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A waste of tax payers money:
Rule Numbers: 4, 9, 10, 21, 50 & 51

September 1st, 2017:
You have to wonder just who is paying for it.
Like the bitch who walked by my window, saying the things she said.
       Just spending a few days at the beach enabled her to approach my truck just to say it as if she was rubbing it in.
       I was half asleep so I wasn't up to get a look at her, but she had no problem letting me know just what kind of rumors she was out spreading. (Today, the third time, I went to my door to see if I could see just who it was and there was no female on the sidewalk within walking distance equal to the time it took for me to look, so you can bet she ditched herself.)
       I consider it non-sense, but it does prove that there are people who are out there every day who's goal is to spread rumors.
       The thing she said was: "nobody likes him because he thinks we are stupid."
       Well I would have to point out that Spielberg, the government and the medical industry isn't trying to clone the bitch and they wouldn't be trying to clone me if I was stupid or insane as some people might think.
       However spending the last few days surfing amongst the local surfers, it's quite clear that most of them realize that the rumors going around are just going around like they've been for years and most of them just don't pay attention to them any more.
       None the less, the rumors do start somewhere and someone is paying to spread them and there isn't much you can do when so many are conditioned to believe anything they are told. (I should mention that sometime people are pre-conditioned and I even play into it because it's not like I really want them for my friend anyway.)
       And of course, stupid people are naturally going to retaliate any way they can because they will naturally dislike feeling inferior.
       Its like stupid people do as stupid other people will do.
       I would imagine people would have a different understanding if they would wake up to discover that their door is unlocked and there are fresh needle holes in their vanes. Something Oprah, Donald Trump or Tom Hanks have never had to worry about.

Some Good News
The FDA finally approved the new childhood Leukemia Treatment
       I wrote about it several months ago and it's been around for about 5 years.
       Its success rate is better than 80% and anyone would agree that it has taken too long for it to be approved.
       Anyhow, it is nice to hear something good for once.

Get a load of the police detective in Salt Lake City
Arrested a nurse for doing her job within the law.
       Goes to show you how so many cops feel that they are above the law and that laws do not apply to them.
       However, fortunately someone straightened out his ass before he took her to jail and she was released within twenty minutes.
       None the less, you can bet cops will take people to jail on faulty charges and let the prosecuting attorney throw out the case, five days later. (The sort of thing happened to me with Bill Collins, the fireman and the police here in Oceanside. May I mention that the cop who said he didn't have time to find me for two days, is no longer around.) They waited until Friday so that I would spend more time in the filthy jail cell that must not have been cleaned in years.
       I would like to mention, I just saw this sweet old guy here in Oceanside the other day. I've seen him from time to time and once I helped him out by retrieving his crab net ring. He said that he just spent 75 days in jail for jay-walking. I told him that I understand that they were just using him.

A bunch of Carp on my TV
Rule Numbers: 9 & 10

September 8th, 2017:
Talking about that XQ show that invaded my television.
Like who is fooling who?
       Someone forgot to tell them that they can't teach common sense or creativity.
       Between your wars, and your natural disasters from global warning, you won't have enough money to burn on education with out taxing the hell out of your pay check and the education and war parts of it will be like burning your hard earned money.
       The deal is: since your greed and your lousy patent laws has you all selective breeding stupid people, putting any thought about changing the way things are taught in the class room is a waste of time because just give it another fifty years and this country will be caught up with the way thing are in Europe and the middle east.
       Basically there will be a bunch of brain washed barbaric animals going around being terrorist, will be home grown right here in the US of A.
       The only way we are changing the way things are taught in schools is that we tell them what they need to learn because we teach them what will be on the test that we use to see if they actually learned what we told them to learn because there is fewer and fewer kids that are able to teach themselves.
       We end up living in a country where people condone evil just as they do now with people like Spielberg. But what the hell, they got most of you all fooled, thinking that we actually went to the moon.

Just think, if it wasn't for the Russians,-
the Pentagon wouldn't even be able to put their spy satellites into outer space.

Get this:
       Lockheed Martin and Boeing has teamed up as Middle men and they buy RD-180 rocket engines from the Russians and end up charging the US Tax Payers more for the launchings than Space X charges for a launch using a Falcon 9 Rocket at 40% less.
       There venture is called United Launch and they'll be buying the rocket for at least another decade. (Call it being loyal to the defense contractors that are reaming our ass.)
       Kinna makes you under stand why we have to kiss Putin's ass, doesn't it?.

I've been hearing a lot of people talking about the people who stole my truck.
They say that they've been killing themselves.
       I'd say that it's a good thing, but didn't I say a year or two ago that God just got back and that shit was going to hit the fan?
       Well, actually I said, "heads are going to roll."

