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This is America 2021
Rule Numbers:1, 2, 4, 9, 10, 16, 17 & 20

January 7th, 2020:
It's the Law
Those Law Makers have made you all breed those idiots.
       I can't help but laugh at all the stupidity. They have done it systematically for the past 25 years and now it walks through the doors and smacks them in the face and they have the gull to say, "this is not who we are." "This is America and we should know better, but we're breeding barbaric animals and too damn stupid to do anything about it.
       Just think of the spread of covid Trump created yesterday.
       Those idiots don't understand that the reason why Trump said the things he said was because of the stupid people who were giving him money. It was a least a week ago when his pack reached $175 million.

Fools for the money. He's been selling on his father's name for years.
       I'm amazed that Trump has been able to convince others that he has any common sense at all.
       However, it's also funny how Obama, Clinton and Bush have been able to convince others that they are any smarter, yet be serious crooks with only their best interest in mind regardless if they dumb down America.
       Bush had that, "no child left behind." And don't forget his family was invested in the pipeline in Afghanistan, putting him in bed with the enemy in the first place.
       Clinton lowered interest rates, which intern caused inflation with the very homes that people were buying with lower interest rates.
       Obama created the largest intellectual property theft and no one seemed to care because it was in line with what the European countries were doing to themselves for the 50 year prior.

Yeah, we're all in this together.
It's a sinking boat and we're too damn stupid to do anything about it.
       You may not like the idea, but you just have to except that we are breeding stupid people and you will just have to learn to live with them. I'm sorry to say this but getting here has been a lot easier to do that to go the other way because you can not just dig up the smart people that you have snuffed out.
       Does anyone out there understand this shit that I have just bothered writing?.
       Or are you all, just too far gone?.
       Just a bunch of Morons?

Got 12 million shipped, only 2 million in the arm?
I figure that they have made too much of a bureaucracy to get a shot. I don't see why they just don't run lines, 24/7 to anyone who wants one.
       Then you could complain about availability instead of the problem dispensing the vaccine. I don't know, maybe I don't know what I'm talking about, but it's been a week or two and they have only gone through about 10% of the supply.
       Starting to wonder if the medical industry is purposely trying to slow down the vaccination process.
       I wouldn't doubt that the people working on the FDA approval of the Vaccine got paid to drag out the process for the sake of profit made of treating patents with Covid. .
       Think about it. From what I learned, Prior covid, laws required one nurse to every two patents. And now they say they are over stretched at three patents for every one nurse. The mark up on the wages of those nurses is the question one may want to ask. I seriously wonder if they bill you differently for a bed in a hospital over a bed in a tent.

Shortened Reshaped Speed board.

Shortened & Reshaped Speedboard #1
Rule Numbers: 16, 35

January 19-20th, 2021: (updated)
At least it wasn't anything like shaping my first surfboard.
Don't have to worry about anyone putting wax in my polly.
       Its amazing when you can just hop onto a board anywhere and your feet can easily fine their proper position.
       Kinna looks like a stretched cruiser.
       I put wedges under trucks so that I'm running 50 degree king pin in front and 47 on back. I'm using Riptide Cannon Krank bushings with cupped washers in back and flats on front. It's got 8 inch trucks and a 22.5 inch wheel base. 17.3 lb.
       Those new electric bikes seemed tempting to me for awhile, but when you think about it, skateboards and bikes run on the same kind of batteries with about the same number of cycles, so their longevities are about the same. A typical replacement battery for one of my skateboards are $300 however a battery for a bike cost at least two to three times as much.
       But then you can't beat a skateboard for portability and I really don't have the room for a bike. I figure a bike would be great if one lived farther from the beach because they would be great for going surfing.
       Around here we have restaurants moving in on the side walks, they are making efforts to keep bikes and skateboards off the sidewalks. I don't think forcing any kid to skate in the street is a very good idea either because I sure know what kind of people are able to get a driver's license. That's serious business in the street. You don't want you kid riding down the street on his skateboard, checking out the action on his cell phone either.

Kinna Sucked that Derrick Henry didn't make it to the play-offs
       But then is was cool see Lamar Jackson had finally made it to a play-off game. Kinna sucks that Jackson wasn't able to finish the game though.
       I bet Breese was happy that if it had to be his last game, at least it was in the play-offs and it was playing against an old friend.
       If Derrick Henry was one of my quadcopters, I bet he'd be running with a camera angle of 45 degrees.

How much of an accomplishment for Trump?
How many miles of the Mexican border is now fenced?
       I heard that we've got 450 miles built, but I'm wondering how many miles is left unfinished and if we will ever finish it?
       Kinna sucks because we sure need it. There is a shit load of them on the way to storm the gates of Mexico and the US. They must have heard that we are giving out free money.

January 20th , 2021:
I looked in on the Wall
       Looks as though near all of Trump's wall construction was used to replace older parts with new. Depending where you read, the numbers get to as bad out of 415 miles built as only 30 miles of new wall where there was nothing before. (Predicted to be at 450 miles by now.)
       However, according to my knowledge, with the $15 billion Trump reallocated for the 738 miles of wall, there is a possibility that there should be enough of the funding allocation to build another 288 miles.
       If you consider the Rio Grande as some what of a border barrier, another 300 miles of wall would provide much of what is needed to fill in some remaining gaps.
       I don't know about what you think, but I think we should continue with the construction, but omitting or ovoid the high cost areas such as land along the Rio Grand.

I Call it a flip flop:
It's the one where my sister is the one who went to Ford with it.
       And then I may be leaning to my father going to the Military with it.
       It has been said that my aunt was going after the patent on it, but I'm thinking they ran into some competition with Dan, so they or Ford learned from them and ran the child molester game on Dan and I wouldn't doubt he killed himself.
       As I've said before, "to try to steal someone else's invention and then discover you've got competition and they ruin you with child molester rumours."
      I bet when Ford found out about it, they pressured my aunt and uncle to keep doing what they were doing even though it wasn't going to do them any good. However I heard that my aunt got a million dollars for it but I think that is just a rumour because I think it is obvious they were not doing things legally in the first place.
       Boob Head was probably working as a double agent for my Dad and my aunt and call it triple if my sister ran to Ford with it as I heard this week.
       Apparently, my family likes to make fun of me. All I can say is that I'm sure glade I'm the black sheep of the family and not like them.

So much for Trump

I'm sure glade to see him gone.
       The guy is a flat out crook and should be facing manslaughter charges.
       Happyness is knowing that I'm not going to have him on my TV ever day of the week.
       I just can't stand the way he talks, looks, acts and thinks.
       What I think is insane is that we have such a country that allowed the insane guy to be president.

Never seen a VP to be, be so gitty.
       She's really on cloud nine.
       I wonder how many people get high by just watching Kamala Harris as I do.
       Gotta congratulate Kamala on being the first woman to be VP.

34 inch Speed kicktail deck for esk8 custom reshape by sunnyside

Not exactly a Starship
Rule Numbers: 1,4, 10, 11 & 16

February 3rd, 2021:
Some one put me in touch with Elon
It bugs the shit out of me.
       The deal is, nobody is thinking about the sort of reverse vortex of air that is created by the rocket booster. There is a shit load of air running down the side of the ship and the position of the tail fins is creating a thrust that makes it swing too much and the thusters are trying to balance it with a tailwind.
       I'm betting that they are going to learn someday that they tail fins need to return to the outward launch position as it begins to swing for the tail balance.
       Nothing will annoy me worse than the idea of them ruining another ship without trying to land as I have just said. Don't tell me that nobody has thought of it. I saw the problem on the first try and I was hoping that they would have figured that much out.
       But who knows, I could be wrong because I'm not exactly a rocket scientist. None the less, please spend some money trying to prove me prove me wrong.
       It will piss me off if they don't flip the fins back out on the next attempt.

I'm sure that I written it before.
       About the times I've noticed that the kids would hear the phone rumours their parents were saying about me, but somehow the kids would compare rumours and figure out just which one were true or not. To say the least, the kids 20 years ago could do that.
       But now days, they've got it all wrong. It's just a shame, when you have to say that they are senseless.
       I wanted to be reluctant and not say what they are saying, because I'm sure their parents know already.
       So you know. Doesn't it seem a little barbaric? The thing that amazes me most is just how complaisant they are with what they say.
       Like just because the country allows you to own firearms. You tend to think the government will come after you to get them back. Then you build a small army of your own so you can storm the capital and take your government back. Gee, where did we get these idiots at?

What's senseless to me,where they get their reasoning from.
The whole idea that people think that Ford or any auto manufacture would think my truck would make them money.
       And the idea that they would wait until I was dead before they would sell the truck. Well let me tell you that they sure wouldn't have me between them and their profit numbers.
       They only reason Ford or any auto manufacture would want to build my truck like mine might be a branch of the military wanted it, and at least one would set up and realize that they would rather be in control of the research and development dollars as well as the funding to build such a manufacturing property.
       If someone was going to be in control of it, the better they were in control of whether the general population ever gets it or not.
       So if Ford built a factory to build them, you can bet they built it just to make sure the general population doesn't get it and that's by making sure that Sunnyside isn't one who is left owning the factory.
       Some of you have heard rumours about people in Australia building my truck. I figure that I someone was to try, they would probably get caught up in a joint venture capital scheme. The kind of thing where you need to know just who's equipment is under the hood.

For some reason people tend to possess an imagination lacking the ability to look at things from more than one way.
       Believe me when I say, I fear the folks in Hollywood more than any auto manufacture.
       I have the fear of their gain, if they wanted to maximize their profits on a movie about me. The over head such as royalties to be paid, would naturally be a lot less if it was being paid to my next of ken.
       I wouldn't doubt my sisters understand what I'm talking about.
       None the less, there is the fear that such a producer of such a film could find plenty of criminals with money that would be willing to pay good money to see that their crime are omitted from the script.
       It could be a movie a which the footage left on the cutting room floor is worth more than what it could make at the box office.

Oh:the FBI thing.
       Guess it's new to a few of you.
       From what I heard, they guy must have known all about my family before he even met me himself.
       Basically he just sat there lying to me.
       Do I actually need to say that the government has been well aware of crimes committed against me and they failed to even tell me of them when I appeared before them telling them about the crimes.
       The FBI guy said he wasn't aware that Steven Spielberg was in prison. From that early moment in our little meeting, I more or less figured it wasn't going anywhere. I assume the pro golfer people thought it would go over differently.

Like the shape of my board?
       Gotta make a template in order to true it up and I'll put a new clear coat on it.
       I push the button to day and ordered a surfskate adapter for it. Something tells me I'm going to like this board.
       I gave it new surfboard nose so wheels stick out more kinna matching the amount as the rear ones do. I couldn't count the amount of times people have snuck pictures of it. So I figured I post the most up to date one. In the few days ahead, it will be transformed.
       I'm sure he holes farther up the nose are going to come in handy. It's sad, they don't even sell that blank any more. It sure turned out nice.
       It's 8.25 inches wide under my rear foot and 9.25 under the front.
       Oh, I finally got a new winter suit. Water being 58 today, something tells me that the 4.5 3.5 will come in handy. It's probably the finest wetsuit I've ever owned.
       Sitting here working on this web-site at 1 am isn't the kind of sleeping habit I need to be doing if I want to get to use that new wetsuit. Later....

