My name is:
Dennis James Sattler

It took me 54 years to truly figure out why so much Evil has been placed around me.

Once I figured it out, there was some relief for me,
   -the understanding of it all and if I'm about to die anytime soon,
-at least I'll know why.

dennis sattler

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I was tagged with it name Sunnyside by the local surfers in Westport Washington.
         But I was chosen by either Spirits or the Higher Power of God is my best guess

I was told the reason for me being picked to be your Sentential was because of my Style.

"Not a very good reason," was my reply.

Quite careless I thought. However, for some reason I told that I'm not one to wear rose colored glasses.
         I'm kind of a a crude dude if you ask me, -for what ever a Sentinel is suppose to be, because I'm not about watering things down so that they are palatable and a low tolerance for ignorance.

After being hounded by those guys in the Spirit world, for some time, (Mark Foo was the first one to make sure I knew they were real,) I decided that I need to take things a little more seriously if I wanted to find out what I'm all about, and of course if I may have any powers other than the flaky clairvoyant ability that I do have.

Strangely enough, I have to revert back to that time in the In and Out in Pismo Beach, when a gray haired man walked into the burger joint and sat down with his back to me and everything went on as if we all had telepathy.

I needed to get out of there fearing that the experience wasn't about to end. It freaked me out and all I wanted was a cigarette.

I had heard later that after I had left he told the folks inside that I wasn't anything special.
       Now after all this time of wondering about what kind of brain capacity we, (the human race,) might have originated from, -I was told it was about 35% and not 50% like I predicted, because I don't think I'm as sharp as I should be.
       However I do get the feeling that a person with more brain capacity is going to naturally take longer to mature, -and it would probably be a similar situation figuring if a person was suppose to live a longer life, that their body will naturally take a little longer to age as well.

Never the less, many of you may not understand what a Sentinel is in the first place.
       Well, to tell you the truth, I'm still not sure myself, but they are suppose to watch guard and they were usually picked for their heightened senses, -being to hear a better than others and see father than others as well, so I can tell you right now, I'm past my prime.

So what about the Bible and God and all?

For some reason I think if God was going to do it all over again, I wouldn't doubt he would have sent Mosses packing down that mountain empty handed.
       I'm willing to bet Mosses was another Sentential and found himself in a conversation with God. I figure that Mosses was probably asking for some kind of rules or guidelines he could pass down to the people he was trying to divert from Evil.
       It probably sounded like a good idea at the time, but what preachers have manager to do with it just plainly got way out of hand.

And my take on Jesus.
Shortly after I was told I was a Sentinel, I was told Jesus Christ was one also.
       Now I'm not one to say whether he was or not, but I do have my own understanding, or opinion about what Jesus was all about.

From what I gather, he was probably the greatest Sentinel of all time because he took on the task of fighting Evil within the human race as Religions were popping up everywhere.
       I bet every priest with a chapel had some kind of belief in faith and tried bestow it on to others.
       You gotta figure that any priest with a few magic tricks up their sleeves were out trying to convince people that they had some kind of powers granted to them by their god.
       I bet the first thing many did as soon as they had enough paper and ink to bind into a book. I figure many of them wrote out tales in divine circumstances, connecting them to a world that people will go to when they are dead. People naturally miss the dead and look on to others who say they are capable of communicating with the dead.
       (Yeah, I know, the local fortune teller down the street pretty much make a living at a profession that is more or less another hole in another religion, -they say.)

I think God my have tried to help Jesus with a few magic tricks of his own to try to help prove that Jesus was the real deal. (like parting of the seas, -how can you beat that?)
       Well, I happen to think my trick is walking on water, but I'm not the only idiot that can do that.

The way I figure it, Jesus along with God's magic tricks got other priest jealous and just like the Evil Kelly Slater, those priests were into eliminating the competition and they killed him for it.
       I'm thinking that the whole bit about Jesus rising from the dead was a big lie.
       I say this because if Jesus was anything like me, - some sucker kills me, I'mm come back to haunt him and drive then crazy until the commit suicide.

And if that was the case, I bet if Good granted Jesus the opportunity to return, he would probably stay underground and not get noticed. I bet he would just live a normal life like any other man that walks on this planet.

Another thing:
       I think that line they use, "Jesus did for our sins," is a bunch of crap.
       I figure that it's only common sense Jesus died because of our, (-their sins actually.)
       Heck, they pounded nails through his hands and feet an nailed him to a cross. And if that wasn't enough torture, they put a sticker bush ring over his head.
      That's Evil and that is a Sin.

Evil is is a Curse
Kinna like an addition to Alcohol or Drugs

They say Alcoholics have a Disease, but it and Drug addiction can't be found with a Microscope.
       It's the same kind of thing with Evil. Hollywood teaches it to us every day.
       I wouldn't doubt my own sister was influence to embezzle money from some Crime Investigation show. Half of what is on TV is murder investigations. It's the dominant form of entertainment the folks in Hollywood think we are interested in and they produce it in outrageous numbers. Then you wonder why you have so many sickos on your hands.

They got you all so stupid, the lines that divide reality and fiction are blurred.
       The only time it matters whether it is fiction or truth, is when it happens to you.

