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Predator V4 camera on XL5 quadcopter

Some might say that they did a mighty fine job of bringing it on upon themselves.
Rule Numbers:26

January 6, 2020:
Talking about Australia and the fact that they create more greenhouse gases per capita than any other country in the world.
Thirty years ago, they began to speak about the great big hole in the O-zone layer that was above Australia.
       At the time all they were worried about was the thought about having a problem with a rise in skin cancer cases.
       But that never stopped them from generating their electricity from coal.
       In fact, when I was over there in Newcastle in 2005, the big deal there was the fact that they were about to build a shit load of new rail cars just for the purpose of hauling coal to the port of Newcastle. It was all about money and the need to fill the often 15-20 ships that were parked waiting just outside the port. There was no end to it because China has an appetite for cheap energy regardless of what it does to the world and their own people within it.
       Get this: Newcastle isn't even Australia's largest port for ex-porting coal. Needless to say, that train of thought kinna came back and slapped them in the face pretty hard this year.

None the less, California should be looking ahead and figure out what can be done to help prevent more of the same around here.
       As I have said before: one of the most radical decisions, would be to stop the use of flash burning, just to get rid of the bye product of natural gas when producing petroleum products.
       To clarify: it would be making laws that make the petroleum producers make use of the bye product of natural gas by producing electricity with the would be wasted Natural gas instead of just burning it off into the atmosphere. It would provide more electricity for the use of more electric cars and that extra electricity alone would help eliminate many of the gasoline power cars needed, which in turn would be diminishing the need for petroleum energy that causes the greenhouse effect.
       But then again we have the greed of the politicians who like the kick backs from the petroleum producers, so it's obvious, they really don't care about anyone else but them selves..
       Like these Hollywood celebrities, talking about how they are concerned about what is going on in Australia, as they hop into their private jets and fly to their next fantasy vacation.

Gee, $1/4 million to blow up one Iranian:
Shit, four $67,000.oo Hellfire missiles when just two would have been over-kill as it is.
       And speaking about 50 pound missiles.
       I learned that those missiles that Biden and Trump was threatening to hold back from Ukraine weigh about 50 lbs. but the price tag we US tax payers have to pay for them is over $160,000.oo. (I can't remember exactly.)
       Needless to say, that much money for something that is so small, -there must be a shit load of profit in building war machinery.  

Get a load of this:
       I saw that D. Trump was talking about the desire to get the politicians involved in helping find a solution to the homeless problem.
       Yah gotta laugh. What else do you expect when you let more people into this country than you build houses.
       But even funnier yet is the fact that in just a few months, they will really have a homeless problem on their hands because they are going to take away food stamps from anyone under 50 years of age and not disabled.
       Shit, people are going to get robbed just walking out to their car with their groceries.
       It's going to bring on a higher cost in food also because the stores are going to have increased overhead because of hiring a shit load of security guards just like they do in Mexico.
       Oh yeah, did I say that we are breeding stupid people and that will only make things worse?
      Fucking idiots. Like they really care.

Who can you trust?
Rule Numbers: 20

January 14th, 2020:
Arial Bold black:
Certainly not Cops, Judges or lawyers.
       Of course I need to list politicians, but isn't that a given and expected? It's just how we roll because we are breeding nothing more than a bunch of barbaric animals and they just except Evil way as a part of life and that's why so many of them ware rose coloured glasses, because they refuse to acknowledge the problems exist.
       Its just a small portion of us that have any ability to retain anything complicated and actually think up something that hasn't been thought out beforehand.
       As for the rest of the human race, it's all about being trained with information that was already gathered by someone else. .
       However, I've also noticed that even amongst the most intelligent, it takes whole teams of them banning together to even figure out some of the most simple tasks.

Got an example in Mexico.
       Talking about the eleven year old kid, who showed up at school with two loaded hand guns and shot up the place.
       Rule 26, tell me where he learned how to do that?
       It's back to monkey see, monkey do.
       Learning from each other when we are nothing more than a bunch of barbaric animals.

I with KC all the way.
Mahomes is the man, however, I'd like to see more of Moore and Rivers on the field next year.
       I thought Moore proved to be pretty good as a stand in for a guy they just pulled out of retirement.
       And Dag Nabit, how can you not like Rivers?
       As for me: it's pretty funny how so many can say that nobody likes me when there are so very few who know me at all.
       Simply said, I'm a loner and I more or less prefer it that way because from what I get, most of the people I meet only want something from someone for their friendship. Like there has to be some advantage to being friends with someone.
       Users is what I call them and for the most part, who can you trust?

Only quad copter guy can relate:
Rule Numbers: 10, 26 & 55

January 28th, 2020:
I've always thought I was a little of Mr. Steele and a little of Le Drib
At least that is who I'm most influenced by.
       Or I could say I most admire.
       But as time has gone by, I must say my style is more like Le Drib's
       But then again, I see more of my own style and what pisses me off is that whenever I hit the record button, I know I'll end up crashing and as a result, my best flights are never saved.

However, I have got some footage lately that I think is worth posting.
       I've just got to take a day off from flying and sit down with an editor and figure out how to post some of my talent.
       The close proximity stuff as with shooting gaps is a lot like Steele, but when you mix the flow into it it is more like Drib because I don't flip around as much as Davis.
       None the less, sometimes I amaze myself at the stuff I've been able to pull off since I've gone with the 32 bit RPM filters.
       It's just tightened up my shit and made much more of my stunts make-able.

Another thing I must mention:
Is about listening to the post by Rollins, about mental illness.
       Gee I'm so glad I'm not depending on Pot or drugs to keep my sanity as so many other people do.
       I realise I've had some trying times, but considering just what brought on those times I also realise that they were just a result of the shit I've had to go though.
       None the less, I must have been a pretty tough cookie, because I'm not one of those who have debated upon killing myself like so many others out there who have had to go through so much less.
      I've always figured that out of all those who went out of their way to screw me over, I figured that the goal was to be the last one standing.

As for the latest rumours:
       About how even my patent lawyers were in on stealing my patents.
       I only wish I would have figured out it was definite that my Australian lawyer was in it for himself and not just working for someone else like Ford.
       However, if it is true that people Australia are using my invention, I don't actually think it was a result of Redford and it may just be a trick into trying to get me into killing myself like the rest of them.
       But then there is the lawyer at Seed and Berry in Seattle whom I can't remember his name, I can see that he may very well been tide up with Ford or at least the city of Tacoma, since that very illegal piece of paper disappeared from my safe deposit box after that cops there got a hold of my safe deposit box keys.
       None the less, it's easy to say that I had it coming from all directions.

Then we have to other two rumours:
       The how the folks in Hollywood wants to make a movie about me.
       You have to ask yourself why they don't just pay me to make it ?
       Is it because they want to wait until I end up dead so they don't have to pay me, or is it that they would rather have me dead so that they can get paid to make me out to be someone that I'm not and I wouldn't be around to say differently?
       Either way, it doesn't make them look very honest in many of our eyes because of all the time that has gone by.
       No matter how you look at it, with Spielberg in prison and all the people covering for him, you can't say that the folks in Hollywood don't know who I am.

Then there is the rumours about how they are going to change the patent laws back to the way they were, but with a 25 year term. Even naming the new laws after me.
       Gee, that's what they were saying over a year ago and the law makers still have you breeding stupid people br>       Well it doesn't matter if they were killing or snuffing out only one inventor per day; it's been going on for 25 years and any way you look at it, the numbers add up to something that we all know that any species of animals would not survive.
       If they don't change the patent laws back, ingenuity will slow down and artificial intelligence would take the lead and the human race would become mostly cyborgs.
       I can attest that even trying to explain my little drones to the younger generation that less than 25% of them can even grapple anything I'm trying to convey to them, and as a result of that I find myself doing a spiel just as I do with trying to explain patent laws.
      Then there are those who feel that they should make drone making even easier, when an idiot like me consider it just a challenge that everyone should be able to do as I've been able to do all on my own.

The rumours of "he's right," certainly out weigh the "nobody likes him."
       I guess it's only natural for some to feel intimidated.
       They don't want an older generation to make them feel inferior. But somehow they want to feel that global warning is the threat to their existence.
       The deal is that no matter what the environment is like, there will be gold under ground and you can expect there will be wars to fight over the best conductor of electricity
       The silly thing is that we are fighting wars over that dirty energy we call oil and we are to damn stupid over not realising it by now.

Oh Yeah:
       Gee, I had to stop myself from shedding a tear myself br>       Talking about Kobe B.
       I'm not even into watching basketball but the media has got us all hooked on the feeling of the loss of such a great guy.
       How come no one cares about the great inventors we loose every day, just because it is the law?

sunnyside's quadcopters Feb 15-20

Woe's of an inventor.
Rule Numbers: 26 & 55

February 17th, 2020:
Maybe the Betaflight Dev's can taste feeling of having bad patent laws.
I'm sure the Betaflight Firmware developers will fly home made drones whether there is a remote I'd law passed or not. But if the FAA passes it, they will become a criminal to use what they created and at the same time Amazon could be making money with the use of Betafalight Firmware legally.
       In my book that is called government laws that take away people intellectual property and give it to companies like Amazon, which can use the Betaflight Firmware as a way of making profit.
       If that wouldn't hurt.

At least in my case, I'm the only one I ever see using my truck.
       Maybe its a reason I could say that I'd be one up on them. But then again, wouldn't it suck if Amazon could actually get away with killing people by dropping drones and packages? Kinna understand that kind of feeling would be like too.
       None the less, maybe I can say that I have a pretty good handle of the feeling theses Betaflight Devs are going to have.
       There several developer groups like Kiss, Flightone of which will obviously go broke if these proposals go through in the next there years.
       I'm wondering about just how many of comments left by the hobbyist will ever actually get read by someone at the FAA?
       I've seen how politicians vote on bills. They will vote no a bill, two or three time until someone pays them enough money to vote yes on it.
      You check the dates of the votes and it's obvious they could have never had time to read much of a 1,200 page bill between votes.

