Stupid Rules

16.   Can't miss what you've never had.
17.   You can't tell a seventeen year old girl
        anything, because they know everything.
18.   As soon as you've found love, you've had it.
19.   Money doesn't grow on trees.
20.   Hindsight is 20/20.
21.    Don't come around here
         raining on my parade.
22.   Catch 22:  Between a rock and a hard spot.
        Can't win without losing.
23.   Don't count your chickens
        before they hatch. 
24.   Be careful of the toes you step on today,
        because they may be connected to the ass
        you could be kissing tomorrow.
25.   Cooperation is more important than
26.   You tell me and we'll both know.
27.   If a girl doesn't like riding in it,
        she's not my type of girl.
28.   I'd burn her like a witch,
        but I'd be afraid of the fumes.
        (Take it out on the weed wacker.)
29.  Like crying over spilled milk.
30.   Get it, while the getting is good.
33.   Stomp on those Blood Suckers.
34.   There's a whole lot more,
         where that came from.
35.   If you want something done right,
        you better learn how to do it yourself.
36.   Believe me you can ether take the EZ way,
        or take the Hard way.
38.   A funky clip makes the whole gun funky.
39.   Better safe than sorry.

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