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Paying for crimes of others, bill from San Luis Obipo

So you can't fight City Hall:
Nor criminals with a badge for that matter.

June 2nd, 2017:
You can pay for crimes committed by cops if you try to do something about stopping them.
After four years I got a surprise in the mail today
       Need I say that the things the lawyer said, was a lie? That sitting in jail for 20 days, (after about ten prior,) would get me out from underneath all of their crap and let me leave their lousy county four years ago.
       Gee, I filled out a special application and even had a special meeting to get a free court appointed attorney. (A crooked one to say the least.)
       I thought I paid them enough money and the towing bills was something I couldn't do anything else about but pay Needless to say, they must have thought I didn't pay them enough for having their cop spread phoney rumors and tampering with the dash cam video.

Get this
The $700 one is for the court fees I was told sitting in jail was getting me out of.
       And the Lawyer decided to bill me three times $235.oo
       I wonder how much it all come from the fact that I still have the MorroBayNews web-site up and running and it is the source of a good portion of my visitors.
       I just don't get where their heads are at. But what else are you suppose to expect from criminal activity within the government.
       Ah, it's twenty years later and you all are still breeding stupid people and you can't tell me that you don't know how.

Funny thing:
I had to laugh at that comedian bitch on the view the other morning
       She claimed that the reason all the crazy shit that has been going on with all the terrorist and stuff was because we have Trump as president.
       Well, let me correct her and say that because we've been breeding stupid people for so long, is the reason we have Trump for a president. And all the crazy stuff that has been going on is a result that those foreign countries have been selective breeding stupid people for the last 75 years is the very reason the terrorism shit is going on and the fact that we've been breeding stupid people for the past twenty year is the reason we can't figure out how to do anything about it.
       Terrorism exist because people are so stupid, that they get brainwash very easily. 'm suppose to have but the government isn't going to tell me about it.
       And we're stupid enough to think war fare is a way of putting an end to terrorism, when the breeding of stupid people is the real problem that must be put to an end before anyone can get anything right.

Oh Yeah:
       On these bills SLO county sent me yesterday.
       They stated that the FBI would intercept any money I would get from any winnings of a lottery, or any income tax return I might get.
       Well, I'd have to say good luck with that because I never by lottery tickets and I'm not likely going to see any income tax return coming anytime soon.
       None the less, I would suggest that if tax payer are going to waste any money on the FBI to come after me for the money, they should at least look into letting me know where all this money It.
       Its something I hear about every day and the first thing I heard today is that they weren't going to tell me, but you would be flat out amazed how many times in the last few years, (maybe even a decade,) that I've heard people say, "they are going to tell him."

Massive Stupidity:
Rule Numbers: 10 & 51

June 3rd, 2017:
Or should we call it, stupidity by the masses?
Or just fools my the millions?
       I'm left wondering if any of the judges on America's Got Talent show even had a clue to how the magic tricks were done.
       Like the guy with the disappearing coins and cards:
       Gee, just take a look at that table and you should know that it isn't even any slight of hand trick because it was about the table he was using was about three inches thick. Do I need to say that it was a trick table? I tell you, I could even see the coins popping up out from underneath the black cloth material that was on top of table? It was totally obvious to me that he had every move choreographed to the music he had playing, so it was all about timing once the music started playing.

And the so called escape artist,
-with his box of sand:

Anyone with half a brain should be able to tell that it was nothing more than an ant farm for the front glass panel, made of two layers of glass only two or thee inches apart.
       That's why he didn't even have any sand on him and if you really look, you can see that he was careful not to brake both pains of glass with the sludge hammer so that you would see any broken edge of the inside pain of glass.
       What got me is how they had his wife out there on stage acting like she was afraid of her husband killing himself when she and obviously knew there wasn't any chance that it could happen.
       My only question is: were all the medics waiting on the side of the stage acting to or were they just a bunch of fools too?
       None the less, I don't think either one, the magician nor the escape artist should have gone on, let alone have been aloud on the show in the first place.
       Whether the judges had been aware of how they performed their tricks or not, I still can't be sure, however, I 'd put my money one the odds that they did, and they would only mean that they were just playing the millions of spectators they call the audience , -for a bunch of stupid fools.
       Guess you could say that there must be more profit in having bunch of stupid fools for an audience.