Rule Numbers: 4 & 40
February 4-6th, 2021:
       Sunnyside: Hi Elon.
       Elon: Hay Sunnyside, I got your message. Everyone is wondering what the hell a reverse vortex is?
       Sunnyside: Oh that's just a term I made up. More of a description of how my mind was thinking at the moment. Something like the affect of the venturi inside a carburetor, The reverse bit comes from thinking of a cylinder like object inside a wind tunnel.
       Elon: Yeah, I get yah, but where are you going with it?.
       Sunnyside: Well the two Fins, or as you probably call flaps, -are like of a cup on the side of the spaceship. It's going to either create a vacuum or pressure. I figure, as the ship is flying on its belly, there is vacuum between the two tail fins. However, once the ship isn't gliding on it's bell any more, and the air is either being drawn down the side of the ship because of the vacuum created by the thrusters, or air is coming from underneath the ship, there would be a pressure.
       Elon: Yeah but do you think that matters that much?
       Sunnyside: Well, having the flaps running parallel boxes in the air like a sail creates variable amounts of pressure and fluctuates by even the side winds that can come from any direction.
       Elon: I get what you mean, but we have managed to balance out problems with side winds and offset weight, but I do understand we are getting pushed around more that one or two ways for sure.
       Sunnyside: Well if it a pressure, it's most likely pushing it past the 0 degree vertical mark. I see it happening just as if I watching a slope glider and it bugs the hell out of me because I naturally I want to compensate for the drift with the controls I don't have.
       Elon: Well, most of us see the an error accruing somewhere. It dose put it out of balance, even to the obvious, but the gyros and thrusters usually compensate for those kind of things.
       Sunnyside: The way I figure it, depending on the movement of the nozzle and the angle of the ship, the pressure pushing the ship can very as much as the weight a 6 of those flaps and it is constantly changing and radical. I give the flight controller a lot more noise to filter out.
       Elon: Oh, I get you there, it is a powerful veritable in itself.
       Sunnyside:Yeah, it's like going down a hill on an electric skateboard. You hunker down and apply the brakes to their full potential so you can make the turn, and then the stupid ESC goes and boosts the brakes so much, you get wheel hop and then goes sideways.
       Elon: Yeah not good, I get yaw, it was difficult enough and then something like a screwed up ESC throws a veritable at you at a time when you've got enough to handle already.
       Sunnyside: Yeah, an overload of what ever you want to call it.
       So I was wondering how fast those flaps move.
       Elon: You mean, how long it take for them to go from folded to straight out?
       Sunnyside: Yeah
       Elon: Well were looking into turning that up a bit.
       Sunnyside: It's about timing of course, but the trigger point and the method you might to trigger it.
       Elon: Altitude or degree of angle are the most obvious to us, now that you've got us thinking about it.
       Sunnyside: In analogue farmer terms, I would think of trying to trigger it at about 20-30 degrees before vertical. I would think lesser number being the less risk of doing a belly flop. It's when you've already got it swinging with momentum.... But then again, it night be better to get it to zero vertical first, then move the flaps back out while it descends.
       Elon: If we move them during the last part of the swing, hopefully it will slow down the last part of the swing and make it easier to hit zero without overshooting it. Trying to hover, just to move the flaps out would use more fuel than we'd like when we are running as light as we can.
       Sunnyside: That's what I was thinking. And if the move at the last part of the transition, it would look so much cooler, wouldn't it?
       Elon: Yeah, but that's a new variable and a one we were trying to ovoid.
       Sunnyside: I figured it was the reason you left them folded on the first one.
       Elon: It was a big part of it, and the timing of it mostly.
       Sunnyside: When I saw the second ship land, it looked like it was pushed right past zero. However, I didn't know about the engine going out until later on when I watched a different video. But the second video made it look real obvious to me.
       Elon: Just like slope gliding hah?
       Sunnyside: Yeah, it bothers me to no end. To have to watch it and not be at the controls in order to do something about it.
       Elon: Well thank you, I certainly hope you aren't loosing sleep over it.
       Sunnyside: I probably have, but I think number 9 did pretty good, -for being underpowered. It just overshot the zero and being down one engine is like placing too much weight into the swing and the ground caught up to it.
       Elon: Yeah, we hope we land it next time.
       Sunnyside: Oh, another thing.
       Elon: Yeah what.
       Sunnyside: From what I've seen, I'd be thinking of putting some distance from one launch pad to the other.
       Elon: I hear yah, I was thinking the same thing.
       Sunnyside: Well you've got to try getting the flaps out on the next one win or loose. Yeah just to get numbers on the new veritable and adjust it from there.
       Elon: That's what we were thinking.
       Sunnyside:Yeah just to get numbers on the new veritable and adjust it from there.
       Sunnyside: Just hot rod those flaps like you do to your robots.
       Elon:Yeah, we were thinking about which way to go about doing so.
       Sunnyside: I bet you want to stay away from the mechanicals.
       Elon: Yeah, we already got them optimized. It's either different motor windings to get a higher KV or raise the voltage.
       Sunnyside: Just add a couple more cells?
       Elon: Wouldn't it have been nice if we had just future proofed it and over built the battery pack and used a float level on them. We'd get more performance out of them by just topping then off.
       Sunnyside:That would be nice. but then again, you gotta wonder if you'd be screwing up a perfectly good landing.
       Elon: It wouldn't be the first time.
       Sunnyside: I hear yah. Well maybe I'll sleep better now. So thanks for the call, but I've got go for a surf check.
       Elon: Oh cool, well good luck and thanks a lot. I'll talk to you later.
       Sunnyside: OKay, bye bye.

Rule Numbers: 4 & 40
February 9th, 2021:
After the Super Bowl
What a sucky super bowl.
       Soldering anti-spark plugs to wires got more of my attention.
       I think our boy Patrick got beat up a few times. I could tell he was feeling it. Then when he did get the ball out right, he'd end up smacking his receivers in the mask.
       The half time entertainment left me thinking of how much better Janet and Justin Timberlake were. This guy they had this time was just too creepy.
       But to tell you the truth, I would have rather seen Rogers and Rivers in a face off in the Super Bowl. It would have been Great seeing Rivers getting a ring before retirement, even if it would have been with a little luck.
       Oh well, I'm sure there are a lot of you out there who appreciated the craft of football this year.

Poop Too Much came in handy.
It brought me back to the time I was a big fan of Joss Wheton, writing my book and practising writing by studying script writing
       The sad part of acknowledging this bit I was doing, I looked back on my Poop Too Much posting. Obviously if I had a file or two 1ost, there had to be more. (I'm going to dig around for them.) However, while looking over some of the stuff on the server, a person can't help but run in to something that is difficult to understand and lacks any flow. But then again it obvious there are portions that have been cut out. Like the hacked over shit they didn't want people to see.
       I figure it also the very reason someone else paid for the server this year because it was marked as free.
       I'm going to start cutting a few more links from the home page because to be honest, there must be things on this web-site that are set up top make me look bad.
       There is just too many words for me keep track of, so I'll just cut back on the files available and keep it to the things I currently write about and just work with a diminished menu.

Was it a Good Argument?
I heard a few people say it was. I figure most people would agree.
       I just wonder if it did the job. You have to admit, -there is a few of us who are going to be watching SN10 to see if the fins move back out.
       Kinna puts SpaceX in a spot, but then who am I anyway?
       It was also difficult to choose the pretence of this script. After debating over it I figure that having a fictional background as in knowing each other beforehand, then it was fictional it was less likely I would be putting any words in to Elon's mouth.
       Also, I thought that the way it was wrote, more people with no knowledge about the subject, was sure to learn about it. Needless to say, I liked doing it and I'm thinking about how I can keep Poop Too around more often. Also, you may notice more often that the dates for the postings are going to cover more than one day. If I'm going to work on something like a Poop Too Much, I'm not going to post it until a later time. (Maybe I'll leave Hint of one coming soon.)

Oh Yeah:
       On the Surfskate Adapter
       Well it sure fixed the lack of tight turning radius. Even though it lenghtened the board's wheel base a half inch to a 23 inch wheel base, it turns tighter than my 20 wb board.
       None the less, I still like my shorter board the best, because I just feel more stable at higher speeds without the surf adapter and there is something to be said for a lighter board.
       But the surf adapter does have it's place.
       Something tells me that the Surfskates are going to get more popular.

Dumber by the day.
Rule Numbers: 4 & 40
February 11-16th, 2021:
I could have been wrong.
       The whole bit about the fins on the Starship.
       The deal is that the ship is probably out of balance because the belly of the ship has tiles. They may need to have the fins folded to help compensate for the weight of those tiles, so it's a debate whether the aerodynamics out weigh the balance.
       To say the least, I probably don't know what I'm talking about, but somehow I have the feeling that I'm right.
       Its a matter whether SpaceX plans to hover or not. If its a mater of hover, then balance would be more important and if it is the swing to zero degrees with a plant, then aerodynamics has more influence to it.
      Update 2/16: Guess they plan to fire up three engines for redundancy. The plan is to throttle down three instead of using just two. I thought it was all about the movement and the clearances from each engine.
      I'm betting that the side with the ceramic tiles is the side with the two engines for the compensation for the weight of the tiles. If engine movement clearance is a problem; then spacing them farther apart would be an idea to consider.
       Being a back seat driver, I could be wrong and that's the muli-million dollar question. As Elon said, he would rather not be wrong. (And they are not dumb as Elon said and he knows it.) I bet Elon and his team just wish they were smarter than they are. At least there are a few of us who wish we were smarter. But according to the Law, that is not going to happen, so we must be content that we will be dumber in the future.

Think about it.
       Elon and I both started out at about the same time with our hopes and dreams.
       He managed to make it and I was labelled as a child molester by a postal inspector who was into stealing patents. I could have done a lot of things to solve many of the problems that are right here on this planet, but I'm the one who ended up living in a box, shitting in a bucket.
       It was only a few weeks ago, the kids around hear were saying that they would get my invention once I was dead.
       Yeah have to laugh. Yesterday I woke to everyone saying that they "burned it down".
       I'm guessing they were talking about the so called factory that was going to provide them my invention once I was dead.
       Well if I heard right, it was a few months ago I heard something like they disassembled the so called factory and put everything in a warehouse in Oregon.
       Gee, wonder if they burned down the old building for the insurance money? Wonder if the insurance company is aware they had already taken everything that was not out of date and obsolete? I wouldn't doubt they've sold most of it by now.
       Such a scam, when you get the tax payers to pay to build a plant to build the 1,200 trucks to give to the enemy. Then you burn down the place so no one else will have it.
       They turned what was suppose to be a blessing into war machinery and then killed some of the very tax payers that paid to build it all. I'm certain that barbaric animals just don't care and would rather not know about it. I could be wrong, but then again; I don't see anyone of you driving it, and somehow I'm alright with it because you haven't shown me that any of you deserve it.
       I wonder if that guy would offer more than $2,500 for my truck now?

Call it natural selection.
       Best thing I've heard in a long time.
       The fact that stupid people are getting into their cars while parked in their garage and running their engines to keep warm .
       Let me tell you that it is the best thing to happen to the human race in over 75 years.
       Sure beats the hell out of killing of the smart people .
       I only wish more people would get on the bandwagon and go out to the garage where they can warn up by getting in the car and warming up their engine, crank up the heater and get a good nights sleep.
       Belive me when I say, that there are plenty of people who can read the pros and cons about it in the same paragraph and still think that it is the thing to do. Really folks, it's a great way to stay warm. Kinna makes me wish this cold spell will stick around awhile longer. We sure could us a little less stupid people in the world and its a good way to do it.

Yeah, it's a bunch of crap.
Yeah the whole idea that "they" were going to change the patent laws back.
       Do I have to say that the word on the street got a little sombre.
       Yeah, a little quite out there. As in things are just not like they say they are.
       Face it. They want you stupid.
       Like now they are telling you to double up on the face masks. Shit, if they even gave a shit, they would have looked at the machines that make N95 mask and spent more than just a few million on building dozens of the same assembly lines. But instead they advised everyone to wash their hands and ware those inferior masks from the get go.
      Let me tell you that if I would have wore those inferior masks to spray paint, I would have been dead years ago. Those masks most of you are wearing are junk and should not have been taken seriously. But then again, most of you didn't even take the Covid virus seriously until someone you knew ended up dead. I figure that is the only reason you see more people wearing masks currently.
      The government should have shipped everyone in the country a box of N95 masks in January of 2020 and every month there after and we would not have been near as bad off as we are. Instead they told people in March 2020 to wash their hands because there wasn't even a supply of those cheap inferior ones. None the less, I think they let it spread on purpose because there was more profit in it.
       Get this: I had a box of N95s from long before and all I did is put a half a dozen in separate plastic bags and put them in rotation. It's a year later and I've done it with just one box. I've tried those cheep ones and they just suck. they cover your mouth so that you can't breath and they leak like hell.
      But then just compare the US to Australia and New Zealand, where they didn't have a jerk like Trump telling them that it would just go away on it's own.
       You can bet our law makers excepted the loss of hundreds of thousands of people lives. It's either because they knew that they could always import more tax payers into this country or they could benefit from the kick backs from the medical industries. The medical industries are making a fortune of the covid virus and the future tax payers are providing those profits.
       Need I say that the money you had in the bank prior to this pandemic is never going to be worth as much because government has just printed about 4 Trillion to cover your expense. To say the least, this last year has been nothing more than a money grab for these industries and businesses.
       For instance: I know of a FPV pilot that receive money as if he was a business and all he had to do is write himself a check as if he was an employee, just so he could get free bailout money.
       All this money that has been handed out is at the mercy of the youth whom are considered our future tax payers. The next thing you'll notice is the inflation of the price to have to pay for everything.

       As I said before, the Constitution isn't worth the paper it is written on. For instants: they just voted whether it was constitutional to charge Trump with the crimes he committed. What this says is that they can change the Constitution to any way they like, if they vote to do so. Changing the Constitution is something that should be voted on by the public and not just a few law makers.
      So bend over. Get some lube, because you're taking it in the ass.
      Butt seriously: the past two weeks was wasted by your law makers and how much did that cost you? I wouldn't doubt that you all had to pay for Trumps legal team. The whole idea that persecuting Trump would matter at all is a joke. Trump will never go to jail and he would have never been voted back into office any ways.
      They're just giving the News media something to label as news. Needless to say, everything the media has covered this month has been nothing but a bunch of shit. It not only makes US look bad, but pretty damn stupid.

Oh Yeah:
       I also heard something that actually makes sense.
       It's about those needles "they" stuck in me. It appears that the government was involved in it, because Speilberg was already in prison.
       From what I heard. they injected me with growth hormones from the clones they made of me. The thing that make it logical to me is that there was one time they left me with two needle holes and if it was some kind of poison, just one needle hole would be needed.

Leaving California?
I don't blame you.
       Who in hell wants to pay 13% more in taxes, just to live in a place that cost too much too live.
       I figure it a good place for rich people to retire.

