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                  Dumber by the day and too damn stupid to do anything about it.

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New Year, same old story:
Rule Numbers: 4

January 1st, 2018:
I feel sorry for you all:
Don't think I have much else to say.
       I've been at this web-site bit for long enough. You all know by now that we are breading stupid people and it appears that you all are too damn stupid to do anything about it, and I'm tried of paying the price for trying to do something about it.
       So the next time some moron goes around shooting up the place or running people over and you are looking for some answers, (a lady here in Oceanside just ran over a 5 year old yesterday,) well just take a look at all the crap I've written here since this web-site thing started.
       None the less, I've dropped interest in this web-site bit just about as fast as I've dropped interest in writing any lousy book. .
       I've already let one web-site go by the waste-side and as soon as booksbysunnyside comes up for renewal, all just let it go too, none the less, I'll just make up a sub-domain for it right here as MSRs and just save me a few bucks.

What I really would like to do:
Is find some sucker to buy a few of these domains off me.
       I know they are worth some cash because even marko's web says so. However the only reason I renew them is I sure don't want to be giving anything away.
       But I've got to be honest with you, I figured that it in the future, some of my web-sites would be top notch and even mainstream, however, I can tell you that no-body has actually learned just how valuable the work truck of the future could be because you are all too busy making a fuss about using it to kill people.
       It's a war machine and the only thing that you all have proved to me is just how cruel and mean you can be to people.
       I'm tired about hearing about when they might tell me about the things that they have been reluctant about telling me about.
       You can be sure that they only want you to think I'm crazy or something; but then they would not have tried to clone a crazy man now would they? But then again Spielberg is one you would have to say is crazy and you can bet he is in prison because of it.
       (I only saw it once, however I think I saw a commercial for the Kennedy Honors with a clip of Speilbergs head in it, but it was only a split second so....)

Some of the things about myself, I find a little difficult to believe myself:
But when I hear about some of the things people are doing to themselves, I have to think there is something to it.
       None the less, if there was a job I was suppose to do, I did my best and you can bet I can say I'd do a lot of things differently if I could back up time and do it all again.
       I don't know about any second chance in life, but you can be sure I would have never thought my life would have turned out the way it has.

Just like building a war machine.
       They want you all fighting with each other.
       They want you all killing each other.
       They want you to pay for more police. (Just think about how much was spent on so called security on New year Eve. It's all because we are breading stupid people which are becoming no less than barbaric animals that need to be protected from each other.)
       They want you to pay for more war machinery.
       Because "they" are Evil.
       Better luck next time. time.
       Happy New Year.

Speilberg at the Golden Globes 2018

Once again,
the lighting gives it away:
Rule Numbers:

January 7th, 2018:
I bet everyone looked at the empty places when they put the clip on the screen:
He had his facial expressions in there.
       But he kept his arms close to himself. His wife was with him in the same whiter light .

It amazes me upon just how much the rumors can pop up over night after I post something.
Rule Numbers: 4

January 9th, 2018:
This time it seemed to have been tied up with what was in the so called 25th Amendment.
Kinna find some of it hard to believe.
       But even I have been known to fall for some of it too.
       I feel as though I'm just too gullible at times.
       These a lot of stuff that I hear that was solely made up so that I'd hear it and that I might repeat it.

Corsair Green in Carlsbad

Got a 50 amp Speed controller
and a bigger motor.
Rule Numbers: Just Fast

January 15th, 2018:
It will go straight up.
Sure different.
       1,100 KV with a 1050 prop.
       The thing just scoots on three cell.

It just came green
I sure didn't order it that way.
      First Corsair I've ever seen that wasn't blue.

Sunnyside's P-51 Hacker

After flying my Hacker for a couple months:
Rule Numbers: 16
January 22nd, 2018:
I pulled the Z-84 out of storage and took it for a spin....
I have to say the little P-51 has got me spoiled, and I can't figure out how I could ever fly the Z-84 as well as a did.
       The 84 is possibly faster, but I just can't draw a line like I can with my Hacker.
       I used the substituted 3mm carbon rods for the 2mm that were meant for the sides and used them for the Ailerons, elevator, stinger and rudder.
       I managed to put my own flat spar with the first half of the dihedral, along with a stock 2mm round stock for the wing, adding a 6 inch 3mm carbon rods towards the railing edge to keep the wing from splitting in a head on crash.

For the Motor
I went with DYS 2830 at 1,100kv
       Currently settled on like the cut down 1070E that is trimmed down to a 9 inch propeller.
       I've been using the Volantex 30 amp ESC from my Pheonix 1600.
       I run it on 3 cell 1,300 amp batteries and can bring it in after 7 minutes and still be a good storage level at about 3.8 per cell.
       I used E-max 12.4 gram servos and gave each aileron one of it's own so that I have flaperons for landing, differential for turning and of course a relief mode setting.
       I mix in some rudder, but for the most part I prefer differential more however, I use a straight rudder control to fly knife edge
       I have to say that it is my best flying aircraft.

Get this:
Just surf all six of my boards in the last week or so.
       The one that surprised me most after two or three sessions on it was the Flying Panamanian.
       The John John fins really tamed the thing down and it os just so maneuverable that it's just super fun to ride it.
       Three of my boards were cover with nothing but dust since the time in June or July when I cleaned the wax off them. I couldn't even remember which fin combinations I was using for them.
       One combo I came across that I don't think I ever tried on the the Kah-plunker; was the YU's and the small blue quad fins. They gave the board the slippery feel, which is just a blast in small waves.

Hubsan 107 L quadcopter

Just like a bird....
Rule Numbers: 4

January 26th, 2018:
It was my first Quadcopter
It took a few days, and a few batteries.
       Then I finally got the hang of it.
       The funny things always need to have the trims adjusted, and being used to planes. Once it was om the ground about fifteen yards from me, I did a stupid thing like adjusting the trims and somehow hit the throttle.
       And it was gone, just like that.
       I miss that little guy. It was like a little puppy to me.

Oh Yeah:
       If you are interested in getting one of the many toy drones:
       The thing you should know about those USB chargers that are supplied with them.
       They tend to charge them at about .4 amps, which will surely burn your batteries out prematurly.
       I took the connector and made an adapter to fit my ballance charger and charge the 380's at .2 amp and the 500's at .3 amps.
       The 380's (Eachines) ended up being the better batteries with the most punch.

Sure you heard:
Yeah, all about my money.
And how "they" are going to tell me about it.
       Funny how there isn't anyone asking when.
       Not so funny is how I'm suppose to be the last to know when everyone and their brother has been talking about it. It's the only thing I heard about all day today and it seems like they have forgot that no body likes me anyway, so why should they even care? Guess they like to be cruel and rub it in my face is all.
       "It'" is what "they have been hiding from me all along.
       It doesn't it matter to you just how "they" did it? Well it does to me and I would like to know just how it was exactly done.
       But then you've got to realize they "they" have only been hopping that after I'd hear all of you talking about it, -that I would go out and kill myself over it.
       Believe me when I say that "they" have sick evil minds and nothing evil people do surprises me. I already know just how cruel and mean people really are.
       It's just the state that humans being are in. I'd be a bit embarrassed if I were you.


Just a toy
Rule Numbers: 1

February 1st, 2018:
Wore out a motor in less than a week.
But I got the hang of flying those things by then.
       I think the Hubsan was faster, but the JJ1000 at least stays trimmed.

quadcopter frames

Got a start of a real one/
I bought these two frames just so I would commit myself to building a particular size.
       One is a true X design that is geared more for racing and the other is a freestyle on that has the ability to be configured for a extremely low profile frame .
       The blue one can be put together with extremely low profile by moving the lower base plate to the bottom like the X, however I would need to be using four separate ESC's
       Since the only component I have bought for them so fare is a 4 in one 30 amp, it looks as though I'll be building the True X frame first.
       I got a 4 in one for $26.
       It appears that the flight controller I want is sold out everywhere at the moment.
       Needless to say, it's just a waiting game now and it will probably be over a month from now before I even get to fly one without any video.
       You can bet I'm looking forward to flying something with more power than the little toy quadcopters.

Even though the industry is growing quite fast:
The biggest hold up is that because of the high cost and latency involved with digital video signals, pilots are stuck to using analog signals for video.
       Some day when they do go with digital, then maybe they will be using big flat screens instead of goggles.
       I think it would be really cool to fly one from a makeshift cockpit as if it was like a full scale flight simulator but with a real flying vehicle involved.
       The picture on the bottom shows how low of center of gravity I could get on the blue freestyle frame.
       No telling how good these frames are, however they were cheap enough to buy a second one just for parts.


