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putin hot meals cartoon

Just think of the radiation Putin just left behind

Putin just took it on his own to think a little more radiation isn't going to do any harm. And no one seems to have any concern that he is planning two more nuclear bomb tests in the near future.
       Hay, Putin! Didn't you know that the only reason you are still alive is because every one is still digging the gold out of the ground?
       Before you go screwing up the Earth, I'd think about the real bad guys from outer space who will come and take it away from you before you screw the place up, you moron. Playing your little war games could get us all killed, you included.
       -September 16, 2014 -
       Update Sept.18th: I think Japan's screw up is doing enough radiation to have to live with for the all of us I'm sure.


Happy Spot
Rules 20
August 1st, 2014:

All it took was one cutback to know I finally hit a Happy Spot.
       Instead of using my back foot to spin it around, I was able to slide it onto the rail to change directions.
       Also the essential bottom turn with some slide into it made it easier for me to keep the nose up with having to shift all my weight to the back foot. (Where it made me feel like I was surfing too big of a board.
       Never the less, I still wish I would have gotten the 6'0" instead, but with the feel I got out of it today was so right there at home that I think it will be easy to get used to it.
       When it got down to it: I was felt I was looking for less than a 11.5 rear fin but no less than 10.9 that I've tried, and they really didn't sell what I was looking for in just a pair of rears.
       Then I also had to consider that a complete set would probably be even better way to get a better matched set of course. However, I also noticed that the rears of one particular set looked remarkably like the cut of the AM1 but scaled down some like mini AM1s.
       Too top it all off, today I just discovered that those same little mini AM1s just so happen to have better matching cants, (if that is what you are looking for.) Regardless, my custom combination just looks so much better matched to me, just looking at them hanging from my ceiling.

Unfortunately a cop got shot in the shoot out, but you can all thank those guys in New York for Saving the tax payers a shit load of money keeping the child molester alive.
       Tax Payers should give the wounded cop a all expense paid vacation to the Bahamas or somewhere for a couple weeks so he can drink his pain away quite nicely.

And oh, when Obama sent over those 75 Hellfire Missiles to Iraq the other day, he shipped out $5,000.000.oo of the US Tax payer's money that they will never see of again.
       From what I've been hearing; the profit margin on missiles is ten fold, or should I say 1,000%.
       With that much profit involved, don't even be a fool to believe Hamas can even keep a cease-fire because the defence contractors involved on Isreal's side will only place phoney militants in Gaza to launch anything that will fly, and that's what I think I saw in the back of that compact truck, because they were certainly not Qassam Rockets.

And another thing I should mention: The media is only providing images of the Iron Shield Interceptor Defence Type Rocket launchers. Which happen to have front bulkheads with loops for Hooklift Trucks. But it doesn't mean it couldn't have provisional loops for other types of transfer trucks, even ones like mine.
       But what I'm betting on is that US backed Israel is using my system for the launchers that shoot whatever, (they are not showing us,) to shoot offensively in retaliation. What we call around here at MyStupidRules is a big hole in the media coverage. Therefore, you can't trust anything they are telling you.

Fire Department Lieutenant in Oceanside
put a price on a wave.
Rules 4, 20, 86
August 2nd, 2014:

I wouldn't doubt he would tell you that I'm a child molester too. There just has to be a reason that this Lieutenant Lockincock of the Oceanside Lifeguard Division wouldn't let up.
       There has to be a reason because I'm sure there are plenty of you who saw another guy surfing in the contest area and I don't even think I even caught a wave there. All I did was use the rip to get out and drifted down.
       Never the less, this moron Lieutenant Lockincock wouldn't let up until he got me a citation.

Then to top it all off, not even the big time pro surf contest take over both sides of the pier, that is during mid morning then by afternoon, they had the cops closing it down all the way to the jetty for those lousy longboarders. My God, it's like a festival for musicians with no sense of rhythm and they were able to come and take over the place, with the law enforcement agencies supporting their occupation. Wonder why longboarders tax dollars mean more than the rest of ours?

And oh, that guy yesterday: They all look the same to me; whether they are a real pro, or just another want-to-be-pro surfer. You can tell right off the bat because they have no boundaries.
       See, being a pro surfer is a 60/40 game. 60% of it is all about being able to paddle faster then the net guy. (That's why Kelly Slater must be doping.) And the other 40% is luck of the draw on being able to catch a wave that works well for you. The reason I even mention this is because of that ability to out paddle the common recreational surfer often results in those want-to-be-pro surfers scrambling for someone else's wave, even if there are two other surfers closer to the peek, they don't care even if their arms are smacking the guys next to them, their goal is to catch that wave as if no one else in the water actually matters. They are not afraid of interfering with someone else trying to catch a wave, it doesn't matter to them.
       Like yesterday: one of those whipper snappers thought he would come over and snake a wave before it got to me; I had to pull back because I thought he was about to turn into me and then he went the other way that went nowhere. My first good wave was gone because of him, and since he wasn't successful at his attempt to steal my wave, he was there to catch the wave I would have caught if he would have been successful at stealing my first wave.
       The third wave I would have caught I had to back out of a cluster fuck that guys on both sides of me backed out of and rest assured, I would have made it if they would have just let me alone. On that one the pro surfer guy was to my right, or maybe second over right where I would have needed to go.
       The question I have is how do such goof balls become so luck to be sponsored pro surfer? What makes them so special?
       Bottom line, after 45 minutes or more, I hadn't been able to catch a wave and two out of the three I could have had went un-ridden. And the one that did get ridden was ridden by the guy that interfered with the other two.

(This pro surfer dude couldn't understand why I got upset. I said, if I wanted a pet, I would have bought a dog. At least with a dog, I can train it not to shit on my porch.)

Rule Numbers 8 & 88
Couldn't it be, I made the right call?
       Damn I couldn't be so lucky to get a name and a face out of a ticket. Makes it worth every cent and well worth the trouble.
       Can you even believe it? With me,the person who so many of them call a tourist attraction!?
       Gotta a web-site and truck that is no less than a rolling billboard.
       Well. it's like Rule Number 8 and the shit just falls into my hand.

