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rack of quiver

Took Sally out Tuesday
Rule Numbers:11 & 14

December 1st, 2016:
Her names is well known, sense I heard it said before I paddled out, while I was out and walking back.
I figure she's everyone's favorite.
       It's probably because they've seem me do some remarkable things on her.
       She's not at all afraid of taking a wave late and she holds her own on the wall of a tube.
       Kinda a hard board to beat. I wouldn't doubt she will be my favorite board in my quiver for quite awhile.
       Even thinking about my newest board, which is pretty much a substitute for the Bigun .
       I'd decided to pick up a digital scale for my next addition to my board making tool box.
       Not only for curiosity for caparison between finished boards, but I think it would be a good tool to predict the volume while shaping the board since just measuring the thickness is not actually a very good way determine the volume because volume can very a lot just by the foam placement through out the board.
       Such as, even though my latest board is thick in the middle, -the deck tappers off at the rails to provide smaller rails and the board thins out at each end. So with the concave and all, it looks a little on the thick side but I gave it the extra thickness because it's narrower than my other two boards. (I'm guessing 32-33 liters.) It does look a lot like my first board that got sabotaged and I wasn't able to finish or ride.

I'd have to agree with Gates
That having and ex- military dude for secretary of Defense and Secretary of State would be too much.
       I would think that would result in doing nothing but building a war machine in every country that they could get. And this army dude Patrayous for the consideration for Secretary of State: Hell he gave top secrete information to his girl friend. Wouldn't that be the next best thing to hiring Hillary Clinton for the job?
       As for Rudy Guliony:
       Just looking at the way he walks, I can tell he's got a bad back and I'd bet he's on pain pills. Which means you'd probably end up with a drug addict.
       On his Carrier deal:
       Gee, that's nothing new. Obama was real good at buying jobs, - that is if you think driving up the national debit is the thing to do.
       On Burning the flag: Shit I'd burn one if he could get a country like Australia to take me. I could give a shit about this country's flag and I spent 5 months in a detention center for just the chance not to even have to come back to this shit.
       (And oh, I do have a book excerpt on the flag. I say burn one because you can't burn the last one and you will give someone who makes flags for a living more job security.)

Would you believe:
Probably 3 out of 4 people who approach me about my truck, I would rather not even meet.
       They just want to be amused by it and even find it funny that we would load it up with missiles and give it to the enemy.
       Paying $3 Billion per year to Kill over 3,300 Palestinians sounds hilarious to them also.
       I've even had people end up sicking the cops on me because they don't like what they hear about it. (Pretty sure that happened today.)
       People are sick, and I don't want to be reminded of it. (Well, it's probably more like 4 out of 5.)

big quiver

A full Quiver and then some:
Rule Numbers:

December 3rd, 2016:
Went into Walmart last night.
Walked up behind a girl, who was telling her friend that Sunnyside was there.
       Kinna strange, -the surprise when she finds out I was right behind her.
       I was surprised just how many people there was, -talking about the fact that I was there.
       I'm willing to bet there are shit-load of famous people out there that can go some place and not get noticed as I do.
       I just can't believe that so many people can know about me, but they just except things as they are and treat me as nothing more than a freak show.
       And it's probably more like 9 out of 10 people who approach me that I'd rather not meet. Like I been thinking of painting a sign on the door of my truck that says: Do Not Disturb the Occupant.

On Trump buying jobs
It's not about saving jobs at all:
Its a publicity stunt.
       Do the numbers. There is still going to be 1,200 leaving. 300 white collar jobs were not leaving anyway. And there is only 800 getting to stay; so he didn't even save half of them.
       And if you play with the number, the money lost in the deal would have been able to pay for 800 people on Social Security for a year.
       Meaning that it equal to $8,750.oo per job saved over ten years, or $875.oo per year per job. At $25.oo hour, that's not even one weeks pay.
       It's just giving money away from where I sit.
       He would have been more effective if he would have threatened not only a matched tariff to what Mexico charges the US, but he could have added an extra 5 or 10% on top of the 15% Mexico tacks onto US goods.
       If he would have proposed something like that, he would have saved 2,000 jobs and we would not have lost one cent over it.
       Hell, the only reason that whole bit came up was because some employee upload the cell phone video of the announcement and it went viral and it got Donald's attention, hand he hopped on the bandwagon.
       Now he's going to have a shit load of companies want to play the same game of getting money for nothing.
       That kind of shit only bleeds this country.

On the gal who got abducted and branded:
Gotta figure after the media put their name and house on TV, you can bet that gal is going to be packing a gun from now on.