Quad frames side view

quad frame upside down

Just the human condition:
Rule Numbers: 1 & 34

February 1st, 2018:
As I went to walk cross the road in Carlsbad:
I waited for a clearing of traffic at Turn Arounds.
       The thing I didn't notice was just how fast the car was coming, because she must have been doing at least 50 MPH.
       Anyhow, I just made it to the other side and she blazed right by me as if the last thing she was going to do was slow down for anyone.
       And she honked her horn at me as she just missed me by about two feet.

Then this morning, while I was at the dumpimg station in Oceanside.
I had a guy strike up a conversation with me about Morro Bay.
       Apparently, Officer Hoover had been watching us and I didn't even notice.
       The stranger didn't like what I had to say about Morro Bay so he started yelling at me, "get away from me," just to get Hoover's attention. (He even admitted it to Hoover he did so because he had seen Hoover watching us.)
       I'm like, -what a dick-head.
       Boy, the things people have to deal with when you are breeding barbaric animals.
       And oh, the thing that supposedly got the guy mad? It was when he said that he had something happen just like I had happen in Morro Bay, and I said no he didn't. And that was the last thing I said and thats when he pulled his crap on me. Deferentially something is wrong with that guy, but then again, I wouldn't doubt that he might have been pre-conditioned buy the not so favorable rumors that have been going around about me.

Then we also have the other rumors that have been going around.
Like the one about how "they," are going to tell me.
       Also about how much I'm worth.
       And the one about how they are going to "give it," to me. (Certainly just one of those holiday picnic rumors.)
       At first I couldn't understand if they were saying one number or the other in tens.
       Then later on, I even began to hear about just what kind of money I'm entitled to.
       Yeah, and I'm sitting in a box, having a cop tell me today that I can go anywhere and I should just go somewhere else,
       Yeah, and start out somewhere else where things will start up all over which means I'd find my ass sitting in jail somewhere because the cops there will be spreading those child molester rumors again.
       I told him to just give me my money and I will. Yeah, with a new passport expedited.
       As I have said before: happiness is another stamp in a passport.

National Debit of 20 Trillion
Rule Numbers: 19, 20 & 23

February 13th, 2018:
And only paying 2% on 3% interest
Sounds like the country is in trouble with paying the minimum on its credit card.
       Trump already added another $50 Billion in defense spending earlier this year and now they just added another $165 billion to it. Well we are not far from a Trillion dollars per year towards the US war machine.

Now we are talking about spending over $4 Trillion on infrastructure.
Just think about how much of that would get lost. (Just like the Pentagon looses money.)
       Gee, around here, we are spending about $20,000.oo per wheel chair ramps at every corner that has a signal light, even if there is no sidewalk to connected to it.
       Somebody is getting rich of that stupid law.

It only took 20 years to add $15 Trillion to the National Debit:
And they say that when it hits $24 Trillion, the US will be in serious trouble because of a bad credit rating.
       You folks with all those credit cards know what that means.
      Then in a few years, the tax brake for the middle class expires and you've gotta be pretty stupid if you don't know just what will happen then.
       Rule number 1 & 84.

National Debit of 20 Trillion
Rule Numbers: 19, 20 & 23

February 13th, 2018:
And only paying 2% on 3% interest
Sounds like the country is in trouble with paying the minimum on its credit card.
       Trump already added another $50 Billion in defense spending earlier this year and now they just added another $165 billion to it. Well we are not far from a Trillion dollars per year towards the US war machine.

Now we are talking about spending over $4 Trillion on infrastructure.
Just think about how much of that would get lost. (Just like the Pentagon looses money.)
       Gee, around here, we are spending about $20,000.oo per wheel chair ramps at every corner that has a signal light, even if there is no sidewalk to connected to it.
       Somebody is getting rich of that stupid law.

It only took 20 years to add $15 Trillion to the National Debit:
And they say that when it hits $24 Trillion, the US will be in serious trouble because of a bad credit rating.
       You folks with all those credit cards know what that means.
      Then in a few years, the tax brake for the middle class expires and you've gotta be pretty stupid if you don't know just what will happen then.
       Rule number 1 & 84.

Sunnyside's first 220 quadcopter.

Building the wrong size of Quadcopter?
I don't think so.
Rule Numbers:20 & 40

February 26th, 2018:
Yesterday, I discovered I was had accidentally ended up in the acro mode, but had no problem flying in the most responsive setting.
And then later one I realized how much line of sight will get you in trouble while your orientation.
       The when you go to FPV and the landscape you need increases, anyone will realizes the driving an old truck like mine would be at about 20 to 40 miles round trip and the fuel to burn doing alone would be quit costly. I realized that the five inch size of quad just isn't practical for me to invest in at this time. I should have started out with a 3 or 4 inch Brushless for the less power factor and the ability to be able to flying in tighter terrain. Something about half the weight will more responsive at slower speeds.
       Needless to say, you can bet I plane to have the video gear I want for this first quad when I set off to Hawaii. I'm sure I'd fine plenty of places in Australia too.
       However, the good news is I have a set of 2050 motors along with a couple spares due to arrive soon to go with a really cute carbine frame and the 3f flight controller and really small reviver that will naturally work with my controller.

Gotta have a beeper.
Rule Numbers: 20 & 40

2/24 :I was thinking it was the second one that flew off.
Must have walked right by it three or for times
       Finally when my transmitter's battery stated to go dead, the speed controllers gave out a few beeps.
      For a while the for I thought it must have flown off on my.
      The F4. The 30 amp 30 amp ESC's. I left the leads long enough to use with a 4 in 1 if I wrecked the frame and would then mount the running gear into the other true -X frame I've got. 2205 motors in a lowrider freestyle frame. Like the extra aluminum bumpers I put on the front. I think I can keep the lower one with the camera ever make it into it.
      I've got to get some FPV equipment on it because it's a bit too easy to loose your orientation a line of sight flying.

Got say it flies pretty good.
Kinna wish I didn't waist any money on the toy drones.
       Just don't have much ambition to flying an underpowered drones. Put in a beeper tonight of course.

Gee, you didn't say that FD went to Spielberg with my book. Then Spielberg tried to take over and went directly to my sister and instructed or handled all the details over getting a power of attorney over her brother.
       I've got a lot better idea on how the child molester rumors got started now. The bug they put in my trailer. I guess it was the wise thing to do if you where in to ripping off your brother.
       Probably a good idea when you want to know if I was all the wiser to just what she was up to.

       I find it difficult that something like that can go on and no one with authority would file criminal charges on these guys.
       But what I've heard is just what I expected, that when ever someone would step up and file charges only got bought off and sad that nobody is entitled to either.
       I hope that it hasn't been failure on my part since there hasn't been done about them. None the less, I can say I've tried to have law enforcement enforcement officials before.
       I'm betting that it would be twice as difficult for them to even take anyone seriously if they were looking at one they might fine on me. I tend to think the certified crazy man classification was my families way to get out of any trouble if they were holds some power of attorney over me, another excuse to bailing out on any request I might have.
Just what are the odds you think:
       I figure it is a given better odds now days when ever one and there brother knows just what went down. Lately, I've been torn.
       See deep down, I was hoping I was wrong about JR.
       However, after coming across his wall on Facebook. I discovered the last picture posted on it was in 2014 but most of the activity shut down about 2012.
       The are comments after may of the picture by other people, but nothing for a list of friends. I heard that Spielberg was out to clone him too.It isn't difficult for a method of killing him and make it look like natural circumstances.

Sunnyside's first 220 quadcopter.

We call them Holiday Picnic Rumors
Rule Numbers: 4 & 20

February 27th, 2018:
Did you hear about all that money I'm worth?
I was just hoping I wasn't making a fool of myself
       Then I do have to admit, I was still groggy, just woke up from a nap.

Then I thought what if he could get his hands on the video himself? And checked if they were saying what I thought they were saying. I have to admit there was some pretty good gunjah involved that day, and I very well could have imagined it. But after awhile, it seemed like there was a possibility that they might have made a pack to talk about a certain things when ever they get caught in front of the microphone.
       At first I thought I heard that my Dad had went to Spielberg with my book. But later on in a different conversation, it was more like "Durabont went to Spielberg with it and Spielberg went to his sister."
      None the less, I felt much when I began to hear,"I heard it too," everywhere I went yesterday. So I have to say I feel much better about the possibility just made a fool out of my self again.

There was one real important thing I think I learned from the other day is that after 20 years of dealing with the child molester rumors, I'm now pretty certain I know just behind it. They just hire a guy to fallow me around spreading them. Boy, wouldn't you hate being such a guy?
      I'm beginning to believe that my father was one who was much more involved than what I thought he was. I'm getting the impression he may have been the one who went after my inheritance from Deloris.

