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Two Dead Cat Quadcopters, by Sunnyside

My own custom Big Dead Cat and the original Dead cat.

Gag me with a spoon:
Rule Numbers: 9 & 10

November 16th, 2018:
Saw Trump handing out Medials
Senator Orrin Hatch was a recipient.
       Kinna goes against the grain when it comes to the new rumor that popped up a little more than a week ago.
       See Senator Orrin Hatch is one of the creators of the bill in which Bill Clinton signed that got the USA into the GATT Treaty and killing the intelligent inventors as a result of the bad patent laws created by the GATT Treaty.
       Hatch certainly does not deserve any medial of any honour for doing what he did to the human race.

I couldn't see how people on the street could actually get excited over the rumor about changing the patent laws back.
. What you need to understand, is that for to happen, you would need shorter term limits and since you don't have any, you have to wait for all those who supported the lousy bill to croke or get voted out.

The law makers are not about to vote out something they voted in:
Therefore this country is stuck with becoming more barbaric and that is just the way it is.

Bad Lawmakers

The last I heard,
was that the 14th was the day.
Rule Numbers:20, 22 & 26

December 16th, 2018:
On the 13th I must have heard people say they are going to tell him tomorrow, at least two dozen times.
I can't help but wonder just where they are getting it from.

Rule 26:
We lost a million so far,
was another newer rumor I've heard lately.

I'm not sure if it's about the inventors or their offspring they are talking about. None the less, you can't actually bring back any of the intellect that has been lost so far.
       I'm sure there are people counting on gene selection by the medical sciences, but then I understand the even medical companies have spread diseases too.
       If they want you stupid now, just get a load of what they may have in mind if they could control just how stupid you can be?
       Scary as hell if you ask me.

Wonder what the odds are.
You've got to admit that there must be some folks in Vegas who are running bets on whether I will end up killing myself.
       I'm telling you that if I was someone else and I was looking at the situation and it it is true that Dan Anderson killed himself, I would be thinking that that is why they would never help the guy and tell him about what has gone on. (Rule 26 again.)
       These guy betting on me killing myself certainly don't want anyone liking me nor even less helping me. They want me snuffed out like so many of the other inventors, I'm beginning to wonder I they could be a source of the rumors that are spread around and if you have actually heard some, you may realize the possibility of them actually getting me killed. Hence, another reason I'll so unlikely to get any justice or restitution for what they've done.
       It's just Evil rearing its ugly head. Something all too many of you are willing to live with, fight for, loose a leg for, and even willing to die for.
       I just don't get it. However for the most part, I figure that there will be more to come the more barbaric the human race becomes.
       Looking back I have to wonder if I would have been better off not even filing on my invention, but to be honest, I had so much heat on me from the city, their fire department and who knows who else before I filed, I was expecting things would get better if I managed to file for a patent.
      The Rule 22 part.

Oh Yeah: this is funny.
       They held a Kwad Kamp in CA
       However I don't thinks it's a very good idea to hold one where there is metallic grit in the sand.
       Kinna bogus if you ask me
       Got two Dead Cats now. One I made up from interchangeable parts.
       Giving Raceflight a try. So far so good until I calibrated the roll and discovered that my new hall sensors had gone kah-puit. Dummy me, I'd cut off the wires and threw me old ones away.
       Let me tell you just how stupid I feel about now. Rule 20, I should have saved the better of the two.

Two Dead cats by sunnyside

Dead Cats:
Not only my quads,
but also so many private inventors.
Rule Numbers: 16

January 20th, 2019:
Not only Dumber by another year:
Tell me, which is Dumber than shit.
       To Dine and dash with a stolen car, (just something I just made up).
       Or dashing from a $35.oo manicure with a stolen car?
       Or standing in front of a 3,500 pound car and getting ran over over a $35.oo Manicure?
       Or running over someone and killing them with a stolen car because you didn't want to pay for a $35.oo Manicure?
Or running over someone with you car and killing them because you didn't want to pay $22.oo for some gas?
Or being stupid enough to get ran over and killed over $22.oo worth of gas?

Yeah, you just have to laugh. It doesn't really matter because you should call it natural selection and it's a hell of a good way to get rid of some of the stupid people that we are breeding.
It helps out making up for a couple of the intelligent inventors we kill off every day of the week.

Funny thing:
I heard Nancy too high of eyebrows say:

That building a wall was not mortal.
       Gee, building the wall would actually save many lives every year. But she and her buddies in DC have no problem with killing thousands of intelligent inventors every year by the use of their stupid laws, so why would they care about that idea.
       It would be so much better to give Trump $5 billion per year to build the wall than it would giving the Israel $5 Billion per year to kill people of the West bank and the Gaza Strip. Also saving the money we give to Egypt would be another way of coming up with the money for the wall and we wouldn't be funding both sides of the conflict between those idiots over there in the middle east.
       I'm willing to bet that over a five year period of time, the wall would cost less that 2% of what we spend on building a war machine.

       Oh Yeah:
       Today I was listening to some of George Carlin's shit.
       After I listened to him tare the shit out of the Ten Commandments, I just I had to listen to some more of his shit.
       More and more I realizes how much his shit is so much like the shit I write about.
       Even though the shit we say is pretty much the same, the only real difference is that people don't like me for saying the same kind of shit that they were willing to pay him for the privilege hear.
       I guess it's because the fucking stupidity is catching up to them.

Poor Dead Cat

You don't know what you've got until it's gone.
Rule Numbers: 1

February 1st, 2019:
Jonny Walker, Light poles and Quads, don't mix.
Broke the frame, a fresh camera lens and bent a bell on the front left motor.
25 degree camera angle, the Little Cat screamed.
       When it got down to it, even though the Helio Spring FC didn't always want to fly, -it sure could when it did. And when it boils down to my favourite because it was my best flying quad and I sure do miss it.
       Although the XL5 is getting better, I'm not so impressed with the FlightOne controllers. I certainly don't like Sim Mode because it felt like it was sliding around. Whisper Mode with Skitzo's settings sped up some seems better, but more tuning is needed. When it gets down to it, -my little dead cat was the one I could fly the best.
       I never liked the RR camera and I'm happy to say that I'm back to using an Eagle 2 again and when I get my replacement part for my little Cat, I'm happy to say that I have an Eagle II waiting for it. (I thought I broke the one I was using and bought another.)
       From what it sounds like on the street, everyone is sure glade I'm back using the "good camera," and to be honest, I think it will pay for it self though less props and parts going to waste.

Get this:
Just the unibody bottom plate to the iX5 V3 cost $23 but then within the next day or two, I discovered a special deal at Banggood on the 28mm hight iX5 V2 for $16.99, so I bought two of them. Now I know I can get the newer 3 hole V3 type 30 mm camera plates from iFlight for $5 a pair, but the problem I'm having is I can't seem to get the XL5 V3 30mm three hole camera plates out of iflight. (The XL 5 camera plates will fit the iX5, but the iX5 camera plate fit a bit too sloppy back and forth on the XL5.)
       Once before a few months ago I ordered a set of XL5 V3 camera plate butthey sent me a pair of older Xl5 28mm camera plates instead of the newer 30mm three hole camera plates for the XL5, -and I thought it was my mistake. However just last month, I tried again and made sure to order the right ones but I noticed in my email, their website ordered the lowrider ones instead. (Bad link I would guess.) And being their New Year holiday session, I should remind myself of what I wrote about it last year.

Not the smartest way of naming parts.
iFlight has a screwy way of naming their parts
       They refer to them as a bottom plate, a upper plate, and a top plate.
       (Now this is where the stupidity come into play.)
       On the V2 without the 20 x 20 holes the bottom plate and the X plate could be swapped around just as I did at first if a person wanted to go for the lower center of gravity with less space in inside. But on the V3 with the center 20x20 press in nuts on the bottom plate and the counter sunk holes for the screws to go up through the bottom X plate. (Those screws would be quite troublesome if you were to mount everything for the lower center of gravity design method because if you broke an arm, you would have to remove the whole FC stack just to reach the screws.)
       So Bottom line is, -that they should be smart about it and just name the parts, X plate, Bottom plate and Top Plate.
       None the less, they sent me an X plate.
       Now I've got three X plates, Two Top plates and one good undamaged bottom plate and one pair of the older style camera plates. (For the XL5 V3.)
       Interesting thing is, the Eagle 2 only comes with a three hole case with a plain flat back cover plate. I had to use a back cover with mounting holes from an older RR cameras just to mount it.

Oh Yeah:
The Sad thing is.
       iFlight cam out with a new XL5 240mm Unibody design.
       They gave it 22mm stand offs and camera plates.
       Its got a $45 price tag on it, but you would have to use a mini or micro camera because I'm not sure anyone can get the 30mm camera plates out of them.
       You might think that the Foxeer Predator would fit, but from what I saw in videos, it's got the shutter shakiness from digital artifacting in its image that I don't like about the Micro Eagle because every time you make a fast move, the image shakes all over the place..
       Damn, let's just hope I don't go around repeating this shit to anyone, because they will think I talk too much. Another reason why I don't post very often any more.

