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Predator V4 camera on XL5 quadcopter

Got a Predator V4
Rule Numbers: 26

July 17th, 2019:Posted on 7-25-19
Looks as though I need to put a 220 uf 25 volt capacitor in line between the VTX and the camera.
Much less of that CMOS shimmer.
       I needed to learn how to tweak the settings to my likings.
      I got it with the 2.5 lens which is great for higher definition at close proximity, but lacking in the large areas and I found myself lost at times, so I got the 1.8 lens and found it not so clear. I think they need something in between.
       However, the WDR isn't as good as the Eagle 2. Kinna in between the RR CCD and the Eagle 2 CMOS.

I put the Predator on the 2207 rig
I'm actually enjoying the more powerful quad even more now days because it seems more engaged. However, I tend to like the 5 cell R-line 100c 1300's better than the Tattu 6 cell 75c 1300's because I get longer flights and the power is just more manageable for a rookie like me.
Getting better at landing.
Sometimes I just amaze myself. Like on the day I repeated landing on my battery box, even with a 25 degree camera angle.

tight landing

Getting much more consistent:
Rule Numbers:55

July 25, 2019:
Did some great Matty Flips last night:
Practising flying backwards helped a lot since that is what you end up having to do at the bottom.
       I've gotten to the point where my flying is pretty smooth and I've learned to create a decent flow to where I think I'm ready for a sessions 4 or Runcam 5. However, my truck needs the money more than my hobby so it will just have to wait because I realize I'll be in need of an external hard drive because my hard drive is already full of footage I haven't had time to look through. I just need to take a day or two off from flying and maybe I'll post some of the lower quality video that I do have on YouTube.
       Another problem is that I need another solar panel because it takes half the day just to charge enough batteries for a late in the day session.
       I've got some really cool spots to show all of you but sadly to say, two others have already beat me to posting some video of them. However just watching theirs makes me realize just how different we fly the same spots and one thing for sure, I think I know the places better and it also makes me realize that I do have a unique style of my own.
       I'm not flipping and rolling every time I can because I like to put them in when they work like a transition to another obstacle.

My transitions are different too.
I'm using more yah and sideways and backward moves from one spot to the other and my power-loops are getting tighter to which I'm able to do them in tighter places now.
I'm debating on what to do with the 2206 Dead Cat:
One leg is de-laminating and it's about to brake soon.
       I could fly it until it brakes but I noticed that my motors are getting warm from the vibration so I think it is best to install the new firmware on my second M9 receiver and move everything over to my spare iX5 frame that I only paid $17 for then both of my quads will be set up on 900 mhz. (Long range.)
       I'm going to fly just a couple more packs on the weak frame and then tare it down and build the other.
       And damn, I've got these quads tuned so well, they fly so nice, even people who watch seem amazed at the stuff I manage to pull off now days.
      Well it's either this, or charge some packs to fly.

Three Quadcopters

My three Quads
Rule Numbers:

August 1st, 2019:
Since I had the makings of three cameras,
I put my older 2205 quad together as a back-up for my Back-up.

I also reversed the prop rotation while I was at it.
       Right away, I realized that my rates were off and it didn't take me long to get it dialled in with my handy Speedy Bee app.
       It made me realize just how much better I've got at tuning within the last 6 months of the year and a half of this new obsession.
       None the less, I am getting a little bored with it.

I've got to take a little more time off from it.
Just doing it every day is getting a little old for me and from what I gather, I'm not the only one. More and more, it sounds like the growth of the popularity is levelling off a bit and it's got a few of the industry folks a little worried about it, to say the least.
       I think the up and coming regulations are scaring of a lot of people who would like to use the hobby as an activity to do with there kids as they have done for decades. I can relate to those who wonder just how turned on their child would be when they have to study and learn things that only a true aircraft pilot needs to know.
       The AMA sends out a magazine every month mentioning about how their people are trying to be involved in the process, but I think the bottom line is that they only care about the money people give them.

The whole industry isn't exactly they way they portray it to be.
I watched the interview performed by Rollins with MR. Steele:
       I really like the way Mr. Steele was quite candid about just how he got to where he is, -in the first portion.
       The way the competitions are arranged isn't something a lot of us would even what to get involved with. His dealing with manufactures like GetFpv and T-motor just trying to get some of his own motors made, only verifies a lot of what I had already figured out on my own without anyone actually saying a thing about it.
       It's simple to figure out that you can't expect to get any honesty out of people who get all their gear for free. It's something I expected before I even got into the hobby because I know a guy who has made a pretty good part of his living by making reviews for the RC race car magazines over the years.

Like the new Vanover Motors.
       They're just a rebranded RCinpower motors. They just happen to be the ones I was considering to get if it wasn't for the lack of available parts, and buying anything through Banggood is a bit sketchy.
       Needless to say, just because Vanover decided he like them, people will be forking over an extra $12 per set. But now they are getting them in only a few days and hopefully they won't have to buy the whole complete motor when they damage one. (Which they will probably need to do because you just can't make something 4 grams lighter than the competition without loosing a bit of durability) .
       I got a kick out of that Steller gal who is now claiming she is sponsored after she got a free set of Vanover motors.
      The funny part is when she crashed and bent tree props, she said, "see no dents and no scratches," but she didn't exactly try to spin the motors for us because the last thing she is going to show is that light weight bells can bend very easily and if they did actually bend or brake a bearing, she will have some new motors in a few days, that is if she didn't have a few sitting there already.
       If she wanted to prove to be honest, she would have left the camera recording and put new props on and flew the damn thing. We would have found out if the video went to jello. Needless to say, I think she just hit the grass and most motors would be just fine.

And while we are talking about flaky shit.
       Banggood stiffed me for a $20 battery for my Taranus.
       It never arrived and the M9 mini that was DOA was not replaced either. It is not very difficult to realize that you are dealing with computer generated response when they repeat the same thing over and over.
       If you are going to spend more than $25 on an order with banggood, you've got to be crazy. I put my maximum limit at $23 for a akk VTX or $24 for a ESC. (But I've got three ESC's and never lost one yet,) one of which I bought from RDQ for $32 because I didn't want to wait a month to get it.
       This month it's about $15 for a camera case, antenna and a bullet proof strap from bangood.

And while we are talking about camera cases.
       If you didn't notice, Rumcam cases are out of stock everywhere.
       However I found them on the runcam web-site last week but they only had either orange or black for $8.99 w/free shipping.
       I had an orange one sitting in the shopping cart, but decided to wait a week or two and see if the red ones would show up.
       Well low and behold, only a couple days later, not a one could be found on their own website.
       I messaged them and found out they only had red ones left and I would have to to jump through some hoops that wasn't very clear to me in order get on for $12.99.
       That means that for only $10 more than what they want for a lens and case, I can buy a complete Foxeer Predator, which is a better camera anyways. It kinna give me second thoughts about ever buying a Runcam 5.

I would like to try the Caddex Ratel.
       But something tells me that they won't be around very long.
       I'm sure they are the best looking camera out right now but the durability is the question. And I have my doubts about the Preditor also because often when I crash, the screen goes black until I reboot the camera.
       The new DJI system looks promising.
       I'm hoping Stingy isn't right about only getting spectator mode if you don't have the controller, because he said his impression was that you won't get the same range.
       None the less, at 400 grams for a goggle to ware on your head, I think the next generation is something to look forward to. And for the air unit, only Vanover has hit anything with one and Drib fried an ESC next to one.

And just when I was going to give the human race a few brownie points.
       For not going crazy with any guns for over a month or so.
       But then some moron has to show up with on at the Garlic Festival in Gilroy.
       But then again I wondered why no one else on the crowd had a gun to put him down before they cops arrived.
       So little good gun detectors will work in that kind of situation.
       Sure just try to take away the guns from people and watch the robbery and rapes go through the roof. (Just compare the statistics per capita in Australia.)
       It only took 8 months before I had a piece of conduit up side the head over my $30 black and white TV set.

Just getting more barbaric by the day.
       Just think, for every inventor you all snuffed out in 1995, you have lost two generations of smart kids.
       That means you are down about 150 per day for every inventor you snuffed out in 1995.
       Yeah, I know, you care more about your dogs.
       Here in Oceanside, one barbaric moron just cut up his own 7 year old daughter in his bathtub. .
       Get a load of that, when the knife become the weapon of choice.
       Don't worry, in about a year this web-site won't be here to remind you all of just how stupid people are getting any more.
       You'll just have to figure it out on your own.

Bent motor

$50 worth of stupidity
Rule Numbers: 1, 50 & 55

August 4th, 2019:
I let people distract me.
Killed my newest battery.
       Well the battery has a new shape and it will be a while before I can trust it. We'll have to see if it holds a charge any more.
       The Bell may be alright, but the bearings and the base and even the rubber O-ring has seen better days.
       I've got my arming set up in the middle of a three position switch and forgot to push it up to reset the timer.

The last DVR footage was really smooth
But it had the black flashes from my signal bouncing of so much metal, so I thought I'd try a patch antenna and stand at a different spot to see if it would be cleaner. However, there was too much foot traffic and everyone wanted to talk to me and that is where I'd made a mistake. Plus I usually would bring it in a minute early but the pack before, I'd landed right at zero on the count down, therefore on the next flight, I didn't hear the count down too early in the flight. With the distractions, and the lack of count down I over ran my battery by about a minute and a half and those 75c batteries don't go for that.

My instincts were to bring it in. but I thought, just one more dive.
But that was wasn't going to happen.
       Good thing I do pay attention to my trajectory, keeping the G-force lateral and not horizontal, which kept it inside the construction sight, because even though I lost it about 75 feet high, I was confident it was going to hit the ground inside of the construction site. I figured that the street is sort of a buffer zone, so in the worse case scenario I might hit a car and I have insurance for that.
      None the less, anyone around would tell you that flying over people was not part of the program by any means. I realize even the best equipment can fail one way or another and it's the very reason Amazon should never use drones to deliver packages.
       Unfortunately I missed the dirt by about a foot and concrete is not kind to these things.
       Word travelled fast, it was already at the laundromat when I got there.
       Well my tactics are about to change because you are going to have to get up pretty early to see any more of my flights. I have to look at the selfish serious part about it. That is as the days go by, the spot is just going to disappear.
       I have achieved a pretty good handle on the Matty Flips because of the opportunity, but doing a dive right next to the object is something I need more work on.
       It;s not as easy as they make it look. Just getting lined up from above takes more talent then you realize. I think my problem is that I was leaving my throttle up a bit when I should have made sure it was down all the way and just steer that baby all the way down.
      Maybe my problem was that I was dropping down from over that backside instead of approaching from the front and using and Spilt-S to line up. But I think that whole trajectory thing is something that kept me away from trying that way.
       It was not until afterwards I realized it and I was missing the precious opportunity of examining thing while I was doing it because I had people around me trying to talk to me and that's just not the way to learn.
       Like Rule #50, a boss once said to me, "if you don't fuck up once in a while, you aren't doing anything."

