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Obama with the big fat check book

Gee, how much more can you let a guy screw things up?
With your Money?

Keeping the war machine running.
Rule No. 12
July 1st, 2014:

It appears that the folks who work at Lockheed Martin are not as tight lipped as their employer would like them to be.
       From what I hear,I was only off by a thousand dollars and their top of the line Hellfire Missile actually cost Lockheed Martin less than $10,000.oo to make and I can bet that a lot of that cost is wrote down in cost for research and development.
       The reason I'm stating this today is because Obama has just handed over 75 of those very missiles to Iraq. The cost to US tax payers is over $5 Million Dollars, so you can get out your calculator and figure out that Lockheed just picked up $4 Million in profit. Therefore they can buy another 75 trucks and machine guns to hand over to the enemy and still make $3 million on less than a $2 Million Dollar investment. The greatest thing about the whole ordeal is that the military isn't actually eliminating any of it's targets. .
       And oh, by the way, we spent $25 Billion dollars on training the Iraq military, which is easily bribed (by the ISIS) with money to walk way from the equipment we provide to them so that the enemy can take possession of the equipment and use it against Iraq as well as Syria and the solders we send over there as well.

Then you also have to look at the war machine we help build in Israel. We provide them with more than $3 Billion every year to manufacture missiles to so called defence strike the Gaza Strip with missile to shoot down incoming missiles. It may sound like like a good kind of missile to be buying and providing for them but it got me thinking last night: wouldn't kidnapping three kids and killing them, and then Blaming it on Hamas, wouldn't that give Israel a reason to lob a few more missiles just to keep the machine going? ($76,000.oo per missile right there.)

I must be getting old, and for getting things. But then again, I think it must be one of those things an older writer is bound to experience. After you've written so much, it's hard to remember everything that you wrote. Sometimes like today read some of own stuff and it took awhile before I could even remember even had written it. It felt like I was reading it for the first time, with the suspicion that it had been written by someone else. All I can say about that kind of experience is,that was some good writing I read.

Oh I put something together today Check out:

Celebrate Equality
50 years into the makings
July 2nd, 2014:

Although I'd be the first one in line to tell you that it got out of hand over the years, I'd be also the first in line to say that we all should feel thankful the Civil Rights Act actually happened.

And when I heard what the odds the bookies were handing out, I knew it was unlikely that they would win. But 16 saves more or less tells me there was at least one guy who had his work cut out.

So well are you all wondering what kind of brilliant plan Obama is going to come up with to fix his problem with immigration? Or would you rather hear about some simple approach to solve a problem?
       The simple approach is the way it should be looked at or else you will all end up with a bureaucracy the build in size on its own just like a flash cookie downloaded onto a computer.
       You can bet that any plan your politicians come up will will start out with a big check, written against the taxes your kids have to pay in the future, and as we all know, that check will be fallowed by another because the cost overruns will happen when the dollar isn't worth as much as you thought it was worth in the beginning of your landmark development.
       See, the shit they taught Obama doesn't fare so well because when you have more than enough government agencies to pay for as it is, and we don't need to create more when you are trying to make budget cut to the ones you have.
       I don't understand how all these politicians think that cutting any budgets of government agencies will do any good when you create more government agencies to cover. You just can not to win, when you are set to fail.
      Tell me folks, how complicated do you actually think the problem with immigration is? How damn expensive do you think it should be? How much do you what to pay for it? Those are the questions you should be asking yourself.

Storming the Gates is all
Rule 12
July 3rd, 2014:

They do it to Australia, but with big old broken down boats. Usually ending up in a big rescue mission and they figure that if they overwhelm the system that the Australian Government will decide to call them refugees.
       Same thing just happened to us here, but at least we know what land and what direction they came from.
       Also we don't have to worry about making them wait until Quantus has a spare seat available to ship any of them back.
       However, I'll let you in on something that you are not seeing on the evening news. It's that there are wanted criminals (wanted in there own countries,) slipping into the US right along with all those women and children.
       And take another look at those supporter of letting them stay. You look into them and you'll be surprised to see how many are likely people who are immigrants and they're mostly losers who have come over here and used are system to support them on our tax dollar. Just like my Egyptian buddy down in Mexico, where we pay his rent and a couple hundred to boot every month.
       What I see on the evening news is that the US Tax Payers just paid $70,000.oo plus another bus ticket to disperse themselves all over the country. And I might add that just one cell phone would have given them all the verifiable addresses they needed and I'm willing to bet most of them just switched bus tickets.
       The only thing they did do right was fingerprint them, but I have a little doubt it will do any good with the children.
       The biggest hole in Australia's immigration policy is that they do not finger print them.

I met a Chinese welder over there and the biggest down time for him was waiting in the detention centre for two or three months until the Australian government got him a ticket back.
       Some guys would buy their own ticket back because they knew that they would be back in Australia in about two months as soon as they got another passport.
       I should mention that in China, welders made about $4.oo per hour.
       In Australia, a welder should've been making at least $25.oo per hour, but the Chinese would go there and weld for $12.oo.

