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EV 100 Modification

Call it Voiding the Warranty:
Rule Numbers:

July 1st, 2018:
Hell of a thing to do in order to get a better product.
Kinna silly they didn't just put their $25 receiver into it in the first place.
       Like what is the difference than $100 and $125, minus the cost of the junky receiver they put in it in the first place?
       I tried to desolder the original receiver so I could use the stock 5 volt power supply, but without the proper type heat gun for lifting mulible pads, I tore up two of the pads I needed.
       Anyhow, thanks to Drone Mesh for locating the other spot, I was able to use an external power supply and save the circuit board and made it more useful.
       And get this: you don't even have to hold the button down to get it into AV in mode. The funny thing about it is that the OSD comes up as normal showing the what would be channel and frequency, even if the new external receiver is on some other channel. Funny how the stock receiver was actually being controlled by the OSD.
       Anyhow, the Pro 58 is so much better, even without the after market firmware.

Now I've got a problem with my VTX
       I'm thinking it might be a bad wire broken by a tree branch or something.
      The thing is blacking out, going dark, or even going black and white at times and it's a bit risky to say the least.
       I've got to open it up and take a look at things tomorrow morning before putting it in the air again.
       Anyhow, just in case, I ordered a new VTX.

I more or less called it right:
about the media witholding information just to get people all in a shit fit:

Talking about the 2000 kids separated from their parents.
       The thing is, they tried that idea of keeping them all together in Australia, but mixing men and kids together didn't work out so well so they began keeping the fathers in detention and paying the rent and food bills for the wife and kids outside the detention centre.
       One of my friends was a brick layer from Fiji. He thought it was great, just sitting on his as while the government provided everything for his wife and kids who came to see him almost every day.
       He said, "this is my job."
       No matter how you look at it, they are nothing more than free loaders on the pocket books of the tax payers.

Around here, we have an invasion of Motorhome dwellers.
       Boy they sure don't have any respect like they use to.
       They don't know how to find their own spot and they just take over the pace once they see one move in on a spot.
       They moved in on mine and they've done it before and it's just a matter of time before the cops show up and I really don't need that kind of problem, so I'm the one who has to find a different spot, or should I say spots because several of my spots have motor homes hanging around. On top of that there is a shit load of people living in their cars, just pissing all over the place. It's just a matter of time until people get their cars broken into and then you can bet the cops will have to do something about it and I don't want to be around them when it does happen.
       Shit, there is a guy with one that must be worth at least $250,000.oo. You would think he would have the money to put it someplace, but from the looks of it, he just sits there doing nothing so I'm guessing he's just another freeloader sitting on Social Security.

iFlight iX5 V2 Quadcopter at

Got a bottom loader:
Rule Numbers: 35 & 55

July 10th, 2018:
It's and iFlight iX5 V2
Gotta say it flies very stable.
       It's easy to fly this light weight quad well.
       300 grams without props and antenna. 330 with.
       It's about 30 - 35 grams lighter than my XL5 and responds well with the smaller 2205 motors; I just use more of the upper throttle range is all.
       I don't know if it is just a transition point in my own talent or not, -just like when I flue my first X-frame.

Something else I should mention:
It might have something to do with my getting the hang of using hybid-pinching instead of my thumbs. I'm on my third or fourth day with my change of control method, however I do think the bottom loader is more stable and easier to fly. I put my CLR4 in it and got a Helio Spring and Eagle 2 for my main Quad. None the less I think it is a good back-up.
       And about that recorder on top, I think it was dead on arrival. It never wrote any file on the TF card. What do you expect for ten bucks?

Gee, only one post last month.
Guess it's a Good Thing:
       Guess I've got better thing to do.

iX5 V-2 iFlight badass 2205 CLR4s R--XSR

Its trending as a favorite:
Rule Numbers: 11 & 39

July 13th, 2018:
Getting technical:
iX5 V-2 iFlight frame $35 amazon
RDQ Badass 2205 $13.50 ea
CLRacing F4s Flight Controller$ 30
ESC is a Holybro TekkoS 4 in 1 30Amp BLHeli_S 3-6 with a built in Current sensor, -- also sold as a Racerstar 35 Amp Anniversary Addition $25 @BG
       RunCam Micro Eagle Camera $40
       RDQ Mach 2 VTX $25.
       FrSky R-XSR $20
       HellGate Beeper $30
      Camers Adapters from RDQ $5
       Rubber stand offs and Kingkong motor guards and antenna adds about another 15 dollars to it and the reason I listed all the prices of the parts is because I've heard that there are a few others who really like this bend of Quadcopter I came up with. And I have to admit, for a $250 quad copter, this one is quit a bargain for what you end up flying.
       I would highly recommend spending the extra $10 and getting the Helio Spring flight controller for it.
       From what I've been hearing I've been creating a market for a few Quadcopters around these parts lately.
       Not just the only things I've been hearing around here.
       The thing I like the most about this quad is that after hitting a few leafs or tree branches, I can usually still see a clean lens. I'm hoping when the new three hole Eagle 2 shows up with the optional 2.1 lens show up, that I can use the two outer side screws to fit in the slot a a preset 20 degree as I did with the Micro Adapter shown in the picture. I figure I could alway notch the ends of the slots of the side plates a little bit if I wanted as much as a 25. Backing off to 20 actually helped me some. (I use electrical tape over the top of screws.)

