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Rules 42

Horse Meat;
as long as there are people buying it;       there will be people serving it.

Something fishy with Amazon
       Some things just don't add up....
       You up load your book in digital form to Amazon.
       Your Tax information and Bank information.
       Looking through my junk, I found a 1099 form they sent me for 2011, it said I made $13.74 in Royalties.
       Then tell me how come five years later the account says I did not sell one book?
       What's up with that?
May 6th, 2016:

And if I learned anything this week:
You can be sure you would have to be crazy if you think you should upload your book to Amazon.
       If you think they are going to make you rich, you've got to be pretty damn stupid.
       And if you think you can trust Amazon to actually pay you the profits made off your digitalized book, you are flat out dumber then stupid.

Another failure of the Criminal Justice System
Celebrity without the money to protect myself or property.
Bargain Pawn of Oceanside California
Rule Numbers- 65

August 8th, 2015:
Apparently everyone else has known for awhile,
       that the Bargain Pawn Shop here in Oceanside California has been renting out my Basses.
       I guess, from what I've heard, they've been getting $1,000.oo per month for either one of them.
       ($5,000 deposit, from what I hear.)
       Makes sense: because they didn't care if they were only collecting interested on $300.oo instead of $500.oo which would have increased profits.
       But since they were making more money off just renting them out, it's not difficult to figure out a reason why.
       Sounds like it was no secrete, except to me because it sounds like everyone knew all along and they only began talking about it once they heard me taking it apart to figure out what was wrong with it.
       I saw the nick and scratch on the back of my five string. And I've been noticing unfamiliar marks over the years. Kinna sucks I've been having to supply the strings for the Evil Assholes over the years. But this time my old Fender came back with the electronics toasted.
       I don't know how they could have done it other than hooking it up to either a real old amplifier of some kind of high powered pre-amp; but my Jazz pick-up is gone.
       (I tried jumping the pot, but that wasn't the problem.)
Update: they hooked it up to an old amp that had something wrong with it.  And of course its an old vintage pick-up that contained some non-existent wire.
       I can't even play it, because it doesn't sound the same. the whole thing is like being violated.
       It's like these guys have been renting out my wife so others and rape her.
       I wouldn't doubt they raise the price they were asking once they learned about the naked pictures of me that the local San Diego County Sheriff leaked out onto the Internet. The sad thing about it is that they still have my 5 string and I don't have the money to get it back from them.
       Once I discovered the problem
my Angles went off and they haven't let up in their efforts of telling me what they were doing.

I was wondering if a guy there was taking it home with him, but once the Idea popped in my head that they would have been more interested in renting them out for profit, -my Angles wouldn't let the thought go away, --all night; every time I woke up it was left on my mind.

Surf supply Wholesaler in Oceanside California

And should I mention that I pawned both basses so I could make my own surfboard so I wouldn't be making criminals money because I was surfing their brand of board. I even laid out my basses pawned money for a business license and tax number so I would be able to sell my own brand of surfboards.
Then the Wholesale Supply
       here in Oceanside,

       switched the label on a can of resin,
      which in turn sabotaged my board.

And do I need to add that the sabotaged board ended up being scanned and stolen by the very criminals I wanted to stop making money for.

I think it is safe to say, there is a lot of Evil stuff that goes down here in Oceanside, California
       Or should I add that there are a lot of Evil people who reside here in Oceanside.
       It's really creepy here folks.
       It's obviously cursed with Evil.  655 words 8.8.15

On this Molina Health Care:
       It's just a middle man between Medicare and the patient. Something Obama put in place. Instead of going to someone more qualified, you find yourself going to a clinic. Like putting two idiots between you and the doctor you should be seeing in the first place.
Get this: .
       Just the other day, I had a general practitioner, give me a referral to a psychiatrist.
       Like talking to one of them is going to help me any more than the drugs they would want to put me on. Like they are someone who should be questioning my sanity, when they are the 8%er and I'm not. And like I'm stupid enough to waste my money on one.
       None the less, I figure that it will be the last time I'd ever waste one of my dollars on one of their doctors. (Gee, they'll give anyone a diploma.) You would think it would take some common sense to get one, but really, all it is is something that says they were given a book with the answers in it and then they were tested to see if they read the book.


Leave Sea World alone
Rule Number 10, 43 & 86
July 25th, 2014:

There is this guy named Dan Mathews who is the senior vice president at the none profit PETA who gambled away $2,400.oo on a billboard just to bad mouth Seaworld
       You need to see it for what it is. There is no way in hell Mathews would spend that kind of money on just a thing unless he knew that there were enough idiots out there who figure that they are doing ta clever thing by donating money to him and his organization. Mathews figures that by doing so at such a time when a stupid movie has sparked enough interest in it, that the media will hop on the bandwagon and even promote his little sign even further.