I should mention, that to the best of my knowledge, as of this 4th of July, the US has already given 9,000 citizenships to people who have taken the proper legal channels. And as stubborn as I am, and as many of you already know, I don't feel that we should let others come into the country unless the unemployment rate is below 5%. Therefore I feel that we've been generous already.
       The thing people need to get through their thick scull is that to protect nation border lines, you have you forget about humanity.
       Just as many borders have been protected over the centuries, when you crossed a border without permission, you were crossing with no human rights so ever.
       If you wanted to be treated with humanity when you crossed, you needed to be crossing legally.
       One problem we have is that we've become so efficient at catching these illegal immigrants, we catch them with out having to shoot them. As where in the past, border patrols would be aloud to shoot any one trying to get away, or even crossing crossing in the first place. Something I feel should be justifiable to this day when they either trying to escape or when the patrols are just overwhelmed and they can't stop all of them without collateral damage, they should be granted the right to shoot them and even ordered to shoot to kill if they need to, in order to stop them from entering the country.

Two me, controlling the immigrant problem that has developed, can be solved by three main objectives. The most important one is not what many of you would expect, but without it, you've got no power to get any co-operation from the countries of which you need to send them back to. It's the Trade Agreements with those countries.
       Next objective would be fingerprinting. And within those trade agreements, forcing those countries to finger print everyone they issue a passport to is just one place to start. The ultimate goal would be getting them to finger print everyone they can their hands on.

See the problem with illegal undocumented immigrants, is that the countries from which they have come from can be reluctant to even excepting their own citizens back into their own country, especially when the guy is a criminal.
       Like in Australia, they had this guy who was a known gangster/criminal from the middle east and his homeland wouldn't take him back.
       Australia was stuck with the guy and they had to worry about him and his other gang members in detention centres in other parts of the country, because with one phone call, he had the ability to cause riots. (That detention centre I was in myself was burned down; same thing can happen to any building Obama would build for them.)

The third most important ingredient to the solution would be to serve the illegal immigrants with as little humanity as possible. Treat them like a human being, with as much respect as the next guy, but fussing over conditions provided for them should not be expected.
       The reason I want to express this third one as being so important is that there shouldn't be any red carpet treatment for them. You've got to make their trip up the rails not worth the trip back down.
       No need to sort them out. Just put them on rail cars with shitters and showers. Add a few boxes of sea rations the military use once in awhile.
       Make it to where if they are stubborn,they can live on the rail car if they want, because it's up to them where they want to get off, just as long as it's not on this side of the border.
       We are not going to be able to know which country they came from.
       All we know is which direction they came from when they crossed the border. Send them back that way.
       They'll sort it out on their own and go back home where they came from.

There isn't any war going on down that way, and without any documentation, I doubt they can provide any proof or information regarding any persecution from their own government.
      Without either, they are not entitled to a refugee status, nor are they entitled to political asylum.

Have a happy 4th of July
Just don't land in Jail Doing it.
Rule 20
4th of July, 2014:

Boy my fans were sure working that new trick of mine this morning. I figure that they got to see a few interesting ones in the earlier part of my session.
       Let's all pray to the God of Wind to blow from anywhere but the south-west and if so, keep it to a minimum, please. Do that and all us surfer with thank you dearly if it works. And I'll thank you for even trying.

I'm willing to bet that there are many of you thinking about how many problems could be suppressed, just by the use of Finger Printing.
       You should check it out now days, (not in jail preferably,) they don't even have to use ink any more and it goes right into the computer, you can see it clear as day on the screen.
       Wouldn't it be better if when ever a Driver's licensed is issued, a set of finger prints are attached to the photo ID.
       I feel that when a Social Security Card is Issued, that Card Number should be attached, to a Photo and Set of Finger Prints also. The SSI should checked them once in awhile whenever there be a transaction going on with withdrawing from an account.
       I'm sure the IRS would tell you that it could put them in fear of loosing some of their jobs.
       When a person opens a Line of Credit and or even a Credit Card, they should be photographed and fingerprinted. For Credit Card companies or some lines of Credit, it should be made possible for people to use the post office passport services to have the photographs and finder prints certified for a fee and at the same time, that would be a good place to pick up the new credit car since they would be in a good position to make sure we know who’s hands it's going into. I see no reason why local banks and finance companies couldn't do it right their in their offices when they hand over the goods.
       Boy would you ever see the cases of Identity Theft go Down.

And all this shit about investigating this and prosecuting that, about the problem with Social Security fraud. Gee, you should start with the cheapest and most affordable way of eliminating some of the problem. .
       Like first off, -make it against the law for those lawyers who are performing social security type services, to advertise.
       To the best of my knowledge, it is suppose to be illegal for patent lawyers to advertise, so what is so difficult about making the same kind of law for lawyers who perform services for Social Security.
       It must be too damn EZ.

Pat that guy on the back
Good Job:

The officer who pushed the guy in a wheel chair over for running over his foot. I would have done the same thing.
       I just hope his 30 suspension was paid, because he could have gotten his little toe broken with those heavy batteries on board.
       I've also added a new web-page to for those Good Guys out there.

