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The Local Loop is a stange secret public sting operation, hidden from the general public so the parties involved are kept unaware that we are watching them.

July 26, '08: It looks as though Morro Bay is about to lose a good cop. Cpl. Robert Root has applied for a postion with the state's Alcoholic Beverage Control agency .

MB current Officer of the Year,
Tyler Brooks is trying to get a job in his home town of Santa Maria


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September 6, 2010:

Any how, this is how it goes. When it gets down to relationships with a cop and a brother drug dealer, It's got to got either of two ways. The cop is either be involved and aware of the extent of his brother's drug activities or he isn't.

This is the part that has influence substantially when it comes to a third party such as myself.

Is it as you may say big time, or small time and hiding out from the law as well.

If it's big time with the cop involved it could easily become a little bite risky - if I were to say - go to the authorities.

This is because if there is a question that I don't have a clear answer is that the first and only time I ever the Sheriff deputy.

Now I have to say, the guy fooled me,

My good cop, bad cop radar just had to be of the frizz that evening.

I would had to put him in the good category with Officer Root and Moonahand and Bolster in Half Moon Bay.

However, he did speak of helping me with the tweekers if I need some. Still to today I wonder if he was taking about James or his own brother as well. I didn't know he was Branden's brother at the time. But to look at Brandin's lazy eyes, you would be a fool not to realized, he was burned out on something and I wasn't sure whether it was from anymore than just pot, of just addictions from the past.

But then it clicked to me that James and his buddies where out there all night most of the time.
Brandin seemed to know James pretty well because they at least seemed to be good drinking buddies down at the garages.

Anyhow, the first time I saw the Sheriff was at the garages and he had just visited with Brandin and they hugged as the Sheriff hugged Brandin as he left.

The Sheriff walked right past my truck with its boom up in the air as he headed out to his squad car.

Never gave me anything more than a hi or a nod as he pasted by; if that.

But then there was there was that night a few weeks later. I'd just turned off my engine in the Albertson's parking lot.

(Gee, a whole lot of things have went down in that parking lot.)

Anyhow, he had just pulled in a few isles over and was making a beeline towards me.

Just as I would think., with the cop and drug dealer brother, I'm not into a cop dropping by unannounced.

He right away said, "Hay I only want to talk to you. I was wondering What is it with your truck. I see you got some kinna system underneath it in the back."

"Yeah, it's the work truck of the future. It's a whole fleet of trucks in one.....'

"How does it work," he asked.

"Pretty good, I can change beds by looking in my rear view mirror with these two buttons."

I could tell he wanted me to demonstrate my truck to him, but if you know me, I'm not into entertaining people with my truck, and if you are not a friend or a customer of mine, it's just not going to happen espeachally if you are a cop.

"Check out the website," I said, "there's a video of it if you want to see it operate."

He said he would and then he gave me his card and said, "Hey, if you need help with those tweekers you have for neighbors, jus give me a call."

Then it clicked. "Oh yeah," I said, "they are up all night. But you see, I really don't know anything about them. I'm sure they are just afraid of me."

Afterwards I felt kind of bad for not giving him a show, because having a few cops on my side can come in handy sometimes, but.... Ah, rather not. Don't even want to see them or firemen around me around me.

I got bad batteries, no TV and this computer is pooped out for the night. Later

September 7th, 2010:
11:00 PM:
I kind of feel like a fool tonight. For having any concern for others. That is, can you believe no body informed the lady who rents the garage next to me about the poison that just got blown over the dividing wall? She's down wind, and I'm sure some of it got inside her unit because of the 3 inch gaps all the way around the south side.

I knew I might get some kind of strange reaction, but what I didn't get is the lack of concern. It was as if she didn't believe me and didn't want to listen to me. She wanted it explained  it in a Hollywood minute. Then when I did lay it down, she and her co-worker let me know that they had enough of it. I didn't even get a word of thanks.

