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Murder by the Numbers
Rule Numbers-21 & 86
October 7, 2014:

Let me guess.
       Obama got Speilberg to kill my parents so that he would have no problem stealing my inventions.
       So you are telling me that when I spoke to no only my sister, but my father as well, I was speaking to imposters.
       None of you have the decency to tell me that my father is dead. Wasn't even invited to the funeral.

Two Citations from Oceanside police department

Mr. Gunzales another Meathead?
Rule Numbers- 4, 38, 55, 56, 75
October 9th, 2014:

One thing we all can agree on is that Mr. Gunzales actually learned how to knock.
       (But I wonder how much that will cost me?)
       Rule 4 is how close it was to Martin's two consecutive numbers.

Never the less, the video found in the link below is a fine example of how cops are known to rob people of Drugs and Money.
       In Carlsbad, there is a cop named Wedon. He ripped off my weed, and he also took my old vintage billy club for the object to throw me in jail for. And no, he never said anything about the weed and pipe he stole from me. You can be sure that it was what he was after. robbing a stop-and-frisk

And that guy who wants to complain about the cops busting out the window and tazing him?
       Goes to show you what can happen if you don't obey the cops.
       Same goes for the idiot who didn't like getting peppered sprayed in his own home.
       You just have to laugh at the folks who rally behind these fools claiming that the cops are doing something wrong, when the fact of the matter is that the cops had to deal with complete idiots and the police took control of the situation.
       Browny points for the use of pepper spray instead of a tazer. Never the less, the tazer in the car was the right call because they could not tell if the guy had a weapon.

Here in California we have a few props that have been up on the November Ballots.
       Prop 1 & 2 are obviously sponsored by the fire departments of course. But after the nine fires in a day earlier this year, they conned the federal government to cough up $1.8 Billion, so I really don't think they are hurting for money, I just think they are greedy and they would take money from your children.
       Prop 45 is a sure fire way to pay $75.oo for a $5 toilet seat.
       Prop 46 must be just like what they did to Nevada, where malpractice insurance is so high, all the practitioners picked up and moved away and now they have a shortage of Doctors.

And I've heard about the gain of 12% in earning for the quarter. Gee, I wonder why?
       Any of you aware of the annual market share they hold?
       Pretty squeaky hah?

Got Brainwashed?
Rule Numbers- 9, 12, 39, 51, 66 & 85
October 11th, 2014:

Wonder how much the Oceanside Tax Payers paid incarcerated criminal Steven Speilberg for the right to use his movie- How to train your Dragon 2, for a public viewing at the outdoor amphitheatre?
       I don't know about you, but I would be a little bit worried about subliminal messages, because if anyone would have the reason to do so, and the ability to do it, it would be Spielberg.
       Update: Well I didn't have a look at how many showed up this time for Spielbergs's flick. But I have seen the size of audiences of prior showings. And if what I heard on the street is true about the City of Oceanside paying $5,000.oo to Dreamworks to show it; that would probably put the price Speilberg got for it was about $25-$30 per head.

Got Used
Rule Numbers 40
October 19, 2014:

One of the things I lost in my fire was a blank for a new surfboard.
       I still have some of the glass, but the blank got burned in the attic and the resin blew up all over my kitchen.
       Never the less, what I'm getting to is that I should have learned how to shape my own boards by now.

I even have a planner now and I know where I can rent a shaping booth. I really don't even need to glass it because there are several shops around here that do it.
       Could probubly save some money.

Speaking of money.
      Just think of the money a surfboard manufacture can make if they make 400,000 surfboards per year.
      Well, making them is one thing but selling them is also something that should be considered, -another.

Retail speaking is $700 each, but wholesale probably puts it a $400.oo per unit.
      And since the corporate tax rate is 39%, you've gotta figure that they've gotta make $100 profit for each board because they will only see about 60% of it if you know what I mean?
      So what do they have but a company that even if they only make $60 per board, they are still make $24,000,000.oo and the US Government would make $16,000,000.oo.
      And about 40% of that $16,000,000.oo would be $6,400,000.oo going to the US War machine.
       That calculates out that if I raised their sales by 10%, just by buying one of their surfboards, I just added another $160,000.oo to the very war machine that has been ripping me off of everything. And at that rate, I'm looking at contributing $640,000.oo to the war machine this year, more than a Million Dollars in about a year and a half.
       It's like I'm paying for another one of my trucks to go out and kill someone with it. Just because I bought a lousy surfboard.
       3,000 lives at $160,000.oo equals $53.33 per life.

Of course I had better uses in mind when I invented it, but we are breeding stupid people and the US Government is all about profits for the defence contractors involved in building the evil war machine.

And wasn't it just six months ago that the US Government said that they won't negotiate with Hamas because they are known to be a terrorist organization? And now the US Government is giving them $212 Million?
       Isreal spends $75 Million on Defence and the US Government gives Israel $3 Billion every year for their defence.
       And let's not forget that Obama just cut a check for $225,000,000.00 for Israel to reload while there was a ceasefire going on.

Well I stand corrected.
Rule Numbers-
October 22, 2014:

Never the less, I was pretty close and of course you have to realize I didn't say anything about the Taxes involved once the shareholders cash out there stock, and the Taxes taken in at the retail level is a mixed bag because some are corporate and others are just mom and pop stores.

Regardless the whether the numbers on the street are real or not. Within the guessing game I figure that both the guys that own the company and the government probably take home about the same at $40.oo per board. (12,000 X $40 = $480,000.oo
       You just multiply that by 12,000 in three months and you begin to wonder why the IRS claims I owe the US Government $9,000.oo and I have to pay $20.oo per month on the interest.
       And at 1,000 boards per week you have to wonder how many families in Thailand go home home to a working toilet because of me here in the US without one.