They're Trying to Fool Yeah
Rule Number 10 & 20
6th of July, 2014:

I'm not sure, because since CaliCops conception in the beginning of July 2014, it was made apparent that we truly can't trust many of the videos provide to us by either individual or even the Network News Stations across any country.
      Like last night I saw a News Reporter Lady who was suppose to be standing on a street corner somewhere down in Honduras.
      She said it was the only spot in the neighbourhood that was considered a safe from being in a neighbourhood overrun be street gangs.
      She said that if you went either direction, you would enter areas of street gangs and violence.
      Well, I'll be the first to tell you that you have to have money and some kind of wealth like drugs and stuff to protect if there were to be any violence.
      I'm willing to bet if you went in either direction for where that reporter bitch was standing, you would run into people who would be too poor to be able to afford the ammo to put into a gun if they had one. And any gangster with a gun and bullet would be shit out of luck because the only thing he would be able to rob someone for would be a bowl of rice, and that would come cheaper than a bullet. So don't go pulling that sympathy shit on US babe.
      I'd say that about 80 percent of US agree that Obama would have to fallow up his first $2 Billion Dollar check with a couple more just like it.
      The First Check would be burned up because he would have built the facilities to process them would have ended up a bunch of rubble.
      The the next two checks would be to build a few more prisons and mental hospitals.
      I say that because I'd bet that most of these women worked as prostitutes while hooked on drugs and without birth control. Then you half to wonder how many of them worked and took drugs while pregnant.
      I'm guessing more than half of those kids have either a physical or mental disorders because of the drug use during pregnancy and the women can't find any facilities to take care of their "special needs" down there and they have planed on bringing their screwed up children here so that the USA can take care of them.
      We'd end up paying for them alight. I'm wondering just how may of them they have turned loose lately and who was the one who said it was ok to?

Funny how the Statement above grew out of the one that started on an Intro Page for I started working on this morning.
      That two bird thing I guess.

Not any answers hah?
Rule Numbers 11, 19, 43, 54, 60, 75, 86 & 100
7th of July, 2014:

Spot told me he wanted a pedicure. I just didn't get it. I asked, "for a surfboard, what the hell do you mean?"
      But then he clued me in and said that they would be smokin-hot and at the same time they should mellow things out a bit.
      Well, since he did't blow anything up over the week end, I figured we could work something out with our budget here at MyStupidRules and said, "we'll see how good the stuff is."

I have to say I've been having second thoughts, like after the half a dozen slams I got this morning, I had second thoughts about leaving my Old Quad in the Tooler, because there has to be something said for the way I can take a nasty drop with it, because I feel a few of those nasty slams would have been made on my Old Quad.
      But then again, with that 3-4ft bumpy shit, I think I should have just taken the M4 out for a spin because a wide small wave board was the wrong call.

And I must have heard the phrase, "he's right," no less than 100 times the last couple days.

Rule Numbers 36
8th of July, 2014:

Woke up with a sore neck and a headache, not a good sign.

Millions Instead of Billions   (yesterday)
Thowing $3.7 at a Bad Law
Trying to make it work
Rule Number 51
9th of July, 2014:

Well that's what people have been say.
      I say I think I've got most of you figuring out what's truly going on. I'll have to say that I was searching the national news for a few answers for a few days before I found a few on a Local PBS Station were they interviewed Arizona Democratic Senator Frick-I think? He's where I got the $50 Million in Judges and the $ 1.8 Billion in HSS budgets from.
      According to Obama's plans, he plans to spend over a billion in judges we don't really need. And what do the do with the $50 Million's with of judges do with their time when 9 out of ten never make it back for their court date. What magnify the waist of money by hundreds of times? How many times does $ 50 million go into $ 1.2 ? (Got check for real number, but I'm pretty sure its more.)
     I'm willing to bet that the Obama administration had something to do with HSS have the $1.8 Billion to pay for the bus tickets.
      Anyhow, it wasn't until I verified what I more or less pieced together.
      It's really silly to do anything about the problem until the law makers change the way these immigrant are processed. All they have to do is change it to an administrative process, without a a hearing with a judge involved; like they already do with Canada and Mexico. And from what I gather, they've got the same kind of problem with Brazil.
      I say you've got a crazy son of a bitch with your check book, and the word "millions," is not in his vocabulary. They brainwashed him. He don't know what the hell is right or wrong.
      Gee, the PBS station had one of his consultants speak about what Obama plans to do. She was dead set on keeping those invaders here. There was noting more said than the plan of adding more investment into the problem. As if we Americans owe it to Humanity. I say we need to express more Humanity for our own people before we should be worried about serving up Humanity elsewhere.

I thought it was cool that they did part of the tour de France in part in England. So lucky with the weather, but I'm sure they welcomed the tourist.

Oh yeah, that guy with his guns in Mexico.
      I had to laugh when I heard old Hillary in an interviews. Saying that there should be people tearing up the phones in order to get him out. The bitch acted as if it was a terrible disgrace that our government is doing anything about helping him.
      I say the guy was a dumb ass. He was probably going down there to sell them because of his love for a drug habit. A person just doesn't carry an arsenal in the trunk around every day.
      I say the Mexicans should be able to do what ever they want with him. We should just butt out.

And boy the death of those three boys sure got Hamas and Israel all fired up. 180 missiles over night. Apparently Hamas must have got himself a few that cost more than $500.oo a pop, because they are going farther inside Israel.

