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sunset at Oceqanside CA march 21st 2014

Oceanside Sunset on March 21st, 2014

Take back America
March 1st-3rd, 2014:

I was looking at the calender and noticed that the second anniversary is coming up on March 16 of Lousy First to File Patent Laws created by Obama and Company
       Well it looks as though stealing all those inventions didn't do a bit of good for the economy..
      The only new invention I've seen that is worth a shit is the Magnetic Zipper.
      What we should do is organize a series of organized one day protest held in major cities across the country. Then repeat them about once per month.
      Could start them on the 16 of March and the next day is Saint Patrick's Day so we might get some repeaters the next day.
      Then the fallowing month, it could be held on Mother's days and Father's day on the fallowing month.
      And I'm thinking if those go over pretty good, the weekend of the Four of July would be good if we could somehow move things to some larger state campgrounds, if that is possible.

And the reason I requested that any protest cause by me, is that I don't want to see people showing up and think they are going to take over the place.
      The key here is Safety. I don't want anyone getting hurt. And I don't want to see the place getting torn apart. I want it peaceful because the only thing we are trying to do is make fools out of the media. So picket signs are way better than rocks. I don't want tax payer paying for a whole army of cops. I feel there has to be cops there to protect the local business. Don't forget to brown bag it if you have no money, and I think it would be best if you left your back pack at home.
      If you are planing to carry much, use those clear plastic bags as the let you us at some sport arenas.
      And I want to keep in mind, there should be someone watching the garbage cans and I see no reason copes wouldn't have the resources to just set up wireless cameras so that one cop in a van can watch a dozen cans at once. I call it cost effective, don't you.
      The deal is, I'm actually more worried that one of our own defence contractors could hire someone to pull off a phony terrorist act then actually have an actual terrorist.
      Now I don't know if it would do any good, but I want to see something other than people going around saying things like I'm the one who is suppose to fix things. Well, you all have to show us that you are willing to do something yourselves to fix things.

Oh this thing with Putin.
      I don't think my discussion would be near as long as with the guys on the other side.
      Just an example of how efficient they are. After about a week of this shit going down, we are left with real big holes to fill in to make any judgement upon what's actually going down.

You know what I get out of the Oscars?      I get that Cate Blanchet has just walked away with making millions of dollars off a nut job child molester, and got a trophy for doing so.

Mutts for Butts?
March 1st, 2014:

Gee, I don't know what is worse. I notice on the local news that there is some kind of dog walk going on around here. They are calling it Mutts for Butts, claiming that people plan to walk their dogs on the beach to pick up cigarette butts. Gee, I don't know what is worse, ciggy butts or dog piss on my beach?
       Gee, E-collie or those little round things the machine is designed to pick up?

Tee Dee Totter Off the Lip
From the first Bottom turn
March 3rd, 2014:

At least I think it was, because it usually takes a couple to get to the lip..
       But this one I had to hop in at about a 45 degree angle and got allot of Speed out of it, then I launch the elevator. Just about over shot the thing and I had to push down on the nose to get it back in.(Seems like everyone is talking about that one.)
       However, I did pick the wrong board, because the ramp up was slow and wasn't holding it up steep. Never the less, I got a hand full of pretty interesting rides, but wasn't lucky enough to get any long rides.

And yeah, the reason I requested that any protest cause by me, is that I don't want to see people showing up and think they are going to take over the place.
      The key here is Safety. I don't want anyone getting hurt. And I don't want to see the place getting torn apart. I want it please full because the only thing we are trying to make fools out of is the media. So picket signs are way better than rocks. I don't want tax payer paying for a whole army of cops. I feel there has to be cops there to protect the local business. Don't for get to brown bag it if you have no money, and I think it would be best if you left your back pack at home.
      If you are planing to carry much, use those clear plastic bags as the let you us at some sport arenas.
       And I want to keep in mind, there should be someone watching the garbage cans and I see no reason copes would have the resources to just set up wireless cameras so that one cop in a van can watch a dozen cans at once. I call it cost effective, don't you.
      The deal is, I'm actually more worried that one of our own defense contractors could hire someone to pull off a phony terrorist act then actually have an actual terrorist.

Oh this thing with Putin.
      I don't think my discussion would be near as long as with the guys on the other side.
      Just an example of how efficient they are. After about a week of this shit going down, we are left with real big holes to fill in to make any judgement upon what's actually going down.

You know what I get out of the Oscars?      I get that Cate Blanchet has just walked away with making millions of dollars off a nut job child molester, and got a trophy for doing so.

Tee Just like threading a needle.
Then just trying to get one to go all the way through
March 5th, 2014:

Monday, one of the guys must has received something like that thing they call your fifteen minutes of fame.
      It was either shoot for above him and run out the wave, or pull off a cut back right about where he was heading. I made it around him but the wave still got ahead of me.
      However, it was a bit closer than I prefer,but like I said, it had been like threading a needle all morning and I think the guy was watching me size up the whole thing, so I don't think he was half as worried I'd land on top of him.
      This morning we had some size but just getting one to go all they way though to the reform was calling it good for me.
      I think those Photographers got a couple cool shots of some take-off kinna waves, because they were a little getty when I walked out.

Oh this Putin thing?.
      Let me test my lame ass memory on this.
      Didn't it have something to do with the old leader signing up with a Billion Dollar Loan because the Ukraine government was broke?
      (Another question is whether or not the Ukraine ever asked for a loan from the USA?
      Anyhow, my guess is that Putin set the Ukraine up with a loan with territory as collateral.
      I figure, Russia had alway retained some port use and probably called it another military base. Funded it and ran the port and military base with Russia citizens and their tax revenue sucked back into the Russian Government the best they could. (Like controlling the PX and the fuel supply.)
      Anyhow, with Putin claiming the brake up of the Soviet Union as some kind of disgrace, it pretty much spells out his head is at.
      Giving one self only this much knowledge, if this were to be true. I would say that there are two basic ways to look into to it and a couple ways to look for the simple solution.
      In a more perfect world, I would think it would be in the US's interest to buy out the loan, because even at $2 Billion dollars, it would be cheaper than going to war against Russia.
      My second preference would be to subsidize the country of Ukraine with enough money to make the payments to Russia.
      Like what the hell, who needs another global warming study for a Billion Dollars like Obama wants to do. Take that money, get a country out of hawk and avoid the possibility of a war.
       See the way I look at it, I would rather not see the US government making the decision to go to war for some other country no matter who it is up against. I feel that the USA should let the United Nations call the shot when ever possible, and let the UN ask for assistance from the US and expect that there would other countries pitching in to help as well.
      But then I can see it from Putin's point of view too.
      Sure it may just be a little country, of not much of interest to many, but do you see all that coastline the surrounds it?
      I figure the probably of it producing a fair amount of oil is another thing he might be looking into.
      If you are into bleeding your country of as much of it's money as possible, I guess your neighboring countries are something you might be looking into also.
       Not a real difficult one to figure out if you are any good at guessing.

Boy, it doesn't surprise me. Looks like Hollie Berri is another one of those Speilberg whore.
      So I'm sharping the Axe and taking a walk over to Girls of the Day for awhile.

The reports are in.
March 7th, 2014:

There has been some debate as to whether how much peoples pet dogs contribute to the E-collies we are surfing in.
      The dog lovers have been trying to pass it off as if it was a problem create by Cattle and other livestock.
      But the reports are in and they have shown a dip in the amount of e-collie.
      Something I like to hear because I was out there surfing it it the day after the rains this week.
      I'd say it's pretty stupid to bring the kids down to the beach with the family dog you can make sure there is enough e-collie to go around when the kids play in the water.
      Johnney gets sick and has to stay home from school the next day. Couldn't find a babysitter and hand to take the day off from work. You know how it is.
      I myself have a hard time trying to keep my eye on the ground every morning because I walk bare footed and I need to watch out for the brown shit that is in the path. Don't even want that shit in my camper, I drop things all the time.

Oh get this, I negotiated a day only parking spot right next door to the 32 foot strip I keep my kids in.
      Do you have any idea of how much time and fuel that is going to save me. Just not having to shuffle the beds around each day is something you all have to imagine because I certainly wish my system had a second gear, because there are times it's just not fast enough. And just pulling up and dropping the camper and not having to pick it up again until I go home, is just about as good as getting a high gear.

And one more thing, I forgot to mention how hope California doesn't legalize pot like Colorado did. Because I happen to think 8% or even 9% sales tax is a lot better deal than 25%.

