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Flying P

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Rule Numbers: 35

April 1, 2017:
I’m done with using public Wi-Fi hot spots.
Got my own portable hot spot, Because it seemed like someone had ran around putting aluminum foil around the Wi-Fi routers I’d been using for years.
       One just quit working for me, another lost so much of its signal, I could only use it if there wasn’t anyone else around using it .
       Needless to say, something gives me the impression that someone was trying to make it difficult to up load my stuff, hence the reason I was only updating my homepage only once or twice per week. (The reason for the extra long entries, that were often posted for two or more days at times.)
       Now that that problem is over, you can expect more current and frequent and shorter postings and I may even update the postings at different times through out the day.
       I’ve also outfitted myself with a tablet and wireless keyboard and mouse; so it only takes about 5 watts to keep things up and running during the day when I’m around.

We care more about seeds than we do the human intellect:
Rule Numbers: 51

April 2nd, 2017:
I saw the bit on the Sunday morning show on CBS:
About the seed banks that are built all over the world.
       They're trying to save samples of every seed possible, because of the idea that we may need some of the traits of gone past extinction in the future.
       Like wheat isn't the same as it use to be and we are loosing tons and tons of wheat every year, just because of global worming. .

Gee, tell me why they don't seem to worry about the human race in the same way?
We systematically kill off the gene pool of the smart people, year after year and people are no longer using anything near their brains potential, yet we protect the stupid people from their own stupidity.
       Guess they want to make sure that there will be plenty of stupid people in the future.
       One thing for sure, they are making sure that you will need a cell phone for communications instead of telepathy.
       Kinna like settling on an inferior method of communications and they want people so stupid that they will need a cell phone app in order to know how to do anything.
       But then again, we also care more about dogs than we do inventors.
       Or do I need to say the obvious? We care more about dogs than we do the human race, because people are so stupid already; they seem to think that we might kill the last dog.

Like the other day: a guy held up freeway traffic for hours on end.
Heck, they should have encouraged him to jump right away and do us all a favor, but you know, cops are not as smart as they actually think they are.
       Like these people getting run over by trains, just because they want to take a picture of themselves.
       Gee, that's what is called natural selection and they are doing us all a favor by getting themselves killed.
       Good riddens.

Big and Bouncy:
Rule Numbers: 4 & 14

April 2nd , 2017:
So I took Sally out for a ride:
Got a couple long rides, but it took a lot of paddling to get them.
       I switched bac to having the F-6’s on front with the small T-flex fins on back. I’d only surfed with them once, just as with the YU’s but I think the F-6’s are more responsive even though they are bigger I think I like the feel of the board better with them on over the YU’s which seem to have a more grip. (I need more time on both Combinations to know for sure

> Picked up some Jordy’s today.
Next month I’ll probably get the Stamps set.
       After that I figure I’ll be looking at some Captain Fins.
       As it is now, I’ve got six sets plus a pair of rear quad fins and to be honest, I haven’t had enough time on half of my six boards I have to actually know if I should get any more, but having a good assortment of fins is a good way to get the most of out of a quiver.

Learned that the US gives Egypt $1.3 billion per year in military aid:
       The question I have is how much money does Egypt spenf of their own money on defense?
       I can only wonder if it is more than the $75 Million Israel spends of their own money on defense.
       Between just those two countries, you can kiss goodbye to $6.5 Billion per year.
       With that much money flowing to those two small countries, you can bet there will always be some kind of warfare going on and you can bet they will always be asking for more money to reload.
       Just ask Obama. He cut a check to reload and than he cut another check for the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip to not only reload but so that the terrorist organization there would get $75 Million of it.
       Do you understand that the Tax payers of the USA was giving money away to all sides of that conflict?

Got to meet Officer B Sundberg last night:
Rule Numbers: 4, 85 & 86

April 4th, 2017:
He's the ass who wrote the parking ticket without marking my tire:
I posted a photo on Jan. 5th along with a question about it.
       Anyhow he stopped me last night while I was out walking around and said he had seen a poster on me.
       Needless I was very interested in seeing the poster.
       I did mention to him that I noticed his name and that he was the one who wrote me a parking ticket without even marking my tire although the ticket said he did.
       He came back with saying that it wasn't him because he doesn't write parking tickets. None the less, the picture posted below proves that he's no different than the rest of the bully cops and that he sees nothing wrong with lying.