I figure that it's only appropriate for me to write up a comment for the FAA
The back story of my experience flying remote control aircraft, is that I started by flying model planes on two when I was eight to ten years old. Now it's about forty five, fifty years later, the FAA is going to say that flying any aircraft as I have always done, could soon make me a criminal.
       It's like that the freedom they say we have is just easily taken away because some companies decided that they wanted to make money off of a Hobby of mine that I spent decades learning.
      I wonder when they will try to make it illegal for someone to pick up a guitar and make music off of it, because some big company wants to make money off of the music making business side of things .

Oh Yeah:
       The picture below was one of those days I flew very well.
       I did get a Reverb copy together. It's got the Matek 405 and a 65 amp Hobbywing ESC in it.
      The ESC is worth the extra $5 over the Spedix 45 amp, of which I think I had capacitors popping loose and blowing and messing up a motor.
       The XL 5 with the Flywoo and 1700kv motors flies with more engagement. I think I'll always favour True-X Frames. With the Reverb , when I fly sideway, I get prop wash pretty bad. With the XL5 being a True-X frame, I only get propwash if I practically create it on purpose.
       I've been replacing the 1700kv eco motors with the mono bells, and the new lower price helps in the dession to be replacing the 1800kv's on the Reverb with the new 1900kv's.
      (I've got 5 5 cell batteries)
      Plus there is something to be said for a quieter running quad at times. Butt then there are those times you want to fly it like you had just stole it.

sunnyside's FPV Gear

Just another nail in the coffin
Rule Numbers: 10, 25 & 40

February 23rd, 2020:
Just after having Obama change the patent laws to first to file
I'd thought that was the final nail in the coffin of the modern day inventor.
       Yet they found another nail and again its about ripping off intellectual property.
       However, the intellectual property is owned by an open source community.
       This open source community took robot electronics and software from drones that didn't even fly very well five years ago, to lightning fast and responsive aircraft. You would probably have a difficult time trying to convince me that companies like Amazon and UPS are not using any of the open source firmware in their drones.
       Now ask yourself, how can they be so cold hearted enough to make the free use of open source firmware, -illegal to use by the very guys who created it.

Nothing less than sticking it to to public innovation.
       For those of us who understand how we are being selective breed into a lower intellect, this is just another way of doing it.
       I'm just putting it out there and witnessing just how so many of these people who think I'm right about this.
       Are the going to do this to us are not?.

And do I have any answers that could be considered a solution?
There is a Senator who has introduced a bill that would allow regulated commercial drones at the altitude of 200-400 feet above landmarks.
       The airspace between 0 and 200 feet above any landmark should not be regulated.
       The FAA has already got a LANCE System in place for controlling the commercial airspace they need to control.
       I really don't think it needs to be so complicated.

It makes you wonder just how much of it is money and lawyers trying to make out on it all.
       Like all the money that will be spent on people travelling to the protect in front of the FAA
       Just think, if the people would have just pooled their money together and Hired a bunch of lawyers to file laws suits over the freedom and intellectual property theft.
       I think the FAA got $5 million to come up with these stupid laws.
       In this world you would probably need $6 million to beat the momentum.

By about now, with the dominance of rumours.
       You can bet my sister has Mike down there selling anything he can get out of my father's house.
       I figure they want to unload the house real soon too.
       It's sad to think one would throw their own son under the bus, and then only give him one third of his house in his will.
       I wonder if he even remembers any of it from day to day?
       Just getting to that point of not remembering was probably pretty difficult, but I think that the rest of the family made him feel as if it was justified.

Glade I'm not one of those.
Rule Numbers: 16, 20, 21 & 53

March 1st, 2020:
The brothers who went to stand in front of the FAA building.
On a Sunday when nobody was there to see them.
       Being cold as hell sure didn't help much.
       Sad to say that I think there would have been several times as many people showing up if it was about animal rights.
       Human rights are just forgotten about if the violations are not happening to them. Sure enough, there are more dogs and cats than there are FPV Drones and RC-planes.

Bought a 200 mm x 300 mm sheet of 2mm carbon fiber
       I've decide to make my own top and bottom plates for the last ten XL5 legs I've got.
       Can't stand the squashed X of the Reverb so when one of the legs break, I will sandwich XL5 legs into it.
      Chances are, I'm going for the Stingy, but with the rubber stack cushions for the FC's I use, the 20 mm stack hight will just not cut it, so the carbon is for making custom 30-25 mm camera plates. I've got plenty of 30mm stand-offs and once I determine 25mm stand- offs will work, Rule #-53, I can always cut the side plates down later.
      Another thing I don't like about the Reverb, it won't fit the T-Motor 5146-47 props I've been using. Sort of a Cyclone and HQ mixed into one. They are more durable and cost less.

Since it was going to rain:
I devoted my day to the FAA
       I figure that maybe there are other pilots out there who have experienced writer's block. I sure did. Maybe some will just settle on the last minute copying of Sunnyside's comment, -along with their own two cents.
       I'm sure mine doesn't have the same flavour as the majority, it maybe a bit confusing but maybe it will haunt a few of them down at the FAA, -if they ever actually read it.

I figure that it's only appropriate for me Dennis Sattler of Oceanside CA, to write up a comment for the FAA
The back story of my experience flying remote control aircraft, is that I started at the age of ten by flying a Red Barron, a .049 model plane on two strings.
      Now it's fifty years later, and the FAA is going to say that flying any aircraft as I have always done, could very well make it a criminal act. Heavy fines and even jail time for what I've always took for granted.
       It's like the freedom to such a thing is something they can take away because a company decided they want make money off my hobby and the technology they other hobbiest and engineers have created.
      I wonder what will be next? Will they try to make it illegal for someone to pick up a guitar to make music with it? Just because some big company wants to make money off the business of music making?.

Woe's of an inventor.
Maybe the Betaflight Dev's can taste feeling of having bad patent laws.
I'm sure the Betaflight Firmware developers will fly home made drones whether there is a remote ID law passed or not. But if the FAA passes it, they will become a criminal to use what they created and at the same time Amazon could be making money with the use of Betafalight Firmware legally.
       In my book that is called government laws that take away people intellectual property and give it to companies like Amazon, which can use the Betaflight Firmware as a way of making profit.
       If that wouldn't hurt.

At least in my daily life, I'm the only one I ever have to see using my invention.
       A considerable reason I could say that I'd be one up on them, because wouldn't it suck if Amazon could actually get away with dropping drones and packages and actually killing people?
      I can understand that kind of feeling in a way too.
       None the less, maybe I can say that I have a pretty good handle of the feeling theses Betaflight Devs are going to have.
       There are several developer groups like Kiss, Flightone of which will obviously go broke if these proposals go through in the next there years.

Just another nail in the coffin
After having Obama change the patent laws to first to file
I'd thought that was the final nail in the coffin of the modern day inventor.
       Yet they found another nail and again its about ripping off intellectual property.
       However, the intellectual property is owned by an open source community.
       This open source community took a combination of robot electronics and software to create drones that didn't even fly very well five years ago, to lightning fast and responsive aircraft we fly today.. You would probably have a difficult time trying to convince me that companies like Amazon and UPS are not going to be using any of the open source firmware in their commercial drones now or in the future.
       Now ask yourself, how can they be so cold hearted enough to make the free use of open source firmware, -illegal to use by the very guys who created it?

Nothing less than sticking it to to public innovation.
       For those of us who understand how we are being selective breed into a lower intellect, this is just another way of doing it.
       I'm just putting it out there and witnessing just how so many of these people who think I'm right about this.
       Are the going to do this to us are not?

And do I have any answers that could be considered a solution?
There is a Senator who has introduced a bill that would allow regulated commercial drones at the altitude of 200-400 feet above landmarks.
       The airspace between 0 and 200 feet above any landmark is not to be regulated.
       I myself think it would be better at 300–500ft for commercial drones because there are many hobbist who fly long range and line of sight planes. I think RC gliders should be exempt from regulations because so many of them are thermal and the extra altitude is part of it.
       I think remote ID is not feasible because there is not wifi available. everywhere.
              The FAA already has a LANCE system in place for controlling the commercial airspace they need to control.
       The FAA has already got a LANCE System in place for controlling the commercial airspace they need to control.
       I really don't think it needs to be so complicated.

I hope I'm not the first to say:
Rule Numbers:10, 12, 26 & 88

March 10th, 2020:
That Public Retailers need to step up to the plate.
It's not like the government cutting a $100 million dollar check for machines that make masks.
       Retailers like Walmart, target and other public gathering places like theatres and libraries to make it mandatory to ware N-95 masks .
       The Carona virus has already spread everywhere and now is the time to decide as to which degree people want to find themselves in isolation.
       People must learn to ware these masks out in public early on in this crisis, or they won't even have to option to not have to where them amongst smaller groups of friends.

It's like these rumours that have fallowed me everywhere. Just because you have moved to a different country, dosen't mean the corruption that started in your home town isn't going to buy a ticket for the same plane and fallow you there.
       It's also a mater upon how much money that can be spent on a virus. I'm still wondering if this virus is man made. If it is man made, -then it's either about the money that can be spent on finding a cure for it or the number of people that will eventually die from it.
       As I see it, the only real thing you can bet on is by acting upon the problem before hand and by not dealing with a problem by re-acting to it. Rule 88.

I've been wanting to say:
That I'm proud of the FPV Drone community
       For as devastating FAA proposed rules can be for the RC airplane and drone communities, it was only, -or I should say: mostly the FPV Drone community that stepped up and participated in protest. It's sad to be able to say that I never saw one bit of it covered on the national news. It's sad to say that the mainstream media doesn't respond to the news of any of our liberties being taken away.
      Now we can only wonder how much money these politicians are going to bring in by being paid to vote for such ridiculous laws. If you read the last few posts, (about the extra nails in the coffin for our human intellect,) we will surely see just how much these law makers actually care about us.