Got Word On the Street
They're going to make me get AMA insurance
Rule No: 39, Something I planned to get next month but for $20 down, I just figured it into the budget I have and will be getting it right a way when I'm done with this post.
       It's something every Copter Operator should have.
       Guess someone saw me drop out of a tree and land less than ten feet from a car the other day an was about the closest call I've had so far.

Sunnyside's Helio Spring X frame.

My Helio Spring:
Rule Numbers:35

July 16th, 2018:
I like the way I've got the Camera set back in this one too
This is one that can be built for about $300
       I either have to learn Linux better or brake down and buy some software in a couple weeks.
       None the less, I think it has been good for me to back up and fly with less power in my motors. By doing so I leveled out my panic strikes to the throttle which had just excited things too much for a beginner. My Dead Cat may not be the most powerful quad, but it isn't under powered. It's light and balanced well so it flys quite nicely.

I've got a record for myself.
I think I actually flue for the most of nine packs without crashing. On my ninth battery, I think I record it and as my luck would have it any time I record, -I crashed. Oh how I wished I'd waited until at least the 11th to turn on the recorder.
       There is something to say about how nice it is having a HellGate beeper set up. When you don't have a record indicator in your OSD, you tend not to know for sure whether it is on or off. With the Hellgate, yah just save the batteries it takes to run the recorder. It may be a little strange, but I'm not one who is really interested in watching videos of my flighting. The videos seem a little slow for me to watch, I'd rather just fly live. Never cared for a simulator either.

Getting technical:

      Got the Helio Spring going in upside down.
      Check out the coper shielding on the MOSFETs.
       The Helgate is stuck to the back of the Eagle 2 Camera. This one is going to be my go to for poor lighting conditions. The three hole sides worked just grate in the slots giving me somewhere between 18 and 20 degrees.
      I think backing off on the camera tilt actually helped me out.
       The H-Pinching method has become my norm now days too.
       And even though my Dead Cat has some strange sounding prop-wash. Everyone seems to notice how quite is compared to other. It's even quite with 5x4.2 Racerstares on it.
       I think it's because the rear motors are off-set to where the forward motion of the props are not in the same path. I'm sure if I'd try to fly it with reversed rotation on the props, it would not fly very well. I figure that the design is easier on the rear motors because they run in a little cleaner air.
       I plan to put Butterflight on it too.

5 inch iFlight quadcopter frams.

Just for comparison.
Rule Numbers:

July 19 - 26, 2018:
Got to the point where I listen to music and fly just as I did with airplanes.
Do we have the Holiday Picnic rumors,
or do we have Holiday Picnic rumors?

       One think I can assure you about, is these silly little posting about my quadcopters must have made the industry a lot of money. Some of the holiday picnic rumors are not only of the surfing industry as we've been listening to for decades, but now we've got another set on top of them.
       I figure that because of me, there are people who would have bought DJI type drones if they hadn't learned or even thought about of the freestyle and racing type from me. When something like that happens, there are more companies that benefit.
       One thing I might add is that a person can get into a freestyle or racing set-up for about half of what it cost for those plastic video recording drones.
       You also have to wonder about how much it would cost you repair and wreckage you might end up with.
       Back to those rumors:
       When it all boils down, you can say we've been hearing them for decades. However as time has gone by, they've been elaborated to what I would like to call, to the full extent.
       Then I have to ask which is more possible. Is what they day they are doing to do for me, or the possibility I would end up dead before it would ever happen.
       The rumors are a bit scary to me.

Should have taken out the Kah-Plunker
Sally just doen't have the nose to get in early when the waves are wind swell.
       It was a long walk back once I discovered that the waves had backed off from yesterday. Missed out on a lot of waves because of it.
       One thing I can say, is when you don't ride a board as I used to, then when you do surf them, you notice just how nice they actually are. So for the most part, I've been very impressed every time I ride one of my boards and it makes me appreciate them even more. I can safely say that there are plenty of other surfers who like my boards as well because many of the local surfers talk about the most.
       Kinna sad that I don't have any place to make a few more, now that I have all the tools I need to make them just collecting dust.
       But it's kinna like my truck. When I look out my window, I don't exactly see anyone driving my truck either.
       Boy, it's not just the people living in their motorhomes being parked everywhere, it's their second or third vehicle they have with them.
       Kinna sucks when people have them parked out side their homes for several days at a time.
       I feel sorry for the people who live in the neighborhoods I've been staying in for years. As every year goes by, there is just that many more than the year before. It has just got out of hand.