Honest; the last thing I said to the cops as they walked away was, "you can tell a person that someone is a suspected child molester and they will forget all about the suspected part."
       This Lieutenant Lockincock guy just seemed to be taking it as personal vengeance and wanting to scrape up any authority of his to make sure that I would pay for not kissing up to his orders. A fireman no less.
       I told Lockincock he was too old to be a lifeguard. I said, "you must be too dumb to do anything else, that's why you're always in training."
       (Did I ever write about the life guards in Ventura? They were freaking out and wasting their time panicking honking their horns because the waves were big and pushing me towards the pier. It got pretty old after a half hour of it. When I did get close to the pier, I simply shot through it during a low.)
       Anyhow, my experience today is what I would call fishing by the seat of my pants.
       But then again, there is a bit of that Rule 88 that comes into play.
       (Did I ever write about the time a friend in Australia got annoyed by lifeguards? He said they had the sirens going off and I think he said they even got the helicopters out after them.
       He said,"Ah, it was only a hammerhead and the waves were too good to go in.")
       Oh and if you ever see me drowning. Please do not call anyone to help. I'd rather die in peace.

Oceanside Lieutenant Fireman/lifeguard put hundreds of people's life in danger.
Rule Numbers- 4, 12, 51 & 86
Taken from home page:
August 10, 2014:

I guess you could say that Oceanside has a lot more in common with Morro Bay than you may think.
       Just as I told the cops that it wasn't by chance that the fireman picked on me and that it just had to be more of a coincidence that it may have seemed to be.
       Just as I can assume the coincidence of me finding the bolt that hold the coupling on the steering shaft on my truck was backed off, creating some slop of which I noticed Friday. (Something that the firemen in Morro Bay bragged about doing.)
       But them again, isn't it a coincidence that I found two loose bolts on the links holding my trucks front suspension under the front of my truck. And it that isn't enough, how about the bolt I found back out more than a quarter inch and about ready to let loose that holds the track bar eyelet. The ready neat part about the discovering the three loosened suspension bolts was that I discovered them after I had driven down the highway on my way to Vista yesterday. Which of course would be turning my 12,000 truck into a projectile that could have easily killed a few others more likely than myself. (Kinda like taking down an entire airplane, just to get one guy.)

Got Nothing
Rule Numbers- 86
August 3rd, 2014:

Looks as though the only Washington did before going on vacation was approve more than $220 million dollars for more Iron Dome Missiles.

I've got this thing about not contaminating the rumour mill, but are you telling me that those cops on the police boat probably thought I was a child molester? Gee, good thing they didn't throw it in reverse and say oups.

Corruption in the USA
Rule 86 Numbers-12, 66 & 86
August 4th, 2014:

I know it would only cost me $3.oo, but I need another web-site like I need a hole in the head.

You may want to check out a few updates I've posted over at and the New First Responders page.

Of course we can't forget about those evil little pyros that have some kind of idea that they are hero's of some kind and not just a bunch of kuckleheads that are too damn stupid to do anything else:
/First Responders/
Oceanside Lieutenant Committing Slander

(Unfortunately, this category has to include Lifeguards, because here in Oceanside, they have been proven to be criminals just as well.)

Corruption and criminal activity in Oceanside and Morro Bay put us in danger.
While we import more of the problems that they are suppose to be protecting us from.
Rule Numbers- 12, 43, 86
August 6th, 2014:

I think I should mention that everyone seems to be forgetting about all the eligible immigrants being released all over the country day after day. Many of you have become aware that any fight against graffiti that I have lead, just isn't going to keep up with the importation on new gangs that don't understand that we don't like that kind of stuff around the USA.
       But now we have to look at why, and it may very well be a bad immigration policy left behind by the Bush administration that left a loophole for children and then you top it off with the Dreamer's Act that Obama created on his own in 2012 which many call amnesty in just two years of school or two years of serving in the US Military.
       Get this: just recently an elderly illegal immigrant that had been in trouble with the law with trafficking drugs and such, was granted permission to stay in the country because her daughter had died fighting in one of or wars.
       See the thing that actually came down was that the dead girls was taking advantage of the amnesty Obama is granting after only serving only two years in the military. The dumb bitch gets killed, and now well let her dope peddling mother say, because she's the only one who can visit her grave.
       (I say move the grave back to her home country right along with her mother.)
Also-this bit was added to Immigration 101 on the home page and will be finding a Poop Page of it's own soon.

Classic Green screen by Spielberg.
Rule Numbers- 10 & 12
August 8th, 2014:

Many of you have noticed the red carpet video of Oprah and Speilberg together. Well, not together actually. I'm sure the only thing real was the back ground. Steven had those sparkly edges for cutting him out of a green back ground and it appears that Oprah had her own layer in the three layer clip.
       Oh I should mention, Speilberg made over $150 million of you idiots entertaining your stupid kids with How to train your dragon 2. And now Oprah is helping the murder make even more money of your dumb ass this weekend

Isn't it amazing what people will except as acceptable behaviour.
       Just like this thing with the Oceanside's fire department getting in on the action slandering me. People with the city council actually think it is noting to be bothered with. Just something that they can easily forget about because they figure that first responders are heroes and they are royalty that is above the law. (Even if they burn down their homes.
       Finding out where it all came from is something that those idiots don't even want to know. I guess it's ok as long as you are too damn stupid to care.

Oceanside Police condone assaulting private inventors.
Rule Numbers- 4, 12, 51 & 86
August 10, 2014:

You can bet that it I assaulted anyone, 0r even threatened to assault anyone, the Oceanside Police would throw me in jail in a heart beat.
       None the less, the Oceanside will easily let anyone assault me and get away with it just like they did today today.
       No less, it was done in front of a crowd and of the four cops that arrived to the seen, none of them even question the witnesses that watched it form less than ten feet away. (I even told the cops to asked the ladies that were right there, but all they did was teat me like some criminal and let the other guy go long before the let me go.
       (I was flipping Recruiters for the marines shit for the fact that the marines say they would have to kill me if they told me what they were doing with the inventions they stole from me. And get this, this moron that ended up assaulting me wasn't even a recruiter, but just a bystander who over head me."

The moron pushed me off the side walk and tried to kick me. I blocked it with my left hand and then I set my surfboard down, looked around to see if any cops were around and then crouched down low for him and said, "come on, try it again."
       Then he came up with this line that he was just blocking my hand with his foot. (Yeah really,)
       I came back saying, "I'm right handed and that if I was going to hit you, you can bet it would have been with my right. Come on, give it your best shot!"
       Boy, you don't know how much I wanted him to hit me. To have witnesses and letting hit take the first shot in front of everyone, he would have been fair game and you have no idea how much I would love to unload all my frustrations on someone looking for a fight. I'm not much of a fighter, but I have enough anger built up. a good release of that on someone would do my good. All that hate for so so may people and having some fool giving me permission to unload on him would do me a shit load of good. I'd probably feel sorry for the pitiful fool, but at the same time I would have to say I would probably enjoy every bit of it.

