or lousy patent laws? It's killing people.
     Obama's patent reform has killed more smart inventors than Bashar al-Assad's poisonous gases ever did . And Obama is saying that people will think of him as a Hypocrite if he doesn't launch the $1/4 billion worth of missiles.

September 7th, 2013:
Hollywood People are Phoney
Even though I live pretty much a solitary life and even considered the TV as my friend, I find it difficult to even watch what is on TV any more. I've withdrew to watching old westerns like Bonanza, Gunsmoke and Big Valley. I'm looking forward to Rockford Files coming back this fall season.
      Every time I watch the news now, I just laugh at the spilled milk they are feeding everyone. It's all a put on.
      And I just don't get it; why do the folks in Hollywood think we want to watch more disgusting egotistic cop shows?
     And what they call comities, are for folks who are idiots who will laugh at anything.
      I met an engineer/inventor/patent holder this morning who feels like the younger generation is screwed up because of the lousy cartoons they produce now days

September 9th, 2013:
Building a war machine
If you take a look at the front page of the Sunday New York Times, you'll see just what I assumed. Every body and their brother was selling the Assad family poisonous gases. Even the US was selling it to them back in the 80s. Even more currently the Syria military regime had been collecting the chemicals to make them.
      The fact of the matter, is that many of or politicians think that any war will stimulate our economy. So you can be sure they are making sure we have another war in the makings. I'm willing to bet that if we bomb Syria, much of the region over there in the middle east will end up fighting with each other, and that's a good thing for the US defense contractors you could say, because we hand over Billions of defense dollars as it is and with turmoil going on, they know the US of A will start writing more checks.
      Already- the five ships with 250 million dollar missile isn't enough. Our politicians want to get our bombers involved too.
     Just remember folks, 35 to 40 cents of every federal tax dollar you have over to the US government, goes to defense. I myself think that it should be less than 25 cents. But then again, I wouldn't make near as much money from my missile launchers now would I?

It looks as if the television networks will give anyone with name recognition a talks show.
     Like this Britney gal: she was on Ellen's show promoting her show a few months ago and broke down when she realized then and there that she didn't even know what she was going to do with her show, because she was thinking she was going to talk about peoples problems and then realize then and there on the spot that no body was going to want to tune in to listen to peoples problems.
     And then you have this Arsinal Hall nut job who broke down like a pansy ass on the apprentice show. The show he had his publicist get him on so that he would get his name out there again.
     The dumb fuck grunts like an ape with his fist in the air and he actually thinks its cool to do so. The son of a bitch is a racist and I'm surprised he can get any white guy to go on his show because half the time he is saying shit like how black people are so superior to white folks.
     I don't know about you, but I get tired of hearing him making fun of how stupid white folks are.
     This morning he was talking about how big the black penis is compared to white ones.
     Well I've noticed that too, but I've also noticed that a most big black dicks don't get near as stiff as the white ones I've seen. So when it comes to getting it up, I prefer a firm one.

September 7th, 2013:
Hollywood People are Phoney
Even though I live pretty much a solitary life and even considered the TV as my friend, I find it difficult to even watch what is on TV any more. I've withdrew to watching old westerns like Bonanza, Gunsmoke and Big Valley. I'm looking forward to Rockford Files coming back this fall season.
      Every time I watch the news now, I just laugh at the spilled milk they are feeding everyone. It's all a put on.
      And I just don't get it; why do the folks in Hollywood think we want to watch more disgusting egotistic cop shows?
     And what they call comities, are for folks who are idiots who will laugh at anything.
      I met an engineer/inventor/patent holder this morning who feels like the younger generation is screwed up because of the lousy cartoons they produce now days

