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Belly of Spot on Forth of July

Spot thought that bringing a Firecracker along for a ride
on the 4th of July, it might bring some Good Luck.
       I think it did.

Rule 50.
June 1st, 2014:

Well sometimes that throw it out sideways don't work, and this morning there was a couple times I was thanking God for the fact that I didn't get slam down onto my board and brake it or something. (A bit scary,) But I will say, I'm sure at least one of them, I wouldn't have made it anyway no mater what I would have done trying to catch the wave.
       It appears that my comment about the Catty development of mister pro surfers who show up at the pier with the intentions of taking over the place stuck a cord that vibrated fairly strong amongst you all.
       I have to admit I am a bit proud of the fact that I've heard comments from the coffee shop about how all the kids want to learn how to surf like me. Just this morning while I was out in the water I heard a Grom tell his buddy that very same thing.
       One major difference between the local surfers here and those wanna be pro surfers that show up from where ever, the locals have a much better understanding of not interfering with me and they know I'm not about interfering with them as well.
       You can bet I've had a few mister pro surfers hired by someone, just to steal every wave they can from me. And I can tell you that there has been plenty of locals who have witnessed me defending my space. If I don't want you near me, or you are interfering with me, I will do my best at making your session miserable. An I can do that because I know I can always win with in a battle of wit’s and I do know my way around on a surfboard. They may want my wave and they may be able to paddle faster than me, but I paddle fast enough to see a fool go too deep and they're not likely to make it anyway. (Just ask the locals, it's true.)

And for those Groms who want a little all around generic advice: Don't take it too seriously.
       What I'm getting at here is that I can't say if I was a father and had my own son learning to surf, I can't say I might get a little intense with the teaching, but when I see some of these guys getting into it with their son like he's the coach and the boy is going to be the next up and coming pro surfer some day.
       I say, relax kid, enjoy the ride, there plenty of time to worry about getting better later and don't get in the way.
       Sure I'd give him pointers every once in awhile, especially if I'd just watched him surf the wave. Hell, I do that with any decent kid I surf with.
       And some advice on the technical aspect of surfing, my most important ingredient: Is get up top the top of the lip, and not run over anyone while doing it.
       If you are surfing the bottom half of the wave, (like a longboard usually dose,) your options are limited because you can't get a boost of speed and the wave will most likely out run you .
       If you are up near the lip or riding the ridge, you have the options to cut bank or drop steeper to stay close to the pocket, or drop in at an angle to get a boost of speed to make it around a section that is about to drop in-front of you.
       I might want to mention that after you catch the thing, a good sturdy bottom turn is half the battle of making up to the lip.

Well what I assumed would happen, did. I don't know whether it was my phone, off which I made sure was right in my hand, or even more I suspect was the nearest witness who probably could help but record the incident with Mr. Hunter 4 star badge yesterday.
       I would not advice anyone to emulate anything like it -just because you feel cocky or something.
       I strongly suggest that you always give an officer of the law respect and obey any orders they cast upon you.
       As we all know, I've been around the block a few times and I know how these officers will try bluff you, and I think I have a pretty good handle on where to draw the line, so that I don't end up doing something illegal and find my ass in jail and my truck in a towing lot. (You need to realize, many of these guys are bullies and they will show up with a lie, hoping that you will get ruff with them.)

And yeah, that thing with Speilberg directing a movie isn't suppose to happen until September and the other one next year. But then if you read into it, it's not actually a done deal yet, but it dose take the credibility of the rumour of him killing himself down a notch or two.

Oh! Oh! Oh!
       I can't believe it,
God must have saved it for me!

       I strongly suspect Louse Capps had something to do with Craigslist to rejecting the .info domain, but like I've said before, when someone closes a door on me one way or another, there always seems to be a better alternative.
*-cost me a whole $3.oo

Obama negotiating with terrorist
Rule 50 & 51.
June 2nd, 2014:

No wonder why he never shut down Galtonimo Bay Prision.
       Hell the last thing you want to do in negotiate just a trade, while you've got a whole prison more of them. If you don't think that is won't create a rash if kidnappings, there is something wrong with you.
       Regardless what the people in Iowa think, the moron was a deserter and he got what he deserved, and to let more bad guys out because of the idiot is just about one of the stupidest things I ever heard.
       It would have been much smarter to just kill all the prisoners in the first place, then there wouldn't be anything to negotiate about. But then that wouldn't be like having another terrorist attack or war on the back burner so we can be sure that the war machine has a purpose and those people who work at Lockheed Martin have a job to go to -building more killing machines.