Get your calculators out....
       See what 180 X 500 amounts to, and then see what the numbers 180 X 76,000 give you.

The $13,680,000.oo is what the US taxpayers paid for it. And all those tanks and airplanes Israel has is also supplied by the US tax payers.
       The $90,000 was cost involved in making the Gaza Strip a target.

For all of you out there who are wondering when it will stop. It will stop when the $3 Billion per year that the US taxpayers give to Isreal runs out.
       Take 13,680,000 from 3,000,000,000.
       That $ 2,986,320,000 is how much they've got left to go.
       Or 39,293 more missiles to go.
       Devastation for sure, and you the US Tax payers pay for it.
       Total cost of overhead to make sure it happens (the cost of the missiles on the Gaza strip) cost lest than what some of those defence contractor executives pay for their homes at only $ 19,646,500.oo

Or just $ 3,000,000,000.oo divided by $ 76,000.oo, you end up with 39473.6 missiles on one side billed to the USA and matched missile for missile on the other side equals 39473.6 X $500.oo = $ 19,736,800.oo
       Sure the numbers may be off a little, but I think the example makes my point.

Boy it was rough passing up this morning. The waves were probably better than I'd seen in at least a week or so.

Rule Numbers 36
10th of July, 2014:

Yeah just have to laugh at how clueless both Obama and Banard play out to be. ome one, folks, they can't be clueless as the media portrays them to be because we all know I spelled it out and you can't tell me that they are not notified to what ever I post. I'm way past doubting that so we can all look for the reason they are doing so. Just let me search- 2012, Obama, hss, immigration, health social services, and I'm willing to bet that I'll find out the Obama used his executive order to fund hss with $ 1.8 Billion to bus the illegal immigrants around the country.

And I put a separate web-page together with that posting I originally posted in Obama Poop.

Oh ho ho.
       It's known as the Dream Act. Obama created a loophole so he could get more Hispanic Votes.
       It was drafted by no other than by another minority that stupid guy Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL).
Obama administration's Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals.

(From what I gather, Obama Dream Act says: just join the military for two years, or go to school for two years and you are in. If that wouldn't create a rush for the border. )
The Lawless Immigration Policy of the Obama Administration

Stupid People Vote Democratic by Defualt

Obama's Poop

Bribing is the only way anything gets done
Rule Numbers 11, 19, 43, 54, 60, 75, 86 & 100
11th of July, 2014:

I'm not just talking about a Lousy Soccer Game in the desert either.
      But in that case, what the hell dose the FBI have to do with it?
      Just like our court system wasting time on whether or not an athletic is doping or not.

And even President Obama isn't above bribing Congress. Obama wants US to hand over $3.7 just for the provision that is in the bill to eliminate the Lousy Law Bush made up in 2008 which grants the illegal immigrant the right to a hearing with a judge.
      But When you think of this Obama plan, why would you want to spend all that money, when there is a provision in the bill that would cut back on the need of judges. As I said the other day, "what the hell have these judges been doing with their time when only one out of ten even shows up to their court date?"
       And my guess, the 1 out of 10 that do show up are probably the ones that join the military, because Obama's Dreamers Act that Obama passed in 2012 to gain Hispanic Vote in the Swing States. Obama's 2012 Dreamer's Act grant's any illegal immigrant, up to the age of 30 whom either goes to school or joins the military for two years,- a citizenship.

Oh that's actually two bribes fo Obama. He actually bribed Hispanic Voters with the Dreamer's Act. Something that would have been unlikely to happen if there was single term limits for the presidency.

I got a kick out of a spot on the news. This gal was interviewing a civilian in Israel. The guy said he felt bad for the people in the Gaza, because they have been getting hit pretty bad. Kinna sad, because it's the $3 Billion the USA provides that makes it all happen.
       The folks in Gaza are being put through hell. Having everything destroyed because there is what I figure $2 Billion in annual profit for Defence contractors. (Figuring that a $76,000.oo Missile actually cost $27,000.oo to make.)

I've been wanting to ask people to pray for help for those people of the Gaza Strip. Let's all pray that the USA will stop the funding for the war by taking away the $3 Billion we give to Israel every year for their war machine.
       Just think of the kick back John Kerry and Hillary Clinton got from the war machine we've built over there in Israel.
       And Obama calls up their Prime Minister yesterday to see if we can help them any. Doesn't Obama understand that we've help them more than enough. We've turned them into a killing machine.

Not as it seems
Rule Numbers 9, 10, 11, 43 & 65
12th of July, 2014:

It's evident to me that Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is out to take over the Gaza Strip, just as Putin took part of the Ucrain.
      However, there is a big difference between the two and the difference is Netanyahu has the US tax payers backing him.
      All those tanks he's got lined up at the border are courtesy of the US tax Payers.