Joshua Bardwell RDQ Flight controller equipt

Bardwell Flight controller equipped:
Rule Numbers: 20, 26,29 & 38

February 9th, 2019: (Updated with a rewrite.)
Needless to say that the premium priced FlightOne ($45) didn't even make it to the two month mark:
I can at least say that it actually worked pretty good the last day I flew it.
       The day before it seemed to work fine and it was the first day that I was actually happy with the way I'd managed to get it tuned.
       It just gave up at the worst time, -that is after I'd packed everything down to my Quad Park and then it just would fire up and I have to turn around and pack everything back.
       It just won't arm. On the bench everything seemed to work inside the configuration as it should,but I was only able to get it to arm twice on the bench.
       Let me tell the firmware is just a bit to screwy for me and most anyone who isn't into trying to fix the shit. How I got it two where it was is beyond me.
       It was never close to how good the Helios flew right out of the box and its cost effectiveness was not desirable because it burned up one of my motors trying to get it to work on D shot because on Muti-shot it just didn't seem to have the punch out power like the Helios did. So for about $70 and almost two months of tinkering with the tuning, I'd say is that the money and time was not well spent. In fact, for the most part I spent most of my time flying my Little Cat with the Helio that has arming problems because it just flew better. Needless to say, the HelioSpring firmware is a bit screwy too. I even saw that someone else on their Facebook page had beeper problems too and all they could say was that it was a firmware issue and didn't even tell him how to fix it.

Now this JB RDQ is something else.
It's $10 less and was about the easiest install I've ever had. I set up the receiver and the UARTs before I even put a drop of solder on the board.
       It's layout provided about the cleanest build I've ever done. With the Gyro in the center and on top, and the lack of components underneath, I was able to lead my wires between the boards. The end result, nothing was packed in tight and nothing hanging outside to be caught by tree branches.
      When it came to sitting up the mode tabs for my beepers and arming and such, -just flicking the switches was all it took. I actually wasted my time writing down my AUX channel assignments for reference.
       But what really impressed me is how well it flew, right out of the box. I just punched in similar rates that I'd used before and didn't really mess with anything else.
       It's still to early to say if it flies better than the Helio, but I will say that it seems to be less floaty, (holding its altitude better.) It may be less locked in as with the HelioSpring, but it is not near as slippery as FlightOne. Never the less, after about 8 packs at one of my local everyday spots today, I can tell you that it feels good because close proximity holes are just a breeze with the new set-up and I really don't feel I even need to hook it up to the computer to adjust the PIDs or anything.
       I'm really happy with it, let's just hope it holds up.
       I realize I put in more time on these things than most people do, however I figure that pretty good at not crashing as much as other people do. I just take my time at first and the speed part just comes naturally over time.
       And oh, I thought I'd try some 5s batteries out on my Big Cat. So I got a couple and I'd have to say I don't think they are worth it for me because with 2450kv motors, I just eat up the 1300 5s faster than the 1500 4s.
       They sure make it got faster and give it a lot more power, but the quad is light enough that with even 4 cell batteries, I never use all the power it has to offer. However, I thought the 5s batteries would end up with a longer lifespan, but that isn't going to happen if I end up over discharging them.
       Another thing: the 2205 motors on my small cat are not designed for 5s, so...
       I think a person has to get the lower KV motors for the higher cell count batteries in order to benefit from 5 or 6 cells bat.

Something else I noticed.
Which kinna pisses me off.
       RDQ got another manufacture for their 2205 motors. They were made by Brother Hobby and designed after the Returner series, but now they are made by Drone Art.
       RDQ didn't even bother changing the description, however after taking a look at the reviews, one can say that people are not as happy with them as they use to be. Therefore, when it come to the time, I'm probably better off at phasing out the 2205's I've got on my small cat and go with the 2206's on both quads because they are more or less the Brother Hobby Returner 4 series. They got good 7000 aluminium, the big 9x4x4 EZO bearings and $7.oo replacement bells.
       It's too bad, because those 2205's were really good for my lighter quad and using my older and weaker batteries.

So you think Dan Anderson killing himself is funny?
Well let me tell you that Dan was into assault style weapons before Clinton ever put a band on them.
       Now from what I hear, they say he hanged himself. Then tell my why would he do that? So he could look nice disgraced in a open casket?
       They are saying he never got any money for my truck, so I figure that he probably found a lawyer that was naive enough to try to help him get some, so I'm guessing they just killed him.
       Folks, I pretty much knew that he wasn't the problem as much as the City of Tacoma was.
      I knew the City and its Fire Department had bought on the heat and Dan just fell into that hands of the Heat they brought on bby snooping around my place when I was out of town.
       Heck they drove by my house in a either a cop car or firetruck blasting through their PA about how Dan was going to be the richest paint store manager in the world . Dan was just a tool they used to discourage anyone from helping me.
       I happened to notice that after all the years I'd known Dan at Fuller O'brian, -that it didn't take long before Dan had moved on to his third job in just a shot period of time.
       I figured that he was learning what happens when other people are nosing around in your business. I bet they found every ghost he had in his closet and I have to say I feel sorry the cruel things his family had to go through.

What Gives?
Rule Numbers: 1

February 14th, 2019:
Setting up an account with a vendor isn't such a good idea.
Be smart and check out as a guest.
       The reason I'm telling you this is that I just discovered that those email notifications of parts being in stock or special deals are not what they may seem to be.
       See the deal is, I just learned that one of my FPV vendors just used my account or a request to be notified as a link into my cell phone or computer.
       They either set up a special liken or even a special login with an exec file that hacked into my device.
       They looked around and found one of the do dads that I never could justify posting because it was a patentable idea. Needless to say I got an invention stolen right out of my phone.
       I'd been debating on posting it as one of my helpful hints, but I just haven't had enough time to put any helpful hints together and I'm not really into disclosing any more of my inventions to anyone
       I think it's safe to say that the FPV community is not portrayed on YouTube as it actually is.
       As I sit here I wonder if I should have ever posted anything about what I've been doing with myself. I know I've got a lot of people interested in my quads here locally, but to think of what I have done nationally if not globally.
       To the best of my knowledge, as of last year, there was only 120,000 of us that were into it and now that it is probably closing in on at least 150,000 I have to wonder how many of them got into it because of me.
       Guess it's safe to say that the ones who got into it early and got the subscribers on YouTube got all the sponsorships and now they are at the hands that are selling the products. And when it comes to selling any products, there comes the evil and greed along with it.

Well I spoke too soon.
If you look back to what I was writing a year ago about this FPV industry, you may think I had a pretty good assumption all along.
       I had to send another email off to one of my vendors today. Just so happens to be one where I'd spent most of my money. The last email or two actually got me nowhere with the problem and as the community grows, you will learn that what you buy from these vendors will be more like buying at your own risk.
       What it's got me thinking is that I should be looking into a hot air rework soldering station because from the few bad flight controllers that I do have sitting around now, I could be taking parts from one and putting it in the other and that would be a lot cheaper than buying something that is only going to last a month or two. I could probably have two of them working right off that bat without having to order any parts.
       I think the cheesyest part of it all is that the Gyros used are from Cell Phones and there is only one FC out there with an industrial Gyro, but if the F4 chip shorts out, it doesn't mater what kind of gyro it has.

The Email:
       I bought this JB as a back up just in case I had any problems with the FlightOne I bought a few days earlier. (Order #94733 raceflight Dec. 9th 2018.)
       There were a few problems getting it configured but eventually I got it in the air. Needless to say that the Revolt OSD just never few quite right and it took about 6 weeks and a loss of a motor to get it tuned to where I actually liked it. Then the next day it decided that it would not arm any more. I tried everything I could think of so then I removed it and installed The RDQ Bardwell FC.
       The installation was a breeze and the lay out provided for a real clean build and I like the way it flew. Sad to say that on the third session and yet with the original set of new props, the OSD gave me the NOGYRO signal. I provided a picture of it hooked up to the computer and even in there, there isn't any signs of a gyro. I would think these controllers would be guaranteed for at least two sets of props. .
       I don't know which way to go anymore after going through 5 Flight controllers in one year. Two of them had the F4 chip short out and it lead me to believe that going to an F7 may be a better bet. But now with a Gyro problem, thinking going with the expensive Boush Gyro controller may be the way to go, but there we have a F4 chip. It's like trying to figure out if the cheapest is the way to go or would it be the more expensive? The Revolt was kinna expensive, but it didn't last as long as the cheeper CLracing F4. So what gives?

I should have left well enough alone:
I got the new frame for my small Cat with the Helio
       Sad thing is that I actually got it into a DFU mode and I thought I'd try to flash the newer firmware in an effort to get either the beacons or beeper to work. It actually flashed like it should.
       Now it doesn't show any gyro movement to calibrate it.
       Can't get it back in DFU mode either. Kinna like having a brick.

Iflight i5 V3 and V2

My Small Cat got an STD
Rule Numbers: 19, 25 & 38

February 24th, 2019:
Talking about a FC by Mateksys
It's not the latest and greatest.
       But they have a pretty good reputation for building a quality flight controller and the STD was only $32.
       It updated just fine and everything worked like it should have during set up. It's not the easiest to solder for a beginner because of the tight spacing of pads, but it is nice to have solder through holes in many of the pads because they provide an option of soldering wires either on top or on the bottom on many of the board.

My Big Cat got a new JB
RDQ was quick to send a new one out to me and I have to say again how nice the pads are set up on that board. Its made it through two days so far.
Got two Fireflys.
The one I update the firmware on tends to skip frames when ever it gets up close to things. The one that worked good is history already.
       The good footage I did get, I wouldn't want to post because my rates were still too high and it made my flying very un-smooth and maybe a week of rain had something to do with it.
       However, I'm a little reluctant to upload anything exposing my spots because I can see the day when it would be a waiting game to get clear frequencies.
       I'm content at flying alone and I'm not interested in racing or having others pilots showing up at my spots.
       Never the less, I think watching some of my footage will help me learn how to smooth things out.

