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Testing One, Two, Three.
Rule Numbers: 4, 9, 29 & 35

July 1st, 2017:
Doesn't it piss you off:
When you call support, and you get the feeling--
       That they just redirected the call to someone in India who has nothing other than what you are looking and they do not have a clue to how anything actually is done or anything about what you are trying to do..
       It's like they refer you to a call center somewhere because they only care that they got your money already and they just expect you to go somewhere else and pay someone to actually tell you what you need to know.
       It's like they want you stupid.
       And like I'm actually suppose to care. It's the very reason why I'm not going to worry about how soon I actually get these web-site up and running again.

Like Netflicks:
They make a movie about suicide and they don't really care if some stupid people are just copy cats and like money see, money do and they go and kill themselves.
       Who do you blame? Netflicks for not giving a damn, of just stupid people for breeding more stupid people?.

Boy, there is just no end to the stupidity.
But then again, people are so stupid that they don't know right or wrong and they just find themselves supporting Evil.

is seeing these people go home.
Rule Numbers: 4, 21, 51 & 86

July 4th, 2017:
Ever wonder how these people even got a driver's license?
Does anyone else ever get tired of seeing such stupidity?
       Guess it's the trend and they must have an app for that.

Boy did I ever call it.
Talking about customer support.
       Turns out they actually want you to pay for it.
       Giving you two different ways to set up an FTP account, you've got to be one up on which one has a few bugs in it.
       I even ran across a statement saying that it will add something that you will need to change because it will automatically put bullshit in it.
       However, I figure that the bug is actually already planted in my computer, because even at ipage, my FTP quit working for me, but I had already uploaded my web-sites and it left me with the only option of using the file manager which limited me to uploading one file at a time.
       However, this time around, with thousands of files, you can figure that it would talk a very long time and quite frankly, not exactly what I want to dedicate my self to doing.
       Unfortunately, I'm already debating whether my new hosting company is actually one someone can trust, because of something I saw in the stats gave me a sense that it too is already rigged.
       Like really, the number 100? What are the odds of that?
       I think that last time I had real and actual stats was about 7 or 8 years ago and I was getting about 1,500 visitors per day.

And you can ask anyone in Morro Bay:
We call them Holiday Picnic rumors.
       Shit, they had everyone in Morro bay going around telling each other, "they are going to tell him," and that was about 5 or 6 years ago, before Spielberg found himself incarcerated.
       Do you actually think the government is going to tell me or anyone for that mater, just how Spielberg used government officials?
       Let's not forget that he also used UCLA also. And do you actually think they are going to tell me just went down lately? Hell, we've got at least two versions of that, and if I heard right, we've got more than that.
       Just who is fooling who?
       Well, I know one thing for sure; it's what is called Evil.

Fun with Flags?
Rule Numbers: 4, 10, 17, 26 & 38

July 8th, 2017:
I'd say there are a few who got a bit annoyed at hearing all the bullshit about how great this country is:
I bet it had something to do with all the dead cops on the 4th
       It started out earlier with a bit Senator Luis had put together, -talking about injustices.
       I think Luis is is quite narrow minded because it appears to me that the only people he thinks experiences injustices are black people.
       Then we had to witness all these people on the evening of the forth, fill us full of shit about how great they think this country is and how anyone can make it in this country as if some kind of freedom had anything to do with it.
       How great can it be when law makers donen't even fallow what the Constitution says it should be run like. be.
       The truth is, freedom is just an illusion the rich people want you to think you have.

Funny how Donald had his daughter sit in for him.
It appears to me that Putin was the only person he was interested in talking to.
       Talking about war I suppose. Something that makes defense contractors shit loads of money of course.

Talking about money.
My money that is.
       It seems like there is no shortage of people who know about it.
       They're talking about about how "they" should give it to me.
       Well, it just goes to show you how this great government that you all have can hide and keep someone's freedom from them.
       It's obvious that no matter how great they say this country is, it's just as obvious that there pride in it only goes so far because they say one thing, yet do another.

