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Armed with a full Quiver

Kelly Slater is a murder

Kelly Slater is a Murderer:
And he's not afraid of getting his hands dirty.

June 23rd, 2016:
If you didn't know, he killed Mark Foo and Andy Irons.

And don't believe his Slater's video made up of so called fishermen to prove his innocence.

I saw on the evening news that Slater brought in Marks Foos dead body into the shore as if he tried to save him.
But in actuality, Foo got a concussion and Kelly Slater came up to him and wrapped his legs around Foo's waist and yanked on his neck.
       With Andy Irons: while he was passed out, the used a poisoned dart, made from a poisonous frog and stuck it inside his throat.
       And Kelly Slater is known for stealing other shaper's boards and calling them his own.

September 20th, 2012:
Tell us where Kelly Slater was on the 19th.

I'll bet he was at the south side of the pier in Oceanside wasn't he? (Turns out it was Kelly Slater trying to kill me because my sister sold him the rights to reproduce the artwork I made on my surfboards.)

sunnyside smacked in the head for $100.oo

I got over three times by two guys in a half hour. Of course my board nor myself is going to come out of it unscathed.
     Today my neck feels like it's been wrenched over by the knee of a 200 pound guy with 2 tons of water behind it. The second guy may have been just by chance since there are a few crazy one out there, but separating from my board didn't do anything about keeping me from being tangled up with it and the other guy and his board.

Synchro-Quad bottom

I figure the Stoneman has been put out to pasture:
Rule Numbers- 26

If this board can't catch a wave, nothing will.
It ended up being 2 11/16" thick and holds it pretty well.

April 20, 2016: posted on 4-21-15
5'10.5" x 13.75" x 20 1/8" x 15 7/8" x 2 11/16"
       It's got a thick nose, but the tail thins down quite a bit. And believe it or not, there are a lot of people who like the way I left the nose a little thicker on my boards. I guess there are many out there who had broken noses on there boards before. (Like I did once, to a new one, on the second day of using it.)
       On this Quad's nose, it looks real thick because it's actually crowned at the stringer but from 6" back the rails are not any thinker than my old Quad as well as most other boards, and at 6"back the concave starts to happen so looking at it from the side is deceiving. Out the back about at the middle of the from fins it's actually a mild double concave even across, -to a light Vee off the tail.
       The widest spot is about 1 inch back from the center.

Flying Panamainian surfboard

Flying Panamanian #1
Rule Numbers- 20 & 35

6'2" 19-7/8" 12-1/4" 15-1/2" 2-3/8"
       I figure it's running about 30-31 lt.
Don't let it fool you, -its a Graveler

March 16, 2016:
It will probably surf better than it looks.
A good substitute for the Stoneman.
       Could have used it the past two days because it was really sucky out there, but I just wanted to get wet.
       Yesterday was better than today. The problem is also that the tides are too high early in the morning and by time it gets right, the wind comes up.
       The stuff on the nose is temporary; but if it holds up without braking on me, I figure in a month or two, I'll do a cool paint job on it.
       I figure it will be way hotter than that Uni-bag of glue thing I had and should catch waves as good or better.

Since I have the web-site, for info on my boards:

I Guess Angles don't sleep:
Rule Numbers- 9, 35 & 55

Apparently 375's are commonly found in Australia
I woke up in the middle of the night hearing how those Aussies liked my "Wicked," fins.

January 28th, 2016:

Wicked Fins designed by Sunnyside

I pretty much left the base area alone and concentrated on flattening the inside foil of the top 1/2 to 2/3rds. You cans see the ink left behind at the base in the image below.

Sunnyside's Wicked Surfboard Fins

Oh, last night: early a.m. Jan.26'16
Early to bed, but I woke up in the Middle of the night.
       Had the sudden urge not to procrastinate on modifying me 375 fins. They were of the symmetrical type, and had too much grip like those Rasta fins. I had to kick the hell out of my traction pad and depend on it just to do a cut back fast. On weak waves they wouldn't turn and I'd over-shoot the top.
       Well last night I sliced about a .20 square inch sliver, taking the Stretch tips off and I sanded the inside foil down and coming up with something that looks like a bloated EA.
       I probably ended up taking away about .35-40 (10.5-10.6 smalls).
       Anyhow, talk about loose, they're wicked little buggers.
       Can't wait for bigger waves. The surf forecasts were way off; the buoy reports said 2ft @ 18 seconds.

December 6th, 2015:
According to the Golfing community:
I own the patent rights to
the Fish-tail and the Bitch Slap

Wonder how many lawyers do I need to get any money out of those?
       Well, I don't know, -the Fish-tail is something I probably stole from some one else.
       However, from what I hear, my Progressive Fish-tail maneuver, isn't exactly the easiest trick to steal, but I'm sure the Bitch Slap Patent idea would be a total waste of money.   I bet there are people out there stealing that thing left and right.
       If I had just a nickel from every one who wants to use it,    --I'd be Rich.

For more info on the patent rights,
-check journal entry of Dec.5.15

MBM Rest in Peace

For 1200 @ 200k click here
It was a good run while it lasted
Water temp dropping below 70 just after midnight
during the early morning of Nov.3.15

May the MBM Rest in Peace.
Rule Numbers- 99

October 13, 2015:
Other than the dents from the ball of my back foot....
       Other than the ugly mark across the Deck from a longboarder with a camera, it only had a couple dings from myself. If it wasn't for the stress cracks across the bottom, -the board looked as if it was incredible shape for all the miles it had accumulated.
       I think it certainly show me the obvious, -- as to how much more serious bigger waves are, -it shows me I didn't take as many chances at falling down on or off my board and the fact that just a wave snapped it in half tells me I have a right to be little upset when someone's twelve year old kid pulls in front of me when I'm about to launch myself down the face of a wave.
       No doubt it had seen more vertical climb gained per mile than any other board I'd ever owned. The thing knew how to go from top to bottom, and bottom to top.
       It had a very powerful Elevator and could make the Tom Decker in me come alive. Even yesterday I noticed a different comment about my surfing, which was said as, "radical."