Oh Yeah:
       Lets talk about fake news.
       Most of you are getting it from your Facebook, -bought and paid for by Russians.
       You've got to remember that a Facebook accounts are not alway a real person.
       Gotta admite, it's a good way to brainwash stupid people.
       Like it hasn't been done before.

Fake News 911:
Rule Numbers: 4, 10 & 34

September 11, 2017:
A guy was surprised when I mentioned Bush and the Unical Oil Pipeline
He said that nobody seems to know about the real story behind 911.
       About how the Bush family was in bed with the Osama bin Laden, founder of the al Qaeda terrorist organization investing in the building of the pipeline that was shut down in Afghanistan.
       Which caused the US to invade Afghanistan and got the pipeline back under construction within a month later.
       And about how the airspace was shut down to aircraft travel except the private airplane that flew the members of the Osama bin Laden's family out of the country.
     It made the Dick Cheney's Halliburton Company so much money, that Iraq was put in the mix and here we are all these years and all the Billions of dollars later, we're still at it.

On the invasion of hand in hand.
Rule Numbers: 10

September 14th, 2017:
They say the folks in Hollywood steps up.
Depending on how you look at it.
       From what I gathered, if you actually wanted to speak with a celebrity, you would get stuck on hold. But then my question is why was there so many of the celebrities holding up signs saying, call me?
       I suspect that most celebrities were not even talking to people who called in. Basically I suspect that it was a put on.
       The entertainment was kinna cheesy and the sob stories only made me want to change the channel, and the bitch about it was that they took up so many of the channels.
       And for the $45 Million they got out of you folks only shows me that those rich Hollywood folks sure didn't step up as much as they could have.

I'm left wondering where al these people get their information.
Talking about all the people who were involved in stealing my truck.
       Strange is how so may people talk about how they've been killing themselves, but the question I have is where are they getting this information?
       None the less, its quite entertaining to many and let me remind you that it's 22 years later and none of you have my truck, yet you've paid to give it to the enemy and you've been selective breeding yourselves in to a dumber civilization for the 22 years.
       I guess Americans don't understand what is right or wrong anymore either .

Oh get this:
       The US government must be using its Blue Boxes to block my web-sites.
       According to the stats I read, I get more visitors from China and Russia than I do from the USA.

Cause and effect:
       Lately there has been those rumors we've heard before:
       About how there is some so called Hollywood producers running around claiming that they want to make a movie about me. It happen quite a bit on Morro Bay and you can guess that the goal is actually to get paid off to go way.
       Nine the less, there is a side effect that has resulted from it happing around here lately. The fact that is getting better traffic than has been getting.
       Wouldn't you know?
       Well, in my book, that's better than them spending their time at some of my other less important web-site. At least they will learn just how corrupt things can really get. To say the least, the readers of my book will never be as naive as they might have been before reading it. Kinna like picking up some street smart wisdom, something the book publishers are not likely to publish because they want you to put on rose colored glasses and feel good about the fluff you read of theirs.

Anyone can get into the Credit rating agency business.
Rule Numbers: 26, 50 & 51

September 19th, 2017:
The question is: who gave Equifax the permission to gather people's personal information.
& Where do those credit rating companies get our credit information?
       Tell me who knows how many of those companies are out there and what percentage of them sell our information to others for the purpose of Identity theft?
       As for the Equifax execs go, I think they should be sitting in a prison for insider trading because they were able to sell off their shares in the company long before the general public was informed about their leak. The delay alone should have spelled trouble and the Idea that they neglected to install the patch that was provide to them beforehand was totally careless.
       Guess there is something good about having bad credit, but then again, I understand that there are other ways identity theft can be used. (As with my own family.) Like who gave my SSN to my niece so that she could look for lost money, and what was that all about?
       Or should I ask, what was my sister doing with my SSN?

Looks like cops have no problem shooting someone over a lousy pocketknife.
And like it took six years to get an answer as to whether a cop can get away with killing another black kid in ST. Luis.
       Guess they thought he would be forgot about in only five or six years.

Russia raised their military spending by $17 Billion
But if this next military budget increase goes through in the USA, it will mean that the USA will have increased its spending over $100 Billion just since Donald got into office.

I heard D Trump mention the need to end the Birth Right thing:
       It's one of those things that need to end, because we've got baby mills set-up all over the place like hotels catering to people who come to this country only to drop a baby on us.
       We don't really need a wall if the immigration laws were change to laws that don't encourage illegal immigration.
       What Obama did was encourage people to sneak into this country on the premonition that someday someone will give them amnesty like Ronald Regan did.
       Something that everyone in the detention centre in Australia wanted to happen.
       But then Australia wants skilled documented workers to immigrate, however the US has it's immigration system all screwed up to where we encourage unskilled and undocumented illegal immigrants to come here expecting US to provide everything for them. Something else they've been talking about, but just don't seem to implement. Let me say that it's some of the good stuff that stupid people tend to overlook that Donald Trump wants to do.
       Something that should be though about also is that many of these people trying to get into this country are trying to get into this country because things are so bad in their own country, (like Guatemala for instance.) Well, they should themselves by fixing the problems in their own country and it would be the wiser choice if we could find away to help them do so.

