This place is an index to the letters that I have obviously written for no reason. I'll dumping them in this section of so that they can be an example of how governments and public traded companies truly care about the general public and products they sell.

The first one happens to be one I sent to:
Master Foods, the people who provide us with:

Snickers Marathon Bars

The second and third entry  posted to this portion of is the list of things that were wrong with the lemon I bought from General Motors in and the second part which is the letter describing the of a personal experience in a story line. (Then I guess I'll have to include the way I eradicated the problem with an Excerpt from Burning Down the House -later.)

Lemon List sent to GM

Lemon Story sent to GM

While in the Australia's Department of Imagration's Detention Centre. I dealt with a guy who worked as as a go-between, DEMA and the company that was hire to run the place. Bassicly the place isn't run very well and that's because there is more profit in it that way. I had plenty of time to write letters while incarcerated and this one was one that I knew wasn't going to be worth anything during the time I composed it, but I thought it was more or less a good way of telling the guy what I thought. We'll call it the:

Dear Joseph Letter

This letter is more or less a copulation on e-mails and journal entries I provided an attorney with. It states just what kind of Harassment I have received from The Morro Bay Police Department:

Morro Bay Police

The next two letters are e-mails I sent to a landlord concerning the goings on about the garage I rented in Morro Bay. Dear Mr. Spin has a reply fallowing.

Dear Mr. Gary

Dear Mr. Spin


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