We give Israel $5 Billion per year, for what?
Rule Numbers: 50 & 51

December 4, 2016:
To buy Submarines from a German company that is partially owned by Iranians
Gee, isn't that what Israel refers to as the enemy?
       Israel was embroiled in fresh controversy on Sunday over its purchase of submarines from German company ThyssenKrupp after reports that the country's arch-enemy Iran holds a stake in the firm.
       Israel is reportedly negotiating to buy the three submarines at a combined price of 1.2 billion euros ($1.3 billion), to replace the oldest vessels in its existing Dolphin fleet, which began entering service in 1999.

I also think it's really funny:
That people fuss over the fact that Trump will talk to the president of Taiwan on the phone, as if it is against US policy.
       But there is nothing wrong with the US defense contractors selling Taiwan war machinery .
       It's pretty bad when the people in the US have to pay for all the research and development of our advanced weaponry, and then the defense contractor are able to sell it all to other countries.
       Kinna takes away the upper hand we pay so dearly for, don't you think?
       Guess we have to make sure that there is always a good possibility of another good war. As if any war is any good.
       Tell me, -how stupid can we get?

Get this:
In an exclusive interview with Yahoo Global News Anchor Katie Couric, Edward Snowden says that former CIA Director Gen. David Petraeus — who is under consideration to become President-elect Donald Trump’s secretary of state — disclosed “information that was far more highly classified than I ever did” and yet never “spent a single day in jail.”
       Kinna like Hillary with her e-mails I'd say.

Mounted the Traction Pad today:
Rule Numbers: 51

December 6, 2016:
Going to take a hack saw to it tomorrow, to make my own customization.
       I guess I don't even have to say what else I did today because the word is all over the place.
       I've got two things on my to do list. One is get my hands on another set of fins, and the other is make me another swallow tail Quad.
       I did pick-up a digital scale. I learned that my Fat Bitch is actually heavier then the Kah-Plunker. I'm Guessing that the foam is what made the Bitch heavier, (by about 3.5 ounces,) but strangely enough, it surfs as if it is lighter. As for the Cherry Bomb, its about 4 ounces lighter than the Bitch.
       I think once I start weighing the shaped blanks before glassing them, I'll get a better idea of the volume and weight I end up with when the are finished. (I'm willing to bet that a lot of shapers are fallowing my lead and Harbor freight has been moving a shit load of scales.)
       From what I gather, going with all 4 oz cloth, a board runs 6 to 6 1/2 pounds and going with 6-4 & 4 ends up being about 7 1/2.
       Or 110 ounces verses 125 ounces. I figure that there is some trade off involved in the extra weight as far sas durability. And another is that the S-glass on the bottom does glass out a little lighter than E-glass, so....
       However, my Bigun with the heavier blue foam ran it up to 8.1 pounds or 130.1. None the less, I think I'm going to be going by ounces because the simplicity of it. With Track pads that weigh about 3.35 ounces, the Flying P came in at 6.875 pounds or 109.95 oz. The Fat Bitch came in at 7.925 or 126.8; Sally came in at 7.562 lbs. or 121.25 oz. The Kah-plunker 7.786 or 123.32.

Got to agree with Trump
$4 Billion for a new Air Force One is a bit much.
       I also read about some of the US Embassies they are building.
       Like the one in London is suppose to be costing over a Billions dollars.
       The one in Mexico has cost the US over $50 Million just for some Blue prints (That I don't even think are finished,) and there was quite a bit handed over for the 15 acres of land.
       I guess they have gone a bit overboard on how fancy they are trying to make them.

Rule 51 on the fire in the warehouse:
I think the people who entered the place should have had good enough sense that they were entering the place at their own risk.
       Putting the blame on any individual is not the route to go, because it should be looked upon as natural selection. If those people are so stupid not to realize that they were entering a fire trap, they would naturally be too stupid to survive. However, I think the manager is going to find himself in a bit of trouble and if he doesn't think he will end up in jails, there is something wrong with him. However, we can't go around protecting people from their own stupidity when we don't give a shit about the smart people and we kill them of over our greed. Why should we worry about stupid people when we don't give a damn about inventors.
       Just look at what the greed for profit of building war machinery has done to Aleppo.
       Just remember, the US armed the rebels.

On the Victoria Secrete show:
       Gee, its about as bad as the Beauty pageants
       They don't show their butts.
       They sure cut them out as much as they can and that to me is only showing half of the business.
       A bit disappointing to say the least.

