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Obama's evil promises

Can you actually believe this guy?.

United States money to kill for

Tightwad Netanyahu
Rule Numbers- 66

March 2nd, 2015:
You can bet the only reason he is here to talk to anyone is that his country is a bunch of freeloaders who only want to spend $75 million to defend themselves because they got the United States suckered into handing $3 Billion per year to kill their neighbors, destroy their property and steal their land.

I wonder if he will get voted out and whether the next prime minister will be owned by the United States Defense Contractors as well?

putin playing chess

And what is this?
       Putin's little war game has killed 5,000 people on the last 6 mouths and that is sociably except-able?



Obama vaction cartoon

I guess you heard that the First Lady is a Tranny? Obama-a-man-proof

Obama wants to  blow things up for profit.

I bet Obama is good at blowing things up.

I'm wondering just how stupid an American Military Intelligence be?
Wondering which way things will get played out, if it hasn't happened already?
Please tell me what happens.
Rule Numbers- 3, 19, 36 & 80
September 18th, 2014 -more of this at Obama Poop

putin hot meals cartoon

Just think of the radiation Putin just left behind

Putin just took it on his own to think a little more radiation isn't going to do any harm. And no one seems to have any concern that he is planning two more nuclear bomb tests in the near future.
       Hay, Putin! Didn't you know that the only reason you are still alive is because every one is still digging the gold out of the ground?
       Before you go screwing up the Earth, I'd think about the real bad guys from outer space who will come and take it away from you before you screw the place up, you moron. Playing your little war games could get us all killed, you included.
       -September 16, 2014 -
       Update Sept.18th: I think Japan's screw up is doing enough radiation to have to live with for the all of us I'm sure.


More Destruction of Construction
Rule Numbers- 12
September 13th, 2014:

john maccain death and distruction cartoon

You can always count John McCain in on another war


Obama with the big fat check book

Gee, how much more can you let a guy screw things up?
With your Money?

More War Machine
Rule Numbers- 10
September 9th, 2014:

Obama catoon giving money to nato


Putin tweeting Obama


Cease fire means more bombs


Obama's way of getting stupid voters

I guess it makes more sense,
-if the planes were full on the way back down?


netanyahu taking money from the USA

There is a lot of profits to be made in $3 Billion every year?


Netanyahu with machine gun

And how many rounds per minute is it good for?

Hillary Clinton with Bill

Just think, Obama is getting kickbacks from four wars fellah

Hillary Clinton asked for a padded cell with no sharp corners in it.

Her laugh made me think of her as Philus Diller in a padded cell.


Hillary Clinton asking for more medication

Would you like a drink with that?

     *Sunnyside's truck had just ran out of fuel.
Too bad because officer Martin was still on the beat and Sunnyside's truck was stuck in the middle of the road and while Sunnyside was going for help. Martin took it up to have the Synchro-link towed.
      Sunnyside didn't have the $165.00 to pay the city let alone the money to get it out of the impound yard. Being about $500 short, Sunnyside found himself trying to sleep in the bushes without hardly any cloths. 
       Yes it finally happen, just the thing Sunnyside had always feared. He was looking for a soft spot to bed down in the grass.*

Sunnyside Thinking to himself:
    What do we have here? Super Smart Phone. What the hell is it doing here?

I wonder who's phone is this? Oh my God.

Gee, wonder what this Super Smart phone does?

Hum...... Calls placed, calls received. Calls taped. Calls Taped! he said out loud to himself.
Gee, what do we have here?

Ring Ring Ring.
Page: Yes--
Howard! It f

Ring Ring Ring.
Howard! Its for you.
Howard: Hello.
Chris: Hi Howard, it's Chris Mathews.
Howard: Oh hi Chris, how are you doing.
Chris: Hey, I just heard something about you talking about that inventor guy.
Howard:What about the guy?
Chris: Didn't you know he was off limits?
Howard: What do you mean?
Chris: You can get blacklisted for saying anything about him and I just thought I'd call you to let you know so that you don't get in any trouble.
Howard: Chris, why don't you just shave off that comb over, go down to the local Tattoo parlor and have some baseball threads put on so we can call you Softy.
Chris: Click.

