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From the full version of Sunnysides Lousy Book.

What about the Girls?

I'm sure one of the questions you might have about all this time I attending these parties would be, What about the girls? Well there were a few…. The only problem was that there always seemed to be other guys. Although I did have a few monogamous relationships, it seemed like my so called girlfriends just considered me as just another boyfriend. I figure it was because the girl to guy ratio in Tacoma seems to be in the girls favour. One of the best relationships I had lasted about seven months she was a virgin; believe it or not. Another girl I had a relationship (if you could call it that) was what many would call a dick tease. Basically with her, I must have been thinking with the wrong head. But at least I can honestly say she was cute. I did have about a hand full or two of one night stands, but most of my the girls I dated were ones I’d see from time to time and some more often than others. At least I’m a person from my generation that can say I can still count all the girls I've had sex with. Back then there weren't any diseases around that a shot wouldn’t fix, so sex was more or less fair game. And no, I’d never caught any disease from any of my encounters or relationships. I pretty much stuck to my hand full of part time girlfriends during my early years. Now that I look back on the girls that were in my life; some of my favorite girlfriends were the ones who didn’t take our relationship very seriously. We were just friends and enjoyed being with each other whenever we had time to spend with one another.
      Shelly happened to just be a close friend who had moved in with me as a roommate when she was just seventeen. Her dad paid her child support directly so that she could afford to pay rent and take care of herself. Although I had a spare bedroom with a regular bed in it; she preferred sleeping in my king size waterbed with me. Of course I would have these urges to make advancements toward her since she was so dam cut; but she knew how to handle the situation with a tee shirt and a bra. See said that it wouldn't work if we were living together – whatever that meant.
      .I don’t know how she handled me when I came home drunk from the local tavern one night when it was snowing out. I came walking in, seriously horny and wanted to get nasty with her. I’m not sure where I went wrong but the idea backfired and we had my dogs up on my bed as we were all jumping around on it. It must have been somewhat crazy, but all I can remember was that it was ah hell of ah good time. The next morning as I was driving north just a couple blocks from home, I noticed what looked like my spare tire holder on the shoulder of the road, so I stopped got out and looked under the back of my truck and sure enough, it was my spare tire mount. Looking off to the side of the road I saw a bunch of spin out marks in the snow just off the “S” turn. Then I thought about the night before and thought to myself: Oh yeah – now I remember. One thing about living with Shelly was that we would always go to parties together, but very seldom came home together. One night Shelley had Lavern and Tina stay over for the night. It was a good thing I had a king size bed because they all wanted to sleep in it with me. I must have been drunk or something because I don’t remember much about what went on that night, but what I do remember was when I woke up, Tina was cuddled up to the side of me. Shelly mentioned something the next day about how cute we were together, but the question I’ve always wondered was, Just how cute?
      The following week Shelly and I went to a party at the local Clover Creek Grange Hall and there I found Tina standing in the back kitchen. She, less than five foot tall with a round face which resembled a French-Italian looking girl. She was not only cute, but she had these boobs that would make any guy turn around for a second look. Unlike the week before, she informed me that she had broken up with her boyfriend and we started the night off with passionate conversation. We fell for each other and of course we both lost track of Shelly.
      Later that night Tina and I went home to my place. It was a good thing Shelly didn’t make it home that night because Tina was quite noisy in bed. The next morning Shelly managed to get a ride home and as she walked through the front door, she looked into my bedroom and saw the back of Tina’s head in my bed. The dark hair wasn’t mine; so Shelly went into her own bedroom for once. That was just about the time Tina woke up and I told her that Shelly had just arrived home just moments earlier.
      .“Shelly!” Tina yelled into the other room, “What are you doing?”
      .“Tina, is that you?”
      .“Oh good, now I don’t have to wonder what to do with all the laundry that is on my bed,” she immediately started to peel off some of her cloths and jumped into bed with us. “I saw the back of your head but I didn'’t realize it was you.”

Tina and I had some good chemistry together and decided to go out for a real date the next day. When I arrived at her parents house to pick her up, I recognized and older van with the extra nice new blue paint job with stripes and all. It was the van that belonged to one of the painters I’d worked with. He had told me many times of the problems he had had with his son and the fears of his daughter dating guys. I think he said that she was prone to running away, but I think it was more like she was just moving in with her boyfriend from time to time. Never the less, I guess he didn’t mind her going out with me, but Tina said once she told him who she was going out with, he realized who I was and must have thought she could have done worse. She said, “He kept on harassing her by saying, “When is your “man” going to get here? When is your “man” going to get here?”
      Believe me, it was kind of strange going out with a girl who you’ve known her father longer than her. As time went on, Tina got back together with her old boy friend, but whenever they would break up, she was looking for me for some companionship, and I could never say no. One time she stopped by my place to visit me with her friend along, said she was sleeping over with her friend and they needed a ride over to her house, and I couldn’t say no. When I arrived back home I received a call from Tina asking me if I could drive over to pick her up so she could spend the night with me. Of course, I couldn’t say no.

Another one of my favorite non-serious relationship girlfriends was a natural red head I’ll name Helen. She had one of the softest voices and one who simply loved having sex with me. She never had much to say and didn't get into who her other boy friends were. I had a hunch that the other one was B.J. because after he had seen us together a couple times, I could tell there was a jealous sensation existing in him. I even asked her about him and she said that they were just good friends. I think he realized that she as well as the two of us were too young to be serious about any relationship. All I know was that every time I ran into Helen, she was sure to come home with me. Whenever I was with her I felt an obligation to treat her like a princess.
       There was a morning when Helen was laying face down on my bed naked with the covers pulled down. I caught myself standing there looking down at her back side. Her rib cage curved down to a narrow waist that rounded out to the hips of an ass of perfection. I felt it looked as if it was a back side that had to belong to a princess because if I had to rate it, it had to be a twelve on a one to ten scale.
      It was hard to believe such a sight was resting on my bed and she had been there for me all night long. Whenever we were together, I tried to spoil her as much as possible. Just as the time took her out to breakfast, I was sure she felt special and I assumed she hadn’t been treated in such a royal fashion before because she was truly enlightened with a special glow about her.

I had another girlfriend I’d met down at Owens Beach in Point Defiance Park. She was a sandy blonde with an excellent body. Her attitude toward sex was that sex was the thing guys and girls did for fun and she was proud that she was good at it. Simply that…. No commitments, just good sex whenever we ran across each other.

Now you may wonder how many girls I’ve had sex with, and all I will say is that I can still count the girls. It took a piece of paper and pin to compile a list. Though I can’t remember each of their names, I do remember each girl. For someone from my generation to be able to count them all is quite rare. The disappointing part of it all is the few I could have and now wish I had.

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