S-L-S Cherry Bomb surfboard by sunnyside

Like the Bitch's Nose better than the Flyer Nose?
Rule Numbers: 26

December 8th, 2016:
I think it looks more High Performance
The widest point is less than an inch from the rear of center.
       The thickest point is about two to three inches behind center.
       There is a reason why I delay posting the top side. (That's for other's Instagram accounts.) Nothing like free publicity you could say, -and something tells me that little spies have posted it already.
       Aside from the extra weight over the Flying P, I think it's a more refined design. (I'm still trying to figure out the right volume for me and would rather be on the thicker side then being too thin.) None the less, I think it's one of my better boards and I figure that tomorrow will be the day to see how it does in smaller waves. This time around, I think we've had plenty of enough time for it to cure. Other than one day I took out Sally, -we haven't have any big waves to miss out on.

On the Walter Scott Trial:
I think the local government found a ghost in one of the juror's closet.
       I figure that there was some bribery going on.

One the kid who shot up the people in the church:
He's evil and the sooner you kill him, the sooner we can save some money.

On the guy who is chosen to run the EPA:
       Not a good choice in my book.
       I think the only thing that the Obama administration has done was making it more costs effective to burn natural gas over coal.
       Believe me when I say God does not like the idea of burning coal for electricity.
       However, lets just hope that the Trump administration will get rid of Obama's automobile pollution standards.
       The reason I say that is that Obama has it set up to where there is a point system, which means in order to build a truck that pollutes more than a car, a company that builds electric cars has the upper hand over a truck manufacture that doesn't. Which isn't fare.

Too many Generals:
       Looks to me like you;ll be building a big war machine.
       Then the problem you get with that, you will want to use it.

Oceanside's flag keeps going up and down:
Rule Numbers: 26

December 10th, 2016:
Yet nothing on the News warrants it. (Well maybe John Glen.)
I'm willing to bet that Gunzalus took a red shower.
       It's been awhile since I've seen him around and the last time I saw him I said, "I hope you are sleeping well."
       I told him the the Grim Reaper was going to catch up to him and that he'd kill himself.
       So the next question I'd have for you all is: has Bill Collens killed himself yet?
       I figure there is a good reason that those flags dropped twice this week.

Told you that heads were going to roll.
It's got me wondering when my Aunt or Sister will do themselves in.
       Just think, my Dad is living through all this shit and that would weigh quite a bit on his shoulders.
       I would think living as such a coward would be kind of rough on a person, but you can be sure that between Rosemarry and Donna, they've got him pretty brainwashed.
       I'm willing to bet that on most days, he has no realization that he has a son at all. Like it totally slips his mind.

Got some F-6's Yesterday:
I'm wondering if I should have gotten the Stamps set, who knows, maybe the next time I get another set, after I build a new swallow tail Quad.
       Unfortunately, the surf forecasts predict it to being flat for the week.
       Thinking about last year: the water stayed warmer and we had several big swells come though by now. heck my MBM got broken by just having a wave hit it.
       And here I am, sitting on a quiver of four with three of them geared for bigger waves and we're stuck with one footers.

Who killed them self?
Rule Numbers: 26

December 12 , 2016:
It sure wasn't Gunzalus:
At least not yet
       Too bad because that's like burning two and a half surfboards.
       Between him and his buddy, they got me for about $1,500.oo in the last year and a half.
       None the less, I'm sure someone just killed themself because everyone has been talking about it but my Angels keep blocking the name of whoever it was.
       Ironic: As they are swearing in a new mayor, and City counsel of San Diego, there is a protest outside by homeless who have been getting citations for being homeless. Then at the same time, the city counsel is approving a budget and system to get the repeat offenders/homeless off the street. They think housing the repeat offenders is cheaper then the $150 per day it cost to put them in jail if they don't have the money to pay the citations.
       Like in my case, nobody would want me living in their neighborhood because all of the child molester rumors the cops have spread on me, so if I do everyone a favor and stay homeless, then there are cops like Gunzalus who will come around and rob me of money so that I can only stay homeless and can't afford to do anything about the government using my invention to kill people in other countries with my invention so that Lockheed Martin can make money of my inventions. Yes ironic it is.
       None the less, I must be the only one who realizes just how short our time is on this earth, in human form.
       Just because there are plenty out there with a chapel and a book, and stories of trials and tribulations, don't consider that they even know what they are talking about because they are in the tax free business of selling you their theory of an after life. You have no way of proving that they are telling you the truth.