Last night I noticed a news clip featuring a man in Gaza City, claiming that the Hamas had nothing to do with the missiles launched in to Israel. And I'm one that can agree with him on that, even if Hamas takes credit for them and even is some of them were launched by Hamas.
      The way I look at it is that Israel has been using two different types of missiles. For defense, they are using the Iron Shield of course, which are missiles made by an Israeli firm at $76,000.oo a pop. (Which the US tax payers pay for.)
      However, I'm sure the ones they use to blow-up the Gaza Strip are a different kind, probably made by someone else and I have little doubt that it would be Lockheed Martin .
      Since I have little doubt that it would be Lockheed Martin, I wouldn't doubt that Lockheed Martin has supplied militants with several of my trucks disguised like Box trucks with advertising logos painted on the sides. (They are probably painted up to look like produce delivery vehicles.) But these box trucks probably have front and back garage doors so they can load missile batteries through the back and shoot them out the front.
      I bet they can stop anywhere they want and in less than a minute or two they can launch a whole battery of missiles and be on there way long before Israel can even load the bearing into their computers. Therefore those one minute warning empty missile or what I find difficult to believe, even phone calls, being one minute warning of the soon to be bombings,- are obviously going to be too late to blow up a truck like mine.
      (What a deal, the thought that the US defense contractors can steal my kids to create war conflict for profit.)
      The real tragedy is that my kids are being used to fool the victims into thinking that they are there to help them, but the fact is that they are being killed and their homes are being destroyed, because of the evil use of my truck. (Provided by the US of A of course.)
      I can guess the Lockheed Martin Company has decided that only $20 Million Dollars worth of give away missiles wasn't much overhead in order to keep the fighting going, so they upgraded the missiles and now they shoot farther into Israel

Wishing the USA would destroy itself
Rule Numbers 10
14th of July, 2014:

I actually see it for what it is. Like the only reason the government would let news cameras go into the nuclear missile silos. The reason was to get people to justify spending $350 Billion on them in the next ten years. That's $35 Billion per year for thing that only put its own stupid people in danger.
      Like how many of you have ever went to use a floppy disk and discovered that it corrupted itself just sitting somewhere?
      And what I got a laugh about is how they hide "the key" in a lock box with two master brand combination locks.(And I of course have had several of them over the years.)
       Ask those folks in Morro Bay about how much those can be trusted.
       One time while I was in the movie theatre, the folks in Morro Bay watched how fast a device can be slipped over the lock and with a push of a button, the device will push the U bolt up and down, while the machine runs though every one of the 9,999 possible combinations in a little more than a minute.
       The thing is so fast that the locks indents that keep the numbers in line will not handle the use of the device more than twice. After once, the lock is difficult to use, and after the second time, it's time to buy a new lock.

Apparently it's no secrete. That Lockheed Martin has been selling a bunch of my trucks along with a bunch of missiles to Iran and the Iran turns around and gives them to Hamas.
       Of course it is to keep the assembly lines going. Folks like building those Abraham tanks because it feeds families in the US of Assholes.

I must have heard the same line a couple dozen times today. Everyone has been saying, "they are just a bunch of whores anyway."
       About the only thing I've done to Girls of the Day in the last few years is remove links. It's just noting I want to see any more. Kinna like staying way from negativity as far as I can.

Just don't add up.
Rule Numbers 10
14th of July, 2014:

Last week I saw an interview with a border patrol man on the news. It was about him stating that there had been a slow down in the amount of people coming over the border to surrender to them. The Patrol Agent said that the amount they were currently picking up each day was about a thousand and that they were usually bringing in about 1,400 each day.
      Well if you get out your calculator and use the lesser number of a thousand and multiply that by 365 for the days of the year, that's seven times the amount the media and government is claiming.

Bad acting
Rule Numbers 10 & 43
17th of July, 2014:

CBS put a bit together on a kid from El Salvador. The kid sure wasn't fooling me, because I know that you don't have to leave El Salvador to get away from the street gangs. Just pick up any tourist guide and they well tell you of which towns to avoid.
      I've know too many surfers that have gone them and I even know one who just got back.
      All that get away from gang stuff is a crawk of shit. Half the reason they need to hide their faces when in the detention centres is so they won't get recognised as gang members from where ever they come from.
      I don't think many of you realise that we've been importing at least a half a million illegal immigrants per year, and a large percentage of them are gang members that we've been spreading all around the country. They don't know anything else, they don't speak the language so they will locate more of their own and carry on doing what they learned to do in their own country.

The is one word that has been going around the Hispanic Community around here. The word is Solvency.
       As crazy as it may seem to you, that opening up the gates at the 5% unemployment mark makes a lot of sense to them.

And what Todd Gloria and Company just did to the San Diego area by hiking the minimum wage is only going to come back and bite them. They just screwed a lot of people out of their jobs and put their own brand of inflation on top of Obama's; making every dollar in my pocket worth even less.

And no matter what, you can bet that the Democrats are not going to want to do anything other than put them up in a Merriot Hotel, because they know they will get the stupid people's vote because of it.

Oh that guy who either killed his kid in the car, or forgot him.
       I think the computer searches got the prosecutor over zellous with a murder charge, when a manslaughter would have been the proper and easier charge to prove.
       The only thing the computer tells me is that the guy has probably pulled the same mistake more than once before.

And the guy who shot up the whole family, trying to find his ex:
       Too bad the cops didn't just blow him away on the spot; they would have saved the US Tax Payers a bunch of money.