She's got me wondering myself
At the time I wasn't paying much attention. I was rounding a the corner and she was sort of a Hispanic looking woman, amongst a few others being quit similar
       She either thanked, me or bless me for what I'm not willing to say at this moment.
       To say the least, it was a comment you would remember if someone said it to you.
       Then you put being a Sentinel on top of that and it's a down right serious statement and a little bit too strong of a statement for this sorry ass to even want to comprehend, understand or want anything to do with.
       But the bottom line is the lady put a sense of pride in me that I can't deny.

Well get this: .
       I'll at least let you know what I heard about that lady from my spiritual guide or as I prefer to call my Angles.
       All last night and today they were saying that I had a visit from Mother Teresa, and somehow these spirits want me to believe she was a Sentinel.

Now I can see just by her accomplishments, she very well could have been.
       The problem I'm having with it all is that I've been getting these ideas upon how religion is all a hoax.
       Regardless of the mater, no mater how wrapped up in religion she was, she did a lot of marvelous things for people.
       Believe me when I say it doesn't seem to make anything any clearer at this time at least, - just more confusing.

Update May 9'15: On this Mother Teresa, I'm suppose to be up in the air on it because like I said in the spirit world, it's like a blind date, I can't be sure that the voices aren't imposter's.
       But I'm leaning to thinking Mother Teresa may just have been, because I hear people claiming she had sensitive hearing and would often complain of noise.
       Kinna tips the scale a bit.
       Never the less, I get the impression, she wasn't as much wrapped up in the Bible and the Catholic Religion as much as most may have been lead to believe.
       I think she was more wrapped up on her duties to God as a Nun to look over the poor.
       I get the impression that she just used the Catholic Church as her source of funding. If you need money, to help the poor, you've got to get it from somewhere. From what I read, she had the ability to get it from more than just the Catholic Church.

Another thing to think about. Would that mean that there was at least two Sentinels who walk the Earth at the same time?
       Boy if that is true, what do you think the odds of another one say, - a female, 25 to 35, and happens to be walking around on Earth right now.
       Well at least the odds would be much better if it was true now wouldn't it?

With Mother Teresa being 50 when I was born, the odds would dictate she would be 5 years old.
       Mother Teresa may have figured everything out early and just decided to save herself the trouble of looking for a guy and just became a nun.

Hooking up with Angeles is not exclusive:
May 10th , 2015:
Hooking up with Spirits 101
It's been a couple years now and I've noticed the communication continuity seems to come and go. And as I mentioned before, I was trying to determine if there was any reason for the inconsistencies.
       One of the first things I thought about was whether it may have had something to do with the time of year or even the position of the Moon.

And now I think I figured out my problem with it. I happen to think my Dad set me straight.
       It's all about the radio waves generated by the brain. The very waves that the brain operates on are also involved in telepathic abilities.
       And just placing my cell phone on the kitchen counter instead of my night stand made all the difference, -I think.
       See, the deal is: I think over time I've realized just how rigged my phone is, I've become discouraged in even carrying it, or even checking it to make sure that battery is even good, or even if the phone is on at all.
       After last night, I think I got a message from my own father that the Spirit world is more than a little up-set at the use of Cell phones and wifi. They can't compete with the radiation given off by the radio waves generated by them. Even idle, the phones will send out occasional pulses that just throw shock waves through everything around it.
         I'm no longer leaving my wifi on unless I'm actually using it, and I'm going to keep my phone at least 4 to 6 feet away from me now on.

If you want my advice in how to get some Good Angles for yourself. It's really simple actually.
       Just don't do anything Evil.

Doing anything Evil is only a turn off to them because who want's to be a follower of an evil person when all they can do watch the humanoid be evil.
       Angles want to be around people who are not only good but interesting.
       Tell me of how interesting a person sitting in front of a video game all day day after day is.
       Tell me of an Angle who wants to set there and watch you text on Twitter all day.

Oh yah:
       Apparently at least one of my Angle had taken Niacin in his day. He did his best at getting a message to me that the needly effect and burning, (like on the reddening face,) is a good example of what radio transmission and cell phone radiation feels like when a spirit is too close to it, while trying to exist amongst you.

I've also got the strong impression that scientist have only touched upon what inherited genes is all about.
       Like the whole idea of trying to clone me or finding that magic gene that is the key to intelligence.
       Well, let me be the first to tell you that there isn't any. And even if you did, the radiation people are subjecting themselves to only alters the very DNA that they are trying to copy. Sure the body has some of its own ability to correct itself, but it can't keep up with it, -especially when the body is subjected to radiation being generated so close to it, (or as they say, hot spot.)
       Dumping nuclear radiation into the ocean and then swimming in it is not such a good idea and blowing it up in the air we breath will only cause mutations, and those mutations would and will result in defective offspring and a defective society, physically and mentally.
       Just think about all you pregnant women out there. You will give up drinking and smoking for the heath of your baby, but you bombard your body with radiation from you cell phone and wifi. And you wonder why your kid ended up wired wrong.

Ok, ok, ok,
I stand corrected:

May 12, 2015:
Not 4 to 6; they want 10 to 12
Man-O-Man was I hammered by my parents.
       I guess they get shocked by the pulses of cell phone if they are any closer than 10 to 12 feet away from them. And everything works better if they are closer to you than the phone is. So if you don't have that thing 15 - 20 feet away from you....