Saw Netanyahu in an interview last night
You can be sure that the guy is an evil murder, backed by the Tax payer of the USA.
       You can bet he has been buddying up to any country that might hand over war machinery. He's reluctant to even say who he's been buddying up too.
       I also see that he got some of his early delivery of some of those F-35's the US Tax payer paid $400 Billion dollars to develop. Now we Pay Netanyahu $5 Billion per year so he can get a deal on the planes for $100 Million each. Then you've got to wonder how much he can get in a resale to some other country. You've got to remember that Israel, (a country of only 9 million people,) is considered the second largest arms dealer in the world. the
       Like how are yous suppose to retain the upper hand when you hand over your upper hand to any Tom Dick or Harry?

The Syrian's are celebrating the taking back of Aleppo:
       Taking back Aleppo from the rebels that the USA armed.
       Of course the News agencies are forgetting to tell US that.

Access Hollywood released another Spielberg sighting.
       Of course it was a still picture and it looked photo-shopped as hell.
       And of course, Extra got another version of a blue screened photo of Speilberg in the same backdrop. (Boy, I saw that one coming. Or was it Hanks?)

On Donald and his briefings:
       What's it matter, when he isn't even president yet?
       It's not like he can do anything about anything yet. So what difference does it make, once a day or once a week? .
       Fussing over nothing.

Even more Ironic:
       While there are protesters in North Dakota protesting the pipeline:
       There is a leak in a pipeline only 150 miles away.
       They have only recovered 32,000 gallons of the 150,000 gallons spilled.
       When is is all said and done, most of the oil spilled on these oil spells is never recovered.
       I'm sitting here wondering what will ever happen to all the contaminated water they are pumping underground from fracking? Someday you'll find out. Just remember, I told you it smelled like trouble.
       And on burning coal:
       It's all about acid rain and the PH of the oceans changing, killing off everything in the oceans.
       Just remember, a planet that can't support humans equals human extinction.

Aleppo, Syria's largest city of 2 Million:
Rule Numbers: 50

December 14, 2016:
Turned to rubble
I bet there are a few Russian Defense contractors that made a shit-load of cash-olla.
       Gotta figure that Lockheed Martin was only able to make pennies on the dollar in comparison to what those Russian defense contractors made on killing people.
       Sad to see what a failure of diplomacy did to that city, and its citizens.

Obama did another good thing:
He stopped a shipment of arms that was going to Saudi Arabia.
       Hundreds of thousands of civilians have been killed in Yemen, and war crimes were done with the aid of the US war machinery.

The words I hear the most on the street:
"They are dying," or "they are killing themselves."
       Whoever, "they," are, -there must be a lot of them.
       None the less, it sounds like it's a good thing.
       I should also say that there have been a lot of people talking about the fact that the cops around here have been spreading phoney child molester rumors on me.
       Sounds like they sure don't know when to let it rest, because they just keep at it. You gotta figure they they are either getting paid to do it or they are real stupid or I'd say a little of both.
       I'd wager that their are only a few getting paid and then the rest are just that stupid.

Oh Yeah:
       The Feds raised the interest rates:
       I'm sure their are people would would disagree with me if I was to say that it was a good thing. But it is.
       It will make buying a home more costly, but it will help hold the sky rocketing prices in check. Or should I say, help curb the inflating prices of homes.
       And if I'm right, you can right-off the interest you pay on a house, so there is somewhat of an offset justification to it in there somewhere.

Oh Yeah, tomorrow:
       The closing arguments on that kid's shooting spree in a church.
       I'm just hopping the verdict comes real quick and it's laughable in a good way.
       I wonder if the evil punk will feel like laughing with us.

1872 Berger Fallbeil Guillotine
1872 Berger Fallbeil
Good thing to have out back when you've got evil lurking around.

killing people pays

Like I said, 9 out of 10:
Rule Numbers: 51

December 17-18th, 2016:
Just a few more today.