Looks like I've already bought you all a missile launcher at three times the price and now I'm working on the missiles that are to be loaded on to the back of it.
       Apparently they hold 12 Hellfire Missiles. (12 X $67.00 = $804,000)
       What gets me is that Hellfire Missiles are known to be laser guided, and I can't see the reason for such a missile that launches from the ground but you can be sure that Boeing and Lockheed Martin wasn't going to load them up with anything that will make them any less profit.
       (My truck, loaded with missiles to kill cost US taxpayers $1,054,000.oo locked and loaded.

Ok I really stand corrected.
Rule Numbers-
October 20, 2014:

Alright, I have to say that the word on the street says that they make $50.oo per stick after taxes.
       So then being conservative at only being responsible for a 10% increase in sales, (10,000 boards) that puts it at a Half a Million Dollars. (Makes me feel even even like more of a fool.)
       And to be honest, the way the government taxes just about everything, I wouldn't doubt the US Government makes over $100.oo per board.
       Believe it or not, the question I have that bothers me the most is:
       Where dose the $3 Billion Plus we give to Israel every year come from? The 30-40% we spend on defence, or does it come from the other 60-65% general tax fund?
       Because the way I was figuring it out in my mind is that I must have paid at least $75.oo per head to kill the 3,000 people on the Gaza Strip.

Oh get this: I saw that Obama has been in talks with Iran about some kind of nuclear treaty that would involve the US in giving Iran conventional weaponry.
       Say, don't we give Israel $3 Billion every year because Hamas is backed by Iran, -which Israel considers the real threat? Doesn’t that sound like Obama wants US to finance and supply military equipment to both sides of two enemies?
       Yes folks, you are buying the targets and paying a fortune to blow it all up.
       Ah hell, we've already done it with ISIS through the Kurds in Iraq and now a shit load of that equipment is getting blown up by US in Syria.
       Oh, factoid: ISIS has only been able to make about $2-3 Million per day, but the US is spending over $7 Million per day to defeat them. Does that tell you anything about the end result of the whole ordeal when it's said and done?
       Yeah, you will look back and say that the defence contractors sure cleaned out your kids pockets.
       Sure as hell will put them in a higher tax bracket without their pay going up.

Rule Number 77:
The whole bit makes me think of Richard, a buddy I hung out with in high school with.
       We were out at this rocky old motocross track, just south of the McCord Airforce Base runway.
       Richard was riding his Suzuki TM 400, (Big motor, not much bike.)
       Anyway, Richard was hauling ass and said that he was going to fall, so he put his foot down.
       Well, he didn't fall but one of the bones in his leg didn't make it home in one piece.

Well the 77 was something I pushed a bit last week when we had those double north swells running. Thinking I'm that I can be fast enough of a paddler to keep up with the side currents going under the pier, which is just not going to happen when a wave is releasing a ton of water in front of you.
       The fact of the matter, I'm not the only one who missed judged those surges that day. Yeah have to think of our stupidity and our variations of the ability to save our boards from harm.
      In my case, all I could do is turn around and see the piling coming at me and it was either me or the board
       I was picturing myself as the Willie Coyote, chasing the Roadrunner and hitting a telephone pole, but really embarrassing if the water would have pinned me up against the pole. On top of that, I was going to find out if there was any old rusty fish hooks wrapped around it.
       Next time I think I'm going to use the board as padding.
      The last thing I can remember before impact was that I managed to tip the board on its rail and got it past the first piling.
       I was about to connect with the piling myself but the only thing I was able to do was direct my lower body towards it first and my knee made it there before my crouch.
       Believe me when I say my life didn't pass by me because I had to imagine all that shit in about two seconds.
       Since surfboards don't heal themselves, I guess I was luck my board came out untouched. Never the less, all the stuff between my knee cap and the joint sure must not have benefited from the crushing of mussels to much. Paddling and kicking was about a joy full as hitting your thumb with a hammer and then doing it a few more times just to makes sure the pain doesn't go away.
       Like I told one of the guys, it still surfed pretty good, it way just that I couldn't kick and paddle like I should. (A must when it comes to my thruster that is quite the sliver.) But what the hell, I caught two or three but looking down into overhead waves when you are running less that 70% and trying to let it pitch you into it,just doesn't cut it.

The double north swell that came though last week seemed to have helped push some of our sandbars back in a bit and most brakes seemed to have improved some and even though I didn't expect the waves to be as good as they were, I figured that the double north will move more of the sand back where it belongs. It can only help.

Oh yeah, there is suppose to be some big hoop-lah campaign going on for Domestic Violence Prevention.
       Well, I'm no specialist about such a thing, but I can image life could have ended up a little better for that football player if he would have seen what I've posted on the Family Life page at

How to stop it 101
Rule Numbers- 4, 20, 33, 66, 85 & 88
October 24, 2014:

I managed to do a rewrite on yesterday's post.
       The result of it must have made those dollar and 99 cents store millions because I must have heard the words: "quarter inch plywood" and "they sting," so many times.

