Madison Avenue

Rule Numbers: 9 & 10
March 31st, 2017:
What a crawk of shit:
The commercial by the International Fellowship with Christen and Jews, for food boxes.
       The commercial created by the organization with Christen and Jews in the title, asking for $25 for a box of food.
       And you have to laugh at the mention that their government is having to spend too much money on fighting terrorism and can’t afford to feed their poor.
       Hell, they only spend $75 million per year for defense because the US Tax Payer pay them over $5.2 Billion in aid for their defense, which is equal to more than $600.oo for each Israeli citizen.
       That is equal to two food boxes per month for each and every Israeli.
       Don’t you think the US Tax payer are investing their money on the wrong thing?

On that commercial promoting flex tape:
       Tell me that they didn't buy two boats.
       They just ran the tape down the middle of a perfectly good boat.
       And a grit type grinding wheel will just load up with aluminum and won't even cut very well. It would have had to be cut with a carbide saw blade and you'd be crazy to put one in a hand grinder, so you can bet it was actually cut on a table saw and they just fastened the two side together with a steel bolt which threw sparks just fine with a grit type grinder or cutting wheel in the hand held grinder.
       In the olden days, we called it trick photography.

Excellent Car Commercial:
Talking about the babe in the black and white Bikini.
       You've got to admit, she's got all the bumps and curves in the right places.
       What ever she is doing, she is doing it right.
       They've got he from two different angles, but wouldn't it be nice if they would slow the commercial down?
       Only if I had a pause button on my TV.
       Maybe they should go back to the editing room and see if they've got a few more takes so they can come up with another commercial. Dec.2016

October 3rd 2012: I love seeing these Chevy commercials where the guys smears his hand through the mud on the hood of the truck and expects the salesman to do the same.
  -And the salesman fallows through.
       I'd say get out of here you moron!

April 21, '10: Can't stand the GM On Star commercials. The last thing I want in my day is to experience someone else's traumatic situation

January 3, '09: Mc Donalds have been running an add with a Russel Brand type British rock star bit.
    Gee, what a poor example of a rock star Mc D has shown the kids of this country. Bad taste is the word for it.

November 1st, '08: One thing I can't stand is grown men whinning and crying. Like in the Jack in the Box commercial. The to guys being pushed in a double baby stroller. You know the one I'm talking about.  
I don't know who on Madison Ave. came up with that one, but it sure makes grown men look like a bunch of pussies to me.

Feb- March "07:
I've got to say, I'm a little bit tired of the BK's small hands commmercial. (It weirds me out actually.) I've always thought that their burgers were small anyway. And their onion rings suck.

I've gotta say this new Carls JR. commercial were the boyfriend has the chili burger all over his face, sure sucks, because a nice looking girl like her should be smart enough to get a better boy friend. I'd say Dump the looser!

Although the Got Milk people have put together many good commercials; this one where the kid feeds the dog peanut butter is about the grossest thing going on TV. Having a dog lick its chops in my face is the last thing I want to see when I’m eating my own dinner. I call it tasteless advertising.

I feel about the same way with the Carl’s Jr. commercials where they have the sound of people biting into their burgers and chewing their fries. Then the narrator says, "Don't bother me." Well, the sound of their people eating -- sounds like someone eating with their mouth open -- THAT BOTHERS ME.

Carl’s Jr. has a new one in Aug.'07 that I dig. We'll call it flat buns. Check it out at YOUTUBE

About the coolest commercial is the Mountain Dew commercial with the bouncing gulf cart.

I don’t know about you, but every time I see either president Bush, or a car commercial -- I change the channel.

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