Obviously killing pays well
The Marine in the name brand hoodie walked up to my window and asked if I wouldn't mind if he pissed on his buddies tire. He said they had a thing about doing it to each other.
       I asked him if he was a dog and he said "yes".
       I told him he was only a 8%er and nothing more than a barbaric animal; a killing machine no less and he agreed to that too.
       I informed him that the third largest source of pollution to the ocean was from animals and people are bring their dogs down here to piss all over the place all the time so why should I care if he does any different, I just have to swim in it.
       I said go ahead, I'd like to take a picture of you doing it.
       I said that someday he would be replaced with a cyborg, that someday the government would be able to tel if his child was going to be born defective and they would offer him money to turn his kid into a cyborg killing machine.
       His buddy with the BMW at the rear said he was proud to be a killing machine and he said it was his second amendment right. He said he killed people for my rights.
       I said that anyone's rights go about as far a crooked judge.
       You can be sure this kid never read the second amendment because he defiantly had a convoluted idea of what it is about. (It must have more than 180 characters.)
       I'm left wondering if he had the rights to be messing around with someone's daughter, because I'd bet only one of them could be at least 16.
       I'm willing to bet the military will pay them if they knock up a girl and get married.
       Since we are breading such stupid people I had some thoughts about the military might be wise to not let young men join the marines until they are 21 so they may be a little more mature and maybe a little smarter, but then I thought, "natural selection," says let the stupid ones in because it would only be doing us a favor if the fools go out and get themselves killed just to make the defense contractors money.

I bet the people listening through the bug in my truck got quite the treat today

Can I piss on a tire?

Join the Marines, get a nice car and get someone's daughter.

One smarter than the others

The guy in the plad shirt in the middle car was the only one with half a brain, he actually sent the guy in the hoodie with the convertible to the rest room, less than a block away.

Proud to be a killing machine

He said he killed people for my rights.
       I said, yeah kill people with my inventions so that you can afford to drive a nice car and I can't even afford to keep my own teeth.

Just think of the intelligence you'd get if these kids had offspring.
       Yeah, the intelligence of a cell phone and the loyalty of a dog.

What a burn:
Tennessee's field goal kicker,
(a Kansas City's ex-field goal kicker,)
beat KC with a 53 yard kick.

December 18, 2016:
A time out was called on the first try, (which was short,) but he got it on the second attempt.
Took my Bitch out today with the F-6 fins.
       Wasn't much for waves, but I can tell you that they fell loose.
       I'm willing to bet they will work better on the bitch with an EA on the rear. (Which will leave me with front EA's and an AM1 for the rear of the Cherry Bomb.) That would mean that with my three main boards, each board has their own sets at the same time and I won't have to go swapping fins around.
       For the first time out on the Cherry Bomb, I'm going to try EA's in front and a F-6 on the rear, but I figure that once I get used to the board, I'll want it looser with the AM1 like I always used on my M-4 and Flying P.

Aren't you tired of hearing about the Russin Hackers?
Well it gives the media something to talk about, but hell, the Russians are always hacking us and that's nothing new.
       It doesn't mater if it is North Korea, China, Spain, France, Russia or Germany; they all hack the US all the time and it's only occasionally that we catch them doing it.
       You just ask any European and they will tell you that so many of them don't pay for software and they are always hacking anything or any where they can. It's a past time, or should I say a hobby for so many.
       Hacking is something that people just do, so putting the blame on any one source is ridiculous.
       Anyone knows that if you leave the back door unlocked, sooner or later a thief will find it open.
       Just like those Amazon Echos and Google Homes, they are something that will be used for attacks and you'd be a fool to complain when it happens to you .

Come on, do you actually think Trump will be much different?
He picked a bunch of Generals because he thinks they are the Best of the Best.
       But I've known a bunch of military in my early years and I know that it is more about brown nosing. It's all about who's ass you kissed that gets you anywhere in the military. It has nothing to do with how smart you are.
       It's more about how much of the TAX Payer's money you can spend.
       You make the defense contractors money, the Defense contractors pad the pockets of the politicians, and the politicians promote the military officers for doing it. Simple as that.

The question you should be asking is:
Will Trump continue breeding stupid people?
       That's the bottom line because it is all about whether he wants you all to be a bunch of fools or not.
       Simple as that.
       So far, it's not on the agenda and for such a simple thing to do and saving inventors is very, very important if you don't want stupid people, and I don't even see it on the list.
       Are you all suckers or what?

It's called "Retaliatory Animosity:
Rule Numbers: 26

December 19th, 2016:
I'm not sure exactly how it went down.
But I'll leave it up to the people who were in the restaurant to tell you.
       You know, that thing about not creating rumors and contaminating the rumor mill.
       I've pieced it together in my own mind, but I couldn't say for sure.
       One thing for sure, it was devious and it's not like I didn't expect something like it might happen.
       It comes from experience. Like when ever I come up with a good post, (something the government might not like,) I can figure the odds of being able to up load it to my server, just is not going to happen. Just like the night of the 18th.
       None the less, yesterday it wasn't long before I experienced some retaliation. It was either tricky or just right out blatantly obvious that something was being pulled over on me.

Boy, only if they would have left me alone,
I would have been sitting in Santa Cruz right now.