Anyhow, one of my suggestions, on a large scale is to advise people to make a point of turning off their cell phones when they walk into their church next Sunday.(Everyone, -off completely.)
       This should be taken seriously as a radio wave free zone. If people have their Bible on tablets, make sure the wifi is off.
       The Pastor, priest or ministers need to think ahead and make sure they can go old school with corded microphones and even the projectors either go manual or the old school hardwired foot switch. Remote control wireless anything should be allowed inside the congregation.

Some of you may be surprised that I'd be saying, go to church, but I'm not partial to using the Church, -just as Mother Teresa did to make something work.
       And you have to admit, if you think you want to hook people up with the Spirits of Loved Ones, I can't think of a better place to go or a better place that says you are thinking of them.

Just think, your loved ones who have been dead, can't live vicariously though you when you are on a crowd, or you have a cell phone or wifi on.
       They want to experience your life with you but they can't because you put a boundary quite similar to a buried wire boundary for a shock collar for a dog.
       Your cell phones are keeping your second thoughts, your common sense, your general consensus away from you. You have less consciousness and less ability to figure things out.

It's like you are trying to hook up to a wifi connection to spirits, but the cell phone signals are like the car running with its spark plugs and electrical system is screwing up the signal.

I'm willing to bet that thousands of you took the lead and just turned your phones off when you went to bed last night. And I bet that thousands of you were either visited or contacted by your past loved ones.

Hint 102: Since it is usually a one way conversation, you should ask your questions and say your bits while you are awake and think your loved ones may be around to hear. You'll just have to wait for your answer.
       Sometimes you may get an answer while you are awake, but I usually get mine as I slide into consciousness when I awake in the mornings.

MSR Controlling the topic of discussion:
Rule Numbers- 25, 35, 38, 41, 44 & 55

May 13th, 2015 -posted 5-16:
A few days ago, the word on the street was, "shooting yourself in the foot."
       Then the next day it was,"old school."
       And today it is, "Nobel Peace Prize," and last week anyone that has an authority in organized religion was telling people I was crazy.
       Get this:
       Now if they are not, old school next Sunday, they are being told that their parishioners will find another congregation that is.

I wasn't so please to hear the report the News media spread around yesterday. Goes to show you just how much they know about.
       Anyhow they talk as if Christianity is down and said atheism went from 16 to 20% .
       I think atheism probably rose because of all the crap the Catholic Church has put into it all with their nut job priests, bishops and things.
       I happen to think the word Christianity is being considered as much as a way people describe their Faith in God. And all of a sudden people are even using the word Faith even more often before. So we people of Faith are not even considered in their figures.
       As many of you know already, I'm not so hip with the Bible, but I'm not one to tell you what to believe and what not to believe. I think hooking you up with people who are already on the other side are the ones who should be telling you.

And on the Nobel Peace Prize issue:
       I don't really know exactly what it is, but I sure do hope it comes along with a bunch of money and not just a stupid pin to keep on the fire place mantel that I don't have.
       I think I've experienced or should I say witness the identities of the recipients over the years, and from my opinion, they are probably something actually bought and given to someone to someone who can bring in more money in return. (Like selling an Emmy to the actor so they can make $5 million more next year, but the Academy that grants it to the recipient just a 33% cut of the $5 million dollar increase in salary, for doing the same comity show. (Get it? Just like Hollywood.)
       Never the less, if Mother Teresa got one,
       -I figure I should get one too,
      -no mater what it is.
       Got a dumpster I can keep it in with the rest of my junk.

Right or Wrong:
May 22, 2015:
To be honest with you, I'm flat out tired of hearing how I'm right all the time.
       I want to know what I'm wrong about and it kinna pisses me off when I don't.

The thing I've been wanting to know all week is how the Church folk faired last week end.
       About what percentage went old school and how much it helped getting others hooked up with loved ones who passed away .

I get the feeling the spirit world enjoyed it where they did get rid of the radio transmitters. But the sad thing is I never heard much about it on the humanoid side.
       But what can you expect really when the Carlsbad Cops began creating the topic of discussion most of the week.

Anyhow, it also sound like there were a couple suicides within about a week. There have been so many and it's something I'm not bothering to count or even want to remember.
       I'm just glad its something the spirit world has to do with and not me. I feel I don't have to be so critical on my judgment of someone whether they are good or evil. I just let my army of Angles all figure it out on their end.
       I figure my Angles make better spies than me, since the evil criminals can see me coming. And of course, -in this world, you are not going to find out shit if you don't have any money.
       (Well, maybe there are my collage boys who know how to hack a phone too.) It should make a person have to think twice if they think they can pull one over on me.
       With my Angles, my Boys on the ground and my Style, -I'd think at least three times as much.
       No doubt it would sure put a bad taste in the mouth of many of us.

And like these surfboard guys who e-bayed board among other things:
       Tell me of anyone who has has a decent surf session around here lately.

Oh, I'm not sure it the word on the street came from myself talking on the street, or as I was hoping it was from others hearing from the spirit world. But I'm pretty sure I've never posted it before.
       What I'm getting at is that it's my impression that God put us all here on planet Earth as an effort to create a Hybrid. I think it was either God or my Angles that gave me the idea that he took colonies of humanoids from different planets and planted us here hoping we would get over are difference in color and inter-breed.

You gotta figure that not all planets that are inhabitable, have the same environments.
       And the species of humanoids on each of those planets eventual evolved with mutations that make them more susceptible to the living conditions there.
       From what I got from it all is that God plated colonies of humanoids with equal brain capacities hoping that there wouldn't be any dominance between the races.
       I get the impression God expected conflict over the differences of color of skin and placing certain breeds in geographical areas more closely to similarity to the ones they came from on other planets was one the strategies involved.