Gee, numb nuts is the word that comes to mind. They looked at me as if I was delusional. How I wish it was just imagining it.

What is wrong with people. Damn our phones are becoming smarter than us. Some day we will have them implanted in our heads and we'll be so dumb that we won't even realize that we've been turned into Cyborgs. Then some clever person will create a virus and we the stupid people well become slaves. We'll eat the damn poison if they tell us it's good for us.

Yes, it will make you superman, just like in the video game.

September 8th, 2010:
    I wonder how many people think that I'm just making all this stuff up. Well I know you may think differently if I posted one of the recording I got of Mr.B selling some meth, but I happen to think it's best to talk to a lawyer first, because I wouldn't want the evidence thrown out of court for one reason or another and I'm not one to try to get myself in trouble either.

But the strange thing about it is no one has come to talk to me about it. However I'm sure it's because the last thing the want to implicate is the Sheriff's involvement, because they know I can file claims for it.

However, I am posting the letter my landlord posted on the garage door. What this letter means to me is that it states that he personally posted it so that would me that the odds of him spraying the garage down is much higher than Mr.B. Kinna a good thing because I've bought pot from Brandin twice and I would hate to think that he was using that stuff on his plants.
        But I already determined that Mr.G the land lord lives closer to K-mart, and that Mr.B would have been pointed to a safer pesticide by the very people he got his growing lights from.

But for your amusment, check out Mr G's Letter

But I guess the next thing to do is post the email letter that I sent back to Gary and then the bit about Brandin's confession of being told by his brother (the Sheriff,) that I was a child molester. If you are good at figuring out things, I bet you can figure out the date and time frame it happened.

Then there are many people who are quite happy I've kept another meth lab out of their neighborhood.

Also there are people who wonder about me views on marijuana. Well, I for one really don't want it legalized, Because the last thing we need is the tobacco industry getting into it. (which would have it full of their chemicals programmed for addiction.) However I think having 1 pound or less should be decriminalized. (And people on the street say the it should not be a crime to have 50 plants or less.) And the last thing I want to see on my TV is people smoking it. As a kid I would not have even known it existed if it wasn't for the cops bringing it to the Jr. High and showing it to us in 7th grade.

I wish the tobacco industry could be shut down, but that is hard to do when the government gets about $65,000 per achier for it. The only place I think people should be allowed to buy cigarettes is on the Indian reservations. That way if the people really do want it they should be able to get it without dealing with organized crime. And if we where not faced with cigarettes at every gas station and corner g-store. There would be a lot less cigarettes smokers.

As for me, the underground is where pot should stay. I would have never had more than 28 grams if it wasn't for the city of Tacoma trying to incriminate me.

I served 250 hours of community service for pot that was controlled by the city of Tacoma and I met meth dealer who got only 60 hours of community service.  Therefore I was singled out and I feel like I've earned the right to smoke it if I want to.

September 9th, 2010:
    I gotta say folks, we have something special here. We are part of a public sting operation as it is underway at this moment. See the deal is, my water pump has seen it's last days and I had to dawn the respirator and rubber gloves to fetch some of my tools. And of course just as when I wanted to know if either the city or Mr. B was behind the efforts to bring my landlord down on me, I kept my ears open.
  Sure enough, Mr. B is oblivious to what everyone in town is talking about. Therefore it is my duty to try to keep things a little under raps. So therefore, you will just have to be in the loop to keep up with the story.
   I'm going to water things down a bit and make you do a little work like a private eye to keep up with event, because he's going to get his scales today and you can assume he's got more product.

First off is our concern for Mr.B's girlfriend. I would think she would be safe because his garage is up wind from mine.  And shortly after I rented the garage, Mr. B was grinding away on some of his artwork with me working next door on the Caddy Trunk. I got pissed off because the grinding dust was coming over the wall as well as around it. So I got on his case and loaned him my electric staple gun so he could staple up plastic along where the openings are. Also I took strips of wood and blocked of the openings with them from my side. So I doubt if any insecticide even got into his garage.