Today I added an new element
-to the drop-in sideways on one foot.

I added an early back foot
       Boy of that wasn't a thrill. I found myself doing it a couple times and the second time it had me hooking a bottom turn before I was halfway down the face.
       It ends up being a total side slip, just as if someone had crawled underneath your board and filed the fins down to almost nothing.
       I have to say it probably looked like I was pretty good at it but to be honest with you, it's pretty rare I think because only seen it done a couple times and I don't actually see other people doing it, at least to the extent I was doing it.
       It never fails though: It seems like every session I do, I manage to pull off something you don't see every day. I think that's what makes me very respected by the surfer who know me.
       Never practiced anything, never studied anything, never analyzed anything and never tried to repeat or copy anything, (well, that may be a lie,) and no one had to tell me how to do any of it.

Piled up MBM

For 1600 @ 200k click here

Golfers at the Presidential Cup,
Talking about a Curtain
Rule Numbers- 4, 12, 55

October 11th, 2015:
Talking of a Wave and waiting for a Post about it.
       It was kinna tight just getting into it because I had to duck down to clear the lip to make it into it.
       Like my bottom turn directed me right to the last possible spot to make it inside and once I was inside, all do was think about how narrow they had throwing, so clinging to the wall on them is a must.
       Anyhow, I saw that it was going to close and it was like a little spot was left at the end where I climbed up the wall to get out. I don't know if I ended up going over the top or not, all I can say is at least it was gentle.
       Unlike Friday when: the boey reports were saying three foot just like Thursday and I didn't stop with my cup of coffee to take a look at the waves before paddling out because all I saw was a bunch of kids and a bunch of boards heading for the water.
       My bad was I took my Quad out into stuff that was running head and a half and over, and not the kind of stuff a shit load of rocker is going to let you into unless it's a last split second drop. I also kept getting boxed in by other guys and the start of the session took it over the falls three times in a row. (And those were hard ones; a little like Mohammad Alie to say the least.)
       (I'm sure there was a couple times I could have made a wave but I'd discover some kid sitting in my impact zone.)
       Too say the least, I've been a little gun shy ever since that day. However today it seems like people gave me more room and I actually think I'm getting a little more acclimated to this board considering I'd normally be surfing my round tail ever since I bought it. The round tail was better suited to catch wave a little earlier with having a wider nose and less rocker in it. Where my squash tail is better suite for bigger waves that have chop in them because of the narrow turned up nose. It's the kind of board you have to let gravity pull you into the wave and that generally means it has to be pretty big. The length of nose that sticks out seems like I'm only riding on the back two thirds of the board most of the time. Certainly not afraid of going vertical.

One Wave with Many Faces:
Rule Numbers- 30, 33, 44, 65 & 86

September 13th, 2015:
There wasn't much to pick from, but I hooked a pretty good right that went alll the way in, -with a little help from the Pet Townsend.
       The PT got me to a mid section that raised up and gave me something to pump the Stoneman down a nice line. None the less, there was so much going one in that wave I really can't remember all the maneuvers it took to do it.

Congratulations Chargers for being 1 & 0
It's a Good beginning, -the trick is keeping it.
Should have paid more attention to the game,
however I do have a custom shaped set of fins for the Stoneman to show for.

       I turned a front pair of Rusty's onto something more like an EA but with the increased cant of the Rusty.
       Should loosen it up a little bit because I did make them smaller.

Wrong board this morning:
       It was either hop on something going or just grabbing a shoulder and hoping it would go somewhere.
       All the misses were the one that passed me on the inside but lack of foam was just leaving me there.
       It didn't look too promising from the start, but th=it isn't every day you can liberate your arm movements from a wet suit so I went regardless of how clean they were .
       It was a southwest, just walling up for the most part.

September 11th, 2015:
Took the Quad out but two or three times I must have had seaweed hang up on my rear fins, which felt like I was dragging an anchor.
       The south swells have taken their toll on the sand bars, many of the waves are just mushing out or even disappear.

When will they ever learn?
Rule Numbers- 50 & 51

July 22, 2015:
And I've been telling you all.
Don't feed the Sharks!
       You are all putting us into their food chain.
There should be serious laws to prevent scuba divers from throwing out chum and feeding the Sharks
      It will not be fun after a while; -- when they begin hunting for humans if you don't stop feeding them.

What they are doing is taking away the tame nature of the Sharks.
       Sharks could be as friendly as Dolphins, but if they don't stop feeding them, --we will not be able to go out into the ocean, all because they will begin hunting for us.
       Get it?

Not around here:
They must be tax write offs from another country.
       You know, -spoiled little brats.
       And gee, must I say that they can take this ASA Paul Michall Supergirl Contest and have it somewhere else; --preferably in some other country, anywhere but here because we don't want it it around. We around here are a little more civilized and not so keen on spoiled brats.
       They actually think they can paddle up and take your wave away from you. One will get in your way like a bump on a log some times. But then you can figure out whenever you go for a wave these foreigners work as a team. One will block you and the other will be taking off on the wave you should have had.
       I watched waves I should have caught, --go by me because one would be in my way and their friend would take the wave. I wish they would go back to where they came from.