Rule Numbers: 4, 10, 16 & 40
February 19-22, 2021:
I stand corrected.
That whole bit about my father renting a ladder is a product of Ford MoCo targeting me with rumours. The sad thing is that all I did was throw a suspicion out there as something to look into and then they flip the fictitious rumour back at me.
       As it Turns out: it was a guy who worked for Ford that rented a ladder near the job-site and rigged the toe board bracket.
       Another thing I know now is that the guys in suit and ties on my neighbour's porch, must have been gangsters from Ford.
       They paid the neighbour's to place the camera on top of the refrigerator. Hence: the rumours going around about how Ford has video of me building my system.
       Just think: the $50 million in R&D they say I did by myself is probably what Ford charged tax payers for R&D. All they had to do was copy every part as I built it. They probably measured every part before it was even mounted permanently to the truck.
       I don't need to wonder any more about who would have tore out the intro page to hydraulic synchronization from my text book, -and then put it back a year or two later.
       I should have received that R&D money and the factory to boot, but that isn't the way our government works.
       Gotta wonder where all this law and order, justice and shit went to?
       Apparently the criminals have away to be above the laws that govern the rest of us.

Just a segue:
Just goes to show you how a politician is equipped to help you in a state of a natural disaster
Rule #10
      I bet Ted Crews thought he was being brilliant by having a contingency plan. You know, the kind where people recognise you even if you have a mask covering your face.
       You gotta figure it wouldn't take much to change the return ticket if he could have got away with it.

Only if I would have been more successful with my inventions.
       Rule Number 16 I think it would have been cool to design different beds I'd call my hybrid mini power stations .
       Just think portable beds that have a natural gas Generator, a fold out 2500 kw solar array and a battery storage bank.
       I could have rented them out to neighbourhoods by the amount of current they want to use.
       Renting extension cords would be figure into it as well as the amount of current they require. Each power station would have 20, 30, and 50 amp Fuse braker boxes with their own amp meter so everyone would be billed for the power they use and the amount of amperage they use to get it.
       I figure in a criss situation, 30 amps power boxes would be the most useful. I figure that running at 220 or 440 with inverters would be best because of the smaller power leads involved.
      30 amps per house hold would be just enough to keep a refrigerator going, a few lights and the heat for one room. However, if it was to be used a a time when people are in the process of rebuilding, the 50 amp power boxes would be more appropriate. Wonder what kind of market there would be and wonder how many 30 amp panels I could manage from one bed. Then I wonder if the rail road would allow cargo that is 12ft. across. (I bet 10 is probably the limit under special conditions. Who knows?)
       Wouldn't it be cool to just be able to back up to the side of a flat car and hook on to one?
       How many could fit on a flat car?
       Ah, -never mind.

Oh Yeah:
       I noticed something.
       It's that thing guys who race quadcopters talk about.
       They say, "go rent a go cart and learn some lines."
       Well after all the time I've spent on a skateboard the last six months, I've noticed that my E-skating has had a strong influence upon how I'm flying my quad these days.

So Elon is going to burn another one
Wonder how many of you will be looking for:
* Whether or not the fins fold back out.
* If two of the three engines are lined up
    to support the side to be covered in ceramic tiles.
* Are the three engines far enough apart
   so they don't interfere with each other?
       Something tells me that it would be a lot easier to pull off as a success if these conditions were met.
       Please Elon, make it happen.

There is Profit in Stupidity
We reward stupidity.
Let me tell you what you got yourself into.
       Talking about the girl who put Gorila Glue in her hair.
       It goes to show you just how we reward with positive reinforcement for stupid behaviour.
       The girl received over $22,000.oo from people willing to help her out. No doctor with a half a brain would have helped her out with his Acetone Concoction.
       I worked with these Toxic Chemicals in my past, and let me tell you about Hot Thinners: They are hot enough to brake down the molecules of the coating to a size smaller than the ones that make up your skin.
      Let me tell you of a better way of doing a stupid thing like that, -if it is already hardened. Stay away from poisonous chemicals and get some sand paper, -the kind for wet sanding. Start out course and work down to fine and stop sanding when you get to your skin.
       See the deal is that Acetone is refereed to as a hot solvent. Often used as a reducer for high performance industrial coatings. It's known as a hot alcohol right up there being similar to Methyl Ethyl Ketone, which is also known as Methanol, and/or Rocket Fuel.
       Believe me when I say: I preferred not to wear the common charcoal filter respirators to filter out the fumes from MEK and other hot thinners. I paid over $1,500.oo, (way back when,) for equipment to pump fresh air into a full face mask from 100 feet up wind from the toxic fumes and over spray.
       Again: The Hot Thinners brakes the glue or paint down small enough to penetrate your skin and it soaks in faster than any hand lotion you may have used. (At least the solvent does.)
       It's also known to have caused many strokes. The very reason there was many painters over the years that found themselves sitting in a wheel chair trying to speak out their words in a comprehensible manner.

Butt the thing I realize,
      Rule #10: the bitch faked the whole ordeal,
Because I know for sure what any mixture with acetone would do to the skin. She wouldn't be showing off any hair cut that she wanted in the first place.
       What is sad is there will possibility be some copy cats who may realise just how much money she made and copy her. The very reason I came up with this second version of the hot thinner bit out.

As for what I'd use
      to get the special coatings off?

       Hopefully you get to it before it has time to harden. I always kept some mechanic's Goop around for it. Lanolin cream or citrus oil are also much safer since they are more or less an oil and are not necessary going to brake the glue or paint molecules down smaller than the ones that make up your skin.
       Just remember that GoFundMe got their cut and I bet it isn't difficult to find a charity that will give half back as a kick back. Suckers....

I actually read the post from the other day.
       I have to say that I was half surprised.
       That was what I call good stuff like I used to write.
       I guess it's a result of not just hammering something out, often without even proof reading it and then posting it. (I'm sure it shows sometimes.)
       However, with more resent post, I've been posting a few days of work instead and actually taking the time to edit the thinks I've hammered out. I could be imagining it, but from what I hear on the street, there are many who like what I wrote too. Kinna like back in the day when my own style had something to do with it.

I'd be a little concerned if I were you.
       San Diego had a Dry month of February
       As little as two inches may sound. February is suppose to be one of the wettest months of the year.
       Something tells me that this is not good.
       Not necessary the thing we want to witness if we want our waves back.
      Still haven't used my new wetsuit.
      Come on, give it up!

Rule Numbers: 4, 40, 44 & 48
February 23 - 24, 2021:

       Sunnyside: Hello Elon!
       Elon: Hay Sunnyside, what's going on.
       Sunnyside: Sitting here wondering when you are going to make the call.
       Elon: What do you mean, you anticipated I'd be calling you?
       Sunnyside: Well, I mean every buddy and their brother has anticipated, you giving me a call. I haven't said anything other than one word, while in my Cage the other day.
       Elon: I bet that word was, "tiles."
       Sunnyside: Well yeah, but what got me that people were talking as I was holding things up as if you couldn't go further.
       Elon: Well, not exactly, but....
       Sunnyside: But then I thought about having to plan on the launches that will fallow the next one. The whole assembly line bit is what you're also thinking about.
       Elon: Exactly.
       Sunnyside: Well from what I notice is the two test patches you had mounted on the last one.
       Elon: I wondered if you would've noticed them.
       Sunnyside: Well, I've done tile work, but let me tell you that I wouldn't even say I was qualified to do a tub or shower in a house.
       Elon: Yeah, I get that but we're talking about round cylinder shaped rockets here.
       Sunnyside: I get yah.
       From what I see, you have two patches.
       The one on top looks to be Hexagon shaped and the bottom one is more rectangular, road paver style.
       Elon: So you saw them, what do you think.
       Sunnyside: You mean the Pro's and Con's
       Elon: Yeah, the argument upon which one you feel is better.
       Sunnyside: That depends on who you ask.
       Elon: Come on, lets cut the bullshit.
       Sunnyside: Well if you ask a tile installer, I'd assume they'll tell you the road paver.
       Elon: They did say that. The four sides to shim verses 8 sides.
       Sunnyside: Yeah and the thing they hate is a bunch of small pieces. Then you have to figure that when it comes to the nose cone shape, the paver style would obviously be easier.
       Elon: So you are leaning towards the Road paver style?
       Sunnyside: Not necessarily.
       Elon: Why is that?
       Sunnyside: Boy, you what it fast and direct, don't you?
       Elon: You know I'm not one for beating around the bush.
       Sunnyside: Well, to make things easier, I just need to take some time and put together a few sketches. I'll take some photos of them and send them to you.
       Elon: Hay, that would be great.
       Sunnyside: Yeah, but there may be a new method of application involved and I'm not sure it would even work very well.
       Elon: What do you mean by that.
       Sunnyside: Yah have to wonder if there any limited use laws in existence any more.
       Elon: You mean intellectual property rights?
       Sunnyside: Yeah do they actually have them? Back in the days, they had experimental exceptions.
       Elon: No, I think they switched it to which ever crooked judge gets paid the most makes the decisions. At least on what patent laws they want to enforce and who is going to get away with what.
       Sunnyside: You mean, that all depend on which politician the judge is working for?
       Elon: Another way to look at it.
       Sunnyside: Yeah no telling what.
       Well anyhow, I'll get back you you once I get some drawings together.
       Elon: You mean you're going to leave me hanging?
       Sunnyside: I don't want to spoil the argument if it is suppose to convince you one way or another.
       Elon: It's not just me,....I get your point though.
       Sunnyside: Later
       * * To Be Continued * *

Why show just how stupid I am?
       I'm certainly not a rocket scientist, and any engineering I've ever done was self taught.
       Then why I would play into as if I'd be qualified at all to have a opinion on it.
       Well I'm not one of those you tub content makers out there using Elon's image for click bait and reuse his words for the um-teenth time.
       But it is funny how all those content makers cutting and pasting everything together, often leading us to segment of what has been covered before.
       I on the other hand: needed a fantasy to write about. Something for the water cooler, -as a way to hide the fact that it's actually something to beat writer's block.
       With a little imagination, I've got many of you looking at those Spaceships with more than a Spread sheet in mind. Above all I hope people learned something from it and if my observations help excel the process of working toward success I could not be more proud of myself.
       Get this: all I had to do is mention them while standing alone in my Cage two or three days ago. It's pretty much all I heard about since. Tell, me if it is just my mind playing games on me.
       But I've got ways to test the waters.

The last fantasy post
The one about I'd call my hybrid mini power stations.
       I mentioned that I should have made portable beds that comprised of a natural gas Generator, a fold out 2500 kw solar array and a battery storage bank.

       Did you see the electric bills some of those people in Texas got?
Need I rub it in.

With his Money and Driving record:
You would think Tiger would have just hired a driver.

On that Surf Adapter:
It lasted 3 or four days with me.
I was like taking a finely tuned quad and putt some funky props on it.
       Like all the work with getting the geometry more to my likings with the proper Riptide Krank Bushing (Burgandy -on deck and Green on roadside.)
       I found myself taking it all off and placing the hard stock bushings in place.
       I prefer the 50/47 king pins and the ability to be able to run and jump on my board. I'd post a picture of the board, but I'd be taking away a reason for another person sneaking a picture of it. I bet there isn't anyone out there that hasn't had as many pictures of his skateboards.
       If I was to thread a needle on a board, there is no question to what kind of board I rather do it on.
       The Surf adapter is alright when you are going slow, like on a none electric skate board, but then I wish I would have invested the money towards some independent trucks, because I want to set-up a board for bowl surfing in skate parks.

The state of California has offered up
  $8 Billion to open schools.

       I can save you $4 billion of that.
       Offer up $4 billion to the kids, divided up equally for ever student. Say, either go to school now, or take a equal share of the 4 Billion and just return to school next fall.
       I'm betting that those kids with a broken heart, missing school and all, would rather be happy and content on social distancing on a new surfer board and wet suit, or (wouldn't it be nice,) even as much as E-skate or E-bike?
       It may just save some of us from the carbon you would have dispensed into the air while driving your kids to school.
       Wouldn't it been neat if next fall, your kids could drive to school on Electronic Personal Vehicles.
       Gone would be some of those lines of cars.

Homo neanderthalensis
Rule Numbers: 1, 4 & 40
March 5, 2021:
Biden referred them to as: Neanderthals
Where replaced by early European Modern Humans 40,000 years ago.
       Categorically known as being uncivilized, unintelligent and uncouth.
       Just think: even you may have some Homo neanderthalensis DNA in your own make up.
       Being a Governor in this country doesn't take much intellect according to many of us. But what Biden isn't taking about is that those Governors have more than just a few restaurant owners bugging them, they've got the medical industries telling him about the beds in their tents not being filled up and the hot market they've got going is bound to go away on them. Just think of the companies that manufacture the tests and how much they get for something that just rolls out of a machine.
       So they bought the governors off with kick backs and prepared for another strike of the mother load of profits.