On that Florida shooting:
It's a failure on many levels. You had counselors that didn't fallow up on the stupid kid's actions. Even the enforcement agencies didn't do anything even after the kid's actions should have drawn red flags as if he actually wanted to get caught.
       Then you had the cop on the scene but he didn't go in after the stupid kid with a gun.
       Now people are after the guns when the guns are not the problem, when it is the fact that we are breeding stupid people. That's the problem!

Let me make something simple for many of you, including law makers:
       Talking about the "bump stocks."
       Apparently the lawmakers didn't make their gun laws broad enough when it came to the fully automatic features being illegal.
       Bump stocks should already illegal because it's just another form of backwards engineering to get around a poorly written law in the first place.
       I feel that if a fully automatic gun is illegal, and so should the bump stock. I do not like the idea of automatic fire weapon ever being legal. Most of us could never afford to even shoot the things at auto anyways. And you certainly do not need one for hunting. I do however favor the ability of one to own an assault style rifle because it is only the natural adaptation from ancient to modern times. Away from your grandfather's winchester rife style to the the assault style this day. I myself like the assault style gripping and collapsibility. I'd say much more compact to pack around in the woods than your grand dad's winchester.

On the homeless problem:
       You will never have enough homes for people if you let more people into the country each year than the amount of new homes you build.
       Something about paying someone $1,200 every month to put a person up in a tent?

Sunnyside's Baby Quadcopter

Got everything working in Betaflight,
but just won't arm.
Rule Numbers:

March 2nd, 2018:
Could it be another one of those bad flight controllers.
It started out Reallac F-3, and ended up Eachine.
       I think I learned something there.
       I just wish it would me my mistake because 6 weeks ago, I couldn't have told you anything as to how to build a Quadcopter. I sure casted some doubts upon my mental capacity.
       There can be a point in your life when you think your brain has gone lazy and you wonder how you will ever figure this stuff out.

Got open source working on the F-20
In other words got open source working and orange imitation of some Horizon stuff.
       Yesterday, when I was flying my F-20, I realized that I could not draw a smooth line because of all the dead space. I'd already worn out the pedometer on the DX thing. The Q-7 has filters for taking up the slop, and for $40-50.oo I can put Hall sensor gimbals in it.
       Well today I made good on the investment spent towards the 4 & 1 Module. I even have flaperon on the throttle stick. And two differential settings. I just need to start reprogramming all my planes.

Sunnyside's first 220 quadcopter.

I think I need to set up dual rates.
Rule Numbers:

March 1st, 2018:
100% on Angle and 75-80% on Airo
I think I need to set up dual rates. 100% on Angle and 75-80% on Aero.
       Got about a couple dozen batteries ran through it. Either got junk in a motor, or a bad bearing in it.
       I was pretty sure I ordered the open bottoms, but somehow I got the closed. Bought five, so what are you going to do?
       Gotta take it apart and see if there is something in there. Kinna tough to know if you want tree branches in there or not. I just soldered on the spare and figured I look in to some bearings while I was at it
       (Just dirt that is gone now.)

Got the P-51 on Four cell.
Got quite a few checking it out

Wondering if you would even like me?.
It would mater if you met me for the second time.
       Most people who do know me would say I'm too much to handle he first day.
      It is a matter of twenty years of the baggage I've had to carry.
       I'm more normal than "they" would want you to believe.

Sunnyside's first 220 quadcopter.

Flying Acro:
Rule Numbers: 16

March 4th, 2018:
Took putting on some cyclones to do it.
But in the wind, I'm flying angle so I can save the props.
       I was getting things backwards when I was come at me.

Got Some kind of problem getting flaperons on my Hacker
The rates were seriously to high when I chanced it today.
       Other some marks from the rocks, the planes was just sitting there on the rocks waiting for me.
       I've got to admit, that my Quadcopter gets me out walking more than my planes do.

I'm thinking,back pack, the next trip to my storage.

Sunnyside's Quadcopter, Blue

Flying in Acro:
Rule Numbers: 11,12,14, & 55

March 10th, 2018:
The most durable toy I've ever had.
      I've been running through about 8 batteries per day and didn't even make it through the batch of cheap 2 bladed propellers before I was dipping into the cyclones.
       I ran acro rates at 75% and put, 15% expo on the throttle, 20% on the yaw and 25% on Roll and Pitch. Just went through three days with only ruining one prop.
       But then on the other hand, you just wouldn't believe just how many crashes this copter had done. I've dropped it with the kill switch form 30 feet high a few times. Bounced and tumbled like nothing else.
       Well it sure isn't plastic.
       Haven't had any motivation to even fly my little jj 1000 anymore because it's just ridiculous trying to fly one of those underpowered toys in any wind what so ever. And now that I'm getting so accustomed to flying acro on my Q7 and 5 inch copter, the toy controller will probably drive me crazy. The 4 in 1 module hasn't worked out for me there.
       Funny thing: (I think, My Q7 came with Open TX 2.2) For sound tracks the only ones I could find for my Arming Switch is Engine Off and Gear Up.)
       I think I'm going to call that eachine F-3 bushed flight controller a loss since I haven't been able to get it to arm yet. I think I see what looks like some jumpers for the boot loader on the bottom of it (No literature points any out.) So I'm going to short them out and see if a dfu come up for me in Betaflight. Maybe if I just figure out how to re-flash the firmware, the thing might arm for me. Shit, I got a set of the bigger 8.5x20mm Hubsan motors and a couple more on the way.

I dig the new Open source transmitter
       Its raw and the options are endless.
       There is a lot more I need to learn about it and if you have any computer engineering skills at all, you would expect to be a step ahead of the rest of us.
       Right now I trying to figure out how to get all my telemetry worked out and wondering if I'm going to want that white wire for A-2 analog current sensor or not. I was thinking that with the CL 4 and smart port, I wouldn't need to, but honesty, I only care about having my copter's battery voltage showing up. I've got RSSI coming in along with receiver voltage, but then with OSD later I have another option. I'll get both going however, the A-2 sensor wire might be a waist of time if it will show up in the OSD anyways.
       I've got a list of special functions growing and it's already more impressive than the menus available with the DX's.
       The more learn how to you it, the more the intuitive feature expose themselves. (But the could have added more menu buttons instead of hold functions, but after you train yourself to do it automatically, it still works. I like the rotating nob. Would be nice if it had another another momentary switch since I've got three functions tied to mine, one of them with a hold down delay.) Then I could aways change one of the three ways I don't use and put one there.
       None the less, you can guess that I've been reading quite a bit lately and watching a lot of videos, and doing a lot more walking too.

Got a meeting with Mister Kim?
You've gotta figure that there must be something in it for him.
       I'm wondering just what kind of check we will be handing over to North Korea.
       You now, we already give so much of our money away to other countries, so why wouldn't we give some to them.
       Just think about the $5 Billion defense funding we give to Israel every year. Mister Kim would probably be a little happier if he was getting in on it.
       Kinna puts a different spin on the whole nuclear bit.
       Or maybe he just had a bad dream.

Let me be the first to say.
That if your family was ripping you off, it would be very hard to get them in trouble for it.
       But then if the Government was involve in anyway, you can bet it would not be very likely that you can get a government agency to incriminate on another agency, because the person trying to do such a thing would be one that doesn't care about the future of there job. Therefore, in that situation, you've got to hope that there is someone out there within the government is only concerned about retirement.
       Now that could take some searching, but then again, in my case, you've got to wonder why no-body is saying anything about bout how Speilberg is mixed up in it, with all the secrecy involved.
       It's just a big gigantic cover-up and for some reason it seems to go clear to the Whitehouse.
       Yeah, a piece of cake, I'll just go ask someone to help get my money back from the cooks.
       Like I said before, people care more about there dogs than they do their inventors

It's about time,...
to maiden flight the JW:
Rule Numbers:

March 13th, 2018:
These planes are known for being really fast at DS.
Big winds are due to appear tomorrow.
       Not bad at front-side sloping either.
       Got the box of cut foam back in June or July and I finally got around to finishing it.
       Turned out pretty nice. I've got 12,4 ounce metal geared servos that have a shit loud of torque. I went with a 5 cell (AAA) battery pack just to make sure that they are fast, however I still need to add almost an ounce of lead to the nose to get the 2" CG mark, -probably because of the custom carbon fiber spares I added to the trailing edges. From just looking at the CG at 2" specified CG, I thing it is too far forward. (Most plane are about a 1/3 back, and what is speck looks to be about 1/4th of the way back.)
       I'll experiment by taping the weight on temp-wise and I'm willing to bet I'll be settling on 2.5" to 3.0" back, because I tend to fly planes a bit light in the nose just a pinch from feeling twitchy.

