Michaela Wesson, was assigned to Section Two in the Villawood Detention Centre
and I had been detained in Section Three for about two months before she got her
hands on one of my Lousy Books; a security guard who happened to be her friend had been reading.
Just as the guard, Michaela liked the way I wrote and had her friend introduce us.
Since there wasn't many english speaking people there, we kinna became friends.
Michaela helped me get my hands on the letter Dr. Dillion handed to the
Department of Imagration. To say the least, we were both surprized.


Michaela Wesson has sort of an unconventional personality in a way.
At least a little eccentric because I learned that she had written a poem
about me over the time that we had known each other.  
             I wanted to get her permission to publish it because I would
think she owns the copyright to it, but the argument would be if she wrote it
on the Australian government's time, then I would think it is a public document
even though I know it was meant to be personal between friends.

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