And yes, some of you may agree that the surf industry is made up of some folks who just don't have there shit together.
       Like this whole thing going on right now is completely ridiculous.
       I still find it difficult to believe that they didn't just think it was better off not said and kept their mouths shut. But now I've had to be hunted with everyone going around saying that they want to sponsor me and the general public is neglecting to realize that a guy like Spielberg is thrown into the picture and I'm sure will step up to pay these suckers off just like the Hollywood movie producers that would show up in Morro Bay claiming the desire to make a movie about me.
       Sure I may not have the ability to get any of the money I made them, but I sure as hell know how to stop them from making money off me in the future.
       The funny thing about it is that I have to wait for a slow down in production which was predicted already, to be able to rent a booth to make my own.
       So what I'm saying is that I have to wait for some professionals to be out of a job to stop the loss of a 1,000 boards per week to workers in Thailand, because these workers in the USA are too stupid to be stuffing their foam shit down my throat.
       What do you expect of an industry that labelled their fins backwards anyway? It's taken than decade to realize that half of the science is volume and now it's finally becoming a standard for labelling as part of the measurements.
       One thing that gets me is why hasn't any of the shops ever come up with the Idea of getting 8 foot cattle trough with a side drain about six inches from the bottom so customers would be able to know the volume of any board. Hasn't anyone thought that people may not know what volume they are replacing.
       Also, it kinna would leave the truly hand shaped custom board out of the picture when comparing boards, so there is a major flaw in an industry who says that they even gives a shit about them selves, they've left themselves in the dark already.
       Then on the other hand, you have to look at the industry that uses computers and machines which provide an easy way of doing what the human side has already neglected to keep up with. It appears to me that people within the computer machine made surfboard industry are too dam stupid even realize that they already have a potential labelling technique, but humanly too stupid to think about using it.
       Got you all wandering what the hell it is don't I?
       Well I'll give you all some time to ponder between yourselves, and I predict that there will be a substantial percentage of you that already know what it is and in the end most will agree, that it is pretty stupid in this day and age the surf industry hasn't even capitalize on what is a standard and commonly know in the aviation industry.
       Even guys with RC planes know this shit and use it all the time.

They Sure Do Sting
Rule Numbers - 20, 34, 35, 39, 40, 45
& 77
October 25, 2014:

The Rule 20 bit is that if I'd realized the amount of pain I was going to have to endure, I would not have stayed out there to see if the pain could keep me from being able to surf. (And I did pull off a couple more waves before the sunset.)
       But the kid was right, I was going to be cooking my foot in the hottest water I could stand for at least an hour and a half.
       It was much more painful than the root canal I saved the codeine from.
       I took two of them and poured me a good strong drink of scotch and soda.
       I took this photo at 9:00 once the pain let up. You can see I cooked a lot of the oils out of my skin and it is a bit swollen.

The words I've heard the most are "sold out."
       And I'm guessing that the early birds that learned about the posting before I mentioned it in my journal, -got the paddles.
       But of course there is always Rules Number 34 and I would like to mention they are saying that there has been a noticeable drop in domestic violence reports this week.
       So I can say I'll proudly except a few good brownie points for that. Or maybe my mother is the one who deserves them the most.

And our condolences goes out to the families and friends of the two officers out by Sacramento who were shot and killed on a suspicious vehicle or person response.
       I can think of countless times when officer have been called upon to check me out just the same. And things like this is what many of them are afraid of and I've always respected that.

Got a Big One?
Rule Numbers- 39 & 41 & 44
October 26th, 2014:

I think it was a lame use of a good wave, but I'm 54 and with unfamiliar fin combination under my feet, I didn't think launching the elevator was such a good idea.
       I most likely would have had to bail out because launching myself off the lip and into the pier wasn't about to happen. So I called it out to be a photo op bringing my rear foot forward and stood straight up with my arms straight out from my sides. (Like look how big this is!)
       I kept myself at the bottom for as long as I could with an exit on the horizon next to the pier.
       I had no idea how big or how hallow it was behind me, but I figured someone would get something that would look like a mighty big wave. If the pier wasn't right there, it would have been that much mighty finer.

Oh, I've heard the comments and with the word, "quadrants" in there, you know someone is trying to get more technical than the average surfboard owner to be concerned about.
       Don't get me wrong, because I'm sure surfboard designers will use quadrants to keep track of refinements and slight changes to the boards, -but in my opinion, for the most of us, -the labelling of the measurements for detentions sake, -in half’s and thirds of the length of the board will prove to be more beneficial information to have; and therefore they will be more commonly used and better use of space on a label.

First Graders
Rule Numbers- 14
October 27th, 2014:

Yesterday when I was thinking about this posting of today, I was thinking of starting out with a title, -Is that crazy on top of crazy, or just double crazy?
       But after hearing what people were saying, I began questioning myself if it could be crazy squared, or even the third power.
       Then with out a doubt, I began to think it's beyond crazy because just the other day I was drilled with the word, "quadrant," for the most of two days.

The thing that blows my mind is that for most of this week by now, the topic of discussion has been about something I never actually said.
       I made it so that you all knew what the topic was and the other lines I left out have been said so many times. (Like: For one extra number you get two different perspectives and most people would have just summed the quadrants into halves anyway.)

Never the less, the thing that really blows my mind is something I began to hear about last night. And once I heard about it, I realized it was something not exactly easy to put down to words.
       Just trying to explain what the teachers have been saying just didn't come to my mind very easy and I think my concentration got interrupted by some tears.

Ah, it's nothing more than something their teachers hadn't gotten around to teaching them yet.
       However, it does show us all how resilient children can be. Without understanding it, I figure they felt left out of what all the fuss was all about and they just wanted to be clued into the mystery was all about.

I've decided to brake down and buy a sheet of that masonight kinna stuff. I figured I could use some of the pink floor paper for templates, but when it comes to gauging rockers, - you need something rigid.
       I figure I'll make a template for the two of my boards and get two top rockers and two bottom rockers out of the sheet.
       I'm going to start out with a EA 6-4 PU blank and try to convert my 6-5 round tail thruster into a 6-2, in the 19 1/2 range and I'll widen the tail about a quarter too. By time I pull the nose in to a three inch shorter board, it won't resemble a step up board so much, but it's the rocker and trail shape that I'm after.
       I'll have to be careful if I plan to keep it 2 and 11/16 because the blank comes at 2 and 13/16, so I figure I will get the bottom started right and put the planer way early.
       I wouldn't doubt I'll feel most comfortable with just one of those aluminium longboard with wood handles that I've used for autobody. I've already got both, the long and short ones, and I have a plainer, but I sure do need to come up with a caliper.