Was looking at what they are selling as 6'1" and a 6'4" now days.
      And I can certainly see why some of the guys were saying that my board is like a sliver. The 6'1" was bulker than my 6'5" and the 6'4" was a bit of a tank.
      I have to say we've been a bit lucky this week with what at least has been surfable conditions. It's like the whole condition of the crowd is a little more relaxed.
      Gave my two main boards tune-ups.
       And the wax on the Stoneman had to go. I pulled it out and used it the other morning after I don't know how long, and no telling where the wax had been; it looked pretty bad. Butt no doubt it was the board to have that day.
      I hear more and more about how orders for longboards are down.

Wrong call.
March 8th, 2014:

Yeah, the size got everyone including me, calling for the M4, butt even the guys out there with me were thinking the Stoneman would have been the better call. .
      The only problem with that choice would have been trying to keep the thing on the outside.
      Never the less, I would have at least had a hand full of decent waves instead of pretty much getting skunked.
      Boy wouldn't I enjoy a 6'8" Stoneman.
      Butt, I just wish I had new quad, just like the one I've got, with out all the glass in the bottom, and a deck that isn't all crushed in.

You might have taken notice that over at the Girls of the day, you may notice that we've been cleaning up the place and getting ride of any girls who are working in television. Because we know who they owned by. And that guy is a criminal and we do not condone criminal activity around here.

Hey, today I get to find out how nice it is having two stalls and not having to shuffle beds around.

I don't know if it's writer's block or what but I know I've thought some things through enough to write them down, but I sit down and my mind is on too many other things to recall what the hell I wanted to say.
      Anyhow, I've got to go.
Oh yeah remind me to do the bit on journalist later....

A bit bumpy.
March 13th, 2014:

Few days back, I lost a heck of a left to a bounce, but the next day I saved myself from a serious bounce to the right that got a few of the guys talking.
     Lately we've been doing a battle against the south wind that has been creeping in there and messing things up.

It's evident to me that someone working for the Harbor isn't exactly my friend.
      Of course once I was just fishing for a tail, but the other morning I figured I must have someone (pre-arraigned of course,) watching me.
      Now that it's been a few weeks, the name Hilary has come alive.
      Damb, you mean that that Bitch can't even leave Sunnyside alone!

Oh yeah that bit on journalist....
      Yeah gotta understand that sometimes a country will get involve in a war just to give the media and their top news stories of the day.
      I often wonder if they could just be a smoke screen for something else.
      Like the time Clinton got the US involved in Kosovo. We went over there and blew up a bunch of bridges.
      Then Clinton wrote them a $500 Million dollar check to rebuild them.
      The actual solution would have been to send a few truck loads of guns there so wifes would have something to answer the door with.
      Anyhow, you've got the Media setting up camp anywhere, you've got the media spending money and their attention on something.
      Never the less I want to say I got a kick out of the reporters over in the Ukraine, -reporting on their buddies getting their ass kicked.
      I don't know what made them feel like they were any different than their buddies, like if they had any immunity from getting their ass kicked.
      I'm sorry, butt I just had to laugh when I saw that.

You would have had to have been there.
March 14-15th, 2014:

I'm not sure what went down last night, but apparently the cops knew that something was up.
     I'm not going to make any claims because I'm not sure I saw what I think I saw. Never the less, if my mind wasn't playing games on me I'd say it looked as if there was going to be some kind of ambush.
     Cops broke up what ever went off towards the beach and it looked like everyone else was ahead me and the cops as we walked back east under the underpass.
     I can understand why it is difficult for anyone to consider running for public office. Its having to worry about to others who want those public office spots and what they will do to get there.

The word on the street pretty blatantly lately is that Speilberg killed himself and he did so awhile ago now.
      Yeah gotta wonder what kind of pride these folks have. I save over a thousand people's lives because I tell them where to look for the bombs at. And they are too damb proud to tell me that and now this with Speilberg.
      What is the big Secret?
Who is in need to hide it?
Who is in need of controlling the truth?

You tell me.
March 16th, 2014:

It appears that Spielberg got a visit from his dog.
      Yeah that dead bit appears to be a hoax.
      Anyhow, you should take a look at the photos they released this month and notice the focus differences and the sharp edges of them against the background.
      I figure the it's just that same old blue screen trick. I figure they went for something outdoors so that the lighting would'nt be such a problem the dog

You tell me.
March 21st, 2014:

It appears that some of you folks did do some kind of protest last weekend.
      I myself didn't think the odds of it actually happening was very good for any success of it making the evening news and I figured that it would take too much of the motivation out of it for you.
      Never the less, my mind was stuck on the fact that there was also two major flaws in my plan.
      One was that it would end up competing with the holiday celebrations that are known for those days, and the other is the big hole in my plans, was the question who would pay for the porta potties?

And sure the web-pages claiming Speilberg's death to be a hoax, could very well be phony. None the less, one thing for sure, there are plenty of people saying that he is.
      Just another reason I came up with the Take Back America Protest; I wanted to see just who real all this is.
      I want to see just how big and just how far it is.
      I want something to tell me that all this just isn't in my mind.
      I'm looking for something I can see, touch and feel. Something real.

Oh yeah, I should've mentioned.
March 21st, 2014:

It appears that Spielberg has got his wife to carry his dog's shit.
      Also notice that not all of the photos supplied at the link above, actually have shadows, and the couple that do look as though they were painted in with photo shop.
      Never the less, the web-site claims Speilberg actually visited the set of the new TV show that he is producing in New York.
      Yeah just have to laugh at the title of the shoot-em-up cop show -Public Morals the dog

Oh Get this posted a day ago.
By the

I'm drawing a blank.
March 22nd, 2014:

Anyhow, it looks as though I did have a memory card in my camera on the move from SLO.
       Hope you like the two new sunsets.
       Never the less, I think I should set you up with another one.

Synchro-link world record five vehicles under control of one driver

March 23rd, 2014:
Sure enough, I dropped in on that guy. Right after I told him, don't even think I'm going to give up my wave to you if you think you're going to paddle over and steal my wave.
      He still went ahead and did it anyway. Never the less, I wasn't about to let him get away with it and made sure I would ruin it for him by putting my board between his legs.

More press packets from Speilberg>
March 24th, 2014:

If you checked out that last link I suggested checking out on Speilberg, you may have noticed another one on that same page.
      Basiclly all you have to do is past something like-
Abraham Lincoln presidential library foundation leadership prize
in to your browser and you will notice that several news agencies got the same press packet including the same photo of Spielberg waring the same black leather jacket. I'm pretty sure you will not find a photo nor a video from the event that Sally Feilds was suppose to have an active part in.
      Another thing I figure I should mention: I saw a posting yesterday claiming the Speilberg is worth $3.4 Billion now.
      Just think, that criminal must have bank rolled every TV show in Hollywood and bought of everyone else, even the president of the United States, and he still made $200 millions after spending at least that much protecting his image. The guy is a criminal, performing criminal acts from within prison walls and he's got both Oprah and Obama in the palm of his hand.
      And oh, I thought you might find it very interesting that if you got to the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library Foundation's own web-site, you will on see a word about Speilberg under their News and Events page.
      Yeah, that's pretty funny.

A tourist attraction
March 25th, 2014:

I'm sure many of you have heard the rumors that have been going around.
      I'd rather not say what they are because there isn't anything I hate worse than phony Holiday Picnic Rumors.
      It goes to show you that the business folk around here could care less about my situation and whether or not I even have any money to survive on. All they seem to care about is how they can profit from exploitation, from me or anyone for that matter. I think it's often referred to as, "on the take."

Ain't much guessing
Who's nose is up my butt
March 28th, 2014:

Not much guessing if Hillary is interested in running for the presidency.
      Cause from the rumors on the street, she's got a couple guys snooping around here waiting for me to take a piss in the wrong spot.
      I can expect to hold a wheel balance for about two days. Even the Louis Capps gang in Morro Bay would let them ride once the tires were shot.
       Just another reason I can I've got another crew working to sabotage what ever they can.
       No doubt these politicians look for any kind of character assassination they can find on a person just to dis-credit them. What I'm afraid of is that what they do before they go in for the kill. Because lady is dangerous folks, and people should realize it.
      Did you had a look at the Clinton's Body Count list I found on the Internet?

Clinton's body count

The arrival
March 31st, 2014:

Had nothing to write, other than this trip was like driving five vehicles at once. Beating my own record and something that should be enter into the Geniuses book of records.

synchro-link woody with trailer

What good are those supreme court justices?
April 2nd, 2014:

Yah have to laugh at what those supreme court justices do. Butt then you have to remember just how they got their jobs. They were appointed by the very people who are screwing you over.