It's quite Ironic that you have al these people complaining about the destruction and killing going with Israel and the Gaza Strip.
       But doesn't anyone realize that it's the US that is paying for all of it with $3 Billion in aid to Israel every year?
       Now everyone is worried about a ground invasion, but doesn't anyone realize that the US Tax Payers gave them the Abraham Tanks to do so?

Who Cares?
Rule Numbers 10 & 43
18th of July, 2014:

I can't help but laugh at these people who call themselves reporters. It can only mean one thing really. The plan crash sure gave them something more to do than to lying about the illegal importation if illegal immigrants.
      The thing I don't get about this whole plane wreck is why all the fuss over the Black Box?
      What difference is it going to make?
      We all know what kind of missile brought it down, what difference is it going to make having a few recording?
      I guess they are looking for some blood and gore that the rest of us won't get to see.
      Hell, from what I see, they were using anything they could to make that thing fall out of the sky, (what looked like 50-80mm machine gun holes,)-and now we live at an age when the lines between stability and war have become a blur.
      But really folks, just think of all the airline tickets that will be sold by reporters flying to cover the story about the wreckage.
      Just think about how many hotel rooms will be filled. The taxis from all around the vicinity will have work too because with the news media, there is a whole industry of people will be shipped around the globe just to give you some kind of story.
      With a few word doctors involved, they can sell you anything to justify just about anything that is wrong.

Oh I found another fake picture of Obama and Speilberg together. I posted it on Speilberg's lousy page if any of you are in for a laugh. I can't figure out which one's head is cut and pasted, because they both look a little obvious.

Gotta Go into the Arms Business
Rule Numbers 12
19th of July, 2014:

I saw a few clips that clued me in on what is going on over there at the borderline in Gaza.
      First off, I did get to look at what kind of damage that was left behind by one of Hama's rockets on the Israeli side. It looked like it left a crater about 16 inches deep and about five yards across; if that.
      What I saw matched what I saw in a clip containing a compact truck with a bundle of rockets that were propped up. The thing that was interesting in how inconspicuous that it was. It was something that just a tonal cover or tarp could conceal.
      The tubes could have been made out of PBC Pipe and I wouldn't doubt the rockets are not much more than a stick of dynamite crammed in to a housing containing a D Size Estes Rocket Engine.
(Heck they make E & F Size now at 24mm & 29mm.)
      Anyhow, I've even seen how the spiral even worse than a bottle rocket if the tail-fins don't pop out right.
      Hell, I bet on the black market, you can have a hole bundle of 24 made up for you for under $500.00, with launcher and all. I bet they make you buy your own battery. But I'm sure they would set you up with a cigarette lighter adapter for free.
      Gee, E Engines are about 6 bucks; how much is a stick of dynamite? Heck, if you are like me, you can learn a lot from catalogues and stuff. Just a simple chart can lead that creative mind into thinking up a few things.

On the Other Hand:
I also saw the size of crater left by an Israeli Rocket on the Gaza side of the border.
      The crater was at least six feet deep and about 10 to 15 yards across.
      I figure it was a $67,000.oo Hellfire Missile, and I sure hope it wasn't a Patriot, because the price tag on a Patriot Missile is a Million Bucks, and it would have been a lot cheaper to just hire an operator with a bull-dozer for a few hours to dig the same hole.

New Direction
Dumped the Hollywood Bitches
Rule Numbers 86
July 20th, 2014:

I wasn't into promoting any Speilberg Whores, nor did I want to support any bitch that was stupid enough to support Obama.
       And that last thing I wanted to do was try to keep track of any of them.
       So we're trying something new around here at

Sorry but you just have to laugh at this Harry Reid guy, saying that the border is secure. Someone should tell him that the rush has been all about the Amnesty Obama gave them.

And from what I heard, that my guess was wrong. Apparently they make the bundles of home made missiles up in bunches of 32 and they only get about $400.oo for them.

So lets play a number game:
       Hamas must pay about $1,200.oo per hundred for home made rockets. And the media claims the shot off 1,500 so far. That's an $18,000.oo investment for Hamas.
       But for the Israeli side, they fire a $74,000.oo Iron Dome Missile to shoot it down and a $67,000.oo Hellfire Missile to retaliate. Combined and multiply by 1,500, you get the US Tax payers handing over $ 211,500,000.oo to fight Hamas' $18,000.oo investment. Now who's fooling who?

On the Other Hand:
I also saw the size of crater left by an Israeli Rocket on the Gaza side of the border.
      The crater was at least six feet deep and about 10 to 15 yards across.
      I figure it was a $67,000.oo Hellfire Missile, and I sure hope it wasn't a Patriot, because the price tag on a Patriot Missile is a Million Bucks, and it would have been a lot cheaper to just hire an operator with a bull-dozer for a few hours to dig the same hole.

No Direction
Just Plug
Rule Numbers 86
July 21st, 2014:

I've just have too many links going to Girls of the Day, and a few Bikinis, so I just put something there to fill the spot until I get rid of all the links which of course will take some time.