Get a load of this
Rule Numbers: 1 & 8

August 5th, 2019:
Its a curse
When you are breeding stupid people you get what you deserve.
       I've learned to just laugh about it.
       Being 60 years old now, I've watched most of my life go by. And as I figure, the most important part of my life has already gone and went. I really don't care much about anything any more because I realize that my life is pretty much over and the sooner I die, the sooner I can get in with what I'd call revenge.
       Believe me when I say the the first persons I'd be out to get is Bill Clinton and Obama because they have done us all more wrong that anyone else I can think of.

But just look at the present day times.
It was only a few weeks ago when I thought, gee, is there sign that people have matured enough to take on the response ability of owning a firearm? But something down inside really knew that it wasn't the case. .
       However, these human beings as you call yourselves, have taken on the political correct terminology to address the situations. They conveniently came up with the term, "active shooter," when the more realistic term for it is, a crazy son of a bitch with a gun.
       However, an active shooter term can now be used for spending money on active shooter training, when the real need is to have someone shoot back at the son of a bitch.
       Being and "active shooter," gives Donald Trump the opportunity to pay someone to write a script and the money to burn on investigating an "Active Shooter."
       Let me be the first to say that wasting all that time and money on investigating any active shooter will only amount to the conclusion that you had a crazy mad guy on your hands, -because we are breeding stupid people in the first place. It's really stupid looking in to it any more than that because all it amounts to is that they actually want to convince you that if they put a cop on every street corner that they will be the ones with the guns and they will keep you safe.
       Well, let it be known, there are plenty of people out there that will tell you the the cops are the ones you should be afraid of.

I got up early this morning and checked out the waves in person for once.
Kinna needless since I got the free 3 months worth of Surfline camera, curtsey of Reef.
       Walking the pier I heard what has been going around.
       The Curse I'm talking about..
      It appears that some of the surfers happen to think I put on a curse on them and that's why the waves have not been any good.
       But then, wouldn't that be cursing myself? Because I've been missing out on them as well, but then again, I can see just why they could feel that way.
       I would think it would have been a surfer who would know just how to sabotage my first surfboard. Another thing is that it was two surfers who were out to brake my neck and if there was a curse put upon us, it could be so that I wouldn't be risking my neck by going in the water.

Maybe some of them actually believe that I'm some kind of sentinel.
       I'm on the fence with that judgement myself.
       I pretty much wrote it off as PTSD, considering what I've went through and the sleeping habits that resulted of having woke up to find needles had been stuck in me.
      My best guess is that they tried to poison me with mercury because it would only be traceable as natural contamination and be contributed to the bad sleeping habits and irritability.
       I figure that it didn't get any worse than it did because I've been taking selenium and alpha lipoic acid for decades and they may have overlooked that, but then again, I could be wrong.
      Never the less, since I am still alive and there has been so many strange things that have happened, I have to conciser that there is something special about me, and special or not, you have to realize that many of you would not have a clue to the fact that we are breeding stupid people and so many of you would be clueless to just how it is being done so systematic like.
Well, it's that law
Your lawmakers/politicians are doing it to you.
       Funny how all these politicians who are running for the presidency say that they would fix what is broken about the government, when they are already part of the problem because they are already part of the government and they are the last people who will say just what they are doing to all of you.

But let us get back to the curse.
       Or should I say karma that they brought on themselves.
       One time I heard a gal stand right behind my truck tell someone that I was a child molester and that person told her that I was not. But that didn't stop her from paddling out and telling another person that I was .
      Get this:
       I got a kick out of seeing what I saw this morning .
       This goofy foot who keeps a bible on the dash of his truck. He claims to be a Christian who goes to church on Sundays.
       He used to be out in the water every morning. He'd sit in the same spot out in front. If there was one thing I could count on, that if a wave would come in for me, he would paddle over and steal it from me every time. His greed was as if it was the last wave and it was as good his because he would dominate and take any wave from me or anyone who was older or less fit than him.
       This morning, he just sat in his truck watching all the surfers try for a wave the wouldn't amount to much more than two turns at best.
      Maybe he did catch the last wave.

Word on the street:
Rule Numbers: 26

August 7th, 2019:
Just ask the people in Morro Bay about the people who would show up claiming they wanted to make a movie about me.
They only did that just to get paid to go away.
       Face it. You can count on Ford motor company paying them off to drop the idea and the pay off is the only reason they showed up in the first place.
       And if that isn't the case, you can be sure the Spielberg dosen't want people to know about how he ended up in prison, so you can be sure he would put a stop to it because if you didn't know already; the people in Hollywood and in the media and in the network news are nothing more than Spielberg whores.
       So don't believe any of it for even a minute unless you are nothing more than a fool. But we already know that there are many fools out there because there are so many of you out there who actually believe we landed and walked on the moon.

Another thing I heard:
That Barack Obama should be sitting in prison right along side of Speilberg. Now that I can believe, because I've thought all along that it was a very good possibility that they were in it some how because the picture on the front page of my web-site looks to me as though Obama is kissing Spielberg's ass for some reason or another. Ironic how a convict can control so many people just because he has the money to. Or unless he has something on someone, such as Obama. I'm willing to bet Spielberg did was behind the cloning and Obama was behind the killing and the stealing of my inventions.

And if you would like some numbers:
Thanks to Clinton, you can think about the offspring you didn't get from snuffing out of inventors in the year of 1995 and 1996 is equal to about 150 per day by now. Should consider it the extinction of at least 50,000 of the most creative and smartest human beings for every year from this time until we reach the 4th or 5th decade mark. Don't forget that the toll for this year presently is equal to about 13,000 smart human beings getting snuffed out.
      It wont be long until it will equal to a Vietnam war killing off about 450,000 the smartest kids.

While we are talking about wars:
       Since the Bush family was invested in the Unical Oil pipeline in Afghanistan.
       911 happened to US.
       The pipeline was back in construction just 30 days into the Afghan war.
       But we've lost more solders in the war then we lost of our citizens on 911.
       Can you tell me that we've won anything?
       Its senseless and it all sounds pretty damn barbaric to me.

Its not that I'm anymore likeable.
Rule Numbers: 26

August 12th, 2019:
Its that I needed something else to be passionate about.
The result is that I'm less passionate about the shit I've been explaining for years
       Being less intense, calms the pitch down to a lower word count per minute, -something I noticed about Elon Musk about a year ago.
       Without surfing occupying my time, I got out of my mind on all the shit going on, with Spielberg sitting on top of it.
       Then I found FPV. Something I could do alone and not have to be around people and there rumours. The people I do meet are usually one time encounters and they have no perceptions made by those phoney rumours. Kind of an escape in away.

There has seemed to be a change.
In the acceptance about the that we are breeding stupid people. People seem to leave me with a better understanding just how its happening.

Out of all the rumours
The one I'd bet on is Charlie.
       He gave me a book once. It was titled, "the world's greatest salesman."
       I don't remember anything much about the book, but I do remember he said to read chapter 7 or 8 -I think?
       What I do remember about the chapter was that it related to loving everyone.
       But then again, there was a time when he spoke about the two collage grades who work for him. He referred to them as his hatchet men.
      He said that if he has a problem, he has them go chop it down.
      I bet he made a contract with the two young men stating that they would get a portion of the profit in my truck if Charlie ever made any money off it. Then it would be in their best interest if I didn't have enough money to pay for the patent pending process. This kind of trouble often happens because of the 18 month sneak peak laws.
       To think you can go peddle your invention while it's patent pending is only those who are wealthy and can weather out a storm for a few years.
       Charlie, took advantage that and I'm sure he consulted with a patent attorney just know the in's and out's.
      He took it to the military, where he could keep it top secrete and there would be less chance I'd ever find out about it even though I'd filed in other countries.
       I figure Charlie used his Hatchmen to bug my place and spread the rumours. But the question I have is were is the connection to getting the cops working for them. Was it all an act, and they actually tricked the cops? Or did they actually pay them?
       I was already dealing with a crooked government before I ever went to Charlie.
       I wonder if the City of Tacoma approached Charlie.

Back to my quads.
Rule Numbers: 16

August 12th, 2019:
Had them all broken on the same day.
Some of my spots are too risky for my beater without an Hellgate.
       Also have a problem with the few four cell batteries I have left.
       After working with separate power curves for each type of battery for each quad, I got accustomed to the 5 and 6 cell batteries. I tame the 6's on the X-ings and tame the 5s on the 2206's .
      Rule 16: I'm much more aware of the sag one will get with 4 cells bats. Even the four best 4 cells I have feel saggy on my 2206's.
      My old beater with 2205 still works pretty good on the old stock, but having any punch is just for one's imagination.

I'm betting hat other pilots can tell the difference.
Talking about a spot where I cut back the overgrowth. I got a machete all sharpened up and I know how to use it as an axe pretty good.
       I got poison oak pretty bad one time. It didn't show up for a day or two and it bugged the shit out of me for 3 to 4 weeks later. From then on, I learned to cut down what's in front of me and try not to touch any of it. I've gotten it twice since then but not near as bad. Something tells my that a person might grow immune to it. I've even met a homeless guy who claims he can roll around and sleep in it, - in never bothers him.
       Anyhow, the other day I flew a sport where I have invested a lot of time in getting rid of the straggle. I'm still trying to come up with a work that can convey that it's like flying an entirely different spot.
       I felt like I was flying slower, but the manurers where just that much bigger and much smoother that how I used to fly it. I ran 10 packs and only crashed once and it was truly an easy find, thanks to my earlier handy work.

I just gotta say
In this world of FPV, the best decision on spending you money wisely is getting your hands on a Rapid Fire module.
       The thing is amazing. It will make an old place better with all kinds of new discoveries to be had.
       To have and OSD ot not to have an OSD.
       I learned that I would rather not have the flicker you get from running video through the FC just to get an OSD. When I put my beater back together, I experienced static like the day prior to getting the Rapid Fire and realized that going through the FC was doing it because my other two quads had video going directly to the VTX. On the Perditor, I put a 220u capsitor in the power supply lines from the VTX. (Just heat shrinked and glued it to the back of the mini-camera bracket.)
       So I went direct on it and now just rely on my timer. I do like having the telemetry set up in my transmitter so that I can check my battery voltage on the display.
       Therefore I have to say again that I do like the Speedy Bee app that is on my phone. I think it's the easiest way to tune a copter because you can see things that an OSD tuning can't display. And you can do it right there in the field while everything is still in your head. (I turned down my Yaw today and that worked wonders.)

Sunnyside's Rockhoper

Rule Numbers: 1, 16 & 26

August 17th, 2019:
It wasn't cool until I lowered the goose-neck angle
Needless to say, this bike gets a lot of attention.
       I happen to really like the dampening of the Manitou SK's.
       The gears are kinna funky, I've got the center five of the seven on back and three up front if I'm working with it. But I like it, it's the best bike I've ever had and it helps keep about half of me in shape.
       Sure beats caring a bunch of batteries on your back.