Sure wish I was Smarter
Rule Numbers: 35 & 55

July 19th, 2018:
I'm sure its just some simple thing I don't know about.
What ever it is, it's got me stuck with an older Betaflight.
       I only wish I remembered how I got Betaflight installed in the first place. (Apparently the Butterflight for Linux is disabled for some reason over the various Distros.)

Gave the Roll D PID two and the Pitch D a three.
The prop wash is now gone. No more chatter when inverted either. It sure runs as a quite quad.

Got this stunt of all my own:
I call it the log roll.
       It's just a sideway roll where you look at the horizon off to the side and like cartwheeling in away.
       Don't know how I do it, I just know when I'm going to do it and it works like something I've never seen.
       I've even gotten to the point where I listen to music when I fly.
       Since I changed my handstyle from pinching to Hybrid, I had to rearrange my kill switches. Now I'm over-kill with 4 switches that will work as kill switches.

Global Warming is on the rise,
so is stupidity,
so you'll just have to deal with it.
Rule Numbers: 1 & 16

July 11th, 2018:
Over the last few weeks, I've come across so many things I felt I should post.
However, it would be far more than 140 characters and I think it would be way too much for many to comprehend.
       Like the celebrity who was working a telethon for a charity....
       She got upset that someone actually bitched her out for doing what she was doing. The celebrity sitting next to her said to her: "whenever you try to do a good thing, there is always someone who will not like you for doing something good."

Like the people who say they don't like me because of my lousy teeth.
It makes me wonder if they had read my lousy book, if they would not like what people did to me that ruined my teeth. (Chapter: What was it?)
But since so many people support evil, what percentage of then would still find a way to blame it on me:
Then if those people would be restricted to going to Western Dental, just maybe they would understand why I don't have dentures. But then if I was to explain just what I'm talking about, there would be many who would just think that it was just too much information. However, I'm sure there are plenty of people who have gone to Western Dental that understand what I'm talking about. (Some other time I suppose. I've just got to keep something short today. ) However, if I was stupid enough to have a dog, I could not let myself take it to Western Dental. It's defiantly a screwy operation.

Too bad other cops would just be honest and tell us all that they are gun happy.
       Talking about the little girl who got tasered for shop lifting.
       I'd say she was truly lucky that it didn't hit a nerve. She very well could have ended up crippled over it.

Yesterday I was watching a girl texting, or messing around with her phone while driving.
The funny thing about it is that she had a couple passengers watching her while she was do it.
       She dam near rear-ended the car in front of her.
       Do you think it was her last time?
       Her friends must have shit for brains.

I think I'd rather shape surfboards for a hobby.
It would certainly be cheaper, but with the global warming preventing us from getting any decent waves I would have to ask why.
       Due to the new tariffs imposed on China, you can expect that the cost of the FPV hobby is about about to rise.
       Already the cost of the good components are way over priced and I'm getting a little bored doing it. I'm already down to flying only two or three times per week, just to keep myself from getting rusty at it.
       I suppose it would be more exciting if one could afford to travel to new places like the sponsored pilots do, however there is only a few of them that got into it early and got themselves famous by using you tube. But after awhile it gets to be pretty much like pro surfing and surfing in general. It's pretty much people doing the same thing as everyone else and I just don't see what is so fascinating about preserving it in a picture or video.
      And for the ex-fireman who has been winning so may of the races: I'd just get bored flying 100 packs every day, but I figure that he's got a shit load of copters and a wife who is willing to retrieve them when he crashes. I'd have to get and train a dog.

While we are talking about dogs:
I'm sick and tired of seeing those ASPC commercials on TV, and I really hate them when I'm trying to eat.
       They are truly looking for sucker's who are willing to give away their money, and from the looks of it, they are able to come across plenty of gullible people because they are certainly able to spend a lot of money on all those commercials to get it.
(Reminds me of the administration of the Wounded Warrior Project.)