And whether GM really needed a bail out or not is a question; that is until you realize that their machines were killing people and a bail out would release them from any liability. Kinna like license to kill, and they wouldn't have to fix a thing because they knew that the cars wouldn't be around to fix if the just kept their mouths shut long enough.
      Kinna neat: the US tax payers financed the manufacture of killing machines and then turned around and bought them for themselves and their own kids.
      Don't forget that the US government just raked in $5 Billion Dollars from Toyota for their recall. You ever wonder where all that money goes
      Never said 8%ers had any common sense. Just dumber by the day and too damn stupid to do anything about it.

And I have a theory on just what happened to Malaysia flight 370. It's not very hard to figure out really.

Spring Break
April 3rd, 2014:

Boy what a cluster_uck.
       Never said 8%ers had any common sense. Just dumber by the day and too damn stupid to do anything about it.

There is just something I liked about the picture I posted on the Home page lately. I liked it so much, I put in the extra work and establishing a couple of different options as far as the click for zoom thingy dingy. Yah just have to check it out if you have a larger screen and the desire to down load it at 500k.

I did do sort of an update, or should I say rewrite on yesterday's journal entry too.

Tearing tube
April 6th, 2014:

I'm not sure if it was actually a tube, but it sure tore my right arm from me, trying to fit inside it. Boy I'm feeling it all-right.

Boy anyone one else wishing that person would have kept their mouth shut, because I'm sure tired of hearing about it.
       Nothing worse than hearing about someone wanting to do something and then they never do anything about it. There are some of us that would rather just have it over and done with.

Funny how these politicians like Christy, will go to Vagas to kiss ass, just because some guy says he wants to give away a hundred million or so.

And hey, what the hell happened to our warmer 60's something water?

Hanging the Blade Runner
April 8th, 2014:

Boy he sure got himself in a spot. No jury and a judge who just happens to be a woman. And then once he speaks, he's on his own and no amount of money nor any fancy lawyer can postpone the end result.

Schooling Stupid Kids
April 10th, 2014:

What's even worse is turning on the television and having to listen to a Stupid News Reporter trying to make sense of it. Hell your greed has got you using less than ten percent of your brain.
       Like they don't even think about telling us whether the security guard even had a gun or not. I'm betting that the stupid fool didn't.
       If any one had any brains, they would have snapped the kids neck when they had him down and red handed. Would have saved tax payer's a bunch of money. Now the moron will be put back out on the street after caging him up with other evil guys for five years. Yeah, the smart thing to do alright. But what the heck, you're breeding stupid people anyway.

Yah really have to laugh folks. From what I've been hearing on the street, most of you are running on only about 8% of your brain capacity. Shit it won't be long before you are totally dependent upon your Cell Phone. But what would happen if you had no way of recharging your phone?

Funny News Clips
April 11th, 2014:

Like that one of Hillary getting the shoe treatment.
       Anyone can tell you that it would have been well thought out, what just to say if something like that does ever happen to a politician.
       However from what I got from the secondary camera angle was that her reflexes are way behind reality and wouldn't have done much good if the gal with the shoe was a half ass decent shot.
       Not only that, but I should have you take note that the video recording that is supplied to the press, already had the comments from the lady with the shoe are done well deleted, and of course the media isn't exactly telling us what the lady was pissed off about either.
       I suppose you rack-up a few enemies when you have people knocked off.

El loco
April 12th, 2014:

It's a heart felt one for me. That UPS truck and bus accident. Maybe some of you feel it too.
       Also, I'm willing to bet that there are many other locals here in Oceanside, who welcome the sight of the March of Dimes Walk they have each year.
       It's a pleasant event for us and it's totally the opposite than something like the Ironman thing we just had to put up with.
       I'm one for not ever wanting to see just how any Olympics would raise havoc on our daily lives.
       Anyway, God bless those March of Dime Walkers as well as those who Walk for Alzheimer's here in Oceanside.

Walk for March of Dimes Oceanside

Oceanside March of Dimes on April 12th, 2014

Do surfers have them?
April 13th, 2014:

It cracked me up last might. This gal walking along with three young girls about ages 7 thru 10. She decided to inform the eldest if the three young girls, that it was me, "Sunnyside, is right there."
       The little girl just looked off through the railing disinterested, as they walked bye.
       I bet the fishermen on the pier has seen that a few times.

I do want to mention that the current featured book excerpt of the week is probably the first time I've ever posted anything about the time they spread phoney dying of AIDS rumors. Back when people were afraid to stand in the same line at the checkout counter if you had it.
       Some of the writing that has evolved out of the original is still a bit sketchy in places because the journal entry it was made out of was a real mess. So excuse me there.

Yeah have to laugh at this bit between the US Government and General Motors. I think it's funny because at only $7,000.oo per day, to withhold information from the investigation is like GM sending a guy out to the end of the assembly line with a sludge hammer. Just figure it's just like writing a loss of profits on one car per day. (And I'd bet they would send him out to the end of the line one their cheapest model too.)

Funny how it was kind of a joke to me when I heard that they were claiming to have the ability to tell one percent, one way or another. Never the less, I should say that the claim must have some weight to it because when the word got out that many of you are only using about 8%, there wasn't anyone laughing about it. I think it is safe to say that people are taking me a little more serious now days.
       My honest feeling about it is that you all have let your greed for technology take you farther away from being able to communicate with the use of telepathy.
      You've been trading in the use of your mind for the little box you are carrying around to communicate and you have to recharge it when ever you can.

Nobody is telling me

I not even sure if I should feel bad as I kinna do, but not knowing whether it's just a rumor or not kinna blows.
       To be honest with you I would not condone my own actions if it wasn't for the whole context of things that have happened to me and is still an on going thing with the media and all. You know am out to make them look like fools, and I would be a fool if I didn't.
       I'm sure there are those of you who see it and my perspective and do seriously apologize to those of you out there who don't understand were the humorous aspect of it comes form. Not exactly the way I like to be but I sorry, everything was there right in front of me and I just had to run with it.

I'm left wondering if these journalist were using the guy to collect logo add money from those labels stuck on the boards? I'd say that Quicksilver one looks a bit oversized to me, even bigger than the ones slader used..

Dog and Pony Show
Or a Baked Cookie?
April 16th, 2014:

"A Dog and Pony Show." At least that is what people on the street were calling it. Never the less, if you let your mind run with it, and consider the only thing that can be said about the whole conversation, was that he did say that he had tried to check out my web-site on the squad car's commuter, two or three times but it didn't work.
       Then again, consider he singularly asked about what Mini Roll-Off Truck was about. (The only web-site he ever mentioned.)
       But then when we met up at the coffee shop, he asked if I was on some sort of crusade, or something and he mentions about it as if it was something to do with some kind of feud or problems I've had with cops.
       That right there was a statement that could lead anyone to believe he had a little bit more knowledge about my situation than someone who had just claimed he had not been able to find the web-site.
       Regardless of what we do know, consider the possibility. But then again, the guy certain did seem like being a Dog and Pony show is just his personality as being a cop.
       Butt I read in to those possibilities. Was it some kind of a set up to see what I would say. If that's the kind of situation it was, it was the kind of situation that would make me want to keep my distance away from Sunnyside, if I were the one warring the cop's shoes. There is just too much that can be read into it by other people.
       Never the less, I controlled the conversation with back story, and something told me he would never let me get to the punch line, about how we ended up breeding stupid people like the rest of the world.
       He, was trying to tell me to take it easy and not to take things too seriously. (Yeah, like roll over and play dead, I was getting out of it.)
       Of course I did, check his current state of knowledge of what is going on in the world; he denied knowing that Speilberg is in Prison and he paid a hundred million for a pardon.
       Bottom line here: the Questions I would like to know here is, if something is actually blocking my web-sites from the cop's computers, than who did the blocking. And if that is what has actually happened, who's to say the that same someone couldn't send a few funky e-mails out to all the cops around me with a downloading cookie so that the would never find my sites on their phones or personal computers.
       So you can't rule out the possibility of being a Baked Cookie either.
       I don't know, the guy bought me coffee and everything, but I still don't know what he learned about me if any of it had any importance to him or anyone. I would have rather spent my time cramming some food down my mouth and paddling out with a pulled hamstring groin mussel or whatever it is.