Got a Buddy with a JW of his own.
After the flying sessions we had last week in big winds.
       The next one should prove even more interesting.

I don't think I can trust Angle Mode anymore.
I used to use it for take off, but after I saw what a copter did to its pilot's neck on lift off, I figured I learned two things at once.
       I figure I'll be putting a few Helpful Hints pages together for Quadcopter enthusiast.
       It's one of those hobbies that the more knowledge you can get inside your head, the better off you are.
       It's taken three months to get where I'm at and the cost involved at getting everything one will need had something to do with it, however, once you get your goggles and batteries together, the actual cost of building or should I say, -maintaining a drone or two, isn't that expensive.
       Once I get the FPV get in my first Copter, I'd like to build a second one without FPV gear, Just for line of sight flighting. I figure that it would be cool to deck one out with LEDs so I could fly line of sight at night. I figure that If i set up the lights right, it would help with the orientation when flying line of sight. I seem to be getting pretty good at it about now. I've been shooting targets pretty good.
       I just started doing rolls, but I learned that good 3 blade props help with that, however the cheap two blade props seem to bounce less when shooting hoops.

Someone should give Donald a Plasma cutter.
Show him what a back pack full of batteries could do to his favorite see through wall.
       It would take about five minutes to cut a hole through it.

Still learning
Rule Numbers: 40

April 10th, 2018:
Yah do not buy anything from China during the Chinese New Year.
Talking about none skilled labor doing their work.
       Like almost half of the stuff I bought from Banggood was not what I wanted.
       And it's not just them substituting cheep unusable plugs instead of the Amass brand that I ordered. But even DYS put the wrong labels on two of the three antennas I bought.
       I got flathead screws instead of rounded.
       Then to top it off, I bought a Rotor Riot RumCam for my quad from a US vender. To my disappointment, my first view of my first flight was of the propeller on the right side of the screen and nothing showing of the propeller on the left. It was obvious that the field of vision was offset. At first I thought that it may have been fastened to the quadcopter crooked, but just by looking at it upon inspection, I noticed that it wasn’t so. I’d wonder if it was improperly fabricated side mounting plates, but later after switching the side-plates from side to side, the problem was still there and by pushing the camera to the left upon tightening the mounting screws, the best I could ever achieve was a 1 to 3 part share of the exposed propellers. Therefore I was flying the coper with an offset, which was quite annoying. Then I opened the back of the camera to check if the circuit board was in improperly.
       Upon inspection I could not help but notice light brown looking fragments the resembled wood fragments, as if someone had assembled the optic component while working on a workbench in a furniture factory. Needless to say, dirt as such inside a camera is not a good sigh to see.
       Further more, I put up with the crooked field of view because it is the only camera I have and I was planing to purchase another camera next month so I wouldn’t have to do with out flying my quadcopter while it is in the process of being returned to be serviced for the repair of the inferior field of view.
       The I also noticed that it had changed from the RIOT settings to Personal, all on its own two or three times, which didn’t give me much faith in the circuity to say the least.
       Well it didn’t take long before some of that saw dust looking material showed up again. Apparently there was some of that light brown looking dust inside the lens. After a few crashes, it made its way to the front of the lens and now I have a big blurry spot just about smack dab in the center of the field of view. Needless to say, it raises havoc with flying at anything in close proximity and I’m no longer able to tolerate the poor craftsmanship any more. So what do I do and where do I need to send it?

Another thing
I bought some EV 100's
       Can you believe they came out with the FPV goggles several months ago and from what I read, they are already on the second version of them with some kind of fix or update.
       But I have to go down to Fry's and buy a capacitor and take them apart and fix one of the major problems with them.
       (They just flash white everything at what seems to be the times when you are looking straight down at the ground from a high altitude) .
       And you can be sure that no one will say a thing about the problem at because they get theirs for free. .
       Gee, I thought I was getting away from that crap when I quite buying airplanes that are set-up to fail.
       Let me tell you something. If you plan on running anything on DSMX or DSM2, you are set to fail.
       Just do a few fast moves and then change your flight mode, and watch the light on your receiver go out.
       And when it says that you just binded to 22ms, thats just a screen that pops up and dosen't mean a thing. The lemons run on 11ms, therefore the 11ms bit for digital servos is just a bunch a crap so something is a little fishy when it comes to all that big brand shit.

One thing I like to do is push things to the limit.
So if crashing is part of it, I'd rather go with carbon fiber instead of Styrofoam.

Boy, I only surfed one day last month.
       This morning there was the best waves in some time.
       It's pretty bad when I can wake up in the morning and check the bouy and discover that the wind swell is bigger than the ground swell.
       I could be the result of global warming. Or it could be something else, but then if I told you, you just might think I'm crazy.
       And just because there are people out there who have something to say about me, doesn't mean that they know me at all. It's just a rumor to make them feel better about themselves for spreading phoney rumors about me. None the less, when they say something about me, you might ask them why no one has ever attempted to clone them?
       One thing for sure, I'm not near mean and cruel as so many of you.
       Let us hear from someone who is nice for a change, because I'm pretty sure that too many of you have spent way too much time on social media and being mean a cruel has become a bad social disease.
       Part of the reason I have a difficult time even turning on this computer anymore. I really don't care to have any part of it.
Oh Yeah:
       I did come across the right spelling for Leon's last name.
       Therefore I found the Leon Christian, Facebook page.
       Looks as though his son may have posted a fresh image of him in 2014, but as far as the rest of the activity, it came to an end in 2012.
       Although there are comments attached to his photos, there are not any friends listed.
       I was going to try to send him a message to see if he was still alive, but that would take putting a Facebook app on my phone and I sure as hell don't want to do anything as stupid as that. And of course, I still want to be wrong and I sure hope that he is still alive. But I just recently heard that Spielberg tried to clone him to.
       I still cry over him. I was so proud of him.
       So are you one of those people who wanted to put an end to all those musicians that have the true gift of rhythm, you are already off to a good start because you already got the best guitar player in the world.
       Just like the inventors you've already killed off in the last twenty years. Or should I say 75 years?

Came across the Kelly Slater look alike.
Rule Numbers: 26

April 20th, 2018:
The give away was when he paddled over to steal my wave he said:
"Thanks, Buddy."
       I watched for him but he seemed to have disappeared.
       His voice and the word buddy sounded familiar.
       It's been a few years but the event sure hasn't been forgotten because when someone screws up your neck, you don't for get that.
       Of course the waves went to hell after-words and hasn't been any good since.

Got to mention a guy who stole a wave from me a couple months ago.
I could have dropped in on him but it would have meant messing up some boards.
       Funny thing was that he had the gull to yell at me for nearly dropping in on him and just as I tell most of those guys, I would drop in the next time since we all sometimes paddle for a wave and not see another guy all lined up for it. But in this case, I just told him just what he did and that he had just stole my wave and that the next time I wasn't going to let him get away with it.
       What surprised me is that he then realized just what he did and apologized for it and said that the next time he would just let me have the wave.
       I said that he didn't need to give me any wave, that I would just like him to play fare and that he didn't even need to paddle over towards me on that wave, that he should have just stayed where he was and took the left, and he agreed.
       Wouldn't you know, we both surfed for the next couple hours and caught several more good waves. That was the first time I've ever seen the waves stay good after someone stole my wave.
       Crazy as it my seem, it is true, no lying there.

Funny thing:
Crazy as it my seem:
       There are some of those things I've said that are fare from the truth, but none the less have got many people talking and that is exactly why I've said them whether the comments were right or wrong.
       However, the things that have proven to be right are quite remarkable and much bigger than the little white lies.
       Amazing is that the things that have turned out to be true are those things that people are reluctant to tell me about.
       One of those things I want to know about is how Obama got all mixed up with Spielberg, of which I'd heard about lately.
      Don't you think I want to stand corrected? There just has to be a better way than guessing. Currently, you can't believe half of the things you hear on the street.

sunnyside's second Quadcopter

Got a great idea for you:
Rule Numbers:10, 14, 20, 40 & 41

April 24th, 2018:
Sent to DALPropsUSA
It's a clever marketing idea.
       Like ear plugs we surfers go through. We discover that we loss more either right or left ear plugs and we end up buying pairs and paying twice that we need.
       Waste not. You should make larger packages, (like quantities of six,) all of one direction or another. As I've got about ten rights and about three lefts, so what do I do with all the extra right hand propeller? Throw them into a landfill? I wonder about how many rights will be floating around in the ocean ten years from now?
       I love your T5040C propellers, but I would like them even more if the manufacturer would set an example for conservation.
       Thanks, Sunnyside.