We call it "Fucking the Dog."
Rule Numbers:9 & 26

March 22, 2020:
It has to be the biggest downfall of this administration.
But then you have to remember that the Democrats were only worried about who was running for president.
       Yet it was back in December almost three months ago, that we knew that the Corona Virus was on its way here.
       Trump down played it, and nobody even took it seriously until their fellow politicians came down with it.
       It was n't until the second week of March before they put together a task force for it.
       Then they come on my TV set and bragged about how hard they have been working on it when they should have been working hard on it over two months ago.
      It's clear to me that they have shit for brains.

But Seriously:
Rule Numbers: 9, 10 & 51

Things they say, are not always true.
They forgot to tell you about the Spanish flue of 1918
       It started here in the states, but there was a war going on so the government made a new law against the media about exposing the truth.
       In other words, some call it a law that makes it legal for the US government to lie and a crime for the media to expose it. Or censorship to say the least.
      I'm guessing that the law is still active because the media sure isn't exposing how Obama and Speilberg, got all mixed up in trying to clone me and no one is even saying anything about Speilberg sitting in prison.

However, the thing that people should keep in mind is that the flue that went around the globe, -came back later with much more strength the second time around.
       Another thing they are not exactly telling you about is the lung and liver damage you are likely to receive if you do actually survive it. In that situation we could call them injuries to vital internal organs that will never be the same again. A coroner in China said a healthy lung feels like a sponge and the inflammation from the virus makes it feel like a cork. Just look into ARDS and learn that even if you are lucky enough to get put on a respirator, during that time your body will be dealing with too much of your own Carbon Dioxide in your blood.

Then you take a look at the people you need to count on for your future:
Like the people who were on the beach partying because it was spring break. Let's just hope they are not on the respirator that you need.
       What they say on TV isn't what I see, because when I go into a store, I see that people actually bring their kids, so that they can play around in the store and touch everything.
      Needless to say, there isn't much common sense out there.
       Like in Walmart, I can try to shop without touching anything, but when it comes to check out, you have to touch the screen where everyone needs to for the amount of bags you want.

Gave up on the R9
I had one receiver act up and loose range and then in a few day later, the other quad started to failsafe too.
       So I installed a R-XSR in one just to figure out what the problem is. I'm guessing it's the receivers that just go bad and I don't think they are worth investing in.
       Now I can't fly some of the places I use to fly.
       Needless to say, I need to do what everyone else does and get my hands on a crossfire set up.

Play it safe.
Remember to wash down the things to touch because a virus is like wet paint, -it can travel
       I even wash my groceries down.
       I've got three masks and three pairs of gloves on rotation because in three days, the virus should be dead.
      If I want to see ignorance and stupidity, I know where I can find it.

Printing money again.
Rule Numbers:9, 10, 20, 26 & 51

March 26, 2020:
Then you can't figure out why your money isn't worth anything.
Hind sight is a bitch.
       They ran two months late and now we have to pay the price. Funny how the law makers couldn't settle on a price until it was twice the price. Gee, and all we needed was a shit load of masks, gloves and ramped up medical respirator production.they said we needed them.

I didn't wait until they said we needed them.
       I got my masks out of storage a week or two before they even said we needed them.
       When it gets down to it, it was all about the money we can spend on such a thing and saving money or lives wasn't on the table.
       Being proactive wasn't even on the table, -reactive was.
       Now we've got Trump with his hopes up of a early victory, but I think we know that it's not possible now.
       I must be the only one who hates stupidity because we sure have it running rapid. Yet they keep the very patent laws that make sure we get dumber generation after generation.
       And just how the virus is spread.
       As we breath out, the moisture in our breath forms in microscopic droplets. Those droplets are breathed in by others or just land on the surfaces around us and we pick them up with our hands. It's just like invisible wet paint from there.
       It's just amazing how careless so many people are and that isn't going to help the situation.

R9 ok, super 8 bad.
Figured out that the antenna was bad.
       I got a sheet of carbon fibre and now I'm able to cut my own plates. Instead of 1.9 mil. I've got 2.2 mil. and I made a new sold top plate and I'm pretty sure it will be difficult to brake.

Call it Natural Selection?
Rule Numbers: 26

April 7th, 2020:
Maybe it's God's way of counter acting the patent laws that are killing off the Smart people.
The weak, the ill and the confused.
Or as I'd prefer: the stupid people.

       Too bad it isn't as selective as the patent laws.
       I just had to look for the positive side of things, so don't think of me just being negative minded, because every time I go out, I sure see plenty of stupidity.
At least I don't believe what I see on the television. Which bring me to point out what a fellow FPV Pilot in China has said.
       I'm posting links to two videos from Skidoosh. The first one is more of a documentary and the second one I consider as the one we all should pay attention to the most, even if you are not into foul language.
       The Doc is named COVID Cover-up
       The one I left a comment that he Highlighted,
Q & A ...sort of... (It really gets going at about 11 minutes into it.)

Anyhow, I had more to say but with the rain, I don't have the electricity to spend any more time on it so maybe I'll add to this post tomorrow.
None the less, whenever I go out, or to the G-store, I see way too much stupidity.
       Like, leave your kids in the car. A grocery store should not be visited by any more than one person at a time out of the necessity.
      And what blows my mind is the people who actually think that this is a good time to go to church, (as they feel in Florida.) Its just pure stupidity. Like the guy that approached me the other day saying that he won't catch it because he is holistic and has too strong of annuity to catch it. (Just the kind of idiot I'd rather not see.)
       Gee, the other day, Sanders was on TV saying the the Government cares about us:
       Well let me be the one who says that they don't and they would have done even less if it wasn't for some of their own politicians coming down with Covid 19.
      The deal is that the government knows that for every tax payer that dies, they know they can replace then with ten others if they want more Tax revenue. But they know that they can always print more money, even if it makes the money we have worth less. They know that its up to the people in the future that have to pay the price and that is the last thing thing that are worried about because their offspring are going to be rich and themselves dead, so.... In other words, Sanders is full of shit and so is Biden. Another thing that is obvious is that the only thing that interest Trump is his ratings and if he had any more common sense, he would have been doing something about this mess in January and more than half of the lives lost would have been spared and we would not be sitting at home so long.
       Then there is the government in China, were everyone high up in the government should be shot, because they are just too damn stupid to be running any government.
       Only if God could figure out a virus that would only target stupid people, we would all be much better off.
       Be careful and be safe folks.

Easter Egg Hunt?
Rule Numbers: 10 & 26

April 11th, 2020:
Of course, we find nothing but a bunch of rotten eggs.
Yeah, talking about my family.
       Since Warner Brothers were here a month or two ago, the local rumours have been flying more or less, all in the same direction. Also I verified a couple things on my own.
       It appears that my friend Leon my still be alive and therefore the rumours popped up in Morro Bay several years ago of Spielberg killing him off must have just been a head game the Ford motor corporation was just been playing on me.
       None the less, the others of who I might suspect of bring all the shit down on me was just more of the same.

The fact of the matter is that many of Hollywood's most profitable movies last year were of true stories.
      Which of course must have been the reason many of the film crew of Animal Kingdom must have been talking about me.
      From what I gather, Speilberg is suppose to be getting out of prison this year.
       Next to that, or maybe on top of that is how my own father was the one who threw me under the bus.
       Needless to say, I should have taken my ex-girl friend's advice and I should have parted ways with my family way back when, way before I invented my truck.

So I was right about the over dubs during the Pro gulf tournament a couple years ago, about my whole family being in on it.
Which in turn had me going down to the FBI the next day.
       But there I learned that the guy at the FBI just acted surprised to hear the Speilberg was in prison and from that point I realised I wasn't going to learn nothing from them.
       Which the information I gave them, anyone with access to my families bank account would have been able to figure out that my whole family was conspiring against me.
       Then it was just the other day when I spoke to my father about what he did, came to light.
      He somehow forgot about the calender he had hanging on his wall, the one he got from his buddy that was a representative of some kind at the Ford Dealer in Yuma. Therefore when he said he knew no one connected to Ford, I knew he was lying, just as I knew my sister was lying the last time I spoke to her.
      Which leads me to believe, my younger sister and my brother in law must have been recruited to brake into my trailer to figure out just what I was about to build and it doesn't take much to figure out the the confidential letters I had my friends sign must have spelled everything out for them and from there on, you can bet Ford motor company had control of my phone and everything else around me.
       Since Warner Brothers were in town, so were the rumours of the two guys Ford was paying to fallow me around he past 25 years and from what it sound like, at $50,000 per year each, the spent $2.5 million on those child molester rumours.
       Well, it's sunny out, and I've got all my batteries charged and the week of rain is over, I think it's time to fly.

Now that I have this computer fired up.
Rule Numbers:

April 16, 2020:
I just don't feel like doing this any more.
It's obvious to me that people care more about their dog's rights than the do to the rights of their inventor's.
       Or the intellect of the human race for that mater.
       They know they are selective breading stupid people but unfortunately they are too stupid to do anything about it.
       Dumber by the day and too damn stupid to do anything about it.

An electrician told me the other day.
       That the young man he was working with, didn't even know how to use a tape measure.

At the request for spectators
Rule Numbers: 55

April 29th, 2020:
I'm uploading on of my FPV flight videos.
I'm interested in seeing for myself.
       Just wondering if the quality is worth using.
       It's just the DVR recording from my Fat Shark goggles which are known to be pretty lousy. (Worse than we actually see through the goggles.)
Click on link to YouTube ->
Surfing Concrete
       Well the sun is not shining today and my battery is getting low, so I've got to go.

Kind of silly:
Rule Numbers:10 & 26

May 7th, 2020:
To be opening up when we are in a spike going upwards
I figure that there is about 20% of the population that has no regards for such a pandemic.
       Instead of handing out trillions of dollars, that only make our money worth less in the long run. The government should have stepped up the manufacturing of Masks and other PPE like had sanitizer, wipes and gloves, way back in January. Making sure everyone had a box of N95 masks by the end of February would have done a lot more for the people in this country.
       Now with them opening up everything too early, we are looking at a long term problem with the 20% nay sayers keeping it around for a very long time.
       We should have bunkered down for twice as long until we were in a serious down turn. With this in mind, we won't see any down turn for quite some time.