Royal Pain in the Ass
April 17th, 2014:

The British Monarchy System is one system that uses the media to project an image to the rest of the world that is suppose to look like they are actually wanted.
       When the fact of the mater is that I know first hand that there are many who, (even I myself,) who happen to think the Monarchy is a total waste of a shit load of money. And I'm not just talking about the people within Great Britain, I'm talking about many Counties like Australia, New Zealand Canada, and many more which at one time was a part of the British Empire.
       The media doesn't exactly mention that the Countries these Rich people they call Royalty, often go around visiting other countries of which usually have to pick up the tab for their security and accommodations. And I know first hand that a visit from these wealthy people who are lucky enough to be called Royalty, usually cost hundreds of thousands of dollar, if not millions when they drop by to visit and make a photo op.
       Now with the baby, they claim to have a crew of twenty extra people to accommodate for the young couple, I feel it is just complete bullshit for tax payers to cover the expenses for the wealthy couple.
       Then on top of it, the Royal Family doesn't even provide badly needed maintenance to the Palace with the budget that I think is about $50 million to run the place. I feel that the Royal palace should then be rented out to the highest bid, because the Royal Family is running into the ground with over 80 water leaks. That alone will sure rot that palace from the inside out.
       I happen to think it's all about the handing down of the Royal Jews and how much money that the Royal family can barrow against them.
       Can you imagine that the Queen has a full time servant, just to take care of the Royal Jewels?

Happy Easter
Boston, you be running, I be paddling
April 20-21th, 2014:

There must have been a bunch of happy surfers out there. Some of the most beautiful waves in some time, without me in them. It was crowed enough with out me.
       Something tells me strapping a board to a bad leg might not be such a good idea. Never the less, I'm sure there are others who feel more capable of walking around on a surfboard than on pavement without getting getting into trouble with too much pain. My only question is wondering if my leash will get in the way if I put it on my forward leg. It's worth a try, right?.

I bet they have a wireless camera on every garbage can. And no backpacks?
       Wonder where they go that idea?
May the good Lord be with you all in Boston.

Rest in peace Rubin "Hurricane" Carter
May 6, 1937 – April 20, 2014

Rubin Carter the Hurricane

Just one of those guys I can say would actually know how it feels when someone takes your life away.

Meb Keflezighi

Congrats Meb Keflezighi
1st Place Winner of the Boston Marathon
April 21st, 2014:

It's my impression karma may have something to do with it. May I add that he's a local San Diegan and you can bet you'll only hear good things about him.

Boston, you be running....
April 21th, 2014:

There must have been a bunch of happy surfers out there. On Easter Sundays we had some of the most beautiful waves in some time, without me in them. It was crowed enough with out me.
       Something tells me strapping a board to a bad leg might not be such a good idea. Never the less, I'm sure there are others who feel more capable of walking around on a surfboard than on pavement without getting getting into trouble with too much pain. My only question is wondering if my leash will get in the way if I put it on my forward leg. It's worth a try, right?.

I bet they have a wireless camera on every garbage can. And no backpacks?
       Wonder where they go that idea?
May the good Lord be with you all in Boston.

Throw that puppy away
He's digging in the yard again.
April 22nd, 2014:

I'm willing to bet Speilberg may have dug pretty deep in many of those celebrities closets. I wouldn't doubt finding those ghosts would be a good way to bribe people like Tom Hanks and Oprah to play along with such a creepy criminal.

The question I have is: just how likely would it be for a gangster to wrap the grip of his handgun in friction or electrical tape?
       I don't know, but if I was missing a screw I would probably either find one to replace it or maybe I would even glue the grip in place.
       Never the less, either kind of tape would eventually slide and get get gooey and sticky. Butt, some tape may be of some help if your were to stash it somewhere and you didn't want it to rattle or rub something too much?
       I bet there are some of you who know just what I'm wondering about.
       Was it a thow-away?

Oh well
It was wet
April 23rd, 2014:

Yah put your leash on a different leg and you'll notice that you've forgot how much you get dragged by a board.
       Yesterday when I put on some old jeans of mine, the right ass cheek felt a bit snug, like I must have put my hip area though a lot of trauma.
       Today I sure didn't have much stability with it when my leg was extended and the elevator was almost non-existent.
       Never the less, my leash never got in the way, but it wasn't like I wasn't a bit pre-occupied and conscientious about it.
      Finally after a sudden cool down, the water warmed up a bit. That's a good thing, maybe the fish will start biting again.

Good thing the current is pulling down from the north while the dredgers are dumping next to the pier. Never the less, if it wasn't for favourable currents, I would think the dredge dumping would be much more efficient if the sand was deposited further south about a quarter to a half mile. I 've been wondering if the dredge pump has enough power to do so.

Trouble with the tubes
April 24th, 2014:

I don't now what it is, but it sure seems to me, that the odds of getting some damage somewhere has become a bit more common than I'd like to see.
       It hasn't been fair in that department. Where as I've been watching other guys do it an come out unsheathed, but like this morning, I ended up with some weird one that rolled up on the back of another one in front of it. I squatted down for a fit, but then the floor caved in.
       Needless to say anything other than one of my fins found the front leg of my new wet-suit.

On this minimum wage thing. I think raising it would increase the risk involved when hiring someone to train for any speciality business. It's always a gamble and you always have to figure in the fact that a news guys is more likely make a costly mistake and they are also going to be a bit slower than someone having some experience. Having less invested in say, a construction job because of the lower wage entry position often works out to lower over head and a higher profit margin, which allows for a cushion if anything just happens to go wrong or take longer for any reason.
       Never the less want to mention that I do agree with Warren Buffet about the positive effect it would have if there was an increase in the income tax credit for lower wage earners. I think letting them take home more of their pay checks would help keep their mouths shut and keep the minimum work alive.

Boy this Licence to sell weed scam they got going on in San Diego is a bit like favouritism for the rich who have money to make even more money with a limited competition factor figured in there.
       Its all about a city trying to make a bunch of money off a few rich people who are willing pay big money to make even more money, making the rich even richer. Totally the most unfair way of doing such a thing.
       Pisses me off.

Spreading the tourist dollars further north
Posted on Home page April 25th, 2014:

Boy from a calm to a blowing south wind in less than an hour, had it messed up in no time.
       I guess I have to face it. That it's just that people from all over know about me and when they plan their vacations to San Diego, they often put- "go see Sunnyside surf," on their list of places to go and things to do.
       The reason I just stated that is so we both know why I feel the need to apologize to the people who showed up last week and didn't get to see me, when I should not feel obligated to.
       In acceptance of a few fans who manage to make their way here to Oceanside, don't come down in the middle of the day expecting to see me surf. You have to get up pretty early to witness any ridable waves. Occasionally, the winds will die down enough for an evening session, but that isn't as often as I would like to see. It's a real fluke to have ride-able waves in the middle of the day, and boy do we love that when it happens.
       I bet the cops and life guards are asked where I'm surfing all the time. I'm pretty sure that's where the words, "tourist attraction" has been coming from.

Spreading the tourist dollars further north
April 25th, 2014:

Boy from a calm to a blowing south wind in less than an hour, had it messed up in no time.
       Well I'm too warm in my 3/2, and my 2/2 is too leaky, and cold, even with my vest underneath it.
       So the next time I wear the the 3/2, I'm going to make the sleeves where I want to cut them. I'm going do the same thing I did to my old 4/3. I just hate long sleeves and I think the 3/2 is a better fit for short sleeve, but of course it is none standard for those of you who give a shit. So I'm smart enough to know how to make it happen myself thank you. Probably blows the warranty.

And it's my guess we've reversed a trend of the amount of e-collie that ends up in the ocean around us. From what it sounds like, it was down even further last month and I'm beginning to get the feeling that there is so much excitement over it because the problem was escalating before I told people to leave their dogs at home if they are coming to the beach.
       And I might mention that I noticed a shit load of long boards on Craigslist.
       Guess nobody is buying them either?
       The way I look at it, that's not a bad thing either.

Old school to save time?
April 28th, 2014:

to do list at mystyupidrules

Anyhow, to show you I don't have any shortage of things to write about, I figured I'd just start a list the day before yesterday. Wasn't even a whole day before I had the page in my note book filled.
       I figure what is the point? I don't want to spend all my time in front of this computer trying to make everything come out right and say the right thing.
       Hell, I fixed a ding in my board and people knew it was from my head.
       To be honest, I'm never the less, anyhow, any way, and oh yeah, sick and tired of it all.
       I'm thinking of going back to just writing a hand written journal, one I don't have to fire up every time I get an idea in my head. I'll just take a picture of it and post that instead. A touch of old school you could say and I'm figuring I'm going to save time; hopefully

When yah paddle out in big junky waves, you know it's all about finding those 2 or 3, maybe 3 or 4 waves, that are good ones that carry on though where you can actually do something with them. But in Yesterday's case, there must of be others who had there eye on me the whole time because I'm not the only one who watched soon after I got out there a longboard with red on it took two of my good waves away from me, backing out of one and then loosing the other.
       I could have had another, but the guy who had the pocket coming up to him didn't go and by then it was too late for me to turn around. (I turned to another, who was there and saw it, "That's what is called, taking up space."