I'm guilty of being an ass sometimes.
But often with good intentions.
       Like can you believe I sent an uncut post about iFlight to iFlight?.
       I never heard from them after sending them an email during their holiday session, so when it came to writing everything out for the third time, I just resorted to cut and past. (What I wrote on Feb. 1st)
       Well to make the long story short, they fallowed my suggestion and the end result is that you will find that the photos of their parts are now labeled. Now it doesn't mater what they want to call their parts because there just should'nt be any confusion.
       I can tell you one thing I'd like to do is get my hand on some of those arms from the 5.5 inch low rider because the are 5mm. (They would make my big cat 251mm wheel base.)

Only if I could get others in the industry to listen to my other suggestions.
       Like selling props in Left Only (counter-clockwise,)and Right Only (Clockwise only.)
       How many of us have way more one than the other and it must lead many of use to just throwing away perfectly good props for no reason other than stupidity..
       I've messaged RDQ, JB and even a prop manufacture about this situation and nothing has happened.

Another suggestion:
       Take it from the difference of the Taranus X7 and X9
       It make the X9 the way better transmitter.
       I'm talking about the SWR meter. Anyone who has owned a CB radio will tell you that any time you hook up a new antenna to a radio, if there isn't a good match on the length of coax, the transmission will not be as strong and if it is too far off it will burn out the finals in the transmitter.
       SWR meters should be in every controller that we buy so that week can replace or modify the antennas without harming the transmitter or even finding out that the modification wasn't any better than the original antenna.
       Now the big one no one had bothered to even think about:
       What we need is the manufactures of the VTX's we buy, add the components needed for a SWR meter, -one that we could see in the OSD since they have given us the smart audio already for the OSD.
       I think many of the VTX transmitters burn up because of bad SWR matches.
       What we need is different lengths of pigtails and the option of soldering the coax directly to the transmitters.
       If this was done or even possible, we would get better transmissions and our VTXs' wouldn't generate as much heat and the livelihood of such devices would be lengthened.
      Believe me when I say this would be a big deal for all of us into FPV .

Oh Yeah:
       The Helio Spring in my Small Cat:
       Didn't survive the light pole.
       Now that I've learned what was going on with the guys at Helio, I don't think I would have ever supported them by buying their shit. They just left everyone hanging and not the kind of guys you want to do business with.
       Now with Prestion:
       I think he is trying to make it so that any idiot can set up a quadcopter.
       But I really don't support the idea of getting more idiots into the hobby. Like the plug in this and plug in that shit. Hell, if you can't solder, you should just stay out of it.
       There is nothing worse than messing around with those plug-in connectors. I'd rather solder everything.

It took Two Decades,
to find out who rigged the toe board
Rule Numbers: 40

March 4th, 2019:
It helps answer a few questions I had.
Being that Speilberg was behind it.
       Means that my sister didn't peddle my book to Speilberg, because of the timeline involved.
       So I can guess Speilberg was behind the SMG rumours and not some publicist.
       And since Speilberg produces the CBS TV series Bull, I can figure that he had something to do with the overdub during a golf tournament, which convinced me to check in with the FBI which I can assume was hand picked to deny anything linking Speilberg with me.
       Same kind of thing with the prosecutor's office in LA. Which leads me to believe he bought off both.

Also heard that the cops were paid to spread the child molester rumors.
I'm guessing that someone paid a few to fool the others, but even though everyone knows that, it doesn't stop the defamatory rumours that people are willing to spread.
       Just the other night I was outside of a baseball practice at the local baseball field and I got an ear full from a guy who doesn't even know me. I'm guessing that about this time last year, he was spreading the child molester rumours and just wanted to make himself look better if I was someone that nobody liked.

None the less
I should mention that I have heard a few people say: "he's just trying to save us." So I have to say that some people actually get it.
       Just think of all the crazy things I've had to do. Many of the things were just humiliating, like those poster cards I waved all over the place. Of course it took a few drinks just to get out there and do such a thing, but as one kid said that I was famous on Instagram and I didn't even have a Instagram account. And if I would have posted anything on Instagram, do you actually think it would have ever been seen?
       And for that guy in the baseball field parking lot with his derogatory remarks, all I can say is that at least I don't see him driving my truck.
       And if you have heard anything any surfer has said, I can say that at least I have not even walked into a surf shop well over a year.
       Surfed one day in January and three in December and not any of them were worth writing home to mom about.

Also it's been said:
That they brain washed my father.
       .Well that was obvious when he quit looking at things on the internet and I could never get him to check out my web-site.
       And one thing for sure is that my sister was opening my mail without my permission, but that was something that I already knew so I can't really trust her either.
       Another person I realize that I can't trust is my father's new wife, because I can assume she has more knowledge about how to set up a cell phone than my father does and now my own sister claims she only get tests from her.

But isn't all just too bad for the poor inventors?
They've had you all breading stupid people for about 23 years in this country and many of the things I've warned you about has turned out to be true.
       Like only the rich and the elderly actually vote. Just the reason that the people of California wasn't even able to get rid of the Gas Tax.
       And from what I heard, just about 6 weeks into the new year, that there was 39 mass killing for the year already, so you can assume that most of them don't even make it to the national news. Which in turn means that we are turning into a bunch of barbaric animals.
       But heck, they still tell you that we actually walked on the moon and I'm sure that they are still teaching your kids that in school, so you can assume that they actually want us as dumb as we can be.

And get a load of that ISIS bride that wants to come back home:
       She was stupid enough to be brainwashed by a few videos on the internet
       Enough to go over there and marry one that was stupid enough to be brainwashed and now she wants to bring here stupid kid back here to us.
       Well just give that stupid kid a few years or a decade or too and he might just be shooting up a school near you.

Oh and on Donald's wall:
       It's not just Donald's wall, but the wall that so many of the people who voted for him.
       Well he got the money by fixing the NAFTA treaty with tariffs that did not exist and now some assholes don't want to give him the money to build it.
       And the last I heard, no one got any money for the proto-types that were suppose to cost $500,000.oo each, and now they are about to tare them down.
       If they were smart about it, they would have built them in place where they could have been used as part of the wall instead of just burning millions of dollars just to look and see. Quite silly isn't it?

Oh another caulk-o-me-me idea:
       The new Green thing idea, these new politicians have come up with
       You want to see how much a few government agencies with cost you and on the other hand you wonder how much debit the government has for you to pay off. (If that is even possible.)
       Let me tell you of a simple idea that would reduce more green house gases that wouldn't cost you a dime. All it would take is a new regulation that could be implemented world wide and it would be equal to taking million and millions of cars off the road.
       It's all about getting rid of wasted biproduct which is just wasted energy that is pollution equal to millions of cars each day.
       It's called Flash Burning.
       It's the burn off off natural gas during the production of oil production. In many country, its equal to the pollution of millions of cars every day. It's done because there is a lack of pipeline and because not everyone is so hot about having those pipelines in their back yards.
       Well the solution is electrical powerlines instead.
      What I'm saying is that when ever a oil field is put in, there should be natural gas electrical generation stations put in at the same time. Turbine generators are great for remote locations and putting in electrical powerlines are more excepted and cost effective than gas lines.
       Therefore more of the vehicles could be running on the electrical energy that would be produce by the natural gas that would be just burned of as needless pollution and there would be less cars that depend on the production of oil and less cars running on the very petroleum product that causes so much global warming.
       Need I say that the reduction of wasted natural gas energy would eliminate much of the pollution from running cars on petroleum.
       Kinna silly to say that if you don't understand what I'm saying, you've got to be one of those stupid people I've warned you about.

I stand corrected
Rule Numbers: 26 & 40
p;     .
March 13th, 2019:
Sometimes I say things wrong on purpose:
Just to get the answer I expected.
       Like I don't think Speilberg had anything to do with the toe board bracket.
       I happen to think Dan was the one behind it.
       I figure he must have been fallowing me around.
       I also thin that he was probably the one who tore the page out of my hydraulic text book and then later put it back. For what ever reason he put it back I just can't figure out.
      Anyhow I can assume he was the one who reversed the check valve in the middle of the night and my neighbour was just waiting to see what was going to happen because I'm sure the city must have had a camera inside his window watching Dan the whole time.
      Tell me: isn't there a law stating that if you witness a crime that you are suppose to report it? Well then the City of Tacoma should have been doing something about the crimes Dan was performing other than aiding and a bedding.
       Another question I have is what happen to Mr. Greens house? There has to be a story behind it because there is a whole new house standing on his lot. All I can say is that there must have been something strange going on over there and what went on once I moved away is what I'd like to know.
Another thing I might have got wrong.
The whole bit about what I thought was Kelly Slater popping Mark Foo's neck.
       I'm beginning to realize that it may have been a Kelly look alike popping me and that may be the reason we don't see any good waves any more because its a sure way of keeping me out of the water. (Thought I happen to think it is global warming causing milder storms off in the distance because all we get is more wind swell than ground swell.) But then again, there are so many of you out there who happen to think there can be someone or something that can be so mighty and someone has them believing it.

Strange is how my father actually picked up his phone the other day.
As I explained to him: I think that Speilberg is black mailing the government. That is if I'm putting that right. Or is it bribing the government the correct way of putting it. To put it in the right perspective. The FBI, court system or just say the government isn't about to tell me about Speilberg because the Government doesn't want Speilberg to tell others about the things that the Government has done to me or what they did with my inventions.
       Needless to say, Speilberg must know things that the government doesn't want others to know about, therefore the government continues to let Speilberg victimize me.