People must be watching. Rule #16
I would never imagine hearing the word Predator, on the street.
      Yuo can be sure others than myself noticed the difference in the video once I got the Xing copter in the air again. So much less shimmer and right away I noticed how much more 3d it looks. But I've got two Eagle 2's and three cases for them. I figure that another Predator is out about two months from not because I figure having a spare VTX is more important because they are about three weeks out if I happen to need one. Hell, maybe I'm good for batteries and I get both next month. Just picked up a Black CHL 6s 1300. (Not broke in yet.) However I like the R-line 5s 1300's I do have. They are small and light and help keep the RPMs lower, which makes the quad more stealth, yet have plenty of power without breaking a sweat.

On the Exhibitionist bit.
I've been hearing everyone wanting three Packs instead of two.
       I myself thing that run three batteries at three minutes is a better situation than two batteries at four minutes each.
       When it comes down to it. I'm not going to hit a palm tree, then try to perform a repair and then go do some risky stuff. It's got to be well tested and working properly. I usually burn about a half a battery just testing thing out before even doing anything risky.
       Today, I have to survive a bit of old concrete and overgrowth, so lets find out if I can play it safe.

Oh Yeah:
       On Charlie's Hatchetmen
       I'm left wondering if they where on Merrill Lynch pay roll?
       And a separate contract with Charles, the Vice President.
       Boy if that wouldn't be a hell of a law suite.
       I imagine Charlie's Top Secrete bit limited who he could sell too and then he spend more than it was worth to him.
       Yet, I have not seen anyone of you driving it.

You got five crazy ones.
Rule Numbers:

August 23rd, 2019:
Those barbaric animals that you are breeding.
Are so stupid, they tell others before they even go shoot up a place.
       Just think. In about another decade, the US patent laws will have us set up to be loosing 300 of the smartest offspring per day.
       The Democrats will be winning every election because stupid people vote Democrat by default.
       Right now it looks as though Biden will have a chance to make sure you all will continue the course. Getting Dumber by the day.

Let me tell you how stupid I am.
I got poison oak again. Had to reach into it just to pull my quad out of it with it tangled around the arms of my quad. However, over time, I've removed so much of the straggle, the place is getting to be a much better place to fly.

My Predator finally took a shit.
I figure that the PCB had a short in it when I got it and it just got worse of the span of a month or more.
       Foxeer says that they will repair it up to a year, but shipping it to China and back would cost about half of what they cost new and it probably would take forever.
       If the Ratel wasn't a micro form factor I'd be willing to try one of them.
       I just need to give the another Predator another go because I happen to think they are easier on my eyes than the Eagle 2's and my eyes also seem to focus better.
       Toady the Predator couldn't boot up on the sixth pack, but the five it did manage to go through supplied one hell of a ride.

Did some stairways today.
Rule Numbers: 55

August 25, 2019:
Honestly, I didn't think I could do them.
At least back in the days with E100's
       This time with a Rapidfire, things were so much easier.
       Can you believe that I flew up and down four flights of stairs and never wrecked?
       I was down to my 2205 quad, but I have it well tuned.

Got new way I've been setting up my rates
I've been making a point to use about 2/3 the gimbal's throw with max as the most I need for fast rotations. I had to drop my RC-rates and brought up my Super-rates to do it. With this accomplished, the flying I've been doing has been first rate..
Paddled out this morning.
       Least it wasn't as bad as the last time, and that's not saying much.
       A little barbaric out there. One thing you can count on is that these 140 lb. kids sure are not going to have any manners.
       And no, I don't think manners are anything they will acquire any time soon.
       Got a kick out the a few of the pro-surfers I saw on TV today. Beating the shit out of their surfboards. Fucking animals I guess.

Oh Yeah:
       As of this current day status, you can count it as 200 smart kids you eliminate every day.
       So for this next year while you all think they are interested in changing the bad patent laws, you will of lost 200 X 365 = 73,000 smart kids.
       And yeah, make me laugh. Tell me your problems and ask each other just why.
       It's because they want you stupid. They want you to dig the gold out of the ground and fight their wars.

FPV slope glider

On Sloping FPV
Rule Numbers: 20, 40 & 50

September 8th, 2019:
Not that great of an experience.
It would probably be better if a head tracker was utilized.
       I thought it would be great for long rang and the duration would be long sense running a motor would be axillary.
       However, what you don't notice when flying line of sight is just how much the plane drifts sideways. Not only sideways, but it also drifted constantly. Just to fly down the slop, one has to aim off to the side of the nose by 20-25% to compensate for the drift.
       It was a unique experience but I can tell you it can be quite annoying if you are accustomed to a quad copter and I ended up changing to a 2.1 lens for a wider field of view, which did help some.
       I've decided to outfit my Z84 rear pusher flying wing with FPV gear and give it a try instead. But then I would also like to use one of my old Eagle 2's instead of an old RR ccd camera, but then I'd like a new Predator for my backup quad to replace the Eagle 2.

Either a Predator or new motors:
As much as I'd like to get another Predator, I would also like to get some new motors to replace the year old 2205's I got because as some as I hit the higher rpm's the jello just takes over and makes everything a blur.
2306's or 2207's
I've been debating it for awhile, but I've now decided.
       I think the 2207's are more efficient according to the spec's and now that I've played with throttle curves, I've learned to bring up the bottom end and that just seems to smooth the power curve out to where it is quite manageable and having the same motors on both quads will make me feel more at home whenever I fly either one of them .
       I've gotta say I do really like the Xing motors.

Profit in Stupidity
Just ask Bardwell, he make his living from it.
I guess I'm a fast learner.
       But the question is how come so many people who are trying to get into this hobby haven't got a clue?
       It's because they are just too stupid to do it and should just stay out of it.
       I can't even waste my time listening to JB's live streams because of all the stupid questions he is asked. Then reading the comments even amaze me even more. But then to ask yourself why JB even would want to do what he does. Well to be honest, JB is just fishing because he knows that some of those idiots have deep pockets and they are willing to hand over their cash to get the same information that has been published a dozen times. Like this morning, one guy asked, why do my prop nuts keep coming loose? Well I'd say just figure it out yourself you idiot. If you can't figure it out, you just best stay out of the hobby. But then I would not even have wasted my time even saying that. But then if I was in the business of making money off stupidity, I'd have to answer it now wouldn't I?
       To be honest, just after being into this hobby only about a year and a half, I think I know how to build a better quad better than he does and I disregard most of his advice most of the time. Some of the shit he had made videos about on programming my controller, don't even work. I watched some of his last Build videos for amusement and found my self thinking: no fucking way I'd do it like that. But then again, I must be smarter than most people aren't I? And I don't think I'm that smart at all. Kinna stupid in fact. But I'm sure glad I'm not as stupid as most people are

They only care that you keep making electricity and digging the gold out of the ground.
I bet they want you to build a bunch of war machinery just so they can use it against yourselves. I bet they could make your self driving cars drive you right over a cliff.
       Talking about the aliens in outer space, if you didn't figure that out.

Keeping it short:
Rule Numbers:

September 16th, 2019:
I need to learn how to not only talk less but to write less too
Some thing come easier than others
       The only thing I felt I need to write about is about what I told you all about several years ago.
       It was about taking care of the bats.
       As crazy as it might have sounded at the time, the ironic part about it as how I predicted the problems we can have with viruses and mosquitoes.
       Then there was the zika virus being spread and now their are some spreading a type of virus that can be fatal. Also there are some that can lay eggs on plant leafs and don't require a body of water to reproduce.

Serious trouble if you ask me.
Also they are claiming that my estimate of how many inventors have been snuffed out over the years is much lower than actuality. So the numbers must be much higher than I stated and the thing every one should be concerned about is that it's much more difficult to reverse the trend because you can't get back the sources of intellect that we've eliminated.

On the JB comment:
Why solder wires on top of a board, twist them up and run them over the top of the two gyros when you could have soldered them to the bottom side of the board.?
      And if I need a uncommon size screw, I would just make the four out of a larger sized screw by just cutting them down. Simple as that.

It's a witch hunt.
Rule Numbers: 10 & 26

September 26th, 2019:
It's the president's right to ask for an investigation into wrong doings, even if it is from the leaders of different countries.
The Democrats just don't want anyone to find dirt on their leading man.
       Biden is just another one of those old school crooks.
       He's been around taking money for too long, don't need any more of that shit.
       Face it, most of the politicians spend most of their time across the street in their call centers asking for money.

I had to laugh at the idiots down at the pier the other day.
They stood warring masks and holding up flat panel screens and signs saying, "Truth."
       They were trying to do something about cruelty to animals as if we are about to kill the last one. Anyone with half a brain can figure out all the videos were staged, just like the ASPCA commercials you see on TV. They just want you to hand over your money.
       I had to laugh when I saw that they even included a fresh catch of tuna.
       I laughed at the masked idiots and said, "there is nothing wrong with that, you've got to figure out how to save yourselves.

Something is up.
When they mention little details and express that they are snobby; I know just what they are talking about and some how well informed about details that normally don't come around with rumours.
       It's not like I want to tell you all about it.
       Stuff that you may already know.
       Like I said before, I don't want to contaminate the rumour mill. Rule 26.
       Sometimes I don't want others to know just what I'm thinking, so it's more fun to pretend I'm a sarcastic crazy man. Just the other day I laid some bullshit on an idiot and he was so stupid, he would believe just about anything. I guess I've been watching too much Columbo lately and it rubbed off on me.

I went from 3 working quads to only one over the weekend.
       I put another LED on my XL5 so that both sides have a light on them.
       In about a month I'll get a red one for the bottom so you can tell which side is up.
       Boy, last night was pretty damn windy.
       Funny how people know what a Matty flip is and they always want me to land on the tricky spot.
       I've been getting pretty good videos and I digging the trend of request on youtube for guys just to use the plan old DVR recording, so just maybe the time is right to come out with some DVR videos of my own. However, I want to hold off on some of them because I don't want other quad pilots showing up and ruin some of my spots for me.
       When it gets down to it. I've only known two other pilots that have had the same feeling about the hobby as myself.
       There was Craig who was born and raised in Santa Barbara, however we met in Newcastle where he lives now and where we flew slop gliders. And there was Andy in Carlsbad where he flew his glider as if it was some kind of dirt bike riding the edge of the cleft.
       Had an FPV pilot recently text me saying that I need to record it so that I can prove what I've done.
       I say why don't I let someone else record it and just save me the trouble because I'm not out to prove anything with my quad, I just want to have fun. My skill level speaks for it'self and I'm not so sure I want to bog my quad down with the extra weight. Besides, I have a difficult time just maintaining a working quad and I'd rather not pay out more money for just a camera to record it.
       Finally I heard of some good drone regulations. Of all places I'm talking about New Zealand where if they fly less than 100 feet above the land, landmarks or buildings, there are no regulations. Sense-able I'd say.

Oh gag me with a spoon
Hollywood came up with a show and called it Sunnyside
       I checked it out and I guess that there would be plenty of stupid immigrants that would actually think it was funny.
       My impression is that it is just too stupid to be funny.
       Kinna insulting actually.
       But what the hell, lay out a line of cocaine and you might think you have a good show on your hands. Kinna like the stupid sit-coms of the 70's when there was a lot of coke going around in Hollywood.

