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From the full version of Sunnyside's Lousy Book.

They called it newsworthy

Because of the scare with the Hazardous Materials Department, the fire made the newspaper the following day. The so called hazardous materials were cooked. The solvents and paints burned in the fire mostly consisted of over eight hundred dollars worth of coal tar epoxy and MEK in five gallon containers. As you can imagine, I ended up with several five gallon cans of tar and epoxy baked as hard as a rock.

Astounding is the word to describe the discovery of a red plastic gasoline container that had melted down to the level of the gasoline inside it. Remarkably it didn't burn or loose any of the gas. The propane bottles didn't blow-up either. As a matter of fact, I still used one of them several years later until it became out dated and it couldn’t be refilled. The only thing wrong with the other propane bottle was the knob to the valve was melted in the extreme heat from being in the back of the van. I figured the seal might have been bad too, so I decided to discard it. The seal in the one I used afterward was protected by the fuel cooling it as it flowed out through the valve.
       The day after the fire I met the independent investigator the insurance company hired. He said the Environmental Protection Agency had been by that afternoon. He said the inspector from the E.P.A. told him that it was his impression I was well organized and responsible with my materials. The inspector left a note saying there was no hazardous waste to worry about and to call them if I had any questions.
       The way I had my place set up was so that latex (water base) paints were in a shed for protection from freezing in cold winter weather. The coal tar epoxy and flammable solvents were kept farthest from the house in a lean-to on the opposite side of the shed containing the latex paints.
       Since there had been a string of garage arsons in the area; I wanted the flammable materials farthest from the house. I didn't want the materials in view from the ally as people passed by, so had a tarp hung down concealing the materials from the ally.
       The private investigator hired by the insurance company said from just looking over my household he had appreciation for my lifestyle and the passion I had for it. He truly felt sympathy for my loss. It was a refreshing experience compared to the kind of apathy I got from the fire department and the insurance adjuster. Strange thing about small worlds, he ended up buying a house on Spanaway Lake next door to where I grew up. I had a chance to visit with him since the fire and he truly seemed like a nice guy.

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