It's like Evil has risen its ugly head around here.
       Think about it: It found its way into the water with the Tranny, Nessy, and Globel Glassing.
       It's like these guys will actually perform evil acts just to maltreat someone.
       It's like bad karma has found it's way into the water and I'm left wondering if it has something to do with the reason it's been so flat lately.

It boils down to that impression I got from my Angles:
Like the idea that there isn't a line for the people who want to be a Sentinel, because it there was, there wouldn't be anyone standing in line to be one.
       It's totally understandable to me because other than having a little more common sense that others, I really don't see any benefits for being one.
       Being one is to me is only being a magnet that attracts Evil.
       Maybe I'm suppose to be bait of some sort, and those who come after me end up going to Hell? Well if that's the case, it sure doesn't happen fast enough, because I sure get tired of living amongst it.
       It's like once again, just like Morro Bay, I'm flat out stuck in a trap of corruption and I can't get away from it because they keep robbing me.
       The fact is, I had a full tank of fuel and a few dollars to spare at the first of the month, and then Gunzalus came up and robbed me. it it wasn't for that, I would have been on the road last week when I saw what the surf forecasts looked like.

Oh Yeah:
       The words I heard the most last night:
       When I went to the G-store, I heard the phrase, "he's right", no less than a half a dozen times.
       I take it that what I did manage to upload yesterday was what many others think.

Double standards:
       The Government fussing over being Hacked.
       Heck, the US Government does it all the time, to anyone they want.
       Look at me, they've got bugs everywhere in this cage and everyone else is tapped into the bugs the government placed in here, -even the media.
       Heck I can't even masturbate without everyone and their brother knowing it.
       Everyone seems to think that's just fine.

And on all the fuss over Trump's business:
       Gee, what about Bush and Cheny?
       911 happened because of the Bush's family being involved in the Unical oil pipe going through Afghanistan.
       Then once the US invaded Afghanistan, Cheny's Halliburton company made a shit load of money supporting the Military.
       Don't you think it's kind of silly worrying about Donald making some money from some real estate? At least no one would be dieing over his deals and it's not like it would cost the US Tax payers any money.
       But, what the heck, we worry more about our dogs than we do our inventors.

Got Trucks turned into weapons.
Rule Numbers: 50

December 21th, 2016:
Germany having open door to refugees, can backfire. So you think?
Like hiring more cops might be some kind of prevention.
       PM Update: Just another failure of someone no longer being on a watch list.
       Looks as though there is a military zone at every Christmas gathering.
       Believe me when I say it's more reaction than prevention.
       None the less, it's like the defense contractors and war, as is terrorism and police departments, they all get more money and make more money because of it.
       And did you see who the local Sheriffs handle that guy? Three of them had him pined down on the ground, yet they beat and kicked the guy in the head. All over the possession of a little meth. And on that video of a cop showing a student how to tie a tie: that's just a fake PR stunt. You can be sure it really didn't go down that way.
       Let's not forget about the News Media and the terrorist attacks: it gives them something to do other than rehashing the same old news. They just load up those trucks and make a dramatic story out of it.
       Bottom line, it's what you get when you are breeding barbaric animals instead of intelligent human beings.
       Silly how religion is used as the reason for warfare, and military force is the financial backing of it all.
       You pay to make weapons. Then you sell the weapons. And you even give the weapons away. Then you have to deal with the repercussions.

Santa Cruz: Solid 3 to 4
Oceanside 1-footers
Rule Numbers: 20

Stockton has been getting 8 to 10 footers, so you could say the place has been going off, and we're not getting anything around here.
Traumatized a kid today:
       After bailing on two or three with him in my sights,....
       The kid looked more scared than anything, -standing there holding onto my board after it got washing into him. Kinna thing where you don't know what to say other than dust yourself off and get back at it, because by saying anything else, he might think its worse than it is. (Well there was no blood to see, other than probably his father's eyes.)
       Kinna deal when a guy has to figure out if he's going to teach his son how to surf or ditch the child on the inside and go out surfing himself and let others deal with the repercussions.
       PM update: I heard, "a bump on the head," a few times when I went into the G-store. Guess he's ok, but I can assure you he wasn't wanting any comfort from a stranger. I figured I'd just have a crying kid on my hands and all I could do was wonder where his parents were.

A little more time on the F-6's
They feel almost like the EA's, but just a little looser:
       Used an EA on the rear and it seemed about right on the Bitch, although I don't know until a go out in bigger and more powerful waves.
       Only if I was in Santa Cruz, -I'd have a reason to use my new board. Gee, I've already got my fingernails back since I shaped it and I haven't even tried it out yet.