Oh a good thing:
Trump ditched Obama's 2020 pollution standards.
       But the question I have is related to what I've written about a long time ago. It's the question as to whether Trump got rid of the credit and penalties that Obama came up with. As to when they don't meet the requirement on certain vehicles, (like on heaver vehicles as trucks,) manufactures can get out of paying the penalties if they manufacture electric or hybrid vehicles which give them credits to offset and use against the penalties imposed on the lower mileage vehicles.
       As I said, a company trying to produce a lower mileage vehicle would be the one penalized if they were not building electric cars.
       Therefore a company wanting to build a truck would have to build a electric car whether they wanted to or not, just to be on an even play field as the manufactures that do.
       Basically, if the auto manufactures don't want you to have my truck, there would not be any. Simple as that. Kinna like the final nail in the coffin for anyone wanting to get into light truck manufacturing, if they were not building electric cars in the first place they can not build a truck.
       So ask the news media the question as to the details we should be wondering about. But really, they want you stupid and the money they are getting from Speilberg proves that.
       And oh, I should mention, that the pollution standards we have already, have forced the auto manufactures to spend the $700 for fuel injection that they didn't want to pay for in the first place. So for them to increase the mileage of the cars that they sell you, you can bet that they will just lean out the fuel mixer that would ultimately lower the performance of your car. So with Obama's 2020 regulations all you would get is less horsepower.

I've got a lot more I could write about.
       But then you may not like me because I write too much.

Had enough of John McCain?
I sure have.
Rule Numbers: 2, 7 & 10

August 28th, 2018:
Can't wait until they put him in the ground.
He helped throw inventors under the bus.
       Funny how unlike any other person featured on Wikipedia, you won't see how much he is worth. Then you would have to ask, where is all his money? In offshore bank accounts I would suppose.
       You would also suppose it is because it would not add up to the amount his salary has been all these years.
       You can bet it's because of all the committees he has managed to get himself on, (and the chairman of many,) and the pay offs from so many defense contractors.
       It's the reason he was loaded with charm and the gift of knowing how to charm the hell out of so many people into thinking he had their best interest in mind even though no one is actually mentioning any of his accomplishments other than being a prisoner for 5 years.
       He was just another crook and he had all the leads to kick backs and that's why so many politicians were willing to fallow his lead.
      I'm tired of seeing and hearing about him and I had a feeling about a year ago that the Grim Reaper was onto him and wasn't going to let go. Good riddens McCain.

Talking of throwing someone under the bus.
Meaning congressman Duncan Hunter and his wife.
       You can bet his wife is nothing more than a gold digger and knew exactly what they were doing but didn't care if it was unethical and or against the law.
       I'm willing to bet Hunter will only blame everything on his wife and the result will be the lack of a prison term for the both of them..

Funny thing:
The cops killed another person with a taser.
       But do you think they will ever take the taser away from cops?.
       Probably not because it's a blurred line and it give them a way to get away with murder.
      And we've got this Mr.Fisher in San Diego, I don't think he will get out of from underneath this one. But you must ask yourselves, just how long he was getting away with assaulting women. Well that's just because he was a cop. Well the next question you might ask yourselves: how many others like him are out there?

Stupid People learning a way of life from video games:
What a way to make money, learning how to kill people from playing games.

Or show I say stupid people are making a game out of killing people.
Had one with too much money when too young using his fancy car as a weapon
Then you have another being upset that he wasn't famous enough on Youtube.
       Silly how so many are willing to think the problem is a gun.
       Well 20 years ago, before people like McCain Clinton and Obama changed the patent laws and we were not killing off the inventors so much, we didn't have to worry about things so much and it was safe to send your kids to school.
       Hell,just the other night I was almost took for $6 because a guy could not even count out the money that the cash register told him to give back to me.
       Or was he just pretending to be so stupid and hoping I would notice the wrong amount?
       None the less, I have to think he was that stupid because he actually needed help from another guy to figure out how to get it right.
      I can clearly say you can attribute that to one of John Mccain's accomplishments.

Oh yeah, and Space Force.
Another stupid idea.
If you can't even keep people safe from Hacker on FaceBook, how can you keep yourself safe from a weapon in space?
       It's like having a gun pointed at yourself and eventually some one else will find a way to put their finger on the trigger.
       Another one of John Mccain's ideas that you can't really afford, but there must be a lot of kick backs in it for politicians.
       You can bet Hunter is all in for it so is anyone who fallowed McCain because of his trail to the money from defense contractors.
       We can already destroy the planet many times over and we really don't need another way to do it.
       Just how stupid can people get?

And for the rumors:
Finally there has been something that has changed their mind because yesterday I finally heard someone people say that they changed their mind and they are not going to tell me any more.
There is another flip side to the rumors.
You know the rumors that say that nobody likes me?
       Well they are getting out numbered by the ones where people are saying, "he's right."
       Meaning more people agree that we are breeding stupid people than the people who say that nobody likes me.
       I can imagine that many of the people who don't like me, don't like me because they may have said or done something wrong to me and as a result of that I made sure that they won't like me, and then there are those who don't like me because they are just stupid.
       It would be nice not to have to hear any of it, but I'm stuck here and I know already that no matter where I go, those who are spreading the rumors it will eventually be there too.
       Oh yeah:It sounds like Dan Anderson didn't get much money for my invention. Which leads me to believe that they could have done the same kinds of rotten things to him as they have done to me. As I've always thought, Dan wasn't the one who rigged my phone and I doubt have wanted to fallow me around for 20 years with the rumors.
       Just as I have always said, "the nasty things they pulled on me was because 'they' wanted me to kill myself," and if they were pulling the same kind of shit on Dan, and he could have only blamed himself for getting himself for into the trouble, that would be difficult to live with.