I've been debating on which way to go.
Either go with a runcam 5 with a mount and ND filter, or go with a PowerPlay DVR.
       If I go with the camera, I'll loose the better handling of the quad and then have to wonder when the $100 is spent.
       With a DVR, at about 75% of the cost, it can't be lost because it will be back on the ground with me. But the problem with it is what YouTube does to it just makes it about attractive as filming with rain on the lens.
       Never the less, from what I gather is that if the video is ran through an editor and uploaded to YouTube at 2.7k, that Youtube won't mangle it so much and will post a better video quality formate.
       So after looking at this on my tablet, and then on Youtube, you can bet that it's just something I have to learn how to do one of these days soon.
       But then again, this AVI file format from my goggle DVR is difficult to get anything good out of and the PowerPlay has a much better digital format with a higher bit rate with would be able to produce a much better result.
      The DVR approuch would really be nice if some one could come up with a digital video transmitter and a Fat Shark type Module receiver for it.
      Some would say that DJI has already come up with the solution, but I just don't like the idea of slapping on a transmitter to my head for several hours a day. (If they had it in modular form, then I could just mount it to a tri-pod.)
      Wouldn't it be nice just to have a 1080 HD DVR?

Talk is cheep:
Rule Numbers:10, 26, 40 & 55

May 24th, 2020:
I suppose I should make a post but....
Every one seems to know better than I do.
       But just remember that take is cheep.
       You just have to remember that for every rumour that is put out there, there will be another one to counter act it.
       None the less, it's been 25 years and I don't see anyone of you driving my truck.

Even this web-site is almost 15 years old.
       And I'm not about to even upgrade it or renew the server for that matter, because it isn't worth my time or money.
       I guess I'll have to settle on the facebook thing and maybe Youtube.
       I'll keep my domain names and maybe post then on the small five page servers that GoDaddy has for free with the add across the top just to park them.

Been getting bored with FPV.
I've reached that point to where if I want to progress and get better, I'd have to get more risky and wreak more quads, but I've done enough fixing and I don't need to prove that I can do the risky stuff.
       However, I don't think I'm the only one who has gotten burned out on the hobby after two years of it.
       I'm sure going digital would spice up the past time a bit, but it will probably be another year before DJI comes out with something better than the set-up they have and I have little doubt that Fat Shark will come out with something that is worth investing in, and if they do, it would probably be better to wait for the second generation of that too.

I bet there is a lot of you who have realized just how dependent we are of China and the goods we receive from them, -lately.
       Oh and about my family
       Gee if I would have only known as much over two decades ago.
       But so many of you don't realize that it just wasn't my rotten family alone. However, it is obvious they went to Ford with it and that was what caused more problems for me than anything else. The thing that bothers me the most is that I'm beginning to think that my family was the original creators of the child molester rumors, and if that is true, then I have little doubt that my aunt and uncle were involved because my uncle Robert Pace was a postal inspector and the letters from the patent office were getting opened in the mail at the time. Even one time the certified copies of my patent application didn't even make it to me, so I had to have the patent office FedEx them directly to the UK in order to make the deadline for the UK application process.
       What it really gets down to is that it takes money for lawyers and court filing fees to even get the courts to do anything about someone's problems, and if the courts are involved in some of your problems, where are you going to find any help, especially if the courts are involved in taking your money away from you, such as with the problems I had with the City of Tacoma and everywhere else I went.
       You'd think going to the FBI might help, but I guess I proved to the pro golfers that isn't the case.

What do you expect?
Rule Numbers:10 & 26

June 3rd, 2020:
Do you really think anything will change?
Not when you are breeding stupid people and hiring barbaric animals that are bullies for your law enforcement.
       As you can see, already what cops are capable of doing. Already the cops have killed and put people in the hospital just because people are out there protesting and spreading the covid.
       Not forgetting to mention the the stupid barbaric animals that actually take advantage of the silly situation for looting and burning places down.
       Funny how the cops actually try to spin it with the help of the news media by turn it into a PR stunt.

Talking about taking a knee and trying to act like they are in solidarity with the protesters.
       I'm sure that every one of those cops who claim to be with the protesters will actually stand there and watch any other cop kill someone else and it doesn't mater whether they are black or white.
       I've seen it too many times, when a cop or even a few will treat a person as an animal and torture them while 6 to 10 of them will look on and say nothing or do nothing to help the person that they are victimizing.
       Then Obama shows up on TV acting like he knows the solution when he was one who helped throw inventors under the bus, snuffing out the smart guys.
       Believe me when I say that Clinton and Obama are two who got you breeding stupid people in the first place. So you can be sure that they are not concerned about the problem because they certainly helped create it.

Funny thing: Then you've got Biden.
Hell, he was Obama's right hand man and he appears on our TV and talks as if he has the morals you need, as if he could ever be a part of the solution when he was part of the problem of in the first place.
       The problem now is trying to pick the better guy for the presidency when neither one of them seems to be anywhere close to solving the problem.

Get this:
       My father goes to church every Sunday without wearing a mask.
       He says that he's not worried about the virus.
       Let me tell you that because of the people who are not afraid of it and are the ones who don't want to wear a mask, that's why the virus isn't going to leave us any time soon.
       And for those people who don't want to wear a mask and say that it takes away part of their freedom:
       It's like none of us care if you drive down the freeway at 100 mph and pile yourself into a telephone pole. But if you drive 100 mph and pile yourself into another car and kill someone, well that is why you don't have the freedom to drive 100 mph, because the laws don't give you the freedom to be so reckless. Therefore, the speed limits are enforced in order to protect other people from the ignorant people who feel that they should have the freedom to drive as fast as they what. That is why they should be enforcing the law about wearing masks and I had a guy try to tell me that what I just said didn't make any sense to him and I'll just say that he just didn't want to understand it and would rather say that it's just crazy because he felt that he should have the freedom to be reckless with other peoples heath.
      Funny how people are so ignorant. Just go down to the beach and you will find that no one is wearing a mask, and to me, that just makes going to the beach a bit scary.
      Gee, after a couple months of this, I just want to see then end of it, but because of those who don't want to wear a mask and go to bars, churches an such, you can bet we will be dealing with the covid 19 mess that much longer.

It's getting down to the wire.
Rule Numbers: 1

July 1st, 2020:
The end of Mystupidrules is coming soon
On July 7th, MSR will no longer exist other than information on a SD card
       I've had enough of it and I realize that web-sites like mine are not even visited any more because it is well beyond statements of 180 characters or less.
      Today I uploaded what should be considered a episode number 1
       Whether you think it is good or bad, I'm sure they will get better as I usually get better at anything I do.

None the less
       I'll save my time and effort and electricity and point you in the direction of my new Youtube channel called Sunnyside.
       But first, I want to thank the many followers that have visited this web-site over the years. I know that there are many of you because if there wasn't so many, I would have more privacy than I have however I realize that it is just the price one has to pay for any sense of fame.
       None the less I can't help but feel that the long hours of working on this web-site is just not justified for the results I received.
       The sad thing about it is that not enough people have visited this site because I hear every day how people feel sorry for me but I can assure you that many of them are the very same people who would spread phoney rumours about me in the past and somehow now they feel vindicated if they say they feel sorry for me.

Well I feel sorry for all of you.
You all have not benefited from anything I've had to offer and at the same time, day after day, you all continue in the process of selective breeding the people of the stupid kind. More barbaric than the decade before and many of you are quite aware of just how it is being done because I informed you all decades ago.
       I've come up with invention that could have improved the lives of many of you and many of those inventions I've already forgot about because my life has become nothing more than a game of survival and the waiting for the next social security check.
       Needless to say, I can't help but fell sorry for all of you.
       All I can do is admire Elon Musk because he has been able to realize and experience many of his dreams but I also realize he too will not be able to realize many of his own dreams within his lifetime.
      At least Elon can blame it on his short live life span and I have to live with the fact that my shortcomings is a result of a rotten and greedy family and the corrupt society that we live in.

Thank you all.
Rule Numbers: 1

July 6th, 2020:
It's been 14 years and I've had enough of it.
I'm getting old and I'm reluctant to learn how to go mobile friendly.
       I know that through tweeter, I would be able to modernize my web-site to resize for the users of cell phones and that alone would make me more Google friendly, but at this point, I really don't care.
       I feel that the design of my web-pages made it easy enough to navigate as anyone on a computer.
       But then again, I realize just how dishonest google can be and I feel that the people I rent server space from are no more trustworthy than Google. Therefore the investment of my funds isn't worth the gamble.

But I haven't given up.
       I figure that if Godaddy still has the free 5 page web-site hosting for each domain, I'll probably just go with that and except the add banner that is across the top of the pages.
       Regardless, I do plan to be more active on my Dennis Sattler Facebook page and my Sunnyside Youtube channel.
       I figure I'll do what ever is easier for me because from what it looks like, you all need someone to dislike for trying to make people aware that we are selective breeding stupid people because of the fact that we are killing off private inventors because of the lousy patent laws.
       (The fact is the number of patent that have been filed in the last few year are in decline, and that is the result of eliminating the most creative people in the world.)

You can call my crazy.
But then again, just as the other day, I heard someone say that I haven't said any thing crazy in a couple years.
       Well, I'll have to say the last time I said anything crazy was to an old friend and I felt the was about the last time I felt any desire to play that game out of true embarrassment in hindsight .
       I thought it was just too much but the only reason was that I wanted it to get back to my family so that they would talk as if they were successful. But then again, I could not count on them to have any conciseness because they are obviously cursed with evil.
       Yes it's sad and many feel sorry for me but then I feel sorry for them because they have to live in a world where people go around killing each other at will and it only proves that the human race is only getting more barbaric and could care less about anyone other than themselves..
       Too bad I couldn't supply a video of the guys from Ford coming into my cage to stick needles in me. If I could have put a 9 minute video on Youtube showing just so, maybe they would care more about it than just a few pictures of the different times they did so.
       None the less, it wouldn't be very difficult to go around to the few Hotels on Morro bay to find out who the people were that did it. But from what I understand, there are people who already know so therefore we can assume that people will still go down to the car dealer and buy an new Ford.
       Well do I need to say anything more?