Congrats to the US Girls Soccer Team:
Rule Numbers- 9 & 26

July 6th, 2015:
Having Lloyd on the team was like having cushion the rest off the game within minutes into the game.
       As I have mentioned before: I think it is a shame that the woman at the pentacle of their sport, are stuck playing on fake grass, which has been known to be bad for goalies, -when men at the same level get to play on real grass.
       That's what we here at MSR call inequality and something woman have the right to complain about.

Taylor Swift is full of shit.
       Had to laugh at the thought that she would talk about how genuine her friends are.
       Her friends only matter when it comes to self promotion.
       Like she had Serena Williams walk down her stage as if he was was a diva..
       When the actuality of Williams is the he is ripping off the woman who play tennis. He's a cheater and what is appalling is that the Tennis Association actually calls him a girl.
       I think they should make him take an MRI to prove he has ovaries before picking up the check. (I think he's balding like a man and waring a head band to hide it.)

Oil Spill near Santa Barbara:
Rule Numbers-

May 26, 2015:
Plains Midstream Canada, was cited for 10 crude oil spills between June 2004 and September 2007 in Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma and Kansas — resulting in a $3.25 million civil penalty in 2010.
       In 2010, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced that Plains had agreed to spend about $41 million to upgrade 10,420 miles of its pipeline, resolving its Clean Water Act violations.
       Since 2006, the Los Angeles Times reports, Plains has racked up 175 violations of safety and maintenance codes; an analysis of federal records revealed that the company’s rate of incidents per mile of pipe was more than three times the national average.
       Now they are saying that the pipe they used in Santa Barbara was too thin and didn't have certain valves.
       Don't you wonder that kind of information doesn't get reported to the rest of us through the press?

Kelly slater murdered andy irons and Mark Foo

On Deflate-gate:
On this Tom Brady thing as you cal Deflat-gate.
       The question that hasn't been answered is did the management or even other team mates know about it?
       If so I think penalties of draft picks would be a good addition section against the whole team.
       Never the less, it was probably something that is common and done everywhere. What I get from the whole thing is basically two things. Just as I figured, Brady probably normally paid his help to set a couple a little extra low. But fear of the rain Brady wanted all of them so he could get more dry balls.
       The second part is where the trail began with a ball keeper getting greedy and was obviously wanting more kick backs in return, and you know how those texting freaks are. They don't know the difference of the power amusements or business.
       All and all, it was pretty much a stupid move, especially when the point spread shows that they probably didn't need to cheat, they weren't even behind.

And oh: for those people considering the point spread as a way of justifying what Brady did by thinking it's all good because they probably would have won anyway.
       But there are a couple of other things to consider when making just a judgment.
       Is all the money people had tied up in wagers and bets on the game. And there are fans on both sides that paid a heavy price to see a good game and a run-away game is never as much a a close fairly played games without any bad referee calls.

Rule 86 -another Mister Pro Surfer:
Rule Numbers- 4, 20 & 86

May 2nd, 2015:
I guess many of you are at the same speed as me, -figuring out that there may be a collision between people trying to steal my wave, me getting pissed off and the wave going to hell.
       All it took was waking in to Smart and Final to hear people talking about how the waves just turned to shit once that happened.
       From what it sounds like, the Mister pro Surfer is the one tagged with the name Collens.
       I kinna knew it was going to happen when it when down.
       The waves weren't that good in the first place, but everyone was getting their share of some half ass decent ones, -and some mister pro jacked up on a couple energy drinks decided that we had enough of them so he was going to take them all.

Gotta Chemistry Pro Surfer:
Rule Numbers- 4, 35, 86

April 17, 2015:
I'm guessing he's from from somewhere else and just visiting or something, -but by a quarter past noon, I was hearing people talk saying he was Chemistry Pro Surfer.
       I'm sure his name is mixed up in the gossip, but even if it was worth mentioning, I'd probubly spell his name wrong anyway, -because he is EVIL.

I didn't like the guy the minute he showed up on the scene .
       Like a guy who is either jacked up on steroids or maybe a couple of those energy drinks. Kinna like the high performance cam my buddy took right out of his car because he sure didn't think the engine would last long with it in it.
       You know the kinna guy, the kind of guy who will paddle a half a foot ball field at full-bore to catch a wave that some one else could be catching, (like a clever guy like me just waits for one to roll up to him.)
       But don't get me wrong; I like a guy who know how to hustle for a wave and I hate it when a guy that doesn't, just sits there, (in my way,) between me and a wave I could be hustling for, and catch.
       But to show up and try to steal every wave possible and then try to bitch out a guy who is dropping in on the shoulder on him is a little greedy and quite foolish if he thinks others are not up to their little tricks in trying to get rid of crowds, (or as we locals would say take over the place.)

Anyhow, I gave him the usual, but with a new Evil Curse bit mixed in.
       But that wasn't enough for the guy. Apparently others heard him say to me, "get out of my way Nigger!"

Well, maybe that's when my new Evil Curse bit kicked in, but the response to him was that it was pretty silly to think calling me a Niger would insult me because I've been called a Nigger Lover in the past, -several times and it never bothered me then.
       I don't know about you, but I always go with the context of how a word is used, and not necessarily the word itself.
       Never the less, -I'll tell you that his use of the word was of the negative evil kind, and I can thank him for warning me that he is Evil and I will from here out treat him accordingly.