Guess many of you have heard about the girl:
But the thing that should be stated is how could I have thrown her out when she never actually made it inside?
       Need I say that she wasn't the only girl I've met that was looking for a place to stay.(Another reason why I made my bed only big enough for one parson.)
       However, to be honest about it, I would have rather not had the guy bring her by because after turning her away, I'm stuck with worrying about her and hoping she will be alright.
       None the less, I heard today that she ended up going back home to her parents.

More signs that the governments like to see you all so stupid.:
Rule Numbers: 51

June 5, 2017:
Yah have to laugh at those Bit's.
Like what do you expect after selective breeding stupid people for 70 years.
       Let me be the first to tell you Brit's that if you keep it up, just think what it will be like when you hit the century mark in another 30 years of doing it to yourselves.
       And if you are looking for a quick solution, -there isn't any because you can't actually dig up the dead people you killed off with your greed for their inventions, and you can't actually breed smarter people very fast when you've been killing them off for the pass 70 years and there just isn't enough of them to go around to make much of a noticeable different.
       You've made your bed and now you've got to live with it.
       Don't you think that it's pretty bad when your solo artist can't even work a rock concert with out wearing a bullet proof vest?
       Have you thought of putting barricades up around all your sidewalks yet?
       Just giving you fools some things to think about, that is if you've got anything left in between your ears anymore.

Just think:
       Give it another fifty years and the US with catch up to the UK With the amount of barbaric terrorist attacks that happen all the time of course.
       It's bound to happen no matter how much money you spend on cops.
       Yes I'm giving it to you straight.

Like this soccer thing San Diego City Council is trying to decide whether you should pay $5 million for a special election to approve it:
Is not about Soccer at all.
       It's about making you pay for an election that would not have a very good voter turn out and those who would turn out would be in favor of approving because the soccer deal is more about giving the developers the power to use eminent domain to acquire land from others who already own the property right to the land that developer want to develop.
       And of course the other agenda is to use the lower voter turn out that you would get with out a general election would also make it more possible for the City to slap a tax on the hotels for the convention center's renovations. (Another situation where they would get a shit load of kick backs from. )
       And should I say that they are even using the homeless problem to make it sound better, but you and me both know that they wouldn't spend spit on the homeless problem.
       PM Update: The Mayor Keven Falkner didn't get the City Council to spend $5 Million his special election, however he plans to use his executive action power to do it.

And of course Putin is going to lie.
What the hell else did you think he would do in an interview?
       Foolish to think he would admit to anything.
       At least you had a pretty lady to ask him the questions.

Oh Yeah:
       It sounds like my father got arrested.
       However the crazy part of it, is that you would think the government would tell me.
       But really; why would they do that when they haven't even said anything about Spielberg being in prison yet?
       None the less, if my dad is in trouble, you can bet that it is over the theft of my money and you would think I have the right to it.
       But then again, just like with Spielberg, the government was probably in on it with him.
       Gotta be a reason he won't answer his phone when I call him.

Maybe we are not so far behind Europe:
Rule Numbers: 9, 10 & 51

June 14th, 2017:
(At breeding stupid people of course.)
Gotta figure that their sneak peak rules got a lot of Americans killed:
       (And I should also mention that the Canadian and Australian Patent laws have the same sort of rules.)
       So you have to figure that many Americans who have filed for patents in foreign countries over the past 70 years have brought on some heat that they would rather not have had and it very well could have cost them their lives as well as their lively hood and wealth.
       Now that some of the stupidity has bounced back at some of these politicians who have done it to us, do you think they well rethink what they are doing to the human race with the laws they create?
       Well, I seriously doubt it because their are so many of them and what happen this morning at a baseball field will probably be considered as collateral damage, just like the inventors who die because of their greed and lousy patent laws.

