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Phoenix 1600 RC sail plane

My Phoenix 1600:
Rule Numbers: 40

August 5th, 2017:
One of those cases when Less is More
Less of a sail plane and more of a stunt/slope plane.
       (In comparison to the Phoenix 2000, -of course.)
       I took the 4023-850kv out of the Ph-2000 an installed it into the Ph-1600, because the 1060 propeller that was supplied was too big for the little 2822-1050kv motor that was supplied with the plane. (Funny as hell is that they even supplied the wrong size of propeller spinner coupling.)
       Anyhow, since I only have a six channel transmitter, and I wanted to try out the full house experience on the 2000, I pulled the motor and upgraded the 1600.
       The Ph-1600 has a much larger percentage of aileron to wing ratio and rally doesn't need the flaps and even though it was supplied with servos for the flaps, I took them out and straightened the flap areas with a bit of hot glue.

Since I've come up with some worthy modifications.
I figure that I'll have to put together some helpful hints for my Origami page.
       I'll have to take some photos and re-size them before I do though. So if you are a RC hobbiest, you may want to check back at the Origami page later on this week.

As for comparison between the Phoenix 1600 & 2000:
The 2000 is the better sail plane when it comes to thermal gliding or sloping with lighter winds.
       As for the Phoenix 1600: the plane is faster at sloping, however it does require a little more wind to carry the weight of the running gear. But the thing I like most is how responsive it is and the control I have with it is just top notch, as if it has full house but it doesn't.
       It flies inverted like nothing else.
       I'm probably going to put the bigger 4023-850kv (116 grams) motor back into the Ph-2000, because I've got a 2830-1000kv (60 grams) and two 8050 & 9050 folding propeller sets on the way for the PH-1600. (I figure that the lighter running gear should move around better with 50 grams less weight.)
       The question is whether I can get one of the three couplings I'm getting to fit the plastic spinner I have. Needless to say, just getting your hands on the right stuff is a bit frustrating. Like I bought a aluminum spinner for Hobby King and it had a 3mm coupler instead of the 3.17mm like it stated. So I tried using the 4mm coupler on the 4023 and the spinner is not balanced worth a shit. Wish me luck with the different brand I've ordered this time around.

So-long to Glen Campbell
He had more than a hand full of Really Good Songs
Rule Numbers:1

August 8th, 2017:
Those songs he created, are connected to many good memories.
Loosing Glen Campbell kinna hearts.
       I couldn't help but cry over loosing him.

Before I put anything together,
the first modification was performed.

It was by bushing some sun cure surfboard epoxy and wrapping 2oz fiberglass cloth around the middle section of the elevator.
Another Helpful Hint:
You should have better luck with your decals if:
       You don't try to place them in the cup of the wing tips.
       I use a small block of foam for a scwiquigy.

Guess where some good planes start?
Rule Numbers: 40

August 10th, 2017:
Something I should have started more than a decade ago.
Don't expect to see much action out of his box for another twenty days or so. And I do need to perform a surfboard repair before I take one anymore projects.
       I don't really expect the type of wind this plane will need anyway,...
       None the less, Rule 40, I'm not going to make the same mistake I made with the F-20, -by making it too light and without the ability to take a good crash every once in awhile.
       Just taking on a task from a box of parts for durability in acrobatic aircraft that is known for its speed.

Gift of Light

Everyone down at the 99 cents store was talking about it yesterday.
About this object I discovered at my feet.
       I imagine this a result of people showing up to see me fly my planes.
       I know that there are so many of you who show up in your daily walk, hoping you come along when I'm flying one of my planes.
       I'm wondering if the boy's will ever hack my phone so people can hear the music I'm listening to when I fly. It's in a way like playing my light show.
       I've been thanked by many for the shows I do put on. Even landed my 1600 on the roof of the Hilton.
       The thing even flue about five to ten feet above the water, all the way to the foot of the bank.
       Safe to say there are some risks involved. But you are welcome, thank you.
       Gee, I've got and external power supply coming. I should get a grip of what voltage those three little batteries add up too. I wonder what they weight?
       I wonder if there has something to do with the fact that I was browsing around, trying to figure out which size lights I wanted to get, (going to get both,) 3mm of 5mm. I figure just rigging the Z-84 with the 5 volt LEDs is even lighter than the 22 grams this thing will add, however I think it will work just fine with one of my lither batteries. (And I do have two of the same canopies for the Phoenixes.)


It got down to the three flight modes I was using:
Rule Numbers:

August 12th, 2017:
I got it down to the adjustment for relief
Got flapper-on for landing and straight wing foil for slower lift.
       The thing I was looking for is the exact number and not a second switch combo to find the best relief pitch. Got it down to either a 11 or 12.
       It was the 11th
       The plane is going to be even nicer with about 55 grams less motor weight. Which is like loosing half of the motor weight and like dropping half a battery weight.) I figure I'll be running with running gear that is about equal to what I would need for natural ballast. To the point where having any disadvantage is the drag of the folding prop, but I even went with an extra size small, just for those days when you don't rally want a 9050 and go with a 8050.

