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The Letter to GM

Dennis Sattler
6431 So. Warner
Tacoma, Wa. 98409
Phone No.(206) 318-1883

Chevrolet Service Satisfaction Survey
P.O. Box 1788
Minneapolis, MN 55440-8831

Ronald F. Sobrero

My name is Dennis Sattler and I'm writing this letter because it's a requirement for the Washington State Lemon Law. Therefore, I'm sending this letter asking you to repurchase my:

1993 Chevrolet 10,000 Gross wt.
One Ton Cube Van

Vehicle No. 2GBHG31K4P4135564
Customer Care No. 930781-155
Bought on: 11/19/93
Bought at:      Jet Chevrolet Inc.
35700 Kit Corner Rd. S.
Federal Way Wa. 98003
Dealer code No: 119460

Serviced at:
Jet Chevrolet Inc.    
Dealer No. 119460
and at:
Gilchrist Chevrolet Inc.
5602 South Tacoma Way
Tacoma, WA. 98409-3311
Dealer code No: 1319142


    1. Bad bearing sound in Transmission.
    2. Bad Shifting Patterns operating Transmission.
    3. Leaking Gaskets on engine.
    4. Engine runs rough.
    5. Engine way under powered.
    6. Brakes Lacking power.
    7. Brake's Chatter and squeak.
    8. Brakes Do not Stop if Wet.
    9. Windshield Leaks.
    10. Floor leaks
    11. Gasket Between Cab and Box look like poor           workmanship.
    12. Gasket between Cab and Box leaks.
    13. Back roll down door rattles because of poor           workmanship.
    14. Rain Gutter Seam Sealer looks and is of poor           workmanship.
    15. More than ten dents on the top of the cab.
    16. Paint on back of headrest of driver seat.
          (Paint messed up.)
    17. Computer is not mounted properly.
    18. Bad wire connections.
    19. Undercoating over spray on inside of passenger door.
    20. Front suspension is terrible. (Bad Ball Joints)
    21. Tires are wore-out on front.
    22. Reverse Lights work when they want to.
    23. Poor gas mileage.
    24. Bad oil consumption.
    25. Overspray on Molding on Passanger door            frame.
    26. Under front Grill, body didn't get painted.
    27. Door hinge pin loose.
    28. Brake peadle flutters down to the floor after            small bump in road

Here are just two dozen of the complaints I have on the van, although I could list more, but as a result it could end up like the letter I started about the second month from the time of  purchase. If you would like to read it, I would be glad to send it to you upon your request.
     The letter turned out to be like a life long story about the experiences of owning a lemon, and I thought I would spare you the experiences that I have had.
     I would like invite you or anybody concerned to test drive this wonderful investment.
    Please help take care of this matter. Your assistance would be much appreciated.


The guy the you obiously care less about.

Copyright 2006. All rights reserved. Sunnyside