Kind of a bummer that I've decided glass it myself and what bums me out the most about that is where I can do it and even worse trying to mount the fin pockets without a plunge router or jig.

I'm going to go with 6 oz S-Glass on the bottom and two layers of 4 oz S-Glass on the top with a 4 Oz patch about where my chest is and a smaller one on the rear right corner area of the rear, - where I always crush them.

I've had to rule out having others finish out the board for me because of that two week turn around time. I'm sure that within that two week turn around time, someone will have run off to a scanner with it and by the second week they would have every big shot with a wallet in the surf industry making bids on the file.
       Shit, by the time I'd get my own board back, someone else would have a dozen high priced orders for it, and once they got the board about the same time I'd my board back, there would be about a dozen scanners beds with the high priced copies of my board lying down in them. (That is if it turns out any good.)

Hand hey what do you say about the movement of the sand from those double north swells?
       Actually connecting to the inside once in awhile?
       Nice to surf something other than low tide all the time isn't it?
       Yeah, I could use a new winter board too.

Got Killer Kelly Slater?
Rule Numbers- 26, 41, 65, 66 & 86
October 28 , 2014:

Evil killer Kelly Slater

The word on the street is that they arrested Kelly Slater today, along with a friend of his. Apparently they got him for murdering three people, and the third one I wasn't quite aware about, (but for some reason I expected more them just Mark Foo and Andy Irons,) so that's why I give the rumor enough creditability to post something about it. I even heard this evening that he has already bailed out.
       The next question is how many passports has he accumulated over the years, just in case something like this happens?
       I dug up a couple old posting and posted them at Adrenalin.


Got Common Sense?
Rule Numbers- 51
October 28, 2014:

Wondering how long it takes until all the wiring is pulled out of the conduit in Afghanistan?
       One building over there cost the US tax payers $50 Million to build and they say that they have no plans to us it for anything .
       You've just left those Afghanis hundreds of millions of dollars worth of war machinery and now you are wondering who is offering up the highest bids, ISIS or _____.
       anyway you look at that answer, you can be sure we will be spending tens if not hundreds of billions to blow it all up some day .

And Morro bay should look at San Diego as an example of what to do with a bad cop problem. You don't go persecute the victim and ruin your own reputation and economy, you let the insurance company pay for the stupid shit.

Surf Shop Rats
And other screwed up business practices.
Rule Numbers- 4, 33, 82, 85 & 86
October 29th, 2014:

I'm going to start out with today's post in support of the Auto Manufacture Tesla, for doing business without a middle man to move their cars.
       Governors in some states have thrown up road blocks by signing in new laws to block the sales of cars without private dealerships to peddle them.
       I would think that there should be anti-trust laws that are suppose to protect business from those kinds of things, but when the official who are suppose to be there to enforce the laws are all crooked and taking pay-offs....

There are a few more things I think that the surf industry is just to stupid to realize.
       One of the most obvious, and touched on quite a bit, but just not realized when it comes to commons sense to where you think the customers might come from.
       Basicly, if I was to have a surf shop, I'd realize the limitations upon how much I could pay employees, and just what kind of employee that kind of money can buy.
       Usually the budget will go to a young kid who would put some value in the discounts they can get on the things they want. Never the less, there is a difference in the quality of the employee whether they are young or older, just as if is a boy or girl.
       Girls tend to be looking for discounts on clothing and guys tend to be more interested in surf gear. Especially when they have access to the used stock of boards for their own pleasure.
       Now in my opinion, there are two types that I feel would make a surf shop the most money. Now I'm no salesman but I've known a few and I know what makes some better than the others.

Like Darv, a guy I knew who sold waterbeds for a living. Strickly on commission. His trick was to let the beds sell themselves and he wouldn't even approach the people until they had already found the one they wanted.
       Same goes for surfboards and the best kinds of person to sell them is an older guy who really doesn't know anything more than the basics about surfing. Wouldn't even have to surf himself to sell surfboards.
       Same goes for women young or old. If they know the basics, they can sell as many boards and any young guy who thinks he knows everything there is to know about a piece of foam.
       The last thing us older guys want to hear is some young whipper snapper telling us what is hot and what is not. Even more annoying is when they act like you don't know anything, yet we were surfing before they were born.

Like I bought a bar of wax from one of those guys yesterday. I wouldn't doubt he could be one of those foreigners who has rich parents, maybe in Kuwait, and who got rich of selling US military equipment after the Gulf War.
       They got there son a student visa and he took a couple courses over the summer. But then he landed a job in a surf shop where he has access to the entire used quiver. Since his job and surfing was taking up so much of his time, he decided to only take one class this quarter, but he's in no real rush to get though collage anyway.
       Well, the 135 pound kid saw the downsize of the waves on the surf report so last night he grabbed a board with 35 ltr. so he could accumulate a high wave count in the morning. For this kind of Surf Shop Rat and a board from the dreadful Used Board Rack, it doesn't matter to him whether he actually owns a surfboard of his own because the boss isn't likely to notice a crease in the board from playing bumper cars with other people's boards.
       Of course, the first thing he sees in the morning is Sunnyside, all by himself, picking off a right. (I call it being spotted from the parking lot.)
       Anyway, he thought he would just paddle out and sit outside me and pick off the waves before I get them.
       (Just the place I want to go buy an new surfboard and have the punk offer up to carry my new board out to my truck.)
       Do any of you get where I'm coming from?
       Do you even have a clue or any business sense what so ever?
       Yeah, that little know it all paddled over and boxed me in. I had to paddle too deep to stay in front of him, then of course he dropped in in front of me. Even though I made it, and he pulled out, -I had to shut down, -than catch up to the front of the wave , but not in enough to pump the ridge down the long stretch to the inside. The moron just flat out ruined one of my waves just by trying to steal it from me and I'm sure as hell not stupid enough to let the little bastard to get away with it if I can help it.
       (Funny how I could see the blood pump to his head when I suggested that he was probably an illegal alien.)
       I know how to fix that little punk. You grab his board the second you can your hands on it and rip the fins out of it. See what he thinks about having to pay for a screwed up board.

