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Otherside November 6th 2013

Otherside November 6th 2013

January 5th, 2014:
Betting on the World Tour
I never got around to mentioning the fact that last month, while Obama was flying around promoting his health care plan, he made a stop in California.
      The one stop that sounded interesting was the visit to Dreamworks.
      Oddly enough, I didn't see any photo opportunity with Speilberg. Something that should have been the standard kinna thing since Dreamworks is kinna Steven Speilberg's puppy isn't it?.
      But then again, I think it is safe to say that the odds are that Obama had to contact someone close to Speilberg so he could pick up the codes and passwords to the Caman bank Accounts Speilberg set up for him.
      My only question about that kind of arrangement is: for how much money?.

What I saw the last two weekends was the Officials giving everything to the Chargers. So much so, I began contemplating how these games could be rigged. But today the Bengals just couldn't get anything right, for what I saw of the second half.

Yesterday as I was walking to the pier with my fishing pull; I heard a conversation of a couple in front of me. They were talking about disappointing it was because they had come all the way to Oceanside to watch someone surf and just learned that he was going fishing and not surfing.
      It's getting pretty bad when you've got people on the street predicting which board I'd be paddling out on.
      For the past few sessions, I think they've predicted right. There hasn't been anything but two foot stuff, so it's either my Quad or the Stoneman. I've been wanting to dust off the MBM, but nothing like that all winter.

January 9th, 2014:
Privacy my ass
You just have to laugh at all the hoop-lah they've given that Snowden guy.
      Having the government tracking phone records is nothing to worry about and it is and aways will be a part of the national security strategy.
      Never the less, the thing people are not even aware of or even or even concerned about is how the government as well as other private industries controlling peoples phone.
      Like just what happened to my web-site with Google redirecting my visitors to a trumped up sample site with links going anywhere.
      No-body is even addressing the fact of how they can isolate a person from all forms of communication.
      Like the fact that within the last month, outside indicators have been telling me that links to my web-site have disappeared as well as over 50% of the visitors. Basically "they" who ever they are, government and or industry is doing something that laws like anti-trust laws are suppose to protect us from.

January 10th, 2014:
Sorry my ass
You just have to laugh at Governor Christy.
      So your are going to tell me that some problem that lasted 4 days, and no doubt made the local news broadcast, each day.
      And it took how many months before a flag went up?
      Cock-ah-meni stunt I'd say. Lets mark it up for one a good example of stupidity.
      (Gee a 100 minutes of apology and he didn't even hand over any details.)

I think those 4 cops in San Diego have watch too many cop shows.
      Goes to show us just how good their shoot-em up professionalism goes.
      And couple brownie points to the photographer. Good job.

January 16th, 2013:
Restitution my ass
Spielberg must have sent down a couple of his longboarder buddies down to stay a night at Robert's K38 Motel for a night. (I think the white guy with the white hair stayed at the luxury tower.) Just long enough to spread child molester rumors. Couldn't even get a bag of weed in Mexico by the next day. No matter what, something bad was sure to happen if I'd say in one place too long.
       Kinna put a crimp into the whole thing.
       I wondering if the longboarders were also the same guys who must have been sent down there to make sure I would get any TV reception from the US.
       In Ensenada, I only got one English speaking station. But in Roserita, just outside of the Baja Reef Surf Shop, I discover I could even get KTLA and found more TV stations than I can get in Oceanside.
      I would have had a good destination to go ever few day if I wanted to get into touch with what was going on in the world for free, or fight complete boredom night after night. That idea wasn't wasn't going to work because the next day and there after, all I could get is that bitch Heather Myers on 6.1 CW.
       Even if someone wouldn't have set up a static noise system to block the reception, the high way wash out would had been the down fall of my so called plan to hang out in Mexico.

Now that I've been there and under stand just how things are, with Speilberg and friends, I've learned have to keep moving on just as I did most of the time while I was in Australia.
       The next time would be with a refit Tooler. I'd rob, one solar panel and one battery. One flat screen TV. I'd pull out to Bottom Roll around and install fold-down door on the the shelving so I could hall ass and not end up with half my shit all over the floor. I mount my water tanks and propane bottle on the fold-down table on front. Bring my stove top and oven and figure on cooking out doors.
       Oh and of course my instant water heater and pump.

I'm wondering what I can do for my ice box because it's going to be hard to beat the pantybox in my cage. Which I might add worked very well. I had a mix of crushed ice and about a half a block, with an new block on top on Friday when I left and on Wednesday I still had enough for a couple more days, but I topped it off with a bag of crushed ice anyway. I figure it would have lasted at least another five days.
       I need to post a picture of the divider I made for my Ice. It works real slick.

A comment I heard when I got back has me wondering. If it is true, then what is the reason the cops around here think of me as some kind of tourist attraction?
       Do people ask directions to where they may find me surfing.
       Or do they say that because they hear comments from people who work at the local businesses around here?
       I don't know and it has be stumped. Update: before even posting on Jan. 16th
       After just taking a stroll down to the pier, I pretty much got the picture. I guess many of the tourist who have been visiting San Diego, have been putting Oceanside for a destination because of me.
       Apparently while I was only away for five days, folks noticed the drop in visitors to this area.
       That goes to show you just how greedy these folks have become, because you would think they could invite me to stay on there hotels a bit and give me free dinners in there restaurant. You know, like being a cop on the old days when they could walk into a donut shop and get free coffee?
       After just taking a stroll down to the pier, I pretty much got the picture. I guess many of the tourist who have been visiting San Diego, have been putting Oceanside for a destination because of me.
       Apparently while I was only away for five days, folks noticed the drop in visitors to this area.
       That goes to show you just how greedy these folks have become, because you would think they could invite me to stay on there hotels a bit and give me free dinners in there restaurant. You know, like being a cop on the old days when they could walk into a donut shop and get free coffee?

Oh, get this: I left on the 10th of January; and I got back on the 15th and discovered on the 16th that my email account has a message from the lawyer referral that says they have found two law firms that may be interested in my case.
       But I was just told before I left by one of the referral services that there wasn't any lawyers in LA who do slander cases. I replied, "I guess only the rich and famous can contact those kind of lawyers hah?"
       Anyhow, how much you want to bet if I go reload my phone manually because somehow my spare $20 over the $15.51 needed to reload phone automatically was short by 11 cents at $15.40.
       (Phone didn't work in Mexico any way. Said emergency only)
       Never the less side to this story, lets make some sort of bet folks. What kind of Odds do you think, (just as I told the other gal, "I wouldn't doubt that you could very well be some actress Steven Spilberg hire to read a script."
      I sensed something running though her, just as an actress feeling she had fail at convincing the director of the part she was to play. She kinna staled as if I called her bluff you may say.
       So if I go reload my phone with a phone card, what are the Odds that I could get any of the two lawyers they are suppose to tell me about, get the papers filed in four or five days?
       Come on folks ,just tell me.
       How much money do I have to burn with the use of my phone.
       How much radiation to my head do I have to endure.
       And How come they didn't just try to call me a day or to after getting no response from an e-mail, if they were interested.
       Tell me folks, what are the odds of the whole Internet search for law firms where just made up and all the phone numbers and email contact where bought off by the same person, by Speilberg I guess.

Oh another reason I figure on this. The Firefox Browser I'm having to use right now, will not refresh a page. Therefore I am only able to view my upload once.
      I if I've already viewed a page, I have to shut down my computer and reboot the whole thing to view and update page. Many of you probably notice the worse than normal writing because of it.
       I can't even type fast in my HTML editor. I now type in a text editor and then past it into Bluefish.
       Oh well.

Say hay you guys, did you see what kind of surf report is showing up for next weeks.
       My eyes watered up.

January 17th, 2014:
Budget my ass
I have to laugh at the way the government announced there budget deal, by calling it a $1.1 Tillion dollar deal. But from what I recall, from two decades ago, it costed $1.7 Tillion a year to run the country back then.
       So what the are saying about this budget the just passed, really doesn't tell us anything other than after deduction the $680 billion we spend on defense, that would leave us with only about $400 billion to live on.

You have to laugh at the fact that a little cyber punk like Snowden can get the commander and chief of the United Stats Of America to water down the security of the United States.
      What good is it to gather something and then throw it away? Could be something important three or four years down the road.
      Like I'm wondering how long the boarder crossing saves the photos gathered?
      I bet they got a few of Spielberg's friends, just a few minuted after I crossed over.

