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From the full version of Sunnyside's Lousy Book.

Hay, where's your women and minorities?

A few months after the fire, I started the big chore of cleaning the mess up by putting the debris from my garage area into a pile. I tried to get away with burning it in the middle of the night, but a neighbor must have called the fire department. The funny thing about it was that the fire-truck drove up the ally and stopped behind my house. A couple firemen jumped out of the truck and pulled out their fire-hose and in less than a minute they had my fire extinguished.
      I said, "Why didn't you guys do the same thing when my van was on fire? Your fire department trashed my house and now you guys come around to make it harder and more expensive for me to clean up! Now look at the mess you are leaving me!”
      Another thing I noticed was that they didn't have any women or minorities with them. I said, “Hay, where are your women and minorities?” They didn’t come equipped with any answers so I told them about the crew that botched the job on my house. After I did my spiel about the Affirmative Action crew and the events that happened during the fire he said, "You should sue.”
      I still wonder if they where clued into the part of history before they were dispatched to my place. He seemed to under-stand what happened very well. I could tell he was very annoyed about the situation.

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