Oh get this: Kelly Slater is an evil murder, but, -On May 8, 2010 the United States House of Representatives honored Kelly Slater in H. Res. 792 for his "outstanding and unprecedented achievements in the world of surfing and for being an ambassador of the sport and excellent role model."

Governor Christy, take your fat ass home, I don't want to see you silly cub-face on my TV. And I don't want to hear you flapping your mouth either; you moron!

Get this: Tonight I read -The Jerusalem Post said Israel signed a $2.75 billion (2.17 billion euro) deal in 2012 to buy a squadron of 19 F-35's (sorry, didn't get the whole clip.)
       How can that be so when Israel only has a defence budget of $75 Million and the US flat out Gives them more than $3 Billion every year for their defence?
       Are you going to tell me that the writer is a moron and doesn't know what the hell is going on? Or are you going to tell me that it's just above and beyond the base $3 billion every year? Like the reload that cost US tax Payers $225 Million for this summer during cease fire?

And can any of you believe the crap that has been coming out of the Pope. Shit he'll say just about anything that he thinks will get people to believe in his non-sense religion. (But what the hell, you gotta make a buck anyway you can, even if you are an organization of a bunch of sick perverts.

Rule Numbers- 20, 51 & 88
October 31st, 2014:

I willing to bet there has been a shit load of those little meeting with the Bosses and all their Surf Rats standing around. You know, the one where you are the representative of the shop in or out of the water. You know, the bit about people connecting the two.
       Well, if that don't help, I got more.

Another thing that is the disgusting mark of the Surf Shop Rats is the Used Rack.
       It's just one bad result from Corporations filling up surf shops with boards based on a consignment of not actually having to pay for them for 6 months . Inside these consignment contracts is usually a deal where they have to sell them for the retail price as a way of price rigging throughout the stores that they stock. (That's why you don't see any deals on Name Brand boards.)

However, the Surf Shop Rats have somehow found a loop-whole in the price rigging and being and employee, getting and employee discount, gets them around the price rigging some how and they have the thirst the have a shiny new surfboard, just as most like to have a shiny new car.
       But what if you could have a shiny new car, every month, and it cost you less that $100.oo to have it?
       You could beat the shit out of it, run into others, and just squeeze some stuff out of a tube, sand it down and put it in the consignment rack at half price for someone else to buy and only pay about the same price as someone else is going to pay for his old screwed up used board.
      I guess one way they must be looking at it is that if the Surf Rats go out and damage other people's boards, those people will end up in the Surf Shops, buying more boards because they have Surf Shop Rats screwing up their old ones.
       R-88 I heard a couple Surf Shop Rats the other day, claiming that they brake them all the time, but I know that isn't true, it's just them trying to brag about themselves. I know just what happens to most of them and just where the go as well.

And don't think that Surf Shops are the only source for devious Surf Rats. I can name Two more that the end result is pretty much the same.
       I'm taking about the simularities in Sponcoered Surfboard Rats and Rich Kid Rats.
       You ask any Surf Board manufacter, that Soncers Pro Surfers. Any of them will tell you that the Young Surfer brake more boards than the Older Surfers.
       Well, then you take a look at the Rich Rats who have parents that think their son is more likely to stay out of trouble if he's out surfing and it happens to be the only thing that makes the cry baby happy.
       See the deal is, these rich kids got their parent thinking that they are out doing aerials like in the videos they watch. So after a month or two of playing bumper cars with other surfers, the board will end up with something more than a 1/4 gash to fill in. (Not so new and shiny.)
       Anyhow, they, just like the pro surfer, the Rich Rat doesn't think a repaired board is going to do as much for his surfing as a new one, - so when they get home, they take the fins off, brake it in half and throw it in the trash.
       However, the Pro Surfers Rats often just figure that the beat board might have some trade-in value at an out of the way surf shop if the board is still in one piece.
       Another thing and what I have found the most discussing thing about Surfer Rats, is they often bash up other peoples boards and a way of crowd control. They'll just take over a brake by chasing people away by crashing into them.
       I know first hand and more than once or twice for sure. I've had one drop-in on the shoulder, turn the wrong way right towards me, and he ran his fist up under the front of my board.

R-51 I think the Governor of Maine and other Morons who think like him should live the poor nurse alone.
       Look at who you say don't care about people, she put her life in danger to help save people.
       She come back to a country that paid profits to defence contractors to kill more people on the Gaza Strip over the summer than E-bolie has killed so far ever.
       Who cares about who? A whole bunch of people with double standards live in this country for sure. Just think of the people who go to work every day, just to make the bombs that will kill thousands more. They drive BMWs and go home to water front properties and they can only hope the company they work for will get Hamas or some other war monger in on the action because conflict and war is the way they make the money to pay their mortgages and feed their families.