A result of Ford Motor company and a family filled with greed
Rule Numbers:20, 40 & 41

October 8th, 2019:
I don't think the money my Brother in-law Robert Hoober got for pictures of my truck came anywhere near the anguish it has cause me.
If I can believe my sister, he's now working in a auto parts store
     I guess it doesn't surprise anyone because it's not like people will consider that this is an evil act of terrorism that they support right here in their great country they call the USA.
      They will tell you that it's just the way it is and they see nothing wrong with buying a new car or truck from them.
     So is the fact that they are getting dumber by the day because it's the law.

Deciphering Rumours 101

Over the last week and especially over the weekend, there were plenty of rumours saying, "they are going to send someone to talk to him."
     Well, for those of you new at deciphering rumors might like to know the true meanings of those said rumors.
     Here below is what the true meaning to those rumors.

needle holes in hand

I woke up Monday morning 8/26 and noticed the bolt on my door wasn't engaged.
     Then I took at look at my hand, wrists and the rest of my body.
     Here below is what the true meaning to those rumors.

needle holes

I guess I'm not dying fast enough because the hole in my foot makes three.

needle hole in foot

Needle holes in wrist

December 17th, 2012 :
No I haven't been to any doctor

A couple nights ago, I forgot to lock my window closed and once I woke, I realized what a mistake that was and I checked my hand for any marks. But then to day I noticed that they got creative and they used my wrist instead of the top of my hand.
     I've also been thinking about how the conspirators get their victims to come to San Luis Obispo County where they can pay to have them prosecuted for crimes they didn't commit.

Punchers from drawing blood

I already gave

I just had someone knock me out with gas or something and they reached through my window to pull some blood out of me, (back on Feb. 21.'12.) In the morning I discovered that I had blood leaking out of my hand. A blood clot must have broken loose, because blood just drained out of me, even though I had not cut or banged myself on anything. (And the question is whether they were injecting me with something.) Not the kind of thing to happening to a guy who has been called a national security more than once.
     Then of course they must have told others how they did it, because I figure that it was a copycat the next day who actually taped into a better vain. However, the pain it left in my hand was enough for me to get out my camera and take a picture of the puncture marks from the two different nights.

As seen on TV
Rule Numbers: 10

October 13th, 2019:
You can bet, net-work television loves criminals.
Its because they take money to protect the criminals.
       They obviously know more then they will tell you and just comparing PBS to CBS, ABC, NBC & Fox, you can tell that PBS was the only one to show Joe Biden sitting on a stage in front of an audience, making fun of the fact about his ability to withhold a Billion Dollars of US aid money.
       The deal was that he wanted the foreign government to fire the investigator who was investigating him and his son. I don't know what you would want to call it, whether it would be considered a bribe, or a threat or a personal use of Tax payer's money to cover up a crime he or his son was involved with.
       None of this was ever mentioned or shown on the leading net-work television stations and you can be sure it is all because of the advertising dollars the Democratic party will spend on campaign commercials.

It's not like I enjoy watching the View.
       However, I was flipping through the channels the other morning when I noticed a arrival of a guest that was blond with big breast and I wasn't even sure of who she was at first. .
       It wasn't long before I realized it was Pamela Anderson and apparently she has been living in Paris and Vancouver Canada.
       Let me tell you has she has matured into quite the intelligent women compared to many and what she used to be.
       Anyone with half a brain could tell you the the old hags that host the show were all about trying to shut Pamela up, because what Pamela had to say was all about the truth that the View wasn't about talking about.
       Pamela said that there are many people in France and Canada that don't like the US because the US is always melding with the governments of other countries and her strongest statement was, "war is a business."
       Boy, how could I not agree with her more. Just look at what you can actually see on the news and realize just how it's all in the end designed to generate the most profit for the defence contractors.

Tell me why you don't see it on TV:
Well, you actually don't because I think I have more of a grasp on reality than most of you any ways.
       Most of the people on the street around here are going around spreading the same holiday picnic rumours that were going around over a year ago, yet so many are so stupid that they are still going around saying sometime this year.
       Shit, no one gives anything away and if I'd repeat what so many of you are saying, there would be a few smart ones who would think I was some kind of a fool.
       Gee, just get it into your head, "they," the Ford motor company just wants another year to try to kill me again.
       The real fools are the ones who actually go out and buy a vehicle from them. The other fools are the ones who take advertising money from them for protecting them from the reporting of their crimes.
       Most ignorant people will just rationalize the situation by calling Ford a powerful company, but I want to ask all of you, does that mean the Ford Motor Company should be above the Laws that are suppose to protect us?
       What we do know is that Ford can buy corrupt cops, Judges and public defenders. They can buy the FBI. They can hire cops to stand there and watch the while they try to kill you.
       And that is no joke.

Are there Extraterrestrials?
Rule Numbers: 26

October 17th, 2019:
I heard Elon Musk say that he doesn't think so.
Well I'm one who thinks he is lying.
       I also wonder if he actually thinks that the US government actually had men on the moon.
       For a guy like Musk, and being a owner of Space-X, you would think he would believe differently about extraterrestrials.
       Well I know for a fact that they do exist. Never the less and off topic, I also wonder if Elon Musk believes in God.

Some things that may interest you:.
       That the US government has given Boeing more money for space travel in the last few years than they have given Space-X for future space travel. Kinna crazy since Space-X is the one that ships more things into space, but again Boeing is just another defence contractor and I'm sure they know how to pad the pockets of the politicians.

My take on UFOs and Extraterrestrials:
Not all of them are created equal.
       Reason for saying this is that not all UFO's look the same and therefore you can bet that they don't all have the same agenda for studying this planet and the humans that inhabit it.
       I also realize that there is a good possibility that some of the UFOs could very well be a form of artificial intelligence just as well as living beings. Some could had have intention of well being for us humans as well as some could have very bad intentions for the outcome of the human race.
       There could be intelligence that have only concern for the health of the planet and none for the human beings that occupy it.
      Since many of the UFOs have been spotted having such things as lights upon the outer extremities and have been witnessed flying along high voltage power-lines, one can also assume that some actually use electricity.
       People have observed them hovering over bodies of water and from what I can assume the water and electricity could very well be for the use of creating hydrogen for either a form of propulsion or stored energy or both.

Now let us look at what we have in common:
Obviously we both have a need for a conductor for electricity.
For us earthbound beings, copper, silver and gold are known to the best conductor of electricity and just happen to be the rarest to find.
Some have said that the only reason we are here on this planet is to dig the gold out of the ground, -something I would be a little bit afraid of if I were you.

Let me be the first to say this.
Another rare commodity that so many of us just take for granted is the rare earth minerals that we use to make high power magnets from.
       Let me be the first to say that we should be recycling magnets just like we do with aluminium, steel and copper because it is a good source of constant energy that we have still not taken full advantage of. Since there is a limited supply, magnets are something I thing we should regret just throwing into a landfill once we have no further use for them at the current time.

I've got more to say about all this, but....
I just feel I've done enough for today because we live in a society where many can only handle 140 characters and I'm one who feels that we should be communicating in packets of information.
       None the less, if we were communicating with telepathy, well it would be the other way around, but we're texting on cellphones and any complex or meaningful communication is often just mind overload.
       Maybe the next post I'll feel like picking up where I left off. As for now, I just hope I gave you something to think about.

Oh Yeah:
For some of you who interested in my Lousy Book
       I've managed to get it back here at MyStupidRules
       > My Lousy Book

When it rains, it pours
Rule Numbers:4

October 19th, 2019:
My truck is on it's last leg:
Just got the 5th and 6th injectors in it.
       It didn't stop the miss, so I can figure that I have a burnt valve.
       Then today the radiator took a shit.
       Also just the other day I learned that my dad gave his motor home to my sister because he didn't feel like paying the taxes on it. Funny how she never mentioned it even though we talked about it the last time I talked to her.

Then after a few months on not having major damage to my quads: And even having three up and running, over one weekend I had none.
       The gyro just went out on the last one the other night and a few days before that the esc went out on my main quad.
       So I bought an iflight sussex-e f4 stack with a 45 amp esc.
       Gee, with the MPU 6000 gyro, it flies really nice, but the wiring diagram leaves you hanging and doesn't tell you how to get smart port working for telemetry.
       But that not the worst of it, -the problem is that the buzzer switching circuit doesn't work. So if that doesn't get you in a good mood after spending all day yesterday building the thing.
       It does get a little bit annoying, that amount of defective parts you can get in this hobby. It's the reason I mainly buy from RDQ's because they have been pretty good about replacing them defective parts, but it's upsetting to have to go back and forth with emails and waiting around, and not being able to fly for even a longer period of time. And just as before, I already order another Matek STD because of the two I bought before, worked right from the start and lasted almost a year, something I can't say about the other ones I bought. I just wish matek would use MPU 6000 gyros, because I do think they have a better feel.
       Most of the time I get bored with this hobby, but it's mostly because I don't have anything to do with myself and at least when I'm flying, I'm having a pretty good time. It's just difficult getting there and it not like it last a long time.
       I get tire of being around the public because I get frustrated hearing about the shit that has happened to me and nobody is willing to do anything about it. They say they feel sorry for me. I hear the word sorry no less than a dozen times a day and it's just saddening.
       You know, -that saying that as long as it doesn't happen to them, they really don't care.

Then I had some guy snooping around my truck today.
I thought he was a homeless man trying to open my back door that I had tied open.
       So I opened the door and checked out what was going on and there was a guy with a notebook writing something down on my back porch.
       He said he was interested in my truck and wondered if I wanted to sale some, but I had the feeling that he may have been someone snooping around for Ford and thought I had left my door unlocked while I had gone into the store.
       You would think if a guy was truly interested, he'd know how to knock and not just peek into my cage.
       But again, it could just be a result of the holiday picnic rumours going around. You just would believe how persistent these homeless women can be.
       The other day I felt my truck shake and I discovered that it was because a gal was leaning up against my truck while she pulled her panties to the side and took a piss. Then the drunk staggered over to my door wanting to socialize with me. Had a hell of a time just getting her to leave.
       Then there was one who was trying to steal my propane bottle and then a few minutes later, she was at my door begging for some juice. Shit it was only a few years ago, I was one of the few that was around and now they are everywhere.
      Needless to say, I've had enough of these homeless people.

What a Boob Head:
Rule Numbers:1- & 26

October 21, 2019:
Sounds as through Boob Head rented a latter.
That means attempted Murder
       Gee, you would think if you had a brother-law who was a painting contractor and lived less than a block away, you could barrow just about any size of latter you ever needed.
       It would be easy to do if you knew that he usually works until dark and therefore he wouldn't normally make it to the job site until ten. (He had a thing for watching the Rockford detective show in the morning before work.)

While talking about investigators:
       I bet there isn't actually that many Hotels in Morro Bay.
       I bet it wouldn't be very difficult to look into who rented the rooms on those days when people came around sticking needles in me. (Something I would like to know.