And oh; if you are wondering about the lawyer referral? It was just a loop like I figured.

January 18th, 2014:
Got their Ass
From what I hear, the cameras at the boarder ______. And from what I also hear is that even the border keeps snap shots of these guys for at least a year.
      So you can assume that I'm quite elated if that's the truth. I'm looking at it as something I can hold up to Spielberg once he buys his way out of the place. Let's just hope the rest of them aren't as cheep as Obama.
       Then of course we have had Obama just being elated all this time because he's known old Spielberg would give me a run for his money.
       BUT, I know about small towns, and I know I don't need to hear a thing to know when someone is saying bad things about me.
       AFTER I put in 30 miles of dirt road, I looked back at the route I'd just taken thinking, I wonder just how far back there they were.
       I knew I would be able to see them coming, BUT I figured it would be at least a day before they would come around because I also knew that they would most likely just track me with a GPS instead.

At K-35 I was assuming two of the three they had in the water, won't really surfers cause I sat on my ass once assuming the white haired guy would paddle right in, right in front of me and take the wave I should have been catching. The guy sure wasn't trying very hard if you asked me and ask anyone who know me; they will tell you that I'd get pissed of because it was a perfectly good wave that had gone by un-ridden, and I could have been on it if it wasn't for some other's stupidity.

      If it wasn't for the guy with the big mouth on the blue board, I knew I was catching two wave for every one of theirs; and they were longboarders.
      Believe me when I say, it wasn't hard to realize that I'd seen these longboard friend of Spielberg"s before. Right off the bat I heard the tail end of a conversation that sounded like one of them was familiar with who I was, (and that it normal,) "he's a good surfer," and then the conversation stoned.
      Never the less, just as I've had my tails get curious and want to get into a conversion with me. All that guy had to do was laugh at the wrong things and my suspicion was bound to throw up a few flags.

Oh, just think folks. Just think about for how long the people like the libertarians in Morro Bay, watched them walk into the library and take the WSJ and BD and replace them with phonies.
       All around down town Oceanside, it's pretty much common knowledge.
      I've know this for so very long, but if I didn't go to the library and read the crape once in a while, no one would get to see how corruption works. No body would get to see first hand just what piddly ass shit will go on.

      From what I gather, they probably went overtime with the printing press once I decided to cross back over the border. I figure Carlsbad just might have a better chance of being real today. BUT you've got to admit, anyone in my position would be interested in what they don't want me to see. I'm sure it will all boil down to Obama and his buddies trying to steal my invention.
       My only friend I've got down here finds it hard to believe that Spielberg would have sent guys down to Mexico, just spread rumours.

Another thing I might mention. My buddie Amr. He lives in the first floor of a house on the hill behind K-38 under the large statue of Jesus.
      How could a guy from Egypt come over claiming to be a Aviation Specialist; come to the USA and find the requirements too much, to be a good reason to be eligible for Social Security?
      I paid into that shit all my life and this idiot foreigner who probably came over with a bunch of phony paper is getting as much as I do, and I doubt if he paid in jack shit to it!
       The US tax payers are paying this stupid foreigner $809.oo per month, and uses it to pay his $600.oo per month rent in a nice and clean modern house on a hill with a beautiful view of the Pacific Ocean.
      His electricity bill for two months is $75.oo and his water is $30.oo.
       He drives a nice car too.
       And oh,.....
       to feed himself, he drives a cab.

Oh, I thought I's give you folks the Numbers the lawyer referral gave me. The E-mail stated that they have two law firms that were interested in my case.

Another thing I might mention. My buddie Amr. He lives in the first floor of a house one the hill behind K-38 under the large statue of Jesus.
      It instructed me to call 800215-1190 and to use the reference number 1417910 .
      I'm willing to bet even if a person switched the last three numbers with any that would come to mind, they would discover a gal giving them the number 866-442-2529, which is are recording offering a list of lawyer referral services.

January 19th, 2014:
Anarchy my ass
: a situation of confusion and wild behavior in which the people in a country, group, organization, etc., are not controlled by rules or laws.
      I had to look it up to make sure I understood what this fat ass black ticket writer ment when he said that he would show it to me. It was some kind of threat I wasn't sure about but you can be sure I will be looking a what ever statue the City of Oceanside has set the guy up with.
      I guess gone are the days of being able to grab my wetsuite and board in any of Oceanside's parking without getting a ticket for camping; because that's pretty much how he put it.
      Guess taking a show to get all that dog poop off me is a figment of the past.
      Not exactly the definition of lawlessness to me.
      Oh well, I always figure it I loose something I gain something somewhere else.
      But hey, I was just having fun, making fun about this SR Tow truck driver. He had one of those piece of junk 5500 Dodge. He was more concerned in fitting that obsolete piece of junk to fit in front of the car, than he was of the Park gear in the front wheel drive car. (Kinna situation where dollies are suppose to be used.)No sure, they've got past that worrying about tearing up those kind of things, because they've got an automatic waver and they are not responsible to fix it if they damage it.
      Hell, I'm just having fun watching the front-end skid, bounce and quiver up a ramp truck, making fun of the fact that some day thee ramp truck drivers will be able to make cars brake down just like wireless remote control, if they haven't got it already. Shit, they can find a car, have it unlock and start over the Internet as it is already, who's to say they can make it shut down?
      Now I go this fat ass ticket giver coming after me to show me what anarchy is.
       Get this, this ticket giver figured I might be looking for when they mark the tire in the morning. So he made special trip to the rear of my truck to mark it so that I wouldn't see it last year. I didn't have the money to pay it in the first 28 days so it cost me $116.
      I even spoke to him about it, but folks, in my opinion based upon my observation. This guy is actually into because he doesn't like to see that our people have it better off than himself. As he said to me, "I couldn't even afford the gas for a truck like that." I'm thinking, so what does that suppose to do with it?

And I figure I should say hello to those guys from Cal Poly. They have a strange way of rolling out the welcome wagon. They did it in Pismo on me and this time I figured it out before I want waisting any money one it, but what a sick joke..
       I figure they got there hands on a 3-D printer and swapped out the insides of my phone right before I left, because the battery life sure as hell not what it used to be. I say fix it or get rid of it because before your little do-hicky, I could go at least 4 or 5 days on a charge. Now that thing only goes a day even if I don't talk on it. Pisses me off.

I don't know but I'm beginning to believe we didn't just catch guys working for Speilberg but the president as well.
       I couldn't tell you the amount of people who walked the pier thinking we should be impeaching the president, but I'll tell you that it is an awful lot.

Ah, I would say the Officials had the Seahawks winning in mind. They were going to give Seattle that game no matter what. Seattle is a shit hole.

January 20th, 2013:
Police my Ass
You don't want to come to San Diego folks. Didn't anyone tell you that it is a Police state?
      The cops here have watched too many of those cop shows and they have a shoot-em up attitude.
      And don't come around here thinking that you are going to see me surf because I'm going to make it difficult to even know where I will be.
      Where I should be is in Mexico but thanks to your King Spielberg and his pee on President Obama, they made the whole trip I pawned my bass for a waist of money.
      And don't think for a minute that just because we caught them at their criminal acts, that it means jack shit. Face it, it only took $16 million dollars passed around congress and the Senate to pull the rug out from under the private inventors and therefore they've got you all getting dumber by the day because of it. Do you get it? They don't give a damn about you and how much of your brain you are using. Just as long as you are dumber then they are. And they are pretty damn dumb as it is already.

Judgment day is already here, and I don't see anyone other than myself who cares. So why should I?

January 20th, 2014:
Predict my Ass
As I said before, it's pretty bad when everyone on the street is predicting which board I' going to ride.
      This morning I must have heard the same two words a dozen times before I even got my wet-suite on.
      I think some of the surfers envy my last second pitch my board out in front of me and hope that my feet will land in some half ass descent position went we hit the bottom.
      Lost a left ear plug diving into a close out. Oh well.
      Smacked my face into the bottom, trying to avoid some heavy white water. Oh well.

Sunnyside faceplant jan.20.14

Some times it's not as deep as you think it is. Believe me folks when I say that it could have been a lot worse.
       With just sand and gravel we have a little lee-way for mis-calculations.
      But it does feel like someone took a pad of sand paper to my forehead and knocked me a good one between the eyes. Update: looked worse the next morning once it all scabbed up.

