Stupid Rules

1.     You don't know what you've got
        until it's gone.
2.     Don't bite the hand that feeds you.
3.     You can't change history.
4.     Been there, done that.

Rule number five

5.     K-I-S-S
        Keep it simple, stupid.
      (The kinna thing a country bassplayer will tell yah.)
6.     We're so close, if one of us farted;
        the other one could smell it.
7.     Money is money.
         It doesn't matter what color it is.
8.     Gee, the shit just falls into my hands.
Just because you don't see it;
        doesn't mean it's not there.
          (Don't listen to them if they say your nuts.
          Say, No I'm not nuts. I'm taking care of
          bolts today.
           When they say I'm nuts, I say thank you.
          I've always thought I was a nuts and bolts
          kinna guy.)
10.  You can fool some people some of the time,
        but you can't fool all the people all the time.
        Lies are a dime a dozen.
11.  Can't get it done by just thinking about it.
12.  A twelve step program.
        Everybody knows how it's done,
        they just do it.
(Don't build your kitchen needing larger than a twelve
             foot wide piece of vinyl. so you won't have seams  
             falling apart in your floor.)

13.   It's only a number
        and I'm not afraid of taking it.
(Although my favorite number is 5,
            I have always had good luck with 13.)

14.   Never underestimate yourself.
        Learn to push the envelope.
15.   Can't squeeze blood out of a turnip.

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