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From the full version of Sunnyside's Lousy Book.

The Hasmat D

A funny thing that more or less proves the conspiracy started between first and second attempt to put out the fire was that, not after the first fire, but after the second, they decided to call the Hazardous Material Department.
       The funny part about it is the fact that the coal tar epoxy and thinners they were calling hazardous waste, were burned up in the first fire and not the second. Incidentally the video shows the coal tar epoxy burning up in the first fire and the lean-to was out way from the house which means it wasn't affected by the second fire.

Though the hazardous materials burned up in the first fire and not the second, it wasn’t until after the second fire, the fire department chose to empty a few bags of cat litter into the puddles of water in the area of where the coal tar epoxy was located. The puddles had a slight residue of oil and consisted mostly of wet ashes. After the second fire, the hazardous materials team lined my entire yard off with a yellow ribbon warning of hazard materials. They harassed me and tried to make me feel as if I was about to be stuck with a hazardous waste site. I'm sure this was done just to scare me into thinking I was going to get stuck with a bill for cleaning up yard full of hazardous waste. It was easy to assume my home owner’s insurance policy wouldn't cover such a thing.

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