Oceanside/Sundberg parking ticket

Anyhow, Gunzalus showed up and said I wasn't the one on the poster
But one thing for sure, Gunzalus is sure to be one who has been filling the new recruits with a bunch of shit about me
       He was trying to get me to make comments about Obama and anything else he might twist into the, "he's just a crazy man," kinna bit.
       I told Sundberg and the young kid that Gunzalus was not only a criminal but just plain evil as well as that he'll probably kill himself.
       The young punk got a laugh out of that and I said in response, "go ahead and laugh, there are already at least three cops who are dead, that I know of."
       They thought it was time for them to go of course.
       Gunzalus found a homeless person to harass.

Bill O'Reilly was paying for sex that he never got:
Yah have to laugh,, because he even had the Fox News network paying for the crap.
       Talk about a guy who is obsessed with what is in his pants.
       I wonder how many women actually gave it up to him?.
       Just another dirt bag within the media.

Tried the Jordy's out on the Bitch this morning:
       They tightened the turning radius a bit, but they didn't give me the drive that I'm accustomed to.
       The extra cant seemed to drag the board down a bit and I was left with a bunch of unsuccessful late launches.
       The waves started out overhead, but lacked the pitch for a board with a lot of rocker, so I went in and got Sally
       Then I started cleaning up because Sally just catches waves. It dosen't mater if there is not much pitch, or if I'm really late and have to take a drop; she just catches waves.
       Gotta say she just gives me a shit load of confidence, in the making it department.

Boeing & Raytheon made some money:
Rule Numbers: 4, 26 & 30

April 7th, 2017:
So you can bet a shit load of politicians will receive kickbacks after using five times the amount of Tomahawk missiles actually needed.
So no Biggy, you spent $60 million needlessly.
       Keep in mind that each Missile cost you $1.59 million and you fired 59 of them in one minute.
       59 X 1.59 + $93.81 million your kids will have to pay for the retaliation of 80 deaths, -less than what you all kill every week of the year just because of your greed over the patents you all steal and I say you all because you all know it is happing and you absolutely do nothing about stopping the killing off of the smart guys.
       This retaliation in Syria is more about the more than $60 million in profits for Raytheon, Boeing and the politicians that have their hands out.
       It hasn't been since bombing Afghanistan since these criminals got such a pay-day.

Someone should make a video of what private inventors have to go through.
Then show it to Trump.
       Maybe he might have the same kind of reaction as people killing babies.
       What’s it matter , how it is done, when we kill more inventors every week of the year, if not every day globally.
       I’m sure man of you would find it hard to believe what is done every day of the week, just to get an inventor to kill themselves. .
       It’s not only cruel, it’s unbelievable and that’s is why it’s done .
       And you can bet, some of that money made off those missiles you all paid for yesterday, pays to have those cruel things done

Surfing is sure getting barbaric:
Before I even got into the water I was reminded of just how barbaric people are getting.
       I no longer just expect it from kids, because I actually witness more of it from full grown men.
       Like this one guy this morning, a Surfride guy, who claimed he was a Hawaiian and his dad had shaped boards for Mark Foo.
       He laughed at the idea that Kelly Slater would try to murder anyone. He thought it was funny that Kelly Slater tried to kill me. .
       But what the hell would you expect from a guy who makes money off selling boards for Kelly Slater and actually designates a portion of his showroom for Kelly’s boards, even if they don’t have enough boards to stock it.

He said he was a Christen:
       Just goes to show you that anyone can claim to be a Christen, but then again, isn’t that anyone who claims Jesus died for their sins?
       But really folks, Jesus died because of your sins and anyone who actually thinks killing him gave us all a right of passage to a place called Heaven, or an after life, should have their head examined.

Steve Bannon, banned:
       Gotta laugh at all the people who have been fired or replaced.
       I'm surprised to see that he learned how to comb his hair.
       Looks as they also replaced the way they choose a Supreme Court Justice judge.
       Certainly no shortage of scandals.

It took awhile to get things going:
Rule Numbers: 4, 14 & 29

April 8th, 2017:
Only one wave in the first hour and a half :
I felt like I was getting skunked and thought about going in to get the Kah-plunker because just being in the right spot and getting into them was difficult.
       Eventually I figured out that I was just getting sucked out between sets and then I started to land some.
       I used the YU fins on Sally and liked the way they felt in bigger waves, because they felt less squirrelly than the F-6’s.