Egging him on:
Rule Numbers: 10 & 51

July 9th, 2017:
Talking about the military exercises with North Korea:
Only gives Mr. Kim more power with his own people.
       The last thing you want to do is help Kim convince his people that the US is some kind of threat.
       They could carry on those exercises anywhere else, but instead we're in to intimidating the timid minded
       And didn't Mr. Kim say that he would halt his nuclear ambitions if we would spot those very exercises?
       He made an offer, yet we ignore it and act like we need to show him and his people that we are a threat.
       When we need to convince this people that their leader is wrong, we do things that show them that he's right.
       We need to convince his people that their leader is full of shit so they they sabotage their own nuclear ambitions.
       But how many of you actually see things the way that I do?
       Rule number 10.

I was right about the pay for support bit.
I wasn't stupid enough to pay $10 to find out that their program put some extra crap in the FTP configuration lines.
       Therefore after a week of trial and error, I discovered why I wasn't getting anywhere with it.
       As a result, I managed to get a little farther with setting up my web-sites on a different server.
       Already, I can tell that my MSR web-site is being blocked.
       I wouldn't doubt that Spielberg is behind it.
       If he could hire cops to kill my friends, I'm sure he was able to hire someone within the government to block my web-site.
       Yeah, censorship. Something that isn't suppose to be allowed in this country, but then again, the Constitution isn't exactly being fallowed in this country.
       Who's fooling who?

Hello you folks in Ukraine:
Rule Numbers: 9, 10, 26

Updated July 12-13th, 2017:
Next to the USA, the country of Ukraine is the country that supplies the most visitors to this sight:
I'm willing to bet they hack the blue boxes that the government of the USA use to block this site.
       Go figure: when most of the links to this sites from other countries are from the Ukraine and Russia.
       Kinna confirms that this web-site is probably only viewed locally.
       I'm willing to bet that the people who view this web-site in the other states around this country are probably viewing it through the transmitter planted within this computer, -by our government.

And what about Donald's son-inlaw?
Tell me why he isn't lawyering up like Donald Junior?
       He was there, and he is an employee of the US Tax payers, so I just don't see why he gets dealt the get overlooked card.
       Funny how things are run in this country.
       Got a laugh out of a news clip: It was a shot of the hands of several Pastures with their hands on Trumps back. They said that they were praying for him as if they could bless him in some way. As if God could be everywhere at once.
      Well, I don't think God is turn on by a bunch of liars, and one's who sight a bunch hokeus-pokeus, nor by a bunch of guys who try to sell you false hope. And since God isn't a bunch of hokeuos-pokeus, he not one to be able to be everywhere a the same time. And if he was going to be anywhere at the moment, I can assure you that he sure wouldn't want to be there.

Funny thing:
Just how I can identify with Ko Ko the ape.
       She never bread with any other ape.
       The only reason they can figure upon is that she didn't like any animals of her own race.
       One could say she like humans better because she was just too intelligent for her own kind.
       Like when I heard a surfer try to tell another that I was insane this morning because I think Kelly Slater tried to kill me.
       Well, if he didn't, wouldn't you think he's try to sue me for slander, or at least hire a lawyer to serve me a cease a desist letter?
       And can you come up with a reason why Spielberg, the government, and the medical professions would even try to clone an insane person.
       Guess, they are just too simple minded to grasp reality, and don't really want to admit that they are of inferior intelligence compared to myself. Maybe they just don't want to admit their short comings. Maybe they are just overcome by evil and they don't have a clue.
       Like Ko Ko, I really don't want anything to do with them and it kinna makes me a little happier knowing that they are not surfing any wave made by my man made portable reefs and same goes for not seeing them driving my truck.
       Guess they should go ask Kelly Slater how much it would cost them to ride his man made wave machine.