Good and the Bad.
Good: The Cubans are going to be able to get new cars. And some of you probably figured.
That I would have something to say about Mexico.
Well a guy who worked in a 7-11 in Ensenada, asked me that same kind of thing while I was there.
       He spoke English well enough to have heard in several ways how much better cities are in the US than there in Mexico.
      But I did get a feeling he was kind of proud of Ensenada and truly interested in my opinion about the place.
       I said, I liked the place but there is a problem with how things are maintained. No telling when the last time the ALTO was painted on the roads and the signs may not even be there. Even if you do have a street map doesn't even mean you are going to find a sign with the name on it.
      There are signs there with the paint so old, the only way I would have been able to read it was if I would have got out of my truck and got a closer look at the original sheet metal stamping. The result is you end up going back and forth, causing more terrific congestion than there needs to be.
       In the town south of Ensenada, the only strip of pacing is the two lane of highway that goes through it. There is a sign with the name of the town, with a sign with the name of Ensenada on the same post. Someone should just go paint an arrow on the one saying Ensenada.

Now Australia is a different story.
       They have signs, but if you ask anyone directions, they don't know the names of their streets. It's always something like. Go down to the next roundabout and go left. Then take a right at the next one. After that, it's the second road on the left.

       For someone who doesn't live in Mexico, it can be a bit dangerous place to drive if you don't know the area.
       Never the less, the guy working at the 7-11, did seem a little proud when I told them that one of the things I like the most is that in Ensenada, they should be proud of the fact that they don't have graffiti written all over everything.
      At least I was able to com pare it to Tijuana, where everything that is nice is made into someplace looking worse than it should, and worse than in actually is.
       I think they need to tax the shit out of spray paint or learn to keep it out of the wrong hands in the first place.
      Graffiti just depletes everyone's income around it. It's bad for the economy in it's own neighborhood.

This thing with the highway giving way and caving in. When I heard of the idea of them waiting to determine if they want to put a bridge back in its place.
      I think of the public officials skimming money out of such a thing.
      Although I haven't seen it in person, from what I have seem in pictures in video, it would be just best if they go above it and bring down the dirt to fill it in. Few sticks of dynamite and a dozer or two and push some dirt down in it.
      You'd have a road as good as you need for three hundred feet, until the next time it wants to do it again.

Another thing I should mention. You may have heard or read about some horror stories about the police, security, or military check points. I'm sure being just a surfer is a good guy to them, and they seamed to like my cage.
      Well I don't know what they are talking about. I didn't experience anything threating or even harassment from any of them. I didn't see any bandits either.
      The Military check point amazed me. Unfortunately, they have to have it all set-up to do battle, but all you can say to that is at least they are doing something proactive about getting rid of a problem..

January 22th, 2014:
Well, Snake My Ass
This morning just after I got my ass out to the outside, just to the south and out of reach from the rest. I sat hopping that God or someone would make it easy for me and throw a wave my way.
      Sure enough, a wall of something was coming up from the south.
      But all of a sudden I see this young whipper snapper paddling my way. I could tell this 8%er would race me deeper than deep. So I didn't waist any energy competing with him. I paddled enough for him to know I wasn't going to give up my wave so easy. I was betting he would kick it up a notch and end up going do deep of course.
      Sure enough, he went deep and next thing I know I'm nose riding looking at him down there at the bottom of the wave.
      He was yelling at me as if it was his wave or something. I said, “come around trying to steal my wave,” while flipping him off.
       I dropped in off the lip and it still ended up being one of my better waves, once it left him behind of course.

Wrong call on the board today.
       I kinna knew it beforehand never the less I also knew what kind of a day it was too. The kind of a day when the waves are far from perfect and you can easily end up being a little hard on your board and you can very well end up breaking it.
      My Quad has so much glass in it, and it's the only one besides my plank that doesn't have a case of stress cracks in it, so.
       Oh I had this amazing one legged tube ride today.
       Well actually it ran out of room and was closing in on me, so I bailed instead of trying to get my other foot back to the board.
      But I did have it on the rail and navigating the wave; had to look funny.

January 23rd, 2014:
Run Over My Ass
Every one and their brother is saying the headline today before I even set it down with these keys. (Late up load on 24th am.)
      I don't know what it it is, but well maybe I do. But it seems like every time I surf the harbor or jetty. I come out with a messed up board.
      I think it's the second time this curly haired 30 something year old on a white triple stringer job has nailed me. This time he put a crease in the bottom and tour the nose all to hell on it. Shit, good thing I didn't bring out my other board like I wanted to but I was afraid to for this very same reason.
      Man, I can't believe, I used to surf the spot all the time as my everyday spot in the winter, but the shit has gone sour folks.
      If you get over in the corner with the rest of the guys, don't think you are going to be able to catch a wave without someone being there in the first run at the lip. So I hung out hoping something at second point by myself most of the time but I STILL find a longboard to run over me..
       It's like I could only watch the guy on an 8 footer trying to drop in late on something that was as good as already pealing.
       I'm thinking just how theoretically thinking, the odds of anyone navigating anything wider than my Quad at 19 and 5/8 inch wide down the face of that wave was damn near impossible. My conclusion was that the moron on a longboard was about to fail and he was heading my direction. The projection of the pit of the wave brought the moron towards me, he didn't have to do a thing but fail. All I could do was make sure I was under the surface of the water.
      Sure enough, he had to find my board. All that water out there; yet the moron on a long board with find my board.
      By the way. I landed a wave just like the wave these longboarder failed on, earlier on in my session. I'm sure there are a couple guys that will tell you I skipped in on my side-rail. If my board would have been any wider than my Quad, I seriously don't think I would have made it.

Well it looks as though some cops know how to clean up the streets.
      But hey; he's a rich kid. He already knows that the laws don't mean shit to the rich people. He was sure to remember to say cheese since he's a rich rock star and the pictures will be seen on TV . H e knows that his shit don't stink and he will get away with it. He'll just have to pay out a little money is all.
      He's so rich and famous, he can take his shit and smear it in everyones face and there will still be millions who will love and adore him.​
      Kinna goes to show you just how stupid your daughters are huh?

January 24th, 2014:
Whatta Dumb Ass
It was getting dark. Dark enough to realize the it was probably the last set that I would be able to actually see well enough to know what the waves were doing.
      I saw a a nice wave coming in. one of the nicer waves I'd seen all night, but I had a guy paddling out right between me and where I needed to be to catch it.
      I'm watching this guy paddle up between me and the wave, (so I would have to paddle around him if I did want to go for it,) so all I could do is sit there and let him take the wave I was eyeing all along. And he turned and looked at the wave pass us by.
      Idiot 20 something 8%er

Something tells me I need to be looking forward to another trip to Mexico. All it took was a visit to the dollar store and I got a pretty good sense of what has been going on down there.
      If I only knew which stocks are the one to the Mexican auto insurance companies. I bet they would be a good indicator to know if what I hear is true.
      But then again, that wouldn't be the only economic indicator to look at either.
      I've been thinking over some way to easily legislate a law that would help cut back in the problem with Graffiti.
      The simplest idea I came up with is make it a mandatory 3 day jail sentence if caught with possession of a can of spray paint while outside or in a vehicle after dark. Second time caught, make it 3 weeks. Third time three months.

It was My Ass
January 25th, 2013:

It was my ass to blame. I didn't gauge the size of waves right. Didn't have enough ramp to get enough speed to get any lift out of the gunny nosed board. Even though it's a thicker board than my round tail, the round tail's nose don't plow under when I pound my chest down on the deck on a early wave.
      It just wasn't happening out there anyway.

From what I gather, is that the cost of Mexican auto insurance just went down.

The word on the street is that the cops are thinking that a simple curfew for spray cans could help them prevent as much as 80% of the graffiti problem.
      I would have to say that it's a bit ironic out bout my feelings about graffiti. I guess you could say I feel the same way about graffiti as I do tattoos.
      I'd rather have neither, but I have to admit I like graffiti in an art form and not so much in a bunch of words or letters. (like almost anything in more than one color you could say.)
      I like some tattoos, but never the ones that are in spell out words.
      Same goes with Graffiti, where as if they are using more than one color and there isn't any words or numbers in it, I have as much appreciation for it as any million dollar Rembrandt.
      I'm also like seeing graffiti on rail cars on trains. However I can see where rail companies will naturally get pissed off when guys paint over the identification information that they are required to have on the side of their rail cars.
      So please, have some respect for the property owners when it comes to your canvas and stay away from the identification labels please.
      (I'm always wishing I'd read something like it's place of origin.)
      I would also like to mention I updated my home made EAR PLUG PAGE.