From what I get: God was trying to come up with a Humanoid that would be more susceptible to more variations environments on more planets.
       Another way to put it is God was trying to come up with a human that would be more easily placed on more planets, meaning: better suitable for interplanetary travel.
       Another idea that came to mind is wondering and hoping it would make us better suited for an after life on another planet.

All in all, it was a good plan, but from what I gather, there are at least three major challenges in the whole experiment that made the whole thing go sideways, and that side something that God isn't so happy about.

And from what I gather, those three challenges that must be over come is Evil, Greed and brainwashing Religion.

I stand corrected again:
Word of a Grim Reaper

May 23, 2015:
Strange how the people on the street heard about him probably before I did.
       None the less, my Angles pretty much made it clear to me that they had nothing to do with the Suicides.
       I got the idea that God was involved and I also got the idea that God had his own Angels that take care of that kind of stuff and from what I've heard, a person or two has had a visit from God's Angle and somehow people have referred to the Spirit of those visits as the Grim Reaper.
       I don't know what to say about that, but I will say that I don't think my Angeles are into doing any dirty work, (I think they've mentioned that before.) However I will say, I don't think they have any problems with informing God about Evil ones that should be eradicated.

I'm sure many of you may be able to relate the the feeling I get. It's like your parents had left for an extended vacation and left you behind with a long string of babysitters while they were gone.
       no buddy checked to make sure you were doing your home work and you partied every chance you could.
       Now they just pulled in the driveway, and pulled your report cards out of the mailbox that hasn't been emptied in weeks and now you have to come up with something to say about the red wine stain on carpet and the cigarette burn on the couch.
       And think of me as the last of the long string of babysitters and they just so happened to come back on my watch.

For some strange reason, I get the same strange kinna feeling that God has been away at some far off galaxy and hasn't been aware of or able to do anything about what has been going on on this planet.
       I get the feeling he had left this planet behind with a few Sentinels to look over it over the years and some of them weren't so successful at doing their job very well. And now that God has returned, the shit hit the fan and he's taking names and plans to clean house.
       Apparently he's put a few names on the Grim Reaper's list.

Gotta Visit from God:
Didn't notice a thing
       June 11th, 2015
       I'll be the first to say, that I don't know what they are actually talking about, but maybe it's a good thing, because those kinds of things can put chills down my spine.
       Well maybe I noticed something for a second, but it was probably because it was a mind out of body experience and I just wasn't aware of what was going on.
       Never the less, plenty of people did experience something and they seem to think it was a visit from God.

Strangely enough, between the fragments of rumors, along with a few of the messages I received from my Guardian Angles, I've pieced a few things together and realized there are a few messages I need to relay on to the rest of you so you can make your own judgments upon the information.

Some say one thing; I say another.
       Right here is where I can flex my modesty..
       Like there are a few who have the assumption that you all may not be here right now if it wasn't for me.
       Well, how you may look at it and say it can be considered in a number of ways.
       However, according to me and my Angels: I get the idea that you have to give the credit where it is due.
       I happen think that the people who showed up to Bath the Bats a couple winters ago saved our asses. (At least for the time being.)
       I get the impression that it was them that God decided to give US all a chance at survival.
       Those people who showed up to work in those ammonia filled caves proved to God that there was one Sentinel who had some kind of influence on the masses, enough so to make a difference.
       Those people are the ones we all owe a bit a gratitude to.
       Thanks all you Bat Bathers,
       From MSR - Sunnyside.

Kinna like Santa Claus
The list of Good or Bad, that is:
       Put it this way: that God has too many things to worry about to even know who most of you are.
       To God you may be just another Worker Bee to the Mother Queen Bee of the Bee Hive.
       There are so many Worker Bees that the Mother Bee doesn't always have the time to even assign a name or even a number to each bee she raises.
       Some got numbers, and some don't, -that's just the way it is.
       However, if one of the bees do something wrong, or bad, that bee will get assigned a name or number and put on a list and on that list will be a couple columns, one for Good Things, and the Other for Bad.
       Now if a worker bee does something Good, often the Queen Bee will put that worker bee on the list and make a mark in the Good deeds column.
       I'm sure you understand where I'm going with it , but there is one thing I want to make clear.
       The Mother Queen Bee created all the Worker Bees, so therefore she loves all the Bees whether they are on the list or not.
       However, the Mother Queen Bee, may not be so sentimental if a Worker Bee has too many marks in the Bad Column, because when the Queen Bee is out to solve the problems in the Hive, she may clean house and get rid of the problem ones .
       Kinna the same thing with God.
       There is nothing wrong if God doesn't have a number for you or even know who you are, -you just don't want to have any Bad Marks against you, that is if you have any columns at all.
       I for one, would naturally not want to be on any list at all. Like one of US who realizes that just going unnoticed is a mighty fine way of keeping a job sometimes.

How to get Good Marks 101
Just leave it up your Angles:
       Just as I've said before, is that you've got to be a good enough person so that Spirits will want to live vicariously through you.
       You do Good Things, those Spirits, if good positive ones will have a way of letting God know, even if it's only just putting a Good Mark after your name.