And I'm sure you've heard the Holiday Picnic rumours.
       You know, what they want to give to me.
       Of course they have conditions and they will always change their minds because no one gets anything for free from those kinds of people.
       You've got to realize that they have been working both sides of the rumours. One day they will work on rumours about what they want to do for me and the next day they'll be spreading derogatory rumours about me
       Just keep in mind, you can pretty much bet that they are the same people who stuck needles in me and you've got to ask yourself why the government lets them get away with it. Then ask yourself why the media lets them get away with it. (Well, of course where do you think the media gets their money from?)
       Like I've said too many times before: they just want you stupid.

Way behind on current events
Rule Numbers: 26
p;     .

March 20th, 2019:
Gee my Windows 10 already went to shit
Amazing people are willing to pay the price for nothing but problems.
       Gee, for $16.oo you can buy a magazine with a Linux sofeware disk in it and not have any problems for years on end.
       Windows 10 didn't even make it to the one year mark and now most of my hard drive is taken up with nothing but garbage.

It sure would be nice if:
The folks down at Open TX, Beta Flight, Butterflight and so on would just get together with the folks at Linux Mint and Ubuntu and just make their software available for an easy download and install right thought the software manager. Because as of now, I'm right back to where I was last year and Open TX never actually worked, not even once. And it seems like most of the problems everyone has with these configuraters and such, are just having problems with Windows 10.

I can safely say that a rework solder station would have paid for it self by now.
(Talking about a heat gun for soldering surface mount circuit boards.)
       I could have fix one or two flight controllers by now and what is even worse was that I didn't just want to live with the re-glued and taped antenna I had on my Qx7.
       I had a new original replacement and the 5 db custom mode just waiting and so I thought I'd be brave one morning and try to fix it.
       Shit I loosened the pad just by trying to remove the old original one. (What would have been the better approach would have at least had two soldering irons and another hand so I could have heated up both connections at the same time,) but that's why they have those heat guns.
       So it boiled down to spending $35 for a new RF board, and then flashing it with the firmware, -which I did. But then if the older Open TX doesn't match up with the newer RF firmware, you have to update the Open TX, and that's a problem if you Windows is a piece of shit. (And oh, the USB type "B" cable was something else I had to acquire.)
       To say the least, I'm into $40 to repair a $100 transmitter and I can't even get to the point if it's going to ever work again. (And I even tried the Muti-Modual on back to see if I could get a slow XJT to work and nothing.)

But then I discovered that GetFPV had a X9D+ SE for $230
       I ordered the Rock Monster
       That was with a 10% discount offer and when it arrived, I saw that they slipped in a R9 Module for me.
       I'm guessing from the older firmware number, that it was probably one of those with the funky antennas, but I got a Super 8 from RDQ's
       I've had two mini R9M receivers for several months now because I bought them when I found them for $12 each.
       I haven't installed them yet because I figure I'll do that on a major rebuild later.
      And oh, I took the racing throttle out of the Qx7 and put it inside the X9D.
      I swapped the mounting plates and just reversed the throttle in the radio set-up page and changed the weight of the Yaw to -100.
       A person could just mount it upside down and the calibration image of the sticks would be correct, but I don't think having the ribbon cable rubbing on the tension bars is a very good idea.
      I also move the A & D switches to the B & C positions and used hot glue to store the B & C switches inside above the speaker. (I'll use cable ties and tape for redundancy just in case the radios gets too hot in the summer sun.) I'd show you some pictures, but my mouse laser is dirty and I have no Q-tip to clean it right now so I'll just call it good and you know what I mean anyway.
      I also snipped the long momentary and two position switch levers down to a reasonable size before they get broken off.
      Bottom line is: this radio makes it so much easier to be a hybird pincher on, -than the QX7 I bought when I was a thumber. Already I can tell that my flying is much more consistent because my hands are not resting on top of the controller somewhere any more.

But what's real exciting is:
       I took on the task of installing Achilles Pro on my receiver.
       Let me tell you that it sure isn't anything like a Rapid Fire, but I sure do get much better reception and I can trust going around a few corners now without it dropping out completely .
      Also I've got some decent footage of my flying and someday I'll get around to uploading some of it. What I need is some kind of filter to help the camera deal with the lighting changes when flying through trees because it tends to freeze up and slow down. Just a something you get with a cheep camera. It's amazing that it's taken the beating that it has though. My flying is a bit more radical than what you see of videos posted from the use of fireflies.
       Well I've got to go because this library is about to close. I'm here on a rainy day because I would rather use my own electricity for charging batteries than running a web-site.

Stupidity is running rapid:
Rule Numbers: 1, 9, 10, 11,& 26

March 31st, 2019:
I can't stand being talked to as if I'm another one of those idiots:
I've been seeing it a lot on Youtube.
       Mr. Steele knows that there are a lot of idiots trying to get into quadcopters, because he will often repeat what he is saying at least three times in just one video.
       But would someone tell him that they brain wash people into to not remembering something unless they are told seven times. (Any publisher will tell you that its a standard thing.)
       And why does Drew and Chad even consider Mr. Rollins as if he is anyone creditable enough to be interviewed by. The guy is nothing but a moron who thinks that the rest of us are a bunch of idiots and I seriously doubt whether he can even build of fly a quad worth a shit. He's insulting to me and all Drew and Chad did was help him get closer to his 1,000 subscriber.

Some people actually get it.
I'm talking about the few who will tell you that they would have smashed up the truck too.
       Yes, it only made sense that when the child molester rumours pop up about the same time and the same places as the "they want to make a deal with him," odds are they are the same people spreading both rumours, and if you made any sense out of it you'd believe it was the auto manufactures behind it.
      The question I have is, who went to the auto manufactures with my invention? It could have been a number of people, but I'd be betting on Charles Gould of Maryl Lynch. It's one reason why I would advice anyone to keeping their invention to themselves while it's patent pending even though they say it's a time when you have the right to exploit it. It's why I think the 18 month sneak peak is detrimental to any inventor. It just brings down the heat and you'll be luck to still be alive to see your invention get stolen.
       None the less, who can you actually get people to understand the problems you are coming across when they are kind of jealous of the fancy truck that you are driving?
      I can tell you one thing. the last thing you'd want to do is make their truck look good.

Funny thing:
I've heard many people say, "it's about 25 years old and it still works."
       Well of course it still works, don't you think I know how to build something to last?
       Of course there is always someone one who will tell me that they really like it. But then I have to say that I've been told that so many times, it doesn't even make me feel good any more.
       One other thing, I don't think people actually know what insane is because what I've been witnessing, -is insane. But I will say that I'd rather have certain people think I'm insane because I'm not as stupid as you may think.
      However, I sure as hell hate being as stupid as I am, how about you?

Let's move on:
To this thing about breeding stupid people:
       Like only stupid people should be voting for Biden, because under his watch Obama was able to steal inventions from private inventors, dumbing down America that much more.
       Like the idiot who thought it was funny that someone would come around sticking needles in someone.
       His response was, "did you get high?"
       He was driving a SUV and I'm sure glad he wasn't driving my truck.

I'm going to keep this short and end on a sad thing you all should be thinking about.
The other day whie I was flying my Quads in a park, I met four young boys about the age of 12.
       They where interested in my quads and somehow I mentioned that I'm and inventor.
       One young boy stepped up and said, "I want to be an inventor."
       I said, "No you don't."

Tell me,
how could it be?
Rule Numbers: 26
p;     .

April 9th, 2019:
That so many people can know who I am, no mater where I go.
The funny part about it is that they will act like they don't know who I am, but when you hear them talking on their phone, one can hear them say, "Sunnyside is here flying his drone."
       Like I just heard a construction guy at an office complex say that Sunday. And I should mention that most of the time I'll actually hear them say, "he's pretty good at it."

But let's get past that and on to the other question.
Like how can it be that just about everyone now seems to know that "they" were paying the the cops to spread the phoney child molester rumours on me and they know that I'm actually not? And let me tell you first hand, I've never really cared for kids that much and the thought of raising any never really appealed to me. I always thought if I ever did, it would be because of the woman in my life wanted some, I would be willing in order to make her happy. I figure that most guy feel the same way because from what I see is that raising kids is like a second job and from what I see, people who raise them are like full time teachers going around and teaching them everything from day to day and that's not what interest me on to say the least.
Why can it be that copes are still able to stalk me and harass me?
       I should mention that the second to the last time I woke up and discovered my door unlocked and a fresh needle mark in my wrist, I also discover that there was two or three cop cars parked just around the corner from where I was parked.
       And the time after that, how did the people with needles get into the private storage yard without the owners stopping them?
       I should mention that the next day, the owner's son called me up and requested that I get my stuff out of there because they didn't want that kind of thing happening around there any more. (I'm guessing that his father didn't like the idea of ever having to go out and see if I was still alive. Having to wake up a guy at 7 pm could not have been a easy thing to do.)

       Now let us skip to the present days.
       I know I've been watched.
       The cops have known where I've been flying my Quads. There has been several times the police and fire trucks have parked just watched me do it. However, in the last 30 days it's been different. About three of four weeks ago, I had a cop in Carlsbad park near by to me for about 6 hours watching me fly through a parking lot filled with some interesting trees. For some reason the only other person to show up all day was another cop for about a half hour. All I could ask myself was how much that flying session cost the tax payers and what good did it do?
       Then there was the next Sunday at an office park where I'd been flying for at least 6 months where I had a cop cars drive through a couple times but never even stopped.
       This time I had two cop cars show up with what appear to be a ride along and a trainee and what I would guess is a corporal got out, because it always seems to be the corporals that must have been paid the money for the phoney rumours.
       He got out of his squad car and told me that I couldn't be there because it was private property. (I sure didn't see any no trespassing sign and I would guess they are public buildings that have no traffic on week ends.) None the less, he seemed to know better than hang around and listen to one of my lectures about breeding stupid people.