Obama negotiating with terrorist
Rule 10 & 51.
June 3rd, 2014:

I'm sure there are many people who feel the same way as I do. That this Bowe guy defected and joined the Taliban. I have little doubt as to whether or not he even fought against Americans and even killed American and or Allied forces.
       One thing I do know is that 6 service members died trying to rescue the moron after he walked way in the middle of the night. (Which is a damn shame.)
       Never the less, we will be paying him for that the rest of his life, because I seriously doubt anyone will want to hire him, and service members are not going to want him in our armed forces. He will claim PSD and milk us out of disability checks the rest of his like unless, he goes back to Afghanistan and rejoins the Taliban.
       I don't believe for a minute that he has spent all these years as a captive, because of the lack of English language.
       I'm willing to bet the Taliban thought of Obama as some kind of fool and told him the idiot was a prisoner and they probably started the negotiations by wanting a dozen prisoners for the one stupid American trader. In the process over the years, they managed to brainwash Obama into thinking he was doing something right, but then again, I have little doubt that Obama knew he was doing something wrong because a 5 bad guys for one stupid deserter is just plan wrong in anyone's mind that has common sense.

Well today is the day I should be able to pick up my new surfboard but if SD County is going to rip me off for $280.oo tomorrow, that wouldn't be a very smart thing to do.
       However, if they do, you can bet I will do my best at costing them a million times that much.
      And folks, do you think after about ten years of going to the dump station, right across from where the Oceanside Outrigger's club meet, don't you think I would notice the video cameras on top of the building right next to the dump station?
      Do you for a minute think I'm stupid enough to dump anything down a storm drain when there is a proper waist dump right next to it?
       Yeah, if I was going to do anything like that, I think I could find a storm drain much closer and I wouldn't waist the time or fuel to drive to the proper dump station.

Cameras at dump station in Oceanside

RV dumpstaion and sewer drain

Now are you going to tell me that if you were a cop, and you needed to prove I did something as I'm accused of, don't you think he could get a little evidence to prove I did such a thing?
       I'd like to mention something: that just moments before the stupid cop showed up, I heard one of the Outrigger club members say, "he's got that down. (How I use five minutes of water to fill my shower's water tank and rinse off my solar panels and truck. I use the water supply box and cement dumpster containment wall to climb up on top of my cab. )

Oceanside Outriggers club sign

Oceanside Outriggers website address

Another thing: why don't these cops write out their names more clearly?

dumping citation oceanside harbor

Check out the bury image of the cop and the Gun which looks more like a 40 calibre and not a 9 mm as the police are saying. And you just have to laugh at the fact that the media said the cops performed life saving procedures. Yeah, right, two shot, then a few moments, then one or two more to make sure he was dead. And they can say anything they want about the victim because they are not even letting us know who he was, but I'm 98% sure that this cop is the man that is suppose to show up in court tomorrow.(10:00am)

Stupid People do stupid things
8%ers brain washing themselves.
June 4th, 2014:

It just goes to show you how weak your mind is when you are running on less than 8% brain capability.
       You just had a couple 12 year old girls brain wash each other over a silly internet sensation. They convinced themselves to kill their friend buy stabbing with a knife 19 times.
       I'm sure there is going to be plenty of kids in the future who will end up spending their lives in a mental hospital. So you may want to take some of that war machine money and divert it into building more mental hospitals because you all think we need to except mental illness and embrace it, because you have no idea that it's really just plain stupidity that you are breeding....

Picked up my new stick. Looks much bigger inside may cage than in the store. When it comes down to it, it's like a bloated M-4. (about 4 litres more volume)
      They weight about the same but I think the M-4 is still a little lighter. Both of them have similar narrow noses but at least the new one has more foam where the M-4 have very little. The most difference is that my new one is just plan wider in the middle through the tail region. Who knows, it might just work as a go between, between the Stoneman and my Quad as well as a go between, between my Quad and M-4. The reason I say this is that when the waves are small and mushy with lesser slop, it should work better than my Quad. I'm thinking it was a good addition to my Quiver.

And oh that thing Obama did: I'm sure many more of the younger generations of Australians as well as people from other Allied countries, are going to dislike Americans even more. Makes it even more dangerous for Americans to travel because of Obama's actions. Bottom line: Obama just strengthened the odds of every American finding danger. At home and abroad. Yeah, Obama is bringing you change allright

It's a Graveler
Rule Numbers 4,8,20, 43,56 & 75
June 6th, 2014:

Good thing I didn't get the board Speilberg bought out from underneath me, because the Plan B Board ended up being like the board I wanted out of the plan A board, which would have ended up being a bit more like a floaty plug to me. However it is still early in the game and I've only ridden it in what I would call a wave grade about 2.5 out of 10.
       It felt a bit floaty in the tail at first, (I think I'm looking for about 15 inches in the tail,) but I know you have to sacrifice something when you want a board that will keep me afloat in a weak wave.
       It catches waves much earlier than I'm used to. Had to adapt the delayed stand up that I've been watching so many others do.
      With my Quad and M 4 I'm accustomed to catching a wave a little later and usually jump up on the nose to tip it into the wave. But with this new board, I found my self jumping up and plowing the nose right in.
       I had to form a new habit by telling myself to let it build up a little more speed before I jump up.
       It sure paddles nice, but one of those reasons I would almost prefer a 6-0 over the 6-1 would be the little less volume and it wouldn't pull me back to shore as much if the waves were real strong, but then again those sponger waves are what I have my M4 for.
       Now if I was looking to replace my M 4, I'd probably replace it with a Plan B in a 5-10. If I was to replace my Quad, I'd probably be looking at a 5-11 or a 6-0. Who knows? I think I have to look over the tail measurements to get a better idea, now that I've got some kind of handle on how much of a board a guy like me needs. I just hope it handles waves as big of a wave as my Quad does and still do it well.
       Looks like the Stoneman is going to find a resting place in my Woody until we have a long flat spell when only longboards will do. I'm beginning to feel a little cramped in here and something has got to go.
       Since I prefer to have my small wave boards a little loose, I'm happy to learn that this board performed just fine as a tri-fin with the JC1s'. I haven't used the board enough to know much about it yet but I'm pretty sure the AM1s' as a thruster will be too loose.
       Someday, when the waves are bigger, I'm going to try the AM1s' in quad formation with the use of the plastic one off the rear of the Stoneman, but I'm almost sure that will be too much fin area on the back and it will take all the fun out of it. However I think I'm coming up with a craving for a set of EA Black Sticks.

I came up with the Rule Numbers 4,8,20, 43,56, 75 for some other things I was going to write about, but I some how forgot what the number were for?

Oh yeah, those of you who have read my book so, may have figured out what Rule 4,20 may have been chosen for for. It's about the experiences I've had before with how the court rooms seem to be cleared out before my cases are heard. This time it was down to a moron coming on late and having a ringing a ridiculous charm and some old gal who need to wait for some one else or something. Anyway, you should have seen the half a dozen or more cops hanging around for nothing. Kinna the reason I didn't post anything about that day since. I figured about that publicity thing, whether it's good or bad, it was better to keep my mouth shut to make sure they had to run their mouths off and I wouldn't be contaminating the rumour mill.
       Anyhow, as soon as I saw Eddie Haskle sitting there I knew that the Commissioner wasn't going to side with me, without a lawyer, the cops is easily going to get away with perjury and the proof of evidence on either side doesn’t ready matter because the just is most likely going to do the thing he was told to do and by now I know they will most likely screw me.
       They know that we homeless people can't afford to pay a lawyer $400.oo to show up on a $300.oo fine.
       When a person is face with odds like that, it doesn't matter how you handle yourself in their so called court of law, just as long as don't end up in jail in the process. One thing I didn't count on though is that the judge taked on another $50.oo to the $280.oo I was originally told it was. I thought it was kinna silly when the bailiff tried to tell me that he was giving me a brake because the fee is normally $400.oo.
       After listening to the rumours the cops spread, we can all agree that the thereto I had for the increase for the fine, in truth, is a result a proving the Eddie Haskle had lied about seeing some of my toilet paper.
       I said, that couldn't have been my toilet paper because I shit in a bucket!"
       Butt I think the funniest part about the whole is how Eddy said he had to put me in had cuffs because I would fallow his orders. I don't think I have to mention because most of you already know, that I asked him to put the the handcuffs on me because I was afraid of getting shot by a crazy cop on my way to surf that morning.
       Oh yeah, you should have heard the Commissioner _ ham up his closing statement right before handing me the bad news. Almost cracked me up when he said he admired my passion for surfing. It was like a form letter, but I don't know were he got the idea to even let the silly little issue be of any significance unless he was trying to butter me up.

Oh, Rule Number 43, 56 & 75 was chosen because of the rumours going around, how they are going to tell me and all. Gets pretty old and really folks, I want to forget about Morro Bay, so please, don't remind me of it. Going there was about the biggest mistake I've ever made.

Oh I had something that would have required Rule Number 29 & 99 but right now I have to run for a wave check, so get back with us here at MyStupidRules, later.

Flash back
Graveling on D Day
June 7th, 2014:

I was a bit reluctant to to mess with the only old style 3/4 rear quad fins I had for my old Quad, just in case timing notches and using a hack saw to cut off a 1/4 in, would give me a problem later. Never the less, this morning at about 3, I began to think about the original fluorites, those weird pivotal something or other fins. (Real loose and not as drivie as the ones I''ve been using the last year or more.) Anyhow, I sure I stuck myself with an half inch of it some how, however for the sake of me can't remember exactly where.
       Then a longboader came along and blew out a chip on the rear of the other.
       As you may know, I decided that it was about time to see if those few layers of super glue would hold up in a surf session. I figured the chances were in my favour because the longboarder's leash chipped the rear trailing edge and my own is likely favour rubbing against the front.
       (Hit two fish yesterday day and one of them was so big, I was worried I'd ran over someone.)
       It was time to taking out my hack saw and trimming the bases to 1/2 ones but the next session. ( I had to open up the trailing notch bit and cut bigger and deeper in the front with a utility knife.)
       Next step is to if see if my modification will still function properly in my old quad, then I'm begin the chore of doing the same modification to the last good set. (They look like small 10.9 Stretch type.)
       Anyhow, this morning I paddled out and caught a wave, that floaty feeling I've been worried about the last couple days was gone. My feet felt like they where on familiar ground. My board all of a sudden became stable and my bottom turn was back.
       I'm thinking: that's right, you know it babe. You've got it now.
       The super pivotal behaviour of the pivotal fins just enhanced the whole experience. The flash back of when my Quad was still new put a smile on my face for the longest time.