Its a trap
April 28th, 2014:

Phone mouse trap

I figured for the sake of art.

Looks like the Clippers need to loose a few games. Make the team cost less to buy.

Had are so called big day of the week. I landed a couple long fast ones, but none to write home about. And can you believe nobody in my whole family has ever seen me play my bass or surf?

I bet the Mayham shaper dude from Lost surfboards could have used a little Rule Number 21.
       It was kinna scarry actually. I didn't expect there to be any crowd at the surfshop and when I heard the term, 8%er as I hit the land ing in the middle of the stairway, I wondered just how many enemies I could possible have up there.
       I made a bee line to the back where the patch stuff and the used boards are. It became obvious to me, that the moment I pulled up across the street, the word must have made it all the way upstairs that Sunnyside was there.
       I stopped next to the table where this guy I assumed was some pro surfer, autographing posters. ( Now it all makes sense, that the guys in there were a bit older than what I would think be wanting autographs, it's probably because a lot of them were shapers themselves.)Anyhow, having me stand there watching him made him freeze up and he couldn't think of what to write and making his name legible wasn't even going to happen. (I was wondering if it could be John John, or someone, I didn't care. I don't want anyone,s autograph anyway.
       I've always figure, that I could never go around having book signings, but if I did, I'd be afraid that they would all be middle aged women.

Dumber by the day
April 29th, 2014:

One of the better days for waves, but the crowd just killed it.
       Yah give an idiot a piece of foam and he thinks he can go deeper. Funny thing about it is these morons think because they say they have it, they expect you to give up a perfectly good wave, only to see that they can't make it. A good wave to have wave go unridden.
       Where do these guys come form? We should find out and go put a lock on the gate so they can't get out.

There has been a flood of rumors claiming that Speilberg had killed himself, but folks, really, wasn't that same rumor going around about a month ago?
       One could assume the gag order wouldn't matter to the networks and they would at least announce that he was dead. I myself don't understand why they wouldn't but I myself am not a whore, so how would I know?
       But to be honest with you, television, movies and the people in Hollywood kinna creep me out now days. Don't think I'll ever go to another movie, and I sure don't watch much of television any more either.
       As far as I'm concerned about the folks in Holly wood is that they can stick it where the sun doesn't shine, butt that's just them, they got their head up their asses. Whatta bunch of nut jobs.
       I also keep hearing what a shit hole Morro bay is now days.
       You can't say I didn't warn you.

Dumber they get
May 5th, 2014:

Can you even believe what kind of shit is in the News?
       Pretty stupid if you ask me.

Then you come around here to be entertained I suppose?
       But that is kind of a problem when I don't want any part of it.
       Oh yeah, two more days, Speilberg is suppose to present Obama with an award. Somewhere, the location is something I'm sure they left out on purpose.

Gotta Time and place:
I'm wondering if the place even exist?

Looks like the water warmed up a bit
Is it the start of fishing season?
May 9th, 2014:

Never the less, there were a few happy fishermen today.

fish in bucket oceanside peir

Russian Roulette
Are they Smarter and more powerful than you?
Are you under their thumb?
May 10th, 2014:

It's like playing Russian Roulette when you have your News media and Government Officials controlled by anyone who owns a Billion Dollars. When you have so many Billionaires, let alone a few Billionaire whom may have got their money their corruption practices.
       Obama, the United States president is one who isn't even afraid of rubbing it in your face. I'm wondering how a person can even go on thinking that if he has the media jumping through hoops to conceal his criminal activities from the public. I don't understand how either Obama or Speilberg can even think they can pull it off.
       They question here is: Who's the Stupid Morons here? The tax payers of this country, or Speilberg and Obama?

Rule 22 & 50
Burn that Money
May 15th, 2014:

The thing that always gets me is just how they start things. Blaming it on the Homeless camps.
       Well, I'm one who is more in touch with just how the homeless live. I'm taking about one of the biggest difference in living homeless in Washington State and California.
       In Washington, a homeless person can forge around in the woods and find things to make a fire with, but in California, one will most likely be down to the choice of some brush.
       Now if you think you can light some brush without a bunch of smoke, and without someone calling the fire department or police because of it, you are doing better than the rest of us could.
       The thing that comes to my mind is that with your fire departments and your defence contractors, they are more of the same. Like necessary evils, because just with Defence contractors, funded by the federal government, the fire departments and the industries that support them with all their expensive gadgets and air drops; they are going to make sure they have a good profitable fire season. There is just too much profit involved, as well as too many good paying jobs on the line. Therefore you will always have fires to put out and you will always have wars to fight.

Another thing to consider:
       That there have been over 100 fire fighters who have been prosecuted every year for setting fires. Now the question to ask is: Are they catching, one out of three, or just one out of ten?
       Well, the last person I asked said the probability is more like one out of ten, so that means that we can expect to have 1,000 fires set per year, set by the very industry we pay to put them out.
       I bet the next big scheme is when the deam it a natural disaster in order to get federal dollars to pay for it all. I'm willing to bet that the actual amount of acreage burned claimed is fudged as much as they can because I figure that it has something to do with how much money they can get out if a fire. (They probably have a saying that says: when in doubt, let it burn.)
       The way I look at it, they are either want to be hero’s or pyro's. 8%ers who make a lot of money, playing around with expensive toys and 8%er's who think of them as their hero’s.
       And one of the funny-ist thing about the situation is that you have the fire departments performing the investigations as to who might have set the fires. Kinna the same thing as having the Police Police themselves. You can bet they will cover each other's backs, (or look the other way you could say,) because it's only in their best interest to do so.

I don't know or actually care what you may think, but I think they heard about a stroke of heat and dry weather coming up and the started out last weekend setting off the homeless camps so the media would blame it on the homeless. But eight fires set throughout the county in one day is something even the homeless couldn't possibly do. But a fire machine very well could.

Oh yeah; I laugh every time the media as well as the fire department talk about the DC-10 as being an asset to fighting fires. Folks, it's a dog and phoney show.
       I say this because I heard first hand from a guy who runs crews made up of prisoners. He said that it just gets in the way because all the other air support have to evaluate the area, because of the air space it needs to fly. Then half the time they can't get into the area close enough and often miss the spot all together.
       He said, all the disruption, and then the turn around time on top of that, it just takes away any effectiveness from it."

burn that money

Operation Appreciation Day
May 17th, 2014:

I wonder if they even realize that they are the ones being operated on?
       If the operation is successful, they will be Cyborgs wearing metal suits, killing other people with stolen inventions.

I wonder who if flipping the bill for such a pathetic Celebration? I would think the defence contractors or politicians would, because they are the ones who are profiting from that 35% of your pay-check.
       Now I bet the defence contractors would consider that it would be also looked at as a loss of profits, but then again, a small token of appreciation could also be looked at as a tax write off for them.
       As for the politicians, they aren't even that honest, they will figure out a way to dip into the other 65% of the taxes you pay, to get you to pay for it instead.
       I don't know what you may think about this, but I sure don't appreciate anyone kidnapping my kids and using them to kill other people. That' Evil on top of Evil. Or another way to call it: Kidnapping and Murder.
       You are suppose to go to jail for either one, but since there is profit in such evil doings, the government and their programmed slaves will move on with the mission to make you even more susceptible to be taken over by Evil.
       That is if you are not already.

Oh yeah, the arsonist, or I should say firemen, got what they wanted at the expense of all these fires. They got 300 more jobs and I wouldn't doubt the guys who plan on selling a few $500.000.oo fire-trucks to carry them around could have very well set a few of them as well.

May 19th, 2014:

Hell, I only saw two bass players, one was in a band that sounded like a bunch of school kids from down under and the other was in that dragon band. Which I think royally sucked. Both lame ass bassplayers were not actually bass players at all if you ask me. They were just the typical guitar players playing bass and not able to do much more than straight eighth notes.
       And that whole Jackson Hologram thing was also a joke to me. I could tell that the guy dancing, (who they imposed Jackson's face on to,) was too white. I mean he never did get into the groove like Jackson would have. The white dude dancing wasn't in the same groove as the voice of MJ. I wasn't aware that it was suppose to be a hologram, but I was expecting it to be, but I figured that it would have been an old film clip of the real Jackson, converted into a 3D holograme image. But when I saw the moves, I just figured that they had hired one of those Los Vagas impersonators to perform, while lip syncing. (Kind of an insult to me.)
       Never the less, I can easily understand several reasons why there were a lot of people a little annoyed at the ordeal. Although I would never care what the child molester would thing about it, I can see why anyone would dislike seeing such a reproduction of themselves in such a way.
       Another that was way out of line is that a judge just snubbed the true owners of the Hologram technology that was used. It's sad to see that some ass hole judge can grant permission to steal someone's intellectual property. That alone just pisses me off about the whole Billboard organization.
       But what the hell, they are just a bunch of stupid 8%ers anyway.
       I just wonder if the musicians from days gone past think as I do? That the musical talent that is out there now days is nothing like the talent that was available in the 20th century. There is just a bunch of lousy talent out there and I'm just amazed that people are just stupid enough to buy it, because I can't even stand listening to most of it.