Rule Number Eight
Got a Pro Surfer Rat today
Rule Numbers- 8, 33, 34, 65,65, 78, 85 & 88
November 3rd, 2014:

Ripcurl pro surfer saying Evil prevals.

Sorry, I didn't supply the larger image with a click this time.
       I left the file at 101k so you have to zoom it on yourself.
       The Rat went out without a leash this morning and his board ran over my head.
       I told the guy he should be more considerate .
       He came back with "tuffshit, I'm a professional!"
       I came back with a camera.
       Can you believe the message he has written on his board?
       (People around here have been saying, "not around here.")
       Guess he one of those guys who pull in front of you so you quit paddling for the wave, from what I hear.)

I found this line on the CI web-site:
       With the support from his sponsors Nike, Creatures of Leisure, FCS fins and Channel Island Surfboards, Nat has traveled the world to compete for a place on the elite ASP World Tour amongst the best 32 surfers in the world. (CI had put a phrase in there saying he was doing it for America, but I wasn't about to let that line brainwashing you into thinking he gives a damn about anyone else.)
       The word on the street says this guy isn't even liked upon his own kind because they say he served up his buddies a few drops of water from a sewer ditch in Thailand. R-85
       And my buddy Mark insisted that he did the same thing in Portugal, and I can understand how people would put two and two together and figure it out the second time and not so much the first.

Officer Hoovers buddy the Rip Curl Surfer Rat

Hoover said he had three calls on me.
       Well it would have been even nicer of him to let me get a couple more.
       No doubt it was fun while it lasted, I could tell his arms were getting a little heavy. It looked to me he wishing he had doubled up on the energy drinks beforehand.
       I guess the right thing to do would have been the first to call the police but I was wanting to play it out because I wanted to see if his photographer buddy would try to spin everything to the cops, -and I was right about that too.
       Just seeing him run for the beach made it all worth while. I thought he hid in the garage under the peir but he had chicken ed out and paddled back out.
       Just seeing all of it play out made it so much more fun. It was real, I had a real live one, the kind of Surfer Rats I have been writing about the last couple days.
       He didn't just put a couple larger stickers on his board for nothing. Just he thinks he's famous like he and his sponsors wants him to be?
       Don't these sponsors pay these Rats for more for being famous?
       (I don't know about you, but I think he's famous enough because I've sure heard his name enough tonight and I don't want to hear it any more, -thank you.)

Rip Curl Surf Rat Rip Curl Surfer Rat with a truck load of boards

I bet this is where he keeps the nice ones. The ones for uncrowned waves, where their isn't anyone around to run into.
       Wonder if he can sell enough of those boards to be able to buy just as good of truck?

Surf Shop Rats
And other screwed up business practices.
Rule Numbers- 4, 33, 82, 85 & 86
October 29th, 2014:

I'm going to start out with today's post in support of the Auto Manufacture Tesla, for doing business without a middle man to move their cars.
       Governors in some states have thrown up road blocks by signing in new laws to block the sales of cars without private dealerships to peddle them.
       I would think that there should be anti-trust laws that are suppose to protect business from those kinds of things, but when the official who are suppose to be there to enforce the laws are all crooked and taking pay-offs....

There are a few more things I think that the surf industry is just to stupid to realize.
       One of the most obvious, and touched on quite a bit, but just not realized when it comes to commons sense to where you think the customers might come from.
       Basicly, if I was to have a surf shop, I'd realize the limitations upon how much I could pay employees, and just what kind of employee that kind of money can buy.
       Usually the budget will go to a young kid who would put some value in the discounts they can get on the things they want. Never the less, there is a difference in the quality of the employee whether they are young or older, just as if is a boy or girl.
       Girls tend to be looking for discounts on clothing and guys tend to be more interested in surf gear. Especially when they have access to the used stock of boards for their own pleasure.
       Now in my opinion, there are two types that I feel would make a surf shop the most money. Now I'm no salesman but I've known a few and I know what makes some better than the others.

Like Darv, a guy I knew who sold waterbeds for a living. Strickly on commission. His trick was to let the beds sell themselves and he wouldn't even approach the people until they had already found the one they wanted.
       Same goes for surfboards and the best kinds of person to sell them is an older guy who really doesn't know anything more than the basics about surfing. Wouldn't even have to surf himself to sell surfboards.
       Same goes for women young or old. If they know the basics, they can sell as many boards and any young guy who thinks he knows everything there is to know about a piece of foam.
       The last thing us older guys want to hear is some young whipper snapper telling us what is hot and what is not. Even more annoying is when they act like you don't know anything, yet we were surfing before they were born.