Got to a realization a bit late.
I should not have glued my wing halves together just yet.
       Reason being, I can tell just by looking at the uneven amount of aileron adjusted into it, especially when relieved.
       I figure I need to cut the wings apart and either reshape the bases of the wings, or even shim with strapping tape to compensate for the differences in wing foils.
       I'm willing to bet the two wings had different thinnesses when it gets down to it. I think I want to realign, and then re-glue the thing .
       Too bad I did it in epoxy and not hot glue, However, I've had good luck with taking epoxy apart.
       I gotta say, for light 6-8 mph winds, that the 1600 is the best handling plane I've ever had. I just get the feeling that I could tweak the two wing foils just a bit better.

Second modification was wedging the stabilizer:
Made a third and a two third length shim out of those bring your own phone credit card sim card.
       Raised the front up about 2 mm.
       Next was trimming the rudder and making a hinge and reinforcement for the lower section.
       Going to be covering the rear cooling hole but I but two small one up at the front wing.
      I use some white colored electrical tape from walmart on the leading edges of my wings and stabilizer wing. Also the new gap at the front of the tail.
       I've gotta say, I really don't use the rudder. I prefer 15-20% deferential.

<<<<<<<<<< *************** <<<<<<<<<<**************

Running gear for rudder

I wasn't using the Rudder anyway.
Rule Numbers:
br>August 13th, 2017:
w/servo screws, -near 22 grams I don't have in the tail of the Ph-2000 any longer.
Pulled everything except the carbon out of the Ph-1600 too.
       I realized that without the rudder, -that I wasn't using, -could be supplying a channel for full house with a motor.
       Like I've got plenty of servos for such a thing.
       All I have to do is figure out how I want to change a few different channel options, with mixes and all. (Where ever that direction, that will lead me.)
       I'll keep you clued into how I managed such a thing .

Got Rid of the funny looking nose on the 2000, now that I think I can land it more civil like.
Funny thing:
Back when the Rudder meant something:
       You can see the epoxy elevator mod. & I should mention the scotch tape on the elevator clasp. When you loose your elevator, you loose the most critical connection on a plane and you loose control of the flight.

Tail modifications

Once I got my shims in there.
       I line up the Stabilizer and secure things with a few drops of hot glue.

Got to find the back door:
Rule Numbers: 4 & 35

August 14th, 2017:
It's not like they want to give you full house, with a motor, -even if you give up a channel for one
However, I came across a sail type with a motor on the 6th channel
       I'm wondering If I can go with flap or just another set of ailerons. (I'm thinking aileron, aileron split..
       I did get the Ph-1660 up with flaps on the rudder channel, which gave me an added foil adjustment. It helped give it so much speed, I needed to make sure I cold land the thing. Just landing and either one of my planes today was such a task. (I've got to add a couple grams on the nose of the 2000 and that should claim it down.)
       The 1600 just no walk in the park and my landing strip is nothing more than a patch of grass I have to aim for.
       Gotta come in over the street when no cars are coming. Flaps made it too floaty and in the 1600, I resorted to the good ol flapper-on mix to land, -fast.

Gotta say, if you've got 7-8 mph, the 2000 is going to stay in the air. Kinna silly t even worry about putting a motor in that one.
I know what they want, they want you to spend the extra $100 for the full house.
       But what do you expect from a company that sells the Radian at twice the price as the better plane?
       I figure another day of sitting down and messing with different programs, I'm going to figure out how to get a true full house to work with the motor on this thing.
       Another thing that is even more important is adjust the wing foil as I do with the flapper on. (Something I ran into a road block with.) Kinna pisses you off. No two servo flaps with a motor? What kind of crap is that?

Do I even need to say what it is?
It's stupidity, just creeping up on you.
Rule Numbers: 51

August 18th, 2017:
All the riots, and violence:
No one is coming up with a solution.
       Words are not about to fix anything.

Bannon is out.
Could have told you that.
       One less moron filling the president's head full of shit.
       Didn't need any more of that guy.

Funny thing:
More of the bit with my controller:
       The 2000 with full house really doesn't need a motor anyway.
       Kinna sucky that a company will take advantage of people.
       Funny thing; Now that I've got the right propeller sizes, the stock jobber is about the same thing as the after-market I bought for the 1600. I loosened the allen screw on the DSY but it wouldn't brake loose. The shaft isn't wanting to switch around for me. (Same motors, 10 less grams with the DYS.

Soldered in a $4.31 Banggood ESC into the Z-84:
Got throttle from the bottom and 24 grams less at doing it.

Eclipse Day.
Rule Numbers: 15 & 51

August 21th, 2017:
Gee, four military ship collisions this year:
Guess finding a good Captain to pilot a ship is getting more difficult.
       Finding words to describe it is not going to fix anything.

Breeding stupid people is still breeding stupid people no matter how you look at it.
You can be sure that there are idiots how will say that they don't like me because I see it for what it is.
       And for the local surfer who decided to tell another surfer about me, -just because he goes to church sometimes, read the bible and everything, -doesn't mean that he is any less barbaric than the rest of them. Just because you actually think your sins will be forgiven and doesn't mean that faith allows you to get way with your sins. Playing dirty is still laying dirty.