Earplugs in a Tube

Again, just run over My Ass
January 26th, 2014:

Yeah, many of you are taking about the guy with the gloves and brown board.
      Yeah, but back it up a few notches. Think about the wave he was paddling for. The one he was paddling for because to him, everyone was paddling for it. What was down stream was not even a considered though.
      But for me, I was paddling out hand had a birds eye view to what was happing with the wave. I knew the guy straight out in front of me should be able to take it late if I moved to the right for him. The guy in front of me had a gal further to the south if he was too late. I turn myself toward the north where I discover the guy with the brown board and gloves was taking it even deeper and headed right towards me.
       Of course I saw it happing, and I dove under all his shit, but within the entanglement of him and his brown board, was the best board I've got.
      Got two dings in my board and hadn't even caught a decent wave yet.
      Just like a carpenter can flip a blue print over, we had a visit from of one of those Snake My Ass kinna guys today. It was after I had already changed over to my plank. Unfortunately he didn't have much run-out distance on it and he surly would have been in my bottom turn. Yeah, he was too deep and couldn't get in front of it. I figure I would have had a better chance but he seamed to think he did. Maybe he's a super surfer.
      Today I even took an anti-acid tablet because yesterday, by the time I got half way to the beach I had developed a problem from just worried about some dumb ass screwing up my board.

Oh yeah, I had a run in with the same longboarder who screwed up my Quad fins last year. (And put a gash in the bottom.
       You can bet I informed the other surfers in the area when I discovered him. You know, the guy truly seems to have a few screws loose; I'm sure some of the others will agree. Anyway, we all noticed he didn't stay very long..

Oh good news. Or at least a rumor I'm wanting to believe.
      The word on the street is that the orders for longboards are down, and there is speculation that it had to do with me.
      Well, if that's the case. I'll pat myself on the back for one of the world best accomplishments.
      But I don't know, this bit with Mexico is one hell of a tough one to beat. I couldn't be more happy about anything I've ever written about.

You know, I don't really want to sound pushy, but being a person as myself, thinking about what kind of possibilities could achieved. When a little bit of money can go a long way in a community that needs it to prosper..
       Thinking about how just a little paint on street signs and such can produce so much change.
       Never the less, I'd been thinking about what could be done to produce the most economic impact upon an underdeveloped region.
       Like if a group of developers wanted to invest within the community it has already invested in, to further it's economic growth. Better yet would be the local government trying to figure out how to get the most bang for a buck at what they are suppose to be doing.
       Well I gave it some thought myself. At this time I think of many four things. Two of them would be fairly cheep and the others just important projects that need to be done. From my point of view of course.

First of course, is the one I'm most uncertain about because its success would all about how to manage its use.
       The idiom would be a couple stump grinders, to some how make low cost or even no cost to local farmers in the region.
       If there would be some way to map out a route to farmers clearing the land every three or four months would certainly help elevate much of the smog created by slash burning.
       Sure it takes some diesel, but it pays off in the green department because the stumps just become mulch; and that's a good thing.
       (And that got me thinking. Of how many of us surfers would rather not have you come to the beach in the morning when the wind is off shore and start a fire. We're sitting out there, no where to go to get away from it, gagging on your camp fire smoke.)

I wanna say something to all you Californians.
      I think you should be aware of how much needless water you are using. You might as well start conserving now, because you just may be forced to later.

And tell me why Kelly Slater was only considered as an Alternate for the Mavericks Invitational. Could it be that killing fellow competitors is frowned upon in Half Moon Bay?
      I wouldn't doubt if he didn't pay big money just to be put on the list as an Alternate

Grammy My Ass
January 27th, 2014:

Funny how most of the news presented to us now days is all about stupid movies and Award Shows which are meant to glorify actors and musicians.
      They will always be another talented actor because there is always the retake and photo shop tricks to make them even sexier.
      Never the less, you can't do anything about musical talent when you are breeding stupid people. That is unless you let the computer chip enable the no talent artist.
      What I'm getting to hear is that I've noticed that the talent of musicians that are working in most clubs don't actually have any talent. Its probably one of the main the reasons disk jockeys have been able to infiltrate the market. (I'm sure it's because they work cheaper than a rock group, which puts the well deserved musician out of a gig, just like the duos did when manufactures started turning out electronic drum machines.)
       Same go for these rapers who can't even say the words clear enough to understand what they are say if you haven't listened to the bullshit a dozen times.
      In my opinion: we are breeding the gift of rhythm right out of the human race.
      Last night every time I changed the channel to the Grammies, and witnessed the crap the performers were playing, I couldn't help but wonder if there wasn't some kind of contracts or agreements signed that dictated the the audience had to dance, because I sure didn't hear anything that would make me shake my ass for them. In fact, I probably wouldn't even be able to shake a leg because they were so white. I for one couldn't even watch the pathetic performances. (Never the less, I did leave it on for Matalica, but it just didn't seem to have the energy I would have expected.)

Another thing I find very annoying. It's how news reporter and announcers both are talking as if they were gay even if they are not. It's like the US of A is coming up with a new slang of holding on to words in their speech and its guy talk. I crack up every time I hear it. It's like they are emulating a mentally ill person because it's becoming the new normal.
      mulating a whack jobs I call it.

On these winter Olympic games.
      Kinna pathetic as picking Japan where they are dumping radiation into the ocean and everyone is willing to look past that.
      As in Russia, what the hell where they thinking? Gotta civil war brewing just a couple hours drive from the event and Putin sure didn't consider the chances of the Muslums who are creating the bull shit would actually be hired to build the infrastructure to handle the Olympics.
      I think he should have pick a place where they didn't have to build so much infrastructure, because what do you think the chances are that the Muslims didn't bury bombs under the sidewalks and roads. I figure the side walks at the base of major building are the best bet to find the bombs if they have X-ray equipment to find voids under the concrete.
      Anyhow Putin isn't as smart as he thinks he is.

Up My Ass
January 29th, 2014:

I expected to hear some kind of backlash after my last post, but to my surprise I didn't hear anything other than the two words, “he's right.”

I couldn't stand to listen to much of Obama's speech, but what I did hear was a bunch of crap. And I don't understand why he even said anything about patent reform because anyone with any sense left in their head would say that it would be pretty difficult to make the patent laws any worse than what both Obama and Clinton managed to do to them. Never the less, if there is a way, you can bet the corporations that bought these guys have figure out another way to delineate the the last private inventor.

Another thing I should mention. When I built my truck and Clinton was in office, the US government's annual budget was suppose to be about $1.7 Trillion per year. And at that time in 1995, the USA was in debit $5 trillion
      Then came along Bush and Chany who got us into two wars and doubled the debit in there eight years of madness of building a war machine.
      But can you believe Obama managed to put the US $7 Trillion more in a hole with the grand total of $17 trillion in less than five years of having his hand on the check book. Or should I say printing press.
      Well of course he wants to raise wages. That's because with running that printing press of his, he made every dollar you have in the bank worth that much less. Meaning people's paychecks just don't go as far as it used to.
      Another thing I should mention, as for the reason for those politicians who want to raise wages. Is the fact that if they can get us to raise the wages people make, the federal government will receive more money from the increase in taxes they will receive from each workerbee.
      All I can say is $7 trillion in five years; where did it all go? I just don't see anything that resemble a end result or proof of a worthy investment. The crook is only suppose to cost us $1 million per year, but he actually cost us $ 7 trillion

This congressman Grimm sure put it out there like it truly is. What I mean is just how much these politicians are nothing more than a bunch of gangsters.
       If any of us pee ons said anything like that, we would go to jail for being a threat to someone. Sure if you were one of the the 10%ers, (the rich people,) the charges would slide right off with a fine and a lesser charge if any. But clearly folks, this congressman Grimm wasn't afraid of any of that because he knows that politicians are above the laws they create.

I wouldn't doubt the Seahawks will take home the trophy, but I'll be rutting for the Broncos.
      The reason I say this is because I want to try some of that stuff the Seahawks are on. Shit, I'd be hacking off about a foot of the length of my surfboards and surfing circles around guys half my age, unless of course if they were on the same shit, then what the hell would I have gained. Never the less, wouldn't it be neat if at halftime they would go take a sample of Seattle's quarter back's blood? Yeah, that shit is high octane; any tweaker will tell you that.