And I want to post a word on my most favourite actor of all time, James Garner.
       An interesting fact about him that I just learned is that he married his wife back in the days when he was playing the maverick character. Not typical of marriages in Hollywood, but with a man like James Garner, I'm sure he was able to find a good one.
       Anyhow, I couldn't imagine a better lifestyle he was able to play in Rockford Files. I just can't imagine someone getting away with having a place like his at such a wonderful spot that seemed to have been moved around a couple of times. But man, the guy had it made with the low maintenance yard.
       For many of you, you know him from his spot in the notebook, but now days I'm rediscovering him in the Maverick.

And I'd like to throw in a analogy in there about him and many Mexicans, as we used to say. And it has something to that statement about Todd Gloria and Company trying to raise the minimum wage.
       With Mexicans, it is not so much how much they make per hour, it's that they stay busy working that matters most to them.
       (Something the Hispanic Community had better when the unemployment numbers were below 5%)

Another problem with raising the minimum wages. More jobs would be switched over to temp agencies and the full time people would just be required to take up more of the slack.
       There are many Hispanic women who get up every morning, just to keep their local strip malls clean, but if they are priced out by the guy with the Vacuum Truck, those gal's who provide a better service to us all will be out of a job.

Also I would like to mention that the wikipedia has been edited to say that it cost $20,000 to shoot down a missile using the Iron dome. But I found a 2012 CNN web-page that Israeli officials said: each Iron Dome battery costs $50 million and a missile costs at least $62,000. I'd have to look back in my journal entries, but I'm sure just last month it said about $75,000.oo and I'd say that it's about right for inflation. Butt anyhow for the benefit of the doubt:

$62000+$67000×1500= $100,562,000.oo
I guess that we provide Israel enough money to do what the did last week, again every other week for the rest of the year.
       Or should I be a blunt about it as I would say that they can do it all again 20 times over?
       20×300 = 6,000
       It's only 6,000 dead people out of 1.5 Million People, but take a look at all the Millions in Property Damage that has gone on.
       Just try to find someone who will insure the next building they want to put up there.
       That's what I don't get about the whole ordeal. There has to be something in it for Hamas and my best guess is that he's taking money in on the side for instigating such a war with Israel. He's probably getting more in kick backs from the defense contractors that it adds up to more than the revenue he would receive from such properties.
       Think about it.....
       At a 10% cut, the guy brought in $10 Million Dollars last week. In a year's time that same 10% could bring Hamas One Hundred Million Dollars. ($200,000,000.oo every year for a $360,000.oo investment, in five years he'd pocket a Billion Dollars off less than a Two Million Dollar investment. $1,800,000,oo )
       $2,000,000,000.oo divided by the investment of $1,800,000,oo provides a rate of return of 1111.11 times the investment.
       Not Bad. No wonder there are 41 Wars being carried out at the same time in the world these days.

And Oh, I posted something about those Bullies in New York at

Who is Foolin Who?
25th of July, 2014:

Nobody is saying how much was paid for those worthless black boxes. It was probably even profitable after the expense of such expensive rockets.
      I bet the Russian rebels got $100,000.oo for them. The rockets probably only costed about $10-20,000.oo
      With that kind of profit margin, I bet it will happen again somewhere some day down the road.

I wonder how much damage my truck has helped to do? What kind of body count it has and how much value in property damage it has helped to do?

And don't you think it's kinna funny that Hamas gets it's rockets through the tunnels that are dug into Isreal?
      Doesn't anyone ever wonder who in Isreal is supplying Hamas with rockets?

Good show?
26th of July, 2014:

After last nights's session, I heard what must have been conversations of people who maust have been in the crowd on shore as I was out surfing.
      Two or three times heard people say I put on a pretty good show.
      Beleive me folks, when I say it could not have been very spectacular at all because the waves were to the point where I'd even missed the Stonemen a couple times. Never the less, I figure the show they were taking about was probably just in comparison to what the other surfers were able to pull off. And I'll be the first to admit that it was most likely the extra gallon of volume I've got in my Groveler that gave me any wave count to talk about.

Also within the last week or so, I've actually heard a few conversations of people who have actually been to Morro Bay lately. It wasn't surprising to hear that the place was like a ghost town, because it was pretty much that during the week when I was there. I wonder if the motels even fill up on the weekends any more? But really folks, just ask anyone that goes there, it sits in fog all summer long. The wave are pretty much blown out mush. Good place to avoid if you want to enjoy your summer vacation.
      And there has been some things said about what Comcast was doing out there, so I'm guessing what I have said has some truth to it.
      Believe me folks, that kind of shit that was going on there would drive most people crazy.

And there are some rumors going around that Obama has just blocked someone from paying me. Or as I would suspect could be nothings but word doctors because nobody is pacific as to where the money was suppose to come from.
      I suppose most are suspecting it to be Lockheed, because I'm sure there are many of you wondering why I haven't been running around asking for it.
      None the less is I have had the feeling that getting my name one their dotted line before it's time would only limit the pay out to one third, if that because they would only fold up shop and move it elsewhere.
      No folks, I'm not going down that road because I'm pretty damn sure Lockheed Martin had their hands in on creating the child molester rumours, and no telling what else, and that would make it triple damages.
      And secondly, going after the royalties already due to me is like going after blood money and I would probably just loose my ass trying to get it.
      I figure that in time, the proof should be known of the crimes committed against me and I'll be awarded triple damages. I'd rather be able to give more of the money to the people who have lost their homes and loved ones because of the use of my truck. And at $50 million per battery for the iron dome, I wouldn't doubt each one of them uses one of my trucks to reload.