Changing of the Guard
Day after D Day
June 8th, 2014:

On D Day, it was the Changing of the Guard.
One board chosen to do the job of two.

Changing of the Guard on D Day 6-7-14

Oh Yeah, it's been seen before.
       Its how Bill marks his buildings.

 Sunnyside's Surfboard Sponcered by Bill Tarling Constuction

You would be surprised how many people have seen it painted on the front of new buildings going up around San Diego.
       For several years now, Bill has marked his building with his own logo, usually in orange spray paint.
       I know it looks a little tacky in simulated wood grain and all, but everyone says looks pretty good from shore.

If Scripps left a body on your back forty,
would you want to be the one who checks to see if it's still alive?
June 10th, 2014:

Yeah decency or morals have nothing to do with it when you are filled with evil and greed. It's a bad mix and they could care less if they give someone a heart attach.
       Getting more and more like Morro Bay around here.
       Anyone else would be hiring a lawyer, but then again, that's anyone else.
       Slipping someone a few ruphies is suppose to be illegal isn't it?. Kinna like raping the fellow neighbour and the only thing anyone else cares about is the details.
       Make a lab rat out of anyone. That's ok, that's just how it's done.

14 years of his bullshit was enough.
So you used Rule # 86 on Cantor.
Right On!
June 11th, 2014:

Yeah have to laugh at the fact that Cantor burned $5,000,000.oo and his competition bet the hell out of him with only $100,000.oo
       If there is a lesson to be learned here,
and it's a good one.
       Thank God and those who voted him out, just as we all should do whenever one of these long term ass-holes try for another term.

And I've got another stupid rule to add to the list. Once I figure out a proper number for it,
I'll clue you in on it.
       Sorry, I've got to go.

Financing criminal activity
You call it training the dragon #2
June 13th, 2014:

Once the weekend is over, just figure that by entertaining your kids, you are at the same time putting money into a criminal's pocket. You may call it Dreamworks, but it's actually a company owned by nut job Speilberg.
       And of course you'd care less, just as long as it isn't you he's doing the crimes against. Believe me, when I say you've already paid plenty.

What Do the Theaters think of it?
Taking up Space?
Rule 86 it then.
June 13th, 2014:

I wonder how much money Speilberg picked up at the first couple showings on the East Coast?
       Took myself all day to get myself motivated enough to post something about it.
       However I get the feeling that people were on to it and I really didn't even have to remind them.
       Never the less, I'd be willing to bet there would have been plenty of parents who could have cared less if a criminal was producing the feature film annd would have went ahead and paid for their kids to see a Dreamworks movie.
       I figure by the time the movie made it to the first evening showing, the kids were a bit reluctant to go to the movie. I bet it was kinnsa similar to having a fear that the flick will give you the plague or something something even worse. Going to a Spelberg flick could be about the dumbest decision could make about know.
       Oh and the soon to be showing, Holli Berry/Speilberg TV show; I myself would be a little afraid of subliminal messages within them. I'm sure he could blatantly put them in and pay-off anyone who could prevent him from airing such brain washing crap.
       I don't trust the networks for a minute , nor do I trust the government agencies that are suppose to prevent the networks from committing the crime either.
       Bottom line, the only curiosity I have about it is that I wonder what kind of commercials the Berry/Spelberg show will attract? I figure that it's some kind of gauge of just how many people are still in the dark.

Handing it all to them for a what.
A vote?
June 15th, 2014:
(Father's Day)

I guess I just don't get it?
       Or maybe I'm right, and the Republican Party just can't come up with any better solution to their problem but to make all of our problems even worse.
       It's the two opposites to me.
       The republican party actually thinks they should be chasing the minority vote instead of just saying man up. The men of this country needs to get out there and vote. If they don't every thing will go over to women and minority running this country and that is the trend we are on and that is the trend we will continue if the men don't take the time off from work and just vote. .
       I figure for most of the minority families, it's the woman voting for the family because the men are too busy working. Then just as in many of those minority families, the women don't even speak the English language well enough to even under stand which candidate would be the better choice. They'll just default to more women and minority every time.

Funny thing: The photo of me and my new board standing at the rear of my cage with my new surfboard has inspired many of the locals to take selfies of themselves with the bars behind them.

I'm guessing that there has been some of that encouraging British Spirit having some influence in the crowds around here for the past couple days.
       I feel I need to give credit to someone other than myself for my latest trick I've pick up over the weekend because I've never practice this new trick, nor have I ever thought of it, nor ever expected it.
       But last night it, it overwhelmed to me, and this morning it even got the other guys all talking about it and I'm pretty sure they find it quite amazing too.
       It blows me away because I've never seen a surfer with a trick like this one. Maybe pro surfers have them, but I can't say for sure because I've never seen any surfer, at any contest with a better one these.
       Never the less, last night, it blew me away, my new trick just evolved on it's own with no effort at all.
       It seems to have a life of it's own because there was a crowd cheering while I surfed every wave.
       No shit, for real.
       Often I'll hear, "that's Sunnyside," then a crowd of people cheering all the way down the wave.
       I'm sure it's hard to believe for some of you but I'm telling you, it's the real deal.
       I have to say, I get a kick out of it myself.