Butt I have to say
February 3rd, 2014:

I some how have to say I must have not paid any attention to who was who, butt I thought Sherman was Seahawks quarter back.
      Anyhow, there would have to some kind of apology to Wilson in that case, because he seems to sort of a humble kind of guy.
      None the less, one thing you can say, with all those camera shots available, you could have expected the best out of the officials in the game, and I really can't recall any bad calls either.
       Butt what the hell happen to the Broncos? They must of got a hold of some bad Indica or something. Or maybe the Seahawks just got a hold of some really good Sativa. One thing for sure, the Broncos defense were sure falling all over each other. Patten's line sure didn't do any good at providing any time for his receivers to even get down the field, let alone catch the ball.
      Never the less, the Seahawks were firing on all cylinders and did a good job.
      Butt I have to say it was one of the worse ball games I'd seen lately.
       And I don't no who's cock-a-me-me idea it was, butt Bruno is nobody you want opening with a drum solo, let that kind of shit to the real drummers.
       And Flee, that guys sure knows how to go to work and nail it down.

And this Woody Alen thing. What the hell else can you expect out of Hollywood, butt another nut job who has the money to stay out of jail.

Yeah have to laugh. Justan Beber wasn't very welcome in New York.
       Let me give him some advice.
       Yeah don't bring a skateboard to a Superbowl party; you moron.

Blind My Ass
February 4th, 2013:

Obama must have got a hold of one of those military trucks the big generator crammed in between the engine and transmission. It must have taken some work to even mount the search lights into the front of what I think was a dodge, without it melting the plastic grill on the spot. I'm yet wondering what was inside those two small chester drawers all alone inside the back of the tailgate-less prick-up.
       Strangely alone when you think that the U-haul trailer on back with mattresses and shit. The license plate on the trailer started with 737 Colorado and the trucks California plates on the truck read 8S48412.
      The beaner arrived with an ideal running about 900 rpms and he and his girl friend left it running.
      There was no way I would even tried to read the front plate. I wonder what took me so long to convince myself that it wasn't just another moron with those blue light aimed up to high.
      The spectrum of blue was extra strange. It didn't light things up as bright as you would think, but the way they were able to hide the fact is that it was still pretty light out, since the sun had only begun to set and marker lights were just beginning to show up.
      Never the less, even with sunglasses on, two minutes of just standing in the rays of the light would burn the retinas out of any one stays in the path of the rays.
      I went around the truck in the next lane from me at the rest stop to get behind the truck. Even the reflection in my tailer license plate draped over the fender could do a number on you if you let it. (I still hand my shades on.)It was obvious to him I had figured it out, as I stood there waiting for him to leave after he called his evil master to tell him so.
     A Mexican farmer north of Santa Barbara, bought a book from me, once told me about the fate of the two inventors of his family. One died and the other went blind.
     I've always wondered how they would blind a guy. Now I know.
     Check Journal Feb. 7th'14 for more updated info.

Got his Ass
February 7th, 2013:

I guess they never thought I would walk around back to check out the plates and only changed the front license plate.
      Butt it doesn't mater when you pick the place to do it had only one exit and going though a bounder enforcement check point. Regardless of the goof up, you go through there disguised as traveler with a U-haul trailer plumb full with mattress and things. Guess the head lights whether they were on or off really didn't mater, because the reflectors were bigger than any we'd ever seen. Yeah, did have two hydraulic motors stuffed in those two dresser drawers and one hell of a big hydraulic pump running them. Ten thousand candle power is what I heard. (Probably did melt the grill.)
      I'm betting that this couple had special contacts in their eyes, because they wouldn't have walked out in front of it.
      I'm pretty sure I've seen the like of that truck twice before, but this time was the first time I couldn't pull over (when it was one the road behind me. or just avoid it by blocking it with my hand and putting on the brakes.
      This time I in the process of getting my lights to work. Quite a bit of interference.
      I would have said say what do we have here, that is if I would have had my old 40 caliber up side his head. Butt never the less, the next thing they had in their way, had the guns, so what the hell, this bunch belonged to O'bama and we got them anyways. At least that is what the word on the street is saying.
       It's beginning to tally up to the guys across the border, they belonged to Speilberg and that is good for another ten years.
      For goodness sakes, that's a mighty good catch for a fishing trip across the border, when of course it was suppose to be a surfing trip.
      Kinna thing they always said, “make do and make the best out of everything.
      To top it all off, I wake up to a recording of Biden talking shit about the air port in New York, and how it being in the state that it is as, “stupid.”
      Well, I'll tell you that must be what he wants because he's got use breeding stupid people in the first place, so how it to be one to coming out and complaining about it?

As most of you probably already know, I got my kids back. At lease I brought them home here with me and that I something many of you can relate to.
      Natually it wasn't about to come easy for me. Of course it had to start out with Obama and his blinding crew, butt I'm still up in the air with who ever played around with the 405 reroute signs in LA.
       I'm ashamed to tell you I fell for it a few times, butt, I went around once because of the challenge of trying to figuring out, where the miss-placed signs were. Once while making the loop to try to figure out where I would have made a mistake, I found others that would have done the same thing and I'm sure there are many of you who've been lost in those thing, butt I think this thing was different, because I've had them pull that kinna crape on me years ago when I was still in Washington.
      After a while I realize that they were just trying to ware me down so I would try to sleep in LA and that was what I was afraid of.
      So I got out my map and figured out where I was and headed over to the Highway 1 and figured to spend a little time more in third gear, but actually get somewhere.
      Butt I screwed up. I took so many great pictures of the trip, with no memory card in my camera. Gotta go.
      Oh get this: I gotta a guy going into the restroom after me to see if I may have left a crotch hair.
      (Oh wow, he got a thousand dollars for it.)
      Hey, anybody, I'll give you a deal, I'll give to one personally for $500.oo
      Oh good, Leno is gone, and no longer on my TV set.
      Gotta go.

Got his Ass
February 9th, 2014:

Some of you are coming around to thinking about what we are going to do once we get Obama out once and for all.
      Some of you are beginning to think like me.
      See the deal is, we've got to get some Rich Billionaire who we can for into a pre-prescribed agenda.
      We can attach different segments of the prescribe agenda to different portions of his wealth. If he deviates away and or is unsuccessful in the prescribed reforms, he has to pay me and a charity spiting 50/50 a penalty for each failed prescribed agenda.
      I'm sure there are some who feel that the next president to accomplish any of the tasks set forth by one of my agendas should have some kind of reward. Well then lets say that if I get my hands on Speilbergs money, I'll put up a award benefit of $50 million for each agenda.
      The way I look at it is that the most it could probably cost me is a Billion dollars and that's actually less than a third of Speilberg's wealth.
      Butt, if you actually see it my way, even if I loose a third of Speilberg's money, I would actually end of making several billions more because of the better market environment I would be functioning in a better economy. That only spells out more money for everybody.
      Most of the agendas, or should I say reforms, have already been mentioned on my web-site other than campaign reform and imagination.
      To be honest with you, I've never thought to much into immigration in order to even give advice. However, there is one simple rule I've always thought would be a practical one to apply, is there shouldn't be any people let into the county unless the unemployment rate is a 5% or less. (I'm sure to catch shit over that.)
      And on campaign reform, no doubt would there be anything like these leadership packs they have now. But the two main thing I'd like to see done most, that would only help enforce the power for positive change would be to get ride of the electoral collage vote, and single terms of five years for any office as Senators, Congressman and presidents.

Oh I turned on the TV this morning and heard one of these clueless political commentators talking about a list of Sinners and Saints, Hilary Clinton has used. Clearly this is a true example of just how far off the rocker she is. Being a murder and all, who is she to claim the ability to even know the difference between the two list. Guess you could call it that she has it all backwards.
      She's so evil, one could drill her with the right questions and she would be flubbing up her words just like Obama was then he was sworn in and couldn't even say, United States of America.

I never did get to mentioning that event where a guy was claiming he had a gun and explosive device, and took a hostage.
      That was suicide by cop and the SD Officer involved should not feel bad or even penalized in any way.
      I'd pat him on the back and say - Nice Shot.

Heard some guy paid a heavy price ($35?,000) for the Pope's Holly Hog.
      Must be a Heavenly Ride.