Right off the bat, the bully that has spent too much time in the doughnut shop was trying to act like I was crazy and treated me as so. I replied by saying, you guys are nothing about stopping criminals, you're just pacifiers, a dog and pony show for the rich and you rob the poor.
       Funny thing: after my experience with them last week and today, I can assume that their training consist of playing the good cop bad cop roll playing because It's quit annoying when you have one cop drilling you with questions, even if all they are after is your name and writing you up with a citation. Then you have the other asking you stupid questions about your surfboard or what ever needless and personal question they can muster up. Often I just say that it's none of there business, or I'll give them and answer they either didn't expect or don't understand. The trick with morons like them is to switch get the topic of discussions that will make them look like the criminals, especially if you have other people around and you say those things real loud so everyone can hear it.
       After a few minute of incriminating then in front of other, they can't let you go fast enough, and then that's when you try to slip in some more incriminating stuff.
       I've got so much bad cop stuff, I could go on for hours and they don't like that but I told them it is freedom of speech and the last thing I said to them was, "You're just a bunch of lying criminals!

Tell me when I've been wrong about something
Rule Numbers- 86
August 12th, 2014:

yeah have to laugh. You give Billions of dollars worth of military equipment to Iraq, and then they turn around and sell it for pennies on the dollar to ISIS Muslims, and then you spend $67,000.oo for each 49 kg Hellfire missile to blow up each of those $ 8.5 Million Dollar Abraham tanks we gave them and who knows how much of those armoured personnel carriers cost, never the less, you have to figure that each one has a Caterpillar 3126 350 hp diesel engine, so you can figure that the Caterpillar Corporation is just another part of the profitable war machine you al pay for.

And it appears that everyone is questioning whether Fireman Lieutenant Lockincock of the Oceanside Lifeguard Division even had authority to close down both sides of the pier for those none sanctioned Longboard clubs.
       And then there is even less doubt as to whether he closed down more of the beach just because I was able to paddle out after the cops wrote me the citation.
       Also the word on the street is that they just doubled the fine to $400.oo just because of me. (I know another surfer who got one, so I'll check and find out what he had to pay.)

With these Lifeguards spreading child molester rumours as they do, I guess I should feel lucky I only got my neck sprained last year. That and the fact that the Oceanside police are willing to let people assault me at will and get away with it, pretty much spells out that I'd be kind of crazy to even got the the beach any more. And they say the marines are killing people with my inventions for our freedom. Well if that ain't a crock of shit.

Also that theory of special cookies implanted into the Firemen and Police phones and computers is true. Well what I get from that is that you can bet that the first responders will be the first to be brain washed and turned into cyborgs if it isn't the politicians before them.

Get this: It hasn't even been and hour since I uploaded, and I've already heard that I'm right more than just a few times.
       It's amazing, with all the science and technology that we have, that you are all as dumb as you are. I figure I'm not so bright myself, but what does that make you?
       Good thing you are like a frog and you don't know any better. Beside, you've got your lithium Ion powered communications device to tell you how to tie your shoes.

And I'm I the only one that will be happy not to see any more of Robin Williams on my TV. Shit that last gig he had with SMG was pathetic. I couldn't understand every other word out of his mouth. That together with SMG mousy little mouth going a hundred miles an hour, I bet they didn't attract any rating because no one could understand the crap they were saying and they were out of a job. Let's just hope we don't see any more of SMG either. Sarah my dear. They come in a bottle, you take a shit load of them and there will be no more worries tomorrow. (And we can be sure we can enjoy what is on are TV even more you little bitch.)

And that driver that got ran over in the car race: a prime example of how little common sense the next generation has. At least we are down one more idiot. Lets just hope he didn't have any children to carry one that lousy gene pool.

Same goes for those two idiots that got ran over by a train last week here in San Diego. Let's just hope both of them left a good paying job for one of the rest of us.

Yeah, you thought a 49 kg Helfire Missile would cost about the same as the transmission in your car and now you are wondering how could it be that they cost as much as a new BMW. Yeah no wonder the country is broke and they want to tax you more.

Gee folks, it may all seem a little goofy folks, but you can be sure that you will need more cops, because you all seem to be forgetting that you are also paying for bus tickets to ship criminals all over the country.
       But what the hell, any goof ball that doesn't have a felony record can sign up for a 6 month course and be a cop. And there are all those signing bonuses out there so you can always move your reputation around and maybe no one will notice that you are a bully.
       Yah get yourself in trouble somewhere, they will always make you a deal to squelch it if you just sign up with a signing bonus somewhere else.
       Not hard to be a bully cop no mater what they say.
       If you are looking for some trouble, just the kind of thing to do, before you have a criminal record of your own.

Got Nothing
Rule Numbers- 100
August 13th, 2014:

You would laugh at what I saw on my walk to the beach this morning. Just like second graders.
       Believe me when I say it was just the reason I could get myself to the beach the last couple of days. Seriously, I needed some help; like a little push to even get me up enough courage to go back to bad memories, and yet, here those bastards are.
       Seriously folks, how am I suppose to have any doubt they were there on purpose.
       What was it?
       Where they there just to get me work up or push my buttons? Makes you want to move to some other place, but I know sure as hell that there will be criminals like them just as well.

Also, all this morning I've been hearing about a recording some one claims to have. How much do you want to be bet I'll never see any of that, just like the one of Martin.
       I wouldn't doubt they would be trying to make money off it and they'll end up with a corrupted file.
       Come on , prove me wrong, let's see if the person was smart enough to make a bunch of copies everywhere, (and even better to keep changing the file name when you make a new copy,) before the file vanishes before their eyes?

Oh folk: FYI -Israel has blown up the main power-plant in Gaza, (It has been done more than once in years past,) and now even while still at war, Israel is still supplying Gaza with some power.
       Isn't that nice? Just like neighbourly neighbours.
       But them you gotta figure that profits between each other usually makes good friends.

Anyhow, with waves like this morning, I was glad I got the 6-1 instead of the 6-0.

Enough is enough already.
Rule Numbers- 4, 85 & 100
August 14, 2014:

I must have heard those same two words more than a hundred times since yesterday. I even heard it in the background noise of the morning new s broad cast, and that's a sign that those words two words are truly driving me crazy.

Ok, all know that those personnel carriers carry 80 gallons of fuel in them.
       Let's just assume that the ISIS is lucky to get their hands on one with more than 25 gallons left in them.
       Anyhow, for what I heard, those Russians sure would appreciate it if we stop blowing up our own investments because we've made a terrible mess of back orders for those expensive engines. The running gear from those personnel carriers have been so popular that the demand for them has created a sophisticated supply chain and now the US is in there blowing everything up, making a mess of things and now everything has gone on backorder.