I solved my ear plug situation.
I made a few molds and made my own
       Now that I've got a shit-load of left ear plugs, I now have cut back to only making right ear plugs.
       I never got any appreciation from surfers, but then not all surfer use ear plugs. Let's just hope copter pilots appreciate what I may have started more because we all have to buy propellers.

Defiantly getting the hang of flying my quadcopter.
I could be a little smarter at it though:
       Rule 40: Like I learned the hard way. To check the prop nuts after a crash; because you and take off again and poor on the juice and then the quad looses grip on the propeller and you discover that it goes into a death roll.
       That stupid mistake cost me a leg on the copter and I had to figure out how I could fit everything into the smaller X-frame I had as a back-up.
       It took some finesse, but it was all in a day's work and I had it up and running again. Unlike airplanes, one can salvage all the good parts and put them in anther where as with airplanes, you more or less end up with a pile of foam that is either not good for anything or will never be the same again.
       Needless to say, that is where quadcopters are a little bit more practical than airplanes when you like to push the limits.

I don't know it it is just the True X frame or me just getting better at it.
       None the less, I've been told I get better every day.
       But something just kicked in, because you can even see it in the videos, that I'm flying more like an experienced pilot.
       Some of the moves just amaze me and it is just a thrill to be doing maneuvers like those guys I've watched on the Internet.
       Too bad I don't have any others to share this sport/hobby with, but I figure that in time I will. I figure that it is just a matter of time before there will be a lot more guys flying them.
       Believe me folks, this shit isn't like flying a drone. These things have no GPS and they do not fly themselves. It takes some knowledge and skill to fly these things.

You may have noticed:
       I'd left the wires to my motors long enough to got to a 4 in 1 and just taped them on top of my ESC's.
       However, two of the wires have been cut due to crashes so you can say that they've doubled up and crash guards.
       They also aloud me to flip over my FC without having to take off any of the motors if I was going to get a VTX with smart audio in the future.
       I plan on just cutting the wires and resoldering them in the future, but for now I just wanted to get the thing in the air without having to do any soldering so....
       Oh I got an CMOS type Eagle 2 and the image has a little better depth perception than than CCD type Rotor Riot, but I've got to say that RR has a faster rate of adjusting to the lighting conditions. Also the Eagle to just stuck out of the front of this X-frame less than the RR, so....

Rule 10: We're a lot more like the Russians than you may think.
       For one, both societies just except that corruption exist.
       Secondly, we have just about the same morals.
       Just as the Russians think about gassing people, we think about starving them, so which is the more humane? Fast or slow you may say; but then again it's about adds up to the same thing, -it's killing people and mostly for profit of the defense contractors and the kick backs they give to the politicians.
       Just as right after Donald Trump got into the Whitehouse, he met with the rich 32 year old guy who runs Saudi Arabia and arranged a weapons deal so that Saudi Arabia could cut off the food supply to the people of Yemen so that they would starve to death.
       Then it took nothing more than a video of people in Syria suffering from being gassed, that got the US involve in spending $1.87 million per missile, (23 X $1,87 mil = $43 Million) to bomb a few places in Syria.
       You and your defense contractors can call it war, but guys like me really do know that it is truly Evil.
       Tell me who is foolish.
       Tell me if you actually think we made it to the Moon.

Sunnyside's second Quadcopter

I got something that Mr. Steele has:
Rule Numbers: 14

My 10th, 2018:
A Team-Blacksheep Battery Bag
You could say I got spotted by Monica Holiday.
       She watched me dodge some tight areas around trees and what not.
       She thought it was amazing that I'd only been flying about a month, that was until I said I'd been sloping for about ten years.
       Anyhow, I'm way beyond that day by now.
       But what the heck, a nice airline approved bag with I really nice black coating on the outside. Got a picture of my quad with it but my image transfer has been a pain in the ass lately.

Got a Mach 2 TX installed.
On the 500 setting,
I hear the images are better now.

       I figure that there has been others watching my vtx signal.
       Got tired of the Eachine wires falling off all the time and the 600 was not much better than the 200 on that one.
       Hoping that the 80mm Pagota antenna will help my headset get clearer reception on 500 because I don't want to use 800 until I know that the smart audio control works for me. I've seen where the temperature can get over 160F on 800 and I'd rather be able to turn it down if I have to spend some time fetching it.
       I also got a new R-XSR receiver .
       But I'm holding off on installing it until I get my antenna tube set-up. Short antennas, but I've read that it might just extend my range. As of now, I'm running off one antenna.

My next frame will be the Real Macoy:
I-Fight makes the original and they lengthened it a bit and it should be about 9 grams lighter, also it is big enough to mount a Sessions, if I ever get enough money for one.
       However I think I'l stay on the lighter side of things and not worry about making any videos because my motors are too small for that sort of thing. I'm just looking forward to the day I get my eyes inside some Fat Sharks. I figure with a bigger field of view,(42 instead of 28 degree FOV,) everything will seem a lot closer to me.
       Tuned out that I didn't have to solder in a capacitor in my EV100's, it was the Camera gain that was too high and whiting out everything at times. (I've got it set on 8 now.).
      Oh word to the wise on the EV100 Recorder:
       Don't Use the formate because it will set your SD card up with a MSDOS format and you can't get it back. Even worse is that it screws up the time line order when you try to view your recordings on your computer. Stay with the FAT 32 the SD card comes with.

For now, what I need is another three pack of batteries and bearings for one of my motors:
       A person should have ten to work with and maybe I won't have to charge twice in a day much anymore.
       I'll put my spare motor in once I get the bearing and then shorten the motor leads at the same time. Also I got some 63/37 solder, -boy does that make a difference.
       I like the way I set my VTX sideways with the 90 coming off of it. And the way the antenna mount hold the antenna down farther, therefore with the 50mm Pagota, it won't stick up so high. (Got the 50's and waiting on the 80's)
       I like how quite the T5046C-3 Cylones are and getting pretty good and finding holes to shoot through.

Being played as a bunch of fools?
Rule Numbers 26:

May 18th, 2018:
Was it Steven Spieleberg or the government?
       Either way, you had just paid for the two hours of bullshit I just witnessed.
       I just could not imagine the crap that people will pay for.
       This guy shows up two days in a row, just looking for trouble.
       Like I don't even want to go through the trouble of showing you the picture of it because it's too much hassle to do such a thing once they are inside my computer, but anyhow -they played with it with some help of a Mexican guy and his son and a rope the day after he showed up with his kid just mess around with my target I had set up next to a picnic table. It was as if i had been some toy someone left behind just for them to hone in on, even though I was just sitting less than thirty yards way from me ans quite obvious what it was there for. (unless you where dumber than shit.)

Let me tell you right now that Google is not your friend.
       It's not the easiest thing to explain, but for some of you, you know what I mean.
       Facebook is another one I'd mention but I'd leave that for another day because photos are something I can't provide you with at this time.
       You know: photos are million words so should I say that the opening photo I was going to present would speak words, but something is stopping me from providing you such a thing right now.
       I will tell you one thing: that doing anything on my computer is more difficult than you could ever think.
       Just try doing anything at least twice just to get the right letters down on the page.
       But anyhow, just to see what I witnessed for over two hours, you've got to come up with the conclusion that someone had to pay this dude to do what he has done the last to days.
       Yesterday I wrote it off as some guy who was just stupid and wanted someone to thing he and is son was more important than anyone else but now that I look at it, it was Spielberg or the government, you,-your ass that was paying for it.
The Mexican guy was about to untie it an walk away with it yesterday.
The I had to stop him, but today he was back looking for some trouble.
       It was worse than just asking for it, - it was like he was asking for it.
       Then to end the evening out, I ended up with three cop cars and a shit load of pigs at the 7/11 to finish the evening out.
       Get it folks, they are pigs. they do nothing about stopping crimes because they are a part of it.
       They will stand there and watch the government stick needles in you and do nothing about it.
       Like the day a guy with his son next to him who said, the only good cop is a dead cop.
       Damn that guy couldn't be more right.
       Boy, dumber by the day and just too damn stupid to do anything about it. I feel sorry for you all.
       Suckers to say the least....
       Like what is it? they got me living in a box, shitting in a bucket and pissing in a milk carton. What else do they want out of me? can they take away anything more?
      Oh, the truth.
      Something evil does not want you or me to know about.
       Oh, they want us all stupid of course.

I hate being so stupid.
Rule Numbers: 20

May 24th, 2018:
At least I'm one of the few who would rather be smarter than I am.
I sure that there are plenty of people out there who would say: It's what it is.
       They are fine with the fact that we are breeding stupid people because that may make them feel that much smarter.
       They're content that they have to wonder it the big fence going around their child's school will actually do any good.
       Gee, back in the day, we never had any fences going around any of our schools and you can bet that there were plenty of guns around and they were simple to get your hands on one.
       But then again, we were not living in a time when we had to look back and face the facts that we'd been selective breeding stupid people by law for the past twenty years.