Anyhow, I've got other things to do, so....
Like putting together my Backup quad.
       Also, it appears that I've got to figure out how to take this computer apart and bypass the funky wireless switch because it's gone haywire on me, so don't be surprised if this is the last post in awhile. Lets just hope I don't brake anything while doing it.
       If you haven't heard about Boob Head. Maybe you might want to read the chapter I made up about him.
      My Niece got a laugh about the name I gave him, therefore I knew Disco was opening my mail without telling me..
      More on Boob Head

       Rule Number 77

Something you don't see any more:
Rule Numbers: 1

October 28th, 2019:
Talking about what I saw on an old Johnny Carson show.
It was a guest who was a private inventor.
       Inventors now days are usually working for corporations and if they do get their name on a patent, it doesn't mean they own it or have any say of what happens to it.
       I think most new inventions are developed by teams of collage graduates and not by any one single person like Nikola Tesela.
       When you flick on the light switch in you house or power any of your do dads, many of you take for granted of just how it came to be.
       It came to be by a thought process and not with the aid of artificial intelligence.
       With the drop in the number of patent applications, the odds of ever meeting anyone like Nikola Tesela is diminishing with every day that goes by.
      One thing that bothers me about the mentality of the drone enthusiast is that every time there is some brake through in technology, many of them just say that they will just wait until there is a knock off. The sad thing about it is that most people don't even consider what the inventor had invested and sacrificed for the new technology that they are currently aware of and the technology that they would not be aware of if it had not been for the developer of that technology.

Like I sacrificed the rebuilding of my house and everything I had for my invention. I didn't expect to sacrifice my life for something that was suppose to make my life better as well as others.
       Here it is, twenty five years later and none of the construction workers I created my system for has seen any benefit from it.
       I still for the life of me can't figure out what I ever did to my family that would make them feel like they rightfully deserved what was entitled to me..
       When I combine my family as a whole, I have to figure that the bad thing I did was not hang out with them during the New Years Party my aunt had put together, even renting a hall for it..
       My Girlfriend and I actually went to the party but found ourselves disinterested and took a brake from it and headed out to the car to smoke a joint for a little while.
       However while we sat in the car, we could only think about the shit my family had put me though. To them I was an outsider and to think we would want to go back inside and act like we fit in with them was pretty much insulting to us, so when we just started up the car and left, it must have insulted the family.
      Another thing they probably didn't like about me that that I was a painter and during the winter, there wasn't much money to be made, therefore I usually came up short handed on Christmas.

Needless to say.
My girlfriend didn't like my family at all and even once said that she would never marry into such a family. She said I should just forget about them and stay way from them because they were the biggest source of trouble in my life which just trickled down to troubling our own relationship.
       I myself was a bit immature and still felt that there was some kind of security if I kept relationship with my family because like they say, if you are ever in trouble you can always count on your family.
      Sad to say, my family has never been there to bail me out or help me in any substantial way.
       Now it turns out that my family is the source of my downfall.

Just as I was saying the other day.
That people don't even consider the right way to approach me.

And yet they wonder why I'm not in a very good mood when they do.
Like the other day I went to the hardware store to get some screws I needed for my quadcopter.
I saw a mechanic at the window of the transmission shop, gazing out the window at me and my truck
       I'd seen that look before, the look they give you when they think that you are a child molester, and as I walked past the window I said to myself just loud enough as to where he might hear me say, "freak show."
       About an hour later, as I was working on my quad, I heard some voices outside my truck, so I opened my door to discover two mechanics standing there.
      When they asked, with a laugh hidden underneath their breath, "we were wondering what happened to the cab of your truck."
      I'd been there so many times, I just got into the pitch I pitched way too many times. I'm sure they didn't understand half of it and really wasn't interested in anything that was the actual truth because one can assume they were not about to believe me anyway. My guess was that they were preconditioned by the rumours that the cops were hire to spread.
       To make a long story short, I cut it short and went back inside after saying, "go ahead and laugh."

Well it didn't end there, because....
       About twenty minutes later, I saw two cop cars pull up.
       I greeted them by saying, "I guess those guys laughing at my truck didn't like what I had to say about it, so they called you guys on me.
      There was one female cop, whom I'm pretty sure I explained to before about how the cops got hired to spread the rumours and two other men.
       One I hadn't seen before and the other I recognized as S. Hunter, the cop I wrote about way back when he said that they shoot people. At the time there had just been a news story about a homeless guy got shot by them while sleeping on a park bench down in the harbour one morning. (I suspected that they, (Cuniff,) planted a gun on him,) of which I told Hunter.
      Get this: on the news, they said that the cops said the victim was gang related and of course the news media never fallowed up on the story and we never learned who the guy actually was.

Funny thing:
That day behind the hardware store, Hunter denied ever meeting me before hand.
       I told the others to about the time we had meet prior and why the Ford Motor company usually hires corporals, -(because they train the rookies and they are too stupid to do background checks.)
       Hunter said, "we don't do background checks."
       I said, "well you should before spreading any child molester rumours on a guy."
       Then it got into a name calling bit like a couple of 7 year olds. Hunter actually called me a criminal and of course I called him that first.
       He blamed what ever the reason, was why I'm having to live like this. I'd say that I'm having to like like this because there are plenty of crooks like him.
       Then it got to the point to where it's like most of the cops when they are harassing me. they say, "well we're just wasting are time trying to talk to you," and I agree.
       Then they pulled out and seemed to forget that they were sent there for, to get rid of me.
       I was on level ground, my panels were facing the right direction, so I stayed there for about another hour or two and finished building my quad.
       What do we get out of this? I'd say it's a pretty good chance that Hunter was on the payroll and he didn't exactly want his partners to realize it.

Oh Yeah:
       Let me guess?
      I'm willing to bet, that it was Boob head that learned about bump keys while in prison, and it was bump keys that ruined the lock on my trailer, making it difficult for my own keys to work in it. The ironic part is that I mentioned the problem to my Aunt Rosebud and she actually gave me a deadbolt lock from one of her rentals to replace it. I'm wouldn't doubt that she actually knew just who had ruined the lock from braking into my trailer time after time.
       Rosebud and Boob Head had a falling out. I'm guessing that my little sister told Rosebud about how they scored money with only pictures of my invention. I wouldn't doubt my little sister, Diane, (can't remember the name I gave her in my book,) may very well supplied Rosebud the images they used to get the money out of Ford.
       Tell me, what is the likelihood that Rosebud took those same pictures to GM for some cash of her own?
       I'd wouldn't doubt she held out for twice as much as Boob Head did.
       Wouldn't it be really crazy if my other sister, Disco whet running to Chrysler with the same pictures?
       I'd think there would be too much time gone by then, but I'm wondering about my book Darabont had sent to her house because she never even let my Dad know about it.
       Since it's a thick book, most publishers would never gamble on it. But if they bought it for something like only ten grand, they could always try to sell it later to someone like Speilberg.
       I for one actually think Speilberg was the fall guy for Obama. Like Oliver North was for Clinton.
       I don't actually know what North went down for, but I do know that he was instrumental in setting up the abandoned airport to train the Contras to fly planes for the swap of cocaine for guns manufactured in Arkansas without serial numbers.

Gotta wonder,
where do they get their information?
Rule Numbers: 10 & 26

November 5th, 2019:
Seems to me that the people on the street know more than I do.
But then, it depends who you hear it from.
       In reality, they've got it going both directions.
       But then you've got to wonder just who is fooling who?
       None the less, they still have you breading stupid people even though they were saying over a year ago that they were going to change the patent laws back to the way they were before Clinton and Obama got a hold of them.

Yeah, I know, I've got a screwed up family.
       The last thing I should have done is even talk to my own parents.
       It sounds like the whole damn family was in on taking me for everything they could get.
       One of the worst things I ever did was mention the child molester rumours to my parent because once they told my sisters about it, my sisters decided to convince them that it was true. I'm sure the goal was to get my parent to think that I was such a terrible guy, that they would think screwing me over was justified.
       So I have to realize that my father has known about them stealing pictures from my trailer and selling them, which in turn did nothing to promote the invention and only made my life a living hell.
       And get this: just being around kids tends to drive me up the wall. I really can't stand them and I'd find trying even be around them for any form of enjoyment is just out of the question.
       It does however show me just how stupid people are when it comes to spreading the rumours because anyone with a half a brain can tell that I never hang out where children are. And the older they get the more repulsive they are to me because I remember how we were when we were, -with out cell phones and social media. We were a kinder crowd and over the years, people have just got meaner and just plain cruel.
       All that nice shit and caring stuff is just what they put on TV so that people will actually think better of themselves.

Funny thing:
This whole thing with Trump and the Democrats.
       Hell, Biden and Trump are guilty of the same thing, only Trump was just asking for some proof of some crimes committed.
       Shit, there is nothing new about the US government giving away money for favours, - that's what it's always been about. That's just how they control people within the governments of foreign countries.
       Tell me, Just how much money will we spend on it, and tell me, will it do any more good than giving money to the people who actually do the investigations.
       Someone or some few will get rich off it.
      Then when it's all said and done, those few will get million dollar book deals. Books with a lot of words that end up saying nothing.

Playing around with numbers.
Rule Numbers:26

November 22, 2019:
Just under four million children are born in the USA each year.
Then consider the 100,000 of the smartest are not born because we snuffed out their would be parents over the last 25 years.
       You can look at it any way you want, but with those numbers, it equals to about 2.5% of which could be considered the top intellectual beings that we are not getting.
       Call me wrong or dumb founded, either way, those missing you now are that much harder to regain later.

Like we already live at the time when someone will kill you for not excepting a counterfeit bill. It's true, it just happened just up the road a bit at the local fast food restaurant.
       It's not the only crazy-ass shooting that has gone on around here lately.

A three day out door music festival in SD:
I think it's $79.oo for today and $100.oo per day for the next two.
       I don't know what you think, but I can assume that it is something only that the rich folk are able to enjoy.
       For something that the city of Sand Diego is involved in, I'd say it should be wealth discrimination.
       But that's ok with me because I wasn't going to go anyway.

Met another FPV pilot the other night:
He just out side the construction site I've been flying for quite some time.

He said his name was Rick and he'd been flying for about three months
Obviously he has more money than I do because he's already got crossfire and a GoPro.
He wanted to fly at the same time as me and that alone distracted me because we were bound to collide sooner or later if I wasn't careful
       It was getting dark and I bounced of something and my VTX blacked out the power supply to my camera and I crashed.
       I did a quick search and didn't find it so I went back to get my backpack and my Batteries because I had left them there with the guy I just met.
       When I got back, he had already rolled up and was about to be on his way. So while I put my stuff away, I asked him to search down the path on the side of the street to see if it was there.
       Good thing I was paranoid about him and packed up my stuff real fast, because if I would have taken 10 seconds longer, that Rick guy would have made off with my quad.
       I acted as if I was clueless as to the direction he was going or how fast he was walking. But one thing I can tell you, is that Rick is one guy I'd rather not have as a friend.