Pardon me.
Rule Numbers- 34 & 41
August 15th 2014:

Well pardon me, I stand corrected. From what I gather, it's has been the Norwegians who have found a good place for those 350 hp CAT Engines in what I'd guess is tractors and farm equipment.
       Way to go you guys, a very cost effective way of recycling I would say.
       Be sure to see that stuff go to waist just over the US Government's stupidity.
       To be honest, if I had any money and was building my trucks, I'd be looking into getting my hands on some of those motors. I bet you can't get your hands on one for less than $5,000.oo. .
       Hell, I heard that they go for as much as $10,000.oo for the low mileage ones. .
       Shit, just think, those good US citizens are kick out thousands of them to grab up for pennies on the dollar. If I couldn't use the engines in this country, I sure as hell would find a few where I could..
       Farming equipment would be the easiest game and I could be pretty good at that.

Enough already
Rule Numbers- 100
August 17th, 2014:

I must have heard "seventy percent," no less than a hundred times the last couple days.

And I've heard about the hour's worth of video of me surfing, but this time there has been a name connected to it and one can't comprehend just how long these guys have been fallowing me to get that much.
       Really folks it's really creepy.
       What you are telling me is that they've been stalking me and now they want to turn it into profit.
      I find the whole idea quite perverted actually.
      I myself would like to see them sitting in jail so that I know I can go somewhere without them.
       It also makes me want to get out the scissors and cut out some of the dog and pony show I have on my site.

And I'm getting tired of hearing about the CD whore out of Hollywood. Tell the bitch that she is so out of my league. (Or should I say the other way around actually.) Shut your trap bitch!

Got No Brains?
Rule Numbers- 1, 16 & 51
August 18th, 2014:

Takes brains to blow up a $20,000.oo pick-up with a $67,000.oo Hellfire Missile and burning up $200.oo worth of fuel to do it.

Looks as though everyone on Iraq got a new Toyota pick-up.

Nothing but a hostel take over.
Rule Numbers- 12 & 43
August 19, 2014:

I think the Securities and Exchange Commission should be looking into the take over of Seaworld by the very PETA that slandered the company.
       I think we can all agree that PETA capitalised on the miss conceptions of the movie Black fish and even paid $24,000.oo for billboard during Coma-con just to damage the stock price of The Seaworld corporation.
       The said thing about the whole ordeal is that because of the slander, PETA was able to use donated money to by up the controlling stock in Seaworld and you can be sure PETA will make Seaworld spend more then it makes and therefore will eventually go bankrupt.
       I think the SEC should brake the deal down so that PETA can only take up ownership of the stock at the higher price before the beat down form the Movie and PETA itself.
       If this is done, maybe Seaworld can take back control of their own company..

Back to Mexico
Rule Numbers- 35
August 20th, 2014:

From what I've heard, the Toll Road going to Ensenada has been fix by now and as I said before I had a few suggestions at to how our neighbours could prop up their local economy.
       I'm not sure where they would go to get the money, but I think it would be in the best interest for even some of those hotels to kick in some money to stimulate the whole cause.

You have to realise that Ensenade is the gateway to the BAJA for many of us. And it's the Baja that most of us surfers are interested in exploring.
       Never the less is the consideration taken upon going south of Ensenade, is that you have to go through a town called Maneadero.
       Mareadero has little pavement and what it has is covered with dirt. There is a whole bunch of Alto signs but that dosen't stop the dust from cars pulling on and off the road and to and from connecting cross streets.

What they need to do is pave the main high way all the way through and make it wide enough to park on the side like they do in the south end of Rosarito.
       Secondary would be to pave the cross streets at least one block in each direction to avoid dirt covering the pavement of the new highway.
       Taking out a few of the four way altos would be a good idea too.
       If they did this, the area would see more produce stands and more businesses with economic growth that would build up and modernise the community.
       Tourist travelling further down south would stimulate more economic growth to the towns even further to the south just because of the highway being paved all the way though, making Ensenada's linking Mareadero community -the gateway to the Baja, -even more accessible.

Morons of the day.
Rule Numbers- 4 & 51
August 21st, 2014:

I hate it when another surfer comes up and crowds my take off.
       Like today I had a two nice ones roll right up to me, but because of one another 8%er, the waves went on waisted.
       First one he didn't anticipate where I needed to go or as we all do, find ourselves in the impact zone right where a guy want to take off. And he actually apologised for that one. But it was another wave that had peaked to my right and I was paddling for a better position to launch myself sideways down the barrel.
       I swing myself around and discovered I had this guy on my tail and I almost tagged him with the tip of my board. He was right there, right where I needed to launch myself sideways. Then he chickened out or something because he didn't go either.
       Morons at 8% diminished and I'm supposed to surf with them.

Sounds like that idea of putting pavement through Maneadero has been in the works, but from what I gather, just having me suggest it kinna helped push it over the hill.
       I know I sure would appreciate it, because I'm one who likes to return to a more developed areas like Rosarito and Ensenada just to see what is on TV news every few days. Making that trip, less of a trip to go through, would make my own destinations and discoveries that much more accessible.
       (From what I gather, the budget just went up to $14 Million, and I figure that its a good thing.) One thing I've notice is that the new stuff they've been putting in down there is pretty nice, with curbing and all.

And for another suggestion for Mexicans in general. It's something that is simple and it will help to retains better property values.
       What I think is great about my suggestion is that it's free and it won't cost anything to anyone, except the desire to kick an old bad habit.
       I'm not entirely sure what you would call it other than it's probably a part of culture that developed from standing next to a building to find shade. But from what I've noticed is that Hispanics tend to lean up against the side of a building, stand on one foot and place the other against the wall behind them.
       I enjoy the brighter traditional Mexican colors that go with their own Mexican customs, but this custom of putting there feet up on the paint job only makes their homes and business look dirty as though it needs a new paint job, even if it was just painted only a couple months ago. (I've seen this in Vista CA shortly after some commercial buildings there were painted. It only took a couple months of being fresh and white before it looked like it needed another paint job.

Well it took about $200.oo, but I think I finally got a combination I'm happy with. I finally got my hands on a good set of EA's and combining them with those art-z fart-z B-Bay rears.
       Even my old Quad feels like the rails grip the wall of a barrel much better and I don't think it want's to fly out of the water in the bottom turn of bigger waves as much either. The EA's gave it better grip but it still feels just as agile and loose as I tend like them to be.
       Kinna makes me think I should tune up the bottom a bit, and my M-4 could use a couple dings filled too.

I've got a new way of replying to people who ask me about my truck. Like don't remind me, I don't want to ruin my day!