Funny thing is: Biden and his government want them stupid.
It's like their might be some more intelligent beings, sitting in a space ship, up there above your heads, looking down on you thinking, "who in hell wants to talk to these idiot?"
       "If we approached those barbaric animals, friendly like, you know they will want some of our technology and the last thing we want is them to have any intelligence because all we want is for them to dig the gold out of the ground."
       I wonder if there is anyone out there who has even considered that the Zika virus as well as the Sars and Covid 19 virus could have been manufactured and planted on this planet by beings from another origin?
       You never know, someday the observers could decide they want to be the replacement of the modern human driving your car home to sleep in the house that was once yours.
       I think about the long haulers: people who are suffering long after being infected with a mild case of Covid. The people suffering from it complain most about the brain fog. Also about the strange type of brain damage that has been found in the people who have dies from it. I figure getting the opportunity to examine the brain of people who are still alive after being infected with it doesn't exist very often.
       Then you have the defective off spring with small brains being born because of the Zika Virus.

I feel sorry to say.
It's a bummer that our society is so screwed up.
       Back in my day, teenager would know how to build and modify any electric skateboard, that is if they even had the parts to do so.
       The thing that blows my mind is the number of people who presently own and ride an electric skateboard, but don't have a clue to how one would repair it.
       Us guys who build and fly high performance quadcopters will tell you that there certainly not much to an electric skateboard, or electric bike for that mater.

Did Lady Gaga cough up the $500,000?
Don't you think the amount of money she would be willing pay for the dogs, is the very reason they got high jacked in the first place?
You can be sure that they didn't plan on shooting the walker.
The very reason, she got them back for free.
Hell, for a half a million, I say keep them if it makes you happy, there is a whole lot more of them from where they came from.
       But I guess owning a dog wouldn't be so bad if you never had to pick up its shit.

Oh, oh, oh. It was so cool. I was doing one of my quadcopter shows and while flying the third pack, I noticed the pool and hot tub was illuminated. Then I did a manoeuvre or two and all of a sudden it was like some kind of virtual reality acid trip; all the light arrangements had turned on.
       They've got the lighting arranged with different shades of color in different places .
       When I was done, and the lights went out, I thought about the guy in Carlsbad who looked at me as if I was crazy when I said, "you know anyone could set up a Clearview station and record better video than I can get with my goggles."
       Well, folks, I broke down tonight and pushed the button for a camera that will shoot in 2.7 K. I'm wondering if using 60 frames a second has any adverse effects over 50? I realize that many pilots prefer 30 fpm. I'm sure if I looked at a bunch of review videos, I can learn beforehand but I'd rather figure it out on my own, however if you have to learn fast.... It could be something to do with post editing and that is something you'd be wishing before hand. If you know what I mean, Rule 26, let me know,

On Poop too
I find pulling off a good script is only possible if you are in the right frame of mind.
       I've been debating on whether I wanted to continue or not because of technical information that is not easily fabricated. To say the least, by not being aware if tile thickness as well as the gap tolerances, shim thickness and how one varies the other, I'm afraid I'd embarrass myself.
       Maybe tomorrow when I not so tired, I'll pull it off.

Rule Numbers: 4 & 40
March 7-8th, 2021: (Updated:3/9)
       Sunnyside: Good morning Elon.
       Elon: Hay Sunnyside, - got anything for me?
       Sunnyside: Well, I should have asked you to put me in touch with your tile guys.
       Elon: I'm guessing you would like some information, like specs and shit.
       Sunnyside: Yeah,.. I didn't get around to doing my drawings like I wanted and I'd rather wait to say anything about an application method until I know more.
       Elon: You mean you're not going to give me anything?
       Sunnyside: Well as for my preference in the two differently shaped tiles is neither. My preference would be the hexagon.
       Elon: Why is that?
       Sunnyside: Well the brick shape is something they used on the space shuttle, it would be easier to apply, but I think the Hextagon is better suited for the borders, but you still have bottom?
       Elon: Borders meaning the transition from tile to steel.
       Sunnyside: Yeah right. Basically, you don't get stuck with a half tile a little square with one peg in it, -at the most important edges and transitions. I figure the brick shape is obsolete, because the with Hexagon, you can at least size the tile so that you can more likely use about 75-80 percent of the tile mass in the vertical cut up the side and 50% of the tile on the bottom edge. If aerodynamics have any importance, you just trim off the zig zag off going up the sides.
       As for the brick shape you could extend the length of the brick by 50% and give them three holes and do the transition in two and three hole instead of one and two.
       Elon: Yeah, drawing it out in my mind, -the middle hole would inherit a weak spot.
       Sunnyside: That's what I thought.
       Elon: I think your opinion on a perimeter in Hexagon is worth a discussion with the engineers involved.
       Sunnyside: Good, -at least with the Hexagon, the inside field is not filled with the sharper squared off 90 degree corners. The kind of corners that are more likely to crack or brake off overtime.
       Elon: Yeah, the cost of installation is substantially higher, but the durability is what we've got to consider when reusing it over and over. We need to think about the overall the turn around time.
       Sunnyside: Gee, you're lucky it's not like the space shuttle. You don't have to go all the way around the ship to meet up and connect the first and last tile together.
       The circumference is not an issue with the Starship. Since its a cylinder shaped vehicle, most of it will require similar shaped tiles. You'll have to elongate the tile on the nose a little bit, but you don't have to go all the way around the nose cone either.
       Elon: Yeah, its much easier to cover than the Space Shuttle. That thing was full of customs.
       Sunnyside: I know nothing about how much the heat surrounds the ship upon re-entry, but I would suggest doing a little more than just 50% of the nose cone and maybe even the sides.
       Elon: Yeah, there is a few of us thinking about installing a few sensors to find out where the optimal cut off point is, but we're not at that altitude yet.
       Sunnyside: Well, you're likely going to end up ruining a few prototypes in the future, try the cheaper bricks on one and see if nothing else fails on the ship. No sense in trying to make something maintenance free until you have it around long enough to maintain.
       Elon: Hah, -there you go, thinking practical.
       Sunnyside: Once you get a ship to a reusable reusable state, then try the more expensive Hexagon tile and find out if it requires less maintenance. It may be a bitch to install, but on a reusable craft, it should be more cost effective.
       Elon: You know, that is right on the lines of what I was thinking. I think the ability to retain more of the mass at the edges is a good point.
       Sunnyside: Looks like you've got more to worry about than tiles right now.
       Elon: What do you mean?
       Sunnyside: Well for a guy who has so many factories and so many robots, I'm amazed that you couldn't get a few legs on a space ship to fold down.
       Elon: Oh, that. Yeah....
       Sunnyside: Shit, know I'd feel a little embarrassed myself.
       Elon: Yeah, like when you fall on your skateboard when people are there and you don't want to fuss over what you just messed up.
       Sunnyside: Yeah, you just want to get out of there without saying anything, -check for wounds later.
       Sunnyside:I have to hand it to you guys though. The video coverage of your launches are great compared to what I grew up with.
       Huh, where they would Post a picture and call it a simulation while you listened to an audio track.
       Elon: Yeah, huh, huh, I remember them. Like sitting around listening to a radio, looking at a drawing of a capsule floating in space.
       Sunnyside: Say Elon, when are you going to put together a EV kit to install in my truck?
       Elon: Shit, I'm sorry to say, I've got to worry about having enough batteries for Tesla as it is.
       Sunnyside: Yeah, but it sure would be nice to have something we could just bolt right in. Some of us with the bigger trucks need a better choice than just buying another obsolete motorized horse and buggy.
       Elon: You have no idea of how many irons I have in the fire right now.
       Sunnyside: I can imagine and I think you're itching to get back to them about now.
       Elon: Yeah thanks, but I've gotta get going.
       Sunnyside: Well you're welcome, later guy.
       Elon: Later.

We need to Vaccinate.
       Sooner the better.
       The reason being is that the sooner we knock out the virus, the less mutated variances there will be to vaccinate for later.
       We need to get rid of it all together.
       To say the least. The idea is to get a shot right now, so you don't need to get updated with a number of boosters later.
       In other words: I'm sure you would rather not have to get a shot of vaccine for covid every year like many do for just the flew. Or would you rather just get one shot now and never again?
       The choice is yours.
      The risk involved with taking the vaccine is less than the damage covid can do to you.
       Just use some common sense, please.

Just wondering:
About how much Money, Oprah brought in.
       With Harry and Magan as the bait.
       And how much they all made of the interview?
       I figure $50-100 Million since they were able to sell multiple clips of the interview to other networks.
       The funny part about it is I do not care one bit what happens with the royal family. The whole English Monarchy is just a waste of tax payer's money. I like the two boys though, they were just born into the shit so you really can't hold it against them. But it's just not fare to the rest of the people in the country. One family being able to be treated as spoiled royalty just because they were born into, or married into the right family. Just utter bull shit.

Like a tourist attraction
       It appears that someone got organized with a Clearview station and streamed it live.
       Also photos were taken of the loops I put on my board and the next day they were talking about my strap.
       During a gulf tournament I think someone said he watched it with Virtual reality goggles and the back flip into the bowl almost made him puke.
       It's actually something that evolved out of a Matty flip. Nothing new, but new to me.
       Passed on last night 3/6, because too many people and the wind was a little bit much.
       Yeah tell me I imagined it.
       While flying out in the bush,(3/7) I mentioned (with my phone near by,) that I was going to fly the backside.
       When I arrived, there wasn't many people at all on the front side. None the less, when I when to where I was going to fly from; there was so many people hanging out, even the cops were there chasing them out. I ended up flying from a pile of gravel near by, but was a bit too windy to be shooting holes.
       Hopefully, today I'll be getting some 1440 high definition for you all. ND8 filters (to help prevent jello in the sunlight.) are due at then end of the week. Now I just need to learn how to use a video editor; something I'm just not into I'm afraid.

Just think:
My family members getting 1/10 of the attention that my skateboards get.

Think of the times they walk into a room only to discover that people are talking about them behind their back.
       When none of it is good, you can bet a person isn't willing to go out there front door and face the world.
       From what I hear, they didn't even get any money for what they did. They just threw me under the bus because of jealousy. Guess it makes my sister feel proud of herself driving a fancy car. Her Diana Hoober Facebook page shows her Yellow Corvette, but it doesn't even show here face Isn't that weird?
       You can be sure that they've concocted a few good stories to make me look bad as a result of the humiliation. Hell my sisters used to make up stories just to get me in trouble with my parents.
       But can these dark people even feel humiliation or embarrassment? Since they're able to make fun of me, I don't think so.
       They're just plain evil people.

Are you like me?
Rule Numbers: 4 & 40
March 11th, 2021:
Wondering just how many of those tiles they had made up?
The curvature or back side concave is off by 90 degrees.
Yah just can't put them on wrong, they must have to ordered the tiles for that orientation and being wrong is something Elon Musk would rather be less of.
       An expensive mistake if they ordered for more than a few test patches.
       Who knows, maybe they know something that I'm not aware of. (That's what got me wondering.)
       None the less, there are a good number of people going around saying that SpaceX put the tiles on wrong. (No shortage of people who agree with my methodology.)
       Honestly, it wasn't until today when I saw one of the patches up close and I noticed right off the bat that it wasn't the way I would have preferred.
       Well, I know what I'm looking for now.

I figured I'd played out the script and continuing was something that requires some sort of stimulation.
       Funny thing about the whole script is that I never did look at any drawings. If I were to use the wrong names, I knew there would be a few class rooms that would be correcting me and at the same time there would be those who would understand what I was talking about no mater what names I used.
       But then there are those who didn't get it at all.
       That's Ironic isn't it?.
       (If you don't know what we are talking about, check out the earlier post.)

Biden must think we are a bunch of baby sitters.
He's sure got a line of them heading for the border.
How many of from central America will end up in Mexico collecting Social Security?
Come and get it. Free money.
Americans are so wealthy they can support you.
       We deserve the title of the welfare state.
       Fucking giving our money away.
       This is just how stupid we are!

I learned real fast about action cameras for FPV.
You need two cameras; one with a ND Filter and one with Gorilla Glass lens protection because they are stick-on. One will learn this after they see the price of lens filters and protectors.
       They offered insurance on the second camera so I just had to go with it.
       I was supper nervous, so my first 6 packs I was keeping it mellow, but I was running with cyclone props while the wind was blowing pretty good. Third pack cost me $6 worth of G-glass.
       The flying wasn't mush to talk about and it was ment to be more or less a tour of my corner spot. Now with 6 files, I'll have to check out my camera setting and try my hand at a video editor.
       I've got a few things to do, so....
       Update: It's hard to say since Microsoft won't even let you format if FAT32 anymore. Or the camera needs a ND filter, because the video I'm getting is really jerky. I just have to figure out how people even get what they show. As for me, any fast move I make, the video just drops frames real bad.

Bang Bang Bang, shoot-em up.
You can always get more of those nut jobs from the middle east.
March 16-24, 2021:
Rule Numbers: 4, 40 & 51
It appears his religion didn't brain wash him the right way and he turned out to be a barbaric animal. You get that when you are breeding stupid people.
A real good use for a portable guillotine
Just walk him out and get rid of the problem.
       No need to appear in court when they've got him red legged. Just Save your money. Put on a show, and charge admission. Check the side bar for my open source fully automated guillotine.
       Shit load more of them where we got him.
       Shit, let all the flunkies into the country, the government needs a hand at bleeding the American citizens out of all there money.