So the name of the game here folks, is we sit back and let the guy get comfortable. Make him think he scared me off and I no longer come around. Odds are, he will set up his lab just a couple blocks away from an elementary school. Not to say he would be selling to any of the kids there, but you know the laws. But you got remember, he thought he was selling to a child molester so you can be he would sell to just about anyone. And that's where we can let the professionals do their thing.

Anyhow, it seems to me that druggies kinna live in their own little world and what goes down on the Internet has no concern to them. Let alone the crazy MyStupidRules web-site.

And for you who think I made all this stuff up, well just check out the WAV file at

September other, 2010:
    Sure I'm a little lazy this morning, I'm just not in the writing mood, so I think I will post the e-mail letter I had sent to the landlord (that is before I realized just what he had done.) It will give you a couple clues as what when down on August 22nd and 23rd.

I sent this E-mail to Mr.G on September 3rd 2010

Letter to Gary

I senNNow if I'm really lazy, I'll post the letter he sent back to me in response. I'll be the first to say that it isn't much, however, in a way you can tell he realized he had done something wrong, but he sure wasn't about to tell me about it.

Maybe I'm wrong here folks, because no government official has told me a damn thing, but you figure it out for yourself.

Boy I'm used to putting on a stinch once in awhile since I'm homeless and has battery problems once in a while, but I have to apologize to the folks at Morro Bay Coffee for today. I'm pretty sure I drove people out of there. Just one smell of my arm pits - after I take a shower, I know there must be something going on here.
        I'm sure the Pomegrante juice has something to do it. I've been putting away more than a half gallon per day. I'd had one waiting while still finishing another. Not to mention the other antioxidants I usually take. I'm one smelly dude right now and I'm wondering how long I'm going to smell like this. It's probably good that I know that my body is flushing out the stuff, but I still wonder what kind of liver and lung damage I received.

Pretty unfair when they are suppose to serve and protect and yet they put your life endanger. Rule no. 4,  I new something like this could happen. Some guy  how has had his child molester, turns around and thinks he's doing everybody a favor. Pretty much what happened here.

I heard that Bradin found out though his girlfriend today. But I don't believe anything I hear until I do some of my unconventional fact checking.

Until them, things will remain in the Loop as the journey goes.

See here, all the fun is over for now, I could be telling the story about August 22nd and 23rd, but I gotta go stomp on some of those pesky adds right now.

September 12th, 2010:
    According to the plans I had made a few days ago. I was planning to write out the contents of one of my recordings. But if I spent my valuable time just as I' spend years before in my book 7 or 8 times, I'd be living that hell all over today. I want to spare you and myself most of all. But that big "However," word I just hate writing so much because I just can't find a word to replace it.
  However, I'd like to mention the funniest stuff that is on one of the recordings. Is how one of our key witness, said I was disorganized. The fact that the two refer to my Caddy Trunk as a trailer and the use of it in the letter from Gary points to where he got his information from.(
I know James Rockford.)
     The funny thing is these guys were talking about a couple trailers they use. A long one and a short one. The thing that is funny, is that one of the fenders just got damaged. And then his customer was talking about the fact that a trailer had jacknifed on the road somewhere. (
I don't know what more to say, but I just happen think that its just got to be about the funniest thing I got for you on those recordings.

But having Bradin tell me that I'm a big nobody on the 22nd has got to be up there too. At least my response to that has to be - Yeah, I'm the one who can make sure you never set you ass down in the seat of one of my trucks. Huh,huh huh.

September 13th, 2010:
Hasta la vista Martin. I hear that the strawberry's are ready for the pickins. (Wonder if in all that training he has had; if he ever learned Spanish. If I know theses guys well enough, boy are they going to have fun with him.)
          Yeah, over the last week, I've had more people who I don't even know wave to me. There were a couple young men along side of the street who seemed quite glad of the accomplishment. Kinna makes Morro Bay that much nicer of a place to be..


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