The there was yesterday.
       I went to fly at a undeveloped park, where I originally started out flying line of sight.
       It's right near where we have flown plains for years and I've actually met park maintenance crews as well a Park Ranger who have said that it was a perfect place for flying mini quads.
       But then yesterday was different. A Park Ranger pulled up and said I could fly there. He said that you can't fly drones in state parks. I asked why another Ranger said different.
       Well I looked it up and I discovered different. The PDF says that you can't fly there if it's posted that you can't fly there.
       When it gets down to it, the rules are not actually clear and even if it is posted, one is able to ask for permission by asking for a event permit. And as I said, "what event, I'm just practising my hobby like we've been doing for about fifty years.
       Yeah like do you have to get a permit every time you fly, and is there a price that is attached to it? And from what I gather, the rules are all at the digression of the person granting the permissions.
       You and bet that the Ranger and his two young bucks got to listen to one of my lectures about breeding stupid people.
      Bottom line is, I think that "they" are at work just trying to take away anything they can get from me and even if it's some of that freedom that people are willing to die for to protect.

Congratulations Tiger
Rule Numbers:
April 14th, 2019:
I bet his performance gave so many who are trying to make a come back a boat load of hope.

       Need I say that Augusta is about the nicest place a person could do such a thing.
       I'm sure glade I tuned in to watch his victory.
       But then if there is a gulf tournament to watch, the Masters is it.

I heard I got the Bully
Gee, I actually thought I was kind of an ass about it, but just the first few words out of him set me off. It's like I've developed a feel for bully cops over the years and I can pretty much tell right off the bat.
Sad to say, that cops are often above the law and they often make up their own rules.
Then another sad thing is when a judge can make new laws just by trying a case that has never been done before.
       But even worse is when you have a State Park Ranger making up rules that can be considered as laws.
       Like it's nothing that can be voted about and if it was I would have won because I've meet two Park Rangers at the same park and one was only interested in my quad and the other way only interested if I was the one parked out in the no parking zone.
       As an example of just how much developed the park in question is, there is no parking for it. The only road with direct access to it is all fire lane as if they just don't want anyone going there in the first place and I wouldn't even know the name of the park if there was one because I have never seen even a sign stating that it is a State Park.
       I guess I should post a video of it since I don't need to worry about some other drone pilot getting in trouble there because trouble has already found me there on its own.

My firefly has seen its day.
       The microphone has been banging around inside it for some time now.
       And now it's less than a 50/50 chance that it will even finish the flight and it's no longer worth using.
       However, after using a sun glass lens a a ND filter, I managed to get bunch of video to go through and figure out which to edit down to post.
       But the sad thing to say is that I can fly those same places much better by now. I have however learned to slow down my rates and fly a lot smoother because of it.
       The problem I am running into though is that I'm flying too fast for the EV 100's I'm using, The objects appear farther away than they actually are and the artifacting and low resolution is making scraggle impossible to see. (From the recording, one can tell that it is too obvious I didn't see the branch until I was about to hit it.)
       I'll try to find the time to do some video editing, but for right now, I need to fly those packs I charged up this morning.

Just how great is America?
Rule Numbers: 26

April 22nd, 2019:
Why do they say America instead of USA?
America is more than one country.
      And yet the USA grants political asylum to many people within America, so America can't be that great.
       Here in the USA we have a government that is still lying about landing on the Moon 50 years later.
       The USA gives weapons to the enemy.

Lets skip to some not too current events.
I got tired of hearing about R Kelly and didn't feel like writing about my thoughts on him. So let me tell you that I think.
       He used little lines of cocaine to get those girls hooked and after they were hooked, he could treat them like dogs. Something those woman he had dressed up nice for TV were not about to tell you about.

And the Collage bribery bit:
Gee, why is it the ones offering up the money for bribes that have to pay the price for it and not the people who work for the collages?
       And why do we the tax payers even supplement the collage tuitions, (which actually inflates the price of tuitions,) actually give money to those collages at all?
      Gee, in this country, I thought they arrested the whores and the Johns.

And How great are these students around here?
       Apparently not any better than the ones in Morro Bay
       I've heard them several times talking about how the cops were spreading child molester rumours.
       They may know now that I'm not one, but apparently they don't take into account just how much they helped the cops spread them.

It's pretty much common knowledge now:
       That Ford Motor Corporation was paying the cops to spread the rumours.
       Ford is also the company behind sticking needles in me.
       Apparently the goal was to give me AIDS.
       I guess I should have myself checked, but why would they do it at least 4 times?
       I should mention that before they spread the child molester rumours, they were spreading dying of AIDS rumours and twice I was cut by people in an effort to infect me with it.

This is how great the USA is:
       Even though people at Ford are Evil, people will continue to support the Evil by going down and buying one of their vehicles.
       It's the reason this country is going to Hell, it's because people are willing to except Evil with open arms.
       Just as they are willing to take their children to a Speilberg movie even though Speilberg is in prison for being evil.
       People are willing to support evil and it's all because they are becoming barbaric animals and they are sole-less beings as a result of it.

It's a fact Jack.
       That we are Breeding stupid people.
       I got proof.
       The fact is that after years of increasing amounts of patents being filed, the US is in a decline one the numbers of patent applications being filed.
       I don't think there is anything more I have to say. Facts are facts and it appears that you have less inventors now because you've been killing them off for decades and now it's catching up to you.
       Gee and now they say you have only 11 years to save the world. Lol.


Back to my Quads:
Rule Numbers: 14, 20, 35, 40, 41 & 44

April 28th, 2019:
Now I have two small Cats, one with big motors and one with small motors.
The XL5 is just too prone to brake legs.
       And now that I've put the 2206's on one of the heavier V2 frames, I like the iX5's even more.
       The V3 frame is about 10 grams lighter, but they did that by thinning the carbon. So glade I picked up the two V2's at $17.00 each when I did. I should mention it cost me an extra $5 for a set of the thicker V3 30mm camera plates for the full size camera.
       Last month I went through 3 XL5 legs, which one of them only lasted one day just by tapping a tree. Another thing about the small cats are that with the battery on the bottom, the signal from the VTX is stronger all the way around.

Talking about the VTX.
Some of you may recall the post of which I talked about need for a SWR meter within the VTX's OSD. Well Bardwell just confirmed it by learning that just having a signal strength meter is no way to compare the outputs of VTX's because the pigtails are not producing the same results from one to the other aside from how many times they are used.
       When it comes down to it, there is no way to compare one VTX to another unless a person can make sure the SWR readings are the same and right now that is impossible to do, -until the industry catches up to the way I think about the whole ordeal..

Another thing that just annoys me:
Is that I'm sitting here with 6 counter clockwise propellers and 12 clockwise propellers.
       When are they going to learn to sell them in packages of rights and packages of lefts?
       I'm down to using up the cheap props that I bought over a year ago because I just can't afford to buy a bunch of new ones right now and I just regret the day when I just have to throw a bunch on unused props away.
       Now I've already thought of setting up one of my quads running with reversed props to combat the issue, but with the hybid cat design on both of my quads, I don't think that will work because the one with reversed props will not run efficiently, (if you understand the forward motion that lifts will only gather dirtier air.)
       Like I noticed that the new Catalyst Machine Works new quad is a Dead Cat configuration and I'm willing to bet that the people who run with reversed props will not be near excited about the frame and as the folks who run in the normal configuration. None the less, there is a valid point to the advantage of the hybird design. It's all about less prop wash and having a quite-er running quad.
       Some day I hope to have enough of the V3 legs for my XL5 frame to have a true X frame again and then I'll run reversed configuration on it because I understand the advantage of running reversed. Like a cleaner lens and it's actually easier on the motors because the motor torque is spread out thoughout more of the other motors when applying yah and roll.

I saw the new ICM20689 Gyro show up in a FC:
       I saw it at Gear Best of all places
       It's in a less popular brand called Blue Eyes (I think.) The gyro is made by TDK and cost only a couple of bucks more, but it was designed more towards the drone market instead of just the cell phone market.
       Gee, F7 and the ICM20689 Gyro for only $30. If I had the money I would pick on up, -but there is a few questions I'd like to have answered first. Like where is the manual because there isn't much labelling on the board and what is the target in Betaflight? (Very important questions I might add.) "Oh," -the pinout is under FAQ.
       Anyhow, I happen to think that it's a much better deal than spending a shit load of money for a Boush Gyro with a F4 chip.

Up to this point:
       I'm thinking that Matek FC's are the safest investment
       I just had the VTX and the smart audio pads come loose on my JB not too long ago, so that left me with no OSD, and now the telemetry just stopped working too. Which leaves me with only being able to use the timer on my transmitter, so now I just can't rock out like I used too.
       But now that I've got my tuning all locked in, I'll just fly it until it dyes like the rest of them.
       The thing that makes the Matek FCs better than all the other FC's I've used is that the solder pads are hole through design, - witch means that having the pads come loose like the ones one the Heilospring, Flightone ans the JB is not likely to happen.
       Oh the Blue Eyes: they have the solder though design.

Oh Yeah:
       On Beepers
I've tried the Hellgate and the Fullspeed Lucky Box .
       Well Hellgate is the one I'd buy again because you are pretty Lucky if the Fullspeed will work like it should. Man I've had the strangest things happen with the Lucky Box, with it going off at the weirdest times and when I did hook it up for the manual switch on my TX and the FC, - it just buzzed at a low volume, so I had to run a second beeper.