Like I bought a bar of wax from one of those guys yesterday. I wouldn't doubt he could be one of those foreigners who has rich parents, maybe in Kuwait, and who got rich of selling US military equipment after the Gulf War.
       They got there son a student visa and he took a couple courses over the summer. But then he landed a job in a surf shop where he has access to the entire used quiver. Since his job and surfing was taking up so much of his time, he decided to only take one class this quarter, but he's in no real rush to get though collage anyway.
       Well, the 135 pound kid saw the downsize of the waves on the surf report so last night he grabbed a board with 35 ltr. so he could accumulate a high wave count in the morning. For this kind of Surf Shop Rat and a board from the dreadful Used Board Rack, it doesn't matter to him whether he actually owns a surfboard of his own because the boss isn't likely to notice a crease in the board from playing bumper cars with other people's boards.
       Of course, the first thing he sees in the morning is Sunnyside, all by himself, picking off a right. (I call it being spotted from the parking lot.)
       Anyway, he thought he would just paddle out and sit outside me and pick off the waves before I get them.
       (Just the place I want to go buy an new surfboard and have the punk offer up to carry my new board out to my truck.)
       Do any of you get where I'm coming from?
       Do you even have a clue or any business sense what so ever?
       Yeah, that little know it all paddled over and boxed me in. I had to paddle too deep to stay in front of him, then of course he dropped in in front of me. Even though I made it, and he pulled out, -I had to shut down, -than catch up to the front of the wave , but not in enough to pump the ridge down the long stretch to the inside. The moron just flat out ruined one of my waves just by trying to steal it from me and I'm sure as hell not stupid enough to let the little bastard to get away with it if I can help it.
       (Funny how I could see the blood pump to his head when I suggested that he was probably an illegal alien.)
       I know how to fix that little punk. You grab his board the second you can your hands on it and rip the fins out of it. See what he thinks about having to pay for a screwed up board.

Rule Numbers- 20, 51 & 88
October 31st, 2014:

I willing to bet there has been a shit load of those little meeting with the Bosses and all their Surf Rats standing around. You know, the one where you are the representative of the shop in or out of the water. You know, the bit about people connecting the two.
       Well, if that don't help, I got more.

Another thing that is the disgusting mark of the Surf Shop Rats is the Used Rack.
       It's just one bad result from Corporations filling up surf shops with boards based on a consignment of not actually having to pay for them for 6 months . Inside these consignment contracts is usually a deal where they have to sell them for the retail price as a way of price rigging throughout the stores that they stock. (That's why you don't see any deals on Name Brand boards.)

However, the Surf Shop Rats have somehow found a loop-whole in the price rigging and being and employee, getting and employee discount, gets them around the price rigging some how and they have the thirst the have a shiny new surfboard, just as most like to have a shiny new car.
       But what if you could have a shiny new car, every month, and it cost you less that $100.oo to have it?
       You could beat the shit out of it, run into others, and just squeeze some stuff out of a tube, sand it down and put it in the consignment rack at half price for someone else to buy and only pay about the same price as someone else is going to pay for his old screwed up used board.
      I guess one way they must be looking at it is that if the Surf Rats go out and damage other people's boards, those people will end up in the Surf Shops, buying more boards because they have Surf Shop Rats screwing up their old ones.
       R-88 I heard a couple Surf Shop Rats the other day, claiming that they brake them all the time, but I know that isn't true, it's just them trying to brag about themselves. I know just what happens to most of them and just where the go as well.

And don't think that Surf Shops are the only source for devious Surf Rats. I can name Two more that the end result is pretty much the same.
       I'm taking about the similarities in Sponsored Surfboard Rats and Rich Kid Rats.
       You ask any Surf Board manufacturer, that Sponsor Pro Surfers. Any of them will tell you that the Young Surfer brake more boards than the Older Surfers.
       Well, then you take a look at the Rich Rats who have parents that think their son is more likely to stay out of trouble if he's out surfing and it happens to be the only thing that makes the cry baby happy.
       See the deal is, these rich kids got their parent thinking that they are out doing aerials like in the videos they watch. So after a month or two of playing bumper cars with other surfers, the board will end up with something more than a 1/4 gash to fill in. (Not so new and shiny.)
       Anyhow, they, just like the pro surfer, the Rich Rat doesn't think a repaired board is going to do as much for his surfing as a new one, - so when they get home, they take the fins off, brake it in half and throw it in the trash.
       However, the Pro Surfers Rats often just figure that the beat board might have some trade-in value at an out of the way surf shop if the board is still in one piece.
       Another thing and what I have found the most discussing thing about Surfer Rats, is they often bash up other peoples boards and a way of crowd control. They'll just take over a brake by chasing people away by crashing into them.
       I know first hand and more than once or twice for sure. I've had one drop-in on the shoulder, turn the wrong way right towards me, and he ran his fist up under the front of my board.

Oh Ben
Rule Numbers- 1
November 1st, 2014:

After those double south swells formed a channel between our sand bars and our shores, I did my traveling around looking for other brakes that may have not weathered those swells so badly.
       Just as I often do no matter where I go on the California Coast, there will be people who claimed to surf with me before.
       That's nothing new, but when I went around recently, it wasn't uncommon to hear parts of conversations of people who have said I did a pretty good job of taming the crew that shows up at the Pier.
       And you know, I would have to agree it is a little more civilized than it used to be. I remember years back, before I went to Morro Bay I wouldn't even try to surf at the pier because I knew it would be a battle just to get a wave by yourself.
       Since I moved back, it's been kind of gradual and you can never eliminate crowds, but there has been kind of a change when you have someone who isn't afraid to call out someone when they are not playing fair.
       So you can bet there are a lot of surfers out there who are hoping that what I posted in the last couple days will help civilize their local brakes just as well.
       The whole objective is that everyone should end up having more enjoyable surf sessions in the future.

Oh I got more:
       I'm sure there are a few parents who are wondering if their son is a Rich Surfer Rat and wondering if he's taking them for a ride.
       The question is how often should my kid be up for a new surfboard?
       For the kid who's surfing is what he does, and that's his thing, and he surfs regularly, he'll probably be needing two. One for the Winter bigger waves, and the other for smaller summer waves. So in my opinion, one new board per year is not to many and not too little because a reasonable life span to a board is able two years and out of almost three decades of surfing, I've only broken two boards.
       Sometimes we need a spare just so we can take the time to dry out and repair a damaged board properly.
       If your kid is out braking boards, that's because you are not making sure that they are at least 2 1/2 inches thick. The 2 1/4 and 2 3/8" brake and that's why the surfboard manufactures fill the racks with them.
       (It's what I liked about a nice round tail Wahl sold to his neighbor kid in Santa Maria, it was at 2 1/2 inches thick. I bet you the last thing you would want is the neighbor kid coming back complaining that his surfboard just broke.)