Gee, for $100,000,000.oo in bombs:
You would think you would hit less of the same spots.
       Like going overkill on half of what you wanted to destroy .
       Doesn’t matter when there are a few of you greedy bastards who made a shit load of money.
       I wouldn’t doubt that there are a few of you who are actually hopping Assad will dumb some more poisonous gas again because it would probably even make the stock market climb some .
       Guess the new jobs report didn’t look so good.
       Going to war usually creates more jobs.

How smart do you all feel today?
Well, your greed killed about a dozen private inventors today.
       However, the real sad part about it is that you probably lost more than two dozen offspring.
       You know: just like you killed two dozen little smart babies, so innocent and all.
       That’s okey because you can always spend more money on trying to teach more stupid kids later.
       That will create a few more teacher jobs in itself.

Someone turned off the heater:
Rule Numbers: 1, 29 & 51

April 9th, 2017:
Just when the water was reaching 62-63, the winds came in yesterday and chilled it back down below 60 again and it was a cold 59.7 degrees because I came in with frozen hands.
We had an almost 4 ft. NWN at 8 seconds coming in.
       The 1.5 SW at 18 made the paddle from shore a bitch to get out .
       Anyhow I saw that guys were having to take them late to get in to what was well overhead at the start, but the waves themselves were of a mild pitch and damn near flat; so I adopted the idea of taking out the Kah-plunker.
       The first wave kinna scared the hell out of me because the Kah-plunker was way too fast and very responsive, and a bit squirrelly feeling at that.
       But as the session went on I realized that standing on the tail was the thing to do to slow it down from the launch and the quickness in response actually made it for a fun and interesting session being that the waves were very unpredictable.
       I figure that it’s about time to try the Jordy’s in it because they are close to the AM1’s and being flat foiled might just tame the board down in the bigger stuff. None the less, it was another one of those sessions on the Kah-plunker when I felt like I was almost cheating because it seemed like I was catching more waves than the rest of the guys around me, but damn, the board works pretty good for the condition waves get around here. Rule No. 1: sure glad I didn’t sell it.
       Now that I have a larger assortment of fins, I think I’ll be able to fin tune my boards for the conditions, -you get the just….

Got the same kind of response from a few people over the last few days.
One gal yesterday said it pretty well.
       She was telling some folks that it didn’t mater what I say or what people want to say about me, nor does it matter whether they like me or not, “he’s just trying to save us,” is what she said, just as a few others have said .
       As much as would like to be able to say that I don’t care about any of you, I can’t help but be compelled to say and do the things I do to save you all, because that’s just my job and I realize that is what I was born for.
       It doesn’t mater what quality of life I have in this life because I realize it’s the quality of life in the after life that matters. .
       So the way I look at it is that the people in my family as well as the ones in the government and industry who feels the thing to do is to take away from me to better their own lives, are certainly not thinking or even concerned what God might have for them in the afterlife.
       You can go on thinking that God will forgives you for your sins, but I really don’t think God is that stupid.
       Your religions tell you of a God that forgive you of your sins, but I would not count on a lousy history book to tell you how God thinks, because I can assure you that God is not that stupid; he’s only concerned about doing good things for Good people. He doesn’t give a shit about the Evil ones.
       What if the place you call Heaven is kinna crowded; do you think God would want to fill it with Evil people?
       He wouldn’t be that foolish, because he’s smarter than that.

The Kah-plunker likes Jordy’s….
Rule Numbers: 4, 14, 29 & 51

April 10th, 2017:
Good control on the rail:
It was a roll of a dice this morning,
but I landed a few good lefts.

       It was junkier than yesterday but I landed enough to get a good feel of how the fin combination worked .
       There is a draw back of surfing the Kah-plunker. I can sit far away from the rest of the pack and sit there all alone, but all it takes is catching a few good ones and others seem to drift over to my spot.
       A lot of it is getting spotted from the parking lot and new comers’ paddle right out to where I’m at and the best thing I can do is keep moving around so that no place looks better than the others.

In Sports:
Congratulations to Sergio Garcia for winning the Masters:
       After a long haul of over 70 -something tournaments, he finally landed one and one at the most prestigious course, - Augusta National, -in the state of Georgia .
       I can never pass up watching the masters because I happen to think that it is probably the nicest golf course their is and just getting one of those green jackets is just legionary.