Now they want to take away the guns so that the only people who have them are the cops and they expect you to use your cell phone to call a cop so that someone can control the situation.
And now that you've got cell phones, so many of you feel so powerful. .

Like get this:
I had some stupid bitch call the cops on me the other night, just because I was cutting a piece of carbon fiber with a hack saw for my quad, -on the back of my truck.
       Could it have been the bitch had heard the phony rumors we all know the cops were spreading and she just wanted me to get into some trouble.
       Like some have wondered, did she think I was making a bomb or a gun in a 7/11 parking lot?
       Just an example of just how stupid people are.
       You've got to remember, that it's only been our own bad patent laws doing it to use for the past twenty years, but those same lousy laws have been around for over 75 year and that has even effected the older people as well.

And for those of you who don;t think all cops are bad.
       Well it doesn't matter if they are good, because when corruption happens, it doesn't matter what they think, it's their boss who is corrupt and they will just have to do what their boss tells them to do.
       Like the time in LA. I had a cop sit there in the passenger seat of a squad car, telling me that he didn't think I did anything wrong or bad that should warrant me being haul off to Oliveview medical center, but like he said, "I'm not the boss."
       Anyone could see that there was plenty of rust on the dents on my truck so anyone could guess that they had been there for well over a year, and I did not threaten anyone.
       But all in all, Oliveview medical center line up a bunch of us just to get a pint of my blood for their TB testing, which actually only requires an x-ray.
       Kinna makes you realize just why I got out of a 72 hour evaluation in 24 hours.
       As I was walking out, I asked a nurse if anyone ever gets out of one early, she said, "no, you're one in a million."

Let me tell you about another situation.
       Not to long ago, I found myself talking to an agent of the FBI
       He acted surprised to learn that Steven Spielberg was in prison .
       But the sad thing about it, he really didn't have much for questions to ask and therefore I realized that he was certainly not going to get any answers for any of the questions I was asking about.
       I found myself rambling on and just doing my spell because I was sure he would go back to his office and write the visit off as just another person with delusional tenancies and that was what the whole over dub during the golf match was all about.
       So you've got to remember that Steven Spielberg it the producer of the CBS show called Bull.
       However, there was one thing I told that FBI agent, that actually raised his eyebrows.
       It was when I told him about the second to the last time I woke up to find my door unlocked and a couple fresh needle holes in my hand. It was when I mentioned that I looked over just around the corner and saw two or three Oceanside police cars.
       Yeah, you can bet that FBI agent didn't even what to find out what that was all about.
       I figure that the cops were there just being curious was to whether I would ever wake up, or if they were going to check too see if I was still alive. Like my landlord at the RV storage yard had to do the last time I woke up with a fresh needle hole in my foot. That got me evicted by his son the next day. He sure didn't need his father having a heart attack over a dead body the government leaves lying around, and I really could not blame him.

Bottom modification of sunnysides quad

Does it look threatening to you?
Rule Numbers: 26

May 28th, 2018:
Talking about the extra piece of carbon plate on the bottom.
It had a piece of masking tape on it when the bitch called the cops on me for it.
None the less, it did keep the legs from braking off.

Sure its not a bomb.
But you've got to laugh that the Quad as a whole, probably has more modern technology within it than the hellfire missiles that you pay $67,000.oo for.
      However, it appears that someone thought they needed it more than I did and they walked off with it.
       I didn't want to think I heard what I thought I heard, but the odds are that there were people around that just let the guy walk off with it when they knew it was mine.
       Needless to say, I still searched the area for about 8 hours just to prove to myself that I heard right. (About 25% of the area was just too dense to find anything, but it probably did a death roll into a clearing.)
       Then when I walked into the G store and heard about it, I realized I was just wasting my time trying to find it.
Maybe I should have my head examined, because I was stupid enough to order another CL Racing flight controller.
       But really it was because it was only $30 and I knew could probably get it up and running, -and when you read all the reviews on just about any flight controller, you realize that it's just a crap shoot just trying to get one that isn't defective or have something wrong with it from the get go. (However Kiss an exception, but the cost is just too much to invest in when people are willing to take what doesn't belong to them.)
       It's my guess that there are too many people trying to get the Chinese manufactures to build their controllers and there only a few who will make them for the price that they do. Put small manufacturing runs on that and the frequent change of setup configurations, the flight controllers never get tested in the real world applications to find out if there is any problem with them. They get shipped over here and we the consumers are the ones who end up doing the real world testing.
       None the less, I think a death roll is what broke my first frame and now that I look back on it, it was a death roll that put it down into the bushes where I just saw a couple walk into with the second one.

Now that I've managed to get a Raceflight configurator installed on my laptop.
       I figure that if I have any of the same problems with this new CLR4
       I'll try something other than Betaflight.
       Couldn't get Butter flight installed, but Raceflight and Kiss configurator seems to be in working order.
       But this time around, I'll be using a 4 in 1 and even though they say you don't need any capacitors, I will be using one and I will run separate wires to the FC. Also I'm not going to use the 9 volt power supply for my video gear because others have had the video cut out after punch outs as I did..
       I figure I'll use the 5 volt to run a Hellgate and hope the beeper is loud enough and it might work as it is claimed, but with the lack of reviews, I think it is not likely because it would have to keep the battery at storage voltage.

They are either in my phone, or within my gmail.
       Put my DX 6 for sale.
       And all that did was bring a guy around that had no interest in buying it in the first pace.
       Come on; do you think a guy who not only claims to have electric airplanes, but gas as well, -would drive an hour and a half to buy a used DX6? And not know anything about storage voltage?
       It was like trying to sell my table saw all over again, but I can assure you that I'd seen that guy somewhere else before and he was just being a spy.
       A little creepy to say the least.
       Should I add, that they now know that I know about what my family isn't about to tell me. And I should add, that I also realize now, that my phone is rigged, because it will tell me that the voice mail is not set up on the phone they don't want me to reach.

iFlight XL5 frame

It was an early Birthday gift, to myself.
Rule Numbers: 14, 26 & 55

May 30th, 2018:
iFlight XL5 freestyle frame
Just one of those things you know that you will need someday.
       Basically I had the frame, a Rotor Riot Camera, a 30 amp 4 in 1 ESC and an FrSky R-XSR receiver in waiting for my next build.
       But loosing my Spedix ESC's and Eagle 2 camera really sucks because I'll sure miss them.
       Had to sell my DX6 to pay for the new Flight controller, Mach 2 VTX and Motors.

IFlight XL5 Freestyle Quadcopter by Sunnyside

Got some Badass 2206 Motors from RDQ.
Man, I tell you that they have some balls. Big ones too.
      Talking about the over sized bearings. (EZO 9x4x4) Bigger than what come on the larger motors that they offer.
       They got naked bottoms with 14 poles instead of the 12 that came one the 2205's and they only weigh 28 grams which is about 4 grams lighter if I would have got the bigger motors for about the same price. Of course they have more magnets because of the extra poles on the stators, but even though the magnets are narrower, they even made them thicker, -so you can bet they have a pretty good amount of pull. (Which equals to torque for days.)
       Need I say, they have a hell of a lot more power than the 2205's I had and I'm guessing that the battery consumption will be a bit more mild than if I would have got the 2306's everyone seems to be going to now days.
      I also like the stronger looking bell design on the 2206 Badass motors. And oh, of course these new RDQ BadAss Motors have hallow steal shafts with the screw on the bottom too.
      (Mr. Steele came out with some 2306's that only weight 28 grams, but I think the bells are lacking some material on the top and they never say just what kind of bearings are in them. And a $28 a pop, I'd be wondering just how well they would hold up.)

iFlight XL5 on scale

Took it for a test ride.
Too bad some lady pulled up an set her ass down in my way, but I did run a battery thru it before it got too dark today.
       It was kind of scary. I just went with the stock PID's that came in the FC and shit you not, the PID's were the same but the rates were off the chart compared to the other CLR F4s I had before. Couple that with the more powerful motors and it was about as scary as a RSSS Camero with a 396.
       Every time I punched it, I was up there much higher then I expected.
       I tried to do a flip and it went over so many times, I lost count.
       Cost me a couple props.

Bottom line:
       Is that I think I needed more power.
       As I got more advanced, I realized just what my weaknesses were and just what I was needing to work on, and that mostly was my vertical moves. Diving through stuff takes some nerves and it takes some power to avoid slamming yourself into things and with underpowered motors you'll feel a little bit vulnerable.
       Needless to say, I feel pretty confident that for a guy who has only piloted the crafts for about 100 hrs, I'm doing quite well at it when I compare my talents to what I see on Youtube.
       Never touched a simulator to get there either.
       I just wonder how much these guys speed up their videos, if that's what they are doing. Seems like the quick rolls are a good way to cut and paste things together if you ask me.