And oh, if you are one of those people who give boards to Surf Rats who Want to be Pros. You should think of them as driving one of your cars around. A kid saying the board just broke should be thought of as the kid saying he wrecked the car.
       Now if your kid came home and said they wrecked the car, isn't the damage to the car the first thing you want to see? Yes of course, you want to see if there is any paint from another car don't you?
       Well before you hand over another board, (just as another set of keys to another car,) don't you want to see what kind of damage the board had been seeing before it was broken?

Surfing Industry is full of Speilberg Whores too
How to stop it 101
Rule Numbers- 4, 20, 33, 66, 85 & 88
October 24, 2014:

Some of you may agree that the surf industry is made up of some folks who just don't have there shit together.
       Like this whole thing going on right now is completely ridiculous.
       I still find it difficult to believe that they didn't just think it was better off not said and kept their mouths shut. But now I've had to be hunted with everyone going around saying that they want to sponsor me and the general public is neglecting to realize that a guy like Spielberg is thrown into the picture and I'm sure will step up to pay these suckers off just like the Hollywood movie producers that would show up in Morro Bay claiming the desire to make a movie about me.
       Sure I may not have the ability to get any of the money I made them, but I sure as hell know how to stop them from making money off me in the future.
       The funny thing about it is that I have to wait for a slow down in production which was predicted already, to be able to rent a booth to make my own.
       So what I'm saying is that I have to wait for some professionals to be out of a job to stop the loss of a 1,000 boards per week to workers in Thailand, because these workers in the USA are too stupid to be stuffing their foam shit down my throat.
       What do you expect of an industry that labeled their fins backwards anyway? It's taken than decade to realize that half of the science is volume and now it's finally becoming a standard for labeling as part of the measurements.
       One thing that gets me is why hasn't any of the shops ever come up with the Idea of getting 8 foot cattle trough with a side drain about six inches from the bottom so customers would be able to know the volume of any board. Hasn't anyone thought that people may not know what volume they are replacing.
       Also, it kinna would leave the truly hand shaped custom board out of the picture when comparing boards, so there is a major flaw in an industry who says that they even gives a shit about them selves, they've left themselves in the dark already.
       Then on the other hand, you have to look at the industry that uses computers and machines which provide an easy way of doing what the human side has already neglected to keep up with. It appears to me that people within the computer machine made surfboard industry are too dam stupid even realize that they already have a potential labelling technique, but humanly too stupid to think about using it.
       Got you all wandering what the hell it is don't I?
       Well I'll give you all some time to ponder between yourselves, and I predict that there will be a substantial percentage of you that already know what it is and in the end most will agree, that it is pretty stupid in this day and age the surf industry hasn't even capitalize on what is a standard and commonly know in the aviation industry.
       Even guys with RC planes know this shit and use it all the time.

May 16th, 2013 :
Rule 77

sunnyside sattler Fin cut close up

fin cuts on hands and feet sunnysidesattler

sunnyside smacked in the head for $100.oo

After yesterday I would more than any one would like to think that I just happened to have gotten myself in the way and chose to paddle the wrong direction, against the current yesterday.
     But then again, I did get ran over three times by two guys in a half hour. Of course my board nor myself is going to come out of it unscathed.
     Today my neck feels like it's been wrenched over by the knee of a 200 pound guy with 2 tons of water behind it. The second guy may have been just by chance since there are a few crazy one out there, but separating from my board didn't do anything about keeping me from being tangled up with it and the other guy and his board.
     Soliciting and being paid to harm to others is something I think would be illegal, in Nicaragua and I would imagine with there prisons, I doubt there would be any takers. But here in the US, the auto manufactures are above the law just like the police and firemen. I figured the guy was on who lacked common sense just by the look of the close outs he was launching himself on. But from what I gather, the guy was bragging about the fact that he made $100.oo doing it. Shit, call One Adam Twelve for me. I need a couple guys who can do it all.

Stairway at K-38 surf image

November 4th, 2012:
Don't blame me

sunnyside checking surfboard after new paint job

August 28, 2012:
It could be?

We don't know what it is, but there seems to be a strange side effect that has taken place during the transformation.
     Its hart still beats, but it seems to be from another time.
      Wonder if the Traction pad's mutation in to plad has anything to do with it.
     I don't know what it is, but I sure seem to be thinking about Gram, one who hung out with us in Gray's Harbor county. Gram always favoured round tails because he said that with less pre-determined angles, the boards turn more pivotal.

Mad kurt

September 6th, 2012:
Is that grung I hear?