Oh Get a load of this:
       Out of curiosity, I check on how much it would cost to renew my server:
       Turns out that is doesn't expire until June 29th 2021 .
       So this was a wasted post.
       None the less, I just looked over the number of visitors the stats have been feeding me and even the hooklift site is down so low that it's just unbelievable. It doen't take a rocket scientist to figure out that something is dogging me..
       The fact of the mater is that every time I've changed hosting companies, my stats have dropped considerably. It makes my realize that transferring my sites to godaddy could only help the situation unless it's just the states that are hacked. Needless to say, something is wrong here.
       Either way, just look for me at my Dennis Sattler facebook page and I'll be posting the links to my YouTube channel Sunnyside whenever I get in the mood to post something. And of course, when I get the time and the electricity, I will post a few ties every month Right here at
      Again, I want to thank those of you who have been fallowing me throughout the years.
      I love you.

Somebody wanted this site around:
Rule Numbers: 26

July 25th, 2020:
I checked on my server.
It said Free
       It's apparent to me that someone paid the bill to keep this my sites up and running.
       The second thought that comes to mind is the very good possibility that my stats are not telling me the truth either.
       None the less, this old web-site is about the only way I'm used to doing once in a while .

Well to keep you folks up, who are out in a distance:
       Folks around here are well aware of my new pass time activity. I guess it's about time I post a image of what everyone around here has been fussing about. The fuss is all about a skateboard blank and the kit I bought for my own custom electric skate board.
       Let me tell you that just after I pushed the button committing myself the the debit and physical obligation. I asked myself, "who am I to be a 60 year old man planning on stepping on to something that most guys quit stepping on around the age of 30?
       Then I had to except the fact the $300.oo worth of padding would most likely be cheaper than the typical hospital bill.
       I being a quick study got in on a pre-order deal with Exway Flex, but seeing the summer slip by with UPS thinking the 6/2 palates of skateboards could sit around awhile. People who had order after the pre-order were receiving their boards before the 6/2 shipping labels. Then after studying the arrival times and discovered that a guy received an Ownboard W2 within a 5 week period, and the fact that there was a W2 Kit available for only $500 bucks. Hell I knew of a place in LA that sells blanks cheep so I order the Kit as a back up figure that at least it would arrive by the first week of August. (And get this, the Kit arrived in 13 days, - sooner than the blank out of LA.)

Anyhow, while waiting for these boards, I pull and old pro-board out of storage once I received all the padding I knew I would need and I got acquainted with the set of wheels under me.

I began to realize the longboard formate or as I would call it, as "commuter board," just wasn't what I was looking for. I began to desire a board with a kick tail and its something that the market just has not grasped very well by making them too sort.
       I went with a 34" x 9.5" kicktail with a small turned up nose.
       Just two weeks in with the Flex and one week in to it with the W2-Kit Kicktail, they both registered 100 miles.
       It goes to show you just which board i like most. At first I filed down the screwed up curves the flex had in it deck, however the foot positions were just too close together. So then I tried a "just like Casy's" 41" Bambo flex deck, but the flex was just too much for me and I'm currently waiting on a 36 downhill kick tail for that Exway thing.
       But really, what can you do with 45 Degree but the high speed stuff. The 50 degree trucks of the W2 Kit will always be better for hopping from road to sidewalks.
       I'm looking forward to Black Friday, because I plan on buying a pair of 5s lipos for my kit board. No doubt I would like the extra boast and lighter front end. And oh, I do love the Orangatain Wheels.

Smart People don't mater:
Rule Numbers: 1, 16 & 26

August 20, 2020:
When you are breeding stupid people.
The people that know how, don't care.
The people that don't know how, don't want to know.
They would rather feel sorry for what happens to the smart inventors.

       For the past few years, the people that do know how have been saying that they are going to change the patent laws back, but instead, we still keep snuffing out the smart guys.
       Well in the long run, it makes the stupid people feel smarter by lowering the curve.
Case in point: the fact that the number of Utility Patent applications filed in the last couple of years have declined, only proves I'm right about the independent inventors have been getting snuffed out because of the changes in the patent laws under the Clinton and Obama administrations.

During this pandemic, stupid people want to send their kids to school.
       You just have to laugh because it really doesn't mater if they miss school for a year when they are breeding stupid people in the first pace.
       But then, isn't the important thing for these stupid parents is that they just want somewhere to send their kids for the day even if it will result in spreading the covid around.
       That's something that you want to do if you want the medical companies to capitalize on the profits of treating people with it and keep in mind that the average cost of medical care for those that end up in the hospital because of the disease is $30,000.
       Boy, this must be the best year ever for the Plexiglass companies too.

As this all plays out, the doubt of this Covid 19 being man made is diminishing.
Just think about how this country handled it, compared to New Zealand and several other countries that were able to diminish the disease within five weeks.
       It only shows just how ignorant and stubborn the people in the US are and with a little denial and stupidity, you have a good example of what the people in this country are actually like. The outbrakes of the Covid disease only prove where the ignorance and stupidity lies.
       The outbrakes of the Covid disease only prove where the ignorance and stupidity lies. Like the guy with the Gym in San Diego that said he would just stay open pay the fines. Well, they had to shut him down after the meathead caused a outbrake.

I got a kick out of Trump:
       He agreed to an interview and did so with a few charts and graphs in hand.
       It was clear to me, that he didn't even know what the charts and graphs were actually displaying. Then the real sad thing about it is that he tried to tell the journalist how to look at them when he didn't even understand what they were about.

I wonder if Trump actually realises just how bad he screwed up.
       I wonder if he realizes that he just handed his seat to Biden on a silver plater?
       The only way I see that he has a fat chance in hell is if he exposed just how Clinton and Biden's partner, Obama, threw the intellect of all the new borns under the bus buy snuffing out the independent inventors.
       And then there is Pamala, the next VP whom was probably involved in a plea deal with Spielberg to where even his victims didn't even have their say in court.
       You would think that just by telling people about me and the corruption involved in sweeping me under the rug would help trump considerably, but you can bet there are those who have made sure that it is not what he wants to have on his agenda
       Sure, it's a shoe in for a couple crooks, but you have to figure it's all about the lesser evil.
       But isn't it pathetic that the political parties couldn't come up with any better candidates out of the millions of possible candidates? It only goes to show you just how crooked our politicians are.

Oh get this:
       Yesterday I heard a couple ladies talking about the rumours.
       One told the other, "he's suppose to be a child molester." Then the other replied, "no, that's just a rumour his aunt started."
       Well if that's the case, you can bet that my uncle used his position as a postal inspector to tap my phone and steal the certified patent application that I had to order for the UK.
       All he had to do was white out my name and address, photocopy it and put his Robert Pace on it and mail it in to the US patent office. And then of course, make sure I wouldn't come up with the money for lawyers to push it through the office actions.
       By just stealing that Certified Application, it saved him at least $5,000.
       The fact of the mater is that Obama made it real easy for postal inspectors all over the country to do the same thing. You can be sure that it is something that is done every day of the week.

Prior to my uncle the postal inspector stealing my application.
       Uncle Bob offered my brother in-law Robert Hoober the Maxum 650 motorcycle I sold him for pictures and information on my invention.
       And if that wasn't funny enough, my Boob Head brother in-law told me that it was in trade for a new paint job on my aunt Roesmarry's yellow Corvette, and he was going to sell the bike back to me for $700.oo, but apparently they had a falling out and he gave the motorcycle back to them.
       You can bet that my older sister Donna Mounts knows more about this than I do, because when I asked her for Rosemarry's phone number, she gave me the wrong number and I'm sure that it was on purpose because she did the same with my younger sister Diana's phone number.
       Yeah the whole family was in on it.
       Gee, I'm glad to admit that I was always the black sheep of the family because evil runs deep. Apparently they feel that there is nothing wrong with ruining someone’s life for their greed. I seriously doubt they got any money out of it because of what my parents did beforehand. I figure that my aunt and uncle were too late and all they achieved was get me rumoured to be a child molester and trash my livelihood.
       Although it has been said that they Brainwashed my father, I doubt father even understood what my invention actually was, he probably told his buddy at Ford that his son was up to building dumpster truck, or something like a whole fleet of trucks in one. But I imagine a little truth serum in his drink was in order to help him spiel the beans if he had anything to spiel, however all they would have had to learn is that it was his son that was building it and you can bet it wasn't difficult to figure out where I lived since I was the only other Sattler in Tacoma Washington. Rule 26.

Stupid is as Stupid Does
Rule Numbers:1, 16, 26, 50 & 51

October 7th, 2020:
No doubt, people remember the names of my boards
Lousy wave equals lousy sessions.
       I almost got my boards screwed up trying to stay away from the morons out there.
       It's worse than ever and I don't see it getting any better.

The word on the street:
       They say that my sister killed herself.
       My Dad said that the last person who call him was Bob, but I heard he killed himself about a year ago and my father said that Diana Hobber as she calls herself on facebook was sleeping with five Dogs..
       I can't help but wonder when Donna Mounts cashes in her chips? Boy, she is as devious as they get and it might take awhile.

Then there is the question:
Just how many Patents did he steal?

The patent search said that there was 50 patents granted to Robert Pace, my uncle the Postal Inspector.
       But when I went back to actually look at some of them, the hack inside my phone would not display any of them.
       As far a Rosemarry Pace is concerned, I figure she will die of a slow death.
       I should say that I can only hope Robert Pace lives the rest of his life in Prison.
       Can't say I didn't warn then about the kind of friends I do have. (They probably thought I was crazy.)