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is really a man proof

Speilberg's Lousy Page

Obama's Poop


Another thing I wanted to mention
is that they just made it legal for members of Congress to make profits in the stock market from insider information. Something they had made illegal back in 2004. So much for stopping the corruption they say.
     I've got a bit of information about the defence contractors profits I'll try to post tomorrow. And get this, just by cutting defence budget by 11%, it is saving the tax payers 4% of there annual debit. Gee, that means if they would cut it by 55%, that would equal a savings of 20% of what we are suppose to hand over to the government. Now you have to ask yourself: do you need a killing machine that bad?

morrobaynews info sign

I've decided to post an old log from my stats I saved since the summer of 2007.
It's from the:
US Treasury Department.  
Executive Office Of Asset Forfeiture

I take it's the Office that has everything to do with damages the government pays out in law suits. And boy did they spend some time reading the good stuff. 
      Funny: on the same day I got a visit from the CIA also.
August Stats  enjoy.


Obama's Lousy Page

January 2008 thru April 11th, 2012

2008 campains & elections

Bill Clinton mud

Over the Hill dirt

Bad Lawmakers

Busted Crooks

Reasons why I would not
want to be President


I found this web-site that is titled
Clinton's body count

I'd advise anyone who can get their hands on today's (Jan.24,'12) Investor's Business Daily, to check out page A-3, Gingrich Vs. AlinskyAnd on page A-12, there is an interesting article titled:
      "Obama Flunks His Own Fairness Test."
It mentions how corporate profits are up 68% and the Dow is up 50% but the Median family income is down 5%.
     Do I need to say any more to the 99%-ers?

Dooms Day for Private Inventors
-happened yesterday,
when Obama took his mighty pin to the bill.

Guess what Craps?
An analogy about how I was set-up by Congresswoman Louis Capps with the use of insurance fraud.

Louis Craps

Congress woman Louis Caps

Congresswoman Louis Capps Making millions from the defence contractors by aiding them the efforts to steal inventions from the inventor Dennis Sattler of the Synchro-link by the way of criminal prosecution for hire and using San Luis Obispo as a social experiment.
More info to the story at:


Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger screws over the Solar Industry in California, and Newsweek Magazine still calls him green.

Hey check out this e-mail
I got from a political robot.
Are we so Stupid?

N.Y. Gov. Eliot Spitzer
hooked by
Ashley Alexandra Dupre

March 10-14, 2008

I found this web-site and they actually let me post something on it.

Sept. 17th, '10: 
I've been wanting to.
write this bit for a while, as to why we need to do some kind of drastic campaign reform in order to keep from becoming nothing but a big war machine.
     Got this friend with the sneakiest laugh.
He's an ex- Marine, who fought the Vietnam war.
We watched the Hurt Locker together.

Mr.M. was involved with blowing up POW's that were use as human shield for fuel supply.
I had read all about this stuff in a book by Terry Read who started out as a marine and ended up working for the CIA later figuring out where all these POWs and Fuel Stations are.. (Somewhere - need to find- BooK Reviews)

Anyhow Mr.M somehow found himself in trouble for doing something wrong or another. But the reaction was that the military, used it against him in order to make him do some more crazy stuff that wasn't exactly on the level.
 What ever this crazy stuff was, his wife would not watch the Hurt Locker with us.

What really bothers Mr.M is the fact that a person can walk into a building in Nevada, sit in a comfortable chair, in an air conditioned room, can fly and airplane on the other side of the world and drop bombs on people and watch it all on a TV screen.
A man can do this all day and then walk out of the building at the end of the day and drive his car home to his wife and kids.
"There's just something about that, that really gets me." he said.
                  I hear you bud.


My Synchro-link truck
Check it out at


"Once a government is committed to the principle of silencing the voice of opposition, it has only one way to go, and that is down the path of increasingly repressive measures, until it becomes a source of terror to all its citizens and creates a country where everyone lives in fear."

-- Harry S. Truman,
message to Congress,
    August 8, 1950




How about going to

My Flyer in


September 10, 2010:
OMG, it happened, a lousy pastor with 50 idiots and two web-sites have disrupted our president's day.
And he did it with no Teleprompter. Gee, they must have figured that it would look more like it was from the heart.
I wonder how much this cost tax payers.
I'm willing to bet that the media has paid for the ticket for to take the idiot to New York.

Like I just told this guy,; I'll bet this $1000 computer against you $100 that the media didn't pay for the ticket.

I couldn't get any challengers. I probably couldn't find on for $10          I'm sorry, I had to laugh.

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