IFlight XL5 Freestyle Quadcopter by Sunnyside

Got some bad bearings I guess.
Rule Numbers:

June 2nd, 2018:
I'll know once I replace a motor
Got a gift certificate for the $20.00
       I didn't wait around to find out what RaceDayQuads was going to do about it and I ordered a new motor before they even got back to me because I just hate sitting around not doing anything.
       Funny thing is that I'd order a news set of bearings before I even took it for its maiden flight, just because they were available and I didn't want them to be sold out when ever I needed them.
       Then once I knew I had something wrong, I order a complete motor because I didn't know just what the problem was yet. I'll just replace the motor when it gets here and put the new bearing in the bad motor so that I have a spare. Then of course next month I buy another set of bearings for when ever I need them.
       Now that I'm up to 12 1500 amp batteries, Next month I'll buy a couple 1300 amp ones for some superior performance.

Oh can you believe:
Oh can you believe that the new motors are just as efficient, or more I should say since they have a lot more power. None the less, I noticed that that with both motors, my batteries have been hitting the 14.5 volt mark right about 8 minutes. Which is pretty good considering what other guys get, which is usually about 5 minutes or less on a 1300 amp pack.
       Once in a while, if I'm doing big air stuff more than usual, I'll hit 14.5 around seven minutes, however most of the time, my timer is counting down at the same time I see 14.5 on my OSD.

Next thing I'm planning to do is get a better VTX receiver.
I'm going with a Pro 58 module and I'm hoping I can get the Achilles Firmware flashed into it; which may prove to be difficult since I'm on Linux and the ST-Link software is for Microsoft.
      However, they say you can flash the PRO 58 without the ST-Link program on Linux, but that is if you know how to use Linux better than I do, -so you can say I have some learning to do.
       Maybe I will work as easy as it did with my FrSky R-XSR receiver.
       Then the next step will be opening up my EV 100's and hack some hardwiring it into it. I plan on just taking the factory receiver out and solder wires right to its pads and just mount the PRO 58 on the front of it by modifying the Fat Shark cover that comes with it.
      (I'm probably going to have to provide a better 5 volt source with an BEC. I think I already have a three amp, but it's something I have to look into just to make sure I get it right. I also have to figure out which pin heads are the audio, but I can do without until I do.)
       It's getting late, I've got to make some dinner. Sorry, just as usual, I don't have the time to proof read and edit.

What ever you do,
do not buy these motors because of me.
Rule Numbers:19 & 40

June 7th, 2018:
Just like taking $80 and burning it.
Save yourself the trouble.
       Get this: Two of the four motors had bad bearings in less than ten flights.
       I swapped one motor out with another new one and the other I swapped the bearings out with the new ones I bought as spares.
       I know I was really careful doing it and I did it correctly, but after one pack, those EZO bearings so many are putting in their motors now days were bad already.
       At high rpm, everything gets shackey. But believe it or not, just bouncing of a picnic table actually helped take some of the shakiness out of it. Which leads me to believe that the shafts must be made out of butter.

As I wrote to RDQ
I decided to see, just how easy it would be to replace the bearings of your 2206's.
       Heck, they put so much lock tight on the little screw It's a 50% chance you won't even get it out without stripping it. Mine came out half way before it just wanted to stop and it striped, but I was lucky enough to have enough of it out to get a needle nose on to it.
       Luckily I had that extra bad motor and I almost striped it also, but I got the screw out of it. However I now know, the reason they use so much lock tight on it, -It's because if you tighten it all the way down, the shaft is too short and it binds up the bearings so you have to back it out a little and hope the lock tight will hold it.
       The thing is, where is a person suppose to get a new screw for such a thing? You don't sell then with the bearings, and if there was a new bell even available, I doubt that it is a given that you supply the screws with the replacement bells you sell. Don't see you offering the screws as a stand alone idiom either.

Not such a Funny thing:
Crazy me even has another one of those motors arriving on Friday.
       I'm wondering if out of 6 motors and a set of bearings, that I can get the thing to fly until next month.
       But no, I really don't think so, so I ordered 3 of those 2205's since I still had the number the extra 5th left over from the quad that was stolen from me.
       I figure that it was smarter than buying some Racerstars to get by on and I have more faith in NSK's Bearings than I do EZO's or the ones the put in Racerstars.
       After reading a description on the new Hypertrain motors, I get the impression the reason they went to the EZO's is because they are lighter.

Then low & behold:
       Team-Blacksheep updated their description on the MR. Steele motors.
       It appears that they are using NSR bearing in his motors, so it doesn't take much to figure out which motors I plan to go with next time.
       The guy was brilliant about offering two types of pants with his motors and his replacement bells are a dollar cheeper then Hypetrains
       The the bells now have hallow shafts and screws at the bottom and are backward interchangeable with the earlier versions too. Something he should do with the next versions I hope, because he could upgrade to Prop grippers on top of his bells and I would suggest going to a titanium shaft because there is something to be said about the old solid shaft with clip style.
       Brother Hobby offers titanium shafts, but they are using EZO's. (By the way, Brother Hobby makes both the Hypertrain and RDQ motors.)
       The solid shaft with clips are probably the reason my old 2205's took the beating they did even though the prop shaft are aluminum, (being part of the bell.)

       At least Mr. Steeles motors have the bigger 2mm screws at the bottom.
       Since Hypertrains are made by Brother Hobby, and a guy in a review mentioned having to loosen the screw at the bottom because it had the bearing too tight, I figure that they've got the same problem as the RDQ's.
       Probably the reason of such bearing failure rate.
       At least with the bigger 2mm screws on the Hypertrains , one can at least back them up 1/4 turn before they even run them. But try that with the RDQ's 1.5mm and you have about a 50% chance of stripping the screw on your brand new motor.
       Gee, kinna like the problems with flight controllers don't you think?
       And oh, this thing with open bottom's. They say that they are suppose to be easier to clean out. Well, since I'm a newbie, I've used motor guards, or should I say pants. I've learned that my first motors with skirts got less dirt in them than the open bottoms. With a writing pin casing tube, I'd easily blow the dirt out when I did get some. But with the open bottoms, I would get dirt in the motors more often and more of them when I did.
       So with Mr.Steele motors, I plan to use his skirts along with the King Kong motor guards from Banggood. In fact with the amount of faith I have in these new Badass 2206's, I've already ordered motor guards for the 2300-2400 size.
       Oh, Oh, Oh, I just got some HQ 5x4.3x3 V1S Propellers: Gee you can hit branches and keep on flying. No bending them back or anything. So light and hassle free. (3.7 grams) Well worth the extra 69 cents over cyclones. I just love them.

IFlight XL5 Freestyle Quadcopter by Sunnyside

It took 6 motors and a set of bearings to end up with motors that lasted longer than three packs
Rule Numbers:

June 9th, 2018:
Not any luck with the 2205's this time around.
None the less, I still have a shakey camera.
       It's alright as long as I keep it below half throttle.
       At least I can fligh but I'm left wondering if it is a balance issue.
       If it isn't, I'm guessing it may be the Holybro TekkoS 4 in 1 30A BLHeli_S ESC Banggood is selling as a 35 amp Racerstar.
       I want to try the back box and notch filters but I can't get the betaflight Black box-explorer to work on my computer.
       The only option I have is to try it without the Dymanic filler. If that doesn't help I'm wondering if some Spedix ESC's would do the trick because I never had such a problem with my first quad. To bad people are willing to watch a guy walk away with someone's quad and do noting about it.

I changed my mind on the Mr' Steele motors and leaning towards the new Emax RSiiThe thing is:
they have titanium shafts, but they don't say what kind of bearings are in them. Ten looking into their older models, I see they were using NMB bearing and that's what Racerstar is using in their 2306's. Racerstars have stainless steel shafts and I'd think that would be stronger then just steel, like Mr. Steeles. Then it get's down to whether they are balanced very well and all a person can do is buy some and check them out. The people I know who have Racerstars seem to be happy with them, however if you are thinking of getting some of those new DYS Samguk motors, keep in mind even though the perform like power houses, people are having problems with their bearings and they are not very efficient and tend to eat up you battery time.

Looks as they have taken up the game of contaminating the rumor mill:
About a year ago there was a rumor that someone killed them self and I think as an effort to hid the fact, and them knowing that my father doesn't answer his phone anymore, they attached my dad to the rumor when it was more likely another cop or even Spielberg for that mater.
       Folks, I called the New Tacoma Cemetery and found out that my dad is still alive.
       None the less, I would not believe anything you hear on the street because they've got people going through checkout lines every where I go with phoney rumors.
       The checkers that have been around awhile know better than repeat the rumors, but as there is always turn overs, there are ones who are gullible enough to spread them..