Rule Number 50 Again
May 20th, 2014:

For those of you who may feel that only a $35 Million Dollar fine isn't fare for the victims, nor fare for the competition, when comparing the fines Toyota had to pay for their problems.
       Ask yourself, if you have found yourself in the position of when it matters.
       If you have, you should be aware that O'bama's Bailout contract between the US Government and General Motors LLC, limited the liabilities GM had to uphold to. From what I understood,GM actually didn't have to guarantee the warranties on the cars they made, and the amounts that General Motors could be be liable for if sued.
       More or less GM was supposed to be able to sell you all lemons and get away with it. I'm sure I wrote about it before.
       From what I gathered, GM was able to sell you all lemons and get away with it. The question I have is that how come the latest penalties enforced against GM still appeared to be reduced after GM has claimed to have sold the last of the Shares owned by the US Government? The last shares of government owned stock was supposed to be sold off at a huge loss some time ago and I'm sure I wrote something about that too.
       Bottom line here is: if you got screwed over by General Motors, and you have been a Obama supporter, I can only laugh because that one sure came back and bit you. I'd say you screwed yourself pretty good right there.
       As this stupid generation would text- LOL.

Rule Number 51,50
Measure three times, cut once.
May 22nd, 2014:

The rules need to change when your country is facing its 7th or 8th decade of selective breeding stupid people.
       Come on, you are telling me that you took out a second mortgage on the house, to buy a new boat and you didn't even think about whether the new one was going to fit in the garage?
       But really folks, the people right here in San Diego are approaching their third decade and they have their own example of railway knowledge.
       It's my guess, that these stupid Americans went out and bought some of China's BYD's light rail trains for transportation across the north county.
       Anyone with common knowledge of commuter trains should be aware that the brake rotor are usually mounted to the axil, outside of the wheels.
       Get this, these Smart Ass San Diegans bought a bunch of cheesy rail cars that only have one rotor per axil and the rotors were mounted in between the wheels. (Only one rotor mounted in the center of the axil.)
       Boy, I can't tell you how stupid that is. Well of course the brakes are going to wear out at least twice as fast as they should when you only have one instead of two per axil, but the real problem is: trying to replace the rotors without replacing the whole dam axils!
       Now the idiots came up with the brilliant idea of replacing them with two piece rotors. I haven’t seen how that was done, but I can sure think of a few ways of doing such a thing as well as a few ways problems are likely to result from it. Never the less, you can tell when the rolling junk piles are coming because the brakes constantly make squeaking noises.

Oh, you are telling me that people who work for the Veteran's Administration get bonuses? Boy if that doesn't sound fishy.

And remind me to never let Kim Kardasian in on anything I want to have kept secrete.

Craming a Plug into my Cage
May 23rd, 2014:

Well I'm committed to sacrificing the ability to watch TV from my kitchen. (Been watching less and less all the time anyway.) At least the front door entry appeal of my cage will go up.
       I figured I'd let you in on it before it arrives.
       It's know to many of you as the plug because it is as wide as the Stoneman but nine inches shorter. Butt for a guy like me who surfs so much like a heavy guy, the 6'2" looks it must be really pluggy. Never the less at 6'0" it must weigh about half as much the Stoneman yet it's retaining over 34 leaders of volume. I figure it will make a good utility board but I'm hoping I didn't make a mistake, because I thinking I probably should have got the 5'10". Butt the way I look at it is that the 6'0" will defiantly up the wave count and there is nothing worse than a board that is too small. I just hope it isn't too wide and it doesn't roll on me. Any smaller I would have lost a lot of foam, and when you are 54, foam is your friend.
      I'm hoping a 6' 0" ________ will work a little better than my Quad does on those days when the wind is onshore and the waves are supper mushy. The goal is to not have to rely on the Stoneman for anything other than those waist high Longboard days, where you have to have some kind of rail just to get the thing going.
       I'm hoping to surf my new board as a thruster, (three fin,) but at 16" in the tail, that plan would have been more likely if I would have dropped it down in size an inch or two. I'm betting the fins out of my Quad will work pretty good, but what I really hoping for is that a my set JC's will do the job. Then I also have the option of AM1 Black Stix of which I'll probably double up on the rear and make them into a Quad set. (I've got the making for that, but I figure there will be too much tail that way.)
       Anyhow, I ordered the 6'0" yesterday and I'm hoping it will take less than two weeks to get it.
       Funny-thing, for the life of me, I don't have a clue as to what I should do for a paint job. I've I got a traction pad I never did put on my round tail already, so I do something with a similar stripe layout as on my round tail and it will fit nicely into the stripe on the traction pad, (of which I need to find, and maybe that will give me some kind of idea.) Maybe I just need to ride it a few times and I'll pick up one the board's own personality traits and that will inspire an idea for it.

Made the right call
May 24th, 2014:

I guess there are a lot of guys who have tried both the 6-0 and the 5-10
      They say that the 6-0 has more flex and feels less like a fake board. (both boards are at 2.5")
       Anyhow, I sure could have used it today.
       Another thing: They say its a Quad. (I kinna figured that.)
       Applying the last coat of elastomaric on the new hard top I built for my Woody, today, so....

Synchro-woody with Topper

My Synchro-Woody with Topper

Even Hollywood and more Stupid People.
May 26th, 2014:

I've been telling you all for quite some time about how the folks in Hollywood are a bunch of crazy dumb asses. And the son of one of those Hollywood directors just showed you all in Isla Vista over the week-end.
       Spoiled rotten kid driving dad's old BMW. Life must have been tough for the 8%er. Or at least he thought so.
       I couldn't help but laugh at the father of one of the dead boys because he was on the news asking when is it going to end? But really folks, it's never going to end as long as you keep breeding stupid people, because mental illness and stupidity go hand in hand. More or less, you need to consider both the same and just the end result you are going to get from your greed and the fact that you are killing the inventors off, just because you want what they have to offer. I'm still waiting for the day when you have no one left to offer you anything that is novel. Suckers, go cry in a hole somewhere, preferable the same hole as the hole you are about to bury your stupid kid.

They put out a big thank you out over the week end for the fire-fighters.
       But really folks, you just handed them $1.8 Billion Dollars after they torched your place.
       And if they only catch one out of ten, that means your are facing 1,000 this year and I think they just got $5 Million dollars extra per fire. (Something like that in just California alone.)
       Tell me who the suckers are? Where I come from, they'd say that the fire-fighters have been taking you all for a ride.

Oh,yeah when I get a little paddled out, tired and lazy, I tend a little sloppy and more likely to take the waves a little bit late. Never the less, I guess I'm getting pretty good at pitching my board sideways as I jump on to it off the top of the lip. Other guys have been noticing my sideways take off and I've been amazing myself with that trick. A little scary but it seems to have been working for me.

Moron of the day:
       The guy who is driving around with 1,500 watts of Rap Music Pounding, with his 7 year old kid sitting in the back seat.

Got a two machines that you are building.
May 27th, 2014:

Got a War machine you are building outside of the country and a a fire fighting machine right here at home, and you wonder why you can't get any money for your kid's education when you are convinced by industry that you need them to profit from you more.
       See, the deal: they got three products to sell you all, one is called freedom and the other is security and safety.

Even though everyone I asked believed that they are catching only one out of ten firemen who set fires and not one person claimed my optional answer of 1 out of 3. So lets give them a benefit of the doubt and called it catching one out of five.
       What I getting at is that big hole I left on yesterdays post because I was too dam lazy to see if the calculators could perform as large of calculations as 1,800,000,000 divided by 500. So today I'm posting that you just paid them $3,600,000 to fight each fire, they will most likely set in the first place.