Only in America,
they will kick out the homeless and take in illegal aliens.

       Sure they say that they've got a new place for the homeless, but ask them why in 3 to 6 months why they threw the homeless back out in the streets.
       We can't take care of our own homeless, but we welcome the children that they dump on us.
       Some people just need their head examined.

Don't you wish?
That they would make it illegale.
       For auto manufactures to make car commercials that have someone racing the car around. For instance, the Mercaidies Bends commercials should be considered the largest violators, making the buyers feel like they are in a race from one signal like to the next stop sign. Believe me when I say that the people who buy these cars drive like there is no other way to approach an intersection without slamming on the brakes. With all the people moving towards electric personal transportation, I would thinks having people run the piss out of their car on streets that have a 25 MPH speed limit one should be safe on a bicycle or skate of or even crossing the street for that mater. Bur then again, common sense has gone out the window and we are breeding stupid people so, it will only get worse.
       I had to laugh:When I saw them putting up 10 ft high barricades in Mexico in preparation for a woman's protest group.
       Animals I guess.

Oh my take on Tic Talk
If a stalker is what you are looking for, it's a good place to start.
       The only good one was the Comedian in a Bikini.
       Just because of some lousy guidelines, other people exploited the stupid rules against her and got her account/channel taken down.
       I just don't see any redeeming quality of talent there, or entertainment for that mater. The rest of them are not worth my time.

I'm beginning to think one way or the other.
Either my computer is too old to run video editing software, or someone has hack my computer so that they will not work for me.
       However, my guess is that it's just too old, (from the new to 64 bit, barely 1080 days.)
       I can view my videos in windows, but the editing software will not run it in both Windows and Linux. (They just skip frames. I'm wondering what would happen if I recorded at 30 fps instead of 60fps. 60fps is more likely too much for it.)
       But then again, I remember the time when I had to buy another prepaid phone because the people who called could not hear me and once I eliminated that problem with a new working one, the problem phone worked just fine thereafter.
       It might get to the point I can only upload raw video to youtube.
       If nothing else, I know I can run it through an editor I have on my phone, clip the ends and at least put some music to it.
       But then again, I think the whole problem is that I'm trying to do 60 fps with a video processor that is only able to do 30. I guess most of the people who make FPV videos take for granted that they have a modern high performance computor, You can bet a better computer make everything go faster when editing videos.

I sure would be nice if my new motors would get here.
I'm running with two 1700 kv motors on front and 1800's on back.
       I've got a couple 1900kv's but that's a lot of moving motors around.
       I ordered some new 1855kv Xing2's about 5 weeks ago and I'd sure like to have them since the 1700's are underpowered for the extra weight of the camera.
       Good news: I just got a stock of T-Motor props. Those 5045c DAL Cyclones were just too noisy and they created atrocious prop wash. Hah, they got little pointed tips that screwed up real easy and they flat out weigh too much.
       I got a bunch of 5147's by T-Motor, but my favourite is 5146 because they handle the wind better, (But 4.7's on 1700kv @ $1.99? and hell I like going fast too.) However I did get some TM 5143's, -never used them but I think they will work real good with 1855 kv when ever they get here.
       Lost a couple VTX's lately. You just can't keep crashing in ICE plant and flying the soak-in-wet VTX.
       You have to laugh: The other day, I crashed and it was so wet, I had to wonder if it didn't bounce out of a mud puddle because it looked like I just pulled it out of a swamp. It looked to be a goner. Strapped it on my back pack and road down to the skate park and let the wind dry it out. Sit it worked later that day just fine but since then, it just proved unreliable.
       Then I gotta say that I'm talking about my backup quads VTX. The newest one went a couple weeks ago, so I ordered one then and now I got two one the way, one from the US warehouse and the earlier one from China. So I'm probably out of commission for about a week unless I want two look through my other old, beat VTX's because I think I have a old one that works, but I'd rather just plug an new one in.
       Update: got one arriving on the 21st. Rule #1 as to I didn't realize just how much I actually fly even though I'm not into it like I used to be. Regardless, It does give me something to do a few times a week and when you can't fly, you wonder what to do with yourself.

On my Skateboards:
Took care of the high speed wobble on my Kit Board.
I put a 2 degree wedge in the rear truck making the 20 in wheel base board a 50/48 kingpin set-up.
       The advantage of originating with 50 degree trucks is that the thicker end of the wedge is on the out side and it raises the motors a bit instead of lowering them when you are coming from a 45 degree truck.
       It's funny how I find myself riding on the ball of my rear foot. It actually helps my bad heal, gives a suspension cushioned ride and its just the way the pro's ride their skateboards.
       Good thing I never got around to the second coat of clear urethane on the 22.5 wheelbase board, because the other day took a good amount of it off.

It's another failure on how to take care of the homeless.
       Right here in Oceanside. 
       (3/20) There is this guy who encouraged homeless to set up their tents on a dirt side walk along side the rail road tracks, just across from Oceanside Boulevard.
       His idea was to make sure they would not trash the place and by keeping it cleaned up, he even got some media attention.
       However, If I was the owner of the Starbucks, right across the street from them, I'd be a little pissed off.
       The failure is that with the owner of Starbauck, the City of Oceanside, law enforcement and the guy who started the whole thing; is that not one of these people though about there the homeless where going to take a shit or piss.
       I drove from one end to the other and did not see one porta-potty in sight. When I got to the east end of the stretch, I found myself down wind of the northwest breeze.
       Do I need to say how the alleyways in down town LA smell?
       Y ou have to figure that there is about 25 people staying there and each person is going to piss out five gallons of urine every week. That would require 2 to 3 porta pottys emptied twice pre week.
       Ask yourself where they are going?
       Boy, when the wind decides to come out of the north, northeast?
      Shit, we're talking about a bunch of flunkies.

It's one way or the other:
Rule Numbers: 4 & 10
March 27, 2021:
Biden is either naive or knows the truth and is not saying so.
Like the nine year old that just drowned.
Biden responded as is he is some naive old lady with an idealistic set of morels to set upon everyone else, at their expense.
       Her mother was right there in Mexico, feeding her child and taking care of her before she put the child on a boat with a stranger.
       The kid wasn't starving, it was just an offspring of stupid parents.
       I figure its just stupid people from Central America who think the US government will take care of their defective children. Not far from them thinking there is just money laying in the streets. If it's not that, they are kiniving people who are willing to us their kids to eventually get themselves into the US.
       I normally wouldn't care, but I also realise just how much these people drain our Social Security and welfare services as the end result, we get a bunch of free loaders. For Biden to even try to make it appear as something as if he has any morales when the patent laws he helped make are snuffing out our smartest people every day of the week.

I met a Guatemalan the other day. I asked him why I just saw an advertisement for the tourist industry in Guatemala and at the same time there are people from Guatemala who say their life is in danger there.
       He replied by saying, "their lives are not in danger there, but they are in danger when they are in Mexico.
       That made sense to me because I realize the competition for day hire in Los Vegas.
       Then I also realize that while they are in Mexico they displace the homeless there.
       When it gets down to it, its all about the free money they can pick up in the USA.

I was wrong about the engines.
But it's whether you plan on landing empty or with a pay load.
       If you are planing to land using one engine, I would think the single engine would be one the belly side, because of the weight of the tiles.
       But if you were returning with a payload and one engine wouldn't be powerful enough and you need two, - so the standing configuration would be the better choice, however I'm pretty sure they plan on mounting more engines once they get everything working properly, therefore I'm not qualified to say anything about it.
       I was also wondering if there was mould made for the curvature of the tiles SpaceX has been using.
       I'm thinking that it is more likely than not, therefore SpaceX will be burning money if they change the tile direction. Shit, if they even left the zig, zag on going up they way I wanted them, it would still look much better than a half a tile sticking out all the way up the side

Yah just have to laugh about it.
Rule Numbers: 4, 40, 50 & 51
April 4th, 2021:
Stupid people laugh about it
and I'm learning to do the same.

There's so many reasons they want you stupid.
       First off, there is more profit in it.
       They want to make money off teaching stupid people, while there are many who think it dosen't cost anything to learn because all the information is for free on the internet and in books, just as Elon Musk said himself.
       But then again, there is a down fall of learning from other people because you learn things that someone else has already figured out and it's not necessarily something innovative and often entrench your though process and opinions. I must say that the benefit of learning from others is that it may lead to figuring out some things that are truly novel but that's not always the case.
       For the most part, I agree with Elon, by saying the education system we have is just a waste of time and money for the truly smart people, but stupid people must learn something somewhere, so....
       For instance, I wasted my time and money getting a GED before going to collage because later I learned that you don't even need a high school diploma to go to a community collage and if I would have known that, I would have just skipped high school all together because I feel high school is just a repeat of what you've learned in beforehand over and over because the stupid people never learn much and just hold back the progress of the smart students.

You have to laugh.
A true sign of stupidity is the people who stormed the Whitehouse on January 6th. They got arrested for trying to "save the vote," yet they didn't even vote in the election.
       Now you've got everyone all worked up over the government of the state of Georgia because of what they did to the voting rights in their state. But isn't it like crying over spilled milk when the national election is built on the electoral college voting system?

So you got screwed.
You got screwed over because you paid Billions of Dollars for the research and development for the Freedom Class Navy Ships and never got to kick the tires or take it for a test drive for that mater.
       You bought a bunch of the Freedom Class Navy Ships sight unseen and you thought they were going to have a top speed of over forty knots.
       They built them screwed up powertrains and now they are only able to go ten knots. Here it is less than eight years later, you're already decommissioning them.
       Know Biden wants to spend billions of dollars of your money on more research and development.
       Well just take a look at the failures NASA have provided you with for the money compare to what SpaceX has done with much less money in much less time, you may understand that the US Government is really good at burning your money when it come to R&D.
       Now Biden wants to tax the corporations for more R&D. But really folks, the Tax increase to corporations will only make this country less competitive to other countries and the corporations will just charge you the consumer for it so you will be the one's who will be paying to burn your own money in the long run.
       Remember, every time the government prints money, the money you think you are worth is actually worth less.
      Its like a hole in your boat and instead of putting a plug in it, they just drill another hole next to it and tell you to get a bigger bucket and bail faster.
      The law makers are all going to be dead sooner or later and it's your kids who will end up wearing the life jackets.
       The $1400 covid stimulus that just showed up in my bank account isn't actually going to make me happy because I know that the Social Security payments arriving in the future may look the same but I know those payments are worth less now.
      The truth is that the $3,200.oo I got from the Covid stimulus checks are simply not worth the devaluation of the dollar we'll experience in the longrun and sure there are some folk that feel the needed the money but I wish we would have never received them.
       Now the Democratic party wants to print more money and make my Social Security payments even worth less by giving away my money to industry that doesn't even need the money and should not get it.
       It's all about the pocket filler the politicians will get from corporations for robbing you of your worth.

Just another barbaric animal.
No, it's more than that.
Talking about that guy who just got out of prison for killing his mother.
He must have liked it in prison because he kicked the shit out of an Asian girl right in front of witnesses.
Sure you may agree that he should never have gotten out of prison in the first place.
       The amazing thing about it is that two men just stood there less than 20 feet away from the attack and did not do anything about it. They ddidn't even go to her aid afterwards and just just closed the door and ignored the fact there was a badly ignored girl right in front of them.
       Just the kind of mindset you get when you breed sstupid barbaric animals.

Oh Yeah:
       On those animals who killed Floyd
       I've heard enough and already know that he should be thrown in prison for murder and his partners should be convicted for manslaughter.
       Is his Partners just getting away with it?
       It's a year later and after 5,000 pages of investigation you are going to spend even more money trying the guy? Well just sending them to the guillotine would be highly effective and save you all a bunch of money.
       You got them all, the Pig, the mother killer and the shooter caught red handed. Just be done with them. Chop their heads off. And if you were smart about it, you could sell tickets to the event and actually money off them. Please don't tell us anything about a guillotine not being humane, because the crooks are not. Just do use all a favour and get rid of the those barbaric animals.

Importing the Covid
      Yeah, you are letting people send their kids over the border and nearly 10% of them are infected with Covid.
       I guess at $50 to $100 a pop for testing all of them every three days there must be a shit load of profit in it.
       I happen to think that most of the testing that has gone on is just a waste of time and money.
       And oh, don't let Biden watch any of those staged ASPCA commercials because he might want to save the last dog too.

I have this crazy theory.
Honestly I'm on the fence about this crazy theory, however it does seem possible, therefore blaming the innocent Asians for the spread of Covid 19 is just wrong.
       I heard rumours that Covid 19 was developed in a lab in North Carolina and the provided a sample to the lab in China.
       I figure that there is a very good chance that the lab in North Carolina would have played around with it for several years and developed a number of vaccines for it. Then they supplied the illresponsible lab in China a sample of the virus and considered the possibility of the lab leaking it. it.
       Once the virus was leaked, the various vaccines may have been sold to the various drug companies. The strange thing is that the Phizer company had never made a vaccine before ended up being first on the market and the US tax payers have been forced to pay Billions to overcome the situation.
       You've got to admit, the spread of the virus has done wonders in the medical industry as far as profits go by keeping the beds full of patents. At the average cost of $30,000 per patents you may wonder what kind of profits were involved in just how many people they may have been willing to let die for it.