And of course the Gun laws will be brought up again.
But really folks, it's not any different than what happens with any of the other high tech weapons.
       These politicians make you pay for all the research and development of weapons with blank checks, claiming it is for our own superiority and the need to stay ahead in any arms race they say we must partake in.
       Then they turn around an sell the weapon to just about anyone who has the money to buy them; that is if they just don't give them away to other countries like Israel, which in turn used the new F-35 fighter jet to blow up some of Russian missile banks that were set up in Syria.
       I don't know about what you think, but I think that is a mighty fine way of having someone else get to decide create an enemy for yourself.
       Kinna silly if you ask me.
       Probably the very reason Spielberg wasn't out to clone any politicians.
       Got enough stupidity out there already, we don't need any more of it.

Funny how the rumors that were create by the Surfer in Oceanside have made it to Carlsbad.
It's like killing two birds with one stone.
       I just replace them by talking to a few in a parking lot you could say.
       Of course you will never create any friends by telling people that they are breeding stupid people and it wasn't like I was looking for any friends anyways.
       In fact their are always a few more so call friends I could do without, so I still may have a little more work to do.
       Funny how people are just don't see the big picture of things.

No Father's Day around here:
Rule Numbers: 4

June 19th, 2017:
Third try to get my father on the phone:
He's no longer returning my calls.
       Gotta wonder if any of the rumors about him is true.
       I think it's probably the same kind of thing as with Spielberg.
       With Spielberg: the government probably is not telling the public about him because I heard something about Spielberg had hired cops to kill my friends.
       And if they arrested my father, the government obviously doesn't want me to know about that either .

Got Corrected
From what I thought, there was only one Sentinel every one hundred years.
       Something about the way the word or name came about from the word Century.
       I guess there have been others, but ten of them have been killed.
       If you get any understanding about that you can bet things are in a sad state.
       Evil is running rapid and trying to do anything about trying to save you all from your own stupidity just isn't worth the risk any longer.
       It's like you all are in a down ward spiral and it's no longer my concern because I'm no longer going to be an activist trying to do something about stopping it.
       If you want to go on killing off your inventors, you will only be killing yourselves because it will keep you on the course of self destruction and things will only get worse.
       Evil is over running the place and from what I gather, it is no longer any of my concern.
       Therefore this web-site as well as my other site will come to an end in about two weeks.

                   - Sunnyside
Gee, with all that technology, you can't even keep two large ships from colliding.
       Pretty damn pathetic if you ask me.

Z-84 RC airplane

My Z-84:
Rule Numbers: 14, 35, 42 & 44

June 23, 2017:
You got to have a quiver if you don't want to get bored.
This one flies like a bat out of hell.
       Instead of the 2200kv, mike most people go with, I went with a DYS 2822 1800kv and a cut down 7060 propeller.
       It's got more torque and runs on about 150 watts, -about 100 watts less. Which int urn assures much longer flights.
       With a 1300 battery, it actually slopes pretty well. With a 2,200 it will fly under power for about 30 minutes.
       I used some tinny washers singles on each side and double on the top of the motor mount to take away some of the downward pitch, because some have claimed that torque from powering up the throttle created a drop in some cases, so with the bigger propeller I went the safe route and made it climb a little.
       I used Emax 12.4 gram metal geared and ball bearing servos that have the same side foot print as the typical 9 grammer, but they are only 9mm thick instead of 12. (They have real good torque and being as thin as they are. they are great for wing servos.) I even upgrading my Pheonix with the same servos
       I'm using a Lemon true diversity receiver and a Xtra BL 35 AHV amp ESC a friend gave to me. (If only I could get the brake to work, it would slope a lot better.)
       None the less, it flies with very good control while at any speed. No doubt, the plane has many fans out there because just like the Pheonix 2000, there are hundreds of pages on them in the chat rooms and reviews.

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Stupid Rules

Stupid Rules

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Dooms Day for Private Inventors
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My Stupid Movie Idea

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       I've actually tried doing a criminal background check on myself because I would love to find one that wasn't true. I've learned that even when they say it's free, that it is not. However, I did find one that will refund your money if you cancel a monthly subscription with 7 days.
Its at:

I'm the Dennis Sattler, 50 in Van Nuys CA, Lakewood Washington, Castic CA

But in reality now days, you only have to fire up a search engine.

And no I'm not the Dennis Sattler in Texas who hid in a closet and then killed his wife. But that goes to show you that if I have done any criminal act such as stalking a woman or molesting a child, just Googling my name would tell you.

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