Then you can never forget about Security. That's what the cops are busy selling you. can you believe they had you paying $175,000 for a RC Helicopter with a camera mounted on it. No telling how many of those you paid for. Anyone can tell you that they probably cost lest than $3,000.oo to put together.
       Like those cameras you paid for in Morro Bay's police cars, and then the crooked cops get to edit the videos however they want.
       The shit that has been going down here in Oceanside with their cops is just criminals written all over it.
       But then you got the problem of the hole justice system just sitting there on their hands not doing anything about the crap that is blatantly obvious.
       Kinna like what just went down in Santa Barbara. Too me it looks as though those cops there are only concerned about getting their eight hours in. Harass, someone once in awhile and take a few people down to the jail every week so it looks like they are doing something.
       When ever the kids want to party a little those cops there all make a bunch of over time when they have a chance to dust off their riot gears so they can show a little force in order to use the media for the impression that they are actually needed at all.

10 o'clock has been coming early.
May 28, 2014:

Yesterday I tried my luck at the Harbor and by 9 o'clock everyone was pushing each other over so far that they were just too deep.
       After seeing three perfectly good waves, in what seemed to be about the only good waves in the set, went on unridden because of the morons going too deep. After the realization that I was sitting in the perfect spot on at least two of them, and didn't get any, I figured it was time to go in.

Good thing they can't buy a wave.
Rule Number 4,10,19,20,26,39 & 66
May 29, 2014:

I'm sure many of you were thinking that the second I bought a new board, there would be many other's kinna or should I say may be jealous, because like many of you, you would figure that manufacture would most likely make a shit load of money because of it.
       And if any of you think like I do and you happened to be the lucky chosen one, you would at least expedite the custom order and make sure it was on the earliest shipment, figuring the sooner Sunnyside is surfing that surfboard the better. Then again if any of you think like me, you'd also ask yourself, what kind of return on investment do the receive from one of there own pro surfers?
       I don't know any good way to get around to the bottom line of what I'm saying here, but I now wonder if the custom board I bought last time was sabotaged from the get go, (and wonder how much Speilberg could have paid them to screw up my board,) and I'm not looking to burn $750.00 to find out if what I now suspect is true this time around.
       After today, there is just too many red flags going up and I'm about to pull the plug on any of that kind of trouble.

When I say I've been around the block a few times, I can tell you when I've been there before.
       Get this:
       It's just like the time when I was about to buy a new surfboard. The day I went in to get it Al had one Eye Tom working the shop for him.
       I was excited about the board and decide not to wait until Al was there but when it came to pay for it, I was $15 short with my cash on hand and I needed to drive three blocks down to the road to the bank to get it. I told him not to sell the board because I'd be back in just a few minutes with the rest of the money.
       I came back fifteen minutes later and he had sold my board to some college students who had just happened to be standing around in the shop when I was picking out my board.
       When that happens to you a second time, you know it. And you are not going to gamble away another $750 dollars to see just how honest a surfboard manufacture is.
       Anyhow, the game plan changed. I just put a board on lay-away and let's see what good that does me.
       Next stop is the third trip of burning about $12 to $15 fuel each. And top that stupidity with the interest on the loan from pawning my bass so I could have it this week instead of next. I'm more than a hundred dollars into a surfboard I will never own.
       I burned $100 and put a shit load of carbon in the air for just trying to get a surfboard. Now how can you top the stupidity in that?
       Bottom line is: Stupidity can rub off on a person and this just proves what happens when it does.

Anyhow, I think this new board is going to be way hotter than the other board I'm about to pass on. I stepped it up and inch and brought it in to 19 7/8 , because even my quad likes to roll a bit at 19 5/8 (20 1/2 just seemed a little ridiculous.)
       And the tail is now going to 15 1/2 instead of what I was afraid of also was over 16 at 16.3. (My Quad can get a little scary at 15 and my round tail always seems to hold good at 14.5)
       This newer plan B board doesn't look near as bulky as the 6 0 but they managed to cram 2 11/16 of foam in it over the 2 1/2 and it still came in at 34.2 litres which is real close, only a 0.6 drop.
       Way hotter, but I happen to think it may just fit between the Quad and my 6 4 round tail. So I have some doubt whether or not the Stoneman will find a resting place in my Tooler, or Woody, like I was hoping it would. I just think this new board is going to be more versatile. It has a better chance of working as a tri-fin than the one I had ordered. Like when I can't Figure out which one to take out Quad or Round tail, I'll have a go between.

Rule Number 55
May 30th, 2014:

Got bitched out by the Mister Pro surfer with an orange chip on his shoulder this morning. I still don't know what he was taking about, but I'm guessing he thought I was someone else. Or maybe it was him and his buddy trying to put politics in at the local surf break. Maybe it was his team partner who cried after getting hit by my board, but gee what do you expect when you paddle out right behind a guy an how was I to know he was even there.
       Kinna like the Moron in Morro Bay who fallowed me, and I might add, and I didn't even ditch the board like I will do time to time over the choice getting pumbled with it.
       Anyhow, the wave picked me and my board up and put us both smack dab on top of the spoiled Cal Poly Student. That was the day my quad was officially trashed with six creases across the bottom. I paddled it over to him and asked if he wanted to by it for $700.oo
       Anyhow, neither one of these mister pro surfers have enough common sense to figure out that one. Maybe they have to get landed on to know better, because surfing surfing sure has taken on the monkey see monkey do sort of thing. Common sense isn't much part of what is going on out there. Even the want to be pro surfers are all surfing the same wave the same way as each other.
       From what I see of them: they take one wave, in one spot, take it over and after several seasons and the understand what the wave will do at any given moment along the way, and at the right spot they do there tricks and once that is established, they call a photographer to come down an take a shot of what they've worked up too.
       I don't know if the word boring fits it actually, but it is reputation and pretty much like a girl spending an hour in the bathrooom before she goes out.
       It's like I've heard a lot of trash for some of them lately. Like they say my cut backs suck, slow or something like that.
       Maybe it's a habit I picked from surfing the Stoneman too much, but I actually think my habits are forever changing back and forth from one week to the next.
       I think of it as rule No. 4 and just like a box of chocolates, I like to just let each individual wave be their own flavour, so I just go with the flow and let each wave dictate to me how I should surf it. I just get the job done with what ever tool I can pull out of the bag. Nothing real fancy, I just try not to fall.
       Beside's, I really don't care what other surfers think of my lack of talent as they may say. Never the less, just hearing the women on the beach say that I don't fall down is good enough for me.

Today I sucked. The glassiness made the wave appear cleaner than they were and at about chest high. Just right for my Quad I had thought. But it was like Glassy junk in Morro Bay, but at half scale.
       Just Morro Bay my Quad would hang up and not let me go until the lip was pitching me. I must have been pumbled hard at least a half a dozen times before I got my act in gear. (Should have fetched my round tail after the first two over the falls.)

Kinna funnny how you don't see Obama with his wife and kids any more lately.

Rule Number 16,19,20,28,33,49,78,85 & 88
May 31st, 2014:

I've been wanting to inform you about a few of those ass-holes around here. Or should be call it the cleansing of the business environment around here in Oceanside to begin with.
       Unfortunate, when you are homeless, the wealthy people don't mind to rob you. They have no problem with that.
       Like the guy who owns the Richer Alternator and starter rebuild shop, over there off Oceanside Boulevard by where they run the garbage truck business.
       That guy will take your alternator into his shop to check it out and tell you that it's completely shot, when there is absolutely noting wrong with it. He will charge you $175.oo to rebuild it even though he knows that it's the voltage regulator, back on the truck that is actually shot. You can bet he'll even buy the cheapest less than $10,oo regulator voltage regulator he can find and charge you $25 for it, even if you are actually putting it on yourself, soldering and all and . he can find to sell you.

Another thing about being Homeless, going out to to have even greasy fish and chips and a bit for the budget, so taking advantage of the Tuesday special at the Harbor Fish and Chip place managed to get my money a few times..
       But the last time, I didn't have to wait at all for owner to cook it.
       He grabbed a basket of the Two Piece Special that had been already cooked twice and sitting under the warmer, tossed a freshly cooked (and only cooked once,) piece on top of it, handed to the waitress and told her to give it to me.
       Even the girl looked like she just could not believe it herself and that's probably why there has been a help wanted sign in the window the last time I walked by the place.
       Kid's if you want to practice your graffiti, or even throw rocks at windows, I swear, these two places are really good places to be doing so because they sure do deserve it.