Oh yeah, I found this line- there was three-time Oscar-winning director Steven Spielberg on stage Saturday night, -on a web-site, but I happen to think it was all made up and didn't exist, or Speilberg just appeared in a video again. But what have we here? Kid Rock in on the game? But he laid low? Because of not wanting to up stage Speilberg, as it said, " the biggest star in Detroit on Saturday was Spielberg, who doesn’t do many of these kinds of events."
       Butt the question that is most important is, why out of all those photos of the even, they didn't even include one of the "biggest star" of the evening then?

Graveling morning and night
Feeding the Machine.
June 17th, 2014:

Today would have been the first day I could have used a 6-2. Other than that, I'd like to try a 6-0 or 5-11. It's really too early to say anything since I've probably only rode it in a grade 3 wave at best. It's just that at times I think its a bit too fast, but just changing to flat sided fins, (like everyone else it seems,) could change all that.

It looks as though Obama is going to supply some more equipment to those guy taking over Iran so they can take it into Syria and take over that place too.

The President’s own Speilberg whore?
Rule 9, 86 & 88.
June 18th, 2014:

Although it my not look like it, but I've been working diligently trying to get a few done around here at MSR.
       I felt inspired to update the Finding the Right Guy at I even added a new feature to it called Do's & Dont's
       I also found a place on the Family page for that Father's Day, Man-up and vote pitch I wrote.
       I also put some work into yesterday, but it has a long ways to go before launching it on its own.
       Never the less, I'd be willing to bet there are plenty of you who are willing to read and fuss over anything I post.

Like can you believe the President Obama's daughter Malia is kissing up to the Speilberg clan. I'd say Rule 86 to that bitch..

And Rule # 88 of course the only real word I think heard out of Obama's mouth was, "cruise missiles".
       Yeah, I wouldn't doubt it at a Million Dollars a Pop.
       I'd be wondering which would be the most cost effective to keep in the air, an older technology plane or a modern day drone.
       I'd be specifying bids for the cheapest bombs I could find. If you keep them in the under $100.oo to $500.oo, you will discover a shit load of suppliers will cut thousands off the cost of a bloody bomb, just to get the things out the door.

And just take a look at the vehicles that are being used to take over Iraq. They are using Fords and Nissans! They are usually burning out those $125.000.oo Hum V's because they use too much in fuel to operate.
       It's obvious to me, that any aid we should supply to Iran should be mostly of buses that run on natural gas, along with a shipment of tanks to fill them. We should help keep the people who live there in motion without providing the enemy with their needs.
       It's not very difficult to figure out what to do with the cheap bombs. The place they buy their trucks, blow them up. The places they get their diesel and gasoline, blow them up.

Big Holes to Fill?
Rule # 12, 33 & 44
June 19th, 2014:

Ed, a customer of mine once said:
       "You know what it takes to do it. But you leave a few holes to fill so that the engineer will put his finishing touches on it and he'll feel like it was his idea."

Yeah, you gotta protect the trucking outfits storage tanks and have them run around with only enough fuel to perform their routes.
       Government agencies there need to invest in natural gas technology, because with the newer supply infrastructure, the bad guys won't be able to take advantage of it. I figure that the newer technology will be a little bit more difficult for them to get their hands on.
       You gotta figure that they've got to rob for everything, and as long as they can stroll along and blow up banks and get away with it, they will keep doing just that.
       For personal transportation, gasoline will end up needing to be rationed. And at the place of distribution, those too will have to be protected.
       With a situation like Iran, you've got to figure out what the bad guys need and that is just what they will be going after. You don't even have to look for them, you just hunker down in a parameter of what they want, they will come right to you.

Rule # 3, 28, 29, 35 & 86:
All but two of the Rule Numbers this time around apply to just one topic and Hillary Clinton is the one I've posted them for.
      Get this: 600,000 fools bought her latest lousy book in the first week of offering.
       Never the less, it's also the bad guys that they have come up with, assumed I might add and not proven so yet, but I'm sure she thinks it will toughen up her image on the revenge side of things. (Talking about Hillary's Benghazi mistake where people ended up getting killed.)
       But what really got me motivated to even mention the old hag, was the video clip of the back of the bus I saw on the news this morning. It said something like, Ready for Hillary; I just had to laugh. I'm sorry, but it's funnyer than shit.