The crossing of two rumours
Spielbeerg buys a wave.
Rule Numbers-4,10,11,12 & 40
August 22, 2014:

Well I stand corrected again: the $14 Million had nothing to do with Mexico, but to be honest, I'd rather hear it to be because with it being connected to holiday picnic rumours only makes me want to check the blots that hold the front of my truck together.

And wouldn't you know, Rule 40, I should have considered it a crap shoot. I should not have listened to the guy who works at the company and called the day ahead so that the demo truck would have what I was interested in on it.
       Stupid me didn't take in to consideration that Spielberg would likely hear my phone conversation and do something so that it would stop it from ever happening at all.
       When am I going to learn that everyone has potential to be a Spielberg whore?

Hell, I could have been in the water at seven when there was still some rideable waves.
       By 9 when I did get out there, it was pretty much a wash.

Oceanside Lifeguard Guilty of Slander on Aug.2.14

A good example of what a criminal looks like

Got Brainwashed?
Rule Numbers- 20
August 24th, 2014:

You can bet any public official is either already brainwashed, or on the way to being brainwashed.
       Don't think for a minute that they see the real Internet, or any real news broadcast. You have to figure that all it would take is a TV set top box, an Internet provider, and a cell phone with a cookie planted in it, and they are had. They actually think that they know what is going on, but they are actually told what is going on and they actually think it is real.

Today I only confirmed what I already figured out on my own. That is the deal with these photographers who have orgasms over taking pictures of surfers. Honestly, they are nothing but a bunch of sick puppies. Perverts to be quite frank about it.

The surf industry alone is just plumb full of nut jobs.
       Like who in hell was the nut job who decided to call a left fin right and a right fine left? You don't call a left rear wheel of a car a right, just because you've flipped the car upside down. It's still a left wheel, but surfers are so stupid, they can't figure that one out.

And really folks, just look at how the industry makes fools out of its on customers. They sign up a few pro surfers to make up their own signature fins. They get to come up with their own special paint jobs and you can bet they've got stickers that they can stick over any fin to make it look like their own.

But take a look at those signature fins. They are predominately flat foil fins and I don't car how much fancy carbon fibre they put in them to make them look fancy, they are still a fin with one flat side and they cost less than a foiled fin to make because of the flat side that doesn't need any machining and cost almost half as much to make.
       I tried those John John's and they sucked. I bet he's got stickers over a different fins in his own boards, just so you stupid people will buy his lousy paint job.

Oh I posted something new in the Media, and I found a new Oprah and Speilberg video. But tell me folks, why the low resolution? To make the green screen tricks work easier?

Oprah and Speilberg pull one over

Told you so
Rule Numbers- 10 & 12
August 25, 2014:

This morning everyone seemed to be agreeing with me on the idea about the pro surfers having stickers that they can put on any fins to make them look like their signature fins.
       I'm also willing to bet that most people who know what they are doing are most likely using either AM1's or EA's. (Which most fins are based on.)Nothing new, they've been standards for years, but being foiled only makes them that much better.

And the other phase I heard a shit load of times is that they switched the dates.
       To tell you the truth, I debated whether or not to mention that I'd goofed up, but then again I'm pretty sure it was suppose to be on the 22nd, cuase i did check my calander to make sure I had my weeks right .
       Never the less, with them changing the dates as everyone has been saying; well that means somebody knew something and that something was what I had posted about my suspicions. Looks as though I was correct after all.

And there is word on the street that my suspicions about public officials like police and fireman have bugs in there computers and lithium Ion powered communications devices.
       You know what that means do you?
       That telling the judge a couple months ago about my web-site wasn't a very good idea. No telling what he thinks about me, but you can be sure it isn't good and I'm bound to be a sucker for even want to challenge it.
      But really folks, I have no choice, it's the only way to get 120 to pay for it. I've already heard that they shot it up to $400 that I'll have to pay to have lifeguards spread child molester rumours that in turn put hundreds of you in danger every time I pull my 12,000 pound truck on the highway.

And yeah I know, that jumping bit is something I started doing because of the length of the Stoneman. This morning, it was such a big and fast wave, I probably travelled some distance before landing back on it. Never the less, it sure kicked it into a higher gear and I made it around the white water.
       Yesterday I more or less realised part of the reason my old Quad is so famous. It's the late take-off where I launch myself by going over with the lip. I guess it was quite the turn on with the perverted photographers. (Pretty much the main reason I wasn't about to paddle out yesterday, the dock was full of them and they just creep me out.)
       I can clearly understand why so many celebrities want to smack the hell out of the Paparazzi.

Plain Stupidity
Rule Numbers- 20
August 26th, 2014:

With Obama raising the corporate tax rate to 35%, you are stupid enough to try to boycott anyone who wants to jump ship.
       But the way I see it, Obama just took an auger bit to the bottom of the boat and now he's looking for a cork to plug it.
       Boycotting Burger King is quite stupid, because it's saying that you are stupid enough to pay more for the same Burger. Hell, I go to burger king because I'm hungry and I want something to eat. But then you will always have those idiots who want to go to Burger king to build a war machine so the USA can create more evil destruction and killing.

And if you all who have been brain washed by your religion, would just forget about it, you wouldn't have the reason for war because from what I see, that's what the wars are all about.
       Well, that stupidity as well as the profits involved in blowing up $20,000.oo trucks with $67,000.oo bombs.
       Just some of the stupidest shit ever.

And yes, I heard who got a recording of Lt. Lockincock. But seriously folks, do you actually think I will ever see it?
       You've gotta realise that some people as well as their organisations are not what they seem to be. It's just like a pastor with his none profit corporation he calls his church.?
       He'll will make you think you are buying a ticket to heaven, when all you are actually doing is adding to his retirement fund.

And while we are talking about an industry full of stupid surfers, from what I've been hearing, I'm known by more people than Kelly Slater is.
       But he's nothing more than a Lance Armstrong of the surfing industry. He sells more surf gear, makes a shit load of money off those idiots, and he's a criminal who can get away with murder.

Well at least I can say I've done more for all of you than any of those stupid idiots within the industry, at least you are not swimming in as much E-coli. But seriously folks, so many of you are actually stupid enough to have a rodent as a pet. I just don't get it, but I guess when your intellectual intelligence is so close to an animal, you can easily except them as part of your family.