Even though I live pretty much a solitary life and even considered the TV as my friend, I find it difficult to even watch what is on TV any more. I've withdrew to watching old westerns like Bonanza, Gunsmoke and Big Valley. I'm looking forward to Rockford Files coming back this fall season.
      Every time I watch the news now, I just laugh at the spilled milk they are feeding everyone. It's all a put on.
      And I just don't get it; why do the folks in Hollywood think we want to watch more disgusting egotistic cop shows?
     And what they call comities, are for folks who are idiots who will laugh at anything.
      I met an engineer/inventor/patent holder this morning who feels like the younger generation is screwed up because of the lousy cartoons they produce now days

September 11th, 2013:
More adjectives from Hollywood
and more crap from the media
Jenny, they are not as "amazing as you may think, they are only old hags who get paid to use adjectives to put their two cents worth in..
      But the nice looking rack is worth adding to the bunch of bitches.
      Sure you may sell a few burgers, but have to ever considered porn, because that's what I'd like to see you doing.
     And Britney: I wouldn't doubt you had to use pasties under that thick white top today. If not they must be something else and I'd like a chance to see them too.
      I'm willing to bet that gal has some trainer for sure. Gotta keep that body in shape because there is only so much a surgeon can do.

And the Wall Street Journal must be buying just about anything now days, because on A-15 today they inked an artificial by Don Rosenberg, the executive vice president and general counsel of Qualcomm.
     They must have emptied a garbage can left behind from a few years ago, because someone had to be absolutely clueless.
     Patent reform was done way back when those idiots were camping out in New York in the middle of the freezing winter, saying that they wanted to take back Wallstreet.
     Back then, two winters ago, Obama stabbed them in the back and made the patent laws about as bad and unfair as they could be.
     Fucking assholes will sell you anything when you are running on less than 8% brain capacity.
     They want people stupid. Dosen’t anyone get that?

Looking Back on 911
12 years later

September 13th, 2013:
There was a time I actually think I liked the guy but,
He's now just another whore who works for the media
You'll just have to check out the April 28th journal entrée to find out who I'm talking about, because since then I have truly figured out just how bad things are. You could say Speilberg has bought everyone in the media, therefore Carson is just another asshole.

All along, the US government hasn't been able to tell which rebels where good and which were bad. Meaning that they know some of them are Al Quita.
     And after the bombing with the use of poisonous gases, the US government sad even after a week or two, that they didn't know who actually did it.
      Now Kerry and Obama are saying that they know everything.
     Bashar al-Assad said some of his own troops got poisoned and was stating the question as to where are the facts?
     Is,n't it possible the the rebels may have bombed the areas where the Piosonous gases where stockpiled and innocent civilians just happened to be down wind?.
     Now what do you think will happen if the US of A goes in there and blows up the infrastructure where the Gases are located. Where do you think those gases are going to go? They are going to go somewhere are they?
     Sounds like Obama and company are aiming to spread around a shit load of poison now dosen't it?
     But isn't that ok, because the assholes in the US of A considers it self the ruler of the world now don't they?

September 17th, 2013:
Does it really matter?
Bombs or poison, it is still killing people
Just like what we do with inventors.
I saw an interview the other day. It was with a gal who had been conversing with a reporter over time, but now days she had to do it over Sype because of the isolation enforced by the Syrian Military surrounding Damascus.
      The reporter was amazed that she wasn't worried about the poisonous gases herself and asked why she ran to the aid of some people who were gassed.
     The lady corresponding the report said, that it was because Bashar al-Assad and his military had surrounded and cut off from food supplies and there isn't enough food, so they were going to starve to death anyway.
     She also mention that she had just recently lost direct family members because of the bombing done by the Syrian army.
     She said it didn't matter whether Bashar al-Assad and his military has poisonous gases or not, they are all going to end up dead anyway.
     Kinna what I said all along.

And that shooting in the ship yard in Washington shipyard in DC sure over shadowed the story about to two cops in New York shooting innocent bystanders didn't. Just looking up about it on the internet reminded me about the 13 innocent bystanders who were shot just last year.
     I found more stuff on the crazy police in New York today.