And Rule #29: Someone should kick the nut job who works at the Trademark office in the head. And that son of a bitch Harry Reid should keep his silly little mouth shut.
      I don't see where his job description has anything to do with it. And I wouldn't doubt Harry Reid has a double standard about morals, I bet he takes money from the tobacco companies and he's not about to say or do anything about shutting them down.
       Butt really folks, leave the Redskins alone. Its just a word.The only way a word can be offensive, is that it is used offensively. And using a word in a negative way wouldn't be worth having a trademark for. Taking away a trademark that was granted for years on end, would be considered hardship and the government (tax payers,)) would be liable for any future losses not made from Tee Shirts sale and other Logo type Stuff.
       It's been challenged before by all those racist belly achers before.

Rule #35 is that: Yes, I've watched my share of McCloud when I was a kid.

It's a good sign
Over and over.
June 20th, 2014:

I can assume there are some of you who noticed I reverted back to the smaller pivotal type fins. I guess we all can agree I must be getting used to the new stick.
       I went back because the waves have been so small that I wanted the quickness and super tight turns and there isn't much need for the drive I can get with the other 10.9 fins. .
       It does give me more confidence that I didn't oversize my board too much. It's a strange thing, taking a board that is actually designed for high performance in bigger waves, and surfing it in a larger size to make it work good as a small wave board.
       All I can say is that if it handles 12-15 ft faces as well as my old Quad did; I'll be happy. Until I do, I'll probably be haunted by the guilt that I should have got a 6-0 or a 5-11. Regardless, I do have to say that everyone has been saying that it is just the right size for me. I think I just had to get used to having so much float. It's been about 8 or 9 years since I surfed my Quad with some decent float in it when it was still new and I'm just not used to something that floats like a new board any more. (Until now,) Never the less, it sure performs better in the waves I have been surfing than the boards it replaced.

And apparently someone out there got a video of me a couple days ago when I launched myself into a wave completely side ways.
       I caught a left so late, I rode my board all the way down the face sideways and made it. Unfortunately the wave close on me, but it was still better than going over the falls the hard way.
       I also learned a new trick I developed. It evolved out of the necessity to do something about the nose diving in on me. (Just as a kid said the other day, when I was taking on late and I didn't make it, the kid said I would have made it on my old Quad.) Well my Quad had more rocker in the nose for that kind of thing, but I've learned that the wider tail of my newer board will actually let me stomp on the tail to keep the nose up with out putting on the brakes so much.

stupid rule number 55 on bone

Fish are biting.
Rule 77
June 22nd, 2014:

Funny thing about this new board. There has been at least three times I've hit fish large enough to have to take a look over my shoulders to check if I'd ran over anyone.

Yesterday there were a few decent fish caught. Today I caught a small Barracuda and an 18' Habitat, but needed 22.

Surf reports were off. Woke to some more small stuff, but the light south winds sure did a nice job of warming up the water for us.

I'm sure there are a few of us who just know the day when you feel at home on a new board.
      I'm not even talking about actually riding it as much as just the sitting and paddling around on it. For some reason it felt smaller and more like I was paddling around on my old Quad.
       I don't know about that though, because I still haven't surfed it in overhead waves and I still have a little bit of an uneasy feeling when riding it some times.
       One thing for sure, it's kinna like running with sizzors in a way. Both the carbon-fiber fins and the board are not forgiving when you get hit by either one of them. Since I got the board I poked my eye with the tail end of it. Poked my shoulder with the tip of it, which really hurt. And just the other day I busted the inside of my cheek with the rail. Not exactly the kind of equipment for someone lacking experience. You better know what you are doing, because this kind of equipment can bite pretty hard.

Rule 10 & 23
June 23rd, 2014:

Hey, someone should go ask Hamus over in the Guzza Strip where they buy their Missiles at, because I heard they are only paying $500.oo per Missile.
       Over there in Iraq, they are all belly aching for missiles because they say they ran out of them. But the lousy part of the deal is that someone has been gouging them by selling them Hellfire Missiles and the idiots can't figure out why they keep running out.
       Well, you don't have to be a rocket scientist to figure out that if you were paying only $500.oo per missile instead of $67,000.oo per Missile, you would have the ability to blow up 134 of those Ford, GM and Nissan pickup trucks for the Same Cost of Only One Hellfire Missile.
       It's obvious to anyone who has anything more than shit for brains to figure out what I'm trying to explain here.  But to put it bluntly, they ain't got any Missiles because they paid too much for too much missile on what they got in the first place. Never the less, you can bet there were some profits made the $67,000.oo Hell-fire Missiles and that is exactly why there will always be another war in the makings.

And I don't know who in hell came up with this approval rating shit. Hell, you haven't even paid me for the inventions you have already stole from me and you actually think running for public office could be even something I should consider? You don't even get first things first and then you jump to some kind of conclusion that could never happen in the first place. Who's fooling who?