Are we all just part of a simulation?
Rule Numbers: 1, 4, 10, 26 & 40
April 11, 2021:
It would explain a lot of things.
Wouldn't it be nice if it was just all in our head.
       Like is it me and I'm the only one who has witnessed the waves get worse over the years.
       The other day I has someone who at one time was a local and is now in Mexico tell me that they think the waves have been getting better because to them it was an epic year.
       I've paddled out just hoping it was all in my head but the piss poor sessions have proven differently to me.
       If we are in a simulation, it would explain religion, God, faith and everything that happens as if it was a miracle. Like the other day Spieth hit a golf ball and out of all the people there his ball hit his own father. The meant to be I guess.
       At this point in my life I'm thinking more about it. Some of you know that Steve Jobs like to read the same book about being in a simulation, about once a year.

Since the election.
Just having Biden being cool, calm and collected was a refreshing experience once Trump was gone. The holiday picnic rumours leading up to election day and fallowing afterwards made me feel a little more optimistic, yet I knew those rumours could also put my life in danger. As the time went by the rumours evolved into ones that show us just how little empathy people actually have. Sorry isn't the word for it.

So you want to pay for it to sit there in piles?
Because that is what you are doing.
Like paying for a paint job on your house but all you got was a few buckets of paint.
You can be sure the painters wouldn't mind.
Talking about the border fence.
       Don't you think Biden should at least close the gates so people just can't walk into our country?
       And did you see all those sections of fence we've already have to pay for installed or not. I'd think people would at least want to get what they paid for. for.
       Now the price of being nice is $23,000 per month for every kid who walks through the openings just left open. I'd say that it is a little unfair for us who find that our own Medicare heath care system could use the money instead.
       My opinion on the new taxation of corporations is that the Republicans should just get the Democrats to settle on a 25% corporate tax rate because from my understanding its more or less the Standard globally and we don't need our industries going elsewhere over trying to pinch an extra 3%. It makes sense because a company from a different country is allowed come over here and set up shop for only 15% so it's just best to keep things competitive right here in this country.
       As far as Biden's Idea of Taxing the rich:
      I'm in favour of it, because up until Regan became president, the tax rates for the wealthy was much higher and they should pay more than what they are getting away with now.

I've been learning about our heath care system.
The US government has proven that it has a difficult time managing things efficiently , but when it comes to heath care, putting private industry in as a middleman is only going to open the door to a publicly traded company making a profit off your heath care. The profitable situation creates a goal that is only good for the share holders and they will withhold the funding that is meant to be use for the heath of our own citizens who me medical help. The result is the too many people never get the help they need because the idea of using a publicly traded corporation spreading out the risk will end up trying to eliminate the risk all together.
       If a government is going to tax its public for heath care, the government should be the controlling factor in charge of the risk because there should not be any profit involved in managing it. People would be served better if the just gave people in their earlier years to pay a little more tax for a government funded heath care.
       As an example, I had a girlfriend who thought it sucked the way she had to pay for car insurance once had she moved to the State of Washington because on the east coast she was able to buy it from the state instead.

Overtime I find myself leaning the other way
I've never been such a fan of gun control, but I think it has been proven that when you are breeding stupid people, it's a good idea.
      Proven is the fact there is just too many people now days who are not capable of being responsible enough to own such a thing therefore extending a background check can only be a good thing because any sensible person should not be in any hurry to get a gun. If you are in a hurry to get your hands on a gun, you are only looking for the trouble you should be getting away from.
We have a problem with those idiots who feel that since they can get their hands on a military style gun, that they can create their own little army.
Like the militant groups that stormed the Capital on January 6th, thinking they can over throw a government in any way.
       They should have realized that the government has much bigger guns and I don't understand why the Capital Police didn't just shoot them
       Just a sample of the stupidity that is out there and they don't need any militant capable guns.
       I think they brainwash each other just a a preacher does to get 10% of someone's pay check.
       Stupid people and their gun industry has created a religion of it's own and once there is a profit in it, things out of hand. Some of the profits made from those guns end up pocket filler for politicians that is why so many Republicans are reluctant to do anything about regulating the industry with safeguards.

As far as Stimulus Spending
       Supporting infrastructure is good for everyone because it is a safe investment. Its something we need to spend money on anyway. It not only creates jobs, but it is just past due maintenance in a lot of cases.
      The improved power grid is a worthy investment because we will need more power once we convert to more electric cars. Hence the need for more charging stations.
       I would like to see some investment of high speed rail systems because you can't just keep adding more lanes to the highways. More lanes just result in more traffic everywhere else causing gridlock on every side street leading up to the highways.
       The thing I'm not so thrilled about is trying to investing tax dollars in R & D by giving money to corporations because in a long run, it makes an uneven play field for the competing companies that don't get the government funding. Need I say that Obama lost a shit load of tax payers money that way. So if you are going to invest your money, it is best to invest it in stuff that you needed to pay for anyway. Like a costumer of mine once said to me about her success: "We always spent our money on what we needed because we knew we could always get what we wanted later."

Custom Stingy FPV Drone frame by Sunnyside.

Can you believe,
it's been over a year?

Rule Numbers: 4, 12 & 40
April 21-26, 2021:
Since I built a new Quadcopter....
I find it hard to believe myself.
       But it's true, I retired the Reverb awhile back and I only have two spare legs left for the iFlight Xl5 frame. Since I don't like their newer iflight frame, I went for the Copy of a Stingy V2 with 4ml legs.
       I did perform a customization to the Stingy by making my own 30mm camera plates in order to extend the lid and I sure like the camera position, tucked down and allowing a 20 to 25 degree camera angle. (I prefer running at 23 degrees.)
       The main components are from the Reverb. It has the Matek 405 STD flight controller and Hobbywing 60 Amp ESC. (Which have proven to be bullet proof.)
       As for the new parts: I upgraded the motors to the Xing2's @1855kv and and I went for the new Foxeer T-Rex CMOS camera.

I've Got to Say I am Impressed:
       The motors are much more notchy than the V1's and they not only have curved magnets, but they also have a channel cut into them. What ever those channels do, I wish they would do the same kind of thing to Skateboard motors because they must be about 20% more efficient and they just flat out HAUL ASS.
       My flight time with the older Xings ran a little over 3 minutes, and now with the V2's I'm getting 4 minute flights, just as I did before adding the weight of the Runcam 5 digital cam.

As for the T-Rex
Right away I noticed the sky being truer shades of blue.
       Just the image alone makes you feel like you stepped closer to a digital image. I got a real good impression, once I fired up my older Xl5 quad with the Predator and right away I realize just how much it looks like a screen of a flight simulator.
       Right away I felt like retiring the Predator in the now back-up quad and replace it with a T-Rex. (But I've already got a retire Eagle2 and RR CCD
       The only thing I'm not so hot about is that Foxeer used a 8m lens on the T_Rex instead of a 12m lens, and finding a replacement for it at this time is unlikely. I should mention that the T-Rex camera cost $45.oo, a bit more than than the $37 for a Predator.
       None the less, you just have to see it to believe just how good an analogue image can be and I don't have to say it cost less than converting to DJI system.

Next on my agenda:
I've got to thump my brain and install the ExpressLRS firmware on my R-9 gear.
       Modifying the module with the resistor is the easy part for me, that is if I want it to be more future proof at 400hz, however at 200hz without the mod is about good as Crossfire is at the moment and upgrading to ExpressLRS has to be better than the crap that is going on inside the FrSky firmware, (-dropping frames and such.)
       The thing I'm not looking forward to is getting the radio ready to run the new open source firmware by up dating the Open TX firmware within the radio transmitter itself.
       The deal is, it's been at least two years since I even tried to upgrade the Open TX firmware and that alone wasn't successful and I just determined that I didn't need to anyway but now I just have to challenge myself to.
       I figure once I get past the Open TX part, the Express LRS should be easy, except for having to take the receiver out of the quad and hard wire it to flash a boot loader firmware on to it. After that is done, installing the should firmware I should be fairly easy. Apparently they have it set up so that it works with a pass through or over the air update method and I should not have to take anything apart to flash flash new firmware to the receivers. To say the least, as time goes by, I hope the developers are able to make it easier to install.

Rule No. 23
When I heard about Derick Chauvin
and his fortunate future.

Talking about the George Floyd killer.
       When I heard the verdict, it brought tears to my eyes.
       I'm sure I'm not the only one who felt that way, however, I know in time Chauvin will get to appeal the judgement and it's not like this thing is over any time soon because they could water down the sentence.
       Believe me when I say the a prosecutor can be just as crooked as any cop and a judge can be just as crooked as them as well.
       Is there anyone else out there who thinks that there is way too many cop shows on television and cops loose their sense of reality because of it? Those egotistic cop show are the wrong kind of thing to have when you are breeding stupid barbaric animals and you expect them to enforce the law that they think exists.

Carver Surfskate C5

Even though they call it a Surfskate,
don't think it will be anything like surfing.

Rule Numbers: 1, 10, 36 & 40
May 5th, 2021:
If nothing else, it makes me miss the good waves.
Crazy as it may seem, I found a new obsession.
       Only if I wouldn't have cut the brace out of the palm of my working man's hand for my remote, or if I would have just bough the wrist braces right off the bat, I would not have spent the first week re-spraining my wrist. Now it's just difficult for me to stay off my board long enough for it to heal.
       If nothing else, skate park skating gives me something to improve on.
       By they way, I did get a popsicle stick and some Independents. (I'll post another day.)

It reminded me of back in the day.
       When I lived in Parkland,there was so many rumours floating around that the only ones you could put any weight on were the ones the kids were talking about. The reason for this opinion was that they would hear the rumours from their parents and then they would take them to the street and compare notes with their friends. Needless to say, they'd come up with conclusions that had a little more creditability.
       So to say the least, this bit is a segue to what I heard in the skate park in Encinitas the other day. It was when I heard a kid say, "his patent lawyer at Seed and Berry stole the patent on it."
       I thought, gee, that agent at the F.B.I. the other day didn't even let me get that far the other day. I'm sure I touched on the fact that the City of Tacoma was trying to help others try to steal it from me, but after going over what Meathead Martin did with the dash cam video the agent was acting like he had enough information to go back to his computer and enter the information.
       Do I need to mention how many times the agent said he was sorry that this all happened to me?
       Yeah, like do I need to go to the F.B.I. to hear what I hear every day of the week?
       With the Speilberg thing and all, I did mention that it was all over the place, but in the end I said that I was pissed off and I wanted some answers out of them. Never the less, just as before I got nothing.

But on the Seed & Berry bit:
I've got to admit, the city of Tacoma and their police department had to have been involved with the S&B lawyer because of the document they stole from my safe deposit box, and do I have to mention the couple in the parking garage at S&B?
       I must mention the time that the City of Tacoma must have sent a Cop car by my place announcing over their PA that Dan Anderson was going to be the richest paint store manager in the country. But then again you would think after my father going to either the military or someone else and my sister going to Ford with the pictures, timing wise was way ahead of the S&B Lawyer, that is unless S&B had an inside job working for them at the US Patent Office.
       All I can say is that they all must have been stumbling over each other trying what was due to be mine.
       But as you can see, none of them managed to do what was right for the invention and one thing you can say is that they all made sure that you never reaped any benefit from my inventions or what my philanthropy could have done for mankind..

Jumping the Gun
Rule Numbers: 4 & 40
May 15th, 2021:
A sure fire way to fill up a few hospital beds.
Rule #4: We've been there before.
       I just don't get why they would do such a thing, but then again, I do realize just how crooked the medical industries are and they do like to make money.

I should have mentioned, earlier:
That I had emailed Carver a couple photos of their workmanship.
       I'm really sorry if you bought one of these boards because of my posting a picture of the board.
       I didn't even mention in the email about the bearing that clicks, or the wheel that wabbles, but I figured that they were cheepo's and I'd just replace them with better after market.
      I must say that when it comes to replacing a hanger, you are stuck with the junk only Carver can provide you with. So to say the least, the board is not worth your time or money and it is manufactured to fail in due time.
       Need I say there must be hundreds or even thousands of these defective boards out there.
       Need I say I got their replacement part today.
       Guess they just look at their spread sheet.

It's late and I've got to get to sleep Later.

Carver Truck Hanger Pivot Defect

Carver Truck Hanger Pivot Post Defect

Carver Surfskate C5

8.5in Shake Junt skateboard with Indy 149's & Bones wheels

Needed something to do.
Rule Numbers: 4, 12, 14, 21 & 40
May 16th, 2021:
Exercise with moderation.
A good way to keep my reflexes up to par.
       It's not like I'm going to be jumping off any stairs or sliding any railing any time soon. My goal is to become a pretty good bowl rider and after a few days into it, I already feel more at home with the wheels under me.
       I've been holding back on just what I attempt because I've been nursing a sprained wrist and just getting through my sessions without having to ice it down is a good day.
       None the less, it does feel good being a little sore at the end of the day and I can already tell that the lower half of my body is getting in pretty good shape. The whole idea with all the padding is that eventually I hope I build up my bone density because the last thing I want to do is go out and brake a hip.
       Need I say I need something to do with my arms once my wrist get better because I notice that I'm not unlike the rest of the skaters with skinny arms. (I do however have a pair of dumb bells.)
       And hey, I met Andy Anderson. Funny how he kept telling me how he thought I was on to something. Good thing I haven't heard him say that to others, however I sure wish he would learn a few other adjectives other than "sick." I admire him so much but I sure wish he would use more variation in vocabulary. But then again, I bet he or his generation probably notices every time a guy like myself uses the word, "cool."
       (8.5" Shake Junt Deck, 149mm STD Independent, 54mm Bones 99a V6 Servold Gone Skating, Riptide Pivot Cups.)