And oh, my flying.
Recording sure helped out my working on the Smoothness of Le Drib.

And now that I've tweaked my rates, I'm flying so much better than in the videos I've accumulated.
Someday soon I'll start posting some of those old videos
However I did learn that just getting some Fat Sharks would actually pay for themselves.
       It's because in the video, it's quite clear that I'm flying too fast for the inferior resolution of the EV100 goggles I use.
       In the videos, it's quite clear that I can't see what I'm about to hit until it's too late. Therefore, if I had better goggles, I would be going though less propellers and performing less repairs.

Got something in common with Brie Larson.
That they say nobody likes either one of us.
       Yeah have to laugh at all the videos on Youtube that are into slamming her for anything she might have said, most of which I think are things that were taken out of context. None the less, with all the money she has, do you think she actually cares?
       She's been there done that and she's done it all her life and now she has just learned that the internet has done nothing more than create a bunch of haters.
       I think the haters are just people who are looking for others who may just be worse than themselves. If they can't find them, they just make them up.
       As for me, there seems to be plenty of people who don't like me, and I have to say one thing for sure, they don't even know me. So obviously, they don't even know what they are talking about.

Like flies on shit:
Rule Numbers: 4, 65 & 66

May 5th, 2019: Cinco De Mayo
Just as I told you a long time ago.
For the only reason I maintained Calicops and Morro Bay.
       Just as I figured: when they realized they were not up and running, they'd be on me like flies on shit.
       I cut back from the expense of 12 domains to 8 in order to spend my money on other things, but now I'm feeling the result.
       Just this month, I've been harassed by bullies with a badges three times.
      I either have to figure out how to get a couple sub-domains working or just buy another domain to put the website about bad cops.
      You may ask yourself about the possibility or whether there is any good cops, but let me influence your thinking a bit. When have you ever seen a good cop arrest a bad cop?
       Now isn't it against the law to not report a crime? Then if a so called good cop doesn't report a bad cop, isn't the good cop a criminal too?
      Then wouldn't you say that there isn't much of a possibility of ever finding a good cop because the good cops are always letting the bad cops get away with crimes?
       Needless to say, they are all bad cops now aren't they?

All it took was one lousy bomb from the people Obama gave $75 Million to.
And now we are supporting another war. But what the hell, we've gotta kill something because for $5 Billion per year to Israel, we've got to get are money's worth.

Funny thing:
The miss USA contest.
       I tuned in to see the last part featuring the finalist.
       I've got to say Miss Arkansas has some really nice arms that put the rest of them to shame. As if she was fit and the others depended upon the latest diet trends.
       But in the end it was all about being overly diversified.
       Woman of color.
      I had to laugh.

Funny how it is when you are breeding barbaric animals
       I actually thought I had a smart one on hand the other day, but in the end, he just didn't get it.
       Funny how it is when you can make up some out outlandish things, tell lies that would make an ordinary person think you were crazy, and they will carry that bit with them and tell everyone they know, just to make the person who pulled their leg seem crazy, but then they had to be pretty stupid to believe it in the first place.
       But if you are serious and you try to explain just what can happen to a person because of the patent laws, the shit goes in one ear and out the other.
       Like I told this guy about how they rigged my phone so my customers couldn't reach me.
       Then ten minutes later he tells me that with the talent he saw of my copter flying, that I should go into to business with it.
       I guess I should have explained just how they rigged my phone when I spoke about it just a few minutes earlier, but then I bet he would think I talk too much.

How come people around here,
know about HDO's?
Rule Numbers: 16, 26

April 8th, 2019:
I didn't tell anyone about them.
But just walking into the Post Office, it was clear to me that people knew I was expecting them.
       It took longer than usual for the mail to get sorted and even the lady on the way to the locker with the unmarked box, knew that it was mine and I was on my way in to get them.
       I wanted to open up this post with something like it seems like I'm cheating and just talk about just how much of a difference it is to have such wonderful goggles.
       Butt I have to say that what has overwritten my thoughts on my comments is, how did these people around here learn about what I was about to receive? It's down to one thing or another, either my cell phone is tapped, or people working in a warehouse on the other side of the country got the word out some how. To say the least, it's quite disturbing to me.

Butt anyway.
I have to say that I must be right about the Fat Sharks paying for themselves in the savings of Props and repairs because I can tell already that I'm crashing less because the depth perception alone has saved me a number of times already. (Especially in dives.)
       Also when approaching trees that I'm trying to go through, I can actually tell if a branch is actually on the front or back side. It's the difference of looking at 3D instead of 2D.
       Whats really nice is when it is later in the day when the sun is lower and the trees begin to cast larger shadows, the shadows don't show up as dark spots. Those dark spots are were soft targes are often hid with the cheaper lower resolution goggles. In fact it just blows my mind that the shadows just don't actually exist much at all, especially when you are under a tree.
       Prior the the HDO's, I felt it was more to do with the type of camera you were using and what the setting were like. But now I'm actually thinking of trying the Rotor Riot CCD camera that made the shadows of trees just dark spots.
       Now with the better goggle the CMOS shimmer is even more noticeable now and it's actually annoying. I think the RR Swift just may have a more natural image.
       I'd like to try that new Caddx camera, but from my understanding is that the lifespan of the brand is kinna short.
       One thing I can say about these Goggles is that they sure make me fly faster by just strapping them on, however the first thing I noticed is all the jellow I'm getting from my beat up motors. The video signal brake up is more annoying than it used to be to me because of the clarity. The whole experience makes one appreciate Rule No. 16 as being true.

I was thing about getting a Box 2
But for right now, I'm changing the bells on my 2206 motors, hoping I can achieve a jellow free image, even if it is only for my DVR.
       Now that RDQ has discontinued the brother hobby made 2205's, I'm thinking of putting them out to pasture because I want to get away from 4s batteries.
       In the past few months I've bought 3 new 4s batteries and 4 new 5s batteries and I'm really liking the 5s because of the less sag, longer flight times and I usually land closer to storage voltage. I plan on only replacing my batteries with 5s from now on.
       I'm in a toss up when deciding on which motors I'll get next. I kinna like the Xing 2206 1850kv, but the internal resistance is over 90. Unlike the RCinpower 2207 plus has a resistance of only about 50, which means they are almost or even more efficient as the Xing 2206. I like the bell design and rubber washers the Xings have.
       I just wish rcinpower would come out with a good 2206, but I think that size is just a bit out dated and I really don't think I want any 2306's because I like a smoother power curve and being able to control the torque when I'm low to the ground. I think Skitzo is the only free style pro that I know of who uses 2206's any more. Most of them are using 2306's or better but they are hauling around GoPro 7s'. 2207's are probably the route to go but I prefer to stay on the lighter side of things because I think in a crash the lighter quad will suffer less damage.
       I'd rather not go the high amperage route because I don't need all that power and I'd rather be a little easier on my batteries, get longer flights and not have to go with more expensive ESC's.
Oh Yeah:
       I don't think any of the videos made by the firefly are even usable.
       They've got something wrong with them and they won't even run smooth within the editor. Waste of money, -and besides, I fly all those spots better now.
       And I'm going to take a day off from flying soon to work on flashing the firmware to my M9 stuff. I was going to wait until the new FrSky proto call formate came out, but I want to set up a quad with reversed props and I made a reverse cat out of the XL5 frame. I mounted the shorter V2 legs in front and the longer V3 legs out the back.
       I got BLheli working on my computer so I can set up the rotations without moving wires around. I figure that the front legs will brake first so I got race wires and a couple new legs on the way so that it will some day end up being just a true X frame with outward props.
       I want to see it will bounce off branches.

Sure they want you to be stupid
Rule Numbers:

May 15th, 2019:
It's pretty bad when that smart ones are not as smart as they seem.
Like this Kim Iverson
       I came across her bit on YouTube called, "What our government isn't telling us about Venezuela."
       It actually puts things into perspective for the relationship the US has with Saudi Arabia. It also makes more sense to me why the first person of power Donald Trump went to see once he was in office was the leader of Saudi Arabia.
       However the better explanation for the reasons we have so many wars and replacements of leaders of governments around the world is that it all revolves around oil. It's because the value of US dollar is not backed by the value of gold any longer. What the US government has done is made a deal with Saudi Arabia to only sell oil in US dollars, which in turn shores up the value of the US dollars.
       To put it in short form for those who have a short attention span, Iverson states that the "government made a deal with the Devil.
       Now if you don't understand the implications to this: Just think about all the countries that need to buy oil, they need to get their hands on US dollars first. That's why so many countries are after the leaders of any country with oil.
       The scary part of it the Saudi part is that the US has to kiss ass. We have to over look everything they do. Like in Yemen and even the fact that they can walk into an embassy and cut up a journalist into pieces and get away with it with no repercussions what so ever.
       In short, the US may spend ten times the amount of the money on defense that the top ten defense spending countries do. But the US is defense-less to the country that it has given the value of it's dollar to.