September 18th, 2013:
I think I've heard it enough
I wondered if I should have even said anything about her?
     I also wonder if what is going on over there in Syria would be even on my mind so much, but to be honest with you, what has been going on over there and it being in the news so much had kept her on my mind.
     Maybe I should think she had it easier them me. I don't know what to think because if they wouldn't have sent here back, she would have succeeded in creating a new and better life being a cook in Australia.
     I'll I know is that she did, and while sitting there in the detention center, she knew just what would come to here if she was sent back and I figure that is why she wasn't very happy when I knew her.
     I just wanted to see here laugh, but a smile is all I ever got.
      Apparently some people looked into her to find out if what I wrote was real, and from what I here, they shot her as soon as she got back.
     I guess I'm suppose to think of it was probably the better thing to happen to her. At least she hasn't had experience what is going down there or no telling what they could have done to here.
     Kinna makes me wonder why they didn't just kill me once I got back.

September 23rd, 2013:
The Orange went sour
This morning a crew from orange county dropped by.
     This guy tried that tactic of paddling over and cutting in front of me, trying to steal the wave I was paddling into.
     I let him have it but when he got back out, I called him a pro surfer and I informed him that Kelly Slater taught me a really neat trick, - the drop kick.
     Well, this guy found out that the last thing you want to do is try to snake me when I'm on the Stoneman because he couldn't get a wave without me dropping in on him from the shoulder and dangling my ass in front of him.
     Yeah, the Stoneman. The Stoneman has lee way.
      It wasn't too much longer he and his fruit cakes left the seen.

San Diego is now in 3rd place
in the largest homeless population
Well Dah

Yeah after Hurricane Katrina, they loaded up planes full of vagrants and dropped them off here in one of the most expensive counties to live in the whole United States.
      People who didn't own any property, with no jobs, fresh out of jail, drug addicts and the mentally ill
     Now they even have the young Hispanics addicted to crack which only made things even worse.
     And now the locals are complaining about having too many homeless people and trying to get the police to harass them.
     Well, I've got news for those local politicians who had everything to do with such a game plan.
     This isn't the same kind of place it was before the dreadful plan and the tourist are not exactly thrilled about what they experience around here and neither am I.

September 24th, 2013:
Who do you Believe?
Someone should tell the President of Iran that you don't need so much enriched uranium for Nuclear power, and didn't Japan just show us that nuclear power isn't such a good idea?
     Hell, we are swimming in a radioactive ocean already and let's not forget about the radioactive fish we are already eating.
     I can't believe people let japan have the 2020 Olympics while they are still pouring millions of gallons of radio active waist into the ocean. That shit isn't going to disappear.
     I was reading today in the business section of the New Your Times today about a new way they are trying to use nuclear waist to generate power in the future.
     If such a process is successful, there would be no reason to enrich uranium anymore. That is unless you are going to build a bomb. But isn't that kinna stupid?

September 27th, 2013:
Brownie Points to President Rual Castro and those Nanotube-heads.
President Rual Castro's economic reform has just recently added 18 more categories for private businesses licenses, bringing it to 199 currently.
     The recent additions included Auto Body Workers, real-estate agents and Home builders.
      Since 2010 Rual Castro's economic reform has licensed 430,000 private businesses.

And in Science: I'd like to congratulate the guys who finally made computations with a computer chip made out of carbon Nanotubes. I read about it in the NYTimes two days ago. I guess getting everything to line-up without defects is the difficult part of it, but I'm sure with more playing around with their methods of orchestrating the assembly process there will be less defective chips and more consistency.
      Boy, if you want computers and phones to use less energy, it will be a great way to do so.

And there has been rumors that Kelly Slater was arrested and he's now out on bail.
     Boy, I don't know about this justice system we have here. The rich seem to be above all the laws the rest of us have to go by. However, I think incarceration for Kelly would only create more evil. I think he should end up inside a moving van where there won't be any cameras and a bat up side the head would be the best solution to the problem.
     If it was left for our justice system, he would only buy a plea deal and get out of it.
     Like what is the deal? If a cop gets killed, the court system has a fellow cop show up in court to make a Impact Statement. But what the hell is it when Speilberg goes to jail or prison, the victim isn't even informed of it. Not even the court date, or the charges Speilberg is even charged with. Then you have your president play video games with him for the sake of being funny.