Got a laugh out of what the Pope said:
Or should I say his prayer to God, just cracked me up.
       It’s just like the Bible, and just like a priest .
       One page of the Bible will say one thing but then again another page of the Bible will say the total opposite.
       Like we all know, God gave us all the ability to think for ourselves. (Think about that.)
       That means he gave us the ability to control our own feeling, hearts, and minds.
       Then why is the Pope praying to God, asking God to change our hearts and minds ?
       Doesn’t he get it? God wants us all to change our hearts and minds for the better on our own. All it would take is using our own ability to control the situation. Needless to say that it is our own need, and a requirement of our own if we want to prosper as the dominant human race that we think we are. The last thing we should want to do is become inferior to the artificial intelligence that we create, -on our own.
       The deal is: we have laws created by our elected officials that have us in a downward spiral and turning into barbaric animals with little common sense at all. We're becoming susceptible to being brainwashed and I happen to think that is half our problem already.
       So if you think wasting your time praying to God to do you a favor and change anything about yourselves is going to do a dam bit of good, you better think about the laws that govern who profits from creativity and intelligence. You all better think about what kind of greed that has you loosing any common sense that you have left. You’re asking God to undo what you are doing to yourselves and all God can do is feel sorry for you all, just as I do, so quite begging God for something you need to do on your own. You’re beginning to sound like a bunch of helpless peasants’ begging God to undo legislation of greed and stupid laws.
       Gee, have I posted this message seven times yet?

Heading for another War?
Rule Numbers: 4, 9, 51 & 88

April 11, 2017:
Fighting three already and we need a couple more like we need a hole in our head:
But nothing can make the Defense Contractors happier. And of course the folks at the Pentagon and the Politicians because they will surely receive a shit load of kick backs from all that money your kids will have to pay for all these wars the US is fighting.
       If you think I wrong about that, just look at the big hole they left in their target at the airport the other day. You’d think for $100 million in missiles, you wouldn’t have missed an entire runway and a row of planes.
       If you asked me, I would say that I think they only aimed for about 10 targets and hit each one five times. I figure that they were planning to make more profits for Boeing and Raytheon if they got to burn 100 missile instead of the 59. (Make cents to me.)
       As for where I come from, for the $100 Million they did burn up, they did a piss poor job of destroying an airport. They probably spent less than that building it.
       Kinna like he Hum-V’s we built. We spent more blowing up the Hum-V’s we gave to the Iraqis’ than we paid for them.
       The way the US like to do things, it would take a war to get Assad out of office.
       But if we end up in war with Russia, the question is whether they would attack the US here in our homeland.
       Of course San Diego would be a target, something all these war mongers around here should think about.
       Well they say, you reap what you sew.

Something also I don’t agree with,
about what it says in the Bible.

Like I just don’t understand why anyone as intelligent as God would tell people to go wandering around the desert for decades on end, fighting wars.
       I just don’t see it. It just doesn’t make sense to me. I'm sure they wrote something in the Bible to justify the reasoning for it, but I happen to think God would be smarter than pulling that kind of crap.
       I think wars were a result of someone looking for control of as much territory just so they could enforce a tax on the people that were there; a power trip you could say.
       Just like Putin, he’s Evil and on a power trip. Assad is also evil and I jus don’t understand the kind of power trip he is on because he sure as hell has ruined a large amount of his own territory which is doing nothing but depleting his tax base there.
       Those bombs and war planes don’t come cheap, but something tells me that his instruments of evil were just given to him, so you’ve got to figure that the only thing he is interested about in his country is what ever little amount of oil it can produce.
       I guess he must think that with on citizens using up the oil, he would be able to sell it elsewhere .

Like Barbaric Animals
Talking about the way these cops are taking down people these days.
       It was a 115 girl on high heals the other day and now I see it was a black guy for jay-walking the other day.
       Boy, good thing the cops in London are not like the cops we have here in the US, because everyone jay-walks in London.
       Here in the US they are just bullies with a badge and we give them guns and tasers and everything, even the ability to edite the videos they make.
       Criminals to say the least. the very people you should be afraid of.

While we are talking Barbaric:
       United Airlines sure don't know how to get someone out of their seat anymore.
       They should have just offered up more money until they had a taker.
       And am I the only one who feels that they guy should not have thrown such a fit.
       He reminded me of Paris Hilton making a big deal out of having to go to jail for a few days as if it was the end of the world.
       Shit, I sat there incarcerated in Australia for five months, just for the chance of political asylum and not having to come back to the assholes in this country anymore, and I can't even count the times' I've been in jail since and nor can I count the times I've had to wake up only to discover that someone had stuck needles in me.
      They even stole my whole body from the jail in San Luis Obispo where I was woke up being told I needed to get ready to go to court and I couldn't believe that they were holding court dates on Sunday, but eventually I realized that I missed a whole day on Sunday. (But then again, it could have been a Saturday.)