Rule 10 & 12
June 24th, 2014:

I wonder how many of you figured out that there isn't much more technology going into a modern day missile as there is a modern day remote control helicopter, or even drone for that mater.
       Well, if you are like me, you would think of them as cutting a piece of tubing to length and filling it with a bunch of components.
       I'm sure Lockheed Martin has figured out how to automate most of the possess. They just put a tube in one end and out the other side come out a missile worth thousands of dollars, -to the right person.
       Anyhow, even an idiot can figure that you don't need to pack very much of the explosives inside it if all you are going to be doing is blowing up a striped down $25.000.oo fleet truck with a $5,000.oo 50mm machine gun mounted in the back.
       So you've gotta figure that it's just got to be some kind of racket in building these things because a Missile sure looks to me like a hell of a lot easier to build than a Ford F-250 and a big machine gun.
      After a while, anyone who is in such a business of making these remote control modern day rockets can get more than twice the money it takes to buy a Ford F-250 and 50mm Machine Gun, it doesn't take long to figure out that there is a shit load of profit in supplying a bunch a criminals with the Pick-up trucks and machine guns, just to get the suckers on the other side (the use Taxpayers) to pay $67,000.oo for a $7,000.oo missile to blow them up. And the good part about it all is that Lockheed Martin can still make $30,000.oo a POP off the US Tax Payers of course.

Drawing of a Cherry Bomb at mystupidrules

When those little fingers within the bone blew up in my face, I decided to go with something that didn't have any also creating less drag and Spot decided to go with the Cherry Bomb for a ride along this time since it's that time of the year.

Hey check out my new links to My Stupid Rules
Thought they would come in handy for some of you.

Rule 10 & 23
June 23rd, 2014:

Hey, someone should go ask Hamus over in the Guzza Strip where they buy their Missiles at, because I heard they are only paying $500.oo per Missile.
       Over there in Iraq, they are all belly aching for missiles because they say they ran out of them. But the lousy part of the deal is that someone has been gouging them by selling them Hellfire Missiles and the idiots can't figure out why they keep running out.
       Well, you don't have to be a rocket scientist to figure out that if you were paying only $500.oo per missile instead of $67,000.oo per Missile, you would have the ability to blow up 134 of those Ford, GM and Nissan pickup trucks for the Same Cost of Only One Hellfire Missile.
       It's obvious to anyone who has anything more than shit for brains to figure out what I'm trying to explain here.  But to put it bluntly, they ain't got any Missiles because they paid too much for too much missile on what they got in the first place. Never the less, you can bet there were some profits made the $67,000.oo Hell-fire Missiles and that is exactly why there will always be another war in the makings.

And I don't know who in hell came up with this approval rating shit. Hell, you haven't even paid me for the inventions you have already stole from me and you actually think running for public office could be even something I should consider? You don't even get first things first and then you jump to some kind of conclusion that could never happen in the first place. Who's fooling who?

The Bomb in the Tube
June 25th, 2014:

No, I'm not talking about those evil things Lockheed Martin makes, I'm talking about Spot.
       See, the last couple days we got ahold of some of those overhead waves with a grade of 3.5-4 on a 10 scale.
       Anyhow, Spot was able built up my trust in him by not blowing up on me when I need to rely on him the most. That is on the side of seriously hallow walls.
       Never the less, we got a few fun ones that last couple days, but this morning things got serious.

Hillary is selling Bricks for Evil
Rule 28
June 22nd, 2014:

The Clinton Clan is always out to figure out a way to get fools to pay them more money.
       Today, (I think it is today?) that bitch Hillary is in my county, selling her brick. So you should go down to her book signing and take pictures of the fools who are stupid enough to support the evil everyone is complaining about.

Rules Number 5
EZ Way to avoid a war.
June 26th, 2014:

Yes it relatively easy to avoid all the troubles the US finds themselves into.
       If there was simply a $10,000.oo price cap put on Missiles and Bombs, there wouldn't be enough profits for the defence contractors like Lockheed Martin to buy the targets to destroy.
       I'm wondering just what percentage of you all out there, who actually understand the three lines I just wrote?

I got a laugh out of the sound bites they gave Hillary on the evening news last night. She sounds like an old grandma complaining about how hard women have it. Can't believe people actually pay to hear her flap her mouth. Those are the real morons.
       Rule 86 the bitch.

And how about those soccer players? Not bad for being relatively new on the seen.

Trigger Happy Cop in National City.
June 28th, 2014:

It's pretty bad when an off duty cop takes his gun with him as he walks his wife, kids and dog through a park.
       Another dog approaches them and the cop pulls out his gun and shoots it.
      The funny part of it is seeing which clips make it to the news. Another cop says that the shooting was justified, but an interview with a witness reveals that after the first shot, the dog took off running, but the cops still unloaded another four rounds into the dog.
       My guess is that the cop was going to make sure he wasn't going to get stuck with a vet bill. so he made sure it was dead, even if he had to shot it in the ass.
       Folks, it's pretty scary when you've got bullies running on 8% brain capacity and you give them a gun and a badge that makes them above the laws that the rest of us have to fallow. What's a felony to us, they can get away with because the judge will always be on their side.

And Leave it up to Barbara Walters and Disney, you can be sure there will be more shooting massacres.