Oh Ben
Rule Numbers- 1
November 1st, 2014:

After those double south swells formed a channel between our sand bars and our shores, I did my travelling around looking for other brakes that may have not weathered those swells so badly.
       Just as I often do no matter where I go on the California Coast, there will be people who claimed to surf with me before.
       That's nothing new, but when I went around recently, it wasn't uncommon to hear parts of conversations of people who have said I did a pretty good job of taming the crew that shows up at the Peir.
       And you know, I would have to agree it is a little more civilized than it used to be. I remember years back, before I went to Morro Bay I wouldn't even try to surf at the pier because I knew it would be a battle just to get a wave by yourself.
       Since I moved back, it's been kind of gradual and you can never eliminate crowds, but there has been kind of a change when you have someone who isn't afraid to call out someone when they are not playing fair.
       So you can bet there are a lot of surfers out there who are hoping that what I posted in the last couple days will help civilize their local brakes just as well.
       The whole objective is that everyone should end up having more enjoyable surf sessions in the future.

Oh I got more:
       I'm sure there are a few parents who are wondering if their son is a Rich Surfer Rat and wondering if he's taking them for a ride.
       The question is how often should my kid be up for a new surfboard?
       For the kid who's surfing is what he does, and that's his thing, and he surfs regularly, he'll probably be needing two. One for the Winter bigger waves, and the other for smaller summer waves. So in my opinion, one new board per year is not to many and not too little because a reasonable life span to a board is able two years and out of almost three decades of surfing, I've only broken two boards.
       Sometimes we need a spare just so we can take the time to dry out and repair a damaged board properly.
       If your kid is out braking boards, that's because you are not making sure that they are at least 2 1/2 inches thick. The 2 1/4 and 2 3/8" brake and that's why the surfboard manufactures fill the racks with them. r>       (It's what I liked about a nice round tail Wahl sold to his neighbour kid in Santa Maria, it was at 2 1/2 inches thick. I bet you the last thing you would want is the neighbour kid coming back complaining that his surfboard just broke.)

And oh, if you are one of those people who give boards to Surf Rats who Want to be Pros. You should think of them as driving one of your cars around. A kid saying the board just broke should be thought of as the kid saying he wrecked the car.
       Now if your kid came home and said they wrecked the car, isn't the damage to the car the first thing you want to see? Yes of course, you want to see if there is any paint from another car don't you?
       Well before you hand over another board, (just as another set of keys to another car,) don't you want to see what kind of damage the board had been seeing before it was broken?

None of the Above
Rule Numbers- 38, 65, 66 & 88
November 2nd, 2014:

Something I'm sure of many of you wanted me to say.
       Yeah, if you vote for any of these propositions that are on the ballot here in California, you are a complete idiot. (Prop 1 would cost you over $7 Billion alone.) And it is just the reason you should go out and vote. The last thing you all need is only the idiots showing up to vote. That's how you got Obama. And he's got your check book so the best thing you can do is vote republican to get the check book out of his hands.

You came to the beach to watch me surf? But didn't get a chance to see me?
       Well it wasn't worth the risk of getting sick. So many of you take up a rodent as a companion and you have no idea just how filthy they are. The are so many of you 8%ers have to get up in the morning just to end up with the chore of taking you dog for a walk so it can take a crap. Even if you it has you trained to pick up its crap, you are not doing anything about its piss and I'm suppose to get up in the morning to go swimming in it.

Rule Number Eight, -squared, no less
Got a Pro Surfer Rat today
Rule Numbers- 8, 33, 34, 65,65, 78, 85 & 88
November 3rd, 2014:

Ripcurl pro surfer saying Evil prevals.

Sorry, I didn't supply the larger image with a click this time.
       I left the file at 101k so you have to zoom it on yourself.
       The Rat went out without a leash this morning and his board ran over my head.
       I told the guy he should be more considerate .
       He came back with "tough-shit, I'm a professional!"
       I came back with a camera.
       Can you believe the message he has written on his board?
       (People around here have been saying, "not around here.")
       Guess he one of those guys who pull in front of you so you quit paddling for the wave, from what I hear.)

Offficer Hoovers buddy the Rip Curl Surfer Rat

Hoover said he had three calls on me.
       Well it would have been even nicer of him to let me get a couple more.
       No doubt it was fun while it lasted, I could tell his arms were getting a little heavy. It looked to me he wishing he had doubled up on the energy drinks beforehand.
       I guess the right thing to do would have been the first to call the police but I was wanting to play it out because I wanted to see if his photographer buddy would try to spin everything to the cops, -and I was right about that too.
       Just seeing him run for the beach made it all worth while. I thought he hid in the garage under the peir but he had chicken-ed out and paddled back out.
       Just seeing all of it play out made it so much more fun. It was real, I had a real live one, the kind of Surfer Rats I have been writing about the last couple days.
       He didn't just put a couple larger stickers on his board for nothing. Just he thinks he's famous like he and his sponsors wants him to be?
       Don't these sponsors pay these Rats for more for being famous?
       (I don't know about you, but I think he's famous enough because I've sure heard his name enough tonight and I don't want to hear it any more, -thank you.)

Rip Curl Surfer Rat with a truck load of boards

I bet this is where he keeps the nice ones. The ones for uncrowned waves, where their isn't anyone around to run into.
       Wonder if he can sell enough of those boards to be able to buy just as good of truck?
       More info about this post at:


Oh yeah, I have to admit that I did do a bit on Dan Reynolds back on March 6th, 2013. The whole bit was a put on. Something I wanted to be corrected by.
       Never the less, I did surf Rincon with a guy who looked like Reynolds but with a beard. After the great session together, they guy walked up to my cage and offered me up a fresh head of Roman lettuce from his garden. (I was wrong, it wasn't Dan Reynolds, how could of I even thought.)
      However, I do think I surfed Ventura point when Reynolds was there. A guy who looked just like him, (without a beard,) cut across the peak and ran his forearm into the rail of my board. I wrote the "put on" on March 6th 2013. I don't know where I wrote about getting my rail gashed by the guy, it's somewhere, probably within Adrenalin, that I don't post any more.
      Most people I surf with just push the nose of the guy's surfboard out of the way. A guy did it to me a week ago and I did it to one of my young girls two or three weeks ago.)