And I think I've figured out just how Spielberg managed to con those idiots in Hollywood and the media to hide the truth about him. He's been bank rolling new TV shows for the Networks. I realized that he's done so with CBS and ABC so far and I'm sure there is even more to come, because he just banked rolled one for Oprah and I'm sure he's been doing it for several cable networks too, however I can't easily find out because I don't have cable.
     What I find so surprising is that - how many law firms know all about the crimes committed against me and yet they are willing to just leave the money sitting on the table? Kinna puts the whole thing in perspective doesn't it? I call it a perfect example of the human condition.
     Just think if you were God, or some other intelligent being, sitting in a spaceship looking down on what is going on around here. Boy, if they were evil and wanted to take over this place, they would think we were just about ripe for the pickings.
     Getting dumber by the day and the whole place is run by evil people.

October 1st, 2013:
Kodos to Judge Judy
I have to say that my hat is off to judge Judy for having the guts to come right out and say that people are getting dumber every years.
     And she does this when talking about adults, be we all know that it's the next generation which are the newly born children that she is actually talking about.
      never the less, she has been around long enough to see it in the adults and I have to say I agree with her in just about every case she tries. She is where she is at because she is SMART and she knows it and I can also agree with her there also.

Today we finally saw some of that swell that we are used to seeing show up in September.
      Of course i was a little bit paranoid of the crowds that would show up so I took out my beat up Quad, which wasn't the best choice.
     Never the less, even though I was constantly contemplating going in and fetching my one of my other boards, I found myself not doing so because I was having so much fun trying to make it work.
     Lets just mark it up as determination at trying to stay with the boards even when it's sideways and being launched off the top. No doubt i has a few spectacular rides and I tried my best at getting tubed. Sometimes you just have to find the way to keep it together while getting pounded.

October 2nd, 2013:
On Investing:
"I try to buy stock in businesses that are so wonderful that an idiot can run them. Because sooner or later, one will."
          -Warren Buffet

I get a kick out of how phoney Sarah Mechelle Gellar is. She always said shit like be happy with yourself just the way you are no matter what other people say.
     Well her mother wasn't smart enough to tape her ears down after she was born, so after the Burger king commercial, she had them surgically cropped.
     Then after her gig as Kendell on the soap opera in New York as a teenager, the ridges on her front teeth disappeared, so I can assume she had bright white veneers put on when she got to Hollywood and landed the Buffy gig.
     It's my guess she found out that veneers don't let you floss very well and she probably ended up with gum disease because of it.
     And now of course, I had to laugh last night when I saw her on the Letterman Show; showing off her new long bright and shinny teeth for the cameras. They look like the same implants that everyone else seems to be waring now days.
      And the outfit she wore only confirmed what I thought was going on in her new show. That she's picked up a fat ass after dropping a couple kids and she's obviously trying to hide it.
      What a phoney bitch and boy, the way she turned out, I figure she'd drive most guys a little crazy just listening to her run her mouth off, and that's not crazy in a good way either.
     I have to say it was a little bit insulting as to the ways she started out on the Letterman,s Show talking about the good aspects of stalking; referring to how she landed her new gig, but considering the way things are, fuck you bitch!

And I have to say I'm a little disappointed with Joss Whedon’s ‘Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.’ Unfortunately it resembles just another egotistic cop show like NCIS, but with fancier gadgets.

October 3nd, 2013:
Burning a dead man's money:
Let's just call it greed.
      The Jackson family actually thought they would go up against big money in order to get more. But in actuality all they did was burn a whole shit load of money because now they are stuck paying AEG for their defense cost. Which of course was probably on a retainer at first, but I'm pretty sure they know how to cook the books and I wouldn't doubt they actually made money off it.