Who gave God his name?
Rule Numbers- 26

June 6th, 2015:
Did he name himself? What if that wasn't God back in Pismo? Then there isn't anything telling me that God is even a man if he wasn't.
       Then who even gave God his name? Did God get his name by assumption, like someone giving a name to a planet. In the way as naming a planet influenced by the name of kind of humanoid that came from it. (As I talking about naming a planet last week.)
       I guess one could check the Bible to see if the name God was even spoken, before Jesus was born.
       And why dose everyone go around saying Jesus loves you and not so much God loves you? Some talk as if they are both the same? The line gets blurred between the two of them if you ask me.
       As for my opinion, the two are entirely different.
       I can see where one should praise and worship God. But if Jesus was just another Sentinel like me, then I would have to say Jesus is one who should be appreciated and admired and honored, not necessarily worshiped, because I sure don't think people should be worshiping me.
       None the less, if I were someone else, such as yourselves, would appreciate and admire and honor any Sentential, and I don't think a Sentential is to be worshiped. (Like don't you think some would like to be able to retire or at least get a vacation once in a while?)
       As I said before, I think of myself more or less a baby sitter. All I can do is try to keep you out of trouble.
       Maybe in a way, I can think of myself as an Angle in Human form, but nothing more than that at the most.
       But really, do you actually think screwing over a Sentinel is a good thing to do?

Had this idea floating around in my head:
And thought maybe it is suppose to be come kind of message I needed to get out:

July 8th, 2015:
Let's just say I'm bull-shitting you.
       I'll willing to bet that God will demonstrate the message I think I have from him.
       Maybe it's just a crazy idea I consider up in my head upon how if I were God, I be trying to gain control of what ever control I had on it's people and the environment they live in.
       Since you say God gave you free will, then I guess you could say that he is not able to make you do anything.
       But if he is so powerful and he created everything, this planet and all of us. Maybe he has some control upon the planet, or at least some control of the environment. .
       Like the idea he could make storms worst or better. Waves big or small. The wind and lighting. And don't forget about tornadoes and those kinds of things.
       Now what I'm looking at or thing about is in interest of what kind of natural disasters they had in China.
       I figure mostly earth quakes. But I wonder if God can even control or even create earth quakes. I think it would be easier for God to make a tornado than an earthquake, wouldn't you think?
       Never the less, the only kind of natural disaster that necessarily take thousands of live are usually storms from the sea which is either created by wind or earthquakes.

What I'm trying to get at: Is how would God Send a Message to China, by killing off massive amounts of people.
       The message being that God dose not like the idea of the Chinese, killing their own people off with the pollution the create from burning coal for energy. Let alone a harm it does considering Global warming. Coal is the major contributor to Global warming and China has not made sufficient efforts to get away from it, -and that must change.

Australia is also known to produce more pollution per capita from burning coal than anywhere else in the world.
       I can see how God could easily control storms in the northern parts of Australia. It's been whipped out before.
       How could God do the same kind of thing to Japan for being careless with nuclear generation plants and not getting rid of them all together? And how could God make that message with out them creating even more of a mess with radioactivity?
       I guess the message he would be creating would be one, -you mess up my atmosphere by providing energy to your people, I make sure there are less people to make energy for.
       So after having this message idea floating around in my head and dominating my thought processes for the past few days, I just figured I'd just write it out there for you all, and maybe it will go away and leave me alone.

Something tells me that if China dose not do something about the problem this year. Next year will bring what they need to fear about.
       I think everyone in every country should be getting creative upon how we could create Brownie Points with God.
       Figure like Rule Number 36: the more you do to be gentle on his planet, the easier he will make it for you to live on it.
(And you would have a good argument that it had to do with something you all did yourself.)

And if you do not stop feeding sharks:
They will be jumping out of the water like the one on the news, -just to grab you while you're leaning over the side of your boat.

In Good Company
July 22, 2015:
Oh yeah, -the other night.
You know, the night before I went to Jail?
When I was playing some old Beatles songs, cord for cord, like I'd actually learned their songs for once. Well I had this guy tell me that he had wish he had had a gun in the draw in the foyer, for use when answering the door when strangers would come knocking at the door.
       He was ambitiousness like Andy Irons when he wants to make sure I got his message of his big regret .
       I think it is safe to say that I have a George Harrison in the house.
       I have to say I had about the most fun I have had in quite a while. Good company.
       I'd invite him to join in on the fun with me any day.

I'd say better than a 50% chance.
That I got a Message from God:
And you know, God may be a bit more like you and me than you might think.
       I don't think an Angle would even say what I heard, -therefore I wouldn't doubt it was God himself. (Update: Now I'm pretty it was Jesus, giving me a message from God.)
       And for the first time I think I saw both Andy Irons and Mark Foo hunched together as a pair of whitish looking Ghosts, as passed them by while coming to Sunday morning.
       They looked like two body images and I didn't get enough time to exactly get a real good look at their faces; never the less, I still knew it was them.
       Both were able to squeeze off a line as I passed by.
       They said, "Don't worry about him,"
      "Will take care of them."
       Just after them, just off in a distance, I heard another voice say, "tell him God said, fuck you!"

I got a strong impression his score card has had quite a few bad marks in the past already. I assume he's stepped on a few others just to get where he is today.
       He's a bad dude and I'm sure God's Angles knew it for some time.
(And apparently it was his time to go.) it.
       From what I hear on the street, is that my prayers were answered and Judge Trice killed himself too.
       I begged God to give him a number with the Grime Reaper just as I did with Mr. Lock-n-cock. I said please put him on the Reaper's appointment schedule. And I said there shouldn't be any judge like Trice punishing the victim to because of the crime of someone else.
       Good Reddens to both of them.
The world is a better place without them.