Shake Junt skateboard deck

It's either "Sunnyside" or "Old Man."
       That is what I hear at the skate park all the time.
       I couldn't make two passes without hearing, "loosen your trucks," a few times, therefore I could tell that people have been paying attention to me just being there.
       I like hearing them say, "He's been getting better." (At least I'm not wasting my time.)
       I just say, I'm in no hurry, I'll get there in time, it might just take twice the amount of time as everyone else.

I did have a couple firemen show up.
Of course they were there spreading their child molester rumours.
       Funny thing about it is that it only made them look bad because most of the skaters know that it's just a lie and they can pretty much tell I'd rather not even see any little kids, that is unless they are really good, because some of them just amaze me.
       One thing nice about skating is that it is not very easy to learn and it only makes you feel good about yourself when you notice that you are doing better than others and for a old guy like me, it makes me feel good about myself. I consider my progression as an accomplishment.
       Its sure a lot better than sitting around doing nothing.

      I should have mentioned, earlier:
That I had emailed Carver a couple photos of their workmanship.
       I'm really sorry if you bought one of these boards because of my posting a picture of the board.
       I didn't even mention in the email about the bearing that clicks, or the wheel that wobbles. I figured that they were cheepo's and I'd just replace them with better after market.
      I must say that when it comes to replacing a hanger, you are stuck with the junk only Carver can provide you with. So to say the least, the board is not worth your time or money and it is manufactured to fail in due time.
       Need I say there must be hundreds or even thousands of these defective boards out there.
       Need I say I got their replacement part today.
       Guess they just look at their spread sheet.

It's late and I've got to get to sleep Later.

Carver Truck Hanger Pivot Defect

Carver Truck Hanger Pivot Post Defect

Carver Surfskate C5

$75,000,000.oo buys a shit load
of Diesel and Fertilizer

Rule Numbers: 4, 50 & 51
May 21st, 2021:
But Israel is giving you a deal, at only $40,000.oo to shoot down a Scud
Israel's government owned Rafael Advanced Defence Systems was getting almost twice that much the last time I checked.
       Thank's to Obama, we feed both sides of the war machine and I see that over time, Humus was able to even upgrade the looks of their Scuds to look even more like a missile than just a pipe with diesel and fertilizer inside..
       But then again, by giving Israel $5 billion per year, they need to make sure we get our money's worth.
       But look at the bright side: This year Raytheon Missile and Defence of Southern Arizona just won $149,000.oo contract to help build the missiles to kill Palestinians. No doubt we must keep the market for such things in demand.
       Funny how right off the bat the Israel took out the building that housed the news media in Gaza and would not let the media go into Gaza. ;
       Hell, who cares about a few hundred Palestinians when it's a drop in the bucket compared to the number of smart inventors we are willing to sacrifice every year, let alone the smart offspring we never received.

Dumber by the day,
and just too stupid to do anything about it.

Funny thing:
These U.F.O.s
       It seems that they could care less about the rockets Elon is building.
       However, they do pay attention to our inferior war machine equipment.
       I'd be a little scared about that if I were you.
       But who cares when you are breeding stupid people anyway?

My Shake Junt and Octo-pussy

8.5" Shake Junt, now has ACE AF1 55 trucks's,
54mm x 34mm Bones Servold, Gone Skating 99a STF

9.75 Octo-Pussy with 8.75 Indy Forged Hollow Trucks, Riptide Pivot Bushings,
Now has Bones 56mm x 36mm Ben Koppl 99a STF

2,500 unruly passengers since January?
Rule Numbers: 4, 12, 14, 29, 34 & 42
May 26th, 2021:
The price you have to pay for the stupid people you are flying with will cost you a shit load of air marshals.
Rule #29 & #34 You just have to laugh.
       Need I say any more that the industry just can't grasp why all of a sudden they have a bunch of crazy people on their hands and it's not like airline attendants are willing to police them by themselves. So you all have to pay for the stupidity you are breeding.

So did Biden decide
   to let Ford steal LG's battery technology?

       I see Biden took their prototype for a test drive.
       Online it has been said that Ford plans to use SK's batteries.
       For those of you that don't know: SK received a bunch of government subsidised funding to build a large battery plant for Ford, but they never secured a deal for any battery technology. And get this: to the best of my knowledge, the factory was geared up to use the LG technology.
       So did LG already have a exclusive deal somewhere else, or was it that Ford didn't want to pay royalties for the use of the technology owned by LG?
       Like a bunch of gangsters busting down your door it wouldn't be the first time Ford just took whatever they wanted regardless if there is a law against how they got it.

You just have to laugh
       The other morning, I noticed the young activist from Stockholm Sweden, Greta Thunberg was on a zoom call while appearing on The View television show.
       She was about to comment on the Biden administration and all of a sudden the video feed began to stall.
       Shortly thereafter Greta's video feed began working properly again, but there was no word about what she was about to say beforehand.
       From where I come from, that was blatantly censorship and it only show you just how bias the ABC show is.

I don't think I fit in.
Talking about the whole skate board thing.
       There is a lot of things about the culture that I'm just not too thrilled about.
      Its like when I looked up Shake Junt on Youtube. I thought it was kinna neat the way it evolved, pro skaters getting together with non-pro Skaters, just to make some good videos and a few products to support themselves. But then I ran across one about using some greasy chicken to grease down a curb to skate on. The idiots couldn't even pick up their own trash and left it behind for someone else to pick up after them.
       Another thing about the skateboarding culture is the lack of concern when it comes to destroying other people's property. They have no concern that someone paid someone to paint the handrail they are grinding down. Ruining custom concrete work is something I can't stand either. Just look everywhere, people have to install skate stops on anything they don't want waxed up and black from skateboarders trying to master there tricks.
       I think skating is a great sport and past time, but I feel it has it's place and that place is where it's made for it and it doesn't have to be destroying other people's property, or property that tax payers pay for. Its why skate parks are needed and I think skate parks are a good investment for communities.
       You might be amazed at how many people from other states or even other countries that show up at skate parks. They are tourist attractions and you can bet, any time I'm going near one, you can count on me stopping by one, especially if it has bowels because I'm not one who particularly cars how many times I can flip my board or grind a curb.
       It's not like surfing where you can distance yourself from socializing with the crowd and the more I get to know them, the less I care to hang out with them. That and little kids who don't know how to take turns or look both ways before taking off is why I don't even go to parks on weekends. Its gotten to the point where I only like to go to the skate parks during the weekday mornings.
       Maybe it's just that I've spent so much time alone, and I've learned prefer to spend my time alone.
       I like skating and I like the exercise but it's clear to me that the more time I spend with other people, the more I realize that I just don't think about things the same way as they do.
       It's like meeting a new friend but because of something they say you realize that you really don't want them for a friend anyway. Often it is just the feeling they are just too primitive for me to relate to.
       It's like I'm not any good at small talk and I end up talking about things such as my drones as if I'm an instructor and often they will end up thinking I talk too much. I figure it's most likely because they have attention deficit disorder or something like it because most people will just get lost, which in turn will result in a waste of time trying to teach them anything.

What annoys me:
       . I don't know what it is? I guess if you find yourself in a conversation with Gay man, they think you are interested in them. I met a real stupid one at the skate park the other day. He needed a friend and he only creeped me out and I only wanted to be left alone.
       Some of them are flat out aggressive and if a man made those kinds of advances towards a woman, they would get slapped.

Sunnyside's Skateboards

Propellers for the trash becuase of stupidity

More than $7 going into the trash can because of stupidity.

Just Pure Stupidity,
from the smartest kind.

Rule Numbers: 1, 3, 4, 8, 20, 42, 50 & 51
May 28th, 2021:
Stupidity runs within some of the brightest industries.
You would think the guys that sell drone parts would be smarter than this.
       Some of you know I've been campaigning for a change in the way the industry sells their propellers.
       I've sent emails to the manufactures, the teachers, and the suppliers numerous times over the past three years.
       The last time was in the comments to a Youtube video put together by JB and Rotor Riot, about what is the most annoying things involved with flying FPV Drones.(Funny thing is I even had to explain to a guy who replied to my comment and then he actually realized that I'm right.) .
       I'm right about: that if you run your props in reverse rotation, you will brake more clockwise turning propellers than counter-clockwise propellers and it's the other way around if you run with standard rotation.
       As a result of the industry NOT selling propellers in separate packages of CCW or CW but instead they sell them in sets of 2 CW and 2 CCW together, we end up with waste. Meaning I going to be throwing away perfectly good propellers because I will always end up with more lefts than rights.
       I would like to be able to by 6 packages of lefts for every 7 packages of rights if I want to, but they just don't think that way.
      Like what are they morons or something? What the hell is wrong with these guys?

My Friend Filter:
       In my last post, I mentioned that I often end up not caring about a friendship and often would rather just spend my time by myself.
       In other words, I would rather keep my relationships as acquaintances and not necessarily a friendship.
       Its because eventually there will be a time when people will wonder why something happens the way it does, or why someone chooses to do something quite stupid. In this kind of situation I will usually mention that were are breeding stupid people or just say it is a result of selective breeding stupid people. If that person laughs at it, or say that it is "just the way it is," I figure that they are not my kind of friend and don't want much to do with them.
       And do I have to mention that it's not very difficult to find those kinds of acquaintances? Also I should mention that the end result with those acquaintances who laugh or say that corruption just happens and that is just the way it is, will most likely say that they don't like me. But do you think I actually care?

It's a Good Thing:
Biden didn't let SK steal LG's intellectual property.
       I looked into the question some people online had. I learned that the plan to build a battery manufacturing facility in Georgia is suppose to cost about $1.69 Billion and the government chose to uphold the patent protection on the LG technology and Biden didn't step in and override that decision.
       The end result was that SK and LG settled on an agreement for $1.8 Billion.
       Now some of you may think of this arrangement as costing SK twice as much to build the facility, but one also should think about what LG can do with the money received for the technology they created. One thing would be able to spend the money on more R&D for even better batteries and the another I would think as even more likely is that LG may build a similar manufacturing plant in a different location which means even more jobs being created.
       It end result it a better situation than some company getting away with stealing technology, because paying for the right to use the technology not only created more jobs but even more importantly, MORE BATTERIES.

My Shake Junt and Octo-pussy

8.5" Shake Junt, now has ACE AF1 55 trucks's,
54mm x 34mm Bones Servold, Gone Skating 99a STF

9.75 Octo-Pussy with 8.75 Indy Forged Hollow Trucks, Riptide Pivot Bushings,
Now has Bones 56mm x 36mm Ben Koppl 99a STF

Rule Numbers: 4 & 40
June 8th, 2021:
Bing, Bang, Boom
You've got to laugh at Brad Garrett
       Talking about this idiot who works for ABC News network.
       I saw a clip where Garrett was paid to talk about the gun violence that has been going on and let me tell you that he is clueless.
       Garrett said, "it happens because it is too easy."
       No Brad, it happens because you are breeding stupid people and one of the results of doing that, you get stupid crazy people.
      Then what's crazy about it is people are stupid enough to think that something can be done about it by making more laws or throwing money at it.

The very reason I bought shares of SWBL
I bought some because I know that the governor of Texas is about to sign a bill into law that will allow people to carry handguns without taking a test or training for it. There will be no permits necessary however I'm sure that it must be legal for you to have a gun in the first place.
       As a result of the human race digressing into a more primitive species, I figure that it's a good move . Our maturity is faltering backwards and before we know it, it will be like living in the 1800's when it wasn't safe for your wife to go out into the yard to hang her laundry out to dry without a side arm.
       You can bet the acts of gun violence Brad Garrett talks about are not going to happen as often in Texas as other states in the future because once you have a number of people at public gatherings with side arms you can bet there will be less people who are crazy enough to even try to shoot up the place.
       Kinna like the time when the Crips arrived in Tacoma Washington, selling their crack cocaine. They were quick to do drive by shootings just to eliminate any competition.
       The gun violence and robberies began to get out of hand and as a result it many of us went out and bought handguns and the permits to carry them. The end result of having armed people everywhere was that the gun violence diminished substantially, not the other way around.
       Now California is thinking about reversing their decision on assault rifles. Since we are killing off the smart people and selective breeding stupid people and are too damn stupid to do anything about it, we are digressing into a more primitive state, so the more cars around with those rifles in their trunks, the safer we all are. Not the other way around.