Vote! None of the Above!
Rule Numbers- 19, 38, 65, 66 & 88
November 3-4, 2014:

Something I'm sure of many of you wanted me to say.
       Yeah, if you vote for any of these propositions that are on the ballot here in California, you are a complete idiot.
       (Prop 1 would cost you over $7 Billion alone.) And it is just the reason you should go out and vote NO on it.
       I'm willing to bet that most of the propositions through out the country are not any more than schemes to rob the next generations and put our country further in debit.
       Funny thing: after 8 to 9 fires in a day, these firemen in California got $1.8 Billion from the federal tax payers. I called them on it for setting the fires themselves and what did we get? A summer of less fires. We paid them a fortune, and now they've come up with Prop 2 so you can pay the pyros' even more more.
       The last thing you all need is only having the idiots show up to vote. So the only way you can vote "None of the Above" is show up to vote and VOTE NO.
       By only having the stupid people show up to vote is how you got Obama.
       Now Obama has your check book and he's spending you kids money, so the best thing you can do is Vote Republican to get the check book out of his hands. - Post originally for home page

Get out to vote NO, -None of the above!
Vote Republican
Rule Numbers- 19, 33, 56, 66, 82 & 88
November 4th, 2014:

Rule 82: I guess I should have checked his sponsor's web-site before I posted yesterday. (Yeah, like I really wanted to know anything about him, however if he was featured, they were pretty fast to pull his name from their team list.)
       Never the less, I did notice they let him get a few third places with the big guys, but seriously folks, I watched him for at least an hour, the kid doesn't do anything that we all see every day . All these pros do is keep photographers around to catch the shots when they manage to launch themselves in the air.
       It's all about getting air and spinning around. Other than that, they don't do anything the rest of us are doing every day.

You know what I like?
       I like it when I drop someone a line and say, "I'd get rid of your Google adds and the java script for the Google stats isn't a very good thing to have in your code either."
       And the guy listens.

Got Some Money left?
Rule Numbers- 7, 15, 19, 35, 55 & 56
November 5th, 2014:

The first thing I was hearing this morning was how people felt that they were waking up about a thousand dollars ahead. That is compared to what yesterday could have cost them if they would have not voted -none of above.
       At least that's how it went down here in California. but I couldn't count the number of times over the last few days I had heard the phrase, "none of the Above, -in the background noise on TV; so I figure it went about the same way everywhere else in the country and I think you all deserve a few Brownie Points for that.
       Maybe there is still a little hope for you all.

We have some rumors going around that the kid went home and killed himself. It's not the first time I heard something like that and it turned out not to be true.
       Never the less, I wish you all would keep in mind, no matter how you feel about a situation like that, keep in mind that they were someone's son or daughter, and there are usually some people who loved them and it's their loss of a life they loved, is what we should be thinking about.

About a year and a half ago, maybe two; I was hanging out in Pismo, waiting to either got to jail or waiting for the next month's check so I could get out of the place, is when I ran into PJ's neighbour kid with the nice round tail.
       It was about that time I checked out the internet to see if PJ had a web-site.
       I can't be fore sure but I remember it as being pretty much a single page web-site.
       Then I saw it the other day and I noticed he had several pages, but the thing that stuck out to me the most was that he had Google Adds and it appears to me that someone had rigged his adds to the wrong key words because the adds had nothing to do with surfing. Then I got to thinking, maybe the whole web-site is rigged to the wrong keywords and Wahl's key words had nothing to do with it.
       Kinna gets you thinking about the Corporate Conglomerate that just bought up Al's company just up the road in Santa Barbara.

In Westport, back in the 80's the guys were already taking about PJ Wahl as a legend.
       From what I understand is he's a well travelled man. I seriously doubt if you can find a person who has surfer more brakes on the entire North American Coast. If your local brake is somewhere on the west coast, if he hasn't surfed it himself, you can bet he has shaped a stick for someone who has.
       Many of the guys around here have been talking about how he's one of the better shapers out there.
       The thing I can tell you is that his boards always look sexy. They are like a good looking woman with some meat still on her, not like some blank finished by a rookie who took it to far and now it's a sliver.

PJ Wahl and his surfboard

From what I've been hearing, business has been picking up a bit in the last few days.

Now if the water temp would go back up. I'm telling you the rest of the country, where you've been dealing with a cold snap, we are feeling it too.
       The other night was colder than most of the nights last winter.
       Even though the Global warming has kept the water warmer and warmer longer into the fall than usual. The thoughts about how much longer my 3/2 is going to work for me.

And oh I've been meaning to tell you folks is that the last thing you need is Apple being a middleman for the credit card companies.
       Hold on to your britches, (I've got a rule for that,____)
       Anyway, you can be sure the banks are going to figure out a way to work with merchants to come up with a verifiable digital check, that will be drawn directly from your bank account.
       You can be sure both the stores and the banks will realize that the cost of working together to make it happen should cost less than what credit cards companies charge them.
       The store is paying the credit card companies now, but eventually, the banks will get the stores to pay them some of the store's savings from not paying credit card companies.

I'm stuck, I know there have been things I've wanted to mention but, just can't recall them when I want to. Going over the rules helps some times.

Oh yeah, this Hillary gal, that has many of you wondering.
       I think she should fess up early if she wants to do her party any favour. She would end up loosing just as any other candidate the Democrats can come up with.
       They would be better off spreading their money widely, just to give exposure to a number of people instead of one who is just a criminal and will never win any way.