Funny how people just bitch and moan about Donald, but....
       But nobody seems to complain about the electro-collage-voting system
       They talk about the popular vote all the time, but they sure as hell don't think about doing anything about what to do about it.
       I guess we've been selective breading stupid people long enough and people just can't grasp just how we ended up with a president like Donald Trump.
       It goes to show that we've don't even have the intelligence to run a proper election, therefore, and I must add, we don't even know how to retain the proper kind of person for the job of the presidency.
       People need to start talking about their own short comings other than the short comings of others.

Does it make sense to you?
Rule Numbers: 10, 26 & 51

September 23, 2017:
Makes you wonder why only a few cops still carry billy clubs and why they don't know how to use it anymore. You also have to wonder if any of those cops have any guts.
       Like why do they have to shoot some collage kid with a folded up pocket utility knife?
       Just because the poor kid ask you to shoot him, do you really have to?
       Well, you could say at least the bully didn't unload the whole clip like they usually do.

Something just don't make sense when:
The guy is holding out a knife, when he is suppose to have a gun.
       Then after the cops shoot some beanbags at him, and then sick a dog on him, and then the suspect finally decides to grab for a gun in his belt?
       I happen to think he would have shot the dog, don't you?
       Well, I suspect that it is the second guy in the past couple years that the cops in Oceanside planted a gun on someone.
       Yeah, tell me I'm wrong.

I think we've go enough radiation in our ocean.
Don't need a cloud of radiation flying over me either.
       I think it is time to figure out where Mister Rocketman Kim is at and take him out.

Boy, they went all out and covered all the bases.
       They made sure my computer would not read a PDF file I've had since 2013.
       They even made sure it would not read a newer file downloaded from the internet.
       Then they made sure the same thing would happen at the library too.
       But then I thought about that and that's why I ran off extra copies last year, so the solution should have been solved with a trip to my storage.
       I also signed up for an account almost a month ago, but it was making me depend on the US Postal Service and the very reason I was planning to FAX the form like I've done the last few years. But low and behold, they also made sure to have control of the phone lines the Fed-X store so the FAX machines would not work also.
      Its the kind of stuff they call espionage. The kind of thing that is suppose to be worth three times in damages.
       Even worse than that is having to go around town hearing people talking about how I'm already a millionaire; while I'm shitting in a bucket.

Oh gag me with a spoon:
Rule Numbers: 9

September 26, 2017:
The shit I heard on the news tonight just cracked me up, royal:
Believe me when I say royally.
       Like the bit about recalls on your vehicle.
       Shit; even if you bought it new, don't think for a minute that they will notify you of a recall and don't for a second think that they will offer to do the repair for free.
       And even if they claim that they are fixing the recalled problem, don't even think that they actually fixed it.
       They wanted to charge me $125 to fix my throttle calbe and linkage, -after I had already replaced the screwed up cable. I fixed the linkage with a rubber-band for several years and eventually figured out that a hair tie last a lot longer

I had to laugh when they had a head pig of the San Diego Jail come on my TV
He said that they were taking percussions for the hepatitis A virus.
       Let me tell you first hand that those pigs see no problem with putting you in a cell that has not been cleaned in years
       You can even ask for a mop and bucket, so you can clean the inch thick mold that is growing out of the shit that has not been swept out from underneath the bunk for several years. Don't be surprised when they tell you to fuck-off, and that it is just tough shit, -even if there is shit smeared all over the floor you have to step on and the toilet is all brown below the waterline.
       You have to realize that the only people that ever clean many of the cells are trusties (other inmates,) and they are not about to even sweep under any of the bunks, therefore, the area under the bunks are nothing more than a hiding place for the garbage to them.
       The cell they put me in smelled of ammonia so bad that it was like there was about a dozen cats living in there and there was a mound of rat shit on top of the mold that was growing under the lower bunk and I ended up with a lung infection from it.
       It didn't mater who I begged for a bucket and mop, there wasn't any consideration towards getting me some even though I could see a mop and bucket not any more than 10 yards from my cell door .

Pretty neat when:
You have a president who will toss batters back and forth with a nut job with atomic bombs.
       Gee, when will anyone grow up and realize that we are breading stupid people, by law.

Stupid Rules

Stupid Rules

Stupid Rules

Stupid Rules

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And no I'm not the Dennis Sattler in Texas who hid in a closet and then killed his wife. But that goes to show you that if I have done any criminal act such as stalking a woman or molesting a child, just Googling my name would tell you.

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