Saving What?
Rule Numbers:#1

October 28th 2020:
I would guess that the people who didn't like me, Dis-like me a little less.
Funnyhow, it wasn't until the Patent applications when down for a couple years and no one even said anything about it except me.
       The crazy shit that I was saying, actually make sense to some of the people out there. But the question is: just how much longer do you think they are willing to do it to you?
       It's like they don't want to stop breeding stupid people because they would rather screw over independent inventors and end up with a bunch of stupid citizens.
      I get a kick out of that commercial on TV of Biden grouping black and stupid people together. It goes to show you just what kind of morals he has. He's just one of the old school politicians that have been screwing us over for decades. They just can't say that they have matured into a rightful decent person. He's been one of those guys who has spent five hours a day sitting across the street in the call center asking for money from donors.
       Clinton started the whole game, but Obama just came right out and stole the intellect property of Thousands of inventors. As if that wouldn't do you any harm as a human race, considering the generations of smart families that we are already living without.
       Guys like Elon Musk are far a few between and Elon himself thinks innovation just takes too long. I bet he has a problem with peoples competence as well.

As you all have stood by and watched.
       Many years have gone by, however, it wasn't until the rumours of my truck being successful in Australia that construction worker have even considered the thought that they were missing out on something.
       Sure it's because of my rotten family that I got screwed over in the first place, but you have to except the fact that the government was in there adding and abetting by not prostituting the crimes committed by my family when they were doing so. It was like the government stood by and let the auto manufactures take what my family started and let them run with it.
       It's like the family started out dogging me with the Postal Service, and starting the child molester rumours and Ford Motor Company learning from them and running the game on every law enforcement company and government a got close to, even in a different countries.
       Ah, one thing for sure, I don't see any one of you driving it.

On the family.
All I can say is that just think of what it would be like.
If they had half as much lack of privacy.
Or should I say, just 1/4 as much fame?
       Boy, wouldn't that be embarrassing.
       I bet they thought if I was just crazy, none of this would ever come to light. I bet they were convinced that nothing would ever come from what they did, because nobody else would ever know about it.
       But what would it be like if everywhere they went, everyone would know just what kind of people they are?
       Yeah, that would be a bit difficult to live with; I'd want to hang myself too.

Funny thing:
I don't think I need to post any pictures of my skateboard and stuff. I figure it gives other people something to post.
       I guess it's because I'm sort of famous in some way.
       It was funny how people got all excited when I got the bambo deck the would make my board look like Casey Neistat's Boosted board. That particular deck lasted one day with me because I don't like the flex and I want a board that turns sharper than duel 45 degree trucks. Before I even received the Exway board, I knew I'd be wanting a kicktail and that's why I bought the kit.
       To say the least, we all know what I'm riding.
      I'd like more power, but I'm satisfied with my kit board because it's a has a good balance of power to weight ratio and the range is sufficient. The deck, truck angle and wheelbase are just perfect for me and adding weight to get more power is just not justifiable at this time.

Oh Yeah:
       I had to retire the Reverb
       The Reverb was probably one of the most durable quadcopter frames ever made but it wasn't the one with the true X configuration and now that I'm back to the XL5, I sure do like the pleasure of flying it.
       I think I'm only going to maintain. one copter at a time for awhile because I want to focus on one and get only accustomed to it more than switching back and forth different quads.
       When I go back to two, I want them to be as much as the same as possible.
       Oh well, until next time....

Rule Numbers:

November 25th, 2020:
Arial Bold black:
I'm coming up with nothing:
       I'm sitting hear wishing I could remember all those things I would like to post hear on this web-site over the last few weeks.
       One of them is that I've noticed whom ever pay for the server my web-sites are on, must have worked out a deal to where they could plant cookies on my trucks web-site; hence the warning that it may not be safe to visit. I'd say that that is the opposite of where its been, -considered as safe.
       I guess I should call the hosing company and ask what the heel is going on. But then they can say that it must be the one for stats. I'm just going to ask for no stats because I've known that that has been rigged for quite some time.
       (Well I'm working on it.)-> It's done. There is no more files in the folder, therefore there isn't even any stats available to anyone, and most of all, there are no cookies involved with any of my web-sites.

I've been working on upgrading my Solar system.
      I'm actually working on a new 24 volt Lithium Iron Phosphate system with a MPPT charger, that is if I can get a truck driver to think that a solar panel isn't the kind of thing to use to strap a load in with.
       The next component I need in order for me to go to 24volt is a 40 amp DC to DC step down converter for my 12volt stuff. At this time, I'm about a week away from that all happening. Got my mounting on the roof ready.
       Going to kick aside the old Lead acid battery bit. However I still have one for my 2,300 watt converter, so I can run my compressor.(I'll feed power to the lead acid with the use of a battery charger when I charge my Skateboards. For now.)
       Someday I'll get a 24 volt to 1000 watt 120AC converter just for my skateboards.
       I figure that 2 30 amp hour batteries stringed together in series with have probably twice the usable capacity for less that half the weight and space as the old time lead acid system. The Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries should last ten years.
       Another thing I like about Lithium Iron Phosphate Batteries is that they are recyclable and at this time they are able to recover 95 % of the raw materials that it takes to make an entirely new battery.

Folks, we need to recycle Magnets
All ready, you can tell that manufacturing more electric cars are beginning to create shortages of Copper Primary Wire in our auto part stores.
       I'm hoping Elon Musk will just step up and say to people that having a good supply of the raw materials is always a good thing and the set up of infrastructure to recycle products of Magnetic Materials.

I guess I should let the folks know that Hollywood just left town.
Of course a whole new set of rumours.
Guess I was right about the possibility of the suspects renting a latter near by.
       I bet as soon as I mentioned that, ol Bondo Bob got to thinking about that mistake. He knew where he would be going and just what it would be like.
       Something other that auto theft was toyling around in his mind.

Oh well
      It's that Thanks Takings time of year.

Football in Review
Rule Numbers:1, 16, 17, 20, 26, & 40

December 6th, 2020: (Updated and Posted
My take on what's going on.
Although I have several favourite teams:
       KC has to be my favourite. However, the many to fallow has to be the Chargers and their new quarterback. Butt you gotta admit that the coach/management part of the team just sucks big time. they've made all the wrong calls for plays at the wrong time, any amateur will agree.
      I'm totally a fan of the Rams because of the young rooky coach they have and their performance says it all.
       I'm glade that both Rivers and (Ex-patriots) have proven to pick up a new team and make them competitive, so them you'll hear me rooting for both the Colts and the Buccaneers.
       .Then there is Rogers and his Green Bay team that well deserve a mention, because when they are on and firing on all cylinders, they are one tough team to beat.
       Gotta admit, that the Seahawlks are gifted with Wilsom, but that isn't all that they need to make it work like it should.
       Just to see any of these teams do well makes my day on my new pivoting flat panel mount that makes my 19 inch like a big screen. I just wonder about how many of these favourites make it into the playoffs.
       I should mention the receivers. There are several and too many for my head to recount, however they are to ones who make the games interesting.
      And what is this: Where collages are able to spread the covid with live audiences, but the professionals don't? Just something that bugs the shit out of me.

On my family:
Rule Numbers: 50

My dad is worth $3,200 per month to his wife from Haiti.
He is so far gone, my sister says that his new wife can set anything in front of him and he will sign it.
Talking about his savings account.
       My sister no longer has control of it and it pisses her off.
       My sister has been milking it for Ice Skating lessons for he grand daughters for years and now her new step mother is using the money on her kids.
       Just think, this lady walked into a church and found a old man to take care of for $100 per day. You can bet the next thing she does is sell his house before he dies so that his three kids don't see anything from that either.

Hollywood was just in town.
       According to them, my father is the one who rented a latter which in turn resulted and attempt on my life.
       No, my sister din't tell me that Boob Head Bob killed himself.
       My guess is that Boob Head helped him the latter for my father.
       Boy, with a family like mine, I'm surprised I didn't turn out even worse.

I feel sorry for Elon Musk
Rule Numbers:1, 16, 17, 20, 21, 22 & 26

December 20th, 2020:
Omar and Hanna,two of my favourite people of the year.
They had restored any faith in humanity than any others in the last couple years.
But what the hell.
       With all that cheap steel the shit that we could over engineer and recycle later if we thought we could improve and do something better later. You didn't engineer it good enough from the get go, good enough now and not cost me this much now and wonder if it didn't fuck up something else that made this $50 million dollar experiment a waste of money and a delay of everything else
       I'm sorry but I feel for Elon. I completely under stand what he goes through.
       Just the other day, I had a young man tell me that he doesn't understand what Elon Muck talks about.
       Let me tell you that there hasn't been one word that has come out of Elon musk mouth that I didn't understand.
       I bet in his position, it gets to the point where he has to wonder if another competitor is willing to offer up more money than the other to course a smart employee away from you.
      Right there you have to worry about trade secrete walking out the door on you.
       It's sad that innovation happens too slow and I understand just why that is so, I just wonder if Elon understands why.

But just look at he old Hollywood movies that they have feed you over the years: where evil practise are just practices of the normal.
Guess what...
       Yesterday, was the first day in 25 years a guy came right out and offered me a precise amount of money for my truck.
       If you took away the amount of the cheapest set of tires a person can find. Which amounts for $1200.00.
      But then if you take way the cost of a $90 battery and the $200 radiator.... Gee,$1,000.00 -you can't even get just two hydraulic cylinders for that now days.

They'll enlist any moron.
       Like this kid I meet tonight.
       He must have been a Marine who wants to by a $2,000 for a skateboard that would go 50 Miles per hour. (He probably didn't notice kilometres per hour.)
       Said he couldn't ride wearing a helmet.
       Then again I this week I found myself in a discussion with another Marine. He did his best to to make me out to be a fool in front of others. I had only stated factualities and he said I shouldn't be so negative, so I asked him to tell me something positive.
       He was stumped, and couldn't come up with anything. Then he began to feed me a bunch of shit and I looked at he and everyone else there and asked, "tell me, how did you get there?" He stood there dumb founded himself because it had absolutely nothing to do with what we were talking about. Then somehow, he said he worked for the government as though he was very important.
       I asked, "doing what, killing people?"