The Whole thing is gone.
Rule Numbers:

September 20th, 2018:
Talking about my last posting.
It sure didn't take long before they got into my computer.
       I've only had Microsoft Windows 10 for two or three weeks.
       I wrote a whole bit about having two copters with Heliosprings in them not being able to flight at some of my favorite places because neither one had a manual beeper working.
       I found the file on my computer but the content of the post was gone.
       The thing that blows me away is that it sure appeared to me that uploading it was nothing out of the ordinary.

I'm wondering if I can even get this posting on my server, but again their is always a chance that something happened and I lost the file some how and never got around to rewriting and posting it?
Because after posting this I look on the web the mccain posting wasn't posted the journal yet, but it was already post to the journal on my computer. So who knows, you tell me, regardless it sure threw me through a loop and I prefer the chance that I'm just imaging the thing but I've had this kind of things happen to me before. But then again, I can't recall the last time I lost a file before posting it, and I've done thousands of them.
       Gotta wonder if the reason someone would do such a thing because they wanted the the post about John McCain to be stuck there for a long time.
       Oh: I certainly hope there are some of you who took a look at the last journal entry within the last week or two. (So you can tell me.) You may have noticed that the last entry was the same at the home page. The deal is, nothing gets posted to the journal until I have wrote something else new for the home page to replace it. (But after this posting, I checked and saw that is was not there. Thats what gives me some doubts in which I could have brewed up some of this inside my head.)

But bottom-line is that after a whole day of messing around with drivers, trying to get my new quadcopter's FC flashed.
What it amounts to it.
       Is that trying to fly quadcopters is unlike surfing.
       The very reason why surfing is the only thing they have been able to take away from me because simply, you can't buy a wave. Nobody can sabotage it. (Well they did the first surfboard I tried to make for myself.)
       But you see, Quadcopters are something they can sabotage by either getting into my computer or buying someone off in the supply change. (Like the injectors I tried to buy one time.)
       The could intercept the them while they are in the mail or even pay someone off at the supply source to sabotage the FC with a funky firmware flash and then on my end, them being in my computer, it's just a game that you can't beat.
      Also I should mention that there is a type of Flight controller that doesn't require spacial drivers or even a DFU mode. I had actually had its configurator installed and running on linux but for some reason it just stopped working and now I think I know why.
       Basically, I figure that it must be someone like Speilberg or Lockheed Martin that has the ability to make sure I'm only able to sit around and do nothing. I'm like a bum on the street because someone is rich and able to take everything from someones life.
       I'm guessing the reason they do such a thing is that they are hoping I might kill myself over it. more over I think I should mention that I've been listening to all the rumors about all the people who were killing themselves. I'm not sure who exactly but I get the idea that they are one's who were involved in stealing my truck and giving it to the enemy. Maybe they think that if I was dead, those people would stop killing themselves.
      Well let me tell you that if I were dead, if I had any thing I could do about it, I'd be hunting those involved and you can bet that they would wish they were dead. To be honest, they have enough to worry about with the people they have already killed, the last thing they should want is me going after them in their sleep. They think they got nightmares now, just wait until they get a load of me. It's not too difficult to figure out the first two or three I'd be visiting.

Two iFlight quadcopters at

September 23rd, 2018:
Kinna Cheezy
When a justice system will prosecute and sentence Speilberg, but never tell the guy he tried to kill.
       If two of the things I heard are true---.
       One: "he has only about a year left, and the "rigged the toe-board bracket."
       That would mean that Spielberg had been victimizing me for about 20 years, but he only got sentenced for a fraction of that and the government further let Spielberg victimize me while he was incarcerated.
       It's like the government is as guilty as Speilberg is and people condone such a thing.

It was lost
Rule Numbers:26 & 35

I remembered the next morning:
Just as it was when I was writing my book back in 98.
      That was before I figured out how to bet it, a year or two later.
       I remember writing the missing post, I've got the photo for it, and I remember what the page looked like. But I did't feel like re-writiing the whole thing over and I had other things I wanted to do, so I just skipped it.

It started out mention my soldering talents had come along.
I even showed some of my handy work by the picture of soldering directly to a 1 in 4 ESC.
       It mentioned how nice my XL5 flew with the Helio Spring FC. And I mentioned that I didn't have a manual beeper and limited the places I'm willing to chance.
       None the less, I show mention that I've got the rate at 1000 on P&R and 800 on yah and that actually evened out the feel of the touchy throttle I once had.
       Most importantly, I realize now that I like the feel of the XL5 over the floaty feel of the Dead Cat.
       The XL5 has a more controllable decent. However the DC is more nimble at slow speeds around and through obstacles.
       I think I'm going to experiment with the DC buy putting the camera at and extreme camera angle, probably about 50 degrees.
      When I'm at wide open, big and fast areas, I feel the steeper camera angle allows for some of the most spectacular views and I feel it will be a second type of free style flying for me.