Oh yeah, don't let those Goodwill commercials fool you. They are not about helping anyone at all. The fact is, they take advantage of certain laws designed for hiring the disable just to take advantage of the disabled and pay them practically noting.
       If there wasn't those laws protecting Goodwill, they couldn't get away with it, they would then have to pay at least the minimum wave like the rest of us.(So that Minimum wage all you were crying about last month, really doesn't exist, when you have some sort of disability.)
       It's totally legal to exploit these people and Goodwill is very good at doing it sense they got the crooked law makers to make a special law for them so that they can be above the minimum wage law that the rest of us have to fallow.
       Get this: Goodwill is so tight with the truly disabled, They often hire, (well all the time,) people who are usually homeless people working through Labour Ready. So that alone tells you that Goodwill could actually pay minimum wage. I I think the law made for the sole purpose to exploit the disabled actually makes it more practical to sit at home and do nothing, when they could be working if Goodwill was actually willing to pay them more instead of paying more to an outsource company. Does any of this Mean anything to you? Can you comprehend what I just wrote?

And I've waited for quite a while to mention my suspicions. I didn't want to contaminate the rumours and I waited so that I might hear about it a few times before I made it pop up at all myself. But last night when I heard the conversation of two marines walking right behind me. I was clear as day. But I'm still more interested in the details. They said the whale belly was full of the flying jellyfish, just like I suspected, but I'm wondering if it was just one or several and how big and many there were?
       I figured that either we don't have the kind of sharks that eat whales around here or that they could smell the toxins in the whale and wouldn't eat it.
      Boy people what are you going to do? they got you running on 8% and I'm the sharpest tool you keep in the bottom of the tool box shitting in a bucket and we all Know the Hillary Clinton will be trying to kill me any day soon. Suckers. I'm embarrassed for you.

Oh yeah, I found another Meathead Martin, right here in Oceanside. He's been on the force for 15 years and I bet he's got every hormone and steroid boosters that he can find. The idiot scared me so much, I had to have him frisk and hand cuff me, just to write me up with a citation. He was trying to tell me he was doing me a favour, because he could have written me up for a different one for a hole lot more. But I don't know about paying anyone $280.oo for not doing what he wrote me up for, even though he never even saw me do what he's saying I did. I seriously don't even think he investigated it any because there was a shit load of witnesses less that 100 ft from where we were and I didn't see him go there or ask anyone about it.
      But folks; even at 8% brain capacity, would you pull up to an RV dump station with say twenty people standing right there, talking about you, would you pour your sewer down the drain that feeds into the Ocean at the very beach you are about to go surfing at?
      Come on, now are you telling I'm stupid enough to do that?
      Oh yeah, that same cop killed a homeless man sitting who was sleeping on a park bench, planted a throwaway, and called him a Gangster. The Media never said who the cop was, and we never heard what the Oceanside Police Department did with their investigation. The whole killing just went away, like a homeless man didn't mean didily squat shit. I'm betting the cop will get away with it and on June 4th, the answer to that question just may cost me $280.oo.

Today I've found myself crying. Can you believe I miss Australia that much.

It was a place I could be by myself and not have to be remind of all the ass-holes and stupidity over running the place.

Today, I could even pick up a speck of desire to go surfing and sit amongst you all. You taken everything from me. You take my kids and use them to kill for profit and there is no way in hell I want you for my friend. The last thing I want to do is have you come over and steal my wave, and I know for sure there are plenty of you who will do so. But that's one thing I can do something about.

oh I've got one for you:
     Any of your 8%er friend got hoops in their ears?
       Well go get yourself a padlock and cable or chain. Wait until he falls asleep and lock them up to something. Then charge them a hundred bucks to let them loose. If you out number him, you don't even have to wait until he falls asleep. Just be smart about it, you have to do it in a basement or somewhere they can yell all they want and nobody is going to hear them.
      I tell you, me and so-o-o many of my old buddies would have looked at you all with those hoops, like picking money off a tree. We'd get your pin numbers and flat clean you out.
      I know, I'm sorry, but every time I see someone who has stretched out their ears like that, I want to laugh.
      Yeah thought you picked up a chick last night, but when you woke up, you found yourself lock to the bed post by your ear, the chick is gone and so is your wallet. Cracks me up every time.

Make that a Double Rule Number 28
& Number 8 of course

The is no way in hell I could recall the number if times I've see the name Hunter on the name tag pined to a cop. Anyhow, there is also no way in hell I could tell you how many times a cop has lied to me, but you can bet just I know when a surfboard has been sold out from underneath me, I sure as hell know when a cop is lying to me.
      And to come around to tell me that they are going to be watching me isn't worth the hot air, because we all know I'm being watched all the time.
      Can you believe he came around accusing me of throwing "piss," out my door. He said they had pictures and everything, but he could produce jack shit. I told him he was a lazy ass fat ass pig and he probably takes he fat ass home and sits his fat ass on the couch and plays video games and practices shooting people.
      Well, not exactly, yah know I had to abbreviate it a bit because my teeth are not the greatest for long speeches, but good for frothing at the mouth which usually gets rid of them.
      Anyhow, we can all assume he had orders to come harass me with a made up complaint and bring them back the recording, but I don't think those morons wanted to wait. I'm willing to bet he had his phone on, connected to his buddies who were all listening to a speaker phone.
      I just can't believe I may just have to look for another domain name for the Oceanside Police, because it will only cost a buck and I have a bad feeling that there won't be any shortage of material for it.
      Boy what a difference it makes when Hillary steps up to bat hah? Goes to show you that the police department are like organized criminal empires that feed off the money that the politicians feed them. They are the politicians very own street gangs.
      The difference of these street gangs is the love of the fact that un-like other street gangs, police department gangs are always above the law. They can get away with anything. They could walk right up and pull my door open, just like Hunter tried to but I had it tied, (which is illegal,) he could have just opened up my door and killed me and he very well could have gotten away with it. ( Probably give him a few weeks of for paid leave so he can go to the Bahamas, and I wouldn't doubt if he'd get some really good seats at a ball game for the appreciation of his good work at killing the target.)
     And by the way, legally, when someone just forces your door open like that, you are suppose to have the right to shoot them.
      Anyhow, lets chalk that one up for invasion of privacy and braking and entering. Hunter is guilty of that, just ask the guy who was sitting not more than 35 feet away from the incident. Boy I wonder how much I could spend trying to do something about that? Yeah, I know, I'd find my ass sitting a jail just like in Morro Bay. No Difference.
      Another thing that was alarming quite similar as the people in Morro Bay and the surf shop. The employees just condoned it as if it was standard practice. Nothing new, I just caught them at it. But the stupid part about it was why would they do it, to especially me of all people? I find it hard to believe they didn't know who I was. Well apparently, just as with me or anyone else, they don't care, they are in the business to make a buck.
      The funny thing about it is they left money sitting on the table. Hell the work on the street says they only got a thousand dollars for it. They thought they were scheming the guy for a $350.oo profit over what they would have og by selling it for me. (Like when someone hires me, I say don't listen to lies for free, they will come around in a week offering you $10,000.oo to fire me.) Shit I should have told them how to handle it, split that cash and I could buy a dozen surfboards. Butt anyway, I can't think of everything all the time, I'm just a flunky on the looser 8%er planet. Neither the Oceanside Police Department or the surf shop have any idea what public relations is. They are doing their own damage. I don't actually have to say a thing. With such a lack of privacy, I don't even have to name names and I figure with all the hoop lah with social media, people will fuss over it more if I leave a bunch of holes to fill. If I don't know something, I'll leave it up to them to find out.
      With public relations I'll leave it up to the people to dog your ass ,because I really don't give a damn and I'm sure have better things to do than even think about people I never want to see again.
      Yes folks, the City of Oceanside is stupid enough to harass what they call their own tourist attraction.
      But then again, I am an idiot, apparently a flucky who wasn't smart enough to go to the planet with the smart people, and I could very well be wrong about the citie's well studied tactics.
      Maybe, they know something I don't know, like maybe even more People would come to Oceanside if they could come see me get harassed by Oceanside's bully street cops, than there would be people coming to come watch me surf. Maybe they think the waves will stop coming to shore or something.

Oh I've got some Spielberg news.
News that could make us believe that Obama sold him a pardon because the Hollywood reports is saying he is about to direct a couple movies. Check out-

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Dooms Day for Private Inventors
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My Stupid Movie Idea

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In Court with Martin
January 11, 2011

Arrested by Martin
November 17-24, 2010

Me and my truck spent the week in jail last week.
Yes folks, I'm accused of being a criminal once again.

Jailed by Martin
November 17-24, 2010

The most revolutionary tool box in the world,
sitting in a room of poisonous insecticide

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      I've actually tried doing a criminal background check on myself because I would love to find one that wasn't true. I've learned that even when they say it's free, that it is not. However, I did find one that will refund your money if you cancel a monthly subscription with 7 days.
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