As far as the problem in Venezuela
What the mainstream media isn't telling you about is that the US government is the one who has caused the problems there and I don't think the people in that country are even aware of what really went down.
       To put it in short form, they put a socialist leader in office in 1989 that saw that foreign oil companies, many of which were from the USA were taking advantage of the oil rights in that country and the new leader ran them out and took back in control of the Venezuelan oil. This in turn brought great wealth to the country, but the US government decided to put sanctions on Venezuela. This has created hardship and made it difficult for Venezuela to even sale it's oil to other countries.
       I also look at other videos and see just how the US government causes the propaganda that has even fooled so many of the people in Venezuela and the USA as well.
       I'm not sure if many of you will even get the picture of what is actually going on, but to say the least, the US is not involved in any war over humanitarian issues because if that was to be true, we'd be fighting a war in South Africa.
       It's all about the oil and that fact of the mater is that the Value of the US dollar in based on the value of oil. The more people are dependent upon oil, the more dependent we are with the Deal with the Devil, as Kim Iverson says.
       Now what gets me is Kim seems to be a bright girl, saying that she did a lot of research for her 25 minute video. However, she is only a woman who has worked on a radio talk show about relationship advice even though she hadn't been in a relationship the whole time. Then later decided to get into politics.
      However, she did leave me with one very important question, which president actually made the deal with the Devil?
       I'm guessing Bush.

Barbaric Animals
I'm talking about cops.
       Gee, one tased a gal who was walking away from him and he ended up putting a few bullets in her.
       Then we had some down here that ganged up on a guy.
       Gee, if they want to beat up a guy, aren't they man enough to go one on one?
       Oh, not when they are barbaric animals.

Baby Quad with betaflight

Finally got my Baby Quad working:
Rule Numbers: 40 & 55

May 17th, 2019:
Impulse driver fixer
Got it into DFU mod and flashed it with Betaflight 3.51
       It only took me over a year to get around to it. It has a FrSky XM+ receiver so it will work with my Taranus and it will give me something to fly line of sight with acro.

Playing it safe against Trump's Tariffs.
I just went all out this month and bought everything I could possibly get and still feed myself.
       I even got my hands on a Rapidfire receiver for my goggles. Now that I have them, I plan to put my M9 system to work.
       I decided against the RCinPower motors because getting some replacement bells or bearings are some things that must be considered.
       With the Xing, I can have them in about 10 days from iFlight.
       I went with 2207 1800KV because whenever I do get a HD camera I'll be glad I did. They are the same price as the 2306 but more efficient on the top end however they're more power hungry on the lower end. None the less, the 2207's do have the better efficiency numbers, (that is if I even know what I'm looking at.) Some of their charts just don't make sense, (considering the numbers from 4.3 pitch props and 4.5's,) I'd say they got the numbers all wrong.
       I figure if a guy was looking for high performance for racing, the RCinPower GT2207plus motors would be the ones to get, but if a guy is into freestyle and wants motors that are more durable and cost less to maintain the Xings are the ones to get.

Rule 55: I learned something from a review:
I've been powering my VTX from my battery and my camera from the VTX because I learned that powering from the FC ended up putting noise in my video.
       But I've been plagued by an OSD that flickers and only viewable a low throttle.
       I read in a review somewhere about running a ground wire from the camera ground to a ground on the FC.
       Now I've got flicker free OSD and even the video looks better.

I've been collecting extra parts for several months.
       Now all I need is a ESC
       (Well a hellgate too. But I do have a good buzzer and I'll rob a Hellgate from the smaller 2205 copter.)Then I'll have enough parts for a third quad.
       As of right now, of the two copters I have, only one can run on 5 cell batteries. I have 6 5s bats and its a bitch if I screw up that 5s quad only two packs in and have 4 remaining.
       Building this next quad will set me up with two quads that can run on 4s and two that can run on 5s, therefore I won't be needing to discharge any batteries, -that is if I can keep all of them running.
       More likely, I'll be robbing parts from one for the other, because within the next few months, my money has to go into maintaining my truck with new injectors and stuff.
       One thing I can say is: now that I have a good set of goggles, I should be performing less repairs on my copters.

Parts for sunnyside's new quadcopter 5-2019

It takes a few parts:
Rule Numbers: 9, 11, 12, 35, 38 & 55

May 25th, 2019:
iFlight XL5 V# frame, Xing 2207 Motors.
Matek STD, Airbot Typhoon ESC,
AKK X2 Ultimate VTX, FrSky R9 mini

       I soldered the ESC to the motors from underneath on this one. I used a iflight 2amp 5vt BEC placed underneath the ESC.
       In the next picture you may notice only two wires soldered on top side of the FC, (the softserial and the smart audio.) I've gotta say that it's the cleanest build I performed yet.

I went with outward props.
And boy do I like them running in reverse. I can't tell any difference in the handling, but my lens stays cleaner and leafs and grass doesn't seem to bring me down like it used to. .
I just retired the little cat because of the outdated 2205 motors,
RDQ discontinued them and I got a Brother Hobby R2 Bell from Banggood. The thing is, the BH bell is made with 6000 Alloy and on the second day I landed on concrete and dented the top of the bell in two places.
       I just don't think they are cost effective any more.
       I'm just using my 4 cell batteries the iX5 with 2206 2450 kv and my 5 cell Bats with the XL5 with the 2207 1800kv Xings.
       And they do sing.... Compared to the 2206 which sound like grinders.
       Those new Xing motors are really nice. Super smooth and quite remarkable to say the least.

Copper topped ESC's and Xing Motors.

I've got the R9 for long range control
AKK X2 Ultimate VTX for longer range video.

With the Rapidfire receiver, it's the best video I've had yet, but trees are still the bitch.
       One of the things I've got much better at:
      is tuning these things.

The quad doesn't just have good power and authority.
       It is nimble for close proximity flying and it is very good at the opposite of close proximity flying, -meaning: it just takes up space.
       It just makes me a better pilot just by getting behind the controls of this thing.
       It just makes everything easier.

The Stack with Matec STD - Iflight XL5 V3 Frame

I guess there are a few people who can't get passed a few little binding issues:
It all makes things a bit more interesting.
The challenge of trouble shooting.
       Although I had it set to 100 when I initially bound the receiver, it ended up on 10. (Both switches were set wrong on back on the back.)
       None the less, you would be amazed at the range I got on only 10, but it had some twitching going on at times when it was off in the distance.
       So I looked into it and discovered that it wasn't set up on 100. When changed it to 100, it told me to rebind and that's what I should have done because the next session was real twitchy. It didn't want to rebind, and in fact I lost the binding in the process, however after a two or three tries, it bound and I haven't had any twitching since .

Hypocrisy I'd say.
Rule Numbers:51

May 29th, 2019:
All last week, Abortion was the news.
But the patent laws have us killing a dozen inventors every day, which equals 50 smart kids that are not born every day.
       I'm pro life, but I think it has to be the woman's choice.
       Needless to say, we're protecting the stupid people and eliminating the smart people from ever being conceived.
      It's called selective breeding and it is the opposite of natural selection.

Pair of Sunnyside's Quads of May 2019

Gotta say, the Dead Cat with the 2206's is the best.
I reversed the prop rotation on the Dead Cat expecting a lot of prop-wash, but that wasn't the case. And when it gets down to it, there is less. However I happen to like flying it better than flying the XL5 with the new Xing 2207 motors.
       It may be that I just like the handling of the under-slung battery design; I don't know. Anyhow, even without OSD and the only telemetry I get is the RSSI. (The JB FC with missing pads.) I just have it tuned so well, I just rather fly it on 4 cell than my new quad on 5.
       I just love running with reversed props because the camera lens stays clean and I seem to just bounce off branches and I tend not to ruin props like I used to.

I think it's time for me to learn how to use the Black Box feature in order to tune my quads even further. Just installed the viewer on my computer today so I'll see what I can get out of it.
I'm also changing my prop pitch to 4.5 and maybe 4.8 on the 2207 1800kv quad.
       Since I retired the quad with the 2205's, I'll use up the 4.3's and move onto 4.5's and 4.8's.
       I just get more pop with the greater pitch.
       And can you believe that the dead cat with the beat up antenna and less wattage gets better video? I don't have the R9 mini in it yet, but the after market 5db antenna on my controller seems to be good enough for the range I need. I just don't want to do a tear down just to get the R9 working on it.
       None the less, I seriously thinking of mounting the Xings motors on the retired Dead Cat because of the weight saving and durability. I figure I'd get longer flights too. However, I should put some more time into tuning the XL5 and see what I can get out of it, but for now, what I thought was going to be my back-up quad is actually my main quad, especially when it gets down to which batteries I'm able to get charged for the day. I have a shit load of 4s and only 5-5s batteries.
      Oh well, I've got one more battery to fly and I'll see what happens with the black box thing.

It took a few days.
Before people figured 20 to 25 years out.
Rule Numbers:16

May 4th, 2019:
After 50 years out, the number of none existent smart newborns will be over 100 per day.
Just think. over there in Europe and others like Canada and Australia.
       They're approaching the 75 year mark and that's equal to the rate of the US loosing 200 intelligent offspring per day. (The UK loosing about 50 per day?)
       It's like feeling the heat, more and more after each generation.
       The mutable of the log rhythm as time goes by.

We are destroying generations of complete families that would have been our most intelligent humans.
It's sad when you thing about it. At fifty kids per day, 50 x 365 = 18,250 per year at the 25 year mark. From the 25 to 50 year mark, 25 x 18,250 = 456,250 .
       The number reaches a million fifty years out I'm sure, but then again, those or very conservative numbers because anyone could guess that wealthy families average better than 2.2 kids. I guess the number are not high enough for people not to be alarmed about.