Wiring direct to a 4 in 1 ESC

Fools are a dime a dozen:
Rule Numbers:10

October 5th, 2018:
Finally I heard someone mention just how long those rumors have been going around.
But I still like hearing about those who are killing themselves. The one I never get tired of hearing about.
       Funny how people actually think we landed on the moon.
       Just as anything else, the government has no problem lying to people and that's why they actually want you stupid.
       Like really, do you actually think the FBI does anything worth a shit?
       Come on, they are just cops with the license to kill and they don't have to answer to the media. Same goes with the CIA but on the international level.

Even Hollywood has no problem with lying.
Hell they will lie for and take money from a murder any day of the week.

People really don't care.
They just figure that if they say they feel sorry for someone, that just makes them a fine and dandy person.
       Hollywood doesn't care if you are breeding stupid people either, just as long as you are stupid enough to buy tickets to their stupid movies.
       Gee, my truck got ran into for about the fifth time this year tonight. Hit and run of course.
       And boy, the FAA just had Congress vote on a 1,200 page bill. About 100 pages covering just drones and from what has been read, it's all gray areas. Everything they want is what ever they want to do at any time they feel like it.
       The FAA will be able to make up laws at any time and change them when ever they want them. And from what I gather, it will be like Cops and drugs, if they want them, they can just get them for free. So if a cop doesn't want to buy or build a drone, they will just take them from anyone they want. Kinna like this big cocaine bust they just brought in. Don't think the DEA will just destroy all that. They'll be the ones' selling it back to the very people they got it from. Just like the cops in Tacoma.
      They're just cooks and they are nothing about keeping you safe. They are the ones you have to be afraid of.
       Like the military, that supplies the enemy with weapons so that they have a war to fight so that the defense contractors and politicians can get rich off killing people.
      There is one thing you can always count on. They will always figure out another way to kill a person.

Finding it hard to believe:
Rule Numbers: 4

October 11st, 2018:
Rumors have reverted back to the same ones used over a decade ago:
Hollywood has even gone back on its own words.
       They made a documentary about how any Hollywood producer would claim that the landing on the moon was a bad fake production and now they are about to sell you a new movie about the moon landing.
      The question is whether they are selling it as fiction or non-fiction. Well of course it is fiction but they are not actually advertising it as so.

I listened to a few minutes of Coney West's rant in front of the president.
I had to agree about how people have more kids so that they get more money, but I already covered that in my Korny Tax Plan and the solution would be taxing the third child more than they could get from welfare. None the less, everything he complained about is a result of breeding stupid people.

Am I the only one who wishes they were more intelligent then they are?
Seems to me that people are complaisant with the idea of a cell phone being smarter than they are.
       Has any one else notice that the mode of communication has become more like 140 characters or less. Any more, it's TMI.
       I think it's pretty sad when the soap operas are showing what people text to each-other.

I can't believe I even renewed the MSR domain. I just went from 12 to 8 domains and I think next year I'll just use as my main web-site.
       I just don't want to do this anymore.
       I'm convinced that people care more about their dogs than they do their own intellect.

Oh yeah: one of those things I've been meaning to write about:
Rule Numbers: 26, 38 & 39

October 13th, 2018:
The difference of Coney West and myself:
If I was to have a lunch date with the president and my self....
       It would be done in private, without any media involved..
       I would certainly have a few agendas in mind.
       I'd had it all written out and something I could handover to the President, or whomever is in involved.
       I would have suggestions of how I feel new laws should be set up.

Just like recently, the president just sighed a bill in order to fund the FAA for the next so many years.
In that bill with the acknowledged that in order to enforce such laws the FAA come up with regarding the use of drones, the FAA has got to be involved, -such as the confiscation of someone's drone or remote controlled device.