Way Two Go:
Rule Numbers: 4, 65, 65 & 85

July 15th, 2017:
Sounds like the Grim Reaper got two this week:
The world is a better place without them in it.
       Just as before, either God or my Angiles have blocked their names when people talk about them.
       Well, may I say that the people at the G-Store were actually laughing about one of them the other day.
       I get the feeling I know who they were laughing about and if I'm guessing right, I'd say it is like having money in the bank.
       Since the cops are not exactly laughing about it, I'm guessing that the Grim Reaper got to one of them. If I'm right, he other seems to be one of the guys who had something to do with stealing my truck and using it to kill people.

Who is the failure?
Me or the the people who have never seen the benefits of my inventions over the past 20 years?
       I guess the thing to say is that you get what you deserve and so far I don't think any you deserve any of my invention because of the lack of concern for the inventors that your greed all kills off every day.
       Nor do you deserve them because of the lack of concern about you all getting dumber by the day because you are all killing off the smart inventors, which in turn results in your own selective breeding of stupid barbaric people, or should I say animals?
       Get this: some actually think the idea of becoming barbaric animals is nothing to worry about because we are developing artificial intelligence.
       Oh, get this: now you've got an app for your phone to tell you when you can get pregnant or not. Birth control on a chip you could say.

Well let me tell you about a good invention:
Or maybe it could be considered as a good stock tip.
       Lets say "Sea Shells," would be a good investment.
       At least I should say that there is two different types of calcium that there will be a high demand on and can be found in sea shells.
       (CTC) or Self Healing Concrete, is what I'm talking about.
       Apparently it's all about making concrete more flexible and the added special calcium will mend cracks if there is some moister and oxygen available.
       What I like about the idea, is that for my portable wave making reefs, the need for such dependency upon epoxy coated re-bar to reinforce the man made reefs would be diminished some. Needless to say: the self healing concrete would greatly make my curbing much more durable and longer lasting.
       Another way to look at it would be sea shells could be used to tame the sea in order to help prevent erosion and make lots of great waves to surf.
       But them I'm crazy and you shouldn't pay any attention to what I say, nor should you benefit from any of my crazy ides, because that is how barbaric animals think. But maybe someday they will come up with an app for that?

Call the Cops: Get Shot
Rule Numbers: 51

July 18th, 2017:
Of course they say the dash and body cameras were off.
Guess they could not edit out what they don't want you to see, so just like cops, they lie.
       The Australian Justine Damond , in Minneapolis, MN ended up dead because the Officer Mohamed Noor has shit for brains. And I should mention that within Noor's first two years on the police force, Noor has already three complaints filed because of his misconduct. Just goes to say that they will hire just about anyone to be a cop and I think it is silly that it only takes 9 months worth of training to be a cop. I think they should rethink that since we are breeding stupid people.
       And they try to tell us that we have cops to keep us safe, but as I've said before, the cops are the ones you need to be afraid of and protected from.
       Around here, they are putting cameras on Sheriff deputies, however I should add, that you can bet they will also receive the software to edit the videos as they please. (I bet those people who work at they're cloud storage facility will be collecting even more pocket filler.)

Good thing:
I get to keep my Medicaid a bit longer.
       Maybe Trump will move on and dump all those treaties he said he was going to get rid of.
       So far all he's done is slap tariffs on steel and lumber, which I'm not so sure is necessarily a good thing.

Let's call it the Day of Fools:
Rule Numbers:

July 20, 2017:
Like how many of you actually think they landed on the Moon 39 years ago?
That is how many of the US Government fooled.
       As I've said before, any Hollywood film producer should be able to tell that the video of the Moon landing was fake.
       And anyone understanding what kind of battery and solar technology we had back them wasn't good enough.
       Everyone seems to know someone who worked on it, but I'm still waiting to hear about the ones who would have been involved in making the air conditioning since the temperature goes from 250 degrees Fahrenheit to 250 degrees Fahrenheit below freezing.
       It was all a con.

O.J. Simpson is evil, and should be kept in prison.
But he has $5 million, plus $1,700.oo per month.
       Plenty of money to pay his victim to say nice things about him and even buy the testimony from his own daughter.
       If they let him out, you can be sure it is because of his money.