Funny how people on the street have been talking about my Crazy Train idea.
      I'm sure they think, like get real, there is no other cost effective away to turn around a thousand people each day. A half a dozen airplanes each day would take way too much fuel. Setting up rail cars is the only way to go.
      However, I have another way the problem can be solved. I'm sure there are other countries out there that secure their borders in the same way, but with the use of satellites and GPS now days, landmines are actually a cost effective way of doing such a thing.
      I was thinking it would work out real good as long as you don't end up with some guy selling the GPS information. Other than that, you could even use light duty ones where a machine can detonate them for removal if need be.
      I had to laugh when I heard about Obama telling the prime ministers of Central America to tell there citizens not to come here.
      I really don't even understand why Obama would think that those Prime Ministers would even go on television and admit that their own citizens would even want to leave their wonderful country in the first place. I just don't see it happening, but then again, maybe Obama knows something I don't.


Stupid Rule No. 43

85% failure rate.
Who is Foolin Who?
27th of July, 2014:

I came across something posted at Reuters.
      Something like I figured all along.
      You've got so many defense contractors in on it, the thing can be a piece of shit and they will still get the US tax payers to pay for it. How many people die because of it is not important at all.

You have to laugh at the fact that in this post it tells us how much more the USA is going to spend on the Iron Dome system, but then it also says that often they fire off two Iron Dome Arrow missiles to shoot down one of Hamas' $800 jobbers.

This morning I heard Senator Ryan say the Senate is planing to put together a bill this week that would amend the bad one with the same kind of administrative process as folks from Canada and Mexico have been getting.
      However, I can see the problem is and I bet he's right that it's unlikely to go anywhere because the House of Congress, (which I'm guessing is controlled by Democrats,) will not vote yes on the bill therefore it will not go through to the President.
      Never the less, everyone knows this is very likely because they know all they have to do is stall everything and the assume that will allow Obama to complain about it as he always does but at the same time he knows he can use his executive order and spend all your money in the most cock-o-me-nee way possible, making a lot of money for certain people along the way.

Last night I heard a few segments of the Nixon tapes. Man-o-man, I could never imagine people even voting for such a snake. I just don't get it. How could such a creep get to be the president of the United States?
      But then again, when are you ever going to get a chance to listen to so many recordings of any president. Betcha president Obama would provide some creepy way out there material. I bet you he's like the boys in the hood. Real sneaky, real ghetto. Can always tell with those big grins.

Ten Billion per year
For missiles that don't work
July 28th, 2014:

A multi-billion dollar development program of the Arrow is undertaken in Israel with the financial support of the United States.
       When the development program began, the projection for the total cost of its development and manufacture – including the initial production of missiles – was an estimated $1.6 billion.
       The price of a single Arrow missile was estimated at $3 million.
       Between 1989 and 2007 some $2.4 billion had been reportedly invested in the Arrow program, 50–80 percent of which was funded by the United States.[
       Israel contributes approximately $65 million annually.
       A relative small piece of the pie if you ask me. I can easily imagine they get that much from the employment taxes, from the workers who work on it. So I figure that it doesn't cost them a dime . 3 Missile Interceptor I 3 Missile Interceptor II

The thing that is the ultimate laughable part of it all is the the Arrow three project the US has with Israel is all about getting a $3 Million Dollar Missile in space, when the threat is a crudely made sugar and fertiliser rocket, that cost only a few hundred bucks to make, if that.
       The crude rockets Hamas uses are known as Qassam Rockets- propelled by a solid mixture of sugar and potassium nitrate, a widely available fertilizer. The warhead is filled with smuggled or scavenged TNT and urea nitrate, another common fertilizer. This is close to Ammonite.

Qassom rocket

I saw the leader of Hamas on the evening news last night. I have to say it looked like a prime example of what a $1,000.oo hair cut looks like. Bet his suit cost more than any car I've ever owned.
       The question I have is, what makes the guy so difficult to assassinate and be done with it.
       I feel I need to say that I do realise that Iran probably has more to do with it than most of us think.
       Another problem is the way the US is using it as a way to get Boeing, Lockheed Martin and the rest of them all mixed up in something the Chinese Hackers will steal just as they have done before.
       Bottom line: None of these interceptor missile systems work very well against a sophisticated missile like the one North Korea has already; or anyone else for that mater.

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Stupid Rules

Stupid Rules

Stupid Rules

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      I've actually tried doing a criminal background check on myself because I would love to find one that wasn't true. I've learned that even when they say it's free, that it is not. However, I did find one that will refund your money if you cancel a monthly subscription with 7 days.
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But in reality now days, you only have to fire up a search engine.

And no I'm not the Dennis Sattler in Texas who hid in a closet and then killed his wife. But that goes to show you that if I have done any criminal act such as stalking a woman or molesting a child, just Googling my name would tell you.

Of course we can't forget about those evil little pyros that have some kind of idea that they are hero's of some kind and not just a bunch of kuckleheads that are too damn stupid to do anything else:
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