From what I understand, I'm pretty sure I know who the majority of people will want to vote for.
       I'm not about to say who the next president will be, because I have a feeling I can pretty much pick the next president, but I think it's best to keep an open mind and keep the possibility of changing it open too.

However, I would like to mention that I would like to see that my candidate isn't going to jump into the game any time soon.
       I suggest he just carrie on and do his own thing and let others play the campaign trail game.
       I'm in favour of as many TV appearances or interviews he can handle, but TV commercials are something we would prefer not see until the final weeks before the election.
       I'd rather have the people know the candidate and not be brainwashed into thinking he's the lesser evil then the other.

What I'm getting at is:
       Wouldn't it be nice if instead of hearing shit like, "we just spent a record amount ($4 Billion) on a mid-term election," wouldn't it be nice if we could say we only spent a fraction on the most recent presidential election over the one prior?"
       It would mean the the big corporations just stuck less money into the politician's pockets and the politicians would owe them as many favours. (I know it's a cheap shot, but it's the truth.)
       Ah, wouldn't it just be nice if it wasn't election after election. Commercial after commercial all the time.
       Just a waste of money as I see it.

Pretty Flat
Rule Numbers-
November 7th, 2014:

We're scrapping for waves around here.
       The tide has been too high in the mornings, meaning the Wimpy little wave end up on the shore.
       Strangely enough, I've reverted to those cheep old broken-up plastic 415 SC Pivot fins on the back of my board. Don't know why but I feel more at home with them. They are loose, and very pivotal, yet I can get drivy when I need it without feeling drivy when I don't expect it.
       Never the less, I think what I like about them the most is that it just makes me feel like I'm surfing my old Quad. It lust feel more natural.
       I think I'm going to just brake down and buy some new ones. (One got the tip broke off from ramming it up my butt and the other a longboarder tore a piece out of the side of it and gluing it back was only so good. )

Too Deep and paying for it.
Rule Numbers: 50 & 77
November 8, 2014:

I'm not sure if I just read the wave wrong or it was more likely I was just giving the kid and the wave a run for it's money. I was counting on him not falling and I was going to see if I could sneak up from behind him, -but the wave closed out. And there is one thing about boards with no leash, is that you don't know where it will end up going and I was stupid enough to direct myself right into a bunch of white wash with his board lost inside it.
       Sure enough, I found it when one of his fins flayed a piece of rubber from my ass. It left the inside lining, but it completely removed a couple square inches of material.

Any-how, even stranger is getting back to my Cage and turning on the TV to what is suppose to be a live foot ball game.
       What I thought I heard what I've heard on the street on the way home, "he's got his Tom Decker back."
       I'm quite aware that everybody and their brother has been trying to copy my style of surfing. It could be a reason for the rash of pro surfers showing up lately. They seem to think it is because I surf more with my hips than usual.
       I guess I could let this fall into a conversation of Helpful Hints, but I've already realized the need of me to put together a few more web-pages on surfing edict and helpful hints and pointers for surfers beginning and even the ones who are more experienced and would like some advice.

Never the less, I am quite aware of what people are aware of and am quite impressed that they can tell when I'm surfing like I surf, surfing the board instead of the board surfing me.
       I think the Tom Decker in me comes out when I'm in control of the board and not letting the wave over power me.
       I've watched Tom Decker for hours for which you could turn in to day and I think it did have an influence upon where my surfing was going to end up someday even though at the time I was still holding onto the security belt of the wrong kind of board.
       But then again, I think there is a smoothness to my surfing that I got from surfing a 7' 1" egg for those early years. I think it taught me some longboard techniques even though I've never surfed a longboard.

I can remember how Tom decker powered a board though anything, then catch another on the inside while paddling out. (Just about every set.)
       Tom had a board at one time that must have started out as a 6-4 or 6-5. It had at least 3 or 4 inches broken off the tip.
       Tom said the board wasn't loose enough, so he took a hack saw after it. Instead of trimming down the fins like most people would think of doing; he took out a hacksaw and cut about an inch or so off the tail end of it, straight across, squared corned and everything. He glassed it and it was good to go.
       Tom was modernizing and old board back then, as I look at it; with a hacksaw no-less.

Putting money into Slo County hasn't been part of the game plan, but from what I've heard, there has been a lot of Glassing going on there. Nothing wrong with some of my old surfing buddies getting some work that would have been going to Thailand.
       Never the less, it probably came about the right time when the winter slow down happened and we know these guys know what they are doing.

Stupid Rules

Stupid Rules

Stupid Rules

Stupid Rules

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In Court with Martin
January 11, 2011

Arrested by Martin
November 17-24, 2010

Me and my truck spent the week in jail last week.
Yes folks, I'm accused of being a criminal once again.

Jailed by Martin
November 17-24, 2010

The most revolutionary tool box in the world,
sitting in a room of poisonous insecticide

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The Rumor

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       I've actually tried doing a criminal background check on myself because I would love to find one that wasn't true. I've learned that even when they say it's free, that it is not. However, I did find one that will refund your money if you cancel a monthly subscription with 7 days.
Its at:

I'm the Dennis Sattler, 50 in Van Nuys CA, Lakewood Washington, Castic CA

But in reality now days, you only have to fire up a search engine.

And no I'm not the Dennis Sattler in Texas who hid in a closet and then killed his wife. But that goes to show you that if I have done any criminal act such as stalking a woman or molesting a child, just Googling my name would tell you.

Of course we can't forget about those evil little pyros that have some kind of idea that they are hero's of some kind and not just a bunch of kuckleheads that are too damn stupid to do anything else:
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Oceanside Lieutenant Committing Slander

(Unfortunately, this category has to include Lifeguards, because here in Oceanside, they have been proven to be criminals just as well.)


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