You have to laugh, the firemen set 8 fires and the Obama adminastration hands them $1.8 Billion Dollars and they turn around and ask for more.
       Then the next thing Obama does in cut another $2 Billion Dollar Check for all the illegal immigrants. What he did with that was create the same situation as Australia has.
       To keep the explanation short, I'll tell you about the Bricklayer from Fiji. He thought of sitting in the detention centre as his new job, because although he was sitting in the detention centre, the government there was paying his rent, utility bills and giving his wife and kids money for food and any other bills they came up with.
       It was if he retired early without a worry, because everything was being paid for and his family could come and see him every day if they wanted to, he just could go home with them.

And the 300 troops Obama sent to Iran will suffer casualties and it will give Obama plenty of reason to spend more of our money on those $67,000.oo Hellfire Missiles.
       I bet Lockheed Martin has a nice bank account in the Cayman Islands set up for him.

Bullies and Bombs
Rule Number 4, 10 & 85
MD Warning
June 30th, 2014:

It's pretty bad when you end up hearing just what you expected hearing.
       As if I've never heard it before.
       I'd think that if cops were conspiring to run me out of town, I'd think they would find a more isolated place to talk about it other than a coffee shop across the street from where I normally park, day in and day out. That unless they actually wanted me to make sure I'd hear about it.
       Another reason I'm saying this is because I'd think if you were a bully like Eddy Haskile, and worked a beat in the Harbour for fifteen years, you'd go to your normal coffee shop located in the Harbour.
       Folks, it's what we call the intimidation factor and I think many of us tend to think it's pretty silly when you are trying to chase away what the Hotels and street vendors consider as one of their tourist attractions.

Just the other night, I thought I heard one of the vendors say to someone, "I would have stayed set-up longer if he would have gone surfing." But of course, that guy could have been taking about anyone, but again, I wouldn't doubt he could have said that because he very well could have seen me looking down at him from above. Never the less, after I heard a couple conversations from the sidewalk in front of the coffee shop, stating that the street vendors claim they make more money when I go surfing, I'm pretty sure they were talking about me.

So let's go back to the Cop thing: Kind of silly if they think they are going to run me out of town over the fear of me making them look bad, when I already know that no matter where I go, it will just turn out the same because bullies are bullies and when you give them a badge, they actually think they are some kind of king. King of their domain and if people don't listen to their commands, they can rob them, throw them in jail and falsify evidence against them and the judge will always let the criminals, (the cops,) do as the will.
       Falsifying evidence is suppose to be a felony offence for the officers of the law, but just ask anyone, just anyone who has gone to court if they have ever been before a judge and have the cop tell the absolute truth.
       Nah, I seriously doubt that you can find a person that will tell you you that the cop didn't lie.
       Yes, that is one thing we can all agree upon is that normally cops lie in court, even if it is perjury and a felony for them to do so.
       And there is another thing we can all agree about, that it has to be a cold day in hell before a cop will be prosecuted for it and another cold day in hell if they ever go to jail for it.

Can you believe the US tax payers bailed out General Motors while they had been building so many death traps?
       Now they say the total is equivalent to three times the amount of total vehicles they built last year.
       I don't know how many to be exact, but with the record amounts sold, its a shit load.

You have to laugh at the lack of common sense. To fly 140 illegal immigrants from Texas to San Diego, it cost $70,000.oo. I figured they could have got by with spending less $1,500.oo on fuel if they would have done it by bus, like they are doing from SD to Murrieta. Maybe tomorrow I'll tell you how the problem should be handled, but maybe I should wait because I'm curious as hell to see what kind of fucked up program the Obama administration will set you up with.

I think the funniest thing about Obama and company is just how all of you just take it. Don't you even realize how Obama and Company fucking you in the ass and performing lobotomy on you at the same time.
       And what makes it really funnier than shit is that you folks just let them do it to you year after year. Obama doubled the national debit in his first term which made your money worth so much less in so little time and you voted him back for more. I guess you all call it LOL now days. I call it funnier than shit.

Oh yeah, real funny: Facebook admitting to performing social experiments on its people. Yeah, just think about what they are not telling you about.
       Funny how people actually think that their friends on Facebook are real when they are not. Rule 85

This Gopro IPO just came up. People were willing to dump $3 Billion into the new company. Doesn't anyone get that the guy in Half Moon Bay didn't know jack shit about making a camera? All he did was go to the Chinese and told him what he wanted them to make. The Chinese did all the engineering and manufacturing. I'm left wondering if the guy in HMB even used his own money to advertise because that is all he has to his credit as far as I'm concerned. This GoPo company guy didn't do anything that a dozen other camera companies could have done. He was only the first, but the greed of Wallstreet made him a billionaire and now you can be sure that you will always be paying $300.oo for a $50.oo camera.

Stupid Rules

Stupid Rules

Stupid Rules

Stupid Rules

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Jailed by Martin
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The most revolutionary tool box in the world,
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      I've actually tried doing a criminal background check on myself because I would love to find one that wasn't true. I've learned that even when they say it's free, that it is not. However, I did find one that will refund your money if you cancel a monthly subscription with 7 days.
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