And of course I woke up to "they are going to sue him". But that's something I've heard before and I think most of us smart ones know just why they never do.
     I myself would like to see the day someone does.

October 4th, 2013:
Creating Bitcoins:
Get this: a computer programmer in 2009 using the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto created it.
      The idea was to create a virtual currency that would be used to pay people who let others use their computers to perform calculations. Calculations that were so heavy, hardware builders learned to use several video cards in high powered computer to create computers pacifically for bitcoin mining.
     The thing that amazes me, is why don't the people who are doing the paying out for the use of these high performance computers just don't buy the computers for themselves in the first place?
     Anyhow, the virtual bitcoins started out being worth on $14.oo but now days they are floating somewhere around $120 and $140.
     I guess the bitcoins have gone so mainstream, that there are folks out there who are using the virtual currency to unload drugs and guns and this week some of those people went down and that's what brought the currency down from $140 to $118 and resting at $128 as of yesterday.
     At first I thought of it as some kind of pyramid scheme, but from what I've been reading about it just amazes me. Something I'm not even going to try to explain, but I just wanted to mention it so that those of you out there whom are aware of it just know that I know about it to.
     It's kinna interesting. Sortta like underground money and at first there was only suppose to be only 21 Million bitcoins available and I think that's why it went up in value so much which got the miners interested.
     I look at it as an example of what would happen if the government would just stop printing more money as they need it. (The value would go up instead of down, just as they are about to do this month with the debit ceiling.)
     Check out Oct.4th B-2 LATimes for more about it. I've got some notes I'll dig up and update this post at Moo Lah later.

And in the News:
     The couple who drove their SUV over the bikers should not feel bad. If the bickers think they can go around town tormenting people and blocking the way of others, (which is entrapment,) they got what was coming to them because most of us would have done the same thing.
     And on the bit in Washington DC: I think the copes and Secret service was too quick to shoot someone because I saw a shit load of guns drawn and pointed right at her but nobody even bothered to just shoot out the tires. (I wonder how many bullets went though her body?)
     A perfect example of why I'm more afraid of cops than any gangster or drug addict or anyone else with a gun for that matter.
     And on this Miley Cyrus bit:
     The front page of US Today is saying that the Twerking bit created $79 million worth of free publicity.
     I call it not the kind of thing to be doing if you want to keep a husband around.

And I think much of furloughs, (like the one that close the parks and air show that actually make money are done just to create hardships,) which in turn are suppose to get people to want the shut down over. Just another trick the government officials play upon its peasants. .

October 5th, 2013:
Walk for the Fight Against Alzheimer's Disease:
I didn't see the Pier unload all the way, but I will tell you that by time it was about half full, I knew that the earliest to step on the pier had already texted to the people who where just starting at the shoreline.
      No doubt, they knew to be looking for me.
     There was so many people, I just kept wondering what was going to happened when the crowd of people reached the end.
     I updated that Bitcoin thing in Moo Lah. .

October 9th, 2013:
Blown Out:
I was going to show you all the progress one one of my surfboards, but something has got a hold of my imagine manipulation software.
      Anyhow I'm not too thrilled about the new artwork anyway and I think of it now like someone may think of as a bad tattoo. I'm thinking that I should have gone with the original idea of writing
Lousy Book
within the only area that isn't stress cracked.
     But then you mix it how people claim to see the back bottom of my surfboard. I figure what the heck. Don't like the separate colors either.
     Anyhow, I figured that the stripe will work great along with the others on top of the board whenever I can get the board to spin at the end of a wave.(A way to mark my wave for the wave came.)
     If I get time, I'm going to outline the lettering of Sunnyside and switch the Lousy Book in in green later.