One of the most downloaded files from my web-site:
       Is the confidential statement form .
       I discovered it in a technical book store in London and the link to it is there because it is the best one I have ever read.
       However, I would like to warn people about them, because they can be a good thing and they can be very detrimental as well.
       Supposedly, you should have anyone witnessing your invention sign one in order to protect the confidentiality of your invention, but in actuality, just remember that it's just a piece of paper.
       While building my truck, I had some friends of mine sign them, but hindsight tell me I would have been better if I had not done so. That's because I seriously doubt those friends were out to steal my invention and they were just glade I was trying to do something with it and were excited to see the progress I was making on it when I built the prototype.
       I must say, -one must except that there must be a responsibility attached to those papers, once they are filled out. Say for instance, if you've got a brother in-law or anyone snooping around your place, they could very well come across them; Which in turn means it could be spelling out what your invention is and that is even worse than keeping it verbal amongst friends.
       In this day and age, you just can't build something in your back yard and you can't trust even your own family.
       Another think you can't trust is the Police and even a safe deposit box at your local back.
       My I suggest reading a two short chapters in my book?
       Not so safe is it?
       Is my stuff Safe here?
      Nah - not safe at Wells Fargo either

Sad to say:
People just don't care about their inventors.
       Like MR. Buick himself, who invented the overhead valve engine.
       He got involved with General motors and at the time of his death, he couldn't even afford a telephone, but General Motors still uses his name to this day.
       As with me, all I get is how people feel sorry for me. It's like every one from every direction is there to screw me over and I just can't understand why. I realize I'm not the most likeable guy and I'm not perfect either, but I don't think I've ever done any thing to deserve to be treated as I do.
       I'd rather not repeat some of the things people say because that would only insure that I will hear such things again. Its just some mean and cruel stuff some people like to say. That sad part about it is that kids are saying it and you can bet they got it from adults.
       I guess people feel that if a Government screws a person over, everyone else can and get away with the same.
      Morals, is just a word I guess, and the way of the Lord is just something written in books. The thing that troubles me is the wondering if anyone possesses or even lives by either one.

I'm supposed to be happy.
Rule Numbers:

December 4th, 2019:
You life is mostly your state of mind.
I've heard all of it.
       But I don't think wearing a pair of rose coloured glasses changes a thing.
       Hypocrites with a hidden agenda in most cases.
       Had a born again Christian contact me. Well two of them in fact.
       They were people from my past and they said they were worried about my well-being and wondering if I was doing all right.
       Guess I should have put on a pair of those rose coloured glasses and made up a fancy lifestyle for them because just telling them the truth only got them disinterested and I'm sure they would rather not know.

Funny thing about that 2.5% bit from the last post.
       There are those who feel I'm right and those who don't really care.
       I guess if you put on those rose coloured glasses and live in the now, it really don't matter that much.
       But those who see past the global warming issues and actually care about the well-being of the human race, -they realize that whether it's 2% or 1% of the smartest kids that are not being born, it is those smartest kids that we can never get back and you'd have to start killing off the stupid kids in order to gain what you all lost because of your carelessness.

It must have been exciting for them:
Talking about my sister and her ex-con husband.
       Yesterday, I heard that they actually have pictures of my sister braking into my trailer.
       I felt like calling here up and saying, I just want to be the first to tell you, but just the thought of it just makes me sick.
       Then were is that law. That law that says that it is a crime to not report a crime. Hell the whole Seinfeld gang went to jail for it.
       I'm willing to bet it was people who were working for the city of Tacoma that got them and they got them from the window in the neighbour's house. But then it could have been someone working for Fords too, because I did see a couple out of place suit and ties on their front porch on day. I bet the other neighbours witness a lot of strangers coming around.

Blown iFlight ESC

For those Quadcopter guys.
       If you are thinking of buying any FC, ESC or VTX boards or stacks from Iflight.
       Consider yourself burning money.
       Amazon posted a notice that they will no longer sale iFlight's duel gyro FC any longer because of the high return rate.
       I noticed that RDQ took down the funky wiring diagram from their sight. (It didn't even show how to get smart-port to work.)
       I bought the cheap stack that they put on the Nazkel 5 everyone seems to be raving about. The FC was useless when it came to getting any kind of buzzer to work. Not even the D-shot beacons. Never could get the smart port to work either. The ESC was really noisy and it required another capacitor to the one I already have, but it sure flew good while it flew for about a week. Long enough for me to order another ESC for my backup quad.
       RDQ gave me a Gift cert. for the FC so I bought a Flywoo F405 V2, and boy do I like it. It even has a VTX power switch, which I love. It even survived when the iFlight ESC blew up.
       So I swapped out the ESC from my back up quad and that lost a motor signal in only a few days. So I contacted RDQ about them and I ended up with a email from iFlight that went nowhere.

Custom Pair of  iFlight XL5 quadcopter frames.

They say you'll fly more consistent if you always fly the same Quad.
Rule Numbers:26 & 55

December 10, 2019:
These two are the closest to being that same as I have ever had.
Both iFlight XL5 V3, however the one on the right has the shorter V2 arms on the back which makes it a Dead Cat, like the one I've built before.
       I figure it's about time I do run down on the Quads I've been flying since it has been some time.
       The latest iFflight iX5 Dead Cat broke right where they save a shit load of weight by making an X where the motor center screw hole is.
       To say the least, the near version is 10 grams lighter but by doing it by thinning the carbon and making those Xs under the motor wasn't the direction I would want to invest in and that's why I bought two of the older models for $17 each when they can up on banggood. (I've got it figured out how I'm going to combine parts of the two frames to make one someday when I'm out of frames.)
       I bought 3 XL5 V3 frames for $30 ea. last month so for about the price of a dozen legs, I've got enough frame parts that should last me about a year or so. Surprisingly, they must have been a second generation of the V3 because they came with 3mm camera side plates. I seriously doubt I'll be going through many of those anymore. And what I like about the Predator Mini is that the $2.50 adapter is the part that will brake and not so much the case like the Eagle 2 would always brake.
      The newer XL5 V4 comes with 5mm arms now, but I think they narrowed them and that I don't think is going to help them much considering that they always brake where the screw goes through. They should have made them wider as they approach the main body plate.
      Once I finish off my iflight frames, I think I'll be considering the Source One from TBS. They've got wider legs and the frame is only $26. Too bad it's a squashed X design and I'm not too sure about the kind of camera holes they have. None the less, I think it's worth a try.

There are some differences.
       They Quad on the right is my 4s and 5s rig with the RDQ 2206 Motors. I've got the FC set up with Auto Cell count and Motor output at 77% on 5s. It has the good ol dependable Matek 405 STD with the Racerstar Anniversary special ESC and 2.4 receiver. Hellgate and AKK ultimate VTX with Preditor 4.

The 6 cell rig:
It has the Xing 2207 1800 kv motors and a Spedix GS 45 ESC providing the power to them.
       I really like the Flywoo 405 V2 FC because it has a built in VTX power switch. Therefore, on this Quad I went with an OSD and with the Blheli32 ESC, I'm finding out what RPM filters are like. (It seemed to have slowed down my rates.)
       Well the library is closing..
       So I've got to go..
      So have you heard that they shut them down?

New Year,
but same old shit.
Rule Numbers: 26

December 30, 2019:
Just more of those holiday picnic rumours.
And if it isn't that, it's just more people who are gullible enough to help the evil one do what they do so well.
       Amazing how many people are willing to help evil spread even more negative rumours.
       Evil people have kept me in a solitary life that is more or less equal to solitary confinement and then they don't like what solitary confinement can do to a person.
       Like how is someone going to have any social skills if they have no social life, and how can you fix them while they are still living a solitary life?

Happy Holidays
       Interesting to think that my family was loaded up with money from ripping me off and yet did not have a dime to loan me. I guess they didn't think wasting money was such a good idea.
      They suggested that I go talk to someone who could help me and I can honestly say that I have only ran into one or two people who are actually interested in listening to any of it. But then I could be wrong, because I have sold quite a few books about it. It's just that over time and a few hundred books a person can get tired of pushing a book. Same goes for running a web-site.
       However, it's that time of year when I post a link to the chapter about the last Christmas I has with my family.

Happy Holidays -my ass
Lately there have been rumours, about my brother:
       But let me make it clear, that it's an in-law.
       Rumours has it that he killed himself and it sounds like he went out into his garage and hung himself.
       Well if that's true, my family sure isn't telling me about it.
       People actually think it's funny, but I just think it's just a really good use of a rope.
       None the less, my sister used to have a rule as to just one dog in the house at a time, but from my father says, she sleeps with five dogs in her bedroom, and I'd say that it must smell like dogs.

Oh Yeah: Quadcopter folks.
       Got myself a Crosshair Extreme for Christmas.
       Along with a Foxeer 150mm Pagota for my Rapidfire.
       Let me tell you that it's like putting a Rapidfire on top of a Rapidfire. The penetration is remarkable and the long distance is improved so much, I'm having a difficult time trying to make up my mind on whether I should go with 1700kv or 1800kv for my next set of motors since a couple of my spots would be suited better for a 6 inch long range copter. (It would also up the efficiency by about 10%)
       I just can't make up my mind as to whether I want two of the same so that there isn't any transition to flying a back up rig, or do I just want two rigs specialized for what I bult them for. None the less, just picking up some 6 inch legs is an added expense of $28, or $42 if I want a couple spares.
       It's a difficult decision considering that I'm actually accustomed to the 6s 1800kv now and with the RPM Filters a 1.3, I've got the thing flying like butter. I'm a little afraid the 1700kv might feel a little under powered, but I also realize that I don't actually use more than 80% of the throttle that I do have when I am flying, especially when flying long range.

You have to laugh at the AMA
       They say, "don't worry, you will still be ablee to fly at our fields."
       Yeah, like I'm actually into flying around in circles.
       And after 12 months, there will only be less of their fields over time.
       Basically, they want you to pay them money to fly and you are a real fool to actually give them any of your money to fly in the first place .
       Funny how people on the web have actually begun to realize what I was telling all of you a long time ago. That it's Amazon, UPS and FedX that is trying to buy up the air space for themselves.
       As we should say to the politicians: Show us the bodies!
       There has never been an aircraft brought down by a unmanned remote control aircraft by a hobbyist, and very few people have ever been killed by them.
       If these companies get their way, let me tell you that a such thing as a potato gun can bring down some mighty fine quadcopter components and I bet there will be guys figuring out how to use those very components to bring down more of those delivery drones, which in turn just might make the economics vitality of delivery those drones to an end.

Some might say that they did a mighty fine job of bringing it on upon themselves.
Rule Numbers:26

January 6, 2020:
Talking about Australia and the fact that they create more greenhouse gases per capita than any other country in the world.
Thirty years ago, they began to speak about the great big hole in the O-zone layer that was above Australia.
       At the time all they were worried about was the thought about having a problem with a rise in skin cancer cases.
       But that never stopped them from generating their electricity from coal.
       In fact, when I was over there in Newcastle in 2005, the big deal there was the fact that they were about to build a shit load of new rail cars just for the purpose of hauling coal to the port of Newcastle. It was all about money and the need to fill the often 15-20 ships that were parked waiting just outside the port. There was no end to it because China has an appetite for cheap energy regardless of what it does to the world and their own people within it.
       Get this: Newcastle isn't even Australia's largest port for ex-porting coal. Needless to say, that train of thought kinna came back and slapped them in the face pretty hard this year.