None the less
       As an after thought. just maybe it is a good thing like natural selection and the idiot will go out there and kill himself on a 50 mph skate board. I figure it was a waste of time trying to convince him to ware a helmet.
      However, I'd like to mention that Omar and Hanna convinced me that they we a couple of the smartest people I've met in a long time. Just how did they make it through the cracks?

A Better Year
Rule Numbers: 1, 9, 10, 20, 22, 26, 40 & 86

December 31st, 2020:
Last Year sure didn't get much for Brownie Points.
Gotta Figure Out something for the New Years.
       The only thing that comes to mind more than anything lately is wondering if the Cal Poly Boys up to something lately.
       It's the sound of a reverb and noise cancellation I think I can hear from this end. None the less, I'm just amazed at the thought of how much work it would amount to for the media networks if it were true. Like the time their recording equipment got hacked and they were trying to figure out how to perform everything live.
       Of course I need a boost here with a fantasy world to write about. Keeps the water cooler conversation that more interesting..

Please don't buy one of those Exway Flex skateboards
It took me two or three bad falls before I realizes that the brakes cinching up on you after you think you have them set right. If you are pulling hard and set good to go, and then it slams the hammer on you. You just don't need another set of variables when you are barrelling down on something.
       I tried to adjust the brake proportions down but all I get are the same three or four second delay before the brakes slam on you. You might think you can get used to it, -but you can't. I think they did something with only a 30 amp ESC with 12s, you gotta figure something is trying to ramp up and I don't want any part of it.
       I'm just hoping I can get another motor out of them because the square shaft was getting nowhere soon from the get go. I just want the pin outs to the motor sensors and BMS.
       I figure I'd probably need a different BMS but that is if I can even get to the battery cells without destroying them first.
       Maybe they came up with a new firmware to solve it. But I don't think so. (Update: I set the brake curve at 22% and brake current at 90% which helped a lot, but it still grabs on a down hill.)
       Maybe I should just try to sell it. Gee, the way they made the rear truck on their Wave isn't something to depend on either.
       I wish I could hook up a 50 amp Vesc to it. Build a 12S3P for it. For me, with my kick tails, I'm preferring the 52mm diameter motors for under-board clearance and not having them stick off the back. Too bad the exway's are only 32mm staters. My Ownboard's W2 stator is 45mm, and the newer W2 Pro has a 55mm stator claimed at 750 watt on a Samsung 40T 12s2p, but who knows if you can get kegel wheel pullies for the W2 Pro? That would be the deal breaker for me. They went the cloud wheel route, which just may be what some of you maybe looking for. At the same price as an Exway Fex without the extra $150 for the cloud wheel kit. At the end of the day with the Flex, when something goes bad and the warranty is gone, you still have only a deck, trucks, 52mm motor mounts, kegel pullies and bushings. I figure that as time goes by, these boards of mine will eventually pay for themselves in just the savings of fuel I'm not burning in my truck. I think I burned $100 in fuel in the last 6 months.

I figured I needed to learn something new.
Then I thought, what better then to learn how to electrify my truck.
       I think it's a better solution than putting a mechanic between me and my truck.
       If I can't expect to get injectors for my truck that are not sabotaged, I can't expect to have anything go as one would expect with a mechanical device.
       Therefore electric powering my truck puts things more in my hands .
       At this time it's too early for me to say with which method or way I'll be going with it and I can assure you that I'll give it plenty of time. Ideally I would hope for some kind of complete kit, just like getting a kit for a skateboard. Its finding the various pieces from different suppliers that make up most of the work and time involved with designing a system from scratch. Not to forget about the fact that every individual component will have a mark-up to attached. Just shipping alone will get you especially if you are buying from over seas.
       I figure with a welder and a machine shop, I can come up with one way or another, but hooking something directly to the drive line has some good flavour to me. Need vacuum pump for the brakes and about a 20 hp motor for the hydraulics. No I just could sit there at the dump waiting for a starter motor do the job.
       A hundred mile of range would be fine for me, but two or three hundred would open up the road to travel, which would be even better.

Another Idea has come to me.
Wouldn't it be neat if I could find someone who already knows how to shoot and edit a Youtube channel or blog.
       I really don't want to be bothered with learning a video editor or investing in camera gear. The reason for this is that I've spent more than enough time behind a laptop and would rather spend my time doing other things like making the content. Figure I'd go for a year or two just splitting the money to be made and see how that goes.
       There is a ton of content I already know and well versed in. Hopefully it would be like information I could just dump out of me so that I wouldn't have to talk so much later. It's like I've got number of pitches and the visual props to go with. The deal is that something tell me that if I go at it alone, most likely my computer would be hacked and it would prove more difficult for time than it should be. None the less, there is a bit of turn off, trying to get me to make videos that look like network TV during the Covid times.
       Right know I'm loving my new Lithium Metal Phosphate batteries. Heck I'm floating then at 26 to 27 volts in a cycle. It's nice to sit here on this computer and be able to look over and see that my battery voltage is steady.
       One thing I did overlook is that my battery charger will not do 8s Lifo. Therefore I can't store up my bicycle battery for a rainy day. I've just gotta pull enough on a rainy day so today I'm making some brackets so I can replace an older solar panel with a new one. I'm running two in series and running them parallel. I'm seeing 40 volts most of the time but that bad panel is just killing it in series.
       I need something to do like surfing, but I can't get the wetsuit I'm looking for. The one I've got is only good down to about 62 and it's been below 60 lately.
       And have fun trying to get the motors I've been running on my quads. I'm down to just maintaining one and I've got pretty good at not crashing it. Kinna silly, the sales of 10% off. Like what is the point?
       Oh for you who are thinking of buying one of those mini drones to fly around inside in the winter. The sad thing about those sub, five inch are that they work nice until you thrash the motors after a few crashes and then your video looks like jello and then you can't see anything. They are simply not worth the money in my book. Stick with the five inch.

Got Holiday Picnic rumours
       For some reason people are thinking that they are going to change the patent laws back.
      But wasn't about this time last year, there was the same kind of rumours going on.
       If I heard right, two or three times today. That my Dad has found himself under arrest. Soon be, who knows.
       Could be someone planting seeds everywhere I go. Its quit intense and believe me that it wouldn't be very difficult to figure out where I will go. However hearing shit like this all the time should be considered some makings of a good alcoholic.

Him sitting in Prison:
I don't think it would make much difference to him from day to day.
       The question I have is why after all these years, they plan to bust him now? The kind of thing they just don't spread with those rumours.
       Oh yeah
       Derrick running straight at you. I'd be scared too.
       Did you hear the quarterback?
       Yeah, I did.

This is America 2021
Rule Numbers:1, 2, 4, 9, 10, 16, 17 & 20

January 7th, 2020:
It's the Law
Those Law Makers have made you all breed those idiots.
       I can't help but laugh at all the stupidity. They have done it systematically for the past 25 years and now it walks through the doors and smacks them in the face and they have the gull to say, "this is not who we are." "This is America and we should know better, but we're breeding barbaric animals and too damn stupid to do anything about it.
       Just think of the spread of covid Trump created yesterday.
       Those idiots don't understand that the reason why Trump said the things he said was because of the stupid people who were giving him money. It was a least a week ago when his pack reached $175 million.

Fools for the money. He's been selling on his father's name for years.
       I'm amazed that Trump has been able to convince others that he has any common sense at all.
       However, it's also funny how Obama, Clinton and Bush have been able to convince others that they are any smarter, yet be serious crooks with only their best interest in mind regardless if they dumb down America.
       Bush had that, "no child left behind." And don't forget his family was invested in the pipeline in Afghanistan, putting him in bed with the enemy in the first place.
       Clinton lowered interest rates, which intern caused inflation with the very homes that people were buying with lower interest rates.
       Obama created the largest intellectual property theft and no one seemed to care because it was in line with what the European countries were doing to themselves for the 50 year prior.

Yeah, we're all in this together.
It's a sinking boat and we're too damn stupid to do anything about it.
       You may not like the idea, but you just have to except that we are breeding stupid people and you will just have to learn to live with them. I'm sorry to say this but getting here has been a lot easier to do that to go the other way because you can not just dig up the smart people that you have snuffed out.
       Does anyone out there understand this shit that I have just bothered writing?.
       Or are you all, just too far gone?.
       Just a bunch of Morons?

Got 12 million shipped, only 2 million in the arm?
I figure that they have made too much of a bureaucracy to get a shot. I don't see why they just don't run lines, 24/7 to anyone who wants one.
       Then you could complain about availability instead of the problem dispensing the vaccine. I don't know, maybe I don't know what I'm talking about, but it's been a week or two and they have only gone through about 10% of the supply.
       Starting to wonder if the medical industry is purposely trying to slow down the vaccination process.
       I wouldn't doubt that the people working on the FDA approval of the Vaccine got paid to drag out the process for the sake of profit made of treating patents with Covid. .
       Think about it. From what I learned, Prior covid, laws required one nurse to every two patents. And now they say they are over stretched at three patents for every one nurse. The mark up on the wages of those nurses is the question one may want to ask. I seriously wonder if they bill you differently for a bed in a hospital over a bed in a tent.

Shortened Reshaped Speed board.

Shortened & Reshaped Speedboard #1
Rule Numbers: 16, 35

January 19-20th, 2021: (updated)
At least it wasn't anything like shaping my first surfboard.
Don't have to worry about anyone putting wax in my polly.
       Its amazing when you can just hop onto a board anywhere and your feet can easily fine their proper position.
       Kinna looks like a stretched cruiser.
       I put wedges under trucks so that I'm running 50 degree king pin in front and 47 on back. I'm using Riptide Cannon Krank bushings with cupped washers in back and flats on front. It's got 8 inch trucks and a 22.5 inch wheel base. 17.3 lb.
       Those new electric bikes seemed tempting to me for awhile, but when you think about it, skateboards and bikes run on the same kind of batteries with about the same number of cycles, so their longevities are about the same. A typical replacement battery for one of my skateboards are $300 however a battery for a bike cost at least two to three times as much.
       But then you can't beat a skateboard for portability and I really don't have the room for a bike. I figure a bike would be great if one lived farther from the beach because they would be great for going surfing.
       Around here we have restaurants moving in on the side walks, they are making efforts to keep bikes and skateboards off the sidewalks. I don't think forcing any kid to skate in the street is a very good idea either because I sure know what kind of people are able to get a driver's license. That's serious business in the street. You don't want you kid riding down the street on his skateboard, checking out the action on his cell phone either.

