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Stupid Rules

40.   If I only knew what I know now.
41.   Beats Collecting Stamps
42.   Horse Meat; as long as there are
        people buying it....
        There will be people serving it.
43.   Repeat Rule Number 42
44.   More fun than shooting the neighbor's cat.
45.   You've got to have supply before you
         create demand.
48.   Hold your britches.
       There isn't a drive-up window for prayers.
49.   Greed won't get you anywhere.
50.   Sometimes things just backfire.
       The Brady
       Law * 50/50 Chance
       Yah win some, Yah lose some.
       You can't make people happy all the time.
       Like the boss said,
       "If you don't _____ up once
       in a while, you're not doing anything."
       You might say: Where was my head?
51.  How stupid can we get ?
       Dumber by the day? Pretty stupid hah?
52.  You can learn something new every day.
53.  Like sculpting: You can always take away,
        but you can't add.
54.  Like painting:
       You can always add,
       but you can't take away.

stupidrule # 55

55.  Even an old dog can learn new tricks.
56.  Money talks, bull-shit walks.
60.  Yah snooze. Yah loose.
65.  Rebuke ______  (Satan, evil and negativity)

66.  Don't fall for fear tactics.
       You can't buy your way to Heaven.
       Don't be afraid of not winning the
       sweepstakes, if you don't buy anything.
       The Devil is in the details;
       The Devil doesn't deserve a number)
       We'll make it share the number;
       we'll keep it out back in a cage.
       Smack it around once in a while to let it
       know what the fear of God is all about.


Rule No. 66
Speaking of evil
and one who should be kept in a cage

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Stupid Rule No. 42


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