And I can't believe anyone would want that idiot racists asshole Al Sharpton to even be at their son's funeral, let alone speak at it. Sounded like he wanted to create a riot right there in the church. Hell, if my son didn't die in peace, I would at least want to bury him in peace.
       Never the less, you can always count on those idiots in the media to get something started for those racist morons, but when it's the other way around, we don't see any white Jesse Jacksons or Al Sharptons

Gov. Jerry brown selling Pardons
Rule Numbers-
August 27th, 2014:

The word on the street today is that Governor Jerry brown has sold Speilberg a pardon and now Murdr Steven Speilberg is back on the street in what seems to be less than a year or two.
       Just take a look at this web-page from the Hollywood reporter posted on 10-30-13 when I'm willing to bet that Speilberg wasn't even present because I imagine he was in prison.
       Never the less, I would say that there is a serious conflict of interest involved in a Governor taking money from the very criminal he grants a pardon.

Moron of the day
Well, one dead moron

Boy common sense isn't very common now days with 8%ers everywhere; you just have to laugh like I did because you could have bet that if I was any kind of gun shooting expert, or any half ass gun shooter, who has shot an uzzy, would learn real quit that a machine guns kick back is going to take off some where, usually up. But with machine guns it could be per left or upper right, because you can even see it happen when someone shoots one, in the movies.
       I figure that it is only common sense that every type of machine gun would most likely take off in one way or the other. Even though I've never shot one, I bet they will always go the same direction every time.
       Let me guess, --an uzzy takes off to the upper left?
       The only thing any 10 year old of my own would ever get to shoot would be a BB gun if they were lucky.(But to be honest, I probably wouldn't let any kid of my own shoot any real gun until they where at least 12. (I'd probably let him have a BB gun at ten so that by the time he's twelve, he's had long enough to get board with it and hopefully he'll prove he shouldn't get in trouble with a real one.)
       I wouldn't let any any child under 16 shoot anything more than a 380 because I would be concerned of the damage it could do to their hands and shoulders.(I'd probably let him have a BB gun at ten so that by the time he's twelve, he's had long enough to get board with it and hopefully he'll prove he shouldn't get in trouble with a real one.)
       I would keep the real guns locked up away from the kid so that I would know when they would be shooting them as well.
       One more Moron dead, good reddens.

Speaking of damage.
       If any of you scientist are looking for something to study:
       Get your hands on the names of people who buy high powered sub-woofers and amplifiers for their cars.
       Keep them in a file some where and later on down the road check to see if they of them have come down with Parkains disease.
       Or even that thing foot ball players complain about. Because, I'm sure that pounding your brain with atmospheres of pressure sure can't be good for it.

Speilberg Whore on my front porch.
Rule Numbers- 44
August 29th, 2014:

Speilberg Birch on my beach

I have little doubt that she wasn't a fan of mine and it was just another reason to do it.
       I wouldn't want to even try to count the number of times I've heard people say that they would have done it to.

Spot got a Sunnyside
Rule Numbers- 21
August 31st, 2014:

Sunnyside's surfboard Spot with a Sunset on its belly

> For Spot in 1600 200k click here <

With the waves like we've had, I realise that a 6'0" may have turn out to be what I wanted, but a 6'1" is more of what I needed.
       When I look back, there has only been one day that I actually rode my M-4.
So much for perfect waves around here.
       All that storm did for us around here is move our sand bars so far out, the wave are lifting up way outside and they disappear because of the big channel entrenched along the shore.
       Sure screwed this place up.

Boy do I like my new fin combo. The EA's help sink my rail so I can throw more weight into my cut backs and boy do they throw water. Can't wait to try them on stronger waves because I'm have more confidence in surfing a wider tail.
       I think I've adapted to the way the board likes to be surfed, only if we had the waves to do it on.

I need to remember to use more rounded of corners with my coverings. I forgot about trimming the blue water, and that was my first sign of trouble.
       (Sizzors have become my weapon of chioce.)
       (The Blue water is cool hah?)
       I learned that the trick is to never let my fingers touch the outer edges of the gummy side. And a needle works real slick with lifting up for repositioning.
       Can't have any wax around either.

I've got so good at making my own ear plugs, that they fit so well; I haven't lost a single one in over two months. And they seem to work better in keeping the water out and not getting plugged up with water like the store bought ones do.

Although I have not uploaded anything since the 27th, and I did a re-write of the 27th on the 29th but wasn't able to up load it, and I've heard the number twelve said more times than I could have ever wanted to count. Kinna tells me that people have access to what I do on my computer even if I do not go on line.
       So do you want to be one of those fools to tell me that I'm wrong?

Got some peace and quite?
Rule Numbers-20 & 33
September 1st, 2014:

Betcha there is clearance sells on boom box equipment everywhere.
       The shit is worth pennies on the dollar on Craigslist I assume.
       Funny how it was known all along but nobody had the balls to say anything about it.
       Today was the first day in the past few days that I actually heard one, but it was pretty faint.

The Planet feels Quiet.
Rule Numbers- 1
September 2nd, 2014:

You can be sure that I'm not the only one that feels how peaceful it seem to be. There is actually less noise the the city I live in and I wonder it it is that way all over.

Now if we could get the cops to get rid of those blue head lights, we may be able to keep our eyes in focus when we try to drive anywhere at night.

And it wasn't much more than a year ago, the US was sneaking weapons to the Rebels in Syria. Even then they said they weren't sure who they were giving them to.
       Now you've got to blow up what turbine engines are left and take out a bunch of pick-ups the expensive way.
       I can't see what is wrong with you people.
       Can't you come up with a missile or bomb that will take out a pick-up for less than $100.oo?
       Tell me, how much is a stick of dynamite?
       Maybe you should start from there.

Goodell is a pussy
Rule Numbers-10 & 28
September 10, 2014:

The guy running the NFL is just pushing his weight around.
       Hell, Rice's bitch could probably kick my ass and I don't actually think she is even afraid of Rice.
       What ever the deal was; Rice had popped her one and she still fallowed him into the elevator. Not only that, she charged him once she was in the elevator.
       The way I see it, Rice very well could have been defending himself and now the bitch is upset because she's out of a few new dresses.

Get this: I had a Moron steal my nail set while I was using it. The only way it could have been any warmer is if he would have stole it right out of my hand.

putin hot meals cartoon

Just think of the radiation Putin just left behind

ISIS is nothing but a joke.
Putin is the one you should be worried about.
Rule Numbers- 51
September 16, 2014:

Putin just took it on his own to think a little more radiation isn't going to do any harm. And no one seems to have any concern that he is planning two more nuclear bomb tests in the near future.
       Hay, Putin! Didn't you know that the only reason you are still alive is because every one is still digging the gold out of the ground?
       Before you go screwing up the Earth, I'd think about the real bad guys from outer space who will come and take it away from you before you screw the place up, you moron. Playing your little war games could get us all killed, you included.
       Update Sept.18th: I think Japan's screw up is doing enough radiation to have to live with for the all of us I'm sure.