July 23rd, 2015:
And as I opened my door this morning,
to put on my wet-suit....
A voice that sound like an old girlfriend's, told me, "it was Jesus."
Now now I have second thoughts about who's voice I heard Sunday morning.
       If Jesus was a Sentinel, I can understand why the voice would even say such a thing.
       Needless to say, I'm just delighted to know that Jesus does actually knows who I am and I love the thought he even would want to hang out and care about me.
       Knowing he's with me is knowing I have some good friends.

Nine Dead Bodies, left behind this year.
August 29th, 2015:
       Good thing I never counted and I'm clueless as to who most of them are. I really don't want to know, nor do I care. .
       Update: well I guess ten, good thing I don't know the half of them. Kinna like the woman who say they want to go out with me, my Angles block the names out so I won't know. I guess that's a good thing.

Three Part Plan:
Rule Numbers- 3, 14, 21, 34 & 85

August 29th, 2015:
Summarizing what I said this morning.
       My Mission here can be summarized in three main goals I must achieve before I will consider myself successful. Furthermore, "not limited to," I must add.

# 1 We must eliminate radio activity:
We need to get rid of nuclear generation plants and weapons. We can't win with either of these along with the thought that having radio active generators for communications devices attached to the human body.

My Ultimate goal here is to teach Gods children to use the Spirit world to pass on their messages.
       There is a way of keeping in touch without a cell phones and many of those people have already learned to just leave it in their car and do all the talking or texting once they get back to it and they turn it off when ever they are around it, including when they are driving or even around it. .
       Apparently, just by turning them off at night has given so many people pleasant dreams and maybe even dreams of which their loved ones who've passed away has gotten in touch with them, -told them to do so because I've help them all get back in touch with each other in some strange sort of way.
       We share this world with the Spirit World and we must make allowances for them to participate in our lives.

Our lives need a Planet to Share with those Spirits
# 2 Get Rid of Coal fired Generation Plants
are the biggest threat to the warning of the planet.

So I will eliminating the problem there and then take a look of the list of other Global warning causes once I get a grip or accomplished that.

#3 Getting Rid of Evil:
Talking of quite the broad definition.

       The problem with that Goal, is there is a problem with it being everywhere.
       I feel if we can eliminate Evil in every which way we can, -all the better off we are and things will take care of themselves.
       We cold live the life of no worries and cops could hang up the bullet proof vest.
       But gee, we just had a cop blow away a guy over a box cutter. Heck if I was there, I would have grabbed the closes stick and smacked the guy's hands.

Looking Cool by kicking board:
Bad Idea, doesn't go around here.

       Didn't I say that Angels don't go for any of the sneaky phoney kinna shit?
       This guy must have aimed his board in my direction, and another 4 or 5 feet, -he would have pegged me.
       Yeah, the crowd that would have strung a line from the pier to the jetty , about one for every ten yards, turned around and went in.
       It did pick up to be pretty good rides for all until that guy showed off his ass to us.

September 27th, 2015:
But really,
you know what's been bugging me?

I was taught to not pray selfishly.
       You are not suppose to pray for yourself.
      You are suppose to pray for the benefit of others.
       We need to be Praying for the people in need an not to be grander than we already are.
This is where myself as your Sentinel,
and the Pope are very different.

       The thing the bothered me about the Pope, is that most everyone who actually met the Pope in person said the Pope asked them to pray for him.
       (Boehner as one of many.)
       I would understand it if the Pope was sick or terminally ill, but if he isn't, -I happen to think it is a bit selfish of him and because I don't see it giving him any magical abilities or blessings for others.
       I'm a bit modest and would find it difficult to ask anyone to pray for me. I would think I was being selfish. However I do admit that I appreciate the fact that there are people who do pray for me and I'm grateful for those who do. It can only help.
       But if I was anyone such as the Pope, -I'd be saying please pray for the Refugees and Pray for those people who live with injustices and hardships.
       The Pope has people waiting on him hand and foot with the best of everything available day in and day out and I think he's certainly blessed enough. He should be asking people to be praying for the blessings onto others who truly need them.

November 12, 2015:
Sounds like the Grim Reaper's been busy
Everyday I hear of someone killing themselves.
       I'm willing to bet the pecking order is set-up in a fashion that creates a few nerves to go haywire.
       I bet there are quite a few who are wondering if they may be next, and the waiting for it is the hard part. And knowing that they are going to do it to themselves must get to them.

Got got a Message from God
Or maybe at least some kind of answer to a question many have wondered about:
       I woke up this morning with the feeling that I'd been informed about something people have often wondered. I contemplated whether to saying anything about it but then again, I figure it would be something I may be corrected upon if I'm wrong about it.
       Therefore I think I should inform you that hell is not a place as many of you have wonder if there was a bad people go to.
       Well let me say that in my opinion, God doesn't want to be bothered with maintaining a place for evil people .
       Going to hell is a thing that happens to an evil sole. (They get destroyed for good or should I say their sole gets burned, -from what I gather.)
       Without a sole, their is no spirit left and there is no spirit to go anywhere.
       Therefore I'm guessing that or sole and spirit are more or less the same thing and I figure, and I'm hopeful that having a clean sole leads to the possibilities that we may be reincarnated in one way or another.
       So going to hell just means that just isn't going to happen. Going to hell is just like being spent, over-with, end of story.   Period.