Pre-madonna’s of SD Burning more Money:
       A couple days ago, someone drowned in the ocean.
       The fire department/lifeguards have been flying planes and Helicopters around ever since. No telling how many boats and scuba-divers they’ve had in the water.
       I’m telling you that there is one government agency that is milking the public coffers out of as much money as they can get.
       You can ask any surfer, and they will tell you that just over one night, that any body would probably miles away if it didn't just wash up on a shore somewhere.
       A dead body is simply not worth loosing the money over. You just call it buried at sea, something the government probably would not let anyone person do if they wanted to, so call him a fortunate guy.

However, there is a good guy:
Steve Fisher of the Aztecs
       It's like someone wished him the best many years ago and he made good on it with great success.
       For those of you who don't know about him, he's the guy who put San Diego Collage Basketball on the map.
       Kudo's, -- Mr. Fisher.

The Kah-plunker likes to go vertical with Jordy's
They make the board feel as if it was narrowed a bit.
       They tighten the radius of the bottom turn and help jump up the face of the waves, and I like the way it turns more on the rail more a cut back.
       It makes me think of giving then another try on my Bitch, but they do slow the board down some and the extra drag from the extra cant does make it a little more difficult to catch a wave, (something the Kah-plunker doesn't have much trouble with.
       One thing for sure, they sure did find a home on the Kah-plunker.

GBU-43/B Massive Ordnance Air Blast:
Rule Numbers:10 & 26

April 13, 2017:
Yeah, but how much did it cost the US Tax players?:
April 2017 Nangarhar airstrike even has its own web-page at Wikipedia
       But doesn't anyone wonder about how much profit was made or even how much your kids will have to pay for it, or how much we pay did for it?
       None the less, it beats the hell out of going nuclear.

We've got those rumors again.
As for what they want to give me: I'd say it is a bit scary because when they say that kind of stuff, I can expect another attempt on my life is more likely.
       But then again, with all those bodies dropping, what good would it do them anyway?

And when they say someone killed them self:
You've got to figure that it is just as likely that the person was killed.
       You've got to figure that there has to be a reason that no one has come right and told me about what has gone down, like some evidence that I don't have, or just why no one has done anything about the crimes committed against me.
       I'm not going to give any detail about the recent flood of rumors because I realize just the people I heard the rumors from could have very well been just set-up to say them so that I would hear them, therefore I not about to judge whether they are true or not and I'm not about to spread them any further.

Mother of all Bombs cost $16 Million
Not true; because it cost $314 Million to develop.
Rule Numbers: 9 & 10

April 14, 2017:
The way to look at it is that the more you use, the less they cost.
As of now, (The US has spent $522 on just 3 MOAB Missiles,) the cost of just one, providing that we only test fired two, is: $174 Million dollars each.
       And did I hear we only killed 36?.
       At that number, it cost the US more than $4.8 million to kill one person.
       Yeah, you may think you are winning the war, but I think that is a foolish thought.
       However the real winners of that burned up pile of money is US military’s Albert L. Weimorts, Jr. of the Air Force Research Laboratory and the McAlester Army Ammunition Plant that built it . (Because I would think the true actual cost of building such a missile cloud cost more than $1-5 Million, so there has to be a shit load of profit involved.)
       Well, the only thing I’m left wondering about is exactly how many of ISIS solders did it actually kill because I’ve got a digital calculator that is just aching to know.
       Regardless of how much it did actually cost US, at the Stand alone price of being equal to the cost of ten Tomahawk Missiles, it's a better deal because if they would have used one in Syria instead, I think it would have done much more damage than the 59 Tomahawks at the cost of $100 million.
       I don't think you need to be a rocket scientist to figure out that a bomb that you can just drop out of a plane is much more cost effective than a missile that requires a sophisticated jet engine with a sophisticated guidance system, plus the explosives.
       I have a different opinion of the US Military than Donald Trump has, because the only thing the US Military is really, really good at is burning money.

I think Trump and our military takes North Korea too seriously.
From what I gather, the people in South Korea don’t pay much attention to North Korea’s bull shit.
       I think instead of fussing over it so much, I’d think the thing to do is just respond to a verbal threat from North Korea by just taking out any nuclear possibility NK has.
       Simply just take out any threat N-Korea has and don’t worry about it any more than that because you can bet most of the militants N-Korea has, would defect if they had the opportunity so the actual ability of NK actually going to war with actual troops on the grown somewhere is just unlikely.