ISIS is nothing but a bunch of brain washed idiots and all it would take to get rid of them is take out the empty fuel tankers on there way to load up with stolen crude oil.
       The stupid Americans probably would blow up the same truck full of oil and cause a whole shit load of pollution because that is just how stupid they are.
       And the question I've been wondering is. Does ISIS have control of any oil refineries?.
       Shit if they are taking the oil to Syria, and then they sell the crude oil by the barrel through third parties, back to Iran.... It's gotta be a simple trail to fallow.
       Nothing to go to war over really,-
       unless you want to spend a shit load of money for the sake of spending money just to blow up the money.

Obama wants to  blow things up for profit.

We know what floats his boat

I'm wondering just how stupid an American Military Intelligence be?
Wondering which way things will get played out, if it hasn't happened already?
Please tell me what happens.
Rule Numbers- 3, 19, 36 & 80
September 18th, 2014:

       Like perhaps ISIS did have control of an Oil Refinery.
       The question is, is how the US would take out the refinery. Would they level it, like it's done like one the Gaza Strip? Or would they just disable it?
       I'm sure if it was only disabled, the US Tax Payers, (or hopefully someone else,) would get stuck paying less to have it rebuild and up and running again.
       But the question is whether the US goes crazy and blows it to smithereens, causing all kinds of pollution and a real mighty fine way to waste a bunch of fuel.
       Not only that question, is that if the US does blow up one of these refineries, will the US Tax Payers end up paying to replace the whole thing?
       I'm telling you that it isn't so crazy of an idea because we did it with the bridges in Kosovo.
       Back then Clinton just cut a $500,000,000.oo Check to rebuild them afterwards and I've always wondered how much of a kick back Clinton arranged on that costly transaction.
       Same kind of thing could be going on with Obama right now.

Bummer than shit
Rule Numbers- 12, 34, 43, 51 & 88
September 22, 2014:

Now I know for sure I hear crazy things sometimes. I say this because I could have swarm I heard that they had disabled a Oil refinery before the last post. But since then, I've heard they blew it up way too may times to be just hearing things.
       So this is where I have to say - oh well. can't be right all the time and I must have bent my mind into thinking I heard what I think I heard.

But anyway; isn't hat dumber than shit that the government would do such a thing. With all the high paid lawyers we got running this country, I still can't believe they could ever be so dumb.
       And I have little doubt Obama and Company didn't have something arranged with the original owner of the refinery, that we the US tax payers would replace the Oil refinery for blowing it up to get ride of ISIS.
       The funny thing about it is that an Oil refinery would be worth a shit to ISIS if they couldn't get the oil to it in the first place.

A Million Visitors!
Rule Numbers- 77
September 22nd, 2014:

Yesterday morning was the first time I've ever pointed my board towards another surfer knowing that I was going to run over him. I had exhausted all the energy out of the wave, a line of bodies and no way to turn. As the wave lifted up, the kid duck dived and I jumped. Apparently I may have got some turn in at the last moment because I did come up just a few feet south of him.

I'm not sure whether I have recieved my Millionth visitor, or the Million Visitors per day mark.
       That's because there is no way in hell the server stats my Web hosts give me can't be right.
       . For instance: While at Go Daddy they said the Girls of the Day was creating about 40% of the traffic.
       And now that I've dropped Girls of the Day, the server stats don't show any loss of visitors since.
       For things to be as they are, I'm sure it has to be a million visitors per day.
       .Well I guess this is where I thank you for being here.

Got Nothing
Rule Numbers- 40, 49, 80, 85 & 98
September 23, 2014:

I'm telling you, if you work for any contractor or or work around any of their workers, you better figure one putting five or ten dollars in a coffee can every day so you buy new tools.
      I'm telling you, this week it was some where in the $50 to $100 range. I can't see how these guys expect to have any of the proper tools to do anything right when they are all stealing them from each other. It's the reason why California has so many hacks.

A and the Obamas having a liking for smelly sex all the time is one thing, but when you look at the pulled over wool that is Serena Williams, the tennis player, I think it's disgusting because he screwed over a lot of women who should have been rightfully taking home the winnings.

Alright Rule 20 too
I should have known better.
Rule Numbers- 20, 43 & 51
September 24, 2014:

Hell, after I'd informed Rodney of the missing brunch and even caught him with one. He denied having any thieves around, I found a pair of medium size Vise-grips with welding burns on the tips. Yeah, we know who's they are. Guess that was what we call good luck because I just saved the coffee can almost fifteen bucks.

And there has been at least a couple dozen times I've heard "Rule 42," and "that's what Rule Number 42 for," said around me since last night's posting. (For some reason everyone seemed to have gotten the number wrong, but I could always change it to 42 if it makes it easier to remember, because there is no 42 yet, that I can remember. Must be hearing things. Rodney said I crazy things going on in my head. I called him an 8%er.)
       Update: Since the order of my Stupid Rules have always been important, and either I'm hearing things or as I would like to think that I hear things on the street as a collective census, I feel I'll have to roll with a amendment to the numbering sequence of Number 43, but I did it by engineering in a patch so I can take my time changing out a few links I've got buried in this web-site.

Rodney is living proof that the answers to the contractors license examinations can be bought because I can assure you that Rodney does not know the basics of painting.
       He had me dodging their broken roof tiles yesterday, touching up around dormer windows. The Krylcon poof can pain was already cracking and lifting up in sheets. (He better hope he gets the interior done real quick, that is if he wants to get paid for it, because he sure created a bag of worms that can go south.)
       Get this folks. Rodney helped himself to a 3 1/2 inch soft water base only PIP. It was my interior brush I had custom ordered it when I was in Santa Cruz and it would allow me to paint brown on white in one coat. Sure it had seen a few days but it was good for several more yet and I cherished it because I discovered while I was in Morro Bay that you can't get them any more.
       Guess the underground tapped into Rodney's phone because everyone on the street is saying that he used it as a duster.
       Rule 51, what a Moron.