Kinna Sucked that Derrick Henry didn't make it to the play-offs
       But then is was cool see Lamar Jackson had finally made it to a play-off game. Kinna sucks that Jackson wasn't able to finish the game though.
       I bet Breese was happy that if it had to be his last game, at least it was in the play-offs and it was playing against an old friend.
       If Derrick Henry was one of my quadcopters, I bet he'd be running with a camera angle of 45 degrees.

How much of an accomplishment for Trump?
How many miles of the Mexican border is now fenced?
       I heard that we've got 450 miles built, but I'm wondering how many miles is left unfinished and if we will ever finish it?
       Kinna sucks because we sure need it. There is a shit load of them on the way to storm the gates of Mexico and the US. They must have heard that we are giving out free money.

January 20th , 2021:
I looked in on the Wall
       Looks as though near all of Trump's wall construction was used to replace older parts with new. Depending where you read, the numbers get to as bad out of 415 miles built as only 30 miles of new wall where there was nothing before. (Predicted to be at 450 miles by now.)
       However, according to my knowledge, with the $15 billion Trump reallocated for the 738 miles of wall, there is a possibility that there should be enough of the funding allocation to build another 288 miles.
       If you consider the Rio Grande as some what of a border barrier, another 300 miles of wall would provide much of what is needed to fill in some remaining gaps.
       I don't know about what you think, but I think we should continue with the construction, but omitting or ovoid the high cost areas such as land along the Rio Grand.

I Call it a flip flop:
It's the one where my sister is the one who went to Ford with it.
       And then I may be leaning to my father going to the Military with it.
       It has been said that my aunt was going after the patent on it, but I'm thinking they ran into some competition with Dan, so they or Ford learned from them and ran the child molester game on Dan and I wouldn't doubt he killed himself.
       As I've said before, "to try to steal someone else's invention and then discover you've got competition and they ruin you with child molester rumours."
      I bet when Ford found out about it, they pressured my aunt and uncle to keep doing what they were doing even though it wasn't going to do them any good. However I heard that my aunt got a million dollars for it but I think that is just a rumour because I think it is obvious they were not doing things legally in the first place.
       Boob Head was probably working as a double agent for my Dad and my aunt and call it triple if my sister ran to Ford with it as I heard this week.
       Apparently, my family likes to make fun of me. All I can say is that I'm sure glade I'm the black sheep of the family and not like them.

So much for Trump

I'm sure glade to see him gone.
       The guy is a flat out crook and should be facing manslaughter charges.
       Happyness is knowing that I'm not going to have him on my TV ever day of the week.
       I just can't stand the way he talks, looks, acts and thinks.
       What I think is insane is that we have such a country that allowed the insane guy to be president.

Never seen a VP to be, be so gitty.
       She's really on cloud nine.
       I wonder how many people get high by just watching Kamala Harris as I do.
       Gotta congratulate Kamala on being the first woman to be VP.

34 inch Speed kicktail deck for esk8 custom reshape by sunnyside

Not exactly a Starship
Rule Numbers: 1,4, 10, 11 & 16

February 20th , 2021:
Some one put me in touch with Elon
It bugs the shit out of me.
       The deal is, nobody is thinking about the sort of reverse vortex of air that is created by the rocket booster. There is a shit load of air running down the side of the ship and the position of the tail fins is creating a thrust that makes it swing too much and the thusters are trying to balance it with a tailwind.
       I'm betting that they are going to learn someday that they tail fins need to return to the outward launch position as it begins to swing for the tail balance.
       Nothing will annoy me worse than the idea of them ruining another ship without trying to land as I have just said. Don't tell me that nobody has thought of it. I saw the problem on the first try and I was hoping that they would have figured that much out.
       But who knows, I could be wrong because I'm not exactly a rocket scientist. None the less, please spend some money trying to prove me prove me wrong.
       It will piss me off if they don't flip the fins back out on the next attempt.

I'm sure that I written it before.
       About the times I've noticed that the kids would hear the phone rumours their parents were saying about me, but somehow the kids would compare rumours and figure out just which one were true or not. To say the least, the kids 20 years ago could do that.
       But now days, they've got it all wrong. It's just a shame, when you have to say that they are senseless.
       I wanted to be reluctant and not say what they are saying, because I'm sure their parents know already.
       So you know. Doesn't it seem a little barbaric? The thing that amazes me most is just how complaisant they are with what they say.
       Like just because the country allows you to own firearms. You tend to think the government will come after you to get them back. Then you build a small army of your own so you can storm the capital and take your government back. Gee, where did we get these idiots at?

What's senseless to me,where they get their reasoning from.
The whole idea that people think that Ford or any auto manufacture would think my truck would make them money.
       And the idea that they would wait until I was dead before they would sell the truck. Well let me tell you that they sure wouldn't have me between them and their profit numbers.
       They only reason Ford or any auto manufacture would want to build my truck like mine might be a branch of the military wanted it, and at least one would set up and realize that they would rather be in control of the research and development dollars as well as the funding to build such a manufacturing property.
       If someone was going to be in control of it, the better they were in control of whether the general population ever gets it or not.
       So if Ford built a factory to build them, you can bet they built it just to make sure the general population doesn't get it and that's by making sure that Sunnyside isn't one who is left owning the factory.
       Some of you have heard rumours about people in Australia building my truck. I figure that I someone was to try, they would probably get caught up in a joint venture capital scheme. The kind of thing where you need to know just who's equipment is under the hood.

For some reason people tend to possess an imagination lacking the ability to look at things from more than one way.
       Believe me when I say, I fear the folks in Hollywood more than any auto manufacture.
       I have the fear of their gain, if they wanted to maximize their profits on a movie about me. The over head such as royalties to be paid, would naturally be a lot less if it was being paid to my next of ken.
       I wouldn't doubt my sisters understand what I'm talking about.
       None the less, there is the fear that such a producer of such a film could find plenty of criminals with money that would be willing to pay good money to see that their crime are omitted from the script.
       It could be a movie a which the footage left on the cutting room floor is worth more than what it could make at the box office.

Oh:the FBI thing.
       Guess it's new to a few of you.
       From what I heard, they guy must have known all about my family before he even met me himself.
       Basically he just sat there lying to me.
       Do I actually need to say that the government has been well aware of crimes committed against me and they failed to even tell me of them when I appeared before them telling them about the crimes.
       The FBI guy said he wasn't aware that Steven Spielberg was in prison. From that early moment in our little meeting, I more or less figured it wasn't going anywhere. I assume the pro golfer people thought it would go over differently.

Like the shape of my board?
       Gotta make a template in order to true it up and I'll put a new clear coat on it.
       I push the button to day and ordered a surfskate adapter for it. Something tells me I'm going to like this board.
       I gave it new surfboard nose so wheels stick out more kinna matching the amount as the rear ones do. I couldn't count the amount of times people have snuck pictures of it. So I figured I post the most up to date one. In the few days ahead, it will be transformed.
       I'm sure he holes farther up the nose are going to come in handy. It's sad, they don't even sell that blank any more. It sure turned out nice.
       It's 8.25 inches wide under my rear foot and 9.25 under the front.
       Oh, I finally got a new winter suit. Water being 58 today, something tells me that the 4.5 3.5 will come in handy. It's probably the finest wetsuit I've ever owned.
       Sitting here working on this web-site at 1 am isn't the kind of sleeping habit I need to be doing if I want to get to use that new wetsuit. Later....

Stupid Rules

Stupid Rules

Stupid Rules

Stupid Rules


Woody the wooden dumpster on a Synchro-link.

Dooms Day for Private Inventors
-happened yesterday,
when Obama took his mighty pin to the bill.

My Stupid Movie Idea

The most revolutionary tool box in the world,
sitting in a room of poisonous insecticide

September 2009

The Rumor

And if you want to know more about the local Sheriff who spread phony rumors about me and his drug dealing brother, and even a recording of a drug deal going down you'll have to go to the

The Loop

New: the full version of the story about the fire
the actual book excerpt
Burning Down the House

A few years ago, I wrote about a couple of these law makers at: Poop Bad Law.

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For those of you who may feel I don't have better things to do with my time than molesting children or stalking women, I'd say do a background check on me yourself, because you can not believe anything any cop or fireman will tell you.
       I've actually tried doing a criminal background check on myself because I would love to find one that wasn't true. I've learned that even when they say it's free, that it is not. However, I did find one that will refund your money if you cancel a monthly subscription with 7 days.
Its at:

I'm the Dennis Sattler, 50 in Van Nuys CA, Lakewood Washington, Castic CA

But in reality now days, you only have to fire up a search engine.

And no I'm not the Dennis Sattler in Texas who hid in a closet and then killed his wife. But that goes to show you that if I have done any criminal act such as stalking a woman or molesting a child, just Googling my name would tell you.

Cleaning Out Toxins

Vaccinating Against Measles

Of course we can't forget about those evil little pyros that have some kind of idea that they are hero's of some kind and not just a bunch of kuckleheads that are too damn stupid to do anything else:
/First Responders/
Oceanside Lieutenant Committing Slander

(Unfortunately, this category has to include Lifeguards, because here in Oceanside, they have been proven to be criminals just as well.)


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Cleaning Out Toxins


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Sunnyside's Last Resort

Organized Religion:
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Organized Religion:
Someone else's retirement,
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December 28th, 2012

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His crap was taking up too much space on the Home Page

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Organized Religion:
Someone else's retirement,
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