The laws this bill already provides is suppose to make criminals out of millions of people for a victimless crime.
Then of course I would have a word or a few of how patent laws should be set up but need I saw more because many of you know that I written all about it before in the past.
       However for those new to this, its just reversing what president Clinton and Obama did to the laws when they were in office. It's the main cause of the selective breeding towards barbaric and stupid human race.
       But for quad-copter and drone enthusiast, I can say I understand more than one side of the argument on a lot of things.
       I think drones under 500 grams should have no concern to the Laws of the FAA enforcement.
       Drones should weight over 2000 grams before the FAA should even consider keeping track of with any registration because drones of that weight are less of the hobbyist and more often for commercial use which already required to have a special 107 license to be issued after successfully passing the required test..
       To address the idea that the FAA is considering enforcing forcing the use of transponders on drone for the use of identity information of ownership the of the aircraft.
      Doing what this new bill wants to work towards would crate nothing but trouble for the manufactures of the components we use to build our copters. It would be like having to maintain a third transceiver, (forth if you want to count telemetry as one,) to maintain on these vehicles we crash and destroy several times a year.
       Believe me when I say it could very well kill the advancement in the newly high-tech hobby industry. There is simple too many manufactures of these parts, in too many countries, and too many parts to maintain for the hobbyist themselves already.
       You can bet that any country that forbids the use of drones, is sure to loose tourist industry dollars. Something tells me the city of Detroit would be one because of all the abandoned building it's known for. But the more videos of exotic places, the more there will be of more drone flyers will be wanting to fly there.
       The better way to have it is the FAA drafting a couple new laws that can be a simple way for any officer of law with a complainant from any desire to have a simple way to find the a operator of a drone is operating it legally.
       Most freestyle and racing drones are between 500 and 800 grams, (usually the 5 inch and bigger,) and the trend is going to more powerful motors which means even more weight involved.
       If an operator falls in the 500 to 2000 gram range, you can bet you would like to have something to help the law officer to determine that you are operating legally and go on with their day of flying.
       Here is is two simple things any police officer could check for determining that someone is operating a drone within the guidelines of the laws for FPV style drones.
       For Drones weighing over 500 grams see that either there driver's license or phone number is attached to the quad in some way. This would cover the Identity problem is there was something done unlawful and law officers could determine the ownership of the drone involved. Hence, the solution to the transponder issue because it would not be needed for the identity of the drone used in a unlawful event.
       Secondly, the operator should have liability insurance such as the $75 per year membership, -including liability insurance.
       Other than that, The FAA should stay out of it because there are so many countries out there that thing the solution to drones is to out law them and the Reality of it is that tourist want to travel with their drones to seek out new places to enjoy and fly the places they chose to travel.
       Its not right to burden a new state of the art hobby with it's demise.
       It would be separation of someone's rights to freedom.

All one has to do for checking out ones fame is walk into a Walmart:
       Guess someone posted some DVR of my flying through trees.
       I have to say that the same kind of fly isn't actually seen on YouTube very often.
       It's like I find a hole into it and I have to navigate through the branches in order to find a way out.
       Believe me when I say the wind can sure mess with you.

Could only trust two out of the three packs that I flew.
Rule Numbers: 14

October 17th, 2018:
About ten minutes of pure Adrenalin
Had to stand on unlevel ground.
       You bet, I found closer to level ground for the second pack. It was a bit windy and it was like having to take off and land on nothing more than a balcony and flying below from where you are flying. In my case it was a small patch of ice-plant right next to me.
       I figured but by time I pulled in there and took a walk the opposite way. Someone had me tailed with a receiver. Had good dependable reception the whole time, but it was one of those places you don't want to crash.
       It was one of those spots you'd probably want to hike into because if I would have lost it, it would have amounted to a long day.
       Nothing the less, today was a history making day for me because I was able to do one of my first and I pulled it off pretty well and brought it back into me at 14.9 volts.

XL5 iFlight by Sunnyside

Got the XL5 has much better video
October 18th, 2018:
You may have noticed new red stand-offs and I lowered the leg position for more room for the stack and lock nuts before the rubber stand offs and put my receiver under the ESC.

When on foot and found some new flying spots. It made me quite aware of my new to standing up doing steep dives from high altitude.
Ordered the XL 5 v3 tonight.
       Those 30mm side plates I expected arrived being 28mm, the same size as the Dead Cat but they had the small wholes for the three hole sides which let me bring me to about 27 degree camera angle. Then I broke them both and drilled the small hole in the originals.
       However buying a new frame from iFlight gives me three options to do.
       Right off the bat I'll raise my DC to 30mm, so I can go with a full size camera and use a 1000 capacitor instead of the 440. It's a tight build an I'm learning that if you can place things better, you can get less noise involved (Got a couple small scale caps out of an old Trenigy 80amp bat charge that had the side ports set up to where you accidentally plug power into the servo ports.) Any how, I now have a 80 amp power supply and a 25 & a 35 volt 1000 capacitors that are considerably smaller then the ones from RDQ.
       On the XL5's bottom, the Mosfits got covered in copper like the tops. That might be a contributor to the cleaner video too. None the less, the Micro just doesn't cut it like the Eagle 2 either.