None the less, California should be looking ahead and figure out what can be done to help prevent more of the same around here.
       As I have said before: one of the most radical decisions, would be to stop the use of flash burning, just to get rid of the bye product of natural gas when producing petroleum products.
       To clarify: it would be making laws that make the petroleum producers make use of the bye product of natural gas by producing electricity with the would be wasted Natural gas instead of just burning it off into the atmosphere. It would provide more electricity for the use of more electric cars and that extra electricity alone would help eliminate many of the gasoline power cars needed, which in turn would be diminishing the need for petroleum energy that causes the greenhouse effect.
       But then again we have the greed of the politicians who like the kick backs from the petroleum producers, so it's obvious, they really don't care about anyone else but them selves..
       Like these Hollywood celebrities, talking about how they are concerned about what is going on in Australia, as they hop into their private jets and fly to their next fantasy vacation.

Gee, $1/4 million to blow up one Iranian:
Shit, four $67,000.oo Hellfire missiles when just two would have been over-kill as it is.
       And speaking about 50 pound missiles.
       I learned that those missiles that Biden and Trump was threatening to hold back from Ukraine weigh about 50 lbs. but the price tag we US tax payers have to pay for them is over $160,000.oo. (I can't remember exactly.)
       Needless to say, that much money for something that is so small, -there must be a shit load of profit in building war machinery.  

Get a load of this:
       I saw that D. Trump was talking about the desire to get the politicians involved in helping find a solution to the homeless problem.
       Yah gotta laugh. What else do you expect when you let more people into this country than you build houses.
       But even funnier yet is the fact that in just a few months, they will really have a homeless problem on their hands because they are going to take away food stamps from anyone under 50 years of age and not disabled.
       Shit, people are going to get robbed just walking out to their car with their groceries.
       It's going to bring on a higher cost in food also because the stores are going to have increased overhead because of hiring a shit load of security guards just like they do in Mexico.
       Oh yeah, did I say that we are breeding stupid people and that will only make things worse?
      Fucking idiots. Like they really care.

Who can you trust?
Rule Numbers: 20

January 14th, 2020:
Arial Bold black:
Certainly not Cops, Judges or lawyers.
       Of course I need to list politicians, but isn't that a given and expected? It's just how we roll because we are breeding nothing more than a bunch of barbaric animals and they just except Evil way as a part of life and that's why so many of them ware rose coloured glasses, because they refuse to acknowledge the problems exist.
       Its just a small portion of us that have any ability to retain anything complicated and actually think up something that hasn't been thought out beforehand.
       As for the rest of the human race, it's all about being trained with information that was already gathered by someone else. .
       However, I've also noticed that even amongst the most intelligent, it takes whole teams of them banning together to even figure out some of the most simple tasks.

Got an example in Mexico.
       Talking about the eleven year old kid, who showed up at school with two loaded hand guns and shot up the place.
       Rule 26, tell me where he learned how to do that?
       It's back to monkey see, monkey do.
       Learning from each other when we are nothing more than a bunch of barbaric animals.

I with KC all the way.
Mahomes is the man, however, I'd like to see more of Moore and Rivers on the field next year.
       I thought Moore proved to be pretty good as a stand in for a guy they just pulled out of retirement.
       And Dag Nabit, how can you not like Rivers?
       As for me: it's pretty funny how so many can say that nobody likes me when there are so very few who know me at all.
       Simply said, I'm a loner and I more or less prefer it that way because from what I get, most of the people I meet only want something from someone for their friendship. Like there has to be some advantage to being friends with someone.
       Users is what I call them and for the most part, who can you trust?

Only quad copter guy can relate:
Rule Numbers: 10, 26 & 55

January 28th, 2020:
I've always thought I was a little of Mr. Steele and a little of Le Drib
At least that is who I'm most influenced by.
       Or I could say I most admire.
       But as time has gone by, I must say my style is more like Le Drib's
       But then again, I see more of my own style and what pisses me off is that whenever I hit the record button, I know I'll end up crashing and as a result, my best flights are never saved.

However, I have got some footage lately that I think is worth posting.
       I've just got to take a day off from flying and sit down with an editor and figure out how to post some of my talent.
       The close proximity stuff as with shooting gaps is a lot like Steele, but when you mix the flow into it it is more like Drib because I don't flip around as much as Davis.
       None the less, sometimes I amaze myself at the stuff I've been able to pull off since I've gone with the 32 bit RPM filters.
       It's just tightened up my shit and made much more of my stunts make-able.

Another thing I must mention:
Is about listening to the post by Rollins, about mental illness.
       Gee I'm so glad I'm not depending on Pot or drugs to keep my sanity as so many other people do.
       I realise I've had some trying times, but considering just what brought on those times I also realise that they were just a result of the shit I've had to go though.
       None the less, I must have been a pretty tough cookie, because I'm not one of those who have debated upon killing myself like so many others out there who have had to go through so much less.
      I've always figured that out of all those who went out of their way to screw me over, I figured that the goal was to be the last one standing.

As for the latest rumours:
       About how even my patent lawyers were in on stealing my patents.
       I only wish I would have figured out it was definite that my Australian lawyer was in it for himself and not just working for someone else like Ford.
       However, if it is true that people Australia are using my invention, I don't actually think it was a result of Redford and it may just be a trick into trying to get me into killing myself like the rest of them.
       But then there is the lawyer at Seed and Berry in Seattle whom I can't remember his name, I can see that he may very well been tide up with Ford or at least the city of Tacoma, since that very illegal piece of paper disappeared from my safe deposit box after that cops there got a hold of my safe deposit box keys.
       None the less, it's easy to say that I had it coming from all directions.

Then we have to other two rumours:
       The how the folks in Hollywood wants to make a movie about me.
       You have to ask yourself why they don't just pay me to make it ?
       Is it because they want to wait until I end up dead so they don't have to pay me, or is it that they would rather have me dead so that they can get paid to make me out to be someone that I'm not and I wouldn't be around to say differently?
       Either way, it doesn't make them look very honest in many of our eyes because of all the time that has gone by.
       No matter how you look at it, with Spielberg in prison and all the people covering for him, you can't say that the folks in Hollywood don't know who I am.

Then there is the rumours about how they are going to change the patent laws back to the way they were, but with a 25 year term. Even naming the new laws after me.
       Gee, that's what they were saying over a year ago and the law makers still have you breeding stupid people br>       Well it doesn't matter if they were killing or snuffing out only one inventor per day; it's been going on for 25 years and any way you look at it, the numbers add up to something that we all know that any species of animals would not survive.
       If they don't change the patent laws back, ingenuity will slow down and artificial intelligence would take the lead and the human race would become mostly cyborgs.
       I can attest that even trying to explain my little drones to the younger generation that less than 25% of them can even grapple anything I'm trying to convey to them, and as a result of that I find myself doing a spiel just as I do with trying to explain patent laws.
      Then there are those who feel that they should make drone making even easier, when an idiot like me consider it just a challenge that everyone should be able to do as I've been able to do all on my own.

The rumours of "he's right," certainly out weigh the "nobody likes him."
       I guess it's only natural for some to feel intimidated.
       They don't want an older generation to make them feel inferior. But somehow they want to feel that global warning is the threat to their existence.
       The deal is that no matter what the environment is like, there will be gold under ground and you can expect there will be wars to fight over the best conductor of electricity
       The silly thing is that we are fighting wars over that dirty energy we call oil and we are to damn stupid over not realising it by now.

Oh Yeah:
       Gee, I had to stop myself from shedding a tear myself br>       Talking about Kobe B.
       I'm not even into watching basketball but the media has got us all hooked on the feeling of the loss of such a great guy.
       How come no one cares about the great inventors we loose every day, just because it is the law?

sunnyside's quadcopters Feb 15-20

Woe's of an inventor.
Rule Numbers: 26 & 55

February 17th, 2020:
Maybe the Betaflight Dev's can taste feeling of having bad patent laws.
I'm sure the Betaflight Firmware developers will fly home made drones whether there is a remote I'd law passed or not. But if the FAA passes it, they will become a criminal to use what they created and at the same time Amazon could be making money with the use of Betafalight Firmware legally.
       In my book that is called government laws that take away people intellectual property and give it to companies like Amazon, which can use the Betaflight Firmware as a way of making profit.
       If that wouldn't hurt.

At least in my case, I'm the only one I ever see using my truck.
       Maybe its a reason I could say that I'd be one up on them. But then again, wouldn't it suck if Amazon could actually get away with killing people by dropping drones and packages? Kinna understand that kind of feeling would be like too.
       None the less, maybe I can say that I have a pretty good handle of the feeling theses Betaflight Devs are going to have.
       There several developer groups like Kiss, Flightone of which will obviously go broke if these proposals go through in the next there years.
       I'm wondering about just how many of comments left by the hobbyist will ever actually get read by someone at the FAA?
       I've seen how politicians vote on bills. They will vote no a bill, two or three time until someone pays them enough money to vote yes on it.
      You check the dates of the votes and it's obvious they could have never had time to read much of a 1,200 page bill between votes.

I figure that it's only appropriate for me to write up a comment for the FAA
The back story of my experience flying remote control aircraft, is that I started by flying model planes on two when I was eight to ten years old. Now it's about forty five, fifty years later, the FAA is going to say that flying any aircraft as I have always done, could soon make me a criminal.
       It's like that the freedom they say we have is just easily taken away because some companies decided that they wanted to make money off of a Hobby of mine that I spent decades learning.
      I wonder when they will try to make it illegal for someone to pick up a guitar and make music off of it, because some big company wants to make money off of the music making business side of things .

Oh Yeah:
       The picture below was one of those days I flew very well.
       I did get a Reverb copy together. It's got the Matek 405 and a 65 amp Hobbywing ESC in it.
      The ESC is worth the extra $5 over the Spedix 45 amp, of which I think I had capacitors popping loose and blowing and messing up a motor.
       The XL 5 with the Flywoo and 1700kv motors flies with more engagement. I think I'll always favour True-X Frames. With the Reverb , when I fly sideway, I get prop wash pretty bad. With the XL5 being a True-X frame, I only get propwash if I practically create it on purpose.
       I've been replacing the 1700kv eco motors with the mono bells, and the new lower price helps in the dession to be replacing the 1800kv's on the Reverb with the new 1900kv's.
      (I've got 5 5 cell batteries)
      Plus there is something to be said for a quieter running quad at times. Butt then there are those times you want to fly it like you had just stole it.

sunnyside's FPV Gear

Just another nail in the coffin
Rule Numbers: 10, 25 & 40

February 23rd, 2020:
Just after having Obama change the patent laws to first to file
I'd thought that was the final nail in the coffin of the modern day inventor.
       Yet they found another nail and again its about ripping off intellectual property.
       However, the intellectual property is owned by an open source community.
       This open source community took robot electronics and software from drones that didn't even fly very well five years ago, to lightning fast and responsive aircraft. You would probably have a difficult time trying to convince me that companies like Amazon and UPS are not using any of the open source firmware in their drones.
       Now ask yourself, how can they be so cold hearted enough to make the free use of open source firmware, -illegal to use by the very guys who created it.