Let’s make this week that national Bully Cop week.
Five nasty beatings by seven cops that we know of.
       We’ve got the Jay-walker who got beat up.
       Then there was the guy in the red car with his hands up getting punched for no license plate. Thing once he was on the ground and in hand cuffs, a back-up officer approached him and stomped him in the face.
       Then there was that 115 pound collage girl in high heals who got thrown to the ground.
       And let us not forget the doctor on the United Airlines plan that got the shit beat out of him by three more cops because he didn't want to give up his seat. Just remember they were actually police not even on the payroll of United Airlines, but the airport itself.
       Didn’t I just remind you last week that the Police are the very people you should be afraid of because they are just Bullies with Badges.

Oh Yeah:
       The day they tortured and killed Jesus.
       Is now called Good Friday by most religious people.
       I just don't see how they can relate anything as barbaric as crucifying the Son of God, as being anything Good.
       I'm sorry, but I just don't get it. It makes no sense to me.
       They say he was resurrected, but then I would have asked where did he go? How long did he walk on earth after being resurrected and what happen to him after that? Did his first body vanish or did the second? Seems to me there would have been two bodies of his left behind.
       Seems to me that it would be more like he came back and hunted the people who killed him and they just put a twist in the story about him so they wouldn't look like a bunch of fools for killing him.

I was wondering, if I was alone:
Rule Numbers: 4, 9 & 14

April 18, 2017:
There hasn’t been as much communication with my Angles a in the past.
I figured that they were just trying to keep me out of trouble.
       I sense they are around me, but without the communication we’ve had in the past, I just couldn’t be sure.
       I think it’s because I haven’t been asking anything because as I said before, being a Sentinel isn’t something anyone would want to stand in line for the chance to be.
     However, this morning was one morning I put it to the test .

Lately, I’ve been a little burned out on surfing.
Just the way so many surfers are acting so barbaric these days, have been making me miss the days from years gone past when guys were more civilized.
       Just being around the dark spirits and negativity just takes half the fun out of it .
       This morning I ran across a few of them.
       The waves were on shore wind blown, but they were big and steep enough to catch them quite easily and the waves seemed to clean up as the morning went on.
       But then there was that overweight guy on a 40 liter board who just wasn’t going to let me get the wave that was rolling up to me. He’s one of these guys who thinks he’s better than he actually is and he’d rather try to take a wave too late than let someone else catch the wave even though they are in the sweet spot, (which I was.)
       He came into my space and crowded me out and I wasn’t about to get all tangle up with the guy.
       Well, he tried, but didn’t make it and he just wasted the wave because of his greed. Even more annoying about it is that two friends made fun of the fact that they saw him paddle up and stole the wave from me and they all had a laugh about it. (Evil spirited I'd say.)

That’s when I thought I should just turn around and paddle in:
I had the feeling that my Angles were with me and they witnessed what happened.
       To say the least, I normally get pissed off because I know that in days past, that my Angles or God have shut the waves down and I’m not so happy about it when they do. And lately, I think they’ve been letting people get away with it because I’m not so thrilled about having to paddle in as well.
       Bu this morning was different, I wanted them to shut down the waves. I contemplated mentioning to the greedy bastards and wondered if they would even notice if I turned around and paddled in because I figured they already knew of who I was, and even the possibility of what might just happen.
       Well I opted to just sit it out and just see if the waves would go bad.
       I was like someone had hit a switch and the waves became walled up close outs. It wasn’t more than 20-30 minutes later, more than half, or better said 75% of the surfers were on the beach and walking towards that parking lot.

I think it is safe to say that there were more than two or three who saw the guy try to steal my wave, because I actually heard guys talking about it and how they noticed how it shut down right after:
       The funny thing about it all, it just as decided to get wet and paddle out, the waves began to clean up and the sets were producing multiple waves.
       The thing one should learn from this is: Greedy Barbaric Animals can ruin a good thing, and they can even laugh about it.

sunnyside's surfboard fin combinations

The Fin Combo’s I’ve settled on:
Rule Numbers: 14 & 29

April 20th, 2017:
Gotta say that I really like the way my Bitch feels with the EA’s on front and the Jordy on back.
Surfed the combo this morning and the board felt better than ever.
       The Jordy on back gave the board the drive I was looking for yet, its still loose as I want it to be and very responsive .
       The control I had on a hollow left I god was amazing and the way I was able to jump up the face of a couple rights proved to me that I finally landed the combo I was looking for.