Were the Olympians worth saving?
February 15th, 2014:

Next time I'll just keep my thoughts to myself and let a whole shit load of you die. (Yeah every body had heard about the bombs found under the sidewalks, thanks to me.) Like the media is about to say anything about it. What a bunch of phonies.
      The Olimpics are just not what they were suppose to be anyway.
      Look at the speed skater who won be default. Guess nobody know when to issue a restart.
      .And someone should tell the speed skaters that Lockheed Martin is just another part of the war machine the USA is building. It's an evil empire and to think you will get any luck out of what they are selling, the fool is that person and they are going to loose like a bad curse had set upon them.

Hey I heard of a new Olympic sport: see who kills the most bats. Just one trip down the highway will tell you the the world could use a lot less population. Wouldn't that be great. Part of the master plan folks. They want your gold.

And you have to laugh at what the tabloids are selling. That Old lady Obama is suppose to be selling a tell all and wanting a divorce.
      Didn't anyone tell her that is what you get when you marry a gangster?.

Glad to see them make it.
February 18-19th, 2014:

Someone should tell the folks at NBC that the cat was out of the bag once they started interviewing the snowboarders.
      I'm saying this because all you could hear in the background was the others talking about the bombs that were being found under the side walks. (I bet every one was walking walking in the streets to get around. Butt of course, they didn't show any foot traffic on TV for the rest of us to notice.)
      None the less, it wasn't the only thing I saw in advance.....
      If I would have posted what I wanted to yesterday, I would have been jumping the gun.
      That is: I would have been congratulating White and Davis for their win before it even happened.
      Mind you I would have been congratulating their mothers for the investment of not only money but time they have invested in their two youngsters over the years.
      Even though I figure that anything with judges making the scores is usually rigged and usually predetermined, the Gold Metal was well deserved.
      One thing you have to say about those two, is that they have an excellent sense of rhythm. They had the groove going on with the music that the others just didn't seem to have.(The others just seemed rushed no mater how in sync they were.

And you just have to give those Jamaican BoB Sledders and award for being the most brawny looking guys. I don't think the Olympic sledding competition would be complete without them.

Oh, I got some more numbers of that F-35 plane all you Americans are paying for:
      The deal is, you paid over $160 billion towards the development of it before you even got to fly one. And to this day, the reliability of it is at question.
      Well dah, the thing has over 24 million lines of computer code at this point and they are still adding more lines to it.
      If you are wondering what that means to you or me, well I'll tell yah.
      If we ever find ourselves in an intergalactic war, all it would take is a couple lines that automatically jump around on the hard drives to prove to us that we'll never be able to find those lines of codes and it would render our own planes against us.
      To put it bluntly: if there isn't a manual over ride, they will be of no more use to us than a crop duster and a bazooka.
      For just an example, just ask the folks in Hollywood how they can find that so much of their digital recording gear can be rendered useless.
      And get this: the Pentagon wants to buy 100 hundred of them per year, and that will cost the US taxpayers about $20 billion per year to buy and each one of those cost about $120,000.oo per hour to fly.
      And of course I'm to lazy to even try to figure out how much just flying them will cost us by the year 2020.

And I see that McCain is charged to get into another war, in Syria.
      I happen to think that they only way the USA should ever aid another country with military aid is by the way of just rifles. And only simi-automatic ones so they don't go around wasting ammunition by shooting needless rounds of ammunition into the air.
      The way I look at it is that in most cases, just like Kosavo, all the people need is a way to protect their homes and families.
       Giving them weapons that can cause mas destruction only makes things worse.

Another thing I might mention: you can bet that Obama and company are blocking my web-site with their little blue boxes, butt I'm also convinced I really don't have to upload any of this for people to get to it.
      Can you believe my stats at I-page are running about half of what they were at GoDaddy. At less than 400 visitors per day, something unusual has to be going on.

And another thing I'd like to mention: last night on the Public Broadcasting Network's News, they mentioned a new technology that allows politicians to target individual television sets.
      Gee, that's what I was telling people in Morro Bay and they looked at me as if I was crazy or something. But it is real and that is just how they are able to brainwash people. (I bet the politicians are also going to get rich people to hand over their money to them. )
      And I got a real good one for you. From what I hear, they even had to brainwash Obama's own daughters just as they did with my own family.
      Oh yeah, I should mention that my sister must actually think she knows what's going on in the skating world, since she (and my dad together,) has spent thousands on skating couches.
      This thing and me saving so many lives at the Olymics kinna answered my question as to whether my sisters were either bought-off or brain washed.
      And no, I haven't called my father nor my sister to tell them about the ordeal because I'm sure they would think I was imagining it and they wouldn't even remember I'd told them once they hung up the phone.

Get this: I was told about a professional skater who had showed up at the rink to skate with my sister's grand daughter, "just because she wanted to."
      Butt you see, I've surfed with a guy who's girlfriend is one of those professional skaters. He said that they are made to do that kind of thing, just to rope people into the crooked business of the skating world. To get them to pay all that money for expensive couches. You can be sure it's quite the racket.

I bet that same kinda thing happens in show business, because why in hell would Jimmy Fallon want such a scary bitch on his show?

And I did hear about the switching of detour signs in LA, (as I thought,) did happen in an effort to see if my truck would brake down there, where I would have found trouble for sure.

And of course I'm not able to upload this page to night Feb. 18th since someone has blocked the Internet from me; so later.

Feb:19th'14:Well I guess it's better that I don't have to turn on the TV and hear a bunch of belly aching about how could such a thing happen and why did so many people need to die. We could have had Matt Lour and Savanah pulling out every ounce of sorrow and needless stupid questions.
      Butt then again, wouldn't it have been nice if a bomb would have been planted directly underneath the NBC platform and we would have never have those two assholes on are TV set again.
      I guess having news about metal winners better than having to hear more about the problems with snow and ice in the northeast.
      If only we could come up with some news other than listening to some actor whore talking about their latest piece of shit movie.

Never the less, I'm looking forward to the next round of belly aching. That's because it's only common sense that there will be flooding and Savanah and Matt will surely be there to make it seem even worse.
      The funny part of the whole ordeal will be that I have a simple solution to so much of the flooding problem; and that it isn't funny.
      Now the funny part of it is that I'm not about to tell anyone how do do such a thing because it would be a BIG mistake. See the problem is: with the way Clinton and Obama have set-up the patent laws, even if I told you, it wouldn't do you any good. That's because the auto manufactures would loose money and they would steal a patent on it just to set it on a shelf or make sure it was too expensive to implement.
      It's really funny because I have a number of versions of my new invention and I wouldn't even have to spend much money one it because the components are readily available. So bring on the floods.

Another thing you might want to take notice:
      That Obama is down in Mexico, pushing for some caucko-me-ny trade agreement. Yah gotta wonder how screwed up that will be. One thing for sure, just like anything that evil man has done, it will be something set to fail. If that is what it is at all because I wouldn't doubt with all the holiday picnic rumors that are going around, he would be done there trying to arrange for some trouble for me the next time I go to Mexico.

Oh you have to laugh at this one: Morro Bay Business Recognition
      I got an e-mail on 12-18-13 at an old g-mail account I no longer use. It claimed it was from Morro Bay Business Recognition. It sent me a special made link to its web-site, but I wouldn't even want to go there if you know what I mean.
      Anyway, the e-mail said-
       I Wish You Luck has been selected for the 2013 Best of Morro Bay Awards for Dog Trainer.
      Hell the only thing that town knows of the likes of me is that I'm suppose to be a child molester. I just don't know how I could have ever been thought of as a dog trainer. Yeah, pretty funny.

Less crap on my TV set
February 20th, 2014:

It's such a blessing not to have fat head Jay Leno on my TV set any more. And I'm even more elated to be able to say we will not have to see any more of that fat ass Cee lo on American Idol.
      Something tells me that he must bath himself in cologne because he would probably reek of Body Oder if he didn't. The guy just creeps me out.
      And of course, did you hear that the Speilberg media whore Katie Couric lost hear show also?
      That beady eyed bitch Curic went to prison to record an interview with Speilberg, so that it could be blue screened into President Obama inauguration.
      Speilberg's comment to her in that interview about Obama was, "he is a man with many ideas".
      Yeah I say a lot of bad and evil ideas.
      Now if we could only get rid of Matt Lour and George Stephanopoulos.