Three birds with one stone:
Rule Numbers- 7, 12, 24,28, 30, 33, 35, 78, 86 & 88

November 19, 2015:
And don't say I didn't warn them
You messing with a Sentinel, you are messing with a lot more than a Sentinel.
       If you are messing with a Sentinel, you are messing with something you can't see, and you have no business with messing around with something like that.

Strangely as it was.
I woke up this morning felling like I had been a participant at a board room meeting:
And I'm not about to elaborate on the participants,
but I've got to tell you I think the Head Guy authorized a few changes upon how things are done around here.
       Did I tell you about the fact that I think the Grim Reaper has been hanging out with my Angles? (Of course not.) I guess they get along just fine, I think he was one of my surfing buddies at one time. It sounds to me they even have a good time together. From what it sounds like, Speilberg and the government killed off so may people around me that now I have about 30 Angles working to get those people who are guilty of such crimes. I think the Guy Upstairs has authorized or has given the ability to a few of them to do whatever it takes to get rid of such Evil. (I may be wrong but I just don't think God has the desire to commit much of his time to such activities.)
       I also learned another thing: I will sure hear about it from my Angles if I hold a cell phone up to my head more than a minute anymore. I guess it shakes the hell out of brain waves and the brain cells burn up like a piece of meat in a microwave oven at the rate of about one braincell per minute. (My Dad told me that.)
       I'm going to have to learn to use my ear buds if I use the phone. Something they say is very important because it is one of my main problems with being such a lousy clairvoyant.
       Also I should mention that I'm told I need to give up the electronic lighters, like the ones for barbe-Qs I use on my gas-stove. I guess the spark mechanism creates some bad radiation for such a little thing.
       I heard somewhere that you can ruin or even use to develop x-ray film now day because the newer films are so sensitive.

January 5th, 2016:
       Got a Bible, or a book of Koran? Then you've got a book of crap; simple as that.
       All those books tell you of a super power: a being that can be anywhere at anytime and be there at the same time.
       Well, if God walked into that hamburger joint on the central coast, I happen to think he was only with us, the people who were in there at the time and I don't think he was anywhere else.

You've gotta figure:
       God isn't that much different than any other human being in many respects.

One way to look at it is: consider the knowledge the human being would have if we could advance ourselves a thousand years from now with the technology we have and not have it over take ourselves.
       I just think of the understanding we would have of of a large eco-system and what it would take of any being to be a creator of such stature.
       I bet it would be a lot less bullshit than those books and bibles will tell you.
       God isn't going to have any concern whether you left the sole of your shoe up or down.
       Our creator is not concerned about religion. Our creator is not concerned whether you prayed this week or not. I'm sure he's heard plenty of Hail Marry's and Our fathers to last him a life time and then some. None the less, you can bet your creator is concerned what you do to the planet we are all living on.
       If you want to please God, you need to show him that you care for his planet and the others who inhabit the planet for their lively hood.
       If there is any rules you would like to apply, as if you were to have any religion, you must please the the Angles and the planet, because the planet is theirs as much as it is ours. You all should show our Angeles that we respect the planet by worshiping the grass we walk on by taking care of it. I think God would rather see you do that because I happen to think he is incapable of saving the planet without our co-operation.
       I can assume that the Planet and its Angles wouldn't mind if you worshiped them a little bit more, because you can be sure they are always with you, so it can't hurt to make them happy.

Religion and War

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Waiting to be Corrected:
April 4th, 2015:
Talking about my take on Jesus.
       I was hoping my Guardian Angles would correct me, but all I heard from them was that I was pretty much hit it.
       And another thing I feel I need to mention is coincidence is the timing of that Religion is someone else's retirement and an Evil Way to Justify War.
       I can appreciate the ambition Jesus must have used to place his whole life into the effort to get people on the right track.

I think it is my place and time to try to tell the youth of today, not to be influenced by any Religion.
       Religion should be thought of something as unique and person, -as yours.
       Religion should not be about words on a page, in a book they say that was written thousands Years ago. And religion should never be a reason to kill another human being.
       Religion should not be anything damaging any artifacts, even if they were created as part of a Religion.
       Artifact should be considered artifacts and should be considered a treasure of past history, and there should be no reason to destroy any of it. (It brakes my heart to see what ISIS has been doing. What ever religion they are teaching, it can't be a good one.)

I figured I needed to write that, -Religion should be something that is inside of you, -connecting you to other soles around you. Your Religion should be your boundaries set by yourself as a guideline to good nature and prosperity among others.

A Sympathy Gesture:
Rule Numbers- 10

March 26, 2015:
I think there are rumors going around that Speilberg has cancer and should be dead in about a year.
       Gee, why couldn't it be sooner. They should have killed the Evil Bastard a long time ago, but I'm sure that the rumors are just a last ditch effort to get people to pay for his new Movie Home due out this weekend.
       I wonder how much he will rake in this weekend.

And on my inheritance:
       Look at all the dead people who when after it.