Meb Keflezighi

On the Boston Marathon
Good to see that a San Diegan Meb Keflezighi made it up front in 4th place. Let me remind you that Meb Keflezighi, won 1st Place in the Boston Marathon in 2014:
       However the most amazing is the Number 251 gal, who was the first registered woman running the Boston Marathon 50 years ago.
       Now still running the marathon at 70, she’s still running it within 20 minute of the time she did 50 years ago.
       Don’t we all wish we would be doing that good when we reach 70?

Called my father the other day:
First time I talked to him since the 12th of August.
       I’m willing to bet that my sisters are not to happy with him.
       See the deal is that some gal from Haiti moved to Yuma AZ and hung out at the Catholic church there and roped a 82 year old man who has everything paid for.
       You know: the kinda man who has had most of his friends die off and he spends his evening watching TV alone every night .
       The kind of man who wouldn’t think of having a prenuptial written up and that would mean she would be taken care of. Like moving to the US, getting a citizenship, a house, and a social Security retirement when the old man crokes.
       I get all this from just the timing of the wedding. They got married in February at the time he would have been in Arizona, which means my sisters probably never attended the wedding, which also states why he would have never thought of calling me to tell me about the engagement before hand.
       Kinna funny because I bet my sister Donna is really pissed off about it because a foreigner just walked in and stole the inheritance she was planning to receive.
       As for me, I didn’t actually think I would see any of it, because of my sister. (Her name is on his check book already .
       Too bad because my inheritance probably would have been enough to buy a sailboat so I could move to Costa Rica.

One thing for sure:
       They’ve got my father brainwashed.
       Most of the time I talked to him, I realized it could have been anyone, except that he remembered a couple of his friends .
       But even that, anyone with a fact sheet could have impersonated him, because even at the beginning, of the phone call, it did not sound like him and what it did sound like was a digital sounding modulation similar to the early day digital phones, therefore it could have been anyone with a voice synthesizer.
       None the less, I should say that he did the same thing as last time and forgot to turn off his phone.
       Needless to say, he was only concerned was discrediting anything I said, because he let his wife listen in on the speaker phone. However what he did say, was something I would have never said of any son of my own.

Oh this thing with Bill O'Riely getting his ass canned:
       Gee, $13 Million paid out to five woman; talking about a shit load of money for a piece of ass that you never got.
       For that much money, any guy could get a different top of the line whore every night of the week.

$16 million to kill 92:
Rule Numbers: 9 & 26

April 23, 2017:
That is equal to the US paying $173,913.04 to kill each ISIS Militant in Afghanistan.
Gee, just think, if we offered Missionaries a $50,000.oo per head bounty on ISIS soldiers, the US would have saved $11,400,000.oo
       Or you could say we would have saved $123,913.04 per dead man.

And they are haggling over $15-20 Billion for a wall:
Gee, the US is spending that on one submarine, and you don't see anyone belly aching over that.
       Donald can cut another check for $50 Billion to add to the military defense budget, putting it at over $650 Billion per year, and you don't see anyone belly aching.
       I figure that it equals to more than 25% of this countries budget.
       Or should I say more than 25 cents out of every tax dollar?
       I figure it would probably take five years to actually build a wall, so that would actually cost least than $4 billion per year and when it's done, you still have something because unlike a bomb, you are not burning up you money.

Heard this guy on TV this morning:
He said that the gates to heaven will be closing.
       Guess the more people we kill in the present days, the more people we are doing a favor.
       I should add that the guy saying that the gates to heaven will be closing someday soon, has a big CD collection and a bunch of books he wants to sell you, tells you all about how you can get to heaven.
       Gee, why don't he just sell you a bomb?

Call it symbolic, or just a PR gimmick
Rule Numbers: 10, 22 & 26

April 27, 2017:
Talking bout Trumps new Tax Plan
Short on details to say the least.
       No Doubt, the rich people would like it.
       But a tax code going from 70,000 pages to only 200 words? Come on, who is that gullible.
       In reality, the only way a massive tax cut could actually happen is if it was phased in in stages in over about a decade so that it would actually give stages of it a chance to stimulate the economy.
       However, I really don't see how a country can afford to be able to do it while fighting three wars and there is a defense budget of over $650 billion per year.
       To say the least, you would net to cut back on the amount of money that the Pentagon burns up every year before you'd be able to cut taxes.
       Bottom line is that the US sure got screwed over for having the Bush family in bed with the leader of Al Quita, because that is what put our country in serious debit.
       Here it is 16 years later and the new president just expanded the budget for the Pentagon and they are talking about sending even more troops to Afghanistan.