It was amazing to see how calmed down surfer after a few days of descent waves- of which we have not had in quite a while.
     Never the less, this rainstorm sure came along and blew everything out. However it did bring in a pretty strong wind (with a bit of south in it,)the strong winds allowed for some good flying time.
     Had to tape on an ounce of lead to the top of my Rader just to handle the high winds.
     Discovered that the batteries on my F-20 were gone yesterday and with the lack of sun this morning the batteries in my camper didn't have enough push for the final two connections of the four 900 Amperes I'll use to fly the thing. Never the less i have to consider that I'll be needing a day's time just to charge them too. So I'm a day or two away from having the F-20 back in action. I'm wondering how much of the nose is actually foam any more, because it looks more like a gob of tape.

October 11th, 2013:
Sprucing up the winter board:
As I read in the WSJ today, I see they busted about a hundred people for corruption in falsifying safety records in South Korea. Well on the positive note, I was just reading about how a push against corruption in the Philippines actually went over well in their stock market.
      But this bit in South Korea is about stuff we all should have learned about form the shit that is still sitting in Japan seeping radioactive material into our ocean every day.

The idea of a shamrock was just something I saw that could cover a big ugly.
     And oh, Lousy Book would have been too many spaces at the size of font I wanted to use.
     I can smell something quite seasonal and I think I see a spot for it.


You sit here in wonder why I could be so popular and have to live in such a way.
      Never the less, I willing to bet it must be the girls and how much they like my surfboards. So I guess I better just roll with it because it seems like the only thing I can do right. On this board, it goes back to the fact that this one was the first board painted to match my Tooler and I think my tooler was decked out with some flowers in the planters. So I figured I'd go there with it.
      I'm sure the back end isn't anything original, and I sure wish I had not use two different colors, but I plan to fix it up a bit with either green or black outlining around the red lettering.

Sunnyside Was Here Surfboard

October 12-15th, 2013:
A Tourist Attraction?
If so, I think I need to figure out how to profit from it.
      Because man -o- man, that kind of crowd comes from somewhere.

The idea of a shamrock was just something I saw that could cover a big ugly.
     And oh, Lousy Book would have been too many spaces at the size of font I wanted to use.
     I can smell something quite seasonal and I think I see a spot for it.

A lot in the news lately about self driving cars.
     Cann't waite to see them. But I've only heard one person ask the question about if there is an accident, then who is at fault? I'm yet wondering what insurance companies are going to get to insure those things. Certainly something that isn't going to be budgeted for the poor. I myself don't see the justification in the added expense. Let's just hope the stupid rich people do.

How much money are we going to barrow from China to make a War Machine?

Biog pile of money tax payers are saving

Just think, all those super heros in Washington is making sure all those assembly lines Abraham tanks and helicopters we are giving away to other countries are going to keep running.
     It doesn't matter if the tanks are obsolete.
     The politicians must think it like money in a Cayman Island bank account because they are building a war machine that will certainly creates profits for defense contractors, which in make those bank accounts grow.

There will always be politicians bringing in more money in their Leadership Pact accounts than the salary that we pay them and that will keep happening as long as there isn't single term of stay in public office. .

And like this Obama care.
     I haven not heard one bit about what the deductibles are running compared to before. I'm sure that most people can't afford the deductibles anyway and I wouldn't doubt that they will seriously consider just paying the $95.oo fine to get out from underneath Obama's heath care plan all together, because that is exactly what I would do. But then again; how would they even get it out of me if I just don't file for taxes all together.
     Call it the Obama default plan.

October 21st, 2013:
What a mess
Gee, one day you have a bunch of law enforcement guys in New York run around terrorizing people on their motorcycles. Then they say that they were undercover. What a bunch of crape that is. Face it, they are a bunch of bullies and should be consider as another street gang with government jobs as a day job.
      Then did you see the video where two copes open fire and pump 4 bullets into a guy in a wheelchair from about 10-15 feet away. Sure the guy was mental with a knife; but how long could his arms actually be? 4 foot?
      I happen to think that the cops were mental and quite trigger happy on top of it. Scary to say the least.