Get rid of George Stephanopoulos

Learn about George Stephanopoulos at:
Making the Legacies out of Crooks

And if doubling the National debit in five years wasn't enough for Obama, he now says he wants to spend another Billion Dollars on studying global warming.
      Gee,I've met a rocket scientist who is now part of a government think tank, who has been studying global warming on the government payroll and I'll be the first to tell you that paying these guys to play with their computers all day isn't going to do a bit of good. Global warming is happening and it really doesn't mater when you are breeding stupid people. As we are going now, the human race will end up being bunch of babbling idiots before global warming means anything. The human race will self destruct long before the planet will from global warming.
      In my book doing something about it, of which of course we know so many ways already, is more important than talking about it. I think we've studied it long enough and we should be spending our money on doing something about it.

Wouldn't it be great if there was an Olympic Gold Metal for the most likable competitor?
      If there was, I figure David Wise would also be bringing one of those home too. You just can't help but like the young man. He's got the whole package going on, and yet so young.
      No doubt there are some proud folks in that family for sure.
       Congrats David. Bro.

Don't know what you mean
February 21st, 2014:

Sorry to say that I'm out of the loop.
      Well let me put it this way: If would only post a bit on one topic at a time, I would know what everyone is agreeing to. But with so many controversial topics or should I say _____ and only hearing that one word, (about a dozen times this morning and about a dozen times this evening,) I still don't know what they mean.
      It's obvious everyone is talking behind my back, because I'm still clueless as to what everyone is agreeing to.
      I wouldn't doubt I'm right about Cee Lo, because with all those silly outfits, you gotta figure he's over compensating about something.
      I figure it's because he's a fat pig. Probably why a guy of his stature would go around with date rape drugs..

BUT, then again I'm sure many of you just feel the same way I do about David Wise and I can understand people agreeing to the fact that Mr. Wise is just one of those likable guys and so is his wife.

Then again, there has to be many of you who have witnessed their dollars depleting in value and they agree that we must take that big fat check book away from O'bama and hide it so future generations may have a chance to live in a world where you don't have to be rich to be able to live at a decent standard of living.
      I hate having to say that when I was younger in the days gone by, we had it so much easier than now. (or should I say better off than now.)

BUT of course I can imagine there may be many of you who are just annoyed by the media whores the networks put on our TV sets, but lets not go there because it may just put me in a bad mood.

Anyhow, when it's all said and done. The two thing I hope you all can agree with me is that we must get rid of O'bama and keep Speilberg incarcerated.

Never the less, I do have a couple business things to post tonight, (before they get too old.)
      Like my opinion on the Time Warner and Comcast merger that may take place.
      Well after seeing what a true social experiment is like. Like the one Comcast orchestrated in Morro Bay. And like that bit I posted the other day about the new technology that will let politicians target individual television sets. Having such a merger will only help them engage in one stop shopping on even a larger scale.

And of course, on the topic of Bitcoins:
      Apparently Auston Texus got the first Bitcoin ATM machine.
      I still don't know if I should feel excited about that, because I have a feeling that the Bitcoin is a little bit volatile to be considered legit. Something down inside of me is telling me that it just maybe a modern day pyramid scheme.
      Oh well.

A lot of stuff on my mind....
February 24-26th, 2014:

Too many things to cover and not exactly in the mood to cover them very well because what's really on my mind at the moment, I'm keeping to myself.

Anyhow, congratulations to the folks in the Ukraine.
      Unfortunately, they had casualties, but at least they didn't die in vain. At least they got what they wanted and it sure became peaceful once the police backed away. That's something better than the cold feet the Americans got when they protested to take back Wallstreet.
       The Americans weren't so bright, they protested in the middle of the winter and all they got was just cold feet. and that wasn't the worse thing they got. Obama only stabbed them in the back by changing the patent laws to first to file.
      If only the people of Ukraine could set an example and other countries like Russia, North Korea and the USA could do the same and get rid of their leaders.

None the less, I should also include the Uganda in that list for making being guy illegal.
      Now I can understand the Russians for not wanting Gay parades and against the commercialization of gay activist, (if I got that right,) because from what I gather is that the people there would rather not have it rubbed in there face.
      However, I happen to think it should be considered just as it was in the USA up until the late seventies as a mental illness, that is until some psychiatrist deemed it not to be. However, it should not be considered a disability because the gay community can and should be allowed to be contributors to society just as anyone else. It should be considered as a disease or birth defect and something minor as a birthmark.
       This is clearly something that should not be considered illegal in anyway. As I say: what ever floats your boat. If you are happy with being a homosexual, great, just don't rub it in our face. And I think that is how most people in Russia think about it, but what they are trying to do in Uganda is very wrong because we are all God's children no mater how we are and he just wants us to love one another and live in peace.

And Kudos to that Chuck Hagger, whose request to scale back the US military to pre-world war two stature. Even at that size the US would still hold superiority because of the technological advances we have. Because really folks, why would we ever need 2,400 f-35 jet-fighers unless the US was planing to take over the world like Hitler wanted to.
      Think about it. 2,400 times $180 million and then figure $120,000 per hour to fly the damn things.
      I happen to think 100 f-35's by 2020 is more than enough and then replenish with another 100 every five years, (or twenty per year.) And once they are ten years old, try to sell the older ones off to other countries and or use them as trainers.
      What gets me is the cost of the helmets. Gee with the technoligy in the helmets, they really wouldn't need if they just flew them as drowns because the technoligy to do so is already there.

Oh yeah on that what do they agree things. Well even though I began to hear the words, "on everything," I knew it wouldn't be everyone. So just to prove that to myself and to a 78 years old surfer who I met in the back parking lot down at the harbor. I did a rant and rave off the back of my truck .
      Sure enough, just like I told him, someone called the cops. The officer asked what was going on and I said just an idiot with cell phone syndrome. Just a frivolous complaint they wouldn't have gotten if it wasn't for an 8%er feeling powerful with the use of their cell phone.
      Yes they too, the Oceanside Police Officers agreed with me.
      And get this, the 78 year old surfer is still surfing a thruster. And the thing that struck me funny is he said to me, "yah gotta watch out for those longboards out there, they will run over you."
      Yes, I agreed with him too.

And oh, on that Guzman gangster they caught down in Mexico: I wish the Mexican authorities would hand him over to the US because there would be less chance of him getting away. Never the less, good job on the recapture anyways.

Either Smoke and Mirrors,
or just a Publicity Stunt.
February 26th, 2014:

I was at first wondering if it was a distraction away of some other bad legislation. But as of now after taking a thought over such a ridiculous piece of work, cause I've always seen those little signs that they have the right to refuse service to anyone, probably the most common to some restaurants.
      I see no need what so ever to even have to write a law that only discriminates. Then if that's the case, then it was just a scheme to make a bunch of judges and lawyers a whole shit load of money.
      But now after I look at the Crazy Broad Arizona Governor on the evening news, my best guess is that it was just a publicity stunt from the get go.

See that really trick new invention? The magnetic starting zipper?
      Too bad those guys only went with an exclusive. I sure hope they only went exclusively for a short period of time if they did. Because it would give the Under Armer company a monopoly and the whole industry other than Under Amour and their suppliers would be finding it hard to survive. And when Under Armer is the only dominate seller of garment, they'd be able to take an advantage of the over abundance of suppliers looking for work. Under Amour would put the squeeze on then making them work for nothing while Under Amour would rake in the profits.

The word on the street is that Obama stole the patent on my Woody and Speilberg was switching the meads on my mother.
      I guess he figured that she would probably they one most likely to know if it was her real son on the phone. Now who should I be calling up and say, get someone you can really trust to look for a lawyer to file a wrongful death suit against Speilberg.
      Then if the evidence issue comes to question, I'd have to say, I don't know, but everyone in Hollywood and beyond, seems to know a hell of a lot more about it than I do.
      And what is this, they are saying that Speilberg bought a pardon from Obama for a hundred million in some Cayman Bank Account?
      And Speilberg is suppose to get out in only a year from now?Speilberg is the kind of guy who should be sentenced to death because he's been plenty able enough to perform crimes from behind prison gates as we know already.
      The creepy thing about it is that he's only worth $3.5 billion, but then all it took was a bout $200 Million to have everyone including Oprah in this county covering up his crimes for him. Everyone and their brother is taking money from a murder. Even the President of the United States. And that in it'self is pretty bad.