Fighting Wars and Digging for Gold
       I've spent some time checking out bits on Elon Musk
       Elon Musk is a guy who has been reaching for the possibility of achievement pass his life span, hoping to see the day he imagines.
       Unlike the pauses of people like Clinton and Obama who knows how to put pauses after every sentence so that slow people can keep up. Elon Musk has just learned how to speak slow to let people keep up to him.
       Musk doesn't show his passion much as you would think. His take on AI and his thoughts on collage degrees can make one realize that he has doubts about where a lot of things are going.
       I can understand some of his frustrations. It's like having two guys with collage degrees attempting to change oil in a car. Elon musk has to hope that they know to put the drain plug back in to the oil pan before the pour the new oil in.
       I laughed at the things he's said and how much it sounds like something I wrote before. However he says it in a different way that won't sound so offensive. One line will be how the cell phone is AI and then later saying that the cellphone is an extension of ones self.
       I think the people who predict that his car company will fall because of the numbers of sold cars per year is too low.
       From what I've learned,his factories are state of the art the land that it's sitting on didn't cost him anything. Then there is that fact that he lowered the price of one of his cars so substantially it created quite the mess with the value of some of the cars he sold prior. Just something I don't see others doing.
       I can assure you that when people learn about the battery technology he just bought, I'm sure will give him one up on the competition.
       I can't wait for the technology to reach my quad copter. It would instantly double my flight time and room for the possibility to quadruple the power storage we are running with now. It would be a safer battery. Being dry, it would also be lighter.

Can you believe there is a website, Savetheinventor?
       It's actually part of the Inventor's Alliance that has been around for years.
       I asked the search bar for the downfall and the pitfalls of the patent industry, and got nothing.
       Inventor alliance has been around writing things that are nothing more than belly aching. They write that the patent laws should be stronger, -as if they are actually trying to do something about it.
       Kinna like the AMA and the APCS . I believe these organization are nothing more than how much money they can manage to get people to give them.
       Inventhelp is nothing more than 65 offices set up only to steal your invention.

six peddle and two Pagotas

When you know you are at 100%
Rule Numbers:40 & 55

June 7th 2019:
It take more than just having a Quadcopter to fly it.
I've gotta mention the supporting Hardware
       You've gotta have your batteries and charging situation handled and then the rest of the hardware is what fallows .
       I have to say that the greatest investment was like a breakthrough with Rappedfire video reception, backed up by the HDO's and your flying possibilities are enhanced overnight. (Then give it a few weeks more,) The you've realized that you've found spots that you could go no where near before.
      With just a couple Pagota.s on the Rapidfire and a Lover's Six petal on the Quad work my video has never been better. The camera feed goes straight to the VTX and what I do get is a really clean DVR recording. Which reminds me to say the my flash card just disappeared since yesterday.
      I don't know if it just popped out of my Fat Sharks or what.
      None the less, I should be on the Windows Ten side and see if I can export direct with out an editor. The problem is about music, I just can't justify the $10 per month to get music, especially when I know what song I was listening to when I performed the flight. It just won't seem right to me with something else for some reason. I'll post it silent and then tell you the song that should match up to it. You can just steam it and it would save me a lot of work.

Could be shooting yourself in the foot.
People don't always see things the way that I see it, but I look at as common sense that Amazon would have wanted a hand in the new drone rules put out by the FAA this year. Our crazy politicians just shoved the bill into a Sports medicine bill they were voting on.
      From the on's slot I noticed that the FAA only had dreams for the programs they wanted to implement. It was all about claiming what they wanted the money for.
       I think what they are trying to pull off is take away the freedom of recreation RC Flying in order to provide regulated commercial un-piloted aviation.
       Amazon has been just around the corner from crowding our skies with delivery drones and they don't want anyone in their way. Just eliminating a collision could save them a law suit for dropping a package on someone’s head. If you don't think Amazon doesn't have the money to spread around at the right people at the FAA and in Congress, you are a bigger fool than I am.
       The new rules they adopted in Canada, proves just has stupid people have got up there. They created a penalty of $1,000.oo if you crash your drone into an obstacle.

Pair of Quadcotpers by sunnyside

Got Nothing
Rule Numbers: 26

June 10th, 2019:
I don't know of the things in the news:
Can you believe I flew a weekend of office parks and only a few props were damaged?
       I think it was the fist weekend that I actually brake something. There were a few times I snagged a tree branch, spun out, tumbled down and sure to find concrete at the end. Better the propeller than the quad I guess.
       With the better video reception, I discovered new routes extending from the territory I've become familiar with over the past year.

I did change my daily flying routine
I primarily charge batteries for only one copter each day. Other than warning up with one copter and then getting used to another. I think operating the same copter all day makes it easier for me to fly at my best more consistently. This Method also helps me to remember what I want to adjust within the configure the night after. Soon I'll be able to use my cellphone to adjust my PIDs and rates, so that will be something less I'd like an OSD for.
Got two 6 cell batteries to try out.
Like putting a four barrel on it. Just gotta find out what this thing will do.
       I figured it would be a good addition to the 5 five cell batteries I have. I've got 11, 4 cell batteries, so now I've got my largest collection ever at 18 total.
       Gee out of all the comments I've read on the you tube, I've only found one other person who feels Amazon could be moving in to take control of the airspace.
       I just don't think anyone flying a FPV Drone should have to know the kinds of things only a pilot would need to know.
       Flying as I do, is like riding a dirt bike remote control, only it's not limited to the ground, but limited to the air. At least when I crash, it physically dosen't hurt. (But in canada, it could cost you $1000.)

5061 iFlight Nazgul propellers

Hit a Milestone:
Rule Numbers: 35 & 55

June 28th, 2019:
Checked out these iFlight 5061 Nazgul propellers.
Strange looking but fly really good.
       I got this one set free with the XL5 frame and don't even think iFlight even sells any propellers any more.
       I flew 8 packs with them on this 2206 copter with out messing them, so I took them off and saved them for my 2207 5-6 cell rig. I figure the % cells with turn them real nice.
       The seemed to hold altitude real well. They have a lot of grip and probably not the most efficient props in the world.

The Milestone is in my flying ability.
I had to check my camera angles to see how far off from 25% I was running and found one quad at 23 and the other at 25, but the thing that stuck me hard as a milestone: is that it hit me at the same time with both quads. The thing I'm referring to is close proximity flying. Seeing down enough to slow down in tight quarters. Being able to fly into a tree and fly around for a minute or two and not even leave the tree.
       Last night it just blew my mind on how I was sort of orbiting inside the tree. I was navigating from the edge of my screen because the quad was drifting sideways and looking towards the center of the tree. I think I've even got a recording of it and if I'm going to post anything, it will probably be it.

Got Speedy Bee working on my cell phone:
Now I see now reason to even have a osd from the flight controller. (I get cleaner video without one.)
       I've been actually doing better with using the timer.
       Got the tunes on both quads tuned in about the same.
       It would be nice to be able to switch off the VTX remotely, because I think over heating them while to try to find them just cat be too good on them. Some of the newer FC's have it built in now days, but I still have a spare Matek STD. I do need to get another hellgate next month. Sure glade then new HDO's have a recorder.

Stupid Rules

Stupid Rules

Stupid Rules

Stupid Rules

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Woody the wooden dumpster on a Synchro-link.

Dooms Day for Private Inventors
-happened yesterday,
when Obama took his mighty pin to the bill.

My Stupid Movie Idea

The most revolutionary tool box in the world,
sitting in a room of poisonous insecticide

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Burning Down the House

A few years ago, I wrote about a couple of these law makers at: Poop Bad Law.

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I changed the format as to the way the journal entries are posted. The change will allow the readers with a the ability to read the entries as the unfold in chronological order.

For those of you who may feel I don't have better things to do with my time than molesting children or stalking women, I'd say do a background check on me yourself, because you can not believe anything any cop or fireman will tell you.
       I've actually tried doing a criminal background check on myself because I would love to find one that wasn't true. I've learned that even when they say it's free, that it is not. However, I did find one that will refund your money if you cancel a monthly subscription with 7 days.
Its at:

I'm the Dennis Sattler, 50 in Van Nuys CA, Lakewood Washington, Castic CA

But in reality now days, you only have to fire up a search engine.

And no I'm not the Dennis Sattler in Texas who hid in a closet and then killed his wife. But that goes to show you that if I have done any criminal act such as stalking a woman or molesting a child, just Googling my name would tell you.

Cleaning Out Toxins

Vaccinating Against Measles

Of course we can't forget about those evil little pyros that have some kind of idea that they are hero's of some kind and not just a bunch of kuckleheads that are too damn stupid to do anything else:
/First Responders/
Oceanside Lieutenant Committing Slander

(Unfortunately, this category has to include Lifeguards, because here in Oceanside, they have been proven to be criminals just as well.)


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Looking Back on 911
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Cleaning Out Toxins


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Sunnyside's Last Resort

Organized Religion:
Someone else's retirement,
and an Evil way of justifying War.

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Moo Lah
(Column on Money)

If you wonder how things are
in San Luis Obispo County
Check out:


Organized Religion:
Someone else's retirement,
and an Evil way of justifying War.

My Theory

Speilberg's Lousy Page
His crap was taking up too much space on the Home Page

May I Have Page.

Something new to this site

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Organized Religion:
Someone else's retirement,
and an Evil way of Justifying War.

My Theory

Stupid Rule No. 42

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Organized Religion:
Someone else's retirement,
and an Evil way of justifying War.

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Burning Down the House

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Save Our Bats

December 28th, 2012

The Story about Ol Dred,
the friendly old shark.


El Loco


Speilberg's Lousy Page
His crap was taking up too much space on the Home Page

Cherry Bomb

Organized Religion:
Someone else's retirement,
and an Evil way of justifying War.

My Theory

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