Nothing less than sticking it to to public innovation.
       For those of us who understand how we are being selective breed into a lower intellect, this is just another way of doing it.
       I'm just putting it out there and witnessing just how so many of these people who think I'm right about this.
       Are the going to do this to us are not?.

And do I have any answers that could be considered a solution?
There is a Senator who has introduced a bill that would allow regulated commercial drones at the altitude of 200-400 feet above landmarks.
       The airspace between 0 and 200 feet above any landmark should not be regulated.
       The FAA has already got a LANCE System in place for controlling the commercial airspace they need to control.
       I really don't think it needs to be so complicated.

It makes you wonder just how much of it is money and lawyers trying to make out on it all.
       Like all the money that will be spent on people travelling to the protect in front of the FAA
       Just think, if the people would have just pooled their money together and Hired a bunch of lawyers to file laws suits over the freedom and intellectual property theft.
       I think the FAA got $5 million to come up with these stupid laws.
       In this world you would probably need $6 million to beat the momentum.

By about now, with the dominance of rumours.
       You can bet my sister has Mike down there selling anything he can get out of my father's house.
       I figure they want to unload the house real soon too.
       It's sad to think one would throw their own son under the bus, and then only give him one third of his house in his will.
       I wonder if he even remembers any of it from day to day?
       Just getting to that point of not remembering was probably pretty difficult, but I think that the rest of the family made him feel as if it was justified.

Glade I'm not one of those.
Rule Numbers: 16, 20, 21 & 53

March 1st, 2020:
The brothers who went to stand in front of the FAA building.
On a Sunday when nobody was there to see them.
       Being cold as hell sure didn't help much.
       Sad to say that I think there would have been several times as many people showing up if it was about animal rights.
       Human rights are just forgotten about if the violations are not happening to them. Sure enough, there are more dogs and cats than there are FPV Drones and RC-planes.

Bought a 200 mm x 300 mm sheet of 2mm carbon fiber
       I've decide to make my own top and bottom plates for the last ten XL5 legs I've got.
       Can't stand the squashed X of the Reverb so when one of the legs break, I will sandwich XL5 legs into it.
      Chances are, I'm going for the Stingy, but with the rubber stack cushions for the FC's I use, the 20 mm stack hight will just not cut it, so the carbon is for making custom 30-25 mm camera plates. I've got plenty of 30mm stand-offs and once I determine 25mm stand- offs will work, Rule #-53, I can always cut the side plates down later.
      Another thing I don't like about the Reverb, it won't fit the T-Motor 5146-47 props I've been using. Sort of a Cyclone and HQ mixed into one. They are more durable and cost less.

Since it was going to rain:
I devoted my day to the FAA
       I figure that maybe there are other pilots out there who have experienced writer's block. I sure did. Maybe some will just settle on the last minute copying of Sunnyside's comment, -along with their own two cents.
       I'm sure mine doesn't have the same flavour as the majority, it maybe a bit confusing but maybe it will haunt a few of them down at the FAA, -if they ever actually read it.

I figure that it's only appropriate for me Dennis Sattler of Oceanside CA, to write up a comment for the FAA
The back story of my experience flying remote control aircraft, is that I started at the age of ten by flying a Red Barron, a .049 model plane on two strings.
      Now it's fifty years later, and the FAA is going to say that flying any aircraft as I have always done, could very well make it a criminal act. Heavy fines and even jail time for what I've always took for granted.
       It's like the freedom to such a thing is something they can take away because a company decided they want make money off my hobby and the technology they other hobbiest and engineers have created.
      I wonder what will be next? Will they try to make it illegal for someone to pick up a guitar to make music with it? Just because some big company wants to make money off the business of music making?.

Woe's of an inventor.
Maybe the Betaflight Dev's can taste feeling of having bad patent laws.
I'm sure the Betaflight Firmware developers will fly home made drones whether there is a remote ID law passed or not. But if the FAA passes it, they will become a criminal to use what they created and at the same time Amazon could be making money with the use of Betafalight Firmware legally.
       In my book that is called government laws that take away people intellectual property and give it to companies like Amazon, which can use the Betaflight Firmware as a way of making profit.
       If that wouldn't hurt.

At least in my daily life, I'm the only one I ever have to see using my invention.
       A considerable reason I could say that I'd be one up on them, because wouldn't it suck if Amazon could actually get away with dropping drones and packages and actually killing people?
      I can understand that kind of feeling in a way too.
       None the less, maybe I can say that I have a pretty good handle of the feeling theses Betaflight Devs are going to have.
       There are several developer groups like Kiss, Flightone of which will obviously go broke if these proposals go through in the next there years.

Just another nail in the coffin
After having Obama change the patent laws to first to file
I'd thought that was the final nail in the coffin of the modern day inventor.
       Yet they found another nail and again its about ripping off intellectual property.
       However, the intellectual property is owned by an open source community.
       This open source community took a combination of robot electronics and software to create drones that didn't even fly very well five years ago, to lightning fast and responsive aircraft we fly today.. You would probably have a difficult time trying to convince me that companies like Amazon and UPS are not going to be using any of the open source firmware in their commercial drones now or in the future.
       Now ask yourself, how can they be so cold hearted enough to make the free use of open source firmware, -illegal to use by the very guys who created it?

Nothing less than sticking it to to public innovation.
       For those of us who understand how we are being selective breed into a lower intellect, this is just another way of doing it.
       I'm just putting it out there and witnessing just how so many of these people who think I'm right about this.
       Are the going to do this to us are not?

And do I have any answers that could be considered a solution?
There is a Senator who has introduced a bill that would allow regulated commercial drones at the altitude of 200-400 feet above landmarks.
       The airspace between 0 and 200 feet above any landmark is not to be regulated.
       I myself think it would be better at 300–500ft for commercial drones because there are many hobbist who fly long range and line of sight planes. I think RC gliders should be exempt from regulations because so many of them are thermal and the extra altitude is part of it.
       I think remote ID is not feasible because there is not wifi available. everywhere.
              The FAA already has a LANCE system in place for controlling the commercial airspace they need to control.
       The FAA has already got a LANCE System in place for controlling the commercial airspace they need to control.
       I really don't think it needs to be so complicated.

I hope I'm not the first to say:
Rule Numbers:10, 12, 26 & 88

March 10th, 2020:
That Public Retailers need to step up to the plate.
It's not like the government cutting a $100 million dollar check for machines that make masks.
       Retailers like Walmart, target and other public gathering places like theatres and libraries to make it mandatory to ware N-95 masks .
       The Carona virus has already spread everywhere and now is the time to decide as to which degree people want to find themselves in isolation.
       People must learn to ware these masks out in public early on in this crisis, or they won't even have to option to not have to where them amongst smaller groups of friends.

It's like these rumours that have fallowed me everywhere. Just because you have moved to a different country, dosen't mean the corruption that started in your home town isn't going to buy a ticket for the same plane and fallow you there.
       It's also a mater upon how much money that can be spent on a virus. I'm still wondering if this virus is man made. If it is man made, -then it's either about the money that can be spent on finding a cure for it or the number of people that will eventually die from it.
       As I see it, the only real thing you can bet on is by acting upon the problem before hand and by not dealing with a problem by re-acting to it. Rule 88.

I've been wanting to say:
That I'm proud of the FPV Drone community
       For as devastating FAA proposed rules can be for the RC airplane and drone communities, it was only, -or I should say: mostly the FPV Drone community that stepped up and participated in protest. It's sad to be able to say that I never saw one bit of it covered on the national news. It's sad to say that the mainstream media doesn't respond to the news of any of our liberties being taken away.
      Now we can only wonder how much money these politicians are going to bring in by being paid to vote for such ridiculous laws. If you read the last few posts, (about the extra nails in the coffin for our human intellect,) we will surely see just how much these law makers actually care about us.

We call it "Fucking the Dog."
Rule Numbers:9 & 26

March 22, 2020:
It has to be the biggest downfall of this administration.
But then you have to remember that the Democrats were only worried about who was running for president.
       Yet it was back in December almost three months ago, that we knew that the Corona Virus was on its way here.
       Trump down played it, and nobody even took it seriously until their fellow politicians came down with it.
       It was n't until the second week of March before they put together a task force for it.
       Then they come on my TV set and bragged about how hard they have been working on it when they should have been working hard on it over two months ago.
      It's clear to me that they have shit for brains.

But Seriously:
Rule Numbers: 9, 10 & 51

Things they say, are not always true.
They forgot to tell you about the Spanish flue of 1918
       It started here in the states, but there was a war going on so the government made a new law against the media about exposing the truth.
       In other words, some call it a law that makes it legal for the US government to lie and a crime for the media to expose it. Or censorship to say the least.
      I'm guessing that the law is still active because the media sure isn't exposing how Obama and Speilberg, got all mixed up in trying to clone me and no one is even saying anything about Speilberg sitting in prison.

However, the thing that people should keep in mind is that the flue that went around the globe, -came back later with much more strength the second time around.
       Another thing they are not exactly telling you about is the lung and liver damage you are likely to receive if you do actually survive it. In that situation we could call them injuries to vital internal organs that will never be the same again. A coroner in China said a healthy lung feels like a sponge and the inflammation from the virus makes it feel like a cork. Just look into ARDS and learn that even if you are lucky enough to get put on a respirator, during that time your body will be dealing with too much of your own Carbon Dioxide in your blood.

Then you take a look at the people you need to count on for your future:
Like the people who were on the beach partying because it was spring break. Let's just hope they are not on the respirator that you need.
       What they say on TV isn't what I see, because when I go into a store, I see that people actually bring their kids, so that they can play around in the store and touch everything.
      Needless to say, there isn't much common sense out there.
       Like in Walmart, I can try to shop without touching anything, but when it comes to check out, you have to touch the screen where everyone needs to for the amount of bags you want.

Gave up on the R9
I had one receiver act up and loose range and then in a few day later, the other quad started to failsafe too.
       So I installed a R-XSR in one just to figure out what the problem is. I'm guessing it's the receivers that just go bad and I don't think they are worth investing in.
       Now I can't fly some of the places I use to fly.
       Needless to say, I need to do what everyone else does and get my hands on a crossfire set up.

Play it safe.
Remember to wash down the things to touch because a virus is like wet paint, -it can travel
       I even wash my groceries down.
       I've got three masks and three pairs of gloves on rotation because in three days, the virus should be dead.
      If I want to see ignorance and stupidity, I know where I can find it.

Stupid Rules

Stupid Rules

Stupid Rules

Stupid Rules


Woody the wooden dumpster on a Synchro-link.

Dooms Day for Private Inventors
-happened yesterday,
when Obama took his mighty pin to the bill.

My Stupid Movie Idea

The most revolutionary tool box in the world,
sitting in a room of poisonous insecticide

September 2009

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New: the full version of the story about the fire
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Burning Down the House

A few years ago, I wrote about a couple of these law makers at: Poop Bad Law.

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       I've actually tried doing a criminal background check on myself because I would love to find one that wasn't true. I've learned that even when they say it's free, that it is not. However, I did find one that will refund your money if you cancel a monthly subscription with 7 days.
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I'm the Dennis Sattler, 50 in Van Nuys CA, Lakewood Washington, Castic CA

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