Iflight XL5 with Props and battery helmet

Back in the air.
Rule Numbers: 12 & 14

June 19th, 2018:
Sure miss the Eagle 2
I'm trying to make up my mind whether getting a micro or the full size again.
       Leaning towards the full size since it will mount better and I think it will prove to be more durable.
      And since I'm not going to be running with a go pro anytime soon, I don't thing the extra 12 grams will hurt me any. Some people prefer having a little extra weight, saying it had something to do with momentum.
       I do like the extra power of the new motors and it turned out that the back panel to the RR camera had a screw that popped loose. Something that makes me appreciate the aluminum case with four screws holding the back plate on and having 4 screws mounting the full size Eagle 2 over the 2 screws that hold the micro still seems to be a more durable way of holding the camera in place.

Oh it was Dan Anderson and not my Dad whom killed them self.
Goes to show you how they contaminated the rumors.
Also just who they used to still the patent on my truck.
But then he might have just ran to "them with the idea and a confidential letter and didn't even file for a patent at all.
       And I did do a patent search using his name but it came up with nothing, even using a by state search..
       None the less, somewhere along the lines, "they hid the patent because it should have come up with the searches performed by the Canadian and United Kingdom patent office searches and I should have found out about it that way.
       But something tells me that Dan made no secrete that he did what he did.
      I take it that other people around him didn't like what he did, and I figure that he didn't get the amount of money that it was truly worth and I'm betting that the money ran out.
       To bad I wasn't able to do anything about it but with out any help from my family there wasn't much I could do about it. He stole a lot more than my invention, he stole my life.
      However, I think Dan had others helping him because there was someone sent to Australia and that's where they left the rumor that my aunt had stole the patent.
      Just think, if it wasn't the people he sold it to whom would have been fallowing me with the rumors, if it was Dan himself, just think of the rotten life he had to have lead.
      None the less, just think of all the people who have died because of what he did with my invention. Then you can think about the kind of success he had with my invention. I still don't see any of the guys who I invented it for, driving or using it almost 23 years after I came up with it.
      Guess you could call it the human condition, which is sad.

People just except Evil,
by supporting it.
Rule Numbers: 65 & 66

June 22nd, 2018:
Millions will turn out this weekend to dump millions of dollars into a criminal's hand.
Talking about Spielberg and his Jurassic World movie.
       He's already made a Billion dollars since he has been in prison.
       You've got to wonder if the fact that he's a criminal in prison will keep anyone from going to the flick that he bankrolled.
       Kinna like the guy who said to me this week about breeding stupid people.
       He said he's probably only has 20 years left and that it wasn't anything he is going to worry about because it's something the younger people need to worry about.
      You can bet the politicians think the same way since they are the ones who did it to us.

Can you believe that there is no laws against subliminal messages in this country?
So you can bet they they have them in many of those movie trailers you see. However I can safely say I will never pay to see any movie ever again for the rest of my life, because I will not support Evil.

It was one hell of a deterrent.
The whole separating the Children from the parents of the people who illegally sneak into this country.
       What was wrong about it was how it was implemented. They should of gave a 30 day notice before hand, but I take it that the media failed to report it.
       Come on, do you think Walmart can fork over a building for housing children and it didn't catch anyone's attention?
       I think it was overlooked by the media on purpose, just for the shock value.
       While we let more people in the country faster than we build housing, we wonder how we can fix the homeless problem and we wonder why Social Security is running dry.

Just go down to the Social Security office and take a look at who is getting on SSI. Every time I've been there, I've seen at least 75% Latino and about half of them are under 30 years of age.
       Like the time I was in Mexico.
       I met a young man from Iraq who is a Taxi Driver, whom was in the USA for only three years and he's receiving as much Social Security as I am.
       We pay his rent in a house overlooking the ocean and then some. While he;s driving a taxi.
       I happen to think that the general public is being played by the media, -big time.
       Those painted on words on the back of the first lady kinna says it.
      Dumber by the day and too damn stupid to do anything about it.

Iflight iX5 Dead Cat Racing Quadcopter

My Dead Cat
       A special racing style Quadcopter
       About 88 grams, w/2205 motors just under 200.
       Should be quick and nimble.
       Seems that the people who have them sure like them.
       It will be my back up some day and eventually when I get bigger better motors for my XL5, I'll transfer its 2206 motors to my Dead Cat.
       The challange with the dead cat is getting everything to fit. It is getting a Micro Eagle and the XL5 is getting the full size Eagle 2 because it has the better light sensitivity.

EV 100 Modification

Call it Voiding the Warranty:
Rule Numbers:

June 1st, 2018:
Hell of a thing to do in order to get a better product.
Kinna silly they didn't just put their $25 receiver into it in the first place.
       Like what is the difference than $100 and $125, minus the cost of the junky receiver they put in it in the first place?
       I tried to desolder the original receiver so I could use the stock 5 volt power supply, but without the proper type heat gun for lifting mulible pads, I tore up two of the pads I needed.
       Anyhow, thanks to Drone Mesh for locating the other spot, I was able to use an external power supply and save the circuit board and made it more useful.
       And get this: you don't even have to hold the button down to get it into AV in mode. The funny thing about it is that the OSD comes up as normal showing the what would be channel and frequency, even if the new external receiver is on some other channel. Funny how the stock receiver was actually being controlled by the OSD.
       Anyhow, the Pro 58 is so much better, even without the after market firmware.

Now I've got a problem with my VTX
       I'm thinking it might be a bad wire broken by a tree branch or something.
      The thing is blacking out, going dark, or even going black and white at times and it's a bit risky to say the least.
       I've got to open it up and take a look at things tomorrow morning before putting it in the air again.
       Anyhow, just in case, I ordered a new VTX.

I more or less called it right:
about the media witholding information just to get people all in a shit fit:

Talking about the 2000 kids separated from their parents.
       The thing is, they tried that idea of keeping them all together in Australia, but mixing men and kids together didn't work out so well so they began keeping the fathers in detention and paying the rent and food bills for the wife and kids outside the detention centre.
       One of my friends was a brick layer from Fiji. He thought it was great, just sitting on his as while the government provided everything for his wife and kids who came to see him almost every day.
       He said, "this is my job."
       No matter how you look at it, they are nothing more than free loaders on the pocket books of the tax payers.

Around here, we have an invasion of Motorhome dwellers.
       Boy they sure don't have any respect like they use to.
       They don't know how to find their own spot and they just take over the pace once they see one move in on a spot.
       They moved in on mine and they've done it before and it's just a matter of time before the cops show up and I really don't need that kind of problem, so I'm the one who has to find a different spot, or should I say spots because several of my spots have motor homes hanging around. On top of that there is a shit load of people living in their cars, just pissing all over the place. It's just a matter of time until people get their cars broken into and then you can bet the cops will have to do something about it and I don't want to be around them when it does happen.
       Shit, there is a guy with one that must be worth at least $250,000.oo. You would think he would have the money to put it someplace, but from the looks of it, he just sits there doing nothing so I'm guessing he's just another freeloader sitting on Social Security.

Stupid Rules

Stupid Rules

Stupid Rules

Stupid Rules

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Woody the wooden dumpster on a Synchro-link.

Dooms Day for Private Inventors
-happened yesterday,
when Obama took his mighty pin to the bill.

My Stupid Movie Idea

The most revolutionary tool box in the world,
sitting in a room of poisonous insecticide

September 2009

The Rumor

And if you want to know more about the local Sheriff who spread phony rumors about me and his drug dealing brother, and even a recording of a drug deal going down you'll have to go to the

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New: the full version of the story about the fire
the actual book excerpt
Burning Down the House

A few years ago, I wrote about a couple of these law makers at: Poop Bad Law.

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For those of you who may feel I don't have better things to do with my time than molesting children or stalking women, I'd say do a background check on me yourself, because you can not believe anything any cop or fireman will tell you.
       I've actually tried doing a criminal background check on myself because I would love to find one that wasn't true. I've learned that even when they say it's free, that it is not. However, I did find one that will refund your money if you cancel a monthly subscription with 7 days.
Its at:

I'm the Dennis Sattler, 50 in Van Nuys CA, Lakewood Washington, Castic CA

But in reality now days, you only have to fire up a search engine.

And no I'm not the Dennis Sattler in Texas who hid in a closet and then killed his wife. But that goes to show you that if I have done any criminal act such as stalking a woman or molesting a child, just Googling my name would tell you.

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Oceanside Lieutenant Committing Slander

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