No doubt, I think I'm hearing things. That is I think I'm hearing things inside my surfboard. Its yelling, "I'm not Spaghetti!"
     Well, if you are not Spagetti, who are you then?
      I'm a surfboard, dam it!
     Well I know you're ah surfboard, but don't you have a name?
     What the hell does a surfboard need a name for anyway?
     Well, if I'm crazy enough to be talking to a surf board, and the surfboard is talking back to me, you better have a name or I'll think I'm crazy talking to thin air.
     You're not crazy. You are talking to a surfboard, but if I don't know your name, why should I tell you mind.
     Now you are sounding paranoid, and that's pretty crazy.
     Alright, alright. It's Kurt.
     Kurt - Kurt who? What the hell are you doing inside me surf board?
Kurt: Ah, hanging ten man. Dam-it! I'm suck in here!
     Well how in hell did you get stuck inside there?
     Would you believe; a little witch?
     Oh no way. They don't really exist do they?
Kurt: Well I'm proof of that don't you think? And by the way, who the hell are you?
     Dennis, Dennis Sattler.
Kurt: What's this Sunnyside shit I hear?
Sunnyside: That's kind of a long story.
Kurt: I don't know if I want to hear any of your long stories right now, but since it's been such a long time since I talked to anyone, I'll listen to just about anything.
     Dam it, let's not go there right know. Say hey, how did you like the waves today?
     Oh they were alright, but what the heck happened when I made that turn at the top and you almost left me behind?
     That's call being too tight guy. Yah change directions, I'm going that way with or without you. Smaller fins will give you a little more lee way and smooth things out.
     Oh gee thanks.

I like to go more vertical,
   so I liked the wave off the Stairway better.

traction pad on M 4 surfboard

Rule Number 1
April 2, '09:
The last month, hasn't brought much for waves. However the other day I thought I'd go out for a few, but my Psycho II 4-3 has only about 1 mil left in the ass and leaks all over. So I drug out the old Hotline Brauny 5/4 from the early 90's. It's from the year where they came out with the flap that goes over your head so that the cross the chest zipper doesn't flush you so much. Well like an idiot, I had cut the flap out when I was in Santa Cruz about 7 years back.
     To my surprise, I had no idea about how much those zippers leaked and how much water sloshed around your back. How much you needed a bigger board to handle the extra weight. And not to mention the extra youth just to paddle around in those things. Hell you can get slammed by a wave and it doesn't even toss you around very much because it seems like you're a bit anchored there. The reality of it all made me realize just how determined a surfer had to be back in those days.
      The reason wrote this is that I wanted to mention how much lighter and more flexible wetsuits have revolutionized the way we surf today. At least for me, just after a few waves with this fortress of a wet suit, I realized just how much my surfing has evolved over the years. I found myself using my hips vigorously just trying to get the board to turn fast. My upper body was just something I was trying to balance above all the action below me instead of something I swing around as part of a maneuver.
  Thank God for better wet suits, and I pray that I can get a new one soon because my surfing will be compromised if I'm stuck with the old school.
      The Bottom line rules apply here are
      Rule Number 1 and Rule Number 16
      as for the in the olden days.
Kinna like my truck -verses- your motorized horse and buggies.

I think it should be against the law to surf a longboard if you are under the age of 55. It pisses me off when I see a guy half my age on a longboard. I learned on a 7'1' and see no reason why anyone would need to learn on anything longer than a 7'6". Longboards may be easy to get up on but they don't turn worth a damn and they create bad habits.
        In my opinion they mess up your shoulders from two things. One is from having to paddle off to the sides instead of from the front to underneath you which is actually in front of you. And from when you have to man handle the board again crashing waves. Often the square inch area of the board will allow the wave enough force to yank the board out of your arms. Often over extending the shoulder creating damage. Most old longboards will tell you that there is no way in hell they could paint the overhang on there house, because they can't hold their hands up over their heads.

However there is and exception for those rare guys who manage to rip on them just as I can recall a guy up at Moonstone about a year ago. I could tell by watching him standing on the tail as much as he could and what he was really good at was manipulating by throwing the nose around real quick.
       (And he never tried to snake me when he could have.)
        And there's bald headed guy on a green longboard in Morro Bay. The first time I even noticed him was when it was probably double over head and there was maybe three or for of us out there. As he paddled by I said, "are you crazy?"
       He just smiled and paddled by.
       He was someone I could always be sure to be out there when it was big and a little lonely out there, but we usually sat in different spots and never really got in each other's way.

Most guys on longboard look as though the board is taking them for a ride and they are always trying to catch there balance, (at the bottom of the wave and it seems like just a waste of perfectly good wave.

So take my advice, paddle like a man and learn how to take the drop on a short board, because if you are younger than me, you may just look like a big pussy on a longboard.


Jeff makes his own boards, he might have a few pointers

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Excerpt From : Sunnyside's Lousy Book

So I wanna be

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tube wave ride

Oily tar Shit on Board

This Tar shit. I don't know where it comes from , but if it came from BP or something or another like them, I wish they could stop by and clean this shit off my board for me.

Rest in peace
May 6, 1937 – April 20, 2014


Just one of those guys I can say would actually know how it feels when someone takes your life away.

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Pacific Coast Shark News

If you are thinking of taking up surfing because of something I may have wrote.
       Please do not think about it.
       Surfing is too dangerous with all the Sharks and other things like Stingrays.
        There are plenty of surfers already, and we don't really need another.

And if you come to the beach:
PLEASE do not feed the seagulls,
they ended up shitting all over the rocks I would rather sit on myself.

Seagulls are dirty creatures;
feeding them will only cause them to fly around dropping lice on people below.

And if you are coming to the beach:
Please leave you dog at home.

For one thing,
dogs are not allowed on the Pier,
and we have enough e-collie to swim through as it is,
and we don't need any more.

Helpful Hints:
-Might help.

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Painting Synchro-Graphics 101

laying out graphics surfboard for  paint job

Earplugs in a Tube

Home made ear plugs
Popped out of my own mold

Home made ear plugs

Ear plugs are a must in my book. Unfortunately, before I even knew they existed, I already had the problem. Rule 77 - going without.