China should learn how to do something other than burn coal for their electricity:
       Just chocking themselves to death at ten times harmful levels.
       I just don't see how they can think that it is manageable.

On Trump trying to trying the fat at Boeing and Lockheed Martin
       That's just what happens when you buy something without kicking the tires.
       Whenever you give someone a blank check to develop something, you can bet it will cost way too much.
       But what the heck, you end up giving away several $100 Million Dollar planes to a country like Israel that only spends $75 Million of their own money on their defense budget.
       Paying too much for a plane is one thing, but paying too much and then giving them away is just insane.

Hind sight, puts things into a deferent perspective:
Rule Numbers: 20

December 24th, 2016:
Like wasting 5 months of my life in a detention centre, trying to get political asylum:
After 5 months, I considered it a mistake, that I was warned about before hand when I was lead to believe that it would only take about three months to get a final decision.
       However it was a year or two later that I was well aware that it had to have been Spielberg that was behind the sabotaging any chance of me getting, what they call a protection visa.
       None the less, looking back now I can see some contrast that actually made the five months a little less of a mistake. The five months was the only period of time within the last eighteen years that I didn't have to deal with child molester rumors, and can you believe it did'nt even come up in the hearing? That's what differed in what Lockeed Martin was doing and what Speilberg was doing.
       While I was free on the outside for eight months, it was Lockheed Martin fallowing me around with the child molester rumors, and it was Speilberg who was behind making sure the protection visa hearing wasn't going to play out on my favor and I'm sure that was done with nothing more than a phone call from Spielberg himself.
       In retrospect, making the five months less of a tragic mistake, was the fact that during that time, I can actually say I accumulated some close friendships that would not have been possible on the outside in all of the eighteen years. I had friends from Iran, Lebanon, Russia and Syria. Some of who I knew I would miss when they finally got bonded or deported directly from the detention centre.
       There was no warning or time to even say good-by to my friend from Syria, because one morning I woke up and she was just gone. I had to hear about what happened to her from the psychologist that was assigned to her, who happened to think my friend from Syria had a good case and was likely to get a protection visa.
       When it rains or these period of no swell, and I sit here in the cage, wasting my days away doing nothing is the days I miss these friends the most. It makes those five months not so bad when you think of the amount of time I have spent sitting in this cage since I've been back.
       I can assume the most of those friends went back to their home country to fairly normal lives with the exception of the Syrian, and myself of course. But I guess I'm the lucky one of us two, I'm still alive. However I can't say so much for my friends here either.
       Everyone's nose is obviously in my business, but nobody has the dignity to tell me of how many and just which of my friends here in this country whom Spielberg and his government cronies have killed.

Getting close to those Award shows
You can tell by just how the movie stars act.
       Like I could not stand how Tom Hanks was talking about fellow movie stars while he was on a morning talk show.
       He talked as those his fellow actors were super people.
       I think of them as a bunch of phoney Spielberg whores who condone evil by lying to the public to protect an evil man's legacy as well as his wealth.
       It's obvious to me that there are very few of those actors who will not take money from an evil man like Spielberg.

You can be sure Donald has never attended a UN meeting;
So how can he even say what it is?
Rule Numbers:

December 26th, 2016:
What I'd like to know is:
What the UN did to Israel that was disclosed in two different terms.
       To say the least, no one actually said what it was.
       Does it mean that Israel will still get $5 Billion every year from the USA so they can buy $1.5 Billion dollar Submarines from the Germans/Iranians so they can march some of their nuclear missiles around the world?
       And by the way: How much does the US pay for a nuclear sub?
       I bet the US is paying way too much for them too; that's why they spend our money elsewhere.

I happen to think that the Palestinians should be able to have their own country.
       Or should I say their own two states, like Palestine North and Palestine South.
       They should be able to have their own government and should not have to answer to Benjamin Netanyahu, or any of the Jews in Israel.

Get it straight.
Everyone was talking about me running over a kid this morning.
       Actually it was last year I ran over a kid when there was three in a row and I had to jump over the one in the middle.
       Apparently my board bounced right over him because he said he wasn't hit.
       None the less, the other day I had to bail and it was too shallow to pull back the slack on my leash and my board got washed into a kid.
       Something told me that it was better if I didn't make a big deal out of it and from what I think I heard was that the kid ended up thinking it was cool having a bump on his head.
       Ironic as it may sound, I can actually identify with it because I can still remember the first time I got clobbered in the head when I was about 26 years of age.
       It was my 6'7" Walboard and I was hit so hard that it not only busted the rail open, but put a bump and gash on my head.
       It even gave me a mild headache, but I kinna felt happy/proud that I had survived a big nasty with a surfboard and it gave me some confidence that I could survive what I had feared prior to that day. Therefore, can see where a kid would think it was cool too.
       Like one guy who was out teaching his son how to surf on the inside todays said, "shit happens."