What about Mexico?
February 27th, 2014:

Well I haven't forgot about those folks. The three other suggestions haven't left my mind. I was just setting them on the back-burner and waiting to see if I got any results from the first which was somehow get low cost wood chippers or stump grinder barrels to the farmers who are clearing the valleys for agricultural purposes.
      While it took awhile, but I do think I heard something that somehow they made some mighty creative financing and made a few pieces of machinery available with low cost and affordable loads for the farmers there.. and putting together ?
      All I can say about that is that it's got to be a good thing and great for the tourist industry Mexico is trying to create.
      (Now only if we could get China to get rid of its Coal Fired Power-plants, we could all breath a little easier; and we would be able to thanking them for the most significant movement of the Elimination of Globule Warning .)
      The question I have at the moment without the Internet to do any research. never the less, I'm guessing China doesn't have much for natural gas.
       And I've been wondering just how many, or even a percentage of those coal fired plant are located close to the Coast line, shippable rivers and canals.
       See the thing I've been thinking, that Australia seems to think that they have more than enough natural gas for them selves so they built these big ass boats to haul it on. So what I think the Chinese need is a fleet of these neutral gas transporting boats. to supply the plants that have been a converted to natural gas. And then just park a boat and connect it to plant running it while the other boats make a run for another load .
      FYI: China is the world's leading investor in renewable energy commercialization, with $52 billion invested in 2011 alone.
      In 2011, the Chinese government announced plans to invest four trillion yuan (US$618.55 billion) in water infrastructure and desalination projects over a ten-year period, and to complete construction of a flood prevention and anti-drought system by 2020.
      In 2013, China began a five-year, US$277-billion effort to reduce air pollution, particularly in the north of the country.
      And I should mention that becuase of some of China's new pollution standards, the up-tick in the demand on natural gas has created a down-tick in the demand of petroleum. Imports of oil in China have actually leaved off a bit.
      Well there yah go, they are off and running and doing something about all that smog.

One thing I want to add today is a bit of thanks to are friends South of the Border is how much we appropriate the fact that the folks in Ensenada and Tijuana were probably the first when it came to creating a movement towards cleaning up graffiti everywhere. I think it started with the concern over it in Ensenada, and I figure they lead others by taking pride not letting it take over the charm of their quaint little city.
      I'm guessing that the rail car owners are a little happier now days with less need to repaint the cars so much because the Graffiti Artists are leaving behind the identification information printed on the side. (I guess its saving them millions.)
      I'm willing to bet some of the Art Work is getting quite elaborate, since the odds of the rail car making it back full circle with the artist work is still intact and they ad another color or two to it and the work grows over time.
      At least that's how I would like to see it.

Any how for the second suggestion to help Mexico's economy and well being:
      It's kinna a given, but I just want to let them know how I see it.
      The wash out in particular.
      I've heard they are thinking about putting a bridge over it because it's either been prone to land slides or in a high risk area were it can happen again.
      Well I think putting a bridge over it is a high risk of just being a gamble with a lot more money if it fails and washes out anyway; than it would be if they just figured on demoing the road about a hundred feet on each end of 300 ft. washed out section to bring the approaching roads down to grade and filling it in with a couple large culverts to help water pass underneath it at a later time. .
      If it washes out again, just fill it in again. Just less money wasted and the sooner they get it fixed up, the sooner they will see a better economy for the whole entire coastline.
      And I'm not going to mention the third crazy idea until I get some word on what they are going to do one this washout, because I don't want to dig too deep all at once.
      If you know what I mean?

I can understand why many of you would like me to run for president, because if I was anyone else, and knew of me, Sunnyside, then I'd want the guy with most common sense to be doing the job too.
      But the problem is, I don't know the job and to be honest with you, I don't really want to know the job of being the president. I think there has to be several people out there whom are more prepaired and experianced to perform as the president of the United States than I am.
      However I'm beginning to realize that I came pretty much be the one who can pick the next president, even if it has to be myself.
      Some of you may think of it as the same kind of reason a guy like Bill Gates would want to hire a CEO to handle the day to day operations of his company.
      The way I feel about it is that I'd rather hire someone else to perform the job of the president for me. Some who could be better suited for the job than myself.
      Never the less, I've come up with a simple answer. Much better than trying to impose a pre-set agenda on to a running mate and I would not have to bribe the next president either.
      I think the solution is that I should run as a vis-president with veto power same as the president. The president can't sign anything unless we both agree on it.
      Like having me there to sign off on every decision. The job of the president would be to convince me, that what he wants to do is the right thing. The job of the president should be working with the right people so that the both of us can be well enough informed to make the right decisions.
      The way many of you may see it; as the same way I see it, I would just be holding the president in check; in line with the goals I've already set forth before you all.
       I realize it may be a tough sell, and I'd be telling you right up front because the law making could come to a stand still unless the law makers learn how to write bills short and sweet, making the printed version the president sigh (and maybe me too,) signs, -fit onto one peace of paper.
      I much rather let someone else with the organizational skill to do the job of the president day after day and I would be more able to put more time into surfing, and building a nightclub, and building my truck. So you see, I've got better things to do than be president.
      Never the less, for the goodness of the people, I'd be willing to spend some time in DC or what ever it takes to make sure things are done right, just as if I was president, but with someone else other than me working with the other lawmakers, militate and intelligence officials day after day.

Oh, someone should remind me not to ever borrow any money from Russia, as long as Putin is at the helm there.

And a funny thing: When I came up with the idea of creating the Hooklift web-site.
      The plural form had already been taken. Then a year or two later I get a few e-mails informing me of an auction.
       But then again who would want to wonder if the target audience might land on my singular form by accident. Then on top of that, how would you compete in rankings? Well it was turned loose of course and I snatched it up.

Another thing-
      If you are coming to the beach:
Please leave you dog at home.
For one thing,
dogs are not allowed on the Pier,
and we have enough e-collie to swim through as it is, and we don't need any more.

Take back America
March 1st, 2014:
Cut to here, but save for back up of later journal file-

I was looking at the calender and noticed that the second anniversary is coming up on March 16 of Lousy First to File Patent Laws created by Obama and Company
      Well it looks as though stealing all those inventions didn't do a bit of good for the economy..
      The only new invention I've seen that is worth a shit is the Magnetic Zipper.
      What we should do is organize a series of organized one day protest held in major cities across the country. Then repeat them about once per month.
      Could start on on the 16 of March and the next day is Saint Patrick's day so if it carries over, it could end up like one big party.
      Then the fallowing month, it could be held on Mother's days and father's day on the fallowing month.
      Now I don't know if it would do any good, but I want to see something other than people going around saying things like I'm the one who is suppose to fix things. Well, you all have to show us that you are willing to do something yourselves to fix things.

Gee, I don't know what is worse. I notice on the local news that there is some kind of dog walk going on around here. They are calling it Mutts for Butts, claiming that people plan to walk their dogs on the beach to pick up cigarette butts. Gee, I don't know what is worse, ciggy butts or dog piss on my beach?
      Gee, E-collie or those little round things the machine is designed to pick up?

Tee Dee Totter Off the Lip
From the first Bottom turn
March 3rd, 2014:

At least I think it was, because it usually takes a couple to get to the lip..
      But this one I had to hop in at about a 45 degree angle and got allot of Speed out of it, then I launch the elevator. Just about over shot the thing and I had to push down on the nose to get it back in.(Seems like everyone is talking about that one.)
      However, I did pick the wrong board, because the ramp up was slow and wasn't holding it up steep. Never the less, I got a hand full of pretty interesting rides, but wasn't lucky enough to get any long rides.

And yeah, the reason I requested that any protest cause by me, is that I don't want to see people showing up and think they are going to take over the place.
      The key here is Safety. I don't want anyone getting hurt. And I don't want to see the place getting torn apart. I want it please full because the only thing we are trying to make fools out of is the media. So picket signs are way better than rocks. I don't want tax payer paying for a whole army of cops. I feel there has to be cops there to protect the local business. Don't for get to brown bag it if you have no money, and I think it would be best if you left your back pack at home.
      If you are planing to carry much, use those clear plasic bags as the let you us at some sport arenas.
      And I want to keep in mind, there should be someone watching the garbage cans and I see no reason copes would have the resources to just set up wireless cameras so that one cop in a van can watch a dozen cans at once. I call it cost effective, don't you.
      The deal is, I'm actually more worried that one of our own defense contractors could hire someone to pull off a phony terrorist act then actually have an actual terrorist.

Oh this thing with Putin.
      I don't think my discussion would be near as long as with the guys on the other side.
      Just an example of how efficient they are. After about a week of this shit going down, we are left with real big holes to fill in to make any judgment upon what's actually going down.

You know what I get out of the Oscars?      I get that Cate Blanchet has just walked away with making millions of dollars off a nut job child molester, and got a trophy for doing so.

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