And I hope some of you got a chance to see those news reports on Leadership Pacts.
     No doubt that they are just another way for politicians to get bought and it's totally legal.
     Now I know Spielberg gave Obama a million dollars. But the information I'd like to know about is how much Speilberg gave Louis Capps.

October 22nd, 2013:
Solar City is Bleeding the US government
Wouldn't you know that Al gore has placed his ass in a very lucrative environment.
      See the deal is he and other venture capitalist loan money for solar installations, not only do the receive interest on the loans, they get all the rebates and government subsidies.
      There was a bit 0n A-17 in the WSJ about it if any of you are interested in learning about.

And I also wanted to mention that these Leadership Pacts all the senators and members of congress have been setting up for themselves: They are even in use after they leave office and not even campaigning for themselves. The whole existence of the slush funds are covered for use on any politicians campaigns. Often politicians use funds from there Leadership Pacts to pay family members to perform campaign work for any one, even if it isn't for themselves.
     No doubt.

And you have to wonder about this shit on CeeLo guy. Wonder who's pockets he filled. He's finally showing op to court on something that happened a year and a half ago. The whole thing smells funny if you ask me. The guy is a creep.

And my latest feelings about Obama Care: The thing that I sense about the whole thing is that the plan must be to make the young and healthy pay for the people who had pre-existing illnesses and the elderly. And I figure most young people will op-out by paying the $95.oo penalty, -and where does that actually go?
     I'm willing to bet you can't get away with paying just $95.oo year after year also. So you can figure where I'm going with that.

October 23nd, 2013:
There must be some mistake
I realize I'm not one to be as conventional as one may want to be.
      Naturally I also understand how many things have a cause and effect.

Lately, I find myself very reluctant to going anything with this web-site. I think the worst thing about it is that it's sometimes hard to shut off, even after I've walked away from the computer. These kinna things can make an ass out of anyone.
      What I need to do is just put some distance between me and everything that makes me into the real jerk sometimes.

I'm willing to bet Steven Speilberg dumped a bunch of money into Louis Capps Leadership Pact so that she would spread child molester rumors for him.

October 24nd, 2013:
IRS workers owe $5.4 million in back taxes
At least page A-6 of the WSJ says that 700 employees, which just happen to be service contractors for the IRS.
      It says more than have those service contractors are actually ineligible to even work for the IRS because they have not enrolled in installment plans in order to pay the taxes they owe.
       I kinna like cops, being able to be above the law; unlike the rest of us.
      Oh yeah, $5.4 million divided by 700 equals and average of $7,714.28 owe per employee.

I'm not sure if it's a bad habit, or a new technique I've developed recently.
      To be honest with you, it's a little annoying. Unlike side stepping or shuffling my feet to change position of my board, I've noticed myself jumping both feet at the same time to a different place on the board.
      I feel like I'm sluffing off or just being lazy because I've noticed that use the lip of the wave to toss me off my board to do it. I jump out away from the wave a bit so that I land a little bit father forward on the board.

October 26nd, 2013:
Organic -vs- Speilberg
Lately there has been a lot of hoop lah going around.
      But really folks, with Steven Speilberg in the picture, things don't go the organic way as it would in most normal cases. Therefore, I wouldn't doubt it if it becomes 6 months down the road and I'll be telling you just why I did what I did.

October 30, 2013:
Early 2013 Speilberg cameo
I guess all he has to do on this one was have them recycle the back drop. But actually it look more like a green screen. They just used a bunch of flashes on Spielberg.


Oside on October 6th 2013 by phone

Oceanside Sunset October 6th 2013 by Cellphone
I think the cloud and smoke formations are pretty neat.

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Jailed by Martin
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      I've actually tried doing a criminal background check on myself because I would love to find one that wasn't true. I've learned that even when they say it's free, that it is not. However, I did find one that will refund your money if you cancel a monthly subscription with 7 days. Its at

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And no I'm not the Dennis Sattler in Texas who hid in a closet and then killed his wife. But that goes to show you that if I have done any criminal act such as stalking a woman or molesting a child, just Googling my name would tell you.

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