Dennis Sattler and his surfboards

My name is:
Dennis James Sattler

I like to play bass guitar, fly RC slope gliders, shaping surfboards and of course I wish I could be building more proto-types.

I don't like writing or creating web-sites, because I think there are more important things I should be doing with my time.

dennis sattler

The local surfers in Westport Washington are the ones who came up with the name Sunnyside.
        Basically: Sunnyside is the name of a beach on Puget Sound and I'd been known to get the name crossed with Seaside Oregon.
         Lee caught me more than once at the slip-up and since there is a "Sunnyside" brand of paint thinner and I was their local painter....
 I was tagged with it.

I was born in Tacoma, Washington in 1960.

My blood is 3/4 German
The Russian part is from my father's mother, who was part of the Larance Welk family.

I happen to be one of three children born in my direct family. I have two sisters. Donna is a year older than me and Diane is younger by two years.

  They say I only have an IQ of 115
I guess the average is 95 and I've been told the 115 puts me in the top 25%,
or above 75% of the average,
or in the upper 75%,
-depending how you want to look at it.

Never the less, the environment I was in, I wasn't even aware I was taking a real IQ test in their lobby were I rushed right through it. (I was too wrapped up into the strangers coming and going, who I suspected were working for the City of Tacoma.)

Update: Since then I"ve heard that the IQ test score was rigged, so I guess it was higher than the City of Tacoma wanted me to know. (I figured from the get go that they would give me any score they wanted to.)

The funny thing is, I never considered myself that smart compared to others.
      One thing for sure, is that sure do wish I was more  intelligent because I've sure have done a lot of stupid things.

I was born under the   Third Sign of the   Zodiac:        Gemini Twins

Height: 5ft. 10 in.           Weight: 165 lb.

Education: High school drop out.
Some college
I consider myself to be a self taught practical engineer who likes mechanical things and have a knack for designing them.

It's kind of funny, about this whole collage thing. There are times when I wonder if I'd be better off with more college education. But when I think about what kind of courses I'd want to take, I realize I don't have to have people to tell me what I need to know, because if I need to learn something, I just learn about it on my own. I don't need someone to hold my hand and quiz me to see if I learned anything.
     I find that it's quite simple to learn anything I need or want to learn. My problem is just finding the time to do so. As for now, I'm trying to learn optimize my web-sites.

My Mother

Supplements for Better Health:

I don't know if I'm setting any examples, but after seeing how I'm able to battle with a wave and a difficult one to knock down, some of you may wonder just how I do it and what kind of supplements I take.
       So I figured I'd some day put a page together and somehow hook it up through my profile page and with Health & Environment.
       So here it is:

Supplements for Better Health:

Vitamins for good health.

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Organized Religion:
Someone else's retirement,
and an Evil way of justifying War.

My Theory

One of the things I haven't ever figured out about girls is why do they scream? I'm willing to bet it was one questions the Beatles must have asked themselves many times.
       Reguadless of what ever reason, I've settled for thinking it is just part of the way they are wired. I figure woman are wired a bit strange because of their natural desire to reproduce.
       I figure it must have everything to do with how much they care for their pets. When they have a kitten or puppy in their arms, they naturally want to nurture it, because the similarities of babies. (I think a lot of men have dogs for pets is because it's a good way to meet a girl, that is if you don't mind an apartment that smells like five cats.

I have often wondered if I'd ever find love and raise a family like everyone else because being a rambling man with rumors to fallow, the odds have been against me. However, it's not much a concern at all now days because it's not what I want to do with my time.

After all the crap I've had to go through in the last two decades, my social skills aren't the best because I've found myself alone most of the time living a solitary life and much of it confined. This in it's self has made me too independent to ever wrap myself up in someone else’s life ever again.
       Maybe the best way to say it is that I want my life and not someone else’s.
       I figure that if I ever get in a relationship again, you can be pretty sure she would be either a musician or surfer, because if she wasn't, she would probably end up saying I wasn't spending enough time with her.

Now I'm at the point where I can say I wouldn't even want to think about raising any kids with the way things are set to fail. The only one I want to worry about is me and what I want to do with the rest of my own life.

It's kinna like "they" have taken almost everything away from me. One thing they can't bribe, threaten or buy off is the ocean and there will always be a few waves left for me.

I'm not one you'll find sitting on a bar stool, unless there is a band playing. I don't hang out in bars to drink and meet people. I'm not really into small talk and I get kinna bored talking about the weather. I'm not one to carry on discussions about your dog either.

One thing for sure this web-site sure has changed a few things. It has given me hope because it has given me a voice to be heard world wide and along with that come the power to stick it to the bad guys.

Another thing-

My Mom & Dad


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