But any how, with the new frame I ordered two extra arms from the new 240mm wheel base for it and those alone will allow me to create an XL size Dead Cat with the V2 226mm rear legs. I think the biggest problem with the Hybrid frame design is that the original has no room for an antenna off the back since the props almost touch. With the XL size, it will have some propeller clearance off the back and with the newer XL5 V3 even more so.
I'm wondering if it will be quite.
Then I've got to think that I'm just two motors and a set of bearings away from having Two XL5's with 2206 motors.
But before doing that I think I'll just get another $28 esc, then I could have three frames with motors and ESCs installed.
       Just switch FC's and radio gear to the frames with good motors.

And Oh on the idea of the FAA wanting transponders.
I think the developers of the OSDs with in the camera or Flight controllers should work on a way to make a custom title, but be able to either resize it smaller, or none colour as in translucent. That way law enforcement could have scanners to see what information is being transmitted. I keep thinking of somehow creating a meta tag with a persons phone number or driver's licence.

New rumor
They are saying something about changing the patent laws back.
       When I heard the 25 year term I was thinking I should have suggested 30.
       If that was true, it would be making all those people pissed of at me, totally worth it.

Some time some things are not as they seem to be:
Rule Numbers: 26

November 7th, 2018:
I actually brushed a tree branch and knocked myself out of the air.
Then I looked over and discovered the bird looking over it.
       I think there is a good chance the bird was in a tree nearby and flu down to check out my Dead Cat to see if it was all-right. As I approached, it flew to the nearby electrical box an watched me check it out.
       It stayed until I asked if it was all-right,then flew off. I saw no blood.
       I have one hawk at another place that actually flies around with me.
       It's pretty cool when they come up the side of you and then lead the way in front. I think they can tell that its flight is not not limited as a fixed wing. I'm sure that they can tell that a Quadcopter has advanced flying capabilities.

Hawk with a Dead Cat

It was the wind.
The whole end of the bridge had strange drafts. I wanted to go down a bit so I could miss the cross bars but the wind pulled me down a bit too far and my adjustment wasn't so keen on my part.
But then it was only my third day with a Race Throttle:
Its like speeding up the rates.
       A bit touchy at first, but unlike the rest of the controller, where you can adjust the rates, the 45 degrees in my book is just what the doctor ordered.
       Its a real must get for a pincher.
       I can imagine how bad my old pots would have been if I would have learned on a simulator.
       None the less, the hall sensors sure smoothed out my everything. The thing that is holding me up the most is that I'm trying to fly like I do with 28 degrees FOV goggles.

Sunnyside stuck in bridge

Gave it a touch of Pitch and roll.
And it came down for me. (Arming set at 180.)

I bet that there are a lot of use, dedicating a portion of our flying time to scraggle removal:
Kinna windy today.
       Kinna day you'd be better off in the trees than running your quad into steel or concrete.
       I'm beginning to think my propellers are blurring my side field of view.
       I think I'm going to transfer the equipment from the Dead Cat to the XL 5 V2 and the V2 to the V3.
       I think I'll be dumping the Micro Eagle for the Roter Riot camera when I do.
       Last week I transferred the Helio V2 into the Dead Cat because I can't trust it. Silly thing. Even though you can soldering wires for the ESC motor controls, in order to power the FC, you still have to use the silly plug. I think they screwed up the engineering on that one.
       Still have no beeper control on either boards. I have to depend on the RSSI signal or the Hellgate.

Gag me with a spoon:
Rule Numbers: 9 & 10

November 16th, 2018:
Saw Trump handing out Medials
Senator Orrin Hatch was a recipient.
       Kinna goes against the grain when it comes to the new rumor that popped up a little more than a week ago.
       See Senator Orrin Hatch is one of the creators of the bill in which Bill Clinton signed that got the USA into the GATT Treaty and killing the intelligent inventors as a result of the bad patent laws created by the GATT Treaty.
       Hatch certainly does not deserve any medial of any honour for doing what he did to the human race.

I couldn't see how people on the street could actually get excited over the rumor about changing the patent laws back.
. What you need to understand, is that for to happen, you would need shorter term limits and since you don't have any, you have to wait for all those who supported the lousy bill to croke or get voted out.

The law makers are not about to vote out something they voted in:
Therefore this country is stuck with becoming more barbaric and that is just the way it is.

Bad Lawmakers

Stupid Rules

Stupid Rules

Stupid Rules

Stupid Rules

Featured book excerpt of the week




Woody the wooden dumpster on a Synchro-link.

Dooms Day for Private Inventors
-happened yesterday,
when Obama took his mighty pin to the bill.

My Stupid Movie Idea

The most revolutionary tool box in the world,
sitting in a room of poisonous insecticide

September 2009

The Rumor

And if you want to know more about the local Sheriff who spread phony rumors about me and his drug dealing brother, and even a recording of a drug deal going down you'll have to go to the

The Loop

New: the full version of the story about the fire
the actual book excerpt
Burning Down the House

A few years ago, I wrote about a couple of these law makers at: Poop Bad Law.

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