The thing that gets me is when ever there is a wounded sea animal discovered, the first organization to be called for a rescue, is usually Seaworld.
       Just like last year when all the seal pups were coming to shore.
       Well, I for one sure hop Seaworld would have done the right thing and chopped them up and fed them all to the captive animals within the nature park.

The animal lovers out there just don't get it. The Harbour seal and sea-lions are actually varmints and they shouldn't even be protected in the first place. They are killing off the Salmon and along with them, you loose the natural fertilizer that fertilizes the forest.
       And if there is ever a biological disaster, when any spices of of the sea happens, you will again rely on the expertise of the folks at Seaworld for their ability to hold wild animals in captivity, just in the efforts of eliminating and the extinction of an animal from the sea.
       For all the animal cruelty some of you moron want to claim, the wealth in the knowledge of captive care is more than justified for all the animals within the sea.
       Such a small portion of such a vast sea as I see it.

Funny how the local news channel ran a second bit about a week later about Dan Mathew's sign. This time though, it was covering the fact that people have complained about it being of poor taste, since a girl had lost her life there and Mathew's methods of stimulating the prospective donors is a bit like going to desperate measures.
       Believe me folks, there are better charities out there. Than ones like PETA and Greenpeace. It's like investing in your local minister, but actually you are investing in someone else's retirement plan.

Rule Number 10, 43 & 86
May 31st, 2014:

I've been wanting to inform you about a few of those ass-holes around here. Or should be call it the cleansing of the business environment around here in Oceanside to begin with.
       Unfortunate, when you are homeless, the wealthy people don't mind to rob you. They have no problem with that.
       Like the guy who owns the Richer Alternator and starter rebuild shop, over there off Oceanside Boulevard by where they run the garbage truck business.
       That guy will take your alternator into his shop to check it out and tell you that it's completely shot, when there is absolutely noting wrong with it. He will charge you $175.oo to rebuild it even though he knows that it's the voltage regulator, back on the truck that is actually shot. You can bet he'll even buy the cheapest less than $10,oo regulator voltage regulator he can find and charge you $25 for it, even if you are actually putting it on yourself, soldering and all and . he can find to sell you.

Another thing about being Homeless, going out to to have even greasy fish and chips and a bit for the budget, so taking advantage of the Tuesday special at the Harbor Fish and Chip place managed to get my money a few times..
       But the last time, I didn't have to wait at all for owner to cook it.
       He grabbed a basket of the Two Piece Special that had been already cooked twice and sitting under the warmer, tossed a freshly cooked (and only cooked once,) piece on top of it, handed to the waitress and told her to give it to me.
       Even the girl looked like she just could not believe it herself and that's probably why there has been a help wanted sign in the window the last time I walked by the place.
       Kid's if you want to practice your graffiti, or even throw rocks at windows, I swear, these two places are really good places to be doing so because they sure do deserve it.

Oh yeah, don't let those Goodwill commercials fool you. They are not about helping anyone at all. The fact is, they take advantage of certain laws designed for hiring the disable just to take advantage of the disabled and pay them practically noting.
       If there wasn't those laws protecting Goodwill, they couldn't get away with it, they would then have to pay at least the minimum wave like the rest of us.(So that Minimum wage all you were crying about last month, really doesn't exist, when you have some sort of disability.)
       It's totally legal to exploit these people and Goodwill is very good at doing it sense they got the crooked law makers to make a special law for them so that they can be above the minimum wage law that the rest of us have to fallow.
       Get this: Goodwill is so tight with the truly disabled, They often hire, (well all the time,) people who are usually homeless people working through Labour Ready. So that alone tells you that Goodwill could actually pay minimum wage. I I think the law made for the sole purpose to exploit the disabled actually makes it more practical to sit at home and do nothing, when they could be working if Goodwill was actually willing to pay them more instead of paying more to an outsource company. Does any of this Mean anything to you? Can you comprehend what I just wrote?

Belly of Spot on Forth of July

Sbring some Good Luck.
       I think it did.

Keeping the war machine running.
Rule No. 12
July 1st, 2014:

It appears that the folks who work at Lockheed Martin are not as tight lipped as their employer would like them to be.

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Stupid Rules

Stupid Rules

Stupid Rules

Sunnysides surfboard Spot on the Fouth of July 2014

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