Are you land locked?
Got a Motorboat?
Are you into Wake Surfing yet?

Well I know some guys who are not only good at glassing surfboards, but they've been at the forefront of the Wake Surfing Trend,
they know what works.


Do Not Feed Sharks!
I want to express is that people like that gal on the web who calls her self shark lady is doing us all the wrong kind of favor. All she is doing is as well as other's who feed sharks is putting humans in to the shark's food chain because the sharks will associate the sent of humans as a part of their food consumption.
       I figure that most of the shark bites on surfers are a result of that and it takes until they taste red meat is different than fish or blubber from sea-lions and harbor seals.
       The people who die most from shark attack are usually divers, but something tells me that they were feeding them in the first place.


In the News:
Lab Rat Lance
Oct. 23,'12:



Oh yeah, I have to admit that I did do a bit on Dan Reynolds back on March 6th, 2013. The whole bit was a put on. Something I wanted to be corrected by.
       Never the less, I did surf Rincon with a guy who looked like Reynolds but with a beard. After the great session together, they guy walked up to my cage and offered me up a fresh head of Roman lettuce from his garden. (I was wrong, it wasn't Dan Reynolds, how could of I even thought.)
      However, I do think I surfed Ventura point when Reynolds was there. A guy who looked just like him, (without a beard,) cut across the peak and ran his forearm into the rail of my board. I wrote the "put on" on March 6th 2013. I don't know where I wrote about getting my rail gashed by the guy, it's somewhere, probably within Adrenalin, that I don't post any more.
      Most people I surf with just push the nose of the guy's surfboard out of the way. A guy did it to me a week ago and I did it to one of my young girls two or three weeks ago.)
      Oh, I should mention, I might have heard who it really was at Rincon, -but I'm not really sure.

Koodos to Tim Thomas,

for being his own man.
And smart enough not to play into the self promotion of a criminal named Barack Obama.

Who in hell in their right mind would even want to shake hands with a guy who has extinguished the private inventors. Maybe Thomas actually cares and realizes that a president inviting celebrities to the white house is what some people would call self promotion.


Got to check it out
Rule Numbers- 36 & 55
December 6th, 2014:

For those of you who are unaware, -I've been leaving most of my comments at the Current Events page of the new web-site under construction.

Are you land locked?
Got a Motorboat?
Are you into Wakeboards yet?

Well I know some guys who are not only good at glassing surfboards, but they've been at the forefront of the Wakeboarding Trend,
they know what works.



Meb Keflezighi

Congrats Meb Keflezighi
1st Place Winner of the Boston Marathon
April 21st, 2014:

It's my impression karma may have something to do with it. May I add that he's a local San Diegan and you can bet you'll only hear good things about him.


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June 4th, 2012:
Man -o- Man

I put a link to a surf video today. I came across this artificial wave of some sort.
Arti-Wave Something I should be building.





Sam Egan is one of Australia's best shapers.
I've seen many of his boards
and never saw a bad one.





Wooden dumpster for a Synchro-link


M&D Warning
(under Blood and Guts class)
Check out this You Tube film clip.
These Aussies are insane.











Free Book Excerpts




Those Pesky Car Guys






September 25th, 2010:
One of the things I'd like to mention. The two page article in the surfing magazine about what a surfer's personal inspection to how clean the beaches are down in the Gulf coast. It said basically if it isn't smack dab in front of some major motel, it just reeks from the smell of oil. There's not much you can do when you can't see the oil patties burred under the sand.
    As I've wrote under my
 Environmental column, I happen to think the use of chemical dispersant is the wrong way to go about it. I can't help but wonder just how many oil spills actually happen and nobody is even informed about it. I happen to think that the patties people find are a result of the oil companies trying to make the oil sick so that their problems will go away. But then we sit back and wonder why our coral reefs are dying off Florida. I'd say it was the damn oil fumes that were drifting under the surface of the water instead of on top of it where we have a chance of at least cleaning it up.

And that the hell has a defense contractor such as Halabertion got doing not only ripping off are government but in the oil rig business too? Shit, I can't believe. Folks, I think we are just to stupid to be even trying to drill oil at such depths. That shit is scary.

Now on to part too.
I realize that there are some kind of natural tar pits down by Santa Barbara, but I've run across this tar shit before down a Studios.







The spectators on the central coast


Sharky Waters
I didn't even see this warning the day it was sited, but I felt that the conditions did feel sharky the same day just a few miles south while I surfed at the Rock.
I took this picture the day after.
2/26/11 shark warning in Cayucos




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On the Michael Phelps apology

What is this world coming to when full grown man has to show up on my TV and apologizes for smoking some pot. Hell, they guy who took the picture and sold it is the one who should be apologizing.

Now the cops in South Carolina are harassing people who where at the party where the bong hit took place. The bullies with badges are arresting people as they seek to make a case against the gold mentalist.

A couple lawyers who represent a person who was arrested with the use of a search warrant have been accused of having a small amount of marijuana. They said the questions asked by the cops were not about where they got the pot or who sold it to them, but mostly Michael Phelps.

Boy, those cops need to get a life.

And Michael Phelps doesn't need to apologize to anyone.
But you've got to admit, he was pretty stupid to do such a thing at a public gathering.

(Kinna reminds me about the Red Tomato snowboarder dude, after the Olympic games.)Feb.13, '09
(Update - July 6,'09: Looks as though Subway doesn't care if Michael Phelps is a pot smoker. I get a kick out of the song that is being played during the commercial. )




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