I'm going to put a new Web-page together. It's going to be titled, My Theory.
       It will be a bit I'll put together for that spirit whom sound like my Mother.
       It will be my unofficial Speaking for God Spiel.
       Whether it is correct, right or wrong, or whether I will pass judgment at a different time and feel like changing something is something I expect myself to do, especially if I feel I've been corrected by the Spirit World.
       None the less, - the bottom line here is that you just screwed over your Sentinel, and that isn't a very good thing to do.
       Nothing good has come form it. You haven't received anything good from me and everything good I've created, you've turned it around and used it for Evil.
       The fact of the matter is that I don't have much sympathy for you.

Asked a couple things but:
April 16, 2015:
I don't know who to blame, whether it was God who made me out to be a lousy clairvoyant, or whether he set me up with Angles who are not so hot at it either.
       However, I did ask them if the Devil is real or not.
       And to my surprise I got an answer back in an unordinary way in a fairly short amount of time. This time it came with an image of whom I'm guessing was Andy Irons.

To be honest with you, I'd have to check because the last time I saw an image of him was about the time that he died, and just like most pro surfers, I never paid any attention to him then before he died, so I can say, I'm not very familiar of what he looks like but I've seen pictures of him before and to my best recalculation it was an image of Andy that I saw.

Anyhow, the reply to my question came quite sooner and much more adamant than I expected .
       It seems like it was Andy putting it right in my face as if it was just part of his passionate personality others would know and I would not expect.
       He said, "Hillary Clinton is the Devil's Daughter!"

Another thing: I was Corrected Again.
       That little statement of mind, "Evil is like a disease you can not see with a microscope?"
       Well I was clearly told that it is a curse. A Curse bought on by the Devil I presume.

How would Hollywood 8%ers even know how to write a script depicting what it is to be a genius.
       It's like a bunch of Hollywood writers, writing a script on how it is being a professional musician working in Night clubs.
       I wonder what those so called Geniuses think of the show. (Probably the same way I think of them portraying musicians.)
       I don't even know how I could even relate to so call geniuses myself. However I've had pretty good relationships with most of the engineers I've met and known over the years.
       I think of myself more of a streetwise person with a quicker wit, -similar in a way to a computer with a faster possessor speed.
       Too me, everyone I meet seems like the older computer with the 700 megahertz processor. Kinna slow and kinna sluggish.
       You can eventually get to the conclusion, but it should have been thought out yesterday, because by now, it's too late. (The definition of Stupidity actually.)

I'm still trying to figure out if God put those flying jelly fish in the ocean or not.
       Honestly, I'm not sure. I guess I'd be even more scared if he didn't. <- July 6,1015


Before I Knew
I was wondering if I was a reject or something. Like a flunky who wasn't smart enough to be born on a planet of 50%er and sent as a reject to a planet of 8%ers.
       But now I have a better understanding and that is I'm just like humans on Earth, before the diminished themselves down to 25% of what they were.
       Its like the human race is worth only two bits on a dollar of what it started out as and now I understand why I will never fit in.
       And I must say that it isn't just the difference in intellect that makes it difficult, it's the exception of evil I can not tolerate and don't even want to be around.

Thanks to God's demonstration of telepathic ability at the hamburger joint, I now understand the situation that much better.
       The human race as gone the opposite of the way it should have gone and now it is already relying upon a Lithium Ion Communications device to do what they should be able to do mentally.
       And the amusing thing about it all is people seem to be fascinated with the idea that they can take an image of something and send it to another.

See the problem with relying upon digital devices is that they can never be considered 100% reliable.
       And I'm sitting here thinking I can't wait until the cars can drive themselves, because the humans are just getting too stupid to perform such a simple task.

Even worse than living in a world of 8%er, is Living in a world of Cursed Evil 8%ers.
       I just don't see how it could get any worse than that, but I see that its's doing a mighty fine job of showing my just how cruel that can be.

I've been wondering if is were to be a game of the battle of good and evil, - what would the trophy be?

Is it , -a Happy Easter?:
Rule Numbers- 4 & 20

April 5th, 2015:
I guess I just don't get; they drove big nails through his hands and feet, tortured their Sentinel to Death, and they make it a Holiday to celebrate such a Barbaric Act.
       Talk about Love Jesus and all, -I don't know how it got all twisted.

I need to thank the Oceanside Police Officers who got a stalking Jesus freak off my ass this morning.
       The brain washed idiot started out asking me if I'd go for a cup of coffee with him and it got up to about a hundred yards and him even offering breakfast before I doubled back and asked, "please get this guys off me," and the Officers took care of him.
       (You wouldn't believe how many guys are on the pay roll at one of those Jesus fest. Kinna like a politician working a parade and having a bunch of security guys walking around in sports shirts, but this guys made it real easy, most with suits and ties, and all of them had name tags. (Whatta bunch of brainwashed fools.) I'd say something else, but I don't need to be giving away any secrets.

From what it sounds like, I've been portraying certain mannerisms that lead a few people to believe I've been influenced by Mark Foo.
       Well thats a good thing in my book, because I'm running a little blind in the Spirit World department, so that means at least I know who I'm listening to.

Some must have figured my little Shark had some thing to do with him and it pretty much does because Mark is most likely they guy who clued me in on them .

I don't know if people realized that the foot print on my board happens to be my reminder of my little brother Leon.
       When I look at the foot print on my Old Quad I alway think of the time Leon told that God must have had him stand on his hands and feet like a dog before he spray painted him brown, cause the bottom of his feet and the palms of his hands never got painted.

My Mom & Dad


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