Turns out, a lot of you out there can relate to my idea for a coffee can for money to buy replacement tools.
       However, there is a discrepancy whether $5.oo per day would be enough and there are many of us who feel that $10.oo per day is more realistic if you think you want to be able to show up with any tools at all. Obama-a-man-proof

Dumber by the day
Rule Numbers-12, 42 & 51
September 29th, 2014:

Since I asked about the Isis Oil Refineries, the media finally mentioned that they had several portable refineries.
       Then the next thing we heard was that we were blowing them up.
       However, I happen to think the Prime minister of Great Britain as well as the US politicians are wrong when it comes down to saying that Isis is a thereat to either country. If they were, it would be a long ways off because they haven't quite successfully taken over the two counties they are working over now.
       And I would like to mention that the true leaders of ISIS would probably prefer that any removal of human heads not to be video taped at all, but the videos are just what Defence contractors all around the world would like you all to see so that you all would think we have some kind of war to fight. The truth of the mater is that putting troops on the grown or even supplying either Iraq military or Syrian rebels with weapons isn't going to do anything more than create a black market for the equipment that we supply them with. Basically they well end up selling the equipment and weapons to ISIS.
       The only way to beat ISIS is to eliminate their ability to steal and refine oil. Without the Oil and ISIS's ability to transport and refine oil, ISISI will just run out of money.

Congrats to Derrick Jeter, but just think, he's lived an whole successful carrier in the time that I've had to live in hell with a screwed up government and the industries that control them.
       Just think, I've had to live a life of a person labelled as a child molester for as long as he has had a carrier. And this week, I have to go to court to find out how much more I have to pay the local government in San Diego for spreading the child molester rumors.
       It's twenty years later and I have to wonder if the work truck of the future is even safe enough to take on the free way with out killing someone with it. Never the less, I have to wake up every day wondering how many people have dies because of my truck and the crooked governments that enjoy profits of war and destruction and lets not forget the killing. Thousands of people have been killed by my truck and there will be thousands more if not millions if the government has its way.

And George Cloony: What a joke. The guy was labelled man of the years so many times, but doesn't anyone wonder how such a thing can be done when such a guy has never taken off his shirt. Even most of his movies, he wore a suit and tie.
       Now for this year the Man of the year is a little scrawny guy with tattoos and sings like a girl.
       The question none of the media reporters are too damn stupid to think about is: Which one, Clooney or his wife change nationalities? I'm sure the tax structure has something to do with it. I figure she will become US unless she has a corporation set-up.

And here in San Deigo, they tend to let cops who are sex offenders like Hays off quite nicely. He only got a year sentence for what should have been ten. (And he'll probably only serve half that. = 6 months 4 u idiots)
       Gee, what nice folks you all are.
       What cost you all $8,000,000.oo only cost him a year. Hell, I'd go sit in jail for a year for half that much.

And I'm really tired of those two words, "fourteen million." That number has been floating around since the problem with immigration was big at the beginning of the summer. Of which they know that since then over 40,000 illegal immigrants failed to show up for their court dates.(Well at least they won't be voting for the Democrats any time soon.

Citation for dwelling in Oceanside

Robbed by the Oceanside Police
Rule Numbers- 8, 10, 12, & 51
September 30, 2014:

Mr. Gunzales of the Oceanside Police department needs to see a few of those training videos on how to knock on a door politely.
       He could someday frighten somebody and really give him something to be afraid about.
       In my case, even taking out a knight stick to show me that he means business is pretty much bullshit when they know who I am anyway.
       As I told him that the only reason he was even there is because the security guard had heard the child molester rumors they were spreading and the guy just thought he was doing everyone a favour and getting rid of a child molester.
       That's when the security guard hoped in his pick-up and drove off, confirming it, just as I suspected he would do.
       Gunzales said he was going to let me off with a warning, but because of the way I responded to him, he was going to write me up and said that he would be sure to make it to court.
       I said that the real reason he was writing me up was that it was a result of the slander committed by the Oceanside Police and Fire Departments, and the fact that he doesn't know how to knock on a door without scarring the hell out of someone.

Get this: From Reuters
       -Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel told reporters last week that the Pentagon has spent roughly $7 million to $10 million per day on operations against Islamic State since June 16, when it first deployed troops to assess the Iraqi military and advise its leaders.
       U.S. military efforts against Islamic State have cost nearly $1 billion so far and are likely to run between $2.4 billion and $3.8 billion per year if air and ground operations continue at the current pace.
       But a ramp-up, including more air strikes and a significant boost in ground forces, could send costs soaring to between $13 billion and $22 billion annually, said the analysis released on Monday by the nonpartisan Center for Strategic and Budgetary Assessments.
       Bet the stocks of the Defence Contractors just went up a few notches.

I had to laugh when I say this:
       Wearable brain scanners and lasers that can turn hundreds of cells on and off were among 58 projects awarded $46 million in federal grants as part of President Obama's $100 million BRAIN initiative to unlock the secrets of the human brain.
       It's pretty bad when the law makers legislate the laws to where you are all not using any more than 8% of your brain, and then Obama thinks by throwing a bunch of money to stupid doctors to study the diminished capacity of the brains you have left, he will know how to unlock the secrets of the brain that has very little in it.
       LOL X 1,000,000

Stupid Rules

Stupid Rules

Stupid Rules

Stupid Rules

Featured book excerpt of the week

Sunnysides surfboard Spot on the Fouth of July 2014


Woody the wooden dumpster on a Synchro-link.

Dooms Day for Private Inventors
-happened yesterday,
when Obama took his mighty pin to the bill.

My Stupid Movie Idea

If you wonder how things are
in San Luis Obispo County
Check out:


In Court with Martin
January 11, 2011

Arrested by Martin
November 17-24, 2010

Me and my truck spent the week in jail last week.
Yes folks, I'm accused of being a criminal once again.

Jailed by Martin
November 17-24, 2010

The most revolutionary tool box in the world,
sitting in a room of poisonous insecticide

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I changed the format as to the way the journal entries are posted. The change will allow the readers with a the ability to read the entries as the unfold in chronological order.

For those of you who may feel I don't have better things to do with my time than molesting children or stalking women, I'd say do a background check on me yourself, because you can not believe anything any cop or fireman will tell you.
       I've actually tried doing a criminal background check on myself because I would love to find one that wasn't true. I've learned that even when they say it's free, that it is not. However, I did find one that will refund your money if you cancel a monthly subscription with 7 days.
Its at:

I'm the Dennis Sattler, 50 in Van Nuys CA, Lakewood Washington, Castic CA

But in reality now days, you only have to fire up a search engine.

And no I'm not the Dennis Sattler in Texas who hid in a closet and then killed his wife. But that goes to show you that if I have done any criminal act such as stalking a woman or molesting a child, just Googling my name would tell you.

Of course we can't forget about those evil little pyros that have some kind of idea that they are hero's of some kind and not just a bunch of kuckleheads that are too damn stupid to do anything else:
/First Responders/
Oceanside Lieutenant Committing Slander

(Unfortunately, this category has to include Lifeguards, because here in Oceanside, they have been proven to be criminals just as well.)


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His crap was taking up too much space on the Home Page

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