I think we've got global warming alright:
I've kinna given up on the surf around here because it appears that we've been stuck in a monsoonal weather pattern for about a year and a half, and it really doesn't go offshore overnight anymore like it used to and it just doesn't seem to clean up with the winds coming out of the southwest all the time. It even sounds like a few board manufactures have went out of business this year.
       I think as soon as I get a couple winter suites together, I think I'll be heading north.
       I don't think I want to be here another year just flying planes.
       The strange thing about going back up north is the amount of time that has gone by since I lived there and I'm just not too thrilled about the colder water, but it should be worth it because it should be an easier living that it was in the past.
      None the less, I can be sure the cops will be spreading rumors because they had done it before. I just wonder if I'll find myself in jail as I have done everywhere else.

Did you actually think Mexico was going to build the wall?
Rule Numbers: 10

August 24th, 2017:
I'm still wonder about what happened to all those trade agreements Trump said he would dump.
The only agreement he dropped was the Paris Climate Agreement.
       Slapping tariffs on imports isn't actually getting rid of the existing trade agreements.
       But then again, he never did say that we would put an end to the legislation that has massacred so many private inventors which in turn has us selective breeding the human race into stupid people.
       Guess, the idea is to be able fool the public that much easier.

Understand why he would feel more comfortable in other countries?
       I do so.
       This country isn't anything like it is presented on television.
       Like sitting here on my computer, I spend time walking around using street view to see the places in Australia I wish I could see again, which in turn can be described as feeling home sick for a better place to be.
       Like CBS as even put, "real news," into there promo line pitch.
       Gee, CBS isn't telling you anything about the crimes Spielberg is in prison for.
       You can be sure CBS knows all about Spielberg, because they are given photo shopped photos, and videos of Spielberg and fake out the public for him.
       A Simple thing to pull over when you produce, or should I say finance some of their programs.
       I should mention that is another site that post features about Spielberg. It actually says he is directing a film currently, but you can bet Hanks will keep his mouth shut or say anything, if the money is there. You can bet everyone on the set of the _____ film has signed a confidentiality agreement. Gage orders you could say.
       The is also a HBO documentary coming out in October that will be all about Spielberg, narrated by himself of course. Something he could easily do while in prison.
       I should also add the name Meryl Streep to the long list of Spielberg whores.

Saw on PBS:
The later part of the bit about Thomas Edison, as well as the earlier part of the bit on the X-prize.
       I can honestly say that I would like to run across the earlier part of the Thomas Edison story, but that bit covering the X-Prize just annoyed me more and more, the deeper I got into it.
       My impression is that it now takes more "teams," to come up with anything anymore and the private inventor isn't common any longer..
       The scariest part of is that in about 15 years, they are saying that they will be mixing artificial intelligence within humans.
       I bet Steven Hawkings has written about thoughts on the outcome of that idea.
       My impression on it is that with artificial intelligence integrated into society, you need to think about other forms intelligence beings from other worlds. You need to realize that they would understand artificial intelligence much better than us and they would be able to hack it just as easily as we are able to hack anything connected to the internet.

Everything is a year from now.
Rule Numbers: 4, 10

August 28th, 2017:
The rumors are going in both directions.
We've got the Holiday Picnic Rumors in one ear,
and the Sorry Doom and Gloom in the other.

       Of course they have been saying pretty much the same kinds of things for over a decade and they realize that a year later, you'll probably be gullible enough to believe the same rumors all over again, and if you are not, they ask themselves, what are they going to do about it anyway.
       It's just the way it is. We've got evil people running the place and it's not like any of you are truly willing to do anything about it, even though your most likely willing to protest about silly things that you've really don't have any ability to do anything about because we're just breeding stupid people and the animistic behavior and evil is just an end result of it.

Like Boxing.
People are willing to pay to see brutality, even if it is fake.
       Like how else do you think people can be scammed out of Millions of dollars just to see something a promoter arranged.
       It's like when did Mayweather ever box anyone that was truly any good?
       They've got so many people betting on a record of a score of un-defeats.
       To say the least, I feel that Mayweather's record wasn't actually created by his fights, -it was all arranged by the ones he was set-up to fight against..
       I'm willing to bet that there are hundreds of fighters who would love the chance to fight him but it will never happen because they are just too good.

I'm still waiting to see-
If the government will ship a bunch of homeless out of Texas to other places like here, -like they did with hurricane Katrina.
       I wonder if they let prisoners out like they did in during Katrina.
       It's like they just used the opportunity to fly their criminals off to places like San Diego.
       Wonder if they learned anything.
       Who's fooling who?

Stupid Rules

Stupid Rules

Stupid Rules

Stupid Rules

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Dooms Day for Private Inventors
-happened yesterday,
when Obama took his mighty pin to the bill.

My Stupid Movie Idea

The most revolutionary tool box in the world,
sitting in a room of poisonous insecticide

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