I've been wondering if I should be trying to use my Twitter account:
Like do you think I could get into a twitter war with Trump?
       Well, I'm willing to bet it would just get blocked anyway.
       I figure that if I was to get any fallowers, that they just have this web-site book marked anyway.

Boy it sure went a long way:
Rule Numbers: 4, 9, 26 & 29

December 27th, 2016:
What I did in the 99 cent store last night:
People in Walmart were talking about it tonight.
       I don't think I need to say anything more about it because of that lack of privacy I told you about.

Sliding in sideways:
Talking about the Bitch with F-6 fins in front.
       Kinna like surfing a new board with more pivotal characteristics.
       None the less, I'm still undecided about them because we've haven't had any waves big enough to know if they don't have enough grip on the bottom turn, but I have to say they sure work good on smaller waves.

It annoys me to no end:
       Like why do so many who live in RV's trash the place?
       Like not to long ago, I watched these people in a mini Dolphin RV, open up their window and throw out their trash as if the parking lot was a built in garbage can.
       And just lately I had these foreigners move in on a decent spot of mine. They'd sit there for days and as the days went by, the piles of trash began to build up.
       You wonder why people don't call the cops on them sooner.
       Kinna screws over the other who have respect for their Environment

Like it wasn't too long ago, I met a 21 year old from north eastern Mexico.
He was sitting in a park, drinking a quart of beer.
       We got to talking and he was hungry, so I offered to make him a sausage burger, since I was about to make one for myself for dinner.
       Gee, in the middle of all this, he makes a bullshit call to someone he really didn't know, -on his cell phone of course. (Kinna rude if you ask me.)
       Then after enjoyed his meal with his request of chips and salsa, he just throw the paper plate over his shoulder and shortly decided it was time to leave.
       I had to fetch his paper plate, napkin, beer bottle and sack and placed then in the garbage can that was only a short walk away.
       Needless to say, I'll never offer a meal to a stranger, ever again.
       Being in the 21st century, you would think humans would know that littering is not the thing to do.

But what the heck:
Shopping Malls and Social Media don't mix either.
       I wonder just how long until this new generation will learn how to handle the two together, if they learn it at all.
       Gee, the people in Chicago still have not learned how to live with the responsibility of guns. They're averaging two deaths per day.
       Incidents on airplanes are up 16% this year.
       Sounds like Barbaric Animals to me. The kinna thing you have to live with when you are systematically breeding stupid people.

Excellent Car Commercial:
Talking about the babe in the black and white Bikini.
       You've got to admit, she's got all the bumps and curves in the right places.
       What ever she is doing, she is doing it right.
       They've got he from two different angles, but wouldn't it be nice if they would slow the commercial down?
       Only if I had a pause button on my TV.
       Maybe they should go back to the editing room and see if they've got a few more takes so they can come up with another commercial.

Get a load of this:
Rule Numbers:

December 29th, 2016:
Word on the street is that they killed my father and made it look like suicide.
Of course they wouldn't come around to tell me.
       I bet they would have helped my sister with the executor-ship of his will too.
       Funny how all that kind of stuff is suppose to go by a judge at some point. But you know, just like cops, we all know that crooked judges are a dime a dozen.

On the EA verses F-6's:
If any of you are wandering which ones to get.
       I'd say the EA's are the better choice. They are just that much more predictable. The EA's just have better control.
       The F-6's are fun in smaller stuff because they are kinna squirrelly, but when things get edgy, I'd rather have the EA's under my board. Maybe F-6's will work better as Quad fins; who knows?

Only if they covered the death of Inventors,
Like they do with celebrities:

       They would have to extend the news and extra hour every day.
       Keep in mind, we loose about a dozen every day and that's just in this country alone.
      Do you actually think anyone would even shed a tear?
       Not as long as they have their inventions, -hah?
       Just that no one considers the inventions they would not and will not ever get from them. Nor from their off-spring that you never get.
       I know; animals have no soles nor do they have any conscience.

Stupid Rules

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Stupid Rules

Stupid Rules

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Dooms Day for Private Inventors
-happened yesterday,
when Obama took his mighty pin to the bill.

My Stupid Movie Idea

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