Then lets talk about morals.
Like who is doing what is called illegal.
       It's like taxes. Everyone cheats on their taxes, however nobody expects to get caught at it.
       Funny how people like to kick someone when they are down. Like they would like to make an issue about someone else cheating on their taxes, but would rather not talk about it if they get caught at it themselves.

I saw a really cool invention:
Eyeglasses for people who are color blind that gives them the sense of colors.
       However, I have to say that I've only seen a bit on it once and there could still be the possibility of it just being a hokes.

Getting back into flying RC Sailplanes:
       Just watching others fly to other day was relaxing.
       So I figured that I'd dust off my old planes and replace the batteries.
       Or should I also say, patch them up?
       Tattered as they are, the question about just replacing them just doesn't register as much as I thought because things have changed in the industry so much that my electronics are pretty much obsolete.
       Single Christal type FM transmitters are just not used much anymore because everyone is going to the 2.4 and the EPP foam type slope gliders are almost a thing of the past.
       It took a little looking only to discover that the plane I wanted to build, that used to come in a bare kit for about $35 just doesn't exist anymore. Therefore I'm left with the idea of recovering my old Raider.
       The tough decision for me is what to do with my F-20. It's been busted up so much, it no longer flies like it used to and around here, we seldom have enough wind to fly it. Therefore I've been contemplating on dismantling it and rebuilding it into a single delta wing type plane, similar to the JW plane that the front wing foil came from.
       I figure I can make a lighter plane out of it, so that I can fly something that is faster then the Raider and yet fly in 15 mph wind, -hopefully. But the difficult part about it is saying good bye to the F-20. I'm still debating on it, so I figure I should take a trip down to Kerny Mesa and see what kind of kits are still around. However what I would like to pick up on is a fiberglass plane, but I just don't think my pocket book can afford one. None the less, I figure I need to get back into it just to get my chops back.
       It is kind of a neat sport/hobby, because it can not only be relaxing, but a adrenalin rush as well.


Flying P

Flying the P with the John Johns:
Rule Numbers: 1 & 14

April 29th, 2017:
It’s been about six months,
since I rode the Flying Panamanian:

This time was with none foil fins on.
       I only got a few waves because it as pretty walled up, but I can say that the flat foil fins sure tamed the board down.
       From what I could tell, there wasn’t any of adverse traits it had in the past. At least I can say it was very stable on the wall and didn’t try climbing higher like it did with the foiled blacksticks on it.
       I can say that I’d prefer to have it a little looser but installing a smaller trailing fin should do the trick and I have either a AM1, a YU or a Jordy for that, however I think the next time I’ll try the YU set on it instead.
       I’ve gotta admit, I’m sure glad I didn’t sell the board, because for the second one I shaped, it’s a pretty good board and I sure do like it.

Not exactly like riding a bike:
I got to fly my Rader the last couple days and I can honestly say, I sure can’t fly as good as I used to. Certainly slope gliding takes more than a session or two to get back to where I was before.
       I'm sure it will take a few more sessions, however, I'm also sure it will take the right kind of wind conditions to get there. A plane in better shape than the beat up thing I've got now would also help considerably.

Rule Number One:
       Hope & Peace in South LA
       Here it is 25 years later .
       I bet it is a little somber there this weekend.
       A little time to reflect upon how far they have come from that time of hell on earth and a good time to appreciate the progress they've made since then.
       Just got to say, I feel for them.

Stupid Rules

Stupid Rules

Stupid Rules

Stupid Rules

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Dooms Day for Private Inventors
-happened yesterday,
when Obama took his mighty pin to the bill.

My Stupid Movie Idea

The most revolutionary tool box in the world,
sitting in a room of poisonous insecticide

September 2009

The Rumor

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the actual book excerpt
Burning Down the House

A few years ago, I wrote about a couple of these law makers at: Poop Bad Law.

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       I've actually tried doing a criminal background check on myself because I would love to find one that wasn't true. I've learned that even when they say it's free, that it is not. However, I did find one that will refund your money if you cancel a monthly subscription with 7 days.
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And no I'm not the Dennis Sattler in Texas who hid in a closet and then killed his wife. But that goes to show you that if I have done any criminal act such as stalking a woman or molesting a child, just Googling my name would tell you.

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