You can bet the police here in SD will edit the audio:
Talking about the attack dog incident.
       They had a guy face down and hand cuffed, yet the sicked their dog on him.
       You can bet they were egging the dog on, and that is why the dog would not let go and it is the very reason you can bet the will do as Meathead Martin did and edit the video track.
       Just the reason all those video cameras are a waist of tax payer's money.

Fools, I tell yeah:
Rule Numbers: 51 & 86

July 21, 2017:
To pay $1.8 million for a bag that never went to the moon.
It's got dust from the desert.

Even Dumber
Had a guy almost step on my surfboard while I had it sitting on the concrete while I was rinsing off at the shower this morning.
       I saw the black guy with a Cobo San Lucus Fire department t-shirt as he approached my surfboard and I pointed down to it so that he would notice it and not step on it.
       (He dam near stepped on it anyway.)
       Yet, get this: he turned around and watched his son use it as a step to get up on the concrete.
       You can bet I was sure as hell going to tell him what I thought of his stupid kid.
       He got upset at me and wanted me to apologize to his kid and I told him I would not and that we're breeding stupid people and his kid was one of them.
       He pulled out what looked like a phoney sheriff's badge and stuck it on his belt. (And if it was real, it goes to show how much of a bully they are and just how careless they are of other people and their property.
       He said, "you think you own this place?"
       I said, "no, but I do own this surf board and I should sue you for damages, since you are responsible for your kid and you were stupid enough to watch him step on it after I even pointed it out to you." (Just a couple barbaric animals in my book.) Teaching your stupid kid manners is something that just isn't done now days.

That's just one of the three instances I've had with either stupid or evil people in the last couple weeks.
And yet I hear everyone talking about why they either like me or in most cases, don't like me.
       Well I don't like stupid people anyway, so why should I care if they like me or not.
       And I hate evil people even more.
       Like John Mccain. One war monger wanting to build a bigger war machine and get kick back for doing so. Maccain was all behind the idea of killing off inventors and breeding more stupid people. I'd rather not see on my TV anymore. Good riddens.
       Yeah, that report card with God. One thing I do like. And I do like my friend, the Grim Reaper.

Another case of Stupidity:
Rule Numbers: 51 & 86

July 24, 2017:
Gee, just to promote Shark Week:
Michael Phelps shows up on TV and feeds sharks which puts the human race in the sharks food chain.
       I'm get a kick out of the day, when Michael Phelps is sitting on the beach, watching his son play in the water, and a shark swims up and gobbles down his son.
       (That whole thing, you get what you reap.)

Then Phelps doesn't even race a real shark.
I'd like to see Phelps just swim in the ocean with some raw meat tied to his ankle.
       Just see how fast he can really swim.
       Talk about phoney people, putting you on. It's pretty sad to see that we live at a time when half the news is fake news.

Got an Up-grade on my web-sites
You may notice the SSL Certificates
       In other words, you may notice that many of the links now have https:// at the beginning of many of the web-page addresses.
       It means that you are suppose to feel a little more secure because the information being downloading from my server is suppose to be encrypted.
       As if it really mattered.
       Anyhow, I thought you would like to know, however it will be phased in more and more over time as I work on updating each web-page. All I've done at this point is upgraded the index pages as well as other important most travels pages.
       The down side is trying to figure out what my stats are is going to get a bit more complicated, none the less, one stat program shows about twice the other so go figure?

Another example of stupidity
Rule Numbers: 51 & 86

July 27th, 2017:
Amazing how people don't understand what Trump is trying to do. (They should be thanking him.)
Looks like there are people willing to pay for boob jobs and sex change operations.
       I heard of how much the US Tax payers were forking over for such things and I can honestly say that I don't feel like any of my money should be going for such a thing.
       Gee join the military and get out three years later with over $100,000.oo worth of operations.
       I wonder how many boob jobs we've paid for are now making money in stripper joints now days.
       Put that on top of the salary and that's probably better money that a collage degree makes a person after four years of collage .

Boy, what a bunch of fools we have out there.

Stupid Rules

Stupid Rules

Stupid Rules

Stupid Rules

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