Sometimes I'm Impressed,
but then Not So Impressed

Rule Numbers: 50, 66 & 86
June 9th, 2021:
Talking about skaters.
       Talking about the talent of so many and the challenge involved and the unlimited improvement of my own skills. Certainly something I'll never begin to master.
       I love watching those who have instinctive control of their own talent as if its just a reflex of what is often called muscle memory. Its the human body with the most minimum exterior vehicle. The simplest form factor of just a piece of wood and some wheels attached.
       In a way its similar to surfing to me as how is so entertaining to watch in the natural form, but in contests it looks all the same and when it dose come to contests, it's not a equal playing field because it can't be measured and it's just a mater of a few opinions.
       Then on the other side, is the culture that I'm not too thrilled about. In fact it's just disappointing as I've mentioned before. It's to total disregard of other peoples property that so many of them feel they can overlook without any consideration upon who the obstacle belongs to and how much it cost to have it installed in the first place.

Like the new concrete work that was just installed down at the waterfront park next to the amphitheatre.
       It's all coloured brown and flawless. Unique in design and lacked skate stops other than the design for the park benches.
       Before it was opened up I looked to see if there was going to be skate stops installed before it was turned over to the public and sad to say, it never happened.
       One thing for sure, it only took a few hours before there was wax and blacked aluminium ran over a unique curved curb.
       Yeah, and the kids I asked if he had any idea of how much it all cost to have put in, he looked at me as if I was the bad guy.

Then there was the other day at the skate park.
I didn't want a bunch of keys inside my pocket just in case I'd fall on them so I just put the two keys for my cage on a small ring and placed them in the pocket of my sweat pants.
       Later on that day as I was walking past a bench on my way back to my truck I overheard a few high school aged kids talking about some keys that someone had lost. Shortly there after, once I arrived at my truck I realized that it had to be my keys they were talking about.
       I turned around and headed back to the bench with the four or five that had been talking about the keys. Once I arrived I inquired about the keys, or even worse, I asked, "did you guys find any keys?"
       Maybe I should have inquired as if I had just heard them talking about it, but what amazed me is that the one of them said, "no, what were they to,"
       Shocking was that all of them condoned the lie I was told. Its like the young man was as good as stealing my keys and the rest of them was going along with his decision to keep possession of my keys from me.
       So of course it wasn't the first time I had to change my locks. It's usually the cops that steal them. I guess skater kids are no better.
      Hope he made good use of those keys.

Then there was just the other night.
Rule Numbers:50, 51, 66 & 86
I was down at the amphitheatre, a little drunk and getting some exercise with my surfskate.
I as hanging out with another guy who I used to surf with a few years back.
       We had gotten to know each other a little bit since he had recently bought a surfskate too.
       He was sitting with his cousin and at times I would go down and pump around to get some blood moving.
       I can't remember what was said, but a small group of four teenagers must have made some kind of remark. One that I might ignore if I wasn't buzzed, but I must have considered it another battle of the wits.
       Suddenly one of them said, "someone just took off with your skateboard."
       I looked over and noticed that it was my electric board was gone and so was my friend and his cousin.
       I could only guess the direction they went, so I gathered my surfskate and things and headed off in the direction to the north.
       There standing near the AMT was my surfing buddy, pointing out my board not far way sitting on its side.
       I figure it took the short distance before one of them figured out that trying to steal someone's skateboard while their was at least to video cameras on it, wasn't a very good idea.
      Guess I need a better way to decide who my friends are. Or maybe just considering the times, maybe I shouldn't have any friends in the first place because most of the people I meet, I soon wish I would have never met them. Being alone all the time can very well be a good thing because you can never be disappointed in anyone other than yourself because you can't expect to possess any social skills.

Stories in the News
Rule Numbers: 4 & 40
June 23rd, 2021:
Around here, we've heard enough about the flying torillas.
I say just get over it and mark it up for stupidity at large.
       You can't really do anything about it other than waste your time and money on such a stupid thing to do.
       Those days are gone when people didn't make something out of nothing thinking that they have any morals at all.

Did any of you fallow my lead
      and bought into S&W?

       If you did, your money grew by 40% last week.
       With all these shootings going down, all it shows me is that there isn't enough guns in the right hands.
       Maybe you should think about taking the guns away from cops though. They actually had to do it in Mexico at one time.
       Great Britain dosen't trust their cops with them either and I wouldn't doubt it's because they were breeding stupid people 50 years before we started 25 years ago.

Do you feel sorry for Britney Spears?
       I sure do.
       It's her own father and the judge he bought off who should be sitting in prison.
       He doesn't miss his daughter at all because he's been getting $16,000 per month and getting a percentage of her profits.
       The judge who set the whole conservator-ship up should be dis-barred as well get jail time because you can bet he profited from the whole ordeal.

Talking about judges and lawyers that should be sitting in Prison:
It sure looks like it was a waste of my time going to the FBI about Meathead Martin and the justice system they've got in San Luis Obispo.
       I still get a $1,500 bill every month for the crooked public defender they provided me with.

Yeah, I'm convinced that it was the patent attorney at Seed and Berry in Seattle that stole the patent on my truck.
I can easily understand how he was able to control my supplier of pot, but how he got the justice system in Tacoma and or Pierce Country to work for him is the thing confused me.
       The only thing that convinces me he could do such a thing is that he must have learned about the trouble with the fire department. I bet he even had the fire department doing some of his dirty work. No doubt he had the police department working for him because they saved his ass by getting the paperwork I received from him right out of my safe deposit box. He was able to protect himself and turn me into a felon at the same time.

Their just sizing you all up.
      Talking about the UFO's
       Face it, they don't care about what Elon is doing. They only pay attention to what the military is doing. Some how I get the felling that the government is up to something that they are not telling us about and the extra terrestrials know all about it.
       I think the have the politicians brain washed because they've got so many of you thinking that they are going to change the patent laws back, but in reality, the aliens want us a stupid as can be because they just want us to dig the gold out of the ground and they plan to make cyborgs out of any survivors that are leftover.
       It would be a return to slavery for what is left of the human race.

But then again:
Elon's plan is just a failsafe for the human race.
       I don't think he will ship off any stupid people to Mars, so that's a good thing..

I'm Sorry
Rule Numbers: 4 & 40
June 30th, 2021:
It's is not your fault that the gene pool was so lame.
Like it only took a half hour.
       After 9 days of saying away from the skate park, to let my wrist heal, I had two stupid kids drop in on me and the second made me crash which in turn made the whole nine days of healing go to shit. I don't get it, they actually think saying that they are sorry is going to make any difference.
      Oh well, the stupid kids will probably get hit by a car some day because they are too damn stupid to look both ways, so I actually feel sorry for them.
       Sure they are no rocket scientist and thank God Elon won't be shipping them off to Mars.

Get a load of this!
Because of a stupid adult!
       A whole team is going to be penalized.
      Yeah over a stupid tortillas tradition.
       Shit, tell me of what is more stupid than that.

Donald Rumsfeld dead at 88
Good Riddens!
He should have been dead 50 years ago and that would have been a blessing to all of us because he was nothing more than a war monger. Think about the people who are dead because of him. Think about the money you all spend on killing people because of him.

Oh yeah, I changed servers.
So my other web-sites are down:
       Do you think they will actually give me stats that are real?
       Who knows? I really don't care, I just wasn't going to pay a bunch of lier's the money they wanted.
       It will take me some time, but I do plan to get most of my shit up and running. Believe me when I say that my book is the most important materials and the rest really don't mater.
       Kinna silly when you think about it because I happen to think that most people are just too damn stupid to comprehend most of this shit anyway. Like pissing in the wind if you ask me. Kinna like the kids I was talking to tonight. They sure knew all about God and Jesus and such, but they didn't know jack shit about second grade mathematics. Maybe I should have asked what 3.14 is instead of Pie. ( I seriously doubt it would have made any difference, since the most complicated problem they could come up with for me was asking me to add up three numbers.) All I can say is that someone has been misleading these kids on just about everything.
       I fell sorry for you folks, they are taking you all for a ride. I sincerely think "they" want you stupid.

Kinna Hard to believe.
Alison Mack, a sex slave.
       The recruiting and the branding has been known about for years and it leaves me wondering why to took so long for it all to catch up to her.

One dumb bitch at the tour de France
Let's just hope she has some money.
       But I'm pretty sure the stupid bitch has none so let's just make it up for the stupidity they've been selective breeding over there for the last 75 years.

For those of you who want to get in on the stockmarket.
Through your phone that is:
       Your better off staying way from Robinhood and go with the Webull app instead.
       Robinhood is only good if you can't pay for the whole share, as in something like Tesla that is hundreds of dollars and you only can afford a fraction of the share, (and that's where they get you.) With Robinhood, your money just seems to disappear and they are getting sued for millions of dollars and you've got to wonder just how they can afford that?
       If you can't afford the whole share, you best just stay way from it.
       I've been dabbling in it myself and I'd rather not tell you what I've been investing in because it will take some time for me to get more money into the stocks I'm interested in so I'd rather not run the price up just yet.
       I would advise you not to listen to the meme people on Reddit, because if you are not on it at the very minute things actually happen, you will end up loosing your money.
       It's taken me a few weeks to get a handle on the trading game and I can assure you that my earlier investments have not been very good, however most of the ones I invested in will only take more time to get out of the red and bailing on them early would only amount to losses. None the less, I happen to think that its fun and I'm totally into it.Yeah, I've got it bad but I happen to think I'll get pretty good at it. Therefore within a month or two, I'll clue you into what I've been investing in. To say the least, I'm seeing more green than red at the moment and just wish I would have known what I know now, but I'll be the first to say, I still don't have my shit together about how and when to buy the shit yet. At least I understand what I'm doing wrong. I just need to figure out how to not to be so wrong at the times I'm doing wrong, if you understand what I mean.

Yeah we've got technical grounds.
Need less to say a crooked, or yet just a stupid prosecutor.
       Bill Crosby is walking free.
       Gee, at least the dickhead is blind and he can see how spits in his face.

Someone should tell Biden:
That he should not believe everything he hears.

More Morons of the Day
The idiot who think that sea lions will actually give a damn about fireworks in La Jolla
       Shit, I'd hope it would kill some of those varmints that eat our food. You will never be able to kill the last sealion unless you put a bounty on them and that probably wouldn't kill them all. We've got some Dumb-asses in La Jolla. It would be doing us all a favour if the fireworks would at least scare those varmints away.

Gee, they actually waisted my time.
Talking about Harvey, TMZ and FOX.
      Hell, we've already seen all those low definition videos.
       My lousy Fat Shark goggles could provide you with better images of UFO,s.
       I want to see the rivets or welds on the side of the spaceships .
       Shit they actually took up a whole hour of my time, interviewing four people who actually said nothing that I had not heard at least a dozen times before and giving us NOTHING!
       I myself feel that all governments should turn all the information they have about UFO's over to the public and consider it open source, because the true smart scientist are more likely to figure out the things that the governments can't, and at no cost to the tax payers. Or should I say the human race. But the government is full of greedy, narrow minded stupid people. Or just idiots I might say.
       I think "they" know about the lasers the government have been arming their ships with.
       The question is whether the government has either used them against the UFO's or not?
       I'm guessing they they have not because I know what those aliens would say.
       They's say, you stupid mother fuckers, we were just being nice and letting you dig the gold and copper out of the ground for use and now you want to go to war with us?
       Hah, hah, ha. You loose, simple as that....

Funny thing:
I'm sorry, but I've just got to say we've got too many idots!

Stupid Rules

Stupid Rules

Stupid Rules

Stupid Rules


Woody the wooden dumpster on a Synchro-link.

Dooms Day for Private Inventors
-happened yesterday,
when Obama took his mighty pin to the bill.

My Stupid Movie Idea

The most revolutionary tool box in the world,
sitting in a room of poisonous insecticide

September 2009

The Rumor

And if you want to know more about the local Sheriff who spread phony rumors about me and his drug dealing brother, and even a recording of a drug deal going down you'll have to go to the

The Loop

New: the full version of the story about the fire
the actual book excerpt
Burning Down the House

A few years ago, I wrote about a couple of these law makers at: Poop Bad Law.

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For those of you who may feel I don't have better things to do with my time than molesting children or stalking women, I'd say do a background check on me yourself, because you can not believe anything any cop or fireman will tell you.
       I've actually tried doing a criminal background check on myself because I would love to find one that wasn't true. I've learned that even when they say it's free, that it is not. However, I did find one that will refund your money if you cancel a monthly subscription with 7 days.
Its at:

I'm the Dennis Sattler, 50 in Van Nuys CA, Lakewood Washington, Castic CA

But in reality now days, you only have to fire up a search engine.

And no I'm not the Dennis Sattler in Texas who hid in a closet and then killed his wife. But that goes to show you that if I have done any criminal act such as stalking a woman or molesting a child, just Googling my name would tell you.

Cleaning Out Toxins

Vaccinating Against Measles

Of course we can't forget about those evil little pyros that have some kind of idea that they are hero's of some kind and not just a bunch of kuckleheads that are too damn stupid to do anything else:
/First Responders/
Oceanside Lieutenant Committing Slander

(Unfortunately, this category has to include Lifeguards, because here in Oceanside, they have been proven to be criminals just as well.)


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December 28th, 2012

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